The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel Two - Paris 2009


by John WorldPeace

Novel Two - Paris 2009

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved


PARIS 2009

Chapters 54-79



Marshall and I left the guest room and headed for the kitchen.

“Any crisis in the last hour?” I asked.

“No,” Francois said. “We have just been schooling Mir. We have all been letting the reality of the past twelve hours sink in.”

“How are you Mir?” I asked. “Is this how you imagined all this would be?”

“I have read the reports for the KGB. But it is not like being here. I feel at home. I feel I can contribute. And I am overwhelmed. And I know this is just the beginning. Celeste and I have been expanding everyone’s vision of what is coming. We are going to make a difference, a big difference.”

“Why are you shaking?” I asked her. “Are you cold? Surely these ladies have some warm clothes for you.”

“John you make me very nervous. I have been around a lot of very powerful and wealthy men. But none like you. You appear very normal and humble and friendly. But when you speak it becomes obvious that you are much different than everyone else.”

“I guess it is my psychic nature but when I am near you like now I feel like I am being bombarded with radiation. I am in a cosmic wind,” she said.

“Well I am sure that will pass. We just met. Just treat me like one of the girls,” I chuckled.

Francois gave her a push as did Janice who was sitting next to her and she got up and came to me. She pressed her body close to mine and then stepped to my side and put her arm around my waist and hugged me. I put my arm around her and looked her in the eyes, smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“Dad, I am going to call My-Le and go to bed. I will see you all in the morning.”

“Goodnight,” I said.

Everyone got up and gave him a hug and told him goodnight. I could see he was surprised.

“Nice to have a house full of good sisters, isn’t it?” I asked.

“He looked at me and smiled.”

Mir moved behind me and put her arms around me clasping her hands on my stomach and leaning her head on my shoulders. I thought this was the way she leaned on her father. Of course even from my back I could feel her awesome body. She was thin but very strong. She could have easily been a very high paid model but I suspect that was way too frivolous for her.

Debra got up and said, “John you need some rest. Tomorrow is a big day. And it is 0430. She took my hands behind her like a child pulling a wagon and led me toward the guest bedroom. Mir and I are going to rock you to sleep.”

I looked at Mir who had moved to my side.

It was all in her eyes but she said nothing.

“And you have to heal Mir of the shakes while we are at it,” Debra said.

Into the bedroom we went. Debra closed the door behind us.


At 0900 Debra woke me and said it was time to get ready. Mir was not in the room. A moment later Cathy brought in a cup of coffee and sat on the bed. Her robe fell open unintentionally but I could not help but looking at her.

“John I thought you surely would be worn out,” Cathy said. “I should have known better. Be quick Sir Rabbit.”

“It is hard being a rabbit,” I said.

FIFTY-SIX Thursday 090618

In the limo we headed back to Jeremy’s. This was to be a casual meeting with some medical researchers; mostly geneticists. By now most people at the meeting had gone to the internet and listened to the audio of some of the other talks I had given; all the way back to the first one and even the one at the airport when I was leaving for the US. It was all there, thanks to Cathy. Most people were familiar with my philosophy.

The problem is that I had to keep speaking on new subjects. But it really wasn’t a problem. WorldPeace covers a very wide spectrum of issues; the major ones were in my Book of WorldPeace. In fact, all human issues are at their core peace issues.

We entered the house. More and more I was aware of my growing entourage.

Jeremy had never met Mir though he had heard of her and been informed about her in the past. She had on high heels so she was about two inches taller than my six feet with cowboy boots. She was a good five inches taller than Jeremy.

He was not attracted to her but he could definitely appreciate the goddess she was. And Mir wore makeup and clothes that enhanced her natural beauty. He was very much aware of her image.

I would have to make sure she was always at the back of the room when I was speaking or no one would pay attention to me. She is that stunning.

“John, Jeremy has some new coffee and it is quite good,” said Cathy as she handed me a cup.

She was right. It was very rich. Cathy and I had agreed that she would only give me a half a cup in the future to help me cut back. So many meetings had significantly increased my coffee intake and the acid had begun to work on my stomach in a negative way.

There were about fifteen top doctors present. I thought my standard opening was a little long now so I cut it short. Most of these people know the basic of the WorldPeace Advocacy. The fact that they were here meant they had looked at my web site and therefore had a foundational understanding about what I was about. About one half were women.

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome and thank you for your attendance. It is always a pleasure and honor to meet Jeremy’s friends.”

“I would like to speak for a moment about the peace issues centered around genetics. The two discoveries in the twentieth century which will have the greatest impact on the world human society are atomic energy and the discovery of the structure of DNA. Genetics will have the greatest impact because it will in time change the nature of what it means to be human. In fact, I no longer really think of myself as a being human. I think of myself as an infinite immortal spirit seeing through a human vehicle.”

“The human body is nothing but a vehicle for the soul. It has no reality on its own. I do not believe a human body can exist without a good soul or a demon soul attached. In time we will find the place in the human brain where the spirit metaphysically connects with the human body. I believe at conception the soul connects with the embryo and then begins to program the developing human being to suit the needs of the soul during its incarnation. I think the soul is most active in developing the brain between conception and birth.”

“The soul brings to its incarnation only the tools, skills and past and future life memories needed to accomplish its destiny in a particular life. Let me repeat that the soul can draw on past and future lives because in the spiritual dimension time is not distinguished.”

“I think of the movie Matrix where tapes are loaded to give the human the knowledge needed by essentially an electronic injection is a good metaphor for what really happens.”

“I believe that nature is imperfect and with a creation as complex as a human being, ten percent of the time something goes wrong in the first three months after conception and the soul can’t fix the problem over the rest of the gestation period. So the soul abandons the fetus and it dies.”

“Before I discuss human genetics, I want to talk about the extinction of species. The encroachment of human beings on the land is in essence strangling it. Habitat is being destroyed as land is being cleared for domestic stock and the wild animals are being pushed to extinction.”

“For some reason the passenger pigeon which really looked like an oversized white wing dove used to be so numerous they would blacken the sky when they flew over. They were hunted to extinction.”

“There are plenty of stuffed ones in museums from which to extract DNA and I suppose mourning doves could be used as the host until the species is brought back from extinction. Breeding plus continued manipulation of the cloned DNA from the dead birds will in time of maybe twenty years bring back the species close enough to its former likeness that they can be returned to their original environment and then managed as are all other fish and fowl now. We have plenty of success stories about game management.”

“In time, the small farmer will be a small percentage of the producers of food. I see ten thousand acres of corn farmed by one corporation. Old farm houses bulldozed to make huge fields.”

“As the people leave the rural areas, the wildlife will return but not the wild life of course that we have exterminated to extinction.”

“My goal is to bring back the passenger pigeon in my lifetime. If we can bring back the passenger pigeon then we can bring back in time any extinct fish, fowl or animal. I believe it is doable.”

“The book of Genesis in the Christian Bible simply states that God made man in his image. And then took a rib from Adam and made Eve. This is genetics. What is implied is that the DNA of the gods (Genesis says “Our image, not my image) was merged with the DNA of the best species of humans existing on the earth to create Adam. Yes there were more than one species of humans, all but one extinct now.”

“I don’t mean to get too far afield but the book of Genesis talks about keeping man away from the tree of Life after he had eaten from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil. The Tree of Life is the knowledge of genetics. Through genetics we will probably be able to achieve close to immortality in the human body. And by the way, when that happens, the ecology issues will disappear because we will have to live in the environment we create. Human beings live such a short time those ecological changes do not appear to take place. But if we lived a thousand years that would not be the case.”

“People discuss immortality all the time. We are already immortal in spirit. But human bodies as spiritual vehicles are not. This is part of the confusion on earth. People think of the mortal body as the true reality. The true reality is the soul and it is already immortal. Once we accept death the way we accept selling an old car to the junk yard, then religion takes on an entirely different meaning.”

“At any rate, I have mixed my clearly defined attempt to present my subject in two parts. I have mixed human immortality through genetics manipulated with bringing back extinct species and preserving some of each life form so in the event of extinction we have some DNA to work with to bring back the species.”

“This is where zoos come in. Zoos are the depositories of non-human DNA. I used to hate going to the zoo because I could not deal with imprisoned animals. Now that I have spent a year in jail, I see that animals in cages are not as bad off as I thought.”

“Who knows maybe as a kid I was psychically dealing with the psychic knowing of my later incarceration.”

“Now I am a promoter of zoos. The more life forms we can bring to the zoos, the more comfortable I feel about not stripping the planet of all creatures great and small. So as the WorldPeace Advocacy progresses, there will be a department of zoos to further my determination to stop the unrecoverable extinction of non human life forms.”

“We all think of Noah building an arc for two of each animal. Well that arc would result in a ship longer than we can even imagine. But if we took only the DNA of each species, then we are dealing with a much smaller boat. Discount the size of the refrigeration equipment, the DNA of all the life forms on earth, if it could be stored like food in a grocery store may fit into a brief case.”

“The point I am making is that in addition to zoos we need a cryogenic facility and begin to harvest DNA from the entire world’s flora and fauna, including our own.”

“I say including our own because in case of a natural disaster like an asteroid strike isolated pockets of human beings would surely survive. With human DNA bottlenecked we could bolster that remaining DNA from a much larger sample of human DNA.”

“It is possible that the surviving pockets of humans would not be immune from certain diseases. That means the remaining humans could be wiped out by a lesser catastrophe of diseases.”

“So I am interested in immediately setting up a project to bring back the passenger pigeon and setting up cryogenic data bases and increasing the number and size of zoos. All in the hopes that we can bring back the dynamics and variety of our non human creatures in the event of a disaster or in the event that evil men continue to hunt already endangered species to extinction.”

“Of course we need to stop the extinction of species and not be fatalist and just begin to prepare for extinction as an inevitable scenario.”

“Now in regards to human beings, genetics should have a top priority so that we can clone and replace virtually every human piece and part. The only tricky part will be the human brain. The human brain is unique and unlike arms and legs cannot be replaced in total. It is possible some part of the brain can be replaced. But that critical spiritual physical connection is unique to the soul incarnate in a unique human body. And when the brain completely dies, its uniqueness cannot be duplicated and the spirit will move on.”

“The motor functions and mechanical functions of the brain can be replaced but the soul and human memories that make a person unique cannot be downloaded and later uploaded at this time. So we may be able to keep the human body alive but the person would only look like the original human being. He would no longer be the same person.”

“Even if we could clone the brain and all its memories, it does not mean the spirit would return. In that case, we would have nothing more than a human zombie that looked like mom or dad but is not mom or dad.”

“In some ways it would be like old Rover dying and we clone his body and replace his memories. But the reality is that it is not Rover. This is a next generation of Rover and not the one remembered even though Rover may have all the memories of our shared experience. It was not the new Rover that lived those experiences. It all gets complicated. But with genetics this is where we are going. Maybe it is decades and centuries away, but we are on that train and these questions will have to be considered before be get carried away with living forever.”

“The key for me again comes down to the metaphysical questions of the body soul connection. As we engineer a soulless maid or soulless farmer, or soulless companion what have we accomplished?”

“I am working on a book which explores all these questions. We have taken a bite of the fruit of the tree of life. There is no turning back.”

“Who wants to live forever? Who wants to drive a 1995 Chevy Malibu forever?”

“Would you really want to live in your present body for ever if it could remain perpetually young for ten thousand years? Maybe the point of a short seventy years life span was purposely engineered as an escape from a bad dream.”

“What if we hated our life and could not bail out for ten thousand years as opposed to seventy?”

“A real issue about long life is also about power. If I was ten thousand years old and all of you were under one hundred, there is no doubt I would be the king of planet earth.”

“To bring all this together, extending human life will have a dramatic effect on the level of peace on earth.”

“But more importantly, when we look at genetics in the sense of a mechanic fixing a car, we can’t help but accept and embrace the fact that the human body is just a vehicle. It is not immortal. We have to consider the immortal soul incarnate in the mortal human body. When we start living and thinking as immortal souls with mortal bodies and not think of the human body as immortal and the soul as just a rider, the soul as the driver and not the body as anything more that a piece of meat, blood and bone and most importantly that the body will eventually die or as I have said get a new brain and body but it will not be the same as the original, then we start to look at what are we doing here from the perspective of an immortal soul and that will change everything. We will realize that death is not the end of anything.”

“Those people we have harmed are waiting for us on the other side or they will in time follow us to the other side. When we destroy the planet and do evil to each other, it is not hidden; it is public information in the spiritual dimension. What I think will happen as people come to this understanding is that we will not become confused in thinking that this is the real life but that the life of the soul is the real life. When we think that no matter how much power and money we accumulate, eventually our life clock will run out, we will have none of those material things and we will return as more or less equal to other souls who are just as old and immortal as we are.”

“All our arrogance on earth will be humbled in heaven. And we will be ashamed I think that we lived the primal predatory reality that presently defines life on earth.”

“Ladies and gentlemen the consideration of these questions to me will bring us closer to a more sane and just world human society. These considerations will increase the peace. Hopefully I have given you some things to think about as you play god for the benefit of humanity.”

“Thank you for you kind consideration.”

Everyone stood and clapped. These people I felt had considered some of these issues. But I don’t know if they really thought of them in the sense of how they would be affecting the level of peace in the world as opposed to the core question as to whether it is ethical and right to play god.”

I shook hands with everyone as they left. I always enjoy that part because I get to look in their eyes and see if I have made an impression.


When everyone left, I went over to Mir and asked, “How are you?”

“I am in heaven John. I feel alive and free for the first time in my life. Everything I did in Russia had a political aspect. I feel so free to be able to think without that restriction. Now WorldPeace is the core issue to everything I do as opposed to what is good for Russia.”

“Are you happy you joined our merry little band?” I asked.

“Yes, but I am most happy to be near you. You make me feel alive in so many ways. I swear I am not the same person I was yesterday. And making love to you took me places I have never even imagined. Not just the physical aspect but the spiritual stimulation. Like you say, the intense sexual, emotional, spiritual connect. I have that with you. Without it human beings are limited. I realize that for sure now. I only suspected it before. You have opened up a whole new universe for me. I am totally yours. I am totally in love with you.”

“That’s pretty heavy,” I said.

“I am not the only angel who feels that way. I believe you are gathering around you the people who are going to be a catalyst for not just to increase the peace on earth but a true transformation of the human race.”

“We are about to evolve to the next level. I thought you may be the focal point of that event, now I am sure of it. You are setting things in motion that will change everything. After being with you, after being intimate with you, all my speculations were confirmed. The world belongs to me and those in the generation behind me. So much of what you are saying and writing is not for your peers or even mine. It is for the true children of the Third Millennium. My grandchildren,” she said.

“Mir leaned over and whispered, “I want your baby too John. I pray you will grant me my wish. I know we just met but I have been watching you for a decade.”

“We have much to talk about. Celeste is my sister. My soul sister,” she said as she smiled and kissed me on the lips.”

“Amazing,” I said and thought to myself.

“So I guess those are our grandchildren you mentioned.” Mir looked me in the eyes, more than a little bit shocked.


Francois came over to me and said, “The cab is waiting John to take us to the doctor.”

“Well let us go,” I said and moved toward the front door. Francois was right behind. We got into the cab and Francois gave the cabbie the address.

“Are you ready for this? “I asked.”

“Absolutely,” she said.

“Well we have not had much time together in the last week. Not much time to talk or be together,” I said.

“Like you said John, things will settle into a routine after the peace rally. I will come to America with you and we will have time. But the truth is John you are going to get more and more busy. The whole world is going to want a piece of you. I knew that when this all began. I considered it when I thought about having your baby.”

“You know I am going to be fertile for a couple of months,” I said, “and it is possible you won’t be the only one who gets pregnant. Nothing worked with the Snake, six pregnancies back to back. Number two and three ended in miscarriages in the first trimester.”

“Debra and Cathy ruled it out. They both simply said not now.”

“And Mir just told me she wants my baby. I don’t know what to think about it.”

“Have you changed your mind?” she asked.

“No way. The question is who will actually end up pregnant?”

“It does not matter John. Truthfully all I care about is having your baby. If they all get pregnant I don’t care. I will have part of you growing inside me and then with me. I have wanted another baby for a decade but I could never find anyone I wanted to be the father until I met you.”

“I would like a traditional family on the one hand but I fear I may be bored with it at the same time. I want you to father my child and I want you to be as much a part of our lives as possible. That is it.”

“If three or four get pregnant, I will have to open a nursery,” I said.

“Yes you will,” she said.

“I have four adult children and three don’t like me. I think about that too. Yet I feel compelled to have more children. And I am not against having children with several women. I am not sure what I am trying to accomplish. Frankly it feels right and OK. That is all I am thinking now.”

“I also think about jealousy among mothers. And I think about the reality that even if you only have two children one is going to be smarter, friendlier more loving than the other one. I hate the thought of power plays among my children. I want them all to have tutors, a broad life experience. I want them to all feel loved and I want them to get along.”

“I also feel that I want to have the reproductive period for about three years at most and then stop for good. I say three years because I want us to have a boy and a girl. But I see one big concern for about ninety days or maybe six months to make sure we get by the first trimester then shut the water off. Then another six months window before we are ready to have another child.”

“I really don’t want to leave a sperm bank. I worry about the freezing process and damaged DNA.”

“John we will have DNA test on these babies and if there is a defect I want to abort and try again. I don’t believe in bringing crippled and handicapped children into the world.”

“I understand. I hate to think about abortion but I agree. I don’t feel compelled to bring a handicapped child into the world either.”

“A related problem is that I don’t see how I can continue to grow this harem. There has to be a limit. But right now all the things that I want to do require women. Everyone has a function. But I don’t have my artist, my writer, the person to run my web businesses.”

“And for what I create to have a chance to survive, I must have someone intimate with me or very in sync with me. So men will be coming.”

“But I can’t service twenty women.”

“I don’t think there will be twenty,” said Francois, “but I think it will level out at about twelve. And yes, you will have to keep them happy but if they are like me, and Cathy and Janice for sure, in the sense that we are bisexual, that takes a lot off you. I love you John but I am attracted to Cathy. We get along. And truthfully I want Mir.”

“She is so beautiful,” said Francois, “So I think it will all work out. Celeste loves you like a traditional wife. She likes to touch and stroke but she is really not bisexual. Debbie does not have a high sex drive. Mir does have a high sex drive but she is very disciplined. Alicia does not have a high sex drive but when she is in the mood she is very aggressive. I see no problem with the current group. Cathy is extremely turned on to Janice physically but the emotional connect between Janice and Cathy is not like it is between Cathy and I.”

Highly intelligent people deal with sex and love differently than the average person. Mir knew the score when she came along. She did not know how it was going to materialize but she knew sex with you was guaranteed. I don’t think she is bisexual. I do think she is very particular.”

“Also, all these women know they can have you anytime they want. And amazingly without Viagra or any aid you get aroused when any woman strokes you. I have never seen anything like it. I have never been with anyone like you. I have never even heard of anyone like you. No one would believe it.”

“John you had sex, you satisfied four women bang, bang, bang, bang the other day and it didn’t even wind you. And I think you could have taken on all of us if we had had the time.”

“I just love to be stroked,” I said. “I don’t do drugs or alcohol. I do sex. I can’t describe how euphoric I feel with women. I like to touch them, taste them, hold them and just look at them. And when they come on to me, I feel an extreme sense of peace and bliss.”

“I don’t feel compelled to have an orgasm with every encounter. I love to feel a woman respond to my body. That is all I can say.”

“Plus I have stayed in good shape; even with the heart attack. I have mental discipline and I know how to pace myself. So I have a strong understanding of my physical body and I know how to control my emotions and fantasies and spiritual connection.”

“Alicia really turns me on. But she is closed emotionally. So sex is great but it is not a deep connection. Celeste is the deepest connect but that has to do with her psychic abilities and her age. She knows how to enjoy the moment. And I know sometimes when she is with me I can feel her thinking about her husband. And I am totally OK playing that role because I want her to be happy. I know the pain of being alone and I want to fill that void for her if I can. She is a beautiful soul and I want to make her happy. I want to give her my love.”

“You are the right choice to mother my children. It won’t be traditional. But hey I tried traditional and ended up with three kids that hate me and who tried to destroy me.”

“Not Marshall he loves you,” Francois said. “He is totally connected to you. Surely he compensates for all the others.”

“He does,” I said. “I only fear that involving him in my crazy life I will screw up his.”

“Don’t worry about that. You won’t. There are no guarantees in life. I just know you have a great destiny. I love you and I want to be there for you in every way. I want your love and I want to be there for you in every way. I want your love to grow in me. That is the ultimate feeling for me, the ultimate reality.”

We kissed deeply just as we arrived at the doctor’s office. I paid the cab and we went in. We did not even have to wait. The nurse took us right to the doctor’s office even though his waiting room was filled. We waited less than two minutes when the doctor came in.

“Dr. WorldPeace my name is Dr. Martinique, very pleased to meet you. Francois, how have you been?”

“Fine, Gerard.”

“You look as beautiful as ever,” he said.

“Thank you,” Francois responded.

“OK,” said the good doctor, “What are we trying to accomplish?”

“Well Dr.,” I said, “I had a vasectomy thirty-three years ago after I fathered four children. Now Francois and I want to have children and I need to reverse the vasectomy.”

“My first wife and I had no luck with any kind of birth control. When we turn the water back on, we are going to want to wait a few years between child one and two. So with my history it seemed like a good idea to shut the water off after the first child is born.”

“In my ignorance it makes sense for me to open up one testicle, close it and later on open the other testicle and then close it.”

“I am leery and untrusting of storing my semen but I am not absolutely against it. In other words, we could open up one testicle and I could create maybe twenty or thirty vials of sperm to be frozen. Then we would close off that testicle again. If I freeze my sperm then I would not need to open the channel to the other testicle later.”

“The real question is whether you can reverse a vasectomy as old as mine?”

“It is highly unlikely that I will be unable to get you flowing again,” he said. “And I prefer you to freeze your sperm as opposed to multiple operations.”

“My understanding was that my sperm empties into my scrotum and is absorbed into the body from there,” I said.

“My question is can you take a needle and harvest that sperm from the opening and then mix it with other fluids I would produce by masturbation. That would save the need for an operation.”

“That is a process that has had some success,” he said. “And if your tubes are completely collapsed it may be the better option.”

“I sense there is something I am not being told here,” he said.

“Actually I am having sex with several women. When we open the tubes, they are all except one subject to becoming pregnant. It is possible I will want to have a child with one or more of the other women but not three or four more. So I want to shut the water off as soon as possible after we accomplish our agenda here.”

“Also, I have sex two or three times a day every day and I don’t want to be out of commission for a long period of time. A week is a very long time.”

“I will tell you this, I had my vasectomy about three in the afternoon and I had sex that night and every night thereafter. The truth is that the tube to my right testicle became rigid for several years maybe three or four with no other side effects. I don’t know if that tube is beyond repair or not.”

“We have many ways to get the water turned on,” he said. “that should not be a problem.”

“I will recommend that you not have sex for thirty days after the operation.”

“By sex do you mean not to ejaculation or not to have sex at all,” I asked.

“Well I have never been asked that question. One you don’t want any strain put on that area so no violent aggressive sex. Second, those micro stitches really need to heal. If you rip the stitches open then we have to go back in and repair the damage.”

“I think we need to hook you up. Let me give you something that will reduce you sex drive temporarily. Have sex with Francois to get her pregnant and produce about thirty vials of sperm to be frozen.”

“You should not masturbate more than once a day or the sperm count may be too low to work within the vial.”

“How can you tell what conditions I am in and what shape my tubes are in?”

“The best way is at the time of the surgery. No matter what we see on the X-ray, sonogram or CAT scan, we can’t be sure until we are inside your scrotum.”

“When would you want to do this?” he asked.

“When I return from America in about a month,” I responded. “Will this be local or in the hospital?”

“The hospital is best in this situation,” he replied.

“OK,” I said.

“Do you have children did you say?” he asked.

“Yes, four in their thirties; all healthy and hard to deal with. Both their mother’s parents and my parents are still alive and in their eighties. So my children will all live a long time I think.”

“I never thought I would have a second family but here I am. I would also inform you that I had a major heart attack almost twelve years ago. It was a cholesterol problem. I refused the bypass and changed my diet and I am still above ground as you can see.”

He laughed.

“I mention this in the event you need a different team to work on me.”

“A heart attacked that long ago should not be a problem especially if you are as sexually active as you say.”

“He is,” said Francois.

“Any questions Francois?” I asked.

“No,” she replied.

“Are there any other considerations doctor?” I asked.

“No. As I said, we set you up, go in and evaluate what can be done and do it. I have a package of information for you here. It has a form of either or questions about how we should proceed if we find this or that. This is a pretty routine procedure these days. The procedure has long been proven safe and effective,” he said.

“I will read this and Francois will get it back to you. Thank you for seeing us. I will look forward to seeing you again in a month.”

Francois and I shook hands with the doctor and left after cordial goodbyes.


We hailed a cab from the curb and headed back to the condo.

“What is your history with him?” I asked Francois.

“Childhood friends and he wanted to marry me. I said no because he is too conservative. I brought you to him because he is the best. Even though this is a routine procedure, I don’t want to take any chances.”

“I agree with that,” I said. “The only problem I see is my environment with naked women everywhere. Not having sex is going to be difficult. I may be able to hold off a week. I am adverse to medicine in general. I hate to take something to curb my sex drive unless it is herbal.”

“It will all work out John,” she said.

“John, I know this is difficult. It means a lot to me that you love me enough to give me your children. I am sure one or two of the others will want children too and I expect you to grant their wishes as well. I want you to know it is OK. I am no more bothered by them having your children than I am about your ex-wives. Obviously I am not a jealous person. I have plenty of money to raise our children and plenty to leave them a very substantial legacy. So there will be no concern about money spent on our children as opposed to your children. The ones you already had or others you may have. It is all going to work out. I am happy and you are the reason. That sums it all up for me.”

“I love you Francois,” I said. “I am living an untried reality in almost every aspect of my life. I am breaking a lot of social taboos. I am setting a new option with regards to a lot of things. There is no way to tell what kind of effect I will have on the world.”

“All I know is that I am doing what I have to do, what I am inspired and guided to do. The world is in chaos. I feel whatever I do by advocating peace will raise the level of peace in the world human society. If the world wants to reject everything I accomplish with peace because of my unique sexual reality, so be it.”

“In time, future generations will have put sex into its proper perspective and they can respond to what I have said and done with regards to peace. Again, if everything I have done turns into a waste of time, then I can still say I tried and that is really all that matters to me.”


We arrived back at the condo about 1200. Our next meeting at Jeremy’s was not until 1400 so we had a little over an hour to relax.

Everyone was sitting at the kitchen table talking. I was surprised that one or two of them were not taking a nap. But then again all but Celeste are young.

“So what is the verdict,” said Cathy.

“It looks like I should be asking that of the jury assembled at the table,” I said. “Is this a meeting?”

“Silly man,” Cathy said as she handed me my coffee. “So what did the doctor say?”

“Well we are set up to do the procedure when I return from America in a month. He says he is confident he can get the potent sperm swimming the channel again. Near term bad news is that he wants me to refrain from sex for thirty days.”

“I told him that when I had my vasectomy thirty-three years ago, I had sex that night. True, it was with myself but I did have a release that caused some minor problems which I also ignored for several years and then it finally went away.”

“The extended term problem is that before the water was cut off I was a very fertile chap. The Snake had two three month pregnancies and four full term pregnancies between November 1970 and December 1976. The point is ladies if you don’t want a WorldPeace baby then you had better take precautions. I am still a bit old fashioned and have a hard time with abortions unless the child is defective.”

“Once the sperm are again swimming, I will impregnate Francois and fill thirty plus vials for future use. After Francois passes the fourth month of pregnancy, I will shut off the water again.”

“And if we do want a WorldPeace baby?” asked Mir.

“Mir my love it didn’t take long for you to settle right in did it?” I laughed.

“Well all the ladies except Celeste have already said thanks but not now when asked the pregnancy question a month ago.”

“The straight up answer is if you want a WorldPeace baby you may have a WorldPeace baby.”

“I will say regarding abortions, that genetic and other test which show a defective fetus will require an abortion. I don’t believe in aborting a healthy child is what I meant earlier.”

“I want your baby, John,” Mir said.

“When?” I asked.

“I think it would be nice to go through a pregnancy with Francois. At the same time I mean. So as soon as you are able John, I am ready.”

“This is not something frivolous for me,” said Mir. “I have been looking for the right man to father my child for a decade at least. I can’t imagine anyone more perfect than your John. It was immediately on my mind when I first saw you. I admit that you were already on the list, a very short list, due to my following the KGB’s notes on you for the last decade.”

“My parents have a very loving long term traditional marriage. I never saw myself in that role. The arrangement that you have with each of us is the kind of marriage that makes sense to me. I am committed to you John, yet I have my own identity. We are equal partners in our relationship and we will have a commitment to a child, maybe children, as well as our other endeavors.”

“What I cannot really understand is that I am not jealous of anyone here. It does not bother me that you make love to everyone here and it does not both me that you are going to have children with Francois. I don’t know why.”

I think it is because I know you will never leave me. And I know that because you did not leave the Snake or Kay. They left you. I know you won’t leave me. I know I will never leave you nor sleep with another man as long as you are alive. And I like the idea of sharing my child with everyone here but especially sharing him or her with Celeste who I love as much as my mother,” Mir said.

“You have really thought this out haven’t you?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” she said, “in every detail.”

I walked over to her and kissed her firmly on the lips.

“All of you make me very happy. I love each of you and you know it. Is this the new model of a family unit; adults writing their own script?”

“Of course not,” said Mir. “And it never will be because people are too limited in their philosophies and too possessive in their nature. They will be talking about all of us for a millennium if not two.”

“Yes they will,” confirmed Celeste. “Of that I am certain.”

“Ladies I need a power nap and I am going to take it in the guest bedroom. Please wake me about ten minutes before we are to leave.”

“Carry on,” I said and disappeared into the guest bedroom.

I was so tired I could hardly walk. The energy was overwhelming to me. A lot was about to come through during this little nap.


The meeting was with all young rich kids, average age twenty, interested in an old man named WorldPeace and his WorldPeace Advocacy. I believed most if not all were there due to a personal interest in peace. I did not believe anyone was there because his or her parents insisted. These kids are independently wealthy due to trusts and other inheritances. They could not be bullied. In fact, I felt a lot of them were the black sheep of their families. Maybe some were present to irritate their parents.

“How many of you have to been to my web site, the WorldPeace Peace Page,” I asked.

All raised their hands, which surprised me.

“OK, you know who I am and what I am about so I will skip my standard intro,” I said.

“I always like to start with a core reality. Each of you will be dead within one hundred years. Think about that for a moment. You can’t stop it. You can’t cheat or wiggle you way out. In a hundred years that body of yours will give out, lay down on the ground like a sack of garbage and begin to deteriorate almost immediately.”

“This is a finite mortal reality. Everything born, everything that manifests in this reality begins to die and disintegrate.”

“So when you are feeling really up, remember, even though you feel like the king or queen of the world, the sands of your days on earth are running out of the hour glass and pouring onto the ground.”

“When you become lost in thought to the point that you feel that all your speculation about life is silly, just remember you are dying. Your body is dying.”

“Your soul that has incarnated into your body will live on. You already have immortality of spirit but no matter how well you take care of your body it is going to give out like your old toys, and your once new car. And just as when a car breaks down, you step out of it, when your body dies, your soul will step out of it.”

“In the spiritual realm, there is no time, only now. There is no space. Your spiritual body is sexless because souls cannot procreate and so no sex organs. In fact, this biological image you see in your mirror is adapted for earth. In heaven, you are just an energy field capable of taking on any form.”

“But nothing there seems real. It is a misty existence, smoky and a thin smoke at that. Only when you come to this reality does time become linear and space three dimensional and the five senses intensely electrify the soul.”

“Yes, you can go to your spiritual home and dream about a Big Mac and fries but it will never be like putting one in between your teeth and biting down. That experience, compared to the dream, is intense.”

“Go to the beach. Look at a sunset. Close your eyes and imagine a sunset. Open your eyes and experience a sunset. The experience is that you really focus on this truly indescribable beauty.”

“When you come into this dimension, your body has limitations. You can’t see like an eagle, smell like a dog. If you had an increased range of hearing the background static would be so overwhelming you could not concentrate. So the body gives you an intense sensory electrical jolt but the range of that sensory experience is limited on the upper and lower ends of the bell curve.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a candy store that you walked into for a limited time of around eighty earth years.”

“That is how things are. Consider one more analogy. Life is like a multiplex theatre. You walk into the theater, heaven, and then you enter into a theater to watch a particular movie, life. When the movie is over you go out to the lobby, heaven, and hang out or go see another movie that is life.”

“The difference is in life on earth, and this is the exciting part, you write the script. And when your body dies and you exit the theater the only thing that comes out with you is the memory.”

“When you die, you go out just like you came it; naked and maybe screaming.”

Everyone laughed.

“All the major religions, ninety percent of the world human population, accept that at the time of death, your first task is a life review. You get to watch a movie of what you did and didn’t do in total recall detail.”

“I am not going to talk about heaven and hell or nirvana at this point. All I am saying is there is a review at the end of life. The core questions of life on earth, one that most people ignore is, what are you going to do with your life? What kind of life story have you written, and what life you are living?”

“You can become anything you want; you can do anything you want. The universe is neutral. It forces can be used for any purpose. So what are you going to do with your life?”

“When I was a lot younger than you, I had a horrible thought. I thought about a grave, and me in it. The marker said, “Here lies John WorldPeace, he counted other people’s money.” I have an accounting degree. And then I went down a whole list of one liners for my tombstone and all seemed to add up to a mundane safe life.”

Helen Keller who was born blind and deaf and who went on to accomplish truly miraculous things said, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing.”

“I did not want to just have an interesting life. I want to have an outside the box life of making a difference. I am not an egomaniac. I just felt I had a lot of talent and I needed to use those blessings for a worthy purpose. I always believed, since I was eight years old, that I had a global destiny but I did not know in what area or capacity.”

“I thought at first about being an evangelist but it just did not feel right. To make it feel right it would have to be a lot larger in scope and more concrete.”

“When I was about forty, WorldPeace clearly became my vehicle but what that meant I did not know. After changing my name, I realized or recognized that there were three areas in the world human society that determined the level of peace in the world; politics, religion and the law.”

“I also felt that I needed to be a part or a participant in those fields to be able to draw any valid conclusions as to why they had not manifested WorldPeace to any greater degree than the level of peace two thousand years ago. All these areas seemed to be presently stuck in the mud.”

“I have a degree in political science and I ran for governor of Texas. I have a law degree and I practiced law for twenty years. I have studied world religions enough to have earned a PhD plus I have put those philosophies to the test. I have learned a few things and so I have a few things to say.”

“Over the last twenty years my WorldPeace focus has evolved into what I call the WorldPeace Advocacy. You have to understand I had no model to go on. Many people have advocated peace and done some amazing things but all were part of a local political, religious bias. There has never been an individual like me who is not oriented or biased toward one nation or religion or race or gender.”

“Yes I am an American and as of last night also a Frenchman and a Russian because these nations made me a full citizen. I am a spiritual Christian but not a religious one. I was born White but I don’t have a White agenda. I am male but I am the world’s foremost advocate of women’s equality.”

“The point I am making is that I have a big dream, one that is bigger than I will be able to fully accomplish. As the last twenty-two years have gone by, I have refined that gross destiny into a specific plan of action. And that plan of action is picking up the pace and people are being drawn to the WorldPeace Advocacy. People are beginning to embrace a vision of the possibility of WorldPeace or at least an increased level of peace.”

“My headstone will have two lines I guess. ‘I am John WorldPeace which is the global succinct all inclusive sum of my life: WorldPeace’. And another line will say, ‘He was an advocate for peace and WorldPeace.’”

“Now I have to live up to that epitaph.”

“Within the WorldPeace Advocacy are many projects. There is a project for you. People are hungry, in pain, suffering, alone. Most have little hope about the future. They are crying out for help. And this applies to homeless people and presidents too.”

“There is much work to be done. I pray each day for helpers, true believers. The harvest is great but the workers are few.”

“My point here is to choose a worthy life then engage it. Consider your epitaph. Choose an impossible dream. And when your life is about to close, be able to say you tried. Be able to say you gave every hour sixty minutes of distant run.”

“Be a point of light and take that through the portal of death with you. Take the road less traveled. Make a difference.

“Thank you for your interest and attention.”

Everyone stood up and clapped.

I walked around and began to shake everyone’s hand. They got the message. One or more would embrace it and act. That was all I could expect. But that was all that would be necessary.

After about thirty minutes of individual chatting everyone had left.


“John I did not know how such a young group would respond to you but I should have,” Jeremy said. “You are young at heart and I see those young companions of yours. I should have known.”

“You can connect with anyone. I see that now. You are WorldPeace. You are all inclusive in your advocacy and your life. I am finding no bias in you except one for peace. Money, race, religion, educations, material things make no difference to you. Everyone is a human being to you and the young are given as much respect as the seniors.”

“We are all ancient souls Jeremy,” I said.

“Things are going to begin to get very exciting,” he said.

“John tonight’s meeting is going to take place at a friend of mines. There will be over sixty people there. Obviously they won’t fit into my condo. I think half our meetings will be elsewhere from now on. I hope this does not cause you any inconvenience,” Jeremy said.

“Not at all,” I said.

“John the word is spreading and there are just too many people who want to see you and hear you speak. I have friends of my friends who want to attend. It will be hard to maintain an informal atmosphere with that many people and we will need to begin about 1830 with the reception line.”

“Quite frankly I don’t know how large the gathering will be by the end of the marathon as you call it. You are picking up momentum very rapidly. The French and Russian citizenships gave you a huge boost and the word of your peace rally next weekend is spreading all over Europe.”

“John your team is going to have to begin to help me with the logistics. It’s just too big for me now. There are not enough hours in the day to respond to everyone.”

“I understand,” I said, “we can handle it. We will do what is necessary.”


“John,” Cathy said, “The timing for this may be perfect. Vernon LeCompte pressed me hard to see us between this meeting and the one tonight. He has a couple of people coming with him. They may be able to help with these logistics. We are going to have to set up a second tier of workers. We might as well start now.”

“John,” Debra said, “my data base is ready. I have a global data base of all peace organizations.”

“We have Jeremy’s friends, Vernon LeCompte’s contacts and the rest of the world. We are growing exponentially John and by the end of next week, I really don’t know how big this will be. But we are under staffed and right now the most coordinated labor pool is the one containing the peace activists.”

“John,” Celeste said, “within a month you will be known all over the world. As hectic as things have been, it will seem like you were on a vacation. Whether you will go back to America in the near future is questionable.”

“Marshall,” she said, “may I suggest that you plan on staying until after the peace rally and I suggest you bring My-Le over here immediately. Not pushing but you are going to have to make a career decision within the next ten days. All kinds of things are happening.”

“It is like a subtle chain reaction spreading through the global village. Once the peace rally takes place, it will be like an asteroid blast to the planet. The shock wave will reach every corner of the world.”

“John,” Mir said, “Something is about to happen within the global village that is beyond conception. The Director is being flooded with calls now. My friends are keeping me posted. So I am speaking from my psychic and from real time contacts at the Kremlin. I agree with Celeste’s vision. We are viewing the same vision.”

“Well Celeste, Mir, can we handle it? Should we back off some?” I asked.

“John,” said Celeste, “you can’t stop it. Jeremy has been the catalyst. There is absolutely no doubt about it. But you have made it happen because his friends have totally embraced you. We need a lot of help for what is coming next week.”

“And there is danger too John,” said Mir. “You seem too much like the antichrist to ignorant people. We have to work fast and hard to distinguish you from the nonsense in the Christian book of Revelation. You don’t fit the profile and people must see that up front. It is potentially a very dangerous situation.”

“We are going to have to flood the Internet with emails once we establish a website with our message. I have a global database and Debra has a database which will go a long way to spreading the truth about John WorldPeace before the lies can find a foothold.”

Everyone just looked at each other.

“Jeremy I think we should combine the Saturday morning meeting with the afternoon meeting if possible,” I said, “I am going to need more time with the Director. Also, I am going to need daily time for this peace gathering so maybe we should combine all the meetings next week into a morning or afternoon meeting, but not three a day. I do not want to upset anyone or disappoint.”

“John I have been setting these daytime meetings up about three days in advance. I have been putting out feelers a week in advance on a proposed meeting then confirming at three days. So it will be no problem to change things.”

“I will also enlarge the invitees during the day. So we will probably have two large meetings Monday through Friday next week. I have only an evening event scheduled Sunday night. We can have Sunday for a major planning session.”

“That sounds good. I am glad we will not be disappointing anyone.”

“John, I agree with Celeste. You will be global news within a month if not sooner,” Jeremy said.

“I think we have created a monster,” I said.

But it is a very good monster Celeste and Mir said at the same time and then smiled at each other.

“OK,” I said. “Let us go talk to Vernon LeCompte.

“Cathy we are going to need a place to meet with all these people. The condo is not going to be large enough. You all think about it. Everyone sees an explosion in activity. We need a place to accommodate these people. I think an office building may be needed.”

“I have the perfect place,” said Jeremy. “It was a campaign headquarters six months ago and has not been touched; phones, offices. It is all you need.”

“OK, Cathy it’s your project,” I said.

“John, Cathy is overloaded, I will take it,” Francois said.

“That is fine. I probably need to stay out of this part. You all have done a perfect job so far. That is what you all always do. Sorry.” I said.

“No problem, we love you,” Francois blew me a kiss.

“Well let’s go meet Vernon,” I said.

Within five minutes we were all in the limo on the way to the condo. It was a very noisy ride. Everyone was talking over everyone else.


Marshall looked at me and I smiled. He just shook his head. I felt he had the look of someone who just landed on another planet in another time.

Debra called Vernon and told him we would be at the condo in ten minutes.

“Where is he?” I asked.

“At the Little Café,” Debra said.

“That’s walking distance from the condo,” said Francois.

“OK, it is 1545 so we have about one and a half hours to talk,” I said.

“Should be enough,” said Debra.

When we arrived at the condo, Vernon and two women were waiting at the gate.

All the angels got out, then Marshall and then me.

One of the women, about thirty, said, “Dr. WorldPeace, I am Irene Bracko. I thought a modeling agency had driven up. I was not expecting such beautiful women on the cutting edge of a peace movement.”

“I will take what I can get,” I said smiling.

I reached for the other lady’s hand and she introduced herself as Racine Smythe.

I then shook Vernon’s hand and we all moved into the condo with Marshall and I bringing up the rear.

We moved to our kitchen meeting area. Cathy started the coffee and Alicia retrieved about five folding chairs from the closet. Apparently someone had just bought them because I had not seen them before. They were black metal with red padding on the seat and back. They looked comfortable.”

Racine who looked to be about forty with no makeup but dressed in a blue business suit was looking at everyone trying to figure out who was who.

“Racine, Irene,” I said, “let me introduce everyone. Celeste, Francois whose condo this is, Cathy, Alicia, Janice, Debra, Mir, and my son Marshall.”

They all nodded to each other.

“Vernon go ahead and put your things on the table. You and Irene and Racine please sit at the table,” I said.

I then sat at the head of the table. Marshall to my left, then Janice and Debbie with her ever present lap top and Celeste at the other end of the table. Alicia stood behind Debra and Janice. Cathy stood behind me.

“Coffee will be a few more minutes,” said Cathy as she placed the pastries, napkins, forks and such on the table.

“How have you been,” I asked Vernon.

“Fine but very busy. This is going to be a huge rally John. We feel we are very organized but this thing is exploding.”

Racine said, “I have been involved in peace groups and gatherings for twenty-five years and I have never seen anything like what is happening.”

“What is driving it?” I asked.

“You of course,” said Irene.

“I am essentially an unknown. How can I be driving it?” I asked.

“Yes but many of our people are well placed in government and the drafts of your books are circulating and word was out last night that you are now a French and Russian citizen. Believe me, government bureaucrats know that is a huge barrier that you have just hopped over.”

“And Mir is well known. Her father has been bragging how his daughter is working directly with John WorldPeace and the WorldPeace Advocacy. That spread through the Internet in Europe like wildfire,” said Vernon.

“John I must tell you,” said Debra, “It seems Mir is a real peace celebrity in Eastern Europe.”

“Is that true Mir?” I asked.

“I have been at this all my life it seems; since I was eight,” she said. “I know a lot of people.”

“Believe me Mir, I have seen pictures of you,” said Racine, “but I never realized that you are a stunning beauty. You just don’t find many beautiful women in the peace movement, especially one who is as engaged as you. I sincerely admire what you have done and your unquestionable devotion to peace.”

“And being Russian makes you quite an enigma. People think of you as the peace ambassador from Russia. And they of course know your father is at the top of the Russian government. He is a very well respected man East and West.”

“Thank you,” said Mir.

“John, Mir has worked tirelessly for peace for a very long time. You will be amazed when you see her resume’,” Vernon said.

I looked at Mir, “And very humble it seems as well. So I guess we are going to be billed as Mr. and Ms. WorldPeace.”

“Something like that,” said Irene.

“OK, so the citizenship thing, the books and the enlistment of Mir have significantly intensified this project,” I said.

“Yes,” said all three.

Mir walked around the back of my chair and kissed me on the top of my head.

“There is only one WorldPeace,” she said.

No one spoke. Everyone was trying to figure out what was going on between Mir and I.

“I see my little peacenik likes to play with people’s heads as well,” I said and laughed.

“Well I am glad we are a team and not opponents. No head of state will refuse her an audience.”

“Better not,” Mir said.

Cathy put two carafes of coffee on the table and gave everyone a cup and saucer.

“You know I was not aware of Mir’s notoriety,” said Celeste. “And I am just now realizing that she is every bit as driven as John. They may not be Mr. and Ms. WorldPeace but Drs. WorldPeace might work.”

“You going to change your last name aren’t you Mir?” said Celeste.

“I was going to ask John first. But yes. I have been waiting to meet him for ten years to ask.”

I looked up at her,” Do it! You don’t need my permission. There is a lot I don’t know about you my dear,” I said smiling.

“Well you haven’t known me but twelve hours John. I have known you on paper for ten years.”

“With your connections, will you have it done by tomorrow or will it be next week?” I asked.

“Now that I have you permission,” she paused and pulled out her cell phone, pushed an auto dial button. I heard someone say ‘hello’. ‘Go’ Mir said and hung up.

“Ten minutes John.”

I stood up and grabbed her hand and shook it and said, “Nice to meet you Dr. WorldPeace.”

“Thank you, Dr. WorldPeace,” she replied and kissed me firmly on the mouth to everyone’s amazement.

I raised my cup of coffee and said, “To WorldPeace,” took a sip and handed it to Mir who said, “To John WorldPeace, may you live forever.” And took a sip and handed the cup back to me.

“OK, now that we have that business taken care of, what do we need to talk about Vernon?” I asked.

“John, forgive me. I need a minute to process what just happened. I think I just witnessed some historical event, a watershed moment.”

“Alright then let’s all take a break, get some coffee and pastries. We have cake, wine, water also if you like. Let us take about a fifteen minute break.”

As I moved away from the table, Marshall followed and took my arm and pulled me into the next room.

“Jesus Dad, is this all really happening? Everybody I know up until you came to France hated you; even my brothers and sister. All these people adore and love you. They all have faith in you. They already consider you their leader. And Mir, she is a very independent and focused woman not to mention stunningly beautiful.”

“Everyone in there is stunned but under that they are all excited. They can see that your peace movement has two strong leaders now and they can see that you and Mir are going to force some changes on the world. It makes her a target too now on her own and as a close associate of yours, if not a surrogate wife.”

“Dad the variables are shaking around like crazy. It is hard to keep track of how everything fits in when things change by the hour. I need to keep notes so I can write my own book.”

“I think you are right. We probably need someone to keep track of how all this came together.”

“Dad I really don’t know what to say. It is just too much to take in. But you are as casual about it as you were about your heart attack and going to jail. I really don’t know you.”

“Well, you don’t need to know me. All you need to know is I love you,” I said as I gave him a hug.”

“I love you too dad,” he said.

“It will all work out and make sense. God is driving the WorldPeace Advocacy. I am just the front man.”

I hugged him again and we went back into the kitchen and sat down.


When I sat down, I had both Cathy and Mir standing behind me.

“OK, Vernon you have the floor,” I said.

“John, I think we could produce five hundred thousand people by next weekend,” he said.

Debra, Mir, what do you think?” I asked.

“There are three and a half million names in the database,” said Debra.
There is probably twice that many curiosity seekers in Europe. They have a good network here in Europe and we will pull from the US too.”

“I believe it,” I said.

Mir said, “Piece of cake if we decide that is the number. Debra’s database can send a tantalizing email. We can do it. The number is real.”

“It will take a week with those numbers to get all the logistics in order.” I said.

“John,” said Francois, “you have all the political connects and money you need to make it happen. There are plenty of backers. Its really creating the hierarchy of staff for the event that is going to be a challenge. You are going to need to have about five thousand workers for the event.”

“Police will be expensive. But John your books will fly off the shelves. I don’t know if Harper can translate the book and get fifty thousand in distribution in ten days. The books will pay the expense of the event.”

“You want to call them and take this task on,” I asked Francois

“Sure,” she said.

“I don’t think we need it in French by next week. Most of the French who would be interested are literate in English.”

“You are right. But we need the books out anyway because apparently they are circulating in the underground already.”

“OK, you got the ball.” I said.

“Proceed,” I said to Vernon.

“We only have one place that big John, maybe two,” said Vernon.

“If we had to rent a field outside the city we can do that. God will point the way on that. Jeremy, Francois and Cathy have the connections to get the place, permits and so on.”

“What else?” I asked.

“John we keep hearing the words messiah and antichrist,” said Vernon.

“I know we were discussing that this morning. We will have some things on the Internet to counter it. I was not born of a virgin, did not descend from heaven, I am not a Jew even though I have Jewish ancestors and I am living with seven women at last count, not to mention I curse. That takes away the messiah part. I am not a politician, nor a religionist. I am not going to endorse any politician and I can show you that I don’t have a red forked tail,” I said with a chuckle.

“All that’s true John but your WorldPeace agenda is the antichrist agenda. Or I should say the facades are the same.”

“I know that is a very real issue. Stupid isn’t it. Like the Pharisees saying Jesus casts out demons by the Prince of Demons. Why would Satan actually promote WorldPeace?”

“That being said, fanatics can spin the truth in any way they want. People hate peace anyway. It is all fuzzy logic to use the words of George Bush. Of course all logic was fuzzy to George.”

Everyone chuckled.

“And by the way I am anti establishment. I won’t be endorsing any chips in the wrist or forehead or wanting to tattoo people with the number 666. Marshall is a top cop. He will tell you I am a true liberal and not a fascist. And yes I know that Communism was a product of Jewish liberals.”

“I can defend against all these accusations but I fear the Christian fundamentalist the most. If Jesus Christ himself appears they will try to kill him; same song second verse.”

“And also John you are advocating your Purple Order of Spiritual Christians.”

“Yes but that has an absolute prohibition against bureaucracy and talking politics at the meetings.”

“I agree John but it is a spiritual movement contrary to traditional religion and another antichrist agenda to destroy the church; so WorldPeace and Purple Order equals John WorldPeace antichrist in the minds of many.”

“This irritates me. Not at you. I have been dealing with it for twenty-one years since I changed my name.”

“Celeste, what do you think?” I asked.

“I say he is right. All you say is true John but the WorldPeace political issues and the Purple Order religious issues are right in line with the antichrist myth. And you attack the Catholic Church over subordination of women, the destruction of Indigenous societies, the Crusades and the Inquisition and their hand against condoms which increases AIDS and increases the birth note in our overpopulated world. Your message John is the antichrist message.”


“I have to agree, John.”

“So what is the solution?” I asked.

No one spoke.

“Well with Dr. Mir WorldPeace we have the yin yang of antichrist. She is not in the Book of Revelation. And I have not performed any public miracles,” I said.

“It is the message, the message, the message; WorldPeace and Purple Order. John those are the core antichrist issues.”

“Well unfortunately, for the first time, I clearly see that,” I said.

“The truth is,” Celeste said, “We have to just trust in God and monitor it very closely. As this matter unfolds we will be shown what to do.”

“I agree but my concern is that every one of you, and especially Mir are now targets for God knows how many insane Christian fundamentalist. “Kill the antichrist and go to heaven and there are those very real Muslim assassins.”

“Vernon, Irene, Racine, do you think I am the antichrist?”

“I don’t know,” said Racine.

“Then why are you supporting me?” I asked.

“Because I don’t know,” she said.

“I doubt you are the antichrist,” said Irene.

“Definitely not,” said Vernon.

“And what about my team?” I asked.

“It does not matter to me John,” said Francois.

“Not,” said Marshall.

“Don’t care,” said Janice and Alicia.

“I am not into religion,” said Alicia.

“No,” said Celeste, “and I do care, No.”


“I think it is a stupid mindset embraced by ignorant Jesus freaks.”


“Definitely not. Ridiculous.”

“I am afraid that attempting to address the issue may make it worse. So I feel right now that I should, and everyone on my team should, refuse to even comment.”

“One positive thing, this issue will sell a lot of books. People will be searching everything I ever wrote or painted looking for clues and confirmation.”

“And now that you bring it up John,” Vernon said, “you have some really unique art, lots of icons and symbolism and dragons which is another antichrist symbol.”

“Hell you are beginning to convince me that I am the antichrist,” I said.

“Back in 1988, a psychic, a very good psychic I knew who channeled various entities was asked that question by me; ‘If I was the antichrist.’ An entity very powerfully took over and said emphatically that I was not.”

“There is some more evidence that I have been given that confirms that I am not. Evidence I believe about my destiny and the fact that I will not be martyred. But that doesn’t mean there will not be some close calls.”

“Also, John,” said Irene, “You are pro Palestinian and therefore anti Jewish and another antichrist issue.”

“The evidence piles up doesn’t it,” I said.

“The truth is that John wrote Revelation on the Isle of Patmos where people went to smoke the sacred mushroom and have visions. Plus Revelation is repetitive and written by more than one person. All these details are just hallucinations.”

“The dragon is a world symbol deeply integrated in the Far East,” I said, “Half the global village embraces it as a positive symbol.”

“One way to counter this is to keep a daily journal of what I do. And for me to write a daily post on Twitter that absolutely will not be in line with any antichrist model. But again as an ex lawyer, I know that all words can be twisted. All criminal defendants get screwed when they try to testify.”

“The Pharisees hammered Jesus for healing on Sunday and casting out demons. I expect the same treatment. The Apostle Paul was treated just as badly.”

“The Purple Order has no structure John but as the one who conceived it, there will be an acknowledgement of you as the founder,” Vernon said.

“It is a lay concept similar to the third order of Franciscans,” I said.

“Yes but you are not St. Francis, John,” said Celeste.

“And he was not a saint when he was alive,” I said.

“Well we are going to have to get a team of religionists together and have a discussion. Who wants to take on that project? Not you Dr. Mir for obvious reasons.”

“John,” said Mir, “I am the only one who knows as much about the issue as you.”

“You will come off like the devil’s wife and you will trash your good name. Changing your name to WorldPeace, you will see is a huge liability that will subject you to hatred.”

“Marshall tell her what you told me,” I said.

“I told you to change your name back. It wasn’t worth the hell you have endured because of being John WorldPeace,” he said.

“Then why did you not discourage me John?” Mir asked.

“Because he knew it was your destiny Mir,” said Celeste.

Mir and I looked at each other saying nothing. She moved closer to me and put her hand around my waist.

“We are pariahs together,” she said.

“That you are,” said Celeste, “God help us all truly.”

“John I hate to keep adding fuel to this but Celeste is a prophet, as in being characterized as a false prophet who promotes the antichrist. And please forgive me Celeste, you are black,” said Vernon.

“I know,” she said, “I have been seeing all kinds of ugly things during this conversation. But one thing I have not seen is any of us being killed or even seriously injured. From a spiritual viewpoint, society is going to have to go through a transitional purging prior to evolving to the next level. But it is just a passing convulsion. People must be purged before the global village can be uplifted. And now I see John, Mir and myself being the focal point of all the craziness. Just like you said, I am the evil false prophet. The new factor is the female Dr. WorldPeace. The antichrist is now male/female, yin/yang.”

“I hate this discussion.” I said.

“OK, Vernon, Irene, Racine you in or out,” I asked.

“In,” said Vernon

“In,” said Racine

“In,” said Irene.

“Well then we need to proceed. Maybe we need a daily meeting to discuss things because we will be moving fast now. We will have to take it one step at a time.”

“I would like to find an advisory team, one that is qualified to discuss all aspects of this Second Coming, Apocalypse matters. People who are not true believers, we need the Devil’s Advocates.”


“I am a fighter John. I am especially a warrior against ignorance, until death do us part,” she said.

Everyone looked at her.

“As we say in Texas Mir, ‘you are stronger than horse radish.’”

Everyone chuckled.

“Full steam ahead,” I said. “I have absolute faith and no fear. Onward.”

Everyone got up and I walked Vernon, Racine and Irene to the door.

“God is with us,” I said. “Keep the faith.”

I shook their hands as they walked out the door.

“Please be alert. I am sure you are being watched. Be vigilant.” I said.

They did not respond but looked at each other as they walked back to the café.


I returned to the kitchen. Everyone was stretching their legs.

“Does anyone want out? No hard feelings.” I said.

Everyone said no emphatically.

“John I know you. I made love to you. I am not religious. You are a good man. All this antichrist stuff is ignorance. Stupidity,” Alicia said. I can’t imagine you deliberately harming anyone.”

“I agree with you totally,” I said.

“Ladies we must begin to cut down the surveillance. I have some important things to talk about to Mir and Debra on this matter but going into the bedroom to talk usually goes beyond talk,” I smiled.

“I have an idea how to slow down these antichrist attacks. Most of our problems are going to come from American fundamentalist, TV evangelists. They are the ones that have to be closed up; shut up I mean; the billion dollar Jesus shows. If we can keep them quiet it will make our lives a lot easier and a lot safer. Debra and Mir are the key to that strategy.

“In addition, we need someone or maybe three independent someone’s, to make a list of what is the conventional wisdom on what the messiah, antichrist and false prophet look like. Also, we need to know the signs of the end times like rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem. But the most important research is a profile on the three main characters in the expected coming drama.”

“Every time I think about what I know about Revelation, I see more connections people can twist. Supposedly Armageddon is about a final battle with invaders from Gog and Magog; Russia and China. Now I like dragons which are associated with China and we now have Mir on board who is Russian. See how things can be twisted,” I said.

“We get the profiles and then post them on the Internet. We have two columns with each profile; one for the messiah, one for me, one for the antichrist, one for me; one for the false prophet one for me but we need in reserve a comparison between the false prophet and Celeste.”

“Once we have this I can use it, point people to it. And I can do things that will be counter to expectations of these main characters in the end times drama.”

“These researchers need to be contacted by an ultra conservative fundamentalist so we don’t arouse suspicion. Or more to the point, someone who appears to be an ultraconservative fundamentalist.”

“Cathy from now on I am going to assign you as follow up on all projects. I don’t care who does what as long as it gets done but I need one source of updates to cut down the confusion. I am going to want a daily update on progress.”

“We are moving fast and increasing speed. We can drop the ball. Like it or not this is a dangerous business because people hate and fear peace. And they will focus on the advocate; that being me and in very soon Mir.”

“Jesus was crucified in the logical linear dimension because he challenged the Jewish bureaucracy. He associated with sinners and conversed with women, healed on the Sabbath, overturned the money tables in the Temple court yard, did not wash his hands before eating.”

“I am not Jesus, but I am challenging the religious establishment, creating a spiritual lay alternative to religious Christianity, challenging the law and politics. I am screaming in many ways about money issues, the Emperor has no clothes.”

“And my opponents, enemies and nemesis know that only death will shut me up.”

“I believe that my daughter is going to be a problem and maybe my oldest son Brian. He is a fundamentalist.”

“David, my youngest son is vicious; a real snake. He thinks religion is silly as do many engineer types. So we may be attacked by David but not form a religious position.”

“I have much going on in my head right now as you can see. It was good we had that meeting with Vernon. I could see some fear in all of them. They were wondering what they were getting involved in. The fat is in the fire. They can not shut down the gathering now. And they all of a sudden realized they are the main connect between me and everyone else.”

“They left here feeling a bit better but both of those women, especially Racine is anxious. But they are greedy too. If I am not the antichrist or false prophet, which I am not, they don’t want to be left out in the cold. They have been peace activists too long. They crawled to the top of the peace pyramid and they like it up there.”

“And there is the reality that they really do want peace and they know nothing tried to date has increased the peace in thousands of years. They are walking a tight rope.”

“You are absolutely right John,” said Celeste. Already your innate ability to accumulate power has begun to show. I am sorry to say it but to date your life looks like a failure culminating in the humiliation of a year in jail. But as people listen to you and read the story of your life and see that you did not try to go to jail but you were determined to be engaged, they are going to lean toward you and not away from you, and people love under dogs.”

“Since you have a global agenda, the world leaders especially the USA recognize that you will have more power over world affairs than the President of the United States; and believe me that scares the hell out of a lot of people.”

“America in many ways looks fascist. And you are considered the premier liberal. But more importantly is the power gathering around you. I have no doubt myself and I know they see that had you appeared on the scene about six months prior to the Iraq war like you are now, there would not have been a war.”

“The military industrial complex and the oil industry would have led the way to your destruction.”

“They also know you want to open up Cuba and pour money into Palestine. The Cuban exiles and Jews are behind those two issues and both are politically powerful. Yes you have to be careful. I know you have the world’s best interest in mind and the Director knows you are a practical man; so far so good. That will be a very important meeting on Saturday.”

“Well,” I said, “it seems that in twenty-four hours we have gone from a really good idea with momentum to a player on the world stage. The peace rally will take us to the next level.”

A big problem my enemies have is that they can’t marginalize me by saying I have a social, national, religious, racial or gender bias. I don’t and since I don’t I am truly the world’s first global peace advocate.”

“I know we can go only so fast. I am in for the long run. Most peace activists who have been martyred like Gandhi, King and Rabin were pushing for too much change too fast. I am acutely aware of that.”

“Anything else?” I asked.

No one responded.


“OK let me talk to Debra and Mir,”. I said as I moved toward the guest bedroom.

Debra and Mir followed me inside and I closed the door.

“OK girls put your heads together literally so I can whisper to both of you at the same time.” When they did, I said, “Debra we have to identify these radio, TV evangelists. And then we have to hack into their financials and download it all.”

Mir we have to make it look like it’s come from the CIA. We can’t get caught with our hands in the cookie jar. When we get the info we need to build a web site for each evangelist. If he attacks us, we go public with the web site but it has to come out of Russia and no links to track back to us. If one attacks us we may need to post three or four sites so it does not look like retaliation.”

“All these evangelists are con artist. The evidence is in the financials.”

“I can do the hacking,” Debra said.

“I can take care of the Russian connects. I will have it tonight,” said Mir.

“John you amaze me,” said Mir. “You can be very ruthless. I had not seen that. I saw your fights with the Presbyterian Church, the State Bar and the Democratic Party and a few opposing attorneys. But now I see you have no problem being vicious and predatory.”

“This is the real world Mir. Everyone who gained a major peace platform has been killed. Jesus was the ultimate example. I am prepared to do what I need to do short of murder. I will play by the rules defined by my opponents. If they attack I will respond. I have enough support and brainpower now to protect myself. Two wives and a son left me naked and alone in Indian country and I was illegally caged. I am a quick learner.”

“I am a peace activist not a peace pacifist.”

“I am really hot for you John,” said Mir. “All this turns me on.”

“Well all we have is ten to fifteen minutes so you have to be satisfied with a five minute quickie,” I said.

“Offer accepted,” said Mir, “as she immediately stripped off her clothes.

Debra began to take my clothes off.

“Whatever she gets, I want twice as aggressively,” said Debra.

“OK. My pleasure,” I said.

“And when he finishes with you Debra, I will want some of you,” said Mir.

“We will have some of each other,” said Debra.

“I have created some monsters,” I said as Mir pulled me into bed and on top of her.

“You did not create the monster, John,” said Mir.

“You just opened your cages and allowed us to run free,” said Debra.

I did my part and then took a quick shower. When I finished they had just finished and were lying in bed silently catching their breath, sweat dripping from their bodies. I walked out of the room and closed the door.

Celeste was there and said, “Hello Marathon Man,” and embraced me.

“You are my everything,” she said. “I love you.”

“And I love you Celeste,” I said, “witchy woman.”


As per usual, everyone was ready by 1800.

We got into the limo and drove off. I was eager to see the new meeting place. It was an estate of about twenty-five acres with a forty room villa on it. We had arrived a bit early at Jeremy’s request.

“Do you know the person who owns this estate,” I asked Francois.

“Yes, his name is Henri Montaine. This estate has been in his family for three hundred years. He is a banker about fifty-five, very distinguished. His wife died about three years ago. He keeps two women. Not quite the man you are in that area sweetheart.”

Everyone smiled.

We stopped in front and exited the limo as Carl opened the door. I noticed all the ladies were dressed a bit more formal than how they normally dressed for these evening affairs.

Jeremy was at the door to greet us. He seemed excited and happy. We were taken to a very large room, maybe thirty by forty feet. There were small tables and chairs around the outside of the room. The mounding had gold inlay on it. There were mirrors floor to the ceiling, which was ten feet high. This made the room look even bigger. The furniture and décor was nineteenth century French, very elegant and ornate.

After about five minutes a tall slim man with solid white hair entered with two women and came over to us. Marshall and my angels were standing right behind me except for Celeste who was on my right holding my arm.

“Dr. WorldPeace I presume,” he said as he reached out to shake my hand. “I am Henri Montaine.”

“Count Montaine, it is a pleasure to meet you and an honor to be your guest.”

“Let me introduce Maime and Rochelle,” he said.

I reached out to shake each of their hands. They were both very attractive women in their mid thirties, both were brunettes.

“Count this is my son Marshall MacPherson,” I said and paused as they shook hands.

Marshall said, “Very pleased to meet you sir. He then shook the hands of the women as they extended their hands to him smiling.”

“And,” I said, “this is Celeste.”

“A pleasure,” he said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, the rumors about your companions were understated. I was told they were all very intelligent and very attractive. Attractive is the wrong word. Beautiful and stunning is much more appropriate. I congratulate you. I am most impressed. Truthfully, I am speechless.

“Welcome to my home, ladies,” he said.

“This is Maime and Rochelle,” he said as all the women began to shake hands.

“Please call me Henri. You have made quite an impression on everyone who has met you. I hear that your life is becoming very hectic. So I thought I should take this opportunity to introduce you to a group of my friends who are very interested in WorldPeace and are eager to help you in any way they can.”

“Thank you Henri. I will try my best not to disappoint any of them.”

“John we have some cameras focused on this area by the door. We think that is the best place for you to stand as you greet everyone,” said Jeremy.

“OK, I will stand there, then Celeste, Marshall, and the rest of my angels however they want to line up.”

Mir said, “John I will introduce myself as Mir WorldPeace so I would like to stand between Celeste and Marshall so we can see how to respond to questions that will be asked about me being your wife or daughter.”

“Mir that is fine with me. I just want Celeste next to me because she is the eldest. I am interested to see how people react. I think most will assume you are my daughter. I think you should simply introduce yourself and respond if they make a comment. I think on first glance they will think you are Marshall’s wife. They may even assume that even when they realize his name is not WorldPeace.”

“We will quickly see what works in these situations and act accordingly,” I said.

“Marshall I think you should introduce yourself as Marshall MacPherson. Dr. WorldPeace is my father; or Dr. WorldPeace’ son. Like with Mir, once we are through the reception of seventy-five people we will have it figured out for the future.”

“Mir you might try if asked something like “My name like John’s is about a commitment to peace as opposed to a statement of relationship.”

“That sounds good,” she said.

“Mir I know you will quickly figure out the best way to introduce yourself.”

“At least until you have my child,” I whispered past Celeste. “Then ‘mother of his son/daughter; may work. It is a serious issue. People who want to talk to me may decide to go through anyone of you and they need some sense of who is who.”

“There are thousands of these decisions to be made because we are doing something that has never been done. It is exciting to me creating on this level in the world human society.”

About that time the first guests began to arrive and the night began as everyone took their places.

The reception line worked very well. Some people came formally dressed. Ages ranged from twenty to ninety.

After everyone arrived, we pushed back dinner about thirty minutes and all my companions spread out among the guests. Each one of them was surrounded by the guests. Cathy stayed by my side attending to my needs.

The reception was great in the larger room. It gave people the opportunity to move around. Marshall attracted a lot of ladies and Mir attracted a lot if not all the men. And she was easy to spot being that she was one of the tallest people there plus her solid blond hair.”

The servants rang the dinner bell and we all moved to a second room about the same size. The tables were decorated as if it were a state dinner.

I was seated with Henri on my right and Jeremy to his right, then Celeste, Mir, Marshall and Cathy to my left. Janice, Alicia and Debra were seated among the guests.

The meal was a seven course meal with pheasant as the main entre. It goes without saying that it was exquisite and very formally served.

When everyone had finished their dessert, Jeremy introduced me and I stood to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen this has been a marvelous evening put on by our host Count Montaine.”

I turned to the count and said, “I and my companions sincerely thank you for your hospitality and I began to clap and others joined.

Henri stood and said,” The pleasure is all mine.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have a web site at You can find the basic information about me there. So I will not spend time on my credentials and the nature of the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“Before I begin, I want to tell you that I may sound like I am rambling this evening. As per usual before one of these gatherings I think about a topic and then I take a walk and work on the content in my mind. If I try to outline what I am going to say and then try to follow that outline, I am like a centipede trying figure out how to move a hundred legs as opposed to just walking. If he thinks about it, he moves very haltingly I am sure.”

“Once I consider the content, I massage it a bit and by the time I rise to speak I can let the material flow out on its own. This is the way I write, the way I give speeches, the way I paint.”

“The problem tonight is that after working on a talk all day it just has not come together enough. I think the reason is that so much has happened in the last two days. I just can’t align my thoughts.”

“The major events have been that I was given a full citizenship to France and Russia and I was told today that the peace rally we are going to have next Sunday, the 27th, may draw five hundred thousand people. What all this means is that I am about two years ahead of my projections. But truthfully this is what happens to my life when I fully focus on something.”

“However, for the first time in my life I am surrounded by some very intelligent and driven women whose energy seems to be boosting my energy. And things have moved into fast forward.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am essentially a misfit. I don’t fit into the local or global village very well. I have tried. I have an IQ in the top one percent. I have three university degrees. I have two marriages of nineteen years each. I have four children in their thirties. I have successfully started insurance, bookkeeping, tax, law and web design businesses that were up and running from scratch in less than three months and were basically all destroyed by family members who were working with me. I have been a soldier, run for governor of Texas, had a major heart attack twelve years ago, spent a year in prison, developed a credible artistic style and I have written over a dozen books.”

“I have done normal things in order to fit in or appear to fit in. But it has not worked.”

“All my businesses became boring within a year. The challenge escaped me. One of the reasons I chose to advocate WorldPeace in addition to my normal business pursuits is because I knew it was infinitely dynamic, global in scope and a worthy cause.”

“All my life I have wondered, ‘what is the point of life? Why am I here?’ and I have come up with a few answers.

“One, we are infinite immortal souls, incarnated in finite mortal human body.”

“Two, we incarnate because of the intensity of life in this reality. The spiritual dimension is really like a dream. It creates pleasant thoughts but dreaming about eating a hamburger and eating one are two completely different experiences.”

“Three when we incarnate, we generally get lost in this finite reality thinking it is the infinite reality. We get attached to things that are going to be stripped away when we die. And we will all die.”

“Four, the only thing you take out of this life is your experience. That is all.”

“Five, if we can find peace and understanding on an individual level we will automatically transfer it to the global village and the level of peace in the world human society will increase.”

“Therefore, WorldPeace and inner peace are connected.”

“These are the relevant basics of WorldPeace.”

“I am an advocate for peace. I am not a pacifist. I am the first global activist who is not biased in regards to race, religion, nationality or gender. I am trying to bring the whole global human society to a higher plane of existence. I am trying to uplift the whole global village.”

“Let me clarify something. I am White because I was born White but I do not advocate a White agenda. I am color blind. WorldPeace requires absolute inclusiveness of all races.”

“I am first an American because I was born an American but I do not have an American agenda. I have a global agenda. An American peace is not and never will manifest a global WorldPeace. Being an American is an exclusive elitist mindset. WorldPeace is a democratic (equality) all inclusive mindset. I do not have an American agenda even though I may promote some American issues as fostering global peace.”

“I am not biased toward a male dominated world society. But that being said, I am trying to create businesses and the WorldPeace Advocacy with as much as a ninety percent positive bias toward female employees. I have mostly women in my inner circle. No men other than my son and Jeremy. My son is not a full time peacenik of the WorldPeace stripe. I have a female bias because society, the global society, is handicapped because of the subordination of women. To rectify that, I am trying to promote highly qualified women to break the glass ceiling prohibiting full female participation in every aspect of the global human society. I will hire men. But they are going to have to be special men. And they are going to have to accept that they must work for women’s equality.”

“I am not biased with regards to any particular religion. Here is a legal nuance. Religion is not spirituality. Religion is corporate spirituality and as a result all religions are defective even though they do much good. I am not biased in regards to any particular religions because I embrace all religions. But I refuse to be a card carrying member of any religion.”

“Religions fail because the survival of the religion takes precedent over the spreading of the spiritual message of the founder when the two conflict.”

“Due to a belief in survival, the Catholic Church denies women full rights to participate in the clergy and is horrified at the thought of a female Pope. It is inconceivable. But the teachings of Jesus are absolutely pro woman’s equality.”

“I am a spiritual follower of Jesus.”

“It is easier to say I am a spiritual Christian than a spiritual follower of Jesus even though they are the same.”

“I have studied in depth all the sacred texts of the major religions and the lives of the founders. Jesus did three things no other advanced soul, son of God (noting again the male bias) has done. One, he had a ministry of healing and miracles. Two, he preached love and peace. Three, he appeared to many people after he died. The only true message worthy of any great soul is love one another. The objectives of the global society are peace globally. Peace globally is an all inclusive message.”

“Jesus presented himself after death for one reason. The reason was to remind everyone that this finite mortal reality is not the true reality. Jesus returned as spirit into this tangible universe and said look, here is the true reality. And the message was a wake up from confusion in the world. All this you see and experience is just temporary. So quit chasing after what has no true worth or value much less permanence.”

“The message of Jesus swallowed Judaism. In other words, Christianity incorporated Judaism, the Old Testament, modified it, evolved it per the teachings of Paul about Jesus.”

“The time has come for spiritual Christianity to swallow all the other religions. They are all valid and all limited in their concept of God and life and death.”

“The problem is that religious Christianity is exclusive and elitist and can never swallow the other religions.”

“But spiritual Christianity is inclusive and democratic because it is without a bureaucracy. Spiritual Christianity follows the teaching in the book of Hebrews where God says he has written his laws on the hearts and minds of human beings and they do not need to teach each other. All they have to do is look inside.”

“I have outlined what I call The Purple Order of Spiritual Christians. It is like the third order of the Franciscans, which is made up of lay people. But the Franciscan Order is within the bureaucracy of the Catholic Church. I am not a part of any religion.”

“The Purple Order is anti bureaucratic, no clergy, no assets, no doctrine, no dogma. Just followers of Jesus gathering in small groups to pray, relate miracles, sing and discuss the message of Jesus and other religions and spirituality.”

“So I am not biased toward any religion. They all have their place and function but I am a follower of Jesus. And I am a follower of Jesus because he is first among his peers which includes Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, and Moses. The message of peace healing and miracles and resurrection make this an undeniable truth. Jesus was the most advanced soul to have ever incarnated on this planet.”

“Christianity is about to enjoy a renewal worldwide of evangelism as a spiritual movement and it will swallow the other religions. People will be able to worship in a Buddhist temple and still be a spiritual Christian. This is a whole new concept with regards to religion and spirituality.”

“As the current religious Christians are really Jewish Christians, future spiritual Christians will be Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim Christians. Time will prove me right.”

“Also, the law is corrupt and politicians are too concerned about local issues that are detrimental to the global society. Both must change.”

“John WorldPeace, the misfit, is an advocate for WorldPeace. I have briefly outlined my agenda. It is an evolving agenda and an evolving WorldPeace Advocacy. I am in uncharted waters promoting global peace.”

“WorldPeace is one word. Until it is embraced as such it will remain conceptually two things and in order for the level of peace to increase in the world human society the concept must precede the reality. The present concept is that WorldPeace is an impossible dream”

“How can we manifest peace on earth if we don’t include everyone (all races, all religions, all nations, both genders) in our vision of peace? The answer is we can’t. An American peace will not manifest WorldPeace. A white Peace will not manifest WorldPeace. A religious Christian peace will not manifest WorldPeace and a male dominated global society is not going to increase the peace.”

“I am a misfit and this is my message. Love one another. Increase the peace on earth. Good will to all.”

“Thank you for your presence here tonight and you kind attention.”

Everyone in the room stood up and clapped. Jeremy and Henri came up to shake my hand and Mir and Celeste then Cathy and my other angels including Marshall came up and stood by me and around me.

It was a most excellent experience.

I asked everyone to go out and mingle with the crowd and get as much feedback as possible. Off they went but I noticed they did not get far without being surrounded by the guests. And many came up to shake my hand.


After everyone left, Jeremy and Henri asked if we could have a short meeting.

“Of course,” I said.

Henri took us to a large parlor that had coffee, liqueurs and such. The furniture was arranged in a circle so everyone had a seat. Cathy of course fixed my coffee and stood behind me. Celeste and Mir sat on either side of me on an antique couch for three.

“John,” said Jeremy, “we are thinking about combining Saturday evening with Sunday and adding about seventy-five more guests. We will have about two hundred here again this Sunday.”

“That is fine,” I said.

I am also going to combine all the daytime meetings into one like we have been doing but I would like to have some informal breakfast, brunches and lunches. They will last less than an hour and I would like you to speak for about ten minutes.”

“Fine,” I said.

“Also, John I think realistically we should cancel next Thursday and Friday night because you are all going to be very busy with last minute logistics for the rally.”

“Sound good,” I said.

“Definitely,” said Celeste.

“And we want to have a sort of grand finale Sunday night after the rally with about five hundred guests at a location to be determined. It may be John that it will be one thousand guests if the rally is as big a success as we think it will be.”

“OK, to that as well,” I said. “So I will have meetings tomorrow morning with Vernon, afternoon and tomorrow night, Saturday an afternoon meeting, nothing Saturday night. Let us say a breakfast brunch and lunch with a five minute speech if you will Sunday morning and a big meeting Sunday night. Meeting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, afternoon and in the morning nothing Monday through Thursday, nothing Thursday night or Friday. Peace rally Saturday and final gathering Sunday night of up to one thousand guests. Do you want that to be formal?” I asked.

“We can,” Jeremy said. “Ladies?”

“I think one dress up event would be a nice closure to this marathon,” said Celeste.

Everyone agreed.

“Jeremy, I think we need to keep the day meetings tentative, confirm twenty-four hours ahead.”

“I agree,” he said.

“What else,” I asked.

“Nothing you are so easy to work with,” said Jeremy.

“I am your guest Jeremy. I try not to forget that.”

“Thank you John,” said Jeremy.

“John,” said Henri, “I am totally impressed and all my guests who I had a chance to talk to had nothing but praise. I am going to help you as much as I can and I think that will be a lot.”

“John,” he continued, “I am going to suggest you set up some projects that will let people contribute their money to promote peace. And I am not talking about thousands but millions of dollars to start. Jeremy and I have been discussing it and we agree that you get people enthused and they want to do something and right now there is nothing you have for them to contribute to or participate in.”

“I know exactly what you are talking about. Give me a few days and I will have something to you.”

“Very good,” Henri said.

“And Henri I want to thank you sincerely for allowing us to meet here. This is a wonderful atmosphere. It was a perfect setting for a perfect evening.”

“Thank you John. I expect many more such events.”

“Well I think we need to go. The next few days are going to be hectic and I need more space to meditate and think. We are on a very lost track to next Sunday and the peace gathering.”

We all stood up and walked toward the front. I gave Jeremy a hug, shook Henri’s hand and we left.


“So ladies, Marshall, what do you think?” I asked.

“A dream come true,” said Mir, “a dream come true.”

“John everyone of us were covered up with people praising what you are doing and full of hope and wanting to be supportive,” said Celeste.

“Dad I am really having trouble with the reality of this and I am sorry to sound like a broken record. In America you are a criminal and hated and here these people seem to love and respect you. If I were not a part of it, I would not believe it. I will get My-Le up here by Wednesday. She has to see all this so she and I can discuss the future.”

“You need my help dad. And I want to be a part of this,” Marshall said.

“Yes I need your help but truthfully, I am apprehensive due to the fact that I have created so much chaos with the family in Houston.”

“John that is all behind you now,” said Celeste. “Marshall needs to be a part of this. It is why he incarnated as your son. You two go back together a very long time. You are living a very different life now. The time has come for your destiny to manifest.”

“Debra?” I said.

“Unbelievable John but frankly I am really covered up with the peace database and overall blocking the communication hub internally and with the FEDS and other world governments. I love it. The challenge is a dream for me. I will never be bored doing this.”

“I would also like to say that you with Celeste on one arm and Mir on the other sends a very powerful message to women young and old, not to mention women of color. We would all like to sit with you but in these kinds of events and especially the peace rally you need to create poster images. The fact that Mir has changed her name to WorldPeace is going to have a very powerful effect. I cant see exactly how. But it is important to the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“I agree,” I said, “but I want Cathy near me as well. I am used to it and I like and more importantly need her presence. And her position really requires it because of all the communications that I need to pass forward. I really guess it is only a problem in a sit down event where we are all on display.”

“I think it should be me, Mir and Celeste on either side and then Marshall and Cathy. I don’t know if Marshall should sit by Mir or Celeste. Next to Celeste there will be a suggestion of mother son and next to Mir husband and wife. We just try it and adjust accordingly to feed back.”

“There are a million factors I see now, things as simple as being appropriately dressed. I think all of you are going to need to upgrade your wardrobes. Money should be coming in shortly from everywhere.”

“Marshall and I will need tuxes for Sunday. See here again I want to start taking charge but I know you all will work it out.”

“John I don’t have the budget to keep up with the level of wardrobe needed for places like tonight. And quite frankly state dinners and functions are coming as well,” said Alicia.

“No one needs to worry about money for clothes. Put it out of your mind,” said Francois.

“Exactly,” said Cathy. “We will decide what we need and we will get it. Everyone here must be candid. Believe me money for clothes is not a problem or anything else requiring money for that matter.”

“I hate to bring this up in a way but you know I have not met anyone’s parents other than Mir’s father,” I said, “We need to do something about that I think, maybe now or after the peace gathering next Sunday. It is up to you. I just don’t want anyone to think I am not interested. That being said, I also don’t want to insert myself if it makes anyone uncomfortable.”

“It is in the works John,” said Cathy.

“OK, I am beginning to feel more like a king,” I said, “Maybe I need to see about being a duke or prince or count as long as I am not a ‘no account’ like in America.”

Everyone laughed.

“Jesus said a prophet is not known in his own family or town. How true,” I said.

“We arrived at the condo, went in and everyone got casual, some very casual.”

Marshall asked Francois if there was a gym near.

“Yes,” Francois said. “I can take you and set up a guest pass. It is only five minutes away. You could walk but I think that is too dangerous. Carl is going to have to go to work earlier if you want to work out in the morning.”

“I just don’t want to go another week without exercising,” Marshall said.

“What time do you want to go in the morning? I will go with you and show you around the place and introduce you,” Francois said.

“0400,” he said.

“Only for you,” Francois said. “I will tell Carl.”

“Dad I want to keep my routine. So I am going to bed.”

“I got up and hugged him and said, “I love you.”

“I love you, dad,” he said.

“It probably is best you go to bed, these kitty cats are getting frisky. All cats are creatures of the night,” I said.

“And Cathy while I am thinking about it, I think you need to consider Rose as an assistant. You need someone to help you. And you need someone now while things are still a bit slow. Unless of course you object to her or have someone else in mind.”

“Rose is fine John. I like her. I will see if she can do the work or if she wants to,” said Cathy.

“Who is Rose,” asked Mir.

“Rose and Linda became my friends with benefits in America right after I exited prison and before I came to France. They seemed to get along well with Francois and Cathy in America.”

“Yes we got along quite nicely,” said Cathy.

“Also, ladies, I can’t have sex with every woman I meet. We are going to have to come up with a plan for the next hierarchal level below each of you. Only the inner circle is going to be on my pleasure list. I don’t care about your relationships with others with us but upper management having sex with lower level employees is usually a disaster waiting to explode. So we need a policy. My goal is that all the businesses employ a million people. Of course many will be working from home. But ladies you cannot be intimate with people outside our inner circle who could be a security risk or even an assassin.”

“In the WorldPeace Advocacy, I think there will be a lot of talented people. I see about a thousand associates. We can’t expand our private lifestyle to a cast of hundreds even. And I know there is going to be a lot of candy walking around. So think about it. There really has to be some protocol and rules. I really don’t want to have a playboy womanizer image. I have avoided it all my life. And I did not run around on the Snake or Kay. There were some threesomes during both marriages, but very few.”

“I make love to all of you because I feel a strong connection. I am not into casual emotionless sex. I feel used in that situation and as I said, now it could be life threatening.”

“We might as well deal with these potential problems now. All of you will be running one aspect of the WorldPeace Advocacy or the business and we just can’t get a reputation as a bunch of hedonist. Not to mention crash and burn relationships that ripple through our little family and appear in the tabloids. I don’t want to read about my sexual escapades anywhere but in my novels.”

Everyone laughed.

“That being said, big daddy is sleeping in the big bed tonight, at least most of the night. Chose your position,” I said.

“What time will Vernon be here in the morning,” I asked Cathy.

“About 0800,” she said.

“OK, ladies, let the game begin.”

“John I am going to sleep in the guest bedroom,” said Celeste.

“As am I,” said Mir.

I blew them a kiss and went to the community bed room with kitty cats in tow.


About 0330 I got up and went into the guest bedroom when Francois got up to take Marshall to the gym. I slept between Mir and Celeste the rest of the night, mostly slept anyway.

SEVENTY-THREE Friday 090619

I woke to an empty bed, showered and went into the kitchen. It was about 0700. Marshall and Francois, Cathy, Celeste and Mir were chatting at the kitchen table.

“Morning,” I said.

Everyone responded as Cathy prepared my coffee.

“How was the gym,” I asked Marshall.

“Pretty elegant for a gym,” he said, “everything you could want they have.”

“Did you work out Francois,” I asked.

“No I just introduced Marshall to my friends and showed him where everything is located. He is set up to go as a much as he wants. I suggested that he let Carl take him. Things are too dangerous right now for him to go anywhere alone,” she said.

“I agree. Marshall, Carl is paid very well to wait on us. Use him.” I said. “And he is trained to protect us as well.”

“OK,” Marshall responded.

“So what is the agenda today, 0800 with Vernon and after that?” I asked.

“At 1400 you have a meeting with law students at the university. About fifty students and some faculty will attend we think.”Cathy said.

“1900 we are back to Jeremy’s for a dinner with about twenty women.”

“Good,” I said. “I am ready to speak now at those two meetings. So it seems like a light day. I need some time to think. I think I would like to take a walk in the park somewhere for about an hour and see wherever the peace rally may take place. We will see what Vernon has to say.”

“What is our meeting with Vernon about?” I asked.

“Mostly logistics,” said Cathy. “He is bringing about five people you have not met, people who will be team leaders in various functions.”

“What do they want from me?” I asked.

“They just want to keep you in the loop and Vernon wants as many of his people as possible to meet you.”

“We don’t have a meeting Saturday night. Maybe we can have a little internal social gathering for an hour or so. Early evening, I think. I want to tell everyone thanks and it will be the last time before things get real hectic.”

“Things are already hectic,” Celeste said. “These girls run a lot of interference for you John. And they are all busy all the time.”

“I suspected as much,” I said. “I have a feeling everyone is very busy pulling strings. It is nice to feel loved. We are going to have to hire a staff at some point I think.”

“I would like to go out but the safety factor is more and more on my mind. Maybe we could reserve a private room in a nice quiet restaurant, just us and Jeremy. Maybe next Monday since Marshall is not leaving until Tuesday, if then. And My-Le should be here Wednesday if he stays,” said Francois.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“I think I am going to take a lot of vacation time from work,” Marshall said. “I need time to evaluate all this. And truthfully I don’t know why you are going back to America.”

“The only real reason I need to go back is to see mother and daddy. I can’t take them for granted.”

“Granny could come here if we could find her a female companion to stay with and to show her around. She would pass out if she saw the way we live here.”

“Papa’s health won’t let him come over.”

“We can get him here John in our jet if he wants to come and have a full time nurse and doctor if necessary with him,” said Francois.

“That would be nice. He would mostly sit around. He has problems with loose bowels so it would be hard to go in places. But a nice motor home would let him have emergency access to a toilet.”

“Like I said, I can do everything else from here. I may not go back for a while.”

“Even if you do John, you need to consider the access we have to a lot of corporate jets. You can catch a ride almost anywhere anytime,” said Francois.

“You need to start thinking like a world corporate executive John,” said Celeste.

“I just don’t want to look like a high roller TV evangelist.”

“John,” said Celeste, “you are a global businessman. You are not flying around on religious contributions that you have taken from unsuspecting believers. You have a first ever business aspect to your WorldPeace Advocacy. You have a global business and the WorldPeace Advocacy is an equal partner if not an umbrella philosophy. And also the WorldPeace Advocacy books are available on the Internet or will be soon. So people will see the money is not being wasted or spent frivolously.”

“You are right,” I said. “This is why I need time to think. I prefer walking to the gym. I would like to do it daily but there is just not enough time right now.”

“Maybe we can find a small estate on the edge of Paris and a place in the country,” said Francois.

“You sound like you already have a place in mind. Sounds like you are way ahead of me.”

“Maybe,” said Francois. “You never can tell about me.”

“I know you make me happy. That much I can tell you,” I said.

“You are my joy John. Let me indulge and surprise you,” she said.

“OK,” I winked at her.

“I think I would like to horseback ride tomorrow. That is better than walking. I miss Cal, my Arabian buddy; I haven’t ridden him much in the last two months.”

“I will work on it, John,” said Francois.

“John,” Celeste said, “After the peace rally everything is going to fall into a routine. We are going to experience controlled business. Truth is that you are going to be constantly on the move. I see us shortly expanding the inner circle and then splitting it so half is with you always. I think some like Debra will always be here at control central and Cathy and Mir will always be with you, Janice and Alicia alternatively. I see a secondary staff of five personal assistants working full time. Actually they work around the clock. I should say they have shifts so that someone is always up working because you are not one to sleep that much. In fact, if you are not sleeping or taking care of your intimacy obligations and needs, you are working on one thing or another.”

“John this WorldPeace Advocacy has exploded and you are trying to catch up with it. You don’t have a long term staff. You don’t even have a functional office set up here or in Houston.”

“The world turns so it is always daytime somewhere. The peace rally is going to give us a real good idea how fast we can grow and not lose control. Everyone here is a work-a-holic and everyone we bring into the inner circle need to be a workaholic as well as a true believer. We must have true believers who are very flexible.”

“I think your angels have all this on the agenda. You just need to keep on with what you are doing. You are going to need time to work on the next novel too. One every four months I think,” said Francois.

“Truly it all makes me spin, the need to integrate something this dynamic is almost overwhelming. You will be right up there with the Bill Gates and Donald Trump and Rupert Murdock very soon. You are going to be paid to put business deals together from all over the world.”

“The business and the WorldPeace Advocacy are going to go into hyperspace about the same time. All your visions are being set in motion,” said Celeste.

“Well, I need to get dressed,” I said. “Vernon will be here in about fifteen minutes. I hear what you are saying Celeste and it is all true. And we both agree it is a monster that has been created. We can’t let it eat us.”

“We all need to get dressed and ready,” said Francois. “Come on John we need to dress you.”

“Just one of the girls, I am becoming,” I said.

“John it is a serious corporate perk to get to dress with seven beautiful women.”

“I know that’s right,” I smiled.

“So let’s go do it, Johnny,” said Francois, “as she grabbed my hand.”

As we headed for the big bedroom, Vernon and company arrived at the door. Marshall and Cathy went to answer and everyone else ran to their respective closets. The bedroom doors closed as the front door opened.


In about ten minutes we all assembled in the kitchen which was just big enough. We used the kitchen table for Vernon, two of his people, and Mir, Celeste, myself and Marshall. Everyone else used bar stools and chairs around the table or they just stood up. We had to move the table to the center of the kitchen.

Before we sat down, I met all the women that Vernon brought. They were local to France, leaders of various peace organizations they had founded.

“So what is our agenda this morning,” I asked.

“John we have several options and we need to settle on one in order to have time to set it in place,” said Vernon. “The truth is that there is no place that can hold five hundred thousand people.”

“I thought that might be a problem. Do you have a proposal of any kind?” I asked.

“Other than cutting back on the size, no,” Vernon said.

“Celeste, Mir, anyone give this any thought, had any visions or dreams?” I asked.

No one spoke up.

“OK,” I said. “I have one idea.”

“First, I believe we need to break this down into about five gatherings, four in surrounding towns and cities and the main one in Paris. We can schedule them starting at 1000 and then every two hours after that. If we allow forty-five minutes to an hour for each stop that gives us an hour between locations. I don’t know the area around Paris but I think we could select five locations.”

“I feel we can speak for forty-five minutes then fifteen minutes to pack up and forty-five minute to an hour travel time.”

“I think we need three speakers, Vernon, then Mir then me. I ran for governor and went to a lot of events to speak. Usually I got three minutes and not a second more. It was strictly enforced because most events had twenty to thirty speakers. Running for governor I always spoke first before the other offices up for election.”

“So Vernon you can take ten minutes, Mir fifteen and I take twenty or some combination not to exceed forty-five minutes start to finish. So a minute to pass the mic; nine, fourteen and nineteen minutes. If we start to run behind we are screwed.”

“I want people to show up, listen and leave.”

“I don’t want to be bothered with one thousand portable toilets. I have no idea what number we do need. Figure fifty thousand people plus per stop and then about a quarter of a million in Paris.”

“Is everyone with me so for?” I asked.

Everyone said yes.

“We can manipulate this so the crowds get bigger at each stop. That also lets us make minor adjustment to our speeches; to dump the weak parts and emphasize the strong parts; weak and strong being determined by responses at each prior event. So reduce your speech ten percent more waiting for applause to stop now that I think about it.”

“We will need cops at each site so we can pull right in and set up.”

“I propose we build a platform on an eight wheel six by ten foot trailer. What I have in mind is steel sides going up seven feet to a platform, which is the roof. Along the inside are six-foot panels of bulletproof glass to ring the platform area. We need a ladder to climb up to the platform. There would be a hole in the top center and we can climb up protected by the steel side.”

“Person one goes up and stands to the left, person two stands to the right. When person three goes up, someone in the trailer closes the hatch in place. Six people will easily fit into the trailer. We can have a minor command center in there too. It will need to be air conditioned.”

“The glass can be hand cranked or run up and down by electric motors run off the motor home pulling the trailer. We may just want the front and sides to be glass and the back steel.”

“We should have our speakers attached to the trailer or the motor home. And we need a generator on a small trailer bringing up the rear. We need a sound system in place at each location to hook into from the trailer.”

“So we drive into our stop. We stay in the motor home. The crew sets up the speakers and the generator say thirty feet away. We may need some telescoping poles for the speakers. With a crew of eight we should be able to set up in ten minutes.”

“Again ten minutes to set up and take down cuts travel time to forty minutes. But we can go four in forty minutes if we have cop escorts. It is all going to be about place and trial runs. There are plenty of trailer beds that are available. We just need welders to build the structure.”

“Lastly we could have a small reception area with VIP passes, say thirty to one hundred people so we can shake a few hands before and after speaking while the crew sets up and takes down. We will need a couple of guys on top of the motor home with binoculars looking at the crowd. In addition to an array of cameras and videos in the motor home or in a van following. So we will have the motor home, crew, van and surveillance van.”

“Also we can paint the trailer with a peace theme of course, primary and secondary colors and peace flags on the motor home and platform. A few more crew. We should have no problem getting volunteers. We just need to organize the drill.”

“I would love to drive up somewhere and in ten minutes have speakers, flags, platform in place. Ten minutes after the speeches end, no one can tell we have been there.”

“Of course when this is set up, the equipment I mean, we can designate the first Saturday in each month as peace day and take our dog and pony show all over Europe. Not to mention impromptu events at lunch time in high traffic big city areas. We can work the European continent all summer long.”

“And we could have multiple trailers and so on and the three of us fly in by helicopter. And we could have other speakers who would warm up the crowd for an hour before we arrived or maybe musicians. Music brings people. I just think we need to keep these events outside Paris at two hours. The point is to show our numbers. To show how much support there is for a WorldPeace agenda in the world.”

“Comments?” I asked.

“John, when did you figure all this out?” Celeste asked.

“About 0400 this morning in bed it came to me and the rest in the last hour. The details came to me as I talked about the generalities. We have people who can take what I said and put it all together. I was just throwing out ideas.”

Celeste and Mir laughed. Everyone else was speechless.

“Come on,” I said. “Is this a workable plan?” I asked.

“John,” Vernon said, “It is like there is no need for us to plan anymore. We just need some time to come and see you. It is all in your head even before we present the questions to you.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said smiling, “you can now take what you had and what I have offered and fine tune it all. What got me thinking was that I did not want some massive event with one thousand toilets, four hundred cops, food and so on. That would be too complicated for a first run. I am impressed with the pre Iraq rallies. People showed up on an hour’s notice and then were gone.”

“People have a very short attention span. This is about seeing me, us in the flesh. The details people get off the internet. This is a show horse function and VIP glad handing. KISS. Keep it Simple Silly.”

“Celeste were you following it as I was laying it out. Did your psychic intuition tell you anything?” I asked.

“I saw it going like clockwork just like you said. Drive up, set up, speeches, pack up and go. I saw everyone smiling and feeling good as we pulled away. I saw a very colorful trailer and flag. And later on the motor home had all kinds of peace graphics too.”

“I also saw the power of Vernon and Mir and then you speaking. The build up was perfect.”

“And everyone is wearing purple; you, Mir and many in the crowd,”said Celeste.

“What purple,” Vernon said then caught himself, “Purple Order of Spiritual Christians.”

“A secular order focused on going around doing good,” I said.

“That just came to me Celeste,” I said.

“You are a piece of work, John,” Celeste said.

“Mir?” I asked.

“John I am on overload. Visions from my childhood are flashing like Déjà vu. John you moved into my life less than forty-eight hours ago and you are speaking to me about things I have seen long ago but did not fully comprehend,” said Mir.

“And I never considered speaking,” she said.

“Well when Vernon and company told me that you are a well known peace activist with your own set of credentials, it made perfect sense,” I said.

“You changed your name for the second time, first to Mir then to WorldPeace. So you are definitely committed. It is show time Blondie,” I smiled.

“And I talk about women’s equality. As I was saying it I realized without you I would look like a hypocrite about women’s rights. Women need someone like you to carry that ball in a high profile setting like dinner at the Count’s and standing on a peace wagon at these gatherings.”

“People may be listening to me but I can assure you they will be looking at you and that blinding blond hair and intense beauty queen presence.”

“It is all coming together. We will have our roles in this production. Mir you and I may be the out front show horses but it’s going to take a lot of people doing a lot of nuts and bolts hard work or we will look like the WorldPeace clown matinee.”

Celeste and Francois laughed.

“We can rent the motor home but the trailer will cost some money. But Jeremy says there is money for the asking and Francois and Cathy said don’t worry about it. If you all agree this is the way to go, I will sketch out the basic trailer, turn it over to experts, and get it built,” I said to everyone.

“Give me the sketch John,” said Francois. “I will take this on. With luck it will be done by Tuesday. “

“Vernon we need a crew. Debra we need a rig for about ten cameras in a surveillance van. Maybe a live net broadcast also,” Vernon said. “Mir you need to work on a speech.”

“Those of you from Paris need to pick the routes. And we need to talk about interpreters. Vernon you speak French,” I said.

“I do to,” said Mir, “fluently.”

“So only I need someone to interpret. Cut two minutes from your speeches. Vernon and Mir for interpreter time in my speech.”

“I can learn French but I can’t learn ten European languages. So interpreters will be part of the normal routine.”

“Vernon, try to find about fifty to two hundred and fifty people per site to act as unarmed security. I will design an official arm band. And we will date them so they become souvenirs and collectors’ items.”

“Design them and I will have them produced,” said Cathy.

“Do we want a first gathering patch to give away this time and sell in the future?” I asked.

“Jesus John, when you get rolling, does it ever stop?” asked Francois.

Celeste chuckled, “He is one of a kind.”

“I tell people jokingly of course, “This is no ordinary person you are dealing with,” I said.

“Amen to that,” said Mir. “Amen and thank God.”

“Blondie I have been thinking about this and doing some limited versions for twenty-two years. Those first gathering patches will be major sellers. We will have one for those that are present and another for those who collect peace patches. It will be just a bit different.”

“Vernon, we need another twenty-five volunteers selling patches. Money goes to cover expenses. All financials of the WorldPeace Advocacy will be posted on the net. The WorldPeace Advocacy is not a make John rich project. I have my businesses for that. None of that money comes to me in any form.”

“I would expect that at each event the promotional item sales will increase in number. I already have ideas about a line of WorldPeace jewelry mostly in sterling silver, some gold, similar to a guy named James Avery in America. The designs will come from people all over the world. No compensation but the piece will have the designer’s name associated with it.”

“John I know about James Avery,” Francois said and most everyone said the same.

“John, John, John,” said Celeste, “you make me smile, you make me happy.” She got up and came over and gave me a big kiss. This is no ordinary kisser you are dealing with either.

Everyone laughed.

“I guess I should write down all the rest of my thoughts. Everything we do needs to ripple into everything else we are doing. Everything, every part of the WorldPeace Advocacy bolsters every other part.”

“Then it is just a matter of getting exposure. These gatherings are one way. I see a well conducted peace march. But it will take a year to organize and three months to walk, culminating in Paris of course. I have most of that worked out. Now that will be an event like Woodstock in the sixties. But it will be about WorldPeace and not about getting high.”

“Enough John, my head is about to explode,” Celeste said.

“Hey aren’t we supposed to have fun at this?” I asked.

“OK, let us take a break,” I said, “I need to stretch my legs. All my angels came and gave me a hug.”

“The women with Vernon watched intently.”

Marshall just sat at the table looking around.

“You OK son?” I asked.

“Like Celeste said dad, my head is about to explode.”

I laughed. I need a very chocolate brownie.”

As the word brownie left my lips Cathy handed one to me and put my coffee on the table and kissed me on the lips.


“Cathy will you ask Janice, Alicia and Francois to join you and me in the guest room for a minute,” I requested.

I walked into the bedroom and all four followed. Cathy closed the door.

“I think Mir needs a US and French citizenship.” I said.

“Obviously we are going to be poster children for the WorldPeace Advocacy. I don’t want this to be a chauvinistic movement. Janice please tell the director it would be nice if he brought it with him in the morning.”

“I think I can have the French citizenship like yours in the morning,” said Francois. “Then both of you can go Monday and get the photos. You are right with your women’s equality agenda you need a yin to your yang. She has the qualifications. She is not your equal and never will be but right now you have thirty-three years on her. She is the foremost female peace activist in harmony with the self defined global peace advocate that you are.”

“OK, I need to speak to Vernon’s friends,” I said “Anything else?”

No one responded.

“OK, meeting adjourned,” I said and got up to go back into the kitchen.

I took Cathy’s hand and whispered, “Don’t ever leave me,” in her ear.

“Goes without saying,” she whispered back. “Remember we exit together. So not even death do us part.”

I looked her in the eyes and gave her a quick kiss and smiled.


I walked over to Vernon’s companions and asked, “So am I doing OK? Am I going to get a favorable report?”

Patty said, “You are quite amazing Dr. WorldPeace.”

“John if you please,” I said.

“We came here confused and you cleared that confusion up and took us all to a whole new level. You are running this like a professional businessman.”

“The reason George Bush went to war in Iraq was because he had no one to confront him; no one with a political machine behind him. My hope is to create a political peace machine with me as the focal point, actually now with Mir and myself as the spokespersons.”

“We get a million peaceniks to boycott an American product if America pulls another George Bush Iraq and we will slow down the warmongering and create a more sane world human society.”

“You have a lot of huge visions John,” said Patty.

“The global village has over seven billion inhabitants. I have to dream big.”

“Point well taken,” said Patty.

“John I had been told about these women and their beauty but I must admit they are all way more than just pretty faces. These women are no concubines. There are very intelligent, street smart and driven not to mention committed to peace and to you. They are true believers in the cause of peace. They are not just your arm candy. No one could be in their presence for more than a minute and not come to that conclusion.”

“Two thirds of them are true prodigies and the rest are very smart as you said. They are all true believers which is what is required over and above everything else to be a part of my inner circle. That someone would consider them arm candy is really funny. We have a definite agenda and we are all committed enough to work twenty-four seven toward achieving our goal to increasing the peace in the world.” I said.

“I can see why,” said Dawn, “What you are doing is very exciting.”

“After this peace rally, we are going to set up the next lower hierarchal level. We have to do it. Things are moving too fast and we need more associates. The people you have met today are the core inner circle of the WorldPeace Advocacy. But that too will expand.” I said.

“We are very impressed John,” Patty said. “You are no hippy. I know of no peace group functioning on your level. I know no one who is twenty-four seven committed to peace.”

“My business is about the WorldPeace Advocacy as well. Jobs are the grassroots foundation of my advocacy. I want to employ Third World people and peace will gain a foothold to grow. I hope to employ one million people worldwide as soon as I can. It is a big dream for sure. But it is doable. The point is that my businesses are totally interfaced with the WorldPeace Advocacy with the primary objective to create jobs for peace. Not peace jobs but jobs, no matter doing what will give peace to those who have none now. We have a for profit promotion of peace in the world. Peace is a byproduct of our traditional businesses.”

“You are a brilliant man Dr. WorldPeace,” Erica said.

“I don’t know about that. I just know I have a big dream, a big agenda, a global agenda. I am committed to using all my God given talents in an attempt to permanently increase the peace in the world human society.”

“I am trying to set an example for others. I am trying to create a critical mass of true believers who will at some point uplift the world human society.”

“I am an old guy and I need to run fast. I believe a whole lot of things are going to become very clear after this rally. Then we will all need to set down and adjust our course. I am expecting much from those in the peace organizations and I will have tangible projects to which people can donate their energies, skills and money.”

“But they must have a peace vision. I have a vision and this morning a lot of that vision was set on the path toward greater actualization. We made a great leap forward this morning. I feel exhilarated.”

“We are on board, John, definitely behind you,” said Vernon.

“Thank you. Let us get back to business,” I said.

I went to the table and sat down and everyone returned to their places.

“So did anything new pop up in the last thirty minutes,” I asked.

“John,” Vernon said, “this is real. Peace organizations have been going around in circles for decades, all the way back to the sixties. Your WorldPeace Advocacy is the first peace organization that seems to have been successful creating a business program format. I see what you mean about needing a machine like George had with the Republican Party. He had a lot of soldiers.”

“When we first met, I only saw you, the tip of the iceberg. I had no idea how much of what you are doing is unseen. You may have an idealistic vision of peace but your path is one of solid business and organizational principles. This is what the peace organizations need, most members are anti-bureaucracy and that is an impediment.”

“You are anti bureaucratic as well but you have found a way to make a bureaucracy make sense and also you have made it user friendly. It will take me months to fully process all you laid out today. But I have no time to meditate on the peripherals of your philosophy. We have eight days until launch.”

“The WorldPeace Gathering,” I said.

“What do you mean,” said Verna.

“You said we have eight days to launch and I finished your sentence. We have eight days to launch the WorldPeace Gathering.”

“I see,” said Vernon. “That is what we will call it, The WorldPeace Gathering.”

“And by the way everyone,” I said, “WorldPeace is one word. Don’t write it as two words. Not just my name. And capitalize the P. Conceptually if you want WorldPeace you can’t write it as two things. Be adamant about this with everyone.”

“OK, what else?” I asked.

No one spoke.

“OK, my meeting for tomorrow night has been merged with the Sunday meeting. Therefore, if you want to have a social for a couple of hours where you bring in some of your contacts we can do it. I don’t know where or how many we will be able to handle.”

“Cathy is our contact on these things. If you think some people are interested let us have a social. You may want to limit it to organization leaders and true believers so we don’t have ten thousand people who want to come that is OK. I would say a hundred would be good, fifty to a hundred. Two to two and a half hours. You all work it out. I will be there.”

“Thank you for your support. We need to meet again on Sunday no later than Monday for updates,” I said.

I looked at Cathy.

Everyone got up shook hands and while they were leaving, I went to talk to Alicia.


“Alicia you know we will be going back to America shortly in a month and then you are going to be very busy, I want to talk to you about some of the things you need to pass on as a head’s up to your boss,” I said.

“John this is so amazing. I know we don’t get to talk much now but I feel totally in the loop and I am very busy. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.”

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“Tomorrow I will begin discussions with the CIA director about your role and Janice’s role. There is a sort of loyalty issue. Whoever is in your position is going to have to be a gatekeeper as to what goes to the FBI and what doesn’t. I am not going to try to keep track of who is in the room when certain subjects come up. You have to be totally involved but I see more and more total government access in my life cannot continue. Some lines have to be drawn and boundaries erected. I trust you and want you with me.”

“I understand,” she said.

“That being said, I can’t look at you without getting turned on. You very much turn me on.”

“Well I can’t hold a candle to Mir. It hurts my eyes to look at her beauty.”

“That is true but I want you to know that you are a very sexy woman. Your red hair, your freckles, the feel of your body, your energy it sets me on fire.”

“No one has made love to me the way you have John. That is the truth. I don’t know how you do it at sixty-one but you set me on fire and leave me gasping for air as you have experienced.”

“I have and that sets me on fire. Things are going to settle down and we are going to have more times to indulge in each other,” I said.

I kissed her and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too, John,” she said softly. “My body is yours anytime and anyway you want it.”

“I accept that offer,” I said as I kissed her again.


I then went over to Marshall to get his feedback, which is always very important to me. He is the only one of my children I talk to. I don’t want to lose him and I don’t want to screw up his life even for a good global cause.

“So tell me what you are thinking, Marshall,” I said.

“I need to go work out for about three hours and clear my head,” he said.

“Hey, I am going to talk to a bunch of young law students. It will be recorded and put on the internet. Have Carl drop you off after taking us to Jeremy’s. Or he can do it right now. Really do it,” I said.

“You know I think I will,” he said.

“Do you want anyone to go with you?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “I need time alone.”

“Be aware of your environment,” I said. I can’t afford you to get hurt or kidnapped.”

“Don’t worry dad I am a cop. And this is a slow time of sorts. Also, it would be hard for someone to pull a sneak attack on me. You know how alert I am.”

“I will tell you what. I am going to tell Carl to stay at the club with you. He can find a place to sit at the juice bar. He looks like a businessman. He might as well sit there as opposed to sitting in the limo. Things are going too well to have to deal with big problems. Remember that my getting shot and stabbed was out of the blue. If you want a work out partner I am sure Francois has some meathead friends,” I laughed.

“No, Carl will be fine.”

“Well get your things. We will be leaving shortly.”

“I will,” he said as he went to his bedroom.

“I went to talk to Francois.”

“Marshall is going to the club to clear his head. Do you have anyone who can go there like they are coincidentally working out; watch his back but not really interact? I am going to have Carl stay at the juice bar but he will have to leave before Marshall is done. Marshall usually works out for three hours. We don’t need a bodyguard, just someone to watch out for him.”

“I have someone to do that,” she said.

“Thanks. Carl will take him after he drops us at Jeremy’s. Marshall is a cop but a determined kidnapper or two could grab him. We are on a roll and I don’t need any diversions now.”

“I will work it out,” she said with a smile and a kiss.

“Thanks beautiful,” I said and went to get a cup of coffee.”


I got my coffee and asked Debra to come with me to the guest room.

We sat on the bed.

Debra, do you want to do some of the speaking that Mir is going to do? Things are moving so very fast. You have all the qualifications that she does,” I said, “except maybe snow white hair.”

“I have always been a brunette man and after I met my second wife I preferred short women. You are beautiful Debra, besides there are a lot of people who don’t like tall blondes. Vanity is a good thing in what we are doing. You know how many women are not going to want to deal with Mir because she is just too smart and too strikingly beautiful. Mir is Hollywood. Until people meet her they may write her off as frivolous.”

“Regardless, do you want to do some of the speaking?”

“Truthfully John it’s a glorious aspect of this but I don’t like groups and crowds that much. I do well with certain kinds of people but I like to connect with people on my level. Your job is too much dealing with common folks. They bore me mostly.”

“I know all these meeting are important right now and so I attend. But truthfully other than the planning meetings and one on one in our inner circle, I would rather continue my computer work and deal with the peace organizations by way of the Internet and some phone work. I love working the database and related information systems. I love the fact that I will be the connecting person for all the peace groups around the world and the liaison between them and the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“We will be THE PEACE ADVOCATES. I like working behind the scenes it is more intellectual and less frivolous than kissing babies.”

“OK, one of the reasons I asked is that Francois and Janice are working on dual citizenship for Mir from the French and Americans to be given to her tomorrow. I want that done so that the next ones come in pairs; one for me and one for her. At some point it will reach a critical mass and we will have all the countries.”

“Some point before that I am going to want it expanded to the inner circle. And you will be working on a hierarchy of others in the movement to also receive some dual citizenship.”

“At some point a whole new class of citizenship will evolve. And there will be a committee to determine who becomes a world citizen. It will be a government UN thing; too much red tape for me. All I want to do is get the ball rolling.”

“It became obvious to me that if I am truly and honestly promoting women’s equality I need a female counterpart or I look like a hypocrite. I need a female to stand by me in public who is in sync with me but independent, one who has her own status. She can’t look like my shadow or just a show horse. She has to be fully engaged.”

“She will be,” Debra said. “John I am fine. I am not an outgoing person by nature. I have too many wounds from being abused because I am smart, pretty and driven.”

“I do love you John but I can never be the kind of person Celeste is. I want to be next to you and make love to you but I need my space. That is my nature. I love this work. I love our inner circle. It is very exciting. But I need my space.”

“I promise if I am bothered by something I will let you know. But you have to realize you don’t really know any of us,” she said.

“I know, just intuitively,” I said. “I have met no family members except Mir’s father. I think that is strange. But I sort of feel that everyone is the black sheep of their families in a positive way; in other words, not for bad deeds but for being exceptional and as such, a misfit.”

“I am sure you are right about that. Maybe we need a family night after this rally.”

“And by the way I loved your presentation. You have so many good solid ideas.”

“Well I have been working on some of these things for decades. I have been working this peace thing for almost twenty-two years.”

“John, am I a good lover?” she asked.

“Why do you ask that?”

“All those other women have had a lot of partners and I watch you make love to them. They just know a lot more than me.”

“Debra every woman is different. Sex is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Some of these women have significant mileage on them with men and women except Celeste. She has been pretty much a one man woman all her life.”

“You will work out your own rhythm. I love being your teacher if you will. I love you practicing on me. But in time, and if you look around everyone has their own preferences. Part of that is fantasy and part of it is just the fact that we are all built just a bit differently so one position and rhythm works great for one person and gives another person no satisfaction at all. A couple finds that connection that gives the maximum pleasure. Everyone is different. You can only enhance the experience with practice.”

She laughed.

“I guess you are right about that. Every time I make love, I enjoy it more. I experience it more deeply. I just never had a high sex drive. I never masturbated that much really. I was always too busy.”

“I know and I don’t want to force myself on you. But if you pay attention and you have the desire, the experience will become more and more dynamic, pleasurable and satisfying with time.”

“Oh John you could never force yourself on me. I can assure you I will always be receptive to you no matter what or when. I am just the least sexual of your angels.”

“All this will work out. I am the biggest sex addict here. I have three times as great a sex drive than anyone you know. That is why marriage would be hard between me and anyone here or anyone and me. Everyone seems to be getting satisfied. We are all attracted to each other. I feel like if Marshall was not here there would be more sex in the kitchen and in other places and a lot less clothing worn.”

“You are right about that. John you make me feel whole and complete. I love you. I love being with you, working with you, talking to you. I have never felt about anyone the way I feel about you.”

“If we did not have to go I would like to have a threesome with you and Alicia,” she said.


“Yes. I love her red hair and freckles and her body is close to my size. I think she affects you with raw sexuality more than the rest.”

“She does. She is very much a turn on to me. Maybe we can make it happen tonight. When I slow down and disengage from work my body starts craving sex now. I find so much peace during intimacy. This place is always intense with sexual energy,” I said.

“Truthfully I don’t know how Marshall deals with it,” I said, “I think he has a low sex drive and so he manages it. And I know he loves My-Le. And he is particular. He prefers Asian women. He is not just going to have sex with anyone. I guess you could say he is normal,” I laughed.

“I see; all that explains his control. I do not see him looking at anyone the way you do. You always have that breeding look. You look like you are always mentally fantasizing.”

“I do. I always have. I love to look at women. I knew at fourteen that if I did not marry at eighteen I may become a worthless sexaholic. Being married allowed me sex on request early on. But again neither the Snake nor Kay had a high sex drive. It was frustrating. I was always the initiator.”

“This arrangement is perfect for me. But I could not handle twenty women. So the inner circle is going to have to be limited; or we will have some women in it that simply do not participate nor are they bothered by what the rest of us do sexually. We will see how things evolve. There is no manual or template for what we have going on.”

“Yes we have a very free and open environment here and that excites me,” she said.

“OK,” I said as I kissed her. “I love you Debra.”

“Thank you for caring about me John. I feel loved maybe for the first time in my life; and not just by you.”

“OK. Let’s go. I have to a complete a quick sketch of the speaking trailer for Francois.