The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel Two - Paris 2009


by John WorldPeace

Novel Two - Paris 2009

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved


PARIS 2009

Chapters 80-94


We left the bedroom and I could see people were surprised that we did not look like we had sex.

Then I remembered I did not tell Debra to keep Mir’s citizenship a surprise. So I pulled her back to me and whispered it in her ear. She shook her head OK.

I sat down at the table and made a sketch of the podium trailer in about ten minutes and gave it to Francois.

“Here it is lover,” I said.

“That is a good sketch. And the detail is sufficient. Let me send it to my friends and get them working.”

Carl took Marshall to the gym,” said Francois. “My friend already made contact with him. He is ten years older than Marshall, a body builder, PhD and state police colonel. He will bring Marshall home. I told him to let Marshall have his space but they have a lot in common. Frank is an ex-body building competitor and a very nice guy,” Francois said.

“Thank you. That eases my mind.”

“I told him to come in when he gets back.”

“Great, everything is falling into place,” I said as Francois went to fax the sketch.

When Francois returned a few minutes later I said, “I will give you some sketches for the artwork on the trailer. I am sure you have some creative artist contacts. Tell them not to get too elaborate because it will be an evolving work of art. As we get feedback, we will probably paint over it five or ten times before we get it right over time as we get feedback. And we need a WorldPeace Advocacy logo as well. I just have not had the time to think about it.  I have a WorldPeace banner and insignia but we need a WorldPeace Advocacy logo.”

“Consider it done, John,” Francois said.

Cathy said, “Let’s go. We’re a bit late.”


Out the door we went and into the limo. Cathy said it would be a thirty minute drive to the university and there would be about fifty people present.

When we arrived, the meeting room was crowded with about one hundred people; about two thirds were students. It was one of those rooms where you can keep opening partitions to make it bigger. It looked like three sections were open but people were still standing and it was about fifteen minutes until show time.

I began to mix and mingle with everyone. It seemed like a crowd of mostly law students and professors with some political science undergraduates and professors.

By the time I was ready to speak there were one hundred and fifty people there and the room had all four partitions open.

As I walked to the podium I saw Jeremy enter with a shocked look on his face. I gave him a thumbs up and a smile.

The podium had a large platform and all the girls sat facing the crowd. Mir sat on my right and Celeste on my left.

I raised my hand and asked everyone to be seated. All the chairs were taken and people were standing next to the walls and more were still coming in. We closed all but the back doors so the latecomers would not distract us.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am John WorldPeace and these ladies are my inner circle of associates. They are all very beautiful as you can see but without their intellect, street smarts, driven workaholic nature and their commitment to peace, they would not be a part of the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

I then introduced each of my angels by their name.

Also, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank Jeremy over there for arranging this gathering.  Jeremy is an amazingly wonderful person who has done an unbelievable job of introducing me around since I came to Paris.”

 I clapped and the audience followed suit.

“Thank you, Jeremy.”

I motioned for Mir to come and stand beside me, which she did.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is Mir WorldPeace. We are not married or related. She changed her name to Mir, peace in Russian, ten years ago and her last name to WorldPeace two days ago. She is Russian and any of you who are involved in the Eastern European peace movements and organizations have probably heard of her. Her father is the French ambassador from Russia.”

“Mir has the beauty of a goddess but don’t think she is not a world class intellect. She is. None of the blond jokes apply to her I can assure you.”

Everyone chuckled.

“I am an absolute believer in, supporter and promoter of women’s equality. Until we have a balanced male/female world human society at all levels we are not going to have the degree of peace we are capable of having.”

About thirty women clapped loudly and some men joined. I felt these women had a feminist reputation.

“It would be hypocritical for me to talk about women’s rights without a female counterpart in the WorldPeace Advocacy. Mir and I are the yin and yang of the WorldPeace Advocacy. I am thirty-five years her senior but our dedication and commitment to peace is equal.”

I nodded for her to speak which surprised her.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have only personally known Dr. WorldPeace for four days.”

I interrupted her.

Excuse me,” I said, “Mir has a PhD and I should have mentioned that and introduced her as Dr. WorldPeace. This is the first time we have shared a stage and I apologize for my shortcomings. Yes, it is going to be a bit confusing and require people to add our first names when addressing us when we are together. Most of the time since I changed my name, most people have just called me WorldPeace. Things are different now and I am adjusting.”

“Please continue, Dr. WorldPeace,” I said with a smile.

“Thank you Dr. WorldPeace,” she said with a loving smile.

“For the last four days I have been overwhelmed because John immediately integrated me into the WorldPeace Advocacy as a full associate and as his alter ego in these speaking engagements. He has taken my breath away. This is my dream come true.

“I have been following John for ten years. I believe I know as much about him as anyone. I always knew that one day we would work together. I just did not realize that I would be taken in as a full partner, so to speak, in his WorldPeace Advocacy and into his life as all of us on this stage have been.”

“Thank you, John. Dr. WorldPeace.”

“You are welcome Mir. So welcome.”

Everyone applauded.

“OK, I would like to speak about WorldPeace,” I said. “There are three authorities in society that are charged with maintaining and increasing the peace; politics, religion and the law. All for the most part do maintain some acceptable level of peace but none have not been able to significantly increase the peace beyond its current level.

“I am a peace activist not a peace pacifist. I have an education and experience in politics, religion and the law. I have been engaged where the rubber meets the road as they say. I have learned a few things about peace in the world human society and so I have something to say.

“I am finishing the edits on a WorldPeace textbook for a global university course on peace and WorldPeace. These three authoritative areas make up the core of the content of my text books. Hopefully all the universities will accredit our course.

“I am a global peace activist. I do not have a local agenda or bias as did leaders like Gandhi, King, Rabin and Jesus. I deal with people as human beings, ignoring their race, religion, nationality and gender. I am the global village’s WorldPeace activist.

“One of the most evil men on the planet, Charlie Manson, said that someone has to be a mass murderer in society and he took that on; pretty sick philosophy. But on the other end of the spectrum of good and evil, I believe that someone has to be the global peace advocate and I have taken that on.

“For the next few minutes, I will talk about the law and leave religion and politics for another day. And I will no more than mention the subordination of women which negatively impacts on every aspect of the world human society. That subordination is an impediment to increasing the peace in the world human society.”

The same group of about thirty women loudly clapped and cheered.

“I want to talk about the civil and criminal law. I am going to talk about Texas justice of which I am a victim. I have lost my law license and will one day soon be vindicated. I was a political prisoner in the Federal Prison in South Texas for three hundred and sixty-three days. I pled guilty to a crime, resisting arrest on a frivolous civil bench warrant, a crime which I did not commit. The judge gave me a maximum sentence of one year on the misdemeanor. He and I had had prior differences of opinion when I ran for governor of Texas in 2002, he got some payback when he sentenced me.

“My personal story is long and dynamic and shortly you will be able to read my autobiography. Today I am going to talk about how the law works in Texas; criminal, civil and family law and the appellate process.”

“Before I get into the heavy stuff, I would like to tell a little story about judges that I picked up when writing a bio of St. Francis of Assisi while in prison. By the way, I completed six books while incarcerated. All are in line to be published soon.”

“It seems that John Parenti, who was to eventually lead the Franciscans after St. Francis’ death, was a scholar and magistrate. One day on one of his walks he observed a servant having trouble with his pigs. They would not go into their sty. So the servant said, “Pigs get into your sty as all judges go to hell.” When he said this, the pigs settled down and walked into their sty.

“John Parenti was significantly bothered by this. So much so that he resigned his office as magistrate, sold all his property and gave it to the poor, and then as a repentant, he became a Franciscan friar.

“Do I think all judges are going to hell? Not really. Do I think they are all corrupt to some degree? Yes. Of course I am talking about Texas and not the rest of the world,” I said with a smile, “Texas justice regularly rapes the law. Actually I think judges are the same no matter where they sit and preside in the world human society; present company excluded, of course.”

“The law is about money. When anything is about money, there are always evil forces around.”

“In the civil law, as in all other trials, the judge is the gatekeeper. He can keep out evidence. He can let evidence in. This allows him to manipulate what the jury hears and allows him therefore to swing a case for or against a client.”

“Now, I am talking about a judge who is elected not appointed. So he has to run for office every couple of years. The big firms contribute to judges’ campaigns.

“So let’s say a Big Firm comes into court in a civil case against a one man sole practitioner. And let’s say the Big Firm has contributed five thousand dollars to the judge’s last campaign. The sole practitioner has contributed nothing.

“It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who is going to win the case. In addition, there are evidentiary questions that the judge, in the work up to trial, has to rule on and all kinds of pretrial motions regarding discovery, production of documents, motions to prohibit certain things from coming in at trial, and so on, all of which can be manipulated.

“The judge also rules on motions for summary judgment. A motion for summary judgment says to the judge that the other side cannot win or successfully defend their case because they cannot prove up a central fact or a certain fact is stipulated as agreed or denied. The judge can throw out a case on summary judgment before your client even gets to trial. A summary judgment can be on part or all of the case.

“If you lose a motion for summary judgment against you, then you have to appeal. That means you client is charged another ten thousand dollars for your fees. And the reality is that you have a slim to none change of winning. You see, the appeals court is elected too. And appeals courts are made up of judges who used to try cases. They did not like to be reversed so they don’t reverse other judges. Besides all judges socialize and they don’t like to irritate each other. And in an election a judge in the lower court may win a judgeship in an office over you or even in your court and then you are in a fix.

“If you can’t win in the appeals court, you won’t win in the Supreme or Superior court, whichever is the highest court in the state.

“The appeals court and the Supreme Court are not required to rule on your appeal. They use the excuse that if the case is not going to change the law they don’t need to rule on it. So they summarily deny the appeal without even considering it. Of course they will see what it is about. Then they vote to hear or deny hearing it.

“So having contributed to a judge’s campaign is a very big deal in any lawsuit.

“However, the reality is that judges come from the larger firms, so most of the judges have a bias for their old firm, of course, and large firms in general.

“So you, as a sole practitioner, go to court to try or prosecute a case not knowing if you can do anything about having the judge removed from the case. Political contributions and prior associations within law firms are not a basis to have a judge recused.

“Now you should be able to see clearly that the vast majority of cases are manipulated by the judge based on his own self-interest. And he has the support of the Appeals Court and Supreme Court.

“That is the problem in a nut shell.

“There is a solution, actually several solutions. First, in each case, judges could be required to file how much money he or she received from both attorneys directly or from their firms indirectly. And they could be made to disclose their prior relationships with the attorneys before them. And based on certain rules they could be automatically disqualified. Of course if you do this, no firm is going to contribute to a judge’s campaign; at least not legally. So there would have to be a state fund which gives a judge “X” dollars to spend and that is it. Of course those who have money to influence the system will never support this kind of change. What good is a judge that can’t be bought?

There was scattered laughter.

“Another way to increase the chance for justice is to require the appeals court to issue a ruling on each case. And cases would be submitted anonymously. In other words, the appeals judge has no idea who the attorneys are in the case. If they have to write an opinion, then they have to cite the law they are relying on to affirm or deny the lower court. They will not want to look stupid and so they will be forced to rule more fairly and justly.

“As far as anonymity goes, the attorney could find out who has his case unless that information is also secret. The attorney would not be allowed to know which court of appeals has the case. No a few dollars to a district clerk will get this information or having a sexual relationship with a clerk or a family relationship will allow one to get this information. But it will be a lot harder to manipulate the outcome generally speaking.

“Also, most appeals courts are three person courts. So if you take a panel of twenty-four judges and randomly assign a team of the three to each case then a judge cannot create a block of votes to manipulate as a group.

“So the system can be greatly improved to increase the level of true justice. I learned in jail that human beings are real smart monkeys. All kinds of common items can be made into tools to achieve an objective.

“Lawyers are smart people. You can’t make an air tight system. But we don’t demand a perfect world, we just want to level the playing field.

“Now globally, there is something else that can be done to better the system. That is to require a law student, before graduation, to select whether he or she will ever want to be a judge. Once that path is chosen, he or she takes special courses in being a judge and a special exam just for judges. He will not be able to work for a firm. He will have to clerk for an existing judge. This way we get professional judges. Sure some will be corrupt, but prison sentences for violators of the rules will keep a lot of crooks honest.

“I did not mention it as a category but allow me to talk about the Probate courts. In most states the residual estate has to go to someone. So let us say there is a two hundred fifty-thousand-dollar estate. No apparent heirs. A judge gives the case to his favorite attorney to search for heirs until one is found or guess what, all the money is used up looking. This is the easiest way for a judge to get rich. Of course the attorney has to find a way to pay the judge secretly but that is not hard. We still use cash in the world.

“Oh yes, If the trustee suspects there is an heir he will look first in places where he knows he will not find the heir until all the money is in the attorney’s pocket.”

“Backing up to the civil cases for a minute, let us say I am a defense attorney and I get a hot case that I can bill seventy thousand dollars on and the client agrees to the fee.  Now let’s say the defendant submits an offer to settle the case for seventy thousand dollars. If the attorney advises his client to settle, the client gets the seventy thousand, less say thirty thousand, for the attorney fees. If the attorney does not advise the client to settle, the attorney will make his seventy thousand before he recommends settlement. This is just business as usual for attorneys.

“Now here is what can be done. If a defendant offers to settle the case for seventy thousand and it is rejected, the attorney fees are capped at thirty thousand dollars. This takes away the incentive for the plaintiff’s attorney to string out the case. The attorney is not going to run up attorney fees in excess of thirty thousand dollars because his fees are capped at that amount.

“The other side of the case is simple. The plaintiff sues for two hundred and fifty thousand and offers to settle for one hundred thousand. Cap the defense attorney fees at forty thousand dollars. So no matter how long the defense attorney strings out the case forty thousand dollars is all he gets. This will stop cases where the defense attorney gets more fees than was originally sued for in total by the plaintiff.”

“Family law is a major tragedy. Attorneys charge five hundred dollars an hour to rip the remnants of a family to shreds. In order to increase billing, the attorney sows discontent and fosters hatred between the parties and uses the children to inflame the conflict. Not to mention attorneys having sex with their clients who are confused and disoriented generally due to the termination of a once loving relationship. Sometimes sex reduces the fees.

“All divorce cases should go to mediation and, if not settled, sent to a group of three mediators who decide the case. The attorney would get a flat fee for mediation.

“There are only two issues in a divorce; money and custody. Custody is the minor issue of the two. Money is the big issue. Money can be easily solved. A CPA verifies the amount of money on hand at the time of filing the petition for divorce. The estate is split evenly, no exceptions.  Alimony is set for the wife based on earning capacity and the ages of the children. Child support is set as a percentage of the non-possessory parent income based on the number of children.

“From a moral and social perspective, I would deny either spouse the right to remarry until the children reached adulthood without the court’s permission.  The destruction of a family and collateral damage to children is a no win situation for society.

“As an aside, I would require a woman to name the father of her child and order DNA tests taken to prove paternity. If child support is not paid, there would be mandatory jail time for the offender. Not paying child support for two years would require a vasectomy.

“If a woman refuses to disclose the father, then she is not eligible for any welfare benefits and she is required to serve a mandatory one year in jail. There are too many unwanted and unsupported children. If the mother cannot or will not identify the father, her tubes would be tied.

“Further a collateral issue in the family law has to do with abortion. If society votes to deny abortions, then they must vote to increase welfare to pay for these unwanted children. The two issues must be linked. To deny abortion and then bring unwanted children into society without support is nonsense. Everyone loses in that scenario.

“Lastly, the criminal law. If society wants to put everyone in jail they must plan on increased taxes to build the jails to house the prisoners and pay for their needs. If you vote for law and order and tough prosecution and hang ‘em high judges, then money must be provided to house prisoners and give them their rights.

“Fifteen percent of all inmates in any jail are innocent. They plead guilty so they don’t miss work and lose their jobs. All first offenders should be given probation.  Drugs are no different from alcohol. Legalize drugs and sell them next to the liquor. Tax them to the max.

“Legalizing drugs reduces police forces and contract prisons. So there are many issues involved in keeping drugs illegal. Prohibition proved we cannot successfully stop vice. While we are at it, legalize prostitution. No more female slavery.

“Today there is the issue of immigration. The jails are packed with illegal aliens. Give them a permit and let them work. But they can’t vote and their children who are born here do not become citizens. The problem with drugs and immigration is the people who use the drugs and who hire illegals. If you want to stop the immigration problem, jail the employers. Let’s agree it is a big issue. Illegals are cheap labor. A business owner wants cheap labor.

“The criminal system is stacked against the defendant. The jury looks to verify guilt. Someone makes an accusation, the cops arrest, the prosecutor takes charges, then the prosecutor goes alone to the grand jury and gets an indictment rubber stamped. Four groups of people have already said the defendant is probably guilty before the jury steps in.

“Judges are elected on law and order platforms. The evidence and conduct of the trial is controlled by the judge. There is no justice. There is only a two percent chance of a defendant winning in court unless he can pay a king’s ransom for the best of the best attorneys.

“Judges appoint attorneys who will convince a defendant to plead guilty. The courts are already backed up. What would happen if every defendant got a trial? If the attorney can’t deliver a plea bargain with the defendant pleading guilty, then he will get no more appointments from the court. The judges do not want to increase their case load.

“All these problems have solutions. The legal justice system can become more fair and just.  We need the law and we need enforcement of the law. But we don’t need a legal system that is unfair and unjust and one that creates more chaos and disharmony than peace. My position is that we can do better.

“Ladies and gentlemen I have just given you the tip of the iceberg with regards to the law. My course on peace will have more examples and ethical and moral questions all about how to increase the peace and create a more just and sane society.

“Thank you for your interest and your kind attention.”

I received significant applause. I wondered how many students would quit law school due to my speech. The odds are that none would out of a group this small.



There were a few people talking to Francois, Janice, Alicia and Celeste in different small groups.  Debra and Mir were next to me as well as Cathy. Almost everyone had left when a young couple approached us. I immediately noticed they were wearing purple ribbons on their coats. Both were wearing suits.

The young man said, “Dr. WorldPeace my name is Samuel and this is my wife Rachael. We are law students in New York and we are here due to a death in the family. My cousin told us of this meeting and so we came uninvited.”

“No invitation was necessary it was open to all.” I smiled.

“We are peace activist and have embraced your Purple Order. We have had a very small gathering here with our family. I am a Jew and Rachael is a Muslim. I should say those are the religions we were brought up with. We are both from Jerusalem. We have been attracted to each other since we met in kindergarten. We married in Jerusalem when we were eighteen, six years ago. We are not rich but we do not have to work to pay our bills. Right now we are going to school and trying to be active in peace related functions. When we heard you speak, Dr. WorldPeace, we both felt that you would have a place for us in your WorldPeace Advocacy. Something we could do from New York or on the internet.”

“How did the Purple Order gathering turn out?” I asked.

“Very nice. Everyone was Jewish but we came together and talked about God’s blessing and miracles, read some of the New Testament and prayed. We served wine and bread. It was very relaxing and uplifting. Everyone agreed.”

I could feel myself becoming emotional so I had to take deep breaths so as not to let it show.  Celeste had joined us and heard most of what Samuel said.

“We are true believers, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rachael, “in the WorldPeace Advocacy. Something we just know. We are both a bit psychic and both felt you have work for us, significant work. So we felt we had to talk to you at the end of the meeting. Do you have something for us?” she asked.

“Samuel, the prophet of Israel and Rachel, the mother of Ishmael. Yes. I have something very significant for you. I do not want to discuss it right now because it will take a little time and right now I must to go and have an informal meeting with my associates,” I said.

“Cathy, please give them Francois’ address. Samuel and Rachael, you have uplifted my spirits more than you know. Please come to this address at 1430 and I will tell you what I have in mind.”

Cathy handed Rachael the address and said, “It is right on the Seine. I have written my phone number down for you as well.”

Rachael looked at the paper and said, “I know where this is. We will be there at 1430.”

“We will be there,” said Samuel.

“I want you to know that you have deeply moved and inspired me.” I said.

I reached out to shake their hands and then Celeste and the others introduced themselves.

We all left smiling with an unexplained sense of euphoria.

We entered the limo and I said, “Francois, lets go to a nice café close to the condo and would you see if Marshall has finished his workout? If so tell him and Frank to meet us at the café you choose,” I said.

Francois called Frank who said they had just finished working out. He said he would bring Marshall to the café.

“OK, anyone?” I said.

“John that was a very good meeting. What do you have in mind for that young couple?

“First, is any one picking up specific visions?”

Debra said, “I see them and the sun and moon over them and they are standing next to a purple stream.”

Mir said, “I see them very busy with meetings promoting the WorldPeace Advocacy but I don’t know exactly what they are discussing.”

Celeste said, “They are your first official Purple Order missionaries. I also see them somehow connected to Congressmen Macy from the other night. Not related or associated. They don’t even know each other, even though he is from New York and they know from the media who he is.”

I just smiled.

“I want to say nothing right now and just see what else comes to you all.”

“I feel it’s something big or a big project,” said Francois.

“It is that,” I said. “Everything is coming together. They are the first, as far as we know, Purple Order missionaries and the first of the second tier of our hierarchy.”

“By the way, John,” said Cathy, “Rose will be here tomorrow afternoon. She is excited about being my assistant. Linda says hello. Said she is extremely busy at work on a special project that should mean a significant promotion. She says she is sorry she has not been in touch in a week.”

“Well, more pieces falling into place,” I said.

Everyone went silent.  Mir was sitting to my right and took my hand and squeezed it. Celeste was across from me and winked and Debra was to my left busy on her lap top. I am glad she had a silent keyboard. The laptop is Debra’s external brain.

Carl pulled up in front of the café and we all got out and went in. They had a private meeting room that seats ten and we took it. I did not want to talk in public. This was a company meeting.

The waiters brought several kinds of coffee and took individual orders and left. Francois had taken the seat to my right and Cathy to the left. The atmosphere was nice and it was quiet. I have trouble hearing in crowded places and I must get used to wearing my hearing aid in my left ear.

After about ten minutes Marshall and Frank entered.  Frank was a very serious body builder. Everyone introduced themselves. I shook his firm grip. I could tell Marshall was uplifted and enthused. Obviously the two of them got along very well.

Frank made his apologies and left. Marshall sat down next to Cathy who kissed him on the cheek like a surrogate mother.

“Dad, Frank is a super guy,” Marshall said, “We got along very well. Our careers are very similar. But he taught me more about body building in a couple of hours than everyone else I have talked to put together. We are going to try to work out a couple of times a week early in the morning. I forgot how good it is to have a workout partner. I have been working out alone for about nine months.”

“Well that makes me happy,” I said.

We all just chatted casually until we were all served then I said, “The WorldPeace Advocacy is moving along very well. It is becoming news and more dynamic. Work is allocating itself very nicely.

“We have the meeting with Samuel and Rachael at 1430 and the meeting at Jeremey’s tonight and then with the director in the morning. That is about as far ahead as I can think.”

“John,” said Francois, “Jeremy is going to have about fifty people in a social gathering tomorrow afternoon. You only need to speak for about five minutes and then he has set up two more like it; Sunday morning and afternoon with twenty-five to fifty guests in each meeting. So after tonight you really don’t have to speak until Sunday night.”

“Good change of pace. I will speak about Mary Magdalene and Jesus tonight and America on Sunday,” I said.

“What I would like to do now is to go around the table and get updates, input and comments from everyone. About whatever you feel we need to tell each other on any subject. I am big on visions and intuition so please don’t edit. Just let it flow. We all know each other, intimately,” I smiled.

“Alicia,” I said.

“John, I am just amazed at how everything is coming together. The WorldPeace Advocacy grows in different ways every day. And I see no end to that pattern. There is not a lot of work for me to do here because the FBI is limited to the USA and domestic problems. But I am involved in everything. I send in a daily report but almost everything that happens goes through the CIA director because they have everything wired and they have jurisdiction.”

“I agree with you. You have proven your loyalty. You are going to need to have some private space to deal with all kinds of issues. And the cameras need to immediately come out of the bedroom. They have enough porno for a lifetime.”

“I feel we all work together very well as a team. It seems more like a family to me. I never thought a relationship would work the way it works with all of us. I guess it is like an old hippie commune. There is no turmoil here. We all get along. Everyone stays busy. We really don’t have a lot of free time. We haven’t even had time to tour Paris.”

“I am amazed and astounded at your ability to orchestrate the grand plan,” Alicia said, “We have not really had any confusion. Even the assassination attempts did not cause any major disruption.”

“On that subject, I know the potential danger is increasing every day. But I think we have done all we can do security wise.”

“It is hard to believe that we have only been on this speaking circuit for a week. It seems like a year. I am impressed with your energy to speak as much as you have. You are like a car on a mountain road that just shifts gears without thinking. That is the way you are. You adjust to the situation. And I never see you get up tight or mad or anxious about anything.”

“For me it is like being on a roller coaster mounted on a merry go round,” I said. “You just relax and deal with the ups and downs. You don’t want to get off. You know that ups and downs are part of the ride, the path.”

“That is all I have, Alicia said, “I am very attached to you John. I love being a part of the WorldPeace Advocacy and your life. I hope it lasts a very long time.”

“It will,” I said. “forty plus more years.”

“Janice,” I said.

“John since my job is like Alicia’s’ I agree with everything she said.”

“My job is not ever going to be as dynamic as Mir’s or Debra’s, but that is OK. I am doing the kind of work I love inside an organization that I find very inspiring.  I get to meet all kinds of important people. I am working at the top end of law enforcement.”

“I agree with that,” said Alicia.

“For sure,” said Marshall.

“I love everyone here. I love being able to work without having the normal petty stuff between people. Like Alicia says, we are very busy. So much happens daily that is new, because the WorldPeace Advocacy is new, that I have to stay alert. There is no way to know what is going to happen day to day, even moment to moment.

“You are laying a tremendous foundation, John. People you need are coming to you. It will always be a twenty-four seven endeavor for you.”

“Thank you for allowing me to work with you. Thank you for supporting me with the CIA. Thank you for your confidence in me. And as strange as this sounds, thank you for loving me. Thank you for caring about me. You make me and everyone here feel very special.”

Everyone said something in agreement like yes or absolutely.

“That is all for me,” she said.

“Debra,” I said.

“I could not script a better life for myself. I am doing exactly what I like; what I am good at and for a good cause. I like managing the peace organization database. I like working with the computer and doing all the data accumulating and the controlling of communications.”

“As I told you, I like being behind the scenes more than out front. I think I need to go to meetings because something happens at each one. I work on the Advocacy every minute. Even now at this moment, I want to go back to work.”

“Everything that goes on is important. It is impossible to get bored.”

“I like the communal living arrangement. It works for me. It satisfies my sexual and emotional needs. I love feeling as close as I do to everyone. It feels closer even than family. And that sense of belonging has been hard for me to find until I met you, John. Like Janice says, you make us all feel special.”

“And John, you don’t play games. Everything is up front. And everyone has access to everything. It is a totally open, cordial environment with no judgment. It almost seems like heaven to me.”

“You make me happy John. The WorldPeace Advocacy and the work makes me happy. There is nothing I want for right now and I feel that as long as I am with you, I will not want for anything. I don’t want this to ever end.

“That is all for me.”

“Mir,” I said.

“John, I feel like I have been crowned queen of the world. All my fantasies that I have had since I was a child took a huge step forward when I met you face to face. Like you, I have had a global vision my whole life. Like you, it became more clear to me about ten years ago that my global vehicle was WorldPeace. I am where I am supposed to be and so are you. We are among friends here so I will just say that you and I are king and queen of the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“You have put it all together. You have lived the life. Now is the time for you to take what you have learned about religion, politics and the law and begin to make some moves in the global village that will fix a lot of things that are impediments to peace within those authorities.  I have had a more conventional upbringing. I, as a woman living in Russia, never had the opportunities that you have had as a male living in America. But I have prepared myself in areas that have given me skills that will be significant assets to you, to us.

“John, I am sorry, but I just can’t see the WorldPeace Advocacy as yours. It is ours. Yes, everyone is a part, and very important parts, but you and I are the focal points. We are Mr. and Ms. WorldPeace, Drs. WorldPeace. You need me. You need me to step into the copilot’s seat and help you fly your dream, our dream.

“Debra is a work horse and I have total respect for her but we have talked and she is a behind the scenes person. She likes the access to whatever we are doing and even access to the bedroom. But she does not want to deal with the spot light. She has problems dealing with people who are not as smart as she is and that is just about everyone on the planet. Debra must have an impossible dream to pursue just like you, John. But she is glad that she does not have to the part I have chosen.”

“Right so far, Mir,” said Debra.

“Celeste is your safe harbor,” Mir continued, “because she is totally in love with you. She loves you more than you will ever understand John. Your heart has been too scared to feel just how deep Celeste is connected to you.  It is her love that will keep you sane in the coming years John; that unconditional love, a love that will never abandon you.

“François, Cathy, Debra, Celeste and I have had dreams and visions about you coming into our lives. None of us will abandon you. But Celeste is your age; from your generation. She can touch you in a more loving way because she is your age. And Celeste does not have the hard edge the rest of us have. Celeste is not a warrior. The rest of us are. Celeste has the deep mother’s love that the rest of us do not have. That is why she can hold you and keep you together.

“But she is much more. She is psychic and as a psychic she will protect you, John, as well as the rest of us. She is our mother and we all need her.”

Celeste with tears in her eyes said, “She is so right, John. I could hardly live without my husband. I could never survive you leaving me. I have to protect you. I have to say prayers for you because you are the reason I go on living. I love you as much as I did my husband, and more. I can’t even explain it. I can only feel it and your love touches every fiber of my body and caresses my immortal soul.”

“John, I am claiming my place as your public wife for lack of a better word,” continued Mir, “I am not your wife, but in public, in front of the crowds, that is the role the people will project on me. But for the first time the people will see two human beings who are extraordinary and totally committed in increasing the peace in the world human society. We must be a light to the world, John. That is what we are. We gave up our lives to the WorldPeace Advocacy long ago. We are the shepherds that are to lead the world human society out of the darkness of the twentieth century and into the Age of Aquarius. We are the catalyst that will hopefully in our lifetimes allow the world human society to come to live on a higher plane of existence in this reality.

“All these woman satisfy a different need of yours. You have been with all of them in past lives. They, we, are the cream of all the women you have been with in all your lives and we have all come into this time and place to help you do the work you agreed to do. You need all of us and we all intuitively understand this. That is why there is no jealousy among us. We each know that none of us can have all of you. That is not possible. It is something that you cannot manifest John. Both of your marriages failed because the women you were with were just not even close to your level of reality.

“John we have a huge job to do. The work is going to be exhausting and forty years is just barely enough time. Neither you nor I have had any real happiness in life. We have been consumed by our destiny calling us. And we have answered the call. Now, that destiny begins to unfold in a way that cannot be denied. This is the time, we are the ones, John. This has been the elephant in the room. Things have been building to this moment when it can be said out loud. You are the one John, I am the one, we are the ones.

“We all know you are not Jesus or the messiah or the antichrist. We are two people who have been charged to bring great change to the world human society. Like you say John, we have a secular, not a religious calling and mission. Your Purple Order will in time undermine all religions as people embrace it and others further evolve it.

“The Purple Order is nothing more than telling people they can talk directly with God. That was always the plan. The religious bureaucrats have manipulated and enslaved the world for long enough. And John, I am sure you see that I can shout this message louder than you because I am Russian. I am a product of Communism and its anti-religious bias. Together John we will give birth to the Purple Order. We will set people free by introducing them to spirituality.

“The Purple Order is so revolutionary that people can’t even begin to understand it. But I understand it. I understand, John. And I am astounded that you put it together.  It is the Gospel of the Age of Aquarius. It removes the religious husk from the message of Jesus. It sets Christianity free. I see a new birth of Christianity that will be grounded in the Purple Order.  I dare not even speak what I see as the reality of the Purple Order; so simple and so revolutionary. It is the initial engine that will launch the uplifting of the entire human race as they begin to remember and accept that they are infinite immortal spirits and that the human body is just so much baggage. People will quit looking at bodies and begin to seek out and get to know their own souls. And you will show them how. Others will take your lessons and rework them to make it all accessible to the common person; teachers will come and localize your message. This is what all the psychics have always told you. You will be a teacher of teachers. This is one of the things they were talking about.

“I could go on. But there is not enough time. We will all watch things unfold.

“The most important thing I have to say is that I am stepping up into my role beside you,” said Mir. “I have fully embraced the WorldPeace Advocacy and I am working hard to fully integrate it into every aspect of my life. I am doing it because I have to understand you. I have to be in sync with you. I have to know how you would do things because there is too much about to happen and you just can’t make all the decisions.”

“From now on you must relate to me as your wife,” Mir said. “That is the best explanation of our relationship. I am the perfect wife you have been looking for. I am the one who can listen to what you have to say and really understand it. You are not alone anymore my, love. I am here now with you and I will never leave you.”

“My friends, my lovers, you must understand that I am not taking possession of John,” said Mir, “I am merging myself into him. I am giving my life to him. Nothing is going to change. For a time, there will be a constant flow of new women that John will be intimate with. But the vast majority will just come and go without intimacy. This core group will stay in tack. When I say I take John as my husband it does not mean that I am announcing that he is my sole possession and not to be shared. John needs all of us. If I were to give John, the most perfect blissful intimacy it would never be enough. He is too damaged. He needs love from many women. I understand this. I accept it. Nothing has changed. Like the rest of you, when I need John inside me I will make that need known and he will take care of me the way he will take care of you.

“And I want you to know something else. As John pleasures in your bodies, so will I. It is not a matter of power. It is a matter of the joy and pleasure I get from being with each of you the same way I experience bliss with John. It is different but it is a need I have found in the last few days that I have been missing. I think I did not act on it because I could not find women close to my level in Russia. I have found them in this group. I have been with all of you and I have satisfied you as a female lover and you have satisfied me. I am a beautiful woman and I want to share my beauty with you. And I want to embrace you as you embrace me. I have come to know that as John has said; if you pay attention during intimacy you can reach a level of bliss that is as close as the soul can experience heaven while in a human body.

“Ladies as you know, Francois and I are going to bear John’s children. I have not spoken to John about this but we will have four to six children. When I have delivered my first child, who will be a boy, I will breast feed him. And in addition I will offer each of you ladies the milk of my body as well. I want you to feed from my body. I want you to take my milk into your body as a token of my love for you. No one will understand this outside this inner circle. And it does not matter. But you will understand it when it happens and you will remember me telling you about it on this night.

“I fully embrace and understand what John says about no sex in heaven because there is no need for it. Souls cannot procreate. Sex is a phenomenon that was set in place on this earth. It is a blissful pleasure. I have been a man in my incarnations as often as I have been a woman. In this life I am a woman. But I remember what it was like being a man. I remember enjoying women as a man. And that is why I experience the bliss I do when being intimate with each of you. If you meditate on it and think deeply about it when you are being intimate, you will see the truth of what I am saying about me and about yourselves.”

“A New Age Now Begins. I have said enough.

No one spoke for about five minutes.

“Ladies and Marshall, the truth of what Mir just said was obviously overpowering,” I said. “She took us all to a higher level of consciousness. I am truly in awe of her. She has unleashed a psychic spiritual power that you will come to know in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. You will never forget what she said. It will be with you on your death bed. Things have changed now. Mir put words to what has been coming to a head.

“Mir I am sorry but I have no words to express what I now know. It will take us all time to process. As it will you. You do not fully understand what you have done here. You will see with the rest of us. You were chosen to speak this truth. I am high on the energy that has been released and that is now bathing each of us.”

“Celeste, if you can, speak to us,” I requested.

“Well things have clarified a lot now. We know that Debra and Mir are the two lead women in the WorldPeace Advocacy. Debra is going to be carrying the lion’s share of the logistics and operations behind the scenes and Mir is going to be the front woman in the public eye. In fact, Debra will be a mystery woman to the general public. Of course the CIA, peace activists and related people will know that Debra is the gatekeeper on information. And this is a role that Debra has chosen.”

“It seems obvious from the events of the last few days that Mir was definitely destined for the top spot in the WorldPeace Advocacy. She is fearless like you, John, and she has a strong sense of what needs to be done to keep the WorldPeace Advocacy moving ahead.  She is well qualified to run the WorldPeace Advocacy if something happened to you. But she would have a much harder time carrying it out alone than you would.”

“The problem is simple. You are the man of ideas. All this is your creation. But Mir is the woman of action. She is the implementer. You two are male and female and you two have an almost symbiotic relationship.  There is a need for the ongoing creative ideas about the dynamics of the WorldPeace Advocacy and more importantly its core philosophy. That can only come from you John.  You have always had a problem finding someone to carry on the logistics and operations of your businesses. Now, for the first time, you have your operations person in Debra as well as Mir.

“It is going to take the three of you to lead the rest of us where we need to go. John and Mir have a symbiotic relationship and so do Mir and Debra as well as Debra and John. Without Debra, Mir will get bogged down in a million implementation details. Without John, Mir is in charge of a ship that will stagnate for lack of a very dynamic visionary captain. Absolutely the three of you need each other and all the rest of us need all three of you at the helm.

“Celeste, you have given me clarity that I have been seeking for the last few days,” Mir said. “I agree with you totally. We can each promote peace in our own way but for max effect and impact it will take all three of us.”

“I also see now that I have been too occupied dealing with trees to see the forest,” said Debra. “And I am happy in what I see now. I am in an indispensable position to provide information to the Advocacy. I will be overloaded with exciting work.  I am very happy with this three-way leadership.

“Francois, you are the connection to the outside world of politics, business, royalty. You are the liaison between Jeremy and his seemingly unlimited friends and the Advocacy. Also, you are the global link to the CIA and through them the FBI connecting Jeremy and the US Feds and soon the Fed equivalent in all the rest of the countries as we expand. You are the company representative, if you will, the outside sales person.

“Janice and Alicia, you have a monumental task just organizing and reporting back to the CIA and FBI. The facts of your reports are going to have to be accumulated.  Each of you will put your individual spin on those facts having to do with the different mandates of the FBI and CIA as to domestic and foreign areas of responsibility in the United States Government.”

“Cathy is the personal assistant to John. She is his shadow. She is his right hand with regards to just about everything. She is the liaison to everyone. John has some inspiration and Cathy delivers the words from John. Mir and Debra will certainly be directly talking to John face to face about major issues, but there will be endless details that John will deal with all during the day and it is those things that must be communicated and Cathy is the messenger.

“Marshall has to make a major decision to get in or out. There are an unlimited number of functions and projects that are going to need a hands on manager to set it up, insert the people, and set up the feedback loop. I see Marshall as a special projects man. He goes in and develops the many arms of the Advocacy and turns it over to his handpicked people who report to him and then moves on to another project.

“The big problem in front of Marshall is the decision to come on board. And that is going to require a conversation with My-Le. She has to come here immediately and she is.  The two of them have to work out their future as it relates to John and the Advocacy.

“Marshall, if the timing is not right for you now, then it is OK to wait. When you are ready, we will be waiting. It may well be one of the biggest decisions of your life and to your legacy,”

“I know, Celeste.” said Marshall, “It is weighing me down because the decision is so monumental. But my present job will seem like bagging groceries compared to what goes on here. And I know being out of the loop for an hour is like a week. I have to be all in or all out.”

“As for me, I am what Mir said I am. I am the mother. I am John’s safe harbor. I am the one who he can come to and leave the Advocacy outside. Myself, Francois and Mir will be the three consorts for John in these many functions. One of us will stand next to him depending on the occasion and who is coming and present. Certainly Mir will be the primary feminine face at all the public functions. And the three of us will share the role of consort in the private functions. But that being said, at these dinners and formal meetings it is going to require all three of us to be present and work the crowd. Debra is the only one who will not be at all the events. Yet I think we will all be wired and Debra will always be watching and she will tap into whatever conversations she deems we need to hear.”

“All and all we have a big ship, the Good Ship WorldPeace Advocacy, to launch. All the officers are on deck and we have exited our berth and are traveling out to sea.”

“Thank you, Celeste,” I said.

“Francois,” I said.

“My role is the same as it has always been, except it will be a lot busier because the number of people I need to visit with face to face increases daily.

“What is interesting to me is the dynamics of this group. We are all John’s wives. We work with him and we make love with him. We make love to each other. And our jobs are all interrelated. Mir and I are going to have his children, which connects us. We are all liaisons to each other and to the outside world. We are a very cohesive team and already when anyone needs help the rest of us step in to help without thinking. I am very excited about all this. Like Debra, this is my dream life. It has everything I need to be totally happy.”

“Cathy,” I said.

“John, I am just your personal servant. And I am glad to be that. I have no real duties like everyone else except to serve you. I am your shadow who loves you and can’t stand to be out of your presence. I am involved in everything but other than your personal needs, I am not responsible for anything. I am just a messenger.


“Every time I do something for John it gives me pleasure and a feeling of love. Every task no matter how menial makes me feel needed by someone who I think is the sun shining light on all of us, on the entire world. I too am happy.”

“Marshall,” I said.

“Dad everything that has been said is true. I am glad we had this meeting because I needed some clarity and now I see that this meeting has given it to me. I know everyone’s job and I know where we are going. And really most important for me is that I am beginning to know and understand my father. Dad you are surrounded by so much love. I think it is to make up for a whole life of not being loved. All these angels love you, totally.”

Everyone responded verbally with a ‘yes, definitely, absolutely’. It sent chills up my spine and touched me directly into my heart and soul.

“As has been said, I have to make a decision. I think I have made it. I am very conservative but I want this job. Like Debra and Mir and Francois I have to have a dynamic life. And I need to be involved now when the Advocacy is awakening. I have to talk to My-Le and I can’t talk about this until she sees what I am talking about.

“I want to say that I love each of you as a sister and you Celeste as a mother. All of you have made me feel loved. All of you have been totally respectful. You are all so beautiful that it overwhelms me at times; the women that my dad has brought to his side.

“Everything is going to work out. This peace rally will put us on the map. I am happy beyond words.”

“OK, thank you everyone,” I said. “I guess it is time for me to speak. I think we have put almost total clarity on the internal structure workings and functions of the inner circle of the Advocacy. Everyone is happy with their jobs. Everyone now knows the working position of everyone else. It is a miracle, truly a miracle what has been created. I am very uplifted that we have no internal jealousy or hard feelings.

“I have not been able to ignore the similarity between Jesus picking his disciples and the people who have gathered around me.

“Cathy, Jeremy, Francois, Alicia, Janice, Celeste, Debra, Mir, Marshall, Kay are the core group of twelve. In addition, I am looking for a woman to produce my art. With Rose who is coming, that makes twelve. I feel there will be two or three others who will work with us all the time in other important areas. There is of course Henrietta, who gave us the castle, and there is Samuel and Rachel who we will meet with shortly.

“We have finished most of our marathon meetings which were all successful. We have a major project on us now, that being the peace rally. That will be an intense logistical challenge on all levels. I have no doubt that we will gain significant momentum no matter how many people show up, but if we have a huge turnout, over a quarter of a million, we will gain worldwide publicity and the Advocacy will go ballistic on all fronts. It really concerns me how we are going to manage an explosive worldwide growth, virtually overnight. And yet I feel that we will only have to define the positions we need filled and we will have someone or someones, ready to immediately step into the job. Debra, you need to be ready with a data base for online submissions from all the people who want to join us and work as volunteers.

“We have been blazing a path since we all connected. With the peace rally I think we will be able to recognize that we have come to the end of the beginning.  Everything will change after the rally for the better; the number of doors that will open, the number of invitations we will have to send to set up a gathering in all the countries of the world, the number of governments who will recognize us is going to create a week or more of chaos. That is why we have to have the internet set up to take in information. We can’t set up phone banks in time to take all these calls. But I may be wrong. If we can get the phones connected, that will require a lot of volunteers to answer the phones. We could also set up a donation link. I feel we need to be ready because we do not know how people are going to respond and we need to set up as many options as possible.

“One thing I want to know is whether anyone is getting any negative vibes about assassination attempts at this gathering; or any violence for that matter.”

“I have been getting nothing,” said Celeste, “but that does not really mean anything to me because we have not announced the gathering yet. People can’t be focused on harming you or Mir for that matter, or both, because they do not know about the gathering. So we will have to wait a little longer and see.”

“Mir said, “I don’t feel anything like that, John.”

“And neither do I,” I said.

“I feel like we have been in a honeymoon period. Everything has gone very well. We have had the peace to set up the administration of our Advocacy under the radar. I feel we are ready to open our doors for business. The peace rally will be our grand opening.

“That is all I have to say for now. This has been a relaxing meeting and I am so glad we clearly defined the internal workings between us. That is a huge accomplishment for us all to know our roles and duties.”

“John, what about Samuel and Rachael? What do you have in mind for them?” asked Mir.

“I think I will put them in charge of promoting the Purple Order. It is the first spoke off the hub of the Advocacy. I sort of see them as Adam and Eve and I don’t know why. I will talk to them about the amount of time they can devote to it and to what degree they want to push it. I also need to find out if they are as committed to the Purple Order as they are to the Advocacy.

“In our meeting, we can all hammer something out,” I said. “I don’t want them as part of the Advocacy people. They don’t need to be involved in the Advocacy to promote the Purple Order. I want them to put all their efforts into the Purple Order.

“Does anyone have any thoughts or visions about what will be the agenda with the director?”

“John,” said Celeste, “he has listened to this meeting or will have. He will understand that we have solidified an organizational chart and defined everyone’s role. He has listened to and received some verbal reports about what goes on in the bedrooms and he knows we are all a family with benefits. He understands that the bonds between us are growing and he no longer can only be concerned about what you are thinking. He knows you have people who are contributing and who will defend you to the death. And he knows we have a democratic inner group of equals. He also knows that the world governments have noticed you. He knows you have made a thousand contacts through Jeremy. He is incredulous that you recruited Mir. He is jealous of your hold on Debra and consequently her skills.

“My feeling is that he is going to want to set up permanent communications between the Advocacy and the Feds. The meeting will be a lot like this one, where everyone states what they feel is their job and so on and something more formal will be set up to connect us to them.

“He is also going to give you a top ten list of radicals who may want to confront you, gather others to fight you, and maybe even assassinate you. They have been watching these people the way they watched you since your name change.  These people seem to be the ten who are delusional about you being the focus of the second coming, if not Christ. But right now none of these people have seen you as a challenge to them. That will change after the peace rally.

“It should be a cordial meeting.”

“I agree with what Celeste has seen,” said Mir.

“As do I,” said Francois.

“But John I do sense some evil out there,” said Mir. “It is undefined but I think it is real. Someone is thinking about harming you right now. I can’t tell if he is a loner of if he is head of a group of others. But I see a dark shadow around the rally.”

“I have felt that as well,” said Cathy.

“John,” said Celeste, “I have seen what I call marginal shadows of evil and I did not mention it because they were just not that defined and clear. So I agree with Mir, but she obviously has perceived something more intense than I have. It comes to me now that she feels a greater intensity because she could be harmed. In Russia Mir was basically untouchable. But now she is without that security net. Her wellbeing is in jeopardy.

“Dad, I have felt some apprehension as well. It may be because I have seen so much in the last two months. And it may be because I am a cop, but I do feel a storm or darkness gathering.”

“Well, long ago I quit paying undue attention to the negativity that is always out there. I guess it is because I did go to jail due to an unfounded rumor mill about me.  I am always cautious. But I had foreknowledge of being shot and I saw that no one would be harmed but me when I was stabbed.

“Now, just now, it occurs to me that Mir is in harm’s way because she has embraced me and will be standing up with me. This blows my mind because neither the Snake nor Kay could or would stand up by me and take on a high profile. The Snake was vicious and Kay was just over her head. But Mir has, without hesitation, linked herself with me. She is a fearless woman. I see now that I have put her life in jeopardy and even though I know it is her destiny, it is the first time that I felt someone was in real danger due to their association with me. It is something I have to process.

“I do not see myself becoming a martyr and I do not feel that Mir will be harmed. But that does not mean we will not have close calls. That does not mean that we should not be cautious and vigilant.”

“The script of my life was written long ago, as was Mir’s. Now we have merged our lives. We have connected and have determined to stand up for peace as a team. Things are different now. That is all I can say. I have some meditating to do.”

“John,” said Mir, “I am in awe of you. You are truly fearless. I have not been tested yet. I have not been jailed or shot or stabbed. But to be with you, at the front of this Advocacy, is so in sync with the statement I want to make with my life that I really don’t care. No matter what lays ahead on my path, this is my life, you are my love, I will never abandon you. Until death do us part. I love you, John.”

Mir got up from her seat with tears in her eyes and came to me and as I stood up, gave me a very deep loving kiss.

Everyone was stunned. No one said a word.

“I am a loss for words Mir,” I said. “You have overwhelmed me. I know God loves me.”

I sat her down in my seat and stood behind her looking at each of my true believers for some kind of response. Nothing had changed among us and as I looked around they all knew it. But they also knew that Mir had become the first among equals. No one doubted that we were in fact twin souls with about three decades of age difference. Time would tell why she waited so long to join me here on earth.


Samuel and Rachael arrived right on time at 1430. We were all in the kitchen chatting about frivolous things when they came in.  We all had our designated places now from so many meetings between ourselves and with others like Sam and Rachel. We had definitely fallen into a routine.

“Well, Sam and Rachel, you look eager to get started,” I said.

“Yes, we have been feeling an increased level of energy about this project since we met with you, Dr. WorldPeace,” Sam said. “Our energy and enthusiasm has increased individually and together. But have noticed energy coming from everyone here as well. We are used to meditating and we can tell when we are experiencing an outside influx energy.”

“There is a lot of energy that runs between all of us all the time,” I said. “We are constantly busy with various tasks especially with the WorldPeace Gathering just a week away and me finishing a marathon of talks with new friends here in Paris. It really seems intense around here at times. But it is always positive. I have never experienced a single moment of negative energy around my angels. So it would not surprise me that you two, who are really the first members of the first tier of True Believers that will form around our core group, would feel our energy.”

“I have a lot in my head that I want to talk about but first I want to make sure that you both are still fully committed to furthering the Purple Order before we proceed. I want to know if you have any hesitation at all or any reservations. We can adjust to whatever level of participation that you want but we have to make certain that you can and will complete the many tasks that are going to be given to you.

“We are fully engaged,” they said in unison.

“It is all we talk about anymore,” Rachel said as Sam shook his head in the affirmative.

The angels and I all smiled at how in sync they were and how young they were.

“OK,” I said. “Here is the overall plan.”

“I have determined that we are going to have to finance the two of you so you have no money worries at all as you launch this project. We need all your spare time and that means all of it. I think as time goes on we will finance others in various parts of the United States and very soon the world. But it will be a no frills financing. We cannot afford to use the money that is donated to this project for anything that would look frivolous much less look like a luxury expense.

“Dr. WorldPeace, we have both read you book about St. Francis and we are able to live within that model. We do not want to go door to door with a begging bowl as he did or as the Buddhist do, but one level above that is where we will be very comfortable,” Sam said.

“Yes, we have already been looking at ways to increase our income in some ways so we do not have to devote more than the absolute minimum time to making money to live on,” said Rachel.

“Yes, we were going to talk to you about the fact that we are not doing this in our spare time as others who engage in the Purple Order are advised to do. We are going to be doing this full time, 24/7,” said Sam.

“And any time we have to devote to making money is not going to allow us to accelerate the spreading of the Purple Order. In our case, our vocation and avocation has to be the same if possible.”

“That being said,” Rachel added, “we are you devoted True Believers and willing and committed to following your desires, Dr. WorldPeace, no exceptions. We both feel this is our destiny and we are so thankful and feel so honored to be the trail blazers for the Purple Order.”

“We are interested in the entire WorldPeace Advocacy,” said Sam, “but we feel that we are perfectly in harmony with the Purple Order. We talk about nothing else anymore. Not since we met with you.’

“You took our energy to a new level, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rachel. “That level of energy, that bliss if you will has never left us.”

“Wow,” said Francois and the others expressed the same.

“We obviously have the right people,” said Celeste. “It amazes me that I am seeing a level of intensity in the first tier outside our core group that looks like it is going to match what goes on here with a few exceptions and from two as young as you two are. There is something magical about what is going on with the WorldPeace Advocacy and the two of you have the right stuff to carry that magic into the Purple Order.”

Celeste got up and hugged both of them which took them by surprise but not anyone else.

“Just another blessing from God on this endeavor,” I said. “For decades I was the Lone Ranger. I kept moving forward but knowing that my wives were never going to share it. They would listen to me talk and feel my excitement but they were deaf to what I was saying and they never for a moment got excited or inspired or uplifted. They really seemed to be only concerned about the parts that had to do with more money coming into the family which was never what I talked about. I felt sorry for them that they could not, about anything in their personal lives, achieve the constant bliss that I experienced when dealing with any and all aspects of the WorldPeace Advocacy. I always feel God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost right next to me. They are my constant companions and I want to pull to me as many people in the world human society who are capable of experiencing the same and passing it on.”

“So we have certainly exploded out of the gate,” I said with a smile and an emotional high that I did not let show but felt that everyone was feeling to some degree or the other.

“Now down to business. First off, Celeste do you think you can be the liaison with Sam and Rachel?

“Yes,” said Celeste, “we both got that at the same time. It is something I am very interested in guiding. It will not take me away from anything else I am doing.”

“Great,” I said.

“We will need a living allowance budget for you two. Everything from rent to groceries to gas money. Your basic cost of living is going to be taken care of.  You said you have your own income from trusts and such I assume and you can use that money for things that don’t come under basic living expenses. After we get the budget from you, we will add 20% to it.
“Further, we are going to supply all the money necessary to have these meetings with regards to wine and bread and disposable dishes and glasses and utensils and so on.

“We will provide all the promoting and advertising. I have a lot of ideas on how to market this program and to get the word out. Whatever ideas you have you need to communicate to us. We need to make sure you have the money and make sure we as the steering committee that we are in the loop on everything that is going on regarding the Purple Order. We are going to have to tweak the Purple Order based on your experiences. And that information in part will go into modifying the Rule when necessary. I want to keep the Rule simple but I think in addition to the Rule there will need to be a guidebook or handbook with the basic mechanics that I do not want to clutter up the Rule with.

“Things are going to be very hectic over the next week. And other than this meeting and your connect with Celeste, our focus is going to be more and more absorbed by the WorldPeace Gathering. I would like for you to prioritize a budget for us and get that to Celeste by tomorrow so we can get you some seed money. We will set up a bank account for you and you must run all expenses through that account. I think Celeste we need two accounts, one for their living expenses and one for the business expenses to promote the Purple Order. We are going to have to hire a bookkeeper first thing after the Gathering ladies.

“Done, John,” said Francois.

“OK,” I smiled. “Thank you.”

Does either of you type a lot,” I asked.

“I do,” said Rachel.

“This project is close to me so I want you to keep a journal of sorts. It can be typed shorthand notes emailed to me. I want to see what is going on daily and I will pass it on for everyone else. Actually, just copy everyone. We will all be inputting into this project. We are all psychic and we have a flow of that kind of information among us. What you write will help us help you and keep the development of the Purple Order on the fast track,” I said.

“I want to emphasize that there can be absolutely no scandals of even the most minor nature. Of all things that I refuse to deal with is being classified as another billion dollar Jesus show. The bigger we get the more the news people will snoop around and our enemies as well looking for some way to bring down our credibility and slow us down. I am not going to give them the chance. We are going to be totally transparent as my life and the activities of our core group is transparent. Never do anything that could in any way cast a negative dispersion on the Purple Order or more generally the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“Normally the weakest link we would have is my living with 7 beautiful women. But anyone and everyone who has had even the most marginal contact with us knows that all my angels are women of substance. None of them are arm candy much less bimbos. That is laughable. They work hard 24/7 in their various areas because they are 100% committed to the WorldPeace Advocacy as I am. There are no frivolous sexual slaves here. But in America sex is a gigantic moral issue.

“I feel pressed for time due to some of the things that have come to me during this meeting that do not have anything to do with the Purple Order. And I am sure some of my angels have picked up on the same and other issues.

“The two of you are very smart, driven and committed. That is obvious. I have no inclination and neither does Celeste for micro managing what you are doing. We will guide you but not micro manage you. I am giving you this task because I feel that you both individually and certainly as a team are capable of running with the ball we have handed you.

“I have absolute and total faith in you. You have 24/7 access to this core group. But the next week is going to be very intense. I want to get those reports because I want to promote the Purple Order in the WorldPeace Gathering next Saturday.

“Do you have any questions?” I asked.

“No,” they said in unison.

“We have a lot of things worked out and were looking forward to this meeting to find out what our limitations were. That is very clear to us now thanks to you, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rachel.

“You are family now, Sam and Rachel,” I said. “You have my faith, support and love. We will get back together soon after the Gathering. In the meantime, Celeste can give you whatever you need.”

“Anything else.

“No,” they said in unison, which made us all smile. They were so much in sync.

I got up and gave each of them a hug as did all my angels. Rachel was shaking because the energy and emotion was so great with her.

“God bless,” I said and turned around to Cathy with a cup of coffee she was handing to me.


“John, we need to go to get the pictures and such so that you and Mir and Debra can have French citizenship before the meeting tonight,” said Francois.

“OK, but we need to have a little meeting first,” I said.

“Yes, we do,” said Celeste.

“Let’s go to the kitchen,” I said and everyone moved to the kitchen.

“Do you want to speak, Celeste,” I asked.

“Ladies, John and I had a vision while Sam and Rachel were here that Janice got shot at the Gathering,” said Celeste.

No one said a word. They were all trying to take it in. Strangely Janice did not seem to react.

“I did not see that,” said Janice, “but I felt a sense of unease when Rachel was talking at one point.”

“That is because she is right next to you when it happens in the vision,” said Celeste.

“Anyone else get any similar visions, vibes, feelings,” I asked.

No one spoke up.

“Someone got a gun through security. One of those you can print from instructions online if you have a 3D printer. He had the bullet on his key chain like an ornament. It was a 50 caliber which would have done serious damage. However, with such a small pistol, there would not be a lot of velocity to the bullet and so even a light protective vest would probably stop the bullet but in the right place it could do some internal damage. Of course a head or neck shot would be lethal,” said Celeste.

“I saw the bullet knock you to the ground, Janice, but it did not penetrate and I did not see anything after you went down. You saw the guy raise the gun and you in one move got you hand on the top of his wrist and stepped between him and me at the same time. So you got hit somewhere between your navel and just below your heart,” I said.

“Yes,” said Celeste.

“The point is that we are going to have to tighten security,” I said, “and if we do not feel we can do that, there is going to have to be no one with one on one access to me. No hand shaking. We can explain that by saying we can’t afford to get delayed on our route so we cannot stop for any one on one connections; no exceptions. There is too much at stake here. I have said over and over that we cannot start a peace movement in violence. This is the first Gathering and we cannot have that scenario. We cannot start this peace movement showing that we are stupid and cannot protect ourselves.

“So I am not concerned that the vision was more than a warning for us to be more realistic about our goals. And that to me means that the primary goal is to arrive at the designated areas on time and we efficiently speak and leave. People need to see Mir and myself and hear our voices but not much more than that. People who attend need to see we are real and nothing much beyond that. And that is what we need to accomplish; show that John and Mir are real and not some high tech hologram.

“We are embarking on a dangerous mission advocating peace to the world. Few heads of state are going to be able to translate what that means. They are not going to feel that they are secure. The United States and Russia and France, three of the most powerful countries in the world are connected to the figure heads of the movement, John and Mir WorldPeace. So this gathering to some degree is going to make the leaders of the world’s nations uneasy and in some cases flat out paranoid. Governments are essentially conservative and no change is good much less a global WorldPeace movement.

“You have to consider that there has never been a nonaligned peace advocate in the world. All the peace advocates to date have been anchored in some kind of civil rights issue in their country or like Gandhi a political independence movement. No one has really reached beyond their nation.

“Now here I am from America, out of the American closet so to speak, and almost immediately I am joined by my female counter part from Russia. And we are both speaking about a global increasing of the peace. We have presumed authority through back channels to make changes around the world. We are not going to be some passive Jesus preaching some religious doctrine. There is a spiritual Jesus element to what we are doing but greater than that is a secular intent to increase the peace in the world human society. A religious movement can be written off by most governments. A religious movement is going to have to fight entrenched religious bureaucracies around the world and religious bureaucracies that cross borders. So a messiah if you will would have to deal with a front line of bureaucratic religions that have all been in place for a least a thousand years. And if this were a religious movement with a global messiah, there would be radical religionists from all religions trying to gun us down, if you will.

“But America and Russia are political world powerhouses. Fearless, arrogant powerhouses at that. And having a perception that Mir and I are front for a secular power shift worldwide is very unsettling to these people.”

“China is going to be in this mix before the Gathering, John,” said Celeste.

“They are fully aware that this movement has already made a huge ripple effect in the world albeit under the radar. They want to wait as long as possible to present you and Mir and Debra with your citizenships and that means Friday. They know they have to do it. They cannot be outside this movement. They have to be at the beginning or they feel they are going to be playing catch up when catch up is going to be hard to come by. They know the power of the internet and the potential for frivolous things to go viral much less something of real substance. To date nothing of real substance has gone viral on the internet. The Iraq peace movement was of substance but all the heads of state knew the movement had no coordinated hierarchy, cohesiveness and most of all no designated head. But come Saturday there will be a global peace movement and it will have two heads; again one American and one Russian.

“Fortunately, heads of state on such short notice are not able to evaluate in this case what they are dealing with. This is a unique global movement. Governments will not be able in the small window they have to understand this movement and so they are not going to be able to know if the movement would be good or bad for them. They all can pretty clearly see in the right scenario they could all gain a lot by having a back door to all the other countries in the world in the form of peace advocates. I think they also know that Mir is a woman of substance and she can most likely act independently of John at least in the contact phase of any communications.

“With religious fanatics it is pure emotional and there is one solution with these people and that is cut the head off the snake. The nut cases are the danger to us.”

“So you see China dealing themselves into the Advocacy by this Friday?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Mir. “The Chinese can give us our citizenships but then hold back their surrogates around the world from following suit until they can evaluate what we are all about. So they can buy into the Advocacy on the world stage and thwart our efforts out of sight.”

“Wow, Mir,” I should have known you would not get lost in the nuances of world politics. I never gave much thought to the fact that your father has been knee deep in politics all his life and it would make sense that the love and admiration and respect he showed for you that you have been under his tutelage all your life. He must have seen you in some kind of high level role in Russia or on the world stage extremely early in your life,” I said.

“In private, he says at age 3 he knew,” she said.

“You take my breath away, Mir,” I said just staring at her.

“Do you realize, John, how long I have hoped for a man I respected to say that to me. For someone to see me more than a Barbie doll. And right up there with my father you are the man in the world who I most desired to see me for who I am. And you have just done that. I am completely all yours,” she said.

We moved toward each other and kissed and held each other as close as possible both wishing we were not in a fishbowl at this particular moment even among friends.

“Well,” said Celeste and Francois together.

“We have just seen a heavenly bonding ladies,” said Celeste. “These two steaking comets have just fully recognized each other. This is a once in 10 millennia bonding we have witnessed. And more than anything else what I have seen with my real eyes and my psychic eyes, proves absolutely the WorldPeace Advocacy is real and its reach is going to be global and very far into the future.”

“And I want to add something else,” Celeste continued.

“You have all wondered why Dr John WorldPeace JD is not in the company of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Ladies the reason is that making millions and running giant global companies was in John’s mind not a big enough agenda for him. He was out to change the world and more so he was wanting his name to be repeated for millennia and not just a few hundred years at best.

“Dr John WorldPeace JD, never sold out his dream. He has taken all life had to throw at him from betrayal and hatred and even health issues and held fast to his dream. And right there beside him is Mir WorldPeace who as a woman has gone through life with her hands tied behind her and yet has also never lost her same same dream.

Celeste began to tear up.

“I am surprised you two do not create a supernova right here and right now in this room,” she said.

No one spoke for a very long moment. Then Celeste broke the silence.

“Well ladies you are going to find that the admission to our little hedonistic club just became a lot more difficult. The bar has been significantly raised due to the merging of Mir into the deepest recesses of John’s soul,” Celeste said.

“That being said, let me add, we have a new angel arriving tonight. A new angel bearing citizenship. An Israeli.”

I said nothing. I was still dealing with Mir.

“The Jews are the most paranoid people on the planet and many of Jeremy’s friends are Jews. They have verified that you have Jewish blood. Even though your father’s father’s family left Judaism in Poland when they emigrated in the late 1800’s, they could not leave their genes. You have the genes John.

“Secondly and more important the Israeli’s know you are not happy with their treatment of the Palestinians and they cannot afford for you to go head to head with them on the world stage. So in a lot of long and intense meetings over the last three weeks they have decided they have to throw you a bone if you will.

“They have their beautiful angel coming with Israeli citizenship. She is the daughter of a mixed marriage of a Jewish father and a Muslim mother. And if you can imagine such a thing she is a spiritual Christian and always has been. She is a articulate rabid pro-Palestinian and is well connected with Jewish peace groups all over the world.

“The issue the Israeli’s are most tortured by is you emphasizing that God has given the Temple Mount to the Muslims. This scares them more than any other issue but they are only afraid of it coming from you. No one else. Just you. They can’t imagine anyone else having the traction to make an issue out of that issue. So they have to play ball.

“They cannot assassinate you because you have Jewish blood and now they are in a double bind because to kill you means Mir takes full charge of the WorldPeace Advocacy with you in her pocket as a martyr. And they are more cautious of the Russians than the Americans.

“And the Chinese will have their angel her on Friday. She is a Chinese citizen but she is Tibetan. The Chinese are as concerned about you creating static for them about Tibet as the Israelis are about you comparing them to Nazi’s and spreading your very closely held opinion that they had a covenant with God to become fierce global advocates for civil rights after the Holocaust. That they were to globalize racism and religious intolerance for the Jews to every race and religion on the planet. Instead they emulated the Nazis with their treatment of the Palestinians. They know they were wrong but once they started down that path they could not find a way to slow down much less reverse course.

“So their angel, who they do not fully trust, is coming tonight bearing Israeli citizenship for you and Mir and Debra to be presented at the meeting with Jeremy’s group tonight. Jeremy knows about this. But no one else. He just learned about it within the last hour. Probably as we have been having our conversation.

“So there it is. The Chinese and the Israelis are coming to the WorldPeace Advocacy bearing gifts.”

Again, silence in the room.

“I think we are all stunned,” I said.

“I need to think so I want to adjourn this meeting and all of us head out to get mine and Mir’s and Debra’s French citizenships. I can think in the limo I hope.

“So let’s go ladies. The world is waiting.”


Carl drove us to a complex of government buildings and pulled up in front of one that had no identification on it. We got out and entered the 10-foot glass doors and were met by a distinguished man about 40. Francois said hello to him and told us to follow. No one spoke. We went up in a private elevator to the 10th floor at the top of the building and exited into a large reception area with no windows.

Our guide led us past the receptionist to a corridor behind her and into the first door on the right. The room was large and had about four very well dressed women there behind desks with computer screens in front.

Our guide whose name was Jacque asked Francois, myself, Mir and Debra to follow him and asked everyone else to have a seat and we would be back in about 15 minutes. We entered a door with a keypad on it after Jacque slid his identification badge along its side. The door opened and we entered a small room with a receptionist and a camera area at the back. The woman got up and asked us to step to the camera area and asked me to have a seat in front of the camera.

She posed me and stepped behind the camera and took my picture. The she asked for Mir to have a seat and then Debra. The whole process took less than 10 minutes and Jacque led us back to the main entrance and we all had a seat.

Jacque asked us to excuse him for about 30 minutes and he would return with the documents. He then disappeared into another door behind the receptionist that I had not even noticed as a door.

“Francois, so you know of a nice place close where we could get a cup of coffee and something to light to eat?” I asked.

“I have just the place, John,” she said. “It has a nice atmosphere and view but it is not safe to have a significant conversation there.”

“Not a problem,” I said. “I would like to go there and just gather my thoughts.”

“It is the perfect place for that,” she said.

Everyone was in thought. No one spoke.

Jacque returned with three sets of documents and envelopes. He handed one to myself, Mir and Debra. Each had on top several documents on a nice leather bound clip board and a pen attached to the top. Then he walked us through about 6 documents that required signatures and dates from the three of us.

After we had signed everything, he took the clipboards and shook each of our hands and congratulated us on being citizens of France. He then turned to Francois and said it was good to see her again and we were free to go.

We followed Francois to the elevator and exited the building and entered the limo that was waiting in front with Carl. Francois was the last to enter the limo and handed Carl a note as to where to take us.

“Thank you, Francois,” I said.

“Always my pleasure, John,” she responded.

“Well ladies we all seem to be deep in thought. It has been an interesting day. I feel like this is the calm before for the storm, the beginning of an intense marathon starting with the event at Jeremy’s tonight and going until the end of the Gathering on Saturday. Then Sunday morning and afternoon to rest and a very large reception Sunday night,” I said.

“John,” said Celeste, “somehow everything got very real after Sam and Rachel left. The citizenships intensified that energy. It is really hard to assimilate all the things that have happened since we each connected with you. Our core group is still expanding and with each expansion our mission becomes more dynamic and real.”
“I am finding that I am forced to just put everything that has happened aside and prepare for the next event and find some time beginning next week to just think about the dynamic journey I am experiencing.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, but no one spoke. An unusual silence set in and continued at the café and on the trip home. Several of my angels hugged me and kissed me and I them, but nothing much was said.


When we entered the apartment everyone seemed to go their own way. Mir and Celeste followed me into the bedroom and over the next few hours all the rest followed. There was not much talking. Just a silent intense orgy by anyone’s perception except those of us who experienced it.


It was an hour before we were to leave for Jeremy’s and everyone was mysteriously dressed and ready to go and had gathered in the kitchen. All of us had been changed this day. We had all shed old skins and emerged new by some overriding power it seemed. Nothing had been planned or expected. It had just happened and none of us could deny the shift in energy.

“Ladies, I love you each and every one,” I said. “This has been a miraculous day in which we have become more tightly bound and more at peace and more aware and more awakened to the reality of the WorldPeace Advocacy and all that is going on is in one way or the other interlaced into that global agenda.”

“Tonight and before the end of the week, two more angels will join our group. I will bond with them and take care of them as I in the past hours reaffirmed with each and all of you and you with each other.

“The vision I had was that there will be one house, many stories, and in that home will be an angel from each nation. But obviously I will not be able to be intimate with 192 women. It would take all my time and use all my energy and miracles can happen but this is one that I just cannot even imagine. But the coming of these women from each country is a fact.

“Along those lines, there will be a second tier of men from each nation who will initially be subordinate in some basic ways to the women. Mainly, in the fact that for now, in this birthing of the first WorldPeace Advocacy, it will be the women who will speak and lead the expanding cadre of a handful of true believers assigned by their countries to the WorldPeace Advocacy. And in time, when the glass ceiling for women worldwide has been removed, it may be a man or a woman who takes the lead for each cadre.

“But for now, these two new angels I think will be given an equal status will all of you. This is a spiritual movement. It is dictated from above if you will and I was designated as the one to stand up first and bring it to reality. And I am thankful to God for blessing me with a soul mate in Mir to help me but more so for us to help each other because from almost the beginning I clearly realized that the leadership of the WorldPeace Advocacy demanded a male/female head. An Adam and Eve because a male only leadership would clearly smack of hypocrisy and significantly reduce credibility. It would allow all the religions to continue to discriminate against women because the WorldPeace Advocacy did not set the example of a yin/yang oneness at the top.

“I have no doubt that the path ahead will be clearly presented to us and this harem issue will resolve itself the way everything else has been resolved. I just saw a large meeting place with seating for a male and female representation of every country in the world meeting almost daily if not weekly. And as I said three others assigned to the delegation to create a core of 5 true believers for each country. These five roles would be clearly defined and maintained between countries. The top male and female may be first citizens, the next level male or female may be Cabinet heads, then an Ambassador and maybe a government liaison. And each of these designated positions would meet on their own to take care of their common business in this same room. This is a rough outline of the coming hierarchy.

“These secondary positions will not be orientated in male or female. What I mean is that the three secondary positions in some countries may be all male or female or some combination. It is only important that there is a male and female first citizens with equal power at the head of each country’s delegation.

“This WorldPeace Advocacy is going to allow a huge amount of back door diplomacy to move all kinds of issues forward outside the existing diplomatic channels.  These delegations will resolve issues between two or more countries and in time between all the nations of the world with limited protocols and other restricting methods of resolving problems. A shadow diplomacy focused on undeniable issues which must be defined and given to the involved nations as a pre-done deal that is just summarily voted into law.

“Yes, I can see clearly that my books, paintings, poems and such will be defining a common sense rightness of things and those ideas are going to be given reality as they are taken by the delegations and acted upon. I will present the vision and the delegations will do the real work to make these things a reality and in fact increase the peace in the world human society. And at some point there will be a critical mass attained and then you will see a transformation in the world. A transcendence to a new level of awareness very much the same as has happened to us in the last few hours.

“John,” said Francois, “I hate to sound like a broken record but you are a one of a kind astounding human being. The WorldPeace Advocacy was never a hobby for you. Something to do. Something hoped for. This has always been very real for you since you were 8. You never considered your life to be a frivolous halfhearted trying to increase the peace in the world human society and uplift all of society.
You were going to make this happen and you were doing this hand in hand with God. This was your promise to God before you were born and this is the promise that was in jeopardy because your nemesis’ sucked you into changing your birth channel. You have presented all this to us as just a vision but it was never just a vision, it was an absolute with you. You were going to make it happen and if necessary you were going to force the world human society to grow up.

“It was always a reality you were going to create. And in that sense you came here as an avatar or messiah with a direct commission from God to do it. But the mission was not purely religious like that of Jesus. It was more of a secular mission with a spiritual underpinning. 

“For you what is happening is a done deal. Not a vision or a dream or a hope but a done deal and your job is to just plug in the designated true believers to force it on the world because it is the right thing to do and at this time in world history something that must happen. This transcendence to a higher awareness is critical because the alternative is chaos and unlimited pain and suffering. You are here John to demand in a non-demanding way that the world human society transcend into the Third Millennium.

At this point Francois completely broke down and began to cry uncontrollably. I quickly moved to her side and got down on my knees in front of her and held her closely and in total love.

Then everyone gathered round reaching out to touch and come as close together as possible.

After about 10 minutes everyone adjusted their energy and moved back to their places clearly shaken to the soul level. Their eyes had been opened.

“I will be talking about this tonight and again at the post Gathering meeting Sunday night. The plan is to bring 1000 people into this energy,” I said. “And tonight 50 in a test run.”

“John,” said Mir, “I really thought in my arrogance that I was going to lead you in many ways to move faster and more significantly but now I am humbled and ashamed to some degree that I could be so arrogant. I cannot catch up to you without reaching your age. I am like all children with regards to their parents. Lacking respect for their life experiences. I pray John that you help me grow so that I can be actually worthy of standing next to you as the female counterpart of the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“You are doing fine Mir. As my light begins to dim at some time in the future you will take the lead and I will step back into a world of meditation as you drive the Peace Train,” I said. “Mir, if you were my age who would follow us. No, you are the heir apparent. And if you were my age and had grown up with me we would both be “old school”. The world never stops changing and you are to learn your own message which the next generation will need to hear. Everything is as it should be. And have no doubt someone will follow you. But that is of no real concern now. For now, it is you and me.”

That being said Mir broke down as had Francois and everyone else was overcome and again we all stood and came together in a tight circle being blessed by the incredible energy that could only be coming from God and Jesus.

We again broke up after about 10 minutes and everyone was completely drained as they moved back to their positions.

“John, I have never been religious, much less a true Christian but I see now that there will be no second coming of Jesus. Jesus never left as you keep saying. Jesus said he was with us always. John, you are not Jesus. That is firmly resolved in my mind now. You are John WorldPeace, the next apostle Paul, the next St Francis if you will. Like them and like Jesus you have a direct commission from God,” said Francois. “And we are all part of that mission. And that is what bothers me. How could I possibly be worthy of membership in this endeavor?”

At that moment, it thundered. And everyone stopped breathing for a moment.

“I think God just spoke,” said Celeste.

And with that everyone felt the vibration course through their bodies.


Francois called Jeremy and informed him we were running about 20 minutes late and we arrived about 15 minutes behind schedule.

Jeremy greeted us at the limo when we arrived. I have not seen him so visibly enthusiastic on any prior occasion.

“John,” said Jeremy, “the word about you is spreading all over France, Europe and the world. The number of calls I have that want to attend one of our humble gatherings has dramatically increased. The waiting list is over 5,000 people and by the time of the WorldPeace Gathering next Saturday we expect that to be closer to 50,000. We expect as many as 7,000 to fly in from all over the world to the Gathering. The corporate jets cannot remain in Paris. They will have to fly in and fly out to some other airport until their passengers are ready to go home. There are so many people who want to see you I can extend the 1,000 person event on Sunday for 7 more days. John we are talking about billions of dollars to finance where ever you are going with the WorldPeace Advocacy. Dr. John WorldPeace has gone viral among heads of state and the world’s most wealthy 1%.”

“Sorry John, I just could not wait to give this news to you in person.

“I am being rude,” he said. “I have not even allowed you to get out of your limo.”

I laughed and said, “I love you like a brother Jeremy,” and exited the limo.
Jeremy grabbed my arm and as we walked into the event he said, “This is going to be a stellar night on its own.”

As I entered the event, I received a huge applause. That was a first. And when Mir caught up to me it expanded to shouts and cheers. The energy was over the top. I was dumbfounded.

I began to shake hands. All the 50 plus people got in line to greet all of us. We were all speechless. I thought there must be something going on here that I have missed as have all my angels. Including Celeste unless she was keeping it from me. But we had been through an exhausting day and I am sure there was a lot not discussed.

After we greeted everyone, we went immediately to the dining room where everyone was seated and the buzz among the guest was significant. As we entered the room, everyone stood up and began another round of applause. I raised both hands full open, the sign of WorldPeace, and the applause doubled.

These were very conservative and reserved people but not on this night.

After things settled down and we were all settled, Jeremy stood up as per usual and began to speak.

“John, you have many friends around the world. You have become a budding global superstar. All your decades of persistence, working under the radar is now permeating the world human society. The people at the top of the social pyramid worldwide know you and the WorldPeace Advocacy. By next Saturday that will filter down to virtually every human being on planet earth.”

“John, I have another potential angel for you and she comes bearing gifts.”

I noticed a very attractive woman with coal black hair and olive skin sitting at the table right in front of me. She had a very large smile on her face and she was staring at me intently.

Mir leaned over and whispered to me, “John that is Dr. Rebecca Shalom Solomon. She is an Israeli and very high up among the Jewish liberals who are demanding an end to the Orthodox move to make Israel an isolated theocracy in the world. She is a radical peace advocate among the Jews. I have been wanting to meet her for a decade but my father said it was too volatile and unpredictable a meeting and he persuaded me to hold off which I did. Now we are going to meet. I think I know now why the huge reception. This room is filled with liberal Israeli’s and American Jews.”

“I would like to ask Rebecca Shalom Solomon to come up here,” Jeremy requested, and the room when wild.

I stood and clapped as this stunning woman made her way to Jeremy. As she stood between Jeremy and myself everyone got silent. Everyone was standing.

“John, I would like to introduce Dr. Rebecca Shalom Solomon, and Rebecca I would like to introduce you to Dr. John WorldPeace,” said Jeremy as the applause returned.

Rebecca came very close and gave me kisses on both cheeks and said, “So nice to finally meet you Dr. WorldPeace.”

“So nice to meet you,” I said as Mir and my other angels moved to greet and hug her.

The applause increased and continued. After about 10 minutes everything settled down.

Then Jeremy said, “Ladies and gentlemen I am in the way up here. I am going to take Rebecca’s place and she can have mine next to Dr. WorldPeace. And I will now turn this event over to Dr. WorldPeace.”

Jeremy turned to me and shook my hand and kissed me on both cheeks and moved to Rebecca’s seat.

Rebecca said, “Dr. WorldPeace, forgive me but I would like to say a few things before you begin if that is OK with you.”

“Absolutely,” I said with a smile, “you are the star of this show it seems.”

“No chance,” she smiled back.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I will cut to the chase. I come bearing gifts,” she said.

Jeremy approached and handed her a significant envelop that was white with gold trim and an Israeli flag embossed on it. It was quite elegant.

The room was absolutely quiet.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” she said, “on behalf of the Prime minister of Israel, I would like to present you with these documents that have bestowed on you and Dr. Mir WorldPeace and Dr. Debra LaFleur, Israeli citizenship.”

She opened the envelop and handed me a smaller envelop and then hugged me and handed envelops to Mir and Debra and hugged both of them and then returned to me.

I looked at Mir and Debra and said, “On behalf of all up us, we accept and offer the most sincere appreciation.”

The applause began again and lasted for 5 minutes when Rebecca sat down and I began to address those present.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am expecting the roof of his building to launch into space at any minute,” I said. “The energy in here is overwhelming. Beyond anything I have ever experienced.

“I think it goes without saying that I expect that Dr. Solomon with join our band of angels in the WorldPeace Advocacy and never leave us. The work is great in purpose and volume. The workers are few. And Dr. Solomon I am asking you now if you would join us.”

That took down her barriers and she could not hold back the tears. She stood up and took my hands and with the deepest sincerity said, “I thought you would never ask, this is my life’s dream come true.” And then she put her arms around me securely and kissed me on the neck and I lightly kissed her on the mouth which she openly accepted.

I looked deeply into her dark eyes and allowed her to sit down.

“This has been an uplifting experience,” I said. “I am greatly honored that Israel has been at the front of this movement to create in the long run a world citizenship and to immediately increase the peace in the world human society with this act of endorsing the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am not promoting peace while thinking I cannot increase the peace in the world human society. I am not hoping to get a lot of attention for Dr. John WorldPeace. I intend to be very active on many fronts. I intend to set things in motion that will make a difference and increase the peace in the world human society. For whatever reason, at the top of my bucket list is to immediately stop the extinguishing of endangered species on the planet. I am going to stop the killing of rhinos for instance for their horns. We can do this.

“One way is to cut off the horns of all these animals in the wild. Then there is no reason to kill them. In the places where we do not dehorn these animals, we can tag them and monitor them by satellite. We can catch those who hunt them. We have the technology. Between satellites and drones we can stop the extinctions.

“At the extreme we can on site execute the exact person who kills one of these animals.

“Human lives are very sacred but the lives of these endangered animals depreciate life on earth. Stopping the extinguishing of endangered species for money is more important than any human life participating in sterilizing our planet. Once these animals are gone, it is going to be very difficult to bring them back.

“Another more human issue is one of abortion. If it is the desire of a population to stop abortion, then there must be a welfare plan in place to support these unwanted children. So an anti-abortion bill cannot be presented to the public without an attached welfare bill. I will begin a campaign to defeat any abortion bill that is intended to be presented without an attached welfare provision.

“Birth control is something I believe in. Free birth control is what I advocate. I believe in a secular political society. Birth control is a secular issue. I intend to make birth control free throughout the world. So many of our problems will be solved by slowing the population growth in general and reducing the pain and suffering to children who are not wanted.

“I will campaign to allow corporations to build factories in prisons. I will require prisoners who are capable, to work or just deny them commissary privileges. Or access to commissary items through other inmates. This is a win win program. Prisons will not be a free ride for anyone. You will be segregated from society and you will have to work and learn to be a responsible citizen. And for those inmates who have children, 90% of their wages will be sent home to support their families. When a person commits a crime against society, that person is going to have real consequences and those consequences are going to benefits those they have victimized.

“I will support divestiture of stock that creates pain and suffering like child labor and fascist enslavement of groups of human beings. I will support divestiture of corporations who market fossil fuels. The planet is warming up to our detriment and that is undeniable. These corporations who spend their money to elect politicians to support an unsustainable ecological degrading of the planet will be stopped. The world human society can and must make this happen.

“I am going to challenge every major religion that denies women a place at the top of its bureaucracy. I will begin to hammer this home that women should boycott any religious bureaucracy that discriminates against them. I am a spiritual person but I am not a religious one. I believe in God but not religion.

“There are thousands of injustices in the world human society and many of them cut across national boundaries and affects race, religion and nationalities. The primary one is the subordination of women worldwide. And the worse crime in this area is honor killing women for embarrassing their family in some way. This is an insane mindset. It is contrary to increasing the peace in the world human society.

“Generally speaking anything that decreases the peace in the world human society or is an impediment to increasing the peace in the world human society I will confront.

“So I am not and never intended to be a pacifist or intended to be a feel good do nothing impotent peace advocate. The WorldPeace Advocacy is very serious business to me. Without activism, much of which will make people uncomfortable, any peace movement is a farce.

“Lastly, consider moment to moment my signature statement, “How can we manifest peace on earth if we don’t include everyone (all races, all religions, all nationalities both genders) in our vision of peace?” A white peace will not manifest WorldPeace. An American peace will not manifest WorldPeace. A Christian peace will not manifest WorldPeace. A male peace will not manifest WorldPeace.

“In a nutshell we must see others as human beings first. We have to give up our wrongheaded elitist exclusive mindset based on race, religion, nationality and gender. A whole race is not to be demonized because one person of that race is a criminal. A whole section of the world human society is not to be demonized because they belong to a certain religion or nation. And women are not to be subordinated in any way in the world human society.

“WorldPeace is an all-inclusive democratic mindset. Every race, religion, nation, gender has its examples of the best and worst human beings. There are no exceptions. We need to get our minds in sync with this reality and refuse to endorse generic demonization by race, religion, nationality or gender.

“Jesus said, “Do not think I come to bring peace. I came to turn brother against brother, parent against child and child against parent.” This is not exactly what Jesus said. He did come to bring peace but to bring peace he was going to have to preach a message that would bring conflict. He did not come to create chaos in the family but the wrongheaded thinking that existed had to be rooted out and that was going to create conflict within families. Jesus was just saying that the reality of moving to a higher level of consciousness and a higher level of peace requires that impediments to peace be removed. And change is for the most part feared and fought by the majority of human beings. No matter how wrong things are, the attitude of the majority is that it is best to leave things as they are because there is no telling who is going to be inconvenienced by any change. The global ripple affect can never be predicted.

“So I am not a pacifist. I am committed to increasing the peace and bringing about a more sane and just world human society. I am enough of a realist to know that trying to change anything divides people and initially creates chaos. Sadly, in the world human society the path to a higher level of peace will initiate a level of chaos but hopefully not a negative revolution.

“So know that what increases the peace I support even if the path to it is a bit chaotic and what decreases the peace I will challenge. In a nutshell, I am initiating a program of hard work. How hard is it going to be to stop human beings from discriminating simply on the basis of race, religion, nationality or gender? That will give you a feel for what is coming as you get on the Peace train.

“Thank you for your consideration and God bless.”

The applause was significant but my comments had definitely taken the intensity down a few notches. But overall, I feel that the ground for sowing a greater level of peace in the world human society had been prepared.


After the guest left, Jeremy came to me and said, “John, I am absolutely amazed how at every meeting you throw out something else that I have never considered. It just astounds me.”

“Jeremy,” I said, “you have been a money manager your entire career and even before that working with your parents. You constantly massage what you know and experiment will all aspects of your career. Right?”

“Yes, John,” he said.

“Jeremy,” I said, “I have been experimenting with and researching peace and WorldPeace for over five decades. I never stop looking at things with a WorldPeace template. Never. I learn something every day. I reread what I have written and I find new insights every time. That is how I have such a wide range of things to say about different aspects of peace and more specifically how to evaluate whether something has the potential to increase or decrease the peace. I have focused on race, religion, nationality and gender bias. But there are other aspects of peace. One giant overriding one is money and the distribution of and regulation of wealth.

“But that issue only affects the top 5% of the world human society.  The other issues affect 100%. I am leaving the other issues to someone else. I have my plate full with my 4 core issues.

“I see,” said Jeremy. “My God you can take the most complex things and boil them down to such a simple principle.”

“People have to have sound bites Jeremy. They need parables and stories and personal experiences with no big words. Otherwise, you are talking to a brick wall,” I said.

“My God, John, you are so right,” he said.

“Jeremy, we hate to rush off, but this has been a very intense day,” I said. “And we have a new angel to indoctrinate. And I want to say thank you so much for bringing Israel into the fold so early in this endeavor. The Israelis are very frustrating to me and I have a lot of unresolved issues with them.  That will change now. I have a teacher thanks to you.”

“You are welcome, John,” he said, “I am doing all I can to support you.”

“Yes, you are,” I said, “and I know it and acknowledge it to God every day.”

I gave him a long hug and significant kisses on both cheeks and he returned the same.

“Goodnight, Jeremy, see you tomorrow” I said.

“Goodnight, John,” he replied.


In the limo, I found Rebecca sitting next to me. There had been no time for her until now. She took my hand in hers and got on my lap facing me and gave me one of the most passionate kisses of my life. My angels missed nothing.

“I like sex every day, Dr. WorldPeace,” she said. “I understand you are the man to take care of that itch,” she said.

“Ooooohhhh,” the other angels created a chorus.

“Well I am not the only source,” I said.

“That is what I have heard,” she said.

“My first choice is what you have to offer,” she said looking intensely into my eyes for my soul response.”

“Your wish is my command,” I said.

She immediately began to rock my world to a second chorus of “Oooooohhh”.


At 0800 Carl drove all of us to the building designated by the Director through Janice for the meeting. It was a fifteen story office building close to the center of Paris. We drove into the underground parking and were stopped by armed guards.  Carl gave the guard an envelope that Janice had given him. We waited about five minutes and then the barriers opened and Carl followed two guards in a golf cart to a parking spot.

          We all exited the limo and were told by the guards to take the elevator directly in front of us to the tenth floor. The guards were armed with machine pistols and had on bullet proof vests. The elevator was very large and appeared to be a freight elevator even though the interior was very nice.

          There were cameras in the elevator. Janice pushed the button for the tenth floor. The doors closed and the elevator began to rise. No one said anything.

          When the doors opened, we were met by two more guards who escorted us down a hallway of undistinguished doors. The guards opened the fifth door on the right and we entered a reception area.  There was one secretary behind a marble counter and chairs for about twenty people. There were no windows and only one door other than the one we came in.

          As the outside door closed behind us, the door to interior opened and an attractive woman in a business suit said, “Please follow me.”

          We were in another hall with one door at the end. No windows.

          When the woman reached the door she put the palm of her hand on a pad which scanned it. The door opened and we were in a conference room. There were no windows in the room. It was very plain with a large oval mahogany conference table in the middle, which would seat about thirty people. There were several very large monitors on the walls and a long bar on one wall with a bartender and waitress behind.  There were food and drinks on the bar. We were told to help ourselves and the Director would be with us in about ten minutes.

          Cathy immediately went to the coffee section and began to make me a cup. Everyone else except Marshall got themselves something.

          Our places were designated by cards with our names on it placed on the conference table. There was a pad of paper and pens at each place.

          No one spoke but simply looked at each other for any nonverbal impressions.

          After about ten minutes, the Director entered with about fifteen people. He walked over to me and shook my hand and then shook Marshall’s and then everyone else said hello to each of us.

          About half the people with him went to the bar to get something to eat or drink and by the time the Director finished greeting us they were all seated in their designated places.

          The Director went to his place and stood behind his chair and said, “John I have no words to even begin to tell you the number of positive things that you have set in motion. There are really unbelievably good things that have happened and there are a few really dark clouds on the horizon. People are spreading the word about you all over Europe. And with this peace rally coming up, there is a nervous anxious tension edge on everything related to you.

          “You have done incredible things and I am your number one fan in the government. But there is a whole new dynamic in play now. It began as soon as you committed to the peace rally.  There is all kinds of speculation about who is John WorldPeace. I hate to say it but most of the negativity comes from the people who are still looking for the antichrist and the messiah and the whole second coming event.

          “It has been ten years since the beginning of the Third Millennium when all the anticipation about the return of Jesus was at its peak. Now, most of that language has been subordinated to this concern about the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new age in December 2012.

          “When people found out that someone name John WorldPeace was going to hold a peace rally in Paris, the second coming buzz went into overdrive. It has not yet broken out into the mainstream media and really has not even been talked about on the internet, but it is about to be.”

          “The holdup seems to be a lack of consensus behind the scenes. John, you are talking about peace, you have an affinity for dragons as a symbol, you are about to hold a huge peace rally in Europe, Paris specifically, and you fit the antichrist profile in a lot of ways.  But you are not running for political office, you are not starting a religion, you don’t hold yourself out as a holy man, and you have no organization. So there are indications that you are the antichrist but there are stronger indications that you are not. Not to mention the unhidden harem aspect of your personal world. No one is going to accept a Jesus with a harem. No offense ladies.

They all giggled like a bunch of school girls.

“No offense taken Mr. Director,” Francois said. “As I am sure you know we took on another angel last night in Rebecca and expect another before Friday.”

The Director just looked at Rebecca who was smiling like a Cheshire cat, shook his head and continued.

“No one knows what to think and that is why no one has stuck their neck out in the mainstream media or on the Internet. They are all looking for a sign or answers or something to let them say in their minds that yes this is the apocalypse scenario playing out or no it isn’t. But regardless, this John WorldPeace fellow is about to do something. No one knows what exactly, because there is not a close enough fit between all these things with regards to what has been expected and predicted for the last fifty years about the things talked about in the book of Revelation.

          “The biggest problem is that you are John WorldPeace, you are holding a big rally and you are associated with an image of a dragon. You even have the tattoo. And to a lesser degree there are all those lies about you on the Internet. Even the most paranoid point out that you are brilliant and that until you make some move or take some action, no one can figure out how you are going to bring about all those things in Revelation, like giving everyone a number like 666.

          “John, you have no organization and no core membership that could be a catalyst. It is just you and your angels that no one appreciates at this time. And people can’t believe that one man can bring about the worst case scenario of Revelation without a lot of help.

          “They know you have an inner circle but it is mostly women and there are less than a dozen of them and they are really not known.

          “People feel like something is going to happen but they just don’t see how or what.

          “Unfortunately, the sign that these people are looking for is for you to get shot in the head and not die but have a miraculous recovery. That will be the undeniable proof that you are the antichrist.

          “And what that means is that your life is in significant danger and most serious danger at this coming rally. John, if someone wants to try to shoot you, and is determined enough, they may pull it off. Those Muslim assassins are proof of that. They were not even on our radar.”

          “Well, Tom,” I said, “let me assure you that I am not going to get shot in the head. I am not going to be killed or even seriously hurt and neither is Mir. But that does not mean that someone will not take a shot. Just know the head shot is not in my personal script this lifetime.”

          “I agree with John,” said Celeste. “There are definitely people thinking about this scenario but John will not be shot in the head.”

          “Our psychics and our very grounded personnel don’t believe it either,” said the Director. “But they all feel this thought is circulating among a significant number of people worldwide.”

          “You know,” I said, “half of the world, the half that lives in the East in Asia, are not Christians and do not care about the Christian apocalyptic predictions. China is allegedly atheist; officially anyway. And the Muslims don’t have this obsession about imminent doom. So we are only talking about two billion out of about seven billion humans who would be a potential threat to me because they are Christian fundamentalists who perceive me to possibly be the antichrist.

          “And the truth is that the number of insane people who feel that by killing me they have saved the world is probably less than a dozen.

          “That being said, one determined crazy person is all it takes to end my life in one way or another.

          “So I, meaning we, have to consider this possibility and I have to take precautions. But what I will not do is to sit in a cement bunker afraid to go out.

          “Yes, we need to be alert. But I believe that each of us has a destiny,” I said. “And that destiny has an end date. I believe that I will not die until my work is finished. When I have accomplished my earthly tasks, there will be no reason for me to keep living and I will jettison this human body and be gone from the tangible playing field. Until I complete my destiny, nothing is going to happen to me. So that is how I deal with this issue.

          “My death would, like each human death, create a minor ripple effect in the world human population. Others would hopefully take hold of the work that I have begun and expand it into the future. And like a pebble dropped into the ocean within minutes, the ocean will close up the hole I made breaking the surface.

          “The question really comes down to how big a hole my death could make. How big a ripple effect will my life make? The thing to be avoided is the chaos caused by the ripple effect of my death. Right now it would be nothing. After the peace rally it may be a lot.

          “Right now the USA wants me alive because I am harvesting a lot of important people into the American global vision. People who, on one level or another, sell out their countries or friends, family, neighbors for gain of some kind; a perceived gain.

          “The bottom line is that we have to take precautions to prevent my assassination but we don’t have to become obsessive about it.”

          “John,” said the Director, “we are talking about your life and from what I can tell, it is not a concern to you. Yes, you want to live, but if you die it is the way things are supposed to be.”

          “Yes,” I said. “You have to acknowledge that no one lives forever. And in my cosmology I am an immortal spirit who comes and goes over time in and out of this reality. I knew before entering, incarnating, how long my stay would be and generally that would be about eighty years.

          “In the infinite, never ending, spiritual reality, eighty years is nothing. But within a lifetime on earth, the difference between dying at age ten and twenty is significant. I live on infinite time as an infinite being and since I am more connected and focused on that reality than this one, I don’t place quite the emphasis on life that others do. I am not suicidal but I am not trying to live forever either; not live forever in this body, that is. My spirit, as are all spirits incarnated in a human body, is immortal.”

          “I assume, Tom, that you have no solid leads on specific people or groups who may want to assassinate me. It seems you are asking me if I see any because you feel, like many people, that something significant is going to happen to me,” I said.

          “Yes, John, that is it,” the Director said. “I feel something is going to happen; mostly positive. But I am concerned about the negative possibilities. And of course I am concerned about your wellbeing. My job is to be concerned about negative effects on the United States.”

          “So what else do we need to talk about?” I asked.

          “John we are very happy with your work. We wish this peace rally was two months from now and not in a week. That way we could see how you are being received over a longer period of time and have more time to prepare.  But that is not possible,” the Director said. “So I guess we will proceed day to day and see what happens. If we need to get together before the rally, we will. I know we will be communicating, our people and yours.

          “Janice and Alicia are doing a good job. We know it is hard for them to deal with being close to you and yet working for us. But so far everything has worked out in this area. We are happy with them.”

          “I agree that they are walking a thin line successfully. I am very comfortable and pleased with both of them.” I said.

          “Janice and Alicia both stated they were comfortable with the way things were working and they wanted to stay with me,” I said.

          “OK, John we all have a lot to do so let us get at it,” the Director said.

At that moment, the woman who opened the room to us came in and handed the Director a note. Everyone looked for a reaction. It seemed obvious to everyone that it had something to do with us.

The Director read the note and said,” John it seems all of you are requested to as soon as possible to meet with the Chinese ambassador to France.”

The angels all laughed. The Director looked surprised that he was not in on the Joke.

“Relax, Tom,” I said. “I told you were expecting a new angel.”

“What can you tell me John?” the Director asked.

“Backing up a bit,” I said, “the Israeli’s like to keep their hand in as much as they can and they are worried about me talking about divestiture by big investors in Israeli companies doing business on the West Bank. And they are concerned about me mentioning that they are a fascist state moving to a theocracy and their fascist treatment of the Palestinians after the Holocaust. Therefore, last night, Rebecca Shalom Solomon, joined the angels.”

“Damn, John,” said the Director, “I had no idea there was that much behind them presenting Ms. Solomon to you. Where did you get this information?”

“More than a few of us are very psychic; me, Celeste, Mir and Debra if you had not noticed,” I said. “And to a lesser degree all my angels.”

“Not to mention as an aside several of us saw Janice getting shot at the rally protecting me.”

“What the hell?” The Director almost shouted.

“John we have cameras on you all the time and I get reports and the details of the Israeli citizenship and Janice potentially getting shot is in none of those reports,” he said.

“You work in a conservative world and psychic input is significant to us but not to conservative people in general,” I said. “So maybe when they hear the word psychic, they just downgrade that to fantasy and edit it out of your reports. You have no way to pick up on all what is talked about between us telepathically. We together are a very powerful and in tune with each other brain trust if you will. And you might consider that we are all acutely aware that our lives are in danger.”

“I see now, John, what you are talking about,” he said. “My people are sterilizing things because they are bureaucrats with little psychic appreciation and by their nature they just don’t see it necessary to elaborate on already very long reports to me.”

“Jumping now to the Chinese,” I said, “in a nutshell they are as concerned about what I may say about the Tibetans as the Isrealis are about what I may say about the Palestinians and divestiture.”

“Oh my God, John,” the Director said as he took a seat. “Oh my God.”

“I am sorry, but my old conservative self is just not up to speed on what is going on in your group. One, you are all totally committed to the WorldPeace Advocacy. It is in no way a joke to you to any degree. Second, you all are tapping into the psychic world as a matter of course, as something a handful of you have done all your life. You put a lot of faith in your inner voice. And I read the reports on that nut case who shot you in the shoulder and I just marginalized how he was caught. I just never realized that four of you anyway are probably more psychic than our best psychics and one other thing, again, your lives are on the line. So whatever awareness you have, it is greater because it is more narrowly focused and truly life and death serious. Three, in the case of Israel and China, they are two very powerful very paranoid countries and they are using their psychics to try to know which way to jump. They are afraid of you but they are greedy like the rest of the world and they feel if they are on board, they can use you to their benefit.

“I have been blindsided twice now in two days regarding Israel and China. I have been trivializing this world citizenship thing as New Age feel good stuff and China, Israel, France and Russia have jumped on it with all seriousness and priority. And the United States of America is playing left out.

“And four, John, you are not passive as you have said over and over. You are not passive and the most obvious is the most hidden. Not being passive means you are going to go head to head with hard core entrenched global issues. My God, John, you are not a feel good holy man like the Dali Lama; an concept that is hard from me to delete from my brain pan. You are going to drive these political justice issues and these religious mandates to love one another to the wall.”
“Well, I did not come to bring peace on its face,” I said. “I came to bring positive change for the long run peace but in the short run peace will bring change and change will bring resistance and chaos but hopefully not war. I won’t push anything that will lead to war, or my assassination or harm to my angels,” I said. “But all other issues are fair game and those issues make up a long waterfront.”

“Holy hell,” John. “I have to restructure our entire orientation to you. My God I feel like I am looking down a long dusty Texas road at you and your Advocacy about to go over the hill and I am standing in the dusty road watching you pull away. Jesus.”

“Let me apologize, sincerely apologize to you John,” I just realized that I have let you down. I have put your life in danger because I just could not see the writing on the wall. I will get back in the game, all the way,” he said as he got up to shake my hand firmly and look me straight in the eye to show me his sincerely.

“Please forgive me ladies for putting your lives in danger through my bias and inattentiveness not to mention ignorance,” he said as he walked out the door followed by his people.

“Francois,” I asked, “Are US citizenships in process for Mir and Rebecca?”

“And the angel we are about to pick up,” she replied. “Should be done by tomorrow.”

“Thanks,” I said as we moved out the door.

Rebecca grabbed my arm and looked at me with those beautiful dark eyes like I was her first date. Made me smile. Made me happy.


As we entered the elevator, I asked Francois, “When are we to going to the Chinese embassy?”

“Right now, John,” she responded.

“How long before we will get there?” I asked.

“About 30 minutes in this traffic,” she said.

“Ok,” I said, “I am a bit spaced out for some reason and if I was at the apartment I would take a power nap. I feel I am going to get a lecture in diplomatic language from my guides. Not a problem. Having live-in liaisons in these countries keeps the communications pretty clear. Like I told the Director, I don’t want to start a war. I just want to maximize the amount of positive movement that I can make in each country. It would take a 100 lifetimes to accomplish all the things I would like to accomplish.

“At a speed light pace we have crossed this citizenship barrier. But that is just the surface fluff of credentials. We are playing at the top of the pyramid. Presidential diplomacy under the radar and in the shadows. It is critical that I don’t make any glaring missteps. What can be accomplished in this role is breath taking. I think that is what is trying to come through to me right now. Just a short course from my guides about the magnitude of what is coming starting now.

“Yes,” said Celeste. “Close your eyes and relax. Rebecca has a firm hold on you.”

I closed my eyes and was into a deep power nap within a minute.

It seemed like seconds later and we had arrived at the embassy.

I looked at Cathy and said,” honey I am in desperate need of a strong cup of coffee.”

“I am on it, John,” she replied.

“I think this is the first time I have seen you this worn out.”

“It is the energy my love,” I said. “I seem to be cramming to the max some preview of everything between now and the closing of the WorldPeace Gathering next Saturday.”

“The coffee will wake me up just fine,” I said. “A triple Espresso will do the trick I am sure.”

“And don’t worry, my angels, as long as you take the top position, I can still function with 10% consciousness, as you all well know.”

Everyone laughed. Rebecca looked stunned. She seemed to be wondering if this was an inside joke or if I was in fact Superman. It would not be long and she would have her answer. She was definitely a wild bull rider of the first magnitude and she was definitely not kidding about a daily requirement of hot aggressive intense love making. I was smiling but my face was too tired to show it. Rebecca and I were definitely cut from the same cloth in this primal biology.


Carl pulled up to the building where the Chinese embassy was located. It was in the Asian area of the city. He opened the door and we began to exit. A security officer opened the door for us. The place was very secure.

We were led to the elevator and taken to the 5th floor. When the door open I was stunned by the beauty of the décor. It was the best of everything I had ever seen in museums and pictures of China; the floor, walls, ceiling, art, sculpture.

The two receptionists were the most beautiful Asians I had ever seen.

A moment later a man, about 75 came out dressed in a very expensive European cut suit. Dr. WorldPeace, I am Chou Ming, the Chinese Ambassador to France,” he said.

“I recognize you from your photographs,” I said. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

He then went to everyone with me, starting with Marshall, and introduced himself, looked into their eyes and shook their hands firmly. My intuition indicated that he was a psychic using all his abilities. My intuition said he was certain that by greeting each person he could assure himself that we were not a dog and pony show and that we were the real deal and also the degree to which we were connected to each other.

When he was finished, he said, “Please come into my office,” and he motioned us to follow him.

We entered a hall that was well lit and had built in glass cases on both sides and inside were more exquisite paintings and sculptures that must be priceless. This art was really overwhelming.

The door to his office opened. The office was about 40 x 60 feet. The ceiling was 12 feet high and if I could not see Paris outside his ceiling to floor window, I would have thought I was in China.

There were about 5 people there, 2 men and three women but one of the women was not Chinese. She was Tibetan and she had on a dress that had a Tibetan flavor but was not a traditional dress. It seemed to be a designer dress that someone would wear to a very formal affair.

The Ambassador introduced his assistants and then repeated the name of everyone in our party, which was interesting. He then introduced Dr Choden Norbu Pema the Tibetan female.

There were enough chairs in the center of the room for everyone and we all sat down. One of the men and one of the women came to each of us and asked what we would like to drink. They left the room I assumed to fill our orders.

The Ambassador was sitting across from me and Dr Pema was sitting to his left. Francois was sitting to my right and Cathy to my left. It was one of the few times that she was not standing behind me; which would have been inappropriate in this setting. It was obvious that this was a very formal meeting. There was nothing casual about it. We were treated like very high level guests.

“Dr. WorldPeace, as I am sure you and Celeste noticed, I was using all my psychic skills to connect with each of you. This is such an important meeting that I needed to use all my abilities to make sure I do not make any missteps. I received you as honored and respected guests and I verified that all of you are very professional, very intelligent, very sincere and true believers in your WorldPeace Advocacy,” he said.

“Dr. WorldPeace it is very seldom that I meet a group of people with so many PhD’s outside academia. Each of you could be an Ambassador and much more. With all due respect to all the people I work with in this office, they are not each one as gifted as are each one of your associates. I can feel an amazing sense of psychic energy coming from the connection between all of you.

“You are very kind, Ambassador,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, my government considers this meeting a very important connection. We are like the Americans in that we are dealing with something unique and something with the potential to be a very significant if not critical for China. Please give that serious consideration. You are being received as royalty.

“Thank you, Mr. Ambassador,” I said. “You are most kind. I am very much aware that China will soon rival the United States in world influence. And I would say that under the right circumstances, China as representative of the Eastern philosophy in the world, would be a good balance with the Western world and the level of peace in the world would increase significantly with that balance.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” he said, “you have shocked everyone around the world in the way that you have been quietly working out your philosophy and cosmology and exactly how you were going to present yourself when the time came. And that time is now.

“You have worked under the radar, alone. You have slowly deliberately and continuously massaged, considered and meditated on who you wanted to present to the world. You have sought out no help outside books and articles and the news. You have preferred to keep you secret life secret as you worked through endless issues to arrive at a coherent and workable WorldPeace Advocacy. And you have allowed your spiritual guides to help you. You have listened to their instructions in dreams and visions and in the art and in your writings that you channeled.”

“No one, Mr. Ambassador,” I said “has ever said these things to me. I think no one really understands the way you seem to understand who I think I am, the image I want to present to the world and how to best proceed with my agenda. I greatly respect your opinion. And you are right on the mark with almost everything you have said about me.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” he said slowly, “We believe you are the point man for a new world human society with regards to race, religion, politics and gender and a more just and sane world. And China wants to be closely involved with your WorldPeace Advocacy so we can prepare China for this transition to a higher consciousness and a more peaceful world.

“Yes, I have read all you have written but what you have written is what I myself have for many decades tried to put together. When I read what you have written, I felt totally in sync with it. I will tell you that I also am a very spiritual man and when your works came into my view, I began immediately to present you to the leaders of China.

“How long ago was that?” I asked.

“While you were in jail,” he answered.

“I followed yoru entrance into jail and we made arrangements to daily acquire copies of everything you wrote in jail. It was not an easy task. But we made it happen.

“Wow,” I said.

“We knew your sleep patterns and our agents put some herbs in your dinner each night to make you sleep more soundly. At the appropriate time we entered your cell and took photos of what you had written. A chip was placed in your arm to follow you after you exited jail and it is still there,” he said.

“The information it can gathers is very limited. It is software and hardware mostly to keep track of where you were.

At that time the two assistants brought in the drinks and trays of various delicacies both Western and Chinese.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” he said, “let us take a break if you please.”

“Fine,” I said with a sincere smile.

I wanted to communicate with him that I was not upset with these revelations. I could tell Celeste was filled with all kinds of information. She was reading the Ambassador like a book and storing it all for a conversation after we left. She was stunned at the level they were connected to me. The intensity and focus of their research was far above the American research on John WorldPeace.

I got up and Cathy was right there with a very strong cup of coffee. I really wanted to take a nap. I had felt this energy building for the last several hours. I hoped the coffee was going to support me during this meeting. This was a very high level meeting. Higher even that those with the Director or with Mir’s father. I began to see just where I was being placed with all these governments to date. It overwhelmed me. This meeting in particular gave me the first indication that I may not be able to keep up because I may not be up to speed. But I had Celeste and Mir on the psychic level and Debra on the hacker level. I smiled to myself.

I reached out to Celeste telepathically and she came to me.

“I have you, John,” she said with her mind.

“I am pouring energy into you and so is Mir. You are weak with the energy. You have had a significant dose from more than one source. We are both tapped into you.”

I looked Celeste in the eyes and said to her silently, “It just came to me, Dr Pema is a Tibetan nun. Or was. The Chinese think they have her under control but she has another program she is following. It is all hers. She is more significantly connected to the Dali Lama that the Chinese realize.”

Celeste responded to me that she understood with her eyes.

“I am feeling better all of a sudden,” I said to Mir and Celeste. “I think the coffee woke me up. My energy is coming back.”

Cathy brought me a small plate of Chinese sweets that she assured me I would like and would recharge me. The delicacies seemed to be laced with Chinese herbs. As soon as I put the first one in my mouth, I was awake.

I sat back down, and the Ambassador took that as his cue to go forward. The two people that brought in the drinks and pastries took on the role of waiters and began to walk around us and offering more coffee and sweets silently as the conversation went forward.

“Do you think anyone, other entity or government was doing this level of monitoring while I was in jail,” I asked the Ambassador.

“Not at all,” he said. “I can assure you of that.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, we know what it is like to be a backward nation. We can never return to that reality. It is a huge embarrassment to us that we were so underdeveloped just 50 years ago.

“I think, Dr. WorldPeace, it is important for you to understand that in China we see religion as nothing more than a political power base that would challenge the Communist Party and that is why it is banned. But on a spiritual level I think you will find that the Chinese are very advanced. Not to the degree of the Tibetans but close. You have had some experiences with Chinese herbalist and holistic Chinese medicine. You know that it is a spiritual based healing practice.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Mr. Ambassador,” I said, “Dr. Pema is a Tibetan nun isn’t she. Or was?”

The Ambassador looked stunned for a second before he composed himself.

“Was, yes,” he said.

“Mr. Ambassador, let us speak opening and plain,” I said.

“As you wish,” he said.

“You know about my angels and how we live in private,” I said.

“Yes,” he replied.

“And Dr. Pema is going with us when we leave?” I asked.

“Dr. Pema and the citizenship documents,” he smiled.

I smiled back.

“Believe me Dr. WorldPeace, she is a perfect fit for everything you are doing in public and private. She is a perfect fit for all that we are doing,” he said. “We are all on the same Peace train, Dr. WorldPeace.”

“What do you have to say, Dr. Pema,” I asked.

“I want to come with you,” she said. “I want to work with you. I am committed to peace. I thought I was going to be in jail for the rest of my life for my peace advocacy. And then you showed yourself to the world and things changed very fast.”

I felt she was communicating with Celeste while she was talking to me.

“Mr. Ambassador, I was communicating with my angels about how this meeting has been a reality check for me. How my work is not viewed as frivolous by any other nation but my own. I thought I was going to be a lower level pseudo diplomat between heads of state but I see my work is going to be on the highest level. I see that there are many issues that never get reported in the news but are significant to various nations.  I am definitely needed and wanted to provide a very unique back channel among the nations of the world,” I said.

He looked at me in silence for about a minute and then said, “Yes.”

I got up out of my chair and walked over to Dr. Pema and bent over and kissed her significantly on the mouth and she more than responded with her lips and her energy keeping the rest of her body perfectly still. The room was quiet. Everyone was in unfamiliar territory.

“I will work with you Mr. Ambassador,” I said. “I do not participate in assassination scenarios. I do have a bright line in some areas that I will not cross but that still leaves a whole lot of workable space. I like you personally and what is more, I trust you. When we leave, I will begin to get to know Dr. Pema and her perspective.”

“Believe me, Dr. WorldPeace,” he said, “she will be a huge asset to each of us. She will protect you even as she keeps us informed as do Mir and Rebecca keep their governments informed.”

“We have a deal,” I said. “And it is a deal that I willingly embrace and am grateful for.”

“As do I, Dr. WorldPeace,” he said.

“I am sorry to have cut you off, Mr. Ambassador,” I said. “So let us please continue in whatever areas we have not covered.”

“Tibet is the elephant in the room,” he said.

“Yes sir,” I said. “So let me help you with my view on Tibet.”

“Please do,” he said.

“For me, Tibet is a dual problem,” I said.

“Tibet is like Israel. There is Israel the secular state and Israel the Jewish state. In Israel they want to move the secular state to a theocracy like Iran.

“In Tibet, the Chinese want to make secular Tibet a Chinese state under the auspices of bringing them into the 21st century. And I don’t have a problem with that as long as there are no executions and indefinite jail terms. Take your time and bring Tibet forward in time.

“However, the religious and spiritual knowledge that is Tibet’s cannot be destroyed. The killing of monks, burning of Monasteries and burning of ancient sacred text is not acceptable to me. The monasteries are just buildings but monks are human beings and destroying knowledge, especially Tibetan sacred writings, is very similar to me to the extinction of wildlife. They cannot be replaced. The wildlife maybe cloned later but the sacred writings once they go up in smoke they are lost forever. Who knows what knowledge the Spanish destroyed when they melted the golden tablets of the Central American natives.

“So there it is. I have parsed the problem in a way that I can live with it. But in my opinion the day will come with China will regret many of the policies it imposed on Tibet. Destroying anything that is irreplaceable is always going to be regreted at some time in the future. It will be like the Germans trying to wash away Hitler. A thousand years is not going to be enough.

“I am not going to get involved in Chinese policy with regards to Chinese liberals. In time, they will take over. You cannot teach people to think in your modernization program and then deny them the ability to think. I would not be happy to hear of mass executions for the purpose of a political purging.

“That being said, John WorldPeace is an old man with a whole lot on his plate. It may be decades before I can give China at lot attention. I have to deal with the most egregious problems in the world regarding increasing the peace first. I have to deal with the global issues that cut across national boundaries first. I have to deal with the things that will manifest the greatest increase in the level of peace in the world human society first.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, you have greatly simplified a the very complex problem of Tibet,” he said. “But you definitely have a firm grasp of the core problem with regards to Tibet and that is obviously our most volatile issue and the reason we are giving you a Tibetan angel fresh out of jail. A woman who I respect and even admire but who was born just a bit too soon for what she is trying to make happen. Were it not for your stepping onto the world stage she may have died in jail sooner or later. And China hates to lose its best and brightest no matter how misguided the state feels they are in the current political environment.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, we have our hands in a lot of pies in the world and we, without a doubt, can help you in areas that need your attention and areas where China’s objectives and your objectives are pretty close. But we cannot openly advocate  peace at the expense of political power. The world is too unstable for that.

“We can help you and we will help you. The world is too violent and getting more so each day it seems and more chaotic. Armies don’t solve much in this terrorist environment. In truth, all wars terminate some problem but initiate others. You can never fully predict what ripple effects a war may bring.

“I will also tell you that we do not want to be the nation that hunts tigers and rhinos to extinction for questionable medicinal beliefs. We are working on that issue even though not in the public eye.

“Is there anything else, Dr. WorldPeace?” he asked.

“Truthfully, Mr. Ambassador, my hope was that I could convince you that I am a practical man and can be worked with. That we can help each other. And I hope I have made that clear,” I said.

“That you have, Dr. WorldPeace,” he replied. “We have an understanding and you  now have an angel liaison for China.”

“The fact that you are giving me a Tibetan liaison speaks volumes with regards to your sincerity,” I said. I would have never thought it possible and I would have never asked. Thank you.”

“There is one last item that needs to be taken care of,” he said.

He went to the cabinet behind his desk and removed some ornate envelops and returned to where I was sitting. I stood up.

“Dr. WorldPeace, here is your Chinese citizenship documents,” he said and shook my hand.

Then he asked Mir and Debra to come stand with us and gave them their citizenship documents as well and shook their hands. Then he asked that we take a photograph with him that would be on the front pages of all the newspapers in China tomorrow.

After the photo session, we all said our goodbyes and exited the building. Dr Pema was by my side holding my hand and Rebecca was on my other site holding my arm.

Behind our limo was a small white delivery van. Dr. Pema said it was her things and some gifts for the WorldPeace Advocacy from the Tibetan monks.

We all got into the limo that was getting a bit crowded and headed home. Dr. Pema was in awe of the limo. It was her first time to ride in one. She said her life had been one of no frills and now the Chinese had created a royal wardrobe for her and made her lifetime dream come true: to advocate peace from a global platform. All was right in her world.


We arrived at Francois’s condo about 1100. The men in the white van were told by the guard in the front to bring Dr. Pema’s things in the front door. There were two large trunks and one about half the size of the other two. All three trunks were very ornate. I thought they could easily be works of art.

“You know Dr. WorldPeace, I really have no idea what is in the two larger trunks,” she said. “I was only told they were for me.”

“The smaller trunk is for you Dr. WorldPeace, it is a gift to the WorldPeace Advocacy from the Chinese government.

The angels gathered around the trunks and took the larger ones to Dr. Pema’s room. It was the guest bedroom on the second floor. The trunks seemed a bit heavy but the angels were up to the task. I smiled because they were like a bunch of school girls excited to see what Dr. Pema had been given by the Chinese. The trunks and all the angels except Celeste and Cathy, who was attending to my coffee, disappeared.

Within minutes it seemed I was hearing excitement coming from Dr. Pema’s room. It made me happy and I could see Celeste smiling as she came to me with a very passionate kiss and loving full body hug.

“I would say you are a blessed man, Dr. WorldPeace,” she said.

“Without a doubt,” I said looking into her eyes.

“The meeting at Jeremy’s is at 1400 and then at 1700 we are due back here for a two hour social with Vernon. So you will be finished for the day at about 1900 and free time until 1000 in the morning for another 90 minutes at Jeremy’s. Then another meeting at 1300 at Jeremy’s. These next three meetings only require you to speak for 5 minutes which you will probably extend to 10. I have never heard you speak for only 5 minutes. Then the usual 15 minutes for questions. Tomorrow evening will be a typical 3 hour affair at 1900 at Jeremy’s. 

“There will be no more meeting in the mornings. There will be a gathering at Jeremy’s Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with the afternoons to be scheduled day to day based on how you feel and how much time is going to be needed for logistics and final planning for the WorldPeace Gathering.”

“We are close enough to the event that I can keep all that in my mind,” I said. “I can see the agenda clearly to the Gathering and I feel relieved that I will be able to fully rest day to day in order to be fresh for the marathon on Saturday. Yet I feel the week will be full of surprises in the build up to Saturday. There is a lot I want to do this coming week but I absolutely want to be rested when we begin our day Saturday morning which I expect with be about 0230 my normal wakeup time.”

The angels began to return one by one from Dr. Pema’s room. They scattered all over the house to their rooms and to the kitchen. Debra and Norbu, the name Dr. Pema told us she preferred, meaning Jewel, were the last to come downstairs. I was wondering who would feel the most connected with Norbu. I sensed that she was generally less social and more reclusive and introverted and would be in sync with Debra.

I felt very awake but I could feel my body never-the-less coming down and I would need a power nap before we returned to Jeremy’s.

Cathy and I moved to the kitchen and Celeste went to her room to change her clothes.

I sat down in my chair at the table. Cathy and Jean had opened the boxes of the food from the Chinese embassy which we took upon the insistence of the Ambassador.

All my girls were dressed casually and comfortably but none were showing their female assets. I think they were not wanting to shock Norbu. I think they all were a little reserved knowing she had been a Tibetan nun.

Norbu and Debra were the last to enter the kitchen right after Celeste returned and both were also dressed casually as was Celeste. I had removed my coat but I was still in the suit I wore to the meeting with the Director and the Ambassador.

“That was a heck of morning,” I said. “I feel like everyone is chock full of impressions and thoughts about lots of things. We have not had a ‘checkup to touch base with each other session’ in a few days now and so it is time to sync up,” I said.

“Celeste why don’t you get us going.”

“Well first I would like to say welcome to Norbu,” she said. “I think you are a bit more battle hardened than the rest of us.”

“I don’t know about that Celeste,” she said humbly. “The Chinese can be hard as steel. China has been on the fast track for 6 decades and there is not a lot of room for flexibility. The hardline policy internally has created a leadership that has mellowed over the years but they are definitely focused and determined not to make any missteps and liberal thoughts have a hard time getting aired. I understand what is going on and why. The underlying question that permeates everything is the pace at which China continues to move forward. I want to go fast and trust the people. The ruling party is undecided about how much freedom will exist in the next 30 years.  They just don’t want to take any giant steps backwards. Fortunately, China is prospering due to it being the manufacturing capital of the world and when the money is flowing things are not as tense as they would be otherwise.”

“I feel blessed that I am still alive. I thought I would not be alive more than 5 years. I felt I was under a sentence of slow death. I believed they would not do away with me until I had been out of the news and out of the main street chatter for a few years and after I had been replaced with a more conservative advocate for freedom, justice and peace.”

“And yet here I am in this incredible environment. The Chinese did give you the person they feared the most but one who they respect. They believed that doing away with me was going to be tricky business. So they banished me to the WorldPeace Advocacy where they felt I would stay and be out of their hair and yet a source of very important information about what is going on with Dr. John WorldPeace. They are intense about not getting blindsided or being unprepared to move with the rest of the world and they absolutely believe Dr. WorldPeace is going to change the world far beyond what the rest of the world thinks possible.

“Interestingly they feel as these changes begin to manifest, they will be on equal footing with the United States because the United States will also be in unexplored territory. As you heard the Ambassador say, they were the only one paying serious attention to you Dr. WorldPeace. Think about what it took for them to plant agents in jail with you.”

“Yes, that was a complete surprise to me,” I said. “And the fact that they were the only one shows that they are further along with the coming transcendence of the world human society than any other nation. I think they are significantly out front of everyone else. They do not realize just how far ahead.”

“Having you with us, and you reporting to them, they are going to quickly see they are significantly ahead of the curve. And they will be able to keep track of just how fast the United States is catching up. Honestly, I think it is going to take the United States five years to completely wake up to what is about to happen. The United States is just too conservative. The Chinese are conservative politically of necessity but they have a much more unspoken spirituality and are not thwarted by bureaucratic Christianity which can be a choking oppression.”

“Exactly, John,” said Celeste. “You are ahead of everyone. But as far as conservative governments, the Chinese get it. And they get it because they are not tied up with two thousand years of conservative religion as opposed to the more expansive liberal thoughts of Buddhism. The Americans just have no real understanding of the Asian mind with regards to their cosmology and the Americans give a lot of lip service to their Anthropomorphic God of Christianity as well as Judaism and Islam but they cannot allow themselves to understand the concept that God is undefinable and the Anthropomorphic gods are more on the Jesus level than the all-inclusive, ever present God of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Christians have mislabeled all the Avatars of the East as gods, and false gods at that.  They have not made the connection that the East embraces the Infinite Potential, Quantum Mechanics of God.”

“You are quite right Celeste,” said Norbu. I have studied other religions to the same degree that Dr. WorldPeace has. I understand as best as anyone from the Eastern religions can understand Christianity and Judaism and Islam but it has been difficult to fit my mind into that box. Dr. WorldPeace has seamlessly integrated with the Eastern cosmology but I did not seamlessly reconcile with the Western religions and I think that is because I was having to contract my concept of God as opposed to expand it as Dr. WorldPeace was challenged to do.”

“I understand that,” I said. “I was not aware that you had researched all these world religions and their sacred texts as I have.”

“Yes I have Dr. WorldPeace,” she replied. “I look back on things now, now that I am not feeling a sense that the Chinese are in my mind and I have to monitor my own private thoughts; that they have been prepping me for this role for a long time. I think Dr. WorldPeace, they identified you a very long time ago. Maybe even as early as your childhood.

“The Chinese have overtly attacked and destroyed a lot of the Tibetan religion but they have not discounted it as Christians discount other religions. As you know, the Tibetans look for the new incarnation of the Dali Lama. If the Chinese or some segment of the Chinese have been assigned to study Tibetan Buddhism, not to mention some of our monks probably have been working with them, they would have been looking for you and they probably found you when you were 8 when you had your awakening.

“There have been rumors in the monasteries for a hundred years that a great soul was going to appear to the world outside Buddhism. Not a returning Jesus but someone else. An apostle Paul, if you will. Someone with unlimited energy, very intelligent, right brain left brain fusion, and an iron will. But not a man who would bring chaos and violence but a peaceful transition of the world human society.

“So it is very possible they identified both of us and who knows how many others in this room and they have been covertly manipulating each one they identified. So at this moment, I seem to believe they have made it hard on me to cover up how much they were preparing me to take my place next to you and my sisters in the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“Oh my God,” said Celeste. “You are so absolutely right.’

Celeste then got up and walked over to Norbu and got down on her knees and bowed head and said, “Bless me mother,” to the shock of everyone.

Norbu said nothing but put her hands on Celeste head and lifted her up with her hands on Celeste upper arms. Neither spoke but looked deeply into each other’s eyes for a moment and then Norbu gave her a motherly hug and disengaged.

“We have much work to do sister,” she said to Celeste.

“Much work to do sisters,” she said looking around the room at everyone.

Then she walked over to me. I stood up and she pulled me close and kissed me deeply and said, “Thank you Dr. WorldPeace. I feel safe. I am home.”

I could not speak.

“John,” I said with a smile and she smiled back.

“John,” she said and returned to her chair.”

“Let’s take a break ladies,” I said to no verbal response but a movement by everyone to get a cup of coffee or something to eat or to visit the bathroom.

“Relax, girls,” said Celeste. “Norbu and I have been together as nuns in many past lives but the majority of those lives Norbu has been my senior, my big sister my soul mate.”

“I did not awaken to this until she spoke.”

“John,” said Rebecca as she removed her robe so fast I did not see it and moved toward the master bedroom. “I need 7.5 minutes and you need a shower to wake up.”

I did not comment. I just got up and followed her. I was thankful no one else followed me.


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