The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel One - Phoenix Rising


by Dr John WorldPeace JD


Novel One - Phoenix Rising

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved

Chapters 52-62



I woke up about 0600 and Cathy was standing by the bed with my coffee and a rich chocolate brownie.

“You have my sleep pattern down pretty good,” I said.

She smiled.

“Did you sleep,” I asked.

“Some in the chair. My mind is still racing. It will not turn off,” she said.

“Do you want to see if they will let us out of here now. I don’t need to see the doctor,” I said.

“The doctor will be here in an hour and we are already checked out,” she said sipping her coffee.

“You are something else my love; something else.”

“John, I want to ask you something.”

“Ask,” I said.

“Who do you think you are? I mean do you think you are the messiah or something?”

“No. I am an advocate for WorldPeace. I don’t do miracles, healings or speak in tongues. I am just a regular guy with a WorldPeace agenda. I work hard but I am not a miraculous person; just enigmatic because I have had a global agenda that I have worked very hard at all my life.”

“I think you are more than that,” she said.

“Only time will tell what I accomplish and that will define me. Things change. Things happen. But for now, I am just a man who had a vision and continues to try to make it a reality,” I said.

“Unlike the Christians, I believe when and if Jesus returns, no one will recognize him. Whoever the people think is the messiah wont be the messiah. That is all I can tell you. That is what I believe.”

“Who do you think I am?” I asked her.

“My partner. I don’t spend much time contemplating those messiah related things. But if I have a revelation then I will tell you or you can tell me specifically what you want to know.”

“I think I have a destiny, a big role to play in the world human socieity, but it is not clear to me at this time,” she said.

“I did not understand my role until 1988 when I changed my name to John WorldPeace. I thought I might become a televangelist. So you are still you until you have a clear vision or dream of who you will be. All I do is operate day to day and keep myself alert to what is happening to me. I really don’t want to guess and put anything into your mind. If you have a dream or vision just share it with me and I will give you my opinion.”

“I think Kay is an angel,” I said. “She is not grounded and is always doing good. She left me to try to learn about being human. That is what I think about her.”

“I think you are too grounded to be an angel,” I said. “I just don’t know. People are called to this metaphysical work in a lot of ways and at different ages. Moses was eighty. I just feel that I am on the path to your future. In other words, being with me will help you see your destiny. And it may now be the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“I see. And that makes sense to me,” she said taking another sip of coffee.

“Have you ever been around psychics,” I asked.

“Only the ones that the group has talked to about you,” she said.

“How much time have you spent reading religious scripts or metaphysical books.”

“Not much really,” she said.

“How much time have you spent in meditation.”

“Not much,” she said.

“The spiritual metaphysical world, the connection between heaven and earth is not an exact or seamless. Sensitive people can get a clear perception from the other side but most of the time they don’t. And sometimes you think you have a clear message and you don’t. St Francis is a good example.”

“He saw a vision of weapons and banners of war inside a castle and he thought he was going to lead an army of soldiers to glory and fame but it really meant he would make and lead an army of friars.”

“Like being shot,” I said. “I had a dream, a vision of it. And it happened but not exactly as I dreamed but the big issues were there. I got shot and I did not die and no one else got hurt. But you see that dream may have never become reality. Or it could have happened three years from now. Time doesn’t really exist in heaven; where there is only now. All times, past, present and future are merged into the now. So it is very hard to pin down time in a vision or dream.”

“Sometimes I think that the variables in time and space shift and it’s like the air opening in the clouds. You can see the blue sky. But five minutes later the clouds close back up and that clear path is gone. You see there are all these human beings and spiritual beings and unincarnate beings if you will. Those watching from heaven are much more numerous than those who are incarnate; maybe the same as between football players and the crowd watching them. I think most spirits do not want to incarnate because it is too hard to exist in the earth reality. So they watch.”

“I feel you are very grounded in this reality Cathy probably because you incarnate down here a lot; maybe hoping to connect with me. So you know how it works down here and you are therefore grounded and comfortable in this reality. Some psychics just can’t hold a job; the same for artist. They are not grounded. They can’t figure out why things don’t work on earth the way they do in heaven. And they get confused and frustrated.”

“You are good at what you do because you have trained all your life for it. I have spent seventy-five percent of my life looking at spiritual things.”

“The truth is that I am always aware of the dual realities of heaven and earth both of which I am always conscious of.”

“If you want to look at all these things I can help you. Maybe that is why you have connected with me. Who knows? You really never know I think until your life is over and you die and then your expanded consciousness in the spiritual world lets you see what was really going on.”

“And remember a path in life is never straight. It is very crooked because the earth/heaven reality is always shifting because human and spiritual beings are always messing with it for their own purposes.”

“Also consider the spiritual world is made out of tissue paper and the earth made out of rock. That is how it is. And remember too in this dimension you have limited hearing, sight, taste and so on. In the spiritual world, all those things are expanded. You have limited senses on earth so you can focus. The background noise is reduced because the human brain cannot process that expanded consciousness of heaven. It is like having a thousand televisions on at the same time. Your earth brain can only process one channel at a time.”

“And I repeat there is bleed through between the two realities. There is no brick wall between them. That is why sometimes we see ghosts. The barrier is thin and we see into that other dimension and the ones on the other side see us.”

“John you know so much about these things,” she said. “I had no idea it was so dynamic. Again I am in awe of what you know and have experienced.”

“Cathy everything I have said is just a metaphor. It is just a way of explaining and communicating something that the human consciousness simply can’t comprehend. I have just developed a complex metaphor that makes sense to me. And Cathy I have several metaphors for the same things. And these metaphors are not the same.”

“There is a lot more I have not told you,” I said. “The realm of God is infinite. The universe is finite but it is definitely expanding into something. A void. What is there beyond the edge of the universe? I think more universes; infinite dimensions and realities. We are just tuned into this station, this reality; for about eighty years. We are always blocking all the rest of God’s realm out.”

“We create our own reality,” I said.

“Now back to earth. We have taken a little mental excursion into the realm of infinite possibilities. But back on earth we have a meeting in about eight hours and so we continue this earth game in which we are engaged.”

“John in some ways all this spiritual metaphysical stuff is scary,” she said.

“How is that?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said.

“It is scary when you realize there are no walls, no edge, no foundation outside the physical universe. And there is a fear of nothing to hang onto. A fear of getting lost in space if you will.”

“Just remember this, at least for now, you are tied to this reality. And when you leave there will others to help you in those dimensions as well. As Jesus said, ‘My father’s house has many mansions’. Actually many dimensions, many realities.”

“John, I feel like the things I have worked to know are limitless and overwhelming and I am fearful of looking into the vastness of God’s totality,” she said.

“Hey you get used to it after you live with the concept for a while. Yes we are all in free fall together,” I grinned. “Don’t worry. I’ve got you babe.”

“John, I am a very smart person by society’s standards. I know a lot about physics and engineering and sociology and law and all kinds of things about how things work in the physical universe and how to function at a high level in society. And virtually everyone would say I am a successful person.”

“Yet, John, I don’t understand the core issue. ‘What is life? I am in Jeremy’s group because it is a group that I see now has been looking for the great spiritual teacher to teach us about things that are available and within our easy grasp.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“You John, have spent your whole life it seems asking that one core questions, ‘What is life?’”

“Absolutely,” I said. “I started asking that question when I was eight. I determined that I had to understand the point of life first and then I would adjust to life in society and on this planet. In reality, I lived life, went to school, got married, and had children, started businesses but that core question about life never left me. I never stopped reading, researching, thinking and meditating on that one question,” I said.

“I found very quickly that religion was a snow job. It was too simple a model and most irritating for me was being told ‘God only knows’ or ‘don’t question that’. Life and living make sense. I just felt I had to find a philosophy that made sense. And what I found was that I had to explore the unconventional wisdom to get a perspective. I had to study all religions. I had to study metaphysics.”

“I believed that so many human beings with an infinite amount of individual uniqueness had written and passed on the bits and pieces they had learned. It was in biographies and autobiographies as well as the average person. I was absolutely sure the answers were available. And in time, I found that they were.”

“You know before the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1945 there was a myth that people in Jesus’ day did not write things down. That now has proven to be false. There was all kinds of commentary on the Jewish religion and manipulation of text from generation to generation . The Catholic Church created that myth. They canonized the present Bible by making a few adjustments to the Old Testament of the Jews and putting together the New Testament about 400 CE and then they tried to destroy everything that was not in their official canon; the same thing the Jesuits did when they got to America. They destroyed all the records of the Aztec, Incas and Mayans. Bastards and enemies of the world human society is what they were.“

“Book burning goes far back into history and comes forward as recent as the Nazis in Germany and the Chinese in Tibet. When you are building a new empire or religion, you torch the old and in a hundred years or so, the familiarity with the old ways is gone. “

“So yes that information about life is out there and I pursued it. I found a little bit of truth in a lot of places; Buddhism. Hinduism, palm reading, channeling, meditation, monks and ascetics all over the world going back millennia and I have found that religions evolve. And you are right. It is time for a new religious drama; or spiritual drama. It is time for a new teacher, advocate, or counselor to move humans into a more same society.”


“Also, you are conditioned by the conventional wisdom to stay away from non-conventional information. And that is where all the bits and pieces of non-corporate truth are located.”

“You think you have done well because you have received A’s on everything your teacher taught you. You proved yourself to be a conservative don’t rock the boat person by doing exactly what the teacher said. The best law firms, accounting firms, engineering firms seek out the ‘A’ students because they don’t get in trouble thinking outside the conventional boxes.”

“It takes someone like me to come along and be the heretic and say ‘the king has no clothes’ and I am not buying into something that makes no sense. “

“So yes, I have sixty years searching for the answers to the questions ‘What is life?’ and ‘Who is God’. And I have a philosophy that makes sense to me. And one that has been modified and adjusted based on challenges to it by others. And now I am about to publish it.”

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I am one teacher. I have a message and it is founded on WorldPeace; the hub from which religion, politics and the law extend. In talking about WorldPeace, I start talking about life, God, the spiritual dimension and the incarnation of immortal souls into mortal human bodies.”

“You will see that almost everything I have written is collateral to the ‘What is life?’ question. One closely related question, ‘How do we manifests peace on earth?’. ‘What is life?’ is philosophical. WorldPeace is more tangible even if considered impossible. But answer the greater question of ‘What is life?’ and you have found a lot of truth related to increasing the peace in the world human society,” I said.

“John I have been associated with Jeremy and his friends for a decade but I just found out from you what I, what we, have been looking for; not a messiah but the answer to the question ‘What is life?’, she said. “I guess we have been looking for an avatar to come and answer that question.”

“And you John are going to open up that discussion worldwide and begin to teach. I see now. I understand. It all begins to make sense now and you are scaring people like the guy who shot you yesterday; and the judges who imprisoned you, and all those who say WorldPeace is an impossible dream.”

“And I see why you were so calm today; because it all makes sense to you. You know exactly where you stand in relationship to everything else in the universe.”

“By Jove, I think you’ve got it,” I said with a smile. “Life is but a dream. Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter; the real message of Jesus. We control our dream. It is so very obvious, so very hidden,” I said.

“Oh my God, John,” she exclaimed. “Oh my God.”

She started to cry and I put my arms around her. She looked deep into my eyes and I saw the universe unfolding in hers.


We left the hospital at 0745 and went home to the apartment. We made blissful love and both of us fell asleep. The meeting was set for 1400.
The Royal Tiger is a very upscale and very expensive restaurant. Harold Nusbaum was paying the tab.

We got up about noon and Cathy made some coffee and also warmed some cinnamon rolls. We showered and dressed taking our time chatting about frivolous things. I was surprised that Francois had not dropped in but I can never predict much of anything about Francois.

About 1315 we left for the restaurant. Cathy had called everyone and they were all going to be there. We arrived at 1345. Harold and Francois were there. John and Myle and Kay were only a few minutes away. I had the feeling that Francois had been busy in the last twenty-four hours.

Francois came in and immediately walked over to me and hugged me and kissed me deeply. Cathy shook hands with Harold as did I.

“John, yesterday may go down as one of the most exciting days of my life,” Harold said.

“I hope it is not one I will repeat,” I said, “but who knows it may be the best and worst day of my life if you and I have a meeting of the minds and the books are as successful as you think it will be.”

“They will be a success, John. My dad and I are both absolutely certain of that.”

Just then Marshall, Myle and Kay walked in. Kay looked calm and rested. I was surprised. But Kay had been on her own for two years. There is not doubt she had become a lot stronger.

Harold invited us all to sit down at a large round table. He had ordered some wine and hors d’oeuvres. We were seated, Harold, Francois, me, Cathy, Marshall and Myle and Kay. After everyone had a glass of wine, Harold offered a toast to my continued good health and to the success of the WorldPeace Advocacy and most especially to the publication of my books.

“I am really glad that everyone came today. John said yesterday that all of you made up his inner circle of closest friends and family advisors. He says there is no one else really who he would share or discuss these matters with.”

“John would you lay out your thoughts about how this book deal should go,” Harold asked.

“Thank you for the toast Harold. I have never been involved in a book deal so I recognize that I am out of my depth. My intent was to deal with Harper Collins one on one until I had some sort of offer on the table. Then I was going to find a lawyer or agent to look over the deal. My number one concern is that the books not be allowed to go out of print and secondly how the foreign markets will be handled. I knew the books could become a cult icon and the sales could go on forever. My hope is that I could spend the rest of my life selling the books through traveling and at the same time promoting WorldPeace. I wanted it to be the foundation of my mission to make some kind of permanent increase in the level of peace in the world human society.”

“I have come to feel that the epic that I have written will consist of an unlimited number of volumes. I will write two or three novels a year for the rest of my life. The first volume, which may be two books, will be my autobiography covering the years 1948 to 2007. The second autobiographical volume will be my prison journal for 2008. Each subsequent volume will be a novel and will be about four hundred and twenty-five pages in length. The foundation story line will always be about WorldPeace with all kinds of secondary story lines about increasing the peace.”

“The books will be good as just a novel even without the WorldPeace propaganda. In addition, each year or two, there will be a supplement to the autobiography relating all the things that happened regarding peace since the last supplement was published. I intend to keep a journal as the year progresses and from those notes I will write the supplemental autobiography. On the other hand, I may not keep any notes at all and just write the supplement based on what I remember. That way only the really important things would be in the autobiography. I have just not made a decision about how I will proceed at this time.”

“There would be other shorter books like my interpretation of the sacred texts of the world’s major religions; and a Book of Peace and a book about the reality of the judicial system and one about Jesus.”

“Right now, I have the 1948-2007 autobiography, my prison journal, and two novels completed. And what is important is that I know how the rest of the novels are going to unfold. I have not thought about the exact story lines. Those will be based on what is happening in the news. But I know how each novel will be constructed. That is pretty clear in my mind.”

“What is important to the publisher is how to make the most money marketing the books. And that comes down to timing and how often these books will be published. I don’t think the sales would be as great if all the volumes that I have written to date were published up front. Things change and the subsequent books should become more refined as my writing skills further develop and the WorldPeace Advocacy becomes more dynamic.”

“I believe that my interpretations of the sacred text and the Book of Peace for certain will be published in updated editions. As I continue to view and experience the world human society, I believe that I will need to make some minor changes in my original publications; sort of like a college textbook.”

“These are things that the publisher has to deal with. Mr. Nusbaum is involved principally to make sure I get the absolute maximum income from the books and that he consequently makes as much money as he can.”

“The WorldPeace Advocacy novels will probably have several movie spin offs and all kinds of jewelry and other peace stuff associated with peace and WorldPeace as well; movie related sales of paraphernalia representing the movie.”

“A big part of the money will go into my web design business to create jobs around the world. Essentially, I will show minimal profit no matter how great the sales because everything will be invested into marketing and jobs and growing this endeavor.”

“That is the broad brush picture I see.”

“Very good John,” Harold said. “You understand the nature of my job to market the book to a publisher.”

“Let me say this to everyone about Mr. Nusbaum,” I said. “I haven’t known him but for one day. But I know that before there was any news hype, before I even showed up on the radar, he sought me out. And I am impressed with that. I have a strong faith in God and when someone pops up like Mr. Nusbaum has, I pay attention and I give them a priority. And this is also important; he was there when all this really went to a new level. I was thinking the WorldPeace Advocacy really began with a bang,” I smiled.

“And when that bang happened, all the people at this table were there. I don’t think that was coincidence. And it does not mean that I am going to roll over and let Mr. Nusbaum take advantage of me,” I said with a smile.

“This matter is unfolding and the people at this table were chosen to be a part of the core of this WorldPeace Advocacy. In prison, in 2008, a bright line was drawn in my life such that the important people would come forward into my future and those who were against me would be carved out of my life and that includes three of my children. I want to say that under no circumstances should my children, other than Marshall, be informed of anything that involves me and I don’t want to even hear their names; or the names of their children for now. None of them exist in my world. The reasons are in my books.”

“I want everyone here to feel free to talk to everyone else at any time. I want you to express your opinions on any future decisions to be made. But I also want you to know that the buck stops with me. I make the final decision for now. At this very early stage, when nothing exists with regards to my books and me and not a penny has changed hands, my son Marshall is the heir apparent to whatever is created. I am not the messiah so I am not immortal and one day all I have created must be passed on to another administrator. For now that person is Marshall.”

“Also, I am very loyal and I believe in dancing with those who brought you. At the same time, I encourage debate and dissent but I will not tolerate treacherous acts. Working against the WorldPeace Advocacy and this group will see your very special status terminated immediately; totally, completely and permanently.”

“Yes, Marshall and Myle are from my past. Kay and I can’t be married but I absolutely trust and love her. Harold, Cathy and Francois are my new associates; friends since April 2009. The WorldPeace Advocacy is an evolving mission. Everything changes constantly so ongoing adjustments must be made.”

“The WorldPeace Advocacy is my life and it will occupy me eighteen hours a day seven days a week if not more. Even in my sleep, I will be working. I do not expect that level of engagement from anyone but myself. But any time of the day or night, my door, cell phone, email, IM is open to you. Before Mr. Nusbaum has even said a word, I am going to let him run with the ball. We will see where he goes. But that does not mean he and I are married or on the same north bound train. We are going to be friends but he is my moneyman. Our relationship is presently founded on mutual economic interests. And you who know me, know that I am not going to try to squeeze every penny out of this endeavor. Money gives me status and power to promote the WorldPeace Advocacy. As far as me personally, at the moment, I have all I need to be happy.”

“So there it is,” Isaid.

“Mr. Nusbaum is in the driver’s seat in regards to marketing the book to Harper Collins because he is the experienced professional and he was there when the starting gun was fired,” I smiled. “Now Harold, you know that this does not mean you can begin to negotiate for me before we have a contract offer, right?”

“Right and thank you, John,” he replied.

“When my youngest son David tried to destroy our web design business in January 2007,” I said, “I determined that all the people I worked with in the future would be top drawer true believers. That is what I believe all of you to be. The people at the top of this endeavor will have to meet that best of the best true believer standard. I am out to change the world for the better and I must have people who believe in the cause working with me.”

Kay spoke up, “I would like to say that it takes my breath away to be talking about a billion dollars. I was with John when he was writing the Book of Peace and when we submitted it to Harper and got a positive response initially. Then we meditated and saw some other things and now all those things are happening. Those things we saw did not manifest then but seem to be happening now. I know if anyone can change the world, it is John. I am excited.”

“John our little group has been looking for someone to take center stage in the world,” said Francois. “not a messiah but someone. Some of the people have been functioning for over twenty years on this belief. Now all of a sudden it looks like you may be the one and things are moving very fast. The coincidences are incredible. And this seems like a snowball going downhill gathering speed and significance.”

“We are ready for you John and all the people in our group are ready to go into action. We have significant contacts all over the world. We have done a lot of research John. We have delved extensively into your past and you seem like the real deal. Sure you have had your problems but we feel they are the problems of a visionary and the problems of manifesting a global dream and vision.”

“Thank you, Francois,” I said.

Marshall then said, “I have seen people attack my dad all his life but nothing has ever gotten him down. He always finds his way out of the maze. I am just now realizing he has spent his life moving toward this goal. Things that have looked chaotic from the outside now all make sense to me. Dad wasn’t bothered because he always knew exactly where he was going. I see that now and I am in a mild state of shock. He has prepared himself and now this group has come together over night. And it had a dramatic beginning of sorts yesterday and we were all there. And it is the kind of thing that if it had happened to any of us we would be in shock. But here dad is like yesterday was just another day at the office.”

“And it is not an act,” said Kay. “I saw John have a near fatal heart attack the same way one of us might deal with a cold. He refused the bypass and he healed himself. His faith in God healed him. But it did not slow him down mentally. Sure he slowed down physically because he had lost twenty percent of his heart. So the way he recovered from yesterday is no act. It is the way he is. He is fearless and he scared me to death. I can’t imagine anyone with more faith.”

“If John says the book is going to fly, I think at this point, we should all be true believers. I am glad to be a part of this. I can’t be married to John but I think I can work with him on this. I can contribute and I will to whatever degree I can.”

“Thank you, Kay,” I said.

After a moment of silence, Harold said, “Why don’t we order our food before we get down to business.”

Everyone agreed. There was idle chatting about insignificant things until our food came and we finished eating. Then Harold began to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what I would like to discuss is not the mechanics and nuances of a book contract. I believe we are looking at more than a billion dollars in global sales. This book project is so unique. The contract is going to be one of a kind. So lets put that aside. What I want to know is what we are dealing with here.”

No one really grasped the question because they were not used to dealing with literary economics and genre so no one spoke.

“What do you think, Harold?” I asked.

“John, I truly don’t know,” he responded.

“I have not gone over what I am about to say with anyone because it is about the philosophy of the books as opposed to the story line.”

“Let me quickly say again, this project consists of an autobiography including a prison journal of John’s first sixty years. Then it branches off into futuristic novels and supplements to the original biography.”

“So the average person reads this epic novel of many volumes as just a collection of parables; stories. Jesus taught in parables to the average man; parables that taught a lesson. John has accomplished this same kind of teaching.

“So we are looking at an autobiography with updates and an endless string of novels in a unique WorldPeace genre that John has created.”

“Any questions?”

No one responded.

“John, I had not thought about the essays that you will write. You have not just a marketing plan for your books but you have a marketing plan for the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“Yes and here is something unique and interesting about the project,” I said.”

“First, the autobiography will read like a novel and people are going to be shaken if you will when they keep remembering that this really happened and these are real people and events,” I said.

“My, my, I never thought about that,” said Harold.

“Well no one will until they read the final edited version,” I said.

“Second, the novels are going to seamlessly interface with the autobiography as of January 2009, and there will be a lot of true facts in the novels’ some repeated from the autobiography. So people are going to get in sync with the autobiography being factual, then they are going to at first think the novel is factual; or the autobiography is fictional. They are going to have to deal with the shift. They will have to stop and say to themselves, ‘this is a novel and it is fiction that I am now reading’.”

“Then guess what? I come out with a supplement to the autobiography which will shift everyone back to factual events and real people in my life. And of course they will try to see if any of the fictional characters match up with the real people in my life.”

“So the bottom line,” I continued, “is that over time, in the readers’ minds, they are not going to correctly separate fact from fiction. And I can see arguments over events and characters in the books that are going to send people to their copies of my books to look it up.”

“So there is going to be a lot of discussions and controversy over time and this will keep the interest in the books alive.”

“And I think these books will be part of college classes, maybe taught by me at first or even at seminars. But I feel certain that the books will be part of the political science, religion and law school curriculums.”

“Oh my goodness, John,” said Harold, “I never thought about that either.”

“Listen everyone,, I have been constantly amazed at the depth of John’s thought processes.” said Francois. “He has thoroughly considered all aspects of the WorldPeace Advocacy. I am almost daily astounded with his abilities to tie the most mundane things to global philosophies and realities. He mixes the intellectual, practical and spiritual with ease. What you are seeing here is just one example of how his mind works.”

Then Kay said, “John would always drive me nuts because I would ask what I thought was a simple question and he would ask if I really wanted to know the answer because he would have to lay a foundation of other related facts before he answered. But every time I listened, I found that his seemingly incoherent decisions were very much thought out and made complete sense; even if I did not agree with them.”

I spoke up, “It is like the kid who did not want to ask his father to help him with his homework because he did not want to know that much about the subject.”

Everyone laughed.

“Also, each novel is going to be a subtle prediction of the future and to a larger degree a suggested direction for global and even local problems related to increasing the peace. I believe there is not a greater level of peace currently in the world because there is no one teaching peace; suggesting to people how to increase the peace in their lives or the world. If something I say turns out to be prophetic, then that will further increase the sales of my books. But let me say that it is not my intention to become a prophet. I am just going to write what comes into my mind with no intention of being known as a psychic,” I said. “I will be trying to write best sellers.”

“Nostradamus wrote one thousand quatrains, most of which are meaningless. But there are some that seem to be right on and intriguing. My book is about a practical approach to peace and not really about abstract theories regarding peace. My books will project and predict some things beyond the next forty years.”

“So with a little luck, this will be another source of boosting sales. You can’t write thousands and thousands of pages about the future and not hit the mark on some things that actually happen in the future. People will remember what came true and ignore how many things I said and wrote that never happened.”

“I know that I am a psychic. Look at my paintings. Where do you think those images originate? I have always been intuitive. But I never wanted to be known as a fortune teller giving advice on questions about jobs and cars and love interests. Therefore, I, for the most part, refused to give psychic readings.”

“What I determined to do was to use my psychic abilities to channel information that would apply to and be uplifting to the world human society and hopefully increase the peace; things that would uplift humanity now and in the future. In truth, the novels are channeled”.

“I begin writing and then I take a break at the end of a section and then I am given the next section. I see these sections pretty clearly. I think about them for a bit and then I begin to write again; sort of like my poems except the poems are condensed. I feel the inspiration, take out a piece of paper and write, usually less than thirty lines, close up my note pad and five minutes later I can’t tell you what I wrote. As an aside, I can’t seem to write poems on a computer. I need to do it on paper with a fountain pen. That is interesting to me.”

“With the art, I will usually see the painting in a dream or vision and then begin to draw them. I draw an hour then meditate by looking at the canvas for an hour. I do this until I finish drawing; which may take months.”

I then apply the color the same way. I paint. Then I look at how the images and colors are emerging and integrating and then I adjust and begin to draw some more detail or paint again. So I have had a lifetime of learning how to flow with this metaphysical creative energy.”

Eric Hoffer, who I find very much in sync with my mindset says, ‘That which is unique and worthwhile makes itself felt only in flashes. If we do not know how to catch and savor these flashes, we are without growth and without exhilaration.’

“I have learned how to catch or ride on creativity and inspiration. And it really applies to my entire life and most especially to all aspects of the WorldPeace Advocacy; which has developed the same as any poem or painting except over a much longer time period.”

“So the point is, I think the books will have a significant psychic element that in some cases will boost sales twenty years down the road as things that I wrote actually happen.”

“Harold the contract must clearly state that the books must be kept in print or publishing rights revert to me. I am sorry to be repetitive but this is very important,” I said.

“One other thing, I have no intention on focusing on a book of prophesy. If things I write, happen, that will be interesting. If nothing happens that I write about, so what? But I think some things I write about will happen and I think this will happen starting with the first novel. Unlike Nostradamus, you won’t have to stretch the meaning of the lines in a quatrain to fit some event. What I write will be upfront and in a logical linear format; not abstract and mysterious.”

“John has never mentioned any of this to me but here again we see a whole new dynamic to his thought process,” said Cathy. “He obviously is always thinking in a practical logical linear mode, an abstract mode and a metaphysical spiritual mode. It must be interesting to see all those streams of thought in every event and action.”

“Someone said I have a right brain left brain fusion; whatever that means,” I said. “But it is true that I am always aware of the tangible and spiritual realities at every moment. Every action for me is evaluated globally within both realities.”

“Now I better understand the art,” Francois said.

“John every time you open your mouth, I see a whole new income stream, or maybe income river,” Harold said.

“I have been developing these thoughts all my life. And I love questions about these things. So when people have asked questions over the years, I have had a chance to test the integrity and coherence of my philosophy to make sure it is still valid in light of the new question.”

“Everyone at this table is doing the same thing in their jobs and life as what I am talking about here. The only difference is that I am more aware of what is happening in my life than most people. My abilities in regards to creating are finely honed and developed but my practical skills come from a lot of experience; working twice as much as everyone else. So I have the life experience of a man one hundred years old and not one who is sixty years old; my biological age.”

“I have a big agenda and I have consciously spent over fifty-two years laying the foundation.”

“John in addition to your astounding intellect and understanding, you are likeable and you have excellent communication skills. And you are controversial and enigmatic. You will do well on the talk show circuit. If we get you on Oprah, the book sales will go ballistic,” said Harold.

“I see now where we are going with these books, John,” Harold said. “Everywhere!”

“And how can this be,” said Cathy.

“Because he is the Kwisats Haderach,” said Francois and Harold at the same time.

I just smiled and said, “Just please don’t say that too loud and please never use the word messiah when referring to me. A lot of the sex in the books is to prove I cannot be the messiah. For the same reason I have no disciples, followers or organization members. But I hope to have a lot of true believers to help increase the peace in the world human society.”

“I am an advocate for peace. That is a neutral, secular, non religious, non spiritual, non New Age metaphysical term that I want applied to me. And that is really what I consider myself. I have skills that I bring to this work. Time will tell what I accomplish.”

“So what else, John?” Harold asked.

“Well nothing really,” I said. The books hopefully will prepare the way for me to speak about WorldPeace around the world. They prepare my audiences. Promoting peace and promoting the WorldPeace beacons become one and the same act with promoting my books. This again makes the books unique. The potential of this project is really unlimited. And what is more, I feel the timing is about perfect. People are ready. Many like Francois’s group have been anticipating someone like me for decades. Psychically, there is an unconscious knowing in the world human society that things are about to change. I think there are other groups like the one to which Francois and Cathy belong. We will see.”

“John, I expected this meeting to last several hours but in forty-five minutes you have laid out a detailed marketing strategy; one that you obviously have been formulating for a long time. Most of what you have said makes perfect sense. I understand now the scope of the project and I am certain that you have thought out multiple levels of the peripheral aspects as well. And you have obviously done this alone,” Harold said.

“Yes, and that makes me sad. It has always been my true love. It has probably caused me to lose two wives and three children. So whatever success I attain in this, it came at a high price.”

“I understand a lot now that I never understood before,” said Kay.

“Yes its sad. I tried to do too much in one life but that is history. All I can do now is move forward. My job is to try to make my impossible dream of increasing the peace in the world human society a reality.”

“It seems we are ready to move on to some nuts and bolts marketing,” said Francois. “The group that Cathy and I belong to consists of over one hundred and twenty-five members who are well connected to influential and moneyed people all over Europe. I see one of the things that we will do is to buy a large quantity of books and seed the world leaders and the university faculties with them. In addition, we will supplement all the speaking engagements that the publisher sets up no matter where John goes. We will have people for him to talk to in groups and in small gathering of a handful of people. We will introduce him into the art world. He has already targeted all the peace groups. I would say John may be speaking three or four times a day, seven days a week. I am sure we will match and exceed the publisher’s budget for books tours and marketing and such.”

“Thank you, Francois,” I said.

“We may compete with the publisher for foreign sales and translations of the books without appearing to be attempting to inflate the prices. Cathy’s family knows the CEO of Harper Collins. And some discussions have already taken place among senior citizens of prominence about getting on board,” Francois continued.

“And the CIA, FBI and NSA have an interest in John’s books and we will receive some help from that quarter as well.”

“Really,” said Harold.

“Didn’t you notice the FBI agent who appeared at the time of the shooting,” said Cathy.

“Oh, yes. But it did not register until now,” Harold said.

Francois said, “You see Harold, if John’s WorldPeace Advocacy takes off it could affect US foreign policy and the Feds know they have to work with him. I think they have already come to the conclusion that he is not an anarchist and that he will work with them. They recognize his potential and have already begun to project some things believing the book deal, probably with Harper Collins, is a fact even though not yet reduced to a signed contract.”

Cathy added, “There has been a movement for a Department of Peace in the President’s Cabinet. Who better qualified to head that department than Dr. WorldPeace.”

“More mind boggling revelations. I have really been slow on the uptake here,” said Harold. “But what I saw was so much bigger than anything I could relate to. I did not consider that all I really saw was part of the whole. And the part that I saw seems smaller every day.”

“Well think about this; WorldPeace as a reality,” said Cathy. “And you are sitting at the table with the catalyst who might just pull it off.”

“If not John, who?” said Francois. “Every other person of note is grounded in one race, religion, nation or gender. John is the only unbiased nonaligned peace advocate. And John has a plan; a template, a starting point.”

“He’s the one Harold. In more ways every day, more and more people will see it,” said Cathy.”

“This is such a phenomenal endeavor. And John is the first person I have known who made a true believer out of me that WorldPeace is a possible dream,” said Harold.

“Now is the time. John is the man. WorldPeace,” said Cathy.

“John these two women are ready to start a revolution,” Harold said.

“Yes, it seems so and I can tell you that we have not had an in depth discussion about this. Half of what I said earlier, they were not aware of. Nobody was because it was all in my head. But everyone at this table is important to me for a different reason. Cathy and Francois have just been on the peace train a long time. So they are taking what they already know and applying it to the ideas I revealed today. Kay has been working with me for twenty years,” I said.

Harold picked up his glass and proposed a toast. “To WorldPeace and the peace doctor, John WorldPeace.”

“To a saner world,” I said as a second toast.

“John, I need to go and process all that we have discussed. I will be in touch. Cathy is your personal assistant so I will work through her,” he said.

“The bill has been paid,” Harold said. “Continue to eat and drink as long as you please. It is all covered. I feel reborn,” he said.

Everyone shook Harold’s hand and he quietly left with Francois alongside. The rest of us ordered coffee and dessert.


“Dad, this is just mind boggling. I can’t even begin to take in everything that I have heard. And it’s going to happen. My mind is running at full speed not just about the potential of the WorldPeace Advocacy but also all the things people have said about you through the years; all that you have gone through. But you never gave up, never lost faith, never let anyone knock you off your path. And now it is all about to pay off,” Marshall said.

“I am so proud of you and so very happy to be a part of this,” Myle said as she gave me a tremendous heartfelt hug.”

“John as soon as you sign the contract and get your money, call me and I will quit my job and come to work for you. I think I want to be a part of this. It is still scary but I want to be involved,” Kay said with a tear in her eye.

I went to her and held her as she began to cry.

“Dad, I thought I understood what you were doing but what I thought you were doing is about one hundredth of what you were in fact doing. The world is your destiny. I can see you all over the world sowing seeds of peace,” said Marshall.

“I reached out my arm and Cathy came to me. I stood there holding Kay and Cathy for a while.”

Francois returned in a hurried determined way that is her style.

“John, John, John,” she said.

I let go of Cathy and Kay and took Francois into my arms and gave her a big hug. She held me for a minute, gave me a huge kiss on the mouth and disengaged from my arms.

“Let us all have some coffee and cake or whatever,” she said.

When everyone had ordered, Francois spoke. “John, Harold was holding back tears. You really touched him. He wanted to get back to his dad as fast as he could. But in addition, he didn’t want to break down in here. I don’t know what all was going on with him but it was deep seated. He said he had never been so inspired in his life and he could see you light up the world with your beacons. He is now a true believer John. I had my reservations about him at first but not now. I felt his energy. He is in for the long haul. He just kept saying he had to see his dad.”

“I think we are all in shock John,” said Francois. “You laid out a gigantic agenda and what is amazing is that you had been seriously on this path for over twenty years since you changed your name. You have all kinds of experiences and stories but now you are out of your learning period and into an amazing creative period; from book to WorldPeace Advocacy all over the world and maybe becoming the first world citizen. It’s going to take me months to process all you revealed but more importantly the WordlPeace Advocacy has begun. The WorldPeace train has left the station,” Francois said with a thick French accent due to her excitement.

“I have massaged this dream for a long time. I have meditated on it, contemplated, prayed, thought over the possible scenarios all the way back to 1969 when I became a political science major at the University of Houston. It has been with me a long time.”

Kay said, “Now I for the first time understand why you did some of the things you did. John, this is a huge dream and I am surprised you have had time for anything else. Actually, I am not surprised at all.”

“I thought we were going to launch in 2007,” I said. We were poised to make millions in the web business. But David had to be removed from my life. I can only have true believers from here on out. I am excited. We are launching.”

“We are supposed to see Harper Collins this week,” I said.

“Yes we are John,” said Cathy.

“And I feel that they will have had input from Jeremy, Harold and the FBI, CIA, NSA and their own in house and contract sources. And they are going to want to finalize a deal and move into production quickly.”

“Yes, they will John,” said Cathy.

Francois was deep in thought.

“So what is going on in your head Francois?” I asked.

“Just you John and your mission,” she responded. “And I just can’t believe you have diligently and vigorously worked on this for decades under the radar.”

“Well I thought running for governor would launch us but it didn’t. And Kay and I thought several times while we were married that we were going to launch but we didn’t. I guess I should have known that jail was going to be the end of the beginning. Jail gave me my peace bona fides.”

“That moved me into the big leagues in my mind. It let me resolve the past and write the future. 2008 was the end of the beginning. Phoenix rising,” I said.

“I am so happy to have all of you with me. While we were talking, I saw this group expanding very fast. We will always be the core group. But many more are coming to join us soon. The subconscious connection has alerted our partners around the world. The daily miracles related to this WorldPeace endeavor are going to significantly increase. It is the ‘Field of Dreams’ scenario. ‘If we build it, they will come’,’’ I said.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance,” I smiled.

Everyone ate their desserts and drank their coffee and tea in the silence of deep thought.

“Cathy will be the communication hub, so all questions, information, etc, will go through her. When Kay comes on board, she will work through Cathy. Kay will work out of her apartment in Austin. Cathy will travel with me. We will set up a second web site where everything will be posted. Kay will receive and send all communications. Shortly she will need an assistant. I want to see three groups a day and have coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner with small groups and individuals. I expect to work an eighteen-hour day seven days a week. Shortly, Cathy and I will have one or two additional personal assistants traveling with us.”

“I am going to build the web design business within eighteen months to the world’s largest,” I said.

“And I have not mentioned this but I have a design for a search engine to replace Google. I have had it in my head for four years and it would have launched in December 2008, if David had not done his evil. The search engine market is a five hundred billion dollar prize and growing. This will be a top-secret project. One day we will appear on the net and within thirty days we will own the search engine market.”

I don’t need any money. I won’t need to borrow any money. The web design business throws off incredible amounts of money. The reality is that I will have hundreds of privately owned corporations all over the world and trusts owning these corporations in a legal maze that will keep the world out of our business. The goal is job creation. All profits will go for expenses. So we pay little or no taxes but the equity of the businesses will go ballistic. It will all be based on a very simple web design business.”

“In time, we will be in every kind of business on the planet,” I said.”

“Other than the web design business and search engine business we are going to take the lead in hydrogen energy. We are going to end the use of fossil fuels as a primary source of energy. Water is the only sane source of energy. Break down H2O and you have clean energy with water as a byproduct.”

“John, Jesus, John you are launching off into more areas with unlimited potential and you have already thought them out as well,” Francois said.

“Yes,” I said. “Francois I am an accountant, businessman, lawyer. That has been my cover. I have owned insurance, tax, bookkeeping, legal and web design businesses catering to small businesses for thirty years. The WorldPeace Advocacy got in the way of making money.”

“John we are funding these projects as a loan consortium through Jeremy,” said Francois.

“No doubt,” I said.

“John, I have spent the time I have known you learning about WorldPeace. I thought that was who you are. Now I find out that is only one facet of you. And you have an equally aggressive mission relating to business and economics.”

“Yes. My other favorite project is arbitrage computer models that will let me buy and sell money twenty-four seven as the world turns.”

“Arbitrage too, John?” Francois asked stunned.

“Yes. I am the Renaissance man of the Third Millennium,” I laughed.

“WorldPeace without money is nothing but a beggar in the world I am sorry to say. That is not how I am going to operate; as a beggar.”

“There have been lots of saints. But none were as much of a businessman as they were saints; jobs, tractors to the Third World, water wells in Africa, genetics and archeological research. Eliminations of nuclear energy and much, much more are part of my agenda,” I said.

“I need money to buy political favors for the WorldPeace Advocacy. I am no ivory tower idealist. I am a practical idealist. And even though I am an advocate for peace I am not a pacifist. I am OK with the overthrow of corrupt governments. Money, Francois, buys peace.”

“My objective is to live long enough to put some changes into global economics as well as lay out a spiritual philosophy that will increase the peace; to put in changes that will keep evolving a more peaceful world without me.”

“Francois,” I said. “WorldPeace is not just about peace marches and speeches. I am talking about integration of the world economy so no country can ever again afford to kill their clients or their vendors. Think about that simple reality.”

“John we in the peace group have been discussing these things for decades but have accomplished little and now I have in the last ten minutes heard more innovative highly creative but practical programs than we have been able to come up with in two decades. And all this comes out of your head; you alone, meditating on a world economy right along with WorldPeace. It is just astounding, John,” she said. “Stunning.”

I smiled.

“Yes, Francois, I realized long ago that The WorldPeace Advocacy without money is impotent; no bucks, no peace. The world is an evil place. So we have to buy off a lot of evil,” I said.

“And we have to set up a school and find the most gifted special children in the world and teach peace both spiritual and practical. We must find and touch these children. We will make a search not unlike that for the next Dalai Lama.”

“Enough John, I really can’t take any more. I thought you were moving along on WorldPeace at one hundred miles an hour. Now you have introduced corollary missions and increased to warp speed,” Francois said.

“We need true believers. We need the best and the brightest. With them, we are going to increase the peace and manifest a more sane and just human society.”

“John,” said Cathy, “I have come to the conclusion that you are one of the most brilliant men on the planet and I know a lot of very high IQ people. But you have just moved the bar for brilliant about a mile higher in the sky. And you talk about these things with the same conviction and knowledge as you do about WorldPeace.”

“Yes,” I said.

“And now, Phoenix rising. It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Peace Now. If now us who? If not now, when? I am the Kwisats Haderach,” I said smiling. “And I have a lot of work to do.”

No one spoke. Everyone was completely silent.

“Do you see why there is so much negativity projected at me; why I was shot. I am challenging Satan, metaphorically speaking. The greater your light, the greater the evil arrayed against you. That is why I went to jail and why three of my children and the Snake tried and continue to try to destroy me. They are my enemies. They are evil. They have all undeniably deliberately tried to destroy me. God is real. This is battlefield earth. And I am determined to increase the peace and increase the light in the world human society.”

“Oh my God,” said Francois.

“I just could not take it anymore,” said Kay. “I had to leave the man I loved because I could not deal with the constant attacks. But I am stronger now. I also have had my time to think. What John is telling you I have witnessed. The world hates him. But God loves and protects him. God sustains his life.”

“Oh My God,” said Francois.

“Listen,’ I said, “To the world, I am just a WorldPeace Advocate and businessman. And that is the way it will remain to all but a few people like those of you here. What we have discussed is not for the rest of the world. I feel safe here. We are speaking in confidence. You can never compare me to a messiah or even use that word around me unless you intend to increase the number of people who want to kill me. I am just an advocate for peace. Don’t even mention Kwisats Haderach outside this group. Don’t write it. Don’t say it. I am an advocate for peace. Period. One simple man with one simple message; WorldPeace.”

“I must keep all business private. I can’t borrow money that will require me to submit financial statements. I am going to accumulate and control hundreds of billions of assets and if the world knows it, the world will array an incredible amount of evil forces against me and I don’t want to expend any energy blocking it.”

“This is really happening isn’t it John. I am not dreaming it am I?” Francois asked.

“Yes it is real. No it is not a simple night dream,” I said.

“John,” said Cathy, “The peace group has accumulated a lot of psychic input over time in regards to the person we were looking for. The things you have said at this meeting match up almost perfectly. There is no way that you are not the person we have been expecting. That has really impacted on Francois and me. And you have been right under our noses for twenty years. And Dudley found you a long time ago. A person named John WorldPeace was just too obvious.”

I laughed a lot.

“Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear. I hid pretty well from everyone. But yesterday it got serious,” I said.

“What was the guy’s name, Marshall?” I asked. “the one who shot me.”

“Jeff Spires,” he responded.

“Are you serious?” I asked.


“Remember Dana Spires from east Dallas. That is her no good evil son who sent me an email two years ago saying he had found me in this lifetime and we were eternal enemies. I am surprised he did not kill me. Truth is, he missed my head. That was not intended to be a warning shot. Well, break out the armored car,” I said.

Cathy and Francois looked at each other.

“Can I see your chest John?” asked Myle.

“Yes,” I said.

I took off my shirt. My chest and shoulder were black and blue.

“Oh my God,” Kay said.

“It doesn’t really hurt,” I said.

Cathy and Francois looked at each other intensely.

“Cathy it looks like you and Francois just got some more confirmation,” I said.

“We did. You were not to get shot for years. Looks like our time table is behind reality,” Francois said.

“Look everyone. Let us not all get freaked out. I have been dealing with psychic information for a long time and it is often jumbled in the details especially with regards to time. So everyone just ground yourselves and let us just carry on,” I said.

“John we can’t look at your chest and just pass it off,” said Myle.

“I know dear. But I am alive. That is the reality.”

“Of course,” said Cathy.

“OK then. I think it is time to adjourn,” I said as I put my shirt back on. I need to go home and rest. And Francois, I want you to come with Cathy and I.”

“Kay, I know you have to get back to Austin tomorrow. Marshall you and Myle have to work.”

“Listen, as has been said, I have lived this reality for decades. Nothing has changed except that your eyes have been opened a little. But I am the same mortal guy. Kay will tell you. I don’t put on airs. I am well guarded. So let us just move along like normal people,” I said with a laugh.

“Everyone began to get up, hug and kiss and move out of the meeting room. Cathy drove to the apartment and Francois followed. Cathy and I were in deep thought and spoke little on the way home. I thought I had revealed too much but in truth I had not. The gun shot required me to put almost all the cards on the table; face up.”


When Francois, Cathy and I arrived at the apartment, we all hugged and sat down to just relax.

“John I am so sorry for the way I acted yesterday,” Francois said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“The way I insisted on making love to you in the hospital bed, that was so disrespectful.”

I laughed.

“You make me happy Francois,” I said as I moved between her and Cathy on the love seat and put my arm around her. I love your energy and just about everything I know about you,” I said as I kissed her forehead.”

“John you just overwhelmed me today. I had no idea that you are committed totally to WorldPeace and you have spent a lifetime pursuing it in many ways. You have done so many normal things that no one would guess how much time you have devoted to your WorldPeace Advocacy. And at sixty you should be respected anyway. I have been an obnoxious child and I am sorry.”

“Forget it Francois,” I said. “I love you. I need your energy for the WorldPeace Advocacy as well as to heal me. I have worked too hard all my life. I have allowed myself little fun. I burned through two wives and outside my business I have been what some would consider anti social. All that has changed now. I am going to have some fun and you know how to spell ‘FUN’ in capitals.”

“John I promise I will never act like that again. Where you are going you can’t afford to have stories told about having sex in your hospital room. It would trivialize your being shot.”

“Frankly I don’t know how you made love to me after being shot. I must have been out of my mind.”

“Enough. Francois, it was just all the tension. Everyone was out of sync. You needed reassurance. That is what all that was about. You needed to feel that I was OK. That is what I think. That was a very traumatic event. I just have a habit of not giving these events any special energy so people think I am not affected. Well, I can assure you I got the message. But I have a responsibility not to put out a lot of negative energy that intensifies the anxiety.”

Cathy stood up and took her clothes off and took my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom and grabbed Francois by the hand and pulled her along as well.


At 0800, my cell phone rang. Cathy picked it up, saw that it was Kay and handed it to me.

“Hello,” I said.

“You up?” was the reply.

“Yes, just having a light breakfast, coffee and English muffin. What is going on?” I asked.

“I am on my way to Austin and I wanted to tell you that things are moving too fast for me. I am getting caught up into your world again and it seems wonderful and I have been reliving a lot of memories and excitement about Harper Collins. But then there is your getting shot. It’s not real to you. Like you have said so many times, nothing is real to you. You live in a dream state; not a fantasy world, but a dream state.

“John, it is all very real to me and it’s like a huge wall; a big stop sign for me. Not really a stop sign but a go very slow signal.”

“I understand and anticipated this,” I said. “Listen, we are not married. You have a new life now and you can involve yourself at anytime. I just thought that you might want to at least go to New York to the Harper Collins meeting.”

“I do but I am afraid it will break me out of my small world. My world now is dull and not very interesting but it is peaceful. And I can leave work and go be with my family with a clear mind. That is what I want now and I am tempted to join your Wild West show but I am just not ready. I have to slow down.”

“I understand. It was just important for me to give you the option. Forget the shooting. You can see my life going faster and faster and it is amazing for an old man over sixty. But this is the path on which I no doubt belong.”

“No matter what you do, you will share in the rewards of this. I have no one else but Marshall and Myle and I owe you. And I will always care about you,” I said.

“I know. That is all I wanted to say to you. I did not want to arrive in Austin, back in my world with this still on my mind. I wanted to leave it in Houston.”

“OK. I will let you know what happens and I will send some pictures of the events.”

“And by the way,” she said, “Cathy and Francois are amazing women. They are just what you need. They have a lot to offer and they love you each in their own way. They are true believers. And you see John, I will never have the faith to be a true believer. I will always be looking for another David catastrophe. I just can’t get him out of my head. We were doing so well and he crashed us. He is so evil. He destroyed your dream after all that you did for him.”

“I know,” I said, “but I left all that in prison. I have one son now. That is all. But my true loves are the WorldPeace Advocacy and the web design business. Both are very much alive and well.”

“You are going to make it this time John,” she said. “I can feel it. I want to stay an observer for now. Thank you for involving me. Thank you for understanding.”

“OK. Have a safe trip. If you need anything, just call. I will talk to you later,” I said as I hung up the phone.

“So she is not going to New York?” asked Cathy.

“No, she wants to stay in her small world where it seems safe to her and I understand that. I feel I broke her spirit and that makes me very sad. I hope to be able to give her a lot of money so she does not have to work. Money that I consider retirement pay for helping me start the web design business.”

“You really love her don’t you,” said Francois.

“Yes. But not more than the WorldPeace Advocacy and that is the main reason she left I think. I have a commitment to God this lifetime. She was collateral damage in my life and that makes me sad.”

“So ladies, what is on the agenda for today?” I asked.

“Nothing,” said Cathy.

“John I am still realizing and spinning from the last few days. I am in awe of you and I love you and I just can’t take it all in. I am in an ongoing state of euphoria. I am in love with you, all you are and all you are going to be and do. I just want to sit in your energy and stare off into space,” said Francois.

“Cathy and I were awake most of the night just watching you sleep and lightly touching you. It was wonderful. It felt good to be your book ends.”

“I am going back to Paris tonight and talk to Jeremy and some of the others,” said Francois. “I am going to pull out all our notes about you and the person we were expecting. I will be back on Friday for your meeting with Harper Collins in New York.

“John you might consider asking Jeremy to come to New York,” Francois said.

“Do it,” I said. “I have no problem with that, if you and Cathy agree.”

“Yes,” said Cathy. “John he knows so many people but beyond that John he is another number one fan of yours and he will be a true believer after he and Francois talk. He is a very brilliant man like you John but his expertise is money and putting deals together. That is his true love but after that he is committed to investing time and money into peace.”

“My son Marshall is too conservative to ever understand me and he and Myle have a political agenda I believe. I don’t want to suck Marshall into my world or sell him on it. But I do want him to be informed. I want him to know what is going on and the people I am involved with. He is a lot like Kay. He and Myle are creating their vision and I don’t want to interfere. I want to help him all I can. It is not required that he follow me. My past business failures have to do with not having people as committed and as passionate as me in my life.”

“John there is no one on earth like you. Not at this time; no one. You are at the top of the pyramid if not the star above it. Maybe that is my love talking, but it is how I feel,” Francois said.

“I know Francois and you know something? I really don’t know anything about either of you. I have asked neither of you any questions. I have just watched you and felt your energies. And I want to know more about you both. Why are the two of you so much in harmony with me? Why are we all so much in sync? I trust both of you totally. But you both come from a world that I have not lived in this lifetime. You both apparently come from great wealth.”

“We do,” said Cathy. “But money in and of itself does not bring fulfillment. And when you have as much as we each have, you have to find a magnificent dream and vision to outshine it. And in you we both feel we have found that dream. We both have money and education and power. And we are young. Where do we go from here?”

“I chose to pursue WorldPeace because I knew it was an impossible dream,” I said. “All I could do was to increase the peace in the world human society. I knew I could accomplish anything I attempted. I don’t have wealth or power. That is not important to me. I had to be a part of something much bigger than myself.”

I got up and walked back into the bedroom and they followed.


On Tuesday morning, I decided to go for a jog and was surprised to find Cathy and Francois chatting while having a light breakfast when I got up.

“Morning ladies. Cathy, I want you to call and set up a meeting with Harold and Jeremy here in Houston on Thursday before we go off to New York. We need to have a discussion before we get in front of Harper. Also, I want you to call Marshall and have him call the government and tell them I don’t want to see them until next week. I don’t know what is going on with Harper Collins and after I do I want more time to think no matter what.”

“John, I have already set up the appointment with Harold and Jeremy but it is set up for Wednesday evening at a place Jeremy has available on South Post Oak in the Galleria area. They want us to fly in the corporate jet to New York on Thursday afternoon. Jeremy has made hotel arrangements for everyone a few blocks from Harper. I understand we may have a second meeting on Saturday. I will call Marshall,” she said.

I should have guessed you would have taken care of this. I guess what I was feeling was not inspiration of things to be done but the reality of what had already been set in place.”

I smiled.

“You ladies must know how foreign (no pun intended) it is for me to give anyone this much control of my life.”

“We know John,” said Francois.

“OK, what else?” I asked.

“I set up a meeting with some students at Rice University to talk about religion this afternoon,” said Cathy.

How much time is allocated?” I asked.

“One hour. Some professors will be there as well,” she said.

“John she is kidding with you. They expect two hundred professors and students and it is an informal lecture with you at the podium,” said Francois.

“OK girls, coffee please.“ I said. “And thank you both.”

“I thought you were going to Paris last night Francois.”

“Things change,” she responded.


We arrived at Rice University and Cathy knew exactly where we were to go. It is a joy to have someone who takes care of mundane things so efficiently.

We arrived in the room about fifteen minutes early. All the seats were taken and the walls were lined with people standing up. About two hundred altogether but the room was only designed for one hundred and fifty. I was only expected to speak for about forty-five minutes and then about fiftenn minutes was allocated for me to answer questions; a total of an hour. I knew it would probably go on longer.

I walked around the room shaking hands and talking to everyone. There were about seventy-five percent students and the rest faculty attending. Most of the faculty was standing against the walls.

About five minutes before time to begin I went to the podium and began to warm up the audience with talk about some of my history; things that are on the net so no one would miss anything since I was starting early.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am Dr. John WorldPeace. John or WorldPeace if you prefer but please don’t call me ‘old school’.”

There was laughter.

I want to thank my sponsors for arranging this gathering. I will not bore you.”


“I have been asked to speak about religion in society. So that is the topic of my conversation with you today.”

“Politics, the justice system and religion are the three legged stool of social authority having to do with WorldPeace. They are responsible for the increase or decrease of peace in the world human society. They are each mandated directly or indirectly with increasing the peace in the world human society and yet they fall short of that objective and unfortunately do much to decrease the peace and cause chaos and disharmony in society. The truth is often paradoxical.”

“Politics is about money. It is about those with significant money (assets or wealth if you will) to influence lawmakers to pass legislation to benefit them and as much as possible transfer wealth from the bottom of the social pyramid to the top.”

“Justice is also corrupted by money especially for judges who must run for election. Appointed judges are from the larger conservative law firms. They are appointed to keep those with assets in power.”

“Religion is not to be confused with God or spirituality. God is the all-inclusive Infinite Potential from which all things manifest and back into which all things eventually disintegrate. God is an abstract of something the logical linear human mind with its limitations cannot fully understand. God had no beginning and has no end with regards to time or any other dynamic. This is the great mystery.”

“Spirituality is the individual connection to God. Religion is the corporate human controlled and maintained filtered experience of spirituality.”

“Religion is an elitist exclusive sectarian organization. It is elitist and exclusive in its sectarian philosophy. Religion on earth is structurally little more than a corporation with a hierarchy of workers and executives seeking to increase its power in the world human society through the sale of its particular brand name of God. The common denominator of religion is money and assets which translates into power.”

“Religion is dysfunctional because the prime directive of all religious bureaucracies is to first preserve the bureaucracy and to second spread the message of its patriarch. I say patriarch because there are no major religions presently on earth that have female prophets who founded them. Isn’t that interesting?”

“So when the message of Jesus conflicts with the needs of the Christian bureaucracy to increase and maintain its power, the message of Jesus is skewed. The core paradox is that the churches have and solicit billons in assets by spreading the non materialistic message of Jesus. The church encourages its members to secure the blessings of being poor by increasing the wealth of the church. The truth is often paradoxical.”

“Jesus had nothing good to say about the Jewish religious bureaucrats. (This statement does not mean I am prejudice against Jews. It is a fact that Jesus was a Jew trying to transform the Jewish religion. In a word, make it less bureaucratic.)You can’t find anything in Jesus’ teachings supporting the corrupt religious bureaucrats. (My position is that all religions run the same kind of bureaucracy. And with regards to their administrations you can’t tell one religion from another.)

“When the Apostle Paul laid the foundation of Christianity, he found it necessary to create a religious bureaucracy with all the evils of every religious bureaucracy in order to solidify and build a Christian religion. Saint Francis, an important Catholic priest in the 1200’s, tried to establish a religious order within the Catholic church which avoided ownership of assets but in this he also failed.”

“There is a need for a unifying presence and a corporate office in all religions. And the majority of human beings need the rites and rituals that a religion offers because human beings have a hard time speaking directly to and listening to God without direction and assistance. It is not as simple to them as just getting down on their knees and praying because there is little mystery in that. Human beings live in a secular social hierarchy in life and particularly at their jobs and they need a similar structure that they are familiar with between them and God as well. God is the chairman of the board in the human mindset.”

“So what is the solution? The solution to controlling a religious bureaucracy of any stripe is really pretty simple. The solution is an open and transparent accounting for money and open meetings at all levels in a religious hierarchy. Total transparency will take away the ability of the elders and corporate religious bureaucrats to manipulate the assets of the religion for their own personal advancement.”

“This is how you carve the evil out of a necessary evil of an alleged unifying religious organization.”

“Now ladies and gentlemen this is hard to accept. Actually no religious bureaucracy will change its mode of operation because that would mean terminating itself.”

“An adjunct to corporate religion would be the billion dollar Jesus shows like that of Joel Osteen in Houston, Texas. Joel makes hundreds of millions of dollars annually. And if he would just stop using the name of Jesus to do it, everything would be OK. But if Jesus attends one of Joel’s shows I am certain he would say, ‘Joel sell everything and follow me’. But Joel can’t do that. He is too caught up in wealth and power. And even if he was inclined to do so, all his employees would not allow it, much less his wife.”

“For Joel to get into heaven is going to be impossible. He is attached to his earthly wealth. He lives like a king. He is like a movie actor, a god of secular power.”

“Ladies and gentlemen the nature of human beings is corrupt. The temptation to do wrong is over powering; and doing wrong generally means harming others directly or indirectly by one’s actions. So it is true as they say, ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.”

“How can you support a man who is caught up in the best of everything on earth who has achieved his wealth by telling others to live the non materialistic message of Jesus who went around doing good. It is not the way of the world to live simply. We live in a mercenary world. And the religious bureaucracies are just as rotten with the evil of what men and women do as the worst dictator who has ever lived on earth and the most sociopathic corporate executive.”

“Men and women seem to need priests, rabbis and ministers and masters. They don’t feel comfortable connecting directly to God without someone telling them if they are doing OK or not. In all aspects of human society there are schools, organizations, employers, religions in place to tell humans what to do. Human beings are conditioned to be directed by some kind of social heirarchy. So religion will stay with us.”

“ People also need rules they can follow to get into heaven; not much difference than the rules they try to understand and abide by in order to get a promotion at work or to stay out of jail in society in general. Religion fills this need. But the rites and rituals of religion are just the husk of spirituality.”

“Communism threw out God and spirituality with religion because it could not find a way to have one without the other. The communist were trying to transform a backward country in Russia and China most notably and the communist wanted no competition from corporate bureaucratic religions. So they denied and outlawed God.”

“Think about what would have happened if communism had wiped out corporate religion and promoted God on a one on one, human to God basis; promoted spirituality. Then each human would be talking to God without the influence of a human interpreter that was a challenge to the power of the communist secular state. It would have been a win win situation. Wipe out religion and increase the spirituality of Russia.”

“Without spirituality, without God, without a higher purpose, no government can last. It will disintegrate into secular greed and power and in the end will be conquered from without or within by revolution after the masses are reduced to a point of no hope. Then there is revolution. The craving for more power is insatiable. It will take from the poor and give to the rich until the poor have no hope and must rebel.”

“The revolution is spirituality; meditation to listen to God and prayer to create one’s reality. This is a foundational issue of spirituality. In the book of Hebrews in the Christian New Testament it says that with Jesus there is a new covenant between God and man. It says God has written his laws in the hearts and minds of all human beings and they no longer need teachers (as in religious bureaucrats) I don’t know why the Catholics left Hebrews in the Bible. I don’t know how it made the cut of which books would become the official Christian. And even if it was left in, I don’t know why this part regarding humans talking to God was not edited out.”

“Jesus condemned religious bureaucrats and Hebrews says there is no need for them. So why is there still a Christian bureaucracy to worship God?”

“The bureaucratic idea of religion is if you love God, you love Jesus and if you love Jesus you support the church. Hey, Jesus was a revolutionary who would condemn the Christian bureaucracy today the same as he did the Jewish bureaucracy two thousand years ago. In their methods and organization, there is no difference between any of the major religions of the world human society.”

“WorldPeace ladies and gentlemen is about spirituality. It is about encouraging you to accept spirituality. Your one on one relationship with God should take priority over your religion. Keep your religion but know that it is elitist and exclusionary and as such an impediment to WorldPeace.”

“A Christian peace will never manifest WorldPeace. A Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish peace will never manifest WorldPeace. An elitist exclusionary religious bureaucracy can never endorse a democratic all inclusive philosophy of spirituality which is the foundation of WorldPeace.”

“So you must embrace the idea of trying to increase the peace in the world human society by disengaging from your religion. Embrace your spirituality and view others as fellow spiritual human beings first and refuse to distinguish each other by not only their religious affiliation but also by race, nationality and gender.”

“Are there any questions?” I asked.

“Do you believe some religions are better than others?”

“No,” I answered.

“You don’t think that Christians are better than Muslims because Jesus was the son of God?” someone asked.

“Son, I just spoke for forty-two minutes. My name is John Worldpeace. My mission is the increasing of peace and WorldPeace in the world human society. I just told you that distinguishing people by their religious affiliations decreases the peace on the planet. I just told you to let go of your religion and embrace God directly through your spirituality and after hearing that you ask me if I have a preference for the Christian religion? Someone help this young man.”

“Son with all due respect please listen to me. All religious bureaucracies were created by men and are infested with men and women who first serve their religious bureaucracy and second serve the world human society. Membership in a manmade human religious bureaucracies infects one with a elitist exclusionary mindset that allows one to think he or she is better than everyone else because you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu. And that attitude has allowed Christians to subordinate and marginalize all other religionists. Specifically in America it allowed slavery and genocide of the Native Americans and it allows and promotes men like Joel Olsteen to accumulate unlimited wealth by preaching about Jesus who was nonmaterialist and advocated that the rich give away all their money to the poor.”

“The truth is often paradoxical and the most obvious is often the most hidden.”

“Let me add, Job asked God why evil men prosper and good men suffer. He demanded an answer. God refused to respond. He just asked Job where Job was when God was creating the world. And by the way who was Job to ask God what God was doing anyway?”

“So God has allowed the manifestation of many religions within the world human society. Based on the book of Job, I am not disposed to ask God why he allows so many different religions. And I might add that the Christian religion has over one hundred and seventy denominations,” I said.

“I do not believe in an impartial sadist and non loving God who inspired Buddha, or Muhammed or Moses just so he can entrap human beings who he can then burn in hell for not selecting door number one; behind which lies Christianity.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said, “pointing to a beautiful young female.”

“My name is Debra. I want to know how you are going to get people to accept such a message of democracy and equality in religion,” she said.

“Debra ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent of the people who hear me will not ask about what I am saying. But one tenth of one percent will understand it. They will understand it because they are true believers. They will understand it because it rings true in their subconscious. The message is already in them, but it is not coherent and accessible to them. In time these people will become teachers and catalysts for a more sane and just democratic and loving world human society. When these teachers create a critical mass of say point zero one percent of the human population of the world, that critical mass will then transform the rest of society over night; literally. When point zero one percent of the world human society gets it, then everyone will get it.”

“I am writing at the speed of light. I have begun to speak in public. I am trying to electrify the world into an awakening. And that awakening will make all things possible.”

“So do you see yourself as a messiah,” another female said.

“I am certain that this question will be asked everywhere I go. Cathy and Francois, my companions, are just now beginning to see how this question always comes up. But it also means there is a lot of interest in John WorldPeace because people are looking for a messiah. But they are not looking for me.”

“No, I am not the messiah or a messiah. My mother did not have a virgin birth. I did not return to the earth by descending from the sky unaided by a helicopter. I have no organization. I like sex. I am not a member of a Christian or Jewish bureaucracy,” I said. “I don’t fit the profile of the messiah or the antichrist. The antichrist is to have a supporting bureaucracy. I have no organization for people to join. I don’t fit the profiles.”

“I am a secular advocate for peace and WorldPeace and for a more sane world human society.”

“I want to thank you for coming to this gathering. I am out of time. God bless you. All I am saying is give peace a chance.”

I received a standing ovation for several minutes and a few people gathered near me. Some wanted my autograph. Francois and Cathy moved to talk to as many attendees as they could. Several faculty members shook my hand and gave me their cards with notes on them. Others asked me to come speak to their classes.

On cue, Cathy, grabbed my arm, apologized that we had to leave and pulled me gently toward the exit. Francois followed as did Debra the student who had asked me a question.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” she said. “I want to do something with you. Something to promote WorldPeace.”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“I don’t know but surely you have something for me to do. I want to work with your WorldPeace Advocacy,” she said.

I stopped and turned around.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“Twenty-one,” she replied

“Have you done any illegal drugs?”


“Have a boyfriend?”




“Parents still married.”




“What are you studying?”

“Philosophy and history.”

“Do you work?”


“Own a car?”


“Make and year?”

“BMW, 2007.”

“Brothers and or sisters?”

“Two of each.”

“What number are you?”

“Number one, the oldest.”

“Father does what for a living?”






“What after graduation?”

“Probably work on a Master’s degree.”

“Career goal?”

“Professor, I think.”

“Lots of friends?”


“Party girl?”

“Not really.”

“You are really attractive young lady. You obviously are very bright or you wouldn’t be at Rice. Why no boyfriend?”

“Guys my age bore me. I have not been able to find one that is smart but not a nerd. I want to do something worthwhile with my life. Make a difference,” she said.

“Nobel Peace Prize?”


“Can you cook?”


“Mow grass?”



“Horses, sewing, chess, reading, writing, bicycling.”

“What do you write?”

“Poems and short stories mostly.”

“You psychic?”

“Some maybe. I don’t know.”





“Do you think WorldPeace is a possible dream?”

“As you say, we can increase the peace.”

“Fundamental in your religious beliefs?”


“What are you willing to die for?”

“My family.”

“Any dreams or visions?”



“I would travel the world teaching.”

“Teaching what?”

“I don’t know.”

“OK. Here is a project. You want a WorldPeace project?”


“I need a data base of all the peace groups and organizations in the world. Start with the internet. A lot of sites are on lists from other sites. I need the name of the group, physical address, phone, fax, email, top officers, domain name, state in the USA. Just start with the USA. Send Cathy the updated list each week. In addition, I would like a one thousand word essay relating to how you can make a positive difference in the world.”

“The starting pay is zero. Potential unlimited,” I said.


“Yes I am interested. Will I have access to you?”

“Define access?”

“Can I see you face to face and talk?”

“How often?”

“Once a week.”

“For how long?”

“Thirty minutes.”

“If I am in town or if you are traveling with me, access granted.”

“Do the list. Give me the one thousand words.”

“If you miss a week, you are on probation. Miss two and you are off the WorldPeace train.”

“Anything else?”

“Can I have a hug?”

I smiled.

I looked at Cathy and Francois.

“Yes,” I said.

She reached up and gave me a significant hug. No attempt at a kiss. No sexual rubbing.

“OK. I am looking forward to working with you, Debra” I said.

I extended my hand and shook hers.

“Thank you, Debra. Don’t disappoint me,” I said.

I turned and headed for the car. I looked back at Debra who was looking down.

“Hey,” I said.

She looked up.

“Smile,” I said. “You are on the WorldPeace train.”


We got into the car. Cathy was driving as usual. She knew Starbucks was the destination.

“John, you never, never cease to amaze me,” said Francois.

“I thought you might have picked that little girl up.”

“Only true believers François. Only the best and the brightest.”

“She’s got it for you bad,” Francois said.

“Listen girls,” I said. “There are going to be lots of little groupie wannabe’s; young and old. I need true believers with a strong work ethic. And I don’t have the time or inclination to be intimate with any of them really. It is not on the WorldPeace agenda. I am not saying it won’t happen but I don’t have time for it. And you and Cathy are wearing this old man out,” I smiled.

“John, most men would have screwed her,” said Francois. “She is a five foot tall little brunette beauty queen.”

“Nice potential experience I am sure. I just don’t have the time. My logic rules my emotions. I am just not into sleeping with every woman I meet. I want my gravestone to say, ‘Here lies John WorldPeace, he tried to make the world a better place’. Not ‘He screwed ten thousand women around the globe.”

“She is very desirable and very available to you. And you passed her up. And I know how sexual you are. You continue to surprise me, John,” said Francois.

“And speaking of surprises, John,” said Cathy. “You had those attendees’ complete and total attention. I am going to call it the WorldPeace stun effect. They all heard you. They all left there thinking.”

“The timing is right ladies. The world is looking for answers; direction. I think I have a message that strikes a chord: WorldPeace.”

“Yes, John. I was impressed with your communication skills with those people. You really have an ability to get into sync with your audience; Jeremy’s friends, these people, Cathy and I, that little girl. But you were a bit harsh with her, one on one. You don’t even know her and you went right at her.”

“I need true believers with the right stuff and a serious work ethic. I don’t have a lot of time for niceties in a situation like that. So I cut to the chase. I want to see what a WorldPeace wannabe is made of under stress; sink or swim. We will see more of her. She senses something; her destiny maybe. She got a wakeup call in the lecture. The reality is that she is Class ‘A’ eye candy and in public events she will draw people especially if she hones her sales skills and uses her body and face to draw them in. And then her mind will make them true believers if they are so inclined. She will be back and soon I think.”

“You would like to sleep with her wouldn’t you?” Francois asked.

“Francois I would like to eat a gallon of ice cream everyday day. I would love to have sex all day. But I have miles to go before I sleep. And if I have no self-control I will degenerate into a sexual predator who weighs five hundred pounds because he eats too much ice cream and allows his sexual desires to control him. Women and sex are like food. You have to draw the line and hold fast. Food and sex are slippery slopes. Besides no matter how perfect she was in bed, considering that I have you and Cathy, I would prefer another lecture or reading a good biography than breeding with her for an hour or so.”

“When we have sex, when I have sex and have experienced my release, I want to go back to work. A new lover requires stroking and time to get to know one another. Time is precious; now more than before. I have no time for even a beautiful little girl like that right now. We have Jeremy and Harold coming and Harper Collins to visit this week. I have a lot to do. No time for pretty little girls that bring nothing to the party except a fantastic little body and an angelic face.”

“I am married to the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“And we are at Starbucks. Our ubiquitous home away from home,” I smiled.

We found a table outside away from the other patrons with a view of a park. I guess I am addicted to good coffee now. In prison, I could not stand to drink the instant coffee they sell or the coffee they delivered each morning at Karnes County. I needed a lot of cream and sugar which they did not supply. I drink what most would call coffee milk ever since I was a kid.

“I have in the back of my mind opening a string of WorldPeace Café’s in competition with Starbucks. We would have to match their quality. But I think that if we sent some people to Italy to all the coffee bars we could come up with something. I would also want a high end of sweets and maybe selected Italian ice cream and some expensive chocolates sold in the café as well.”

“When I lived in Italy in 1971-2, and saw the coffee bars I knew it was just a matter of time before someone began to copy them in the US. I don’t think Italy has a national chain. I wonder if Starbucks has made inroads in the Italian market.”

“I don’t know,” said Francois.

“Having coffee shops with the WorldPeace logos on them would go a long way toward increasing the peace consciousness of people. It would be very subtle. One interim step would be for Starbucks to put our logo on their cups; same thing for Coke and Pepsi and other products.”

“My goodness, John,” said Francois, “Is there an end to all your plans. Every time we go somewhere like today to the university, I am amazed at your take on religion and impressed with your communication skills and your ability to move people.”

“Now we come to get some coffee, which we have done dozens of times, and you start talking about WorldPeace Café’s and putting logos on major well known products like Coke.”

“And what is more, John, you talk about these things like you see them as already in place. It is like a factual statement, not a vision.”

“They are real to me,” I said.

“You shifted from a religious discussion to a serious dynamic and lucrative business concept. And like everything else it is obvious that you have put a lot of thought into it. It is not some undeveloped fantasy. You have thought it through.”

“Yes,” I said. “My mind never stops working. I have a really big agenda.”

“But then John I stop for a moment and think about the fact that you were almost killed a few days ago; a great horror does not linger in your reality.”

“No it does not. The truth is that I have almost died four or five times in my life. I guess the other day was five. I don’t dwell on it. It was a close call. The bullet didn’t kill me so on I go. Per the Tao te Ching, ‘If you are not afraid of dying, you can do anything.’”

“The truth is that as soon as we are born we begin to die. It is inevitable. The question is whether death will come soon or late. But no doubt death is programmed to stalk us. The longest-lived being in the Infinite Potential will eventually die. But in addition, no matter how long any being lives it will be less than a nano second flash within the infinity of time.”

“Now see again John,” said Francois, “you slipped away from business and speak casually about a very abstract metaphysical philosophical concept. In fact, the transition was so natural from business to the concept of time and death it was almost seamless. Most people may not have even noticed that you changed subjects. The dissemination of your knowledge has a hypnotic effect.”

“That is because I talk a lot about universal truths and see things in a global perspective. These are archetypical images imprinted on our sub conscious. So when I speak of these things, people are in harmony with me subconsciously. Their souls are listening even though their mind may not immediately bring it to consciousness.”

“And there you go again John off into some very deep and complex esoteric concepts as if you were talking about the weather. These are things that I have not reconciled in my mind but you have. And you talk like they are the most obvious of facts.”

“Francois my love, I have been actively thinking about metaphysical things for over fifty years. Some things took me decades to reconcile. Some things were obvious immediately.”

“Right now the enigma of Jesus occupies a lot of my time. Reconciling Buddha and Christ so I can write a book, a new gospel of sorts that merges the two into a new spirituality without creating a new religion. I made a lot of progress on this in prison but I just have not uploaded the interface. I feel I need to spend some time with some old Buddhist monks. All I know is that it is part of my destiny and I will reach some understanding in time.”

“John people have been looking into these things for two thousand years and have experienced no revelations that make sense and that support each other,” said Francois.

“I know lover. But think about it. They all had a preset agenda. They were brain washed by one particular religion and then they try to reconcile the other religions to theirs by subordinating the other religions. This bias blocks them before they even get started. I have stepped away from Christianity, stepped back, looked at the sacred texts of the other religions without the bias of a teacher and I have come at the problem with an open mind. I don’t have to begin with anyone’s conventional wisdom. So I am in a position to solve the riddle of religious revelation over the millennia. It is time for a new spiritual paradigm.”

“And also, I am not trying to make money at it. No billion dollar Jesus show for me. My goal is to increase the peace by resolving these religious paradoxes. Actually trying to merge all the religious patriarchs into a coherent message for all the world human society in the Third millennium is my objective.”

Cathy looked at Francois and just laughed out loud.

“Francois, I have already realized I can’t possibly catch up with him if I love him for the rest of my life. He just has too much of a head start.”

“My beautiful lover, when I am speaking as I am, I am speaking in a way that you can understand. I am taking abstract concepts and trying to convert them into logical linear language. So what I say is not fact but just a metaphorical construct to try to communicate something that cannot be communicated human to human because of the limitations of the human brain.”

“OK, that being said, I have been connected to this planet from the time it was the dust of creation to the time of its disintegration a long time into the future. I have died and reincarnated immediately millions of times. And at times I have split my soul and lived multiple lives simultaneously. I constantly draw from my past and future lives.”

“Let me be real simple. Let us say I write my new spiritual gospel in the future. OK, if through meditation, I move two hundred years into the future, walk into a bookstore of antique manuscripts and buy my book and then read it. Then I go ahead and write it now when I come out of meditation. See? So you can say that I went to the future and brought some things back into the present. And I can do it. Why not? All things are possible. In an infinite universe all things exists in the now. You just have to believe that and then go get whatever you want. Problem is most people don’t know what they want. And the vehicle they need to get where they want to go is hidden by conventional religion.”

“And let me add this. There is a question whether going into the future and bringing something back will change the future. The answer is no. All futures exist simultaneously. If I go into the future and bring something back, I change my path to a future other than the one I am heading for if I do not go to the future and bring something back.”

Francois looked at me like I was an alien and I got up and kissed her deeply.

“Earth to Francois,” I said and laughed.

I then kissed Cathy who had stopped smiling and was deep in thought.

“And how can this be? Because he is the Kwisats Haderach,” Cathy said looking intently at me.

“And I will bet you girls thought that Kwisats guy was going to glow in the dark and walk on air didn’t you.”

I just laughed deeply. I was having fun.

Both Cathy and Francois just looked at each other. I could not quit laughing.

“John I am just now seeing how much you say has a factual and spiritual dimension. You talk in a different kind of parable. You talk almost in a …”

“Zen koan language?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Francois. “I see now I can’t take anything you say at just face value. I need to look at the spiritual paradox you often attach to what you say.”

Cathy said, “I can see why people fear you John. And why they would want to hate you. They are afraid of what you see and they can’t see.”

“Yes,” and that’s why I don’t talk to hardly anyone about these things. You two have just entered the exclusive club of two before you who I was this open with; my two ex-wives. But both only listened and heard in part. But at least I could talk freely.”

“And now I understand what Kay said about having to listen to you lay a foundation or you could never begin to explain yourself.”

“Yes, my love, your eyes begin to open. The difference between you two and Kay and the Snake is that you are seeking the same things I have sought my whole life. You will listen to the foundation to gain understanding. Kay and the Snake were not interested.”

“And so you came to Paris looking for someone to talk to,” said Cathy.

“Yelp,” I said.

“Francois and I think you are very interesting guy and fantastic lover. A man with an impossible dream and yet we find your depth of knowledge in spiritual and earthly matters, business and religion, God and society is truly overwhelming. And what is more, you are fun and don’t take yourself too serious. You have this dynamic philosophy that does not manifest even a hint of arrogance. You are loving but capable of anger and doing battle. You are a warrior, artist, monk and you are so far above everyone else that you have to become a teacher of teachers yet you have the common touch and the ability to get people to like you even if they don’t understand you; to feel good about being in your presence.”

“Yet there are dark souls who want to kill you. But you are not going to allow it this lifetime; at least until your work is complete.”

“Something like that,” I said. “Actually my death will not be a violent one at all.”

“And like Kay said, ‘total absolute faith and no fear’. I can see why you loved her and why you are so sad about her leaving you. She tried to keep up with you but just couldn’t and she was not able to accept your unconditional love. The deep, deep spiritual love you have for her,” Cathy continued.

“Yes,” I said sadly.

“But Kay is an angel and she was only supposed to be my companion full time for nineteen years; and the Snake the nineteen years before that. And I came to Paris to find the women who were supposed to take their place in this phase of my life,” I said.

“And based on this conversation, your love for me and Francois is way beyond anything Kay even considered possible,” said Cathy.

“I think so. I know I am not destined to be with only one woman from now on. But I am not ready to accumulate a harem either,” I said.

“So because of your love and deep emotional attachment to Cathy and I, you were not diverted by that beautiful little girl Debra,” said Francois.

“Yes,” I said. “Debra may become something to me later. I don’t know. But what I must have from a woman is what Kay and the Snake could not give me but you and Cathy do. So my standard is very high for the women with whom I will allow myself to become intimate. I must have an intense sexual emotional intimate connection or I cannot be all that I am or do all I am destined to accomplish in this life.”

“Kay and the Snake never understood how much I needed their love. I will not be with women like that in the future. I can’t do that to myself. I loved Kay but I was lonely in the last years as she withdrew the life sustaining love I desperately needed. And I am never again going through those withdrawals I had when she left. The physical and emotional pain is too great. It is on the soul level.”

“John you have put into words what I was looking for but could never define. What I need is you but I never thought I would find you. And I see that what I needed was so much more than even what I thought I needed,” Cathy said as tears filled her eyes.

“And I the same John. This conversation has given me peace. I can feel it coursing through my body and soul. I am older than Cathy and my needs are a bit different in ways I can’t yet explain but I know it will come to me very soon,” said Francois.

“For the last two days, John you have been transforming me. I am not the person I was two days ago. I am not the person I was this morning. You have touched my soul and renewed me. You have dissolved my guilt about my craziness for the last twenty years. I feel at peace. I know I feel loved for the first time in my life.”

I reached out and grabbed each of their hands.

“I really need to go home with you John. I need to feel you in me,” said Francois.

“As do I,” said Cathy.

“Then let us go,” I said.


On Wednesday late in the afternoon, Cathy and I drove to the condo to meet Jeremy and Harold. It was in one of the luxury residential building in the Galleria area, a very high rent district with a world renowned shopping mall near by.

The condo was on the twenty-fifth floor. We entered to find Jeremy in a very cheerful mood and Francois speaking intensely with Harold, both who came to greet us as we entered into the condo.

The condos were four to a floor; about five thousand square feet each. This one was on the northwest corner and gave a view of the beautiful sunsets to the west of the city. The condo was being remodeled but fifteen hundred feet of living space was decorated in eighteenth century French.

Cathy brought me a glass of excellent red wine. I don’t have the sense of taste to distinguish a merlot from a pinot noir. There was a tray of hors d oeuvres on the coffee table in the parlor that we occupied. There was a maid in a black and white starched uniform performing various functions.

“John, Francois has turned into a true believer and your number one fan and promoter. She has been telling us that you desire to become the world’s most renowned peace advocate. Also, your desire to employ as many people worldwide as possible links your business endeavors with your WorldPeace Advocacy. We have to date been so focused on your WorldPeace objectives that we forget that you are experienced in small businesseses and economics and familiar with passive and active investments,” said Jeremy.

“John I oversee a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio worldwide. Of course everything I share with you about business and investment is confidential,” Jeremy said.

“Of course,” I replied.

Harold spoke up, “John your book is a done deal with Harper Collins as I am sure you know. Their questions have to do with how much you will receive. And that is my primary job, to maximize your royalties.”

“And don’t forget, it is critical to me that the books stay in print or Harper forfeits the publishing rights. I can’t be promoting peace with my life’s work out of print,” I said.

“Absolutely. In fact, there are many aspects to your publishing objectives. The contract will be quite dynamic. In fact, there are going to have to be multiple contracts for the various projects,” Harold said.

“I have not mentioned Harold that I want several series geared to elementary, junior and senior high students. I want to take my philosophy and cement it into a series of books for each grade level so that children can grow up with a WorldPeace and peace awareness. It may make more sense for people who can write on those levels to edit my books for that purpose as opposed to me doing it myself.”

“Again John, you have thrown out something that I have not given any serious consideration to. But I can see how that could become a very big source of funds.”

“I want to make it clear that in the long run, I will want to increase my royalties and even the possibility that we are actually buying seventy-five percent of the printing run to sell online. In other words, if Harper does not want to print the number of books I feel we can market, then I want to buy the books and market them myself. Also, I will want to give a lot of books away especially to colleges and universities worldwide as well as make sure that all libraries have multiple copies.”

“I can even see a WorldPeace encyclopedia. Of course the internet will have a lot of this but I still believe printed books will be desired even with those who have access to the net and e-books. The Third World is without computers. And of course the reselling and distributing of refurbished computers worldwide is my goal as well. I want to bring the bottom of the social pyramid up to speed with the rest of the world as fast as possible.”

“The sooner every human being is connected to the rest of the human beings on the planet, the sooner peace will reach the upper social levels due to an appreciation for diversity.”

“Of course right now, the economical interests are rapidly increasing the gap between ‘have and have-nots’. Over time, a short time, this is not going to be possible because a man living native in a mud hut will be unable to invest in the global market. There is going to be lots of billionaires and maybe I will be the first trillionaire but money in the future is going to be managed by giant consortiums with individuals having indirect control as shareholders. Wealth will accumulate in the control of fewer and fewer individuals and families.”

“Also, as the world investor population increases, all believing in the same economic models along with the reduction in exploitation of the Third World and their natural resources, things will settle down and the disparity between rich and poor will decrease and stabilize. The world will become more democratic and peaceful due to the economic integration of the entire world.”

“There are great trends going on worldwide right now such as manufacturing moving to China that presents all kinds of very lucrative economic opportunities for those that are focused in the areas of accumulating wealth.”

“The reality of the world is that it is an evil place. It is an economic power jungle. Most peacemakers don’t understand economics and so they don’t see how they can integrate it into their philosophy. They remain proud of being poor.”

“The attachment to money and its benefits is the spiritual problem; not money itself. I have no problem being the wealthiest man on the planet. But the money will come from business not from setting up blood sucking inefficient dishonest charities or a billion dollar Jesus show. I will be rich because of my business acumen not because of my non-profit WorldPeace Advocacy. That being said, most of, if not all my business profits, will go to create jobs and uplift the human condition in the black ghettos and Hispanic barrios in the US as well as the poverty stricken areas in the Third World.”

“I intend to demonstrate a new world economic model that benefits everyone.”

“All the psychics I was involved with in the 1980’s said I would be a teacher of teachers (I assume now this means WorldPeace and its corollaries like education) and that I would be extremely wealthy. I intend to be the world’s number one peace advocate as well as the wealthiest man on the planet. Money can buy peace because money buys politicians and judges in the world human society.”

“Being wealthy to me means the control of a money making endeavor. It is the control of the goose that lays the golden eggs. Where I differ from the traditional concept of a wealthy man is that almost all profits will go to increase the number of jobs in the world human society.”

“Now there is a very real problem of creating jobs that must be dealt with. If you create jobs, you cannot at the same time encourage the having of more than two children per family. To increase jobs and therefore indirectly increase the number of human beings on the planet would not in the long run increase the peace in the world. So there would be restrictions connected with many of these jobs that provide more money than just survival and provide enough wealth to expand the employee’s family beyond two children. I have no idea how this would work in reality.”

“I just want you to understand that I am not an idealist but a practical man. And as a practical man, I understand that there are no simple answers to these kinds of complex issues. But as a man of faith not only in God but also one who has faith in human beings to come up with solutions to complex social problems, I believe that all problems can be solved in a way that will increase the peace as opposed to creating chaos and injustice.”

“Sometimes solving one social problem creates a bigger social problem. Sometimes a little peace can through a ripple effect increase the social chaos in the world. Therefore, the entire ripple effect of any act needs to be considered to see if the real effect will be more peace or more chaos and disharmony in the world human society. This is the practical approach to increasing the peace as opposed to the purely short sighted idealistic one.”

“Holy smoke John, when you said you are an advocate for peace but not a pacifist, that is an understatement regarding pacifism, You are a Gordon Gecko and a Gandhi both,” said Harold.

“Yes, I am. I understand how power works in the world. And I expect to be a factor in limiting the adverse effects of greed. There is coming an economic war that will be bloodless but not without pain and suffering. It is part of the metamorphosis of the social economic world order. It will be a war of economic models and for the next fifty years it is going to be a war of asset control. We will buy the oil reserves in Burma, not steal them by military intervention or paying off corrupt heads of state. The reality of asset control worldwide is just going to be a lot more transparent than it is now.”

“These Third World dictators are not going to be allowed to sell out their citizens. A country’s assets are going to be sold and the citizens are going to benefit to a much greater extent through our example and manipulation.”

“To accomplish that, population control and education have to be promoted. Unfortunately, we are not able to have a Great Leap Forward like Chairman Mao forced on the Chinese. So we will not be able to move as fast as he did. But I believe, that economic consortiums with a WorldPeace agenda as part of their corporate policy will work. I am prepared to economically attack those economic forces that are blatantly creating misery in the world human population through their greed.”

“An example of this would be dumping nuclear waste in an unsuspecting Third World country. Of course before I die, I expect to see the world well on its way to converting exclusively, almost exclusively, to hydrogen power. It is the most abundant source of energy and perfectly clean and therefore environmentally friendly.”

“John, I must say that the John that I am listening to now is not the John who I first met in Paris,” said Jeremy.

“Actually, that side of John is still there and an integral part of me. You are just not seeing that side right now because we are here to discuss the specific economics of selling books about WorldPeace. While we are discussing economics, I am revealing to you a capitalistic model for peace as opposed to a communistic socialistic propaganda and anti peace manifesting model.”

“When I exited prison Jeremy, I was a new man. I was cleansed of my past in all ways; mentally, economically, spiritually. I was without a family or even a female companion. I upon exiting prison took care of sorting out my personal possessions, my business assets and my IRS problems which was small but a bother.”

“When I went to Paris, I was in stage two of my Phoenix rising phase. And I by the grace of God connected with Cathy and through her to Francois and you.”

“Now I am moving into phase three which is beginning to put both my business and WorldPeace agendas into an active working model. I am an idealist but I am a hard-core practical realist as well. And one thing I did I prison was to reconcile and resolve my compassion for the poor and down trodden verses my concerns about the predatory nature of the wealthy. I also reconciled and came to a personal attitude about the abuse of power, which was the reason I was in prison in the first place. I determined to put peace on the fast track I had to play the power game and that means in a very gross way, the acquiring of huge income streams that will allow me to buy politicians and judges and promote peace. Promoting peace in the political and legal arenas has to do with stopping blatant abuse of the poor and ignorant and powerless, lazy and stupid as well as a determination to educate the future generations so they do not increase the ranks of the victims of a predatory social order that extends worldwide and crosses all political and legal philosophies and systems.”

“I am a realist. I am not a comic book caped crusader. I am not a messiah. I am a practical man of ideas and a man of action with a motto of ‘WorldPeace through world justice and global economic integration.”

“I guess the message here Jeremy is that I expect many economic partners and partners for peace. But I will not be handled by anyone. I will drive the WorldPeace wagon but I will partner in economic power and manipulation.”

“And one other thing, to further expand on who and what you are dealing with in John WorldPeace, when I was in prison, I read an article about poaching rhinos for their horns in India. I read about the head game warden who makes $275 a month and whose men regularly kill poachers caught in the act. The poachers are the game wardens prey. I intend to forward money, legally and overtly into these men’s pay checks to make certain that the miscreants of the world do not deprive the world of endangered species by taking them to extinction.”

“So the point is that I have no problem funding actions of extreme prejudice to protect an irreplaceable aspect of the flora and fauna in the world. Tigers, rhinos, silver back gorillas, whales and so on will not become extinct on my watch. And while I am on that subject, if I can find a way through genetics to restore extinct species like the passenger pigeon, I will do that as well. The world can support a very large population and maintain a beautiful planet at the same time. It is a complex global model to try to promote economics and ecology but human beings are up to the challenge if they have the right leadership and are given a workable vision for peace and a template for action.”

I noticed that Cathy and Francois were having another awakening.

“All this is part of the integrated whole of the WorldPeace Advocacy. And ninety-nine percent of what I do will be under the radar. And I want to add that what I do will be absolutely legal. If I feel a need to do something illegal, I will buy the politicians and judges to make it legal; assuming it promotes WorldPeace. Power politics is how the world human social model works and always has and always will. I am going to refine the model and make it more transparent in the process.”

“John you are sounding like the most aggressive person I have ever met,” said Jeremy.

“I hope driven is a more appropriate word for WorldPeace. Realistically how much progress has peace made in the hands of traditional pacifists. That is the paradox and the enigma of WorldPeace the philosophy and WorldPeace the man. The WorldPeace Advocacy is not a passive endeavor. The world respects wealth and power. Peace is best served if in sync with these predatory realities.”

“The reality is that people hate peace and kill messiahs. I have no plan to be nailed to a cross. I expect to take the hypocrisy out of the Christian religion and replace it with spiritual Christianity that the real Jesus advocated.”

“Any questions? Any comments?” I asked.

Cathy who had been standing by the coffee bar moved behind me and put her hand on my left shoulder and gave me a kiss and Francois stood up and did the same and stood behind me to my right. Then Francois sat back down.

There was about five minutes of silence as everyone was lost in thought; processing all that I had just revealed.

“John nothing you have said changes anything I believe really except that it opens up the possibility of doing a lot more things with you in the nature of investing. Francois mentioned some of your potential business ventures. One in particular is interesting to me; this WorldPeace Café’ to compete with Starbucks. It is interesting to me that there has been no alternative chain. Like MacDonald’s and Burger King. Coke and Pepsi. It does not make sense to me. There are always people that want to copy success. A WorldPeace name brand really seems like a workable venture.”

“However, we are here today to talk about your books. We have obtained copies of them from Harper Collins and we have had several people read them. The books are way more dynamic than we thought,” said Jeremy.

Harold stepped in, “John, I did not really understand the dynamics of the books until you related more of your philosophy when you arrived. You are right that people have had a much more limited view of a peace advocate than the role you intend to play.”

“It is going to take people a bit to adjust to this different definition. For book sales it will create controversy which will increase sales no doubt.”

“The reality,” I said, “is that none of the old models have worked. Not Gandhi, King, Mandela, Rabin and a short list of others had a global view. They were all wrapped up in their local battles for justice and the global ripple effect was coincidental not intended.”

“You are the first global peace advocate. You do not have a local cause. You only have a global cause. You are the umbrella under which all the prior men and women of peace will be gathered. Of the political peace advocates, all the ones that have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, were all fighting a local injustice,” said Jeremy.

“I am trying to establish a template for future advocates,” I said. “I want there to be some basics acknowledged that apply to all situations. So the local advocates will start from the global vision and then add to it the specifics of the local issues.”

“I also want a school established in time to teach peace. I want to have a Peace Corp but I want these people to be thoroughly versed in the conversation about peace so as they go on their local missions they will have a global peace message to teach.”

“I want to take all I have written and scale it down into a small thirty page book that is about two and a half inches square; easy for people to carry. And then I want one with a little more content the size of a Gideon Bible and I want to give those away. I want to saturate the world human society with peace messages if you will. I want all the books to be a deep blue with gold letters if possible on the cover.”

“There is a lot of peripheral books on peace that I want to write. I have a whole shelf of post WWI books about peace. They are about socialism and communism to a large degree but there are some valid ideas in there. I want to build a collection of peace books as sort of an ultimate library and go through each one making comments, responding to the issues if you will. The point I am making is that I intend to publish several books a year. The books will be for the purpose of opening a discussion. Others like my Book of Peace will propose foundations for peace and WorldPeace. The longer I live, the more refined the conversation. When I die, all my books and notes will be in a library for people to access. If I am lucky, I will copy everything and put it on the internet. I will put it all there now and then keep it current.”

“But none of that is going to be as effective as someone to take my place. So I am sure over the years I will have one or two apprentices with me. Again, I will act like a teacher of teachers.”

“These men and women who follow me will naturally take my beginning and modify to their needs. What I anticipate and hope is that all the future peace advocates and movements will be able to be tracked back to what I have done. I guess it is sort of an ego thing to feel that I have in fact made a difference. Only time will tell.”

“The big money will come if I can find a way to write books about peace that will be suitable for the movies. That will bring in the big money. But the truth is that nothing that I publish will compete with my web design business which I expect to be a billion dollars in annual sales in as few as three years if not two. Of course if I capture the search engine market, you are looking at a half a trillion dollars a year.

“So I want to maximize the book sales but it will be a small percentage of my total income. And all my income is going to be used to fund the WorldPeace Advocacy directly or indirectly.”

“So back to the task at hand, How are we going to present my books to Harper Collins?” I asked.

“Normally John,” said Harold, “No unknown author comes to the table with a series or group of fifteen books. People usually write a four hundred page book, it is published and based on sales a second book is published. Even in academic texts no one writes as much as you have up front. Most people are not as committed as you are to peace. They are not going to write something and spend the time you have unless they are sure of a payoff. You have written something not really caring it if gets published now or later. And you have a much longer potential source of income.”

“So the problem is they have got to decide with no market tests if they want to gamble on the whole series or just the first five. The first three are your autobiography. The other two books are the first of a series of what in time may be a hundred books about peace issues and much more. It is an epic novel but each book is sort of free standing.”

“I think what they are forced to do is to commit to the autobiography and then buy options for the rest as well as an option of first refusal on the annual journal. Of course if this turns out to be the number one book, or books, of the year, then they are going to have a lot of bidding competition for the other books. And you have to decide to sell the next eight one at a time. If you sell one at a time and number one flops, you get nothing for the other seven.”

“And if that happens,” I said, “I self publish and market on the internet until the books catch on; which they eventually will. Again my other businesses should fund the marketing. Consider that the books that I cannot get published by someone like Harper Collins, I will self publish. Then the next novel I write may in fact sell. But all along I keep the conversation going regardless of whether I sell books through a traditional publisher or not. Everything has changed with the internet and the e-books and devices like iPad, Nook and Kindle. The options for self publishing hard copy is also expanding.”

“In the end, it is going to come down to the people. What will they support. The publishers are not going to control the market of what people have access to. Some guy living in a mud hut in Africa may in fact publish a worldwide best seller. Who knows. The world in all respects is becoming more democratic because of the internet.”

“Yet, John, if you make the Oprah book list, then sales go ballistic. It is all a big gamble. Harper is definitely in the big league but what you have written is unique. It is a unique concept and it is a subject whose time has come. Traditionally peace books don’t sell. But you did not write a typical pacifist book of peace. So it is unique in its philosophy and it brings in religion, politics and the law. You have a hard edge to what you have written. I makes people uncomfortable. And that is because I don’t think they can argue with what you have said.”

“I don’t know how Harper Collins is going to approach what you have. The really frustrating thing for my dad and I is that there is no precedent. It should open up a new genre of books but as long as you are alive and writing I doubt any others will be drawn into the peace book market except as commentaries on what you have written. And most of that should come from the academics.”

“John the more you write the more will be read and the more the discussion will expand. People will try to support or deny what you have written. You will have friends and enemies. And they will come from academia but you will have friends and enemies in politics, the law and religion as well. With the internet John, you can say what you want. With a business that will support you, you don’t need the book income so you will not have to skew your message. This is a very power thing that is going on here.”

“John I think what you are doing is going to show people in other disciplines how to get out their message.”

“We are getting a bit off subject her but I want to say that people who have valid ideas cannot be sidelined. People who have a better way of doing things can publish in the internet with ease. And in time, those ideas my be incorporated into society. But whether they are or not, they will be out there for review. The real problem is going to be organizing the data. Think about everyone on the planet publishing something.”

“The other big elephant in the room is the foreign market,” I said. “The book may initially flop in the US and go ballistic in France and Japan. Then come back and take off in the US. The foreign market could be unprecedented and your books will probably become a huge best seller worldwide because the book is generic enough not to be banned by any country.”

“China is a huge potential market as is India but again the price of the book will be much less than in the US. So more sales, less income.” Harold said.

“Harold I understand what you are saying and money is important now because I want to jump start this project. But remember my goal is WorldPeace. The books are a way to finance that message as well as disseminate the message. I need the money to expand the conversation not to live like a king. In fact, living too much like a king would be embarrassing to me. We are having a meeting about marketing the book right now but I never quit thinking about how I am going to promote peace. Even as we talk I have been considering ways to disseminate my ideas on the internet if the publishers do now want to publish. I have the energy and like you said to write things that have no guarantee of being published. That sets me apart for negotiating in a traditional manner.”

“I understand that we cannot get US prices in the Third World but there is no cost to publishing electronic books except in the marketing. And the world will sooner, probably sooner, or later go paperless with regards to books,” I said. “Things are changing rapidly in the publishing business. And Harold, you understand that I feel connected to Harper but that may be a mistake on my part. It is where we begin. But there may be an aggressive smaller publisher out there who is a true believer and will be able to do more than Harper Collins for this unique set of books that I have written.”

“OK. What will be your fee?” I asked.

“Normally it is twenty-five percent but I am willing to cut it to twenty percent expecting my normal fee on subsequent contracts,” he said.

“Is that calculated by taking total royalties and then you get twenty percent and I get eighty percent?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“And any other money I get the same split. You are getting paid off the gross to me?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Is there any other fees or expenses I will owe you other than this percentage?”


“Considering the way this is going, I am going to go ahead and let you take the lead with Harper Collins but not until we get there on Friday. I don’t want you doing any negotiating until I am present. I want you to refuse to discuss it with them except to notify them that you will be officially hired effective the day of the meeting. And I want you to put that into a contract and I want to sign a contract with you before we enter the Harper Collins’ office. I have a feeling you and I may have to do some negotiating after the meeting starts because I think they are going to want options on the other books and I expect their contract to be complicated and so our contract may need to be more complex as well. I want to be able to totally trust you Harold and I want us to have a life long relationship. And I want you paid at least your normal commissions and fees. You know over time I will find out if you have taken advantage of my ignorance and if that happens our relationship will immediately be in jeopardy if not terminate. It is critical that you are truthful with me; absolutely truthful. No legal parsing and such.”

“I understand,” he said. “My dad and I believe in this project and want to be associated with it.”

“Also Harold you have my permission to discuss all aspects of the Harper Collins deal with Jeremy, Francois, Cathy, my son Marshall and his wife and Kay if she is interested. But I will make the final call. Everything you get from them will be their opinion about what I will do or should do. If you don’t have it from my mouth, it is just speculation as to what I will do. And I am always available to you by phone.”


“Put those authorizations into the contract please,” I said.

“Now tell me what you think they will offer,” I said.

“I think one hundred thousand dollars for the autobiography as an advance. You come to them with a whole series of books as we have discussed. And I know they are skittish about peace books.”

“Harold, I don’t want such a high advance that I will have trouble buying them out if they let the book go out of print. I don’t live high and if the advance is low, then the buyback will be less. I believe in me. And it may be my books are ahead of their time. If so, they will not want to publish. That is understandable. But if that happens, I want control of the future peace books. I don’t want my rights sitting in their vault. If the marketing flops, I want control of publishing so I have incentives to try some unique marketing. I will also want a set price to buy out their inventory if they don’t want to inventory it. I want first option to buy the over stock. And I will sell the books over the internet, or at seminars, or just give them away.”

“Do you think we can finalize a deal within a week or will it be longer?”

“I would think a month. These are corporate people and so they work by committee and consensus,” said Harold.

“OK. I understand that. I expect you to keep it on the front burner,” I said.

“John they gave you fifty thousand dollars already. It is on the front burner I can assure you,” Harold said.

“Harold once I get the publishing contract I am going to get some legal form books and some text books and go over the contract. I may hire an attorney to answer my questions and look over the contract. If you have an ‘A’ list of attorneys, please give it to Cathy, who by the way will be the general contact person on this as with almost everything else concerning me. In addition, I am sure Jeremy, Francois and Cathy will have some attorneys in mind. I feel I will need one but not until we have a proposal contract in hand.”

“I understand and agree,” said Harold.

“What else do we need to cover in this meeting?” I asked.

“Nothing until we see what they are offering,” said Harold.

“Jeremy, Cathy, Francois, anything?” I asked.

“No, John. I think you have covered all the appropriate questions at this point,” said Jeremy.

“Please be candid. If you are not candid, you are not really helping me,” I said.

No response.

“OK folks, there is an elephant in the room; some big something that has not been put out for discussion. What is it Francois?”

“John, I think we are all wondering why you are not a multi billionaire. You astound us with your knowledge and experiences and understanding. Why are you not President of the United States?” asked Francois.

“Simple really. First as I write in my autobiography, I made a stupid bet and handicapped myself before I was born. I was born into a family with no money and no emphasis on education. Also, all my enemies came into this life with me and have thwarted me all my life. Second, I had to live the reality before I could write about it. I have been living the reality of why there is no peace. Third, money means nothing to me. I have not subordinated my peace advocacy to a new car. Give me one change of clothes and a hat and a pair of walking boots and I will make my way as a friar or monk; happy in the simplicity of life. So money was never my taskmaster. God and WorldPeace were. My energies were not focused on making money. My focus was not on pleasure.”

“Most people are all wrapped up in success and flaunting an appearance of success in this reality. They don’t understand this is just a dream with a short fuse. The spiritual reality is the true immortal infinite reality. So what is seventy years in this dream? Nothing. All you can accumulate will be left behind. So I place little value on anything but my life experiences because that is all I get to take with me after death. I came to this realization when I was eight years old.”

“So now I have my education and my experience and my philosophy and my destiny. I have emerged from the dark forest with something to say and a mission to accomplish. I have been introspective and alone all my life.(except for business contacts which are impersonal.)

“Compare me to a pianist who lived sixty years in the jungle, isolated playing eighteen hours a day. Then at sixty-one he comes into the city, which he always knew existed, sat down and began to play.”

“I have lived an engaged life but not a public one about what I was doing. Another factor is I married women who were lesser than myself. Loving but not driven. Not intellectual or educated. I married into my class if you will. Who knows what a wife like Cathy or Francois would have produced as far as a different life path.”

“But also being anonymous allowed me to observe the environment as it was and is for the average person. And it is the average person who is ninety-eight percent of the world population and whose support is necessary to increase the peace.”

“I am no different now than I have always been. I have just been working down in the basement. Now I have come to the top floor ready to work in a different reality.”

“My time is now. It was not then. These books were my last major endeavor prior to emerging from the forest. And half of all my books were written in the solitude of no man’s land; solitary confinement in prison in 2008.”

“And one other aside, titles and credentials and status mean nothing to me. I pay deference to them. But I deal with people’s souls. I know criminals whose company I prefer to that of some righteous men.”

“You are just an enigma to us,” said Francois.

“I am to everyone. I am always alone even in a crowd.”

“We have a journey that we have come together to take. That is all I know right now. I am excited, renewed and pleased with my new friends and lovers,” I smiled.

“And we are pleased to have connected with you John,” said Jeremy.

“John, as you said, we are now friends. We don’t have years of association. We don’t have friends in common or backgrounds or countries. We are in a sense strangers to each other,” said Jeremy.

“Yet there is a bond between us. For you, your faith brought you to Paris and connected you with Cathy who had a dream about a man like you. We have been, within our group, looking for someone special with a global mission.”

“The meetings between our friends and you have been positive. Your connects with two very special and unique women, Cathy and Francois, has been intense and positive for all.”

“In these situations, there is no way to gather unlimited information that takes place when making investments. You are sixty John and have lived longer than any of us. Your history is too long and varied for us to understand. All we have to go on is your writings and art and the energy you bring to face-to-face interactions.”

“You have never asked any questions about us and have made no effort to delve into our past,” Jeremy said.

“You obviously don’t care how much or little our net worth is, where we live or what we do. As you said, you deal with people on a soul level and trust a lifetime of intuition about people to determine whether you will engage them or not. Also, from what we can tell almost everyone starts with a clean slate with you. You don’t judge people by their past or even how they relate to others. All you seem to care about is how they relate to you. And you make no distinctions between sick and poor, race, nationality, religion, gender. Each person is a unique, interesting and a worthy human being to you.”

“And you care about people individually and in groups of race, religion, nationality, etc. You do come to dislike some people, some intensely. But you try to push away those negative memories as you cut those people out of your life; even three of your own children. Which means you feel all people are your brothers and sisters and none have a right to abuse you even if your blood kin.”

“There are people that hate you. But like you said, they are people who fear what you know and what you can see. You have no fear so you embrace change where the majority of people are full of fear and devoid of faith and fear change. Just changing your name scares people and I think more so when they are confronted with the reality that you are not a kook, or druggie or any similar person.”

“All my friends in the peace group are essentially conservative but we feel a need to promote a better world. We just did not know how because we were all raised in the same conservative environment due to our wealth and the desires of our elders to maintain their economic assets and the power that goes with it. We have been looking for someone without having superficial and characteristic mindsets. We have through psychics tried to get a feel for who was coming to us but we have not dictated what that person should or should not be.”

“At this point, we all pretty much believe that you are the person we have been expecting. We can’t really imagine who else it could be. There are no negative feelings about you. Yes, you scare some of us with your fearlessness and your faith. But these fears are really unfounded. It is who you are and who we are not. We are fearless but not to your degree and we had faith you would connect with us but not the total faith you have in every aspect of your life.”

“Therefore, John, we have decided to move forward and help you in every way possible. We are not all true believers or fully committed for life to your mission but we feel certain enough to significantly move ahead supporting the WorldPeace Advocacy. And one of the easiest and quickest ways for us to help is with financial support.”

“We know and expect that you will be very successful as you restart your web design business. But for now we want to give you a jump-start if you will allow us. Francois has made her condo on the Seine available to you. We want to make this condo here in Houston available to you as well as twenty-five hundred square feet of office space across the street to help jump start you into your new life.”

“We feel that you are going to be entertaining people of wealth, fame and power and you must have an appropriate place to receive them. We are going to put a million dollars into these five thousand square feet. It will be cut up for living space and servant quarters and entertainment.”

“This is our desire if you want to accept it,” Jeremy said.

“Jeremy, when I walked out of prison, it was like I exited the womb or a cocoon. Everything that happens to me is a part of the WorldPeace Advocacy. Everything is in God’s hands. There is a destiny I must live and a path I am to follow. This offer seems to be a part of that path. And so I accept it with sincere and deep felt gratitude to all involved. I request that we put the agreement in writing so there is clarity regarding the relationship so that the benefit is properly reported to the IRS. People will be trying to jail me again and I do not intend to give them that opportunity.”

“I am guilty of generally not showing emotional extremes. I want you to know this offer makes me very happy because I believe it will move my time table forward as much as two years if not more. I believe my association with your peace group will have moved the WorldPeace Advocacy forward ten years when I look back. It gives me a legitimacy that only the appearance of wealth can give in the world human society. No one will know the truth. They will deal with the façade, the image they need to see to help them get on board the WorldPeace train.”

“The core of my life now is the WorldPeace Advocacy. Everything I do will be to promote it from my art to my books to my businesses. This will significantly increase the peace. So I am most sincerely thankful to you and everyone involved for your support.”

“John, we are also giong to provide you with a chauffeur, a maid and butler and a cook as well as clothing and a line of credit of $250,000 to further help jump start your endeavors,” Jeremy said.

“That is extremely generous,” I said.

“John we want your time spent on promoting WorldPeace and not on the mundane realities of paying bills, buying groceries and so on. That is what we hope to accomplish; to free you to follow your destiny.”

“Our desire John is to move all your possessions including what is in storage or anywhere else up here to make it easy for you to sort through it. We are also providing you with three very competent personal assistants to organize and sort your things. We feel within a month all your loose ends from the past will be put in order. But two of these women will stay for up to six months to help you start your business and set up a system for promoting peace. I understand that Cathy will be your primary assistant. I can assure you she is very competent as are the three women we are sending you.”

“What we would like to do is to leave for New York about 1300 tomorrow in our jet and we will return Saturday morning. We would like you to meet with some of our group on Friday night.”

“While we are away, we would like your permission to have your things moved into this apartment. All we need to know is where all your things are stored as well as have access to them.”

“Fine,” I said. “You understand I have put more trust in you than in any person in my life outside my family. But I can see that you are betting a lot on my future as well. Better is the wrong word. Confidence is the word; confidence in me. So we will gather on Friday at Harper and return on Saturday morning to begin this new phase in my new life.”

“What else do we need to discuss?” I asked.

Nothing was said.

“Cathy what do you think about all of this?” I asked.

“John last week you got shot. Friday you are going to sign a huge book contract. Now Jeremy is making this offer. Just keep riding the wave, John,” she said.


“John all this makes perfect sense. I know Jeremy and I feel we know you. For me it is a no-brainer. I committed my apartment in Paris. Jeremy is doing the same with this condo but with more add ons. You need all your time devoted to the WorldPeace Advocacy and not to mundane day-to-day living hassles. I would rather see you write a short story than go to the store for bread and milk.”


“It is a no-brainer, John,” Harold replied. “You have an unbelievable top of the social pyramid support system now. You need to fully utilize it and go to work changing the world for the better.”

“OK Jeremy. Let’s get something in writing. I’ll get my keys for you. My mother is paranoid about letting people she does not know into her home so that may have to wait until I get back. I will work on that immediately.”

“All right then,” said Jeremy. “Let us toast to the future of the WorldPeace Advocacy and John WorldPeace. He brought out a bottle of Champaign and we toasted to the future and then we went to an early dinner.”


On Thursday, Marshall, Cathy and Francois and I flew to New York. Jeremy and Harold were already there. We flew on one of the corporate jets that Jeremy has under his authority. We had a nice meal that evening; very social. The afternoon was spent seeing some of the sites in New York like Central Park where I had never been.”

On Friday we went to Harper’s home office for our meeting. Jeremy picked us all up at the hotel he had provided and we all arrived at Harper’s at the same time. The receptionist seated us in a conference room with about thirty chairs around a very large contemporary conference table with an opening in the middle for someone to step into and speak if necessary.

After about fifteen minutes, Bill came in followed by about fifteen people. This was obviously to be an important meeting. Everyone came in with their files and a name card to put in front of them on the table. Everyone had on ID badges.

Bill opened up the meeting by letting everyone introduce himself or herself. There was also a group of five people on video conferencing. Video screens were in front of every third person. They were pop up screens built into the conference table. It was the people in San Francisco and one in England on the video.

“OK, we have a lot to talk about,” said Bill, “so let’s begin.”

“John you have come to us with a huge project. You have already written these books that are all impressive in their own right. The fact that you wrote them in a year is amazing. But it seems you wrote it right out of your head where you have been accumulating facts and thoughts and philosophies all your life. You amazingly wrote these manuscripts the way someone would relate a short story. That means to us that you are a very intelligent, clear thinking and creative person and we believe that translates into an endless stream of writing projects focused on peace and WorldPeace covering the broad areas of politics, religion and the law; consisting of endless stories that support your philosophy. And you have a nice easy to understand way of laying out problems and offering solutions in your books.”

“So the bottom line is that we want to partner up with you John. We want to give you all the support you need to get your thoughts into print.”

“John you are an unknown and you are about to step onto the world stage as the self appointed spokesman for WorldPeace. You have been John WorldPeace for over two decades. So you did not change your name as a gimmick last month to impress us. You have a history of working for peace in a very common sense way, but one that is very unique.”

“And this seems important, you have a global agenda. It is not one born of a local injustice. You take on the global issues that affect the whole world; every human being in one way or another. You have stepped out of your reality of being a White male American with a Christian upbringing. You are also just as much at home in the university environment as a board room and I am sure you would feel just as at home as a priest or a politician. You have lived in the country and the city. You have been a soldier, father and husband. You have had two long term marriages and you know about divorce. You were religious and now you are spiritual. You have no fear and more faith than anyone I know.”

“I don’t say these things John to pump you up but to draw attention to the fact that you have the life experiences that allow you to speak on these many issues. You have taken your talents and assets which are many and sought out solutions for increasing the peace in the world instead of making hundreds of millions of dollars which we all feel you were and are capable of doing. Nothing negative about Bill Gates but he took the traditional path to power by accumulating a fortune and now steps into the role of philanthropist.”

“You John took your energy and went to where the core issues of chaos and injustice and abuse of power exist. And you involved yourself as much as possible in these areas as you ran businesses and raised a family and went to school as well.”

“You came to us in 1993 and we turned you away. That was a mistake. You would have written about peace and made some money and made a difference but you would not have traveled the more significant path that you have. You would have not gone to prison. I agree with you that prison rounded out your peace bona fides.”

“John not only do we see Harper Collins making a lot of money publishing your books, but we also see it while participating in one of the most worthy of human objectives; increasing the peace in the world human society as you say. It is interesting to us John that you are trying to practically increase the peace by creating jobs. So you have achieved something no other peace activist has achieved; an integration of conservative business with a liberal social service. Again you did not set up a charity to give away money. And you plan is such a simple but amazing concept. So we are doing the same thing. We are going to make money by promoting WorldPeace. And WorldPeace is a secular issue that everyone can support. Even spirituality that is a foundation of WorldPeace can be supported because it transcends religion.”

“John I would like to just take a moment to applaud you.”

At which time he and the rest of those present stood up and clapped for a full two minutes after which I stood up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your kindness.”

“We are about to embark on a journey together. That is what WorldPeace is, a journey, not a destination. . It is a fragile reality that requires vigilance and most importantly it requires us to teach peace because at every moment the old guard dies and the new generations are being born. To maintain peace we have to live it and pass it on.”

“It is time to begin the journey. It is long past the time to begin the journey in earnest. Who knows where this endeavor will lead. But every solution will sharpen the focus on the problem and show us more clearly what we are up against. There is no final solution or destination. WorldPeace is an ongoing journey.”

“The world human society is going through a transition that is beyond that of the Renaissance. I believe it will be a millennium before we again experience such a transformation of society as is going on right now. Add into the mix the internet and bringing the Third World countries online and moving away from oil to hydrogen as a source of energy and many other astounding changes, we must insert WorldPeace into those changes and avoid the deadly abuse of the poor and ignorant and disenfranchised of the world as the world human society transitions. We need to partner up with these human beings and not enslave them economically or otherwise. And at the same time we must maintain a user friendly world to support an ever increasing world population.”

Ladies and gentlemen your role is that of publisher. Your part is to disseminate the written word at a profit. Your job is to make money through my advocacy of peace. This is something that has never been done. Peace sales will reduce the number of wars in the world human society. It encompasses a need to maintain the peace as opposed to creating more wars, chaos and disharmony in the world human society.”

“So I want to thank you for your consideration. Let us win the Nobel Peace Prize. I applaud you.”

I began to clap as did everyone else and then I sat down.

After a minute or two, Bill spoke.

“John if anyone can pull this off, you can. We all recognize that, if not before coming into this room, we realize it now. So let’s get to work.”

“John as I am sure you are aware, we are in a place where we have to evaluate the entire epic with no other feedback than our people in this room and some outside readers. As I said, in your case, we don’t get the chance to publish one book and test the market. Usually if we buy one book and it does not sell, we are in good shape because we did not commit to ten other books. But if that one book takes off like a rocket, and we have not bought the sequels, then the others are on the market to be sold to the highest bidder and we lose a lot of profit. We can buy the first book, in this case actually the first five books, depending on how we cut them up and take options of first refusal at a set price on the subsequent novels that you will surely write.”

“It is a tricky business with a unique work like yours. That being said, we have decided that we want to publish all the books, although not at the same time. We want to buy them all and set a schedule of publication over three years for what you have now. The first books will come out together. The autobiography that may be published as three books and the first two novels.”

“We want to publish the Book of Peace first. We want to do that immediately to prepare the world for what is coming. The Book of Peace with be our trailer for the coming WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“Then we want to publish the auto biography in three volumes. We want to put the jail journal as an appendix to the autobiography but we also feel like we will publish the jail journal as a separate volume. We have not made a final decision on this yet. We think the prison journal can be profitable on its own. People would like to know what jail is really like from someone who is not a criminal but was convicted and incarcerated.”

“The autobiography is going to be a trailer of sorts for the coming novels. We want to publish the first two novels together as a companion set. The first novel has so much foundation in it, we need to publish the second volume to show that the future novels are going to be political suspense novels with WorldPeace as the underlying theme. The first volume does not have enough action in it and needs the support of the second novel to make it worth reading if you will. The first volume will not stand on its own at this time.”

“Then John we want to release a book of your poems. This will show the public another side of you. And we know, like the novels, you can easily produce a couple of books of poems a year.”

“Our hope is that you will produce more novels and books of poetry than we can publish so that we can sort of have an inventory of unpublished works and we can decide in what order we want to publish them and how many a year we will publish.”

“Then we want to come out with your translations of the religious texts. But we are not sure whether we want to bring those out at one at a time or three a year or just publish them all in one volume. We are leaning toward one volume.”

“We will use these religious texts as a trailer for your WorldPeace gospel that for some of us is the most mind stunning innovation since the New Testament was created in 400 AD. The way you reorganized the four gospels is just unbelievable. You have pulled off something that no one else could pull off, reorganized the gospels content and not be crucified for it metaphorically speaking.”

“John to be honest with you, we don’t know how this project is going to evolve. It may be that when we start publishing the public is going to demand everything as quickly as possible. If that happens, we are ready to put it all out there fast. But there is so much John that we feel it will just overwhelm and over expose people to your works. Only time will tell what we should do to maximize the profits.”

“We want options on everything else you write. We want the right of first refusal. We want options on the foreign markets where we already have a foothold and options on the markets we want to break into.”

“John we want to tie you to us. We want to hitch our wagon to your star.”

“John we are willing to pay you a $10 million dollar advance as a show of our confidence in you. We have also allocated $2.5 million for a three year book tour.”

“John this is the most complex deal we have ever done. And we have been around a very long time. Our market share will go up with just your books John. We are certain of that. How much is what we don’t know.”

“We are ready today to give you a non-refundable $500 thousand dollars to give us ninety days more to hammer out all the contracts. In fact, each book will be its own deal but we don’t know what each book will contain. One book may contain several books in regards to the religious interpretations.”

“Bill that sounds unbelieveable. It sounds like a very generous offer for an unknown author like me. Based on that painting I dreamed twenty odd years ago, I believe that Harper Collins is supposed to publish my books. Part of that is also related to the Bahai’ belief that peace will begin in San Francisco (where you will publish the books). I am not a Bahai’. I am not a religionist of any stripe. But that is a factor in my metaphysical mind.”

“However, in my practical legal accounting mind, I need to defer the contract details and specifics to Harold Nusbaum who I understand along with his father has a reputation of being a reasonable and user friendly agent to both writers and publishers.”

“Harold, I want to say to you that I want to do business with these people and it is worth it to me to make this deal happen by being reasonable and flexible. And I also want to say that I believe pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. So I would ask you Bill and Harold to play nice and make this deal happen such that we can all be friends long into the future.”

“I have been in all the conflict I can stand to date. Yet I know I am walking into a storm in some ways as I try to encourage people to take down their barriers and live in peace. People hate and fear peace. And some will hate and fear me for even advocating it. So in matters that I have significant control, I want peace and tranquility. I want a non-emotional business deal worked out. If I can’t negotiate this contract in peace, then I will have begun the WorldPeace Advocacy in conflict and metaphysically that will negatively taint everything I do for the rest of my life with regards to peace.”

“You ladies and gentlemen know the reality and profitability of this business. I promise you the long-term profits for publishing the WorldPeace Advocacy will be record setting and very long lived. Let’s make this a priority so I can board my WorldPeace train and leave the station as soon as possible.”

“Someone began to clap and all joined in and stood including myself. Then Cathy began to chant ‘WorldPeace’ and everyone joined in until I raised my hands after a few minutes of electricity and excitement to stop it.”

“John,” Bill said, “I just saw a vision of the largest peace rally in history in Paris and you at the podium. You will make a difference John. You will succeed in bringing some sanity into the global community. I just had the most amazing vision.”

“John that check today will be for an even $1 million dollars, not $500,000.”

I got up and went around the table and shook Bill’s hand.

“This is going to be a great partnership,” I said.

“Indeed,” he replied.

Everyone again clapped. Amazingly, I saw some tears on some faces.

Bill then asked a young lady to give Harold and I a copy of the proposed contracts.

“John you and Harold can go over these contracts and suggest your changes. Harold please direct your communication to me initially. My contact numbers are on there.”

“I will,” Harold said.

“John I would like you and your party to join me in the executive dining room for lunch but first I would like to go around the table and let everyone have a chance to ask you the most relevant unanswered questions in their minds.”

“Sure,” I responded.

“Let’s start with Alex Sanchez and let’s keep it to your number one question,” instructed Bill.

Alex began.

“Dr. WorldPeace, when did you know the WorldPeace Advocacy was your destiny.”

“When I was eight years old and remembered the time just before I was born. I felt pretty sure I had a global mission of some kind. So over the years, I followed my intuition and experienced certain things. I educated myself in preparation for my destiny. It was not until my first divorce in 1987 when I began a novel I called John World Peace, three words, that I begin to think about WorldPeace as a global mission. The novel was set in 2025 and John World Peace was looking back on his life on his 100th birthday. But the novel was only going to be 400 pages. As it turned out, I wrote almost 3000 pages in jail twenty-three years later.”

“At any rate, I changed my name the next year, 1988, to John WorldPeace because peace was in the forefront of my thoughts. It was not until jail in 2008 that the term WorldPeace Advocacy seemed an appropriate term to sum up my mission.”

“Before my divorce, I had thought I might be a Billy Graham of sorts but it never really felt right.”

“There is a line in ‘The Last Samurai’ where Kwasimoto asked Tom Cruise if he thought a man could change his destiny. Tom Cruise says that he believes that a man does what he can until his destiny reveals itself to him. That is what I feel happened to me. In time, the WorldPeace Advocacy revealed itself to me.”

“Thank you,” said Alex.

Carl Johnson asked, “Dr. WorldPeace, do you think there will be a second coming of Jesus?”

“I don’t know. What I think though is that Jesus will come with all the signs of a true prophet of the Jews like Elijah. But times have changed and it has been a long time since the Jews have seen a real prophet. They rejected Jesus and for me the Temple being destroyed by the Romans was the end of God’s patience; at least until 1948 when Israel was reestablished as a nation.”

“Now for me there is a fundamental problem with the return of Jesus and that is the question of ‘will he return as a Jew or a Christian’. If he comes back as a Jew, the Christians will reject him and if he returns as a Christian the Jews will reject him. He was born a Jew and died a Jew. But the Jews rejected his message. Then Paul he turned to the gentiles with Jesus’ message and a new religion began.”

“So since the Jews rejected him and the Christians embraced him it would seem to me that he would have to return with a Christian orientation.”

“And for me, this is where the logic of a second coming throws up conflicts and paradoxes.”

“I also know that God has generally worked his revelations though men and so I do not see Jesus returning and with the wave of his hand the entire universe disappears and the only thing left is a New Jerusalem the way the holodeck on the Enterprise in the TV series Star Trek could be changed.”

“So if there is a second coming, I don’t think it will be a miracle on a universal scale. In fact, a messiah is more likely to come quietly and then leave and only later will people recognize him for who he was. A man like St. Francis was very close to what would have been expected of a messiah. But he died refusing to take up the mantel of a messiah and refusing to endorse a new religion. He just tried to live the model Jesus suggested and laid out in the Bible by working through the Catholic Church.”

“Thank you,” Said Carl

“Dr. WorldPeace, do you think the world is evil,” Elaine Hanson asked.

“The nature of the world is that you can use your creative energy to do good or bad. You have free will. So a person can choose to be evil and victimize his neighbors. At death, he or she has to pay up or in my mind reincarnate real fast to escape judgment.”

“Most victims are victims because they do not take control of their lives. They abdicate decisions regarding their life and refuse to educate themselves in the way things work. The good suffer because they get blindsided by evil. But in death they are back in paradise.”

“God, if you will, has many billions of living humans to deal with and most of them have conflicting desires. Everyone can’t have everything they want. So there is a give and take in life. No one gets all bad or all good. We get some of each. God did not even run interference for Jesus.”

“The good suffer and the wicked prosper because that is the way it is on earth; a Zen answer if you will, but true.”

“Thank you,” said Elaine.

Harry Conwell asked,” How do we know if we are on our destined path or not.”

“All paths are crooked. We are knocked off track now and then for many reasons. So if you want to know where you are going look where you have been and you will recognize the path that you seem to keep returning to. If you want to be an artist and feel that is your destiny, look at whether you have continued to pursue your art during your life and if doors to an art career keep opening which you ignore as you work your accounting job.’

“When you are on your path, doors open to you that will not open to others. If you find a closed door, push on it a bit to make sure it is really closed. If so, change directions a bit and move on.”

“Thank you, Dr. WorldPeace”.

Kenneth Crowley asked, “Dr. WorldPeace, what do you think about abortion?”

“I think it’s tragic but you cannot abort a soul in the sense of killing it. You just destroy the vehicle it chose. I believe that abortion is preferred over a life of abuse imposed on an unwanted child. There is no reason for someone to have an unwanted pregnancy in this day and time. Prevention is the key. Abortion is a deep scar that any mother will carry to her grave. There will always be the torment of what would things have been like if she had allowed that child into her life.”

“Avoid the pregnancy is my best advice. But if aborted, souls will find another vehicle into this reality if that is what they desire. You cannot keep them out if they are determined to enter.”

Larry Saxon asked, “Dr. WorldPeace, what about sex.”

“The worst I had was fantastic,” I said.

There was laughter.

“For me intense sexual emotional intimacy puts me in touch with my spiritual essence. I am closest to heaven right after an extremely loving intimate encounter. It is a natural high. It creates a sense of euphoria and peace. And for me it often gives me a clear view of the future in its wake if I am paying attention.”

“Thank you,” Dr. WorldPeace.

“What about adultery,” Peter Svenson asked.

“Adultery is based on a lie and it will erode a marriage. We are human. We are biological. Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes it’s sought out. It is sad when one person leaves a marriage without telling the other. It is tragic when it leads to divorce and children’s lives are forever scared. Sometimes it is by mutual consent. I guess that is OK if again there are no children. There are economic reasons and social reason why people would continue a façade of marriage when the love between them has died. There are many scenarios. The bad ones involve children as collateral damage.”

“What about the law?” Rita Early asked.

“It is a conflict oriented greed driven abomination. There is no justice. Stay out of the courts as Jesus said. Stay vigilant and avoid situations that look as if they will take you there”

“Thank you,” said Rita.”

“Capital punishment?” Terry Lawrence asked.

“The legal system is corrupt so capital punishment should be abolished. There is no such thing as a fair trial. The prosecutor manipulates facts and judges are gatekeepers on what the jury hears. Jurors always consider a Defendant guilty and they are looking for facts to verify it. Think about it. Someone complained, the police arrested, the DA took charges, the grand jury indicted. A lot of people have already looked at the Defendant and decided to go forward with prosecution. This is always foremost in a juror’s mind.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Victor Astor asked, “Assisted suicide?”

“People can commit suicide at anytime in a variety of ways. It comes down to the some people don’t want to die alone. If a person has a terminal illness or is a quadriplegic and wants to die, he or she should be counseled by a psychologist, family and friends and a decision made as to whether to participate or not. If not, the person will have to do the job himself or herself. I am not against it. When I become useless and my body wont die, I would like to have my family and friends around as I took some sleeping pills or opened the valve on an IV and died. It seems a very pleasant scenario.”

“What is the best philosophy of life?” Brian Hathaway asked.

“Row, row, row
YOUR boat


Then, “Thank you, Dr. WorldPeace.”

Dwayne Hensley asked, “What is your greatest achievement in life.”

“I haven’t experienced it yet.”

“What is the saddest thing on earth?”

“A child with cancer or other terminal disease.”

Edward Walker asked, “Who do you most admire?”

“Those people who always have a happy face, go around doing good, don’t carry grudges, don’t judge people. My second ex wife Kay is a good example of someone who I admire for having these traits.”

“May I ask why you were twice divorced?” asked Francene Dubois.

“My life is very intense and will be until my last breath. About two weeks ago I was shot while having coffee with all the people who are closest to me.” I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it down to show them the huge bruise on my chest. Everyone gasped.”

“An assassin tried to kill me. I had on a bulletproof vest. I went to the hospital and rested overnight. My son caught the shooter. We kept it out of the news.”

“I am fearless and have total faith in God. Kay, my second ex, cannot live with the drama of my unfolding dream. I love her and so I let her go. From the time of our meeting we both felt we would only be together for nineteen years. It became a self fulfilling prophesy I think.”

“I only promised her I would never bore her to death. I kept my promise. She was with me when I was shot. That promise became a deal breaker three years ago.”

“It appears that Cathy and Francois were destined to be with me for this phase of the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“Life is complicated and often the events within remain a mystery.”

Gail Archer then said, “WOW Dr. WorldPeace. That will take a while to process. How do you want to be remembered?”

“As a dreamer, as a point of light, as someone who tried to make a positive difference in the world human society is how I want to be remembered.”

Ilene Corsica asked, “What is death like?”

“You go into a multiplex theater and sit down and watch a movie. That movie is your life. When it is over, you go out into the common area for a bit and then enter another theater and watch another movie. That is your life. You exit to the common area and watch another movie sooner or later. Death is the exit into the common area. The exit from the movie is the point of death, the entrance into the movie is birth.”

Mary Dios from San Franciso asked, “Dr. WorldPeace, you said how you would like to be remembered. How do you think you will be remembered?”

“As a teacher of teachers,” I responded.

“We know you are a peace advocate, Dr. WorldPeace. But what is the core message to each individual?”

“God loves you. Everything is the way it should be but that should not discourage us from trying to increase the level of peace in the world human society.”

Nina Carson asked, “How should we deal with evil?”

Evil is a tar baby. The more you engage it, the more you get its evil on you. Avoid it. Let God deal with it if you can. Focus on the good you can do. Don’t get sidetracked by those who would divert you from your path. And when you disengage from evil, cleanse yourself through prayer and meditation so you don’t infect others with it or allow it to grow within you. Evil is a virus.”

Ona Nettles asked, “What do you think about homosexuality?”

“All the hard questions the first day, my friends,” I smiled.

“Homosexuality is an undeniable facet of the world human society. It is genetic based. All bodies are just vehicles for the soul. They are not all Chevys or Fords.”

“Are you sympathetic to it or against it,” he followed up.

“Neither. I deal with people souls always. Heaven is sexless. There is no need for it. Souls cannot create souls. Only God can do that. Sex is just an aspect of incarnating into this reality. Some are homosexuals, some are not. But the kind of person one is on the soul level is what is important.”

Victoria Martinez said, “Dr. WorldPeace, I would like to know the one sentence thoughts of each of your associates here today.”

“Francois,” I said.

“A beautiful loving enigma.”

“He is the Kwisats Haderach,” said Cathy.

Marshall said, “I find that I don’t even know my own father.”

“Someone who is going to make a difference in the world,” said Harold.

“A Bodhisattva. An advanced soul who chose to return to earth and teach peace as opposed to returning to the perfect bliss of the highest heaven,” said Jeremy.

And what about you about yourself, Dr. WorldPeace?” asked Zena Carnation.

“One simple man, one simple message; WorldPeace. Everything else is just my personal commentary.”

Bill then said, “John, I am absolutely amazed at how you fielded all those very deep and tricky questions. You never hesitated. And some of your answers were quite profound and some were riddles. You are totally prepared for your world audience. Welcome aboard, John. We are with you.”

Everyone stood and clapped.

Ladies and gentlemen, this meeting is at an end unfortunately. John, Jeremy, Harold, Cathy, Francois, Marshall let us go and have some lunch,” Bill said.

I shook hands with everyone as they left the room and exchanged pleasantries. And then we followed Bill to lunch. Cathy and Francois attached themselves to my side and each kissed me and held my hand.