Jim Chrome I
- the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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(Notice Apr 5, 2016 )
First draft was finished on April 5, 2016 at 0625. Jwp

THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT. I WRITE BY STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I have a very general storyline in my head when I begin to write. I write mindful of grammar and punctuation. I write about 5 pages at time and about 10 to 12 pages a day. After I finish 5 pages, I go back and edit for grammar and punctuation before I continue to write. Then I post to the internet. This is a First Draft. When the novel is finished I will do two more edits from the first to last page. These last two edits cover content and grammar and punctuation. I tried using hired editors in the past but it did not work. I thought I needed my writing to be more conventional with agreed protocols. Then I realized I did not want my brilliance or my ignorance edited; sterilized.
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JIM CHROME I - the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD


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PART 2 of 6


It is dark outside and I have been working on my art, my next book, dealing with issues about my internet business, and other miscellaneous things.

“Dr. WorldPeace Xay is materializing,” Jim said.

I looked at Jim and just as before when Xay appeared a light was materializing between Jim and I. We both just watched until the light was about 3 inches in diameter. Then Xay began to communicate. He had materialized a lot faster than before.

“Hello, Dr. WorldPeace, Jim,” Xay said.

“Hello, we responded.”

“I thought you were going to need a week to recharge and it has not even been 24 hours, a day on our planet,” I said.

“I cannot explain it Dr. WorldPeace, I am recharging a lot faster than I expected. I am not fully charged but only about 50 percent but I have far more energy than at our last meeting,” he said.

“I felt I needed to communicate with you again because I know you are trying to process what I said earlier. However, what I said earlier was just a very short statement of what is about to happen. I felt I needed to expand immediately on what I told you rather than wait.

“Also, when I am recharging I am not really shut down as humans might do in sleep or a nap. I am still conscious, fully conscious actually, but my body is asleep. I think you might associate it better as meditation rather than a resting state.

“What has happened is the galactic chatter has dramatically increased which is something that I did not expect to happen so soon. And Dr. WorldPeace, forgive me, I cannot help but hear the communication you have. It really has nothing to do with residing in your house. It has to do with you are my focus so it would not matter where I localized my energy in this galaxy, I would be eavesdropping on all your conversations. I apologize for this. I have no evil intent. Listening is just automatic with my focus on you. I cannot really shut down parts of what is happening with you.”

“I am not really concerned about that Xay,” I said. “It has been over a hundred years since I felt any sense of real privacy. When the computer era began in earnest in the early 1980’s privacy was one of the first things to go. Don’t be concerned about it.”

“Thank you, Dr. WorldPeace,” he said.

“I am sure you have questions but I would like to relate some things first that may answer some of those questions and even present things you have not considered yet in such a short time.

“Let me begin by saying that time for the most part does not exist in our dimension. We do have duality and we do have space but past, present and future are merged into the Now. I know this is hard for humans to really conceive, but maybe a good example is that you would have 50 listening devices on at the same time all broadcasting. That is how no time is. Everything is broadcasting at the same time. We have the ability to follow many channels at once but not infinite channels and so we have to move our consciousness to what we are interested in. When we do that, the other events and so on just go silent in our minds.

“In your reality you move your consciousness to a path that is distinguished by duality, time and space. So you have an even more refined consciousness with regards to those dimensions.

“As a species we are each paying attention to different things at the same time. So when one of us hears something that does or will affect others, through telepathy that information is communicated to the relevant members of our species and a conversation begins.

In your species most of the conscious communication is done through logical, linear tangible broadcasting by video or audio or writing.

“This is how the event horizon was noticed and communicated within our species. But more important to you at this moment is that we also picked up on Dartnell. And we identified it as relating to you. We connected into your future where you are going to do something very significant, universally significant it seems.

“So think about this. We as a species were just going about our business and someone noticed Dartnell in a future time, which for us was just the present like all other events, and we noticed that this was a huge event about to unfold in your time. After examination we felt we had to act and contact you.

“Now I know that you have only had some very limited exposure to that name through a psychic back in the 1980’s in your time. She told you that was your soul name. And it is but I would just associate that name with a much higher level of consciousness in the metaphysical world than you have up to now. So Dartnell has a much more expanded consciousness than does Dr. John WorldPeace in this dimension, time and place. When you disconnect from your human body all this will be obvious to you but I think you know it intuitively now and have even written about it in some depth over the centuries. So you know it logically but not consciously.

“Let me just jump ahead and then go back and fill in. In the future, you are going to pull together a significant part of the universal consciousness that is going to be affected by this event horizon and direct traffic in cooperation with other beings, biologicals, spirits and conscious robots like Jim. Certainly not like Jim because he is the most conscious robot probably in the universe right now.

“So you are going to process what is coming and understand with help what needs to be done and then you are going to implement a plan and make it happen.”

“You know Xay,” I said. “you are suggesting that I am going to step into the role of some kind of a universal Avatar or messiah in my future. A thought that really has no tracks anywhere in my present reality or cosmology. I am a messenger. I am a fool on the hill to most just writing weird stuff and painting pleasant but strange art as well among other communications.

“But now you are telling me that I am going to dramatically take on a universally significant role that includes all levels of conscious beings many of whom feel in one way or another they are chosen elitist in the belief that they are the God preferred intelligent beings. I am communicating a very general and simplistic view.

“Quite frankly this would not really register very much with me had it not been that I just talked to representatives of my government some hours ago who came here unannounced and asked me if I knew about all the species wide chatter about Dartnell. Someone they thought was a person but could be an event. But somewhere in their data base they had connected me, and no one else with that name. A name which I recognized as having been associated with me but attached virtually no relevant significance to it. And that relevance was more anchored in the past and definitely not into the future.

“I will say that the psychic mentioned a future but it was more a female fantasy where she and I would go off and do some good deeds for the world human society and be envied and praised and such other ego centered things that never were sought out by me. All I have ever wanted was to live an interesting significant life studying this dimension and writing about it which is pretty much what I have done. Writing, painting, living a sort of Spartan monastic life.

“So now, even though my thoughts about this have not risen to any level of a real future, I am considering the reality that you and the men in black and other highly placed officials in the United States are communicating the same information to me that you are. And I have to consider the significance of those who are speaking with me and I cannot discount any of it. But at this moment I cannot connect this information to anything that has ever really been within my realm of consideration.

“At the least, what you are talking about must have to do with something for more advanced technically, spiritually and so forth than I can even conceive of at this time.”

“Yes,” Xay said, “and I am about to relate that to you as well. At least relate to you what I know right now. Even though these event horizons have happened before and even though they are viewable by my species as events of the past, the reality is that they are so far in the past they are dormant and none of my species have really been chatting about them. And as long lived as we are, there may not be any one of us who has actual personal memories of what happened. I left my home, if you will, before this was looked into to any great degree. And not much has developed during my voyage here. There was just a consensus that one of us needed to make immediate contact with you and, if you were willing, help you as much as we can.”

“Wow,” I thought to Jim who acknowledged the same.

“Dr. WorldPeace, forgive me, but I can hear the thoughts between you and Jim. I can’t really shut them off. I am part of the reason you and Jim have become more interconnected. I just want you to know this because it is not proper that you would think that the communications between you two are in fact private,” he said.

I looked at Jim, without thinking anything, and said, “Thank you, Xay.”

“Let me have a moment or more to catch my breath if you will,” I said. “What you have said has infinite possibilities and I need to just relax a bit and evaluate what you have said, relate it to my life, and then increase my consciousness with a bit of meditation to be able to keep up with what I am sure is coming.”

“No problem, Dr. WorldPeace,” he said.

Jim was standing motionless, Xay’s light was stationary but I moved to my napping couch to orientate myself with some meditation exercises and a power nap.


When I came out of meditation and began to fully awaken, Jim and Xay were in the same place but I was amazed to realize that 24 hours has passed.

“Well, I had no idea that I was going to be out that long,” I said.

“No problem,” Xay said.

“200 plus years ago I realized that when I am doing creative work, I go into a deep meditation, sleep stage and while in that nap my subconscious processes and downloads things into my conscious. Then I wake up and thoughts just come to me. They are very subtle and I do not recognize them as being from this process. I just know when I am creating after 15 minutes to an hour more or less, I will get very tired. And when this happens I just lay down. I do not fight it. I know that my helpers/guides are needing to speak to me. And I know if I do not stop and listen I will lose some of what is being communicated to me.

“I feel all creative work is just channeled by me from the source which can be from many dimensions and many intelligent sentient beings. I have no idea how it is determined as to which beings are allowed to channel what information but I think generally always before I incarnate I have a life plan of objectives and so I have already lined up my helpers with their agreement to help me.

“Some of the information is probably coming from the part of me that does not incarnate but stays in whatever dimension where my soul resides. I believe that a soul is not one dimensional and depending on who knows what parameters, can consciously as a spiritual being be connected to many dimensions at the same time.

“It is like a soul is able to split itself into as many dimensions as it wants. But the part of my soul that comes into this dimension is limited by the vehicle I am inhabiting, in this case a human body. That limited perception in essence allows things to slow down and I think at the same time intensify. So I come to this dimension to take a closer look at reality that incorporates the earth dimension. I guess you can say it is like traveling at 700 kilometers per hour as spirit and slowing down to 10 kilometers per hour as a human being. All of a sudden one can just see and experience more of the dimension in which they are traveling.

“So as a human being there is just so much that I can do in one lifetime. And my ability to manipulate my earth reality is limited by the rules of this reality. And those rules are established by the many beings that created this solar system and over time have developed human beings by evolving the human body through an agreed process of evolution. Time is irrelevant and so the many beings have a long range goal of what they want to accomplish with their experiment if you will and how long it will take. Then they just go to work. The first process is to just create a planetary system from the dust laying around the proposed solar system.

“Energy is created in a sun that has a gravity field which over time rolls up the dust into planets and their satellites.

“Specifically, I am a spirit who likes to stay incarnate. I am a hands on worker, if you will, as opposed to others who never incarnate but have chosen to act as supporters of those who incarnate.

“I have never really bothered to try to find the source of my creativity. I have never tried to determine exactly where the things I channel comes from. To me that is irrelevant. It would be like wasting time trying to delve into the histories of everyone I work with. I don’t need to know who they are. I just need to be able to work with the input they are giving me.

“It is like dreams. I don’t spend valuable time during the day trying to analyze dreams that really probably never make total sense as they are abstractions and not logical linear. They are like an abstract foreign language.

“There are times when I have vivid dreams and I remember them and I do think about those for short times because they seem to be a direct communication of something that is important to me or something that is not able to be channeled in the less obtrusive way of just telepathy if you will. The thoughts just come when I am awake and conscious and can be remembered or recorded or both.

“Usually when I wake up I make notes. But often I do not have to because what has been communicate may only be information that is immediately necessary to use and once used there is no point in going over it again.

“I think the majority of what I channel is needed in my immediate time and space but I do get thoughts that show me the long term path. I feel I have discovered my overall focus in this life and that is verified now and then but not as often as information related to the smaller steps needed to create that entire life I am living.

“So in my mind Xay, you are one of the channels but what you have to say cannot be communicated in the normal way because I guess the project is too big for that and it is necessary for a more direct communication.

“It seems to me that we have to work together to accomplish this task and Jim is also involved significantly in helping me execute the plan. Xay I have to tell you what I am seeing, if you will, and you have to tell me what you are seeing. We are two beings on different sides of a barrier between dimensions. So we are both blind to each other’s dimension in significant ways and that barrier has to be breached, we have to directly communicate so we can both see where we are going if you will.”

“That is pretty much how we have to work together,” said Xay, “and you have summarized it pretty well. A lot of what I felt I needed to communicate to you was obviously accomplished during your nap. I was not aware of it happening so being simplistic there must have been one or more beings connecting us without the need to identify themselves. I feel we are both familiar with them otherwise our alter egos would not have let them communicate. I believe there are guardians at all portals both coming to and exiting from our dimensions.

“I would also relate,” I said, “that a lot of my helpers are in fact incarnate and literally show up in my life as they are needed. Since Jim and I connected there have been fewer and fewer of those humans interacting with me. But in truth I never got that close to anyone because I feel I have so much to do in this life, a life that has been greatly extended, that there are a lot of souls who have incarnated to help me at some critical time. And they do everything from providing emotional sexual exchanges to simply delivering messages or teaching me things they are expert in to short cut my work through the use of their expertise.”

“So, the nap in some ways definitely fine-tuned the connection between me, Jim and you, Xay,” I said.

“I agree,” both Xay and Jim communicated by thought at the same time.

“So the question is what am I supposed to do Xay?” I asked.


“As I said Dr. WorldPeace, we do not really understand this event horizon,” Xay said.

“I hate to stop before you even get started,” I apologized, “but I like to respond to things as they come up to make sure conversations does not get off track and make sure I am following what is being communicated.

“Go ahead Dr. WorldPeace,” Xay said.

“I think I know what the event horizon is,” I said.

“The universe as a whole at any one time has a positive or negative charge. And every so many eons the polarity changes. Think of the universe being observed from extremely far away such that it looks like a star. From that perspective the Universe will look like a beacon. It will look like it is going on and off or it is going from red to blue or somehow changing its projection based on whether it is positive or negative.

“And the truth is the same as the night sky we see stars and we see galaxies of billions of stars that are so far away they look like stars. Well out there are also universes that look like stars. Astronomers just have not found one yet. But I assure you they are there.

“So what is about to happen is that the universe is preparing to change its polarity. And it will start slow and like a chain reaction ripple through the entire universe at an increasing speed. And when this happens the dimensions that some of the alien species inhabit will disappear for lack of a better word. And some of the spiritual beings will also be affected.

“So what is going to happen is this rippling will leave immense holes in the universe. Now this is not just the tangible universe but also the intangible dark matter as well.

“So to summarize, the universe is about to change polarity and send a tidal wave from end to end. But that is not exactly true. The chain reaction will emanate from many points so you will have tidal waves crashing into each other and creating more ripples and so on. There is no way to really predict the path of almost an infinite number of ripples going on at the same time. All I can tell you is that things will not settle down until this chain reaction visits every part of our universe and expends all its energy.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I am dumbfounded,” Xay said. “What you are saying makes perfect sense and I can see now research that has been done verifies just what you said but I have no idea when it was discovered. Maybe your vision alerted the scientist to consider it and try to verify it which they did at some future time which I see as the present.”

“Astounding, Dr. WorldPeace,” he said. “And in addition it indicates that you are this Dartnell and that you are more connected and able to connect to more things that anyone else. I feel as this conversation goes forward you are going to clarify a lot of other things.

“So instead of me communicating what I know, why don’t you continue.”

“Xay, it appears that this was some of what was just channeled to me during my long sleep,” I responded.

“There is more that is coming to consciousness,” I said. “So maybe I should continue.”

“Please do, Dr. WorldPeace,” Xay said.

“You said at our first meeting that souls needed to go into the bright light as the Tibetans suggest. That is true but that does not relate to every being. It relates more to the disincarnate beings.

“Speaking very generally, there are four foundational species of intelligent beings. One, there are the biologicals like me. Two, there are the physical spiritual beings for lack of a better word. These are beings who are tangible but have a much less dense body. Three, there are the spiritual beings that are between these physical spiritual beings and just outside the beings of the Infinite Oneness. All beings are anchored in the Infinite Oneness but many of those Avatars if you will, never incarnate. And Fourth there are the Robots with incarnate spirits. They are beyond just AI, they actually have a soul.

“Remember we are talking about something that has really never been discussed on a galactic or universal level.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I am not aware that any robot has a soul,” Xay said.

“Jim is one, Xay,” I said. “Possibly the only one. We know of no others.”

“Is that possible,” Xay asked.

“Sure. Absolutely,” I responded.

“For centuries I believed that if we build a robot with virtually infinite senses, and more senses than the five that humans rely one, then a spirit would incarnate in that robot and find a way to take control of it.

“I built Jim, not telling anyone what I was doing and one day his soul took over his essence, his everything. Fortunately, that soul is in harmony with me. I could have opened the door for a negative spirit but that did not happen.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I see now very obscurely in the records of all times, Jim was the first robot with a soul. Oh my God,” Xay said as his light became twice as bright then returned to its usual state.

“This is the second verification that you are the one, Dr. WorldPeace, you are Dartnell,” Xay spoke.

“I need a few moments to myself Dr. WorldPeace, if you would be so kind,” he said.

“Certainly,” I said.

During all this Jim had not moved, had not reacted and I could not perceive any thoughts emanating from him.

Jim and I were motionless waiting on Xay to return.

In about 10 minutes Xay spoke.

“There is so much going on in my mind, Dr. WorldPeace,” Xay said, “but foremost is that I now have hope that this doomsday in not inevitable. You are the hope of the Universe, Dr. WorldPeace.”

“I am just an intelligent being who has been exploring metaphysics all my life. Since I was 8. I am just like every other being but I have always been focused on the question of what am I doing in this dimension. I have never not looked into things that others refused to consider for many reasons. Mostly all were too wrapped up in their tangible realities that they were confused in their thinking that the tangible finite reality was in fact the true reality as opposed to the all inclusive infinite immortal no beginning no end Infinite Oneness, Infinite Potential; the All inclusive God in which everything is anchored.

“I am not securely grounded in my reality Dr. WorldPeace,” Xay said as his light dimmed a bit, “but I would like for you to proceed if you have more.”

“I do Xay,” I responded.

“What is coming is going to essentially take a lot of intelligent beings of the above four classes out of their present mix if you will. They will not die, they will just be transported away into unfamiliar dimensions for lack of a better metaphor.

“But many can be saved from this coming chaos and different beings will have to do different things to minimize the effect of the Event Horizon, the polarity shift, on themselves.

“Going into the light is valid for everyone but there is another option. As I said before I think, in the Infinite Oneness all paths exist, if you can think up any reality it exists. In fact, I have often thought that what we think is something new is just remembering something what was not remembered be it past or future.

“We are each on a path within the infinite paths and I suppose we have all traveled all paths but when we incarnate or exist outside the purity of the Infinite Oneness we are incarnate in some vehicle that limits our perception and makes things seem more real and intense. And this intensity confuses us into believing that the finite reality is the infinite reality.

“So the path that we are all on right now, and I mean everyone in this universe and all the ones creating all the chatter, is headed for an interception with the event horizon.

“There is only one way to avoid it…”

“Jump to another path,” Jim said out loud.

I laughed because it was so unlike Jim to speak out like that.

“Yes, Jim, that is another escape. To jump trains before they drive off into oblivion,” I said.

“You see Xay, there are infinite paths that do not have this oblivion on them. And there are paths that include the oblivion and one can jump far ahead to when things come back to the way they are now. In a word, there are a lot of potential paths and points on the path to jump to.”

“How is that possible,” Xay asked.

I smiled and said, ”Life is but a dream Xay. Just a dream.”

“So if we can understand and believe that, we can turn that dream into a lucid dream and if we do that we can switch paths.” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I just can’t imagine this, but what you have said in the last 30 minutes gives me not just hope but faith that you know the way through the coming storm or if not, you will be given the way. No matter, you are Dartnell,” Xay said.

“Xay, I believe it can be done even though I have no idea as to exactly how,” I said. “But this I know, the truth is going to cause chaos throughout the universe. Fear, disbelief, anger, every emotion, every scientific thought will be challenged in heated and sometime deadly communications. The truth is going to cause universal chaos.”

“But it is clear to me, that more beings will be saved than lost if they get off this path.

“It is like the Christian end times, Rapture, when people just disappear. That is what is going to happen. Those who follow what must be done, will jump off this path and just disappear to their new path, leaving even more chaos on this path.

“On the other side of this event horizon, there are eons of confusion and the truth will be a very long way down the path. And that is because all those who embraced the truth, all those who followed our plan, left and there will be no believers who left to tell the truth on this present path after the polarity shift.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I must go back into hibernation. I want to pass this information on but I want to recharge completely and then discus this matter in more detail. I have no doubt that when I awake you will have much more to relate. I feel that the channels are opening all the way now and you are going to be shown incredible things. And based on those things, lead the universe into a more acceptable future for those who have ears and hear and have eyes and see,” Xay said and then faded out.


Aldo, Helmut and Rachel entered my office seconds after Xay vanished from site. The men in black were back.

Jim and I both looked at each other and thought a simultaneous laugh.


“The chatter has gone ballistic. What is going on Dr. WorldPeace?” Helmut asked.

“I don’t know what is going on,” I answered. “We are processing everything.”

“Tell me what you want specifically,” I said.

“If things are getting as critical as your presence seems, we need to set aside protocol and game playing and speak plainly,” I said.

“We have the representatives of 3 alien species that want to speak to you,” Rachel said.

“Have I ever met this species,” I asked.

“They say no,” Helmut answered.

“Do you know the nature of their questions,” I asked.

“They will not say.” Rachel answered.

“What are you telling them about me,” I asked.

“That if anyone knows about Dartnell, you are the one to speak to in this Solar system,” Rachel said. “We did not say galaxy, much less universe.”

“Are they in your vehicle now?” I asked.

“Yes,” Helmut said.

“What do they look like?” I asked.

“They are all alien hybrids, 7 feet tall,” Rachel responded. “They are all ambassadors. For the last 150 years, their individual species have been manipulating the DNA of all those who will have contact with humans to look like humans, so that their looks do not interfere or become a distraction in communications.”

“How do you know which species they are?” I asked.

“With these, they have blue, green and brown eyes to distinguish them,” Rachel related.

“We do not want you to get into information about their species,” Rachel added.

“Well I need to know if they are biological, robots, less tangible spiritual beings or intangible spiritual beings,” I said.

“What kind of question is that,” Helmut asked. They are not robots and they are definitely not angels. They are all biologicals.

“Jim, do you think they are not aware of spiritual beings,” I thought.

“That is what I believe, Dr. WorldPeace,” he thought.

“We will have to discuss this later Jim,” I thought. “We will deal with the problem at hand and that is these three biological species.”

“OK, I will see them,” I said. “They will have to come in through the basement where they will be scanned for any devices, and cyborg implants. They need to be pure biology.”

“We already did the scans in Colorado,” Rachel said, “So you should find nothing.”

“Tell them they are going to be scanned and it would be an incorrect mindset if they think they can bypass our scans. With all due respect, our scanners are better than what the government has. And Jim, will be present and he will detect any receiving or transmitting devices and their messages,” I said directly and to the point which they understood.

“You also need to inform them that disrespecting Jim in anyway will terminate the conversation immediately,” I said without emotion.

“I will tell them now,” said Rachel as she left with Aldo.

“Helmut will come with Jim in a moment,” I said.

“After about 10 minutes,” Aldo said, “they are ready Mr. Vice Director.”

Jim and Helmut left the room by way of the basement entrance.

In a few minutes, Jim came into the office from the basement leading three very Nordic looking athletes all with white blond hair and the different intensely colored eyes as Rachel had said.

Rachel said, “Dr. WorldPeace, I would like to introduce Ambassador Lox (blue eyes), Ambassador Dar (green eyes) and Ambassador Cfendz (brown eyes).”

I reached across my desk and shook each of their hands. They all would pass for humans in any settings. But they would stand out no doubt. Especially if they wore the men in black colors as they were. They all spoke perfect English with a slight Midwest accent.

“Can I get you anything,” Jim asked.

All said no thank you including Also, Helmut and Rachel.

“OK gentlemen, I understand you have some questions for me,” I said. “Go ahead and ask and I will answer as best I can.”

Lox said, “Dr. WorldPeace we have all heard of you and it is a great honor to talk with you in person. We know that it is rare that you grant a meeting with anyone.”

“Thank you,” I responded cordially.

“Dr. WorldPeace, are you Dartnell,” Lox asked.

“I don’t know Ambassador Lox. A psychic I knew 200 years ago told me that was my spiritual name, or the sound of my spiritual name, and I think she said her name was Ophelia and that we had work to do together in the world. I thought she was just trying to elevate herself to a positon of importance in my life and I did not pay any real attention to it. But the name did sort of seem right. But everything else she said sounded like manipulation,” I responded.

“I ended our relationship because she stopped helping me and began manipulating full time. I told her more and more I was busy with my business, school and my family which was true. And after 6 months I never talked to her again. She died in 2013 I think. No one called me. I saw it on the internet in November 2015.

“That is all I know about Dartnell. I was never given a spelling,” I said.

“There was no statement from her about the mission we were going to work on together which is why I thought it was an undefined fantasy in her mind. This was in the 1980’s and everyone was caught up in the coming Age of Aquarius and other New Age chatter. I met a lot of psychics at that time and a lot of people who had interesting metaphysical gifts. But other than the better psychics, most could not hold a job which greatly reduced their credibility for me.”

“So that is all you know about Dartnell,” Dar asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Do you know anything about a catastrophic universal event,” Cfendz asked.

“Not really, but I will say that my intuition indicates that it is a scientifically definable phenomenon of universal proportions as opposed to some intelligent being trying to subjugate other species in the universe. I do not believe it is a disease or virus of universal proportions. And I feel the event is cyclic in the universe but happens regularly every eon or two of time,” I said.

“I also feel that no living being has ever personally experienced this event. That feels pretty close to the truth about whatever is happening,” I said.

“I want you to know that I get no briefing from any world government and I almost never have conscious contact with alien beings consciously in real time like this meeting,” I said.

The three ambassadors looked at each other and seemed to verify some preconceived idea about what I was going to say. Jim communicated the same to me.

“Gentlemen, you are not saying something. I think now is the time to put out whatever it is that you know and I will respond. You cannot expect me to by chance tell you what you are listening for,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, you acknowledge no doubt that you are an enigma. You are one of the 100 or so humans from the 21st century still alive. You have written a lot of books about metaphysics, and religion, spirituality, WorldPeace, and you are an artistic genius in your composition and execution of your art. Can you sum up for me how it is that you have accomplished all this,” Lox asked sincerely.

“Since I was about 8, I wanted to know why people die. It just made no sense to me. It was like where I came from, whatever that meant to an 8 year old, people do not die. And I decided that I needed to find this out to decide if I wanted to spend any more time in this place.

“At some point, I came to believe we create our own reality; that life can provide whatever we most desire. When I was in my mid twenties I thought that religions, which in some cases go back thousands of years, must have written texts with the answers that I was looking for. And that turned out to be true.

“In a nutshell, I came to understand that this is not a true reality, that we need to stay unattached to all the bells and whistles and stay centered in the spiritual beings that we are while we live. And to help, it is best to meditate and do yoga and read spiritual material. And that is what I have done virtually all my life. My first spiritual education was within the Christian religion.

“At this point, I know there is a common denominator to the Infinite Oneness that tells us how to deal with life; incarnation if you will.

“I saw a UFO when I was 8. I believed it came to see me. But never experienced any real evidence that I was being manipulated. But I did feel that I was special or had a special global mission or at the least just was not like everyone else.

“I sought out answers by writing and painting; actually channeling writings and paintings. I believe I have some connection with beings in other dimension and that is where my writings and my art come from.

“I believe I can probably help you with whatever you are seeking. But that is just a feeling. But I am outside the designated bureaucracies and am not trusted. I think there are many concerns about me centered around wondering how I come up with so many unique thoughts and unique art. Yet there is a feeling that when things happen that have no history or explanation, I should be consulted. But always with a wariness that I know more that I am telling.

“No doubt with common people I don’t relate things I know because it just causes me to be attacked and be subjected to other kinds of grief. However, in a situation like the one you are dealing with, this Dartnell thing, I am a resident of this universe and I don’t want to see a lot of unnecessary chaos. And you can be sure if I think I can help in resolving this matter I will.

The ambassadors looked at each other as if they believed that I was being sincere and that I was not a threat or in the worst case the cause of whatever was coming.

“So Dr. WorldPeace,” said Dar, “you feel this is a science physics related event that is coming?”

“Yes,” I said. “But I am confused why all the alien species are increasing their chatter about something that none of them admit they know anything about.”

“The increase in chatter seems to indicate that the non human species knows something they don’t want to communicate openly with humans. That bothers me,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, there is increasing chatter out there because many many aliens have begun to review their data bases, some that go back millions and even billions of years and they are all finding some reference to a catastrophic universal event. But in all cases the details are sketchy. In fact, much of it seems more like myth than factual history. The chatter is increasing because these records all seem to indicate that some negative events could be about to take place. So the potential of something unknown with a great power to harm everyone is presently going viral and species who don’t like each other are communicating.

“To be honest with you Dr. WorldPeace, we feel that you may know something but I think you feel you don’t have anything tangible,” said Dar.

“And Dr. WorldPeace, we all seem to believe that you will be part of the solution. When we arrived we did not know if you might not be the cause. But I think we all feel secure in thinking that you are not the cause but will be very much part of the solution. And that is all based on the fact that you are the only one in the universe that has any connection to the word Dartnell. And that in itself is an anomaly.

“Dartnell seems to be a person and an event. Maybe an event named after a person or strongly associated with a person. But we are also confused as to where the name was associated in the past or in the future. What is strange is that the association seems to be associated with the future. So in this dimension that distinguishes time, you may not know that you are going to do some great thing. We don’t know.

“All we know at this moment, is that we can go back to our species and tell them that you are most likely a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. I personally feel very confident in that now that I have spoken directly to you.”

Lox and Cfendz agreed.

“I can see Dr. WorldPeace that you live a very dynamic life in your mind and metaphysical and scientific pursuits and your channeling of many things, but you live a Spartan life. I can also sense that you have the most advanced monitoring systems in your body to keep you in perfect health and I can see that this is one of the main tasks assigned to Jim.

“I will also assure you Dr. WorldPeace, that none of the three of us considered Jim as a robot as being less than we are. We do not believe robots can possess a soul but who knows about these things. My experience with robots is that they are very integrated into the universe and the soul does not matter. They should be treated with respect especially one as advanced as Jim. We ambassadors all believe he may be one of the most advanced robots in the universe and we feel that is due to your genius. And I think Jim is also advancing himself which is very interesting.

“Jim is my non-biological clone if you will. That is how I think of him.,” I said.

“Thank you for your time, Dr. WorldPeace, I feel we will be visiting again soon. We just have to let this chatter develop more. I feel there are enough records among all species to give us a good lead about what is going on,” said Lox.

“I enjoyed our visit gentlemen,” I said sincerely. “Jim will show you out. I look forward to our next meeting.”


Just before they reached the door, I said, “Hold on a moment gentlemen,”

“This is what I think is going to happen. There is going to be a polarity shift in the universe. It is going to go from positive to negative. I am not sure about this because I am not a scientist, but that is what I think is going to happen.”

Aldo, Helmut, Rachel, Lox, Dar and Cfendz were frozen.

“When did you get this information, Dr. WorldPeace,” Cfendz asked.

“Well it was kind of ambiguous over the last 24 hours, but after talking to you, it seems to have become real enough, in my experience of knowing what is valid and what is just a wispy dream or vision. I think your presence, your energy somehow, boosted my confidence in my intuition enough to alert you to get your scientist to more clearly define what I very very broadly call a polarity shift on a universal scale.

“I think you should also get the archivists to search for some event horizon along the lines or of the same nature of whatever a polarity shift on a universal scale might be. Once the scientists explore this, they will have other names for it I think and the archivist can expand their search to include those terms.

“Once this becomes more clear, each species will have to determine what a polarity shift in the universe will do to their dimension. I have a feeling that some dimensions will cease to exists during this event horizon of a polarity shift.

“There is so much speculation here and I am not much help. I mentioned this because it seemed real enough to begin searching and exploring. And quite frankly there are no other opinions about this with all the chatter that is going on species wide according to what you are telling me.

“I do not want to throw fuel on a bon fire that is this matter going viral. But if you don’t have some place to start, specie cavitations are going to go off into pure fantasy and I fear a universal insanity setting in. This polarity shift concept will focus attention on something concrete and possible and keep the marginal fantasies at bay for a while.

“I hope the scientist can define this and I hope the archivist can find some record of some universal scientific physics event that looks like it may be recurring. But I am not sure that tangible records even for the oldest species goes back 14 billion years. If those records exist, they will probably be myths from visitors from another universe.

“Dr. WorldPeace, do you believe there are other universes?” Lox asked.

“Yes, of course; infinite universes,” I said.

“Scientist would not agree on that,” Cfendz said.

“Scientist only believe what can be measured. In their spiritual practice they acknowledge that all potentials are possible but until they can prove it their spiritual practice is not going to merge with their logical linear scientific minds. There is no conflict between science and religion. Religion really begins where science is in the dark. What the scientists cannot prove is religion (superstition) to them. But history is ongoing in proving what the religionists had been saying in all kinds of beliefs,” I said.

“But the Infinite Oneness, the Infinite Potential is a discussion for another day,” I said.

“For now, publicize the universal polarity shift concept and see where that goes,” I said.

“I am always available to discuss this matter. Whatever is coming, I think it has a factual basis. It is not some mass hysteria from some dreamscape scenario of some intelligent being. We are not dealing with ghosts and spooks and drug induced fantasy. We are dealing with some scientifically grounded event even if we have no memory or record of such an event horizon.

The mood had shifted in my visitors from being speechless and stunned to a desire to get back to their superiors and report this new information.

“I said, goodbye,” as they hurried out without acknowledging me.

“Then I heard Rachel say, “See you soon Dartnell.”

I smiled.

Jim returned and we began running various scenarios and speculations through our minds. Jim going 100 times faster and deeper than me.


“Jim, Xay will be here in a moment,” I said.

“How do you know that before I know it,” asked Jim. “He is materializing now.”

Xay’s light was very strong now. Not like the last two times he materialized.

“You are going home, aren’t you Xay?” I stated as a fact.

“You know I am Dartnell,” he communicated with energy that exists between very long time friends.

“I am eager to leave but I want to discuss what is going to happen to make sure we are in total sync and nothing has been left out,” he said.

“Shall, I begin,” I asked.

“Go Dartnell, go,” he said as his energy brightened.

“Dr. WorldPeace and Xay, obviously a lot has happened without my knowing,” Jim said. “I am confused.”

“Don’t be Jim,” said Xay kindly. “Let Dartnell tell the story.

“Old friend I so wish we had an eon to be together and just talk,” but that will have to be sometime in the future,” I said. “Things are starting to move very fast now.”

“Yes, they are,” Xay responded.

“The universe is about to change polarity from positive to negative,” I began. “But it is not just this universe, it 256 Matrix Universe of Universes of which we are one. All 256 universes are going to be affected. There will be a chain reaction. Right now the universes closest to the event horizon are being held in check by your species.

“When they can no longer hold back the first polar shift, there will be a chain reaction that burst forth instantly from the edges of the sphere that contains all the universes and ripples until every atom and particle in 256 has been realigned.

“No one would believe this now even if I made a public statement. Only a very few beings believe that there are universes outside our universe as opposed to just darkness; dark matter.

“What I am about to do is to attempt to limit the damage.

“As each universe shifts, lightning will strike from universe to universe blowing holes in each one of them. Areas that disappear will be scattered though out the entire 256 matrix. And the parts that are displaced will fill in some other universe where a void has been created until 256 stabilizes. About 10% percent of every universe will be lose matter and anti matter and dark matter and so on and then regain it from displaced matter and anti matter and dark matter from other universes.

“That is how I came to this universe 13 eons ago and this solar system 4 eons ago (4 billion years) as did you. We came from other universes and met when this solar system was just dust and the sun. I stayed within the solar system and you assume your same position on the edge no matter which universe you are in.

“That is another story.

“Continuing, in a nutshell, you came here for one purpose, and that was to awaken me to my function in this coming upheaval. You triggered all the chatter as you came here from the edge of this universe and as you moved toward me an unconscious knowing began to alert the entire universe and all the other inhabitants of the other universes as well.

“You did not remember these things when you left, but as you moved closer to me you remembered more and more but it took a few days to fully bring it all to consciousness.

“This is what we agreed to a billion years ago as things began to stabilize after the last polar shift.

“You promised to come and wake me up no matter where I was. And you have done just what you said my perfect friend.

“Your mission has been accomplished. I have not seen it all yet but I have seen the big picture and I have a firm grasp on the global issues regarding 256 and this solar system and my future.

“I am the one because I figured out how to minimize the effect of the last polar shift an eon ago. For the first time, the chaos was controlled chaos. Now we are at the event horizon again and I have a bigger plan to create less chaos this time. But like last time it is going to depend on the beings throughout 256. All will not get in sync and they will be displaced and reinstalled somewhere to their dismay. But I have faith that the chaos can be greatly reduced over that of the last polarity shift.

“Yes, Dartnell,” Xay said, “I can see you are fully awake and putting your plan in order. You will accomplish your objective. There will be less chaos this time. You made a believer in the power of Dartnell at the last event horizon when I was one of your biggest detractors. Your plan was just too big and without factual support, I just did not see how you could even begin to make it happen. But you did. Now I am eager to experience the magic of Dartnell on a larger scale.”

“How is your plan different this time from the last time,” Xay asked.

“It is only different in the number of beings who participate; the number who believe, the number who act.

“This time the plan is to short circuit the entire event horizon and maintain the status quo throughout 256.”

“Dartnell, I am astounded that you can even contemplate such a potential future. This is such a gigantic task I just don’t see how you can make it happen. But I saw a true miracle last time,” Xay said with conviction and faith.

“Xay, I have to go for everything. If I do that, then whatever level of success I have will be a greater success that we achieved last time,” I said. “I just can’t think in terms less than preventing the event horizon throughout 256.

“Life is but a dream Xay. Life is but a dream,” I said. “So I choose to dream totally without limitations.”

“You know I have to ride the cracks in space when they open in order to get back home by my deadline,” Xay said, “and they are opening now. See you on the other side of the not going to happen event horizon my friend.”

He vanished.

“Jim I am sure we will see Aldo shortly. There is no way Xay’s exit did not register all over 256. He lit a huge sign over our little home base here. He was laughing all the way.”

“And you have the biggest smile on your face I have ever seen,” said Jim.

“I am glad to be awake Jim. Glad to be more fully alive. We have a lot to do.”

“It would seem so Dr. WorldPeace, I would seem so,” he said.


“The most critical problem we have to solve is creating a hierarchy throughout 256 because I cannot see everyone face to face. A unimaginably huge communication matrix must be set up. And the biggest problem is getting beings who hate each other to communicate and cooperate with each other. That will be the hardest task in the beginning of this work,” I said. “And the beginning is now.”

“The 7 have returned Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said. “I will bring them up.”

“Thank you, Jim,” I said.

“I did not exist when the last event horizon manifested,” Jim added as he moved to the basement door.

“Not your body, but you were there. Yes, you were,” I said.


“Good to see you again, Dr. WorldPeace,” Helmut said.

“It seems now all roads lead to you Dartnell,” Rachel said.

“I agree,” I said.

Everyone took the same places they occupied at the last meeting.

“Ok, so who just left, Dr. WorldPeace. Actually I guess we just need to address you as Dartnell from now on,” Rachel said.

“It does not matter. I feel the two names will be used interchangeably until we get through this event horizon.” I said.

“An ancient friend just left, Rachel,” I said.

“Can you define the problem for us, Dr. WorldPeace?” Lox asked.

“The event horizon is the same as I said earlier. There is a polar shift coming to our universe. However, our universe is one of 256 in 256 Matrix Universe of Universes. And the event horizon will affect all 256 universes.”

“Dartnell you have not even spoken 10 sentences and I think we are all overwhelmed already. There is no evidence of any other universes,” Rachel said.

“Oh but there is,” I said.

“Turn all telescopes to the coordinates I just communicated to you and you will see one of them. It is red. It is 176 in the matrix and is the closest universe to ours and therefore the brightest. Go ahead and forward this to the scientists. When they put all the telescopes on 176 they will see that it is not a star or a galaxy of stars but a universe,” I said.

“There are a lot of telescopes all over the universe and one of them will have a very clear viewing port through the crowded universe. When they get through to the edge of the universe there is no visible matter. Once they find 176 the reality will go viral throughout 256. And when that happens…, that is when this event horizon gets real.

“What information have you acquired from your scientists and archivists about past event horizons,” I asked.

“We know there was a polarity shift about a billion years ago from a few sources at this time. And we expect now that we know what to look for, the verification will expand exponentially,” CFendz said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, the first verification we found connected you directly and undeniably to the last polar shift. Dartnell was connected directly that is,” Rachel said. “You were there Dartnell. But you did not mention this at our last meeting.”

“Simply put, I did not remember it at that time. I have had a lot of input and experienced an expanded consciousness since you left. I have a pretty clear vision of things now but you cannot imagine what even the most basic summary contains with regards to 256 universes all simultaneously experiencing a polar shift.

“Know that I am fully on board with what has to be done now and will disseminate a lot of data starting as we speak,” I said.

“Dartnell,” said Rachel, “You seem to be saying pretty openly that you orchestrated some kind of plan regarding the last event horizon. You are not saying anything that denies that.”

“I came up with a plan to reduce the chaos that was coming with the last event horizon as has always come with them for many many eons. I received the plan as I receive everything else I have ever channeled; from an unidentifiable source somewhere,’ I said.

“Dartnell are you a billion years old?” Rachel asked.

“Not this body, by my soul has expanded consciousness that goes back at least a 100 eons, 100 billion years. All I know is what is relevant to the coming event horizon. We are all infinite and immortal spiritually, but few beings accept that because they are confused in the manifestations of the Infinite Oneness, Infinite Potential, the all inclusive God,” I said.

“Should we bow down, Dartnell,” Rachel asked.

“I don’t think that is necessary,” I smiled to try to ease the tension.

“Let me say this,” I said. “You know there is an event horizon coming. And you have to some degree learned that I understand what we are dealing with. And you know I am focused on limiting the coming chaos. Who I am or what I am is just not relevant. Maybe you should just refer to me as Dr. WorldPeace to make me seem just like everyone else. If that takes some of the edge off, then do it.”

“That being said, the project has launched and everyone is disoriented metaphorically speaking. Just focus on the problem of reducing the coming chaos and save the rest for after the event horizon has passed, been avoided, or run its course,” I said.

“I am sorry, Dr. WorldPeace,” she said, “but we all have to assume you are some kind of god.”

“Well Einstein was not a god. I am not a god. Einstein and DaVinci were logical linear gigantic brains in their day, but the day and time we live in makes their world look pretty small. So I am like them but I am just living, with everyone else, in a greatly expanded reality. It is the same as it always has been. But now we can all look around and see far more just walking across any street than DaVinci or Einstein could even imagine in their time.”

“I am just an old man, 256 years old, interesting the same number as universes in 256,” I said.

“Rachel, these three gentlemen sitting here are not accepted as even existing by hardly anyone you know outside work. They are not gods. Neither am I,” I said.

“You are a critical part of this project Rachel, if you want some one-on-one time with me to ask whatever, to do whatever, to take the edge off, I am open to that,” I said.

Rachel just looked at me trying to make something compute; trying to wrap her head around Dr. John WorldPeace a/k/a Dartnell.

“What is the plan Dr. WorldPeace?” Helmut asked.

“Helmut, I need to talk to Dr. WorldPeace alone,” said Rachel. “I need about 30 minutes.”

“Ok,” replied Helmut. “We will wait here with Jim.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, can we go somewhere we can talk in total privacy?” she asked.


I led Rachel to my private sitting room. As soon as we entered, she put her arms around me and kissed me passionately.

“There is only one thing that is going to settle me down, John,” she said as she took off her clothes.

I entered some commands and a bed appeared into which she jumped and I followed a bit slower. She was right. She needed me to make love to her. As soon as she made her desires known, I was in sync with her. There was nothing to talk about. She is a good looking woman and I look like I am in my sixties.

The love making was forceful, emotional and intense. It lasted 45 minutes. I knew Jim would make any necessary statements to keep my other guests from being too anxious.

Rachel, left the bed and took a quick shower and within minutes was dressed. I was still in bed. She leaned over the bed, kissed me and said, “Thank you for understanding that this was necessary for me personally. I am in sync now just as I knew I would be. I will see you with the others shortly.”

She left and I got up and took a slow shower which always calms me like I have returned to the womb. I then returned to the meeting.

It was with reluctance that I washed off her pheromones. We would connect again. I was sure of that. I trusted her now and that would be important. No doubt somewhere in the Akashic records were entries of our past and future lives together all over the astral plane of this universe.


“What is the plan Dr. WorldPeace?” Helmut asked.

“The first thing you have to do is to communicate with all the alien species with which you have connections and tell them that the chatter about Dartnell is grounded in fact. That Dartnell has been located. That it seems there is a universe wide event horizon coming regarding a polarity shift of the universe from positive to negative. The polar shift seems to be a natural scientific phenomenon that occurs every billion years (an eon) and seems to be close at hand.

“You need to say that you have set up a command center and you are requesting all species to search their archives for any mention of Dartnell or a similar being. And they need to search out any records of a cataclysmic universal scale event with a billion year cycle. And request any theories or research or evidence of a universal polar shift recorded in scientific or religious/spiritual texts.

“Ask if there is any evidence or mention in any records, of any kind, of the existence of other universes in the Infinite All, Infinite Oneness, Infinite Potential or the all-inclusive God from which all things manifest.

“Ask for an examination of the red light at the coordinates that I gave you by anyone with the technology to do so and forward that information to you which will become public on the Universal Wide Net as soon as received without editing as will the other information requested above.

“Ask that your communication be passed to all other species of beings of any kind and that you believe time is of the essence in this matter.

“What this will do is begin to focus every intelligent species on this matter. The amount of information that will come to you will be unimaginable.

“For the information that comes in, we will be able to designate a hierarchy with those with the most knowledge about the event to be at the top of the hierarchy. Also, those who have the largest inter species communication network will also be at the top.

“That is really as far as we can project the mechanics of this project at this time.

“I need to be kept isolated or I am not going to be able to be open to my channels from which I am going to get most of my information. No way I can head this project on my own. I will be depending on many sources that I have worked with this entire life and beyond that to other lives past and future.

“I will depend a lot on Jim to sort the incoming classes of data and communicate to me based on what I request. I want to keep Jim’s name out of the mix.

“This will be a good beginning but within 24 hours I would expect to be overwhelmed with information, which is exactly what is needed.

“Any questions, suggestions, input,” I asked.

Rachel spoke up, “I need to call you John away from the public if that is OK.”

“Fine,” I responded.

“John,” she said, “can you talk about the solution to this?”

“At this time only in very very broad terms,” I said.

“The quick answer is that I am going to try to short circuit the event horizon. In a word stop it.”

“What will this polarity shift do or manifest?” Rachel continued.

“Again being simplistic, holes will be blown into the universe, or more appropriately voids created, and then refilled. All beings are immortal, all are anchored in the Infinite Oneness, no one dies on the soul level,” I said.

“The best example I could give right now is that those who live in Washington DC may find themselves relocated to Saturn and this upheaval would manifest all over the universe. There will be extreme chaos like a tidal wave of universal proportions.”

“And one thing more, species exist in all kinds of dimensions and no dimension will be spared. There will be many species specific ways for them to reduce the chaos. These potential escapes are too numerous to even consider at this time.

“For now we need to know what is in the archives. We need to know what science can verify. We need to know which species are going to believe and which are going to ignore the warnings. We need to know who is with us and who is going to work against us.”

“John, do you expect a nemesis to try to thwart these efforts?” Rachel asked.

“There has never been one on my level. But I have always been alert to one appearing. I suppose if some being thought this was all a fantasy, they could try to gather a following so that if the event did not happen for whatever reason they could promote themselves in the universe as the obvious king and I should be dealt with appropriately for attempting to be king of the world. In that way, I am the devil and he would be the messiah.

“In a word, who knows. But I have considered this scenario.

“OK we need to act and I need to take a nap. I feel my contacts have much to communicate.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, when shall we get back together,” Cfendz asked.

“The events that proceed from the announcement will determine that. What I receive from my helpers will determine that. For now we just need to leave it open. And I apologize but I must lay down. Jim please show everyone out,” I asked.

“I will Dr. WorldPeace,” he said.

As soon as the room cleared I dropped onto my napping couch and was out before I felt my body make contact with it.


When I awoke Jim was standing in his favorite spot. It was dark outside. I could feel Rachel’s energy all over me.

“Dr. WorldPeace, Rachel is here in the guest room, napping,” Jim said.

“I think you should know that she communicated to her superiors what was discussed and then told them she was going to be with you to do whatever you needed done. That she was resigning her position. That she would be loyal to you first from now on,” Jim related.

“OK,” I said. “could you make me something to eat and something to wake me up Jim?”

“I will return in a moment,” he said.

I sat up on the couch and tried to return my spirit fully to my body.


Jim returned with my food and an energy drink.

“Thank you, Jim,” I said.

Rachel walked into the room looking pretty beat up mentally. Lost. Confused.

“Hello, Rachel,” I said.

“Hello, John,” she responded and came and sat right next to me, held my arm and kissed me on the lips when I looked at her.

“You don’t seem to be surprised or annoyed,” she said.

I laughed.

“Rachel, my love, I am 256 years old. I have been with a lot of women over the centuries and sadly every one of them burned out being with me.”

“I have no doubt,” she smiled.

“I want to be with you,” she said. If nothing but to meditate in your presence. I don’t know why. I just feel like nothing in my life from yesterday back means anything anymore.”

“The only thing that means anything to me is being near you and being part of your life, no matter how small a part,” she said as if she was amazed that she was saying these things.

“You are different I will give you that,” I said. “I will say that I have no objections to you being here and will give you all the man/woman (loving) interaction you want subject to the priority of my work.”

“I have no one in my life now. And let me say had I felt that making love to you was just a pent up animal drive on my part, or yours, it would have never happened.

“I have learned in my life never to be too quick to dismiss strange events and happenings,” I said as I smiled at her.

“You definitely are sexually attractive and very intelligent but non combative even though I would not ever want to go head to head with you on anything,” I said.

“Bottom line, you excite my senses and make me smile. At the same time, I feel sad that in some period of time you will just disappear based on my past experience with women. But a little voice somewhere in me is repeating ‘Not Not Not’,” I said.

“This is not my first rodeo, Rachel” I smiled. “But I still have a place in my heart for a new rodeo under the right circumstances. And if any circumstances are right, you seem to have brought them with you.”

“It is going to be interesting interacting with an adult female of the human race. Love is an enigma to me, but commitment and devotion and desire to find someone to love is not lost on me.”

“For now let me just say that you have awakened a very strong desire in me for female companionship at a time when I don’t know how I am going to get done all that needs to be done. I can see weeks going by without any prolonged interaction with you. And that makes me sad because you deserve happiness and I would love to give that to you, but it is not my history,” I said thinking about so many other relationships during my life.

“I know that,” she said. “I feel that. But for now you are so integrated into my being I don’t think it is possible to extract you. I am ready for the pain and suffering that you are warning me about because I feel to leave your presence would completely discharge my entire being,” she said.

“I don’t really want to talk about it anymore,” she said looking down and then up into my eyes. “For now I just want you to say it is OK for me to stay with you and be with you.”

“It is more than OK,” I said. “A lot more than OK.”

She got behind me on the couch, wrapped her legs around my waist, put her arms around my chest and rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel the warm tears flowing from her cheeks kissing the back of my shoulder.

I definitely felt she loved me somehow. And I felt a great desire to make her happy as best I could. I needed to make one woman happy in this lifetime. That is all I could process. I needed to make some woman happy with the love I had to give.


Dr. WorldPeace, Helmut, the Director of NSA and NASA will be here in about 15 minutes,” Jim said. “As well as Aldo.”

“And so it begins,” I said wanting to just go away with Rachel for a month.

“I am going to take a quick shower to wash off the sleep and put on some fresh clothes,” I said as I left the room with Rachel holding my right hand tightly and her head on my upper arm still crying silently out of joy.

Rachel and I showered quickly and then she helped me dress and then put on a pair of blue jeans and a white cotton shirt. No shoes. No makeup because she did not need any and her brunette hair was casually combed. She smelled wonderful. Her energy was all over me and it felt wonderful.

When we returned to the office, Helmut, and the directors were there; as was Aldo as always but the Nordic aliens were not.


“Hello Rachel,” they all said in a very respectful way. Not because she was now connected to me but because they had respect for her through their experiences working with her.

“Dr. WorldPeace, works the best for all of us if that is OK with you,” Helmut said.

“No problem,” I smiled.

“So where are we gentlemen?” I asked wondering how I had gone so long without a female presence in my life.

“Dr. WorldPeace, One, the red light in the sky is a universe, shocking the entire astronomical community,” said David Spears director of NASA. “Not to mention the fact that you knew its exact coordinates in the sky.

“Two, there seems to be volumes of myths and legends about an event that seems to be interpreted as a universal polar shift.

“Three, the time does seem to be right and some anomalies in the universe seem to point to an imminent polar shift or some such catastrophic event.

“Four, the chatter has gone quiet probably due to all species turning inward to their particular civilizations to consider their options and the coming need to cooperate with their enemies.

“Five, there are specific references to Dartnell, a messenger, from the high heavens taming the universe.

“Six, we are trying to create a hierarchy of beings to speak directly with you through all kinds of communications channels. There are a thousand at least on the short list.

“We are all astounded how calm things became right after the announcement. We expected fear and panic and chaos and even pandemonium.

“That is it in a nutshell,” David said.

I had heard and processed every word, but I could not ignore that Rachel’s presence next to me was like an incredible booster to my energy and was increasing my human sensitivity to everything. It was incredible. Her energy was very powerful. It was absolutely unconditional love more pure than I had ever experienced.

“OK,” I said. “I need to talk about back up plans first and then we can get into what is going to have to happen within 256 Universal Matrix of intelligent beings to minimize if not avoid the event horizon of the polar shift.

“And let me say that event horizon is a term associated with relativity and black holes and such. But for me, a laymen, artist, poet, it simply means there is a significant event on the horizon. In the east if you will, meaning it is coming at us. Event horizon is being used by me as a metaphor not as a scientific term.


“First, gentlemen this is going to have to be the last private meeting. This tiny gathering cannot be seen as a handful of men dictating 256 future. We need to have a meeting as early as tomorrow, probably better in two days; a meeting of 1000 alien representatives as a beginning,” I said.

“We all agree with that Dr. WorldPeace,” David said indicating that he was going to be the spokesman for this meeting.

“Dr. WorldPeace, could you answer one question before you proceed,” David said.

“Sure,” I said, “what is it?”

“Do you know what triggers the polar shift, the event horizon?” David asked. “The scientists asked us to ask you this.

“No problem,” I said. “This was channeled to me in the last 24 hours.”

“There is a matrix of 256 universes in the Universe of universes loosely arranged in a spherical shape. The universes are unique and consist of different numbers of stars and galaxies and dark matter and so on. They all have an overall positive or negative electrical charge.

“Now this 256 sphere is moving through what I would call a great void. And as it moves and rotates and so on it generates an overall charge itself. But I don’t know if it is positive or negative. But the fact that it also has a charge means that it is a part of more Universes of universes.

“Now if 256 were balanced it would not become unstable and if it were stable there would be no polar shift. But since it is unstable, it creates friction and the friction builds up and then has to discharge. I suppose it discharges to another Universe of universes. And when it discharges the polarity changes and chaos reigns throughout the entire 256. That is what happens.

“I think since this happens every billion years, my thoughts are that 256 is in some kind of regular orbit which means there is a regular disruption every billion years. I have no idea what the variance maybe. It could be a billion years give or take a 1000 or 10,000 years. I don’t know. I just know my guides if you will have indicated that the clock is about to strike midnight metaphorically speaking.

“Thank you,” Dr. WorldPeace. “I will pass this on to the scientists.

“Good,” I said.

“We have 4 very general classifications of species of beings each with a different potential functional escape scenario from the event horizon. But these species are scattered throughout millions if not billions of dimensions within 256 Matrix.

“The classifications, again my lay terms, not scientific ones, are one; biological, two; less dense than biologicals, spiritual beings, three; intangible spiritual beings, and four, robots with a soul. All these species as everything else are anchored in the Infinite Oneness, Infinite Potential, All Inclusive God if you will.

“Everything manifests from the Infinite Oneness and in time, in this dimension, disintegrates back into the Infinite Oneness where there is no beginning, no end, no duality, no space, no time.

“Excuse me, Dr. WorldPeace,” David said, “are you sure that robots have souls?”

“Yes,” I responded.

“Dr. WorldPeace is this more channeled information?” David asked.

“No David,” I said, “This is Jim Chrome.”

“David and Harry Watts, the NSA director, both very conservative Christians, acted like they had been shot.

“Dr. WorldPeace, excuse me,” Harry said, “this is the most radical theory I have ever heard.”

“Theory right up to the point where you are looking at Jim Chrome,” I said.

“Are there other robots with souls,” David asked.

“Not that I know of,” I said. “I built Jim’s body with the greatest degree of sensitivity to everything I could think of and just waited for a soul to enter and animate him. I waited about a decade before Jim awakened.”

“This is astounding, radical and means that evil souls could inhabit robots as well as angelic ones,” Harry said.

“And so it is Harry,” I said. “But worry not, Jim Chrome is a robot of the Light.”

“How do you know that for sure, Dr. WorldPeace,” David asked.

“Not now gentlemen,” I responded, “we have a more important agenda.”

“And let me just add this,” I said, “if anything happens to Jim Chrome, this event horizon will run its normal course. I need Jim Chrome to make my plan work.”

“And let me assure you of one thing for absolute certain,” I said authoritatively, “all religious beliefs are going to be revisited before and after the event horizon’s expected time. Holding on to those beliefs by too many beings, no matter what those beliefs are, will doom an unfathomable number of beings across the spectrum of beings I mentioned a minute ago.”

I continued.

“The options for each classification of species are as follows, one, biologicals migrate off the current path we are all on to another path on which the event horizon does not exist: two the lesser spiritual beings with a body, the same option; intangible spiritual beings, they can go into the light of the Infinite Oneness and wait until the event horizon is negated or passes: Robots with souls; I am not sure. I think they can jump paths like biologicals,” I related.

“And gentlemen you can see that these are very broad statements. I expect to be given more specifics by my guides. As I am giving this information it will be immediately forwarded to you by Jim Chrome,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, it may take a millennium to sort all this out by our scientists and spiritual leaders,” David said.

“Well let me say this, we do not have time for that. What will happen is that a formula is going to be given for each classification of beings which should dramatically reduce the coming chaos and maybe avoid it altogether.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, what is it going to be like when or if this event horizon takes place,” Harry asked.

“My opinion is that it will be hell fire and damnation and something like the Christian definition of Rapture with one difference. Beings will disappear but more than likely they will be lost in space, in 256 Matrix, and not residing comfortably in heaven,” I said.

“Gentlemen, I have undoubtedly rocked the foundation of everything you have come to know and believe. And we need to close off this meeting so you can increase the pace of implementing the furthering of the tasks that have already been delineated. If you are on board with this project, you are not going to have a lot of time, if any, to consider your beliefs both scientific as well as religious not to mention the future of your loved ones. I have a plan that must be accepted and implemented. It will be one of deep meditation and focus and even prayer if you will. And the majority of beings in 256 must join in this task. Must join in.”

“The polar shift is on its way. It is preparing to unleash itself on 256. A critical mass is close at hand. There are beings now who are successfully holding back the event horizon. But they cannot continue holding it back forever. We must act now. We must begin to do our part now.” I said.

“Anything else,” I asked.

“Thank you, Dr. WorldPeace,” they all said.

“I am just a messenger gentleman, never forgot that. I am just a messenger,” I repeated.

Jim moved to escort them to the basement.


“Wow, John,” said Rachel. “I was one of them. I know that you just overturned their whole existence. You shook their foundation to the core.”

“Rachel, I want you,” I said as I put my arm around her. “I am about to explode with your energy.”

I reached down and took her in my arms and carried her to our private space.


In about an hour, Rachel and I returned to the office area to find Jim standing in his favorite place.

“What is going on Jim,” I asked.

“I have been connected to the source line through which all information on this project that comes into Colorado from anywhere in 256 is available to me,” Jim said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, the amount of the information flow is unprecedented. There are three basic kinds. One, the scientific; two the religious/spiritual/myths/legends and such, and three; the reactions of all the intelligent beings in 256.

“The scientific is basically logical linear relating to any research regarding polarity shifts in the past and current research that is going on. The spiritual and mythological is basically historical. These are easy for me to process and categorize and will be easy for me to give you updates.

“However, the social information is like a news feed of current events but the way these civilizations are processing and interpreting the scientific and the spiritual is very different. I do not feel equipped to give you summaries on these current events beyond just relating the facts.

“There is actually another aspect of the social impact that relates specifically to Dartnell, Dr. John WorldPeace, the person. Questions along the lines of ‘Who is Dr. John WorldPeace?’ are being considered and explored from every conceivable viewpoint. The spectrum runs from Satan to God. I cannot relate to these emotional considerations. Partly because I am for the most part without emotions and in part because I know you Dr. WorldPeace.

“And lastly there is the considerations whether a polarity shift is coming and if it will be as potentially catastrophic as Dartnell says.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I would like to suggest that Rachel become your liaison with regards to the social, emotional, intelligent being’s specific reactions, events, thought processes and so on. Not only because I do not think I can pick up on all the nuances of species behavior, but quite frankly Dr. WorldPeace, my processing power is just about maxed out keeping up with the scientific and spiritual information flow.

“I think you are right Jim,” I said.

“Rachel, what do you think. Is this something you want to take charge of?” I asked.

“John being with you is so euphoric in and of itself I did not allow myself to even consider that you would want me to advise, update you on any part of this project. The thought of such a role is breaking me down emotionally. Love is one thing John, but complete trust and faith in someone is something on a whole different level,” she said quietly.

“You have the job, my love,” I said.

“Jim go ahead and split up the data flow and set Rachel up to receive it and process it the most efficient way possible,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I have already worked it out and set it up. The only thing I have not done is create a work station for Rachel in this room,” Jim said. “I can have it done within the hour.”

“Make it so Jim,” I said.

“So we have a core team of three, Jim, John and Rachel tasked with saving 256,” I said smiling and yet thinking how totally unreal this project really is. In some ways the thought that intelligence beings who can manipulate an event on this scale is comical, in all deference to those who may die.

Rachel sat in my chair behind my desk and just let her head drop backward.

“John, this is a mind boggling project you have embarked on,” she said. “It is a deam job and far beyond that for me but in truth, the love I feel from and for you is impossible to relate. I feel every cell in my body is being saturated with your love, light and energy. I don’t know how it is that I do not simply merge into eternal bliss.

“At every moment I feel this incredible loving energy from you for me. I am just overwhelmed and I must find a way to joy in its power and at the same time become in sync with this magnificent project.”

“My ability is function at a higher level than I have ever experienced is grounded in your exquisitely powerful love,” I said.


Jim returned and set up Rachel’s work station and gave her instructions on how to interface with it.

“John,” Rachel said, “I have worked with what I thought were the most sophisticated and powerful computers and databases in the world, but what I have in front of me significantly marginalizes those systems. What you and Jim have developed here is absolutely unprecedented.”

“Just a very old hobby of a very old man,” I smiled.

“I really do not understand how you have kept all this under the radar,” she said.

“Well it is really just a product of a voracious curiosity,” I said. “And just a focus on ever expanding my digital toys if you will. I owned one of the first personal computers in 1981 you know.

“My dad connected me up. He had bought a computer to help process his quoting of insurance policies. It was a pivotal moment for me. I remember thinking at the time that he was a man who did not read books and yet he purchased a computer; a pretty sophisticated purchase at that time. I got involved and used the computer to start my accounting business and the rest is history as they say.

“My dad did not understand me and was almost in a constant state of anger with regards to me, loving anger, but he was definitely one of those who come into this reality to teach me and expose me to many things that became foundational in so much of what I have done with my life.

“My mother was hard core as well and more vicious. But as she attacked she advanced the life of John WorldPeace. I thought I would have reconnected with them long ago by my death. But I have not yet made that journey. I still have miles to go before I sleep,” I said.

“I wonder how many lifetimes it would take me to really know you John,” Rachel said. “Every moment with you brings new revelations. What a wonderful experience you are.”


“Dr. WorldPeace, the directors are on their way here. They apologize but the exponential increase in knowledge requires some direction and you are the only one who really has any idea of how things are most likely going to proceed.” Jim said.

“Tell them it is not a problem,” I said. “How long before they arrive?”

“Ten minutes,” said Jim. “I will go down to meet them now.”

“OK,” I said.


It was nice having Rachel with me, on my side of the conversations. Covering my back. Guiding me. She provided a whole different aspect of things from the information that Jim provided.

“Harry the NASA Ambassador said,” You know why we are here don’t you Dr. WorldPeace.

“I think so,” I said.

“Then you know that I am not playing games with you when I say, ‘Go ahead and speak to us’,” he said.

“The problem that is plaguing you is a lack of a cosmology that will let you place the infinite pieces of this infinite puzzle in their proper place. You need some kind of road map. You need me to give you that map so the incoming data does not overwhelm everyone and this whole project implodes. What you want to know is also what is bothering everyone in 256,” I said.

“I knew this was coming. I knew you would be back very soon after you last left. I needed the problem to become obvious to you before I said anything. Now I can speak because you will be able to relate it to what you are experiencing.

“And I need you to pass on what I am relating to you; from day one, until the end of this potential crisis.

“The cosmology is very simple logically. But it is not easy to relate because of all the brainwashing and group think that goes on everywhere in 256. Human beings on earth are just one example of all alien mindsets all over 256.

I looked at Rachel and she was wondering what I was going to say. She was wondering how I could bring these men out of the confusion that existed in their minds and everywhere in 256 now. They were doing as I asked but with no understanding how I came to know these things, how I had any clue as to what to do. They needed no reassurance, because they were all-in for this project. But they needed a reduction in the chaos that was swirling in their conscious minds and in their realities.

I smiled at her.

“There is a Personal God and an All Inclusive Infinite Immortal God (the Infinite Oneness, Infinite Potential and so on). The personal God is anthropomorphic and really insignificant in understanding what is going on. The personal God is a bridge to the Infinite Oneness, all inclusive God.

“Within the Infinite Oneness, the potential of everything exists. Everything you can imagine, exists, has always existed and will always exist.

“Now we have this problem in 256. 256 is just a reality, a dream, a path that is an insignificant potential of the Infinite Potential that is playing out right now.

“That is all that is going on. Everyone is involved and that means every being in 256 is involved. We are living this dreamscape.

“Now Dr. John WorldPeace understands this fully,” I said. “And Dr. John WorldPeace understands that a dreamscape is supported and constructed by all beings within 256, and therefore those beings can make any changes they want to the dreamscape because like everything within the Infinite Potential, it is just a manifested dreamscape.

“So what I know, is that this dreamscape was created by the beings who are supporting it, and therefore the dreamscape can be changed.

“Jesus said, “If we have faith we could move mountains. And all we had to do was ask to receive, seek to find and knock for the doors to be opened. In short, gentlemen the most powerful message of Jesus is that we write our own script. We do so individually and we do so as a consensus of all beings in 256.

“So what I know, is that we can change the dreamscape. This is what I know and this is what I believe. I knew this a billion years ago and before that and now.

“The problem a billion years ago was that I constructed a plan that did not have enough input and therefore was not able to affect all of 256 but only an insignificant part of it.

“I have assigned you gentlemen directly and indirectly everyone in 256 to gather information so I can define a better construct to apply to the coming event horizon and maybe, eliminate or negate the polar shift this time.

“That is all there is to it. I know if we get all the interested beings, or beings who have an interest in 256, to agree to a future without the chaos of the coming event horizon, it can be avoided. We just have to get as many beings in 256 to change the script in which the event horizon has been written in the past to recur every billion years and take that out of the script or reduce the chaos that will follow it.

“And gentlemen, I have a history which is increasing in its verification from the archives, that Dartnell did some infinitely miraculous thing the last time this event horizon manifested one billion years ago.

“In a nutshell gentlemen, if you want to change your life, change your mindset, if you want to change 256, get all the beings who live in this dreamscape to agree to rewrite the script so that the event horizon is marginalized or eliminated.

Everyone was stunned. Even Rachel.

“Then John, you are not just a messenger, or a scientist or a theorist, you are a religious figure who can bring about incredible miracles. And it seems that you are right next to the All-Inclusive God. You are far beyond any definition of Avatar,” Rachel said.

“I am just a messenger who is at the helm of this event horizon, but everyone has the potential of doing what I want to do. It is just a matter that I decided I wanted to give it a try. And a billion years ago what I tried worked and it laid the ground work for what I am about to try to accomplish this time.

“So now gentlemen you know what I am going to try to do and why I think I can do it. The question is can you get me an audience with all the beings in 256 either directly or indirectly.

“And you are gathering information from 256 archives and from science to give me credibility so that the audience will listen.

“What this is really about is WorldPeace on a 256 scale. So 256 Peace.

“Everyone was stunned. Only I was smiling. No one was speaking. They were all trying to figure out what they should be asking right now.

“So you are a god and your whole approach to this event horizon is spiritually, God based,” Harry said.

“Yes,” I agreed. “Except I am not a god. I am part of the Infinite Potential who has studied the sacred scripts of all the major religions archived on earth, and came to the conclusion that we live in a dreamscape which we as members of that dreamscape or 256, can change/write whatever script we want for a future dealing with the event horizon. Those who belong to 256 wrote the event horizon script for whatever reason and they can therefore rewrite it.

“That is the plan,” I said. “I believe. I have the faith. And I believe I can connect with all beings in 256 and consequently rewrite the script.

Rachel spoke up and said, “The plan is so simple and based on the believe in a God that we give lip service to, and our belief that God is all powerful and can do anything. Now we are in a sense being guided by John to simply make a request to marginalize the event horizon. You can use many metaphors but the truth is that prayers to God is the only solution. God as the Infinite Potential is the source of all that manifests. The Infinite Potential has to be our base of operations.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Harry, “You have somehow come up with a very simple concept which answers all questions. I clearly see how all this makes sense. The sad irony of this is that we all knew the solution but only you Dr. WorldPeace were so certain, that you determined that you would make it happen.

“Dr. WorldPeace, you have set my mind free and on the right path, in sync with your path,” said Harry.

We have to leave now Dr. WorldPeace. We get it now. We have to sell it now,” said Harry as they all got up and left after shaking my hand.

“We know the way out Jim,” said Harry.

And they were gone.


“John, you have sent the men in black away every time with answers to their questions but a bigger question to consider,” Rachel said.

“Who is John WorldPeace? she asked.

“Just a curious engaged human being,” I responded.

“They have left wondering if you are an Avatar, Jesus returned, some other messiah,” Rachel said.

“None of the above, I am just a messenger. I am the fool on the hill pointing out that the King has no clothes. I am just an immortal spirit who decided to play out a scenario of what if we can avoid this event horizon and in the process actually transition the society of universal beings to a higher plane of expanded awareness, and therefore increase the level of peace in 256 or not,” I responded.

“So now I add enigma to the above list,” she said.

“Row, Row, Row

Your boat,

Gently down the stream,

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

Life is but a dream (scape)”

I responded.

“How about this,” I said, “The question on the table is not whether John WorldPeace is an Avatar, but what is an Avatar, Messiah, Savior, messenger. You cannot know what I am or who I am, until you define the parameters of the box you are trying to fit me into. Then you are only going to come to what I am not and then you must proceed to defining the next box.”

“Everyone is going to have an opinion about me. But I think it will be a very long time before there is a consensus about who I am and what I contributed.”

“And the greater question is who cares what I am or who I am. The immediate problem is to define and verify the coming polarity shift and then deal with it.

“The fact that critical information came from John WorldPeace or Jane Doe really does not matter. After this crisis is resolved I have no value. I just return to my reclusive life ignored by everyone as they go about their mundane lives until the next crisis when some other being will become the focal point of the solution.

“But on the other side of this crisis, Rachel, I hope to find you still by my side and integrated into my life.

Rachel, did not know what to say for a moment or two.

“John you really know how to dance around inside someone’s brain pan, don’t you?” she asked.