The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel Two - Paris 2009


by John WorldPeace

Novel Two - Paris 2009

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved


PARIS 2009

Chapters 95 - In Progress


          When Rebecca and I entered the kitchen, Norbu came to me and gave me a full body hug as she had seen Celeste give me.

She whispered in my ear, “John, I am not celibate. In fact, I have had to expend too much energy all my life trying to control my body screaming for sex. When I realized I was going to be one of your angels I felt a great deal of relief that I could allow myself to have sex and lay down the burden of controlling my biology.”

“Not to mention, John, I have already fallen totally in love with you.”

“What about these other women?” I asked.

“I am not sure but I love the freedom they have to dress or not dress as they please. To stroke each other in whatever way they desire. And more than a few of them increase my heart rate when I think about being with them,” she said.

“They are all available to you except maybe Celeste,” I said. “She does not participate in group sessions but I think she may be interested in the three of us and just the two of you. Regardless it will work out.”

“I don’t want to be perceived as a celibate nun,” she said. “I want to be an emancipated Western woman so I can relax for the first time in my life and be me.”

“Welcome to the big city,” I said. “Welcome into my heart.”

I could feel her body catch fire. She pulled very close into me and kissed me with amazing passion.

“Looks like the nun just left the building,” said Francois.

Everyone laughed.

Norbu disengaged, turned around, licked her lips, smiled a knowing little smile to everyone and sat down next to Celeste.

She was definitely at home.


“Ok, Francois,” I said.

“John, everyone is talking about you. And by everyone, I am talking about Tom Wentworth and the people on his level. And the people that support him and the few people who are above him. They are all talking about Dr John WorldPeace JD.”

“The overview which is starting to sound repetitive at each meeting, John, is that you had this vision when you were 8 and it was not clear what that vision was but you sort of figured it out, interpreted it as a global destiny. Now how does an 8-year-old see a dream and pull that out of it. 8 year olds don’t think in global terms.

“You said that you had thought about death and it did not make any sense to you and you decided at 8 that you were going to have to figure out what death meant. This is a subject that people are scared of at any time in their life to think about and you were working your way through it at age 8. That you somehow knew that the answer to that question would provide you with what you needed to pursue this global path.

“John you just began to pursue the question of life and what a global agenda meant.

“In elementary school, if you did not want to do your homework, you did not do it. You sort of drew a line as to what you were willing to do and that is where you operated. No one could influence you to do better or work harder. Your second grade teacher thought you were retarded. But you weren’t retarded. You were just bored and unmotivated. You did not even consider that there was any work you could not do.

“All your life you have taken the more difficult path. You did not take any elective in school and you did not study that hard for the science and math you took. Electives would bore you more than the math and science. It was just that simple to you.

“All your life you just kept pushing and moving toward a future that you did not really have a clear vision of until your divorce. The Snake crashed your world or maybe I should say awakened you. The successful world you created was over. You took a quick look at your life, decided you could and would accomplish any goal you set and so you latched onto an impossible dream of WorldPeace. You knew you would never retire and you had to have a job that you could work on for the rest of your life.

“The Snake crashed your life but it was a life you were bored with. You had moved from the creative adventure to just maintenance and growth. This is the reason you did not work that hard to save your law license. Like in all you life up to that point, you defined the level of energy you were going to put into it and that was that. Yu decided you were not going to go into debt and hire a lawyer to represent you and if you lost your license, so what. You hated the work. You hated the conflict, corruption and lies.

“Money had no bearing on it. Not being bored and trying to accomplish something impossible and something no one considered as a career was everything to you. You really had some degree of contempt on how marginally the average person lived; how asleep everyone seemed to be. How they all just stepped into lifetime trenches and spent their life there.

“You really could never relate to how marginally people lived. Helen Keller’s statement that “Life was a daring adventure or nothing” defined your life. But you were in your 50’s before you connected with this declaration of hers.

“The last year of college you chose a political science major so you could get out within the four years people allocated for a degree. You worked your way through college just because you did not want to be bored and you did not want to be dependent on your parents for money.

“You pushed normal things aside, things people do after work. You had no need of friends because of the work it took to have friends would pull you away from your work, your education and later you family. And because you best friend betrayed you at 13 and you never really trusted human beings after that. But mainly you realized to have friends you had to be a friend and you respected no one enough to want to be their friend.  

“And yet, everyone seems to like you outside the religious fanatics focused on the Second coming of Jesus and all the doom and gloom associated with it.

“So at 40 you had this vision regarding WorldPeace and you then scripted a plan that included college and jobs and self-study and experiences and you just worked your plan. You got an education not to make the most money you could but an education that would further your WorldPeace agenda.

“And John you kept at it for 50 years. You were willing to go to school for 50 years to prepare yourself for this potential WorldPeace agenda. You never lost faith. No matter what happened to you in life in any area you kept moving forward. You never abandoned your dream.

“And your wicked first wife began to work on the family to characterize you as a professional student when in fact you hated school. It was something that was necessary but nothing more than that. You needed to graduate from high school and you needed university degrees for credibility in your WorldPeace endeavor. The Snake did a good job of selling that story line but no one could see that it was not true. They could not see that you were working a full time job during 9 out of 10 years of university education and the last 6 you had a wife and four children. That is not the professional student scenario. Again no one got it. You dared not tell anyone your vision until the Snake insisted on a divorce. It would have just brought you more grief.

“Now, today, John, you got verification from the Chinese Ambassador that everything you have done in your life has come together. This global WorldPeace Advocacy that you have worked on for 50 years, has been given to you. Graduation day will be the WorldPeace Gathering this Saturday. The Chinese understood what was going on. This foreign, half a world away, you know now understood what you were doing enough to closely monitor you from age 8.

“You have defined a niche for yourself in the world human society that no one would have ever defined much less seriously pursued because it is not about money. It is a job that brings a lot of grief from negative people; something that human beings avoid.

“This is what I am talking about. Tom Wentworth and those he associates with just cannot wrap their head around what you have done and are doing. Much less that you are never going to quit no matter how frustrating it is to be Dr John WorldPeace.

“Your career path has looked chaotic to everyone. No one could get it. You looked flakey and indecisive and like a professional student. No one could see how everything fit together. You did not waste time on frivolous things. Everything you did in your life was determined by you to be necessary for the WorldPeace Advocacy. No one could see this.

“But today, you connected with a nation of over a billion people whose leaders seem to understand it all. And they were the first ones on board 5 decades ago. They are 5 decades ahead of the rest of the world. God that must have seemed totally weird to you to find that out.

“You were born and raised in America; a society of conservative warriors. Of all places to be born with your agenda. And you did not let it slow you down. You just kept on moving toward your WorldPeace agenda when conservative Texas marginalize you.

“You are so close John. Another week and you will start seeing a huge payoff. A payoff that is far beyond the accomplishments of the best and brightest and most adept businessmen in the world. I am sure anyone would trade places with you. And with all due respect to those men, those captains of industry, they all followed a well known path to wealth. Not an easy path but one that is well known.

“But your path, John, did not even exist. You recreated the path. The global career when no one could begin to understand what you were talking about. But now they are beginning to see. And soon the whole world will see. In a week they will see.

“You have defined a global problem. You have defined the solution. You have committed your life to the WorldPeace Advocacy. It will be a very long time, maybe 100 years, before you are truly appreciated. But you will see a great leap forward to unbelievable success within a week.

“Much of what you have written is just not going to play out in less than 100 years. You have brought all of us with you. You have given all of us a once in a millennium opportunity to see something very very rare come to fruition and keep growing.

“My point is that you have done something truly magnificent. I have no words to describe what you are about to make happen because it is just far beyond the biggest dream ever dreamed on this planet.

Francois got up and came over to me. I stood and she held me fast and kissed me deeply, from a huge reservoir of love for me deep within her.


“OK,” I said, “I want to say something that I have never told anyone.”

“Then I want you to speak, Marshall,” I said.

“When I was about 8 or 9, I was in Sunday school and the teacher was talking about a Second Coming. It was the first time I had heard that. I am sure I had heard the words before but they did not register.

“I immediately asked God if I could do that work.”

“Looking back that seems so strange. I was talking to God like a kid in first grade would raise his hand to volunteer to run an errand to the principal’s office.

“A few minutes later the teacher said there was not going to be a second Jesus but the return of the same Jesus. I remember being disappointed that I was not going to be able to do that work and I just returned to my day dreaming.

“What is strange to me is that is such a vivid moment. It was like I dropped out of hyperspace, heard the teacher, then went back into hyperspace.

“But one other thing, a nuance of that event, my initial reaction was the Jesus would not lead the Second Coming roll out. My intuition was it would be someone else but no one ever presented this so I did not think about it until now. It is the same kind of hidden meaning to the WorldPeace march I started in 1988 from San Francisco. I will get to that in a minute.

“So I have this dream at 8 that I have some kind of global task I agreed to with God. I hear this teacher talk about the Second Coming and I volunteer for in a silent prayer to God to find out that it was to be the same Jesus so that work was not opened to me or anyone else. Then when I was 16 I went to a Billy Graham revival and at the end I got up on my own, left my parents and my sister, and went down on the field at the Astrodome where it was being held and rededicated my life to serving God. And then when I was about to turn 40 I saw this vision of a WorldPeace wand on the ground that no one would pick up because of how much trouble it would bring into their lives and I picked it up. And the WorldPeace Advocacy was defined and embraced at that moment. It was both April Fool’s day and Good Friday on the same day. Something that does not happen very often.

“So there was the dream and these other events that kept asking me in a sense if I was sure I wanted to do this work. And I always, without hesitation said yes.

“I tried to take on a Peace march in 1988 from San Francisco to Washington DC. I had heard from the Bahai’s say that the Bahai peace movement would launch from San Francisco, a city named after St Francis. And incidentally, on September 17, 2011, I arrived in Albuquerque and came to realize that Santa Fe, 50 miles north of Albuquerque, was also a city named for Saint Francis.

“Now we are about to have that WorldPeace Gathering I saw in 1988, but did not happen. I was only on the walk for three days when I knew the timing was wrong and came home.

“I thought that the WorldPeace movement was going to start in San Francisco with me but nothing came of it. The attempt was just like the belief that Harper Collins was going to publish me in 1993. Well both events were ahead of their time.

“Looking back, the WorldPeace movement did begin in San Francisco. I did go there. I did dedicate myself to WorldPeace at that time. So the Bahai’s were right. Everything did begin in San Francisco with regards to my WorldPeace Advocacy. But it was just a verifying act and not an event that was to fully launch the WorldPeace Advocacy. That launch happen when I came to Paris.

“That’s all,” I said with a smile.

“God, John,” said Francois, “how much more is there. How many more times am I going to ridiculously believe I know you and you casually throw some other really significant something out on the table. I give up being so arrogant as to think I have heard it all.

“Well, I have been on this path since I was 8. There are too many things that have happened that just don’t come back into view until something triggers them. As much as I have written, and as much as I have revealed, I am sure there is more that will surface.

“But I was catching too much hell in my life with regards to my WorldPeace Advocacy to say that I had such a event in a Sunday School class at Heights Presbyterian Church in Houston Texas in 1954, I volunteered to lead the Second Coming before I realized Jesus was the one who was coming back per common belief and there was no place for me in that program.

“Everyone was silent. Mir and Rebecca and Norbu were more in tune with these Second Coming scenarios than the rest with the possible except of Celeste, and they were, from the looks on their faces, processing things at lightning speed, trying to connect the unconnected dots in their scenarios about the return of Jesus.

“It just occurred to me that we do not have a reformed Second Coming radical Christian in our group. And in my world, that revelation is an indirect message that one is coming and before Saturday. She has to be on board before Saturday. The core group must be complete before the WorldPeace gathering.

“She is on her way, John,” said Rebecca. “I got word from my people in Israel an hour ago just before we left the Chinese Ambassador. I was going to bring it up when my turn to speak came. She is a disenchanted ex Member of the Joel Olsteen Billion Dollar Jesus show in Houston, Texas. She is 30, has a PhD in religious studies focusing on Christianity, is beautiful of course, and is mad and frustrated for being hoodwinked by Joel Olsteen’s ministry. She does not have an ax to grind with them, even though she will probably not say much good about them.

“She has read everything about you and everything you have written. She could show up anytime. Our people have lost track of her on her way here. She obviously took some detour between Houston and NewYork. She has a ticket for Paris from LaGuardia tonight. But she has not been spotted as of yet.

“The plot thickens,” I said.

“She has fire red hair, and green eyes, like Alicia and is of 100% Irish lineage,” Rebecca added.

“Oh Lord,” I said.


“So what is her name, Rebecca,” I asked.

“Kathleen Ellis,” she responded.

“So she has my mother’s father’s family name. It will be interesting where that connect is going to lead,” I said.

Rebecca looked at her cell phone and motioned me to hold a second. In about a minute, she disconnected.

“John,” said Rebecca, “that was a text. Kathleen is in Paris. She missed her flight or so my contacts thought. This seemed unusual so someone checked the corporate jet manifests coming into Paris and found her name. She comes from money and apparently met someone at the airport who gave her a lift. My contacts were watching for her at the airport. They saw her connect up with Vernon and she will be here tonight as Vernon’s guest at the social for the peace activists.”

“If you built it they will come,” said Debra.

“The miracles are coming fast and furious now,” I said.


“OK, Marshall,” I said, “you’re on.”

“Dad, first thing,” he said, “My-Le will be here at 0500 Wednesday morning and will stay through the big reception Sunday night and leave Monday morning at 1100.”

“Great,” I said.

“Second, myself, Alicia and Janice are so busy making reports that we all feel we cannot fully tune into what is going on with all these psychic revelations coming from everyone but us. We feel like we are doing our jobs but we are not a part of what is going on between you and the rest of your angels,” he said.

“That really does not concern us because our job is primarily to protect you and everyone with you and that is taking a huge amount of energy and time. That being said, even if we had the time to tune in, we are just not like everyone else. Most especially you. The input we have is primarily about your safety and only secondary to try to follow what is actually going on here.

“In addition to the CIA, FBI, and NSA and some other not as well-known security departments of the American government, we have the Russians, French, Israelis and as of a few hours ago the Chinese who are represented by Mir, Francois, Rebecca and Norbu.

“We are all working together and with Debra and trading information going in and out. We are going to have to have about an hour a day starting today for a formal meeting and that meeting will last longer each day until the reception is over Sunday night.

“I really don’t know how Mir, Francois, Rebecca, and Norbu can keep up with the security issues and keep up with the abstract conversations that are going on with you. The only thing I can figure is that they have a lifetime of considering these religious, spiritual, political, WorldPeace issues and so they have arrived at your doorstep, so to speak, already fully in sync. Not to mention that they are all highly skilled psychics.

“What I have to input is mostly technical about security issues and not really of interest. It is just police work. You have your hands full without security issues except when it directly threatens you and the other day, Janice.

Janice and Alicia both said in unison, “Exactly, we agree with Marshall.”

“The one observation that I will enter into the conversation,” said Marshall, “is that unlike everyone else I lived with you, until I graduated from high school, for all but the year I lived with mom after the divorce.

“You know you never let anything related to your WorldPeace Advocacy bleed into any family conversation. Your art may be an exception but that was abstract in a way and no one could make a connection between it and WorldPeace. And of course you were not John WorldPeace when you lived with mom.

“So as has been said in these conversations more than a few times, you pretty much were doing all this in plain sight but no one really knew when you were not studying or working on your business. You were always working on this global WorldPeace agenda. And that is what is most amazing to me. I knew you as sort of an eccentric father but you went to school, worked out, raised a family, had your own businesses with mom and later Kay. Normal things. Yet there was this huge WorldPeace project going on inside you and manifesting in art and poems and other writings which I never read.

“Your life was more significant in your WorldPeace agenda than all the normal things you were doing. You hid what you were doing well. But you were not really trying to hide. You just never brought this project up in any conversation that I recall.

“You were hidden in plain sight.”

“I tried to have these conversations with your mother,” I said, “but her only focus was money. So she just had no interest in something that seemed totally crazy to her. Mimi and Pop were strictly conventional people as were Granny and Papa. No one in the entire family was on my wave length.

“Marshal,” I always thought you would be involved with me at some point, but I did not want to influence you. I felt if you were meant to be a part of this part of my life you would somehow be pulled in by destiny at the appropriate time. But up until now you never gravitated to any of this religious, political, psychic stuff. And even now you are coming in the back door as my protector.

“I totally respect what you are doing, Dad,” he said, “But I am moving on toward 40 and I just don’t have an interest in pushing out my cosmology beyond the Catholic church. I like my job. I am fascinated with my work. And you have brought me into a level of police work that I would never have been exposed to were in not for your WorldPeace Advocacy.

“Dad, I find all these conversation very interesting but few of the things said stick with me after I exit these meetings. What occupies my mind is protecting you. Learning all the tools that are out there to accomplish that mission. That is where my mind goes. And of course to my life with My-Le and how I am going to have to make a decision to travel with you or withdraw back to Houston and the police force that will be very boring after tagging along with you.

“Well, keep on doing your police work,” I said. “This is typical psychic input. I saw you as a significant part of my life and you are. But not in the capacity I anticipated. At this time in your life you have found what interests you and your passion. I now know you will never enter into my world and that is OK. You will be close to me for who knows how long protecting me. I cherish your presence. But I have no expectations about the future. I will never stop traveling and you have to drop out of hyperspace and have a family. And not a family anchored in Houston where you only visit once or twice a month.

“Yes,” he said. “That preys upon me as well.”

“You will get more input when My-Le arrives on Wednesday,” I said.

“For now just do your work, Marshall.”

I got up and gave him a hug and so did everyone else.

When everyone sat back down I asked Alicia and Janice if they had anything to say. They said they were exactly in line with Marshal. They found all this very interesting but their primary interest was in police work.

All of them had some psychic abilities but nothing along the lines with my WorldPeace angels.

“OK,” I said. “I am very grateful for this clarity. I am very grateful that I feel totally safe with your protection. I know what I am doing is going to get more and more tricky, dangerous, as this WorldPeace Advocacy grows. So you have a lifetime job protecting me if you so chose.”


“Cathy,” I said.

“John,” she said, “I am glad this job definition came up and I am glad to understand that Marshal, Janice and Alicia are cops first and WorldPeace Advocates somewhere below that.”

“I have one role, John,” she said. “I am your devoted wife if your will. I am involved in everything because I am with you always. But I am a gopher by choice. My only job here is you. My job is to attend to your every need. That is all I want to be.”

“I just came to that conclusion about two weeks ago. This meeting has just clarified and defined that for everyone here. I find everything that is going on here interesting, amazing and miraculous. But you are my life John. You are my passion. Serving your every need is my total bliss.

“I will always stand by you, John. Literally and metaphorically until we exit this reality.”

“I love you, Cathy,” I said.

“Debra,” I said.

“John we touched on this before when Mir came on board,” she said. “I am a computer geek. I am as tied to the computer work on all levels and in all matters as Marshall, Alicia and Janice are married to police work.

“Everywhere we go, I have new challenges. Today at the Chinese embassy I was very challenged. I had to test their software but I could not appear to be snooping. I made a casual pass as they would expect and I found all gates guarded and alarms set. I could hack into their system but on my first attempt they would be on to me. And it would be rude of me to do that once I understood they could not stop me but they would know I was there.”

“So that is why you quit typing on your laptop. You were still watching but not interacting,” I said.

“Exactly,” she replied.

“OK, thank you,” I said.

“That leaves Norbu, Rebecca and Mir. I would like to go in that order of most recent to join us. And Mir I want you to hear everyone so you can sum up after hearing everyone.”

“I was going to ask that you call on me last,” she said.

“Norbu,” I said. “you have the floor.”

“John,” said Norbu, “I don’t have anything really to add to what I said earlier. Right now I am just processing a million things. Nothing really stands out except this is the real deal and the amount of power you are going to have in the world of heads of state is going to be unprecedented. That is my umbrella impression right now.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Rebecca,” I said.

“John I am also overwhelmed and trying to catch up,” Rebecca said.

“I am getting a huge download now from the Israeli’s. They had just given me the tip of the iceberg before I joined you. They are covering me up with information right now.

“What I will say is that the Israeli’s have been very paranoid about you since you changed your name. They want the Temple Mount but have no idea how to take possession of it. They can take everything the Palestinians control but they cannot find a way to take the Temple Mount. And the Temple Mount is the heart of Israel. But you have spoken the truth recently, God who is the decision maker on everything, has handed the Temple Mount to the Mulims a long time ago. The Temple was scraped in 70 AD of the second Temple of Solomon built by Herod.

“In 691, the Dome of the Rock was built. So the Muslims have had possession of the Temple Mount for 1300 years. There is no way the Jews are going to overcome their possession. If they try to take it by force there will be a slaughter of Jews worldwide and anyone who helps them. Other than an act of God under miraculous circumstances will the Temple Mount be cleared for the Third Temple.

“Every time the Jews make an effort to go on the Temple Mount and pray there are consequences to the Israeli’s. The Muslims will fight to the death over the Temple Mount. And there are many Muslims embedded in Jerusalem. The Jews would have to evict them all and then just tear down the Dome of the Rock. That is not going to happen.

“So you have been watched closely by the Israelis. That being said there is a small radical group that keeps saying that you will deliver the Temple Mount to the Jews. I really don’t understand how these people have that worked out. But it is a small but significant group that believes it.

“You can never forget that Judaism, Islam and Christianity are full of radicals and visions and such because Jerusalem is such a holy place.

“That is all I can tell you.”

“Thank you, Rebecca,” I said.

“The Temple Mount for me is settled in favor of the Muslims,” I said. “I have never given it much thought because I feel it is settled. The Muslim world is so wired right now I don’t think any discussion of the Temple Mount is possible. As I said short of God sending fire from heaven or a huge earthquake, I see the Muslims maintaining control of the Temple Mount. But anything could happen. It is just not an issue I feel is soft like many others that can be manipulated to increase the peace in Jerusalem and Palestine/Israel in general.”

“All I can tell you, John,” said Rebecca, “is that there is a belief that you are tied to the future of the Temple Mount. And you have Jewish blood in your veins. And the Jews want to leave all paths open. They would hate to end your life and find out that you were about to deliver them the Temple Mount. So the Temple Mount may be an impossible to solve problem but you are alive because the Israelis, Zionists if you will, believe you are tied to their future.

“Wow,” I said. “I will have to meditate on that. I just don’t see the Temple Mount changing hands over a long war. I see it changing hands only through a dramatic event. A God event, not a drone strike. An undeniable God presence.

“OK, Mir,” I said.

“John,” said Mir, “I think we have covered about everything and we are all up to speed. I am glad that Marshal, Alicia and Janice have defined their roles and desires. As has Debra. I think that clarity which was beginning to seem obvious is good that it has been verbalized.”

“Also, I believe that as Marshal and Alicia and Janice are going to meet daily to discuss their responsibilities, we need to have a meeting of the psychics if you will for an hour a day maybe and go into a meditation to make sure we have not overlooked something and to just stay tuned in and make sure nothing was missed. There is no telling what will come through if we have a meditation session.”

“I agree,” said Celeste.

As did Norbu and Rebecca.

“Ok,” I said. “We can do that.”

“Other than that, I would define what is happening right now as a gathering of Angels. Kathleen is coming tonight and I don’t really feel anyone else on our level is going to appear before Saturday,” Mir said.

“But I also feel, that in some ways God is going to enter an undeniable presence probably at the Gathering on Saturday or to our group before then.

“I hate to sound Biblical but I expect some sort of undeniable God anointing and blessing of the WorldPeace Advocacy to the world. Yet when I say that out loud I feel a bit foolish. But the feeling will not go away.”

“I feel the same way,” said Celeste.

“As do I,” said Norbu, “but the feeling is not clear or strong.”

“I am feeling something significant,” said Rebecca, “but I cannot identify it.”

“Maybe, when Kathleen joins us tonight we will find out more on this,” I said.

“OK, anything else?” I asked.

No one responded.

“OK, we are on time to be at Jeremy’s at 1400 if we get moving now.”

“One other thing,” I said, “Norbu has priority on the Peaceman as soon as we return.”

Everyone clapped, to the embarrassment of Norbu.

“I just looked at her and smiled.”

I could feel that she wanted to engage now but there was just no way. Duty calls.


We arrived at Jeremy’s right on time and moved right to the reception line. There were about 50 people there. A few seem to show up at about half the events. I had not gotten around to asking Jeremy who they were. A quick glance would not be enough for anyone to distinguish one group from another. It seems the rich and famous have a dress code.

Everyone was seated and prepared for dinner. I was going to speak for 5 to 10 minutes and then there would be time for 3 or 4 questions.

I enjoyed these functions. The people were always cordial and reserved and respectful.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” I began, “I want to thank you for your support of the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“I would like to speak tonight for a few minutes about my take on this reality.

“My experiences in life pretty much verify that we are living in a dreamscape. Nothing is real. Things seem real because they seem tangible. But the reality is if you disintegrate anything that seems real, you end up with a whole lot of empty space. I suppose that things seem solid because of the energy fields around atoms and sub atomic particles that are resistant to being collapsed. And that is why things in this reality, the things we can see without microscopes cannot pass through each other.

“I believe there are infinite dimensions but we are existing in a dreamscape where an infinite immortal soul incarnates into a finite mortal body. At this level were are quite heavy and dense. When we die, we migrate to a less dense body and in this once removed dimension we still associate with the earth dreamscape and so the once removed dimension looks a lot like the earth dimension or dreamscape.
“After we have been in the once removed dimension for a while, we may decide to migrate back to the earth or we may decide to move on to the second removed dimension which is less dense that the once removed dimension. We first go to this once removed dimension because it would be a shock and very confusing to jump from the earth dimension to the 7th removed dimension. So if we intend to move closer to the Infinite Potential of all things, we need to go slowly. Sort of drift toward it instead of rushing toward it.

“I believe all these dimensions are contained within our solar system which is very large: billions of miles from the center where our sun resides to the outer edge. I believe this because once in a group meditation I exited my body and decided that I would go to Polaris, the north star. I took off and just intended to keep my eyes on Polaris and keep adjusting course until I got there. Then I looked back and I could not identify the earth among all the stars. I was lost in space.

“I think we probably have a silver cord or life line that attaches our souls to our bodies as long as our bodies are alive. I am not sure how far this cord will stretch. At any rate there was a recorder playing some New Age music and after seeing I was lost, I believe my helpers caused the record to click off loudly, this is old school technology and I was stopped on my journey. I closed my eyes and allowed my guides to take me home. I drifted back down into the room I was in.

“This event seemed to awaken me to the idea that a large number of souls come together in the universe and begin to take the material in their area and create a solar system. It takes a very long time, billions of years, but an infinite soul has no reason to be in a hurry.

“Eventually the solar system solidifies and the souls begins to incarnate into the tiny one celled creatures and eventually incarnate into the most advanced beings as the planet evolves. I believe that for every incarnate soul, there are hundreds or thousands of not incarnate souls that are assigned to the incarnate souls for an infinite number of support necessities. In a word, you cannot come to this reality without a lot of help for the simple reason that life is hard; for everyone for different reasons.

“We come here because in this dimension things are slowed down through the limited perception of the human body and everything has a dual aspect. Light Dark. Hot Cold. Big small and so on. As a result of this, life is intense. Sex is a 1000 more intense than the equivalent of sex in the 5th removed dimension.

“Second, we script our own reality. This is the secular message of Jesus. Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter.

“The problem is that we start to begin to think this dimension is the real dimension and all that is intangible is not real. And the reverse is true. The net effect is that we get confused in the manifestations of this earth dimension and thank goodness for our helpers, guides, ancestors, angels, mentors and so on who reside in the higher dimensions and support us.

“There is no beginning or end of the Infinite Potential. No time (or is should say the past present and future are merged into the Now). No space. All that is an illusion of the filter that we call the human body and the mind.

“The trick for a successful life is not to get lost in the manifestations, not to get confused in the manifestations, of the Infinite Potential. The greatest confusion comes in attachment. Insistence on possession. Possessions are an anchor, a ball and chain in this dimension.

“Live long and prosper, keep your mind on the fact that this world is an illusion of the human body and mind filter. Our infinite immortal souls perceive this dreamscape by looking out through the senses of the human body. Thank God our bodies eventually die and our souls are set free. So if we get lost, we are only lost until our body dies. But you don’t want to exist your body still in possession of a great desire for something that only exists on earth.

“The point is that everything we want to exist can be made to exist. We are scripting our lives in an infinitely pliable dreamscape. So WorldPeace, in the sense of increasing the level of peace in the world human society is possible. We control our individual and our group dreamscapes.

“Any questions?”

“Dr WorldPeace,” said an attractive young lady in her 30’s, “what about continuing our relationships with say our husband after we die?”

“Good question,” I said. “On earth you are bound to a spouse by the drive to procreate.  In the ascending dimensions, there is no procreation. You can create humans here but you can’t create souls there. So there is no need for procreation drives in heaven. Therefore, you have relationships in the less dense dimensions but they are not as intense as they are here. I am sure there is a feeling like sex there; grounded in a sense of loving and being loved.

“Yes, sir,” I pointed to a young man in his mid-20’s.

“Dr. WorldPeace, considering what you just said,” he began, “I can’t help but notice these beautiful women around you and I can’t imagine that you are not intimate with them. So are you attached to them?”

“Yelp, I sure am,” and loving them is exquisite and being loved by them is heavenly. I am attached to them and they are attached to me. We know that we are binding ourselves to this reality and this reality is sticky and it takes more than a few lives to get rid of the sticky.

“However, I am one of those souls who back to back incarnates. I am coming back as soon as I exit. So being attached does not bother me. To be in love lifetime after lifetime with these woman is blissful. So I accept that at some time I will have to detox. But not right now,” I said.

There was mild chuckling among the guests.

“One more question,” I said.

“The older lady in the lavender dress,” I said as I pointed to her.

“Are you the Messiah,” she asked.

“You know I get that question so often I have to rethink my thoughts constantly because somehow I am not communicating,” I said.

“2000 years ago Jesus and his two partners John the Baptist and the apostle Paul came to earth to start a new religious drama. It required a herald, John to announce the coming of Jesus. It required an actor to live the role. It required someone to explain what happened. John did his job. Jesus did his job. Paul did his job but due to the nature of starting a religion he had to use the old tried and true template. And when he did he created in essence a Christian bureaucracy that was as defective as the Jewish bureaucracy. So it is around Paul that the new John, Jesus, Paul drama will have to take place.

“Now Jesus came with a religious drama.

“I have a secular drama that transcends religion, politics, race and gender. I focus on a secular Jesus who said “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter”. This message is a secular message that says we are writing our own script in our lives.

“I am not the returning Jesus. Also, I am not affiliated with any church. I have no organization. No disciples, no members, no followers. And I live with 7 beautiful women. I am not celibate and neither are my angels.

“The Jesus who is expected from the scenario of the Book of Revelation is not me. Nor am I the anti Christ because I also do not fit that template.

“I have a self-defined objective to attempt to increase the level of peace in the world human society. I have focused on religion, politics and the law as the impediments to an increased level of peace.

“Thank you for your consideration and support.

I received a solid applause.

We ate and then we visited and then we left for the condo. Our next meeting was a social with the local peace activates organized by Vernon; it was to begin in three hours and at which time we expect Vernon to bring us Dr. Kathleen Ellis, our new angel.

We said our goodbyes and thank you’s to Jeremy and left for the condo.


Norbu and I were building the sexual energy between us as soon as we walked out the door of Jeremy’s condo. When we arrived at Francois condo, we were both on fire for each other and went straight to the bedroom, took off our clothes and made our bliss. Norbu was not a virgin. She was an experienced lover. I was surprised but not interested in having a conversation about it. We emerged about an hour later, after we showered and got dressed. We said very little but we had bonded for life.


We agreed that the angels would not wear sexy clothes; no shorts, no low cut tops, no super tight clothes other than their pants if they were so inclinded, not a lot of makeup and a conservative amount of perfume. We needed to present an appearance of hard work and focus and not a small elite group overly focused on sexual interactions.

I also suggested that we have nice plastic name tags for each of us and stick-on name tags for our guests. And I wanted the word Dr. in front of my angels who had PhD’s or like me a JD. Looking at a beautiful woman, speaking with an articulate woman with a PhD would make these women appear out of reach to the average guy and cut down the breeding energy in social gatherings.

I did not want to shut down the sexual energy, I just wanted the volume turned down. I refuse to bring in the non-committed with sex. If I have 25 super-hot women available to talk intimately about sex, I am going to run off the average looking woman and bring in the marginally committed males. So ladies tone it down.

At about 1630 our guest began to arrive. We expected 20-25 and spouses and companions and partners were not invited. This was a social peace activists business meeting.

Vernon and associates from our prior meeting were expected. We felt that Vernon had invited the most active and engaged members of the peace community to come. We also asked that he not bring two people from a particular peace group because of our limited space and I wanted to spread the message to the greatest number of activists.

This to me was just going to be an expanded meeting of the prior meetings with Vernon and his associates and would probably be followed by an even larger group of maybe 200 in a forum atmosphere maybe at the university with a large classroom to accomodate all the attendees. I wanted input from an expanded group of peace activist on Tuesday and maybe again on Thursday to make sure we did not forget anything. This WorldPeace Gathering was coming together after a very short time and there was no prior meetings. So it all was being created and executed from scratch and on the run.

Vernon and some of his associates from our prior meetins arrived first and as had been expected, Dr. Kathleen Ellis was in tow. She was definitely a beautiful woman with fire red hair, beautiful green eyes and an athletic body. She was a bit over 30 and she was dressed down like my angels. She and Alicia with their red hair and green eyes certainly stood out.

“Dr. WorldPeace, this is Dr. Kathleen Ellis,” said Vernon.

“I reached out my hand and said, “We have been anticipating your presence tonight.”

She looked stunned and said, “You knew I was coming?”

“Yes,” I said.

“How did you know?” she firmly asked.

“Dr. Ellis,” I said, “My angels and I are very psychic. And in addition, we have logical linear real support for the intelligence gathering departments from the United States, France, Israel, Russia and China. We are not spies but we have a mutual working relationship with these agencies.”

“It was known that you had booked a flight out of New York to Paris. And then you did not show and so the Israelis, in this case, searched the private jet manifests and found you. Then you were seen meeting Vernon as you got off the jet.

“Dr. Ellis, you came here to be part of our WorldPeace Advocacy, the core group, and now you are.  Congratulations.”

The angels who had been gathering around all introduced themselves and welcomed her.

“Carl can bring in your bags if Vernon gives him the keys to his car,” I said.

“I am astounded,” she said.

“There is no magic or hocus pocus Dr. Ellis. We are not a typical WorldPeace Advocacy. We are fully funded. We have the highest level contacts in governments all over the world. Myself, Mir and Debra have citizenships in the United States, Russia, Israel, France and China/Tibet,” I said.

“I had no idea,” she said.

“You have the right stuff to be in our growing core group,” I said.

“My angels will bring you up to speed before the night is over,” I said.

“That is assuming this is what you want to do.”

“This is ALL I want to do,” she said.

“Then it is done,” I said. “Welcome aboard. Make yourself at home.”
Francois took her by the hand and began the orientation.


Everyone mixed and mingled but not much was being discussed about peace. Even dressed down, half the group were males and gathering around my angels. The other half, the females, were talking to each other. I had to get things going in the right direction which for me, in part, was to be a discussion of the short comings of our WorldPeace Gathering on Saturday.

“OK, ladies and gentlemen,” I said, “I need to take charge of this gathering for a bit to discuss some things in general about increasing the peace in the world human society and some things specifically related to the WorldPeace Gathering on Saturday.

“I would like to stand up in the corner over there and I would like for you to find a chair or sit on the floor or just stand up facing me. I would like about 30 to 40 minutes of your time.

“I had it in my mind that we would have a social gathering for everyone to get to know each other and so those of you who came could get to know me and my angels and a sense of what we are doing. Peace angels I should say. That has been accomplished.

“Now I need your help but first I need to try to get everyone on the same North Bound train if you will.

“Actually I see that I need to talk about the specific and then talk about the general and then I need to talk logistics and so on with regards to the WorldPeace Gathering.

“There is one concrete overriding motivating factor for me that sort of stands above everything else. We have a lot of peace groups worldwide and a lot of supporters of those peace groups. But the naked reality is that they are as a group ineffective if not impotent in going head to head with powerful people. My evidence is the George W. Bush build up to the Iraqi war. He was unopposed in his lying manipulation. There were hundreds of thousands who showed up within an hour’s notice in Paris to challenge his lies. With no effect. A big impotent dog and pony show was the peace rally.

“Why were these peace rallies so impotent? The answer is simple. No leader. No figure head. No one to rally behind. Just a cluster fornication. A huge dog and pony show in cluster fornication environment. When it could have been a gathering to put the fear of God in evil men with evil intent to start a war that displaced millions, maimed and killed our soldiers and cost over 2 trillion dollars. No leadership. Over drinks, I am sure George and his gang were laughing loudly at the peaceniks.

“Well ladies and gentlemen I want to lead a group of WorldPeace Advocates who can stand head to head against chaos and disharmony and death and destruction and pain and misery created by those in power for the underlying reason of making money. And with regards to war, you can put that under the heading of Military Industrial Complex.

“Now here was the dilemma for me. I hate bureaucracies. I hate group think, group manipulation. I hate inefficiency, I hate hierarchy. But I have to acknowledge that all those things are a necessary evil in a world human society of 7.5 billion human beings.

“So the question for me is how can I bring all these peaceniks, these peace advocates together without creating some kind of umbrella bureaucracy which would in time choke off my good intentions. The answer, when it came to me a short time ago, was very simple.

“I needed to define an issue and then submit it to all the peace groups in the world for an endorsement. I would never get a 100% endorsement. But I felt if the issue was framed properly and presented properly by myself and my angels with credibility and one that had clearly defined consequences if ignored, I could gather a united global voice to go head to head with misguided fools and their desire to prey upon the sheep that is generally the world human society.

“I would need to create a data base of peace organizations. Not the individual members but the peace organizations to which the individuals belonged. I would not have to micro manage anything. I would send out a call for support. Get an endorsement from however many groups on these single issues we so inclined and confront those supporting the negative peace degenerating side of the issue. After presenting my demands, one on one, to the leader of the predators, I would move on to the next issue. In some cases, the demands may be ongoing. Like for instance oil fracking that destroys aquafers.

“So it is that simple. I need a small core staff to manage the database and that is all. I can self-finance that.

“So you see it is a very easy approach. No infighting between peace groups as to who is going to lead. Just an up or down democratic vote in each peace group.
The majority rules. The decision forwarded to the WorldPeace Advocacy and I run with the ball and deliver it to those who are trying to create destruction for the sake of money.

“And believe me, please get this in your head, it is always always, always about the money. I do not care what pipeline or road these great ideas come from, it is always about the money.

“What are the tools to stop these acts of bad faith? Stop buying the products of those who come up with these anti-social schemes. Divestiture of the stocks of these companies. And believe me most of these problems are corporations. Not the leaders of these companies. All the people who own stock in those companies.

“I want that to sink in. The enemy are those who hold onto stock in these companies and take dividends that are the result of anti-social, anti local or anti global schemes to transfer wealth from the bottom of the social pyramid to the top.

“I want to throw out a one liner here that is collaterally relevant. Capitalism in a decreasing global population is not sustainable. Capitalism has thrived with over population. Capitalism needs a constant influx of new buyers. This is a long range global issue of huge proportions. Put that in the back of your mind and remember that Dr. John WorldPeace predicted it.

“Now can anyone find anything negative about Dr. John WorldPeace sending out a request for a yes or no vote on some issue he wants to take to the powers that be that are trying to hoodwink the ignorant of the world. I say ignorant because in the United States, the average person is dealing with complex issues with an 8th grade mentality. It is us, egg heads and flower children and hippies and ivory tower thinkers, who need to bring truth and clarity to these issues. And win or lose we can say we tried to stop the insanity from the bottom end of the social.

“Can anyone find objection to voting within their peace group on some issue that I have laid out, that I believe is anti-social and one that will decrease the level of peace in the world human society.

No one spoke. These smart peace activist could not find a reason not to participate in an attempt to challenge some perceived predatory wrong about to take place in the world human society.

“Well then folks, Dr Debra Fontiane will have that data base, that will be made public, within a few months.

Debra spoke up and said,  “A few weeks John, a few weeks.”

“There it is ladies in gentlemen,” I said. “That train has left the station. And my project with it. It is a go.”

“Now I need to speak for a short moment about why there is so little peace in the world. My list is not complete. My list is in my mind inclusive of the real core reasons that the level of peace in the world human society is stagnated.

“How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all religions, all nationalities, both genders in our vision of peace? The answer is that we cannot. Why? Because a White peace will not manifest WorldPeace. A Christian peace will not manifest WorldPeace. An American peace will not manifest WorldPeace. A male peace will not manifest WorldPeace.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I belong to no organization except those that are involuntary; like automatically through birth being a citizen of a country, being male or female, being of a certain skin color (race).

“Every single group has an elitist exclusionary mindset. The group always creates an “us verse them” mentality. WorldPeace ladies and gentlemen is democratic and all inclusive. If you are a card carrying bureaucratic Christian you cannot be a Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist.

“The same goes for Nationality, race and gender. Join a feminist group and you are anti-male to some degree. You don’t have to be a radical feminist. But if you are a feminist you have drawn a line between men and women.

“So the global reality is that every group you belong to decreases the peace in the world human society. Until we all drop our insistence on being White, Christian, American Males, as opposed to being a human being first and seeing every human being as having an incarnate infinite soul that is beyond race, religion, nationality and gender, the level of peace and WorldPeace is not going to increase.

“Now that is the core global issue. Here is the collateral issue. Religons, Nations, the courts, are the creators and maintainers of the level of peace in the world human society. And ladies and gentlemen they are all corrupt. They are all flawed with their us vs. them mentality. After thousands of years of all kinds of variations of civilizations in the world human society, Religions, Politics (local and global) and the courts have not been able to further the level of peace within the world human society.

“The reason is that they are all corrupt. Let me just talk about religion. A religion is a bureaucracy with an attitude that without bureaucracy, the message of the founder will not be propagated in the world human society. And if the religion is not propagated in the world human society it will lose out to more aggressive religions. So, and this is the core reality, when the message of the founder is in conflict with the power goals of the bureaucracy, the message of the founder is skewed. This is why religion does not make sense in so many ways. This is why Jesus advocated not accumulating assets for the sake of accumulating assets and the Catholic Church does not maintain an austere building complex in Rome but one that is chock full of untold billions of dollars of art which, if Jesus in charge would be sold and given to the poor either directly or through some uplifting program. So you see how the problems of peace are manmade. The solution is so obvious that it is hidden. And hidden the deepest from 8th grade minds.
“That being said, please consider this. That is all I am asking, is that you think about it. I may be wrong and if I am wrong, I want to be made right. So let us be vigilant and constantly review the facts.

“Lastly, ladies and gentle I want to talk about the logistics of the WorldPeace Gathering that is going to take place this Saturday.

“Essentially, we are going to have 4 events around Paris because we cannot find a place to accomodate a million people. We are going to start early in the morning and visit each location and then move to the next location. The main objective is to let people see Dr. John WorldPeace and his female companion Dr. Mir WorldPeace. We are not married but we have the same name. Mir due to many factors is going to be the female aspect of the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“I would be a huge hypocrite, as are all religious bureaucracies, to deny women a place at the top. No corporation has an absolute restriction on women at the top of their organization as do the major religions. And the religions actually claim that that female prohibition is God dictated. And this is in spite of the reality that Jesus fully embraced women and in particular it seems from current ancient documents that Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Jesus and that women followed Jesus and took care of his needs which to me means feeding him, keeping his clothes washed and supporting him financially. But the Catholic church keeps women in a second class position. And incredibly to me, women accept this. Women accept the alleged writings of Moses in Genesis that God forever subordinated women due to Eve and the apple incident. God demonized women back in the day.

“If I were a woman listening to that in Sunday school or anywhere else I would first throw up and second exit that religious bureaucracy. Male and Female bodies are incarnate with asexual infinite immortal spirits.

“Women are subordinated in every society in the world human society. Until we end this discrimination and the demonizing of women, the level of peace is going to be almost impossible to increase.

So there it is ladies and gentlemen. My take on why there is not a greater level of peace in the world. The bureaucracies that are thwarting and are an impediment of to increasing the peace in the world and a plan of action to stop the malicious acts of corporations and governments and religious bureaucracies to hold fast to the current level of peace in the world human society.

“We do not have time to discuss these issues in detail. We have provided you with a web address which lays out our current plans for the WorldPeace Gathering. If you will go home, read it and submit any changes you may have, you would benefit the WorldPeace advocacy.

“Yes, there is a danger to Mir and I and others who will stand up for peace in this WorldPeace Gathering to lay out our plans. But that is just the way it is. So please help us to make this a safe and danger free environment to make a global statement about an intention to move forward with a plan to increase the peace in the world human society.

“Peace now,” I said.

Everyone was stunned. Overloaded. And it seemed paralyzed and unable to move. It took about 5 minutes before the clapping began, slowly and then all inclusive.

The WorldPeace Advocacy was launched. The fat was in the fire and the countdown to Saturday officially begun.


Jeremy who had come in just before I spoke came up to me with moist eyes.

“John,” he said, “I have never heard a speech like that. The power you have to boil complex issues down to something understandable and the ability to create a plan of action, and the power you have to hold people’s attention is going to change the world.”

“Thank you Jeremy,” I said. “Let us hope that I can keep at it until a critical mass is reached and the world actually transitions into a more sane and just world.”

“John,” he said, “you have the right stuff. You are there right man at the right time to increase the peace in the world human society. I think God for sending me to you.”

Our guests began to slowly come back to life and began to leave. In about 45 minutes they were all gone.

Vernon, before he left, came and shook my hand and gave me a hug and said, “John I see clearly now why peace activists have been seen as clowns and buffoons and a threat to society. And I see now with you leading a global WorldPeace movement, all that is going to change. You are going to give us our voice.”

“Thank you, Vernon,” I said, “for everything”.

After everyone left, my angels gathered around me and Francois said, “John can you take care of all of us? We all need a peace of you as in now.”

I looked around at 10 hungry tigresses and allowed them to lead me to the pleasure dome.


I exited the bedroom about two hours later. The angels were all over the condo. Some still in the bedroom, some in their rooms, and Celeste and Norbu in the kitchen along with Cathy. Cathy was so in sync with me that she had already poured my coffee. It was about 0100 the time I normally get up and work for a few hours, often until the sun comes up. Then I return to bed for an hour or so before starting my day in earnest.

Cathy gave me a hug and a kiss. Celeste and Norbu just looked at me.

“So what’s up, Celeste,” I asked.

“John, John,” she said and smiled. “Boredom is definitely not what is up.”

“John,” said Norbu, “watching you and living in your space just in the last few days has been a real joy. I have never seen anyone move from such a variety of events with the ease of walking across a room. You dealt with the Chinese Ambassador with the same assurance and confident and relaxed manor as you just took care of 10 women.”

“Norbu, it is all in the mind,” I said. “I just integrate and become a part of the environment and event within the environment in almost all situations. The more tension there is, the more I calm my mind. The more complex and dynamic the event, the more I shut down the other parts of my mind. In a way, it is like when I had my pacemaker installed. I was awake. It was a 90 minute procedure. I just relaxed and went into a deep meditation but fully conscious. My mind was awake and in deep meditation at the same time. And I just seemed to float between the two. And in that place, time really sort of disappears and passes much faster than it would if my mind was fully conscious of the event. I only allow the minimal amount of my mind to monitor the event, to stay full conscious.

“I think that is what I do in a situation like making love to 10 women. I just relax and fully engage in the experience and allow the stroking that I am receiving to keep me fully aroused. So again it is about partitioning my mind and just floating in the moment no matter how long it lasts. And it also helps, for the most part, to keep my eyes shut so the visuals do not pull too much of my mind out of the event. Opening my eyes really taxes my energy when I am trying to stay in a meditative state. And I don’t like music playing when I am engaged with someone or someones because it is another distraction that drains my focus.

“You are like the old Tibetan monks,” said Norbu. “That is what they do. They are aware of what they need to be aware of but the rest of their mind sort of engages the soul and just flows in that energy.”

“Yes that is what I think I do,” I said. “And when you are in that state, you can manipulate reality a bit and you can go and retrieve information that you cannot retrieve when you are fully awake in your consciousness.

“The main thing to learn with regards to sex is to experience it as a journey and not as a destination; an organism. You create an ongoing lower level, softly pleasurable, organism that is not as intense as a release. It does not end until you stop moving or have an orgasm. You just ride the wave, the energy that is always present.

“When you get in sync with the rhythm of whatever you are experiencing it is like being disengaged from the process of an operation like the insertion of my pacemaker. 90% of my mind is away, 10% is conscious to what is going on.

“Really, this is how you can deal with anything. But first you have to teach yourself through practice that you can do this.

“So you are saying you could make love to me for hours,” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Not all night, I think. But for a significantly long time; an unusually long time. I just manage the release of energy. I find that comfortable pace and just keep rocking in it.”

“I want to do that some time,” she said.

“Just come to me and stroke me and kiss me lovingly and gently and we will go there,” I said.

“I can’t imagine such a place. A place of the peaceful bliss of meditation and the intense energy of making love, to another body, for hours” she said.

“The best merging is to engage and stay in a place where you maintain a body, mind and soul merging with your partner,” I said. “Sex to me is a sacred act because it connects me with my spirit and its dimension.

Francois entered the kitchen with just her panties on.

“I have been on the computer for the last hour. Lots of emails to read and respond to,” she said.

“The Director said his energy is running down trying to keep up with you and the events around you. You shift gears and keep moving from one thing to another and he is having trouble making so many quick turns if you will.

“He is determined to make sure this Gathering goes along without a hitch.”

“Well, I want it go off without any violence,” I said. “This is the first major event, the first fully public event. The coming out to the world for me and Mir and the WorldPeace Advocacy and we cannot begin this very long journey with violence,” I said.

“I think we are all beginning to see how important that really is,” said Francois.

“I think there is going to be some violence and if there is I don’t want it to become public. I want to cover it up, in a way that maybe no one notices,” I said. “I feel that now is just the calm before the intensity of the Gathering on Saturday.”

“You can tell Jeremy that I feel energized and if we could set meetings at the last minute, I think I could give a speech each morning but I cannot do it if they are not called on less than 24 hours’ notice. I can’t mentally deal with feeling I can’t get out of an event if I need to. Having an inflexible schedule will pray on my mind and drain me. Yet if I have last minute choices, I will maintain a high level of energy.”

“John, you really manage your energy, consciously, better than anyone I have ever been around,” Norbu said. “I don’t think anyone knows what you are doing. They seem to all want to know how you stay so charged. I see it is how you play mind games with your mind and you shift gears or change projects when you get too tired and the changing, gives you renewed energy.”

“That is it exactly,” I said. “I learned to do this when I was going to college full time and working full time.”

“Another thing, is that I have learned to just exist in a constant state of being tired. I am almost never fully rested. I ignore my body screaming for sleep and sometimes I just can’t mentally jack my energy and so I will drink a cup of coffee or take a caffeine pill or even take a shower. Taking a shower really wakes me up. And if I cannot sleep, I have sex and that disengages me and allows me an immediate and deep sleep for 20 minutes to an hour. And it clears my mind as well.

“I did not know you were doing this, John,” said Celeste.

“Neither did I,” said Francois. “We all wondered how you kept going when we knew you were exhausted. When being with you exhausted us. The reality is that you have been on the edge of exhaustion all your life and have consciously experimented with overcoming it.”

“There is one other thing,” I said. “When I close my eyes and go to sleep I go to other dimensions and attend other meetings and get briefings on what is coming in my conscious life. So I really am working even when my body is sleeping. And I manage that by not allowing myself to think about what I was doing when I was asleep. In other words, when I wake up, I just go with my intuition and do not question how efficiently that works. I have already dealt with whatever as my body slept and there is no reason or advantage to doing it again. It drains my energy to try to bring to conscious what I was doing while my body slept.”

“John,” said Norbu, “the monks do this but they in no way have the variety of tasks that you have to deal with. Or you have chosen to deal with.”

“While we are on this subject,” I said, “while I am sitting here and I have a degree of energy drain, I am pulling energy from the love you all have for me. And I am not pulling from the energy in your body but the energy that we create by interacting. It is sort of like a perfume if you will that is an energy that forms from the surrounding environment and not from our bodies. So I can take that in and recharge.”

“So you are making love to all three of us now,” Norbu said.

“Yes, of course,” I said, “if I am around you, I am loving you. If I am close to you, I am feeding off the bliss of you. The bliss that comes and forms. I am in some ways merged with each of you atom to atom. Just looking at you is a high, as the dopers speak of it I think. A natural high though. I drink in the sexual energy that always exudes from you when you are in my presence.”

“I have thought about this,” said Norbu, “but I did not think anyone could really do it.”

“You have to consider, you have to believe that my love for a woman is total and complete,” I said. “I am totally in love with all of you. Beyond what you think is possible. And when I make love to you, when my body merges with yours, I am only allowing you to have what you can handle. If I gave all the energy I could give to you, it would make us both nauseous. I don’t like that feeling. So I control it. It is not a conscious thing. I just tell myself to not get carried away. But sometimes I do and I will have an intense orgasmic and just deal with the energy sickness.”

“Talking about this has opened all of your channels and increased your desires when you thought you were completely satisfied an hour or so ago,” I said.

“My God, John,” said Francois, “you are totally in tune with us all the time, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” I said, “I will be merged with you to some degree no matter where you are and what you are doing until you disengage from our relationship.”

“John,” Celeste said, “that is heavenly love.”

“Yes it is,” I said, “I don’t know of any other kind. But the Snake and Kay and LeAnne and Rachel never got it. Never felt it. Until they left. Then they knew something was missing; that they had lost something.”

“And you make love to everyone with the same degree of intensity,” said Francois.

“Yes,” I said, “and in this environment if I could not do that with someone I would have to disengage from them because I would be pouring energy in without being able to get any out and it would drain me. “

“This is another example of how fine-tuned your energy is,” said Norbu.

“Yes,” I said.

“You have an energy setting for everything,” Norbu said.

“Yes, life is about energy management if you are going to live fully awake,” I said.

“There is also the energy shift from moving back and forth between this logical linear reality and the spiritual dimension. It is all about living in the moment.

“John, you should be hardly able to move,” said Francois. “Your day started real early and your talks were intense. Then you came home and did your homework and you are wired, as if you were loaded up with uppers. But you don’t use drugs. It is truly amazing.”

“I am just living on love, my loves,” I said and laughed.


The rest of the angels came out of the bed room all smelling wonderfully clean. Their hair was wet so they had a group shower no doubt. I just laughed to myself. It is great to be around happy people; uninhibited women.

Kathleen came over to me and kissed me deeply.

“Umm, delicious,” she said.

“John, I feel so incredibly alive. I never knew life could be like this.”

“None of us did,” said Francois, “before we met and then merged with John.

“I was totally in love with my deceased husband,” said Celeste. “John, has shown me a much more intense blissful love than I thought possible.”

“I love you, Celeste,” I said.

“See girls, look at the hair standing up on my arms,” said Celeste. “See what he does to me.”

“OK, ladies I am for the moment filled with your love,” I said, “and we need to have a light reality check.”

“I need an update on the Gathering, Francois,” I said.

“In a nutshell,” she said, “we think we can make 5 events. But we have to have two trailers which are being built. We will use one at the start, at location one where the trailer will already be in place. We will arrive in an armored limo and present our script to the crowd. The trailer will be hooked up to a semi-tractor and when the hour is over, we will just disappear into the trailer and we will be pulled to the next stop. At the second stop, the second trailer will be in place and we will leave the first trailer and get into the second one. The first one will be pulled to the next stop and set up while we speak at the second stop. So we will leap frog the two trailers over the five locations.”

“The limo will follow us and there will be three specially armed cops inside. Behind the limo will be a Hummer with 6 additional cops. The ones in the limo will have on suits. The ones in the Hummer will have on light riot gear. They will all exit at each stop and guard the trailer and protect us.

“We have run through a lot of scenarios and this one works the best.

“The main thing is that, of all the plans, this one had the least chance of being delayed.

“We are going to have two helicopters close by on the top of a building with the engine running. In the event there is a problem. They will be the eyes in the sky.

“We are going to have about 20 small but sophisticated drones at each location. Again two sets of 20 that leap frog from location to location and all 40 will be aloft at the last stop. The drones are small but they will have some gear to identify anything unusual.

“We will have 8 explosive sniffing dogs patrolling in two rings around the trailer. And about five more just moving through the crowd.

“And there will be a 100 uniformed police at the first four locations and 200 at the last again with the leap frog scenario.

“The crowds will have a lot of embedded police and military in civilian clothes with packs full of things that will give them control of the crowd in the event of a problem.”

“This is pretty elaborate,” I said. “And costly.”

“We have a lot of help from the CIA,” said Francois, “and equivalent agencies from your citizenship countries. Everyone agrees with you John, this Gathering must take place with no violence.”

“As far as the costs, the agencies are covering the labor and the friends of Jeremy are covering everything else.”

“I want to thank them all,” I said, “I want to send cards to each of them. And to the cops and everyone who made this happen. I want to personally sign each card even if it is a thousand or more.”

“John,” said Francois, “no one expects that.”

“And that is exactly why I am going to do it,” I said.

Francois and the rest of the angels just stared at me.

“Well those are things I thought we would be talking to Vernon and company about,” I said. “I can’t believe that all the logistics are basically worked out in detail.”

“John we have government employees whose day to day job is planning and executing these kinds of events and scenarios,” said Francois.

“So what will be the nature of the meeting with Vernon and the other advocates,” I asked.

“All the groups are going to have their unique caps or buttons or T-shirts etc. And it may be that all have a bracelet to distinguish them as members of the WorldPeace Advocacy. And they will be working the crowd, recruiting new members.”

“That sounds great but I don’t want any hard selling going on at the event. They can get names and such and have raffles to collect names but I don’t want a hard sell and I don’t want any efforts to collect money at the event other than selling the typical souvenirs. It will smell bad and reduce the number of people that come to the next event.”

“I agree,” said Francois.

“Well I need to attend these two meetings with the peace advocates,” I said.

“We all will, John,” Francois said.

“Sorry, love I am having a reality check at to how big this Gathering will be. I saw it much more simple and I therefore have been thinking too small,” I said.

“We are lining up some bands to warm up the crowds before your arrival and after you leave. Music brings people to these events and we think we can bring on some high end talent. In fact, we have been getting calls from performers to participate without even making it known we were going to have some music. No one is signed on yet but we will have the lineup and backups by Tuesday.

“Can you give me some examples,” I asked.

“Just one because I love you,” Francois said.

“Lady Gaga”

“What?,” I asked totally shocked.

“The Dixie Chicks.”

They all saw my eyes water over. I was overwhelmed and could not speak.

They all came and closed in on me and kissed and hugged me.

In about 5 minutes, I said, “Oh my God, what a reality check. I had no idea. I am speechless.”

“Well I think John,” said Celeste, “you are going to find that a lot more people love you outside your circle of angels.”

“I am sorry girls, I am so overwhelmed with emotion right now. We need to continue with this discussion tomorrow unless there is something important that needs to be discussed tonight.”

“No, we are Ok,” said Francois.

“Good, I just want to sit here with all of you and listen to your hen talk,” I laughed. “Let me just joy in being near you and let the rest of the night flow along where ever it goes. We all need a night off.

Everyone agreed and just relaxed.


At 0100, Francois received a call from the guard out front. He said there were 10 college girls wanting to talk to Dr. WorldPeace about going to work.

“Let them in,” I said, “but you ladies need to cover up a bit so that I don’t have to drink poison for corrupting the youth of Paris.”

Francois went to the door and let them in and returned with them in tow.
“Dr WorldPeace,” said Francois, “these are you new recruits.”

A pretty petite burnet came forward and shook my hand.

“Good morning Dr WorldPeace,” she said, “my name is Joyce, your mother’s name.”

“Hello, Joyce,” I said as I shook her hand.

“I think what we need to do is to just go around the room and everyone say their names,” I said.

“I am John WorldPeace.”

Then Francois said her name and the girls behind her all said theirs and then my angels, who were all up and present, said their names.

“OK, everyone needs to find their place. Some of you can follow Francois and Cathy and gather some more chairs.”

They brought in 10 more chairs and then some stood and some sat on the floor and my angels returned to where they were before these young ladies arrived. Marshal was asleep.

“Ladies there is coffee and snacks that you are more than welcome to have if you like,” I said, “just make yourself at home.”

“So, Joyce,” I said, “you look like the leader here, so what can we do for you?”

“Well,” she said, “You built it, meaning the WorldPeace Advocacy, and we have come. You meaning you the Kwisatz Haderach. And yes we have done our homework.”

“OK, we are impressed so far,” I said.

“Dr WorldPeace, we are all in college and between the ages of 19 and 22. We are mostly from America. We all have incomes from various sources in various amounts but enough to support ourselves for the next few weeks until the WorldPeace Gathering has taken place and things return to normal whatever that is within the WorldPeace Advocacy,” Joyce said.

“We have about 100 more of our friends coming into Paris over the next few days to help you with the WorldPeace Gathering in any capacity that you need.

“I don’t know how many others may show up in total. As we spread the word it could be as many as a 1000 and our friends are coming mostly from America but many from all over the world.

“We know the Gathering is going to be big and we know there are things we can do. And we also know this is going to be a very important event sort of like Woodstock back in 1969. But without all the drugs and music and so on. We understand that this is a show of force of peace advocates. It is a declaration by those who attend that they are taking a stand to increase the level of peace in the world.

“We know this is the first major public gathering of your WorldPeace Advocacy and we are excited to see where it goes and determined to help take it where it into the future.

“We have sort of a loose organization to make sure we move this event forward and not just come and watch.”

“I am sort of lost for words,” I said. “I had hoped that university students would come as we got rolling but I did not expect a focus group of 1000 to come from all over the world before we launched the first gathering.”

“There is a feeling,” Joyce said, “has been a feeling for a long time, five years or more, that something was going to happen in relation to a new peace movement but one that would be more effective than the one in the 60’s. One less focused on music, drugs and sex and more focused on actually making some core changes in the world human society on the road to a more sane and just world.”

“We felt we did not need to discuss it. We felt we just needed to come here and let things play out and develop.”

There was some giggling from a few of the girls.

“What is that all about?” I asked.

“Well Dr. WorldPeace, this is embarrassing but within 30 seconds after seeing you for the first time, we agreed that you were pretty hot,” said Joyce.

All the angels broke out in laughter and Celeste said, “We agree.”

“John I knew you would have Rock Star status with women young and old,” said Francois.

I just looked around the room not knowing how to respond.

“OK, ladies,” said Francois, “welcome aboard.”

“As it so happens we have a large immediate project and that is to put up 10,000 posters and flyers all over the city between now and Friday morning. They will be delivered by the printer in the morning as it so happens,” said Francois.

“In addition, all the peace organizations who are coming here are going to need help setting up and getting organized and such and having helpers that are free to do small things, errands, phone calls and so on is going to make things a lot less tense for everyone. If 1000 volunteers are coming, we can put 1000 to work starting in the morning.”

“I see most of you have sleeping bags and packs so I think we can accommodate all of you on the floor here tonight.”

“I just send out about 100 texts to our peace network here regarding ability to take in boarders for a few days,” said Debra, “until we can do the logistics to spread everyone out over the city. I guess those that are coming can be assigned to one group or another and each group can take charge of getting our recruits places to sleep and such.”

“Ladies you need to pass the word through your network that there are going to be 15 hour days for the next week and that everyone needs to come expecting to work if they are serious about getting involved.

“I just set up an email address at You all need to send me an email so I can build a data base and you need to spread the word that those who are coming need to do the same. When I get your emails, you will be auto sent an email with a link to website where you can enter your information and I can have a separate data base for you and your friends.

“It will be the best way for all of you to know what is going on. There will be a link that will allow you to find all your friends when you enter their email addresses. I will have this done in a few hours.

“Wow,” said Joyce, “that is fast.”

“Nancy and Jill are both computer wizards and can help you maintain the database and manage the communications if you need help. We all have our computers with us.

“Ok, Nancy and Jill, you can come with me when this meeting is over and stay in my room. I will probably be up the rest of the night.

“We are night owls, Debra,” said Jill.

“Great,” said Debra.

“Ok,” I said, “I think I am wired for the night and will probably be up here in the kitchen for the next few hours.”

“The kitchen is sort of the hub of our operations and you are all welcome to participate.  What is off limits is the master bedroom over there when I am in there. You will see my angels come and go.

“By in the morning, I would expect Debra will have people picking some of you up. Those of you who don’t have an assignment can go with us to one of my speaking engagements at Jeremy’s. You will need to take your things because I expect that when the meeting is over you will have people picking you up.

“Joyce,” said Francois, “you can work with me and stay here until the gathering.”

“Wonderful,” Joyce said.

“I think what is going to work the best is to have those who fly in to be picked up at the airport by whoever they are going to be working and staying with,” said Debra.

“I have it worked out in my mind and with two helpers I can make it all go smooth. I will come with you in the morning, John, and bring Nancy and Jill along. I don’t want to miss anything.”

“Francois, I guess you need to get an additional van to bring these ladies with us until they are picked up,” I said.

“We have two short events at Jeremy’s tomorrow morning and afternoon and a dinner at Jeremy’s tomorrow night,” I said.

“OK, we are back on track. Nancy and Jill stay with Debra and Joyce stays close to Francois.”

“I guess since we were just enjoying each other’s company hen you arrived, I could answer any questions you have of me.”

“I think I will refer to you as a group as my buttons. Buttons fasten things together so you young ladies with be my buttons. My senior ladies of my WorldPeace Advocacy are referred to as my angels.

“So let’s begin with any questions you have of me or anyone of my angels.”


Joyce spoke first, “Dr. WorldPeace, are you having sex with all your angels?”

“There are two questions I expected to jump out at the beginning of any Q & A session, based on the number of groups I have spoken to,” I said, “that is one of them.

“Yes, is the answer. And yes a few angels are bisexual, a few are not and the rest are what I would characterize as open to it.”

“In truth we don’t have sex more than normal couples have sex. Except of course I am one and they are many,” I smiled. “We stay very busy and very tired and that is going to get more intense.”

“Next question.”

“How do you respond to people asking you if you are the Messiah?” asked Joyce.

“I am not playing games,” I said. “I am not the Messiah or the Anti-Christ in the book of Revelation. I do not fit those templates. I have no organization. I did not appear out of the sky.

“I have a secular mission to increase the level of peace in the world human population. And I have a mission to promote a spiritual Christianity that to some degree connects into the secular mission. I am one man with one message WorldPeace.

“Further I do not believe in prophecy. With regards to the book of Revelation which was written 70 years after Jesus death, it is contrary to what Jesus said, that no one but God knows about these end times. So I discount it. Actually, I reject it out of hand. For me it is just a bunch of mind control and a way for a lot of billion dollar Jesus shows to bring in money preaching a doom and gloom scenario. To some degree those conversations disgust me.

“I believe in Jesus’ words, ‘ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can to do anything. Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it for the glory of the father through the son.’ These words of Jesus mean we write our own script as individuals and as a group of individuals.

“Let me ask you a question,” I said. “What motivated you to come here and seek me out?”

“Strangely, Dr. WorldPeace,” she said, “all of us seem to be connected to each other in that we all felt a calling when we were children. It was not clear but just a knowing. A calling to do some global thing. Over the years it has never left us and has slowly become more clear.

“Then over the last 5 years that knowing has become more clear in different ways for each of us. But we could not identify any specifics until we read you writings and looked at your art. Then we felt some sense of belonging to what you are doing, the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“The intensity increased to the point where we felt we needed to come to you about the time that you started to get some chatter going on in the world human society in general and Facebook in particular. The word is spreading by word of mouth with regards to you. The most information is right on your website. You stand up and say who you are and what you intend to do. So when we connected with your name we each individually read your website and then we connect with each other through Facebook.

“It is all sort of a spooky connection. Very strange. Many of us did not face to face meet until we arrived here in Paris. We had seen photos of each other on Facebook. We felt like low level friends if you will. More than acquaintances. So I said one day I was coming to see you and others said they would like to come as well.

“Dr. WorldPeace, the psychic energy in this place is very high. And so is the sexual energy.

“Well I am sure everyone that comes in here feels that to some degree. But most just pass it off. Those who are on our vibration, if you will, are more in sync with our vibration and will feel it more intensely. And in some cases it makes people mad I think because they don’t know what is happening and it makes them antsy.

“We are all very much tuned into this spiritual/sexual energy and have been our whole lives. Not Janice and Alicia so much because they have police careers and have not been pursuing spiritual matters all their lives.

“What do you see yourself doing in the future?” Joyce asked. “I am talking about pursuing your WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“I mostly see myself writing and painting. I have to keep that energy flowing through me. And I see myself traveling the world talking to people introducing them to what I have written.

“I do not see myself trying to sell them on some kind of personal philosophy of mine. I see opening them up to a larger consciousness by just talking about what is on my website. That is all. Those, like you and your friends, who are open to it. Certainly open enough to travel far to come explore it in person.

“John,” said Debra, “As it so happens, Vernon and about 20 of his most committed friends are working on the Gathering and collateral matters. They are about 30 minutes from here and they would like to take a break and pick up the buttons.

“OK,” I said, “But absolutely no one button assigned to one male. These young ladies have to go off in twos or more. I cannot have any scandal associated with the gathering. To have that would kill everything. I trust Vernon because he knows who he is dealing with. And these young ladies are not children. But I feel responsible for their well being.

“Debra,” I said, “I want you to track all these girls via their phones. And I want you to break them down into groups of five or six. So one person will be responsible for 5 buttons. And then there will be 1 person in charge of five group leaders. And so on up the line. A structure based on fives. So you will only have to interact with a group of five and they will take reports from the bottom up and forward them to you.

“If it looks like we cannot keep this kind of control, we are going to have to work something else out. The safety of these girls is an absolute priority. One, I don’t want them harmed and two, I don’t want to have my WorldPeace Advocacy shut down before it even gets started because of some negative event related to these new recruits.

“I have it worked out John,” said Debra. “I have a plan and it will be nothing to add on your desires. Consider it done.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“John,” said Celeste, “It will all be ok. It will all work out. Everyone will be safe.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Ladies I have to go to bed. The energy all of a sudden is really intense.

“We will have more time to talk,” I said. I will make it a priority to answer all your questions before you go back home.”

Cathy followed me into the bedroom. The rest began to chat with each other. So it all worked out. I was feeling drugged and walked into the bedroom, fell on the bed and I was out. I remember Cathy positioning me on the bed as I fell into a very deep sleep.


I woke up at 0400 feeling drugged. But I knew I had enough sleep to get up and start the day. Cathy was next to me and woke as soon as I moved. She was so in tune with me.

“You going to get up John?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “I am surprised that we are the only ones in bed.

“Everyone could see that you were exhausted and needed to sleep, so no one came in here to sleep,” she said.

“I am going to get up and shower, to wake up,” I said

“I will join you for a quick one and then go out and brew you some fresh coffee,” she said.

“I love you, Cathy,” I said.

“You know I can go a hundred miles in total exhaustion when you say those three words,” she said.

“I know. I love you,” I said.

“Ok, old man,” let’s get you into the shower,” she said.

We got in the shower and hugged and kissed but Cathy had a mission and so disengaged, showered quickly and exited the shower for the kitchen. I think she knew it was going to take me a while to wake up. I needed more sleep but once my eyes open even after an hour of sleep, I am not going to be able to return to sleep and I hate generally just lying in bed unless my guides are giving me some information or I am having some clarity about the events of the coming day.

In about 10 minutes I had finished my shower and put on a robe and went out to the kitchen. Cathy was standing by a fresh brewed pot of coffee and turned and made me a cup as soon as she saw me exist from the bedroom.

Francois and Joyce were at the kitchen table as was Debra and her new companions Jill and Nancy.

“Are you ladies going to be able to make the day without some sleep,” I asked.

“I will need about 45 minutes,” said Francois. “You know Debra is fine and these three new buttons are young and a shot of coffee will keep them moving,” said Francois.

“I assume that Vernon came and picked up the other buttons?” I asked.

“You assume right,” said Francois.

Joyce came over to me, stood in front of me and took off her clothes and looked at me. I looked at her for about 30 seconds and she opened my robe. She sat down on my lap facing me and began to kiss me and to massage me with her body. Jill and Nancy just looked at her but they were too busy working with Debra to stop what they were doing. I was relieved to see that I was only going to have to deal with Joyce. She was so wired that she released several times in a few minutes. She caught her breath and asked me if I we could go into the bedroom and shower. I agreed.

When we got into the shower she began to wash me and then herself.

“Dr WorldPeace,” she said, “I am going to need more acts of making love to you if I am going to stay here,” she said.

“That is fine but I have other hungry Tigresses to feed,” I said.

“I know, Francois, explained the general rules to me,” she said. “I can adapt to them. I have never felt so totally attracted to a man as I am to you and I have never made love to a man over 30. Being with you permeates every part of me. I never knew it could be like that. I can’t see you as 60. I can’t see your age.”

“There is so much going on,” I said. “We will just see how it goes. But you must understand that the WorldPeace Advocacy is my number one wife, and everyone else comes second.”

“Yes, but there are others to help me fit in,” she said, “and I am totally happy with that.”

“OK,” I said. “I need to get back into the kitchen and see what has happened while I slept.”

We rinsed off and she dried me off and kissed me as she did. I put on a clean robe and returned to the kitchen. Joyce laid down on the bed.


Cathy and Francois just looked at me. I could see they were wondering just how many women I would really be able to satisfy. Who knows, I thought. But sex was something that just happened. It was not on my mind all the time like before I came to Paris. It only came into my mind when I disengaged from the WorldPeace Advocacy and then there were several options.

Cathy handed me my coffee and I kissed her on the lips.

“OK,” I said, “so it is Sunday morning.”

“In seven days, the Gathering begins.”

“Yes, it does, John,” said Francois. “It is all coming together and these buttons are a true Godsend. There is so much to do and now we don’t have to pull key people off their work and send them on small tasks and send them on simple errands.”

“Vernon said he and his friends made a lot of progress yesterday and last night,” Francois said.

“That being said, everyone on our end is exhausted. They are not about to fall down and go to sleep but they are tired. Fortunately, they all know how to manage their energy. I think we are going to need to take a half day off to let everyone recharge before the Gathering.”

“We can do that,” I said.

Marshall came into the room and I introduced him to Jill and Nancy and give him a short hand rendition as to what had happened during the night. He just shook his head when Joyce walked out of the bedroom. I introduced them and I could see he was wondering just how long the list of harem members would be before I was forced to close it off.

“Dad, I am going to the gym,” he said. “Carl will be here in a minute. I will be back about the time you are going to Jeremy’s to go with you. My-Le is still coming on Wednesday.”

His phone buzzed and he looked at it and said, “Carl is here, got to go.”

“Have a good workout,” I said.

“See you Marshall,” said Francois and Cathy in unison.

“I think we need to have Vernon come over between the Jeremy meetings this morning and afternoon.” I said. “They seem to be moving along and I don’t want to get too far behind what is happening on their end.”

“That is a good idea,” said Francois. “So to Jeremy’s this morning, back here for Vernon and then back to Jeremy’s for another short meeting. After Jeremy’s, this afternoon, there will be time for you to rest before the dinner meeting tonight at Jeremy’s.”

“Yes,” I said. “And sometime today we need to work out a schedule for tomorrow. We will be on this day to day plan until the Gathering. We have to stay flexible. Joyce and company came in at the right time with a lot of help that we needed, but they came with no heads up for us.”

“Yes,” Francois said.

Jill and Nancy got up and came to me.

“We are not going to bother you for sex right now,” Jill said. “We just want to kiss and hug you if that is OK.”

“Come here,” I said as I stood up.


We left for Jeremy’s 1000 brunch about 0900. This was going to be a semi casual 90 minutes more or less. I was recharged and ready to move ahead. In the limo, on the way over to Jeremy’s, we barely all squeezed into the limo. Francois said there was a limo that was one size larger available. After that we would need a small tour bus.

I looked around and as Francois said, everyone was looking a bit worn out. All their individual tasks had increased. Even though we just had a joint meeting a few days ago, we needed another one because so much was going on. I was thinking we could do it after the event at Jeremy’s this evening. That would let us talk after we got an update from Vernon.

The new girls were sitting next to me which seemed to be the protocol now for newbies. My angels were in their early 30’s and mature and had PhD’s. These new buttons were late teens and early 20’s and going to college. The ones closest to us were going to have access to the bedroom it appeared. I really did not want that to happen, but there is just no way to bring the new girls into the group and not make them full members of the bedroom club. They would all be going back to school after the gathering. Almost all I thought.

Having thought that, I realized that if in fact 1,000 did show up, I would have to expect 5-10 to stay beyond the Gathering. The Gathering was only going to officially launch the WorldPeace Advocacy.  Some of the buttons may drop out of school for the rest of the semester. But then who knows what would happen when school was out for the summer. These girls that left school for a few weeks and traveled to Paris would form the core of the second tier of WorldPeace Advocates and more than likely would spread out over the world to grow our WorldPeace movement.

All those were good things but controlling this communal living was always going to be a problem from an outsider’s perspective; especially Christian Americans. It was another development in the sexual revolution of the sixties and the recent GLBT community. It was just a matter of time until hermaphrodites would be added to that group and brought into mainstream society. Those individuals were born in part male and female. The good thing is that the prejudices in this aspect of a primal world were slowly blurring and that meant an increase in the peace and harmony in the world human society.


We arrived at Jeremy’s and all took our stations and performed what had become routine tasks of mingling with the crowd prior to the sit down meal for 25 guests.

Jeremy was surprised at my newest members, Joyce, Jill and Nancy. I told him that I would go speak to their presence when I spoke; and I mentioned that I would probably push out another 10 minutes at this meeting and maybe permanently because of all the things that were going on. Of course, he had no problem with that either.

I began my talk as per usual.

“Thank you for coming ladies and gentlemen. I am going to talk a few minutes longer than originally planned because there is so much going on with the WorldPeace Advocacy,” I said.

“We have printed out some brochures that let you see who the core members are in our group. There are many others and we are building a website to fully disclose all that is going on. The website domain is called and is linked to and from my main website

“God continues to bless our endeavor. I want to tell you about a specific focus of our WorldPeace Advocacy right now.

“Early this morning, at about 0100 a group of 10 college girls arrived at our condo and asked to see me. Of course we let them in.

“Three of these young ladies are with us this morning and the other 7 have already become integrated into some of the main peace organizations bringing together the WorldPeace Gathering this Saturday. I would like for Joyce, Jill and Nancy to stand please.

“These young ladies connected with each other on the internet through Facebook. They are all peace advocates. And I have designated them a Buttons as opposed to Angels. I call them buttons because they are a tier of workers who will be performing the more basic and routine tasks of the WorldPeace Advocacy so that my Angels, and for now the peace organizations who are developing the WorldPeace Gathering, will not be distracted with mundane tasks. They are buttons which fasten together various aspects of the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“Somewhere between hundreds and maybe as many as 1,000 of these college students are going to be flying into Paris before the Gathering this Saturday.

“They are a God sent miracle. They were needed without us knowing how much they were needed. But God knew we needed more help, so here they came. After the Gathering, almost all will return to their studies and classes.

“I would like to applaud these young ladies who are present and all those others who are here in Paris and are making their way to Paris as we speak.

I began to applaud as did everyone in attendance and in addition everyone stood up. My buttons stood and also applauded each other. The energy was very positive. I saw a few tears among the guest and I saw an increased in resolve to support us from many of the others.

“Thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen,” I said as everyone sat down.

“Ladies and gentlemen I would like to speak briefly on a very important area of my WorldPeace Advocacy. It has to do with abortion.

“For me it makes no sense not to offer free birth control to anyone who wants it. This cuts down the moral and spiritual issues of terminating pregnancies. It is the front line barrier to the birth of unwanted children. Once pregnancy occurs, there is a need for Planned Parenthood counseling and support to determine if abortion is the right path for the pregnant mother. There is a much heated debate in America about the government supporting abortion.

“Most of the resistance comes from the Christian community. Not from secular individuals and political NGO’s.

“The main problem for me is the disconnect in the voting booth between not wanting to allow, much less support abortions, and paying for and supporting these unwanted children.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is a travesty to deny a citizen the right to have an abortion and at the same time refuse to support these unwanted children. I believe that no abortion bill should be initiated in the government or put on a ballot for a public vote unless there is an attached funding bill. If that was done, most abortion legislation would never be proposed.

“Christian citizens seem to be willing to impose pain and suffering with regards to unwanted pregnancies, even after denying birth control, and yet they refuse to take ownership of the disharmony they are creating by not supporting these unwanted children with welfare.

“There is no way you can make this present reality make sense. The reality of denying free birth control, denying abortions, bringing unwanted children into society and then refusing to support those children makes no sense. If you are not going to support unwanted children, then you cannot deny abortions.

“Please consider this. It is huge issue that causes the level of peace to be decreased in the world human society.

“I have time for one question,” I said.

I pointed to an attractive woman in an expensive business suit about 40 years old.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I cannot get beyond all the rumors about you having a harem. It stops me cold from supporting your WorldPeace Advocacy,” she said.

“So my sexual reality as a single man, is such a great issue with you that you are not willing to disconnect if from increasing the peace in the world human society?” I asked. “Is that your position?”

“Exactly my position Dr. WorldPeace,” she said.

“Ok,” I said, “I am going to quit trying to explain first that I do not have a harem. I will say that a harem is one for strictly the primal sexual pleasure with women who have nothing more to do than wait to be called to satisfy the master’s desire.”

“All the women who work for me and are therefore viewed as harem members are being discounted because they may have sex with me in the very little downtime they have. My harem as you refer to it is made up of almost all women who have PhD’s. They do not sit around waiting for me to desire them so they can justify their worth.

“What goes on in the WorldPeace Advocacy is a work day of 24 hours. No one working with me goes to the movies, concerts, art museum, or parties or any other kind of entertainment. We all work 24 hours a day. We all work until we are forced to go to bed as I did very early this morning because I just could not go any more without sleep.

“In every single business, the employees, some employees, engage in sex with each other. They meet in all kinds of places and sometimes they even have a quickie on the job. These are married individuals and single individuals who cannot overcome the desire for someone in the workplace who they see more than their spouses, companions and children. No one refers to these people as being a part of a pseudo harem with many masters and many pleasure providers.

“So in my case, we all work 24/7. No one has a home to go to. I have an all-female base of workers and helpers not because I want a harem but because I am doing all I can to break the glass ceiling in the world human society that subordinates women. Also a 24/7 live-in arrangement with men and women would just create too much tension and the word harem would be replaced by orgy.

“The only true downtime any of us have is making love and sleeping. We don’t make an issue of it. There are no possession issues. The women who make love to me know they do not own me. They know that I am married to the WorldPeace Advocacy and have all my life and that is why my two 19 years marriages failed. Neither of my wives could continue to be subordinated to the WorldPeace Advocacy. Neither could stay on the 24/7 work pace they knew would last my entire life.

“So like in any work environment there is consensual sex among, in my environment, single workers. None of these women who work with me are married. And none at this time have children. None have time for boyfriends.

“So as it happens, when it happens, I make love to these women. We do not have a harem. We do have consensual sex among unmarried adults. So what. I would suggest that all this criticism about sex at the WorldPeace Advocacy needs to be applied to normal work environments which are the bed, no pun intended, of initiated divorces outside the workplace.

Joyce stood up.

“I am sorry Dr. WorldPeace, I must speak,” she said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I met Dr. WorldPeace for the first time early this morning. I was immediately attracted to him. We are over 40 years apart in age. That never registered with me. The longer I sat in the same room with Dr. WorldPeace the stronger my desire for him became. And I will tell you I am not a promiscuous person and I do not have a high sex drive.

“But I wanted to feel the love for everyone that he was conveying to those of us who were in the room with him.

“I knew from my research, that mostly the angels were the ones who had sex with him. The angels who were working with him 24/7. Myself and my friends were coming to see him in order to participate in the WorldPeace Gathering. We did not travel from all over the world to have sex. We were not solicited to come have sex or even contacted in any way. Dr. WorldPeace did not see my picture on Facebook and invite me to come be with him.

“Dr. WorldPeace initially refused my open and not subtle advances. I asked him straight out to make love to me and he said ‘No’.

“But this morning after being up all night, I still had an intense desire to be with him. It was getting in the way of my concentration.

“Last night Dr. WorldPeace in complete exhaustion had to retire from our meeting and go get some sleep. When he came into the kitchen this morning I approached him, took off my closes, in front of everyone there, opened his robe and sat on his lap and began to hold him and be held by him. We then went to the bedroom. We had intense sex for about 45 minutes, showered dressed and returned to the ongoing meeting. And proceeded taking care of business until we came here.

“That is my story. That is what happened to me. Others have their own stories about encounters and the intensity of their relationship with Dr. WorldPeace.

“That in my opinion does not in any way line up with any concept of a harem. I was not sitting around waiting to be summoned by Dr. WorldPeace. We exist in an adult environment that is a living and working environment. It is a one of a kind environment. Our whole purpose 24/7, our existence and focus, is on increasing the peace in the world human society.

“Yet, as Dr. WorldPeace said, like any working environment, the biology of primal sex exists. And within the WorldPeace Advocacy that biology is dealt with in a way that harms no one. No divorces. No children’s lives shattered. No jealousy. Just a logical linear reality of acting on a need to be intimate with someone you love.”

All my Angels and Jill and Nancy stood and applauded Joyce. Then all but a few of those present stood and applauded for at least five minutes.

I thought that Joyce had appropriately addressed something that was a constant irritant. And she did so effectively. I felt a great relief. But I knew this issue would still come up even if to a lesser degree.

Jeremy held his hands up.

“Thank you Dr. WorldPeace and thank you so much for your revelation Joyce. This meeting is at an end. Please enjoy your brunch.

The room became quiet as everyone began to eat and think to themselves.

We left for our meeting with Vernon before Jeremy’s guest had all left which had not been our habit. But time was tight and we needed to get an update from Vernon.

In the limo ride home everyone hugged and kissed and acknowledged and thanked Joyce for her speech.

I could see the intense energy that was gathering within the WorldPeace Advocacy and I thanked God for all the special women he had sent me. Women who all had the right stuff.


When we arrived at the condo, Vernon and about 10 others were there. The condo was fast becoming too small to handle these meetings. I asked Francois to see what she could do. I was beginning to feel a loss of privacy and finding it hard to give my mind a break.

After we all settled in our spots in the kitchen, I asked, “So what is the news Vernon?”

“First and foremost, John, your buttons have provided an incredible boon to our efforts. It is really nice to have these young ladies handling so many tasks,” he said.

“How many have arrived?” I asked.

“200,” he replied.
“200?” I asked out of disbelief.

“Yes,” He said.

“There will be closer to 2,000 here by Friday,” said Debra. “And they will probably still be arriving Saturday and Sunday.”

“They are all expecting something more to happen than just the WorldPeace gathering and they want to be present.”

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“No one knows what is drawing them here,” said Vernon. “The buttons do not know either. Just a feeling they have is all they will say.”

“You cannot help but believe something is going to happen, the way they all seem to speak of a significant event at the Gathering with great certainty,” said Debra.

“Celeste?” I asked.

“John,” she said, “the angels have discussed it but nothing concrete has appeared to any of us but we do believe something is in the mix. And I am talking about something spiritual. It is a positive something, maybe a mass epiphany.”

“I think there is going to be a sign in the sky,” I said. “A dove in the clouds, a rainbow, something that is an unmistakable image of peace. It could be the Virgin Mary but I think that is too religious and we need more of a secular image so that no religion will the peace focus of the Gathering because the miracle, if you will, is associated with another competing religion.”

“And I think there will be a feeling of the holy spirit, for lack of a better image, or bliss, or emotion for many in the crowds around all the sites. Some will not feel it or maybe see nothing. It may be like the vision of the Virgin Mary at Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995. Some saw it and some did not. It may be that people all over Paris who are not even attending one of our sites will also see it.”

“The only thing that I feel pretty sure of is that there will be a sign in the sky. It could even be a cloud formation that forms; a bust of a man that everyone who sees it thinks it looks like the founder of their religion.
“I just think it will be a miraculous sign. I think it will be dramatic and undeniable and the message will be that a new era has begun. The beginning of the world human society to gravitate away from war and toward more peace and a more sane and just world human society.

“It is very frustrating not to be able to see whatever seems to be coming. But that just means it is not time to see it in our minds. If it was going to be seen in a vision, I would think it would come from someone who is a part of organizing the gathering or the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“The fact that I am so focused on a sign in the sky means that I need to turn around and look on the ground. In hunting, sometimes you are looking forward and the game is right behind you.

“I know what the lowest level of heaven looks like. It looks like everything is sparkling. Everything. It is like everything is alive with this glorious energy. I have seen that about 4 times in my life. And it is best represented in that movie ‘Contact’ when Jodie Foster looks up into the heavens just before she returns back to earth from the island she is on. It is also represented in the vision of the island when she is trying to make out an image of her father coming toward her.

“It may be a group vison where after the event people publish their vision and the composite of all the visions becomes something. I don’t think it will be a dramatic event like the tower of Babel in reverse. In that story people began to speak different languages. It could be a situation where everyone could understand each other. The languages were imposed to stop the building of the Tower of Babel and now it may be time to have one language so that people would come together.

“The possibilities are endless.

“John,” said Celeste, “I was following right along with you in your search and what you were seeing but I saw nothing that I felt was what was actually going to take place.

“It could be something as simple as a meteor streaking across Paris or one exploding right over the city creating a fire ball without harm but leaving an image.

“Anyone else have any input on this?” I asked.

No one spoke.

“OK, we will see. Vernon,” I said. “You have the floor.”

“John,” he said, “we are going to have large video screens throughout the crowd area so the people will be able to see you on your trailer but they will also be able to see you on the video screens that will be mounted on buildings and poles. It will be like the big screens at sports events. You can watch the actual action or see the close up on the screen.”

“Francois, has provided money for everything we need in relation to this event.”

“I have not personally provided the money, I have just asked for a fund and Jeremy has accumulated it,” she said.

“Most everything else is the same with the trailers and the leap frogging,” said Vernon. “The most important addition is your buttons to help in many different ways. All these girls are eager to help in any way they can. They are all hard passionate workers with regards to the Gathering.”

“Lady Gaga, the Dixie Chicks and Randy Travis will all be at the main event which is your last stop, John,” said Francois.

“They are all booked for sure?” I asked.

“Yes, they will be here,” said Francois. “Others are coming but this is not going to be a music event. It is not going to be a concert for peace. It is just going to be high profile entertainers who want to be a part of the Gathering because they believe in it. We are not going to have anyone but the mayor or Paris and the President of France speak. The people who come are going to be the real stars.”

“Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has asked to speak,” Francois said.

“He is the premier orchestrator of increasing the peace by way of his connection billions of people around the world through Facebook,” I said. “For me the creation of a communication vehicle for all humans to communicate directly with each other is the foundational tool for increasing the level of peace in the world.”

“OK, John,” said Francois, “now that I know you want him, he will be here.”

“This event has to be focused on Mir and I,” I said. “But no one has created as significant a vehicle for communication in the world human society as Mark Zuckerberg, so I feel he should be acknowledged.”

“Dad,” Marshall said, “this is really a big event. All the policing agencies all over the world are tuned into this. It is really incredible how they have all put such a high priority on it. They know change is coming and they are trying to get the best heads up they can. I just find it hard to believe that you are at the center of all of this. You made this happen.”

“Yes, it was his vision,” said Mir. “We have all had visions but not to the extent of John’s vision. Have no doubt we all feel we have prepared all our lives and are contributing significantly but the WorldPeace Advocacy, the global concept, is your Dad’s. He has been laying out the blue prints for decades. We have been dreaming and he has been painting and writing. It is really amazing. John has found a way to tap into every country, every religion every race and both genders. He found a way to bring the whole world into the WorldPeace Advocacy right down to this kick off of the WorldPeace Gathering.”

“I have to admit that I am amazed at how smoothly this Gathering is advancing toward Saturday,” I said. “But I know that when you are in sync with the universe, then things happen and doors open.”

“Vernon,” I said, “have there been any conflicts between the peace groups.”

“Not at all, John,” he said.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I think, John,” he responded, “it has to do with your framework of only asking the peace groups for support on each of the issues you present to them. You are not trying to build an umbrella bureaucracy and if a peace organization does not want to get on board with a certain issue, they will have no backlash. You are going to run with those who want to play ball on a certain issue and them only.

“You are OK with the fact that you are never going to get 100% support for all the peace groups. You will work on the areas and issues where you can make the most progress and let the other issues go for now. You are a practical man, John. You are not a demigod. Your ego does not get in the way of your WorldPeace Advocacy. You propose an issue. Frame it as best you can and then submit it for support to all the peace groups. The majority rules in a sense. And yet if you feel strongly about an issue you may go forward with a small percentage of support. But regardless you are not going to try to strong arm anyone.

“And that is why this WorldPeace Gathering is coming together. There are those organizations who are not participating and that is fine. It would be nice if they were involved but it is not going to stop what we are doing. You have provided leadership and direction for those who want to pursue the Gathering and you are not wasting anytime on those who just can’t see your vision or just don’t want to be involved.

“You are firmly committed to your belief that if someone doesn’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another. You are not wasting time trying to get at the real reasons organizations don’t want to get involved in order that you can try to convince them to get on board.

“Also, what you are talking about is losing the endorsement of a peace organization. Yet the individuals in an organization are free to participate. So you get the individual cooperation but not the official organization endorsement. Again, individuals have freedom of choice to participate in something that their organization rejects. And if an individual finds himself or herself too much at odds with his organization maybe there will be a reevaluation by the member as to whether he should stay involved with that group as opposed to finding another peace group.

“So in a nutshell you have a protocol with the WorldPeace Advocacy that is harmonious with everyone. Everyone can be themselves and not feel they are having their arm twisted much less being ridiculed for not going along with your particular visions.”

“Does, anyone have anything to add?” I asked.

No one responded.

“Ok, thank you Vernon,” I said. “The last issue for me is whether anyone has identified anyone or group that is totally against the Gathering. I don’t see how anyone or any group or any government could be against trying to increase the peace in the world human society. Everyone would benefit from that except maybe those who make bullets and guns.”

“John,” said Vernon, “I am close to your age and I have spent a lot of time in my life thinking about these peace related issues. I was just never able to come up with a practical plan to implement them or even bring them into focus. Your working experience, you chosen careers has given you the ability to come up with a plan and a plan that you want to progress in peace. Like you say, ‘you cannot bring peace through violence’.

“I think the key here is that you have a secular approach where religion is marginal. You quote Jesus but you don’t try to sell Jesus. You welcome all religions and never try to demean or demonize anyone’s religious or spiritual beliefs. Again you are not trying to sell anyone on your particular take on your philosophy or cosmology.

“You have not really given anyone a perch from which to attack you. You are not trying to take anything away from anyone. And you don’t personally attack anyone. Again, if they are not up to speed with your plan then you move on looking for others who are.

“So I am trying to say that it is the religious fanatics that are the most dangerous because they have an intense passionate connection to their religion. You are not getting involved in the religious debates that have no solution so I think the number of people who would want to kill you is pretty small. I am sure there are those thinking about it but they are not determined to kill you because you are a threat to them or their chosen organizations or religious beliefs in and about God.

“Again John, even on these monetary issues, if you see the path is too labor intensive and not that impactful you move on to the issues where you can gain some traction and do some good. You are winning because you are picking your issues.

“Any increase in peace is better than none. So you will take a marginal issue you can win and put it in place instead of trying to do something like solve the issues between Israelis and Palestinians.

“That being said, you are always against war as a potential solution to any disagreement. You are anti violence but you are not a pacifist. If you feel you have to fight, I am sure you will. But it will be a last resort.

“Thank you, Vernon,” I said.

“Does anyone have anything to add?” I asked.

There was no response.

“Well, Vernon, I congratulate you on being so in sync with what is going on here in that you seem to say everything that needs to be said at these meetings. You seem to have taken in all concerns and then communicated them with me at these meetings to such an extent that no one has anything to add. Not even my angels.

“I am very glad you are on the team.”

“Do any of my angels who are reporting to their governments have anything to say that needs to be aired?” I asked.

“No,” said Mir, “as Marshall said, for now all the governments are monitoring us and maintaining a wait and see position.”

“There does seems to be more citizenships coming. There seems to be a consensus that they should be presented at the dinner on Sunday night. Sort of like a reward for your efforts. There is not going to be anytime to spend giving out citizenships at each of the locations where we are going to speak.”

“How many more are you talking about, Mir?” I asked.

“About 25 realistically,” she said. “You may pick up 10 to 15 more than that with a successful Gathering.”

“Well that is a significant number,” I said. “A very good start.”

“OK, this is Sunday, so let us plan on another meeting on Tuesday about the same time period.”

“I want to thank everyone for coming and for your input and your support.”


“Ladies, the Peaceman has a lot of energy and he is going into the pleasure palace for a nap but will take all other requests before he sleeps.”

I did not have to make this announcement more than once.

Jill and Nancy were at the front of the line.

We arrived at Jeremy’s for the short meeting of 90 minutes in which I would speak for 5 to 10 minutes. The routine was the same. I asked Francois to go ahead and schedule two more meeting for in the morning and tomorrow afternoon. The logistics of the Gathering were going well and so it was taking very little of my time except to get updates. We would meet again in two days on Tuesday with Vernon. I was feeling rested and relaxed which is good 7 days out from the big event.

Francois had found a very nice tour bus with the seats facing inward so we could see each other and talked. It looked like it would hold about 25 people. We would only have to use the for another week after which all the buttons would be going back to school. But that was not really a given. Joyce was getting more and more integrated and she really liked working with Francois.

After everyone was seated at Jeremy’s I began my little talk.

“Thank you for coming ladies and gentlemen. I would like to talk a bit today about scripting your life,” I said.

“As you know I am a spiritual Christian, meaning I believe in Jesus but not in the church. Religion is the bureaucracy of a particular spiritual orientation. Religion is elitist and exclusive of other religions and spirituality is more liberal and democratic and all inclusive.

“As a spiritual Christian I have no problem attending other houses of worship and researching other religions and adopting the teachings of their founders if it makes sense to me.

“There are three groups of verses by Jesus in the New Testament that regard scripting one’s life.

1) Ask and receive. Seek and find. Knock and enter. Matt 7:7
2) If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. Luke17-20
3) Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I go to the Father. Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son; if you ask anything in my name, I will do it.
John 14:12-14

“In my cosmology, there is an Infinite Potential which is the all-inclusive God of everything. There is nowhere the Infinite Potential is not. It includes everything, manifests everything, disintegrates everything. There is no beginning or end. No time or space.

“In this Infinite Potential of everything, I think of my conscious mind traveling on a particular path that has infinite intersections at every step. So you can be on a path where you go to a movie and one that you do not go to that movie. You are constantly making decisions, consciously and unconsciously, by way of the spirit which is incarnate within the vehicle of the human body.

“The Infinite Potential is an all-inclusive dreamscape as opposed to the earth/heaven dreamscape. Our body exists in the earth/heaven dreamscape and is finite and mortal and seems tangible. Our spirits that are incarnate within our bodies is infinite and immortal. These spirits were never born and so can never die. Everything has always existed, there is no beginning and no end which we cannot conceive living in these human vehicles that have beginnings and endings.

“The core concept, is that there is this great void, the Infinite Potential, that includes everything. And to create something all we have to do is think it. We are in the dreamscape of an anthropomorphic God who said let there be light and there was light according to the book of Genesis.

“And one other thing, I believe that billions of souls (spirits – I use the two words interchangeably) gathered together in the universe close to a dust cloud of gigantic proportions and began to mold and fashion a solar system. You are experiencing the current manifestation of that dust cloud.

“These souls have agreed to certain rules in this dreamscape. One is that our human bodies cannot fly. If all the souls changed that parameter, then we could fly.

“Lastly, for each incarnate spirit, there are at the least hundreds of other not incarnate souls who act as guides and angels and other helpers. Life on earth is very difficult in the best of circumstances and there are many of these incarnate souls, who just don’t want the grief. And of those souls some of them want to support those of us who do incarnate.

“OK, so I have defined the reality that I feel I live in. Now understand this is just a metaphor like the sun is a yellow hot ball. That is a metaphor for what the sun is scientifically. We have to use metaphors to communicate with each other.

“Now all that being said, we are scripting our dreamscape because Jesus said we just have to ask to receive.

“Now here is the important part for me. Since, I am scripting my reality, the more detail I use, the closer my life is going to match my dreamscape. So if I just think about being in the forest it is going to look one way. If I describe every tree, plant, rock, stream and so on, then I have a much clearer picture of my dreamscape. So I can live a fuzzy dreamscape or I can live a very defined dreamscape.

“So here it is. Everything thing I write and everything I paint are a tangible writing down of what I want my dreamscape to look like. So in my mind, in my dreams, I saw myself at a very early age having a global agenda in my life. As I got older, I learned that what I would write down, would tend to come true. I literally was scripting my life. In fact, in 1987, I was writing a book called, John World Peace, three words. And this is the name I decided to use when I changed my name in 1988 except that WorldPeace became one word.

“I wrote about 70 pages of that book and then I thought, I can’t do this because what I write is going to happen and I am not sure what I want to happen. So I don’t want to write about the future. The book, incidentally took place in 2025 and it was a retrospective of the life of John World Peace.

“OK, now this is the most important thing you need to consider about John WorldPeace, the guy standing before you. Everything I write, fiction, nonfiction, auto-biography, Sci-Fi has the same themes in them. What I just said about the Infinite Potential is true in my Sci-Fi books and political suspense books and my interpretation of my sacred religious books.

“I am repeating the same thing over and over and over in a different genre of books and I am doing it in my art and I am doing it in my actual living space. I am trying to reach other human beings in a way they can relate to what I am saying. My interpretations of sacred books are more conservative regarding what I write, than what I write in a Sci-Fi novel. In my Sci-Fi novels I can really get far out in the expansion of the environment. I cannot do that in my auto biographical works.

“But the same Infinite Potential is there in all of it. Everything I write is tied to that hub. Fundamentalist Christians are not going to get upset at anything I write in a Sci-Fi book but they will get very upset if I don’t generally follow the agreed doctrine and dogma of their particular brand of the Christian religion in my religious and spiritual books. And my poems and haiku allow me to write in abstract language, poetic language, that would not go well in a logical linear novel.

“So now you know what I am doing. So if you don’t understand what I am saying in a Sci-Fi book then go look at my sacred religious text interpretations.”

I just stood for a few minutes saying nothing and not soliciting any questions to allow what I had said to anchor into the minds of those present.

“OK,” I said. “That is today’s revelation.”

No one spoke.

“Questions, anyone?”

As per usual, Francois spoke up.

“John, John, John,” she said, “you have finally tied it all together for me. I now clearly see what you are doing and why you keep repeating the most obvious is the most hidden. And the truth is often paradoxical. You have been saying this to all of us, just read what I have written. Read it all and what I am saying will become very clear to you.

“Every speech, John, is nothing more that you showing us another facet of your creativity, books, poems, novels, art and even your personal environment. What you eat, your bed, the art on your walls, your Facebook postings, it is all the same thing in a little different way. You are constantly opening little portals into a greater awareness. You never stop teaching. Everything you say and do points back to this cosmology of an Infinite Potential. Nothing is wasted with you. You don’t write frivolous things. Everything is holistic. Everything reflects the whole.

“Yes,” I said.

“And I have been beating myself up,” she said, “because I could not find the main road if you will to what you are saying. The main road John is all the roads and paths that you have described. I have to read if all if I want to awaken to your perspective and God knows what is beyond that.”

“There is so much, John, that you have written about, that all you can possibly do is give us a peephole that we can expand as much as we want. You can’t relate it all in any talk because there is just too much. You have taken your body and mind on this great journey of discovery far far beyond where any of us have wanted to take the time to travel. But you have gone there. And you have returned and written about it all and spoken about it.

“You are the Hero of a 1000 faces talked about by Joseph Campbell.”

“Yes,” I said. “That is how I view myself; as the fool who goes where angels fear to tread and when I entered the dark forest, instead of death I found light and greater awareness, over and over and over again.”

“You are a huge sun for us poor mortals John,” she said. “We are candles to your sun.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said. “I have just journeyed a lot and written a lot. My path, the one I have scripted, is there for anyone and even a more dynamic path. What I have done you can do, and greater things can you do.”

“God, John, there you go tying right back, linking back to the Bible verses you just quoted us. You are apparently always linking back to some aspect of something.”

“Yes,” I said.

I waited a moment and said, “Ok, time to eat.”.

Jeremy, leaned over and said, “John, I never thought about writing down my goals and objectives. I have always kept them in my head. Now I see a way to make my life so much more efficient and productive.

“You came here to talk about WorldPeace and in so doing you have imparted knowledge that can be taken from a method to increase the peace in the world and used to take a little chaos out of daily life which permeates to the larger global agenda.

“It just amazes me how you have thought about the details of everything, it seems; and not just delivering these grandiose proclamations that we need to love each other.

“Thank you, so much John.”

“Thank you, Jeremy,” I said. “Without you I would be talking to the walls of my office as I have been for decades.”

After the guest left, we loaded up in our new bus and headed back to the condo. We would be traveling back here in a few hours.


“John,” said Francois, “you have not only looked in great detail at all the theory about peace and WorldPeace, you have spent just as much time if not more working out how to implement all these things that will make increasing WorldPeace a reality.

“I don’t know why I have never thought about this aspect of what we are all doing with the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“Tell me, John,” asked Mir, “How many scenarios of this WorldPeace Gathering have you played out in your mind?

“25 or more over 3 decades,” I said.

“I thought as much,” she said.

“Well sadly to do that, I have sacrificed time with family and friend, wives and children,” I said. “The cost to my personal life has been significant.”

“And how long ago did you realize that the only relationship you could have with women is the one that you are living even as we speak,” asked Joyce.

I just smiled for a minute.

“From the first date of the first wife,” I said. “But it was not until the 80’s that I allowed myself to really consider what an alternative marriage would look like for me. One that would work.

“Then I figured out about 15 years ago I needed women who could be an extension of me, and run with the tasks I had defined for my life. And the need to been virtually in love with those who worked with me and had the same degree of passion and joy.

“Yes, and what I thought would work, worked. While I was in jail in 2008 all I thought about was getting out of America and coming to Paris to find my true loves.

“So while you were in jail for a year, in isolation,” said Francois, “you saw yourself meeting Cathy in an outdoor café and that meeting was the trailhead of your destiny?”

“Yes,” I said.

“So in everything you have done for the majority of your life,” asked Mir, “You just visualized it over and over and over until it happened?”

“Yes,” I said.

“And now you are teaching what you know, the real live workable truth of what Jesus said, with an intent of increasing the level of peace in the world human society,” said Debra.

“Yes,” I said.

“And you know that like everything else in your life,” said Debra, “you know it is going to happen. But you just did not know when.”

“Yes,” I said.

“And you never gave up. You never quit believing that you could make it happen,” Joyce said. “And how can this be?”

“Because he is the Kwisatz Haderach,” said Cathy.

“John WorldPeace,” I said with a smile.

“Because he is John WorldPeace,” said Joyce.

Then Rebecca began to chant, “WorldPeace, WorldPeace, WorldPeace” and everyone made the bus rock with it.

And I knew what was going to happen as soon as we walked into the condo.


I arrived at Jeremy’s for the evening meal and my speaking engagement. The routine was now very much set in place.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a special night with regards to revelations from the Peaceman, being me. Thank you for coming,” I said.

“When I was in prison in 2008, it occurred to me that Jesus could read and write. He could read the scriptures and then teach about them. He was referred to as Rabbi. He was educated.”

“So why did he not write down his truth?” I asked myself.

“It did not take very long and I came to the conclusion that he did write down his truth. Somewhere, at some time, there existed the words of Jesus in written form in his own writing.

“When Lao Tsu was leaving the city where he had lived a long time, a guard at the gate found out that he was leaving and he asked Lao Tsu to write down his wisdom. And that is what Lao Tsu did. He wrote the Tao te Ching and then left.

“Jesus knew what was going to happen when he went up to Jerusalem for the last time. He knew he was going to die. And I believe he knew he had to write down his truth just like Lao Tsu. And that is what he did.

“Now like most everything that comes to me, this was my initial vision. It was time for me to consider the question of why such a literate Jesus would not write anything down. From that thought, I worked my way through some other aspects of a Jesus teaching in by way of the written word.

“His followers were mostly common folk, not educated because his message was mostly to the poor and downtrodden and those on the bottom of the social pyramid, even though his message was universal and for everyone.

“So after he wrote his truth, who would he give it to. And the answer seemed to be Joseph of Arimathea, his friend on the Jewish council and in whose tomb he was buried.

“After this vision came to me and I worked out a scenario regarding the lost manuscript, I began to think that I would use this as a theme for my next novel after I finished my foundational novel The WorldPeace Advocacy.

“After I was released from prison in December 2008, sometime in 2009, a man met me in a café where I was having coffee and struck up a conversation. As the conversation proceeded, I realized that our meeting was not coincidental; in fact he had intended it.

“What he told me was astonishing. He said that they had found the Jesus Manuscript and it was safe. He said that it was originally hidden very carefully in the tomb where Jesus was buried. There was a scholarly investigation of the tomb going on to see if it could be proven that this tomb was the actual tomb where Jesus was buried.

“He said, that under the area where the head of Jesus was most likely placed, there was a very well concealed safe, if you will, and when the disguised stone was removed from the safe, the manuscript was found in perfect condition as if it had just been place there.

“Only two men, knew of the discovery and the older one, died shortly thereafter of old age. The younger one secreted the manuscript away.

“When they initially read the manuscript, he and his mentor realized that there were things written that were not in harmony with the New Testament and it was obvious that the Catholic Church had made significant changes to the teachings of Jesus. And those changes had propagated over time into the Protestant religions. Consequently, when the Jesus Manuscript surfaced there would be chaos.

“Copies were made and secreted and a plan set in place that would make sure the manuscript would never be lost even though the original and some of the copies may be. As it turned out, the original is still with us and I have seen it and read it, he said.

“These are the end times, to use the words of Revelation, even though the book of Revelation is prophesy and is therefore not to be given any credence. All prophesy comes from individuals who can view things on the spiritual level. The problem is that these visions that these psychics see are in a dimension where there is no time or space and so events, if you will, are stacked on top of each other without a time reference. So it is impossible to know when some event is going to happen. Eventually all scenarios happen.

“Secondly, all prophesy is received in an abstract language and translating that abstract vision into logical linear language almost always skews the original intent. It is like writing about an abstract painting. The logical linear interpretation is going to suffer.

“So I am using my own definition of end times which means more of an end of an age. But I am not talking specifically about the end of the Age of Pisces and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. I am simply talking about the present when we have advanced so far technologically and scientifically that the social order must change; must catch up. And as it so happens, the internet has connected the entire world human population. So the times, they are about to change. We are therefore at the end of the last two thousand years of thought that was dominated by religion in the Western world.

“My WorldPeace Advocacy is about initializing that new drama; increasing the level of peace in the world human society. It is a secular movement with some spiritual overtones. It is not a religious movement. No religious bureaucracy funds or controls or influences the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“This is not the time to reveal the contents of the Jesus manuscript. The WorldPeace Gathering must take place first. That is necessary because the Gathering will truly point the way to the future of the WorldPeace Advocacy.

“I will say, this manuscript is very short. Maybe 10% of all the red letter words of Jesus in the New Testament.”

There was a reaction of disbelief in those present, so I asked for questions.

“Dr WorldPeace,” a very senior female citizen said, “are you saying you are going to write a fictional novel with this story line of a Jesus Manuscript or are you saying that such a manuscript really exists?”

“The manuscript exists,” I said. “It has been carbon dated and analyzed without giving any clue to those conducting the tests as to what the pieces belonged to.”

“However, just as important to me,” I said, “the words are in harmony with the words I would expect Jesus to write based on my lifetime study of his red letter words in the New Testament. Words that are uplifting and are all inclusive of all human beings.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” an old man blurted out, “if what you say is true, then no matter what it says, the words are going to be explosive and create chaos and many arguments.”

“That is probably true,” I said. “Time will tell. Truth cannot be hidden forever. The truth will eventually come out in one way or the other. It is going to be up to each individual to determine whether the words in this manuscript are true or not and if they were written by Jesus or not.”

“For me personally, I believe the manuscript is real.”

“What else can you tell us?” asked another elderly woman.

“Nothing at this time,” I said. “I am sure virtually every word and phrase are going to be argued about except those that exactly match the official New Testament.”

“Again, I want to emphasize, I have no intention of adopting this Jesus Manuscript as a foundation for a new sect of Christianity. I am going to take the words that are relevant to my WorldPeace Advocacy and quote them and I am not going to concern myself with the words that relate to things that are not collateral or peripheral to my perspective on increasing the peace in the world human society.

“I can see that this revelation will have the effect of interfering with anything else I was going to say tonight. So I am going to go ahead and close off this conversation. So let us enjoy this communal meal that Jeremy has provided us.”

All my angels and buttons were staring at me in somewhat disbelief. I think they were wondering why I did not give them a heads-up.

So I said, ”Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to say that none of my angels or buttons or Jeremy, had any idea that I was going to say this. None were even aware that a Jesus Manuscript existed. So they really have nothing factual to contribute to any questions you may have of them in this matter. Thank you.”

We finished the meal and stayed until everyone had left. We said thank you and goodbye to Jeremy and left for our condo.


Amazingly, when we arrived at the condo, Tom Wentworth was there.

We entered the condo and everyone proceeded to the kitchen where Tom was sitting; having a coffee and pastry. He did not seem that stressed but he was obviously there about the Jesus Manuscript.

“Hello, Tom,” I said.

“Hello, John,” he said as he half smiled and shook his head in the negative.

“John, how you over and over throw out things we have missed just baffles me.”

“We have you wired to the max, we have Janice and Alicia giving us feedback as well as your son, and you are intimate with these women and yet you do not talk to them about a lot of things even with that most intimate relationship. Not to mention the indirect information we get from other governments most particularly those who have given you citizenships and have agents of their own with you.”

“Well some cats are not ready to be let out of the bag,” I said. “Also, I am not going to say anything to any of them that has a high chance of endangering their lives.”

“Yes, I understand that and I can appreciate that,” Tom said. “However, John, this kind of thing is what makes everyone in government really nervous. It is impossible for them to not wonder what else you are not talking about and whether some of those things are going to have a negative impact on the United States.”

“And yet you know Tom,” I said, “that the United States is just one step down from me protecting the lives of my angels and buttons. The lives of these women is very real to me and critical to my sanity. I could not deal with putting them unnecessarily in harm’s way. And I feel the same way about protecting the United States and you know that.”

“Yes, I do, John,” he said. “I am closer to you than any other top level government agent. They do not have access to you like I do. So they are paranoid that you are communicating to me in a way that shuts them out. Governments are paranoid. They do not like change. And they do not like to think change is coming about which they have no head’s up.

“This Jesus Manuscript is a very volatile issue. No way around that. Anything that has anything to do with Jesus is going to worry the Israelis. They are so paranoid about everything. It is certainly going to immediately trend and propagate throughout the Christian community worldwide. There will be lots of discussions between the Christians but no one is going to want to kill you over a manuscript that will take years before all the tests and such can be done. And the conversation among Christians will never be settled. And to most Christians it is not going to matter. It is just an academic discussion and has nothing to do with their faith and belief because they believe they are saved.

“But the Israelis know they are dependent on Christians to support them through the United States. So they are paranoid of a shift from positive to negative regarding Israel.  It does not help that you are discounting the book of Revelation which is one of the lynch pins to Armageddon and Israel. And that Christians feel obligated to protect Israel because the new heaven and earth is going to be centered in Jerusalem.

“You keep throwing out the obvious fact that the Muslims control the most holy Jewish site, the Temple mount. It is an indirect reference to which side God is on.

“All this is going to work out,” I said. “I trust that God’s will is going to manifest and certainly prevail.

“Yes, I keep having to talk about Israel but they are not part of my agenda. The Israel/Palestine issue may well be the last one I tackle because it will take the most effort of the longest period of time if it is even solvable. I have no intention of pouring my energy into a black hole.

“The Jesus Manuscript is not about Armageddon. It is a peaceful teaching. And it affects all Christians all over the world not just those radical fundamentalists focused on the Second Coming and the Book of Revelation.

“I have already said repeatedly that the book of Revelation should be torn out of the New Testament. So I don’t feel I am really in that conversation.

“The farther we get away from 2000, when the majority of Christians had been manipulated to believe was the date of the Second Coming, the sooner the book of Revelation is not going to be at the center of so many Christian conversations and we can get on with focusing on a secular peace without the handicap of the book of Revelation.

“The Israelis have to do what they have to do. But the biggest problem the Israelis have is a secular world view about the Palestinian problem. And I am not focused on that issue. I have taken no position. I expect to leave that to the European Union and the United States. It is at its core a United Nations secular issue. The resolution will affect the peace in the Middle East but I don’t need to get in the middle of that conversation and stir the pot. The best and brightest minds in the world are constantly dealing with it.

“I am free to do other things. My WorldPeace Advocacy is grounded in my Book of WorldPeace. And that is about global issues of civility and conflict resolution that transcends all nations and religions; the main power brokers in the world human society. Race and woman’s equality are separate issues that collaterally affect nations and religions based on the specific population make up. But the world is not divided along the lines of race. They are divided by national lines and secondary lines of religion. But there are no bright lines with regards to race. Much less gender.

“I am a global peace advocate. I say that over and over. I have no dog in any local hunt. The Israeli/Palestinian issue is a local issue. I repeat over and over that half the world is not caught up in the Western, Christian, Muslim, Jewish cosmology. So in truth they could care less about those religious doctrines and dogmas. Hindus and Buddhist don’t connect religiously with what is going on in Israel.

“So the majority of what I say about Israel is just peripheral to a global peace and WorldPeace issue. And I have no intention of avoiding an issue of peace just because there is a potential Israeli/Palestinians application. What is going on in Tibet is the same thing that is going on in Palestine. I can’t discuss Tibet without it bleeding over to the Palestine issue even if I don’t even reference Israel or Palestine.

“The Jesus Manuscript is about peace and not about Armageddon. So I think that should calm everyone down.

“I thank you for that,” said the Director. “I think that was the question on my mind but was not coming to consciousness. That is the real concern. I can see that now.

“I will continue to emphasize that until the manuscript becomes public,” I said. “To distance the manuscript and myself from the Second Coming, Armageddon, Revelation Issues.

“As per usual, John,” said the Director. Thank you for clearing up these issues and walking me through what is going on. The United States is not about peace; it is about power. The United States is only interested in peace if it serves its purpose.

“You are very much aware of that. Maybe more aware than anyone else. You are not tied to my ‘Country Right or Wrong’ but you are also not focused on reducing the status of the United States.

“No, Tom,” I said, “you are right about that. My agenda is increasing the peace globally not getting involved directly in some issue the United States feels is critical and I need to stay out of.

“I think you just need to keep reminding everyone that I am a global, non-aligned peace advocate and not a local champion of any cause that is going to create more chaos and less peace in the world human society.

“Got to go, John,” said the Director as he picked up his briefcase and left.


After Tom left, almost everyone changed into, it seemed to me, their most casual and revealing clothes and as has become the habit no shoes. They all knew bare feet got my attention. I don’t have a foot fetish but bare feet just took me back to the summers on the farm with my grandparents. It was so hot that everyone except me and my grandfather went without shoes to pick up the cool floor through their bare feet. I kept my boots on and my grandfather wore his sox and house shoes. Most of my cousins were girls and one or more of my aunts were always present and generally pregnant. So bare female feet take me back to much simpler times.

“John,” said Francois, “We do not have a meeting in the morning at Jeremy’s but we do have a short one about 1400 and the regular evening gathering at 1900 as always.”

“There are several things that have to be put on the agenda in the next three or four days. (That being Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) 1) We have to go to the Italian and Spanish embassies tomorrow and Tuesday and pick up two more citizenships and two more angels. 2) We are going to have to have a meeting about angels and buttons which I understand from Debra have reached…”

“782 present in Paris,” said Debra.

“Wow,” I said.

“We have to set up some protocols because it does seem that you are going to have a lot of angels working with you daily,” said Francois. 3) You mentioned that you wanted to plant WorldPeace Beacons all over the world and we need to talk about 5 of them to be set in place before Saturday and then you are going to have to dedicate all of them. We thought about WorldPeace Monuments and you would officially dedicate them by hanging the WorldPeace Banners on them. We need to work out those logistics and who is going to be in the photo shoots at the dedications and so on. 4) We have to have a News conference for about 25 reporters but we cannot do that until Wednesday when the press will be able to assemble here; in one of the hotels set up for that purpose. We really don’t know how many will be here. 5) Vernon wants to have another business social gathering for about 100 plus peace group representatives that are already here and there may be as many as 200 by Thursday or more. Vernon feels you need to give these people a one on one opportunity to meet you and you need to give them a pep rally before Saturday. 6) Oh yes, we have about 10 more citizenships to pickup without angels. We probably need to do that on Thursday so that all the countries that want to give you citizenships will be able to get on the list. We may spend half a day Thursday and Friday just doing that. We have to go to all the embassies. 7) And we need an internal meeting with angels and live-in buttons meeting and some of the button leaders for an update and reports.

“That is about it,” said Francois.

“OK, let’s do that in the morning say about 0900.” I said. “That should give us enough time before we go to Jeremy’s in the afternoon.”

“Enough peace activism for this day,” I said as I got up and headed for a shower.

There was a protocol among those present as to the rotation into the sacred pleasure dome. A protocol that I did not set up and felt no need to learn the details of.

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