The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel Two - Paris 2009


by John WorldPeace


Novel Two - Paris 2009

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved


PARIS 2009

Chapters 32-53



When we got into the limo, I asked Debra how many would be at the condo in the morning.

“My understanding is there are five coming,” she said.

“Have you made all the arrangements for chairs, coffee, tea, food and so on?” I asked.

“Yes. Cathy, Francois and I have it all under control,” she smiled.

“Ok, Then all is well within The WorldPeace Advocacy. I felt good about tonight. I feel good about this meeting in the morning. No one has tried to kill me in a few days and I feel good about that too.”

“John don’t say things like that,” Francois requested.

“Sorry my love,” I said. “Everything is going to be just fine. I have been thinking about painting again. I have to find a way to take someone with me in my travels who can paint.”

“I want to take a canvas and tell this person what I want and they draw it. Then I will show them the colors. I want to be able to do large canvas unless I have a painting going everywhere I go. A 24 x 30 inch can be carried on the plane in a special briefcase. But there is no way I can move a 5 x 8 foot painting around. We could actually do the drawing but not the coloring.”

My art seems to me to be very important to The WorldPeace Advocacy. And I enjoy it. It gives me a balance. I use words all day in my writing. I need the balance of art that lets me deal with images, styles and colors.”

“John, John you never shut down your mind, do you?” Asked Francois.

“No, my love I do not.”

“Actually, I am working my mind around my art right now because Celeste is having fantasies about certain things about to take place at the Condo, and I am trying to make sure we wait until we get home.”

“John, I am sorry but it has been a long time and yes I am having very pleasant erotic thoughts. I have been holding them back but the dam is about to burst,” said Celeste.

“We seem to be a few minutes from the condo so just hold on a bit more,” I smiled.

“What is wonderful about you Celeste is that we are beginning to have unspoken conversations between us. Not just about making love. I can feel you watching some of the same movies I am watching in my head. And I am also picking up on thoughts that I know are not mine.”

“Yes, John, that is taking place,” she said. “I am not use to all the strange thoughts that crowd into my normally peaceful mind. Like you, I recognize thoughts that are not mine.”

“It will be a good thing and in some ways a fun thing. All I know is that I don’t really know you and you make me happy. I feel so many things I missed since my husband died. I could feel him thinking about me and after he died that experience faded away pretty quickly. I look back now and that weaker energy I felt after he died and attributed to his fading energy was in fact your energy. I did not realize that until I met you and I recognized your psychic signature right off. And since we touched it has been growing stronger.”

“Even in this short time, your energy has a much greater impact on me than his did even at its most powerful. You are always with me John and it feels wonderful to feel loved again. Thank you.”

“I love you too Celeste and since we have arrived we are just minutes away from allowing ourselves to see just what you and I are capable of experiencing,” I said as Celeste and I exchanged a knowing look into each other’s eyes.”

I was the last one out of the limo. Everyone was tired. The marathon meetings were wearing us down. But The WorldPeace Advocacy energy was increasing dramatically. The word was spreading. The peace rally/gathering should really boost the energy especially if we got some TV exposure.

I entered the condo and asked Marshall how he was doing.

“Dad, I am doing fine but my mind is so full of new thoughts and ideas and understanding that it is hard for me to sleep or even relax,” he said. “I am not nervous or anxious. My engines just refuse to shut down. The possibilities of The WorldPeace Advocacy are enormous; unlimited actually.”

“Yes they are,” I said. “But in truth it will be weeks before we can all sit down and evaluate everything that has happened and chat out the future.”

“I agree,” he said.

“For now duty calls and her name is Celeste,” I said.


I gave Marshall a hug and walked into the guest bedroom. Celeste had already entered and closed the door. Everyone was headed to the kitchen to further wind down. Francois came by with Cathy and I kissed each of them as they went into the kitchen.”

Celeste was in the bathroom with the door closed so I just sat on the edge of the bed thinking about how smooth everything was going and how at peace I felt with so many loving people around me; no tension, just peace and harmony.

In about five minutes, Celeste came out of the bathroom. She had on a blue silk night gown with large yellow flowers on it. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. I stood up and looked into her eyes. I could see tears forming. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to me and let my hands slide over the smooth silk up her back as I kissed her magnificent lips.”

“She put her arms around my neck and closed all the gaps between our bodies as I felt the tears run down her cheeks.”

“I let my right hand slide down onto her perfect ass and pulled her closer and said, “It is OK baby you are with me now.”

“John I have been so desperately lonely. I have cried myself to sleep so often. I never thought I would find love again. Not the kind of love I had with Anwar. He has been my only lover. I could not imagine being with anyone else until I saw you. I am sorry but for me it was love at first sight.”

“I know Celeste. I saw your eyes and felt your love reach out to me,” I said. “I am just so much damaged goods from my two marriages. I just did not know how to respond. And even though a hand full of women makes me feel somewhat secure, I will never really be whole emotionally. Yet holding you and kissing you and feeling your love… I feel very blessed and truly whole for the first time in my life. Since I was fourteen I have been looking for this feeling, this wholeness and peace.”

“I want you inside me John,” she said as she began to unbutton my shirt.

I untied the top of her nightgown and pulled it open and dropped it onto the floor exposing the most mature exquisite body I have ever seen. I stroked her gently as she finished undressing me, I followed her into bed.

Within moments I was inside her and for the rest of the night we made the most perfect love. Neither of us had to say a word to the other. We both knew exactly what to do. As vivid and as active as my imagination has been all my life, I have never come close to imagining the reality of this beautiful woman in my embrace.”

She connected with every part of my body mind and soul and I with hers. We became one until death do us part. We mated for life.

THIRTY-FOUR Wednesday 090617

At 0430 I saw the peace meeting unfold as did Celeste. I got out of bed, put on my robe and went to wake up Janice and Debra. When I opened the bedroom door I saw them at the kitchen table. Celeste had gotten out of bed and put on her nightgown and followed me into the kitchen.

“Good morning ladies,” I said as I kissed each of them.

“Morning John,” they both said as they looked at Celeste.

“Yes it was an amazing night,” I said, “but now duty calls.”

“This is going to be a wild fast moving meeting this morning and both of you will have to hustle. Janice I know everything in this house is bugged so I want you to call the CIA and tell them to get us a one page fact sheet on everyone who comes with Vernon to the meeting. And a fact sheet on him too which should be easy since he works for them.”

“Debra, one of the people in the group is going to bring a lap top allegedly to make notes on the meeting. He is of course going to be checking out the security and nosing around. I want you to have your computer open and working. I want you to block out his screen and download his entire drive. You will probably have to let the CIA do that for speed purposes but I want you to get a copy of everything on his drives; and if he has it stored on a server, then copy the server too. I want our own analysis.”

“You are the guru, you and Herbie so you can figure all this out. I don’t want him to take any info with him or broadcast any. If he tries that, erase and fry his computer after you download everything. I will tell him we did it because of his bad manners.”

“Janice you need to tell the Director that they want someone in the US out of jail; some radical peacenik. Vernon may have already communicated this to them. Tell the Director I want to give them what they want immediately in order to bolster my credibility and show my connections with the Feds. I feel sure that you will pull some info from his lap top to lead the CIA to someone else the CIA is looking for. And tell the director he can grab that person and hold him; but just one. Even exchange. We give one and we take one.”

“Debra I want you to jam that lap top so he can’t send out the word by internet or cell phone once he realizes we copied his data bases.”

“I want to send a message that we can be very user friendly and very vicious at the same time. Mostly I want them to know we can move as quickly as lightning.”

“It is a small world and I am about to step up on center stage. These guys will pass the message as soon as they get back. I want the world to know that I am not a pacifist. I want the world to know there is no free lunch and favors are bartered not given away like Christmas presents. I want them to know I have a lot of power behind me and I know how to use it and I will use it. I want them to know I will play ball and will generally deal for the lesser evil always.”

“In short, I want to send a message to the world. This should dramatically increase the CIA workload of people that want to make a deal now that they know there is a power broker working in the name of WorldPeace. This is where John WorldPeace, Dr. John WorldPeace steps to the head of the table and opens up for business.”

“To close the deal, Vernon will have to produce 100,000 people at the peace gathering. But I want to hold it in a place that won’t hold more than 75,000 so we have an overflow crowd for media dissemination worldwide.”

“In a word ladies, it’s show time. Any questions?” I asked.

“You are an amazing man John,” said Janice.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. The party just got started,” I said.

Debra stood up and pressed her body close to mine and kissed me on the lips firmly.

“I need a few minutes with you in the guest bedroom Pops,” she said.

“Do you have a few minutes?” I asked.

“Piece of cake,” she said as she took my hand and pulled me to the guest bedroom.”

In one continuous move she closed the door and dropped her robe and stripped mine.

“I have been waiting for you all night. Now take care of me. I need you to be aggressive and forceful John. You’ve get ten minutes flat to give me an hour’s pleasure. Go,” she said.

In ten minutes and thirty seconds she walked out of the bedroom sweating from head to toe as Celeste came in, shut the door and said,” You are not finished yet Superman,” as she slid her body into the bed and opened her legs.”

“John after today, a lot of people are going to be concerned about how to control you but for now take me back to heaven,” she said as she pulled me on top of her and kissed me passionately.

“I think you mean control us,” I said.


At 0600, Vernon and four friends walked into the condo. Eric Smith was introduced as the note taker and Eugene Potts, Carol Bono and Lech Korcynski were introduced as the directors and leaders of other peace groups.

My whole crew was present which I think surprised them, or it may just have been the fact that all my angels are beautiful. Cathy stood behind me. Janice and Debra sat at the table. The five others crowded on the opposite side of the table. Francois had put two extra leaves in the table to make it bigger but it was obvious we were going to need some kind of conference room. We all believed these meetings were going to get larger almost immediately.

“John do you mind if Eric Smith takes some notes on his laptop? I see Debra typing away on her laptop,” Vernon asked.

“No, go ahead,” I said wondering if Eric was going to follow my expectation of trying to check out our security.

“Vernon,” I said, “back in 2003 when George Bush was about to launch his infamous war in Iraq and was telling lies about weapons of mass destruction and an Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein link, there were huge peace demonstrations especially here in France. But the net result of all that energy was nothing significant. It did not slow down George Bush a bit.”

“My point is that the reason nothing happened was because there was no one spokesman for all those protesters. No one could command the TV time that George Bush did. I want to be that person. I want to have the peace organizations rally behind me on single issues to confront world leaders and corporate executives. I want to confront them on TV and on the internet. I want to slow down the rush to war and other political policies that decrease the peace in the world human society.”

“I do not want to set up an umbrella organization. I want to define our issue. I want to have as many peace organizations as possible endorse the issue (actually the issue will be a consensus issue) and then I want to confront the leader creating the problems. Mostly that is going to be the US, Russia or China. They control world politics right now.”

“I would also use my authority to confront the UN Secretary General on a regular schedule pushing for global involvement in the wrongs of nations.”

“Quite frankly it makes me sick that things go on in the world which negatively affects, in some cases, the whole world and there is no one to stem the tide. No one to slow things down, take the higher ground for the global village. We have got to change this. I have got to change this. That is my number one priority. In other words, my mission is to increase the peace in the world human society.”

“Through the internet we can create a peace network. When my books come out, this plan will be in there and that should give the momentum to make it happen. This peace rally we are talking about now is the initial foray into that uncharted territory.”

“Were you aware of my objectives before this meeting?” I asked.

“No John, not really,” Vernon said. “You are talking about something that just seems too much to ask for right now. You are talking about gathering enough support to do a lot more than just raising awareness on issues. You are talking about a plan of action to interfere if that is the right word, with the insanity of war and other injustices in the world.”

“Exactly,” I said. “I am talking about an active maybe even a combative peace advocate as opposed to a passive one. With the Internet we have the tools to connect to and rally the world.”

“The only real question in my mind is who is going to be the focal point. I see no one at this time more qualified and more dedicated than myself. My autobiography gives my bona fides, education, experience, and so on.”

“That is the real problem here. All these peace groups have leaders and each wants to be the focal point. But the truth is only a small percent have the necessary credentials. The other problem is that they are mostly associated with national issues, or social or religious issues. I am the only non-aligned global-first peace advocate. I will bow to someone more qualified. But like everything else, a vote can be taken from the peace organizations as to who will be the focal point or point person. There can only be one primary spokes person.”

“I don’t know the mechanics of bringing together a consensus. I only know there has to be one.”

“Again I have not really dreamed this big John,” said Vernon. “You obviously have been more of a full time peace advocate than I have. You have been working on solutions. I have been working on gathering supporters but I now see that I really had nothing as concrete as what you are preparing to focus everyone onto.”

“Let me tell you the power of one million people boycotting a product will be significant,” I said, “There are a lot of tools. But there has to be organization and focus. But I repeat no standing organization, no federation of peace groups, just a simple issue by issue agenda. When a war is about to begin, John WorldPeace is called to active duty.”

“I agree,” Vernon said.

“You see if I try to set up an organization, then all kinds of petty jealously begins. I appear to be attempting to usurp local leadership and my support will dwindle. But by moving forward on issues only, no egos are involved because it is a temporary alliance. No loss of authority at the local level. All that is happening is the funneling of all the information to one spokesman.”

“I think it will work and it excites me,” Vernon said.

The others with Vernon nodded in agreement.

“John you being an American, how close are you allied with the government?” Vernon asked.

“Vernon, the world fears peace and for the most part hates those who advocate it. This is especially true of a warrior Christian nation like the United States.”

“The CIA, FBI have been watching me ever since I changed my name in 1988. They are watching me now. Their main concern is that I do start organizing opposition to the official policies of the United States. I have been lectured by the Feds and I am trying to be user friendly. Right now I have so much to do that I am considered politically neutral because what I am doing relates more to defining who I am. That I am now prepared to go to the Feds and I intended to work in the Middle East, Cuba and Tibet right now.”

“So for now the Feds and I are watching each other. I will say we have made some progress; the CIA/FBI/NSA and me. They don’t view me as an anarchist, left or right wing, nor a terrorist. So I am not feeling I am in the cross hairs of a CIA assassin but that being said there are many other governments and corporations around the world who have agendas that would be more secure if I were dead.”

“All this will work its way out in time.”

“More to the point,” Vernon said, “do you have any influence with the powers that be in America?”

“I am an American so I would say some. What is it that you want?” I asked.

“We have a friend, Bennet Victor who hacked into the United States computers and retrieved some top secret information relating to suspected dumping of nuclear waste in the Atlantic Ocean. He is in jail somewhere. We know the US has him. He has a lot of peace contacts all over the world and we really need him back in our organization.”

“What else did he do?” I asked. “What is his criminal history?”

“He has none, just this one incident.”

“Vernon with all due respect and no intent to make accusations, but I want you to know that truth and candor are huge issues with me. I prefer the dirty laundry up front. I can’t allow myself to look stupid or foolish. So if there is anything else, please tell me now.”

“No, nothing, I have known him for twenty years. He just got carried away on the nuclear issue and so he went lurking into the American databases,” said Vernon.

“Janice,” I said, “Will you look into this matter, right now?”

“Yes, John,” she responded and left the room.

“Vernon, I am not an idealist. I am a very pragmatic person of action. I do have ivory tower thoughts but I realize the world is a dark place. So I want to know what is in it for me if I get Bennet out of jail.” I asked.

“Well John, the fact that you even asked the question significantly changes my estimation of your power to make things happen, difficult things. What do you want?”

“We are about to discuss a peace rally. How many people can you produce?” I asked.

“We have talked about forty thousand among ourselves,” he said.

“What about gathering one hundred and fifty thousand participants? Can you rally one hundred and fifty thousand peaceniks?” I asked looking him in the eye.

“John we may be able to get two hundred and fifty thousand depending on what agenda we are going to present. We will have to pull in a few more speakers that are well known here in Europe and expand the issues discussed, but we can do that. We can do one hundred and fifty thousand. We have enough time.”

“Vernon we are taking about ten days from now. That is a pretty short fuse,” I said.

“Yes but there are not many events to draw our core people away from a peace gathering,” he said.

“How big is your database,” I asked.

“Our combined database is about one million. But there are a lot of groups who don’t want to share their database. They will support this and they account for another one million. Understand of course that is not two million hard core peaceniks as you call them. That is all the people who have shown an interest in and have some commitment to peace.”

“I understand,” I said.

Janice came back into the kitchen and said, “John can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Excuse me for a moment Vernon. You all take a short break,” I said as I followed Janice out of the room.

We went into the office where we had linked to Debra’s computer by internet through the CIA encryption software.

“John the CIA said they will let Bennet go. He is a one timer and he now has the fear of God in him. Also they spotted three people in Eric’s database they intend to pick up. They feel sure that Eric does not know that Debra has streamed out his drives. They can wait a bit to pick these guys up so it won’t look like it came from this meeting.”

“Fine, but I told them one for one. They have to pick the one they want the most.”

“When can they have Bennet out?”

“In a couple of hours, I think. He is in Kansas but they will blindfold him and drop him off in New York. They don’t want him to know where he was. So in about four hours he will be dropped off in Central Park,” Janice said.

“Anything else?” I asked.

“The Director is real happy with your work. You have got some credits coming and you have picked up a lot of respect from some hard core conservatives in the CIA.”

“Good. And by the way, you really look good and smell nice too,” I said as I kissed her.

“I appreciate you,” I said.

“You know all the right words John,” she said.

I smiled and said, “Let’s go back into the game room.”
I returned to my seat at the table and said, “OK Vernon, Bennet will be dropped off at LaGuardia airport in four hours. He will have a ticket to Paris. We will get you the flight number. I assume you have someone to meet him at the airport in Paris?” I asked.

Vernon sat, saying nothing but looking me in the eyes. I could see all four of his friends doing the same from my peripheral vision. After about thirty seconds, I said, “Earth to Vernon.”

Vernon blinked and said, “Sorry John. I am at a loss for words. I expected this to take days and it has taken fifteen minutes. You have overloaded my circuits. I am reevaluating who and what I am dealing with here.”

“Well let me make one thing absolutely crystal clear. I don’t work for the US government as an employee or contract agent. I have a reservoir of personal power and a lot of new friends connected in very high places. So I am a free agent and I have some bargaining power. I just spent a lot of my credits on your friend. Now I have to get something in return. And that something is one hundred and fifty thousand people at a peace rally in ten days. That is the bartered price for Mr. Victor Bennet from me to you. I had to expend political capital but if we can pull off a one hundred and fifty thousand people rally, I will more than replenish my inventory.”

Vernon was still lost. I could tell that he was evaluating how much power I had. He worked of the CIA and had for a long time. He knew how things were done. And he was realizing that I was better connected than he was. And I was an unknown from nowhere. In fact, per the internet, I look like a fool, a buffoon and crock pot to many.

“John I am sorry but I am still in a state of shock. I am hoping that Bennet really will be back home soon. I am also thinking that maybe peace has a chance in the world. I am thinking that you are not going to be begging in your negotiations with heads of state. You will be arriving with offers they can’t refuse. I am going to have to do a bit more research into John WorldPeace,” Vernon said.

Eric was banging away at his computer but the other three were also in a state of shock, like they were afraid to move. I was smiling inside that Eric was no match for Debra and the CIA. I was wondering how long it would be before he realized we just dumped all is disk drives; where ever they were.

We were playing hardball in the name of WorldPeace. This was the first step into a whole new dynamic in the world political arena. The possibilities were unlimited. I felt at home in this game.

“So you can deliver the one hundred and fifty thousand people?” I asked Vernon again.


“OK let me tell you a few things that need to be worked out. First, I have no intention of becoming a martyr for peace. So I am very security conscious. I also don’t want to lose track of people. I don’t want to be isolated. I want and need to be able to interact with people of substance and power.”

“I am going to need a Pope mobile and a designated path through the crowd. On the stage I am going to need to be surrounded by bullet proof glass. I also want an area where I can shake hands with people safely; after they have been through a metal detector. There are plenty of just plane nuts cases who would like to kill me. Now I am stepping onto a global stage and the serious predators are going to be watching.”

“The truth is, if anyone is determined to kill me, they will be able to do it. I have a lot of security lined up already. But these first months are really going to be the tricky time. We don’t know what we are dealing with. I am not too concerned about this first event. Everyone will be watching and evaluating. Then they will decide if I am a threat and plan accordingly.”

“I have no input from my own intuition or my psychic friends that I will be killed in my advocacy. But I do have plenty of feedback that I must be careful. I am in a dangerous business of advocating peace.”

“I don’t know Paris so your people and some of these leaders will have to get the logistics worked out.”

“These women are my magnificent six. They are basically my inner circle, my cabinet plus much more. We are all very intimate. Everyone is a true believer. Whatever you need now or in the future you will be working with one or more of them. Also, I have no secrets from any of them. So if you have an important message for me, feel free to communicate it to any one of them.”

“Do you have any men working for you John?” asked Vernon.

“Jeremy and my son Marshall are working with me, not for me,” I said.

“May I ask why no men in the rank and file of your group? I am sure I am not the first to ask this.”

“No you are not. First, I promote the equality of women worldwide. Second, these women are like my wives and that’s what is required in what I am doing. These ladies work twenty-four/seven. We are all together all the time. A man just would not fit in. Maybe the right man, but I don’t even know what he would be like. Outside my inner circle, I am sure there will be men but still probably no more than ten percent of all those working for me in many of my projects.”

“The way we live is like the astronauts in the space station. We live in a confined space and so everyone must get along with everyone else. I don’t have time for friction. I can’t have another man living in that close an environment with very beautiful women.”

“Interesting,” Vernon said. “The women I notice are all very alert. And Eric tells me that Debra there is very intelligent, and tricky.”

“Well you and Eric must be pretty close because he communicated that to you without me picking up on it.”

“Yes we are close. We go back a long time,” Vernon said.

“All these women are at the very top of the IQ scale and they are street smart as well. They can run with any Alpha male, believe me, and they can lead when it is necessary or appropriate. Don’t let their beauty confuse you. There are no air heads here. I venture to say these women can accomplish almost any assigned task. I have a global agenda. I need an elite cadre to make a difference.”

“Now I would like to know what your companions think about my one man focal point concept,” I said.

Eugene spoke up. “John I think you have worked out a very simple concept that no one can gripe about or object to. You are not invading anyone’s turf. You are working issue by issue. You are not setting up a bureaucracy that others have to join and follow rules. You know most peace advocates don’t do well with too much structure and they don’t trust authority. I am behind you and I can’t really think of anyone I know who would object to coming on board with you.”

Carol said, “John I absolutely agree with you that we must have a spokesman. I am right in line with you about George Bush and Iraq. We turned out a lot of people prior to the war but it was just a dog and pony show. No teeth, no power.”

Lech then said, “John you are different kind of peace activist. You have power. I don’t know a peace activist with as much power as you seem to have. As a result, I can see that it is going to be hard for you to be marginalized by the establishment. I like your statement that you are an advocate for peace but not a pacifist. Most peace activists are passive and they are fearful. I don’t notice any fear in you John.”

“That is an absolute,” said Francois.

“But when I look at these women and I see how you have constructed this meeting, I can see you listen to those around you. These women are all beautiful but I can tell they are not window dressing or arm candy. Each one of them is like a personal bodyguard. You are relaxed but they are all ready for anything. I am excited to see how this really unfolds. I feel privileged to have met you and to have been able to speak to you directly.”

“Thank you for the kind words. I am totally serious about WorldPeace. I am not looking for fifteen minutes of fame. This is my life’s work,” I said.

Eric blurted out, “Oh shit!”


“What?” asked Vernon.

Eric stood up and ran his fingers through his long hair.

“It looks like Ms. Debra copied all my drives, over a terabyte of data. She got what was on my laptop and hacked into our servers and copied those as well. Oh shit. Now I know who you really are. Peace girl. Oh shit.”

“What?” asked Vernon.

“I would like you to meet maybe the world’s foremost hacker. She goes by ‘Peace Girl’ generally but ‘Acid Test’ is her rebel name. And her friend Herbie works for the CIA. Oh Shit.”

“Apparently these women are not just smart and beautiful; they are probably all world class players in different areas,” Eric said.

“I like that, World Class Players,” I said.

“John did she download Eric’s database?” asked Vernon.

“You should ask Debra directly Vernon.”

“Debra?” said Vernon.

“Eric tried to hack our security. He thought he was successful. Then just before his first, Oh Shit, he realized he had hacked into a dummy security system. While he was getting his jollies thinking he had gotten into our vault, he realized that my little program had blinded him to my downloading his files. I did not do anything until he hacked into my security programs.”

“That amounted to a first shot and a declaration of war. He opened with a pistol shot. I responded with a nuclear bomb. It is a tough world; total war always. We are not playing games. Eric will now testify to that. Like John said, we are committed to the WorldPeace Advocacy. We are not playing games. We are not pacifist. We have a lot of enemies already. We are prepared to hold our own.”

“Eric overplayed his hand. He is good but not as good as me. Herbie’s the best after me and Herbie does work for the CIA. I don’t.”

“Your database is secure and contained. I would not worry about that. There is no privacy in the world anymore. It is the way things are.”

Eric was just staring at Debra trying to sort all kinds of things out.

“You are a very beautiful, very lethal viper,” Eric said to Debra.

“John, I think we need to take a break,” said Debra. “And I need to talk to you and Janice.”

“OK. The lady said for us to take a break,” I said.

Janice and I met Debra in the guest bedroom.

“John, Eric is a double agent. He had an open channel from his lap top to his home computer so after I emptied his laptop drives I downloaded his entire personal database of his home computers. I won’t go into the mechanics but I hacked into everything he has. He works for the CIA and a coalition of the Chinese and Russians. In essence his life is over. I don’t think Vernon knows he is a CIA asset much less a double agent. I emailed the guards not to let Eric leave the building. I know the Director did not know he was a double agent. I gave them all I had and they are working on it now.”

“We can’t nail him in front of these other people or we will never have their trust. You will be a pariah in the peace community and outed as a CIA agent, even though you are not officially one.” I said.

“What I want to do is to go back in there and ask Eric if he wants to see my computers,” said Debra, “I will take him in there and link him to the Director who will tell him his double agent days are over and the CIA now owns him. He will also be told not to let on what has happened. As a double agent he is an accomplished liar so that should be no problem.”

“John you just hit the jackpot with the CIA credibility issue. You have done more in weeks than they accomplish in years,” said Janice.

“OK. Well Debra let us proceed with your plan,” I said deep in thought.

“Ditto,” said Janice.

“OK, let me connect to the Director then I will come and get Eric,” said Debra. “I will need about twenty minutes I think. Janice you need to come too. In fact, just go on into the computer room now,” said Debra.

“OK,” Janice and I both said at the same time.

I returned to the living room. In about two minutes Debra came in and asked Eric if she could show him some things. He agreed. In about fifteen minutes Janice, Debra and Eric returned to the living room. Eric would only look nervous to someone who really knew him well. I watched Vernon and Eric make eye contact but did not see any non-verbal communication pass between them.

We all returned to our seats at my request.

“OK,” I said. “There is a lot to do in ten days. Vernon I don’t know yet which of my angels will be your primary contact liaison between us on this project but we will figure it out before lunch and give you a call.”

“I have a group to speak to at 1000 at Jeremy’s and I need to do a little research before I go,” I said.

“Ladies and gentlemen we have a new approach to increasing the peace. Nothing has worked in the past. I think a formal spokesman for peace will.”

Vernon said, “John what about you becoming a cabinet member as head of Obama’s Department of Peace.”

“I have thought about it. First, it has not been offered. But I came to the conclusion that it would handicap me. I cannot be associated with any race, religion or nation if I want to be effective. Maybe if a Department of Peace is created at the UN, I will apply for that.”

“Thank you all for coming. My life has been in fast forward since I arrived in Paris a few months ago, all for the good.”

“John, Jeremy, thank you so much for this meeting. I feel a positive sense of new beginnings for The WorldPeace Advocacy,” said Vernon.

Everyone shook hands and they left all seemingly pleased with what we accomplished and what we are attempting. I did not notice a single negative attitude.


After everyone left, we sat back down to get a report from Debra.

“You have the floor,” I said nodding to Debra.

“John Eric was a very big catch. He is a very old agent. He has been active for eighteen years. They are not sure how long he has been a double agent. Vernon does not know he works for the CIA. So the guy was good. He just got careless. But in his defense there are probably only a handful of people like me that could access everything he had by breaking all his security. I even locked him out from closing the holes and I installed my own security until I am sure we have it all.”

“I got all kinds of encrypted correspondence with the Chinese and the Russians. This guy was well connected and experienced. He is really brilliant with computers and he has kept a hell of a front in the peace movement. There was absolutely no suspicion by the CIA that this guy was connected to the Chinese and the Russians. We just don’t know how far out his interest go beyond peace groups.”

“One thing that is really cool is that he has the ultimate peace organization database for Eastern and Western Europe. It took him a long time to create that. He has been going to work every day as an alleged programmer in a CIA controlled business. But his time was all spent with these peace groups. He also had a second identity set up.”

“Eric is the upfront guy who has a lot of contacts but behind the scenes he has three times as many as he admits to having. He has got a very complete and elaborate surveillance and contact database.”

“Debra,” how did you get all that in less than two hours,” I asked.

“I know my stuff John,” she said. “I have an intuition for databases and security protocols. I have hacked all kinds of organizations, businesses, governments with them knowing it. I have never passed on data and never left any trace that I had been inside.”

“The CIA is just now figuring out how good I am. They will try harder to recruit me now. They now know to watch me. I was not high on their radar until now. But I am in love with WorldPeace. And I know my abilities are gong to allow you, us, a lot of access and help from the government that we would not normally have. Plus, and just as important, they are going to leave us alone. They won’t harass us because they know if they do I won’t help them on the stuff that is beyond Herbie and there is a lot beyond Herbie’s abilities.”

“You are quite amazing,” said Celeste, “I salute you.”

“Thanks,” said Debra.

“Janice, do you have anything to add,” I asked.

“Not right now John.”

“Give us an update, Celeste.” I asked.

“John what is going on with you is becoming very complex. The play is very dynamic. The CIA knows you are ahead of them and they are beginning to realize they can’t catch up. If they did not need you so much they would probably have already terminated you.”

“But with ease, luck, whatever, you’re driving a bus into places they could not get a roach. Every week they are forced to reevaluate The WorldPeace Advocacy and John WorldPeace.”

“The good thing is that they are convinced that you are not going to work against them. At least the Director and people in power are convinced. Others are still skeptical. But the Director has the hard copy proof of what you have done. And it is all pro USA. They can’t argue with the facts.”

“John you are going to have to continue to clarify your goals or you are going to squander a lot of your energy. You are going to have to put some women in charge of the many projects and businesses you have going on.”

“Things are going to get real big, real dynamic, real fast. Shortly, other countries are going to get with you. France is right on the verge. The rumors have come to the attention of top people in the government. They are trying to figure out how to use you. They don’t want to work with the CIA. They have their own agenda.”

“John you are like a magic magnet right now. You are the center of a lot of things and your gravity is drawing support and other dynamics to all of your projects.”

“You are a brilliant guy John, but you are going to have to find a number of very high achievers to help you.”

“And returning to Eric, when he was saying, ‘Oh S…’ he was thinking of suicide. After talking to Debra he calmed down. But he was scared to death of a long time in jail or assassination. I think he is OK now. He is smart. But he is out of the closet and that makes any spy vulnerable.”


“Also, we will be moving very soon. This place is beautiful and it will continue to have its uses but it just not big enough. Not even close. You are going to need a lot of room and you’re going to need your residence right next to the controls of all your endeavors.”

“What is going to change,” asked Francois.

“Nothing really for this group,” Celeste said. “The inter connections are going to become more dynamic. It is time to build the secondary tier around our core group. There will be about three more women coming into this group. I am curious to see how John keeps up with his night time obligations. But all that will settle into a routine. And it seems we are all going to be working together for a long time.”

“We are the core group, the nucleus of the beginning. We will just become closer. No one has ever created a group quite like this one. On one level it is undeniably a harem. All the women here and the other three are all very bright, super women almost. But oddly there is no jealously. Debra knows there is no place else where she can use all her skills for a worthy cause. No other place where she will be challenged until she dies. No boredom here.”

“As highly sexual as we all are. John is intensely sexual and he has the capacity to keep everyone satisfied. It sounds crude and base but we are all biological animals.”

“The priority for me is that we will all become and remain friends among other things. That is what is amazing in what I see, a high level of productivity. John is the glue. He is the hub. He is the one spinning the wheel keeping us all excited and fulfilled in work and play.”

“We are all bonded much more tightly than we realize. I feel extreme peace here. And several of you have already connected into that same peace. In time, everyone will.”

“Nothing is going to be impossible for us. And John has other things in his head he is waiting for the right time to communicate and launch. I don’t know how his brain holds all that I have seen much less what I know is there but has not been brought to consciousness.”

“We have to protect him and love him so he can achieve his destiny, our destiny. There are many things he will set in motion but not manage. He is like one of those multistage roman candles that keeps on exploding into more explosions.”

“Poor Jeremy,” Celeste said. “He feels like he has been transported to another dimension.”

“You are right Celeste,” Jeremy said.

Francois and Cathy were silent. I know they were thinking back to the beginning just months ago. They could have never imagined this scenario.

“OK ladies, we have to be to Jeremy’s in forty-five minutes. Who are we talking to Jeremy?” I asked.

“You are speaking to about twelve preachers, reverends and clergy. They are not fundamentalist or liberal Christians. They are middle of the road traditional Christians who represent Protestant churches,” said Francois.

“How long do we have,” I said.

Say around one and a quarter to one and a half hours. So you probably can talk about twenty minutes. I think these people are more interested in getting to speak to you one on one, shaking your hand looking you in the eye, that sort of thing. I think they want to determine if you are a fanatic. They have heard good things about you but they know how crazy American Christians can be,” she said.

“I understand,” I said. “I think all those Christians, in part due to my name; want to know up front whether I think I am the messiah or whether I look more like the antichrist. Those topics are already fading away because Jesus did not appear when we entered the Third Millennium. But the Second Coming had a hundred year build up with a frenzy at the end. In fact, Jesus was born in 6 BCE so the millennium actually began in 1994 if you count from the birth of Jesus. But these people do not apply science and math to these things.”

“OK. I know what I am going to talk about.”

“And what is that,” asked Celeste.

“I am going to talk about spiritual Christianity and how it will swallow all the other religions as it swallowed Judaism. But I am not going to talk about the Purple Order of Spiritual Christians until tonight at the larger gathering,” I said.

“OK, John, I have been seeing purple flashes for a week now. So that has to do with something that was processing in your mind,” said Celeste.

“Yes ma’am,” I said smiling. “That must be the connection.”

“John you never shut down do you,” said Cathy. “You talk about all kinds of things and then you come up with things that you have never even mentioned but you have to be working on for God knows how long. I wonder if there is any end to what is in your head.”

“Well lovers, I thing about things and as I walk down that path I see the little side trails. Then I go down there and sometimes they are insignificant. Sometimes they open a whole new dimension.”

“Sometimes I immediately process these thoughts and sometimes I just let them ferment. So I always have a whole head full of half-baked ideas. Some go back decades.”


“We have arrived ladies. It is show time,” I said as I exited the limo.

The routine was the same. I stood in my designated spot, met all the guests, and then moved around for a little more one on one conversation. We did spend a bit more time than usual conversing one on one so I only had about twenty minutes to speak as Francois had said.

Considering that this was the fifth? Day of my marathon, I felt pretty good. I was not tired. My energy was pretty high.

I cut my standard opening a bit because of the time and began my talk.

“Ladies and gentlemen, all of you are Christian clergy and so I want to talk about religion and spirituality.”

“The truth is that long ago religion should have significantly increased the peace in the world human society beyond what exists today. And I am talking about everything from inner peace to WorldPeace.”

“My opinion after decades of study is that religion has a basic conceptual flaw that has long ago brought religion to a point of maximum effectiveness.”

“Religions are basically sectarian corporations. They are businesses. They are the business of religion. The prime directive of all organizations and businesses is survival. In religion, the primary mandate is to spread the message of the founder. The problem comes when the message of the founder comes into conflict with the need for a religion to survive. A simple example: Jesus had nothing. No assets, nothing but the clothes on his back. Churches have lots of assets and some ministers are paid million dollar salaries.”

“Jesus advocated a poor clergy. He constantly attacked the Pharisees for their pomp. And the history of the Catholic Church has been the accumulation of massive assets which could be used to take care of the poor.”

“So the message of Jesus to have a poor clergy and to feed the poor has been ignored by the Christian bureaucracy who feels a need to accumulate assets, to build sanctuaries and to support the retirement and current salaries of its employees. Even a retirement plan is contrary to Jesus’ teachings. It is an undeniable statement of no faith.”

“This is the nature of all religions. They are about money and power as an alleged tool to spin the message of the founder. Theirs is a chicken egg argument. How can we promote the message if we do not have assets to pay ministers and buy TV time?”

“Have no doubt, religion brings people to God but it has not brought the world to peace.”

“After Jesus was crucified, no one really understood what he had been saying. It took almost seventy years to let the message evolve into something coherent and saleable. I say sell because that is exactly what Paul had to do. He had to find a vehicle and message that could be sold.”

“What the gentiles understood was Greek and Roman paganism. They understood religion. Paul had to create a competing religion just like the Jewish religion that rejected Jesus and dictated his crucifixion.”

“Jesus never had anything positive to say about religious bureaucrats. Not a single word. He had a couple of friends who were part of the establishment. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea and Lazarus but he did nothing but criticize and confront the Pharisees. He also did the same with the Sadducees. The Pharisees were the forerunners of the contemporary Jews. The Sadducees were the traditionalist fundamentalist. The Pharisees did not believe in angels and resurrection and the Sadducees did. The current Jewish religion is the progeny of the Pharisee philosophy and point of view.”

“Paul created a message to sell Jesus and a religion to spread the message. Paul could not conceive of a way to spread the message outside a religious bureaucracy.”

“However, today traditional religious Christianity is losing members. People consider themselves what I define as spiritual Christians. They are people who believe in God and Jesus but do not want to be a church member. They embrace Jesus and reject the church.”

“I have developed a spiritual structure to bring together these spiritual Christians. I call it the Purple Order of Spiritual Christians. It is generally patterned after the Third Order of the Franciscans. The first order is the friars, the second order the nuns and the third order the laymen and women who adopt the Franciscan Rule written for them but cannot be full time friars or nuns.”

“I will return to this in a moment.”

“I am a spiritual Christian. I am not a religious Christian or a religionist of any stripe.”

“I have studied and reinterpreted all the major sacred texts of the world’s major religions with a WorldPeace spin and I believe they all have something to contribute to the spiritual understanding of God. In fact, I believe that to fully understand God one needs to view all religions as part of the whole religious experience.”

“That being said, I believe that Jesus was the most advanced soul to ever incarnate as a human being, more than Buddha, Krishna or Mohammed.”

“All language is metaphorical to help communication and for me Jesus as the Son of God and Jesus as the most advanced enlightened soul is really the same Jesus with a different label.”

“None of the other religious founders were able to rise from the dead. And I firmly believe that is exactly what he did. Too many people witnessed his appearances after being crucified. This puts Jesus in a class of his own, eclipsing his peers.”

“Let me insert here that Buddhism and Hinduism believe in reincarnation. Hell is a return to earth to work off your bad deeds from past lives. Judaism, Christianity and Islam do not emphasize or even believe in reincarnation but in the gospels Jesus said that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah. Jesus because he was challenging so much of Judaism of his day, just could not push reincarnation too.”

“Whether you believe in the heaven and hell metaphor or the reincarnation Nirvana metaphor you are talking about the same thing. You live. At the end of life you are judged. Christians go to hell, Buddhist and Hindus are reincarnated.”

“Jesus’ resurrection was a metaphor for life after death. Jesus verified life after death in a dramatic way. He simply returned from the dead.”

“So I embrace much of Buddhism and Hinduism as part of the God commentary. And here is the seminal unique message of Jesus, ‘Love one another.”

“The other religions are me oriented. Christianity is other oriented. A person advances personally by helping others. This is also the core message of WorldPeace.”

“So Jesus by his resurrection and this message of love stands above the other religious messages.”

“Christianity swallowed Judaism. By that I mean Christians embraced the entire Jewish history of God interacting with the Jews. Christians are really Jewish Christians. This is undeniable. The Christian Bible is the Old Testament of the Jews and the New Testament of Jesus. Judaism has been swallowed, incorporated into Christianity.”

“All religions are exclusive and elitist. They all endorse an us versus them reality, and elitist mindset. This is another reason that religion has not manifested WorldPeace. WorldPeace is democratic and all inclusive. An exclusive elitist religious philosophy cannot by its definition incorporate other religions. You cannot be both Jew and Muslim. You have to be one or the other. Therefore a religious Christian peace will never manifest WorldPeace because a Christian peace only includes Christians.”

“As religious Christianity has swallowed Judaism, spiritual Christianity will swallow and incorporate all the other religions. A spiritual Christian embraces Buddhism and Hinduism as an aspect of God’s revelation to man but again it is a limited view.”

“The Purple Order of Spiritual Christians can be Buddhists religionist. You can be a Buddhist Christian. The same way you can be a Jewish Christian. You believe Jesus is the ONE but you attend Buddhist religious services. Nothing is lost. Nothing rejected. All religions are embraced.”

“When you embrace Jesus’ message of love and the fact of resurrection everything else is just commentary. The message of Jesus with these two core issues is nothing more than Buddhism Hinduism etc. In fact, you would be surprised at how many common beliefs there are between Buddhist and Christians outside the two core Jesus issues.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the whole world is destined to embrace spiritually Christianity.”

“I have formulated a spiritual order that is void of any religious bureaucracy. It is a lay ministry. It is the primitive Christian church reborn.”

“In essence, spiritual Christians meet in small groups. No professional preacher. They meet in houses and offices to share God’s miracles and healing in their lives, to sing and to pray, to eat the bread and drink the wine. That is all there is to it; a democratic lay ministry where every participant ministers to everyone else; a gathering of equals.”

“In Hebrews, Paul writes that after Jesus, God proceeded to write his laws in everyone’s hearts and minds. No one needed anyone else to teach them. God is in our hearts. We look inside for guidance and understanding.”

“Spiritual Christians go around doing good for everyone. Just like Jesus. Just like St. Francis.”

“Thank you for you kind attention.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, I have a question,” said a lady in a green dress.

“OK,” I said.

“I think I have heard you say you were not going to start a religion or anything with membership.”

“That is true. Here it is. You call two or more of your friends who wear the purple, the designation of a spiritual Christian. You hold a meeting at your house tonight for a communal meal and prayer. They show up. At the entrance you have water in a bowl and a crucifix next to it or by it. Whoever enters can dip their fingers in the bowl of water and makes the sign of the cross as a reminder that they are spiritual Christians.”

“That person proceeds to the meeting area where there is bread and wine or grape juice and other edibles. That person takes some bread and eats it and follows with a bit of wine. Then if he or she wants, he takes a plate of whatever is available including bread and wine for his meal.”

“When everyone arrives, you lead them in prayer, reading from one of the four gospels, say a prayer. Then each person who chooses to do so relates something God has shown them in the past week. Then discussions, prayer, song or however you set the agenda.”

“There is a box for donations to pay for the food if you like. Excess money will be kept to buy food for the next meeting.”

“Meetings are over. People leave.”

“If someone does not like the format you set, they can have their own meeting.”

“There will be a community website for sharing information. No assets will be accumulated or bought. No member dues. No churches built. It will be just like minded people meeting in small groups all over the world to foster peace and worship.”

“What about studying other religions at the meeting?” another lady asked.

“When you set up your meeting, you give people the agenda; but no political discussions or gossip. It is a worship service and should last about an hour. Any children present should be included.”

“Any day is fine; morning, evening or night.”

“This is a very loose structure,” a man commented.

“Yes. It is a lay gathering and always will be. It’s a grass roots and interactive gathering.”

“Also whenever you wear the purple, you commit to do some good deed before you take it off. Some act of kindness.”

I waited a few minutes and then said, “No more questions? Then let us adjourn.”

As per usual everyone was in deep thought. We shook hands and the group left after thanking Jeremy.


“John,” said Jeremy, “I don’t know how you do it. You take everyone by surprise over and over again. And you leave them uplifted.”

“Good, then I am doing my job and thank you for that. You will see the dynamic start to increase rapidly now. I sort of feel I have gained my stride in this work.”

One of the CIA agents came in with a sealed 9 x 12 inch brown envelope and gave it to me.

“Dr. WorldPeace there is a man outside who asked me to give that to you. His name is Maghi and he said he will wait.”

I held the envelope up to the light for a moment and then excused myself to the bathroom.

“Dad what is it?” Marshall asked.

“Just a letter. It is fine. I will be right back,” I said.

Everyone had a puzzled look on their faces but no one said anything.

When I entered the bathroom, I took off my coat and put it over my head so I could read the letter without any camera seeing the content.

When I held the letter up to the light, I saw the watermark of an artist friend of mine. She is a Muslim married to a doctor. They are Palestinians.

When I opened the envelope, I saw one typed page. I scanned the text for the code we set up to verify its source and began to read.

There will be an operation tonight by my friends to witness a Jewish US Congressman having sex with two or more thirteen year old girls I would like you to go with my friends. You can bring four others with you. You will wear masks and observe only. The objective will be to give you some leverage to neutralize this congressman’s anti Palestinian votes during the rest of his terms. Once we gather the evidence we will leave. No one will be harmed. The rendezvous is at 2330 at 2525 Rue de Luc tonight. Madgi

All I could think about was how dynamic the WorldPeace Advocacy was becoming.

I opened the door to find Marshall and brought him into the bathroom and closed the door.

“Sit on the toilet,” I said, “and don’t say anything.”

When he sat down I handed him the envelope, put my coat over his head and told him to read the letter that the coat was to keep it from being photographed by the cameras.

“When you finish reading it put it back into the envelope,” I said.

He read the letter two or three times and returned it to the envelope.

“I know who sent that and I am going to participate. Are you in or out?” I asked.

“In of course,” he said.

“Then we need to go back to Francois’ place. We will discuss this then,” I said.

We left the bathroom and went back to the meeting room. I excused myself and went outside to meet Madgi. I waved off the CIA agent.

“Madgi. I am John WorldPeace, glad to meet you.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Yes,” I said and nodded to him while looking into his dark eyes.

“It is very good to meet you Dr. WorldPeace,” he said as he put on his hat. “Good day.”

He walked away and I returned to the house.

“Ladies we need to return to Francois’. Jeremy we will be back at 1330 for the next meeting,” I said.

“Is everything OK John?” he asked.

“Everything is great Jeremy. God has blessed me with you.”


We all got into the limo and headed back to Francois’.

“So what is up,” said Francois.

“Well things are just getting more and more interesting. I have something I need to do. Four of you will go with me. Two will not. I can see now that we are not all going to be able to share all information as things are happening. This has caught me off guard. I never thought about this kind of event where I could not be totally open prior to it happening.”

“When it is over, I will make everything known. But for now that is all I can say to everyone.”

When we returned to Francois’, I said I needed to see Debra, Alicia, Francois and Celeste in that order in the main bedroom.

“Debra can you be sure that room is not bugged?” I asked.

“John if it is, I am jamming it when you are in there,” she said.

“We are going to have to have a small conference room so we can sit at a table and not on a bed. We have to go in there too often not to have a more formal arrangement. I am afraid we are going to have to find a bigger place Francois. I think we will still have a use for this one. I can see all kinds of different situations and if I need to meet someone, I may not want them near our home base.”

“I agree John. We are already looking for something,” Francois said.

“We, meaning all of you?” I asked.

“More or less,” she responded.

We arrived at the condo and I took Debra straight to the bedroom. After I shut the door, I said, “Take off your clothes.

She did not question me. I took off my clothes and sat on the antique oak straight back chair that was setting next to the desk. I then pulled Debra on to my lap facing me and guided myself into her. Nothing was said as we rocked in rhythm and she climaxed several times.

I then pulled her close so I could whisper in her ear, “Thank you,” I said, “I love you.”

She pulled back and looked into my eyes and then whispered in my ear, “I love you too John.”

She began to move forcefully and climaxed again and rested her head on my shoulder.

“You are not going with me tonight. The letter is in my coat. I want you to read it under the blanket so if there are cameras in here they can’t see it. Do not discuss it with anyone,” I said.

I could feel her starting to move again.

“I am sorry,” she said in my ear. “I can’t help it. I am on fire.”

“It is OK,” I said. “I also need you to do something very important. We are going to need to set up a doomsday file with contents of many things in it like that letter. And if I am killed, everything will need to be broadcast around the world. This doomsday scenario will be leaked out so that people are concerned about me dying and will back off a lot of potential assassination attempts coming from people we have information on. You have to set it up so it is fail safe. Then you need to send out something by seeming accident. Then we apologize. Then everyone will know we have a doomsday scenario. Can you do that?”

“You know I can,” she said.

“Then come big for me then,” I requested.

The sweat was pouring off her as she got up. She looked at me and went into the bathroom for a quick shower and dressed. She then read the letter and I put on my pants and shirt.

When she finished reading, she put it back into my coat. She put her arms around my waist and said, “I could never relate to you what you do for me. I love you totally. You stimulate every part of me. Thank you John.”

She kissed me passionately.

“It is going to get better baby,” I said.

“I know. Yes. I know.” She responded.

“Ask Alicia to come in,” I said.

Debra walked out leaving the door ajar and Alicia came in and closed it.

I began to take off my shirt and she began to take off her clothes.

I sat back in the chair and she came to me and sat on my lap guiding me into her. She was very wet like she had been working up to this while I was with Debra. She became very aggressive. Being older she had a lot more history with chairs than Debra. I smiled to myself. She consumed me and then got up and pulled me into the bed. We made intense love for another ten minutes before she relaxed. She was out of breath and looked like she had just come in from the rain. Her beautiful red hair was stuck all over her face.

“I need this more often,” she said.

“Things are starting to settle in. You will get your wish.” I said. “It is going to be hard to find the time during the next week but then we will be back in the states and the routine of all this will settle in. I can hardly look at you without being aroused.”

“I stay aroused all the time,” she said. “I have never experienced this. I don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t know how it is possible to be turned on to anyone like I am to you. And I am amazed by the fact that you just had Debra doesn’t even bother me. I can smell her all over you. I don’t care. As long as you take care of me. I never knew it could be like this. I can feel everything between my legs pulsing. I feel like I am on fire down there.”

“It gets better. I promise. You know if I was not feeling deeply connected to you, you would not feel like that.”

“I know. I know,” she said as she sighed.

“Is that all you wanted?” she asked.

“No you are going on a mission with me tonight after the evening meeting. That is all I can say.”

“OK,” she said.

I will rinse off with you but I need to see Francois before we go back to Jeremy’s,” I said.

Alicia got out of bed and pulled me with her. Her body is so sexy. I wanted to spend the day with her. We showered and she went out and asked Francois to go into the bedroom. I was in the bathroom and had not bothered to put on my clothes.

When I heard the door close, I came out of the bathroom. She closed the door and was naked in twenty seconds. We got into bed and we made love for twenty minutes saying nothing. She is going to have my children; my feelings for her were totally different from the rest.

“When do we go to the doctor?” I asked.

“Tomorrow at noon,” she said.

“I want to get you pregnant,” I said.

“I want to feel your child in me. I don’t know why you picked me.”

“I didn’t pick you. We chose each other,” I said.

“You know what I mean,” she said.

“I don’t know Francois. I just know you are the one. You are different from the rest and I don’t know how to say it except by asking you to have my baby.”

“John you just had sex with Debra and Alicia. Why doesn’t it bother me? I should feel something don’t you think?” she asked.

“I don’t know my love. I have never been in this position before. I feel close to everyone, each differently. It just is the way it is.”

“They all turn me on John. And I have been with several when you were elsewhere. I guess that part of it. Traditionally speaking I am cheating on you too. You and I have the same lover’s. It seems like bigamy,” she said. “It seems crazy.”

“It is more than bigamy, and it is crazy. But that is the way it is and it feels right. Just like you having my children,” I said. “It is just the way it should be.”

“I will be glad when this marathon is over and things settle down,” she said.

“I just said that to Alicia. It’s always going to be hectic but not three meetings a day and stuff in between. Everything is working out. I love having you close all the time. It is important to me.”

“It is important to me too John. I am settling down. You don’t know how crazy I have been in my life,” she said.

“I can imagine,” I said.

“I am still hot for other women but not like I used to be,” she said. “All these women satisfy me. I feel at peace. I never thought I would find a man who could really love me for who I am.”

“I do!” I said.

“I know. God I love you,” she said as she kissed me with love.

“You need to see Celeste,” she said.

“I am going to a meeting tonight but you can’t come. It won’t be dangerous. I don’t want to say anymore. We will all talk about it when I get back.”

“Is Marshall going?” she asked.


“I am glad. He loves you. He is very protective,” she said.

I smiled as I thought about him watching these women come and go out of this room.

“I don’t think he believes that you can make love to all of us,” she said.

“He is a conservative guy. I have not pulled him into my crazy world. But he seems to be drifting in,” I said.

“He is in. He just needs to make the choice out loud,” Francois said.

“We will see. He has to work this out with his wife,” I said.

“Yes. Shower with me quickly and then I will send in Celeste,” she requested.

“You got it,” I replied.

Celeste came in with a smile on her face.

“I am glad I made the list,” she said.

“The best for last;” I said, “the aged wine.”

“John how can you make love to four women within two hours. I know you don’t take Viagra,” she asked.

“Everyone turns me on in their own way and I don’t release with all of them. I get great pleasure without it. It is about mind control like everything else in my life,” I said.

“You didn’t release in any of them?” she asked surprised.

“I saved that for you,” I said.

“John these are all young women, especially Debra.”

“Yes and they get to use their energy. I know how to touch and move but they do most of the work. I have good stamina and I know how to pace myself. I know my body. You and I will work together and go heaven,” I said. “I want to release inside you.”

“I still don’t get it,” she said.

“Well think of it like this. Your lips are a huge turn on to me as well as your breasts and legs and butt. I just move my mind from one to the other focusing and it keeps me aroused. When you are satisfied, I think about me and finish. In the meantime, I just maintain a certain pleasurable level of intensity; deep, soothing, intense on a spiritual level.”

Celeste was gentle and intense.

“One of these days, I will be able to put into words how you make me feel. Celeste, you make me forget about my failure with Kay and the Snake. You do that because of your age. There is a whole dynamic that goes with marriage, long-term marriage that you trigger in me. You act like a long time wife. You feel very familiar in that way. And I have never been with a black woman and that carries its own incredible excitement and intensity. You are so very special to me,” I said.

“I thank God for you John. You make me cry as you can tell right now. I don’t feel lonely anymore. I feel complete again. I swear I never thought I would feel this way again.”

“I know Celeste. There is a part of me Kay took that has created a very deep sadness in me. I know exactly what you are talking about. You are healing me too.”

I rolled on top of her and kissed her intensely as she moved with me and wrapped her legs firmly around me.

It was 1300 when we walked out. Just in time to catch the limo back to Jeremy’s.

Marshall just looked at me. I went over and put my arm around him and out the door we all went.


The 1330 meeting was attended by about fifteen people. They were from a variety of backgrounds and professions. I decided to just give them a little insight to myself.

After my opening, I said, “Ladies and gentlemen sometimes I look back on the road I have traveled over the last sixty years and I wonder why I put myself through all the abuse. A year ago my son suggested that I change my name back to Kenneth Edward Wolter and get out of the WorldPeace combat zone. He has been a witness to just some of what I have endured.”

“Believe me I have asked myself why I took all this on. And I get to thinking sometime, what am I doing this for? It all becomes like a dream this vision of WorldPeace. It all seems such a waste of time because for the most part people really don’t care about WorldPeace. It is way down on everyone’s agenda.”

“When I get in these mindsets, I always bring myself back to reality by thinking about the fact that I really am going to die. One day my body is going to cease to function and everything I see and experience is going to be out of my reality. Death is not imagined. Death is real. We are all dying.”

“When I think about death my natural curiosity goes to what it is really like on the other side of that door. There life will be just a long running dream and I will wake up from it in some other place.”

“All the things that I thought were so important will fade into non reality; a vision, a memory fading away.”

“So two questions come to mind: One, what is the point of life? Two, how am I going to account for my actions here because I am sure there will be a review on the other side; a review of my track record. All the major religions talk about our immortal spirit incarnate in our human bodies and which survives death. I can’t believe that seven billion people are delusional about that belief. There are some things you just know.”

“These two thoughts always slap me in the face when I am overly tired from an extended war with society trying to promote peace. Then I immediately shake myself and go back to work.”

“When I was a kid of maybe ten or eleven, I realized that all I will take out of this life will be experience; nothing else. And even if there was no God and no judgment, I would still not want this life to be unremarkable. I thought to myself, ‘OK, you are not sure why you are here but here you are so get on with whatever’.

“I would then think about what I spent my time thinking about. Then I would look at my past and think about what I wanted to do in the future. I felt those things would give me significant clues as to what my destiny is in this reality.”

“I always believed I had a global destiny of some kind. But I did not focus in on WorldPeace until after my first divorce when I was about to turn forty. I really thought I was going to be a global evangelist, traveling the world trying to bring people to Jesus like Billy Graham. But after my teens I realized that life had no real appeal for me because it was just somehow not dynamic enough.”

“After I realized WorldPeace was my destiny, I through the years refined that mission into something more specific. And the WorldPeace Advocacy continues to refine itself.”

“I also believe that my art will be a part of my life. In fact, right after I changed my name to WorldPeace, I wrote a poem about WorldPeace Beacons. Basically that poem is about me traveling the world creating works of art as points of light, each a WorldPeace Beacon. That is part of the WorldPeace Advocacy. I am not going to be a Picasso. My art will sell I guess because I, John WorldPeace, created it, not because it is good art necessarily. Time will tell.”

“I also came to realize that writing was a very effective way to reach a lot of people. In jail, I realized that writing fiction and nonfiction gave me two avenues to approach promoting peace. The main fictional character in my novels has my name. In time, I am sure people will confuse me with my fictional character. That will be interesting. Did John WorldPeace say or do something, or was that in one of his novels?”

“The abuse I suffer is real. I have lived a hard life because of my commitment to make a difference. People generally hate peace and they hate those who advocate it. I am not in the class with Martin Luther King, Itzak Rabin, Gandhi, Abe Lincoln, or Jesus who were all assassinated for their advocacy for peace. But I have suffered because of human innate hatred of change. Peace means change and even if everyone agreed peace was a good thing, the change that will accompany it creates fear of the future and that prospect turns the concept of peace into a dreaded potential nightmare.”

“Of course there are those who promote the idea that society needs more structure and not less and peace to these people means the total lack of structure, chaos. So the natural resistance to peace is bolstered in a negative way by the thought of change.”

“At the time of my first divorce, I realized that almost everything I had tried to do, I had accomplished; especially the important things. I began to feel that I could do anything. My concern was that I would achieve my goals in a very short time and then I would be bored. So I decided I needed to find a worthy cause that would be almost impossible to achieve. A goal I could truly devote my whole life to. I knew I would work until the day I died. I knew as a kid that I would never retire. So I had to have a career and a life which were totally under my control. No one for any reason could be allowed to force me to retire. That is when I realized that the promotion of WorldPeace was such a goal.”

“I knew there would never be WorldPeace. There is too much innate hatred and predation of the weak in the world. I realized just changing my name was something because when people said, heard, read my name, they would be forced to think about WorldPeace for at least a moment.”

“Overtime I more closely defined my mission as one to increase the level of peace and defined my mission as an advocacy, The WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“From nothing I have created a pretty dynamic WorldPeace Advocacy. There are all kinds of projects that support my advocacy, something for everyone. I have also learned what will and won’t work. And I have accumulated experiences and education in the areas of religion, politics and law as to why there is so little peace in the world human society. I have defined the problem and I have some concrete solutions. I will keep working at it. I am learning my trade day by day.”

“In this life, you don’t want to become addicted or attached to anything. If you do, you return for the detox program. If you are attached to alcohol when you die, you will still crave it after death but you will have no access to it unless you reincarnate. And life on planet earth is a high price to pay for a drink.”

“At the same time, you need to do some good deeds so you will have some credits in heaven.”

“I don’t know why I am pursuing the WorldPeace Advocacy. A question was asked about artists and why they paint. The answer is because they have to. Well I advocate peace because I have to. That is the only real solid reason I can give you.”

“Helen Keller who was an amazing woman who was born blind and deaf said, ‘Life is nothing if not a daring adventure’. Wow. Could I live a life with what most consider a devastating handicap and thank God for the adventure; to feel blessed for being born blind and deaf.”

“All my God given talents are employed in the advocacy of peace. Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”

“At the end of my life, it does not matter what I actually accomplished. All that really matters is that I will be able to say I tried. I tried to increase the peace in the world human society.”

“Thank you for your attention. We will meet again in this life I am sure. I look forward to it.”

Everyone stood up and clapped for a minute. My energy was up and I felt good.

The crowd broke up and as usual told Jeremy thanks and slowly left. I asked Cathy to come with me upstairs to the bedroom. I needed some privacy with her. She followed me in and I shut the door and took her into my arms and kissed her.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Missing you,” she said.

“Isn’t it strange how we can see each other every day and still feel like we are far apart?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“Well I expect that after the last of these meetings and the peace rally; most surely things will become more routine then. A week of meetings is a long time but I resolved to jump start the WorldPeace Advocacy here in Europe and the meetings are necessary.”

“You will be going with me tonight after the evening meeting; you, Marshall, Alicia and Janice. I have not told Janice yet. I can’t tell you anything about it. It should not be dangerous but it will probably be intense.”

“OK,” she said as she pulled me close and kissed me again.

“Are you OK,” I asked.

“Yes. Fine. There is just a lot to deal with. We are all living a very unconventional life in close quarters under 24/7 observation,” she said.

“That is an understatement,” I replied. “And there are three more women coming. I don’t know when and why. It seems we have almost all the bases covered now. One of the women I am sure will be an artist to work on my paintings, another to edit my books maybe, more of a personal assistant for all the many menial tasks.”

“Everyone is busy and the peace gathering is going to draw more and more energy from all of us.”

“Yes. It has already begun,” she said. “You are too busy with other thing to see just how much is really going on,” she said.

“John do we have time to make love?” she asked.

“Yes, but I would rather do it at the condo instead of here. Let us see if there is anything I need to talk over with Jeremy and them we can go.”

“I love you,” she said.

I kissed her deeply and said, “I love you too.”

When we came down after only ten minutes everyone seemed surprised. I guess they thought we would be making love. We would have but I prefer my own bed. Besides Jeremy needed to work and we needed to be out of his hair.”

“Is everyone ready to go?” I asked.

“Yes,” everyone said.

“Well let us ride,” I said.

As everyone was gathering their things and Cathy was making me a coffee for the road, I took Jeremy aside and asked him if he needed anything and if he needed to tell me anything.

“No, John. I am just in awe of you. You are a very productive man. You can keep an awful lot of balls in the air. I am impressed. I really feel privileged to be this close to you. I am learning so much from you about so many things. I am learning how to be more productive and even happier.”

“I feel very privileged to have you as a friend,” I said. “Things are going to get a lot more interesting.”

“Yes they are,” he said.

“We will be back about 1900.”

I gave him a hug and followed my posse to the limo.


When we arrived at the condo, Cathy took me right to the bedroom where we spent about an hour making love, talking and enjoying each other. Then Cathy got up and asked Janice to come into the bedroom, which she did. It took about three seconds before she began to take off her clothes with Cathy’s help. When she was naked they kissed and got into bed.

“You are going with me. Marshall, Cathy and Alicia on a mission tonight,” I said to Janice.

“Good,” she said as she got on top of me and pleasured us both as Cathy stroked her.

About forty-five minutes later, I showered and dressed and went into the kitchen. Cathy and Janice did not follow for an hour or so.

“So what is going on,” I said.

I started to make myself a coffee but Celeste stepped in front of me and took over.

“Dad your life is really on fast forward. Do you understand that?” Marshall asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Just the way I like it.”

“Dad, I really don’t think there is anyone on the planet who can keep up with you. I just never realized that.”

“Marshall, I love everything I am doing and the people around me. Every moment is a joyful blessing to me. I finally feel free to stretch my wings and fly.”

“Yes like a fighter plane at Mach four,” he said.

“You will burn up most people in twenty-four hours. And I can see why Mom and Kay left you. If you were one on one with any of these women, I am sure you would burn them out too. This lifestyle is perfect for you and apparently everyone else.”

“So for, so great,” I smiled.


Cathy and Janice came into the kitchen looking peaceful and refreshed. Everyone was present, Celeste, Marshall, Janice, Alicia, Cathy, Francois and Debra who was working on her lap top.

“OK, where are we?” I asked. “Am I doing any good here? Have I created any enemies among those I have talked to?”

“John a lot of people leave the meetings and go home and think about all you have said. Then they decide how they are going to react. They decide how they can help. Jeremy is getting a lot of positive feedback. He has not had time to sit down and talk to you,” Francois said.

“One thing for sure is that almost any project or business you want to start, there are plenty of people ready to invest in it; in you. And invest significantly. Other people with political influence are also talking positive about you to the politicians they know. Politicians are very careful who they associate with. They evaluate everyone by how many votes they can bring in or how many voters they will run off.”

“But I have not heard Jeremy mention a single person who was against you. You have not made any enemies. I think you and Jeremy are a lot alike. And what people like in Jeremy they see in you as well. So in an indirect sense you are always preaching to the choir.”

“I don’t think you really appreciate just how powerful and wealthy these people are. For some reason money does not influence you. I never hear you even talk about it. Yet I know you understand it and its place in the WorldPeace Advocacy. You are just not one to evaluate people on a monetary basis.”

“Not only have I not heard you talk about money, you do not talk about things you want for the WorldPeace Advocacy. You don’t talk about wanting a big home, or boat or airplane or anything else unless it relates to the WorldPeace Advocacy. Assets seem to need a use for you. You don’t seem to be interested in expensive and frivolous toys.”

“Most people you are talking to can’t really understand that. Those whose lives are about money and wealth and preserving it and increasing it. The accumulation of wealth doesn’t even seem to be on your list of important things.”

“All of this makes you a very unique person.”

“Interesting Francois,” I said. “I know some alcoholics who don’t trust people who don’t drink. I am wondering how many rich people don’t trust someone like me who is non materialistic.”

“I think all people fear those who they don’t understand and they fear more people who they recognize as very intelligent, talented and gifted. They are afraid of how you may change the world. In your case, I think everyone agrees that you have the ability to command a presence on the global stage. You are comfortable everywhere, all religions, all nations, all races and definitely with the opposite sex,” Francois said.

“Speaking of sex, has anyone heard any comments, negative comments about you all as a harem or that I am a sex addict,” I asked.

Celeste spoke up.

“John you have a lot of women around you and most people believe you are taking care of all of us. But you don’t flaunt it. Also, people know that none of us fit into the bimbo class. People see us as free standing, independent, intelligent women. We work the crowds at the meetings. And we carry on intelligent conversations. So you seem like a ladies’ man but few men have the quality of women as consorts that you have. It is something people look at and are watching but you have given them nothing to use to evaluate the situation.”

“Also you have to understand that Europeans are not as hung up on sex as Americans in general and Southern Baptists in specific. Sex is just not the issue in Europe that it is in America.”

“John you are not married and neither are any of us,” said Francois.

“We are all adults. And you and I as of now don’t have children. So no one is getting hurt. No spouses are being cheated on.”

“What about the bisexual issue? Are people picking up on that? Are any of you being hit on by other women?” I asked.

Cathy said, “Part of that issue falls into the apathy about sex in Europe. People don’t care about sex issues as much, and as a sub category, they don’t care about bisexual issues either.”

“I think we are all hit on by men and women. There have been a few women who I have been tempted to go off with but I don’t want to do anything to hurt you or the WorldPeace Advocacy. So I have put that possibility on hold. I have a few phone numbers for later.”

“It is hard for men to relate to this open environment about sex. It feels good not to have to even think about it, but it does seem strange. In America, your whole public life can go away, collapse over sex.” I said.

“John there are so many other very positive peace and spiritual issues that you put in front of people. I don’t think they have time to consider the sex issue. Most of the people you have been meeting are very intelligent and engaged in social issues. At every meeting you leave people sort of stunned with new ideas and new approaches to old ideas. The depth of your understanding about social issues that people have spent a lifetime contemplating holds their attention and occupies their thoughts; pushes to more than idle curiosity about your sexual habits and preferences.”

“And John, outside this group you never talk about sex. You don’t use sexual innuendos in your language. You have a lot of things about intimacy in your novels but I think people really view that as just a necessary content in any novel.”

“It is one of the interesting things about your novels. You can say, ‘Hey its is only fiction’. But people tend to think that those are your real attitudes and experiences. And in fact they are. But no one outside this group knows that,” Janice said.

“Truthfully John, I can’t really figure out your attitude about sex. You are very casual and matter of fact about it but there is intensity to your love making. You initiate it casually but you engage in it intensely. When in the act, you are fully present and focused.”

“It is important that it be casual and matter of fact in initiation,” I said, “I don’t like to be pushed away or told no. I try not to approach any of you if you give me the impression that you are not in the mood. I don’t want sex if it’s not mutual.”

“Regarding intensity, nothing connects me with my creativity and spirituality and the depths of my soul like intense sexual emotional intimacy. It is sort of like feeling your love is a safety cord that allows me to go deeply into my inner being. I feel safe and secure during intimacy and so I go places in my mind I would not go as easily under normal circumstances.”

“I am a very controlled person. And when I make love to any of you, I feel safe to let go of that control and trust you to hold me securely. I never felt like that with the Snake and only marginally with Kay. Nothing like the way I feel with each of you.”

“The WorldPeace Advocacy requires me to meditate deeply on what I am doing. And I am always doing that. Intimacy allows me to really go deep and I am conscious of what is happening. After sex, I tend to look for answers to questions I have been considering because I know I am in a place where those answered are available.”

“So that is what you are doing,” said Celeste. “I have been trying to understand those certain kinds of vibrations I feel from you all the time. Now I realize just how often you are spaced out. I don’t know anyone who can look and act totally normal and yet be deep into meditation.”

“Wow. You are basically always spaced out,” Celeste said.

“Actually it is more like at every moment being conscious of this reality and the spiritual dimension. I have done this all my life. I was in my twenties before I realized what I was doing. Then when I got with that psychic in my late thirties, she helped me understand more of the dynamics of what I was doing she taught me things you can’t find in a book.”

“And you Francois, the bliss I feel in that altered state of spirituality is so blissful that Money cannot buy that. Money does not impact on me. Only sex enhances the experience and then only sex with the right person. While in prison, I made a commitment to myself not have sex with someone who could not take me there.”

“Drugs, alcohol and such are chemical stimulants that do not have an aspect of touching another human being. So again I have never used drugs because they can’t give me the intense real feeling that sex does.”

“In the act of sexual intimacy, I can experience or tap into my partners bliss. For me to feel another person release is very intense for me. There is something about a woman allowing me into her body that is extremely spiritual and even sacred.”

“Wow, John,” said Celeste. “You use that feeling you have for us all the time. You feed off our energy even when we are not having sex.”

“Yes,” I said. “But I am also returning love for what I take if you will.”

“So when I am feeling very turned on,” Celeste said, “even when I am alone, that is you connecting with me.”

“Yes, I am afraid so,” I said. “I am closing my eyes and remembering how it is to be with you.”

“Well that explains that. It is something new to my experience and I was not able to locate the source. I should have known it was you. But there is a lot sexual energy among all of us and so I did not know if it was just the overall energy or something else. Now I know when it is something more. I will know when it is you,” Celeste said.

“Yes, I am loving all of you all the time,” I said. “Again something I have done all my life.”

“And it is just a short step to using that energy, the generic form, to send healing light to people. Unfortunately I still send bad thoughts at people who infuriate me. I have developed this skill of using the energy through sexual thoughts and then began to use the same techniques to send loving healing energy as well.”

“But more importantly I use that connection to bring down the creative energy which translates it into the books, art and WorldPeace Advocacy as well as business.”

“So this energy has many uses. I learned how to tap into it through my sexual fantasies if you will.”

“John I now understand something with my own power that I never realized. I am not as limited as I thought,” said Celeste.

“No you are not. Jesus said ‘ask and receive and have faith. Your level of faith and belief determines how good you are at making things happen. There really is no limit to the power of this energy.”

“The more you use it, the stronger it gets.”

“As time goes on, our energies will be more connected and harmonized and we will have some group sessions to make more things happen. That is also why I must not let anyone into this group who is not on my wave length. I can’t afford the disruption in the energy field. I want to keep it pure. It is more powerful that way.”

“And this relates back to the bisexual energy whereby we can all share each other without the negative vibrations of jealously,” said Francois.

“My God John,” Celeste said, “all this is part of your cosmology. Everything is connected for you in your reality and everything bolsters and supports everything else on an incarnate and spiritual level and most important you, unlike almost everyone else, are aware of what is going on.”

“Everything you do supports the WorldPeace Advocacy even if it does not look like it is even related. You have connected all these abilities of yours, and then overlaid the spiritual energy to bolster them. All your psychic energy is focused one way or the other into the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“Yelp. I am using intimacy to clear my vision, give me stamina and energy to perform at as high a level as I can. And I will mention that I do stay in physically good shape in order that my body can handle the intensity of this energy and it will not burn me up so to speak.”

Celeste got up and took my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom. We entered and she closed the door and was all over me. She pulled me into bed before we even got our clothes off. She devoured me for an hour without saying a word.

Finally she said, “John, I just experience a level of awakening that was so intense and so far beyond anything I have ever experienced. John you have opened me up beyond words to explain it,” she said as she pulled into me and began to cry tears of bliss and joy. She got back on top of me and rocked gently and cried tears from her soul.”

I just held her and projected all the love I had to her.

After a while she got up and took me into the shower where we kissed and stroked each other for what seem like forever.

When we returned to the kitchen Francois said, “My my Celeste give me some of that.”

Celeste just smiled and said nothing. In fact, she didn’t say anything until the next morning.

It was 1800 and everyone was getting ready to go back to Jeremy’s. I did not make any comment about the mission regarding the congressman. I decided not to say anything until we were ready to leave to meet Madgi.


We arrived at Jeremy’s about 1845 greeted the guests as per usual and then moved to the dining area. About the same number of people were present. It was a mixed group of professionals, the wealthy and aristocracy. I began to doubt that Jeremy had very many if any friends who were not at the apex of the social pyramid; except for me that is. I laughed to myself.

After we all sat down, Jeremy stood up and said he had an announcement. He then asked me to stand up.

“John we have been having these meetings now for five days. Fifteen meetings altogether and they have all been a wonderful success. You have met a lot of people. And I have had nothing but good feedback about you from my friends.”

“I have also had the pleasure of being with your inner circle and I have seen how you conduct business and I am very impressed. Each day that goes by, each meeting affirms for me that you are going to make a difference in the world and peace will definitely increase in the world human society through your efforts.”

“You have taken on what almost everyone would consider an impossible dream. But I think that these are the kind of tasks that you are best suited to pursue.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to offer a toast to peace and the world’s premier WorldPeace advocate. There were some hear, hears and then everyone drank the toast and clapped.

“Jeremy, you and I must belong to a mutual admiration society. I have total respect for you. Everything you do is first class and all your friends are top drawer. You have done so much more for me than you promised you would. A lot of people talk a lot about what they are going to do. You understate what you are going to do. That has been my experience in the last few months. All these people are fortunate to have you as a friend and advisor.”

“That being said I would like to offer a toast to you Jeremy as just an all around good guy.”

Everyone joined in the toast and voiced their hear, hears.

“I would also like to toast my companions and my son Marshall. Without them I would be lost. I can no longer imagine a life without them; Marshall and ladies, to you and to WorldPeace,” I said as I raised my glass.

There was more agreement from the guests.

“I think we should stop now Jeremy before we get everyone drunk.

There was laughter.

I began to sit down.

“John do not sit down quite yet. I have a little presentation for you.”

I looked at my angels and none seemed to know what was coming; nor did Marshall.

“John you have a lot more friends than you know. And you have very powerful supporters that are committed to your WorldPeace Advocacy. I cannot give you the names of those who acquired this gift I am about to give you because I truly don’t know who all was involved. The ones I do know want to remain anonymous for now.”

“Ladies and gentlemen when I first met John, he said that one of his goals was to be the first world citizen. I talked to some friends about how to go about making that happen. We thought something formal with the UN may take years and that length of time was unacceptable. It was an all or none approach.”

“So someone came up with an idea which they pursued to its conclusion. I have no idea how this was accomplished but I am greatly impressed.”

“John I have been asked to present you with a document signed by the office of Foreign Affairs and the President of France. In addition, there is a short note from the President that I would like to read.”

Dear Dr. WorldPeace,

It has come to my attention that you have set out on a most worthy mission to advance the cause of peace in the world. You did this on your own. You sealed the commitment by changing your name over twenty years ago and you have remained true to your vision.

I have heard nothing but good things about you from my friends who have met you and others who have read your books.

I have also been informed that you believe that France is the place where you feel most at home with other freedom loving people.

Someone heard you say you were not born here but you got here as fast as you could. That made me laugh. It was the kind of thing I would expect someone from Texas to say.

John the best way we can show support for The WorldPeace Advocacy is to make you a full citizen of France.

The documents attached to this letter attest that Dr. John WorldPeace is now a citizen of America and of France.

This is a unique one of a kind document and we are going to expand its privileges as necessary to promote your WorldPeace Advocacy. Right now it means you can fly into France from anywhere in the world without a passport. You are entered into our computers as a French citizen. As soon as you go to one of our immigration offices where they can photograph and fingerprint you, you will not ever again have to show an ID to enter you adoptive country.

I am sincerely glad and excited to support and endorse your WorldPeace Advocacy.

Please contact my office if there is anything I can help you with.

Very sincerely,

Nicolas Sarkozy
President of France

Everyone stood and cheered. My companions had tears in their eyes and I the same.

Jeremy raised his glass, “To President Sarkozy and to WorldPeace. There was a lot of hear, hears, applause and everyone came to shake my hand.

Nothing in the twenty-one years since I changed my name to John WorldPeace has touched me so. I felt that everything had been worth it for this moment. And I was overwhelmed at the potential future of the WorldPeace Advocacy. This was a huge endorsement.

One of the attendees, a male of about sixty, said after everyone returned to their place, “Jeremy I feel very honored that you have allowed me to be a witness to this momentous occasion.”

Everyone nodded their agreement and clapped loudly for several minutes.

When the applause stopped I said, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is an absolute total surprise. To have the support of the president of my new country is overwhelming. I have no doubt that other countries will now follow the lead of France. I could not be more humbled or feel more blessed. I thank God for this journey he has allowed me to pursue.”

“I feel the WorldPeace Advocacy just went ballistic.”

“But more than anything, I have lived a very hard reality since I first stepped on this path. I have received much opposition. Yet I never lost my belief in what I was doing or my faith in God to help me.”

“This citizenship for me is a vindication. It is a message to my opponents that they were wrong and WorldPeace is a possible dream. And I have the support of one of the world’s most esteemed statesmen and others in high places.”

“This may be one of the most significant moments in my life because we have taken the first step toward global credibility. This is a huge endorsement and a watershed moment.”

“I love France and have since I first visited here in December 1971. I knew I would return. I feel I am home.”

“Thank you for welcoming me to France. Thank you for your support. Thank you.”

Everyone again stood and clapped and cheered as I sat down trying to absorb it all.

When the clapping subsided, Jeremy said, let us give John some breathing room as we begin diner. I think we have all witnessed a momentous event and I personally will never forget this night.

Marshall and all my angels came to me and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. All but Marshall were shedding tears. Each one looked at the letter and held the pouch of papers and just shook their heads. They really did not know anything about this.

I thought that we had a lot to do before we all returned to the condo but that we would probably stay up most of the night talking. When I hugged Francois I asked her if she kept Champaign on hand at the condo.

“Always,” she replied.

I had planned on speaking about the Purple Order but I realized we did not have the time for everything I was going to say. So I decided to talk a bit more about what the citizenship meant to me personally and to the WorldPeace Advocacy and a shortened version of what I was going to say about the Purple Order.


“Ladies and gentlemen this citizenship matter is still a bit overwhelming for me. As far back as 1970, when I was studying political science at the University of Houston, I thought about being someone who was an ambassador to and from all the countries of the world. A person who could say he knew all the heads of state. And I felt from a practical stand point I could help resolve problems and crisis between countries because I would have direct access to the national leaders.”

“I have been having these thoughts for almost forty years now and tonight the first significant act toward the accomplishment of that vision was handed to me.”

“I thought maybe I would start out with one of the smallest countries and then work my way up. But France is a First World nation. So bringing others on board now should be much easier. I can send one of my angels to speak with other heads of state with my French citizenship in their hands. I am excited.”

“Jeremy has advanced the WorldPeace Advocacy five years in less than three months. It is incredible what he has accomplished for me.”

“This is how I envisioned the WorldPeace Advocacy developing. That God would open the hearts and minds of influential men and women who would then in their own way advance my mission.”

“I knew if I was on the path of my true destiny, doors would open, helpers would appear, miracles would happen. And that is what has been happening to me since I arrived in France three months ago.”

“The pace is increasing. The events and activities are manifesting faster. Every step forward has a ripple effect throughout the earth and the universe. At some point, we will achieve a critical mass and over night there will be a positive transformation toward an increased level of peace in the world human society. A more sane world will begin to emerge and the world will emerge from it primal aggressive mindset into a more balanced one world society; a society that will be balanced because women have taken their equal role beside men as the leaders of our global society.”

“I am excited. I am in awe at the miracles that God is working in my life and in support of the WorldPeace Advocacy. I thank God everyday for this work and I pray for more workers to join me.”

“For me, I believe that emphasis and focus must be placed in politics, religion/spirituality and the law and I would like to talk to you this evening about one aspect of spirituality that I feel certain will bolster the level of peace in the world.”


“When I was a kid I thought that religion was the primary force on the planet. Religion promoted the ultimate reality of God and Jesus advocated us to all love one another. Therefore peace on earth should be automatic.”

“My teens and twenties were spent asking the primary questions of what is life? Why life? What are we all doing here? Over time I adopted a belief that we are all spiritual beings who came to earth to enjoy and experience the intensity of the senses that this earth reality provides.”

“Our infinite immortal souls exist in the spiritual dimension, heaven or nirvana, where there is no male or female, no beginning or end, no time, no space. The spiritual dimension is a reality that as humans we can never fathom. It just does not compute in our human brains. Yet this is the nature of the true reality. The reality that is infinite as opposed to finite, immortal as opposed to mortal. In the vehicle of the human body, incarnate souls limit their consciousness and their awareness in order to experience earth and not be distracted by an infinite range of the physical senses.”

“At the same time the human body allows the distinction of time and space and on the planet earth humans are the creators of new bodies due to a virtually uncontrollable desire to have sex. For me the real power of sex is that it is the only way that humans can truly experience, truly touch the spiritual dimension. During an orgasm we are as close as we can get to heaven on earth. Most people do not experience much more than the bodily function and ignore the spiritual doorways that sex opens.”

“When we enter this reality, time expands from just now into past, present and future and space distinguishes three dimensions. We are attached, viewing life through a human body and so we feel separate from each other. When in heaven we feel unique but merged together so that knowing each other is taken for granted.”

“When we incarnate as humans we forget how it is in heaven. We begin to think this reality is the true reality; even knowing intellectually that all things that manifest here in time disintegrate back into the oneness of the Infinite Potential (God). When we lose our spirituality, our connection with God, we become confused in the manifestations of this reality. In a word, we become lost.”

“Being lost is equated with the metaphor of darkness. And like in real darkness we can no longer see the light and we begin to lose our way.”

“Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, and other advanced souls come to earth to show other lost souls the way back to the light of heaven. These lost souls have adopted the predatory nature of the earth where everything is essentially prey or predator. The whole of human society is saturated with this primal instinct. Animals (carnivores) have no conscious morality. They must kill to eat in order to survive. Human beings have a conscious knowing and they understand that preying upon each other is immoral and at its extreme, evil.”

“These advanced souls come to earth to show us the path back into the light by reminding us that we must love one another and not prey upon each other.”

“Once we begin to prey on each other, we acquire a taste and desire for it. It becomes our reality. We become attached to it and we find it very difficult to summon up the desire to disengage from our predatory desire for power.”

“Since this is the nature of the world, we tend to feel that our offensive nature is in fact only defensive and survivalist. Without individual power and the power of association we feel we would become eaten by others stronger than us. So we constantly play games that allow us to dominate others.”

“The truth is that sooner or later we all die. And it does not matter if we die of a heart attack, get run over by a car or become murder victims. And when we die we are released from our attachment to our bodies and if we have not become attached to this reality we return back into the ineffable presence of God. If we are attached to the earth, if we ignore the light or refuse to take our eyes off the earth, we are drawn back into another body to live in hell and an increasing darkness.”

“The simple truth is that we must try to remain detached from all we experience here, and love one another, and moment to moment stay focused on the reality of God. If we engage the darkness, we slide deeper into evil and we become more confused and the climb out of the pit of hell seems impossible if we ever perceive at some point that we are in hell.”

“If we live in hell long enough, it begins to look like heaven. If we are so far down in life sometimes it begins to look like up.”

“In Christianity we speak of saving souls. In Buddhism we talk of enlightenment. In either case we are talking about remembering that we are infinite immortal beings living in a finite mortal reality. So being saved is an act of being awakened or enlightened. All religious spiritual discussions are at their core about this turning away from darkness/confusion/evil to the light of peace and harmony.”

“This formula of peace and WorldPeace is a remembrance of God; a remembrance of our true nature and the true reality of the spirit. Earth is a lie, a fantasy, an illusion whose main attraction is its intensity. In heaven you think about and remember sexual intercourse on earth. On earth you are set on fire by it. In heaven it is just a pleasant memory. And so it is the same for all sensual experiences.”

“The goal of religion is to remind you of your oneness with God and of the truth of spiritual heaven. In this role, religion is to be embraced. However, once religion has awakened you, it proceeds to enslave you in an exclusive elitist mindset. When you are taught to distinguish yourself from others, you are taught an ‘us v. them’ reality.”

“And the reason for this is very simple; religions are essentially spiritual corporations which are focused on the accumulation of power and wealth. This is the flaw of all religions. It comes down to a goal of control of the converted.”

“Religions cannot, manifest more peace than you see presently on the planet because of this ‘us v. them’ mindset that they promote. And religion can be ruthless. Think about the Crusades, the Inquisition, the genocide of native cultures, the subordination of women. After four thousand years of advanced religious domination of the world human society, we are living the optimum peace that religion can achieve.”

“What I am talking about is breaking through that stagnation and glass ceiling and going beyond religion to its source which is spirituality.”

“The central flaw of religion is that when the prime directive and nature of religion to survive comes into conflict with the spiritual teaching of the great souls who inspired their foundation, the spiritual message is subordinated. Jesus advocated non materialism; the Catholic Church embraces the accumulation of assets. Jesus mandated giving to the poor, the Catholic Church endorses taking from the poor. Jesus embraced women and the masculine dominated Catholic Church denies their equality.”

“All religion is hypocritical. This extends to all religions and more definitely extends and empowers billion dollar Jesus shows where a charismatic TV evangelist speaks of Jesus for the sole purpose of increasing his or her wealth and power. All these bureaucratic men and women are false prophets if you will.”

“Only St. Francis of Assisi determined to live in poverty, teach the gospel and go around doing good. And he was successful. He died in a more extreme poverty than Jesus and he did not resurrect from the dead.”

“The irony is that Dominican and Benedictine monks embraced his Franciscan order but in time betrayed virtually everything St. Francis endorsed and made the Franciscan order just another brand of Dominican and Benedictine monastic life.”

“The message of Jesus was packaged and sold to gentiles of necessity with a church attached. It was the only way Paul could lead Christianity to domination. He had to use the familiar religious vehicle. After Paul, the religious bureaucrats took over the movement and by the end of the eleven hundreds when St. Francis was born, the Catholic Church was in decay. Priests and bishops were negligent in their duties. They pursued wealth and power in the name of Jesus. Convents were houses of concubines. St. Francis reversed much of this and put the church back on track, giving it a new birth but he could not disengage it completely from it materialistic focus.”

“Of all the religious founders, who ever reincarnated on this planet, Jesus was the most advanced. He was the only one with a healing ministry. He was the only one who preached reaching out to one another with love. He was the only one to promote women. He was the only one who preached against judging each other and he is the only one who returned after death.”

“Jesus body died. Then Jesus projected his spiritual body back into this reality. No one recognized him. This is attested to by all the gospels. He looked significantly different but once he spoke people did recognize him. Many advanced souls have projected their image around the world but they were essentially all alive on earth when they did it. Jesus went to the spiritual dimension and then projected his image back to earth and consciously communicated with his followers.”

“The barrier between the earth and spiritual reality is foggy. And there are plenty of stories of ghosts who seemed real walking the earth. But for me these are souls who could be seen simply because of a temporary thinning of the veil between realities. Jesus did not need to wait for the right conditions in the metaphysical. He projected his essence at will into a solid tangible form that could be touched by Thomas to feel the wounds of his crucifixion.”

“All other religious founders, prophets, patriarchs are simply not as advanced as Jesus. And Jesus was so advanced he was described as the son of God. He was not in fact the only son of God but he was the eldest child, the most advanced.”


“Now one other thing before I bring all this together. Christianity was a product of Judaism. Jesus taught in the Jewish metaphor and Christianity was the result. Buddhism taught in the Hindu metaphor and Buddhism was the result.”

“Jesus had to teach from the Jewish platform. In the end, the Jews rejected Jesus. But Christianity embraced the Jewish history. The Jewish Bible is in front of the New Testament in the Christian Bible. Christianity incorporated or as I like to say, swallowed Judaism. Christians are technically Jewish Christians.”

“Now here is what I believe that is new. Christianity as it has swallowed Judaism is poised to swallow Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam as well as all the other religions. I have studied all these religions and I have reinterpreted almost all the holy sacred texts. And what I find is that each offers a different perspective on the same God.”

“And let me say here that the religions of the East emphasize the all inclusive All There Is indefinable God and the religions of the West focus more on a personal anthropomorphic God who is a manifestation of the All There Is; or what I call the Infinite Potential. The West uses a personal God metaphor to make God more real to the average human being.”

“Now the question, how is the Christian religion going to incorporate, swallow the other religions. The answer is that the Christian religion cannot and will not swallow the other religions. But spiritual Christianity will swallow the other religions.”

“Spirituality is defined as a human being in direct communication with God. In the book of Hebrews, Paul says the new covenant of Jesus is one where God has written his laws on the hearts and minds of human beings and there is no further need for one human to teach another human being about God. Yet there is a need for one human to remind other humans of what is written in their hearts and minds.”

“The Age of Pisces, the fish, a symbol Christians used for two thousand years to symbolize Christianity has ended. We are now in the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces was a religious age. The Age of Aquarius is a spiritual age. It is an age of understanding about the purpose of life and the connection between the spiritual and earthly dimensions.”

“I have developed what I call the Purple Order of Spiritual Christianity. It is modeled somewhat after the Third Order of the Franciscans. The First Order consist of the friars, the Second Order the nuns and the Third Order the lay members.”

“Spiritual Christians embrace all religions but they acknowledge Jesus as the supreme soul and embrace his message of love and tolerance as the only true spiritual message.”

“In other words, spiritual Christians can be religious Buddhist; religious Muslims. Nothing is lost. Each person can embrace totally the religions of their choice. But they also acknowledge that Jesus is king of kings and lord of lords. He is the only one who was resurrected from the dead. He was the only one with a message of peace and WorldPeace. He is the only one who advocated not just an internal spirituality but an external spirituality of reaching out to others in love as a path to salvation/enlightenment.”

“Now how does the spiritual Christian appear?”

“Well I have written a Rule. A Rule is a code or guideline for the Order. It is easiest to understand if I just read some of the main rules of the order.

1) Wearing the color purple is a commitment to do a good deed before you take it off.
2) No bureaucracy. No one is paid for their efforts. A web site will be maintained to help groups stay in touch.
3) Nothing to join. No membership.
4) Participation in organized religion as a non member is encouraged.
5) Anyone can set up a meeting or gathering.
6) There are four basic kinds of meetings
a. Project meeting
b. Study groups for religious and spiritual matters
c. Prayer and relating miracles, songs praising God
d. Social interaction
7) Members should avoid lawsuits at all costs
8) At each meeting there is bread and wine or grape juice for the members to eat as they enter which acknowledges Jesus’ immortality. There is food during the meeting for use as a communal meal.
9) Money is to be collected for each meeting and the excess paid to charity.
10) No structures to be built, no assets are to be accumulated.”

“Basically a spiritual Christian determines to have a meeting. He or she calls people they know in and out of the order. People come together to talk about Jesus, doing good, spreading the gospel of spiritual Christianity. If you don’t like the way a meeting is conducted, set up your own. Two people is enough for a meeting.”

“What we end up with is a lay group of people meeting and sharing the way the early Christians did in the primitive church. It is grassroots spirituality.”

“Politics are not discussed at the meetings.”

“The key is no clergy or staff, no assets, no accumulation of money. There is teaching the gospel, doing good, sharing miracles, stories, singing, loving. It is similar to Boy Scouts, doing a good turn each day.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I got a bit carried away. Enough for now. Thank you for your interest and support. This has been a very special evening. God Bless you.”

Everyone stood and clapped. The meeting broke up as per usual with me shaking everyone’s hands as they left.”

“People were thinking as they left but not as dazed as usual,” I said to my angels, “But the Purple Order is a difficult kind of subject. I don’t think it really sinks in on the first exposure what I am saying. I will get the web site up within a few days. I had planned on having it up by tonight but did not make my self-imposed deadline. I will probably turn it over to Debra. It is silly for me to try to fit it into my schedule. I can’t do all things, where all hats. I have to have help from true believers; from all of you.”


After everyone left, I went over to Jeremy and gave him an intense hug.

“I love you my friend. I truly do,” I said.

“John you are too much. You deserve so much more. I am working on it,” he said. “I believe in you and the WorldPeace Advocacy. My friends and I have been looking for you for a long time. And you have not disappointed us.”

“Hold for a picture,” Francois said.

We looked at her and smiled as she flashed three or four pictures.

“Jeremy, I hate to run but we have a rendezvous. I will see you in the morning at 1000 sharp,” I said.

“As always, I am looking forward to it. Can I have your notes on the Purple Order,” he asked.

“Sure, it is printed, and not in my handwriting, so you should be able to read them. I am going to have Debra go ahead and set up the Purple Order web site.”

“John, I don’t believe I have heard you mention this. When did you start working on it?” he asked.

“It came to me the last few months in prison. I really had the idea a bit longer but when I decided on the name the rest of the concept came together. The world has enough religions. But it needs spirituality with a loose structure. A template without an organization,” I said.

As per usual John, I have the distinct feeling that I am only seeing the tip of a huge iceberg with you. Can I show this to others?” he asked.

“Sure. The project is launched officially now. Let’s see what happens. There is a first Rule and I expect to modify it frequently for a few months or even years as people begin to experiment with the concept. It has to be very flexible to work.”

“I hate to run my friend, but we must go,” I said as I realized everyone had left but me and Francois who was looking at me.

“Goodnight, John,” Jeremy said.

“Night Jeremy,” I said and walked out the door.

I entered the limo and gave Carl instructions to take us to the condo.

“So what is up John?” asked Celeste.

“Well, me, Marshall, Cathy, Janice and Alicia have a little meeting to go to. I can’t be more specific than that. We will drop the rest of you at the condo and we will proceed to our meeting.”

“Is this dangerous, John?” asked Celeste.

“It could be but everyone except me is armed. Everyone is trained. Marshall, Alicia and Janice are paramilitary. I feel safe in their presence,” I said.

“John I don’t feel real good about this. But I don’t feel anyone will be harmed either. But you must be careful and alert,” Celeste said.

“I can feel my team getting tense my love. We are as prepared as we can be. Things are getting more and more dynamic. The citizenship was a total surprise, and I feel more surprises are coming tonight. I don’t know what I am talking about. We will be back in two or three hours. I want the three of you who are not going to just stay together at the condo. We will call as soon as the meeting is over.”

“I will tell you that this is a grassroots political action with a significant potential to create tension after the fact. I have to put my faith in people I don’t know. But I don’t think this will be the last time I have to do that.”

I looked at Celeste and said, “If this was a serious threat to our safety, I feel certain the group would sense it and your internal alarm would be sounding. The truth is my life is in increasing danger every day. We just have to be careful. This citizenship thing is going to spread quickly. It is going to increase the pace at which we are moving ahead.”

“By the way,” I said, “did any of you know about the citizenship thing?”

Everyone said it was a surprise to them.

“Well there is obviously a lot going on outside our reality. I have spoken to a lot of well placed wealthy and influential people and I am sure the peace groups are waking up too. As each day goes by, more and more people are hearing about the WorldPeace Advocacy,” I said.

“And about John WorldPeace,” said Celeste. “You are never going to shake the questions about being the messiah or the antichrist.”

“It is not a bad thing,” Celeste said, “We just have to be alert for the crazies. You have a lot of security from the US and now with this citizenship you are going to be contacted by the French secret service as well. Plus we have our internal security. But it is dangerous for you John. And I fear after tonight you are going to be more of a threat to some. But strangely, I also feel you are going to acquire a new friend tonight, a very peaceful friend. I can’t see more than that.”

“You are my secret weapon Celeste,” I said. “I feel safe because you are a part of my life. All of you make me feel very secure not to mention loved.”

“OK,” I said, as we arrived at the condo. “All out who are getting out.”

Debra, Francois, and Celeste kissed me as they exited the limo. Carl walked them to the door. When he returned I gave him the meeting address which he said was about fifteen minutes away.

“So what is going on dad,” Marshall said.

“Well first, does anyone want to bet that Debra is tracking us,” I laughed. “She is honed in on my iPhone. As long as it is on me, she will know where I am and if there is a problem, she will tell you. I would not doubt that she hid a bug in my clothes somewhere as well.”

“Anyway, I have been contacted by some Palestinians who we are meeting tonight. They were vouched for by a Palestinian I know in Houston. We are going to break in on an American politician who is having a little sexual orgy with two or three thirteen year old girls, probably Muslims.”

“That is not illegal in France,” said Cathy.

“No it is not but in America where our congressman is from, it is rape.”

Essentially we are going to be witnesses no more. The objective is to reduce the congressman’s opposition to the little bit of pro Palestinian legislation that is introduced in Congress.”

“I know nothing about the mechanics of this operation. We will find that out when we are picked up. All of you are highly trained. Your job is to keep your eyes open and stay alert. To protect us as we do this.”

“Does the CIA know about this?” asked Janice.

“No, I don’t think so,” I replied.

“Don’t you think I need to call them?” Janice asked.

“No. We have to more clearly define your role and Alicia’s role. Your loyalty to the government and me has got to be adjusted and made clearer. I am sure the director is not going to like this but he will like it less if you are not with me. You are his eyes. And twenty/twenty hindsight is better than blindness.”

“I am going to have to be less open with the government. Too many people are going to need to talk to me without being recorded. So all that is happening is that our relationship is becoming more serious for lack of a better word and it must become more closely defined,” I said.

Carl came on the speaker and said, “Dr. WorldPeace, we will be there in about two minutes.”

“Thank you Carl. There is a Plumbing supply store on the corner with a large parking lot. Just pull in there. Our contacts will pick us up from there,” I said.

“OK,” said Carl.

A moment later we pulled into the parking lot. About sixty seconds later a large black van with darkened windows pulled up next to the limo. A man exited the side door of the van and reached for the limo door. Carl unlocked it and the door opened.”

The man said, “Please hurry into the van.”

We did.

I told Carl to return to the condo and wait for our call.

“I was the last one out. Within a minute we were all in the van and the van was exiting the parking lot opposite the direction that Carl took back to the condo.

The man then said, “My name is Malek. My two friends in the front and two in the rear have no names. Here is a ski mast for each of you.”

“We are going to a condo about twenty minutes from here on the edge of Paris. Our prey is in the trap. He has two guards outside who we will take care of. No one will be hurt. We have executed this plan many times all over the world.”

“We will detain the two guards and then we will enter the condo taking pictures and accumulating, confiscating the video camera, lap tops, etc. We will also take the three girls with us. They will be taken away by another van. They must be given new identities in a new place because their lives will be in danger otherwise.”

“Please do not speak while in the room. You are all professionals. Just be alert. You are a witness Dr. WorldPeace. The rest of you are there to protect Dr. WorldPeace in the event there is trouble which we do not expect.”

“You will leave by way of another van and may never see any of us again. This is about gaining leverage and control in the American Congress. This congressman will not be harmed or taken anywhere. Our last act will be to insert his guards back into his room. Close the door and disappear.”

“I suggest that when you return to your condo you each write down what you experienced and saw and file it away for future reference.”

“Any questions?” he asked.

“Why are you involving Dr. WorldPeace,” Marshall asked.

“Mr. Marshall, your father’s star is rising very fast. People are talking. We all have hopes that he can break the many deadlocks that exist in world politics right now. He must have first hand knowledge of certain things so that he is speaking from first hand knowledge and not second hand information.”

“Your father will, I am sure, have many such experiences. We are only concerned about the Palestinian problem. Your father is sympathetic to our cause. We feel confident that he will speak for us in an unbiased manner. These operations go on all the time. That is the way of the world. Tonight you get to see the reality of the underworld of political action.”

“We want peace and justice. Dr. WorldPeace is the WorldPeace Advocacy. So it makes sense that we involve him in our actions in order to get his help.”

“We believe in a very short time your father may become one of the most powerful men in the world. We want his friendship. We want to support him not just on the Palestinian issue but any way we can anywhere in the world.”

“We are almost there. The two gentlemen in the back and one in the front will be your guide. Please do exactly what they say. They are very well trained. You can trust them. You all know how critical it is in these operations for everyone to do his job. You have not been in on the training for this operation. So you must do as you are told. We do not often take civilians with us. But all of you except Dr. WorldPeace have training in the areas in which we will be operating tonight.”

“We have a surveillance vehicle which is monitoring everything and as you can see we all have head pieces and are in communication with each other.”

We then pulled into a parking lot under a six-story building containing condos. We noticed the cameras were being disabled.

“OK put on your ski masks and lets go,” said our guide. “Dr. WorldPeace you will be in the middle. Marshall and Cathy you come last. Janice and Alicia lets go.”

The three men with us exited the van and two more joined up. We moved in sort of a double column to the elevator, entered and Malek pushed the button for the sixth floor. Then he put on his mask. Everyone else was already masked.


We exited the elevator. There were four doors to the hallway from the four condos on that floor. The peep holes were blacked out by our people. Malek removed a magnetic key from his pants pocket and opened the door to apartment 6C and entered.

It looked like a porno shoot; lots of lights and cameras but no one in the room but the congressman and three very young girls. They were all exposed in the bed in various sexual positions. One was being penetrated by the congressman.

All of the people with us moved quickly to perform their part of the operation. The girls were removed from the bed and given black sack dresses that covered their bodies and heads. Then they were removed from the room. People were speaking in Arabic. The girls were told to be silent.

After they were dressed, they were taken from the room. I could see them get into the elevator. Another member of the team gathered the girls clothes while another member seemed to pick up everything that was lose in the room.

Another man took the congressman’s bags, lap top and jewelry. Within three minutes the room was swept clean.

Another member of the team was filming.

The congressman pulled the sheet over him but said nothing. Other than the conversation with the girls, no one spoke. It was obvious this exercise was well planned and rehearsed.

The camera that was taping the sexual event was removed along with the stand and carrying case.

I saw the door to the elevator open and what looked like the congressman’s guards were being guided into the room. After they entered, we were pulled out. Malek was the last one out of the condo. Malek closed the door to the condo. No one had said a word.

We entered the elevator and returned to the parking lot. Malek shook my hand and said God be with you. He entered the van we arrived in and it drove away.

We were taken though a hallway to the back of the building where another van was waiting. We entered the van. There was a driver and one man who helped us into the van. Once in, the door was closed and we left the premises.

After we drove about a block the man with us asked for our masks and asked us not to speak.

The man driving the van seemed to be on an evasive route to make sure we were not followed. I noticed another car got right on our rear bumper.

We went through several neighborhoods and then came to a small warehouse district where the driver pulled the van into a delivery bay with six-foot high walls.

The man with us opened a trap door in the floor of the van which revealed an opening in the concrete and a ladder descending into a basement.

“Please climb down,” one of the guards told us.

Marshall went first, then Janice, Alicia, Cathy and me. When we reached the bottom, the entrance above us closed and two men led us to a stairway. The first man went up the stairs and motioned for us to follow. The other man brought up the rear.

We entered the door at the top of the stairs where a black limo was waiting in a auto repair shop. We got into the limo. The doors shut. The big bay door exiting the shop opened and the limo drove out of the building.

The driver told us we could speak if we wanted. He said our destination was about thirty minutes away. He said we would rendezvous with Celeste, Debra and Francois at the destination. Carl had taken them there in our limo.

We all agreed silently that we would not speak.

Outside it was obvious that we were headed back to the center of Paris. No one was in the limo but the driver. There were drinks and food on the small table in front of us. Cathy found a carafe of hot coffee and made me a cup. She knew I needed a caffeine fix plus some of the sugar contained in the pastries.

Marshall took a bottle of water. Janice and Alicia both took juice. Cathy also had coffee.


We were all deep in thought as we reached the center of the business district. The limo slowed and pulled into the Russian Embassy. We were all amazed to say the least. Our limo was in the parking lot and Carl was behind the wheel. He exited when he saw us and came over to open the door to the limo and pointed us up the stairs into the embassy.

The Russian guards opened the door for us. A very beautiful young blond woman in her late twenties, formally dressed, asked us to follow her. She spoke English with a very slight Russian accent. She was very tall, probably 6’ 2” without her two inch heals that she wore.

We entered an elevator and went up two floors.

When we exited we saw Celeste, Debra and Francois in a large parlor talking to a white headed man about sixty. When he saw us, he came right toward me.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I am Sergey Yeltsin the Russian ambassador to France. It is so good to meet you.”

He then introduced himself to Marshall, Janice, Alicia and Cathy. He knew everyone. He was extremely polite and courteous as he led us into the parlor. Celeste and Francois stood and both gave me a light kiss. Debra was working on her laptop. She did not even look up. That made me smile.

Sergey asked if we would like to freshen up. We all said yes and followed the blond to the restrooms. In about fifteen minutes we had all returned to the parlor. Cathy my love, had my coffee and a few chocolates on a saucer waiting for me. After we all sat down except Cathy who as per usual stood behind me, Sergay began to address me.

“Dr. WorldPeace, it is such a pleasure to get to meet you. I understand that you had an interesting but uneventful experience with a congressman earlier.”

“Yes, we did,” I said. “So I am assuming that your country had something to do with the event.”

“Actually we supported it. It was carried out by the Palestinians. They come to us from time to time with these kinds of events and we tell them whether we will support them or not.”

“May I ask why you supported this event tonight?” I asked.

“Actually we supported it because of you. You are associated with many of Jeremy’s friends who are Jewish and several of your companions are Jewish. We needed to know Dr. WorldPeace how you really stood with regards to the Israelis. We know you are friendly to Palestinians and Muslims. But we were not sure about the Israelis. We did not know if you would refuse to attend the event. If so, we would know that your support of the Israeli’s is just a façade.”

“Dr. WorldPeace we feel that much can be accomplished through back door diplomacy on many issues and we feel you are potentially perfect to be that messenger. So we needed to know the truth about you.”

“We are pleasantly surprised that you have a very open mind and no racial, religious or political bias outside being an American. Your agenda seems to be just what you say it is, WorldPeace.”

“You will be given documents and recordings for that event tonight. I suggest you put them away for a rainy day. I am sure you will begin to accumulate many such event files as well as personal files.”

“I was pleased everything went off well tonight and no one was hurt. That variable is always, as you say, in the mix.”

“I see,” I said.

“Ladies and Mr. Marshall please relax. This is a cordial visit and I have good news to present to you Dr. WorldPeace.”

“I am sorry for the secrecy but that is part of foreign diplomacy. No one is told more than they need to know. It is better that people not think too much in this business and if they are compromised it is better that they don’t know too much. This applies to all operations.”

“Dr. WorldPeace we are peace loving. We have been painted differently by the USA and some of this is justified due to the ruthless activities of Joseph Stalin. But since the Berlin Wall came down, things are now different in Russia. Please remember we are your friend and we support you Dr. WorldPeace. We hope that you will spend more time in the beginning of your Advocacy to tackle the neutral problems in which the super powers can agree.”

“I understand,” I said. “I am open to working with you and your people. My government may object but I have to date allowed them complete access to whatever we are doing. That is about to change because I have come to realize that it is hurting my Advocacy. Not hurting actually but limiting it.”

“Yes we know that all your activities are open to them and we understand they initially feared you. But you have calmed all but the most conservative leaders that you can be worked with and in fact you have proven to be a great asset.”

“So you have been monitoring me closely,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace we are not as backward and disorganized as the USA would like to think. You should consider that everything the CIA knows, we know. Secretly, true secrecy is hard to come by in this age of technology.”

“Interesting,” I said.

“Yes that it is Dr. WorldPeace,” he said.

“I would like to congratulate you on your French citizenship. We wholly support and endorse it and believe it is another positive tool to help you in your Advocacy. “

“The truth is that we also want to help you become a world citizen.”

He reached for a very small brief case on his desk.

“Dr. WorldPeace it is with great honor that I present you with the documents that bestow Russian citizenship on you. Unlike the French, we already have you picture, fingerprints, and retina scan. So you don’t need to do anything. These are final documents.”

I stood up as he approached me with the brief case. He removed the certificate and the blond alerted us that a picture was in order. She took several and said she would forward them to Cathy.

“Mr. Ambassador I am now twice surprised and honored in the course of one night. With this citizenship and the French citizenship my desire of world citizenship is now surely on the fast track.”

“In the very near future we want you to come to Russia as a guest of the President. We know you have a very hectic schedule culminating in your peace gathering next weekend. So we do not want to insert ourselves now. But when you return next month we would like for you to plan on spending a week in Russia. We like Jeremy have many friends to whom we would like to introduce you.”

“I would be honored Mr. Ambassador and very much look forward to it.”

“OK, now ladies you can relax. The cat is out of the bag,” I said.

The blond and a servant brought in Champaign and we all drank a toast, ate some caviar and more pictures were taken. It was an uplifting and joyous occasion.

After about thirty minutes, the Ambassador said, “Dr. WorldPeace I have one more item I would like to discuss with you.”

“Sure,” I said.

“This is to some degree a personal matter but one I believe you will find beneficial to your Advocacy.”

He reached out his hand toward the blond who went to his side.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I would like to introduce you to my daughter. Her name is Svetlana but she changed it to Mirskya. It is a peace name. She did this ten years ago when she turned eighteen.”

I stood up and walked to Mirskya and said, “I am honored to meet you.”

“And I you,” she said firmly shaking my hand.

“Mr. Ambassador your daughter is stunningly beautiful. I believe with such a beautiful daughter your wife must be a goddess.”

“That she is Dr. WorldPeace. I am in awe of her in many ways.”

I sat back down and took a sip of coffee.

“Dr. WorldPeace my daughter is a prodigy. I have four other daughters all younger than Mir, not as beautiful, not as brilliant. We are a very close family but Mir is cut from a different fabric than me, my wife and my other daughters.”

“Mir has a PhD in economics, and degrees in art and Russian literature as well as computer science. Her PhD dissertation was in monetary systems. She is much interested in arbitrage. She is familiar with your philosophy on arbitrage.”

“Mr. Ambassador, as far as I know, no one knows about my studies in arbitrage.”

“Please forgive me Dr. WorldPeace, but again you are a very unique person. You will find many new people are interested, intensely interested in you. Like the USA, many countries understand you to be a potential threat to their interests and a potential destabilizer in the world, especially with regards to your spiritual philosophies like the Purple Order. We do not know everything about you but we know a lot.”

“Mir has a top secret clearance because she works for our government. She also is very much a peace activist and has been intensely interested in your Advocacy. Being a woman in Russia she is limited to what she can do. Also the nature of her relationship to me restricts her as well. I must admit Dr. WorldPeace in Russia, as my daughter, she has more freedom that ninety-nine percent of the women in Russia but with her abilities she is still a caged bird.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, I am being very forward and direct here. We are aware of how very special all your companions are to you and we are aware of your, shall I say, very close relations with each of your angels.”

“It is embarrassing for me to tell you how much we know about you. But Dr. WorldPeace please understand, there are men and women here in Russia like in the USA and in the world government who would like to assassinate you.”

“You must understand the only way those of us who support you can control those who want you dead is to prove that you are worth much more to the world in general and our government in specific if you are alive.”

“My daughter, Dr. WorldPeace is one of your true believers. Being an ambassador, I am almost never this direct. But your French citizenship allowed a window for us to talk. I am sorry for the hour at which this in taking place but again we know your sleep patterns as well. It is not unusual for you to work in these hours.”

“As a result of this meeting, the timing was right to go ahead and present my daughter to you.”

“Dr. WorldPeace I very much respect and admire you and hold you in great esteem. I am also in awe of my daughter who is much like you. Others who have worked with her in my government have told me what a very special person she truly is.”

“Dr. WorldPeace I am asking you personally to seriously consider allowing Mir to work with you in your inner circle.”

“Mir burst into tears which caught everyone by surprise. You could see that she was embarrassed.”

Celeste got up and went to her and put her arms around her and then said, “It seems that Mir is also a very gifted psychic. I have been watching her since I was introduced to her. And I have felt her energy for over a week before I even knew of her.”

Mir was astonished and looked intently at Celeste as she used her father’s handkerchief to wipe away the tears. She was almost shaking with emotion.

“The reason that Mir reacted the way she did just now,” said Celeste, “is that she has been, there is no other words, she has been in love with John for years. She has longed to have the freedom to do what John is doing. She knows more about John than any of us. The reason for her reaction was because her psychic heard John accept her.”

“In other words John, one to make quick decisions when inspired, mentally accepted her and she and I both heard him psychically do so. It was her dream come true. She did not expect a decision tonight and when she heard him, she could not control her reaction.”

“John,” Celeste reached out her hand to me, “come give your newest angel a hug.”

“I could see the tears in her father’s eyes as the tears were streaming down Mir’s cheeks but she did not move. I got up and went to her, put my arms around her and said welcome to the WorldPeace Advocacy Mir. She slipped off her shoes so she would not stand over me; with my cowboy boots and her in her bare feet. We stood about even. She gave me a very long hug.”

“I reached out and shook the ambassador’s hand and said, “Thank you.”

“Dr. WorldPeace it is I who thank you. You have no idea what this means to my daughter. I love her very much and I will miss her, but she belongs with you and the WorldPeace Advocacy at this time in her life. She will help you increase the peace in the world of that I have no doubt.”

“Let me propose another toast to WorldPeace and to my daughter,” Sergey said, “May all her dreams come true.”

Everyone drank some Champaign and the girls surrounded Mir and welcomed her.

This had been a wonderful evening, so momentous. God had opened the floodgates and begun to pour unlimited blessings on me. I am as always, more than that a little humbled.

We began to leave; Mir and Cathy went to another room and retrieved Mir’s suitcase which she said was her positive affirmation that I would accept her.

We all said a heartfelt goodbye to the Ambassador who I could see was happy for Mir but naturally sad that she was leaving. It was obvious that she was his special child and there was much love between them. I felt very connected to Sergay.


We entered the limo and headed for the condo. Mir sat close to Celeste, mother Celeste. Her dream had come true.

About ten minutes after we left the Ambassador, Janice’s phone rang.

“John,” said Janice, “the Director.”

She handed me the phone.

“John, John, John what is going on?” the Director asked.

“In one evening you have an encounter with a congressman. I am sure you were part of that and you acquired dual citizenships in France and Russia and you recruit one of the brightest stars the Kremlin has.”

“John we must talk. Tell me where. You are a rocket headed for Mars. John I never thought you could achieve anywhere near what you have already accomplished. I don’t know if we can keep up with you. And let me say it’s all positive.”

“My God John the President is beside himself. He is giving orders to name you to the top of his VIP list. He is astounded and embarrassed that we have so grossly under estimated you as you say; the most obvious is the most hidden.”

“John when can we get together?”

“How about Saturday morning early,” I said.

“You got it John. I will be there. I will coordinate with Janice. Please tell her. I have calls to make. John you have no idea. You can’t possibly know what you have accomplished tonight. Hell John, you are making a true believer out of me. See you Saturday.”

“Well ladies, the Director is impressed. But more importantly we have the attention of the President.”

“The director will be flying in for a Saturday morning meeting. Janice he will be in touch with you. We need to tell Jeremy to merge the Saturday morning group with the afternoon group if possible. He will know what to do. I do not want to disappoint a single one of his friends.”

“It is 0330. What a ride the last 24 hours have been.” I said.

Everyone was in euphoric shock. And Mir had not been able to stop the tears.

Marshall just looked at me. Our eyes met in a quick but intense stare and he just shook his head as I smiled.


When we arrived at the condo, Marshall and I went into the guest bedroom he was using to have a chat.

“What do you think my son?” I asked.

“Dad you now have three Presidents of three major countries who know you and have done significant things for you; like promoting the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“They all have their own selfish interests but none the less as you add each President you enter into a more and more exclusive club. Also, you know these heads of state as John WorldPeace not as a member of some other states delegation. You are in a sense a country of your own. I just keep thinking about all the negative things that people have said about you and how people including mom and my brothers and sister have tried to hurt you. And even granny and papa have made some negative and hurtful remarks over the years.”

“Yet presidents of first world countries are beginning to embrace your WorldPeace Advocacy. It is hard for me to put it together.”

“It all makes sense,” I said. “If you just understand that most humans are petty and vicious and evil. There is a primal hatred for non conformity. I believe it is about survival. People live in fear and so they attack people who question their reality. When you criticize the USA, people feel personally attacked and they feel you are weakening their security blanket.”

“I think there is another aspect that has to do with freedom. Most people are slaves to their jobs, family, and religion. They are jealous of my ability to create an income for myself without begging for a traditional job and there is fear of my psychic abilities.”

“People look at my art and fear what they think may be going on in my head. They are afraid that I can see things they can’t see and they also fear that I can see into their evil hearts and minds. They know they are full of lies and they don’t want me to see that.”

“I think these are the major issues. As you know, I have for the most part ignored all this and just gone down my own path.”

Cathy knocked on the door and handed me a cup of coffee. God love her.

“Marshall can I get you something?” she asked.

“No. I am fine thank you,” he replied.

“And that is something else dad, these women are all in total love with you and they share you like it is no big deal. None of them seem to be bothered about you having sex with the others.”

“Well Marshall, first, I need their love and I need the security of numbers after the Snake and Kay left; neither said why. So I don’t really know what I did to crash the marriages except to just be me. There were no fights, no abuse, drugs, alcohol or any of the traditional marital problems. I was just too much for their small worlds. That is from my perspective what I think happened.”

“From the perspective of my angels, I think they are all misfits. They are all beautiful and intelligent to borderline gorgeous and that has made them outcasts. And in me they see the king of outcasts. They see I totally accept them and they believe I understand them. They can talk to me and let their hair down when they are around me if you will. I don’t judge them.”

“You don’t know how it is to never fit in. Being extremely smart is as bad as being extremely fat or ugly or stupid. These women are all lonely for true love and understanding and someone that does not judge them. You heard the Ambassador tonight. He loves Mir but you could tell she has caused him a lot of grief because she is so exceptional. And look at her. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I live with some very attractive women but she has what everyone would agree is just unblemished goddess beauty. When she ages another ten years you will see a magnificent woman of power and poise. A Cleopatra. Jesus her beauty is blinding.”

“I know you prefer Asian women but you have to admit she is in a class of her own.”

“She is,” he said.

“What I want to know is if all these women are creating problems with you in your marriage. The sex just exudes from these women. Look at Celeste. She is sixty and she is still a head turner. She touches my soul. And the truth is, when you are not here they all go around either naked or half naked, with nothing more than their bikini underwear. I am sure the housekeeper thinks I have an escort service.”

“I never go around without a robe, but often it does not stay on long before one or the other opens it up and takes it off.”

“I admit it is hard to focus sometimes,” I said.

“The problem I am having is a desire to join your work,” Marshall said. “I feel each day now that this is what I want to do. But it means a lot of time away from My-Le until she becomes part of this as well. You can’t have a normal life and travel like you will be traveling.”

“I want some kids and I want them to have a normal life. But I also look at the money. You have already said I can make five to ten times more working with you.”

“I see that. It makes it silly for me to waste my time with the Chief of Police when I could be talking to presidents of the world. From that aspect there is no comparison.”

“Yes,” I said, “and frankly there are many situations where you would be a better liaison than me because you are more diplomatic and conservative than me. You would make a good ambassador to the world; A WorldPeace Ambassador,” I smiled.

“But at the same time my life is in constant danger as are the lives of those close to me. And you heard the Ambassador tonight. He knows everything about me. If I was a threat, it would be nothing to have me assassinated. They would not hesitate to shoot down a plane load of people just to kill me.”

“All these women are in danger. Anyone could harm them or simply kill them to send me as message. You are vulnerable and that means My-Le and your kids as well. Your kids would have to live an isolated life. But the truth is you will always be a target as long as you are near me. It goes with the fact that you are my son.”

“Another aspect is that I don’t know what will happen to all of this if I die. I really don’t know how much will survive. What I am concerned about are a million people I expect to employ. My death can’t be the cause of the disruption of that many lives.”

“I have thought about a lot of those things,” Marshall said, “and some things you mentioned I have not thought about.”

“When are you leaving?” I asked.

“I was originally going to leave this Sunday but there is so much going on here. I am going to stay until after the peace rally next Saturday and go home next Sunday,” he responded.

“Let me suggest you go home with me on Tuesday after the peace gathering. There is going to be a lot of work to do after that peace gathering. I will not be able to handle all the people who want to see me. And maybe after that rally the press will kick in and I will be given a lot of interviews. Someone has to manage all that. All these women are each going to need two to three personal assistants in time.”

“They are all highly motivated and their work is going to keep them busy. So they won’t be as sexually hungry or let me say they won’t have time to think about it as much. And I am sure that shortly we won’t all be traveling together. It bothers me that the whole WorldPeace Advocacy could be wiped out because we all were in the same place at the same time.”

“Marshall let me jump back to the women. This whole organization will be run by women. And within a year a lot more very beautiful associates are going to be employed. They will cause problems with My-Le because she is normal. My life is already causing you not to have a normal life. You need to consider all of this.”

“I am sure the Director is going to want you working closely with his offices. He will propose that when he comes on Saturday. And all these state visits I will be making around the world are going to require a liaison with security. And that is you or potentially you. My life, the lives around me are all in jeopardy. I need someone I can trust not to sell me out to Mr. Death.”

“I know dad. I have thought and prayed about all of these things for months.”

“I have come to know that you will go down in the history books dad. I know I have an opportunity that comes along almost never. It is hard for me to say no. It is hard for me not to be drawn into it all.”

“Well there will always be danger. But speaking of your children, you can give them a legacy that is one of a kind. But after growing up with WorldPeace they may totally reject all of it. Or I could be creating a dynasty here. Who knows?”

“Truthfully I am glad raising you and your siblings is behind me and yet it is not because within a few months Francois will be pregnant with my child. Francois grew up with extreme wealth but not in the public eye. I trust her to raise our children in the maze of wealth and power. She is the one to do that.”

“Each of these women are connected tightly to some aspect of my personality. Celeste gives me the most peace because she is closest to my age and had a long-term marriage. With Celeste I can forget about Kay and the Snake and just tell myself that Celeste and I have been together forever. She truly touches my soul. Some of that has to do with her psychic nature. She is so deeply loving. And she has nothing to prove at her age. Also she very much needs me. She is codependent like me for a loving companion. When I lay next to her at night, I feel a profound sense of well being, peace and bliss.”

“Anyway, the WorldPeace Advocacy has launched and gone ballistic now. Your time to make these decisions is knocking at the door. Maybe in a month you need to bring My-Le with you and let her see the reality of all of this.”

“I know,” he said. “I have thought about that. I could never explain this to anyone. You are either in it or you are not. There is just too much too many dynamics to all of this.”

“OK. Enough for now unless there is something else,” I said.

“What about Kay?” he asked.

“As long as Kay has her kids and they don’t completely shut her out, she is probably best where she is. I will provide for her. But I don’t want any leftovers for her kids. I will set up trusts and college funds for her grandkids. I caused her enough grief. It is probably best she remains a visitor to my world.”

“I owe her much. I still love her but that love is more each day a logical memory and not an emotional attachment. I expect to make all her dreams come true if she will allow it. And the best way to do that is to get her to accept things because they benefit her grandchildren.”

“She needs to drive them around in a Cadillac not a Toyota. She needs to have a pool for them and a ten foot TV screen. I believe under those conditions she will accept my gifts. If not, I will pay Heather to push it. I dislike Heather intensely and don’t want to be in her presence. But if I can use her to get Kay to accept things from me, things that she deserves for nineteen years of loyal service to me and raising you kids, then I will use Heather.”

“Heather is about money. For a couple of million or less she would leave Cody. She would work it out in her warped mind that it would be best for Cody if she took the money and left.”

“Anyway, Kay is your project. To make sure she is taken care of. We will keep a PI on her. Then you can step in and offer her the money. I think it is best to call most of it deferred compensation. Like a retirement from living with me. I just want you to know that Heather will always be in the background plotting and planning. She is a jackal, a hyena. Never forget that.”

“Cool thing is that any of these women here could eat her up in one bite.”

“Marshall, give me a hug.”

“Dad I am so glad it is all working out for you. I truly am.”

“Thanks my son. Now my harem of angels in waiting.”