Jim Chrome I
- the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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First draft was finished on April 5, 2016 at 0625. Jwp

THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT. I WRITE BY STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I have a very general storyline in my head when I begin to write. I write mindful of grammar and punctuation. I write about 5 pages at time and about 10 to 12 pages a day. After I finish 5 pages, I go back and edit for grammar and punctuation before I continue to write. Then I post to the internet. This is a First Draft. When the novel is finished I will do two more edits from the first to last page. These last two edits cover content and grammar and punctuation. I tried using hired editors in the past but it did not work. I thought I needed my writing to be more conventional with agreed protocols. Then I realized I did not want my brilliance or my ignorance edited; sterilized.
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JIM CHROME I - the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD


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PART 5 of 6


“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rey, “since you want to let the most recent revelations regarding 256 have time to sink in and begin to be analyzed, I need to get home if you will and report to my peers.”

“OK,” I said. “By the way, how long does it take you to get here.”

“Less than an instant,” Rey said, “with a smile.”

Then disappeared.


“Jim, send an urgent message to Dave and Harry to come meet with us. Tell them it is not life and death.”

“Done,” said Jim.


Dave and Harry arrived about an hour after Jim send the urgent message.

“OK, gentlemen we have a new development,” I said.

“First, did you pick up any indication that we were visited by an alien presence unannounced several hours ago?” I asked.

“No, we did not,” said Harry.

“Well we were visited by a humanoid alien by the name of Rey who appeared to use the same way that Xay appeared but traveled here by a different method considering that Xay was picked up by your equipment and Rey was not,” I revealed.

“Rey is from Paxus which is another UoU, Universe of Universes, like 256. The difference is that Paxus is 20 times bigger than 256 and they have a universe in Paxus that is 1500 billion years old.

“We were told that 256 and Paxus and 1 billion other heavenly bodies are a part of a system Rey called the Eye.

“Paxus and 256 have orbits that are about 15 degrees different in their orientation to the horizontal plane of The Eye. We are at 25 degrees and they are at 40 degrees.

“Every billion years for the last 20 billion years the two UoUs have come close enough to each other to cause the Polarity Shifts in both systems. We are not on a collision course but we will still affect each other with the next passing which is in our near future. Xay has made it clear that there is already some instability at the outer realms of our universe. In other words, we seem to have an early warning of the reality of the coming Polarity Shift.

“We have a plan which is an extension of my most recent plan which is to slow down the speed of 256 and speed up the velocity of Paxus as well as shrinking the circumference of 256 and expanding the circumference of Paxus. This will take our UofU out of each other paths permanently.

“The process is the same; Have the intelligent beings inhabitants of each UofU focus on accomplishing these two goals for their respective UofU. The exact same principles rule. We are living in a dreamscape that can be manipulated. If we as spiritual beings support the existing UofUs then we can change them.

“So there it is in a nutshell,” I said.

“I can see you gentlemen are in shock,” I added.

“That is an understatement,” said Dave. “We haven’t even processed what you gave us and now you are giving us 10 times more new and unconceived of information to immediately process.”

“Meaning we are not going to be able to plan for potential scenarios. We are going to have to wing it with regards to all the collateral events that comes from sharing advanced technology and details about civilizations without knowing who is a friend and who is a foe and who is sane and who is crazy,” said Harry.

“A millennium would not be enough time in the best of circumstances,” I said. “But you don’t have that much time. You have days,” I said.

“256 and Paxus are very far away from each other. We have about a year before they are going to be at their closest distance from each other. We need that year to adjust the orbits. We cannot waste any days much less any hours. We have to launch the solution within a week.

“If all goes well, there will be no Polarity Shift in either 256 or Paxus.

“I have called you here to give you a heads up of about 1 hour. After an hour we have to release all the information that you have on the storage drives that Jim is handing you now. I don’t want there to be any question that I am giving you a heads up when I am not giving it to others. But the heads up has a very short fuse. I know you trust me more than when this project began. I need to increase that trust and not decrease it.

“I came to this planet 256 years ago knowing in my spirit and my subconscious about the future, my destiny and role in this drama. But I was not given the details until a week ago when Xay made his first appearance. Since then, I have been awakened by my guides and now by Rey and through my own soul memories. I have no idea how much more information I am going to be given from one source or the other.

“I am on a dead run trying to process and execute what I need to do. And you gentlemen need to keep up as best you can.

“Dr. WorldPeace, if we move at 1/1000th the pace you are going we are going to be crawling. We cannot keep up with you much less you and Jim,” said Harry “and now Rey”.

“No doubt, but you like me have to do the best you can,” I said. “Believe me from past experience you have what you need and will continue to be given what you need from me. I am the gatekeeper here. I assure you that everything relevant is going to come through me. Nothing can go around me.”

“I have you covered,” I said. “Trust in that.”

“There is no doubt that you will not have the plans in place to control and manipulate 256 civilizations and not any in Paxus. But we have to shoot the closest man if you will and that is the Polarity Shift. I have to believe that ending the Polarity Shift will reduce more chaos in the long term future than is increased by having an open forum of information.

“So there it is gentlemen,” I said. “Any questions?”

“When will you meet with Rey again?” Harry asked.

“24 to 48 hours,” I said. “We agreed that 24 hours was needed to allow some time for all these civilizations to consider the last data dump we published. Now we are going to give them another data dump with the rest of the story if you will as to what is the science that we are dealing with. The solution and execution is only generally formulated at this time.

“As an aside Dr. WorldPeace,” Dave said, “the distance to Paxus is incalculable. How long does it take Rey to make the trip?”

“Rey is not physically making the trip,” I said. “We are dealing with a projected hologram. I asked the same question of Rey that you are asking me about time to travel from there to here and here to there. His answer was ‘Less that an instant.’”

“Less than an instant,” said Harry.

“Less than an instant,” he repeated trying to make his brain wrap around such a response.

“We need to get moving,” said Dave.

“I agree,” I said.

“Expect another meeting within 48 hours,” I said as they got up and left with a wave of the hand and shaking heads in disbelief of what they just heard.

“I hope their brains do not explode,” Jim chuckled.

“Jim my son,” I said, “you are learning how to be human at an astounding rate.”


“Well my friends,” I said, “I need a drink.”

Bailey’s Irish Crème is a liqueur of choice for me. It has only 30 proof alcohol content. But since I don’t drink it is enough; one shot, two at the most.

“I will take three fingers of whiskey,” said Rachel.


“So to say we are on fast forward,” said Rachel, “would be an understatement.”

“Yes,” said Jim.

“My overall impression with the input from Rey is that this project is doable and will be a success,” said Rachel.

“Yes I am more confident after talking to Rey,” I said. “And I feel that I am no longer the Lone Ranger in this endeavor. I have someone to help me carry the ball. Someone who comes to the party with a whole lot of knowledge and backup. A whole lot being incredible understatement.”

“Generally speaking,” said Rachel, “how do you feel about all this.”

“Actually I feel like a business meeting was adjourned about a billion years ago and it is picking up where it left off,” I responded. “I feel totally comfortable with everything and more so with each new event and revelation.”

“How do you feel Jim?” asked Rachel. “I feel total euphoria because I am the communications hub and I am in on every discussion Dr. WorldPeace has about this matter. I am therefore able to process the data and see how Dr. WorldPeace handles that input. And I am fascinated with all of the data and the process itself.”

“What about you, Rachel,” asked Jim.

“I feel like history’s eye witness,” Rachel said. “But a witness who is a participant on a marginal level. I am not just watching, I am also engaged. As a historian I can ask questions in the moment. I can do what future generations cannot do. So I feel I have to ask the right questions that others would ask a half a billion years from now. The ripple effect of this event horizon is going to reach many millenniums into the future if not a full eon or longer.”

“I am becoming an adrenaline junkie,” I said. “I am eagerly waiting for the next revelation.”


“OK, Jim,” I said, “it has been two hours since we gave the info to Dave and Harry and an hour since we released the last information package to 256. So what does the chatter look like?”

“Everything is silent. Very little traffic relatively speaking,” Jim said. “Through this whole process Dr. WorldPeace, you have not given people time to ask questions before you hand them more answers to which they have to figure out the questions.”

“Regardless of the fact that there are a billion if not a trillion intelligent beings who have the ability to process different aspects of this event horizon, time is just too limited.”

“What is happening now,” I said, “is that people are getting in sync with the reality. The facts are being analyzed by the scientist but they are not going to be able to disprove anything that has been distributed.”

“When Rey gave us this last package of information, it closed the door on all questions about the reality of the Polarity Shift. Rey came in and bolstered everything that I said and gave an independent analysis that was in sync with what we had determined before he arrived. And in addition, he brought more information that we would have never been able to gain access to. He even gave us a time line that I am sure will be more refined when he returns.

“What we have distributed cannot be refuted. We do not have the instruments to verify a single thing that Rey said. But what he said is credible based on what we knew before he showed up. He comes for another UoU. And he comes from the particular UoU that is on a collision course if you will with our UoU, 256.

“I passed on my notes that were incomplete on what was going to happen. Then Rey appeared and he gave all the facts to support everything that I had presented. Everything that I said I am sure looked like speculation out of the blue. Then the verifier Rey came in. And he came in with factual data. Too much to make up. The numbers cannot even be processed by our computers they are so astronomical.

“We would have had to make up a mathematical system that would pass the scientist’s scrutiny. And anything that was found to be false would look like a deliberate cover-up or manipulation. But Rey came in with data that the scientists cannot refute. There are no holes. We have shut down all nay sayers before they could even speak.

“The scientists are verifying the calculations and the people are trying to wake up in a sense and trying to tell themselves this is not really happening. But when they wake up, the reality is still there. They cannot run from it. They have to accept the data and they have to agree to help with the solution. That is my job. I have to make it all real and I have to make the solution factual. I have to make something that looks like metaphysical nonsense into something real. I have to convert the intelligent beings in 256 into true believers.

“In the past, I never had Rey to help me. Or someone like him. I was alone. So I am greatly uplifted by the fact that there is someone who is able to bolster and verify what I am saying. Someone to take my speculation and prove the truth of it and to couple his reality to my spiritual speculation in many peoples minds.

“We are going to bring this all together and it is going to work. We are going to accomplish the task this time. Of that I am sure.

“What we have to do now is step by step take two UoUs and turn everyone in 256 and in Paxus into true believers. That is what must happen. I cannot make any missteps. I don’t think I will but the pressure is going to be enormous. It is great now but it will increase. I am planning on Rey stepping in when I hit the roadblocks. And I know he will. This is all going to come together.

“In a few days I will present the plan of action. And many will begin with enthusiasm. There will be a countdown with the information that Rey is presenting we will know when Paxus is passing us by. This means that the people will not have to just keep praying and meditating and not knowing if they are accomplishing anything.

“With a timeline we will know when Paxus is passing us and we will either see the Polarity Shift or not. In fact, it will be weeks before we will be able to see if there are any cracks in the dam if you will. If Paxus reaches its closest point to us and there has been no indication of a Polarity Shift we will know we have accomplished the task. We will know that every minute that goes by the problem will be moving away from us at an incredible speed.

“Then within a day we will have the calculations verified as to whether we permanently ended this phenomenon forever. Then we can celebrate. The we will start dealing with the interaction of all these civilizations from both 256 and Paxus not to mention the interaction within each UoU. The ripple effect will go on and on for millennia at the least.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “You have the global plan worked out and I can see you are just measuring things that appear moment to moment to see if we are on the right track or off track. You have a template and I feel the template is valid. I have total and absolute faith in you, Dr. WorldPeace. I am in awe of you.”

“Truer words were never spoken,” said Rachel.


Rachel and I were mentally exhausted.

We had been wondering around the office for about a half an hour when Jim said Rey was materializing.

“Hello, again, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rey with a smile on his face which was uplifting and encouraging.”

“Hello, Rey,” I said.

“I am very excited about this project and I am eager to launch it and monitor it,” said Rey. “I have discussed this project with the powers of Paxus and they are also 100% behind it. In fact, they have been wanting to do this for a very long time but could never find anyone with your charisma who could motivate all of Paxus as well as 256 to do what was necessary to make it happen.”

“They believe you are the man. They have read all the correspondence between you and your government on planet earth. They believe in your work as Dartnell and find it totally credible. They believe you to be one of the top Avatars that continues to reincarnate and help sentient beings everywhere. They also found evidence that you have incarnated throughout Paxus since its initial manifestation.

“That being said, they are as eager as I am to get started. I have all the calculations with regards to how far away Paxus is from 256. They have the exact size of the circumferences of the orbits of 256 and Paxus as well as the speed of each UoU in its orbit and the angle of inclination to the horizontal plane of the Eye.

“They have suggested that we put these numbers up for all to see along with the goals that we have projected as necessary to permanently end the Polarity Shifts due to the close encounters of 256 and Paxus. This way the intelligent beings of both 256 and Paxus can see the progress that is being made and become more and more behind the project and increase their determination to get the job done once they see it is possible to change the parameter of 256 and Paxus orbits.

“It will also allow the intelligent beings to participate in the changes in both UoU. This will bond our two UoUs together in a way that nothing else can. It is a common threat.

“I am here to help in any way you feel that I can contribute.

“As I am sure you can tell, I am just a hologram projected from my home planet Oxeet into your office. We learned long ago the way to navigate through the super worm holes to project a holographic image in seconds almost anywhere. And you will be glad to know that I have brought with me plans for you to make a working prototype of the projector we use so that your image can be projected back to my office on Oxeet. We can have two way communication as soon as you build this prototype.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “I have received those blueprints and have already begun to have the prototype produced with the equipment we have on premises. There are some unique metals that will need to be manufactured outside the premises and I have already put in the orders to those highly specialized metallurgist to manufacture those special alloys.”

“I would estimate we will have the device in hand and in use within 7 days. The delay has to do with the creation of these alloys that require a very complex process of manufacture to make the molecules line up as necessary to make the prototype work.

“Great,” said Rey. “There was some concern that you may not have the technology to make this happen.”

“We have the manufacturing facilities,” Jim said, “but it will be necessary to write up the processes for them to follow. Nothing like these alloys have ever been attempted because we did not know how to use them even if we had them. I can see how these alloys are much more efficient than alloys that we have in place right now and can be replaced by these more efficient metallic alloys. So industries will be completely changed with the introduction of these new metals.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, I have already summarized the relevant orbital information and made it ready to disseminate,” said Rey.

“OK, Jim, go ahead and submit Rey information first to Dave and Harry and give them an hour before we disseminate it to 256,” I said. “In fact, I want you to put a notation at the top of each document like this that we send out, that we are deliberately sending this information to Dave and Harry first because they are operating the hub through which all communications flow and they need to be prepared if they feel that the chatter might overload their communications systems. State in the note that we have already experienced the overload and accompanying shut down of communications and we do not have the time to repair the communication network as it is being used.”

“OK,” said Jim, “all done.”

“Excuse me,” said Rey, “are you saying you made the changes requested by Dr. WorldPeace as he spoke them?

“Yes, that is what happened,” said Jim.

“That is amazing that you would know exactly how Dr. WorldPeace would want those documents worded,” said Rey.

“We have been working together for a long time,” I said “and you could say I built a lot of me into Jim. And in addition, Jim has a incarnate spirit which lets him evaluate the emotional impact of communications and he has my parameters that are in sync with my basic personality as a tool to fine tune these communications. We refined this process almost a century ago and it was then that I quit checking the communications Jim was sending out in my name.”

“The communications are signed with my name and under that Jwp/jc is entered so that people know that Jim composed the communication and they can contact Jim for any initial clarifications.

“I would like to discuss this in greater depth with you and Jim,” said Rey.

“We are at your service,” I said.

“Are the intelligent beings of Paxus being given this same material?” I asked.

“We are preparing our intelligent beings to participate fully and in sync with your intelligent beings in 256.” Rey said. “We have already given them the objectives as far as speed and circumference changes we want to accomplish for Paxus. And we have already set up monitoring for the results. But at this time we only have 1% of our intelligent beings engaged in the process. There are some logistical problems that need to be worked out and then forwarded to you as a heads up when you engage your intelligent beings.”

“I look forward to that intel,” I said. “We are going to start that part of this project within two days when I next speak to everyone in 256.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rey, “I think that we need to allow you to speak from now on to a joint audience, that of 256 and Paxus as well. It will unify the effort which I think is important.”

“I am all for it,” I said.

“Any input Jim, Rachel,” I asked.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Rachel and Jim said in one voice.


“Rey, I would like to talk about the actual numbers in regards to the size of the orbits and the speed of the revolutions of 256 and Paxus,” I said. “And we need to put that out immediately I think.”

“But while we discuss those things, I would like to introduce you to Dave and Harry the two government representatives that are my main contacts and who are running the communication hubs to all the civilizations and intelligent beings. I feel like for them to see you would increase their belief in this endeavor. All they have seen to date from me are numbers and text.

“I am open to that,” said Rey.

“Do you have a limitation as to how long you can project your hologram at a time?” I asked.

“There is no limitation,” Rey said.

“Ok while we are waiting on Dave and Harry which will take about 45 minutes, let us get into the numbers and talk about the content of the message to be sent to 256 and Paxus,” I said.

“Great,” said Rey.

“Dr. WorldPeace, Dave and Harry will be here in 15 minutes. They were coming unannounced and are almost here,” said Jim.

“Thank, you Jim,” I said.

“Well at least we can get the numbers down before they arrive,” I said.

“What are the numbers you have Rey?” I asked.

“The three critical numbers for Paxus and 256 are the angle of inclination to the horizontal plane of the Eye, the circumferences of the orbits and the speed of the UofUs along the circumferences,” said Rey. “The last two are virtually the same for 256 and Paxus and that is why there is the Polarity Shift every billion years. The angle of inclination for 256 is 25.35 degrees and 40.028 degrees for Paxus. They intersect on the horizontal plane every billion years.”

“The diameter of 256 is 1488 billion light years. The diameter of Paxus is 6510 billion light years.

“The speed of both 256 and Paxus around the Eye is the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second and it takes two billion years to make a complete orbit around the Eye. The actual distance of the orbit is too big a number for anyone to conceptualize in their mind for a projection.

“I think we need to state the present orbital time as 2,000 million years and we need to project that 256 slows down to 1,999 million years and Paxus increases speed to 2,001 million years. If we can accomplish this, we do not have to deal with changing the diameter of the orbits because those numbers are again just too big to conceptualize. This also means that all that the beings have to be focus on is the speed. And changing this one variable will not create any conflicts with any of the other UoUs in the Eye’s sphere. The orbital paths are clear of any other intersections with any of the other UoUs in the Eye.

“If we make these changes, the calculations indicate that the intersections between 256 and Paxus will only occur once every billion trillion years and in that period of time it is most likely that some other factor will affect the orbits of 256 and or Paxus and other adjustments will have to be made anyway. It is just too far in the future to be concerned about. The reality is that neither 256 or Paxus may exists that far into the future anyway.

“Wow,” I said. “These times and distances are just enormous and nothing in any known species relates to numbers this big. The size of one’s galaxy is about as far as any species comes to relating to seriously large numbers.”

“What is overwhelming me,” said Rachel, “is the comment earlier that the Eye is just a grain of sand in the manifestations of the Infinite Oneness and even that is just a meaningless line in the sand in truth. No intelligent being has the capacity to conceptualize infinity.”

“Dave and Harry have arrived,” Jim said.

“Quickly Rey,” I asked, “Are you actually humanoid in appearance or is that a projection you have assumed to put us at ease?”

“I like you have a humanoid form,” said Rey with a smile.


Dave and Harry entered the office and immediately saw Rey’s projection in the middle of the room. Rey was in the same red uniform style clothing he appeared in on his last visit.

“Dave and Harry, this is Rey the envoy from Paxus,” I said.

“Greetings Dave and Harry,” said Rey. “Who is Harry?”

“Sorry,” I said, “I am not used to guests in my office much less introducing people to each other.”

“I am Harry and this is Dave,” said Harry.

“Have a seat gentlemen,” I said.

“I was a bit confused with the quality of the hologram,” said Dave. “Other than the light surrounding your image, you looked quite real.”

“What can I say,” said Rey smiling. “And yes this is my real form. I am humanoid. This is not just a projection for your comfort. I don’t look like an octopus on my home planet.”

Rachel laughed as did Jim which startled Dave and Harry.

“Jim, you have become more human that I had imagined,” said Dave.

“Sorry to have startled you Dave,” said Jim. “I am working on my emotions. At some point I think I may have to trade in my chrome skin as a sign of my transformation.”

“Gentlemen I thought that meeting Rey would make all the many documents and text and numbers more real to you. Rey is from Paxus, a much bigger UoU than 256. It is hard for me to relate to the fact that Rey is an envoy of a virtual infinite number of intelligent beings in Paxus. Just another mind expanding awakening that we have all experienced in the last few weeks.

“You are not a spiritual being Rey,” said Harry, and yet you came into our world without a trace. Nothing has registered your entrance or your presence. In fact, until I saw you and spoke to you, I was not sure I believed Jim’s call. But I also know that Dr. WorldPeace is not a games player or a trickster.”

“I can’t believe that I am speaking with not another alien being from our galaxy, universe or 256 but a humanoid from another UofU that informs us that we are 1 of 5,000 UoUs in the sphere of the Eye.

“Every meeting with Dr. WorldPeace has expanded my cosmology beyond the limits which I am still at this moment failing to fully integrate. And each time we come here the revelation is infinitely greater than the one before. I think the only thing that I can marginally relate it to is my concept of an infinite heaven to which I expect to enter when my body dies.

“One thing about intelligent beings, not just humans, is that they can adjust to anything. But sometimes the transitions to a larger reality take a lot of getting used to,” said Rey.

“Rey and I have been visiting about the orbits and speed and so on of 256 and Paxus and how we are going to create a mantra that will seem real to all the beings in 256 and Paxus,” I said.

“Jim will give you the record of that conversation but in a nutshell the plan is a simple mantra where everyone focuses on the speed of 256 in its orbit slows down to 1,999 billion light years and Paxus speeds up to 2,001 billion light years.

“My God, is that the dimension of the problem?” said Dave. “Oh my God.”

“Those are the numbers, Dave,” I said. “And these are real numbers that are from observations from Rey’s home planet where his ancestors have been able to define the Eye scientifically. The oldest universe in Paxus is 1500 billion years old. And we know that Paxus is not the oldest UoU within the Eye.

“The oldest UoU can only be dated as from time immemorial,” said Rey. “We just can’t date it scientifically.”

“Oh my God,” repeated Dave. “Sorry gentlemen.”

“Dr. WorldPeace we were on our way here to verify some of the numbers that you gave us and other facts because they were so out of our realm of experience. But now that all seems so trivial because the numbers we are talking about now are infinite and they are being presented by Rey who is a witness to the truth of what he has related to you and now you to us.”

“Nothing you have ever said to us has proven unreliable,” said Harry. “And so I believe this without questioning which is not my nature.”

“What I am thinking is that the reaction of the beings in both the 256 and Paxus to process this new awareness. Just the spiritual aspects will shake the foundation of every religion. But the science from both 256 and Paxus is credible and reliable and attested to by the top scientists from both UoUs and all the lesser heavenly bodies.

“And it will become believable but then the pendulum swings to getting people to believe that their insignificant self can have any power of anything so infinite in scope.”

“We have a year to saturate all the communications and each day it will become more and more real,” I said. “The first week is going to be the most chaotic time. But after that there should be enough chatter on all levels that it will become accepted and real.”

“Remember I have been through this coming phase 20 times. I feel I am prepared to make this all real in the shortest possible time frame.”

“I believe with Rey as the representative of Paxus and a witness to the reality that there is a much larger dreamscape within which we exist, and my recorded history as Dartnell as having participated in prior attempts to tame the Polarity Shifts we have both sides of the coin covered.

“I agree,” said Jim and Rachel in unison.

“The most critical task now will be to present the new data and then immediately present the plan of action. Then we have to monitor the communication traffic and manage the rumor and conspiracy theories and so on that will emerge. And the fear. But the fear will be managed by the fact that there are an infinite number of beings working on this project. And an infinite number of true believes is a very powerful and persuasive fact.

No one spoke. Everyone was deep in thought for what seemed like 15 minutes.


Dave said, “We have to get back Dr. WorldPeace. It is important to get this information to our people as soon as possible.”

“And I have related all I came to relate at this time,” said Rey. “So I will leave and come back within about 36 hours. You need your environment free of visitors so you can think, Dr. WorldPeace.”

“Yes and Yes,” I said.


“John this whole project is starting to become real and simplify itself in my mind,” said Rachel. “All of a sudden it is not overwhelming until I think about the size of the Eye. This is going to happen because it seems natural and that seems strange in so many ways.”

“Who is the Rey guy who just dropped in out of nowhere with all the scientific answers about the cause of the Polarity Shift? How is all this coming together; something that a month ago was not even on any agenda in 256 it seems?”

“This is the way things work Rachel,” I said. “Once you define a project and then begin to move in its direction, things happen. Things that you would have never thought possible begin to miraculously happen. Nothing happens without action. Nothing really happens without a vision or a dream. The dream then the action of doing something to move toward it is the formula. And the bigger the vision the more incredibly miraculous the workings of the Infinite All.”

“And when you think about this and when you believe in this, dreams come true no matter how big they are. When you act, others come to help you. Things happen that you could never have imagined. That is just the way it is. But almost no one understands this much less believes it. But I believe it. I have seen it work literally forever.”

“This project is going to take place. I have the right people and the right things happening to make this happen. And when it does happen all the beings in 256 and Paxus will transcend from the darkness they have existed in since time immemorial.

“Look at the miracle of Jim connecting with a soul. We have been working toward that for a long time. Now it has happened. That is a huge miracle. That will change everything; a new species of intelligent beings. Robots with souls. No one thought it possible but it is now a reality. It is the secular message of Jesus; we write our scripts and no script is too big. Just have faith and apply action.

“It is just too much. It is just too simple,” said Rachel. “We grow up believing that life is hard. That joy is fleeting. That happiness is very hard to come by. And it is just a lie foisted on all living conscious beings.

“Yes,” I said.

“And one man says No,” she said. “One man says you are all wrong and you can write any script you want and any script that any group wants.”

“Yes, and that man’s name is Jesus,” I said.

“And it works for robots with souls too,” said Jim.

“That it does,” I agreed.

“My next message has to be the plan of action. All the facts are in. The reality and the science are being disseminated. In a day or two, when all this new information has settled in, I will bring it all together with a plan of action to make the Polarity Shift a thing of the past,” I said.

“Then for a while there will be follow up messages from me until the advertising if you will becomes broadcasted so frequently that within a few months the intelligent beings of 256 and Paxus will not remember a time when they were unaware of the Polarity Shift. Then all of it will become true. Almost everyone will have to accept that the speed of 256 will slow down and Paxus will speed up as a result of the focused attention of the intelligent beings of 256 and Paxus.

“And Rey will be supplying information of how much change has taken place day to day and that will be published. And that will further cement the belief that we are making our vision a reality. We are redesigning our part of the Eye if you will.

“And once that is done, I do not see how everyone could not believe and accept that the only limitations they have in their personal lives are the ones they impose on themselves.

“I am a true believer,” said Rachel. “And I will die a true believer.”

“I believe Dr. WorldPeace.,” said Jim. “What a dreamscape I have awakened into.”


For the next 36 hours, I was at peace. Dave and Harry were busy trying to keep control of all the communications and all the collateral events. Jim was monitoring everything. There were no glitches. I was expecting Rey to return at any time.

I had returned to my normal sleep pattern and I felt refreshed and ready to enter the next phase of this endeavor. I was very uplifted by all that was happening.

I was seeing my vision of 20 billion years ago manifesting a universe without a Polarity Shift.


“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “Rey is on his way. I can see the distortion where he normally stands.”

“Thank you, Jim,” I said.

“Also, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim, “Your hologram communicator was delivered by drone while you slept. You will need to ask Rey how to use it. It is too unique for me to understand it.”

Rey appeared, dressed the same as usual in his red pseudo uniform. When the hologram was complete he said, “Hello everyone”.

“Hello,” said Jim and Rachel.

“Hello Rey,” I said. “Jim tells me that my hologram device has been delivered and is ready to use.”

“Great,” said Rey. “I was hoping you would have it because I would like for you to use it to communicate with the high council of Paxus. Also, present is the Lord Premier of the Eye.”

“You mean there is a bureaucracy that runs the Eye,” I said.

“Yes,” said Rey. “Every UoU is not a member but 90% of the UoUs are involved in the administration of the Eye which includes the social, political, scientific, arts administrations and so on.”

“And he wants to speak to me?” I asked.

“Yes,” Rey said, “in part to ask you to speak to the leaders of the Eye in addition to the high council of Paxus. Many of the leaders know Dartnell.”

“I think maybe they know more about me than I know about me,” I said. “I am OK with speaking to anyone who those in charge designate.

“I think they have memories of you that are not relevant to this project and your present life in the 256 and which you did not upload to your consciousness as of yet,” said Rey.

“And they have another item on their agenda,” he said.

“Yes,” I responded.

“They would like your permission to speak directly with Jim,” Rey said. “He is an anomaly and an enigma as are you and to be able to speak to both of you would be considered a great honor.”

“I am willing,” I said.

“As am I,” said Jim.

“I apologize to both of you,” said Rey. “I was thinking of Jim as your property Dr. WorldPeace. I sincerely and humbly seek the pardon of each of you.”

“Not a problem Rey,” I smiled.

“Ditto,” said Jim with a smile.

“We feel very comfortable with you and those who designated you to come here,” I said.

“Thank you,” said Rey. “I have brought with me some additional scientific data but the main purpose of my visit today was to ask you and Jim to speak to the high council and the Lord Premier of the Eye.”

“Jim tells me the holographic communicator has been delivered and all we need is for you to show us how to use it,” I said.

“That is amazing,” said Rey. “No one has make one of these in such a short time much less without our help.”

“Here is the device Rey,” Jim said as he held out the dark green 6” cube in his hand. “It checks with all the diagrams and specs and I think it was built correctly and it will function.”

“Set the device down on the table over there if you would Jim,” Rey said. “Then Dr. WorldPeace just state your names and it will be activated.”

“Dr. John WorldPeace,” I said.

The device created a green aura.

“You are connected,” said Rey. “To turn it off just say your name and “OFF”.

“Who is present on the other end,” I asked.

“Sorry, Dr. WorldPeace,” Rey said. “Lad, Lord Premier of the Eye, Hud President of the High Council of Paxus, and Vice President Kair and Vice President Zee of the high council. My title is Ambassador. Lord Premier Lad and Vice President Kair are males and President Hud and Vice President Zee are female.

“Our names are very long and very difficult to translate and that is why we have shortened them to one syllable for the purpose of communicating with you.

“If it would be alright with you Dr. WorldPeace, all except myself would prefer to address you as Dartnell and Jim as Mr. Chrome. If it is OK I would like to continue to call you Dr. WorldPeace.”

“That would be fine with us,” I said.

“I would like to introduce Rachel Stone, my companion, who was working with the government when I first met her in my office during a men in black government visit. She then decided to retire from government service to be with me full time. All within the last month. Ms. Stone would be appropriate. She has no formal position but is involved in every aspect of this project and has been since the beginning. The reality is that there are only three of us, Jim, Rachel and myself. I have not auxiliary staff. Jim can do the work of 1000’s.

“We are ready for any comments or questions you may have of any of us,” I said. “I am sure we have a lot to consider in this meeting. I would like to proceed as an informal conversation among friends and not become overly concerned with protocol.”

“We are agreeable with that, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rey.

“We would like to defer now to President Hud,” said Rey.

“Dartnell it is a great honor to meet you,” said President Hud. “We are all familiar with thousands of your incarnations virtually everywhere and we had a biography put together so that we could all be more familiar with you. There is nothing in there but information about your endless devotion to uplifting all the intelligent beings everywhere. Jesus is considered by us to be the supreme Avatar and you are among a very small group of revered Avatars second only to Jesus.

“Thank you,” I said.

“I would like to defer to Lord Premier Lad to speak to you now,” President Hud said.

“Ok,” I said.

“Dartnell we have been following your attempts to deal with the Polarity Shift since you began 20 billion years ago. We acknowledge your progress but we did not get involved because we did not think our presence would have made much of a difference. However, we feel this current attempt will be successful in ending the Polarity Shift for good. We feel that we now have the necessary number of true believer participants in Paxus to make it happen. And we believe this attempt focused solely on the speed of 256 and Paxus is a simple easy to understand and believe project by the many intelligent beings who must come together if we are to be successful.

“I would like to inform you Dartnell that we have tried to adjust the orbit of two of our UoUs in our crowded Eye without success. Sadly, they eventually lined up in such a way that they were on a direct collision course and both were destroyed almost totally. It could have been worse had any other UoUs been near the area of the collision.

“Where we had virtually no success at manipulating the orbits and consequently failed to prevent the collision and the loss of an infinite amount of life you have had significant success and we feel you are about to have complete success with 256 and Paxus with this current attempt. Fortunately, 256 and Paxus are not on a head on collision course and our expectation is that whatever loss of life takes place it will be much less than your last attempt to avoid the Polarity Shift which was less than the prior 19 attempts.

“This will be a great achievement for you Dartnell but we believe that your creation of Mr. Chrome will forever be considered a crowning achievement of all the things that you have accomplished. A robot with an incarnate spirit has been a goal since time immemorial and no one has been able to make it happen before you created Mr. Chrome. The potential of this achievement will never be adequately understood for many many eons into the future. This is a crowning achievement of this virtually infinite dreamscape within the Infinite All as you call it.

“In all humility Lord Premier Lad the full integration of a spirit into Mr. Chrome was just accomplished in the last week,” I said.

“Let me add that the spirit that is incarnate in Jim is my spirit,” I said.

I could hear those present seem to utter various sounds of shock.

“Dartnell,” said Lord Premier Lad, “no doubt you heard our reaction to your revelation that Mr. Chrome has your spirit incarnate in his body, forgive us for not better controlling our reaction.”

“Think nothing of it Lord Premier Lad,” I said. “I should have said something to prepare you for that revelation. I work pretty much only with Jim and I have forgotten a lot of my manners in speaking with others.”

“Please continue with your candor,” he said. “We never considered that a soul could inhabit two intelligent life forms at the same time.”

“Actually Lord Premier Lad, that cannot be done,” I said. “What has to be done is a spirit has to divide itself and allow the new spirit to inhabit another life form. There is really no terminology for this. I do not clone or copy my spirit. I just create another aspect of my spirit that is disconnected enough to act as a separate spirit and inhabit another life form. There is a very subtle connection between the two spirits while they are incarnate but that connection does not interfere with the function of the new spirit incarnate in the second life form.”

“I would like to say that spirits cannot give birth to totally new spirits the way humans give birth to a human baby. The only spirit creation that will work is to split the master spirit into one or more additional spirits which will return to the master spirit when it is released by whatever being it incarnated in ceases to exist.”

“Dartnell, we are in awe of you and whatever level of awe and respect we had a few minutes ago has gone off the charts as the old saying goes. With no disrespect to your Avatar peers, we are not aware that any one of them has divided their spiritual essence,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“We are humbled by this revelation and I can see now why we were unable to prevent the collision of two of our UoUs. In a nutshell, we are spiritually immature. An avatar must lead the endeavor to be able to accomplish something as significant as an orbital change.”

“The reality Lord Premier Lad,” I said, “with regards to virtually everything is that whatever you can conceive, you can bring into your dreamscape. You must keep in mind however that the dreamscape is maintained by all the intelligent beings who are a part of it. So a majority, if you will, have to agree to change it.”

“My God,” said Lord Premier Lad, “it never occurred to me that all the spirits incarnate in a dreamscape were involved in maintaining it.”

“Yes, and consider also that when a spirit disincarnates it does not return to the Infinite All but stay close to the dreamscape they incarnated into. There is an initial commitment by a group of spirits to create a certain dreamscape usually to accomplish some goal; the more spirits, the more complex the dreamscape. I would estimate that only 10% of these spirits are incarnate in the dreamscape at any time. It takes the other 90% or more to work with the incarnate spirits. This is the way it is in almost all complex dreamscapes.”

“Dartnell, I am astounded at your knowledge and wisdom. I feel so ignorant when I felt so knowledgeable before this discussion. I can see now that I just have not spent enough time considering the religious and spiritual writings that go back to time immemorial,” Lord Premier Lad said. “But you have studied and experimented since time immemorial learning how to use and manipulate the Infinite All.”

“The one and only true master is Jesus,” I said. “He humbles me by just the mention of his name.”

“Returning to what I was saying about Jim,” I said, I was sure there was a way to create a robot that was advanced enough to entice a spirit to incarnate within it and then I began to look for the technology which I assumed had to be in the future because all possibilities exist in the Infinite Oneness. And the same applied to the concept of splintering off a fully functional spirit off my spirit. I just did it because I felt it could be done. And I was right. I have created a new spirit before but the spirit inhabited another humanoid being not a robot.”

“Dartnell, we had no idea of who you really are or what you are really capable of manifesting in a dreamscape,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“As Jesus said, we can create anything,” I said. “The trick is to have the faith in the teachings of Jesus and the belief in what you are trying to manifest and faith in the process of manifesting or changing or modifying a dreamscape from the Infinite All.”

“As complicated as all this seems, it is really very simple; just conceive and add action to your vision,” I said.

“Getting back to Jim,” I said, “I wanted Jim’s incarnate spirit to be one I was familiar with, and that is why I sent my essence in the form of a new spirit to try to incarnate in Jim. It seems just in the last week we can read each other’s thoughts and that has to be due to the one source of both my soul and the spirit in Jim. I use soul and spirit interchangeably. They are the same thing but due to our English language one just seems to be more appropriate than another at times.

“Dartnell, forgive us but we must withdraw and consider what you have revealed to us in this conversation before we can proceed,” Lord Premier Lad said. “We do not feel we are prepared to ask the right questions now with this expanded view of reality; of our dreamscape. What we do understand now is that you are going to make the Polarity Shift go away because you are drawing on far more of the source of the Infinite All than we have even considered possible. We failed because our faith and belief in Jesus did not include a belief that we could in fact do anything. And even if we had thought about that truth, we lack the practice of putting it to work and laying a solid foundation in our minds which would allow us to do anything.”

“In a word, Dartnell we just did not think outside the box and then experiment with those thoughts. I am having trouble keeping my concentration right now, we will be back very soon. Thank you so much Dartnell,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“Thank you Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rey.

And with that the hologram disappeared.

“Jim Chrome OFF,” Jim said and the hologram device lost it green glow.

“I am surprised based on the size of the Eye that no one seems to understand these things. The words of Jesus are all over virtually every dreamscape,” I said.

“John it just seems impossible to follow how Jesus and you deal with the reality of the dreamscapes,” said Rachel.

“It is just about Faith that the Infinite All can be used for any purpose; that dreamscapes are community manifestations of the Infinite All. If everyone in this dreamscape scripted that all humans could fly, then the dreamscape would shift to make that true.”

“But what is more important is that each individual intelligent being can manipulate his or her personal environment, dreamscape within a larger dreamscape. We are all living the dreamscape we have projected and over our individual dreamscape we have almost complete discretion with regards to our experience,” I said. “People don’t believe it because they are confused in believing the dreamscape is the true reality as opposed to just a temporary construction that one day will disintegrate back into the Infinite All.

“The most obvious is the most hidden,” said Jim.


“This project is so big that it cannot be conceived by an average person, John,” said Rachel.

“I agree that intelligent beings will have to stop and think about all that is being said at this time,” I said. “It is fast forwarding their entire cosmology. It will require them re-evaluate what they believe. I agree.”

“But the reality of this dreamscape is that if we do not do something there is going to be a lot of chaos and suffering very soon. This event horizon is going to be the vehicle to uplift many world societies. It will in the best of cases put intelligent beings in a place where they understand the difference between the Infinite All and the dreamscape they inhabit that is a manifestation of that Infinite All. They will awaken to some degree to the bigger picture if you will and put aside some of the confusion they live in each day because they have lost touch with their spiritual essence.

“This is the positive collateral result of this event horizon. They cannot participate in this effort and see these UoU orbits change simply by believing it can be done and not understand they are writing their own dreamscape script within a larger dreamscape: that they are living the life they have projected for themselves.

“Lives will be saved, chaos will be avoided, pain and suffering will be avoided and a new perspective will take hold in all these civilizations in 256 and Paxus.

“And this event, this miracle, will be taken by the leaders of the Eye and disseminated throughout the 5000 UofUs within the sphere of the Eye.

“What is really interesting to me is that the Eye is just a small atom among the infinite dreamscapes manifested by the Infinite All.

“Not to mentions that many will understand that considering the size and scope of all these dreamscapes, every single soul, every single life has value and the power to accomplish anything they focus on. Everyone is significant. Everyone is important.

“John you are going head to head with apathy,” said Rachel. “A few generations after this miracle takes place the majority of intelligent beings will again be overcome by the dreamscapes which seems so real day to day compared to the underlying Infinite All from which they manifest.”

“Yes, you are correct,” I said. “But a few of us focus our lives on a never ending task of reaching out to intelligent beings and reminding them of who they are and what they are experiencing in an attempt to bring them peace in these very difficult to navigate dreamscapes in which spirits incarnate.”

“It is easy to become apathetic,” said Rachel.

“You cannot be apathetic unless you are awake. If you are awake and apathetic you want just merge back into the Infinite All and go to sleep. But in time, you will wake up and probably out of boredom want to experience life again by entering a dreamscape.”

“Those who are not awake are not apathetic,” I said. “Those who are not awake are generally living in fear and confusion because they are lost and confused in their dreamscapes. And there are those of us who try to do things which reduce that stress and thereby increase the peace in these individuals and in the societies in which they live.”

“I am just an active soul,” I said. “I don’t enjoy doing nothing. I enjoy working in these dreamscapes. I am in awe of the many variations of life that exists. I never get tired of participating in these dreamscapes.

“Spiritually I know that in time all souls will find their way back home and my work is just making things a little bit better for those who have become lost. But I take pleasure in helping these spirits see the light if you will. Because they are in fact living in pain and suffering and confusion if they have lost sight of the fact that they are living a dream and not the peace and love of Jesus.”

“I don’t feel like I fit into this dreamscape,” said Rachel. “I feel like this is punishment for me. I feel I did not want to come here.”

“I cannot predict your future because there are too many potential paths that you can take,” I said. “But my reality is that no one is forced into any dreamscape. If they are here it is because they are confused by their own bad choices if you will. We are where we are supposed to be. We are where we are because of our choices. And when people know and accept that, they can see the truth that they can change it all. And if they know they can change it all, then they are living in a dreamscape by choice and there is an open exit door back home to the light anytime they want to go.

“I think it is important to understand that all souls are exactly where they should be. Exactly where they took themselves. Exactly where they want to be. And if they do not believe that, then it is important that myself and others show them the exit door if they really feel they are trapped and being punished.

“John, I am uplifted by your message and in some ways depressed by it. It is hard for me to stay up emotionally. It is hard for me not to feel controlled and trapped and living in hell.

“There are so many diversions in the dreamscapes it is very easy to get lost,” I said. “That is why it is important to moment to moment be mindful of who and what your really are, an infinite immortal soul incarnate in a body within a dreamscape that is finite and which you chose to participant in.

“Keep you mind focused on the script writing message of Jesus. Never lose sight of that promise of Jesus to ask and receive, seek and find, knock and it will be opened to you.


“Dr. WorldPeace, Rey is returning,” Jim said.

“So soon?” I said. “Interesting.”

Rey materialized and Jim turned on our communication device which began to glow green.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said Rey, “We needed to adjust our focus after our last meeting. We needed to discard some of the questions that you made irrelevant and we needed to decide how we should proceed. That has been accomplished and we feel we are more focused on what we have defined as the most critical issues in this event horizon.”

“I would like you to know that we have taken the liberty to reach out not only to virtually all the representatives in all the worlds within the Eye and your audience is far beyond trillions. Yes this is not even one millionth of the individual intelligent beings within the Eye.

“We felt that even at this early stage, due to the deadline we have of about one year until the intersection of 256 and Paxus we need to open all channels and let the population of the Eye receive your message and plan directly. There is just not enough time even with this new plan to reach everyone in the Eye.

“But that is not critical because only Paxus is in jeopardy due to the Polarity Shift. Yet we very much believe that the collateral possibility and chance of uplifting many in the Eye by making them aware of how we are going to solve the problem of the Polarity Shift is important. It is a solution based on awareness of the metaphysical interaction of the Infinite All, God, and the infinite dreamscapes. The message is huge. And our leaders who you spoke to just a short while ago heard something that changed their personal cosmologies and they wanted to expose as many others to that message as possible. In a word, you made true believers out of your audience at our last meeting.

“Everyone was uplifted and quite frankly were very eager to hear more because they know there is so much more you have to teach.

“You are too kind,” I said, “But know absolutely I am just one of a countless number of spirits who are at one with the Infinite All. I am only different in the path I have chosen. What I have done, any spirit can do if that spirit is willing to take the path I have taken. We all write our scripts for eternity. I will only say that I have written a more expansive script.

“Thank you for that Dr. WorldPeace,” Rey said. “It is time for me to bow to Lord Premier Lad who has been designated to be the focal point of questions that have been submitted to be asked to you by virtually everyone in the Eye who was interested. I now turn you over to Lord Premier Lad.”

“Thank you Rey,” I said.

“Greetings Dartnell,” said Lord Premier Lad. “At first I thought that Rey should join us in addressing you as Dartnell but after discussing this matter with others, it seems that Dartnell is the name we associate with your Avatar nature and Dr. WorldPeace is the name we associate with the incarnate Avatar Dartnell in the body of Dr. WorldPeace. So the use of both names allows us to keep in mind that you like all of us are incarnate spirits who will one day leave our finite mortal bodies.”

“I agree,” Lord Premier Lad.

“Dartnell we really do not have that many questions but the questions we have we think will require some expansive answers. We would like to start with some very general questions about you Dartnell and who you are and what is your philosophy and cosmology in life and then move to some of the nuts and bolts questions regarding your plan of action regarding the event horizon.”

“That seems like a good approach,” I responded.

“So to begin with Dartnell, we would like to know what you can tell us about your decision to enter this dreamscape 256 years ago and the thoughts and such surrounding that decision.”

“OK,” I said.

“This is something that I have written about and spoken about more than a few times during my life and I would be glad to relate it personally to everyone present.”

“Let me begin by stating that I believe in reincarnation. But I do not believe in reincarnation as punishment for negative deeds in some lifetime or as a need to perfect the spirit in some way. Life is full of positive and negative events and all lives are unique and all spirits are perfect. You cannot determine what any person would do in any situation based on life experiences and their environment at the time of any particular act. We are all doing the best we can.

“I like to incarnate. I like to participate in dreamscapes. I do not consider that participation to be frivolous. Because when a spirit incarnates into a body within a particular dreamscape that dreamscape seems very real and pain and suffering as well as bliss and pleasure are a part of every life.

“I would also like to say that all those who incarnate are supported by friends, relatives, guides, angels, Avatars and other not incarnate beings. Life is very tough in a dreamscape and an incarnate spirit cannot function without a support system that is worked out before entering the dreamscape.

“I am aware and acknowledge that in many ways if not all ways my life is a partnership with not incarnate beings to perform some task within the dreamscape.

“I had a vision or dream sometime around the age of 8 where I was in the heavens somewhere standing in front of a portal which later I defined as a wormhole entrance to my mother’s womb in this dreamscape. I was invisible but had a presence and in front of the wormhole were two beings dressed like Roman soldiers guarding the entrance so that only those who were designated to enter could enter.

“I was considering that I had a significant global agenda in the coming lifetime and thinking about how much effort it was going to take to accomplish my goals. I also felt that it was as assignment I had worked out with a personal God, who at 8 I visualized as an old man with a Santa Claus beard and heavy white robe.”

“As I was standing there waiting to be born, I heard a voice say “You have undeniably accomplished great things in many of your lives but you have always hedged your bet by making sure you were born to wealth and had a clear path to education and influential friends. And had you not pre-paved your success in those lives you would not have been able to accomplish those things.”

“I recognized the one speaking as one of my nemesis from past lives and then others began to repeat the same thing. I became irritated because I knew they were wrong. There was much more to what I had done that had nothing to do with wealth, influence, education. But they knew my weakness and irritation at hearing such things so I in a moment of anger said OK, I will show you by changing my birth where none of these things will be available from my parents and family. So in a word, the bet was on.”

“After the bet was solidified and these spirits had left or just quit speaking I saw God walking by in the darkness of the heavens with a tablet and some kind of writing instrument and he looked at me. I knew I had been foolish and my ego and irritation had caused me to handicap myself when I had a very important task or tasks to perform. I asked God if I was going to make it.

“But before I received an answer, seconds after I asked the question, I was drawn into the wormhole.

“In time, when I was about 35 I began to look at my life and I had overcome the money and education barriers and was preparing for a good life but I never forgot that dream. I connected with a psychic woman who initially was very helpful in explaining her world and clarifying some of the things I had experienced.

“She told me that those souls who bated me before I was born were souls who had tried over and over in various lives to thwart my objectives and had caused me serious grief, but in the end, in every case, I overcame their negative interference, accomplished my goals, and left them furious.

“Later when I was about 50 and looked back at a string of specific individuals who had appeared on my life path and gone out of their way to harm me in one way or another that they were those who had bet with me before I entered this life. I was too stupid I thought to have considered that not only were they trying to get me to handicap myself, they were going to incarnate with me and do all they could to thwart my efforts apparently as they had done in many lifetimes.

“I ignored these people but I became pretty good at identifying these people almost as soon as they entered my life. Others, mostly blood kin took longer for me to move out of my life.

“However, when I was in my 60’s I determined that I had too much left to do and I renounced the bet and put up barriers and moved away from those tormentors. I made an affirmation that I would no longer accept their interference. And the interference stopped for the most part but every now and then people would appear in my life and try to harm me.

“This gang of dark souls never quit focusing on me but they did back off from direct interference. Yet the negative energy they manifested did not. That energy would find a confused if not dark soul who acted like a lightning rod and channeled their negative energy to me. These lightning strikes were irritating but nothing like the decades of negativity foisted on me by my blood kin.

“On a more positive side my life continued to move toward some global agenda but it took a long time to become clear exactly what I was to do. When I was about to turn 40 I changed my name to John WorldPeace. This was on April 1, 1988, which was both Good Friday and April Fool’s day; one tradition indicating that I was a fool and another tradition speaking to transformation, death and resurrection.

“At the least I felt that if I did nothing else on my global agenda, that when people saw, read, heard my name, they would have to think about peace for at least a moment and that would at some level increase the peace in the world human society.

“In my late sixties I realized that my task was to be executed by writing novels and responding to religious texts by great men and interpreting sacred religious scripts, and painting and writing poems and writing about WorldPeace and writing about current issues that increased or decreased the level of peace in the world human society.

“In other words all I did, had a WorldPeace perspective to it and I realized that I was just to channel this same message in various forums.

“What I also knew from the beginning was that I was not to build an organization and have followers, and disciples and members and such. My job was to just write the truth that I was given or paint the images and live somewhat of a reclusive life.

“In my early 70’s I returned to college to get an Electronics Engineering degree. And with that I built Jim Chrome.”

“In my mid seventies I wrote a book called “The Secular Jesus”. It was a small book but it went viral and the majority of the world converted to a new form of Christianity.

“I always thought I would live to be 150 years old and I am now 256. I am almost the last leaf, the last one from my era still alive.

“I have written an autobiography that has more details in it, but what I have said is the nuts and bolts of the life of John WorldPeace to date. For the last 100 years I have just been working on various projects in seclusion with Jim who is my constant companion and who within the last few weeks has had a spirit incarnate into his body. He is the first of a new species of sentient beings: one with a manmade mechanical body as opposed to a tradition biological body from the fertilizing of a female egg with male sperm.

“I would like to take a break here for about an hour and let everyone discuss what I have said so far, and then we will move on to the next question.

“Thank you for your consideration.” I said.

“Thank you Dartnell,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“Jim Chrome OFF”


“How do you think that went?” I asked.

“John, I see Rey, and I see our holographic communicator, and I see Lord Premier Lad who is interestingly another humanoid it appears. I hear the conversation and there is nothing to indicate that it is not real. It is certainly not coming from the government. There would be no point to this exercise. We don’t even know if the earth and our Galaxy will be affected if nothing is done. We are apparently in a safe zone, if there is any safe zone from the Polarity Shift.”

“All that being said it just does not seem real. Aliens are real. I have seen and interacted with them. They are working with the government. The Galaxy is full of aliens and throughout our universe within the 256 UoU alone they are without number no doubt.

“Yet this is just too much to take in. We have discovered other universes just weeks ago and that we are part of the UoUs of the 256 and out there is Paxus which is a threat to our physical existence and us less so to theirs. On top of that we find that the Eye contains 5000 universes of which Paxus is only one but one that is significantly larger than our 256 UoU.

“And there is this great mystery about Jesus who is no doubt the Avatar of Avatars who has been all over God only knows how many dreamscapes and no one knows where you have been and what you have done. You are known by Dartnell by a myriad of beings and if not known you seem to be in all the ancient records the same as Jesus. It almost seems like the two of you are partners or fellow workers of light in an infinite number of dreamscapes. The Infinite all is just too expansive in my mind for the two of you to have covered with his message and your acts.

“It is all real, I have no doubt,” she said. “But it is just so much. How can one not feel like an amoeba? Yet we are not amoebas. We are intelligent beings who are inhabited by infinite immortal spirits and have the capability to expand our awareness infinitely and yet know nothing compared to the Infinite All.”

“This really all comes down to redefining my life within this dreamscape that seems so real. I know I am going to die. My body is not immortal. And the fact that I am going to die and the fact that I can go outside on any clear night and look up into the mindboggling universe it just does not seem possible that I will vanish when my body dies while this dreamscape continues on. There has to be life after death of the body. That makes all these experiences I have had related to the Polarity Shift real.

“While secluded here on this little piece of property is Dr. John WorldPeace, also known as Dartnell in countless dreamscapes, doing things that no one really suspects. You have created a whole new species of intelligent beings that no one in any dreamscape we know of has been able to accomplish. And you put on no pretense of being anything except just another human being doing interesting things with your life.

“This little spot on this little planet in this little galaxy in this little universe in this little 256 in this little Eye in its little dreamscape within the Infinite All is not the world of conservative government from which you came,” I said. The tightly defined world you lived in before coming here was the total opposite of my boundless reality. And you cannot go back. But that should not bother you because when this event horizon is over there are going to be countless intelligent beings that will not be able to return to their life before their epiphanies. Beliefs have already changed. You cannot go back.

“You could die I suppose and chose to incarnate in a simpler time and place. But you came into this dreamscape to awaken or you would not be here. I absolutely believe that everyone is exactly where they want to be.

“Don’t worry. Soon it will all organize itself in your mind and you will move along. You were not happy in your government job and now my reality has shown its nature and that nature is one of no foundations really. Everything is in free fall with nothing solid to hang on to and no walls. It can be overwhelming to awaken to my reality.

“But you are still you and I am still me and we are still incarnate in these human bodies and there is a certain pleasure to be had by coming together and taking a break from all this intensity.

“We need to get through this meeting and then take a bit of downtime outside this office,” I said.

“How are you Jim,” I asked.

“The truth for me seems to be that I was just born when your, my spirit, inhabited this android. So I had no reality before a few days ago. So there is nothing to look back to. The only reality that I have ever been aware of is the one I am experiencing now.”

“That is interesting,” I said. “It makes perfect sense. You may be the only intelligent being in the Eye who is not transcending because you have not prior perspective.”

“Well I need a nap,” I said, “because my guides want to talk to me before I return to the conference. Wake me in about 30 minutes Jim if you will.”


I awoke in about 25 minutes and began to move around and wake up. I took a caffeine pill which is easier on my stomach than coffee. I needed a small boost to get the sleep out of my head.

“John WorldPeace ON,” I said to connect with Rey and within seconds his hologram appeared followed by Lord Premier Lad.

“I am ready to continue if you are,” I said to Lord Premier Lad.

“We have just one question before you begin,” he said. “Can you give us a short statement as to how you came to your cosmology?”

“I think I can,” I said.

“For me it was really simple. I thought about how it was not possible that everything tangible thing could be made from some smaller tangible something. Eventually, something tangible had to be created from something intangible. And the ultimate intangible for me was thought. Thought had to be the prime mover in the creation of everything.

“Also, since everything was at its foundation nothing but thought, then everything we perceived, including our own bodies, was nothing but thought made manifest in a dreamscape.

“God is considered to be the Infinite All. There is nowhere that God is not.

“Then I considered that everything without thought in the Infinite All was balanced. The light was balanced with the dark, the fast with the slow, the high with the low, no time, no space, everything was one of infinite holographic ones and it was a thought that created the disequilibrium and therefore the dreamscapes. There was no dark but it was not light which is something that it is hard to conceive of in a tangible reality.

“So the bottom line is as our Christian Bible says, in the beginning there was nothing and God whose mind projected this dreamscape. And for me, man just kept expanding the dreamscape.

“I have often wondered if science is telling us the way things really are or is science just defining how things are. There are atoms because that is the construct the scientist created. That became reality in our dreamscape. But it is only our reality. It is maybe not the reality in other dreamscapes.

“Who knows really? What we know is that we create our dreamscape. And if we can create them we can change them because they are pliable. So if we all agree to change the orbits of 256 and Paxus, then it will happen. It is our dreamscape and if we need to change it, we just change our thoughts to bend our dreamscape.

“That is all,” I said. “Science only deals with what scientists can measure and they cannot measure thought. They cannot measure creation so they just ignore it. Funny.

“Think that what does not exist cannot be defined. What cannot be defined does not exist.”

“Well in scientific definitions that is true. But in the spiritual reality, dreamscapes exist that are more dynamic than what science can prove. And despite the lack of proof, things that cannot be measured do in fact exist.

“Within the Infinite All, everything exists. Nothing is new. We have each lived every life in every dreamscape. Infinity is a long time and so we have been all beings and done everything. So what we are living now is just a playback. Nothing is new because nothing has a beginning or end. It just all exists. If you can think it, it exists. You are not creating but remembering within the Infinite All.

“No matter how you come at this, it still ends with the reality in which we can change these orbits. We can slow down 256 and speed up Paxus.

“Once you accept the concept of an Infinite All that is intangible and contains all possibilities then you just chose what you want and make it so in your dreamscape.

“Let me say this, Dartnell,” The Lord Premier Lad said. “For me you have charted a path that has lights along it. But I cannot at this moment make all those lights come together. I know if I continue to meditate on what you have said, it will become as clear to me as it is to you.”

“Let me say it this way,” Lord Premier Lad,” I said, “Everyone has wished for something and received it. How does that happen. We really don’t know. We know how to wish for a job and find a job by looking. But we do not understand how we pray for someone to get well and that happens.”

“So we all have wished things into existence. Now we are just wishing the orbit changes into our dreamscape. It is a big project but we have everyone projecting the same result. The power of all these beings is great. And I repeat, it is the power of our combined energies that maintains the dreamscape we are currently experiencing. All we have to do is maintain it in a different way.

“If everyone abandoned this dreamscape it would disappear, disintegrate back into the Infinite All. All things that manifest out of the Infinite All in time disintegrate back into the Infinite All.

“Confusion comes when we think the dreamscape which is finite is the true reality as opposed to the Infinite All which is infinite and which manifests the dreamscapes. The dreamscape cannot be greater than the source they manifest out of. To believe in something that your experience shows you is not permanent is confusion.

“We are infinite immortal souls that have no beginning and no end that are incarnate in a body that is finite and mortal. When the body dies, the soul is freed. The spirit cannot die but bodies do wear out sooner or later. Even Jim one day will wear out. His android form is not immortal. But to us with shorter lived bodies he can seem to be immortal. But he is not.

“I have connected more of the lights, Dartnell,” said the Lord Premier Lad. “Thank you.”


“I would like to ask how I am being projected?” I said. “Am I being projected as a humanoid or just a ball of colored light or something else?”

“We have projected you as a changing light,” Lord Premier Lad said.

“We wanted others to concentrate on your message and not be distracted by your form. The reality of the Eye is that most of the intelligent beings are humanoid in form. Sadly, I have to admit that as big as the Eye is, there are ways to travel instantaneous and that allowed many humanoid warriors to conquer countless civilizations and exterminate other species of intelligent beings who they found offensive or just not worthy of life.”

“You are right that it is hard to conceive of a conquering army in so much space and time,” I said. “It is the history of my world but the scale is insignificant compared to the scale of the Eye.”

“So you are saying the majority of the intelligent beings of the Eye are humanoid and would not get too distracted by the projection of me as I am.”

“Yes,” Lord Premier Lad said. “Yet we still for this first significantly expanded exposure showed you as a ball of changing pastel lights, a very pleasant sensation. A visual experience that is close to the love reflected in your words”

“However, it has already been decided that after this conference we are going to circulate your true image and others can come to terms with what you look like in their own private space. What we are discussing here today needs the full and complete attention and focus of those who are listening. The ear hears better when the eyes do not distract.

“We however are projecting to you exactly how we look,” said Lord Premier Lad.

“As soon as we finish, this conference will broadcast to all of 256 unedited,” I said. “We should have made a decision to open the broadcast from the beginning.”


“What is the next question, Lord Premier Lad,” I asked.

“You are very much a Christian Dartnell. In fact, this whole project is based on the teaching of Jesus that we can do anything. But like many things in life we heard the words but did not understand the message. The message is that we live in a pliable dreamscape.”

“What can you tell us about Jesus, Dartnell”

“I have incarnated at the same time as he did on countless occasions. I had the advantage always of knowing who he was and was able to experience history in the making while knowing I was watching history in the making. I never have and never will tire of the experience of being in his presence.

“Yet I never was a disciple. I was always a follower but always just an observer. On more than one incarnation in passing he would say hello Dartnell and I would respond with hello Master.

“We never sat down and had a one on one discussion really except in one lifetime we are boys in the same village and played together. But as in all incarnations, it is hard to have any perspective when you are a child. Being a child is about discovery and fun for the most part. So we talked about things children talk about; not who he was or anything about his destiny.

“I heard his message so many times and had so much time after he would leave a dreamscape and I remained to finish my work, that I fully understood what he was saying. I did not have a need to ask any questions really. And there is the fact that I was incarnating as often as he. That is something we shared, the love of dreamscapes; each one unique and interesting.

“I never watched an execution. It would have been too traumatic even for someone like me who understands clearly that there is no death. That being so, as we all know, dreamscape are very real. They do not feel like dreams. Pain and suffering is real while you are enduring it.

“It is hard for me to say much more. He is the One. He is the son of God as they say.

“Now and then I would see someone who had met Jesus in a prior dreamscape. And we would acknowledge that we were both present at these very critical stages in his mission. But we never spoke. There was a knowing that transcended and in some ways was demeaned by talking about the miracle of Jesus as we experienced it.

“That is very moving Dartnell,” said the Lord Premier Lad. “I can see from those around me that your memories of Jesus are very moving, as I experienced a very great sense of peace listening to you and that feeling is still very much with me.

“It is clear to me now Dartnell that you have touched enough of our fellow dreamers that the success of your project is assured because others like myself not only were deeply moved experiencing Jesus as you spoke, we were also experiencing your great sense of awe even now at the times you were with our Master.

“Thank you,” Lord Premier Lad.

“What is your next question,” I asked.

“Is Jesus present at this time in the Eye?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Where is he?”

“Everywhere,” I said with a smile.

Lord Premier Lad thought for a moment and then just smiled at me, as he held back his emotions.

“So how do we proceed Dartnell?” he asked.

“It seems to me that a few days are necessary for the record of this conference to have time to propagate throughout the dreamers of 256 and Paxus and the Eye,” I responded.

“There needs to be time for the population to integrate all this information into their essence if you will. I think they will begin to find that they are not only going to be witnesses to a great miraculous event but they are also going to make that event happen. They are going to be part of the miracle as players if you will and not just observers.

“So for now we just need to let those who are assigned to the task to bring all the logistics, mostly to do with communications, together. And in a few days I need to speak again to officially launch this endeavor.

“I think we should not interfere with the energy that exist right now by talking about Jim Chrome. If you would allow me a day’s rest and reflection I would be happy to engage in that conversation, as would Jim, tomorrow morning,” I suggested.

“Of course. Yes. I agree,” said the Lord Premier Lad.

“I have much to consider myself,” I said. “This is an emotional event for me as well. I am going forward with very deep emotions having to do with so many intelligent beings coming together in a very worthy and miraculous endeavor. I have been here before and the power of so very many intelligent beings locking arms if you will and going forth with determined enthusiasm and reverence to a new day is quite blissful; a new day when everyone will be uplifted and transcend to a new awareness of what it is to be a part of God’s Miraculous Infinite All.

“Let us all become an instrument of peace,” I said.

“Until we meet again Lord Premier Lad and all who can hear my words on this day of bliss and great joyful anticipation of the New Age that is about to begin.”

“God bless all,” I said.

“Jim Chrome OFF.”


“John all the while you were talking about Jesus, I was dealing with my constant consideration that you may be playing a dual role in this dreamscape as both Dartnell and Jesus. But during your revelations about Jesus, I realized you are a different Avatar and are not Jesus,” said Rachel.

“No I am not,” I said. “As a centurion once said, ‘I am not worthy to even have him in my home.”

“You were the centurion, John,” said Rachel.

“I will acknowledge that, Rachel. “Yes I was. It was not rehearsed or pre planned for effect or history. It just happened and no moment in my infinite incarnations comes close to that moment.”

Rachel just stared at me somewhat dumbfounded.

I smiled at her for a long moment and then turned to Jim.

“What is on your mind Jim?” I asked.

“Nothing in particular. I am more and more understanding how incarnation can be very addicting.”

“Truer words were never spoken my friend,” I said. “Truer words were never spoken.”


“Dr. WordPeace,” said Jim, “Dave and Harry will be here in a minute. They say they were close by and decided they needed to talk with you for about 30 minutes if you are available.”

“Tell them I am always available for them,” I said.

“They are landing now,” laughed Jim.

“This new laughing Jim is a pleasant extension of the old factual Jim,” I said.

“Joy is a good emotion,” said Jim. “I am glad I have learned how to add that dimension to our conversations.”

“Well just don’t run off and join the circus, Jim,” I said, “or worse yet join a group of traveling comedians.”

“Funny guy you are Johnny,” he said laughing.

“You might consider holding off trying too much of your new found emotions on those men in black coming up the stairs,” I said.

“Worry not,” responded Jim.


“Hello, gentlemen,” I said. “You guys look a little worn.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, you have no idea,” Dave said.

“Have a seat and relax,” I said.

“Thanks,” said Dave.

“Dr.WorldPeace,” said Harry, “one of the curious aspects of this project is that there is no opposition to speak of. You seem to have no nemesis out there trying to rock the boat if you will.”

“Allow me to tell you a Zen story,” I said.

“Once there was a little frog who lived in a little mud hole. One day he was talking out loud about how great he was and that he had all that he needed and he was in truth the king of his world.

“An old dog happened by and congratulated the frog and asked him if he would like to see something interesting. The frog feeling the need for a little adventure agreed. The old dog picked him up and trotted off through the high grass.

“When they exited the grass, the frog saw a large pond and he was speechless. He has never seen so much water. In fact, he never considered that a pond of water even existed.

“The old dog asked the frog again if he would like to adventure a bit farther. And the frog again agreed. Back through the grass and bushes and trees they went. The dog emerged from the woods and there was a very large lake in front of them. The frog took one look at the lake and passed out. The dog began to lick the frog and shortly he regained consciousness.

“What is that the little frog asked an the old dog responded that it was just a lake and there were a lot more of them, some bigger and some smaller. Then he asked the frog if he was recovered enough to take one more adventure. The frog said sure.

“The dog carried the little frog quite a long way and came upon some sand dunes which he climbed and the little frog for the first time saw the ocean. His head exploded.

Jim laughed quietly so Dave and Harry could not hear him. But Rachel and I saw.

Dave and Harry chuckled a bit.

“You see gentlemen all my nemesises, and there are more than a few around, are trying to keep their heads from exploding. Most of them thought highly of themselves for the control they had over their individual domains.

“Now in a very short string of days we have found that we are not the only universe but a part of 256 universes. And then they came to know that 256 is just a small UoU compared to Paxus. Then became aware that 256 and Paxus are just two of thousands of UoUs in the Eye.

“And if you will, they find that I have known subconsciously about all of this. Their realities, dreamscapes if you will, have expanded such that they cannot conceive of how far the dimension of this dreamscape extends.

“And once they like everyone else begins to get comfortable with their new found awareness they have to consider how they are going to attack me for wanting to avoid the coming chaos of the Polarity Shift. For them to challenge me would require them to advocate that the intelligent beings of the Eye embrace potential suicide associated with non action.

“This is a familiar scenario to me fellas,” I said. “We don’t have to worry about any nemesis because they are disoriented and by the time they really get grounded the crisis is going to have passed.

“That makes sense,” said Dave. “We are the good guys and we are just being carried along while we try to wrap our heads around the scope of this project. We see the still rapidly expanding data base of here-to-fore unknown species of intelligent beings and their civilizations.

“Was there anything else,” I asked.

“No,” said Harry.

“Well gentlemen,” I said, “you have very long careers in front of you. It will take millennia before things really stabilize. But you two guys are at the hub of all communications from all over the Eye. You have access to it all. Your experience will be invaluable to the government.”

They both just looked at me trying to process what I just said.

“I have a question,” I said.

“Sure what is it Dr. WorldPeace,” Harry asked.

“You know that I have no place to hide anymore. You have seen the technology from different civilizations in the Eye. So the question is have you guys thought about how you are going to secure my environment?”

“Yes we have given that a lot of consideration,” said Harry. “You, not us are the center of this dreamscape and as long as you stay where you are we are going to be the hub of things for a long time to come. We feel we have to triple the restricted area around you which will be another 10,000 acres. And we are going to hide the military guards in underground facilities. We will secure the parameter with the most high tech sensors that we have. Drones, satellites and all kinds of things as well as restrict the air space for about 10 miles from the parameter.”

“Good,” I said. “I just want my old life back. I am not going to start a movement of any kind or a church or anything that will impose on my seclusion. I will write and post to the internet as I have done for the last century and keep painting and writing my novels and such.”

“I know you are not going to able to prevent the intrusion of technology like the Lord Premier Lad has. They have already offered to help protect me. As head of the Eye I feel they have the most sophisticated technology from the most advanced civilizations in the Eye.”

“I see no point in relocating. No matter where I go I will have the same problem. I feel safe here and I want to stay here.”

“You are our number one priority, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Dave. “I hate to say this but the reality is that you outrank the President of the United States. He has said it himself often. You are our greatest asset. Sorry to be so governmental.”

“No offense it goes with the territory,” I said.

“We have miles to go before we sleep Dr. WorldPeace,” said Dave. “so we must be going. Thanks for seeing us.”

“Come anytime,” I smiled.