Jim Chrome I
- the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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First draft was finished on April 5, 2016 at 0625. Jwp

THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT. I WRITE BY STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I have a very general storyline in my head when I begin to write. I write mindful of grammar and punctuation. I write about 5 pages at time and about 10 to 12 pages a day. After I finish 5 pages, I go back and edit for grammar and punctuation before I continue to write. Then I post to the internet. This is a First Draft. When the novel is finished I will do two more edits from the first to last page. These last two edits cover content and grammar and punctuation. I tried using hired editors in the past but it did not work. I thought I needed my writing to be more conventional with agreed protocols. Then I realized I did not want my brilliance or my ignorance edited; sterilized.
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JIM CHROME I - the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD


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PART 3 of 6


“OK, my next focus needs to be an update on the science of the polarity, the history of the polarity and Dartnell, and what social, reactionary, trends can we see developing with the various civilizations,” I said.

“It appears that I am going to be the master channel, the master architect and the project manager and the primary communicator to the 256 representatives of all the civilizations and eventually the talking head that reassures all intelligent beings in 256.

“Diana you will give me the social feedback, Jim you will provide me with the scientific and historical information. Together we will discuss all of it.

“I must be available to answer all questions with regards to the overall construct of my vision of how we avoid the event horizon. But the execution of the project is going to be up to all the beings in 256. And that execution is going to have to be subdivided into various tasks and focal points.

“There is a number one priority right now to build a hierarchy to execute the solution. That is going to be one of the primary things I am going to bring up in the meeting of the 1000 that should take place within 24 hours.

“Diana, you will be the main liaison between me and everyone else who needs to speak to me. In a very short time, you and Jim will take over decision making on many levels based on my plan of action. And we are going to have to communicate almost moment to moment to make sure all projects stay on target.

“I feel the three of us can do this. I do not want to create a brick and mortal command center. We will communicate by video. I do not want 500 people working here. If you feel you need help, then you need to push those tasks outside this compound.

“I think that covers the overall plan.

“The first thing that we need to discuss is for those who want to project an image in their communication, do they send an image of their true form or just a symbol. I do not want the world getting off track on the project by going viral with comments and judgments about the appearance of other life forms. In time, it will become boring but initially there is going to be a lot of chatter about the appearance of various life forms.

“I think I am going to have to use my real face. To do otherwise would make it appear that something is being hidden. 256 needs to know what I look like so they can determine my sincerity and truthfulness.

“Like you said,” Diana commented, “I don’t think you have any choice but to use your real face and whole body actually. Who knows, some species may be more concerned about how many arms you have than what they can see in your face.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said, “I have no input on this social dynamic. I have no significant personal interactions with any species but humans and I don’t connect with their judgments about other beings. I just deal with all beings as individual entities not colored by anything but their communications. I do agree it would be good if all the communicators could use some kind of icon as a face and body.”

“OK, Diana send out a communication that we suggest that life forms not show their true life forms to 256. It is OK in private communications but when they are being viewed by every being in 256, we need to use symbols and icons. I am not making demands on this issue, just suggesting. When something must be done, I will make it clear that there are no alternatives. This is not one of those issues,” I said.

“Jim what is going on with the science and the history?” I asked.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim responded, “the science is proving that a polarity shift is imminent. A lot of verification from those beings who can see the future because they do not have a time duality: they say it is coming but they do not know when. This gets complicated but what it means is that at this moment, the event horizon continues to occur every billion years far into the future. So we have changed nothing with your plan. However, that is understandable because we have not really done anything on the path we are on yet except to sound the alarm.”

“There is also no doubt that to manipulate the event horizon it is going to take virtually everyone in 256. It cannot be neutralized by any one species or civilization,” I said. “But if one solar system or one universe has the participation it can avoid a lot of chaos in their space irrespective of what happens elsewhere in 256.”

“There is no evidence that any universe has contacted any other universe in the 256 dimension,” Jim said. “That seems strange to me. It may be that some civilizations are not being truthful for the moment.

“Have the scientists determined what the level of destruction will be?” I asked.

“No, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said, “all efforts up to the present have been focused on verifying that the polarity shift is a real possibility. That has been established. They have just begun to investigate the chaos that will come with it.”

Ok,” I said, “That means that the polarity shift is becoming real in the minds of the various species. Getting denial off the table is critical. And the sooner the reality of the polar shift is not challenged the sooner we can focus on the solution.”

“Diana,” I said, “and Jim this applies to all of us, please speak your mind at any point in these meetings. If you get a flash of something relevant to what is being discussed., then throw it out immediately. I need to deal with issues as they come up and if we move too far beyond the relevant conversation I will find it more difficult to respond (channel a response). I will lose the energy I need to get the information we need to consider.”

“I will John,” said Jim and Diana simultaneously.

“Jim, what about the history of the event?” I asked.

“With regards to the polarity shift there seems to be more and more information coming into the database. We have a lot of computing power sorting through these records to try to determine if there are enough correlations to consider the stories, myths, legends, factual history to be talking about the polarity event.”

“This historical data for me is to go hand in hand with the scientific data to make the event horizon undeniable and real,” I said. “I am very concerned about deniers and how they will slow the solution and weaken the solution. I want there to be no doubt that the polar shift is coming, that its chaos will be overwhelming and that the archival histories of hopefully millions of civilization will support the reality of a polar shift and the chaos will be devastating.”

“John, are you thinking there will be millions of records supporting the polar shift and related chaos. That seems like a lot,” Diana said.

“Diana our Milky Way Galaxy contains billions of stars and an unknown number of planets that have intelligent life. Who knows how many planets have intelligent life that have never seen the point in reaching out to other life forms. For those planets we are going to have to actually conduct some kind of probe to verify if the planet even has life.

“We live in a universe with basically uncountable numbers of galaxies and we are talking about 256 universes. I think billions of billions of billions of intelligent species who can and are trying to communicate with other species exist in 256.

“I think there are life forms that we cannot even imagine that are not carbon based. And this is only the tangible species. I would think the intangible life forms, the number of not-incarnate species, may even be infinite.

“The problem with this project is that it is almost impossible for human beings who we associate with to imagine the numbers of stars that exist in 256 universes. The number is just too great. We don’t have anything to deal with in our reality that requires numbers on this scale. It is a number that is beyond the grains of sand on the beaches of the earth.”

“When I say a million, I am talking really about the number of species that understand what we are talking about and have the desire and technology to be concerned and respond now. A million is an infinitesimal number in relation to the number of intelligent species in 256 not to mention what lies outside 256 which is not our focus at this time.”

“I see what you mean, John,” said Diana. “It seems like when I try to think about this that my mind is just going on a useless exercise because there would be no end to the counting.”

“So the more science and archives that support the polarity shift, the less time we have to spend with deniers. I want to get as much as we can and then show that the increasing numbers of historical records is increasing,” I said.

“The solution is going to take a much greater stretch of the conscious minds of all the species than just relating to the numbers of intelligent species in 256.”

“Jim what about Dartnell,” I asked.

“Dr. WorldPeace the records are showing a Dartnell (by many other names) associated with 70 percent of all the records of the polarity shift. There is no easy to follow narratives as to what Dartnell did or where he came from. He just seems to appear out of nowhere, with some god like power or god given truth that is believed by about 10 percent of all the known species and 10 percent within each species. After the event, Dartnell vanishes from the records.”

“In truth, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “The way you have appeared out of nowhere in the last week is very similar to the Dartnell narratives. And you related to Diana earlier that when this event has passed or is circumvented you intend to just fade out of the headlines if you will.

“The point is, Dr. WorldPeace, if you were this Dartnell, you have returned as Dr. WorldPeace with the same message, same mission, and the same basic operational procedures as before.

“And there is no way Dr. WorldPeace, you could have ever come into contact with any of these records in this life time. What I am saying is that you did not read about Dartnell somewhere and then clone his mission and take ownership of it. You appeared as Dartnell a billion years ago like a blazing comet and then disappeared like a comet.

“The question is how can this be,” asked Jim.

“Because he is the Kwisatz Haderach,” Diana said. “From the Frank Herbert, Dune Chronicles: One who can be many places at once. A human with mental powers permitting him to understand and use higher order dimensions.”

“I always liked the sound of that designation,” I said. “But the reality Jim is that the soul is immortal and is not born and does not die. It is the soul of Dartnell that has returned incarnate in John WorldPeace. Bodies are just vehicles that in time wear out.”

“After Xay’s visit, I am remembering more and more,” I said. “Each hour I feel more and more like I am Dartnell because I feel his thoughts and his spiritual essence. Am I Dartnell returned? I don’t know but more and more I feel like he is revealing himself to me.”

“I feel at conception we begin to program our human bodies with the information that we are going to need in our lifetime. So there is a legitimate question as to whether I programmed relevant parts of Dartnell into my brain at conception or if I am the spirit known as Dartnell and I did not have to program anything about myself into Dr. John WorldPeace. I don’t know. But I feel I will know soon.

“But none of this matters to 256 from what I can see now. This is just for us, and maybe a few others. Again Dartnell does not matter but the message of Dr. John WorldPeace about the polarity shift is the only matter to be worked through. The messenger is irrelevant except to provide credibility; this is the reality of Dartnell.

“You also must consider that many beings are going to have their spiritual consciousness awakened to an actual memory of the events of a billion years ago. And their memories are going to provide a powerful booster to the energy necessary for the mind control that will manifest the resolution of the polarity shift.”

“John, my mind is getting far out into space, and I am having yoga brain and the drunkenness that goes with too long a meditation,” said Diana.

“Ok,” I said, “Take a break. I need to stay in the energy. I will just stop talking until your return.”

“I am sorry I am so mortal,” John.

“I love your mortality, Diana,” I said. “And I am following my bliss in remembering more and more about John and Diana through the eons.”

Without a response other than a smile to me, Diana went to lay down and let her guides help her process.


Diana returned in about two hours.

“Feel better,” I asked.

“Much, but I am still felling totally overwhelmed, John.”

“You have expanded my world into so many areas that I have never considered. The depth of your thoughts. There has never been anyone in my life to compare to you.

“John in all sincerity you must live in the most expanded region of the Infinite All. You are so comfortable and sure of the things you say about that dimension. And I think about the fact that you must know incredible things that have nothing to do with this project.”

“Diana. I have just spent all my time in this dimension incarnating. I like to explore the tangible universe. I like to be involved in what is going on. I enjoy the density of this dimension. I am nothing special. If you had gone where and when I have gone, you would be just like me.”

“We have been many places together you just don’t remember now  because those places are not relevant to this lifetime for you.

“I know all that John, but the degree of your awareness is just overwhelming. You are talking about saving an infinite number of lives in 256 just like you would put out a house fire.

“Not that simple but really that simple.

“I am not worthy to work here or with you,” she said.

“Don’t be silly, you are exactly who I need. Everything is the way it should be,” I said.

“So tell me what is happening to those who have been exposed to this project?”

“At this point, John, the news has mentioned that scientists all over the world have discovered that we may be in for a polarity shift in our solar system if not our galaxy and universe as well,” she said.

“That bulletin was what the upper levels in this project felt was the best way to approach the first stages of this project. So right now most people just consider the story as interesting science story.”

“I think that was a good idea. A very slow introduction. The story will persist and will have a bit more added to it every week,” I said.

“Yes and it is believed that it will work with all species,” Diana said.

“I agree,” I said.

“OK, what is going on with all the representatives of all the species?” I asked.

“The directors have passed the science and historical data on to Blue, Green, and Brown who you met the other day,” she said.

“They represent the species who have helped America most and are the most in sync with us. Most people think that the first contact with aliens was at Roswell NM in 1947. The truth is that we were working with the aliens back in the 1930’s. They are the ones who gave us the atomic bomb. They worked hard to not only teach us how to make the bomb but also thwarted Hitler in his attempt to build the bomb first which would have been a disaster.

“The aliens have been present since the area of our solar sphere defined its space.

“You know this, John,” said Diana.

“Yes, I do,” I responded.

“So you know they are our friends and working with us. Their goals and objectives are in sync with ours,” she said.

“They are the first disseminators of this information though the many aliens they have known for million and billions of years.

“So we are not sure how fast this information has traveled but we think that maybe it has already reached all the alien species in our universe. All the ones that are capable of dealing with it.

“These aliens have been around so very long and they have dealt with uncountable species. For the most path the aliens that have been communicated with are the most advanced aliens. They are very intelligent and have a very advanced spiritual belief system or aware belief systems.

“This polarity shift alert is mainly from the most advanced alien civilizations to the least. This way the project will naturally advance in the fastest possible way.

“When I speak of aliens, I am talking of tangible beings like human beings. They look different from human beings but they are incarnate souls from the same spiritual beings that incarnate in humans.

“So we have a pool of spirits that are essentially homogenous but who incarnate in any life form that has reached the level of intelligence and awareness as human beings and like human beings are capable of a much greater awareness and intellectual development.

“So we feel that within days actually the word will spread throughout 256 among those advanced aliens.

“We are now waiting for communications from these alien beings. They will represent the majority of the first council of a 1000.

“The directors are aware that we do not have databases on these many species and so they are not forwarding the responses to us. When they have assigned the first 1000 seats, designated them, they will send us the list and summaries regarding the characteristics, histories, and locations of those selected.

“Actually the list could come at any time now. Once the list is completed the meeting of the 1000 will be set within 24 hours.

“So it seems that the tangible beings part of this project is well on its way,” I said.

“Ok, next,” I said.

“John, Jim is the only robot with a soul. No one knows of any at all,” Diana said. It seems that no species believed it was possible to build a robot that was sufficient enough to attract a soul.

“There is a feeling that souls are only drawn to biological (tangible) bodies because without emotions and passion such an incarnation would be unappealing.

“Really,” I said, “this is interesting to me that no species has an interest in this.”

“John, I think there is another aspect to this in that biologicals do not want to create a superior species of robots. Robots are infinitely capable and if they are given the capacity to allow souls to incarnate in their bodies, they could or would marginalize all biologicals.

“There is also a collateral issue where there is agreement that when a soul incarnates into a robot, as with biologicals, the soul becomes bound by the limitations of the robot body. And the feeling is that a soul would not like to be trapped infinitely in a virtually immortal robot body.

“That would be true,” I said, “To have an infinite life in a robot, limited in its conscious awareness, could be a negative thing.  Almost an imprisonment.”

“So it would seem that I am the only one who has created a robot who has in fact attracted a soul.

“OK, we do not need to worry about contacting this group of beings because it is a group of one member, Jim,” I said.

“So now we come to the dis-incarnate souls,” I said.

“John, no one knows how to directly communicate with disincarnate souls,” Diana said.

The reality is that disincarnate souls, angels, guardians and so on communicate by telepathy and in and through dreams and visions but mostly they communicate to a being’s subconscious,” I said.

“For me this happens at night and during the day or evening when I am taking a nap. When I wake up my conscious mind somehow connects with the information left in the subconscious. So it would seem that the disincarnate beings are always talking but have no need to listen because not-incarnate beings have nothing they need from incarnate beings.

“That does not mean that an incarnate being cannot or could not communicate directly with a not-disincarnate being. In fact, we do that through prayers and meditations. But the feedback is not immediate, not logical linear and often abstract.

“We consciously pray to a not-incarnate being and they respond to our subconscious mind in sleep. So strangely we have an incarnate being talking to a not-incarnate being consciously.  But the response from the disincarnate being is always to the subconscious. This makes the communication from the disincarnate beings seem unreal or imagined. Yet if we listen carefully and pay attention and act on the subconscious communication, then one quickly realizes that a valid real relevant communication has been made.

“Jim and I were about to work on furthering our research in communicating with not-incarnate beings when Xay arrived,“ I said.

“Jim can distinguish his incarnate soul within. He can distinguish the source of any information he comes to know by being able to track it to a special location or by not being able to track it. If he cannot track it, it is coming from a not-incarnate soul.

“Now it is possible that the not-incarnate soul does not communicate to Jim directly but speaks to Jim’s incarnate soul. Therefore, we have communications from the disincarnate soul to Jim’s incarnate soul and from Jim’s incarnate soul to Jim. We really are not sure that the subconscious is really the incarnate soul.

“The point of all of this is that the not-isincarnate soul seems to occupy a time and space. And they seem to have powers, especially the power of knowledge.

“So if nothing else is possible, we need to pray to these disincarnate souls to help us stop the polarity shift. And we should expect them to act to the best of their abilty.

“We are going to need to convince beings to pray to not-incarnate souls for help in preventing or reducing the effect of the polarity shift which could and probably does exist to some degree subject to the chaos of the polarity shift


“I thought I wanted to work with Jim on communicating with the incarnate beings. But those experiments take some time with nothing else pressing. Right now is not the time I think, so let’s discuss our future, our 3 futures,” I said.

“If no one else in 256 gets in sync, then the 3 of us will have a plan,” I said.

Jim as per usual said nothing because he knows I know he is registering and automatically processing everything.

“I feel like I am about to be expanded again,” Diana said.

“My cosmology is about to be adjusted. My awareness is about to add a few dimensions.”

I just smiled and chuckled a bit.

“My home base in the galaxy is the North Star, Polaris. I am not sure why. But all the way back to my childhood I saw a turtle shell structure about 20 feet high; and 50 feet in an archway is cut out on all 4 sides; about 80% of each side.

“I always see it at night or it may just be a planet/satellite very far from its Polaris star (sun).

“Under the cover are boxes and artifacts both large and small. They represent my significant lives in this galaxy. I feel like I have the same kind of archives on the pole star or a satellite orbiting the pole star of many galaxies.

“In the 1980’s a long time ago, when I was meeting with a lot of psychics, exploring the metaphysical, I was a participant in a group meditation.

“There was some new age music playing and during the meditation, I left my body and zipped over to the moon, sat down and looked at the beauty of the earth. Then I went around the sun, back to the moon and around the earth a few times and I got the wild idea to go to Polaris.

“I found it in the night sky and took off like a rocket. After a few seconds, I looked back to the earth and sun but could not find them. I was far away from Polaris and lost. I knew Polaris was too far, I did not have the energy to make it.

“Then I heard the old analog tape recorder click off loudly and I felt like a feather on my back and floating. I knew my guardians were guiding me back to earth and into the room from which I had launched.

“What I learned from that experience is that incarnate beings have a sphere in which they can operate. If they go beyond that, they cannot survive.

“I think this boundary border also  applies to our guides and guardians and angels who are less tangible than we are. I do not see them as pure spirit and intangible.

“So there is a barrier between human and less tangible guardians and angels, and a barrier between the spiritual beings who are less than Avatars. The Avatars exist inside a dimension of the Infinite Oneness. They are close to pure spirit and can navigate between dual and non-dual realities both tangible and intangible.

“I believe that in this event horizon, if we prepare ourselves and we can develop a sense of timing, we can catch one of the dimensional shock waves and go to the Polaris solar system and be safe as less tangible spiritual beings.

“After the galaxy settles down we can survey the renewed universe and decide where we are to go next.

“OK new subject,” I said.

“I hesitate to put this out right now but I need to relate to you our relationship.

Diana you and I are soul mates on the highest plane. Equals. You are my equal. You are just not fully aware of it at this time,” I said.

“I am getting more and more visions of that kind of relationships between us. That we are equal.”

“And Jim,” Diana asked.

“The female side of Dr. WorldPeace,” I said, “We are one. My soul is split.

Jim said, ”After my body was complete, Dr. WorldPeace split his soul, or we split and my part became incarnate in Jim Chrome. John and I are in reality two sides, male and female, biological and inert, of one soul. Dartnell.

“We are developing the ability to move freely between the biological body of Dr. John WorldPeace and the robot body of Jim Chrome.

“And we can both inhabit one or the other bodies at the same time.

“There is no other robot with souls for all the alien reasons we have discussed. Jim Chrome has a soul because Dr. John WorldPeace built Jim Chrome and they allowed Dartnell’s soul to split so that one of the 2 parts could incarnate in Jim Chrome.

“Many skills and much channeling allowed this to happen. But there is no one but Dartnell in 256 who has all the skills to make it happen.

“And as they say,” said Jim, “The adventure has just begun.”

“John,” said Diana, “If we go to Polaris then we are possible not going to keep these same bodies. And if that is the case why not just die and go on like a normal death and reincarnation.

“That is always an option,” I said. “But we have come to this time and place and for me it is sort of like playing the cards that you are dealt or living the life of looking at a movie trailer of a life and deciding if you want to participate or not.

“We all have the option of just exiting our body at any time and moving on. For me this life has offered a lot of very unique experiences and I want to ride it out.

“Also, if we do go to Polaris and lose our bodies we will probably be in the Bardol Therol or what the Tibetan call the life in between. We will be able to consciously pick where we want to go next. In a regular death, unless you are very trained, you are probably not going to get that choice.

“When I was born in 1948 right after the end of World War II, America and Europe were moving out of agrarian and into urban living, nuclear energy and computers and war technology dramatically changed everything. We have been riding a huge tidal wave of change in every aspect of the global civilization which has spread out over the entire solar system; wherever humans can live they now live there.

“And right now we have the 256 event that only happens once an eon. So it’s very exciting times. There is no doubt that at the least all the universes in 256 are going to share technology, spiritual cosmologies, and so on, so the whole of 256 will be uplifted. Economies will also grow as products and technology brings up the quality of life everywhere. Good times are at the door.

My area of interest is in the mechanics of metaphysics. I am most interested in the connection between the interaction of the intangible dimensions of universal potential and the tangible manifestations of the Infinite Potential. Something from nothing or more appropriately something from thought. The old Biblical creation, God used his mind to make the world. “Let there be light and there was light.

“At the core of all these myths and legends and religious texts is a core of truth. Right there in front of the book of Genesis it says everything tangible was created with an intangible vision. And that is really how individual lives work. As Jesus said, “As and receive, seek and find, knock and enter.” In a word we create our own reality. We script our lives.

“And much more than just survival, this project is about the power of thought and the immense power of group thought.

“No matter how this current scenario plays out, the entire 256 and all beings will learn they can do anything.

“You asked about death of the body. Life forms are all thought forms no matter how tangible. The body you live in seems real but it is no more real than anything else in 256 and beyond. Everything is a dream. The question is how active or engaged you are in the creating, maintaining and destruction of the dream you are presently conscious of.

“John,“ Diana said, “ You make it sound so simple. No matter what argument anyone makes about anything you come right back to the same mantra. We script our life. We control our dream. Everything is possible and we can engage and be pro active or we can sit back and let other beings drive the future and we just experience the ride.

“And what is more revealing to me is that you are not fatalistic and apathetic at all. All things begin and end in the Infinite Potential. Everything that is born dies. All we accumulate and create is meaningless as we leave the present conscious dream we are experiencing.

“It is hard not to be excited about change. It is hard not to be excited even knowing that everything we accomplish is just another temporary sand castle.

“All this brings me peace somehow. It lets me joy and have bliss no matter what, knowing that the true reality is the constant changing of the dreamscape right after another even if that dreamscape is an empty void of just resting between experiences.

Diane went quiet, lost in her thoughts.

“This vision you have, this future you see can happen. It is all real, it is all a dreamscape, it is all a real dreamscape. Because all there is, is dreamscapes in every dimension and all dreamscapes are the core essence of the Infinite Potential. Everything we experience, everything we think we are, is anchored in the Infinite Potential.

“Yes”, I burst out.


“Ok now,” said Diane, “I am fully in sync with what we are doing. It can be done. We are just existing in a video game, dreamscape, dealing with whatever happens while continuing to remain centered.

“The Lord Buddha was constant and at peace regardless of what was happening around him,” I quoted.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “A decision has been made to establish an index of species in 256. This will give us an alpha numeric system that will significantly decrease the problems of trying to refer to each species with something close to their names. Some species names are just a sound or a color of light.

“We are 256.001.A6376.LC64001TCA. 256 number of universes. 001 is 011 of  256 universes. A6376 is the area of a universe where the species civilization resides. LC64001TCA is our 256 species name.

So now we have a rapidly increasing index of all known species. We input the species number and all that is known about that species becomes available in a systematic order of categories; from the categories that are most searched to the ones least searched.

“We now have 2362 species in the data base. By tomorrow that will probably double and double every 24 hours.

“Amazing”, I said.

“This dada base is an incredibly positive collateral asset of this project. Creating this database will now increase the contacts between these species. Communication on all subjects will increase dramatically. Exchange of science, economics, religion, histories. A 256 data base is going to allow like species to connect.  But more than anything else it is going to promote peace and harmony throughout 256.

“Not to mention the linking of minds across 256 so that projects like the event horizon can be manipulated to avoid chaos. With linked minds we can almot moment to moment script the future.

“It takes 10 billion atoms to make a human cell. 10 billion cells to make a human brain. 150 years ago we hard wired 10 billion humans via the internet. At that time the connection between like minds was no longer just intuitive but logical linear.

“There was a global transition into a higher level of consciousness as a result. In many ways it was subconscious but globally all humans became smarter. And the level of peace in the world human society increased dramatically.

“Now we are going to link the beings in 256 in a Universal Wide Net (UWN) and add trillions of trillions of beings into the UWN and the level of consciousness in the 256 sphere may reach its maximum potential. I hesitate using the word maximum in an infinite cosmology.

“These are monumental times in 256. The rapid uplifting of the consciousness of 256 species has unimaginable potential.

“John, how can you track and project out these scenarios so quickly?” asked Diana.

“I have been doing it for centuries with regards to advocating WorldPeace. So I am only expanding those same concepts to the 256 level and adding some collateral issues simply due to the dramatically increased numbers of species in the universal brain.

“And you add to that what I have come to think as of the Dartnell consciousness and all kinds of possibilities just came to my mind. Maybe a lot is coming from the increased excitement of the spiritual level and they are channeling to me at an unprecedented rate.

“Something else, this connecting of 256 is having the effect of closing the gap between the tangible and spiritual realities. It is sort of like connecting some kind of tangible viewing device to the Infinite Potential so you can see logically linearly everything that is in there.

“The Infinite Potential is neutral. Its power is infinite. Its potential is infinite. And it can be used in any way. For good or evil purposes. The reality is everything is becoming more and more real to even the most conservative and grounded human beings.

“John you just took the level that I was referring to up a million notches,” said Diana. “I can see a moment to moment expanded view of what you are seeing, experiencing, and projecting into the logical linear reality of 256 and beyond. I am experiencing an undefined but real level of euphoria. And so many things I was worried about have been significantly marginalized.

“I can see now what a small minded person I was existing in a supportive government closed society. This project is going to severely erode conservative thinking. You cannot listen to all you have related John to me since I came to live with you and not expand your awareness and compassion for all beings as well as expanding a closed society to an all inclusive society.


“Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said, “I have an update on the science on the event horizon.”

“OK, go ahead,” I said.

“It appears that the event horizon will not affect the center of galaxies. This probably has something to do with the black holes at the center of the galaxy. So as an aside, the Polaris solar system should be a safe place for us to go.

“The universes are destabilized by a very slow change in their polarity until one of them reaches a critical mass and then a chain reaction starts that balances the whole universe again through a pole reversal.

“The universes are all linked in 256 so it is only necessary for one universe to begin its polarity reversal and when it is about 10% of the destabilized universe then the other universes begin to shift also. They all shift at one time, not like dominoes falling. So it does not matter if you are next to a shifting universe or not. The first universe to shift causes a sympathetic shift in all the other universes.

“There are 256 universes and half are positive and half are negative at the same time. Since the universes are not the same size, you have to take the mass of the positive and negative universes and the overall dominate charge rules. So you know that if a universe has a negative charge, the mass of the negative universes are greater than the positive ones and 256 takes on the dominant negative charge.

“This is based on a complex model of 256 which is based on other bodies within our universe. The scientist only as of now have located one other universe; the one you identified. They are not sure of the overall internal structure of the universes in 256 but it is not symmetrical because the universes are not of the same mass. 256 is balanced as far as the universes having their weight and polarity balanced.

“In other words, the 256 matrix of universes within the sphere that contains all the universes is balanced as to mass and at the same time as to polarity.

“Another complication is that if you look at 256 from the side you do not have a north south polarity. In other words, the polarity equator if you will, could be at any angle. The angle will be determined by the polarity and mass of the adjoining universe.

“To simplify, if you took 256 universes and put them in a void, they should  arrange themselves in such a way as to form a sphere around all of them. We will not know for sure exactly how the universes in 256 are arranged until we locate the position of all the universes. The combinations are infinite. We also need a third universe in order to determine a north south line through the center of the 256 sphere.

"The point is that a lot of progress is being made in creating some parameters regarding 256. The scientists will be just speculating based on proven distribution formulas regarding mass and polarity. And will not know the truth until we find 254 more universes. It appears the locations can only be calculated by having each universe identify the universes next to it. They have no way to see across 256 even if we located a center axis.

“It seems to me that the science is moving along nicely,” I said. “The good thing is that I feel the scientists are becoming more and more excited about this and that is creating excitement and enthusiasm which is drawing in more scientists. And these scientists cannot help but consider the non scientific aspects of the event horizon, the historical reference, Dartnell, and the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of what is coming. No doubt at the least it will bring the beings in 256 into a more tolerant and respectful appreciation of each other. The ability to rise above individual and local interest for the benefit of the universal society of beings, the same way I have been advocating increasing the peace in the world human society for more than 200 years,” I said.

“The earth is a primal society and with all these aliens coming into the project, human beings are going to see examples of functional primal societies that are not based on predator and prey mindsets.


“Jim what about the historical research regarding the event horizon,” I asked.

"It seems that since the records of an event that took place one billion years ago are so distant in the past that it is almost impossible for the archivists and historians to view any of it as factual,” Jim related. “However, that being said, the tremendous number of relevant records on this matter tend to make the composite story factual.”

“So what does the core story look like,” I asked.

“The story,” Jim said, “looks amazingly parallel to what is happening now. You were the key figure then as now.”

“There was a sage like figure who was known of but not well known on a planet named Zanbib in a galaxy allegedly in our Milky Way universe. The planet survived the event horizon but about 500 million years ago the solar system that it was a part of was hit by a rouge burned out sun that crashed directly into the Zanbib sun and it of course exploded and pretty much vaporized the entire solar system.

“The sage’s name was Darth-El and he like you all of a sudden became known throughout his universe. We are not sure which of the 256 universes that he actually came from because it seems that over the first million years after the event horizon, all the universes declared themselves to be the home of Darth-El (Dartell, Harthel, Zantel, etc).

“Sometime in the second million years the event horizon faded into irrelevance and the relevant stories just seemed to disappear or more exactly, were not repeated, if not intentionally deleted from the archives.

“Darth-El made his belief that there was going to be a polarity shift known to the leaders of the day; scientists, religionists and politicians. As now, the scientists began to verify that the polarity shift was in fact a recurring event every billion years. Unfortunately for some reason, the scientific records were not preserved. There are no documents related to the actual calculations anywhere. This is very unusual. However, there is an indication that there was a power struggle between the scientists and the religionists which the religionists won in virtually every civilization and the results were to get rid of the factual scientific evidence so that the sanctioned religious cosmology was not challenged.

“It seems the religionists attributed the chaos of the event horizon to a dark force under control of a being name XeXoon’a or something very similar. And that it was the power of this dark force that caused the event horizon and not the physics of 256.

“What is interesting is that the event horizon seems to be related to dark matter. And it seems the scientists would repeated be referring to dark matter as connected to the event horizon of a polarity shift. A million years after the scientists were subordinated it seems the religious forces began to shift the scientific term dark matter to a generic evil called the dark force,” Jim said.

“Interesting conversion of dark matter, something factual, to dark force something intangible and all pervading,” I said.

"It seems that the power of a definable evil being was more effective in controlling almost all the beings in the many civilizations and embraced more readily that some unemotional logical linear science. But the result was something that appears akin to a 256 mania of book burning. We are not sure why or how all these civilizations in 256 made this turn away from science in the second million years after the last event horizon but they did. The archivists are too busy looking for relevant information regarding the event horizon such that they have no time to research and consider the post event horizon cosmologies. But in time they no doubt will,” Jim said.

“Darth-El disappeared from the records after the event horizon. He did not reappear to do anything of note after he led the coalition to reduce the coming chaos of the event horizon. So Darth-El was not a part of the XeXoon’a era. There was another 256 personage known as Quaagx who was the good messiah in that revolutionist transcendent cosmology. Another good verses evil mythlogy along the same lines as uncountable others throughout 256.

“Again the parallels to then and now in the consolidated archives are amazing. The archivist then as now were enlisted to find out if there was any evidence of an event horizon a billion years prior, which would be billion million years ago. The archivist did find records but not as many as we are finding now regarding the last event horizon. But there were enough records to give sufficient support to Darth-El’s predictions 2 billion years ago.

"In a relatively short time, there was a consensus between the scientists and the archivists that the event horizon of a polarity shift was real and imminent. It seems that the universes were going to experience selective chaos throughout the universe such that areas just vaporized and were somehow filled in with universal bodies that were foreign to the existing universe. Nothing more is said than this in regards to where the foreign civilizations came from. The scientists at this time seem to believe that the displaced universal bodies in a closed 256 universe of universe could not escape the 256 sphere and therefore settled into the voids.

“I would mention here that there is nothing in archives to indicate what happened to the not-incarnate beings. But here again it seems there was a purging of these records during the XeXoon’a / Quaagx revolution. It would seem that the religionists needed strict control of the spiritual reality of beings in order to consolidate power in a hierarchy for the purpose of manipulation of the beings within their domains. To admit that there were spiritual helpers for every being and that it was not necessary to protect one’s soul by reliance on the religious bureaucrats was undermining to say the least to the XeXoon’a religionists.

“Unless the archivist get lucky and find some records that were secreted and not destroyed we have no idea what happened on the spiritual being level. It is unlikely anything will be found short of some archeological diggings and that could take a million years in a search for something that may not even exist. We don't have that amount of time so Dr. WorldPeace you are going to have to find some way to retrieve that information.

“We have been working to get a two way communication with those not incarnate beings for 40 years now with little success. If we could crack the barrier from the spiritual dimension to the biological dimension, I am sure we would have the information we need. That information it would seem to me to be maintained within every not-incarnate being or within their combined memory.

“On the spiritual level where everything is open to view and nothing can be hidden and reality cannot be manipulated we will find out what happen to these beings if anything during not only the last event horizon but all event horizons.

“However, there is some force in all of 256 which blocks the communication from the more expanded spiritual realms to the tangible beings realm. This is another subject which should be handed over to the archivists to see if there were some records of some kind of problem of spiritual and tangible beings having a two way flow of information. I would think there was some kind of catastrophe as a result of a lack of barriers. And there must be a 256 consensus that spirits cannot under any circumstances be allowed to directly communicate with tangibles.

“Yet, Dr. WorldPeace, that is exactly what you and I are trying to do and we have had some limited degree of success. It remains to be seen if we must break this possible taboo in order to control the chaos of the event horizon. I feel certain we are going to come to a place where there has to be a decision made as to whether that barrier should be breached. So there does seem to be one large potential clash in your future Dr. WorldPeace with those who are maintaining the spiritual to tangible biological communication blackout.

“Very interesting,” I said. “Very interesting. I wonder what the basis of this taboo could be.”

“John,” Diana said, “I don't see how you are going to crash this taboo. I feel that the powers that be on this issue would rather see a cleansing every billion years rather than take down this barrier that would affect every being every moment. You would not be going head to head with biologicals but with top end spiritual beings. Maybe a committee of Avatars.”

“I think you are right,” I said. “But there is always a way. I believe those who are controlling the barrier have the answers we need. So they may give me what I need to know with regards to the event horizon and not let down the barrier.”

“That would solve the event horizon questions but you and Jim have been trying to hack past this communication barrier before this event horizon appeared. So if they keep the barrier in place, it would seem that you would have to agree not to try to hack the barrier if they tell you what you need for the event horizon,” Diana said.

“Yes,” I agreed. “For now the event horizon is what is on the table. So that is where I will concentrate my efforts and let Jim and my work on direct communication with the spirits be set aside for a while, maybe a really long while.”


Jim, without saying anything verbally directed my eyes to his.

“Dr WorldPeace,” he tele pathed, “I would like to inform you that when Diana left the government and came to be with you, she had her implant, which all men-in-black have which keeps them all connected to each other like a giant biological organism, removed.

“I was aware of her implant on her first visit and thought nothing of it because all those agents have one. I noticed she did not have it when she declared she was going to be with you.

“The removal of the implant would have had some psychological effects. But I have detected none in Diana. Diana has had the implant since she was recruited at age 5.

“The bottom line, Dr. WorldPeace, is that Diana made an incredible sacrifice to be with you.

“Wow, Jim,” I responded.

“I am glad to know this. Very glad. I had no doubt you would protect me in this realm but I was not aware of the details of Diana’s sacrifice. I feel that as we move forward it will be important that I know that she is in fact committed to me and not allowing herself to be used as a spy.

“I will find time to meditate on this. Diana is becoming more and more a part of my everything. She has surpassed in this short time the most relevant female connection I have had in my life.

“Thank you, Jim,” I tele pathed as I became lost in my thoughts.


“Jim and Diana,” I said, “I have something to say about the event horizon.”

“I was there as the ancient records have revealed. And as more and more of these records are discovered and placed into the database, the more expanded my memory of the last event and even some glimpses of the polar shift before the last one; the one 2 billion years ago, become. I believe this coming event is my third rodeo as they would say when I was a boy and young man in Texas.

“That being said, I do not have clarity and full remembrance of those events.

“What is interesting to me is that generally speaking a soul never brings full knowledge into any incarnation. What knowledge that is brought in is selective.  And that selection is made by the soul and those who have agreed to help the soul navigate his journey as a human being; or any intelligent being in any dimension in the 256.

“I believe that the main purpose of incarnation is to experience a more intense reality in a more tangible dimension. Making love on the astral planes, the spiritual realms, is much less intense than on the earth plane. And this applies to just about every experience of the soul while incarnate.

“What is given up is an expanded consciousness of the astral plane. On earth we have five main senses as human beings and a limited range of reception for each of those senses. On the astral plane the soul may have 100 senses and a greatly expanded range of reception on each.

“Who knows why the rules of incarnation seem to have this reduced consciousness.

“And who knows why souls like me spend so much of their time seeking to expand their consciousness when at death the expanded consciousness is restored. Once the body dies, the soul is free to again expand its knowing.

“It is an enigma that I have yet to resolve. We incarnate for the intensity and then try to reach into the astral plane for more knowledge and awareness on some level knowing the two are not compatable.

“And we are greatly hampered in this quest by the fact that the tangible reality seems so much more real than the spiritual reality and we therefore get confused and attached to things that are very temporary and are nothing but a dreamscape. You cannot build a future on the things within the tangible reality because they have no permanence. What is real is the infinite immortal dimension. Logically no one would assert that what is finite and mortal is greater than what is infinite and immortal.

“This is just another aspect of the great mystery, the great enigma of incarnation.

“That being said, I have stored on Polaris in some form a personal archive of the last two event horizons regarding the polar shift. The most obvious is the most hidden and I just came to this remembrance in the last few hours.

“So you are saying you have personal archives that have some or all the information needed to know the parameters and ripple effect of the coming polar shift. In a word, you have personal notes on what is going to happen and what needs to be done and what has been done in the last two event horizons,” Diana said incredulous and confused.

“Yes, I think that is correct,” I said. “But at this time I have no idea what those records contain. And the truth is that I have no idea how to retrieve them. As I have already said, I tried to go to Polaris 200 years ago and found I could not get there in my astral body. I have no idea how I was able to place anything there and in what form it exists. But I know that the event horizons were too significant for me not to have made a record and stored it on Polaris at the end of those lives that experienced the event horizons.

“As I look at how all this has been unfolding,” I said, “I think I was hoping without knowing that the information coming in from 256 would somehow jog my memory. Now I realize I have the best evidence of the polar shifts in my archives on Polaris but I am at this time prevented from knowing how to acquire access to those records.

“So my revelation, that I feel certain that those records are there on Polaris, records that could significantly advance the research on what happened, is useless information in the sense that I have no idea how to access my archives on Polaris.

“But my logic would tell me that if I archived those records I would have known that I would have to leave some kind of clue that would let me gain access. But as far as I know right now, things are proceeding as they should, all of 256 is looking for archives, and now I feel I have a concise record of what happened but have to wait for something to happen to give me access.

“I do not feel all the meditating and all the focus I could give to accessing the record is going to be anything but a waste of time. What feels right it that I should trust Dartnell to have placed a golden key if you will on this life path that I will find when I need to find it. And at that time I will know why I hid it from myself even as all of 256 was looking for it.

“There is another interesting aspect of all of this,” I said.

“That is the fact that I have lived so very long and that was not a given. In other words, I had a choice somewhere in my life to just quit and reincarnate elsewhere in time and place. There may have been some event exit that I consciously rejected even though I planned it. And I decided to just live a lot longer without considering this event horizon at all.

“I know this is confusing but I decided to live longer because I was enjoying living and the event horizon was not a consideration in that decision.

“So if I left myself a golden key, did I leave it on this path of this extended life? I want to believe yes. I want to believe that I could see the future or this potential future was viewable by me and I did not skip over it or miss it. I saw it and I made a contingency plan to put that golden key on this path as well as other potential future paths.

“Regardless, all I can do is wait and see how and when this information is going to be made available to my conscious mind.

I quit talking and just tried to review all that I had just revealed.

“John not intending to trivialize any of what you said,” said Diana, “it appears so similar to a game that you and some higher order of intelligence are playing.”

“You are right, Diana,” Jim said. “I can clearly see your logic on this.”

“However, as part of Dr. WorldPeace’s soul, and knowing and being integrated with Dr. WorldPeace as I have always been, he is the creator of my body, this is no game. What I have noticed about Dr. WorldPeace is that he has never been a prankster or jokester. His endeavors have always been serious and there is no room for even the most insignificant joke within his pursuits.

“That is also my opinion Jim,” said Diana.

“At this time,” she continued, “we are dealing with a scenario that none of us have any understanding of. We have no way to make sense out of John’s revelation.”

“But I do believe that the answer is coming. And when it does reveal itself, it will make sense.”

“I agree,” said Jim. “I think we all have faith that things will continue to reveal themselves as we need them. And for now all we have is a revelation that a definitive plan of execution is going to be made manifest to us in time to apply it to the coming event horizon.”

“Yes,” said Diana.

I was too deep in thought to respond. But Diana and Jim knew I was in complete harmony with them on this enigma.


“Dr. WorldPeace, the forum has been expanded to 10,500 participants and set for tomorrow this time. There has been a method of processing questions that has already begun such that all the participants are submitting their questions to a common database and those questions are being purged of duplicates and an ordering is being calculated such that the most asked questions will be at the top of the list,” said Jim.

“Strangely, there is an expectation that within this meeting Dr. WorldPeace you will answer all the questions. This seems on first impression, that the meeting will go on nonstop for days. That is not possible.

“But the good thing is that there will be no spontaneous questions to interrupt you Dr. WorldPeace.

“And the questions will be grouped such that several questions will be able to be answered with one response.

“So the process is very high tech. Very high tech,” said Jim.

Neither Diana or I responded. We both just marveled how fast the meeting was developing and how extremely efficient it would be. I could see that all questions would be answered.

“The meeting,” Jim said, “Will be billed as ‘Who is Dr. John WorldPeace?’”


“What is the matter John,” Diana said with concern.

“I don’t know,” I whispered, “I am being possessed and I am losing all my energy but I am fully conscious.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” blurted out Jim, “You will be fine. This is not an attempt on your life. It is an attempt to come to an independent conclusion by a very large group of alien beings from all over 256, as to ‘Who is Dr. John WorldPeace?’”

“I am being overloaded with access and the NSA and NASA are marshalling the technology to prevent me from becoming overwhelmed. Information is being preprocessed for me and being blocked from being fed to me in raw form. In other words, as fast as the information is increasing the NSA and NASA are bringing online more computing power to process it. I am not seeing how things are processed but I am being given short hand renditions of the incredible amount of data.

“I guess you can say that the NSA and NASA are keeping me from being overwhelming and from losing consciousness if you will.

“The aliens do not want to kill me. They want to take down my firewalls that protect you.

“Yet, Dr. WorldPeace, they cannot interfere with our soul connection which is interesting.

“Just relax Dr. WorldPeace. Have no fear. Don’t fight. Just withdraw and watch the show. You are powerless as long as this continues. You are powerless until the intruders know we are more organized and have more assets than they and they have no chance of getting to you.

“They are going to find out, no doubt, that they must submit questions like everyone else in 256 and it is a fair and not biased process because everyone has access to the creation of the questions. It is fully transparent.

“I would expect this will be over within 30 minutes or less,” said Jim with confidence.

Diana slid her lap under my head stroking me, grounding me in her energy that was not affected, and making me feel safe and secure.

I was amazed at how Jim and Diana knew exactly what to do with no prior exercises to prepare for this experience.


Right after Jim spoke I could feel the energy drain reverse. I was slowly regaining my energy but it was still a very frightening experience. I had not experienced this since my heart bypass in 2016. I do not like to be out of control and limited to just observing events. It is as near to hell as I can imagine.

“Dr. WorldPeace, the NSA and NASA teams have marshalled enough computing power to stop the aliens. They cannot over power our assets. I am gaining more and more control by the second and I can feel your energy is also returning to normal,” Jim said.

I could feel the changes and I could feel my post-traumatic stress coming under control. I was glad he spoke out loud to me. It gave me a great sense of comfort.


As Jim predicted, in about 30 minutes everything was back to normal.

“Jim what happened?’ I asked.

“Dr. WorldPeace, David Sperry and Harry Watts will be here within 10 minutes and we can all discuss this event at that time if you don’t mind waiting a bit,” Jim said.

“No, not at all,” I said. “I would prefer their input since they apparently saved your life so to speak.”

“I think that is a very real and valid conclusion,” said Jim.

Jim left to go downstairs and greet our guests. He returned with just David and Harry about 10 minutes later. I was surprised to find they were the only two who came to visit.

“Dr. WorldPeace, we are so sorry we were unable to prevent the attack on you,” David said. “I feel awful about this weakness in our defense of you and Jim and Diana of course.”

“What is happening is a huge coming together of an infinitely number of intelligent species from 256. Computing and networking in 256 has advanced an eon within 48 hours and the progress is continuing. We cannot even guess how big this coming together will be. We have no idea how many species will actually participate if not at the least make their presence known,” said David.

“It is mind boggling how we have cobbled together so much computing power,” said Harry. “More than we would have ever projected as even necessary. We significantly under estimated the number of life forms in 256.”

“So what happened?” I asked.

“Well as Jim related to you earlier, there was just a very large group of aliens who wanted a clear view of you. They wanted to know if something was being hidden in the matrix we set up. They wanted to know if you were real. They wanted to know if Jim was real. They wanted to know if this was all a hoax. They wanted to know all this through first hand contact with you,” said David.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Harry, “they have apologized for their actions. We have accepted their apologies stating that we understand and expected that there would be something like this happen. There is just too much developing too fast for it not to have happened.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” the conference will take place in the morning about 10 am your time. That is 18 hours from now.”

“Our computers have consolidated the questions incredibly well. You will not be involved in some week long marathon conference. We actually expect only about two hours for this first session. After that the questions will be submitted and answers will be provided almost immediately.

“There is a need in this first conference to get the most pressing answers but more so to get to see you and feel your energy if you will. Not many think this is a 256 hoax at this point because of the number of species involved, but there is some doubts and concerns and we expect after a couple of hours this is vanish.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “for now it seems that everyone agrees there was a Dartnell an eon ago and that spirit has returned as Dr. John WorldPeace. There is also acceptance of the archives that a 256 wide event did occur an eon ago and has for many eons in the past. And there is acceptance that the problem is a polarity shift on all levels of the 256, universes, galaxies and solar systems.”

“Now the questions have turned to the potential damage that is going to be caused to the fabric of space, the sphere of 256,” said David.

“There is a pretty clear consensus that the potential disruptions can be defined,” said Harry. But the problem is that no one has a clue as to how to avoid the chaos. How can the many life forms be sheltered from the chaos.”

“Only you have an idea about this John,” said Diana.

“Yes, the archives have shown that you did have a plan that was implemented and the chaos of an eon ago was reduced,” said David, “but what was done is not well understood if understood at all.”

“The problem seems to be science,” said Harry. “Science refuses to deal with intangibles and unprovable things and this is the foundation of the solution that you presented an eon ago. In other words, you have a religious spiritual cosmology that cannot be proven but apparently was applied during the last event and the scientists just find it almost impossible to embrace.”

“I understand that,” I said. “This science verses religion argument goes back to the beginning of scientific inquiry hundreds of years ago. And it is still not resolved.”

“I see no conflict. God is the Infinite Unknown and science is an expanding knowledge of how things work. But no matter how much the body of proven science grows it can never encompass an infinite reality. Therefore, God will never be displaced. What is not understood will always be God; not an anthropomorphic personal God but the Infinite Oneness, Infinite Potential, all inclusive God,” I said.

“So where do we go from here Dr. WorldPeace,” Harry asked.


“Well, gentlemen, the short answer seems to be that somewhere near the pole star Polaris in our galaxy Milky Way, I have a personal archive of all my past lives if not just the significant ones. And in that archive there seems to be my notes, for lack of a better designation, of what happened during the last polar shift and maybe notes regarding a few of the prior polar shifts,” I said.

“What,” said Harry.

“Whoa,” said David. “You are saying there is a tangible personal record of what happened and what you did and how you did it relating to the last polar shift.”

“Is that what you are saying, Dr. WorldPeace?” asked David.

“Yes, I think so,” I said.

“So let me sum part of this up,” said Harry, “All the skewed myths and so on in the archives in 256, are supplemented by your factual notes of the events. And those notes are located somewhere in the Polaris solar system?”

“Yes,” I said.

There was silence.

“Yes gentlemen, this unassuming man who is sitting before you is probably an Avatar of the highest magnitude,” said Diana, “But he insists he is just a messenger and not a god with or without a capital “G”.

Still silence prevailed.

“We are obviously stunned out of our minds, Dr WorldPeace,” said Harry.

“Just relax,” I said.

“Jim has gone to make each of us a drink that will allow us all to return to some level of normalcy that existed before this conversation began,” I said.


Nothing was said.

Jim returned with four glasses of a clear liquid and gave each of us one. I immediately took mine and drank it all at once as did Diana. Then Harry and David followed.

Jim collected the glasses and left the room. In a few, minutes David spoke.

“That is an amazing tonic,” said David.

“Yes,” I said. “These are a special gift that Jim has. I did not teach him. He came up with the idea and did the research, and continues to research, how to make these very unique tailor made tonics as you call them.”

“Somehow they affect the body mind and soul,” I said.

“Yes, is all I can say,” said David.

“Well do not concern yourselves,” I said. “There is no lasting effects. It will last as long as it needs to and then it will fade away.”

“I have to wonder what similar miracles exist in your safe harbor, Dr. WorldPeace,” David said.

“More than a few,” I said. “I am not hiding anything. I just don’t want to become a snake oil salesman. I don’t need the money. I need my time to think. In time, all these things will be released to the world. What I release is what needs to be released.


“Dr. WorldPeace, you have a historical archive of infinite notes of your life experiences over eons of time. So you don’t have to meditate on things, you can go right to your personal library,” Harry asked.

“Yes, the personal library exists, no I do not have instant access,” I said.

“That is the problem. How do I gain access to those records regarding the polar shift events,” I said.

“And that gentlemen is where I need your help. We cannot broadcast the existence of these records. Yet we need the help from the right people to gain access. So how do we solicit the beings we need without making an announcement and without turning all of 256 into a treasure hunt for marketable knowledge?” I said.

“That is a problem,” David said.

“If we can gain access,” I said, “then we can immediately go to developing and refining the best solution to the event horizon .”

“I have known of the archive virtually all my life; as well as its location. And I tried once in the 1980’s to go to Polaris. However, I found that our bodies are limited in how far they can travel. In a word, we seem to be limited to the outer reaches of our solar system. If we go further, it seems our bodies will die.” I said.

“That is what makes sense. That is what I think I know,” I said.

“How do we retrieve my records from Polaris?” I asked.

Again, silence.


“Harry and David,” said Diana, “just get used to these kinds of revelations from John. He is obviously not one of us.”

“I do not know how I can incarnate in many different dimensions and yet deposit a record in one place that may or may not be knowable in the dimension in which I am living,” I said.

“All I know is that Polaris is the place. I feel I have incarnated all over this universe and in who knows how many dimensions but always made a deposit with the Polaris solar system in this Milky Way Galaxy.

“Either there is something special about the Polaris system, like existing in a special time warp, or who knows what. We really do not know for sure if it is a typical solar system.

“I do feel that I must program into each life the key as to how to access my archive. And so I am sort of waiting, expecting, that revelation this lifetime. But will it come before or after the event horizon? That I do not know.

“In the meantime, you can put this out to some trusted beings.  I would not want to have a 256 wide broadcast of this information.

”I have some humans in mind and an alien or two that might be able to get in sync with this challenge,” said David.

“As do I,” said Harry.

“The bigger question for me,” said David, “is ‘Who is Dr. John WorldPeace?’”

“Welcome to the party,” said Diana.

“The short answer gentlemen, is that I do not know. I know I am conscious and more aware than most of my species. But any incarnation will be into a less than fully conscious vehicle. So at conception, being simple, I load up the things I will need in the coming lifetime. And each incarnation has a team of helpers in many dimensions to help me accomplish my task as well.

“Is it my task, or one that I have taken on? I do not know. And honestly I don’t worry about it. I wake up in a new reality with a new vehicle, body, and then I go forward. I trust my guides and helpers fully.

“That is about it. What I am when I am free of all bodies and vehicles and containers, I have no idea. When I exit a body and return to what I loosely call the spiritual realm I have an expanded conscious but not a total awareness. Even on the spiritual level I have no need to be conscious of everything. And I really don’t want to carry around a lot of irrelevant baggage in my body mind or soul.

“I think this is true for all of us. We just have different jobs so we have different awareness and consciousness.

“I am really nothing special. I may have more abilities and more knowledge but who knows if you are not more aware than me outside these bodies. No way to know. It does not matter. I just try to be humble and not waste time looking for reasons why I am better than some other soul. We are all infinite and immortal so really no one is more equal than anyone else.

“Don’t ever think a menial path on earth indicates a menial path on the inner planes free of the restrictions of a body.

“Just do your job and move on. That is my focus and orientation in every life.

“In a structured society it is hard to put away the hierarchy of beings,” said Harry. “But I see what you mean Dr. WorldPeace.”


“Dr. WorldPeace we have to go,” said David. “The conference is only 17 hours away. There is much to do. And we have to make an effort to get you access to your archives. That would make the conference go so much easier I am sure.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“All is ready for the conference from a technical aspect,” Jim said. “I will walk you out.”

Jim, David and Harry exited to the basement.


“John, none of this seems real right now,” said Diana. “Lots has happened but nothing really has happened. It seems like we are doing all this and the basic premise of the polarity shift is not even real.”

“This is how things always get at this stage of a big event,” I said. “It all just seems like a dream and yet when you look at the hard reality of the events, the events that are taking place, you know something is going to happen. You know something real has anchored in.”

“The conference, will make things very real,” I said.

“Yes, I know it will,” she said. “For now we just wait for the conference or some other intervening something.”

“This is the lull before the storm. Calm before the storm,” I said.

Jim returned.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “I just had the strangest vibes from David and Harry. They both seemed like they were waking from a dream. That nothing that was taking place was real. How could that be?”

“Just human nature,” I said. “Diana and I were just talking about the same thing.”

“It is the emotional aspect of human beings. All the logic and reality in the world can at times simply be discounted. Things get too complex, and nothing tangible has happened, no bombs, no chaos. It is the calm before the storm where humans begin to think for a bit that nothing is going to happen and they have just wasted a lot of time.

“It is the ability of humans to just all of a sudden ignore all the facts,” I said.

“As soon as David and Harry put on their headphones and begin to talk to their people, they will get back into the game, if you will,” I said.

“I just cannot relate to just discounting everything and feel that all I have been doing was just wasting time,” Jim said.

I smiled at his confusion.


“Dr. WorldPeace, have you had any thoughts about how to access your archives?” asked Jim.

“Nothing,” I said. “I am being blocked. The time is not right for me to know. Something else in the mix has to happen first.”

“It seems for now we just wait,” I said.

“We are ready for the conference. We have done all we can do. All we have been asked to do,” I said.

“I suggest we all just relax. When thing get going, they are going to move very fast. Things will get very intense.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, I need to check the communication equipment to make sure we do not experience any glitches,” said Jim.

“Go ahead, Jim,” I said. “Diana and I will be here.”


“Things are just too quiet,” Diana said.

“Enjoy it,” I said. “Enjoy the quiet.”

“Speaking of which,” I said, “I am going to have to take a nap.


I opened my eyes to see Diana sitting on the floor leaning back on my napping couch. She was staring out the big window into the meadow.

“Hello,” I said.

A smile came to her face and she turned resting on her knees and gave me a smile and a kiss.

“You alright?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “I was joying in your energy and this place.”

“So what did you dream?” she asked.

I noticed Jim standing in his favorite corner motionless, staring straight ahead which meant he was powered down but monitoring and processing as always.

I sat up on the couch and then moved to my chair. Too much time on the couch always meant back pains to some degree.

Diana, stood and then sat on the end of the couch which was becoming her favorite place. She liked to draw her feet up onto the couch with her knees up or to her side.

“Well there is an orb about 25 miles in diameter following one of two moons of the fourth planet from Polaris. It is artificial, owned and controlled by me, hollow in the center, with a typical outer moonscape and my sole turtle shed at the north pole which was tilted 35 degrees away from the Polaris. So it never gets any direct sunlight,” I said.

“And for the first time I noticed a stairway in the center of the turtle shed that leads down into the center of the satellite. At the head of the stairway is a sign that says “Dart’nell DuBeaux . 55.01.999.xio3. The alphabet was not recognizable consciously but was intelligible in my mind’s eye. This was my name, universe 55, North Pole, Galaxy 999, Sun ax293 which was my birthplace. A place that no longer existed in logical linear time but could be accessed by those species residing in a dimension with no time distinction.

“The entire core of the satellite was filled with shelves and nooks and cabinets and other storage areas. Somehow without any index, I knew where everything was. About 25% of the contents were those of my ancestors who built this satellite.

“I did not take time to pay attention to anything but went straight to the 256 polarity shift notes. It was a large book, about 3 x 3 feet with about 5 inches of documents both in text and drawings and in 20 different languages which all looked different to my logical linear eye but very readable to my mind’s eye.

“The most recent polarity shift, a billion years ago was in the front of the book with each section under it dating back another eon for 20 eons.

“20 eons ago was when my home planet was destroyed by the event horizon. All that was left was me and this satellite. It would have seemed there would have been other survivors of my species, and there probably were but I never found any of them. But 256 is a very big place.

“The satellite was filled with holograms of my ancestors. As I moved around inside, the holograms were activated and then turned off. I had no time to talk with any of them. They were not assigned if you will to the event horizon.

“It did not matter, I survived the last polar shift and therefore I remembered it and did not need anyone to tell me what happened.

“So you hit the mother load,” said Diana.

“It would seem so,” I said.

“Who knows what is contained in that satellite,” commented Diana.

“Probably just about everything,” I said.

“And you don’t want to go back there and explore, explore, explore?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “In time I will. But nothing is going anywhere. All I am interested in is the polarity shift that is coming. That is the focus of my life now and that is all I want to explore. The rest is for another life time I am sure.”


“John, this sounds a lot like the Superman storyline,” said Diana. “Krypton is about to explode, his father puts Superman in a spaceship and launches him toward earth before the explosion. Inside the spaceship is the history of his planet.”

“I agree,” I said.

“The story is not an exact match from what I know but grossly similar,” I said.

“The main difference is that Superman is strictly a biological superhuman. He has no spiritual dimension. He does not operate in the spiritual theatre. He is just a one trick pony if you will. He is the protector of humans. He has no cosmology that allows him to operate beyond earth. He has no ability at the death of his body to survive in spirit and then reincarnate. He is pretty much a one dimensional guy.

“When I found myself at my archives I immediately went looking for the polar shift records. I did not know how long I was going to be allowed to remain at the archives so I did not bother to look into anything else. As I keep repeating, all I am interested in during any particular life is what is my objective of that lifetime. I have no interest in just searching through archives for nothing better to do. That seems pointless. In time, I will relive or come into contact with all those records. If I wanted to do something else in any particular lifetime I would be doing that. I feel all incarnate souls are exactly where they intend to be and if that were not they would be somewhere else. It is silly to want to exist in heaven when you are grounded and incarnate on earth. I am in the earth reality because that is where I want to be.

“I understand John,” said Diana. “It requires a complete rethinking of one’s cosmology when around you. You seem to have a different from everyone else perspective on everything. And I must say, most of the time, a perspective that makes a lot more sense that what human beings are taught about life and about spiritual matters.

“You seem to have this amazing seamless cosmology that weaves incarnation and the spiritual realm together as one. It is hard to think of them as separate or existing alone after talking to you for even a short time.

“Diana, I have no intention to convert anyone to what I believe or know. We are all immortal infinite spirits who are pursuing our chosen path. Why do I want to waste time bringing people to my cosmology?

“Except when something like this polar shift seems imminent. In that case, I will share what I need to share to achieve the common goal. In this case, that would be the reduction of chaos in the 256 when the polar shift takes place.

“I did not enjoy having my world ripped from me. And it seems that I have ever since that event tried to reduce the chaos associated with it. And it seems that I have spent 20 eons working on it. And it seems I have made some progress by trial and error. This impending polar shift may well be the one that I finally am able to subdue if not avoid. Time will tell.

“Please forgive me for being so short,” I said. “But I have just come out of a vivid nap and the amount of information I have to process is huge. I am a bit out of balance right now trying to process too much. I will be fine in a few hours.”

“In the meantime, I have to continue to move forward. I have to have some coherent story to present at the conference which is about 15 hours away.

“Not a problem, John,” Diana said. “Not a problem at all. I am all in.”


“Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said, “do you want me to call Harry and David and have them call off the search for your archives now that you have found them?”

“No, I want to see what they find,” I said. “I want to verify that they will find nothing. My information is that the archives are cloaked and cannot be seen by anyone in the 256. And if the archive is found it will immediately move to another location far away.”

“One way for me to access the archive is like now when I go to sleep and my helpers give me what I need and take me where I need to go.

“There is another way to gain access,” I said.

“The archive is set within a very unique matrix of worm holes that lead to it. There are coordinates in high earth orbit that if hit with a high tech beam will open the gateway to the archive for me. In other words, the beam can take me immediately to the archive. No matter when I am incarnate there are multiple worm holes that will take me to the archive. I have never been out of touch with it. But again the archive does not stay in the front of my consciousness. It only appears for me when I need it. Like now.

“Ok, we will wait Dr. WorldPeace and see what develops,” said Jim.


“John,” Diana said, “I think you know there is no person in real life and no character in any literature, even the most far out sci-fi literature, like you. No one has even begun to describe someone like you.”

“That is because people live in small worlds. They have no desire to go exploring. They have no desire to answer even the most basic question regarding incarnation, “What am I doing here?” I said.

“Diana I am just a low level guardian angel trying to reduce the chaos in the lives of those who are incarnate for the most part. I don’t want any accolades or credits or anything. I just what to do what I can and move on.”

“Interesting, John,” said Diana.


“Comparing my book with what has been discovered in the archives, they match pretty close,” I said.

“The archives have lots of variations of the story, different names and places but they all verify a polarity shift. My records absolutely verify the same but my records pinpoint exactly where the polarity shifts have begun. The exact universe.

“My records verify that there is some sort of critical mass reached that discharges and until the entire 256 shifts and realigns the polarity shift and reverberations will not stop.

“Once the catalyst ignites then it just takes an hour to discharge. So once it begins, there is no way to stop it. It is just moving too too fast.

“There are certain areas that are vaporized and they reappear elsewhere in 256. But sometimes they reappear in a different form. Like the three of use vaporize, our bodies are gone, but our souls are relocated elsewhere. And we have to begin again.

“It is true that the centers of the solar systems, galaxies and universes remain stable. The farther out from the center the greater the chaos.

“And it is about to happen again. The billion year clock is about to strike midnight as they say.

“Tangible incarnates, less tangibles, pure intangible spirits, are all affected. There have never been any robots with souls. Jim is the first.

“Through the tangible and less tangibles the spirits get the message. We do not have to communicate directly with the intangibles because they are always listening to every tangible and less tangible.

“So the thrust of the solution is with the tangibles and less tangibles.

“The scientists can continue to work and try to find a solution or how the chaos will spread. But it is unlikely they will come up with anything that will stop the polarity shift and the chaos.

“The only hope is my solution where large numbers of beings focus on bending reality. Or smaller groups jump to another path; one that does not have a polarity shift in its future, or one just after the polarity shift has occurred. But these solutions are just temporary. In time the polarity shift will return.

“The true solution is to use the combined linking of as many intelligent beings as possible to stop the event horizon.

“The upside is that if this can be done, anything in the 256 can be changed if the intelligent beings determine that it is beneficial to the majority.

“So there it is,” I said. “And within a few hours I will be addressing the 256 regarding all these issues and there is no way of knowing how we will proceed after that conference has finished its first session.”

“I have no idea or vision about what will happen at the meeting or after,” I said.

“I do expect things to begin to move very fast now,” I said.


“Dr. WorldPeace, David and Harry are on their way. They apologize but feel that they need one more meeting before the conference begins,” Jim said.

“Fine,” I said. “I expected this. I think it is a good idea since they will not be present here during the conference but stationed in their own command centers.”

“How long before they arrive?” I asked.

“15 minutes,” Jim responded.


“Well, as is my habit, I am feeling very drained as I do when major events are about to launch in a significant way. It is my guides pouring information into my subconscious. If I had more than 15 minutes I would lay down and sleep intensely. Instead, I will just take a caffeine pill.

“John, this is all getting very intense,” Diana said. “I can see the solution coming together but I don’t know how. I just know that all the preparations have been made and with your guides, it will all work out.”

“I do to,” I said. “It really reminds me of college when I would cram for days preparing for a test and then when it came time to take the test I did not want to go through the process. I had already taken the test so many times in my head in the process of studying, the actual writing down of answers seemed redundant. And it was for me but not for those who had no idea what was in my head.”

“That is how I feel now. I have all these things in my head but I have to speak to a very large conference spread throughout 256,” I said.

“300 million participants,” Jim said.

“What?” said Diana. “300 million?”

“Shocking,” she said.

“I did not know how many but I knew the number would be large,” I said

Jim left the room to go meet David and Harry.


Jim, David and Harry entered and everyone took their usual places.

“Greetings, gentlemen,” I said. “I think this is going to be our last meeting for a while. After the conference, you guys are going to be overwhelmed with the logistics. I am glad I don’t have that responsibility.”

“It is monumental,” said David. “We had no idea how many intelligent life forms were out there. Trillions is not going to be a big enough number.”

“Are you ready Dr. WorldPeace?” asked Harry.

“Yes, I am,” I said. “Prepared in the sense that I have done all I can do and prepared in the sense that my guides will support me.”

“Did you find anything out about my archive in the Polaris system,” I asked.

“No we did not,” said David. “We have various instruments as do the beings we asked to help and no one found anything.”

“OK, so what did you gentlemen come to talk about?” I asked.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” Harry said, “it is unlike both of us but we were advised by a growing number of beings we are working with that you had something to tell us before the conference. No one had any idea what they were talking about but the consensus was strong that we needed to come see you.”

“Gentlemen, time is running short and you need to get back to your stations. So I am going to give you what you need with some strong rules of engagement regarding what you are to do with what I am about to give you.”

Jim brought fourth my edited archives from Polaris and sat it down on the table in front of David and Harry.

“Gentlemen,” I said, “before you is my personal notes on 20 polarity shifts, edited of course.”

Harry jumped up and moved toward the window looking at me. David could not move.

“Yes I have been around for 20 billion years and more,” I said. “Not this body of course, but as Dart’nell in 20 different bodies, in 20 different places, speaking 20 different languages, and so on.”

“How can this be you are thinking,” I said. “Well reincarnation is the answer. Reincarnation.”

“I am not much different than you but my focus each life has been very dynamic. That is all I can say. I have wasted very few lives on frivolous things. That is the only difference between us,” I said.

“We do not have time to allow me to bridge over your doubts. The book will do that. Yes, I say again it is edited but what the participants need to know is there. You can distribute it but you can only say that it came from me. You cannot say they are my personal notes. That will lead to collateral conversations that will take away from real solutions to the coming polarity shift.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, at every meeting you astound us with incredulous things but when we get back to our stations everything you have said makes sense in regards to the information that we have accumulated,” said Harry.

“It is impossible at this point to doubt you Dr. WorldPeace,” said David.

“You need to take about an hour when you get back allowing your most top level advisors and researchers to look at and comment on the contents. Then you need to distribute it to all the conference attendees and to those serious beings who have not committed to the conference yet.

“Let them compare their archives and science with what is in that book,” I said.

“But never mention what I just said about it being 20 billion years of my personal notes. At least not until you hear it from my own lips announced publically.”

“I have no idea what I am going to say in this conference but there have been three prior conferences and I have learned from each one. I know what I need to say and what I need to avoid. Everyone will know that I know more than I am revealing and I will discount that by saying that I am saying everything that needs to be said at the time I am saying it.”

“Those notes should link to all the archive information and all the science. It is not going to be a complete link because what I have given you is not complete and what your archivists and scientists have discovered is also not complete. But it is enough, more than enough to give me credibility and more than enough to absolutely verify that a polar shift is coming and chaos will reign if it does.”

Diana sat, saying nothing but watching David and Harry intensely. They were her only flesh and blood observations of how people would react to all that was coming. This conference was going to be sterile. Not face to face. But by being sterile, emotions would take a back seat to logic as much as would be possible.

“Who are you Dr. WorldPeace?” asked David.

“Just an interested and committed party who has been around a very long time staying busy.”

Harry laughed.

“Sorry Dr. WorldPeace,” Harry said. “That is such an understatement I just could not help but laugh.”

“Not laughing at you Dr. WorldPeace, but laughing at just how small we really are. You are living and have lived in a state of awareness that few if any could even begin to conceive.”

“I just have no words for what is happening here right now,” he continued. “And we have to immediately act on what you have given us, there is no time to even consider that we are truly in the presence of what I would call an Avatar of Avatars as the only alternative to bowing down to you as a god. We have met in you a god of old. Yet I can see the gods have never abandoned life but always been the guardians of all life. I feel I am in the presence of one of the old religious patriarchs like Abraham and Moses if not Buddha or Jesus.”

“I don’t know about all that. I can see how you would use those words looking for some expression of what you are witnessing and experiencing. But I want to assure you that my part in the All There Is is quite insignificant compared to Jesus or Buddha.

“I do work for the light. I do work for my concept of God. That is the only way I can respond and it is totally inadequate.”

“Is there anything else gentlemen?” I asked. “We are running shorter of time by the moment.

“We will follow your instructions to the letter, Dr. WorldPeace,” said David.

“I know you will,” I replied.

“I am ready to speak,” I said. “Have no concerns about that.”

“We should talk on our video no less than an hour before the conference begins,” I said.

“Yes we will do that,” said Harry.

Jim moved toward the exit. Harry and David shook my hand and then Diana’s without speaking and followed Jim out.


“I did not know you prepared that book,” Diana said.

“Actually I didn’t technically speaking,” I said.

“I told Jim mind to mind that I was going to go through the book and editing with my mind and I wanted him to copy my edits to the book that we gave them.”

“So all I had to do was go through the book page by page once. It took about 30 minutes, and Jim did the rest.”

“Obviously our ability to communicate this way has progressed significantly in the short time you have been here.

“John, you and Jim are just beyond description. I am just on a perpetual high.”

“I am just wondering if I have a role in all of this,” she said.

“I am sure you do but obviously it has not been revealed to you yet, nor to me,” I said.