The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel Two - Paris 2009


by John WorldPeace


Novel Two - Paris 2009

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved


PARIS 2009

Chapters 18-31



We left the university and went to Starbucks as per usual. Every time I go there I think about a WorldPeace Café. We then returned to the condo because Francois wanted to change clothes before we met with some of Jeremy’s gay friends and clients.

At the condo, I sat down at the table and drew a picture of a wooden chair I wanted constructed.

“Cathy,” I said, “I want you to fax this to the CIA and have them construct the chair I have drawn out of oak to the specifications I have here. Tell them I am ready to interrogate the leader of those assassins and I need this chair to do it. Tell them as soon as they build the chair, I will interrogate the prisoners.”

“I am sorry Janice,” I said, “I am not used to having the CIA living with me yet. You should make this request. I am so used to Cathy handling everything. You are the CIA liaison and so you should handle this.”

“No problem John,” she said. “The drawing is pretty clear. I would like to be able to tell them why a special chair is needed. I know they will ask.”

“I am sure they will,” I said. “I am going to do a Star Trek mind meld on the assassins. I am going to sit close to each of them; facing them. I am going to be holding their personal dagger and I am going into meditation and connect with their energy. Then I am going to have one or two of your CIA friends ask me the questions the CIA and I want to know from them. That is how we are going to conduct the interrogation.”

“I am glad you asked this because I forgot we need a gag for him and we need a beautiful very well built Middle Eastern female. She is going to stand so he can see her with her clothes off.”

“So you are going to give him a private strip show?” asked Janice.

“Sort of,” I said. “This guy has a very strong mind and will and I know he will try to stop me from reading his thoughts. The naked woman will break his concentration. She needs to be about twenty and will tell him she is a virgin. I want him to spend about thirty minutes looking at her before I enter the room. Then her image will be implanted on his brain and it will be impossible for him to block her out of his mind. While I am working, I want her to touch his sleeve about every five minutes. I want her to wear perfume so he will smell her when she is close.”

“The chair will keep him from grabbing me or her. I don’t want to be stopped once I begin to connect with him. And I always have my eyes closed when doing this kind of thing.”

“You might put a small veil over her nose and mouth. Something shear. Also, I want two attractive females who are Middle Eastern to ask me the questions. That will give him further distractions but these women need to be dressed in a white blouse open to show some nice cleavage and a black skirt. They need to look casual but professional.”

“You are really going to do a head trip on this guy,” Janice said.

“Yes as much as I can. I don’t believe in torture. I think it’s unnecessary and not as effective as what I am about to do,” I said.

“John, I am sorry to speak so candidly,” said Janice.

“I prefer straight talk. It creates less miscommunication,” I said.

“Are you sure you can do this. This is sort of out there for me. I have no CIA training to compare this to,” she said.

“Janice,” I said, “in your closet in your bedroom at home in the pocket of a black overcoat is a bright red silk one piece sexy pair of under panties. You put them there last New Year’s Eve in anticipation of a special event with a special individual. Something happened and the connection did not happen. You haven’t worn the coat and have not thought about the sexy red panties.”

Janice’s mouth was open as she stared at me.

Francois and Cathy could not help but chuckle a bit.

“Yes, I can interview this guy and I would really hope that you would show that little, and I mean little, red candy wrapper to us in the very near future,” I said.

Janice blushed which I thought was strange considering how uninhibited she is. She did not respond to my panty comments. I had made my point.

“I will send in your request,” she said as she picked up her phone and walked across the kitchen to get some fresh grapes.

Francois said, “John, John, John, there is really no end to your little surprises are there?”

“Stay tuned,” I said.

“John, at this point I hate to leave your presence for a moment for fear of missing something,” Francois said.

“Roger that,” said Cathy as she kissed me on the cheek.

Cathy’s cell phone rang.

“It’s little Debbie,” Cathy said as she read her phone and then answered. “Hello, Debra.”

Cathy listened for a minute and then said, “Hold on.”

“John she has some news about a potential peace rally here in Paris. She wants a video conference. She says you told her she could have face to face access.”

“Let me have the phone,” I said. “Hello Debra.”

“Hello, Dr. WorldPeace,” she said a bit excited.

“Do you have encrypted software?” I asked.

“Yes, and its level ten,” she said.

“OK, we are at Francois’ condo and it will take about forty-five minutes to set up here. Can you call back in about an hour?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” she said.

Francois, Cathy, Janice and my son are here. You have not met Marshall and Janice who is with the CIA so we will do the introductions when you call back. I am going to give you to Cathy now so she can get the information we need in order to connect. By the way Debra, I don’t believe you told me your last name,” I said.

“It is Fontaine,” she said.

“What is your full name?”

“Debra PaixLaFleur Fontaine,” she said.

“PaixLaFleur sounds like French for ‘peace flower,” I said.

“It is,” she said. “My parents are Cajun but my mother is half Cherokee. My tribal name is Little Flower. My parents named me Debra Gertrude Fontaine and I always hated Gertrude even though it was my mother’s name. So when I turned eighteen, I changed Gertrude to PaixLaFleur. Peace because I was a peace activist in high school and LeFleur is part of my tribal name.”

“You are full of surprises. First you complete the excellent peace organization database in record time, and now you have some good news it seems about the peace groups here,” I said.

“I do,” she said.

“And now I find out that you changed your name as did I.”

“Yes,” she said. “We have a lot in common.”

“My goodness,” I said, “let me give you back to Cathy.”

“Cathy get her information on her encryption software and Janice will call the CIA and make sure the connection is clear,” I said.

Cathy took the information from Debra and hung up.

“OK friends, you heard the conversation. Little Debra is already Ms. PaixLaFleur by choice. My intuition says get ready. So, Janice call the CIA and hook up this computer of Francois’ that is state of the art so it can receive Debra’s video conference on a clean line. I want it recorded and I want a feed to the FBI but I only want Debra to see us here in Paris.”

“Cathy you need to call Alicia,” I said.

“John do you need anyone in the loop?” Cathy asked.

“Yes, I have to call someone.”

“OK, make it happen. Engage,” I said.

Everyone went to work. I refreshed my coffee and then went into Francois’ computer room where everyone was gathered and working. They were like ants working in fast forward. I smiled. Debra was about to shake up a lot of people; per the vision I saw when she said her name was PaixLaFleur.

“John,” Janice said. “The chair is ordered and they want the interrogation of the Muslims tonight.”

“We will see,” I said. “Let us have this conversation with Debra and then we will discuss it.”

Francois looked at me and asked, “What is cooking, John. You know something. A vision? What?”

“I think you are getting too smart too fast,” I said. “Just stay tuned. WorldPeace is what is going on,” I said as I flashed her a quick smile and everyone returned to their work.

In about thirty minutes Jeremy walked in.

I said “So what is going on Francois.”

“I asked you first,” she said.

Cathy said all systems were go and Alicia came on the screen.

“Hello John,” Alicia said. “Debra is twenty-two. She has a computer science degree from MIT, 2004; Master in psychology from Harvard, 2005; and she is working on her PhD in sociology at Rice and will finish her course work next month. She intends to write a thesis on peace in society in the Third Millennium. Her father has a large established family owned seafood business in New Orleans. She is an only child. She has a stable supportive family. She has fifty-five million dollars in trusts. No dope, alcohol abuse etc. She is a loner. No boyfriend. Her real friends are in New Orleans barefoot and pregnant. No security issues. The FBI wants to recruit her.”

“As does the CIA,” said Janice.

The call came in on the internet and Debra came on the screen and said, “Hello, Dr. WorldPeace.”

“Hello again Debra,” I said.

“I see the Feds are listening,” she said. “And they have done a pretty good job with the connection. Hold a second.”

The screen refreshed and there were seven mini screens now. Directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA, Debra, Alicia, Me and some guy I didn’t recognize.

“Hello Herbie,” said Debra.

The guy I did not recognize said, “Hello Peace Girl.”

“Nice job Herbie but you left a window in the encryption. Don’t worry I secured it after I came in.”

“Young lady it’s against the law to hack into top secret government computers,” Tom Wentworth, director of the CIA said.

“Actually Mr. Director you hacked into my conversation with Dr. WorldPeace. Besides I didn’t really hack, I just came in an open window to a conversation I initiated. Don’t worry I am user friendly to the Feds and I will talk to you but I am only interested in working for the WorldPeace Advocacy. Dr. WorldPeace I want to be one of your “Johnnie’s Angels”. Excuse the familiarity, Dr. WorldPeace,” she said.

“Hello Francois, Cathy, Alicia, Janice, Marshall, and Jeremy. I have done some research of my own and it was over a longer period than the thirty minutes the Feds just spent checking on me. Director Wentworth, Herbie really is the best after me. So don’t fire him or demote him because of my little demonstration. There can’t be but one number one.”

“And how can this be Cathy,” Debra smiled. “That is right because …”

“Anyway Dr. WorldPeace, I have contacted Vernon LeCompte who is sort of the head of a lose umbrella federation of peace organizations there in Europe. By the way, Dr. WorldPeace, I created that database three years ago. I just took a few days and updated it before I sent it to you.”

“Vernon LeCompte wants to have a peace rally next weekend, probably Saturday, June 27th; an all day affair. He wants a short five mile peace march in Paris ending up in DeGualle Park which will hold about twenty thousand people.”

“Between the Feds and your Parisian friends, we should be able to get all the permits and such in time,” Debra continued.

“Are you saying they can bring that many people together to hear an unknown John WorldPeace give a speech?” I asked.

“Well actually, the five VIPs want an hour or so meeting this week with you. Then they want you to lead the peace march and speak at the end with some other well known European activists.”

“The Feds are going to have to work hard on security but they are up to it. It is a recruiter’s dream Dr. WorldPeace,” I said.

“Government recruiters, Dr. WorldPeace?” she asked.

“Speaking openly, a rally that size would get a lot of attention and people in certain Christian circles would be thinking I am the antichrist,” I said.

“We know that is nonsense, Dr. WorldPeace. You just have to keep pointing out that you are not starting a religion, have no organization and don’t fit the apocalyptic profile. We have to saturate the internet with that information. You have come a lot farther than you might think since arriving in Paris, Dr. WorldPeace,” Debra said.

“Since coming up from under the radar all your friends are spreading the word among their close friends and associates; not to mention your meetings with some of the most powerful people in Europe. I don’t think you are aware of just how fast word is traveling. Harper Collins needs to put your books on a very fast track if they want to make a lot of money. If they don’t there will be bootleg copies everywhere that will reduce sales,” she said very much in control of the conversation.

“I think you need to come to Paris, Debra,” I said.

“I thought you would never ask,” she said. “How about in the morning?”

“Works for me,” I said.

“I will pick you up at the airport,” Francois said.

“Thank you Francois. Flight number 214 Air France arriving 0743 in Orly,” she said.

Francois laughed.

“It seems I am not the only one who decided to come up from under the radar,” I said.

“Like you said Dr. WorldPeace, I have always been there. No one has been paying attention. Of course all that’s changed now,” she said.

“Ms. Fontaine, pack what you need right now,” said director Wentworth. “We will pick you up in forty-five minutes. You can fly with me to Paris tonight. Dr. WorldPeace has some work to do later and you can see him then. I need to have a serious talk with you in the meantime as do a few others who are connected up right now.”

“Alicia,” said the Director, “we will pick you up fifteen minutes after Debra.”

“OK,” said Alicia.

“Mr. Director, as she said, she is my angel and I will be very upset if she is made unhappy in anyway,” I said.

“Don’t worry John. This is not the movies,” the director said.

“If it were the movies, I would not be concerned,” I said.

“Thank you Debra,” I said. “I believe all your proposals will be attended to immediately.”

“I look forward to seeing you again tonight, Dr. WorldPeace.”

“And I you, Debra,” I said.

“Later, away,” I said as I got up.

“Later, Dr. WorldPeace,” Debra said.

Everyone got on their cell phones.


I walked back to the kitchen, my favorite place in every house, warmed up some coffee and selected a brownie from the ever present pastry tray, sat down at the table lost in a million thoughts and emotions.

Francois came in and gave me a kiss and sat down next to me.

“John you are a miracle man. And the miracles just get more dramatic. This girl comes with some very solid computer skills. She must have been intentionally hiding from the government for them not to have known about her. Especially since she knows their top computer geek and in fact appears to be better than him.”

“I am thinking more about Herbie calling her ‘Peace Girl’, and her changing her middle name to PaixLaFleur. Our spiritual connection must be significant,” I said.

“When you meet with her tonight I am sure the electricity will fly and the result will be dramatic. It makes sense to me that the more you tap into your destiny the stronger will become your psychic power,” Francois said.

“Yes, I am thinking she has a lot more surprises to share with me. I can’t even focus my thoughts right now. I am seriously spaced out,” I said.

“Well ground out Superman, you have a speaking engagement with a dozen gays and lesbians in ninety minutes at Jeremy’s.”

“I really enjoyed the red lingerie story you laid on Janice. You have a nice way of scrambling someone’s head when you are in the mood,” Francois smiled.

“I just wanted to make a point; dramatically,” I said. “And have a bit of fun. I must admit that I want to see her perfect body covered just a bit by those red silk panties,” I said.

“I think you have a new little angel to break in tonight,” said Francois. “I have a feeling that she is going to rock your world, Johnny.”

“So many angels, so little time,” I said. “I have so much to do. This little peace child just got squeezed into my calendar which will go late today because of our mystery man and a major peace rally plus a preliminary meeting with its producers. I think these two hour breaks between events are going to disappear,” I said.

“I know they will,” said Francois.

“I need to go back to America to rest.”

“Johnny it is going to be a long time before you get to really relax. The world has found you out and the word is moving around the world like lightning. The messiah has appeared.”

“Damn it Francois; that is not funny. You want all of hell to come after me. Advocate. WorldPeace Advocate, please. Seriously, I am not Jesus and you know it. I like being intimate too much and I curse.”

“Whatever you say hot stuff,” she whispered.

“John I am not psychic really but it occurs to me that when you use the upper limits of your psychic powers tonight you are going to super charge everyone around you and your own energies are going to be permanently increased.”

“I know. I have been thinking about that. And the more I use them the stronger they will get. I am about to use them all the time. That energy will transfer, as you say, to those around me. That energy has a sexual aspect to it as I think you have already observed; which means that my little angels may turn into full blown horny little devils.”

“Count on it Johnny,” Francois said. “I am almost as hot as the day of the shooting in the hospital bed. And I know I am not the only one feeling this way. The electricity, your electricity, is in the air and I can almost taste it. It knocked the senses out of Jeremy. He is not used to dealing with psychic energy in its raw form. He is having a hard time working and grounding himself,” Francois said.

“I am sure,” I said. “We will see each other every day until the end of next week. He will be a changed man by then I think.”

“We are on the rocket,” I said.

“Space Ship WorldPeace,” she said. “All aboard. Next stop a new heaven and a new earth. Sorry Johnny it just came out.”

“You are playing with fire, my love. Playing with fire,” I repeated.

Jeremy entered the kitchen and said, “John, I have to go and get ready for the next meeting. I will see you in about an hour.”

“Count on it Jeremy,” I said as he quickly left.

Marshall and Cathy entered the kitchen engaged in some deep conversation.

Then Alicia and Janice entered. Everyone sat down at the table some with and some without coffee or food.

“Dad, I don’t know what to say about any of this. This is a large adrenaline rush. It is addicting. I will be honest, I don’t want to go home and I don’t know what to do about it. I want My-Le to close her business and join me here.”

“Marshall until I can put two million dollars into your bank account to secure your future, I would not feel comfortable with you joining me full time. And My-Le is a healer. That is her gift and she needs to use it I think. But I know it will all work out and become clear to you. Just don’t make any hasty moves. I would say when my books are published and become best sellers then I will feel nothing can stop us and all I have seen all my life will begin to manifest.”

“Another thing that I will tell all of you, the psychic energy is very subtle but it is addicting. It makes you want to daydream and just flow in peace and bliss. As we are all together more and more, that energy will have a cumulative effect and you will find that you are a bit antsy when you are away from the rest of us. Tonight my energy should increase significantly and so should yours. When you are away from the group and the group’s energy spikes, you will feel it wherever you are. So just pay attention to your emotions especially when you feel up or down and there is no logical reason for you to feel that way. Like when you are having a real nice day and yet you feel a bit depressed or down; that kind of thing.”

“Everything does seem to be looking up. This peace march/rally/gathering could really significantly and positively impact on the WorldPeace Advocacy. I wish the books were already in print. Then I know we would launch the WorldPeace Advocacy in every way. But as in everything that happens, there is a reason. Many times we cannot, actually almost all the time we cannot see all the other factors that are working around our presence for our benefit. We just have to take one day at a time and pay attention.”

“John,” said Janice, “I have never dealt with psychic energy. I am just beginning to understand it. And that is from a very limited exposure. How do you deal with all that information flowing into your reality all the time? It must be like living two lives at once.”

“That is exactly what it is like,” I said. “You just stay focused on this reality. All the psychic stuff is like a radio or TV playing in the background. That is how I treat it. That is why I don’t listen to the radio or TV very often because then I would have like a third channel playing and then it makes me a bit crazy. I for the most part like silence around me when I am alone.”

“We in this group have a lot going on so I am always listening half way to the conversations. But if I was at a party, I would tune almost all of it out. Some people who I think are not very psychic try to will listen to every conversation. That would drive me crazy.”

“I need to shower for the next meeting,” I said.

“So do I,” said Francois.

“Me too,” said Janice.

“OK,” I said. “La Bouton Rolle.”


Marshall, Francois, Cathy, Janice, Alicia and I arrived at Jeremy’s at 1600 for our meeting with some of his gay and lesbian friends. I had expected about ten people but there were almost thirty-five present. I think there would have been more but there just was not a room big enough to even handle more than twenty-five comfortably. Jeremy had brought in some folding chairs. The dining tables we used each evening were in place and the extra chairs formed a second tier of seats around the table. Jeremy told me that the word about me was spreading and people were calling him wanting to be in on these meetings. Therefore, we would have to find a location to rent. The groups were getting too big for even a restaurant so we were probably going to have to move to a hotel with unlimited space in their conference rooms. I was amazed how very fast things were moving. My only real concern was to maintain my energy level until this marathon of meetings was over.

The conversation with the Buddhist monk and the interrogation of the assassins tonight in addition to the normal meetings did not give me much down time.

I shook hands with almost everyone with Francois and or Cathy at my side in case someone did not speak fluent English. At 1600 Jeremy asked everyone to have a seat.

Then he introduced me with his standard introduction and I began with my standard WorldPeace Advocacy opening.

“That being said, I would like to say that I am not gay or bisexual. I simply have no inclination to be with another man sexually. On the other hand, I prefer bisexual women.”

“I would also inform you that I have a high sex drive and I attribute my above average energy, my creativity, my strength and stamina, my need for only five hours of sleep a day, my ability to heal myself and my spirituality to my above average, way above average, sex drive. I could never be celibate.”

“Some men have low sex drives and those men can be celibate, can become priests, can function with minimum intimacy with women. Sex drive in human beings is like every other human factor, people have these factors in greater or lesser quality and quantity than the average human being.”

“Don’t try to impose on me sexual restraint. Don’t judge me against a man with a low sex drive. God made me unique and God does not hold me to a sexual standard not in harmony with my genetics. This applies to everyone.”

“Gender preference seems to be genetic based. But even if it isn’t, if it is an acquired preference, there is certainly something that lets one man acquire a preference for other men and someone else never acquires that preference. Human beings are complicated and we are all doing the best we can with what we have been given.”

“Sex is the most intense of all human drives. It is primal and it is a biological requirement for the continuation of the human race. If there was not an overwhelming drive to procreate, the human race would have died off millions of years ago.’

“Human beings are evolving socially and in that evolution they are trying to distinguish themselves from their animal nature. We are trying to become more human, less animal. We want to be on a plane by ourselves, more than animals, less than God. Like God but not God.”

“Homosexuality is a sectarian and secular issue. Society feels a need to maintain a bias against it. In the primal sense, homosexuality does not perpetuate the human race so there is a primal tribal prejudice against allowing homosexuality. There is a desire to deprive a homosexual human being from reproducing. Being homosexual is a primal threat to the human race. When we evolve into a more advanced human being this issue should become marginalized.”

“The big issue when I was a young man was about hiding a homosexual preference. Homosexuals married to hide their preference. It was not a subject spoken about in mixed company except to utter hateful declarations about it. Now homosexuality is out in the open even to the point of legislation designed to prohibit discrimination related to it. When someone comes out and says he is gay or she is a lesbian, people take only a mild passing interest in the declaration.”

“The issue these days is homosexual marriage. Christianity rejects a homosexual lifestyle and considers it a sin. Churches are splitting apart on the issue of homosexual ministers and priests. God hates homosexuals in the basic Christian teaching. For me, if God hated homosexuals, he would not have programmed any.”

“But religion is an evolving institution and so now that there is a opening in the Christian community for discussion and in some few cases ordination of homosexual ministers it is just a matter of time before homosexuality will cease to be a religious issue.”

“The fact that the USA and Europe are Christian arenas, politics is influenced by the gay/lesbian issue. So if the church does not endorse homosexual relationships much less same sex marriages, politicians do not endorse it. An endorsed same sex sectarian marriage is prohibited and a secular same sex marriage is also prohibited in all but a few governments.”

“It is a secular perspective that we are talking about when we discuss marriage. Marriage is essentially a legal contract between two adults. And that contract defines certain rights and privileges. And two very large areas of the law speak to these marital contracts. One is the family law and the other is the probate law.”

“So the real secular issue is that same sex couples want to come under the family code and the probate code the same as traditional marriages. That is all we are talking about in the secular environment.”

“Women have already broken the barrier prohibiting gender inequality in the secular law. Women can now vote but in America that right is less than one hundred years old. The Bible in the book of Genesis subordinates women to men in the story of Adam and Eve and that is supported in the New Testament letters of Paul the apostle. Yet secular society has disregarded the Christian teaching and given women equal rights.”

“So it is just a matter of time before same sex marriages will be endorsed by legislation.”

“Gender bias and same sex biases are impediments to increasing the peace in the world human society because they are inherently unjust and undemocratic. Therefore, as an advocate for peace and WorldPeace, I endorse and support same sex marriages and an absolute equal footing with traditional marriages under the existing laws.”

“Now in the sectarian area what same sex couples are demanding is that the religious bureaucrats take a vote to amend their doctrines and dogmas to clearly state that God now freely bestows a blessing on same sex marriages and homosexuality is no longer a sin between consenting adults. That equality ladies and gentlemen will take a bit longer to come about.”

“In the meantime, I suggest that if you want to be married spiritually that you buy some traditional wedding bands and then create your own spiritual ceremony to memorialize your marriage. That will be the spiritual ceremony between the two of you; witnessed by family and friends if you so desire.”

“But rest assured that religious toleration is on its way. The reason is because in time, in the near future, in the secular law everywhere same sex marriages will be endorsed. If all the religious bureaucrats do not follow suit, then they will be seen as archaic and inflexible and many people will no longer continue their memberships.”

“In time, if the Catholic Church does not ordain female priests, it is going to implode and collapse as irrelevant and out of sync with contemporary society. As goes gender bias so will go same sex bias and prejudice.”

“As an advocate for WorldPeace, I do not endorse any religion because all religions are elitist and exclusive and increasing the peace requires democracy and inclusiveness.”

“I encourage spirituality that is a one on one relationship between a human being and God without religious bureaucratic filters and impediments. Religion is the husk of spirituality. So the peace increases if we all remember that we are first spiritual children of God and secondly members of a particular stripe of religion. So keep your religion. I am a neutral on religious memberships. Just remember you are a spiritual being first and a religionist second if at all.”

“Are there any questions?” I asked.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” Hanna Schultz is my name. “Are you saying that the women closest to you are bisexual?”

“That is a legitimate question because every person who achieves some recognition must deal with questions regarding his or her sexuality.”

“I was married twice for nineteen years each. I was married first to the devil’s daughter and secondly to one of God’s angels. Both left me. They left me because all my life I have been devoted to God and my global destiny. And that destiny has been my true wife. In more simplistic terms, you could just say I am a workaholic.”

“Now I am sixty-one. I am single. My children are in their mid to late thirties. I can do what I want or I should say what I need to do to satisfy my sexual emotional intimate needs.”

I have come to realize that I do best with multiple relationships because I never want to again deal with the emotional loneliness and depression of being without female companionship.”

“I find that I therefore need to connect with uninhibited intelligent bi-sexual, in shape women generally under forty but in their twenties works nicely for me. I am a high-energy person and women my age do not have the energy to keep up with me generally speaking. Sexually most men and women are well on their way to sexually shut down by age sixty. I am not.”

“Also, both of my wives worked with me in our businesses. My mother worked. Both my grandmothers worked. The women who I am involved with will work with me. It is my history. And quite frankly I just don’t have time to be involved with someone who is just a trophy relationship or arm candy.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, what are you prepared to do to promote gay/lesbian rights?” someone asked.

“Well it is in my books. But the short answer is everything I can. Cathy Lyne is my personal assistant and if you have a gathering you would like me to address, please feel free to call her for scheduling.”

“Thank you Dr. WorldPeace”, Jeremy said and everyone stood and warmly clapped.

The meeting broke up and disbanded. Seventy-five percent of those present came up to me and shook my hand. I considered the meeting a successful one.


Normally I like to go back to Francois’ condo to relax even if for an hour to prepare for the next meeting and to let my mind run free. But it was too late for that. I saw no point in going back there for thirty minutes. So I suggested we go back to Jeremy’s parlor and relax there. Jeremy had other things to do so Cathy, Francois, Janice, Alicia and Marshall and I went into the parlor and sat down. Jean brought in a tray of coffee, tea and sandwiches.

“Debra made the plane and will meet us later with the CIA director,” said Cathy.

“This group is expanding,” I said. “I have my two body guards Francois and Cathy, my CIA liaison Janice, my FBI liaison Alicia and my good son Marshall and now Debra is on her way.”

“It is critical that I work out some relationship with you Janice and Alicia. I know you don’t work for me but with the intimacy it does seem there will be occasions when I should be able to rely on you not to report in. That seems a bit silly because I know my every movement is monitored for now by agreement. I know I don’t even have privacy in the bathroom. But there is a core issue of loyalty which is going to have to be defined. When your job occupies 24/7 of your time being in my presence, the lines between work and companionship get blurred. We have already crossed the intimacy line. And I hope you realize that you are more than casual sex to me” I said.

“Yes I realize that and you are more than a friend with benefits to me,” Janice said. “You are right about your life being monitored at every moment. In some ways, I seem reluctant because of all the monitoring yet there has to be a human being to protect you. Monitoring is one thing, engaging in some action is something else. We don’t have guns installed in the walls.”

“Here is the situation,” I said. “I have seen several things about tonight. First, what is going to go on with the assassins! Yet I cannot say what it is because it will potentially change the mix. Right now, I have a clear vision of what will happen and a reaction to it. If I tell you what I know then you prepare, which would be good, except the assassin is very psychic. He will pick up from all of you what I am doing and what I am going to try to accomplish. He will then short circuit my plans and I will have to react in real time which will make the process more difficult. I have to keep him off guard. I have his dagger but he has nothing of mine. So I have an advantage on the inner planes where all this psychic business plays out.”

“What are the inner planes exactly?” asked Francois.

“The inner planes are the psychic reality or the spiritual dimension if you prefer; in this case, the battlefield. So things are played out on the inner planes and they filter down into this reality. So in metaphysical engagements you are fighting on earth and on the inner planes at the same time. In regards to healing, you can see on the inner planes sometimes what is causing the problems with the person you are dealing with or even yourself.”

“Since I have been in prison, my vision of the inner planes has increased dramatically. Whereas I used to have just a foggy sense of what is going on behind reality, I now see it more clearly and more often.”

“Think of it like this. You are talking to me now and behind me over my left shoulder is a TV screen with a movie playing. You are looking at me but your peripheral vision is showing you a relevant movie at the same time having to do with your present situation.”

“Wow,” said Francois. “That could be really weird. Unreal.”

“Well it is the way things are. People just don’t believe in the spiritual dimension even though they give lip service to it. Janice is having a hard time with this because she is so grounded.”

“You bet I am,” said Janice.

“But you see she has discounted and hidden away in her mind my revelations about her little red silk candy wrapper. She being the candy,” I said.

Janice thought for a moment and said, “Yes I have pushed that back as a coincidence; merely a good guess.”

“Well the more you are with me, the more you will see that was not a lucky guess. I saw it as real as I see you now,” I said.

“Hard for me to believe there is a parallel universe,” she said,

“Well it is not a parallel universe but a symbiotic universe; the metaphysical reality and the inner planes,” I said.

“At any rate, I have seen things play out tonight with the assassins. So I will ask that certain things be done when we arrive so I can be prepared to react.”

“How about an example?” said Francois.

“OK,” I said. “I know that the woman who will question me will not ask questions fast enough. So on the inner planes I am going to be seeing multiple scenarios. In other words, when a question is asked, the answers will appear in my head or in my vision on the inner planes. But between questions I am going to be watching another relevant action unfold.”

“I know this from experience. It may take five people asking me questions to block out that second scene and keep me essentially in a hypnotic trance. Another thing is that when things go slow I can remember almost all the visuals when I come out of the channeling.”

“So the example is this. While the questions are being asked and the assassin is distracted by the naked beauty and trying to listen to my answers I am going to look for information he has that I want and need. Sort of like he is standing in an open doorway and I am talking to him and he is responding. But I am looking over his shoulder at a pool game going on behind him and I noticed his cat on his couch.”

“And he does not realize I am paying attention to all that so he does not shut the door so I can’t see.”

“Jesus John,” said Francois. “That means everyone you talk to opens their whole life to you.”

“They don’t have to be talking to me Francois,” I said.

“Oh so you just look at someone and start prying,” Francois said.

“I can” I said, “and the closer I am the easier it is. Touching increases the reception and having something that is personal to someone in my hand significantly boosts the reception.”

“Now the CIA does not or has not until this moment suspected I have this ability. But it will be obvious after tonight and their minds are going to start working on a whole expanded scenario as to how to handle me or I should say use me.”

“So one has no privacy around you?” asked Francois.

“Damn John, no one can see that clearly into other people’s lives like that,” she added.

“Francois, my love, you are a pack rat and hundreds of those bottles you have are useless because the polish is dried up. They are hidden, or stored in shoe boxes in your closet. On the first shelf above your clothes,” I said.

“John,” she said, “Oh my God.”

And she began to tear up.

“Relax Francois. I love you.” I said.

“I needed to get this out because tonight is going to be a very significant night. The actual interrogation is not the main event.”

“But let me say there should not… sorry there may be some violence but it will be anticipated and you Francois will be a peripheral observer and a minor but significant participant,” I said.

“There are issues to deal with Debra who will be dressed conservative but definitely showing all her assets from head to toe. She is a very ambitious little tigress,” I said.

“And there is some information to be dealt with regarding the peace march and some of the players in that.”

“John, John,” said Francois. “You are throwing out so much information so fast I just can’t process it all.”

“Right now everyone here has a heighten awareness. Your psychic eyes are open. The energy is high in this room and building. Some of that is due to the assassins’ keepers who are preparing for battle and they are very strong but not as strong as me in a lot of ways.”

“Now you see why I destroyed two marriages. My mind never disengages except during intense and grounding intimacy. But as soon as there is a break in the action all the movies start playing again. Immediately after intense intimacy my energy is usually way up and I use that time to go looking for answers to my most abstract mental puzzles like how were the pyramids really built and how does a soul genetically engineer the human brain to store needed information from past and future lives relevant to the current life. In other words, at conception, the soul sets in the driver’s seat and starts downloading tapes into the forming brain; and trying to find the formula that reduces the belief that random numbers on the lower end of math are really not random at all.”

“My God John,” said Francois. “You have to be an alien.”

I laughed. “Well I am a friendly one. And I like you a lot. What you humans call love.”

“Look I am just as normal as any human. But mentally and spiritually I live in a different place. Had I not just related these things to you, you would have never suspected them.”

“I have to give you some of this otherwise tonight may look like the twilight zone.”

“I have spent my whole life playing with this energy. You can do everything I am doing. But you did not spend every waking hours for over fifty years working at it. And this is unique to each individual.”

“Tonight the inner planes will have some very powerful forces trying to confront me. I have to engage them but not allow them to see me clearly. They are not evil. There is just a misunderstanding that I have got to try to reconcile. Or begin to reconcile.”

“You know dad, you are on the edge of sounding crazy,” Marshall said.

“Yes son I know. But the problem is when people look at my actions they can’t see what is in my head. They just know I am always ahead of them somehow. That is why to many fear and hate me for no valid reason,” I said.

“I have had to be very careful all my life; keep to myself. But that is no longer possible. So I have to open up. And begin to prepare all of you who are apparently going to be very much a part of my reality in the near future and some in my reality for the rest of my life.”

“If anyone wants out, speak up,” I said.

No one moved or said a word.

“Everyone in, it appears,” I said.

“I feel like I am watching a Sci-Fi movie. The X files or something,” said Janice.

I laughed. “Janice my love do you think those stories have no basis in reality. They are embellishments of factual stuff,” I said.

“Oh, John, I am seeing all sorts of things now that never made sense to me but now are perfectly clear,” said Francois.

“Me too,” said Cathy.

“You two are having the biggest epiphany because you have been closest to me the longest and we have been deeply intimate. But everyone else is coming along. The intimacy severely boosted our connection. But Marshall is my blood son so shortly he will begin to shift as well.”

“I already am shifting, dad,” said Marshall. “I know exactly what they mean.”

“OK, good. With all our energies boosted we have a better chance of success tonight,” I said.

“Now, all of you are open right now and you have to put up some barriers because you are subject to being psychically attacked. Like the guy in the doorway, shut the door behind you. Keep your shields up and your hand on your sword. We are going up against some heavy energy tonight. I will block most of it by keeping it focused on me. But some will bleed by me and you need to block it. Just say a protective affirmation like “shields up” and that should do it.”

“And one more thing,” I said, “This energy has a sexual aspect to it. It makes you horny; and it makes those around you horny. So with all of us in sync, the people at the next meeting are going to have a very pleasant evening when they get home.”

“John I am sweating, I am so aroused,” said Francois.

“Me too,” said Cathy.

“And I,” said Janice.

“OK girls,” I said. “See yourself in a very cold ice filled mountain stream where it is ten degrees. You are naked. That should cool you off if you focus your mind on that image. That will cool off your sex drives.”

“Now take all that energy and move it up between your eyes to your pituitary gland and you should have a nice little psychic experience,” I said.

“This is what the Hindu ascetics and Buddhists work on; moving that sexual energy from the sexual chakras up to the third eye. It’s what I do after intense intimacy.”

“Francois,” I said, “Did you ever feel extremely turned on in the middle of the day when we were not together; after we met, I mean.”

“Yes,” she said.

“Guess what was happening on the inner planes my love when you felt like that?” I asked. “See when you feel like that, and this applies to everyone, you need to shut your eyes and see who comes to mind. More than likely someone is having intense thoughts about you at that moment. What you would call a sexual fantasy.”

“If you feel real sick and don’t know of any reason why you should feel sick, close your eyes. You will see, if you meditate on it a bit, someone you love who is sick or your enemy thinking bad thoughts about you.”

“You see this metaphysical spiritual inner planes stuff is real. But logical linear grounded humans discount it and ignore it.”

“And lastly, Francois, you know why class and status means nothing to me. I see the real person behind the façade. That is who I deal with. If evil, I smile and keep my barriers up until they are out of my energy. I don’t fear them because I can sense and feel their intentions and few are as aware and as strong as me.”

“So relax my children,” I said with a smile, “You all signed on for this mission before you were born. Everything is as it should be.”

I made myself some coffee and took a small piece of chocolate candy from the tray next to me.

“Also, if you are feeling nauseated, that is the energy working your solar plexus or in your head if you are dizzy. Sugar may help the nausea,” I said. “You will just have to learn over time what works to counteract this energy for you when you get overdosed.”

“Welcome to the twilight zone,” I said laughing lovingly and then I took a bite of my chocolate treat.

“John if I were not sick to my stomach right now, I would say you are crazy,” said Francois.

I did not respond except to say, “And how can this be…”

Jeremy walked in at that moment and said, “Because he is the Kwisatz Haderach.”

I could not help but to laugh out loud, and say “Right on cue, Jeremy, right on cue.”


The evening meeting began the same way as the others. People began to drift in. Most were very well dressed and most arrived in limos or in chauffeured cars. I stood in an area designated as the receiving line and greeted each person in line. I was introduced to royalty by their titles, very successful businessmen and the heirs to mega millions from ancestral fortunes.

We moved to the dining table and when everyone was about finished, Jeremy introduced me and I gave my standard opening before launching into the main body of my talk.

“Ladies and gentlemen, that was what I call the commercial part of my message. Now I will proceed with tonight’s topic which has to do with my credentials to speak.”

“My life began at eight when I had an awakening from childhood. All of a sudden toys did not mean much to me and up until that time I loved playing in solitude with my possessions. I loved daydreaming and the toys just kept my hands busy. I see that I was in a sense meditating. From the beginning of my life, I was always lost in thought.”

“When I chanced to meet a girl who I had gone all the way from kindergarten to graduation from high school with, about ten years after graduation, she made a comment that her memory of me in the second grade was of my staring out the window all the time.”

“I have always liked to space out and contemplate the nature of things. I am always in awe of all the manifestations of this reality from a glass marble to a building from a grain of sand to the sun, from a bird to an interesting rock. I can stop, focus and get lost in the visual of whatever I am observing. And I can do it for hours.”

“At age eight, I graduated from toys to thinking about why I was alive. Why am I here on earth? What is the point? What is death? Why is there death? And what comes after death?”

“In my early teens, I realized that one thing certain about death was that nothing tangible leaves this world. When we die, our bodies and all we possess stay with the earth. The only thing we take with us is our memory and experiences of our life here. So I determined that I wanted to experience as much as I could and I wanted to experience it intensely and in, as much depth as I could.”

“Then I heard a short while later that at the end of this life we would be judged on how we did. At first that really did not make any sense. I felt that I would do the best I could trying to navigate this life so why should I be judged?”

“I also had a sense that my spirit had always existed. There was no beginning and there would be no end to my soul’s existence. I did not understand the concept of reincarnation until I was almost twenty. But even at eight or nine I knew there was a continuity of the soul.”

“I had been raised as an every Sunday Presbyterian by my parents. God came in a well defined package. It was not explained why my stripe of religion was different than other Christians much less, other than the Jews, that there were other serious religionists in the world who were not Christians.”

“When I entered college in the summer of 1966, a week after graduating from high school, I began to back away from the God of the Presbyterians. I had plenty of questions all my life like why did some humans die in childhood and some live for almost a hundred years. That did not seem just to me. And it did not seem at all right or make sense that some who lived to eighty were judged with the same standard as someone who only lived five years. How could it be fair that the eighty year old had to endure pain and suffering and temptation for an extra seventy-five years? It would not be fair that I should be penalized after being made to live longer.”

“Questions like this and many others the Presbyterians or any other Christian I knew could not answer; except to say that God only knows. I rejected the notion that I had to play in a game of life without being given any rules. So I rejected religion but I did not reject God because I had had a personal relationship with my anthropomorphic God and I knew it was not God who was the problem but the ignorant preachers and other church leaders and members who skewed God’s intentions fort their personal benefit.”

“Eventually I read some Hindu and Buddhist literature and was introduced to reincarnation. It made a lot of sense to me. If you screw up, then you come back and try again. You come back and through karma, evened the scale by having done unto you what you had done to others. If you had caused suffering, then the time would come when you would have to experience what you foisted on someone else. And there was no time limit. You would owe a debt that would eventually have to be paid in full.”

“So life for me became a choice. As a soul, I chose to take a magical mystical tour of life on planet earth.”

“After accepting reincarnation as true and something that made sense at the time and was fair, I had to go to the next level which was “What are the rules on earth?” What was going to incur negative karmic debt? I had a sense of this debt being caused by creating pain and suffering and even death in others. Both my activity creating it and by doing nothing to relieve pain and suffering that was in my control.”

“And then I remembered back to my Sunday school teaching. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There it was; The Golden Rule. Later I became an attorney and I saw how the idea of good and bad behavior could be parsed and skewed and twisted one hundred and eighty degrees. There were all kinds of conduits and corollary and collateral questions. All of which seemed nothing more than trying to persuade God with enough arguing you could completely negate the concept of having done bad, evil or any sinning. It was just a matter of how you presented your case.”

“The idea of hell never appealed to me. Eternal hell for stealing an apple was a bit harsh. So I rejected eternal hell but not hell itself; like a jail term on earth, time in hell would have a beginning and an end. But even still the best leveling would be to be required to experience the pain and suffering you caused; to the same exact degree. To know that if I harmed someone, in time, that pain and suffering was going to come back to me. And it may be an eon from now or next week but it would return to me. Until I paid the full exacting equivalent wrong I had done, I was not going to get into heaven.”

“One thing that did not really impact on me until my mid fifties was that there are people who given the choice to do the right or wrong thing with absolutely no consequence to them would by choice do the wrong thing. I had fought believing this all my life. Finally, I had to acknowledge it was true because it was the only explanation as to why I was living in so much hell.”

“The collateral revelation was that the majority of human beings are like that. Then I understood why there was a story of a Noah in the Bible. A story about God becoming so fed up with the inherent corruption of humanity that he wiped them all out except Noah and his family. I could see why God was so frustrated; because humans are so inclined to do wrong.”

“Now in the spiritual dimension, which is where everyone goes at the time of death, it is easier to see a person’s aura. The negative souls who have done wrong have dirty auras and those who have done less wrong have clearer auras. Souls have no sex in heaven because they have no ability to create new souls; only God can do that and the truth is that all souls have always existed. In heaven, there is no beginning or end. This is a great mystery for humans who live in a universe where everything is constantly manifesting from God and disintegrating back into the oneness of God.”

“So the human body dies. The soul return to heaven stripped naked of everything but its experiences and good and bad deeds which everyone can see. Those people who had great wealth and power and status on earth enter heaven without all the clothing and possessions that made them somebody of note on earth. They enter heaven showing only their angelic or devilish nature. So those who are able to create a façade of goodness on earth are unable to hide their true badness in heaven.”

“Now if you believe in hell, then those devil souls are penned up in hell serving time for their bad deeds. But if you believe in reincarnation, they are sent back down to earth which is considered hell by the majority of souls. It is so hard to exist on earth that it seems like hell.”

“Whichever metaphor you use, heaven or hell or heaven with reincarnation, the reality is that there seems to be an agreement among billions of human beings that there is a price to pay for bad deeds on earth.”

“It is very hard to resist the temptation to do bad things on earth. There are so many distractions. It is so easy to get attached to things that are temporary. Most souls don’t come here because they know they can’t keep out of the mud. And they don’t like paybacks.”

“So back on earth, I felt a need to try to so some good and that good was to try to increase the level of peace in the world human society. But to do that I felt I had to be engaged in the areas of life that created so much chaos on earth. And generally speaking those areas are religion, politics and the law.”

“Religion connects humans to God but then those religious bureaucracies do bad things to control human beings and preserve their status as men and women of God. They do things that are against God’s will in the name of God. They take money from people and use if for their personal benefit and for the purpose of perpetuating the religious bureaucracy. They teach giving to the poor while they take from the poor to support the church. They promote a Jesus who advocated owning nothing and doing good, while accumulating assets and doing bad. When their message of Jesus conflicts with the determination of these bureaucrats to preserve the religious bureaucracy and their love of status and power, they skew the message of the Jesus in favor of the preservation of their assets and source of power.”

“St. Francis fully embraced Jesus’ simple model of owning nothing and doing good. The Catholic Church turned this concept into just another kind of monastic order and relegated St. Francis to the saint of birdbaths.”

“I have fought the Presbyterian church for patron theft by the minister at my mother’s church. Hundreds of thousands of dollars had been stolen. The church bureaucrats hired the best lawyers to stop anyone from seeing the books and records. A year after they threw my mother out of the church after sixty two years of membership, the next hierarchical level was forced to admit that $1.5 million was missing from their coffers; but not to worry it was not stolen. Of course a sane intelligent person knows that if you don’t know how it went missing, you can’t say that it was not stolen.”

“So the church that I grew up in and the church where I learned about Jesus in the end was nothing but a den of thieves. What is interesting to me is that when this battle had just begun, someone painted a circle with an upside down star in it, the sign of Satanist, on the side of the church. Only three members of the congregation tried to remove it. The preacher was not one of those. The other sixty members did nothing. The most obvious is the most hidden.”

“In the area of religion, I have first hand experiences as to why religionists do wrong. The global answer is that religion is an organization of human beings who undeniably place a greater emphasis on preserving the religious bureaucracy than spreading the words of the founder. This is a fatal flaw.”

“All religions are elitist and exclusive when God is democratic and inclusive. Religion is an ‘us versus them’ reality and religions have been a factor in almost every war in human history; some more than others.”

“I have something to say from my experiences in and with the Presbyterian Church and after a lifelong study of God, religion and spirituality. Generally speaking, to increase the peace, human beings need to first be focused on a spiritual one on one relationship with God and then secondly if necessary on their religion. But they cannot forget that if they are truly interested in increasing the peace, that they belong to a religion that promotes an elitist exclusive mindset that in all ways an impediment to peace. You can’t serve two masters. Religion serves money and power first and always because religions are run by human beings.”

Just then, Jean, Jeremy’s maid, brought in Debra and Alicia. Both were dressed in business suits with white blouses. Debra wore a dark blue pinstripe suit.

“This is a pleasant surprise,” I said.

“I arrived a bit early and so I decided to join the party,” said Debra.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is Debra and Alicia, two more of my close associates who have just flown in from America for a meeting later on this evening,” I said.

Everyone nodded their heads and spoke greetings without getting up. Jean brought in a chair for each of them.

A lady who was about sixty years old spoke up. “Dr. WorldPeace, I have a personal question,” she said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I have been looking at Francois, Cathy, and Janice during the course of this evening and they are all very attractive women. As attentive as they are to you, I assume they are very close to you. Now I see two more very beautiful and stately women who are obviously just as close to you as the others seem to be,” she said. “Any comments?”

“I promote the equality of women. Ninety-five percent of all my associates, employees, assistants are and will continue to be women. Many of these women are true believers in my WorldPeace Advocacy. These women with me tonight are all very intelligent, driven, independent, experienced career women. I am very close to all of them.”

“I work twenty-four/seven, sleeping periodically and these women, except Debra who is the newest member of our little group, spend the majority of their time in my presence or nearby. We are all very close. I have come to think of them as my angels. Francois and Cathy have saved my life, literally, just a few nights ago.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, excuse me for saying it, but I would bet that you are very intimate with all of them.”

“This is the Third Millennium and I am single and so are they. We are all adults. We have a relationship one to the other. We work together and play together. There is not much time for activities outside the WorldPeace Advocacy right now. So we find ourselves entertaining each other and that is fair because we are all friends with each other.”

“Moving along,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace another question regarding your definition of heaven. I find it a very unique definition that I have never encountered before. Would you tell us where that concept came from?”

“Actually it is my metaphor for the spiritual dimension. It is a model that is simple and makes sense to me.”

“The spiritual world is in fact just an abstract concept. All religions have their own metaphors. None of which completely work for me. So I mixed and matched and meditated over various religions and after sixty-one years came up with something that makes sense to me. It is an attempt to put abstract concepts into a logical linear human language for the purpose of communicating my thoughts and beliefs.”

“As the Tao te Ching says, ‘The God that can be defined in not the real God’. God is an abstract metaphor. But Western religionists make God into a male anthropomorphic super being. That is how they relate to God; generally speaking.”

“There are actually two concepts of God; the anthropomorphic old man with a big white beard and the all inclusive Infinite Potential. Most people need an anthropomorphic God to pray to. I acknowledge that I am one of those. The Infinite Potential aspect of God from which all things manifest and back into which all things disintegrate manifests the anthropomorphic God.”

“And so the anthropomorphic God will then one day disintegrate back into the all inclusive Infinite Potential.”

“It will be a long time but yes it is the nature of the all inclusive Infinite Potential to reclaim all things it manifests.

“I was going to talk about the political and legal impediments to WorldPeace but I am instead going to elaborate a bit on my cosmology and then we will close for the evening.”

“The problem we have with conceiving of God is the same problem we have in going into space in a BMW as opposed to a space ship. The BMW just is not made to fly much less fly into space.”

“The human body, the earth reality is not designed to conceive of the Infinite Potential.”

1) Everything in every time, everything you can conceive and everything that every being in the universe can conceive exists within the Infinite Potential. If you can think of it, it already exists. You will wear yourself out trying to conceive of all possibilities.
2) There was/is no beginning or end to the Infinite Potential. We in this reality cannot imagine that something has always existed without being born. So we just have to plug the fact of no beginning, no end into our minds and be satisfied that we can never, with our human logic, connect to that absolute fact.
3) In truth, there is no time. Past, present and future all exist in the Now. In these bodies in this universe we can see between the layers of time; or we parse the Now into past, present and future. But that is an illusion/delusion; not truth.
4) The known universe is expanding. But we have no idea into what; an infinite void? For me, in my inner planes travel, I have looked into that void and seen other universes. They look like a beaded Indian headband. Twenty-five universes wide and one hundred universes long; each one a primary or secondary color. That is my visual.
5) We are bound by our solar system and it is hard to get too far away from it and not get lost. I tried to go to Polaris in one of my meditations and almost got lost. My guides stopped me. When I turned around, I could not see our solar system so I had to shut my eyes and allow my soul to drift backward on the path I had traveled in order to return home.
6) There is no space in the Infinite Potential. Everything exists in a dot less than the size of one atom. Our human minds allow us to perceive space the way we perceive time.
7) We have all essentially been associated with this universe since the birth of our universe; four and a half billion years ago. That is really not that long. We are all tied to it. We will be released when it disintegrates. Then we will migrate elsewhere.
8) We live in a holographic space. All realities are on top of each other. Your consciousness is aware of this here and now. Consider a billion paths intersecting right here right now. Our consciousness is a BB on a particular path. We can change paths.
Consider two realities. One you get a new car. And one you don’t. You are on the one that you don’t get the new car. If you have faith, you can change paths by moving your consciousness and get that car. So we don’t create a new reality, we just move our consciousness to a different path that has what we want. Jesus said it. Ask and receive. Believe. That is all there is to it.
9) Further, As above, so below. It you want to know what the spiritual reality is like, look around. Earth is modeled after it. God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image. If you want to know what the anthropomorphic God looks like? Look into a mirror.
10) One other thing, we have limited touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell. If we had the range of eye sight that an eagle has or the range of hearing and smell a dog has, we would be too distracted to get anything done. We came here to experience this intense reality. These bodies have limited senses to cut us off, as it were, from having a full glimpse of the spiritual reality. We are here because we wanted to come here and experience this place and this time. So quit trying to experience heaven on earth; know it is there. Know it is the true reality and get on with your life and destiny here and now in this place, this dream scope.

“There is more but enough for now. Thank you for joining us tonight,” I said.

Everyone was frozen in their seats. No one moved. No one spoke.

“Dr. WorldPeace, you have said some of the most astonishing things. And you have discussed those things logically and matter of factly so that it is hard not to believe you.”

“They are abstract metaphors not reality,” I said. “They are models, the best models I could come up with to explain how I see things.”

“Ok. I see everyone is spaced out so let’s all take a deep breath and I am going to count to five. At five you will be back in your body feeling refreshed and remembering all we have discussed.”

“One, two, three, coming back, four, five; OK stretch. Move around slowly. Welcome back to earth,” I smiled.

No one clapped. They were too out of it. It was very quiet with little chatting. People slowly left. My angels were just looking at me except Cathy who made my coffee; extra strong knowing we had a lot to do before the night was over.


I turned to Debra and said, “How are you?”

She said nothing but she got up and came over to my chair and gave me a very deep kiss and hug. She kissed like it was a new experience. Then she stood behind me with her hands massaging my shoulders.

I took a sip of coffee. “Perfect,” I said. “Thank you Cathy.”

“John you are so far beyond all of us. We will never catch up. You are an alien. You are just not like us. I have no words. I just know that I will never catch up to you. I have to ride the rocket and just hold on,” Cathy replied.

Debra said, “Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be twenty-one. What a wonderful way to begin my adult life.”

Everyone congratulated her. Then she whispered in my ear, “Dr. WorldPeace, I am a virgin and I want you to take my virginity when we go to bed later.”

I turned and looked into her eyes stunned and said nothing. We both know the truth of what she said.

“OK, ladies. We have an appointment with destiny,” I said.

“Get yourself some coffee. It is going to be a long next step I think. Cathy will you see if Jeremy has something you can use to bring some coffee for me and about five pastries and whatever anyone else wants to bring.”

“OK,” she said.

Debra was holding onto my shoulder for dear life. I stood up, turned around and kissed her lightly on the mouth and then moved over to Francois to help her up. She just looked at me and shook her head.

“Hey you will love the next step,” I said as I pulled her up out of her chair.

Jeremy who had been standing by his chair in silence said, “John I am going to have to change a lot of things now that I see the real you. I have some people that you must see. Everything is the same. I just need to connect you with another group of people I am involved with. You are probably the only man I know who could stun them like you did my friends tonight.”

“I am ready,” I said.

We said goodbye to Jeremy and then we all entered the limo. It was bullet proof and there were about five feds and another five local cops stationed in front of Jeremy’s condo and down the block in both directions.

“Ladies, the energy was strong in our meeting because I was receiving a bleed off of the energy that exists where we are going to now. There is going to be a psychic battle so get ready for it.”

“John the sexual energy is about to explode between my legs,” said Francois.

“I am sure,” I replied. “Like I said, we are going into a high voltage area and they are expecting me.”

“I think Francois spoke for all of us,” said Alicia.

“I can feel the heat coming off all of you and its feeding on itself. You are all boosting each other’s energy.”

“What about you Debra?” said Francois.

“I am very turned on but I am a virgin,” she said.

“What?” exclaimed Francois, “A beautiful child like you?”

“Yes, I am,” she said. “I asked Dr. WorldPeace to take my virginity when we get home tonight. I want it to happen on my twenty-first birthday.”

“Jesus,” said Francois. “What did you say John?”

“I have not responded yet,” I said. “It is a big event for her.”

“Yes it is,” said Cathy. “And it is going to be special Debra. And it’s is going to be tonight with John. I am happy for you.”

“For now, like John said, we have a big event coming right up. We need to focus,” Cathy said.

“And Debra,” said Cathy.

“Yes, Cathy?” said Debra.

“You cannot be one of us unless you call dad John in private; in public, due to your age, Dr. WorldPeace, will be better.”

“John, thank you,” said Debra.

I just looked at her and smiled. I could feel the assassins’ energy intensifying.


“Put your barriers up ladies. Debra that means to create a mental image of a protective shield around your body, like a protective energy field from Star Wars that will block anything projected at you. A sphere shaped shield will reflect anything back to where it came from.”

We exited the limo and entered the building where the assassins were being held. I shook hands with Tom Wentworth, the director of the CIA, and met about five other men with him.

“Where is the girl that is going to walk naked in from of him,” I asked.

“Get her,” the Director said to the fellow closest to him.

The girl appeared fully dressed.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“Sabrina,” she responded in French.

“Sabrina, I don’t want you to touch this guy except on the sleeve. And just barely brush it. I want you to show him everything. Keep the small veil over your nose so he can’t see your mouth or chin. Put a lot of perfume on so when you go by him he will smell it. Just keep showing him your body. The object is to make it harder for him to concentrate while we are working on him. Does anyone have any questions?” I asked.

“No, sir,” she responded.

“You can leave your jewelry on but I would take it off. It is something that could identify you on the street,” I said.

“I will take it off,” she said.

“I want you totally naked. No shoes or stockings. This may last thirty minutes or two hours. Just keep moving.” The human eye cannot avoid noticing movement.

“OK,” she responded.

“Thank you. Go ahead and get in there. We will enter in about thirty minutes. No talking. If you need to go to the bathroom or leave the room for any reason, just leave and then come back.”

“Ok,” she said and left.

“Tom, do you have a one way mirror in that room?” I asked.

“Yes,” the director responded.

“Let us go so I can look at him and I need to see the two women who will ask me the questions,” I said.

We entered the room on the backside of the mirror. It was longer than I thought it would be. The room could hold about ten people. The two women who were going to ask me the questions entered the room and then I saw Sabrina enter the interrogation room. The assassin was shocked. Trying to figure out what was going on. Sabrina began to dance slowly in front of him showing off her perfect body completely.

“Sabrina’s doing great,” I said.

“Ladies, what are your names?” I asked.

“Alice and Terry,” said Alice.

“Who will be the lead interrogator?” I asked.

“I will,” said Alice.

“OK. Terry if she lets more than three seconds go by without asking a question, you ask one. Ladies just listen to my answers and ask the next logical question. If I say I entered an apartment, ask the apartment number. If there is an open window, ask, what kind of furniture; just enough questions that would allow the director to recognize the room.”

“Ladies, this is what psychics do when they give a reading. Some use the method I am going to use. I have his dagger and scabbard. I will put the scabbard in my belt and pull out the dagger. The touch of the dagger will connect me to the assassin’s energy. A lot of psychics use a driver’s license or a personal ring. This dagger is a part of him so I should get a very strong connection.”

“I will need about three minutes after I sit down. I will try to nod my head when I am ready. If not just ask, ‘Are you ready?’ Then begin to ask questions. If you don’t move fast, then I will have trouble holding the images. So ask the questions fast but don’t crowd me. Give me a second to make sure I am through responding to a question. If things move too slow all that will happen is I will drop out of the energy and we will have to start over.”

“Don’t take time to write anything but very short notations to help you keep track of what you need to ask. Everything is being recorded. Like if you think of another question not on your list. Feel free to add questions. If I get off subject explore it if it seems related. It probably will be. If I am talking about hunting exhaust that matter before you go to the next issue.”

“Just relax. This is new to you. Just ignore him and talk and concentrate on me.”

“Any questions?”

“No, I have been to some psychics,” said Alice. “I understand the process.”

“Good,” I said.

“OK, Director lets rock and roll. Who knows what is going to happen. Cathy you will come in with me. I don’t want anyone to touch the dagger but me.”

“Ladies, go on in. Director do you have a mask for Cathy?” I asked.

“Yes we have an extra one,” he said.

“Cathy put on the mask. I forgot he saw you. And take off all your jewelry,” I said.

She complied.

“Ok, Cathy go in and sit down. I will be in there shortly.”

I took a few deep breaths.

“Director, you need to have all your people on alert. Who knows what information we will need or what,” I said.

“Everyone is in place,” he said. “I am eager to see how this works.”

“I hope it works period,” I said. “One thing I know is that he would die before he would give you any information the old fashion way with or without torture.”

I then got up and left Marshall, Francois, Alicia, Debra and Janice in the room.

“Be ready Francois,” I said.

I entered into the room and sat in my chair facing the assassin, about five feet away from him. He was strapped down as I had requested. Everything was in place. I took the dagger out of the scabbard and showed it to him. His eyes got very big.

I fondled it, closed my eyes, took some deep breaths and after a couple of minutes nodded my head and said, “Begin.”

“What is your name?” Alice asked.

“Ben Ali,” I responded.

“Where were you born?”

“Damascus,” I responded.

“Is Ben Ali your birth name?” Alice continued.

“No,” I responded.

“What was your birth name?”

“Mohammed bin Quatar.”

“Did you live with your parents?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“How long did you live with them?”

“Four years.”

“Then what happened?”

“The Israelis killed them.”

“How were they killed?”

“A drive by shooting.”

“Then who did you live with?”

“My father’s parents,” I responded.

“Where did they live?”


“How long did you live with them?”

“Until I was eight.”

“Then where did you live?”

“In Iran.”

“Where in Iran?”


“Who did you live with in Tehran?”

“The Brothers of the Faith.”

“Who are they?”


“What do they do?”

“Defend Islam.”

“How do they do that?”

“They are psychics blessed by Allah and constantly guard the Faith.”

“How many brothers are there?”


“Did they give you any training?”


“What kind of training?”

“What you would call terrorism,” I said.

“How did they connect with you,” Terry asked.

“They saw me in the market one day and believed I had the traits they needed.”

“What traits?”

“Intelligence, curiosity, physical strength, mental toughness, spiritual inclinations, loyalty, respect for my elders, fundamental belief in Mohammed.”

“How did they get you from your grandparents?”

“They came and asked.”

“What did they say to you grandparents?”

“They said they needed me to defend Islam. That I was chosen by Allah.”

“So they took you and began to teach and train you?”


“Were there others like you?”


“How many?”


“Did they all become like you?”


“What happened to the others who were not like you?”

“They died in training.”



“So how many survived this training?” asked Alice.

“One in fifty,” I said.

I could feel Ben Ali’s confused mind. He could not completely block Sabrina. He was focused on the dagger more than on Sabrina. I had a very strong connection with his mind.

Then I saw an apartment in the back ground and two men in black suits. They were waiting for three men. I began to look for an address.

The questions were not moving fast enough so that I could look at other things. After what seemed like minutes, I saw an address; 1275 de Gaulle.

I then began to come up from level and said, “Stop,” to Alice and Terry. I took a minute to come back to normal. I could not see well when I opened my eyes.

I asked Cathy to help me from the room and told Alice and Terry that I would be right back.

Cathy helped me out of the room and I called for the Director. I kept my eyes closed holding on to Cathy, and tried to remain connected to Ben Ali’s energy.

“Director,” I said.

“Yes,” he responded.

“I have an address; 1275 de Gaulle. There are two men there who I think are his two original co-conspirators. They seem to be waiting for replacements for Ben Ali and his two brothers.”

“You need to run the numbers in different sequences and look at various spellings of the street. Charles de Gaulle, de Gaulle Avenue, Rue de Gaulle and so on. You are looking for a string of condos; nineteenth century construction, three stories, condos on both sides of the street, stairs up to the main entrance. Black iron fence four feet high along each side.”

“Find the place that matches the addresses you come up with. Go there covertly. You may arrive before the replacements. If you go into the condo and there are not five men, hold the two and wait, quietly. No big cop scene anywhere near the building. Watch a two block radius. All the men are Arabs. Take Francois and let her take the daggers from them. Only she is to touch the daggers. She will bring them to me here.”

“I am going to continue the interrogation. Move fast. These men are at the condo now. The meeting will be short,” I said.

“Got it,” the director responded.

“Cathy, take me back into the room,” I said keeping my eyes closed.

Cathy took me back into the room and sat me down. I removed the dagger from the scabbard, with my right hand, took several deep breaths and said, “Continue with the questions,” I said to the two women.

“Why did you try to kill Dr. WorldPeace?” Terry asked.

“He is a threat to Islam,” I said.

“How is he a threat?” asked Alice.

“He will lead the believers away from the Prophet.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Because he is John WorldPeace. It is not just Islam. He will lead one half of the world away from their religions.”

“Who ordered him to be killed?”

“The five guardians of the Faith.”

“Who are the five guardians of the Faith.”

“They are the most respected prophets of the Faith.”

“I thought you said the seers were the ones,” said Terry.

“The seers found me and the others. The seers also saw what John WorldPeace would do to Islam. They reported this to the prophets who decided that he must die.”

At that moment there was a loud popping noise as I felt a shock wave hit me in my chest and I heard everyone in the room react like they had been hit too. The loudest noise came from Ben Ali.

I opened my eyes and asked the women if they were OK. They said yes. Then I asked them to leave the room. Cathy appeared to be fine. Ben Ali was slumped in his chair.

I told Mike Sims who was in command with the Director gone to come in and check Ben Ali. When he did he said he was dead. I got up and moved to Ben Ali and told Sims to get some people in to release Ben Ali and to get the EMTs into the room immediately.

Ben Ali was laid out on the floor and the EMTs went to work on him. Nothing was happening after about six minutes so I got down by Ben Ali and slammed my fist into his chest. Nothing happened. I put the dagger under his back and hit him again in the chest as hard as I could. This time his heart started and he took a deep breath.

I asked Cathy to hand me the dagger which she did. I put it into the scabbard and told her to sit by me. I took the scabbard and dagger out of my pants and held it in my right hand, closed my eyes and went back into meditation. I told Cathy to have men ready to restrain Ben Ali if he tried to jump up and get away. I told her to get between Ben Ali and his dagger that I had in my hand to stop him if he grabbed for it.

“Are you OK dad?” Marshall asked.

“Yes, just relax. I am trying to see what else is going on here. Just let me meditate,” I said.

I could hear them working on Ben Ali. I could see on the inner planes that he was weak.

“Take him back to his cell,” I said. “He is OK. Get him whatever he wants to eat. Watch him so he does not try to harm you. Better shackle him hands and feet first.”

I continued in meditation for about forty-five minutes with just Cathy in the room. Then I slowly began to come out of my trance.

“I need some coffee honey,” I said.

“I am OK. By the time you get back, I will be fine. Except that I am exhausted. It has been a long day,” I said.

“Yes it has John,” Cathy replied.

“Do they have a conference room here where we can all talk?” I asked.

“I will see,” she said.

I turned to the mirror and motioned everyone to come in. Before they could get to the door Cathy returned and said we were going to a conference room.

When we got to the conference room, Simms said that they had caught all five assassins. The director and Francois were on their way back and a team was on the scene going over the room.

“Thanks, Mr. Simms,” I said.

Debra asked, “What happened to Ben Ali in there?”

“Did anyone feel that energy pop,” I asked.

Marshall, Alicia, Janice and Debra all said they felt a little something.

Cathy said, “I shook when it hit.”

“What was it?” asked Debra.

“The seers tapped into what I was doing and they shot a huge bolt of negative energy at me. I had my barriers up and had it deflected to Ben Ali. I should have reflected it back to the seers but I did not expect such a big charge. So it killed Ben Ali. Fortunately we were able to bring him back. I don’t think they would have been able to do it if I had not had his dagger in the room. Or let me say it would have not been as powerful a shock.”

“So psychic energy can kill you,” Debra said.

“Generally no, but you have to understand that Ben Ali, me and the seers are all highly tuned, so it is more powerful between us. Normally, just as the prayers of others can heal you, the negative prayers of others can negatively affect your attitude or your health. You should always remain vigilant and meditate and keep your protection up.”

The Director and Francois came into the conference room.

“Hello again,” the director said.

Francois came over and gave me a kiss and whispered that she had all the daggers.

“Mr. Director, did you knock those guys out and get those cyanide pills out of their mouths?” I asked.

“Yes, we are on it,” he responded.

“They must not have been too far away,” I said.

“Three blocks.”

“Three blocks. That is all?” I asked.

“Yes. Smoothest operation I have ever been on. We walked in on all of them having a meeting and eating. We only had to stun the leader who went for his dagger.”

“Find any guns?” I asked.

“No. All they had were their daggers,” the Director said.

“I thought so. One thousand years of tradition that they refuse to break. This group has been the guardians of Islam for over a millennium. The metaphysical reality is their daily state. These old seers have a lot of knowledge and power that has been accumulated over the centuries,” I said.

“You are going to have to find a place for all eight of them and we need a psychic who I can train to take my role in this. Then you need to work on them for about a year to get everything out of them. I am sure I will have to help now and then. I just thought, you will need two psychics not one. Don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket.”

“The guy that went for his dagger is the first tier next to the seers. Then Ben Ali one step down and then the rest of them are on the third tier down.”

“John, I am astounded at what you can do; all across the board. You have so many talents that we need to try to bring into our organization. We need to duplicate as many of your skills as we can. I can see why people hate you and tell all kinds of nonsense about you; apparently all your life. They are afraid of you. I apologize for all the misgivings I have had about you. I just did not understand where you are coming from. And I bought into everyone’s lies about you. You really are trying to do something about increasing the peace. I can see that now and working with the FBI, CIA, NSA and the President you are going to be able to do a lot of good for everyone. I am glad to know you John,” he said as he reached out his hand to shake mine.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” I said. “This is a dynamic I was not expecting either. We will both greatly benefit from our association I think.”

“Just keep these assassins isolated from each other. And make sure they are not using Morse code by tapping on the walls or floor to communicate with each other. They need to feel isolated. They have too much psychic power to allow them to connect with each other and create mischief. Continue to treat them with respect.”

“Sabrina was a good idea. She definitely disturbed Ben Ali’s concentration,” I said.

“These guys are identified by the seers between five and nine years old. They are then put through some major brainwashing as well as intensive physical training. They are more than just soldiers. They are very skilled assassins. My bet is that we have half of their senior agents.”

“Out of fifty, one is selected. Or I should say one will survive. The training is grueling and failure means death. There are all kinds of life and death forms of training.”

“The seers know most will die. Those who survive do so by intellect, common sense knowledge, psychic intuition and luck. The seers define luck as God’s hand in choosing those who eventually will be assassins. The sole purpose is to defend the faith in cases where executions and assassinations are necessary.”

“They are told they are God’s chosen. They are not celibate. It is one of their few pleasures in an otherwise ascetic life. That is why Sabrina was effective. Most of the time they are cloistered in a monastery environment; but the training never stops. They live an extremely disciplined life.”

“Not much fun and joy allowed. They are thoroughly brainwashed that they are God’s chosen. We need to think about how to turn them. Make them our dogs. But it will take some very knowledgeable Muslims who are either psychic or have extensive psychological training. Those daggers are like samurai swords. Their souls are attached to their daggers. So that is why I want to keep them.”

“I have a way to keep the assassins from psychically connecting to them and retrieving them. If we give them their daggers they would cut their throats.”

“For now we just need to let things settle down. The seers know I am their equal now. So they will not send anyone else until they meditate on what is going on and how to deal with me. They are more concerned about me now than before because we beat them. The problem is the strict discipline the assassins must endure. The seers and assassins are controlled. Not much creativity is allowed. I beat them because I have no such restrictions.”

“But they will be back.”

“Any questions?” I asked.

“No,” said the Director.

“Anything else you want to discuss?”

“Not right now,” he said.

“I have a few things. First, Debra is either going to work for you or me. She can’t serve two masters. Cathy and Francois are more committed to me. Janice and Alicia for now are more committed to you and the FBI. I take that for granted. Debra is new. She has to make the call now. She’s either with you, Janice and Alicia or with me Cathy and Francois.”

“No one can serve two masters. I demand one hundred percent absolute loyalty. Once that is breached, the relationship is terminated completely. No exceptions. No appeal. It is a learned response of a lifetime and two marriages. I am no longer forgiving. Cathy and Francois must be true believers and pseudo wives who would rather die than betray me. I am on a tight rope and will be for the rest of my life. I can’t afford any traitors connected to me.”

“I expect Janice and Alicia to honor their priority commitment to you. I can work in that environment. Any of them can change sides at any time. But if they do they must make it known.”

“Debra is new. She must chose now; as in right now.”

“I understand John,” said the Director. “I agree. I also have to know if someone I am dealing with has a bias. “

“I chose Dr. WorldPeace,” said Debra. “He is my first loyalty. I am his shadow studying to be his equal.”

“Was there ever a doubt about that Debra?” I asked.

“No. Absolutely not,” she said. “I know what I want. I knew it when I first saw you. I belong to you.”

“Mr. Director,” I said, “she has made her choice.”

“My expectation is that you will give her the training that Francois, Janice, Alicia and Cathy and my son have received.”

“Agreed,” he said.

“OK,” I said.

“Mr. Director, Vernon LeCompte the head of the peace group organization is your man. I saw it while being interrogated. The seers already know about the peace march and rally. They know about Vernon LeCompte and I found out about him because they did not hide it from me. They did not think about it; did not think I would be interested.”

“When I am in that mental state on the inner planes, all kinds of things appear to me. The problem always is to figure out what is relevant and will stay relevant. Things change always. So a clear path tonight, due to changes, may not be clear tomorrow.”

“So Debra, Vernon LeCompte works for the CIA. Keep that in mind. We have not even begun those discussions yet. But I will say Tom there will be over one hundred thousand people at the rally. I need a Pope mobile and a path painted on the concrete; bullet proof glass around the podium. I will shake hands with people but they will have to go through metal detectors, put on a one piece garment like a Muslim wears on the Hag.”

“John, there is no keeping anything from you is there?” asked the Director.

“Only what is relevant is revealed to me and significant to my WorldPeace Advocacy is what I see. I filter out the rest. But I will tell you this, when I am around someone like Ben Ali with superior psychic skills, it boosts both our energies. Again that is why Sabrina was there, to give me the advantage. What the CIA, FBI, NSA does that does not impact on me does not come into my view. My mind is crowded enough. I don’t have time to waste time on things like UFO’s and who shot JFK.”

“I am not your enemy Tom and never will be. I will quit this relationship before I become a traitor or terrorist. I will not be used or sacrificed nor will any of my people. No mission is that significant. Win some, lose some. I am not nor are my people expendable assets.”

“John you’re the savviest person I know who is not in the community. I realize absolutely now that everything with you has to be upfront and unedited. You have proven your loyalty and your skills to me. You have gone out of your way to be totally open and frank with us. We will play ball.”

“And one other thing, Mr. Director,” I said. “With all due respect, directors and presidents come and go. But I am John WorldPeace for life. Administration agendas will change. The WorldPeace Advocacy will not.”

“I understand and you are absolutely right. I want to retire one day. You don’t.”

“Right on brother,” I said.

“Now I have another long day tomorrow and miles to go before I sleep. Congratulations on a job well done Tom. And thank you.”

“John thank you and I want to say I am very glad to know you. You are a very unique and special person and I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

“The respect is mutual, Mr. Director,” I said.

“Good night. Actually good morning,” I said.

“Ladies, head ‘em up, move ‘em out’.”

We made our way to the limo and went back to the condo and gathered in the kitchen for some down time before bed.


No one had said much on the way home. Francois as usual, opened the conversation.

“John, every day with you now becomes an adrenalin rush.”

Everyone agreed with her.

“Dad, tonight I realized that you are so far ahead of all of us that we will never catch up; even when we reach your age. You are a very unique and enigmatic person. And I see now why everyone tells lies about you. They hate the fact that you are so far ahead of them. Mom, Brian, Stephanie and David all hate you. They told lies about what you did to them. I don’t know how you have been able to cope with all the lies. Cops, lawyers, judges, politicians, religionists all of them want to get you. Too many want to see you dead.”

“Yes they do. It all goes back to that stupid bet I made before I was born. All these people have been my enemies for tens and hundreds of thousands of years and more.”

“See John,” said Francois, “you talk about these things as if they were true. You have no doubts about them.”

“Funny how I had the vision then I lived this reality. I know it is true. There is a spiritual dimension impacting on all of us. Our earth brains don’t want to admit it and refuse to acknowledge it. But it is real. Believe me.”

“All of you are seeing things from and about me that no one but my ex wives saw. The Snake rejected it. Kay was overwhelmed by it. Now I have the six of you living it with me. You have seen a lot to still have major doubts.”

“I understand John,” said Debra. “I am only twenty-one, but I feel I know what you are talking about. What you have lived. I have been living in a conservative environment. You have never consented to that and never will. You have always mentally and spiritually operated outside the box. But to protect yourself you tried to live a conventional life and have. But now that is all behind you. You are free to be who you really are and that is what is happening now.”

“You are stepping out of the box and onto the world stage. And God has brought all these people to join you because you can’t do the WorldPeace Advocacy alone. God is not going to let you be destroyed. You have too much to do and the training has been sixty-one years long. God does not want to start over. Besides, the time is right.”

“You are the Kwisatz Haderach,” Debra said.

Francois asked, “Who mentioned the Kwisatz Haderach to you?”

“No one,” said Debra. “That is just the messiah figure in Dune.”

“Did you know that has been Jeremy’s peace group’s code word for the person we have been looking for over two decades?” asked Francois.

“I don’t know Jeremy or about any group,” said Debra.

“Well you just said the magic words, Debra. Welcome aboard,” said Cathy.

Everyone was quiet.

“OK. We have one more item on the agenda. Marshall it is about me and my five angels here and sex. You can stay or go. But we have to talk about Debra.”

“Dad I am going to opt out of this conversation.”

“I understand. Marshall. I don’t want to come between you and My-Le. You are moving into the inner sanctum of my world and you will never be able to explain all you have seen in the last few weeks. My-Le is a healer and spiritual and creative but she confines it to her healing practice.”

“No one can understand what is going on here without being here. By being around my world, Marshall, there is a distance growing between you and My-Le. I don’t know how to tell you to handle it. I live in chaos and hell. Always have. Always will. Until I die and then I will still have no peace. I laugh when I hear Christians or any other religionists talk about how peaceful heaven is.”

“I don’t want to cause you problems with My-Le. I want you two to live happily ever after. So just think about it.”

“I have Dad. That is why I am in France in part, to gather information. You live an intensive high adrenaline life and it is very appealing and even addicting. I am working on it all in my mind.”

“OK. I love you,” I said as I got up and gave him a hug. Goodnight. You take the Butler’s room. No one is in there. Everyone else will be in my bedroom. I am going to need a bigger bed,” I said.

Marshall went to bed in deep thought.

“OK, angels the subject to be considered is Debra. Debra is a virgin. She is twenty-one today. She wants to wake up no longer a virgin. She wants me to have her virginity. I am reluctant even though I feel it is our destiny.”

“Have you ever been with another woman, Debra?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

“So tell me Debra, do you realize that all of these women are to some bisexual? That if we are in bed and I am busy they enjoy each other.”

“No, I did not know that but I suspected it,” she said.

“Do you know that Francois wants my babies and I have agreed?” I asked.

“No I did not know that,” she said.

“Cathy has no desires for children right now. I don’t have that kind of relationship with Janice or Alicia.”

“But you seem to want the intimacy and the connection that Francois and Cathy have with me,” I said.

“Yes, I do,” she said.

“And children?” I asked.

“I have not thought about that at all. I have too much on my agenda for kids. And kids would mean time away from you and subordinating them to you. I don’t want that.”

“That is exactly what I told him,” said Cathy.

“Debra we are having an open public frank conversation about your virginity. It is not the love and marriage romantic version of life,” I said.

“Really,” she said.

“Yes. You can ask Francois and Cathy if you like. My feelings were that eventually you and I would connect but I thought in years not days. You are extremely beautiful, smart and sexy; the whole package. All of these ladies would like to make love to you in their own way. But they are not going to rape you or force you or work on you. You call the ball. You define the game for you.”

“Tonight if you want it to be just you and me, we will do that and they will accept it. After tonight it will seldom be just you and me unless they all happen to be out of town, which is unlikely. It is complicated.”

“I was willing to let it just work out. I have two other women in Houston, Rose and Linda but they are not in the same league as these women or present as much. Cathy and Francois know them intimately.”

“It was not my intention to have a harem. Things have just happened such that my bed is full of beautiful women. My history has been two woman for thirty-eight years; two nineteen year marriages. Both wives left me. I was extremely lonely and depressed at the end of both marriages. I will not go there again. This is the way it is now.”

“I feel I am awakening you and bursting your bubble. I feel over the years women will come and go. That sums up all I know and feel at this point in my life,” I said.

“So, that being said, how do you feel now?” I asked.

“Nothing has changed for me. I have no objection to them having my body and I seem to be turned on to the thought of having access to them; a totally open arrangement.”

“But I want it to be just you the first time. I want you to myself when I give you my virginity. After that, after we have had that experience, then they can come join the party.”

“Debra, I am not into anything kinky or crazy. Sleeping with seven women is crazy enough. And they will tell you everyone gets satisfied. There is no dope allowed around me except occasional marijuana some of them use. So it is normal sex between consenting adults; normal male/female heterosexual and female bisexual intimacy. There is a line here. I am not going to go down the slippery slope of a sex addict.”

“I make love because it is extremely pleasurable and relaxing and creative and spiritual for me. When it is over, I either take a nap or go back to the WorldPeace Advocacy. Even if I stay in bed I go back mentally to the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“The WorldPeace Advocacy is my wife, my first love. All women are mistresses to the WorldPeace Advocacy. I realized in jail that was the reason the Snake and Kay left me. I could never put them ahead of my destiny. Not this lifetime.”

“I feel we all have the connection we do because of past lives. I have been husband, father, brother, son, mother, wife, daughter to each of you in more than one life. The connection is too strong and the intimacy too blissful for it not to be so.”

“I am sixty-one with a very high sexual drive. It is not going away. I am living in harmony with it and not even trying to deny it any more.”

“John can we go make love now?” asked Debra.

“Yes, we will use the guest bedroom after Alicia gets whatever she needs from there.”

“I don’t need anything from there, John,” said Alicia.

“Anything ladies?” I asked.

“I am really happy for you Debra,” said Francois.

“We all stood up. I kissed and hugged everyone. Picked up Debra in my arms and carried her into the guest bedroom and closed the door. It was 0300.”

Debra was an indescribable magnificent blissful pleasure. Our connection was very intense and deep.

About 0600 we joined the others in the main bedroom. They were all asleep but when we entered everyone came alive.

TWENTY-SIX Tuesday 090616

Jeremy combined the morning and afternoon meetings since both were small. So we were free until 1430.

At 1230 Cathy came in and woke everyone up. She had gotten Debra a birthday cake and a present from the angels and me. So we all went into the kitchen to sing happy birthday to her. Everyone was told to put on their robes because John was up.

I took a two minute shower and put on a jogging suit. Cathy had my coffee ready for me.

We all sang a sleepy happy birthday to Debra who seemed to be on cloud nine. Everyone kissed and hugged her except Marshall who shook her hand.

The present from me was a very expensive ceramic angel. On the bottom it said ‘Happy Birthday to Debra the newest Johnny’s angel’. The gift from the girls was a beautiful gold, diamond and emerald heart necklace. Debra was astounded and began to cry and the others teared up and cried a little too.

All in all a very wonderful experience, I thought. I saw a whole different facet and dimension to my Cathy. How lucky I am I thought as I looked around.

We all sang Happy Birthday and Debra blew out the candles on her cake.

After the little party everyone began to get dressed. Life goes on. I was wearing down as the WorldPeace Advocacy rocket had gone ballistic.


We arrived at Jeremy’s and executed our normal routine of greeting everyone and then for the daytime meetings we usually put the chairs in a circle if there were less than ten guests and in rows if there were more.

I preferred chairs in a circle which allowed me to sit down and to have a more informal meeting. The morning and afternoon groups were all women. They were friends and clients of Jeremy and were not of the same professional career interest group as the others I had spoken to.

I gave the standard introduction and began.

“Ladies welcome. I want to say that I love talking to women. I love being with women. I love their company.”

“Men are about money and power always and after sixty-one years, I am tired of it. I still interact with men eighty-five percent of the time in my business, investments and the WorldPeace Advocacy and so on. But I cannot completely relax in the company of men. I am a hardnosed, aggressive, angry, goal oriented over achiever, the majority of the time. But when I want to relax, I want to do it with women. I can let my hair down, even though I don’t have any hair any more, with women because there are no power trip games on any level. Men never stop playing the power game.”

Eighty-five percent of the people who are closest to me are women. These five women you see here are the foundation of The WorldPeace Advocacy. They are very smart, experienced, driven, true believers, loving. They are at once my mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers. They are my safe harbor. They are my peace. They are my bliss and my pleasure. They are the source of much of my drive and my creativity. They are my angels.”

Ladies, I am committed to the belief that the most important aspect of The WorldPeace Advocacy is to bring women worldwide up from their second class citizenship. We live in an unbalanced world society. It is male oriented and dominated and because it is, money, power, greed manifest war and pain and suffering and the destruction of our planet.”

“The male model of the world needs to be tempered with the female model to bring balance if we are ever going to significantly increase the peace in the world human society.”

“All of you are women of power and as such you are in a position to pick up the pace of manifesting women’s equality.”

“Most of us have children and with children comes disappointment. They are not like us because they only have half of our genes. They are not purebreds like us. They are a mixed breed of us and our co-creators.”

“I tell people that we should have children and immediately go down to the baby exchange. We put a baby into the pool and we take out the one that likes us the most. It seems like a great idea to me.”

“I have four children. My son Marshall is a source of pride and pleasure and love and trust. My other three children have all tried to destroy me literally; in part under the influence of their evil mother.”

“We are never going to see a baby exchange and this is as it should be. When we grow old our children have their own lives and we become many times disconnected from them. Even the best intentioned and loving children have their own lives. And their lives and careers are not generally in harmony with the expectations, hopes and dreams we had for them.”

“So I am suggesting this. Each of you consider seeking out a young girl between eight and twenty-eight; someone who is like you, someone who has the potential to make a difference, someone who has the dream of making a difference in the world but probably will never achieve those dreams because of the lack of money but more importantly, the lack of a mentor.”

“Every one of you has life experiences and education and the maturity that could make you an excellent mentor. If you connect with a young girl who wants to be an accountant and you don’t have those skills, I am sure you have the connections to expose her to a female career accountant.”

“But with regards to home and family and love and marriage and hopes and dreams you are perfectly qualified, especially if you look for a young women who is like you. You begin with a similar personality. They will be you surrogate children.”

“Yes there will be problems from your biological children who are jealous and who are afraid you are going to give their inheritance to a non family member. But you have a higher calling; a calling of increasing the peace in the world. And with that higher calling you determine to find that young girl that can contribute to the future peace in society.”

“No matter what career a male wants to pursue, there are plenty of male mentors. This is not true for women. A young girl that wants to own a successful small business has trouble finding a female in that role. So what is needed is a proactive plan for women such as you to make those introductions and connections and by so doing speed up the manifestation of women’s equality and consequently a higher level of peace in the world human society.”

“How would your life been different if you had had a mentor like the one I am talking about when you were very young. What would you have done differently? Would your life have been more fulfilling?”

“And think about this, it is an ongoing process. You never have to stop. You stay on the alert for the next young female to mentor. Like children they will grow up and leave but there will always be a new group of young girls looking up hoping that you will take them into your world and mentor them.”

“What a legacy. What a wonderful vision. How rewarding to have twenty surrogate daughters, to be able to know that you have made a difference in one child’s life. And that child because of you made a positive difference in the world.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, how do we find these girls?” someone asked.

“Well it is really easy. You go to any school on the planet and tell them you are ready to mentor a young girl and ask who is the most likely candidate in that school . Who is the happiest young girl who will never be all she can be because of the lack of money, mentor, father, mother, etc.”

“As part of The WorldPeace Advocacy, we will set up a matching service complete with psychological tests and all the other things that adoptive organizations do.”

“It is tragic to me and very sad to see a happy cheerful loving child who really could make a difference in the world be denied that destiny. I am serious. It hurts me on the soul level. It goes back to the Emily Dickenson poem, ‘If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not have lived in vain”. We are talking about more than a breaking heart. We are talking about a whole life and the ripple effect of that life in the entire world.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, what you are suggesting is very radical.”

“Unconventional. Outside the norm,” I said. “Yes, but this is the Third Millennium. This is the Age of Aquarius. We have moved out of the age of Pisces.”

“Giving money to charity is sterile compared to what I am talking about. Worthy yes, unless you give to a charity with eighty-five percent administrative fees. Becoming involved in the life of a living human being, that is a one on one active emotional embracing of life.”

“Imagine the bliss of seeing your involvement produce a successful human being. And regardless of what happens in the long run, you know you made a difference. And if not a difference, you know you tried to make a difference. Open up your heart and let these young girls come into your life.”

“If you read the New Testament gospels they mention that Jesus had a group of women following him. I am sure they cooked for him and his disciples. Washed his clothing and did traditional women’s work in those days. And they were at the cross when the disciples had abandoned Jesus.”

“I have a group of women who take care of me in all ways; in every way. They are the wind beneath my wings.”

“Again if you read the gospels and some of the texts that were edited out of the final version of the official New Testament, you will find that Mary Magdalene was a disciple. She was not one of the official twelve but she was one. She probably understood more than some of the official twelve what Jesus was about. She was just plain smarter that some of the twelve. She is referred to as the disciple that Jesus loved. The church tried to say that John was the disciple that Jesus loved. But if it was John, the writers could have used John’s name. But Mary being a woman they had to hide their meaning and so they just said the disciple Jesus loved.”

“Well I don’t have any disciples, followers and no church to become a member of and doubt that I ever will but I have some women attached to me who look more and more each day like disciples. I will stick with the phrase ‘true believers’ which is a secular non religious word.”

“Ladies I need your help. The world truly needs peace; desperately needs to increase the peace. And the foundation of that manifestation of every single aspect of peace is affected by the imperative that women become equal members of the world human society. Women’s equality is a mandate of The WorldPeace Advocacy. Like no other issue it is mandatory for increasing the present level of peace on earth.”

“All I am saying ladies is for you to find a young girl to mentor and give peace a chance.”

All the women stood up and clapped including my angels, Marshall and Jeremy. It is times like these that make all the trials and tribulations of my path worthwhile.

All the women came by to shake my hand. One woman, very attractive and close to my age asked to speak to me alone. I agreed and we went into Jeremy’s parlor after I said goodbye to everyone. I motioned Cathy to let me meet with her alone.

We sat closely facing each other in the two chairs in front of the fireplace.

“Dr. WorldPeace, my name is Countess Henrietta Chirac. Your talk was the most inspirational experiences of my life. I have never met anyone like you. But I am going to do what you suggested and find a young girl to mentor.”

“Dr. WorldPeace I have a castle in the north of France. It needs repairs but it is solid. I am going to give you a life estate in that castle under the condition that you fix it up and name it the WorldPeace castle and establish it as the first WorldPeace beacon in France and Europe. I am going to give you one million dollars toward renovation and I am going to encourage my friends to do the same. So finding the money to make the repairs should not be a problem.”

“I am also going to give you twenty-five hundred acres around it.”

“When you finish the renovations, if you want to use it for the WorldPeace Advocacy, I will deed it to a trust for as long as it is used to promote WorldPeace. When it ceases to be used for that purpose, it will revert back to my heirs.”

“I am doing this because I believe in you. You have a huge dream Dr. WorldPeace and dreams belong in castles because in fairy tales that is where dreams come true.”

“Countess, I feel that the castle would be perfect for our needs and would go a long way to promote The WorldPeace Advocacy. This is another one of God’s magnificent blessings and in that sense, I accept your offer.”

“Dr. WorldPeace if there is ever a chance that WorldPeace will become a reality, I believe you will be the catalyst to make it happen. You have given me a dream and a vision of mentoring. Something I have desperately needed since my husband died three years ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

I stood up and took her hand and lifted her into my arms. She responded and we kissed deeply and passionately like an old married couple. When we disengage she said, “Dr. WorldPeace, what does that mean.”

“Countess, Francois and Cathy are billionaires and Debra is a multi millionaire. Alice and Janice are working girls. I don’t personally need your money. In fact, I am a very non-materialistic person.”

“Emotionally I am a very lonely man. I have been married twice for nineteen years each. Both wives left me. They left because I am married to the WorldPeace Advocacy. I realized that when I was in jail. So for me there will never in this lifetime be a happily ever after marriage.”

“You are a woman my same age and for a brief moment I was allowed to act like we had been together all our lives and would continue on. My heart is forever incomplete and lonely. I refuse to be lonely again so I have a different attitude about relationships. I will not be with a woman for whom I have no feelings or no emotional connect. Intimacy is a deep loving kiss. I will not be intimate with someone who is not involved in the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“I believed that holding and kissing you would be very pleasurable and so I did it.”

“So if I wanted to make love to you right now. Dr. WorldPeace, you would do it?” she asked.

“Yes,” I responded.

“And your angels would not object?”


“Then I want to ask Jeremy to borrow his guest bedroom and I want to make love to you. I want to experience your making love to me.”

“OK. You talk with Jeremy and I will talk to Cathy. When we finish making love, I want to announce to them your offer of the castle.”

“Agreed,” she said. “I will be back shortly.”

I went into the main room that was being set up for dinner and found Cathy.

“I am going to make love to the countess,” I said. “Then we are going to come out and announce a very generous offer she has made for the benefit of the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“OK,” she said.

“I love you,” I whispered as I kissed her.

The countess entered the room and motioned me to follow her, which I did. Francois was not in the room.

The countess and I went up the third floor and made love like we had done it all our lives. We were in total sync, total bliss, totally satisfied.

“This will not be the last time,” I said.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “John that was wonderful. I did not think I would ever feel like that again, Thank you.”

“Thank you,” I said. “You are exquisite.”

“I love you,” she said.

“And I you,” I replied as I leaned over and kissed her deeply again. When I pulled away she got up and followed me into the shower.

We entered the main room together and I said, “I have a wonderful announcement to make.”

Everyone was chatting. No guest had yet arrived.

I continued, “The countess has a castle in the north of France and she is giving it to the WorldPeace Advocacy for as long as it is used to promote peace.”

“Wow,” said Francois and every one clapped.

“There is twenty-five hundred acres that will go with it and the countess is also giving us one million dollars to begin the renovations and will solicit her friends and family for additional funds.”

“Countess,” I motioned her to speak as I held her hand.

“I guess I have become a true believer. WorldPeace is an awesome dream and if anyone can make it happen it is John WorldPeace. A dream so big needs a castle because castles are where dreams come true in fairy tales.”

“Through his suggestion of mentoring, John has given me my life back. I now have a mission which I feel totally in harmony with. Thank you, John, Thank you.”

I kissed her significantly on the mouth.

“And ladies thank you so much for sharing Dr. WorldPeace with me. He is wonderful as you all know,” the countess said.

Everyone laughed and clapped and stood up and gave the countess a hug and said thank you.

Marshall just looked at me. I walked over to him.

“Dad how is all this happening?” he asked.

I looked at him and said, “God loves me, son. His blessings are just beginning to flow.”

I gave him a strong hug and said, “I love you. Thanks for being here with me.”

I teared-up a bit.

“I love you too dad. I love you too,” he responded.

I walked the countess to the door.

“Countess you are a very special person and I do love you. Your husband was a very blessed man.”

I walked her out the door and to her limo. The driver opened the door. I kissed her and she got in and the driver closed the door.

‘What a wonderful woman’ I thought to myself.


There was another limo behind the countess’ limo. As the countess drove off, one of the CIA agents approached me. He said there was a woman in the limo who wanted to talk to me. Her name was Countess TinTy.

I asked if he had run a check on her and he said yes. “She is clear on Interpol and she is who she say she is”.

“Call Cathy to come out here,” I said.

“Yes, sir,” he replied.

In a few minutes Cathy was by my side. I went to the limo and the window came down. A very beautiful black woman was alone in the back seat.

“Dr. WorldPeace may I talk with you,” she said in perfect English.

“Yes,” I said, “if my assistant can join us.”

“Yes, Cathy, can join us,” she said.

When we entered the limo, she said, “Dr. WorldPeace, Ms. Lyne, I am very pleased to meet you. My name is India Celeste TinTy. My friends call me countess. My mother is European and my father was Egyptian.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, I am connected to you in that we have the same exact birthday. I was born on April 24, 1948, at the same moment you were except on the opposite side of the world. You were born at 2100. I was born at 0900. So I am older than you by twelve hours.”

“My husband of thirty-eight years died on March 30, 2007, the day Kay drove out of your life. I arrived in America in Houston on December 19, 2008, the day you exited from prison.”

“Cathy, call Tom Wentworth, talk to him personally and ask him what he has on the beautiful woman.”

“A moment later, Cathy had the CIA director on the phone.

“Mr. Director your people ran a check on India Celeste TinTy a little bit ago. Dr. WorldPeace wanted to know if there was anything that he should know about her.”

After a moment, Cathy said goodbye and hung closed her cell phone.

“John she is fine”.

“OK, countess, you have my attention,” I said.

“I am to prevent shootings like at Starbucks, stabbings by assassins, explain the symbolism on the daggers, help you with your interrogation of the assassins, discuss the coming peace march; basically protect your life,” she said.

“The Snake has been your nemesis,” she continued. “A male has replaced her. When you received the castle tonight, your enemies from before your birth became desperate to stop you. It is open war between you and them now.”

“You need someone on your level that is committed to you from now on.”

“Are you my soul mate?” I asked

“In a way, yes; but no I am not an angel. I am you.”

“Why is there this tension between us?” I asked.

“We are alike. We don’t like to be questioned.”

“It has been a long day and I don’t feel I have my normal powers to feel your energy,” I said.

“You don’t. The lady who just left has been with you in many lifetimes. She is still making love to you. She has not released you. You’re blind right now to a degree. This is why you need me. To take some of the psychic burden that will become very great from you. No one but me can help you with that.”

“Why don’t I trust you?” I asked.

“You trusted all your life and it cost you a lot. Now you have become smarter and begun to question. Too many people are pulling on you; your angels are the most obvious. And more are coming. They are already reaching out to you and draining your energy. They don’t fully realize what they are doing to you.”

“I have to help you control your sexual energy. However, that is a big part of why things are happening so fast. Your sexual energy is extremely powerful and its creative force is significantly boosting The WorldPeace Advocacy,” she said.

“Are we going to make love?” I asked.

“Yes,” she responded.


“At the time of the next full moon in three days,” she said. “As Debra’s birthday was her connect date, the full moon is mine. When we connect the energy between us will level out and you can get on with the WorldPeace Advocacy. You will feel a great burden has been lifted from you because you have had no one on your level to cover your back in this life.”

“Why did you wait so long to come to me?” I asked.

“We did not know if you were going to survive Paris, write the books, stay on track,” I said.

“You dreamed of me in jail. Your desire for a black woman was much in your fantasy. That was a first for you; to desire a black woman as a lover. You were picking up on my energy.”

“Do you want to make love to me,” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“Why,” I asked.

“Because my energy is out of balance since the loss of my husband,” she replied. “I feel empty like you but not betrayed like you. We need each other to balance. No one can do that but us for each other.”

“Why am I connected with all these women?” I asked.

“Past lives; they all came to work and work hard for and with you this lifetime. And they want to feel you. Also, your sexual energy dramatically boosts their energy. They feed off you as you draw life from them.”

“What about Cathy?”

“She can’t live without you.”

“Is that true Cathy?” I asked.

“I don’t want to fully admit it but yes. I can’t live without you. I love you totally. You have become my life,” Cathy said.

“This is why Dr. WorldPeace that you saw yourself dying at one hundred and twelve in bed and she wants to go with you. Francois will have already died. You tell Cathy to lay down with you and you will try to take her with you. And you two succeed. You walk out of this life hand in hand so to speak.”

“Did you have that vision, John?” asked Cathy.

“Yes,” I said.

Cathy began to cry deeply and hugged me.

“What is going on with her?” I asked Celeste.

“She wondered if you really loved her that much. With all the women around it gets confusing. But being the one to leave this life with you is the ultimate love for her.”

“Yes,” said Cathy. “That is true.”

“She will never doubt your love again. She knows you love Francois and Francois will have your kids. Now she knows you love her just as much as Francois if not more. She knows in the end she will not have to live without you; as things stand now.”

“I am as deeply connected to you but we have a more intellectual connection if you will; less emotional. We are more factual with each other. Our love making will consist of a whole different dynamic.”

“You fill her every need. She has been absorbed by you. She can’t imagine life without you. It has been her greatest fear.”

“Yes,” said Cathy.

“Why am I so attracted to him,” Cathy asked.

“You have been with him many lifetimes; friend, mother, daughter, sister, but never lover. You have thousands of lives of unsatisfied desire for him and now you have it even if you have to share him. But you know his energy is too great for just you. So it is OK. You have loved him forever.”

“Yes, Yes, I have,” she responded.

“I love you baby. Shall we let Celeste join the party?”

“Definitely,” Cathy said.

“So let’s go Celeste. But first a kiss,” I said.

She moved toward me in a very powerful manner and kissed me into another dimension; and I her.

“Wow, that relieved some tension,” I said.

“I have the deepest craving of all for you John. And please call me Celeste – short for Celestial.”

“And what about the other women?”, I asked.
“They are icing but you are the cake and whole meal. I have not allowed myself to indulge in women this lifetime. It has been many lifetimes but the memories are good.”, she said.

“Let’s go,” I said


We exited the limo and entered the house.

Everyone was chatting and they were astounded at Celeste’s beauty and presence.

“Everyone, this is India Celeste TinTy. She prefers Celeste. She has been checked out by the Director. She is legit. She is a professional psychic but much more than that term indicates. Cathy and I have interviewed her. She passed all the tests. Welcome the newest angel,” I said with a smile.

I looked at Marshall, shrugged my shoulders and laughed.

“I would introduce you all but she is psychic and should know all your names,” I said with a mischievous smile.

“Guest will be arriving any minute,” said Jeremy.

“John you are an amazing man. I thought you were fixated on younger women and within a couple of hours you connect with two extremely beautiful women your age,” said Jeremy.

“I never realized how dull my life was until I met you,” he added.

Marshall came over to me, “Dad what is going on. That is the most beautiful black woman I have ever seen and she is sixty-one?”

“WorldPeace is what is going on,” I said. “Some many of the women from my past lives are coming together in this one. It is going to be a big party.”

“I can’t take my eyes off her, she is so beautiful,” Marshall said.

“You have a past life connection with her. It’s her energy and those past lives you are connecting with,” I said.

“Cathy would you ask Celeste to come over here?” I requested.

“Yes,” she responded.

“Hello Marshall,” Celeste said. “Long time no see. About twenty-five hundred years in Greece.”

“Celeste, Marshall has not made peace with his psychic past in this lifetime.”

“Well he and My-Le will very soon,” said Celeste.

“For now you need to level out his energy,” I said. “You two must have had a heck of a dance in that lifetime.”

“We did. Oh yes we did and that was not the only lifetime in which we danced,” said Celeste.

“Well you are too old for him this lifetime,” I said.

“Not exactly,” she said. “But it’s not in the script sorry to say. He will be fine dad. Come on Marshall. Let’s get you back in your box.”

She took Marshall’s hand and they walked out of the room. John was speechless. I just smiled.

One thing for sure, even at sixty-one Celeste is stunningly beautiful. No one can deny that.


None of the guests had arrived yet. Usually they all appeared right at 1900. No one wanted to be too early and most of Jeremy’s friends were very punctual.

Celeste came back from talking to Marshall after about fifteen minutes and he seemed much calmer. Celeste is a very old soul I could tell that. As every minute went by, I could feel that our energies were merging.

“Cathy and Francois”, I said, “we have to create private areas in both condos in Houston and Paris. I can see now that everyone who I am connected to and others who I meet are going to want to talk without the Feds listening in. I don’t want the most intimate of conversations broadcast any longer. I think two rooms are appropriate; a small bedroom with a shower and a bathroom and a small parlor. The bedroom can be fifteen by fifteen feet as well as the parlor and a twelve by ten bathroom.”

“I don’t know what to do about public meetings except to have the limo sound proofed. Can both of you look into getting that done. I have met with two countesses today both who required private meetings. I also intuitively know that this peace march/gathering is going to require some private meetings. Also there are the people the Feds are expecting to contact us with information.”

“Consider it done,” said Cathy.

“Francois we need to get working on that baby my love. I need you to set us up with a doctor. I am not sure that in this day and time that a reversal of my vasectomy is necessary to harvest a little sperm for in vitro fertilization. My understanding is that my sperm is now released into my scrotum since the tube is cut and the sperm cannot exit my body. It is absorbed by the blood back into my system. If they reconnected the tube then everyone who has not passed menopause is probably going to get pregnant. Just kidding,” I chuckled.

“I have already checked into it and was waiting on you to tell me you were ready to go forward.”

“Let us talk to the doctor before I go back to Houston. I can’t tell you exactly what method the doctor used on my vasectomy. That was in 1977. I have several questions about the whole process.” I said.

“I am eager to hear the sound of little feet around the house,” I said as I got up and kissed Francois.

“Celeste my love,” I called into the other room.

“Yes, John,” she responded.

“Did you tap into my interrogation of the assassin?” I asked.

“No,” she answered as she entered the room.

“What we did was to strap the leader, Ben Ali, to a chair I designed. I then had a beautiful woman of Middle Eastern heritage walk in front of him naked to help distract his mind and weaken his attempts to block me. I held on to his dagger and scabbard. Then two women, Feds, attractive women, interrogated him by asking me questions. I went into a channeling mode. Everything was working fine, when his handlers, the seers, tried to project an energy bolt at me. I was expecting it and had my protection in place. The energy hit my shields and then shot into Ben Ali and killed him. We were able to bring him back.”

“While they were interrogating me, I saw where the two assassins we did not catch were initiating three replacements for the ones we did apprehend. I gave a note to the Director with an address and some instructions and they captured all five without incident. I think the seers were so focused on me they did not protect the five.”

“Now it occurs to me that you and I should link up and we should be able to get anything we want to know in a joint channeling session. The problem is we need some skilled interrogators to work with us; five of them in fact. No one has been able to ask questions that are relevant and ask them fast enough to take me down to the deepest levels. My intention is to show you what I did, in fact you already understand, and let you take over some the interviewing process.”

“At the same time, I want to develop our joint abilities and this would be a good place to start. The seers are just under the five prophets of Islam. So we are into their top level which has a lineage of over a thousand years. They can’t change the people quickly. They are not experienced with anyone getting past their barriers. They are obviously paranoid and in a panic now. So in the next few days we need to proceed with this project. Somehow we will find the time.”

“The problem that I am concerned about is the fear and paranoia that is going to exist with the Feds when they see that you and I can find out anything we want on the inner planes without all the technical toys they have at their disposal.”

“The positive side is that it should be much harder for anyone to get to me or you or any of us and do harm if you and I stay close and meditate frequently.”

“I am with you John and I understand what you are saying,” said Celeste.

“What I also realize is your silly story about making love just at the full moon is nonsense. We will be making love almost every day and sleeping and living very close in order to keep our connections and psychic energy high,” I said.

“So, on the agenda tonight after this meeting, you and I will bond.”

“Is that an order?” she asked.

“No it is the future scenario you already saw when I got into your limo now being verbalized by me.”

“You are right,” she smiled.

“The reality is that I have been seeing, just in the short time we have been together, are the forces of darkness are aligning against us,” she said, “You really had your barriers up and they were caught completely off guard when you and I connected.”

“I could not let them see all this before I touched you. It would have left you too venerable and caught unaware,” she said.

Francois spoke up, “You know John I have been completely day to day astounded by you. Now you have connected with Celeste whose psychic skills are more honed and refined than yours because of her using it all her life and not being as distracted as you with other necessities for your destiny. I feel like I am a child in the presence of you two.”

“My love, every woman in this room has special skills. You are the chosen bearer of the WorldPeace generation II progeny. Cathy is my shadow protection. Marshall and to a degree Jeremy are balancing male energies to all you little kitty cats. Alicia and Janice, their FBI, CIA connects and skills in those areas. Countess Chirac as a major benefactor, who incidentally has overcome her inhibition of exposing her very well preserved body to all the hot young kitties in this room and will therefore join the harem but not the angels really as early as tomorrow night. She will be a part timer. And by the way the castle is going to be an unbelievably fantastic place.”

“Right, Celeste?” I asked.

“Right about the countess and the castle,” she said.

“And Debra, I haven’t seen her full potential yet but she will have great responsibility in some part of the WorldPeace Advocacy probably first with the peace group coordination and then probably a Fed liaison. She has the looks and will have the power shortly. A bit young now but the WorldPeace Advocacy will give her a lot of respect.”

“The problem is that she will be gone a lot and will not sleep in the common bed as much as she would like. However, she is cut a bit differently than the rest of you and has an iron discipline that allows her to shut down her sexual desires. Of course when she opens that channel, there is a gigantic explosion due to the pent up energy.”

“Debra kitty cat is a very hot number but she has very big ambitions and she will learn about peace and will have no qualms about using her power ruthlessly if necessary. What will keep Debra coming back is me. I am one of a kind and she knows no one else can scratch her itch but me.”

Debra said nothing. But you could see her processing everything that was being said at lightning speed.

“Ms. Debra is sort of speechless right now but the day is very fast approaching when she will not let me talk like this without a challenge if she feels it necessary. In fact the fire is building up in her right now to challenge me a bit but it is manifesting more in her desire to be taken to bed and over powered in a very firm and loving way.”

“You know it’s true by the significant blush on her face right now,” I pointed out.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Celeste, “I must say you are amazing to even me. I had no doubt your psychic powers were significant but I had no idea how significant. I am impressed and I have said that about no one else in this life time. My anticipation of our intimate connection later this evening has increased dramatically.”

“Thank you, Celeste,” I said. “I knew you had the power before I got into the limo. I was just not sure whether your intent was to love me to the edge of oblivion or simply kill me,” I said.

“I am going to discharge all your power cells,” she said smiling. “You’re much more than I had hoped for. I loved my husband as much as life but in a couple of hours I anticipate that I will see you are the sun to his candlelight.”

“Wow, I just hope I don’t burn up in your orbit,” I said with a smile.

“We will orbit each other Superman,” she smiled.

“And my son Marshall, whom I dearly and totally love, all his mental, spiritual channels have been turned on and he feels like he has been transported into an alien but friendly environment.”

“Dad it is like everything I knew just became kindergarten level if not irrelevant.”

“Just stay grounded my son. Celeste has boosted my energy a couple of million mega watts and since you are connected to me, you should be having some interesting dreams, visions and revelations. And so should My-Le.”

“In fact, you need to call My-Le right now because she is a bit disoriented and nervous.” Celeste said.

“I will,” he responded.

“So Celeste, welcome to my world,” I said as I got up and kissed her with deep love and affection.

“I think these girls are going to address you as Mother Celeste.”

“Exactly my thought;” said Francois, “the magical mystical marvelous Mother Celeste.”

Just then Jean came in and said the guests were arriving.

“Thank you, Jean,” I said. “This meeting is adjourned. Duty calls. It’s show time ladies,” I said.


As per usual, the guests were arriving all at the same time. At each meeting my entourage was increasing so space was getting cramped. Marshall, Francois, Cathy, Debra, Alicia, Janice, (Henrietta Chirac), Celeste and me. That is eight with Henrietta in and out and not counting Rose and Linda. We were to have about twenty-five again tonight in a mixed crowd. I shook hands from my designated place with Francois at my side and Cathy close by. We had our dinner, introduction by Jeremy. I then introduced all my entourage again in case someone had not met one of them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, before I begin I would like to introduce my companions; first my son, Marshall MacPherson. He is soon to be Dr. Marshall MacPherson when he finishes his doctorial thesis. He is visiting me to make sure I stay out of trouble. Cathy and Francois who many of you know are my constant companions taking care of all kind of personal, business and WorldPeace Advocacy details. Debra is new to the team and is for now charged with being the liaison to all the peace groups in the world. We are trying to bring them all together on an issue by issue agenda and to convince them that with one point man, me, we are going to be able to confront head to head chiefs of state on local and global issues.”

“Alicia and Janice are in charge of government liaison. All world governments are paranoid about a globe trotter named WorldPeace with a WorldPeace agenda that may or may not conform with their own agendas. And Countess India Celeste TinTy who is my soul mate in charge of spiritual, religious, psychic and metaphysical matters.”

“All these women are very intelligent, very committed, very driven and energetic. They are not disciples, followers or members of the WorldPeace Advocacy because the WorldPeace Advocacy has none of those classes of supporters. They are true believers in the idea that we can increase the peace in the world human society. Marshall is my biological son but these women are part of my personal WorldPeace family. I love them all.”

“And of course I do not need to introduce Jeremy who is one of the most remarkable men I know and someone whose friendship I cherish completely. Jeremy and I do not have enough time together but he has more than anyone else actively pushed my WorldPeace Advocacy years or more ahead of schedule. I greatly value his confidence and belief in me personally.”

“Thank you Jeremy,” I said as I moved to shake his hand and give him a hug.”

Everyone stood and clapped.

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen for you kind reception and your presence,” I said and then I gave my standard opening remarks.

“I would like to speak tonight about apocalyptic religious visions,” I said.

“The universe, the physical universe is four and a half billion years old. When you look up at the sky at night some of the stars are not stars but galaxies of billions of stars. And there are certainly uncounted billions of planets just like the earth that can support life; carbon based life.”

“Now at the time of Jesus, they believed that the earth was created about six thousand years prior to their time. They probably could not even conceive of a number like one billion. There was no use for such a number. So to be told that the universe was four and a half billion years old would have been meaningless to them.”

“As far as the stars in the sky, they were just lesser lights to them. There was the sun, moon, planets, and stars. But the thought was that the planets revolved around the earth before it was understood a thousand years later that the planets revolved around the sun and the earth, was just another one of several other planets in the solar system.”

“The point I am making is that the Christian apocalyptic vision is that everything in the universe is going to be wiped out and a new earth made with nothing else. Or maybe God will leave everything else alone and just remodel the earth.”

“As an aside, per the Bible, after God killed every human on earth except for Noah and his family, he was sorry and said he would not do that again.” He said he would not use water again.

“But over time God saw that the progeny of Noah was just as corrupt and pursued evil just like others before the flood. So to get around his promise not to destroy mankind again he sent Jesus. Now when people die of whatever cause, God can then punish the bad ones. So God set up a new program where he could show his eternal anger at the frailty of humanity which God, in all God’s understanding and knowing, made.”

“Again as an aside, here is the basis of a sadistic God; one who makes corrupt and evil humans just so he can have the satisfaction of destroying them in a long lasting painful manner.”

“The Bible ladies and gentlemen contains so much mythology, cut and pasted together over and over through time by men looking for an understanding of God and life and a way to gain power and control human beings. You just can’t make the stories all fit together in a coherent intelligent way.”

“I believe there is a God. I even believe in a personal God absolutely who manifested from the Infinite Potential which is the all inclusive, indefinable essence of All That Is. And that God I believe in has always been about peace and love. My God is infinitely tolerant and just. My God is not arbitrary or capricious.”

“The majority of people believe that human beings are in essence an infinite immortal spirit incarnate as an integral part of a human being. And when that sprit functions through the human body, the nature of the earth which is really for a spirit, pleasure based, (because on earth the spirit can intensely experience sight, smell, taste, touch and sound), the spirit gets confused and begins to think that the earth reality, which is finite in time an space, is the true reality. The true reality is the spiritual dimension which is infinite with no beginning and no end. It is an all-inclusive concept that the human mind simply cannot grasp. The human mind cannot grasp a heaven without time or space either; or a condition in which the absence of light does not mean darkness.”

“So when spirits incarnate into this earth reality, they naturally tend to become confused and evil. Religion is one of those corrupt institution of man. Very simply a religion is corrupt because it is made up of human bureaucrats whose primary mandate is to preserve the bureaucracy first and spread the message of its founder second.”

“And this ladies and gentlemen is why much of what you hear from priests, ministers, clergy around the world does not make sense. The Catholic Church has unlimited wealth and yet it accumulates and maintains that wealth by giving lip serve to Jesus who said that the love of money is evil and to gain entrance to heaven a person should give away all this wealth. (By the way I don’t believe that except as it applies to those men and women who feel a calling to live as hermits, monks and nuns.) I can assure you as a WorldPeace Advocate I can do much more good using my talents which were hard earned to create thousands of jobs than by me becoming a beggar and helping a very few. I give everything to a man or woman when I give him or her a job which they would not otherwise have.”

“The problem for me comes if I begin to believe that the wealth I accumulate for the sake of accumulating is going with me when I die. The problem comes when I forget that wealth in heaven is not based on money and assets but on good deeds and acts of kindness.”

“I apologize to you for seeming to be going off in so many directions that do not seem to relate to apocalyptic beliefs. But I will connect it all up shortly.”

“Religion is corrupt in part because it is a product of human beings. Some inspired, some good but for the majority of religious bureaucrats, the clergy, it is just a job with good benefits like any other job. It is a valid calling but a callous clergyman is worth less than a businessman employing ten people and taking care of them as an employer. Both are inspired by God.”

“Popes have a history of doing as much evil as kings and presidents and prime ministers. The Inquisition and the Crusades are examples of bad things done in the name of God. The destruction of cultures and knowledge and supporting political wars, slavery and genocide are all actions past and present of the Catholic Church; the same with other Christian denominations.”

“So it is these religious bureaucracies that foist their apocalyptic visions on the world human population. Christian bureaucracies specifically gain a lot of donations by preaching about the end of the world. It is basic selling. You teach people that they have a problem and then you sell them the solution. You tell people the world is coming to an end and judgment and hell await but by becoming a card carrying member of a Christian church you too can avoid God’s wrath and the fires of hell.”

“So in short, do I believe in an apocalyptic end of the world? I do not. Not as is promoted by bureaucratic religions.”

“Ladies and gentlemen World War II, exterminated Jews, Aids, starvation, nuclear holocaust, plagues, famines, hurricanes, typhoons and tidal waves all of which were holocaust apocalypses of death and destruction to people all over the earth. But because we have not had global famine or global war inclusive of every nation, or Aids worldwide to the extent it exists in parts of Africa; because we have not seen that we discount all local apocalypses as not the real apocalypse.”

“Right now we are creating a global holocaust with global warming. We can see it coming but we ignore it. But even still all that is going to happen is that fertile places are going to become barren and deserts will become fertile. There will probably not be an earth that is all desert and incapable of supporting some number of human beings.”

“The Christian apocalyptic vision was about the world 2000 years ago. It was not a global but a local vision.”

The vision of John in the book of Revelation is one he had on the island of Patmos. People 2000 years ago went to Patmos to smoke the sacred mushroom and have visions. And John’s vision, like so many revelations in the Bible, has been significantly edited. What we have is a nightmare of which we can’t make any coherent sense except that there is going to be death on a global scale by war, famine, and plagues. So what is new? We are living the apocalypse vision all over the world right now. Many millions of people right now in their individual lives believe they are living the apocalypse. They are starving, sick and experiencing pain, suffering and daily fear and the pains of being alone. But from my personal place in the world, things look pretty good.”

“Let me now say that ‘no’ I don’t expect a messiah to come floating out of the sky with an army of angels. What I expect is a combination of historical precedents of enlightened souls, avatars, prophets, etc, who are advanced souls who over the course of a lifetime come to understand their mission to reveal spirituality among the human population.”

“And up to now every one of these founders of a religion has had their message skewed, twisted, and edited by men who are adept at building bureaucratic religions based on a founder’s message. And those men and women create religious bureaucracies that are as corrupt as those religious bureaucracies that came before them. Jesus had nothing good to say about the Jewish religious bureaucrats and if he came back today, everything he said against the Jewish religious bureaucrats he will say against the Christian religion bureaucrats. I can’t imagine Jesus demanding the Pope to turn over his vestments and then Jesus putting them on. It is not going to happen. Jesus would sell the golden, jeweled encrusted vestments and give the proceeds to the poor. Who can deny this?”

“We are out of time and so I will have to detail my views of the coming messiah at another time.”

“Thank you for you kind attention.”

Some people stood up and clapped; others sat and stared off into space. It was a mixed reaction. As per usual people began to wake up. I shook hands, my angels congratulated me and we saw everyone off. Then we retired to the parlor to talk and realized there were too many of us, so we returned to the dining area and sat there.


Francois sat to my right and held my right hand. Cathy stood behind me with her hands on my shoulder and Celeste sat to my left. These three women I realized were my wives; Cathy the wife of my youth, Francois the mother of my children and wife of middle age and Celeste my long time lover, friend, confident wife of my later years.

Debra is my young firebrand daughter who wants to run dad’s kingdom and Alicia and Janice are very close friends and protectors with benefits.

I love Cathy, Francois and Celeste as wives. And I love them each in a different way but just as much one to the other. I love them all equally. And I love them in that way because I can feel their love as wives love husbands. I feel their traditional love of a wife for her husband. I feel I am a very fortunate man. But more importantly I can see my pre birth vision manifesting with God’s help one day at a time.

Unlike with Kay and the Snake, I can feel the complete and total love these women have for me. And I experience that love in many things they do for me and the way they deeply touch me.

Making love to each of them is perfect in its own way. Celeste embraces me in the most deep strong erotic intimate way. I feel completely merged with her even though we have yet to make love. I feel she will give me the deepest level of peace and bliss possible between a man and a woman.

As per usual I am experiencing the moment and from different perspectives, simultaneously watching myself.

“John,” Celeste said, “I was seeing so much as you talked I could not keep track of all of it all. All I can say is that you are about to live one of the most dynamic lives that have ever been lived in this reality. Everything you have experienced and learned is going to be put to full and total use from now on. You will accomplish your vision. The time for John WorldPeace and the WorldPeace Advocacy is very definitely now.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the lips as if we had been together forever. I could feel the strong steady electricity though her incredible lips.

“John,” said Janice, “I have been watching you and you never seem to run down. We have been extremely busy and you are sixty-one years old and you never seem like this rocket ride we are on bothers you. You don’t seem to get tired.”

“Part of that is that I have tried to stay in shape all my life. I have exercised about five months out of each year since I was thirteen. I am not obsessive about it. But I don’t go years without exercising. And as much as I move around, that is exercise as well. Not to mention the horizontal exercise all you ladies demand.”

They all giggled.

“And when I change gears from one activity to another, I recharge somehow. When I was going to college, I would study until I was tired and then I would work. The work broke the monotony of study and I was refreshed.”

“Another part of it is the psychic energy. I am using it more and more and it really is like caffeine in many ways.”

“And also, all of you are very attractive and beautiful and so I sort of stay revved up. Your energies are increasing and so that increases my energy.”

“Now we have Celeste with us. Once she relaxes into everyone’s energy, there should be another boost.”

“Lastly, I use coffee to bridge the times when I feel a bit tired. But I can drink too much of it and it will irritate my stomach. That is why I put so much cream in my coffee; to neutralize the acid.”

“John,” said Celeste, “I have never met anyone with as much energy as you. You are almost like an alien.”

“Amen,” said Francois.

“I have not been able to understand what I am seeing and feeling but your energy level is really abnormal. I also see when the psychic energy is building and you are headed for a power nap; coffee or not.”

“Also, a factor is that you have always wanted to maximize your time and so you very deliberately pace yourself. You do so by watching your schedule twenty-four hours in advance. You are meticulous in your energy management.”

“Also like you said, you pull a lot of energy from everyone around you. You don’t harm them but you are like a little bee gathering nectar. Every time you touch one of us, your energy goes up. But so does ours. It is very interesting. Like now you and Francois holding hands both of your energies are recharging. Neither one of you is draining the other; you are both boosting each other.”

“John right now you are controlling the energy from Francois because if you didn’t the two of you would be putting on a porno show for the rest of us right now. So you are not blocking her energy but you are disbursing it and redirecting it. Unfortunately you have these other little kitty cats around here who are taking that excess energy and licking it up like milk,” she laughed.

“So everyone’s motor is running faster and faster,” she said, “and I don’t think I could block it if I wanted to since I am personally in the chain as well.”

“The really beautiful thing about it is that there is a very loving bond between all of us. I am new to the group, harem, but I feel the energy, the loving sexual energy coming from everyone. It is really a wonderful blissful pleasant experience.”

“I love to listen to the little kitty cats that I hear purring right now,” she said.

“Well now I understand a few things,” said Jeremy. “When you all are here, I feel a sense of euphoria. I really feel good. So from what you are saying, Celeste, I am picking up on the loving energy that is flowing between John and his angels and between angels.”

“Yes,” said Celeste. “John has very strong energy. But he has to watch his anger management. That same power can really boost his desire to confront someone. He has controlled that aspect of his personality all his life. So he has managed to stay out of many fights; actually all fights, physical violence I mean. He fights with his words and the way he looks at people and how he projects his energy at them and how he manipulates their energy such that he is almost always in control.”

“The law business was bad for John because he was too aggressive and he would not reign in his anger. It would come out in his pleading and letters and hurt him. To some he would appear to be a maniac. The real problem is that John never worked in a law firm so no one took the edge off him.”

“Yes,” I said, “The law business was not good for me. It hurt my soul. I could not deal with the level of evil in the legal system. It was just too much for me.”

“One thing I find interesting,” said Celeste, “Is how I fell completely in love with John almost immediately.”

“I loved my husband very much. He was the light of my life. But John is so much more to me. John is to many people very hard edged. The truth is that he has an enormous reservoir of love for everyone. He gets mad when he sees people who deliberately take advantage of and prey upon others. I have not even made love to John and I can feel his love all over me. It is like being wrapped in a warm blanket.”

“I feel that,” said Alicia. “I did not know what it was. I have been with a lot of men and I am cautious. But when I am with John or even think about him I feel that warm blanket too.”

“Goodness Alicia,” I said, “I had no idea. Then you have really been blocking your true feelings for me.”

“Yes, I have,” she said. “John you have so many women that love you totally and you them. I just felt there was no room for me so I closed off as much as I could. I can’t do that anymore.”

“I got up and went over to her and hugged and kissed her lovingly.”

“And ladies,” said Celeste, “that love that John has in about to jump out of its container and engulf the whole world. You have no idea how large his capacity for love and compassion really is. It really astounds me what I am feeling from John. I am a really good psychic. And I feel like I should have picked up on all of these things over the years but I didn’t. All I can say is that the WorldPeace Advocacy is going to be overwhelming. John will change the world and he knows it and always has known it. He has been looking for the doorway to his destiny all his life and it seems he has found it.”

“I can tell you this; our love for him is allowing him to do his work. He feels safe and loved with us. He for the first time in his life really has women who love him the way the needs to be loved and who will not abandon him. He feels secure with us so he is reaching out. “

“But I must add that he feels safety in numbers. If one of us leaves him, he has others to fill in the gap and console and nurture him. He will never be completely alone and feel completely abandoned the way he did at the end of his two marriages.”

“He has lived a life of abuse from just about everyone. That is why the Snake and Kay were so important to him. But they just did not understand him. And his needs were greater than what they could supply. So he chose not to accumulate a harem. For the most part he stayed true to them even though it was painful for him not to feel the love he so much desired and needed.”

“Come on Celeste,” I said. “You are laying my life open.”

“It is time someone did just that,” she said. “You need to let the love flow John. The world needs it. John WorldPeace is about love. The world will be uplifted with it and fizzle without it.”

“And Francois, you need to get busy with those WorldPeace babies,” Celeste said.

“We are going to the doctor next week,” she said.

“Francois I see nothing but happiness around these children and it the kind of happiness John needs. He needs to overcome some of the feelings of his failure he has about three of his children. He needs to feel he can make a child happy. He needs to be a loving parent. He needs an outlet for all that pent up love as a parent and grandparent. He needs to display his love to children of his body. Three of his children have denied that to him. They will not allow him to love them. As crazy as it is, they want to destroy him. It is not enough that they just deny him the love he needs from them.”

“Marshall your dad did good raising you. Or I should say you understood him and your sibling didn’t. He still feels he did not do enough. No guilt. No regrets on his part; just a feeling of sadness about how things all worked out. But he was fighting a losing battle by marrying your mother. She was trying to destroy him at every turn with friends, family, parents and children. She was and is unrelenting. It all has to do with some deep psychological problems she has and the dark nature of her soul.”

“I just keep being more and more astounded,” Marshall said. “I don’t know how there could be so much about dad that I did not know or understand. It is mind boggling and it is in every area of his life.”

“Your dad is just way too complex for almost everyone on this planet to understand,” Celeste said.

Everyone was quiet.

“Well boys and girls,” I said, “we are a team now I think. And good things are happening everyday now. Thank you, Jeremy. I cannot say it enough. You are such a huge part of what is going on. I love you.”

“John, I don’t know what is going on. I am just doing what I can to help. My job is little. You have the huge task but you have all you need to make it happen. I really love being around you John. I always come away feeling exhilarated and full of life. I feel more alive than I ever have. And all the people I have introduced you to have nothing but good things to say about you. It is amazing. They are all eager to see The WorldPeace Advocacy develop and they want to know how they can help.”

“I realize I have to create some ways for people to get involved. I just don’t want an organization. But for those who want to give money, I need a vehicle for them to do that. Others want to give their time. I am working on something I call a ‘purple shirt”. I hope to have worked through that by in the morning when we meet with the peace groups. It is silly for me not to have vehicles for these people to contribute when there is so many who need help. I need to be the conduit. And I will become that.”

“At any rate, Jeremy,” I said, “0600 comes early in the morning so we should be going.”

“Thank you John.”

“Thank you Jeremy,” I said as we shook hands and hugged.

Everyone was ready to leave and within a few minutes, we were on our way out the door.