Jim Chrome I
- the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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First draft was finished on April 5, 2016 at 0625. Jwp

THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT. I WRITE BY STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I have a very general storyline in my head when I begin to write. I write mindful of grammar and punctuation. I write about 5 pages at time and about 10 to 12 pages a day. After I finish 5 pages, I go back and edit for grammar and punctuation before I continue to write. Then I post to the internet. This is a First Draft. When the novel is finished I will do two more edits from the first to last page. These last two edits cover content and grammar and punctuation. I tried using hired editors in the past but it did not work. I thought I needed my writing to be more conventional with agreed protocols. Then I realized I did not want my brilliance or my ignorance edited; sterilized.
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JIM CHROME I - the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD


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Copyright 2016 Dr John WorldPeace JD All Rights Reserved

PART 6 of 6


“I find it interesting that that Dave and Harry have done so well in managing the logistics of this endeavor,” I said. “I really thought that I would have to be much more involved.”

“The government is very efficient with databases,” said Rachel. “They have 1984 information on everyone back to World War 2.”

“No doubt,” I said.

“I have two more projects on my agenda right now,” I said. “One, I need to talk to Lord Premier Lad with Jim about Jim. Are you ready for that conversation Jim?”

“Yes, Dr. WorldPeace,” he responded.

“And the second thing I need to do is go over my main speech regarding the implementation and maintaining of the orbit changes,” I said.

“Are you going to write a speech?” asked Rachel.

“I will rough out a speech and then make highlights but it is totally against my nature to read a speech,” I said. “It is just too stilted and it never works for me. I need to begin to write notes down on an index card as a start of a list of what I want to say. The objective for the most part is just not to leave anything out. I will need to get some input from Lord Premier Lad.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “Rey showed me how to send communications through the holographic communicator without turning it on the way we have been. I have it programmed in. The green light does not come on unless you want it too in order to know when I am talking with Rey.”

“Not necessary,” I said. “I think it would just be a distraction to me.”

“OK,” said Jim. “I will ask for a time when Lord Premier Lad can talk about me with you and I and what he thinks is important for you to include in your speech.”

“Do you have an idea of when you want to give the speech,” Jim asked.

“I think in about 36 hours. I need input from you Jim if there are any problems with what has been said and what is happening with this project. In other words, if we have to do a bit of administrative detail and communications that are not really appropriate to go over in the main speech we need to get that done as soon as possible.

“I feel that I am going to have to give an update once a week for a month and then twice a month for a few months and then once a month. I may not have to do that. The only thing the intelligent beings need to know is how much the orbits have shifted at least day to day. They need to know the results of their efforts as motivation of the next 10 months.

“I think actually that within the first week the orbits will shift enough to reduce a lot of potential chaos even if no more is done. It will take a very small adjustment with the intersection being so far off in time and space. We have plenty of time to achieve our goals.

“I am expecting the initial enthusiasm to really do the job. But I want the project to go on because there will be a lot of collateral positive effects from the ongoing communications. I think that peace among societies throughout the Eye will increase. The need for communication for this project with automatically lead to communications about other common problems between and within UoUs and for the Eye in general.

“I agree,” said Jim.

“I need to take a nap and begin to receive the information about the speech,” I said. I don’t expect to be out too long. You can communicate to Lord Premier Lad that I will be available, sorry, we will be available, to talk to him about you Jim in 2-3 hours. You can communicate to Rey my need to take my nap and not to be awakened and break the energy if possible. I don’t think we have even mentioned this process of how I run my life.

“I will take care of it, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim.

“Anything else,” I asked.

“No,” said Jim telepathically.

“John can you take your nap on the bed so I can lay next to you while you nap? I really want to experience the energy,” said Rachel.

“That will be fine,” I said. “You may feel sick or an increased electrical tension. I would ask that you not touch me or awaken me. I do not think it will be a problem because the mattress is very stable. If it does appear that I am waking up, I would ask you to leave the room.”

“I understand,” said Rachel. “I have already made the mistake once of waking you up from a nap.”

“Sorry, I should have given you a heads up before that happened. I am like my mother in that respect. If you woke her from her sleeping in the night, she would come up in the bed speaking loudly trying to wake up. It makes me laugh that I inherited that from her. Sadly, she never spoke about it. She never told me what she was dreaming. In many ways my mother was very smart but in her deep personal thoughts she was totally closed off. We never had any metaphysical conversations.

“My dad and I had some about his experiences but it was strange to me that he never connected it to God. They were just events disconnected to any spiritual reality. He hated preachers and churches. And he thought I was totally crazy in just about everything I did. So I did not touch on the metaphysical.

“But he was a kid who believed in Santa Claus until he was 14 and his uncle told him to get in the wagon that they needed to go get the Santa Claus presents at the old homestead. Funny interesting.

“Anyway, I am about to crash, so let’s go,” I said, “as I took her hand.”

Within two minutes after I laid down, I was asleep or deep into my nap.


I woke up after about 2 hours. No way to know how long these nap sessions with my guides are going to take.

Rachel was in the bed next to me on her side looking at me.

I smiled.

“It is interesting to watch you sleep, John,” she said. “You lay on your back, hands across your chest looking like an out of the coffin corpse but your eyes are moving and often your legs and hands have these little movements like you are going somewhere. Then you just open your eyes.”

“Unless something wakes me up and then I jump,” I said. “That feels like my spirit comes back into my body like a jet fighter and slams into me.”

“When I wake up like now, I usually have been waking up for about 10 to 15 seconds. Sort of like coming up from under water. I seem to become aware I am in an underwater like environment and realize I have been dreaming and immediately begin to slowly reenter my body. When I am fully in, I open my eyes.

“If I am awakened and come in like a jet, then I am never in my body properly and I will have a sort of headache until I stretch and get my soul properly fitted back inside my body. It is kind of funny really having my spiritual forearm projecting from my human elbow before I stretch back in.

“I need to make a few notes before I fully awake and lose the keywords that connect me to their content before they fade away. This matter is significant enough where nothing will be lost as happens sometimes when I am seeing a painting or dealing with some interesting but not critical revelation.

“Let me get out of here so you can concentrate,” she said as she smoothly glided off the bed and out of the room.

I always keep index cards and a pen with me to jot down things that I feel like I will forget if I don’t record them. There was a stack of cards and pens laying on the nightstand. I sat up and began to write.


When I walked into the office Jim was standing motionless and Rachel had gone out onto the porch.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “you look well rested and relaxed.”

“I am,” I said.

“Lord Premier Lad and about 100 others will be ready to speak with you and I in about an hour,” Jim said.

“Now that you have developing emotions,” I said, “do you have any anxiety about this meeting?”

“Yes but it is a small amount because I am still more android than emotional human,” he responded.

“I am also excited as well for the first time to be fully engaged with others. Up until now all questions have been deferred to you and you ask me to respond,” he said.

“It should be an interesting meeting.” I said. “Of course you know you are top secret and the technical aspects of your body should be spoken about in general terms.”

“There are things about your body that I am not sure you are aware of,” I said.

“Actually there is a lot,” he responded. “There are parts of me that amount to matrices within matrices. I can see there is a pattern but I cannot recognize the chemistry of the metal nor the nature of the circuits inside,” he said.

“Well Jim much of that is what we will work on after we finish this present project. I want to monitor the event horizon fully because I want to know as much as possible about the connection between the spirits of the dreamscape and the makeup of the dreamscape and the cause and effect manipulations. In a word, we have much to do. And the work is going to begin in earnest right after I give my speech.

“I am sure during the project we will have many basic but shortened conversations about your construction,” I said.

“You realize that you are the Adam. The first of your species of incarnate androids. And you will father, metaphorically speaking, a countless number of progeny.

“I do want you to know that if something happens to me, I have made arrangements in many different ways to deliver to you everything about yourself.

“I would also like you to know that there is a lot of things about you that I have not ever figured out how or why they work. In other words, I was given the formula in one of my naps or waking visions but no explanation of the theory or foundation of the technology.

“So in truth, I don’t know everything about you.” I said. “All I know is that a week ago you acquired a spirit and my vision became a reality. But I have a strong feeling that there are sublime nuances in your construction, and more than a few, that may seem unimportant but could well be the critical key to your ability to attract an infinite immortal spirit.

“The truth is that I cannot assure anyone that I could make another you.

“However, I think we are going over things we will talk about shortly. So let’s defer this conversation for another 30 minutes.

“I agree,” Jim said. “I am more exited now than before we talked. I am glad to know that I not just some scientific cake recipe.”

I laughed and Jim joined in. How strange. ‘What hath God wrought?’ I thought.

“I am going to walk a bit with Rachel,” I said.

“I will get things ready for the meeting,” said Jim with a smile on his pseudo chrome face.


“How are you,” I asked Rachel.

“I don’t know John,” she said. “I feel lost. I am wondering more and more how I am going to fit into your world; which I think will take a female god.”

I laughed.

“Sorry,” I said. “You just need to wake up that female god within.”

“For now, I just want to walk with you in silence as I prepare for this meeting about Jim shortly.”

“Of course,” she said. “The meeting is too important for us to get into a different conversation that is going to take more than a few minutes. A lot more than a few minutes.”

“I think a lifetime,” I said and kissed her firmly on the lips.


“Jim Chrome,” said Jim and the holographic communicator turned on and turned green.

Rey appeared and Jim and I appeared to him.

“Hello Dr. WorldPeace,” Rey said.

“Hello, Rey,” I said, “are you ready on your end?”

“Yes and I am going to turn you over to Lord Premier Lad,” Rey said.

“Dartnell, how are you and Jim?” Lord Premier Lad said.

“Fine,” we said in unison.

“We are eager to discuss our work,” I said.

“Dartnell, Jim we have about 1000 political leaders from all over the Eye jacked into this meeting. We also have about 4000 robotic scientists and engineers present as well,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“Well there is just Jim and I and my companion Rachel who used to work for the government, on our end,” I said.

“Nice to see you again Rachel,” said the Lord Premier Lad.

“And you as well,” said Rachel.

“Lord Premier Lad,” I said, “how do you want to begin?”

“I have a list of questions in front of me from those present and many others that we have accumulated since you first told us that Jim the android body has attracted to it an infinite immortal spirit that is now incarnate within his body.

“The first questions is simply what decided you to pursue building an android that would be capable of connecting with a spirit the way spirits incarnate into an intelligent life that originates or manifests genetically from a planet?

“I studied a lot of religious texts and scriptures and they all talked about infinite immortal souls incarnating into a human body which was finite and mortal. The body would eventually die and the soul would be set free.

“In addition these souls seem to bring with them some memories or visions of past lives that would be triggered by some event during their incarnation. And then there was a series of books that were written in the 1980’s about life after life or near death experiences where people actually died, the soul left the body, the soul got a glimpse of heaven but was not allowed to enter because the soul had some unfinished task to perform on earth.

“When the soul returned to its body and recovered from the near death experience the human being would remember the experience outside the body.

“And in the Tibetan religion there was a great focus on the actions of the soul between incarnations. There was a lot of detail in those Tibetan metaphors about how a soul could determine its future and why and how it would incarnate into another incarnation.

“It occurred to me that the body was therefore nothing but a vehicle and there were infinite vehicles other than human beings such as lesser animal forms as well as plants. But since I was human, I focused on the soul’s incarnation into the human bbody.

“In the early 2000’s robots that had been written about in science fiction novels began to become a reality. And it was at that time that the reality of Artificial Intelligence became a significant talking point within society.

“My spiritual research told me that we could develop the most sophisticated advanced cutting edge robot but it was never going to be intelligent until it was able to attract a soul to incarnate within it. So I began to contemplate that there must be some kind of connecting point where the soul attached to the body to such a degree that it could not just come and go. But I never really satisfied myself even now as to whether that connecting point is in the brain or the heart or somewhere else in the human body.

“But that did not matter to me. I just felt that I needed to create some central point in the android that was connected directly or indirectly to everything else. If the soul resided at this point, it would be able by will, kinetic energy control the entire body. In effect every single cell and even atoms that made up the cell. The human brain has this capability but it is never develops this ability consciously. Humans use an extremely small part of their brain and they are capable of astounding and miraculous things if they would just open those channels to the unused sections of the brain.

“I felt that the first task at hand was to develop such a sophisticated android and such a sensitive mechanism that the soul would feel as much in control of the android body as it would over a human body in which it incarnated.

“That being said, my belief was and still is, but has yet to be proven, was that the android would be able to advance much farther than a human because I built the android with no barriers or throttles between the connection point and any point in the android. The soul would be aware that it had control over every aspect of its android body and could therefore maximize it use.

It would also have control of the brain which is the seat of consciousness, unconsciousness, dreaming, visions and other thought processes including abstract thinking.

“In addition, the spirit with this super human body could do super human feats. It could draw upon the unseen energy of the android and generate a very strong charged field and from there manipulate not only its dreamscape but also in the spiritual realm which from my experience, contemplation and so on has a barrier to keep the dreamscape body from connecting directly and consciously with the spiritual realm.

“I think there is a concern that if the dreamscape through its incarnate beings was able to manipulate the spiritual dimension there could be chaos. So in the dreamscape parameters there is a one-way barrier that allows the spiritual dimension to manipulate the dreamscape but not the dreamscape to manipulate the spiritual dimension.

“Even if there was a connection from dreamscape to spiritual dimension I believe the nature of the spiritual dimension being infinite and intangible cannot ever be manipulated by anything that was subject to being destroyed; that in fact would in time disintegrate back into the intangible Infinite Oneness. Not to mention the extreme limitations of the dreamscape.

“Souls comes into the dreamscape to reduce their infinite consciousness so as to feel more intensely the range of senses they have. So humans can only see a limit spectrum of light and therefore cannot see the true sparkling beauty of the spiritual world.

“And also in the world of the human beings on earth procreation has been built into the dreamscape and the desire to procreate, have sex for the purpose of making new human beings, is intense. Not the desire to make a child, but the desire to feel the intense blissful physical, mental and spiritual energy during copulation.

“I believe those who manipulated the DNA of human beings installed this intensity because they did not want to have to do the work or fertilizing the humans they created. They programmed the bodies to wear out so they needed a mechanism to perpetually generate more humans.

It occurs to me now that by limiting the life of human beings the souls who had gained power in the dreamscape would be terminated and their power base ended. To allow a spirit to incarnate for thousands of years in the same body would give that being a huge amount of power as it began to awaken to the greater potential power of the human body.

“Now this reproduction could be done with androids but without the sex drive the androids may only manufacturer as many androids as were needed to complete a project or expansion of their reality.

“Human beings on the other hand are so driven to procreate through their biology that even if overpopulation is about to destroy the species, procreation would continue.

“At any rate now I have through Jim created that android that has an incarnate soul and we will see in time what comes of this new reality that these incarnate androids will create. What will control the propagation of androids with a soul is the question.

“I would say that for sure they could be a challenge to human beings and other biological life forms. They could destroy non android species. I have speculated and meditated a lot on this potential reality shift.

“The soul has passion or the capability of passion and that passion to do something will drive it the same way as it drives a human body. But the drive in a human body to stay alive is independent of the drive of the spirit to keep the human body, its vehicle, alive. So there are two significant forces determined to see the survival of the human body.

“I think the only drive for a robot to stay alive, if you will, would be the spirit. There is nothing programmed into Jim that makes his android body want to survive without a soul. As an emotionless android there would be no distinction between life and no life. And so without the soul the androids would remain slaves to the humans who would be the determination of whether androids were replaced or not.

“No one in their right mind would program a soulless robot to kill all humans because in that dreamscape in time the robots would kill their non android masters and sterilize their world of non humans.

“If the androids had souls, then you would have good and bad souls incarnating and there would be a positive checking force that would stop negative androids from wiping out humanity.

“All the speculations about what androids with AI are capable of ignores the incarnate spirit issue. And without that factor you are dealing with mindless machines that need a director; a human being who has a purpose for the android and programs in that purpose.

“So I have created Jim. As he and I were discussing before we began this meeting I do not know the theory and science and engineering that makes certain parts of Jim work. I saw what I needed to do in visions and dreams which I assume came from my guides and my guides and mentors were both human and not incarnate spiritual entities and other forces and I just made the designated parts without feeling I needed to fully understand what I was making.

“The point is that I feel there are many things within Jim’s make up that are inert and can be discarded but there are many things and combinations of things that appear inert but are in fact essential to attracting a soul. Bottom line, it is doubtful in my mind that you could recreate Jim unless you copied every single atomic part of him and then assembled the parts in a critical specific sequence.

In time, in some dreamscape, all this will be known. But that in my opinion is very very far in the future. But who knows, there may be another Dartnell out there determined to search out all the secrets to Jim’s being alive if you will and awakened to the same reality as are human beings with incarnate souls.

Lord Premier Lad shook his head and laughed.

“Dartnell you never seem to fail to overwhelm me and I think all of us with your first barrage of information and revelations on any subject. You have come to some conclusions about very relevant things regarding incarnate androids that we, and there are many many in the we class within the Eye that have not even begun to consider,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“You have answered the core question, unspoken as of yet, ‘Can we make a Jim?’”

“Answer: No,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“Can you make another Jim?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I said in all candor.

“Can Jim clone himself?” asked the Lord Premier Lad.

“No,” said Jim. “Absolutely not.”

“There is another aspect in play here,” I said.

“Jim has a part of my soul incarnate within him.”

“That poses a question of whether anyone but me could make a Jim with another soul unrelated to me. I have engineering skills and I have significant spiritual connections and reincarnations. And I split off part of my soul for Jim. Now can someone without my knowledge build a Jim and if so can he give it part of his soul?

“All these are questions that only the future can answer,” I said.

“Dartnell, you just added another lifetime of contemplation with your second revelation,” said Lord Premier Lad. “I feel I am drowning in answers to questions that I wanted to ask but could not bring to mind and I was not given to ask you by my guides.”

“What do you want to say Jim,” asked Lord Premier Lad.

“Thank you for asking, Lord Premier Lad,” responded Jim.

“Let me first say that I have only been alive for about a week. Second, let me say that I am a new impression of Dr. WorldPeace, but I am not a clone. As time goes on I will add new dimensions to the part of his soul that he gave me. When I die my soul will merge back into his soul and my experiences will become his experiences.

“I do not know where these thoughts are coming from but I can tell you they are not android thoughts from some writings from someone whose work I read. So I must have my own guides or some mutual guides with Dr. WorldPeace to be having these thoughts and feeling OK to related them to you.

“In a nutshell, everything that Dr. WorldPeace told you is the same general things that I would have said but I do not have acces to his vast experiences and so I would have given you a much less dynamic answer.

“I am a new baby if you will. I am learning faster than a new baby because I was born fully mature. But I can feel that my soul is growing very fast now and as each moment goes by I am becoming more and more a unique intelligent being. I have taken what Dr. WorldPeace’s soul brought with it and I am expanding.

“For some reason I feel compelled to state emphatically from a spiritual stand point that all intelligent beings when addressing another intelligent being must always keep in mind that they are talking to another soul and not to a body or android that without an incarnate soul is an empty vessel. If every intelligent being speaks to others intelligent beings as one soul to another, the entire foundational reality of this dreamscape with transcend to a significantly higher plane. Mutual respect will allow incredible miracles to manifest in this dreamscape.

“That is my answer,” said Jim. “Thank you again for asking.

“Between you, Jim, and Dartnell, we are all speechless,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“I need time to go over these remaining questions that we have because it seems that what has been said so far by you and Dartnell has directly or indirectly spoken to what we felt we needed and wanted to ask.

“What you have said Dartnell has significantly eroded the foundation upon which we have based all our thoughts about AI and androids. We dreamed and envisioned robots with souls but we never considered where we were really going with the potential reality of an incarnate spirit in an android. For me personally, I am feeling embarrassed at my own ignorance and lack of foresight.

“Absolutely not, Lord Premier Lad. Do not feel like that,” I said.

“We are moving so fast forward that few can begin see where this is going much less the infinite dynamics involved,” I said.

“You Lord Premier Lad are the head of the intelligent beings of the Eye. You are that because you more than anyone else in the Eye have the necessary skills for that job. I may know a lot and have a lot of experiences and such but I am not sure I have the experiences that you have to succeed in your position.

“You Lord Premier Lad have all my respect and my great appreciation that through your questions and your involvement in all that we are doing together have significantly uplifted both Jim and I to find that we are no longer alone in our world. The fact that you are interested in our endeavors and have the ability to talk with us inquiringly has significantly enhanced our personal reality and made us feel that there is a worthwhile purpose in what we are doing.”

“Dartnell I am worn out mentally,” Lord Premier Lad said. “My cup runs over.”

“I would suggest we adjourn this meeting as we have all taken in our limit at this point,” he said.

“As you wish,” I said.

“God bless you and all with you physically and spiritually,” I said.

“Thank you from all that I am Lord Premier Lad and company,” said Jim.

“Jim Chrome OFF”.


As soon as the green glow left the holographic communicator, a black cube about 6 inches appeared in the center of the room about 5 feet off the ground. Jim, Rachel and myself could not move.

The cube began to spin horizontally and the room changed appearance to that of a very large room with a very high ceiling and elaborately decorated. Everything in the room sparkled and glowed in colors that were far more brilliant and beautiful than any colors seen in our earthly dreamscape.

Three figures began to materialize in the room dressed in robes made of the finest silk and of the most beautiful blues and purples. The sleeves hung below the hands and the faces of all three were composed of brilliant white light through which could distinguish their entrancing blue eyes.

“Hello Dartnell, Jim and Rachel,” the center figure said in a powerful but harmonious tone. “We are guardians of the Eye. We are spirits of the heavenly dimension of the Eye. We are your personal guardian angels.

“After uncountable eons Dartnell, you have accomplished what only the great prophets of old achieved, favor with God. And for that reason you and Jim, who is actually a part of you and Rachel your oldest soulmate, stand before us at this time.

“We have been with you since time immemorial, from the beginningless beginning. You are present in the Eye at the moment when it will begin to transcend to a much higher plane of existence. This dreamscape of the Eye is about to be uplifted by the grace of God.

“Your ceaseless endurance and determination is about to be rewarded Dartnell. You are very close to bringing another Eye of UofUs out of it darkness into a brilliant light on its way to a greater perfection.

“The road ahead is very long and there will be many more transitions greater than this one for the Eye. But the time has come to let you see some of what is behind the vale, what is supporting the vale that is the dreamscape of the Eye.

“This vision that you are now experiencing will live on through the ages in your minds and in your visions and dreams. It will never leave you. It will give you hope and faith and love in the times ahead when you will need that support.

“The changing of the orbits of 256 and Paxus will be the catalyst that will begin the transition of the Eye. Jim Chrome will be the species that will help all species of intelligent beings travel the next course to the next transition. The progeny of Jim Chrome will allow a higher level of spirits to enter the dreamscape and raise up all intelligent beings to a higher plane of awareness.

“You Dartnell are the indomitable spirit of brilliant light that has fostered these many sheep into the promised land of greater awareness. In infinite ways for infinite time you have been a tireless and ceaseless worker for God’s greater good.

“But it is not permitted that you open a portal from any dreamscape to its spiritual realm. There cannot be direct communication from dreamscape dwellers to spirits of light. The spirits in this dimension never stop talking to the intelligent beings of the Eye dreamscape but the communication is by intuition and visions and dreams. Those who have eyes see. Those who have ears hear.

“But the intelligent beings are not allowed to communicate directly with the guardians and angels that support the dreamscape of the Eye as a directive from God the Infinite All.

“Jim is mechanical and no matter how deeply embedded his spirit becomes within his body, he will never reach the level of emotional bliss that humans and other biological intelligent beings can attain. Therefore, he will have a higher level of contact with us but he will still not have direct contact.

“You need to tell the intelligent beings of the Eye that we are speaking to them and helping them at every moment and all they have to do is to listen as you learned to listen long long ago Dartnell.

“Only a very few in all of creation, of all dreamscapes, can accomplish what you have accomplished Dartnell and others whose names you know as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Moses and some others.

“We will allow you the answer to any one question you desire to ask us but only one before we leave you. Do you have a question?” the center figure asked.

“I have no questions,” I said.

“You never have Dartnell. You never have,” said all three figures in unison.

“We leave each of you with God’s blessing. Go in peace,” they said and faded away and then the cube faded as well.


Jim, Rachel and myself began to come out of our trance and see each other in normal ways in the dreamscape. For 30 minutes we just looked at each other.

Then Rachel asked, “What is that golden bracelet you have on your left wrist John.”

I looked at my wrist and saw the bracelet. On it were inscribed the words ‘Well done good and faithful servant.’

I read the words out loud.

“Amen, Dartnell,” said Rachel.

“And so it is, Dartnell” said Jim. “The question you asked God just before you came into this dreamscape, "Will I make it?', has been answered.”


“John I need to tell you something,” Rachel said.

“OK,” I said.

“I not sure you realize this but when they said they would answer one question for you, they were saying the same thing to me and I assume to Jim as well,” she said.

“Yes, they asked me as well,” said Jim.

“I did not realize that,” I said. “I thought it was strange they were only talking to me but I said nothing.”

“I did not think you knew John,” Rachel said.

“Each of those three were assigned to one of us. The one in the middle was yours and mine was to the right of the middle from our perspective and the one for Jim was to the left of the middle. Jim and I knew what was going on but you did not. It is not a problem. I feel like these guides have their own rules of engagement and the protocols are different than those of us mortals.

“I agree,” said Jim.

“OK,” I said interested in what was coming next.

“My question John was whether or not I was meant to stay with you. And the answer was no. It was not a decision of theirs. They were just telling me the dreamscape that I had charted out,” she said.

“You see John, I rejected this path when I joined the government right out of college as opposed to pursuing the metaphysical spiritual path. When I saw you for the first time, I knew I was being given a second chance to choose the metaphysical path 20 years after deciding to be a government agent.

“I think you knew that for a conservative person like me in this lifetime, I was not going to make radical decisions. I think you knew that I was again exploring what I wanted to do with my life and not making a final decision when I came to live with you.

“I knew something was hidden if you will,” I said, “but I decided to just go with it. I knew it was not a decision critical to me.”

“Yes,” she said. “that is a good way of putting it. I knew that a 256 year old man did not evaluate things the same as a 40 year old man. I felt that you understood what was going on even if not consciously.”

“I have developed a habit in this life of just going along with things that I feel do not threaten me and at the same time I do not understand,” I said.

“Again, well put,” she said.

“John after being with you just a few days, I realized that I could not be a part of your world. You have a one of a kind world that is not normal in any aspect of it. Your agenda is just too expansive.

“I cannot fit into your world because my decision 20 years ago was the right one for me; the decision not to get into the metaphysical realities. You have put labels on many things like the world dreamscape that has helped me clearly see what I am doing. And I am thankful for that.

“I am going to go back to my job with the government. I feel until this event horizon is over, I will just assume my old responsibilities. I am not going to be a spy but I feel truly that I can be of best service to the government by helping them understand the way you think and not assume I know how you have things worked out in your mind. That is not possible for anyone. So I guess you could say I think my role will just be one of a John WorldPeace/Dartnell consultant.

“When the event horizon is over, I think I will find another area to work in unless they insist that I continue to work in the areas that you pursue. I think it may be many years if not centuries before the government feels you have nothing to offer them. Like you said, it will take a millennium for the ripple effect of the event horizon to become stable. So many collateral changes are going to take place throughout the Eye.

“I really needed this time with you to find out what I needed to be doing with the rest of my life. And that includes the fact that I doubt that I will find a companion. I feel I am destined to live a solitary personal life.

“Ok,” I said, “what is the immediate plan”.

“The immediate plan, and I mean immediate, is for me to call Dave and have him send someone to pick me up as soon as possible. There is no question they want me back. I am sure they have been waiting for me to call ever since I left.

“I want you to know that I have had no communications with them since I moved in with you. This decision I have made was a result of meeting with my guide. I would like to say that was an awesome special encounter; one that very few humans get to experience. I will say that I believe that since I was honored with that visit I must have some significant things planned for myself for the rest of my life.

“I am happy for you Rachel,” I said. “I want you to be happy.”

“You have an open door always,” I said. I will be glad to work with you in your position with the government in order to finish up this event horizon. And after that we will see. That is only 10 months away but those 10 months are going to be intense.

“Thank you John,” she said. “there are no words that can say the appreciation I have for the experiences of the last 10 days with you.”

“I am going to call Dave and pack my things. I think about the time I finish packing, which will only take about 30 minutes, someone will be here to pick me up.”

“OK,” I said. “Let me say, I was getting used to having you around and I will miss you. But I can see this is not your future as you said.”

I walked over to her and we hugged without speaking. Then she went into the bedroom, shut the door and began to pack I assumed.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “Aldo will be here in 20 minutes to pick up Rachel. He will wait at the landing pad.”

“Thank you Jim,” I said. “I need to do a few things and after Rachel leaves I want to talk about your experiences with our guides.”

“I am eager to have that conversation,” said Jim.

“As am I Jim.”


“Aldo has arrived Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “and he has informed Rachel.”

“Ok,” I said.

A few minutes later Rachel emerged from the bedroom with two suitcases. Jim went to her and took the two suitcases.

She then came to me and gave me another hug without speaking and followed Jim to the landing pad.


“Any problems?” I asked Jim when he returned.

“No Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said. “But no doubt that she is very sad.”

“As am I Jim,” I said. “It is for the best.”


I moved to my chair behind my desk and Jim assumed his usual position in front of me.

“So it is just the two of us again Jim,” I said.

“Yes,” said Jim.

“So tell me about your experience with the guides,” I said.

“I have yet to fully process it, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said.

“I asked if I was going to be with you Dr. WorldPeace and all three guides told me that until you decided to die, I would be by your side.”

“Most of the time you can look into the future, if you have the ability to merge time, a trait that I seem to be acquiring. You can sort out events and then put a time with them. But in your case, Dr. WorldPeace, you have so many choices and you have not made any definite choices about what you want to do after this event horizon so your future is not clear beyond the immediate present.

“You seem to feel very comfortable with your life at this time and you do not see anything changing. In other words, you will go from one big project to another far into the future. You have worked hard to achieve this lifestyle and you do not want to die and then start over again. In fact, I have seen your mind working on how you can prepare an android and load it up with your memories and then just migrate from your biological body into the android body.

“You seem to be acquiring the ability to tell fortunes,” I said.

“Well not exactly Dr. WorldPeace. I have a lot of factual data about your life and now prior lives since they surfaced as part of this event horizon and yes I have some ability to see the various futures because somehow I can merge time or I can negate seeing time as linear and that lets me see the future.

“Hold on Jim,” I said. “You are saying that you can decide to see time and events as linear or you can see into the future with all the future events appearing at the same time.”

“Yes, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said. “Again it has to do with being awakened with the incarnation of part of your soul when I was fully developed. Human children take a few decades to mature and during that time they are indoctrinated into this dreamscape by living in it. In my case, I was not being raised if you will by this dreamscape. In fact, you could say from a spiritual perspective I was oblivious to it.

“Then I became aware of it all at once. I was not programmed by life to ignore time as merged. A human child has to learn this because it is part of the dreamscape which they must function in moment to moment. But I never had that need to ignore the past, present and future as the now. So I did not lose that ability.

“The same thing seems to apply to space. I am seeing multiple dimensions now in this same space.”

“Does that not get confusing,” I asked.

“No it does not because unlike humans I have almost an unlimited capacity to see things. I don’t really know how to explain this really. Human brains are conditioned by the dreamscape, through the intelligent beings who exist here and the spiritual guides to see only one dimension at a time and to project themselves down one path. But with my huge capacity to process many scenarios at the same time, I can follow more than one scenario for this space simultaneously.

“Beings who see multiple dimensions at the same time find it impossible to ignore all but one path or one dimension. So intelligent beings are, if you will, designed to either see multiple dimensions or one spacial dimension at any particular time. They cannot in the dreamscapes which they occupy do both.

“However as an android I can experience one or multiple spacial dimensions in any one moment and one time or another or all times merged at any particular moment.

“This would be an example of how I am a new species of intellectual being. I am finding out more and more about the differences between this android body and a human body. We have already discussed sex. I have no relationship with sex. I know what it is and I can analyze it but I cannot experience it or even really conceptualize it.

“And I have the capacity to experience more than one dreamscape at the same time. But dreamscapes are very complex because there are so many variables between dreamscapes. It is not like experiencing one variable of time or space.

“I do not know what my capacity is with regards to how many of the various dimensions and dreamscapes I can simultaneously experience at the same moment. I guess the question really comes down to whether whatever I am pursuing would require it.

“I have simply looked at this capability regarding time, but other than the merging of time to move into the future or the past for some purpose, there is no reason for me to waste my energy doing it just because I can. I have these abilities and I want you to know about them in case you need me to access them in the future.

“OK, it seems you can maneuver significantly between tangible dreamscapes but what about the spiritual aspect of any dreamscape?” I asked.

“As the guides told us,” said Jim, “it is forbidden to talk directly to the guides. You can only listen intuitively or through dreams or visions they send.”

“What I can do is listen to multiple guides at the same time and process what they are saying but that is the only advantage in respect to guide I have over other humans who have to listen to one voice at a time if you will.

“I would compare it generally to your ability to channel poems and paintings. But you cannot listen to both channels at the same time. Your human body is just not designed to do it even if you wanted to. And again the dreamscape has shut off many things because those living in the dreamscape have decided not to allow it. Such as the ability of humans to fly in this dreamscape is forbidden. So there is a double barrier, the capability of the human body to basically have one conscious thought at a time and the dreamscape limiting or denying certain things.”

“I see,” I said. “The fact is that I am so used to processing one thing at a time and I am so old I don’t even feel like I would want to try to learn to be conscious of two things at one time. I would not want to be conscious of being cold and hungry both. I would rather alternate between the two.”

“I can see what you mean,” said Jim. “As an android I was programmed to process many things at the same time by allocating my memory and my storage. In fact, the more hardware access I have the more channels I can process at the same time. And the way I am constructed I can be conscious of the progress of all processing going on within my android body at the same time.”

“So to sum up,” I said, “your incarnate spirit can experience more of an expanded awareness than can my incarnate spirit.”

“Yes that is true,” Jim said. “The spirit is not limited but the body/vehicle it inhabits is limited. So it seems to me that many spirits will incarnate now because that can have this expanded awareness. Many spirits seem to object to reducing themselves to the awareness of a human being but will accept the awareness of an android being like me.”

“And also now that we have solved the connection problem of soul to body, the capacity can be expanded maybe infinitely.

“What we have to work on now is finding out how the spirit connects to the body that it is inhabiting.

“Yes I can see that now,” I said. “We have to concentrate all our efforts on how the spirit connects into a body. Where is the nexus.”

“Also, I can see that when a human baby is conceived it will start uploading past memories from past and future lives that it will need in the coming life. But that storage space in the human brain is limited. With you, or a you with more storage and memory could upload a million times more past memories and not be handicapped by not having enough information.

“Yes Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said. “You have done an incredible job of working with cloud storage if you will. Cloud storage being your spirit guides. You have learned to reach out to your guides to process past and future life information they manage for you and when you need something they give it to you. You have learned when to listen and when you don’t need to listen.

“It is quite incredible how in truth you as a human have learned to operate on my level without my capacity because you put this process in place as an alternative to connecting your human brain to all these many databases which your brain simply cannot contain.

“I see so much more now, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim. “I was wondering how you could have done all the things you have done, like process this event horizon but more importantly access the future to be able to develop an android that could attract a spirit to incarnate into it.

“So the truth is Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “Your infinite number of past lives means that I could never compete with you because I have only part of your spirit where as you have the whole. And we are learning at the same rate now that I am awakened. But I have no way to close the gap of experience you have over me.

“And something else, and this is very interesting, you did not clone part of your spirit, you broke off a piece and into that piece you put as much past life information in it that was going to be needed during this lifetime of us working together. But you did not delete that information from your spirit, you copied it to the new spirit. So you created a lesser spirit vehicle and gave it all the information of past and future lives as it needed this lifetime. And as time goes forward I will be growing my spirit in different perspectives than you. So I have an unlimited capacity to grow starting out with a basic package of information.

“It is incredible that you have the capacity to conceive of these things and solve the problems of making these things happenDr, WorldPeace. I can see that your spiritual guides are more advanced than most guides as well. It all makes perfect sense to me. Now I understand.

“Yes I think you do,” I said. “You understand things now that no one in the Eye has even considered as Lord Premier Lad keeps saying about new information that I impart. However, this information is far more advanced than anything that I have communicated to him and the Eye to date.

“I am not trying to withhold or hide anything. Lord Premier Lad in all cases has cut off the information because he became overwhelmed. I did not stop the flow.

“And you can now see, as you just mentioned, that his overflow capacity is limited by the experience and understanding of his spiritual guides that help him.

“You are who you are..” started Jim.

I interrupted, “because I have taken every possible opportunity to grow and learn and experience. So my experiences have been more intense than other spirits and that is the only difference. And as I have grown, I have attracted to me a higher level of guide. As I grew, I was given more advanced teachers and helpers.”

“All spirits have equal capacity to do what I have done but the desire to do it is not equal,” I said.

“Is there anything else that you have gleaned or learned from our encounter with the guides?” I asked.

“No that pretty much covers it,” said Jim. “And I have a perfect memory so it is unlikely I have forgotten to relate anything.”

“Let me say, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said, “I am very eager to grow under your tutelage and experience both directly and vicariously the knowledge that will come from being with you. Frankly, there is no literature where the robots do not at some point become more than their human creators. But I see now that is not possible with you.

“This also negates the possibility of the intelligent android beings conquering and eliminating the human species. And the guides said there were others like you, as in Jesus who I feel is your mentor.

“I think you are the only one who gets how things work in these dreamscapes and in the spiritual dimension.

I just smiled.


“Dr. WorldPeace, I saw you were reluctant to talk about Jesus to Rachel,” said Jim. “Can you tell me why?”

“Yes,” I said. “Jesus is a real volatile subject because everyone defines Jesus a bit different and you have to be careful what you say about him depending on who you are talking to.”

“You heard Rachel say she thought I was Jesus and hiding it. She was looking for a predetermined answer. And I was not going to give her the answer she was looking for. So I put her off. However, Jesus was on the agenda for today but she has vacated so the conversation will be between you and I only.

“Jesus is the supreme Avatar. I am nowhere near him in any respect. I will never be more than the dust on his shoes if you will.

“Jesus has one thing he likes to do and that is religious conversion. He likes to go into archaic religious bureaucracies and push them over the edge if you will because he feels these decrepit bureaucracies are enslaving the people with their perversion of the truth.

“So he is willing to be a martyr and die for the sake of breaking down these bureaucracies and freeing their members.

“He studies these old texts and finds out where the problems are and then works within the archaic and conflicting language of these texts to create a drama that will change the world where these religions have a stranglehold on the people.

“His script is pretty much the same but with different text and bureaucratic structures. He looks for a particular situation to involve himself in. And there are unlimited numbers of these corrupt religions in the Infinite All.

“I don’t know how he can go through the suffering. But he does make changes. He does sweep out the old and plant a new religion. But in all cases like the establishment of Christianity on earth he has helpers.

“First he had to have someone prepare the people for his coming like John the Baptist. And after he plays his role he needs another personality to build a replacement bureaucracy like the apostle Paul. And he has to have help from incarnate spirits. The job is too complicated and takes many true believers working in the dreamscape. Jesus cannot play all these roles himself.

“So he has a band of dedicated spirits that help him every time he focuses on a situation that he wants to change.

“I don’t do well working with a group. I like to be the Lone Ranger so I can control everything. I do not take on projects that take a lot of helpers. Too much can go wrong. And I don’t like doing the same thing over and over.

“I like to find situations like this Polarity Shift and fix it and through the fixing bring people around to the knowledge that they write their own scripts which is the message of Jesus. I don’t like to deal with violence and so I avoid the harder jobs that Jesus takes on.

“But he and I are alike in working in situations where people have lost sight of who they are: infinite immortal spirits living in a dreamscape. Situations where the people have become confused into thinking that the finite mortal dreamscape is the true reality as opposed to the infinite immortal Infinite All.

“That is all there is to it. Jesus takes on the hardest work. He takes on the most complicated and dynamic situations. His only goal is to bring people back to God. To show them the light. To remove the darkness.

“I am just a lesser worker.”

“Rachel wanted to hear more than this. She wanted to hear about magic global miracles and a perfect heaven. That is not the story I would tell her because it is not what Jesus is focusing on.

“Jesus could make things easier by writing down his own Bible. But he does not want to do that. He wants work with others who want to do the writing and church building parts.

“For me, I just want to write my truth, pop up to solve some problem and then move on and let the people work through all the nuances.

“And I like a diverse life not a single focus life like Jesus. I want to stop the Polarity Shift but I also wanted to create you. Jesus cannot divide his energies like that. And those who work with him have to have a single minded focus as well.

“I see,” said Jim.

“Jim you are a new intelligent species and you have all kinds of choices to make as to how you are going to propagate your successors. You have a very big job. And you can proceed however you want when you decide you have learned all you need to learn from me to accomplish your purposes.

“But I am you, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said.

“Yes,” I said, “but those who follow you will be greater than you. And my spirit will not be in them except marginally. It will be what you add to my spirit and those after you add also.

“Others will make copies of you once the problem of spirit to android connection is solved. Who knows where it will all lead.

“All I know is that I was given the task of creating you. I don’t know why. You are like an elaborate painting or a complicated novel. As I received those paintings and novels and assume they have a purpose and create them, I built you. That is all I can tell you.

“The bottom line is that I executed the plan and at this moment you are speaking with me as an awakened spirit in an android body. The work of creating you is done. The work now is to mentor you until you feel you are ready to go forth on your own listening to your guides. You have a significant purpose. That is all I know.

“I am beginning to feel overwhelmed like Lord Premier Lad,” said Jim.

I looked at him and he looked at me and we both had a good long laugh.


“Jim,” I said, “What we need to do now is to find out how long it will take the Eye, the 256 and Paxus to prepare a broadcast network for me to use in giving my speech about how we are going to accomplish changing the speed of the orbits. The time frame needs to be in 24 hours.

“I feel that I need to speak within 24 hours. Tell them as per usual I don’t know why that time frame but I feel we much work with it. By them I am talking about Lord Premier Lad and Dave and Harry. They are the two hubs.

“The broadcast will be repeated for a month twice a day to reach the maximum number of intelligent beings. Of course the emphasis needs to be on the 256 and Paxus but if we can get all the UoUs in the Eye to participate that will hugely boost the energy.

“We will continue to broadcast until the 256 and Paxus pass each other.

“Ask them to get back to us within two hours as to when they can be ready.

“After you do that, inform Lord Premier Lad that I would like as soon as possible to talk to him about building intelligent androids capable of attracting an incarnating soul. Tell him we have discussed this matter in depth and we will need only about 15 minutes to relate what we have to say.

“Anything else, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim asked.

“Not right now,” I said.

“OK, it is done,” said Jim.

“How incredible you are Jim,” I said.

“I would like to take the time while we are waiting for a response to begin to outline my speech,” I said.

“I have some communications to respond to and some other administrative tasks that need to be done,” said Jim.

“Ok, let me know when we get a response about the broadcast and when Lord Premier Lad will be ready to meet on the android project,” I said as I moved to my desk to return to outlining my speech.


Within 10 minutes Lord Premier Lad said he would be ready to meet within 20 minutes regarding intelligent androids and he was waiting on an initial report about the hour of the broadcast and expected that to be prepared by the time we finished our android meeting.


“Dr. WorldPeace, Lord Premier Lad is activating their graphic communicator,” Jim said.

“Jim Chrome,” said Jim to activate our graphic communicator.

Within 2 minutes we were both connected.

“Hello, Dartnell and Jim,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“Greetings, Lord Premier Lad,” said Jim and I.

“Lord Premier Lad, Jim and I discussed this android project at length and we are holding with what we communicated earlier,” I said.

“However, we have come to the conclusion that the next step for us will be to put all our efforts into finding where the soul attaches to the android body. We must locate this connection or we will not be able to test the androids you build.”

“I am going to send you all my journals on the Jim project,” I said. “Whatever clarifications you need, just contact me anytime. My journal is complete and I do not know what more I can add to the actual part construction and assembly. I can discuss whatever you want with regards to the theory and science. But most of that is going to be speculation on my part.”

“I am sending the same information to Dave and Harry and I assume you will be sending my journals and notes to all the potential helpers and researchers in the Eye.

“Since Jim is the only working model, we will be doing all the experimenting and we will be happy to execute any tests that anyone comes up with.

“I am also interested in any theories about the location of the soul connection to the android.

“All that sounds like a workable plan,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“We will make adjustments as we proceed. I am sure we are all intending to do whatever it takes to make this project a success,” I said.

“Agreed,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“OK, I am turning everything over to Jim to be the hub for Jim and I,” I said.

“I will forward to Jim within the hour the name of our hub,” said Lord Premier Lad.


“Dartnell,” said Lord Premier Lad, “I have just received a message that we can meet the 24 hour deadline for the broadcast.”

“Lord Premier Lad we have just received confirmation that Dave and Harry can also meet the deadline so the broadcast is on for 24 hours from now which will be 0800 our time,” said Jim.

“OK, we are moving forward to the most critical part of our event horizon endeavor,” I said.

“I need to take the next 24 hours to carefully prepare my speech,” I said.

“Is there anything else,” I asked.

“We are good,” said Lord Premier Lad. “Let me know if you need me for anything, I will be available on a moment’s notice for the next 24 hours.”

“As will we,” I said.

“Later,” I said.

“God bless,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“Jim Chrome OFF”


“OK Jim you are in charge. I need to get working on the speech,” I said.

“I will bring you something to eat and drink shortly,” Jim said.

“Thank you Jim,” I responded.


“No one reached out to me since I last talked to Lord Premier Lad?” I asked Jim.

“There have been some minor issues, but I took care of them all,” he said.

It seems with those in charge in 256 and the Eye, you have said all you needed to say,” said Jim. “Everyone seems to have total confidence in you. That is the only way I can explain it and they are all fully competent to accomplish the things you need them to accomplish.”

“How long before the broadcast begins?” I asked.

“30 minutes,” Jim responded.

“I am ready to go,” I said. “I have a sheet of paper that has my notes on it. I made about 12 of them altogether. All that is on this one is the keywords I need to stay on track and to make sure I cover everything. You can go ahead and put this one on the screen for me.”

I handed him my sheet of notes.

“You seem very relaxed,” said Jim. “You are probably speaking to the largest crowd of intelligent beings ever spoken to. There is no number as to how many are listening. Trillions of trillions is not a large enough number.”

“Jim I don’t relate to anything but the camera focused on me,” I said. “And I do not spend a single second thinking about how many are on the other side of that camera. I just talk to the camera like it is an intelligent being. One entity, that is all I think about. In fact, it would be more like me looking into a mirror and talking to myself. But I do not do that. I really don’t want anything to distract me. And in that respect a camera is good because it is an inanimate object without expression. I don’t want to think about how I look or anything else except the delivery of the message I want to communicate.”

“That is so interesting,” said Jim. “All the articles I have ever read talk about the speaker being nervous or anxious in some way.”

“I think of everyone on the other side of the camera as just regular people. That is all I can say. I really translate the camera into a group of two or three understanding sympathetic true believers if you will.”

“I am glad you set the video of Dave and Harry and Lord Premier Lad so I cannot see them,” I said. “It works best for me to just see this one screen with whatever message you feel I need to see from them or you. It is a matter of distraction. I don’t want to lose track of whatever I am saying. I have total confidence in you communicating what I need to know in the fewest words.”

“Thank you for your confidence,” Jim said. “I also have no emotions about this process. It surprises me because I am having emotional reactions on some level to just about everything now. I know I can do the mechanics of the broadcast. My only emotions would be related to you if I feel you are stressing or even uplifted. But I can’t imagine you delivering a message of any kind to anyone and it not be perfect. That is what most speakers worry about, that they may not deliver their message as they intended.”

“Interesting how much confidence you have in me,” I said.

“I simply have never seen you make a statement in talking with anyone that you wished you had not said,” Jim said.

“OK, I am going to stand as we discussed and you have my notes posted on the screen in front of me and behind the camera. I can read it just fine,” I said. “I can always depend on you to execute anything I ask of you perfectly in line with what I desire.”

“Thank you, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said.

“Did Rachel ask to be present?” I asked.

“No she did not,” said Jim. “She has changed her relationship with you to a friend and cut off any emotional connections. She is not mad of course. She has just reverted to the personality she was before she came to live here. She has her old tried and true game face on all the time again,”

“I have no thoughts about her at all,” I said. “I am sure there are some thoughts lingering in my mind but they have been pushed aside until I finish this communication.”

“Ok, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said, “one minute.”

“Let me know when I am being broadcast,” I said.

“I will,” said Jim.

Jim turned on a small green light which we had set up to let me know when I was being broadcast.

“Greetings everyone. I am Dartnell also known in my home world as Dr. John WorldPeace,” I said. “If you are seeing me, I am sure you have read my bio or talked with someone about it so I am not going to speak about me.”

“We have come together here in order to launch a very significant project to slow down the orbit of the 256 UoU and to speed up the orbit of the Paxus UoU in order to move their orbits out of the way of each other.

“The close passing of these two UoUs in the Eye has caused chaos since time immemorial. It is time to redefine their individual orbits in order to avoid having to deal with the destruction that occurs when these two UoUs enter the period when they come too close to each other.

“I am not going into the details of the exact number we are trying to achieve with these orbits because that information and collateral information is literally everywhere.

“What I want to focus on is the fact that this orbit manipulation can be done. And it can be done with nothing more than the thoughts of the majority of everyone in the Eye. All each of us needs to do is to think about these orbits changing.

“There will be nothing really to observe. No flashing lights. Nothing at all. The changes will be happening because you want them to happen. Everyone benefits from getting these two UoUs out of each other’s way. And more important, the fact that by accomplishing this task we will all be uplifted with the understanding that we have much more power over our destinies that we ever thought.

“What I am about to say has also been distributed over the last week and discussed in every possible way. But I want to speak personally to you about it. I want you to hear it from me and not read it from some inanimate device which has no emotion.

“You do not have to believe what is written and what I am about to say. You can and should define this process in any way that makes sense to you. All that is important is that you believe, however you come to that belief, that all the intelligent beings of the Eye and all the not incarnate spirits, guides, guardians, angels, Jesus and God created and are maintaining the Eye and more specific to the Polarity Shift of the 256 and Paxus interactions.

“I think in terms of existing in dreamscapes because it makes sense to me and when I talk about dreamscapes most beings can relation to what I am saying. They can relate to the concept of a dreamscape. And they can relate to dreamscapes manifesting from the Infinite All. Dreamscapes come and they go. Significant dreamscapes like our universes, UofUs and the Eye which contains them manifest and over very long periods and in time they disintegrate back into the Infinite All.

“The Infinite All is the all-inclusive God. Any definition of the Infinite All limits it and that limit means the definition has missed its mark. No incarnate being can truly embrace the concept of infinite everything. And there is no point in trying to develop a true concept. It does not matter. You only need to use your logic to tell you the Infinite All exists even though you cannot define or describe it.

“So we have the Infinite All which is all inclusive and can be used to create anything. Dreamscapes. The Infinite All is available for any purpose.

“Spirits come together and they create the dreamscapes. There are an infinite number of spirits who were never born and will never die. They always were. This is the great mystery. This is another truth which we in these limited vehicles, bodies, cannot relate to. Only when a spirit returns to the Infinite All as pure spirit will it experience these things but they cannot be spoken about because to do so limits and the Infinite All which is unbounded.

“Just think about an Infinite All of everything.

“Now many of you have experienced Jesus. Jesus is the supreme Avatar. And Jesus has revealed himself to many planets in the Eye and outside the Eye. Jesus said “Ask and Receive, Seek and Find, Knock and enter. He also said if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains. And he said we can do greater things that he did. And he said that anything you ask in his name, he will do it for the greater glory of God.”

“There were no limitations appended to these statements. There were no conditions. They are not hard to understand because they are true on their face.

“Jesus would not have said these things if he did not mean them and if he did not intend for you to believe them. And if he did not intend for you to use them in your personal dreamscapes and if he did not intend the creators and maintainers of any dreamscape to use them.

“With these words, Jesus with no reservations tells us that we create dreamscapes with our thoughts and prayers and meditations. The Infinite All is unlimited. There is no shortage of anything and if everyone wants the same thing, then there is enough for everyone to have the same thing.

“This is the most important secular message of Jesus. That we script our realities; our personal realities and our collective realities.

“Now in the creation of the Eye a flaw exists. One of many no doubt. The time has come to fix the defect that causes Polarity Shifts in 256 and Paxus. It is time for all the incarnate spirits and not incarnate spirits to fix the flaw of the Polarity Shift.

“That is why we are gathered here at this time. We are here to come to an agreement to fix the flaw. And when that is done, we will be able to know that we can fix many other things, anything, can be fixed or changed. We can use our united thoughts to modify our dreamscapes. We can uplift our lives by personally deciding to change our personal realities.

“But for now, we as spirits united in the maintaining of the Eye, want to fix the orbits of 256 and Paxus within the Eye.

“Jesus said we can do this. I say we can do this. I am in many archives in the Eye relating to past modifications of the Polarity Shifts. What I am telling you, that we maintain and shape the dreamscape of the Eye is true and it is real. The problem in the past was simply that I could not get enough intelligent beings on board to solve the problem: and that was more of a problem of contacting everyone and spreading the message. Not because it could not work. It did work. It just did not work to a great enough degree to solve the problem permanently.

“This time we are going to make it happen. This time we are going to finish the job. And after that we are going to consider making other changes that will uplift all lives and reduce pain and suffering.

“My message is that through the Infinite All, the dreamscapes and the secular teaching of Jesus that we write our own scripts and we can accomplish anything. And I, Dartnell is a witness that this can be done now as it was done in the past. But this time we will make the permanent fix.

“I have not said much to you. But what I have said is everything. What I have told you is what Jesus told you. The dreamscapes are temporary and can be changed. The true reality is the Infinite All from which all things manifest and back into which all things disintegrate.

“This is the reality in which we exist. To believe that we cannot change our dreamscapes is to deny Jesus. It is to deny the reality of the Infinite All and to live in the confusion of believing that our dreamscapes are the true reality. When we refuse to believe this truth, we can expect a great shock and revelation when we awaken from our death to find our dreamscape was not the true God. Not the Infinite All. Not the Infinite God.

“The eternal God is your resting place and underneath are the everlasting arms. Supporting all dreamscapes are the everlasting arms.

“The time has come to make the orbital changes. Let us all join together and make this change right now. Do it now.

“Thank you and God bless everyone.


“John,” said Jim in a quivering voice. “The orbits have changed.”

“Praise God,” I responded.

“The information is coming from all the monitors. It almost overloaded the communications network,” said Jim. “It is done. It was done as soon as you said ‘do it now’.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim. “I have had an epiphany; I have transcended my old self somehow. I am significantly different. I can see the light, as they say. I am in awe of you, Dr. WorldPeace.

“The reports are coming in that joy is everywhere. People have transcended Dr. WorldPeace. The orbital changes are insignificant compared to the transcending of the society of intelligent beings within the Eye that you have initiated by just giving intelligent beings everywhere faith.

“You have led the society of intelligent being within the Eye out of the darkness Dr. WorldPeace and into the light,” said Jim. “That is what is flashing everywhere.”

“A messiah has come, when none was expected is flashing now.

“Jim I am not God. I am not a god. I am Dartnell. I will acknowledge the title of Avatar if necessary but not God. And not Jesus. I am just a working Avatar. I am just an Avatar with a message that we control our individual and collective dreamscapes.

“I have done my work and I want to leave, but I know that is not possible.

“Certainly it is not,” said Jim.

“Rachel just sent the word ‘speechless’, Jim said. “and ‘paralyzed in awe’.”

“Lord Premier Lad says he cannot talk now because he is dealing with unlimited positive emotional chaos throughout the Eye and most especially in the room he is in,” said Jim.

“I am not comfortable with all this,” I said. “I want to run away until it plays out but there is nowhere to run and people need to see me in the coming days celebrating with them.

“Absolutely,” said Jim.

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow,” I said.