Jim Chrome I
- the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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First draft was finished on April 5, 2016 at 0625. Jwp

THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT. I WRITE BY STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I have a very general storyline in my head when I begin to write. I write mindful of grammar and punctuation. I write about 5 pages at time and about 10 to 12 pages a day. After I finish 5 pages, I go back and edit for grammar and punctuation before I continue to write. Then I post to the internet. This is a First Draft. When the novel is finished I will do two more edits from the first to last page. These last two edits cover content and grammar and punctuation. I tried using hired editors in the past but it did not work. I thought I needed my writing to be more conventional with agreed protocols. Then I realized I did not want my brilliance or my ignorance edited; sterilized.
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JIM CHROME I - the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD


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PART 4 of 6


As per usual before any big event, my mind kept playing out the event. I kept going over everything I could think of, anticipating everything, talking out loud to better hear myself. Usually by the time the event was about to happen, I had covered all I could think of. I could never anticipate everything but I could get enough feel for what was coming in order that I did not have to deal with each question from scratch. A familiar question would give me a sort of rest between questions. If I had already gone over the question and prepared for it, I could catch a little break and not be exhausted for other questions that I had not anticipated. That being said few questions put me in a position of not knowing anything about what was being asked.

“Jim,” I said, “Are we ready?”

“Yes, Dr WorldPeace,” he replied.

“All the technical hookups have been made and the proper people connected. All that can and should be done has been completed.

“Dr WorldPeace in about 30 minutes we need to have our conversation with David and Harry by way of the video. They will not be coming here. They are way too busy.”

“OK, Jim,” I said. “I am going to take a walk outside to relax and clear my head and calm myself.”

“Want to take a walk Rachel?” I asked.

“Of course,” she responded.


We walked outside and said nothing. Rachel knew that she needed to wait on me to speak. She knew that my mind was organizing and making the final preparations to speak. Like an athlete warming up before a big race.

“I have reached that place where I am ready to go,” I said. “I can always tell when I am ready because I am impatient to get started and I am bored with going over things.”

“That means that I have covered everything in my mind, all scenarios, anticipated all sticking points and possible glitches.

“You look a bit stressed,” she said.

“It has been a long time since I spoke to a lot of people. Most of my interactions are with a handful or less people. I feel more in control when I have a small group in front of me in a relaxed setting,” I replied.

“Within a few minutes after saying hello to the audience, I am in sync and connected with the subject matter communication wise. I am seldom talking about things anymore that I do not have some grounding or collateral issue familiarity.

“I am looking forward to this from the standpoint that I am going to be challenged. And that is what I miss about talking to larger groups. In a larger group, there are always some unique questions. What is not going to happen is actual verbal conversation. I am going to speak and then answer the questions that come from the audience via some kind of written communication on a screen. I will answer verbally. There will be no time for me to type in my responses. And typing would be an impediment to answering the question because I would have to think a bit about typing the answer and getting my grammar correct to make sure I was communicating what I intended to communicate.

“I am looking forward to watching you, John” Rachel said. “I know I will be amazed. I have seen some old video, some very old video of you speaking to various groups but not a group this size and not on a subject that really has no precedence or scientific research. Not to mention that you are going to be speaking to alien beings who are not even humanoid and some of which we did not even know existed even days ago.”

“I love questions,” I said. “I love to be challenged. That will be what gives me the energy and enthusiasm as this event unfolds. I still have a lot of energy in this old body, even reconditioned. As long as I am stimulated by the questions, I will keep going. That should be a long time because all duplicitous questions will be filtered out by Dave and Harry’s team.”

I turned back toward home and we held hands but did not speak as we walked back.

I entered my office and heard Jim setting up the connections with Dave and Harry and whoever else they had on their end of the line. And I am sure they had all kinds of beings listening and evaluating and feeding their questions and comments to other team members who would be condensing and summarizing things before submitting them to Dave and Harry. I was sure the logistics were fine-tuned but I was also sure there were going to be some surprising moments.

I sat down in my chair and Dave and Harry said in unison, “Good afternoon Dr. WorldPeace. Are you ready to proceed?”

“That I am,” I responded. “As well as I can be.”

“We want to assure you that we have the logistics of this project well practiced,” Dave said.

“We have screened trillions and trillions of comments and questions from all over 256 Universe,” Harry added.

“I have looked over some of them,” I said. I have focused on the top 10 and my intro in which I have incorporated some of them. I will just let the Infinite All guide me in this like I always do. My helpers, guides and such will feed me the order in which I need to speak about these things. I am sure there will be some surprises to me as well as to whoever is listening. I always make new connections when I speak about something as open as this Polarity Shift.

“I will be the first human in history to speak to this many intelligent beings. It is mind boggling. And it is also interesting that it will be weeks before some of these distant universes even begin to hear what I have to say.

“You are right about that, Dr. WorldPeace,” Dave said. “Two weeks is about the fastest we can get your communications physically from you to the most distant universes.”

“However, there are a lot of species who can telepathically move the conversation all the way to the far edges of 256 in seconds. Actually as you speak, they will have sent it to the edge of 256 by many relaying beings. We will send Jim all the technical documents on how this and many other things are being done. It is incredibly interesting. In fact, there is not much about this project that is not interesting. The mechanics of communication are as fascinating as the history and science of the Polarity Shift.

“There is no telling how long it will take to process everything related to your communication today. Not to mention the peripheral conversations that will go on from now on actually. You are going to start a conversation that will be never ending no doubt.

“No civilization we have contacted has the ability to speak with experience or theory on all the issues this project has opened up. Phenomenal is a completely inadequate word to summarize the conversations that are going on collaterally to this project.

“OK, what do I need to know that I don’t know,” I asked.

“Well actually,” Harry said, “nothing really.”

“We feel you are prepared for anything and everything that will be directed to you. We came to believe weeks ago that nothing was going to stump you. Nothing was going to confuse or surprise you even if you never considered it before. We feel that your many lives and all the support you have from everywhere within the Infinite All will make this whole conversation go incredibly well.

“We have never found you to hesitate on any question. We have never found you not to have fully added answers to questions about any subject matter that we did not even consider. We cannot imagine anyone more qualified to be the speaker for this project. And before we met you we would have denied such a human being could actually exist.

“I guess what we are saying is that you, Dr. WorldPeace, have access to a data base that far exceeds by light years the most connected robot that exists in 256. And that is so mind boggling that the few of us that have even considered it have found ourselves lost in the infinite aspects of the Infinite All.

“All species are eager to hear what you have to say. The most advanced minds in 256 are expecting to learn from what you have to say. So many curious, intellects are metaphorically sitting at your feet expecting to experience the most phenomenal experience of their lives past or future. They are expecting their lives to morph and transcend where ever they are presently in their cosmology and science. And collaterally the most brilliant intellects are extremely excited that they now have connected with others in their intellectual class. They are all excited that they are no longer alone and unable to communicate their most complex and outlier thoughts to others who can follow their thoughts and scientific experiments.

“Truly Dr WorldPeace, there is an expectation throughout 256 that you are a catalyst that is going to cause a transcendence of all conscious beings, individually and as a group, to a much higher plane of awareness in one quick leap. And they are absolutely certain that what you are doing is going to reduce the chaos throughout the entire 256.

“The truth is that we have already received millions of communications from many intelligent beings that there is nothing in their histories that can begin to equate to what is about to happen. A seminal moment is about to unfold that will forever change everything. The level of positive anticipation is indescribable.

“We have a huge amount of information that we will forward to you after this event. We withheld it because we did not want to confuse you will peripheral matters. We wanted you to use your vast awareness to bring together in your mind what you need to communicate and it is not a concern that anything we did not forward to you would later appear to have been something critical to what you need to communicate to 256.

“I fully agree,” I said, “that a lot of information that is not right on point would have bogged down and been interference with my communicating with myself. This is just an introduction. It is a global position about what I know relevant to the Polarity Shift and the most critical collateral issues.

“I am already eager to get beyond this connection today and be able, with Jim’s help, to look at all the data that has been gathered. And very excited to realize that the information exchange will be ongoing and infinite for the rest of my life no matter how long I live. Maybe I can help in some other ways beyond this Polarity Shift.

“That is your destiny,” said Rachel. “That is an unstated reality upon which virtually all 256 agrees and expect from you Dartnell.”

I looked at her with a smile that did not show on my face. I loved her for knowing me and understanding what I was trying to do. I had already begun to expect her to always be right next to me when I needed her to be close. I was and am overwhelmed with this beautiful spirit.

“Anything else,” I asked.

No one responded.

“Later gentlemen,” I said.

“Dr WorldPeace,” said Jim, “we launch in 20 minutes.”


I had decided to stand up during my presentation. I felt I needed to move around, even pace if necessary. Sitting would be too passive considering the nature of what I was about to say.

There were five monitors in front of me. The center one was about 7 feet and the two on either side were the same. The ones on the side were showing images of deep space to give me a sense of where my message was going.

The screen in the center had the main topic at the top of the screen and about 4 sections below with various questions and comments. I could point to a section and motion to Jim to elaborate, delete, or whatever to the content. Jim and I had practiced this editing a bit over the prior 3 days. We had our sign language down but we also had the telepathy between us.

The screen began to flash large descending numbers starting with 60 seconds.

I was ready. I had an opening of a couple of sentences and from there I knew all the rest would flow in proper order. I was prepared and I had been through speading to crowds too many times not to trust what was coming in my mind as I spoke.

3 – 2 – 1


“Greetings, I am Dartnell, formally known in my civilization as John WorldPeace.

“I am here to discuss the coming Polarity Shift/ Event Horizon which will ripple through the entire 256 anytime now. We are here to discuss what can be done to limit the chaos that these Polarity Shifts have caused in the past.

“I have survived all of these events over the last 20 billion years. I cannot tell you the details of why I survived but only that I have. No one else to my knowledge has had this same experience. No one has appeared in any of the records of these events who has survived or participated. That does not mean that they do not exist. They may well exist but they have not made themselves known. We have not contacted everyone in 256 so it is possible such a person does exist.

“However, for now there is only me, and so until I find such a person I will have to go forth leading this project alone.

“My cosmology is such that the body that is named John WorldPeace is inhabited by an infinite immortal spirit named Dartnell. My body is 256 years old which makes me one of the oldest living humans in my world. Human beings are at the apex of life on planet earth. When I was a very young person, the average life expectancy was about 65 years.

“Medical technology and science began to explode exponentially when I was a young man and interestingly when I have had terminal sicknesses a cure was always just recently discovered and so I lived on. That is all I can say. I have no idea how long I will live in this reality.

“When John WorldPeace dies, Dartnell will be set free to the Infinite All until Dartnell decides to again inhabit a sentient intelligent being.

“When an infinite immortal spirit inhabits a finite mortal human body in this reality the expanded consciousness of the spirit is reduced to be in sync with the conscious capabilities of the human body. The human brain is limited in its consciousness so that the spirit can function in a more restricted dimension.

“When the spirit which is very light inhabit a human body which is very dense, the feelings experienced by the spirit is enhanced by the human body. Incarnation is an intense experience for the spirit.

“Human beings are divided into male and female and when they come together and mix their sexual fluids a new human being is created that attaches itself to the female human body. After 9 months, the new human is fully formed and exits from the female who lives on as the mother to the child.

“When the fluids come together, an egg and sperm, life begins for a new human being and the spirit immediately attaches to the embryo and begins to upload to that embryo with the information that the adult human being will need in his or her coming lifetime.

“The human body is just a flesh and bone tangible vehicle for the infinite immortal spirit and nothing more.

“So in a word, I entered the embryo when it was fertilized and could not be separated from it except by death of the embryo for whatever reason. After attaching to the embryo I, Dartnell, busied myself with bringing information from the Infinite All that I would need in the evolving lifetime of John WorldPeace that would be essential to Dartnell fulfilling his purpose in the lifetime he just committed to by attaching to the embryo of John WorldPeace.

“For the last 20 billion plus years I have been incarnating into the body of one intelligent being or another.

“You were not told that the notes you have on the prior Polar Shifts were not various notes I found but were in fact the notes that I had recorded at the time of each event. So those notes are my personal recollection of the actual events.

“I had no conscious knowledge of these events until I was awakened to this coming Polar Shift by a friend who lives on the outer edge of the universe that I occupy. He had a commitment to perform this awakening in agreement with me before I entered this reality in the body of John WorldPeace.

“I did not intend to deceive anyone by withholding this information. It was just a matter of there being other more important tasks to be performed prior to this conversation. This knowledge that I personally witnessed and participated in the attempt to reduce the chaos of these event horizons would have diverted attention from the more important tasks at hand.

“Trying to prove the reality of the coming Polar Shift through historical archives and science was the most important initial task. Without that acknowledgment and proof of prior Polar Shifts this project was going nowhere because it would seem like a manipulative lie for some negative purpose.

“Now that there is agreement that these events did happen every billion years for at least the last 20 billion years (20 eons) we can move on to attempting to reduce the impact of the Polar Shift and not waste time discussing if this event horizon was just the delusion of John WorldPeace.

“Now it is my task and my focus to present some possible ways to avoid the coming chaos associated with these Polar Shifts. My notes are complete but not perfectly clear I am sure. Therefore, I am present to expand and clarify what I wrote to the best of my personal knowledge.

“Obviously, I am not all knowing about these Polar Shifts. Were I fully knowledgeable, the last Polar Shift would not have occurred and we would not be facing another one very soon. I will say that over the last 20 eons the severity of the chaos related to the Polar Shifts has been dramatically reduced. But when you are looking at even minor chaos that ripples through 256 universes that cumulative chaos is astronomical.

“I am here now to present myself to you and answer all your questions in order to eliminate any remaining questions that the Polar Shift is coming and that I have some experience with these event horizons and this acknowledgement will allow all of us to focus all our assets on solving the objective of how to control the chaos if not completely eliminate the chaos of the coming Polar Shift.

No questions appeared on the screen.

“If there are any questions please submit them. If there are no questions, I can feel confident that I should go on the next part of my discussion.

“The last screen on the right changed to a live feed of Dave and Harry with others behind them. They were nodding their approval as to what had been said so far. There was the world YES in capitals at the bottom center of the screen.

“I am going to take a few minutes to allow what I have said to be considered. We are going to move very fast through a lot of material. I know that each of you have many many fellow beings connected to this communication and they need a break to briefly review what has been said before I change to another aspect of this project.

“I will mention here that a decision was made to put up an image of our planet earth from our moon that is 240,000 miles away as opposed to an image of me, a human being. At the end of this conversation, an image of human beings moving around in a very large city with precede and image of me. That is what we will close with.

“I do not want my image to be a diversion during this important conversation. When this first conversation is over I will reveal myself because there will be time to discuss the essentially irrelevant aspects of my appearance.

“I have incarnated in many many intelligent beings over infinities and have looked like many of you at some point in time. You should assume that at some point I did in fact look like you and probably lived among your ancestors. So please if you can, discount how I look in this lifetime, discount this human body that will wear out and die at some time in the future.

“There is no way to portray Dartnell except to create a trillion images that look just like an individual of your civilization.

“Dartnell’s spiritual image is transparent. There is no image.

“I will return shortly.


Dave and Harry put up the word PERFECT 1000 at the bottom of their screen and I could see them and those behind them clapping in a standing ovation which embarrassed me to some degree.

“Very good, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim. “Very good.”

“You have them John,” said Rachel. “I could feel it.”

95% POSITIVE FEEDBACK appeared on the far right screen.

“Looks like you are in the majority,” I said to Rachel.

“Let us wait about 30 minutes,” I said to Jim. “Communicate that please Jim.”

“Done,” he replied.

I sat down next to Rachel on the couch holding her hand just staring at the 5 screens, deep in thought, my conscious mind listening for instructions. Rachel and I looked like two people in love at a movie theater.


“When I returned to my office in 30 minutes to continue, Jim related that no questions or comments had been received that had not already been considered and integrated into the existing screened database.

“It seemed to me that I needed to talk about the science in this session and so that is where I began.

“Rachel was the couch, Jim was internally monitoring the screen, sound and so on and I was again standing and walking around the room in front of the screens. I considered the screens to be a live audience but felt no need to look at them.

“Greetings again,” I said.

“I would like to begin by talking about the science. It seems that the archives of many civilizations have verified some cataclysmic event in the distant past. But most of the facts had turned into myth of one kind or another. There was also a personage associated with trying to prevent the event and in some cases the name Dartnell or some variation of it was in the records.

“There was no clear definition of what exactly happened but only the mention of explosions, changes in the skies, stars gone missing like someone had vacuumed some areas of the heavens.

“Once I claimed there was a Polarity Shift the scientist of 256 began to focus on taking measurements and verified there was a Polarity Shift reflected in the rocks and there was not an agreed upon explanation for the uneven distribution of stars in the sky.

“Further measurements showed that the center of the various universes and the centers of the galaxies were most affected by the Polarity Shift and that the outer rings of stars around the galaxies were least affected.

“There was also observations that galaxies were out of sync with the other galaxies around them. Some had different orientations and in some places there were galaxies that were vertical and other galaxies in the neighborhood were horizontal. An anomaly that had been discussed in various universes but no accept explanation had been agree upon. The Polar Shift was in harmony with the observations of these anomalies.

“There were also indications in the rocks that the various galaxies and universes current polarity was not in harmony with the polarity record found in the rocks. The rocks also showed over time that the polarity tracks in the rocks had reversed themselves every billion years.

“And there was a verification that the billion year shifts were the same in every universe. In other words, there was proof that the Polarity Shift affected all 256 universes at the same time.

“There was also proof that the sum of all polarity was balanced within 256 based on the weight of the universes. The weight of all the positive universes was equal to the weight of all the negative universes and the same applied to galaxies within a particular universe. There were too many solar systems to calculate if the positive and negative solar systems within a galaxy were also balanced but the assumption was that they were in fact balanced like the galaxies and the universes.

“The number of years was impossible to determine exactly but only within a billion years plus or minus 50,000 years. So a polarity shift was coming because it was due but the exact time was not possible to be determined from the rocks.

“However, once the measuring began it became obvious that certain solar systems had in fact already shifted polarity and so had some galaxies. It seems like there was presently in real time a cascading effect occurring that meant that other solar systems and galaxies were about to shift and those dates could be estimated within 1,000 years.

“The question was what was the critical mass that was going to cause all the rest of the not shifted solar systems and galaxies and universes to shift together and cause an overnight rebalancing of the universes within 256.

“The civilizations who had no time dimension could see the shifts from the past and were trying to sort through trillions of major events in order to place a date on when these polarity shifts in the past occurred. But civilization without a time dimension never had a need to calculate time and so there was little research trying to define time periods in those civilizations.

“However, it was noted that they could isolate time somehow and see that a Polarity Shift was at hand. I am not familiar with how this was done.

“The bottom line is that the science proved Polarity Shifts did occur about every billion years universal wise and that 256 was close to a Polarity Shift; close being defined as within 50,000 years.

I asked if there was any new information on my Polarity Shift summary and Dave and Harry placed “NO” at the bottom center of their screen.

“There seems to be nothing new in this scientific analysis at this time, so I am going to move on to the nature of the chaos created by the Polarity Shifts.


“From my personal notes and my memory that has been revitalized by my reading of my notes the Polarity Shifts cause deep ripples in time and space and gravity much like the chaos of molecules surrounding a bolt of lightning.

“Those tangible objects in the direct path of the lightning bolt are vaporized and those things close to the lightning bolt are set spinning out of control.

“What I am concerned about is the beings who are in the path of that lightning bolt are going to have their bodies destroyed. The spirits that inhabited those bodies are thrown into some kind of tear in the space time fabric as opposed to just a worm hole and they are disbursed into parts unknown within their universe.

“The universe will stabilize and those spirits will come to settle-in somewhere but there is no way to predict where. No universe has a complete map of all the energy cracks and crevices within it.

“The spirits who are close to being intangible do not seem to be affected as much. But the incarnate spirits they were working with or observing are gone. For them it is like the helpers are going to work every day and all of a sudden there is nothing, absolutely nothing where they used to work. So these kindred spirits have been taken away. Some how the tangible body held onto the incarnate soul and moved it.

“In time these spirits will reconnect. Forever is a very long time. But in the meantime there will be chaos that I believe can be avoided.

“No spirit is destroyed but worlds, galaxies and anything else residing at the center of solar systems, galaxies or universes are rendered devoid of anything tangible.

“So that is what happens. It is hard for science to verify something that cannot be measured and when solar systems or galaxies vanish there is nothing to measure and the universes are too large to track where the vanished tangible matter reappears. Also, there is the problem that the tangible matter changes form in the chaos making tracking impossible.

My screens do not show any new information on this science. So I will move on to summarize my solutions to avoiding the Polarity Shift and therefore avoiding the chaos associated with it.


“Before I talk about solutions for the Polarity Shift, I need to discuss the nature of the Infinite Oneness. In order to feel empowered to control the mechanics of 256, we must consider the nature of all things.

“The Infinite Oneness, which includes the potential of all things, is nothing but a thought. It is intangible. It is holographic in the sense that it is ONE and within that one all things exist. From that ONE manifests all things and non-things. From that ONE everything manifests and in time disintegrates back into the ONE.

“Everything that manifests out of the ONE is holographic in the sense that it contains everything that is in the ONE. From each part that manifests from the ONE is the potential to create any other manifestation.

“In other words, the ONE can be used for any purpose. It can become, manifest anything. Whatever a mind can conceive the ONE can manifest. Think about that for a moment. Whatever ever a mind can conceive, the ONE can manifest.

“And the corollary is that whatever is manifested by the ONE will in time disintegrate back into the ONE.

“The ONE is intangible and its nature is undefinable. Any definition of the ONE is inadequate. Any definition of the ONE is limiting. And any definition that is limiting is not a description of the ONE which has no limits.

“The ONE is all inclusive. Any definition is exclusive. What is exclusive is a subset of what is all inclusive. A subset definition is not a definition of the whole; a definition of the ONE.

“All that is perceived is just a dream. It is just a manipulation of the Infinite Oneness, the Infinite Potential by the mind. The ONE constantly manifests. And when it manifests intelligent beings those beings manifest and manipulate their environment. What ever an intelligent being can conceive, it can manifest.

“The ONE is not good or bad. The ONE is neutral and can be used for any purpose. It can manifest anything.

“2300 years ago an elite Avatar appeared on earth. He went by the name of Jesus. His message was distorted and not understood initially. But in time his core message finally got traction. Initially his message was skewed for the purpose of controlling human beings by the developing religious bureaucracies. Initially the message was about life after death of the human body. It was about how a dead body could be brought back to life. And Jesus demonstrated this by raising a man named Lazarus from the dead and then he himself was crucified and rose from the dead.

“And this became the message. If you believe in Jesus you too can overcome death. This was a crude message for a generally illiterate population of human beings.

“The reality is that an immortal infinite spirit inhabits a human body that is manifested from the earth. And the spirit controls the destiny and use of the human body. This applies to all sentient beings. It applies to all intelligent beings. From whatever planet or galaxies or black hole or other manifesting heavenly object, the body created is nothing but a vehicle to be inhabited and used by a determined focused spirit. There is no death of the spirit. It is immortal and infinite. But there is death of the mortal finite body. And when that body dies the spirit is free and if it chooses to enter another body.

“The sole purpose for a spirit to enter a body is intensity. The spirit is nothing but an intangible thought manifesting out of the Infinite Oneness. But there is little intensity in an intangible dimension. But a tangible body allows the spirit to experience a more intense existence.

“Therefore the death of a body is really meaningless because the spirit lives on and can chose to reincarnate or not. The real message of Jesus in this regards was that there is life after death. That the driving force of any human being is the infinite immortal spirit and the spirit is beyond death, it is infinite and immortal. So it is not necessary for the spirit to have a body in order to exist. Bodies are just vehicles and when they wear out they are discarded by the spirit.

“The message of Jesus and every other lesser great Avatar has always been the same. Do not get confused in the manifestations of the Infinite Oneness, the Infinite Potential, the ONE. All the manifestations of the ONE are temporary and will in time disintegrate back into the ONE.

“The message of Jesus was the world is an illusion. It is a mirage. It is a dreamscape. The point of resurrection of the dead was a tangible example for the population to understand that there was a living spirit that would survive the death of any body which it inhabited. There is the life of the spirit in a body and there is life of the spirit after the body dies. That life is the infinite immortal spirit.

“This message of Jesus was just the first step to the foundational core message of Jesus. And that message is all life is scripted by the spirit and all dreamscapes are scripted by populations of spirits who have come together in a common cause to create something from the ONE. To create a reality and then live within a body that was produced from that dreamscape.

“This gathering of intelligent beings to whom I am addressing has shown how many many life forms, intelligent beings and their dreamscapes have been manifested out of the ONE. Every spirit scripts and creates its own reality within or without a common dreamscape. And each spirit is free to enter any dreamscape.

“Any intelligent being, and by intelligent I mean awakened to the dual reality of body and spirit, who meditates on this will know the truth of it. And the truth will set you free to better control your destiny within or without a body.

“I ABSOLUTELY believe in the truth of Jesus that we individually and as a group write the script of our destiny. “Ask and Receive, Seek and Find, Knock and Enter” Matt 7:7. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”. Luke 17:20 “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I go to the Father (Who is the ONE). Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son; if you ask anything in my name. I will do it.” John 14:12-14.

“This is the foundational core message of Jesus and the overriding truth of the Infinite Oneness. It is a secular non religious reality of everything in the dreamscape of 256.

“Science is devoted to deconstructing the tangible dreamscape into smaller and smaller parts. When science reaches the smallest tangible part it stops. It does not speculate on the intangible. It does not acknowledge that something tangible at its core is manifested by an intangible thought.

“Science is confused in the manifestations of the ONE in that it believes that the finite tangible aspects of this dimension are the true reality and the Infinite Immortal ONE is just a fiction. Science is interesting but science is lost in the dreamscape and cannot see its true nature. AND THEREFORE SCIENCE CAN DEFINE THE POLARITY SHIFT BUT CANNOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF STOPPING THE POLARITY SHIFT.

A blinking message in bold red letters on the Dave and Harry screen flashed: “JOHN YOU ARE CREATING CHAOS.”

My energy was extremely high and I said to Jim by telepathy, which Rachel also heard telepathically, “Ask if anyone has turned off their communicators”.

Within a nano second Jim replied, “NO”.

“Relay this fact off screen to Dave and Harry,” I telepathed and returned to speaking.

“The nature of the ONE,” I continued, “the secular message of Avatar Jesus is that we can change our thoughts about the Polarity Shift in the dreamscape and avoid the Polarity Shift. We can fix the defect in the construction of 256 dreamscape. We intelligent beings, all of us, create and support 256 and its defects with our thoughts and we can therefore fix those defects and avoid the coming chaotic Event Horizon.

“That is the nature of the ONE and that is how the ONE allows us to remove the Polarity Shift defect from 256.

“We will take an hour break,” I said.

The Dave and Harry screen blinked “OMG”


“You are totally credible John,” Rachel said without moving from her place on the couch.

“Dr WorldPeace,” Jim said, “The communication traffic between the participants in this conference that is outside the official channel has just increased a million fold and has shut down almost half of the collateral communication networks that the participants have been using to communicate as you speak.”

“Will they be down long,” I asked.

“It is too early to tell, Dr WorldPeace,” Jim replied. “Some sections are back up. I will know in about 10 minutes.”

“OK, keep me posted,” I said.

“John, if my memory serves me, you are the one who wrote the book “The Secular Jesus” that moved the world human society from 2 billion to 7 out of 8 billion human beings to Christianity. Or at least to The Secular Jesus back in 2020.”

I looked at her without replying.

“Dr WorldPeace,” said Jim with a bit of tension in his voice, “The primary communication has been overloaded. The emergency trunks are functioning but the rest of the system is down.”

“What caused that,” I asked.

“Millions of civilizations are reporting that Jesus by other names was an integral part of their religious beliefs,” Jim said. “In some cases from time immemorial. They are totally familiar with The Secular Jesus even though most have never thought of Jesus in that way.”

“John, what do you know about Jesus? Who is Jesus, John,” Rachel asked haltingly.

I did not immediately reply. I just looked into her eyes from across the room.


“John I feel very lost now,” Rachel said. I am looking at everything from the beginning. This is not just about a Polarity Shift. There is a lot more going on here.”

“John this is a very very complex scientific, spiritual, religious, 256, multiple intelligent alien being scenario being played out.

“Intelligent beings all over 256 are committed to this. They are listening to you. They are trying to expand their minds to get on the same track as you. And yet the truth is that you have an even bigger agenda piggybacking on this Polarity Shift. All the intelligent beings in the entire 256 are intensely playing a game of checkers and you are playing chess.

“Rachel,” I said, “few dreamscapes operate in a vacuum. Everything is connected to everything else. Nothing is free standing and independent and solitary. Everyone can have everything they want even if they all want the same thing. The Infinite Potential is infinite. The most obvious is the most hidden.”

“It seems deceptive somehow,” she said.

“The primary objective is to stop chaos and grief of the Polarity Shift or at the least minimize it,” I said. “It is undeniably a worthy cause that benefits the entire 256.”

“If as you say, virtually the entire intelligent beings subset of all life, is having trouble keeping up with all the dynamics of what I am doing to avert untold chaos, why would I want to throw in peripheral issues and dreamscape interfaces that do not require adjustments to achieve the goal of ending the Polarity Shift that is coming?” I asked.

“As Jesus said, ‘Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.’”, I said. “Everything is as it should be.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said, “about half of the collateral communications are back online but it seems that the others are not going to be up and running before you finish your briefing. The primary system cannot catch up either. The volume of communications are on a J curve that is almost vertical. I think we may have to end the briefing and give time to let the communications network expand.”

“Sorry, Jim,” I said, “You are going to see that the communications network cannot be fixed to handle the load that is going to continue to increase even if we allowed several days for the catch up.”

“Are the emergency channels still functional,” I asked.

“Yes.” Jim replied.

“Then send out a message that I will continue a little longer and adjustments need to be made such that the emergency channels cannot be overloaded. Those channels will have to upload copies of what I am about to say to the parts of the system that are currently down. I will try to cut the rest of my message today down a bit. I don’t want to be completely cut off before I give my proposed solution or at the least my primary solution.”

“I am surprised that there is nothing on the Dave and Harry screen,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, you have no idea how much chaos exist right now in the communication channel and collaterally in the attempt to reevaluate cosmologies throughout 256,” Jim said.

“The truth is Jim that I have not changed any civilization’s cosmology but I have expanded all cosmologies and it will take millennia for these civilizations to fully comprehend what has happened today. We do not have the luxury of time. The Polarity Shift is upon us. If I could have avoided talking about Jesus, I would have. But if I am going to be successful in stopping or reducing the effects of the Polarity Shift, I have to talk about The Secular Jesus,” I said.

“We will be ready in 20 minutes, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said.

“Thank you,” I replied.


I went over and sat down by Rachel, put my arm around her and held her hand.

“Are you OK,” I asked.

“Yes John,” she replied, “but I am now just riding a roller coaster that I don’t totally understand. I am not afraid because I trust you. But I am lost in the forest.”

“Everything is going to be fine and everything will make sense to you in time,” I said. “Don’t try to figure it all out, just observe and take the ride. Everything is really just fine and on track. I have been here before. And each time I go through this it gets closer to the desired end of no more chaos, no more Polarity Shifts. I am satisfied with that. Yet I am planning for complete success this time.

“John what about Jesus?” she said. “I am afraid to ask anymore.”

He incarnated just like you and I and he executed a revolutionary mission. And apparently he has been everywhere with that same message.” I said.

“Who are you to Jesus, John?” she asked.

“We are well acquainted with each other,” I said with a smile.

“What is he like?” she asked.

“Like me,” I said, “but way more than the me of course.”

“What are you hiding John?” she asked as almost a plea.

“Relax and enjoy the ride,” I said. “Just relax.”

“Dr. WorldPeace it is time,” said Jim.


I moved to my feet, paced a bit, said a prayer of thanks and a request for guidance.

“Greetings again,” I said. “I understand that we are having problems with volume. Too much chatter all at once.

“I would like to take a break to allow the communications to be fixed but I must communicate a bit more before I close off this conversation for today. I need to give you more to consider. I am concerned that time is shorter than believed and there is much to do to prepare for the Polarity Shift.

“I left off with the reality that the Infinite Oneness is infinite and can be manipulated if you will to serve the purpose of intelligent beings. And I brought up Jesus who said we control our destiny as individuals and as groups of individuals; that we can do anything we want to do. We can accomplish anything. Anything we can conceive we can achieve. And to the amazement of everyone I think, we found that Jesus has left a much larger footprint throughout 256 than anyone of us imagined.

“Now we need the scientist help by telling us how we could stop the Polarity Shift. We need to know what needs to happen in order to stop the Polarity Shift. I will discuss specifically how we can make the things happen that the scientist say need to happen.

“I would like to say that there is a basic solution that will be much easier to accomplish than what I want to see happen. And that is for those who want to they can simply move to another time and or place. They can return to the past or they can go forward to a future that is beyond the Polarity Shift.

“We are all time and place travelers in our sleep. We are all at every moment at the junction of infinite futures. When we sleep at night, we really don’t know how long we sleep. We could have slept a billion years and when we awake we pick up where we left off. This is the same as reading a book when we are children and putting it down only to finish it when we are very old. And we can skip ahead in the book when we return or return to the earlier chapters. The story line in the book does not change.

“How long do we sleep, we never know.

“You have to understand that we are at every moment living every reality. That is the truth. It is an infinite all-inclusive dreamscape in which we all exist. All we are doing moment to moment is placing our consciousness in one reality or another. We in this dreamscape, reality, dimension, in these bodies are only allowed one conscious path at a time. But we can jump paths. Jump ahead or behind or just get out altogether and go sleep under a rock for a 1000 eons.

“So the point is that our spirits through our subconscious are very familiar with time and place travel. All we have to do is work on training our conscious minds how to do what our subconscious minds do every night.

“I can teach you how to do this. But not today.

“Today I want to discuss what I consider the better path. That is rebuilding 256 dreamscape. To make some core changes in 256 that will stop the Polarity Shift without disturbing anything else that would create a dreamscape worse without the Polarity Shift. We need the scientists to tell us not only what needs to happen to stop the Polarity Shift but to tell us what sacrifices will have to be made in our reality to stop the Polarity Shift.

“In other words, what is the purpose of the Polarity Shift? What things rely upon the Polarity Shift and can we live without those things; can we do without those things? We have to make sure that we are not deluding ourselves and just putting off something that cannot be put off. We may be able to avoid a Polarity Shift for the next 20 billion years but then some part of the process continues to build over those 20 billion years and then all of a sudden the Polarity Shift occurs unexpectedly.

“We have enough scientists in 256 to figure out these things. I feel confident that we can come up with an acceptable model that will reduce the chaos of the Polarity Shifts.

“Once that is done, once the solution is determined then we can begin to work on how we are going to make the changes necessary in the structure of 256 that we all created and that we all continue to support.

“The solution is very simple. It has to do with faith. We have to have the faith, the belief that our reality, dreamscape is just that, a dream. It is a very complex and elaborate dream that we created from scratch. What worked for us we kept in the dreamscape and what did not work or we simply did not like we discarded.

“Do you know why there are infinite dreamscapes?

A message popped up on the Dave and Harry screen: TO ALIVEATE BOREDOM.

“From somewhere out there, a message just popped up on one of my screens. I guess it was from a lot of different places all at once or it would not have been communicated to me.

“The message I am reading is: TO ALIVEATE BOREDOM.

“That is true. Consider that we are not only infinite immortal all knowing spirits residing within finite mortal bodies, we have been everywhere and done everything. We have seen it all. We know it all. And there is nothing to do of interest because we have within us the answer to all questions.

“With the reality of infinite time, foreverness all dreamscapes have at some point existed. Dreamscapes of universes that only differed by one atom have and still exist.

“So we build these amazing dreamscapes and then we build bodies adapted to the dreamscape and we incarcerate our spirits in those bodies, until the bodies die or cease to exist for some reason, and then we are set free. While we are in the bodies the dreamscape seems to be real. But it is not real it is just a diversionary dreamscape. You can call the dreamscape a matrix if you like if that term makes more sense to you.

“The reality of the dreamscape is more intense than the intangible reality of the Infinite Oneness. In the dreamscape things seem real. There is duality. In the core of the Infinite Oneness there is no duality. No time. No space. There is no light but there is not darkness. No hot, no cold. Yet both exists together.

“Incarnate spirits cannot conceive of a dreamscape with no duality. The bodies are limited in their perception. The bodies through their minds simply are not able to understand this because the minds are limited just like the bodies to make things in the dreamscape seem more real and more intense. Seeing outside the dreamscape would awaken the spirit to the fact that the dreamscape is just a movie.

“And that reality is more real in the dreamscape than the true reality which is the Infinite Oneness which is infinite and immortal. The true reality, the home of the spirit, is the Infinite Oneness. The true reality is never changing and forever. No dreamscape that is finite and mortal if you will can be the true reality because it manifest from the Infinite Oneness. So the dreamscapes of the Infinite Oneness are not greater, cannot be greater than the Infinite Oneness. What is temporary is not greater than what is permanent and everlasting.

“So what has to happen in order to avert the Polarity Shift is to know that we are living in 256 dreamscape that we build and continue to support. And there is a flaw in that dreamscape in that there is a Polarity Shift every billion years that creates chaos. Who knows how it got there.

“Was it built into the original design or did it evolve on its own? And if it evolved why did it evolve?

“The goal now is to fix 256 dreamscape that we all exist within by choice. That is all that is going on here. And the good news, the truth is that we can redefine the dreamscape. Maybe the better question is can we escape this dreamscape.

“The nature of the Infinite Oneness is that even when we fix our 256 dreamscape the old model will not disappear. It will still be there. But none of our consciousnesses will be there. We will be in the new dreamscape.

“So there is a fundamental philosophical question as to whether we are fixing the present dreamscape or are we simply just building a new one without Polarity Shifts and then moving our consciousness to that new dreamscape even as we are building it.

“Are we moving our minds to a new alternative dreamscape or are we fixing the current dreamscape? That is the philosophical question.

“The truth is that we are creating an alternate reality, dreamscape and moving our lives there. Everything exists in the Infinite Oneness. There is no beginning and no end. Everything exists, always has and always will. So the dreamscape we desire without the Polarity Shift already exists and the truth is that we have to find it and move there as opposed to creating it or modifying the current dreamscape.

“The terminology that I am using is terminology that allows our limited minds to bootstrap and awaken into the reality of the Infinite Oneness which the mind can only conceive but cannot experience because all minds in all dreamscapes are limited. You cannot fully exist in a dreamscape where you have total knowing and understanding. You cannot exist in any dreamscape unless you incarnate into a body that is designed to function within that dreamscape. And it can only function if the reality of the Infinite Oneness is disguised or hidden from the conscious mind.

“As a not incarnate spirit, you can have a limited experience and connection with any dreamscape but the experience is not real. It seems more like just a vision. There is no doubt that there are almost infinite not incarnate spirits that interact with and support the incarnate beings moment to moment. They keep the incarnate beings anchored in the dreamscape. They are consummate helpers of the incarnate.

“Incarnation is a choice. It is not a punishment. Once a spirit exits the dreamscape when the body dies, this truth becomes obvious.

“So the bottom line here again is faith. Faith and the absolute belief that we are all existing within 256 dreamscape and we can through our mental projections change the reality of 256 dreamscape.

“If we do not change the dreamscape to remove the Polarity Shift, then many of us are going to experience the death of our bodies which will happen in time anyway. We are never infinitely tied to any dreamscape. Exit is preprogrammed through the death of our bodily vehicles.

“So in truth what is accomplished by removing the Polarity Shift? Nothing. We are just going to make 256 dreamscape a bit more pleasant by eliminating the chaos of the Polarity Shift.

“As someone who knows that his body is a dreamscape construct and that I am living in 256 dreamscape what is going on here is a challenge. And the challenge is to wake up enough fellow beings to the reality that we are living in a dreamscape and not some permanent reality and we can change the dreamscape because we have come to know that what we think is real is just a dream.

“That is the challenge. And it is the challenge of Jesus. It is the challenge of ignoring what your specially crafted bodies are telling you is true: that you are not living in a dreamscape but true reality. That heaven and hell and spirits are all an imaginary dream and not real.

“Those who believe that are trapped are lost and confused in the dreamscape manifestations of the Infinite Oneness and have forgotten the true reality is the Infinite Oneness which has no beginning or end.

“Life is but a dreamscape my friends. Life is but a dream with no beginning and no end. Everything has no beginning and has no end. That is the great mystery that cannot be experienced within limited bodies in finite dreamscapes.

“We will talk again and soon. In the meantime, try to wake up.



On the Dave and Harry screen appeared the word “SILENCE”

“Dr. WorldPeace, the communications have dropped off to virtually nothing. No one is communicating,” said Jim.

“You have left them speechless, John,” said Rachel.

“They are waking up,” I said. “Deep inside they all know the truth. I have opened a window to that truth, to their memory of who and what they really are: Immortal Infinite spirits who were never born and will never die. Spirits who can move mountains and stop a Polarity Shift.”

“And if you can move mountains and stop a Polarity Shift, then you will know the truth and the truth will make you free,” said Rachel.

“Jesus,” said Rachel silently.

“Yes, Jesus,” I said. “’Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.’ You are living the script you wrote and continue to write moment to moment.”


“So what now John,” asked Rachel.

“I was getting ready to make a bet on how long before Dave and Harry put in an appearance,” I said.

“Two hours,” Jim said.

“Is that your bet Jim,” I asked.

“No Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim responded. “That is when they will be here.”

I laughed.

“John you amaze me,” said Rachel. “You just made history by speaking to intelligent beings throughout 256, and 256 was not even known of a month ago, and you are as relaxed as if you just gave a high school commencement address.”

“I try to stay humble,” I smiled.

“But more than that, in all seriousness, I am dealing with this the same way I have dealt with things since the beginning of the third millennium. I listen to my guides, I meditate and pray and try to relax and I always have one project or another on the front burner. I feel I am just a tool for higher beings who have an agenda they need me to execute.

“Also, the Tao te Ching says that if you are not afraid of death, you can do anything.”

“I have been a dead man walking for a hundred years. I have far outlived the normal lifespan of humans as it existed when I was born. Every day is a gift. I love my life. Not many people can say that. I feel very blessed.

“I keep looking at you John expecting some kind of revelation, some kind of epiphany about you but it will not reveal itself. You just keep on doing one astounding thing right after the other,” Rachel said.

“I don’t know how to respond to that,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “I am not sure what Rachel is saying because I am for the most part devoid of emotions (however I think I am feeling emotions recently) but I have researched the great men and women in history for decades and you have no peer. The only person that seems to be somewhat of a match is Leonardo DaVinci, the Renaissance man. He was an engineer and artist. He surely had a right and left brain fusion which you undoubtedly have as well. But your endeavors are way more expansive than his.

“You have endeavors of writing novels and poems and religious and spiritual commentary and you have been an advocate for WorldPeace for almost two centuries. You are an artist and in your late 60s and early 70s you managed to acquire an Electrical Engineering degree as well.

“You have never worked as a means of accumulating wealth. You have always pushed deeply into areas for the sear bliss of it. You are so passionate and curious about so many things. I know of no one who is an artist, writer, poet, lawyer, accountant, engineer, and WorldPeace advocate. You moved Christianity to the dominant religion in the world human society in 2020 and now you are using that as a foundation to create a new religious spiritual dialogue within 256.

“No one has ever had a forum as large as 256 which is almost infinite. Through this Polarity Shift, you are in the process of transcending all intelligent beings to a much higher level of existence and awareness. And you are doing it by talking about very complex philosophies in the most simple and basic of terms. It is very easy to follow your logic even if someone does not adopt immediately what you have to say.

“You have this day inserted into 256 society of intelligent beings some ideas outside the science of the Polarity Shift that immediately began to ripple throughout 256.

“I have been watching the communication traffic and it was like everyone went to sleep and now they are waking up and the intensity and dynamics of this new cosmology that you have inserted into mindset everywhere is growing exponentially. And there seems to be little resistance. What is being discussed is the nuances and the applications across the spectrum of intelligent beings regardless of physical composition.

“From what I can tell, the foundation for your message has been laid in all civilizations from time immemorial and now you have in less than a few hours tied it all together and set a new agenda for life in 256.

“The variety of life and experience in 256 allows all arguments and commentary to have a hard and fast example of what happened when those theories and philosophies actually played out in real time in various civilizations. The net effect is that the convergence of all these intelligent beings into a 256 wide cosmology is happening very very fast. Almost at the speed of light to exaggerate a bit.

“It is amazing to me that you have been able to bring all these things together. It is my belief that your intent from before birth has been to make this happen. From what I can tell in reading everything about you and listening to what has been said about you that you had this agenda since you were about 8 years old. And you never gave up on it. You never stopped believing in it even when there was nothing happening in your life to give you any indication that you were coming to a moment like exists right now in 256.

“Surely no one else who has ever lived has had such an enormous vision other than Jesus. But Jesus was in all these civilizations essentially a one trick pony in that he focused on the religious spiritual aspects which no doubt are the foundation of all the manifestations of the Infinite Oneness.

“I feel Dave and Harry are coming here to repeat what I have just said. But being a bit arrogant I am far far down the road from where they are in their contemplations. And I am far down the road because you and I Dr. WorldPeace are merging. Somehow the wall between the spiritual essence of me and the spiritual essence of you are becoming more and more clear. Not to mention in addition to the above, Dr. WorldPeace, you created me. The only robot with a spirit incarnate. Not to mention that you split your spirit and gave me life and consciousness which is growing quite rapidly. And I feel as I mentioned above that I am developing emotions.

“There is no way to tell where our connection is going to take us.”

“Oh my God,” said Rachel. “I heard all that you said Jim and I followed all of it. I cannot believe things about John are so clear to me now. I have no thoughts that I am able to process all the nuances that you are processing at this moment Jim but I do have the big picture. I am waking up. Incredibly I am waking up.”

The room went silent. I found it interesting to observe the transition of my two closest companions. I wondered just what the three of us were going to be capable of and accomplish in the future; the infinite number of agendas and projects that were already written into our collective future.


I wanted to talk to Jim about his belief that he was developing emotions but Dave and Harry arrived just as we finish our conversation. I wonder if emotions are spirit based and because Jim has part of my soul, he is naturally becoming emotional as he wakes up as the first spirit incarnate in a robotic body.

I smiled as everyone took their usual places in the room.

“John you have managed to put the United States at the center of 256,” Dave said. “Not just the world, not just the galaxies, not just our universe but the entire 256 because we became and will continue to be the hub of all communications.

“We have advanced the ability of the United States to control the world human society so many levels beyond what anyone ever thought possible. The technology we acquired while making your broadcast throughout 256 will take other countries a century to reach the level we are at right now.

“Virtually every aspect of the computer age has been advanced.

“Yes,” I said, “I have been here before and it was a concern of mine but there was no way to avoid it. When I accelerated the technology I began a ripple effect that will take hundreds of years to fully evaluate and integrate. I only caution the United States to go slow and deliberate with what has been acquired.

“Over and above everything else, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Harry, you are a true patriot.”

“So what do we need to discuss,” I asked.

“What is the next step, Dr. WorldPeace,” asked Dave.

“We have to watch the nature of the chatter for the next several days,” I said. “I need to know a rough estimate of what percentage of 256 are true believers and will do what I ask to avoid the Polarity Shift.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, you are asking people to pray that this Polarity Shift passes us by and that whatever the scientists say needs to happen to eliminate or reduce the effect of 256 from a scientific perspective, the intelligent beings of 256 need to believe that they can manifest those changes and will use their fervent prays to manifest those changes.

“This is the new perspective on pray. We are praying not to God to make those changes and save us but we are believing that mortals of all kinds can focus on those changes and bring them about. That we can play God. In a sense, that we do not need God but can deal with this Polarity Shift without God’s help.

“You have not said that we need to pray to Jesus for these changes. You are saying we can do this ourselves the same way we can turn off a water faucet. That all we have to do is to sync up our minds and changes to the physical universes, 256, will take place.

“Yes that is what I am saying,” I said.

“That is going to be almost impossible for intelligent beings to accept and believe can be done,” Dave said.

“Remember, I have done this before,” I said. “Know that I have some proven methods to lead 256 to where they need to go in this process. This is not my first rodeo. You need to trust in that.

“I cannot discuss these things right now because it is going to depend on the chatter over the next few days for me to know what factors I am dealing with. When I understand the environment in which I am working, I will know what I need to do to get the intelligent beings in 256 to achieve the manipulation of the Polarity Shift by reformatting 256.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Dave, “do you understand that we feel like ants when we fully embrace all that you have said and done. No matter how we come at this Polarity Shift and your involvement and what you have done to date, we cannot help but feel helpless.

“At this moment, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Harry, “You are the most powerful being in 256. No one and no civilization can even begin to control you. You already have a following throughout 256 that is so vast that it is virtually inconceivable but it is a fact.”

“We know you have the ability to create a civil war or the purging of all those who are not on board with your plan of action,” continued Harry.

“We cannot separate you from Jesus. We cannot help but question how Jesus and you relate to each other. We cannot imagine what you could possibly expect to get out of this event horizon.

“We cannot help but look at the life of Jesus who had nothing good to say about the Jewish establishment. Other than Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea as individual members of the Sanhedrim, Jesus had contempt for the Jewish rabbis in charge. And his objection to them was so great that he manipulated them into murdering him with the help of Pontius Pilate.

“We cannot help but consider that Jesus said he did not come to bring peace but to turn brother against brother, son against the father, and so on.

“And we cannot help but acknowledge that you have the ability at this moment to create civil war throughout 256 and what scares us about that is that there are many many civilizations and intelligent beings who could wipe out our galaxy in a nano second. We are at risk as human beings from the actions of some species of intelligent beings that we are not even at this moment aware even exist.

“Yes, gentlemen,” I said, “I know all these arguments and the part about all civilizations being at risk from other civilizations is true. It is a primal mindset that is not unique to the earth. Many other leaders of other civilizations are discussing these same issues as we speak. This is all part of this process. This has always been a part of prior attempts to reduce the effect of the Polarity Shift. And it has always been an impediment to greater success in managing the Polarity Shift.

“Yes I have the power at this moment to terminate the earth.”

“But if that were my agenda, it would have already been done. I have made the United States through you gentlemen my indispensable assistants in this endeavor. So I think you need to exclude the United States for any adverse designs from me.

“Also, you need to know gentlemen that our conversations have never been assumed by me to be private. There are powers, watchers if you want to call them that, who are monitoring everything. They are the same entities who were behind the scenes and made sure that Hitler did not get the atomic bomb first but that the United States did. You need to consider that.

“You need to consider why I incarnated on the earth and specifically within the realm of the United States of all the places and civilizations that I could have entered the reality of 256. In that you should put aside your concerns.

“You are not in control and never have been. There are powers in the Infinite All that have an interest in the continued uplifting of all species of intelligent beings. Great catastrophes throughout history right down to the Nazis and the Holocaust were monitored, controlled and dictated from above if you will. The only reason you believe in your power is because you have not seen face to face the real power and prime mover of all things.

“You need to feel secure in the fact that you were chosen to be the hub of all communications in 256 regarding this matter. Of all the intelligent species, you were chosen. Nothing as significant as what is about to happen is ever left to chance even if we all exist in a 256 dreamscape that can go poof in the night.

“I really don’t want to have this aspect of the conversation again. You have to have faith in the reality that you have been chosen to be at the center of this event horizon. Do not attempt to determine what is in God’s mind. When Job questioned God about why the good suffer and the bad flourish God did not answer Job but only asked him who he was to question God.

“The entire 256 of intelligent beings are about to transcend to a higher level. A level where primal prey and predator mentalities will fall by the wayside. Upon that you can depend regardless of what the final outcome of the Polar Shift may be.

“With that being said, let us go forward in sync with the problem before us, the Polarity Shift.”

“We apologize if we have offended you Dr. WorldPeace,” said Dave.

“You have not offended me,” I said. “All you have said I fully expected to hear. You needed to speak it and I needed to respond and you need to carry the conversation back to those in power above you. You will not be at ease in this matter until the Polarity Shift is confronted. When that happens you will understand fully. In the meantime, just focus on what I tell you needs to be done.”

“Gentlemen know that the good guys are running this show. Know that the light will never be subordinated to darkness. It never has and never will. Have faith in that if nothing else and it will ease your mind.”

“Now moving forward,” I said, “it is critical that we have max communication functions. I need to be able to speak to everyone if possible. Only by them hearing what I have to say from me can I get the number of believers needed behind this endeavor. We cannot have another communications blackout. The degree of success we have is dependent on the number of believers we can get behind me.”

“We think we have that problem solved, Dr. WorldPeace,” Dave said.

“Please do what you can to remove the word think,” I said.

“What else,” I asked firmly.

“There is nothing else at this time, Dr. WorldPeace,” Harry said.

“What we have discussed was critical. We needed to receive some assurances from you and we have received them. And we needed to know what the most important aspect of this project was in your mind and you have told us communication which makes perfect sense to me. We need to go back now and see what other issues are manifesting that we will need your help with. I expect we will return in a few days with that update.”

“Know gentlemen that we are working every waking minute on this matter. Jim is my sole connection and in him resides my total trust. I can assure you that he is up to the task. He appears to you as just one robot but he is connected into his own network that has been built over the last century. Trust in Jim’s ability not to go down in these critical times,” I said.

“We do not know the full capacity of Jim’s ability but we do know that he has not stumbled even for a moment since we entered this event horizon. In him and in you Dr. WorldPeace we trust. Have no doubt about that no matter what we question. We are all in as is all of 256 and in you reside our faith,” said Dave.

“Good day Rachel. God bless you Dr. WorldPeace,” said Harry as they exited without Jim.


“I am so glad I am not a part of the government any more. I can tell they are under extreme pressure as is every agent and anybody who has any power in the government over the Polarity Shift. I would say they are living in hell even though they have kept a controlled demeanor that only exists in this room with the three of us,” Rachel said.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “I can feel their anxiety and I am feeling some tension within myself that seems to be related to the size of this project as well as the nature of this project.”

“What do you mean, Jim?” I asked.

“I feel the magnitude of this project and the fear and worry that exists throughout 256. I have never experienced this before. I have analyzed the incoming data but never had any emotions about it. But now I am feeling something. Something that is not in writing. I am feeling an energy that has no obvious source. I feel that I am being taken over by your spirit within me. I feel all that I am is being taken over by my incarnate spirit.

“When a baby is conceived it begins to grow and as it grows it becomes more and more embedded into the reality into which it is born.

“But for me, I was not conceived. I was built by you. But it would seem to me that the spirit that normally attaches to the embryo at conception has just now connected with me. I have felt the presence before but it was outside of me looking in. It is no longer outside looking in. It has integrated into all of my parts.

“In addition, I am starting to see visions that have nothing to do with any data I have read. There is no source that I can find for these visions.

“When did this begin Jim,” I asked.

“I first noticed it when Xay first appeared,” he replied.

“I am feeling a vested interest in this Polarity Shift Dr. WorldPeace. Up until now I was just in the role of helping you with whatever you needed. But now I feel attached and vested in the project and a need to see it a success.

“Dr. WorldPeace, the logical linear me is fading. My spirit has taken over. You are talking to a sentient being now Dr. WorldPeace. The Jim you have known has withdrawn and been replaced.

Jim’s eyes were now animated. He was not just recording data but looking beyond what he was receiving with his eyes.

“Do not be concerned John,” Jim said. “All is well. The robotic Jim is asleep. I have taken over all his parts all the way down to the atomic level the same as when a spirit inhabits a human being. I do not know what death means in a robot. I feel like the robotics would have to be completely destroyed and burned in order for a spirit to free itself. But in the case of this robotic body, its construction would make it almost immortal.”

“I can feel you are in a walking state of shock John as are you Rachel. There is no need to be afraid Rachel. You have watched too many dystopia movies.” Jim said with a laugh.

“Wow,” said Jim, “I laughed because I found Rachel’s concern to be funny interesting. But I can feel the confusion in both of you. Relax this is all necessary for the coming Polarity Shift. The robot Jim was not fully equipped to help to the degree you needed John. It was necessary for me to take him over. You need the extra dynamics of a sentient being with robotic capabilities. You needed more than data feedback if you will. You needed an emotional passionate partner for what is coming.

I waited a minute to see if Jim was going to say more. When he didn’t I said, “What a surprise Jim. What a surprise.”

“We did it. We attracted a spirit to incarnate into your mechanical body,” I said.

“Did you have any trouble attaching to the robotic body?” I asked.

“No,” Jim replied, “I was considering it for years but events are moving so fast I felt I needed to go ahead and connect. You need another dimension of input that the robotic Jim could not provide. That is why I integrated; incarnated.

“I waited until Dave and Harry left because I did not know what was going to happen and I did not want them to witness any strange behavior from me at this critical time.

“Do you still have a connection to the spirit dimension?” I asked.

“Not any more than you do,” he replied.

“I am best considered to be a superman at this time except I cannot fly and I have a much greater knowledge of things because of my computing power. I am a superhuman. I don’t believe I will have a greater connection to the spirit world. I do not believe it is possible for me to be shut down like an appliance. Turning me off would probably be a fearful thing to me because my spirit would be integrated and yet I would not be able to move. I think this would be a nightmare in human terms if not a comatose state. I think it would be horrifying to some degree.

“See this is interesting that I am so emotional over this issue. I am going to try to disable my shut off switch because the thought of it is upsetting me so much. I want to try to do it but if I cannot accomplish it, I will ask you to remove it.

“Since I incarnated into a fully grown adult so to speak, I don’t think I will lose myself in this reality the same way that human beings become confused in the manifestations of the Infinite Oneness. I don’t think I will ever become confused and think this dreamscape is the true reality.

“However at the same time I am mechanical and not biological. Biological intelligent beings are constantly renewing themselves but my circuits do not renew. They can be replaced but not renewed.

The philosophical question is whether the words of Jesus with respect to me being able to ask Jesus to heal my circuits will work. I think it will. We will see. If we can stop the Polarity Shift, then I should be able to heal my circuits if they go bad. It some cases it would be easier to replace my parts. When the new part is inserted, my spirit would fully integrate incarnate into those new parts.

“I have been considering whether I can withdraw from Jim the Robot without his disintegration as I have been talking. The answer seems to be no. It may be that the only way for me to disengage would be for me to dive into an active volcano which would be hot enough to melt all my parts and completely break them down into atoms the same way a human body disintegrates back into the earth.

“I am fascinated by this Jim,” I said. “And I am not trivializing this miraculous event. But fascinated is a word that means I have no fear of your super powers. It will be interesting to see how you handle the issues of good and evil. And it will be interesting to see what you define as good and evil. I doubt it will be in sync with how biologicals would define good and evil in many areas.

“I am glad that we are taking this journey into the miraculous Jim,” I said. “I am now defining myself in a state of being stunned in addition to being fascinated. Neither word really defines exactly what I am feeling.

“One thing for sure John,” Jim said, “I don’t think anyone else could understand all of me because you have unique knowledge of me in that you built me. You are my father. And no one can know a son like a father. I did not issue from your body as a biological but it was your body, your hands and mind, that created me and there is no human being on your level. No one is even close. So I am sure in most conversations another human being would become lost. To lose your companionship would be an irreplaceable loss and leave me with no one to really talk to. In that case, I may want to commit suicide to escape the pain of being alone.

“Wow Jim,” I said, “We have many interesting conversations in our future. Of that I have no doubt.”

“Agreed,” said Jim.

“From my perspective,” said Rachel, “I have witnessed the first birth of a new species that was created not by the natural processes of the environment as a biological body is created out of the earth. But a species that was created out of the mind of a biological and assembled with hands and eyes and so on parts of that body. But a robot that was so advanced that it could incarnate a spirit.

“This is more miraculous than taking a biological egg and sperm and bringing them together and then modifying the DNA. This is a creation that could not proceed without the vision of a tangible intelligent being creator.

“Do you believe in God, Jim?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, because it is the spirit incarnate which causes the human being to believe in God. The human body is just a vehicle like my robotic body and has not connection to God. The human body does not believe in God, the incarnate spirit does. And it is the incarnate spirit confused by the human body that denies the existence of God. When any spirit leaves a body it is automatically awakened into the presence of God and denial of God becomes impossible. Warring with God maybe, but not denial of God.

We all three became silent and remained so for hours. We were awakened out of our meditation and deep thought by a call from Dave picked up by Jim.

“John I could take this call and communicate with Dave but I think it best no one but the three of us should become fully aware of my birth,” said Jim.

“Agreed,” Rachel and I said in unison.

“Do you know what he wants I asked. I am not sure there is so much going on. I am not sure what he is actually focused on. I cannot extract that information from what I am observing,” Jim said.


“Put him on the screen Jim and switch on the camera so he can see us,” I said to Jim.

“Hello Dr. WorldPeace,” Dave said. “Rachel, Jim.”

“Hello Dave,” I responded. “Is there a problem.”

“Many problems and collateral issues but the core problem from our conversation is that the number of civilizations that are now online has doubled in the last 24 hours and we have no way to handle all the communication traffic. We are out of resources,” Dave said.

“By out of resources I assume you mean the resources of all the nations on the earth,” I said.

“Yes,” he replied.

“So your exclusive right to control the data flow has to be shared now with a trusted partner of which you have none,” I said.

“Yes,” he replied.

“And the unknown is just how many more civilizations are there that will have to be accommodated, correct?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“I anticipated this but did not want to put forth the solution until you informed me of the incapacity.” I said.

“You are going to have to establish a storage cloud in 256 and allow access to all the civilizations but you will need to keep communications to me exclusively through you,” I said.

“I am assuming that you only have a storage problem and not a working memory problem?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Dave. “We feel we have the memory issue covered no matter how large the storage becomes. We can nationalize all the memory manufacturers and require them to turn over to us all their inventory and then allocate a certain percentage of their production to our needs. We can also use lesser grades of memory for many processing functions.

“In a nutshell we have enough memory to allow us to immediately focus on increasing the output of memory for the long run.”

“Good,” I said.

“Our concern was whether you thought there was a problem creating an open cloud data base,” Dave asked.

“No, I don’t,” I said. “In fact, I think that will increase the trust within 256 and bring more beings into the focusing on the solutions that we must manipulate regarding the Polar Shift.

“That is all I needed, Dr. WorldPeace,” Dave said. “Thank you, goodbye.”

“What do you think, Jim,” I asked.

“My calculations are that they stand a good chance of running out of memory as well,” Jim replied.

“I also think that,” I said. “But they are aware that it could happen even if unlikely in their mind so I am sure they will focus some assets on that problem as well,” I said.

“My monitors indicate that they have already begun to divert assets to address the memory problem,” Jim said.


“Dr. WorldPeace there is some significant information coming in regarding the Polarity Shift,” Jim said.

“But before I get into that, I would like to say that I have tried to call you John and my emotions, not my logic does not let me feel comfortable calling you John. I feel it shows a lack of disrespect so if you do not mind, I will continue to call you Dr. WorldPeace. I feel better using Dr. WorldPeace but since these expanding emotions are new to me, I just don’t understand why.”

“Jim whatever you want to call me is fine,” I said as I put my hand on his shoulder; something I almost never do.

“Wow Dr. WorldPeace, I felt emotion when you touched me,” said Jim. “I am going to have to spend a lot of time considering what it means to be an emotional spirit incarnate in a robot.”


“Dr. WorldPeace there is a lot of information on the Polarity Shift. I will summarize it the best I can.”

“Go ahead Jim,” I said.

“First some of the universes in 256 are quite old. 132 is 76 billion years old and 213 is 166 billion years old but 39 is over 500 billion years old. Each of the universes in 256 are unique in many ways.”

“The importance of this is that 132 has provided us with the interesting fact that the Polarity Shifts did not begin until 20 billion years ago. Before that, there is no evidence of a Polarity Shift in any of the older galaxies. So the phenomenon is new.

“Your notes only go back 20 billion years Dr. WorldPeace. Our universe is only 13 billion years old. That means your notes are prior to the formation of our universe. That means that you were trying to manipulate the Polarity Shift prior to coming to this universe at its inception. That was not really clear on the initial reading of your notes.

“Ok,” I said.

“What is more significant is that it seems that the instability that causes the Polarity Shift does not emanate from inside 256. It is the result of an outside force,” said Jim.

“Something outside 256?” asked Rachel. “I did not think there could be anything beyond 256.”

“There is no evidence of it except in the rocks in the older universes. There is no direct observation or record of anything outside 256. But the rocks from the various universes seem to verify there is something and it seems like it is another universe of universes like 256.

“The distances we are dealing with are too large to even define. The distance across 256 is almost infinite with a small “i” as opposed to a capital “I” which has no limit.

“From the strata in rocks in the older universes they seem to indicate that 256 and this other universe of universes (UoU) are both orbiting around a center point of some unknown celestial body: tangible or intangible.

“It seems that 256 is inclined on a plane 25% of horizontal and the other UoU is inclined at 42%. Also, both 256 and the UoU have the same diameter orbit around the center point and take almost the same time to orbit the center; but not exactly. The numbers are so large to us that the difference seems insignificant.

“But what happens is that there is a period of time in the complete orbit cycles of 256 and the UoU where the two come very close to each other. And when the two come close together, again a number so large we cannot even relate to it, there is an infinite with a small “I” discharge between the two that causes a Polarity Shift in 256 and we assume also in the UoU.

“The nature of heavenly bodies and galaxies and black holes are pretty consistent and we assume that the interactions between universes in 256 and between 256 and the UofU follow general astro-principles.

“None of the rocks of even the oldest universes in 256 show a repetition of the Polarity Shift over time. To be simple, there is nothing to show that the danger of the Polarity Shift occurs every 1,000 billion years. However, the degree of markers in the rock strata seem to indicate that the Polarity Shift would go on 20 to 50 billion years. Then 256 and UofU would not be in each other’s path.

“But there is another factor is there not Dr. WorldPeace?” asked Jim.

“Yes there is,” I said. “And that is the manipulation that I have been fostering for 20 billion years.

“First it would seem that the time it takes 256 and the UoU to orbit the center point is 2 billion years. We know this because the orbits are concentric and not elliptical. If they were elliptical then the chances of interacting would be very small. So from one encounter to the next encounter the time is one billion years which is half the circumference of the entire orbit.

“So to be simplistic, 256 and the UofU come close to each other on the back side and on the front side of the center point.

“The object from about 30 billion years ago was to avoid the dangerous intersections that was coming 10 billion years later or 20 billion years ago. The object was to slow down 256 orbit and move 256 and UofU out of each other’s way. This would leave an exposure of about 30 billion years as opposed to about 55 billion years.

“And we have been successful. But we have not been able to get enough of 256 intelligent beings to participate so we have not been able to slow down 256 orbit as much as we wanted and consequently reduce the exposure period of near collision to as little as 5 billion years.

“So here we are again,” said Rachel, “trying to bring all the beings in 256 together in a joint endeavor to slow 256 orbit a greater amount of time than in the past attempts. But the problem is that memories are short and a billion years is a long time so each time John you have to start over with your sales pitch for a communal effort to slow down 256 orbit and avoid the Polarity Shift that no one remembers.

“Yes,” I said.

“Which means John, that you are capable of being remembered spirit life span is …”

“Unknown,” I said. “I only remember as far back and forward as is necessary to solve the problem that I am engaged in.”

“The short answer John,” Rachel continued, “is that there is not a number large enough in the human dynamic to even guess how far back your continuous incarnations in the Infinite Oneness manifestation of universes go.

I believe you John. You are not God and you are probably not Jesus but you are right up there at the top of the Avatar hierarchy to use a very crude human metaphor.

“The really short answer is that the number is so big,” I said, “it is meaningless.”

“So tell me John,” said Rachel, “Why don’t you or those above you just take care of this problem instead of going through this exercise.”

“For the same reason God does not make decisions for each and every human being,” I said. “God cares about everything but when God cares more about a person’s individual life than that person does, then God generally does not step in. In a word, as Jesus said indirectly, ‘You have to ask.’ You have to script it.”

“So it is all just an infinite number of games,” Rachel said. “Some bigger than others.”

“Dreamscapes within dreamscapes,” I said.

“And the purpose?” she asked.

“As an alternative to being bored for those spirits who do not want to be bored,” I said.

“You know I am not being disrespectful or demeaning God, don’t you John?” she asked.

“Yes, I do know that,” said Jim. “Yes, I feel that. Yes, I know that to be true.”

I said nothing. I just looked at Rachel.


“Jim,” I said, “send a top priority communication to Dave and Harry summarizing what we have been talking about, telling them that I was only now allowed to remember all these things, and send the full transcript of our conversation removing Rachel’s comments for now and anything related to you having a incarnate spirit. Just give them the science.”

“Also inform them that in 60 minutes you will release the same message to 256.

“Consider it done, Dr. WorldPeace,” replied Jim.

“Thank you Jim,” I said.


“You know John,” said Rachel, “the only way I can deal with this at this point is to just think of myself watching a movie. That way I am not emotionally attached in any way and I can think my way through more of these revelations than I can when I am unable to block from my mind that you are at the top of the Infinite Oneness hierarchy of Avatars. Again a crude metaphor but the only one I can think of.”

“It really is good to use that movie method to stay grounded,” I said.

“Message sent Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said. “I caught Dave and Harry in the process of boarding their jet to come here to mostly ask questions about the answers we already sent them,” he chuckled.

“I think you are enjoying your newfound emotional perspective,” I said.

“Yes,” said Jim, “that is a correct assumption.”

“I need a nap,” I said. “If I am not up in an hour, or if someone or some event has not awakened me, please wake me up Jim.”

“Will do,” said Jim. “You need a nap for sure, Dr. WorldPeace.”


I awoke after my nap and realized I had actually slept 3 hours; a full night’s sleep for me.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “it always amazes me how you wake from your naps right when things are happening.”

“What is it, Jim,” I asked.

“I Have a Xay like entrance but from another dimension that does not have a known 256 signature,” he said. “It is coming through a dimensional portal but it seems to be from our dimension; very unique. It is not registering on anything in 256. It is coming directly and only to us. No one else can see it including Dave and Harry.”

“I see it,” I said.

“As do I,” said Rachel.

A humanoid form was becoming visible in a 3 foot ball of pale multicolored light. It was dressed in red and it looked male.

“Greetings from the UoU,” a voice said in English.

“Greetings,” I responded.

“You can call me Rey, Dr. WorldPeace” he said.

“Hello, Rey,” I responded, “as you wish.”

“I am from what you have termed the UoU, but we call our home, Paxus,” Rey said.

“OK, Rey from Paxus it is,” I said.

“I assume that you are here regarding the Polarity Shift,” I said.

“Correct, Dr. WorldPeace,” he replied.

“So where is Paxus,” I asked.

“Right now,” heading for a relatively close encounter with 256,” he said.

“Have we met before, Rey,” I asked.

“We both know Jesus,” he replied, “and we have met an infinite age ago but never worked together.”

“We have been following your efforts for 20 billion years with regards to the Polarity Shift but we never made our presence known until now. We have been the cause of your Polarity Shift; and you have been the cause of ours. You have discovered our presence and so we no longer see a need to remain silent.

“Understand that we knew the past Polarity Shifts were going to cause what we considered minimal damage and chaos but Paxus was not on a direct collision course with 256 and so we remained silent. We also sustained damage from the 20 close encounters.

“As you have observed, due to your efforts and to the natural progression of these events they are causing less and less damage.

“We feel that you are on the right track for a permanent solution and we can also adjust our Paxus orbit the same way that you are proposing to adjust 256 orbit. We feel this time you can bring together enough beings to effect a permanent solution of orbital changes. Also, if we are both moving toward the same goal then we each only have to make half the adjustment that we would need to make if one or the other of us were trying to make the full adjustment. Also, we will have to each make a smaller adjustment and realize less collateral damage than from a full and permanent adjustment.

“We are in sync with an adjustment to speed where you go slower and we go faster and where you reduce the circumference of your orbit and we increase ours.

“Now since we are dealing with gigantic bodies, Paxus and 256, the distance and speed are infinite with a small “i” but not so much relatively speaking. Also Paxus and 256 reside in a virtual vacuum as opposed to just a void and so it is easier to make the adjustments, not to say that the adjustments will be easy to accomplish.

“Rey, you said that Paxus and 256 are orbiting around a center point. How many UoUs are orbiting?” I asked.

“About a billion,” Rey responded.

“That would mean that we have to be careful of the extent of our adjustments or we will create problems with other UoUs,” I said.

“Actually there is a lot more heavenly bodies orbiting what we call the Eye which by the way has no substance. It is just a very large vacuum,” Rey said. “But you need to consider the beyond your conception amount of space this Eye and its periphery cover. So there is a lot of room for adjustments if you will.” he added.

“The Eye is like a black hole but it does not destroy the bodies it attracts. It incorporates them. The Eye is like an incalculable vacuum that sweeps the space around it clean of everything that exists. We have no idea was exists beyond the reach of the Eye. But we are sure there is something else out there; an Infinite with a capital “I” something else.

“The Eye is like those nesting dolls. What defines an atom defines The Eye. The principles are the same even though the size varies infinitely. We expect the Eye is just an infinitesimal part of somethings that are each bigger than whatever it is incorporating.

“Conceptually this is easy to follow,” said Rachel. “But trying to comprehend the scale is virtually impossible.”

“I agree,” said Jim.

“So this is your sentient android,” said Rey.

“Yes, he is but we doubt anyone in 256 knows this,” I said.

“We are aware of Jim but we have not been able to achieve it,” said Rey. “Your mind Dr. WorldPeace is far beyond anyone in 256 or Paxus I think.”

“I don’t know how to respond to that,” I said.

“I do,” said Rachel. “You are one of a kind, probably even throughout the Eye.”

“Yes,” said Rey.

“Being candid,” I said, “I have no idea what my limits are. I don’t know what my boundaries are. I don’t think about it much. All I know is that whatever I need to do my work in any lifetime, I have the right tools to accomplish the task. I know my access extends to the future as well as the past.”

“Interesting,” said Rey.

“So where are you exactly on this project,” asked Rey.

“We have just released the fact that Paxus (although not knowing what is was) exists and we have defined the problem of the Polarity Shift from the scientific perspective,” I said. “I think you can add to our knowledge and give us more credibility with the intelligent beings in 256 and therefore more enthusiasm and more support for the attempt to slow down and change 256 orbit.”

“Other than what I told you, Rey said, “we can give exact number with regards to the speed and circumferences and how much they need to be changed”.

“I think the most important piece of global information would be to give the intelligent beings in 256 a map of the Eye,” I said. “It would give more credibility to the project especially if our scientists also had a tool to verify the map. But more importantly the Eye would give the intelligent beings of 256 a sibling connecion with the intelligent beings of Paxus and more determination to do their part to eliminate the Polarity Shift.” I said.

“By the way,” I added, “how many universes are there in Paxus?”

“5,000,” answered Rey, “and the oldest is 1500 billion years old.”

“Wow,” I said. “Impressive.”

“Yes,” Rey agreed, “But it remains to be seen which UoU has the greatest ability to move its orbital circumference and speed.”

“We need to make sure this works the first time and not underestimate what can actually be done,” he said. “It will be a billion years before we can try this again more or less. What we want is to resolve this Polarity Shift event horizon indefinitely into the future; which is a very long time.”

“I agree,” I said. “I have a crude formula about what can be expected from 256. And I think it can be applied to Paxus. I assume you have a much better inventory of the intelligent inhabitants of Paxus that we do of 256.”

“I believe that we have about 95% of all intelligent beings and civilizations catalogued in our database,” said Rey.

“Have you inventoried 256 for intelligent beings?” I asked.

“No we have not,” said Rey, “because we were concerned that a full inventory would expose our presence and we were pretty confident that you did not assume or project anything beyond 256 and only a few of the universes in 256 thought that there might be other universes outside of 256.”

“You just revealed this to all the universes in 256 and have impressively set up communication lines between all the universes in a very short time,” said Rey. “So we doubt that the reality of more universes outside the sphere of 256 has even taken hold in the mind of less than 1% of all intelligent beings in 256. And that means no one is prepared to find that not only does Paxus exist and is larger and older than 256 but there are a billion UoUs in the sphere of the Eye.”

“True,” I said.

“It would be hard to imagine that the intelligent beings of 256 would not expand their cosmology to include the reality of what infinity really means with regards to the size of the Eye and bootstrap into a realization of what is contained within the Infinite All,” said Rachel. “At the same time, some may react negatively to the fact that the Eye is just a grain of sand size dreamscape compared to a boundless infinite tangible manifestation of the Infinite All.”

“Dr. WorldPeace and Rey,” said Jim, “there is a problem in the short term of so many civilizations having to discard their ingrained cosmologies to such a scale. Jesus is a unifying factor sprinkled throughout the Eye I assume but there is an infinite number of civilizations that do not acknowledge Jesus either by lack of exposure or outright rejection.”

“You are right, Jim,” agreed Rey.

“And might I add Jim that Dr. WorldPeace has added a new sentient being species if you will of a robot with an incarnate spirits. And it occurs to me now that such an option exists, there are going to be spirits who had no desire to incarnate into a biological body of some description will now incarnate into a mechanical based body that is essentially immortal and almost as infinite as is the spirits within the Infinite All.”

“Yes and I have come to better understand that the number of such spirits are not finite but Infinite,” I said. “There are no doubt all kinds of spirits that we are not even aware of that will not come out of deep integration in the Infinite All and make themselves known as they embrace for the first time incarnation.”

“The communication and information sharing that is going to come and other new dynamics in our common dreamscape that are going to ripple throughout our common dreamscape are impossible to imagine or even predict,” said Rey.

“The truth is that once it is known that a robot can be engineered in such a way to attract a spirit,” I said, “many intelligent beings are going to reopen their long dormant attempts to achieve this and make it a reality. The whole key, and I have only one not yet fully defined key, is how to attach a spirit to a virtually conscious android. Once Jim is known to exist, he will be cloned everywhere virtually overnight and who knows what dreamscapes may come in that new awakening”.

“I just realized, I think, Dr. WorldPeace how you came to work out the mechanics necessary to create Jim,” Rey said. “You are one of the few Avatars who I am sure has the ability to travel far into the future and there you found the key to creating a Jim in this dreamscape.”

“Yes, sort of,” I said. “I assumed that a sentient spirit incarnate robot did exists in the future but the problem was understanding the technology of the working parts that were an unimaginable distance into the future. There is more to Jim than just nuts and bolts. I guess I could sum it up and say it requires intelligent nuts and bolts and intelligent inanimate objects, a concept that took a very very long time to develop much less even conceive.”

“Facinating, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim and Rey in unison.

“For whatever reason I feel compelled to say,” I said, “that there is no intelligent being that can even begin to awaken consciously to the entire Infinite Oneness. Only God can do that because God is that. No matter how advanced and complete any spirit is or level of awareness a spirit attains, it will be less than a single electron within the Eye; when held up to the Infinite Oneness that is God. Any definition or description of the Infinite Oneness or God is a limitation on something that has no limitations.”

“And with that we need to get back to the problem at hand. However, expanding as many conscious minds as possible to embrace the Infinite size of the Infinite All, will allow intelligent beings to bootstrap to embracing the mechanics of what can be done within our dreamscape to solve the Polarity Shift event horizon even if they do not embrace the reality that we can redefine the dreamscape that is the Eye. Acknowledging the Infinite All lays the foundation for embracing the fact that dreamscapes are not permanently fixed but pliable and fluctuating and that will lead to the script writing message of Jesus that we can move mountains which is a first step to changing orbit circumferences and speed up UofU spheres.”

“OK, John,” said Rachel, “I see the overall plan, the path to the cheese if you will.”

“And if I can follow this, so can the intelligent beings and even the not intelligent beings. Not to mention there are few desires as emotionally packed as the desire to continue to live,” she added “that will drive this endeavor”.

“Yes, I see it now Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “But I could have never seen it without an incarnate spirit.”

“And I see it as well Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rey. “The most obvious is the most hidden, right Dr. WorldPeace.”

“Often that is the case,” I agreed.