The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel One - Phoenix Rising


by Dr John WorldPeace JD


Novel One - Phoenix Rising

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved

Chapters 63-76



The dining room was conservative, low lights and dark wood. We were placed in a private room with just our table. The menu was limited to about five lunches but each was a full dinner. I ordered the fish.

When everyone had ordered, Bill said, “John I was truly amazed at the way you handled all those questions. You never hesitated. It was like you had memorized all the answers. But there is no way you knew what the questions would be.”

“Actually Bill, I have meditated on all those questions at some point in my life. Some took decades to work out. When I first jacked into the internet, I posted to a lot of newsgroups and fielded a lot of questions. I feel I have a pretty well integrated philosophy now.”

“John you were very relaxed. These were top-level executives at the meeting and they in a sense have your future in their hands. But you did not seem to give their status any consideration. You were just having a conversation,” he said.

“Yes, well I have been selling for thirty-three years so I am sure that has something to do with it,” I said.

“I am sure a lot of those questions would cause most people to pause and consider the consequences of their answers. You either did a speed of light evaluation or ignored the consequences and related your honest beliefs,” Bill said.

“I related my truth but all those questions have alternate answers. I could respond in a logical liner fashion or an abstract Zen fashion. So the dynamics of the answer could change. Then you would have two answers to the same question and some people may not pick up the difference between the esoteric and the logical lines of reasoning. I tried to sprinkle a little of each in my responses. If the question is simple, I may give a big answer, if dynamic, a simple answer.”

“It is a matter of encouraging people to think,” I said.

“You are a tricky guy John,” Bill said.

“Not tricky really,” I said. We were just having a conversation. And I don’t want to be boring. I don’t want people to fall asleep because they think they know what is coming next. Those executives are smart and I did not want to put them to sleep.”

“Also, Bill, on that check, will you please not take out any taxes. I will spend all of it in my business so there will be no taxable income. I am building equity in all my companies while at the same time showing no profits. I want to create as many jobs as I can. So everything gets spent. The web design business is for the most part economy proof.”

“I can do that John.”

He took a pad from the table and wrote a note, folded it and gave it to the waiter and asked him to have it delivered.

Harold finished scanning the contracts and handed my folder to me and I gave it to Cathy with a wink and a smile.

Francois spoke up. “Bill every time I am with John he shows another aspect of himself. He is always casual and focused no matter who he is talking to. And he is not bothered by their status high or low. All he does is respond to the question he is asked. He places the individual and the question in a vacuum. He is going to sell a lot of books.”

“I can see how John could have been a con man and made millions but he is just not like that. He is disarming and that would scare me if I was considering a big deal with him,” Francois continued.

“A lot of people have looked into his background and it is clean. And for a man sixty that is amazing. He has made a lot of people mad but always it seems he fights fair when others don’t.”

“I now see how he makes some people hate him. He stays in total control of the conversation. He has a streetwise skill in communications. He has a really big bag of tools but he has been selling and communicating so long, much of what he does is automatic.”

“I wonder sometimes if there is a situation that John has not experienced. He has exposed himself to a lot of things. He has prepared himself well for his advocacy.”

“Thank you Francois, that is exactly the way we rehearsed it,” I smiled.

“See Bill, see how he is. I have never met anyone like him,” said Francois with love in her eyes.

We all chatted about hobbies, family and so on through lunch. At the end Bill had some Champaign brought over and we toasted to the WorldPeace Advocacy and the success of the publishing of my books.

As we walked back to the office, Bill handed me the million-dollar check. We all stopped and shook hands and then the WorldPeace gang left the building.

When we were outside, Jeremy said he was going back to Paris but the jet would take us all back to Houston. Harold said he had a meeting with another client and his dad. Marshall, Cathy, Francois, Jeremy and I headed back to the airport in the limo.”

“John,” said Jeremy, “I am going to set up a week of meetings for you in Paris in about two weeks. I want you to meet a lot of people but not all on one night. And I want to do it before you get moving in too many other directions. I feel we are in the calm before the storm of non-stop activity.”

“Fine,” I said.

We all exited the limo to board our jet and the limo took Jeremy to another hanger to catch his jet to Paris.

When we were seated in the jet, I said to Cathy and Francois, “Ladies I am exhausted. I feel a huge weight has been lifted from me and I feel excited about our new future. I need to go back to Houston and lay up with you girls and just chill for a few days.”

“Sound like a plan,” said Cathy.

Francois gave me one of her looks.

“So Marshall, what do you think?” I asked.

“Dad this is so unreal. I had my doubts of course when you kept projecting this from prison in your letters to me. But you pulled it off. You have a million dollars in your pocket and that is just the start. There is so much going on in my head about the past and things now and what Brian, Stephanie and Dave have said. I am taking a whole different look at all of it. I am exhausted to tell you the truth.”

“I know. I feel like I could sleep a week. And I just remembered I have been moved. You and Myle need to come see us tomorrow.”

“You moved dad,” Marshall asked.

“Sorry. I did not mention it. Yes, Jeremy and friends moved me into the Cloverleaf in the Galleria. It is five thousand feet and they rented another twenty-five hundred feet of office space across the street. And Jeremy said they were doing a million dollar furnished build out. They said I needed a place to entertain VIPs. There is also a maid, butler, cook and chauffer too. And three assistants to help me sort through all my stuff and set up the web design business in the new office.”

“You’re kidding,” Marshall said.

“No, he is not,” said Francois. “All true, Marshall. All true.”

John just stared at me.

“We will be there dad. I have to see this,” he said.

“The king of the world has to have a castle worthy of him, Marshall,”
Francois said.

“Francois, don’t say things like that. King of the world,” I said.

“Just kidding,” she said.

“No you were not,” said Cathy.

“Dr. WorldPeace, there is a bed in back of the plane. Want to join the mile high club?” Francois said.

“Francois, you are something else,” I said.

“What is the mile high club?” Marshall asked.

“People who have sex a mile above the earth usually in a plane,” I said.

“I see,” said Marshall.

“Not this trip ladies,” I said.

“Two for one special,” said Cathy.

“Ladies you are embarrassing me in front of my son,” I said.

“Sorry Marshall,” they said in unison.

I could use some coffee,” I said.

“Yes, sir,” said Cathy.

The flight home was relaxing especially after I decided to have a glass of wine.

The limo took us to my new home and Marshall took a quick tour. He was as amazed as I was. The place had transformed so quickly. The limo took Marshall back to his car at my old apartment.”

Cathy and Francois and I went into my/our new bedroom and relaxed.


Seeing the sun come up over the treetops was a great experience. Cathy and Francois were both asleep. We all had had a tough several weeks. Especially since the shooting that continues to seem more like a dream until I look at the huge blue and black bruise on my chest. Marshall said he would keep me informed as to the happenings in the case but they have the gun, the bullets and the shooter’s pants. It is all linked together. No way he can get off. It is just a question as to what the charge is going to be.

My expectations are that Marshall will get a call from the FBI or CIA to come to Washington this week. I want to do it before I go back to Paris in ten days. Jeremy is going to have my schedule booked pretty solid from what Cathy says. He wants me to meet about one hundred and fifty people in groups of various sizes over the week. So it will be a grueling week but it will jump start all the things I want to do with regards to the WorldPeace Advocacy. I also think these WorldPeace meetings are going to lead to some joint business ventures.

Cathy and Francois both woke at the same time and rolled into me and said good morning.

“Morning ladies. This is a wonderful condo. I am excited about getting up and exploring.

“Not just yet,” they said.


I got out of bed and walked into a very large shower where Francois was bathing. I got into the hot mist and began to enjoy the heat. For me taking a hot shower has always been a sort of ritual washing away all of the negativity that had accumulated in my aura since the last shower. It generally is a form of moderate meditation as I release the past and think about what I am going to do over the next twenty-four hours.

When I began shaving my head in prison, that also became a sort of cleansing ritual and a rededication to the WorldPeace Advocacy.

All this in addition to the need to take care of my aging skin usually required a fifteen to twenty minute shower. In prison I only shaved my head once every four or five days; and my beard at the same time. Every since I exited jail, my habit is to shave every day and enjoy the sharp razors and shaving cream that I had been denied for a year. But I only shave my head once a week now. It is just too time consuming to do it more often. If I am going to a special event, I will usually shave my head the day before the event in case I nick myself.

Francois and I played and caressed a bit, then she exited the shower. About five minutes later Cathy entered. I enjoyed the casual openness of our relationships and I liked the fact that neither of them are inhabited or jealous.

I exited the shower, shaved and applied the skin lotion to my body. I put on my robe and slides and found Francois in the wonderful kitchen.

“Are there any servants here?” I asked Francois.

“No we are alone. The servants will not come until Monday morning along with the three women who are going to assist you in getting your things in order,” she said.

“That is good,” I replied. “I wanted a few days to prepare the work for them and settle into this apartment without the servants. We are going to have to make some rules about what areas are open to the servants and at what times. I am not used to being with maids, butlers, cooks and others always present.”

“You get used to it,” Francois said. “And they generally know the restrictions and respect your privacy. It all works out very quickly.”

Cathy entered the very large kitchen area; about four hundred square feet with cabinets and counters on the sides. The fourth side opened to a rectangle kitchen table that would easily seat twelve. There was a large moveable kitchen island in the center. Appliances of every kind were built in around the counters including two dishwashers. It was built for entertaining.

The table sat next to the ceiling to floor windows and was solid oak with antique high back chairs. The cabinets had been stocked with a huge variety of food. The large refrigerators and freezers were also completely full. Cathy began grinding coffee beans. A silver tray of breakfast pastries and fruit were on the counter.

I sat at the head of the table and looked out over the west end of the city. Francois joined me with the pastries and a cup of tea. We chatted about mundane things until Cathy joined us after she started the coffee brewing.

“Well girls, we’re home,” I said. “I have so much to do I can’t believe it. I have had a nice month long vacation since going to Paris and meeting the two of you. Now things are going to shift a bit and that concerns me.”

“What do you mean?” asked Francois.

“Will I am going back to work and that means that I am going to be withdrawn into myself twelve to fifteen hours a day. I am going to have to set my web design business up so I can travel and do the same thing for the bookkeeping business.”

“John,” Francois said, “why are you fooling with a bookkeeping business? It is such a low profit endeavor.”

“I want to have the largest bookkeeping business in the city and I will have a CPA firm next door that exists just to serve my clients and a lot of my personal needs. I will have two hundred corporations that are going to need accounting. So I need the bookkeepers and the CPAs. I will locate them in about four locations because I don’t want anyone knowing how big I really am.”

“Also, with a large bookkeeping operation, I will be able to hide my personal business in a d/b/a to keep the employees from knowing that I own ten to twenty percent of all the businesses they are working on.”

“As I said, I don’t expect to have to borrow any money so no bank, SEC, etc will have a financial statement on me. No one will know what I have. It will look like all my money comes from the WorldPeace Advocacy. But if I do it the way I expect, the WorldPeace Advocacy will only be one percent of my total earnings. It will be complicated and if the IRS ever gets into my hair they will have to bring in a hundred CPAs and spread them all over the world to see what I am doing and even then they won’t see it all.”

“Everything will be legal I can assure you of that. And CPAs are going to be set up as the gatekeepers on making sure everything stays legal. If it is not, they will go to jail. If I get penalized in anyway, it’s coming out of their pockets. In the long run, I will have enough politicians in my pocket to keep the IRS at bay.”

“You are pretty cynical about the government, politicians, and judges, and cops John,” said Cathy.

“They are all corrupt. They would sell their mothers for a cheap cigar. That is the way it is. Like they say, ‘if you can’t beat them join them’.”

“I want you to know this. I am not going to supply women or drugs are anything illegal to these politicians and judges. They get money, wine and maybe their favorite booze. Money is simple. It is clean. It is not like hunting and fishing trips with or without women. All that money is going to them in above board campaign contributions.”

“The corrupt bureaucrats and business men will require a different kind of compensation. I think paying them off directly or indirectly with money is only trouble. We’ll just have to see. But virtually everything I make is going into an infinite number of peace promoting endeavors. I am going to avoid payoffs as much as I can. Most of my businesses are going to be simple. I am not going to try to dump nuclear waste somewhere. But I will probably try to stop it. You are not going to see me investing in liquor stores, or car dealerships, or selling snake oil online either. You will see what I mean as we go forward.”

“The point is that I have to go back to work and so I am going to always be present but not as available as I have been. I expect that you Cathy will be by my side almost all the time. But Francois, you have your hands in a lot of big pies and I don’t see you doing a lot of mundane work for yourself or anyone else.”

“The truth is girls I don’t even know where you live or anything about your finances or if you have sailboats, horses, vacation homes or whatever. It doesn’t matter. But that does not mean I am not interested if you want to talk about it. I want to know as much as you want to share with me.

“I don’t want anything from either of you but your love. Your loving companionship is very important to me. Know this, no matter what I am doing, unless it’s a phone conversation with the President, I will stop what I am doing and respond to you. In addition to you two, Marshall, Kay, Jeremy, Bill at Harper Collins, Harold, all have immediate access to me day or night.”

“We will have to work through all the logistics.”

“Francois, you have that look,” I said.

“What look?” she responded.

“Well it’s a hungry horny tigress psychic, ‘I know something you don’t know look’. ‘I am the one in control here’ look.”

“Why John, you know me so well,” she said as she stood up and took off her robe and laid it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs and then she went to get another cup of coffee. Then she stalked toward me like a tigress approaching her prey.

She gave me a kiss and sat down in her chair looking at me.

Cathy as usual just watched with her typical poker face.

“Life would be somewhat dull without you Francois and empty without you Cathy.”

“What do you mean John,” asked Francois.

“I mean you will never completely open up to me Francois. But I doubt there is anyone who could take you away from me.”

“I agree with that John,” she said as she got up and sat down in my lap without breaking eye contact. You don’t try to control me John and because of that you totally control me. No man has ever had the effect on me that you have. You know exactly how to relate to me. You know all my buttons. I can’t look at you without blushing and wanting you.”

“I think you are talking about me,” Cathy said as she dropped her robe.

“Oh Lord,” I said.

After a long pleasant heavenly experience, I was about to get out of bed when Francois said, “John, how do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Make love so much. Where do you get all the energy. I know you don’t take Viagra or anything else. How do you do it?”

“Yes, John, I am interested as well,” said Cathy. “I am twenty-five years old and in very good shape and you are sixty and wear me out.”

“This is one of those responses that Kay would hate,” I said. “I have to lay the foundation for the answer.”

“We are listening,” they said in unison.

“The spiritual energy controls everything. And the spiritual energy is all-inclusive and infinite. It is the spiritual energy that Jesus was talking about when he said ‘ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter’ and ‘if you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains’.

“You see that is true. In the spiritual realm, in heaven, you think something or visualize it and it happens. Think flying and you are airborne.”

“In the earth realm, the spirit is attached to a body and doing things is like moving through molasses. In the spirit realm, you think a place and you are there. In the earthly realm, you have to walk, drive, fly or take a boat or train. You have to move your heavy body there.”

“So in the earthly realm you have to first use your mind. Your mind controls your body. And then you have to make your body move. The better physical shape you are in, the better your body responds.”

“From the spirit to the mind to the body all things are possible.”

“Do either of you know why you can’t fly?” I asked.

“No,” they responded.

“Because the almost eight billion human minds on the planet have agreed that it will not be possible in this reality. So yes you can fly but you have to overcome the will of eight billion other human beings. And that is an almost impossible task.”

“OK. Now I have a very strong mind that has learned how to be very creative and has been disciplined by formal education and a legal career which required me to think and write clearly plus thirty-two years of selling which also sharpened my abilities to make things happen.”

“In addition, I have not been obsessive about exercise but I have exercised about four or five months out of the year since I was thirteen. And I used to jog almost every day and that gave me stamina. My knees and hips have been deteriorated by gravity so my aerobics are now accomplished by bicycling, horseback riding and some swimming.”

“I have a very strong spiritual connection through a lifetime of meditation, a strong disciplined creative mind and a strong healthy body even after a heart attack. I healed myself through these same principles of body, mind and soul. My heart is not like new but it is almost fully functional in its damaged condition.”

“Now in making love, I add one more component and that is emotion which I believe is drawn from the body, mind and spirit. I believe each has an emotional component.”

“Now, two other things with regards to sex; first you notice that I don’t allow myself to release every time I am with you. Most of the time, I will only do that once every few days. The second thing is that I have learned how to heighten the stroking and touching of all kinds that go with love making and focus on and achieve what I consider a lower level but ongoing release that has no peak but is like riding a continuous soft wave of water that I intensify and relax as I please during love making.”

“Also, regarding a release, when you intensely connect with someone on a body, mind, soul level, with a heightened degree of emotion, when you have a release after thirty minutes or an hour, it is so intense that it completely drains all the reservoirs and leaves you exhausted and even a bit nauseated which is a result of deep spiritual energy releasing.”

“So that is how I do it. I focus all those energies to a high intensity. The last element is when your partner loves you back with an equal intensity. Then the experience is off the charts euphoric and will take me to heaven and give me a burst of creative insightfulness like a very vivid and dynamic dream. So the physical body has an orgasm that ripples through the whole body if you allow it and the mind also experiences a creative euphoria that lingers for five or ten minutes if you pay attention and just harmonize with it.”

“The last factor has a lot to do with how your partner responds during love making. If in my case, she is responding and moving and moaning then it radically affects me and really heightens my intensity. Both of you are very responsive and that turns me on. And when you are both responding at the same time, then it is just like going ballistic for me.”

“So I love you and I connect with you as intensely as I can with my body, mind and soul and project as much of that loving energy as I can into you during the act of love making.”

“Your mind is very powerful when it harnesses the spirit and has faith. I exercise my mind in other ways, simple ways. If I am going to lift something heavy, I mentally drain the weight of what I am going to lift and tell myself it is light; and it becomes lighter. If I am facing a difficult or hard task, I tell myself it is easy. If I am jogging and get really tired, I make my mind think about sex; my body releases some chemicals and I have new energy.”

“And if I am trying to do something I have never done before, I use my mind to tell my spirit to go to a place and time in a past or future life and gather the knowledge I need. And it helps a lot.”

“So there it is. It is all about your thoughts.”

“My God, John,” said Cathy, “that is the most amazing thing I have ever heard. And I would find it hard to believe except I am as you say a sexual athlete and you are the only man who has every completely released me and worn me out. You have a super natural ability. And I can see now you use it all the time in everything that you do. You heal yourself and you only sleep three or four hours a night.”

“It is not super natural,” I said. “Everyone has it. But only a very few believe they have it or try to develop it. But back to making love, I have developed it because I want my partner to experience it. That is a very important factor. I want you to feel my love. And it seems that you do.”

“Oh, yes,” said Cathy. “Oh yes I do. I have just experienced it but never thought to question it. I can see how Francois personality is different than mine; more curious and less inhibited, more abstract, and so she asked the question and I am so glad she did.”

“What is so exciting to me is that since I have been with you, John, I get to learn through other people’s questions in all areas which I would not have thought to ask about but wanted to know and didn’t know I even wanted to know,” said Cathy.

Francois, had that lightening in her eyes and I knew what was next and I was right. I wondered when I was going to be able to get out of bed and see the rest of the condo.

“John you don’t expect to teach and then not follow up with practical lessons do you? How empty would that be?” Francois said.


In time I was able to get free and tour the condo. I got up alone and was left to myself and that surprised me. I began to slowly walk through my new home.

About fifteen hundred of the five thousand square feet of the condo had been allocated for dining space including the kitchen that would be used for large dinner parties. But a kitchen to me is like a living room or den and I love to sit there and eat and drink coffee or wine and chat with others.

Another 1,000 square feet was allocated for quarters for two servants, five hundred square feet for my office, five hundred square feet for a dining room and 200 for an entrance hall. The balance was going to be a large room to entertain but now contained all my things packed into one corner of it. I would spend time later today and tomorrow getting it ready for the three assistants to help me on Monday organize it and then work through it. All I wanted to do now was to get a feel for the size of the tasks ahead of me and enjoy the condo.

I returned to the kitchen and made a first cup of coffee and then moved to the table and just stared out the window.

The view was wonderful and relaxing. I realized I had come a very long way. My family that I had imagined would give me great joy in my old age had vanished. I still saw my parents each week as well as my son Marshall and his wife Myle about once a month but my sister and her kids and my other three children were no longer a part of my reality. Marshall and Myle were busy empire building and preparing for some role in politics. I stayed out of their endeavors because I am too controversial and didn’t want to cause them any grief. I am happy to meet them for breakfast or dinner once a month or so.

My aunt and uncle who live one hundred miles west of Houston and their daughters serve as limited family. I have been close to my aunt since I was born and my uncle since he married my aunt when I was a teenager. I try to go see them a couple of times a year. Sometimes I meet them when they come to see my mother. It just occurred to me that I would need a guest bedroom. I will have to inform Cathy of that if it has not already been considered.

I have no doubt that by the end of the year we will take over an adjoining five thousand square feet.

Cathy and Francois are becoming my surrogate wives but the relationship is so new, and I have a history of two wives leaving. I can’t help but be a little paranoid about them leaving me; even though I can’t really imagine it. Things just seem perfect now.

I am about to become very busy. And I will be gone a lot. I feel like I am standing on a two week island of time resting; the last time for maybe years if not longer.

I continued to stare out the window reviewing my past the same as I reviewed it in jail. The difference is that I am now in a very beautiful place and I have two beautiful sexy women in the bedroom. Yet this place has a lot of similarity to jail. I guess any enclosed space will feel like jail to me for the rest of my life.

Francois walked into the kitchen fresh out of the shower and came over and stood behind me and just put her arms around me. She kissed me on the top of my head then went to open a bottle of wine.

“Where is Cathy?” I asked.

“She is taking a shower and said she was going to her apartment to get some things and going to the store to get some things that we don’t have.”

“Is her car here?” I asked.

“No she is going to taxi to your old apartment where she left it and I think she is going to see if she can cancel the lease on your old apartment after she makes sure everything is out of there.”

“I see,” I said. “So you and I will be alone.”

“Yes. We are not alone very much are we?” she asked.

“Interesting isn’t it?” I said

“Yes, it is,” she responded.

Francois brought her glass of wine and some cheese and crackers to the table and sat next to me.

“Are you happy?” I asked.

“Very,” she smiled with her mouth and eyes.

“I am happy but the fact that two wives walked out on me never leaves me. I really was surprised both times. So I guess I am permanently scarred with a mild but deep seated paranoia about being abandoned again.”

“I don’t see me going anywhere John,” she said. “In truth, I have never been this happy,” she said.


“Really and truly,” she responded. “Does that surprise you?”

“Yes. Very much,” I said. “I know after being with you just how chaotic and hectic my old life was. And it was that way because I was empty, lonely, and not able to find someone who really touched me. Someone I respected and did not bore me. And most importantly someone who could make me feel loved.”

“John, I don’t know how Kay could have left you. She still loves you.”

“Kay’s father was an alcoholic and so was her husband of nineteen years. In fact, her husband drank himself to death at fifty-three. Kay has a lot of fear and little faith. She loved me but not my life. She had to get off the merry go round to save herself and find sanity. It was meant to be that she leave and you and Cathy come into my life.”

“You really believe that don’t you?” she asked.

“Absolutely, I have no doubt about it,” I responded.

“I can’t see me leaving. I am just working on how to be with you more than I have been.”

“Well that will all work itself out. I am sure of it,” I said.

I put my hand on hers and we both sat there in silence looking out the window. In about five minutes, Cathy came in dressed, came over and kissed me and repeated what Francois had said about her agenda.

“How long do you think you will be gone?” I asked

“Can’t be without me can you John,” she said.

“No, I can’t.”

“Two or three hours, I think,” she said.

“Well keep me posted by phone. Do you want something to eat?” I asked.

“No I want to get going so I can get back to you Johnny,” she smiled.

“Oh.” I said as I got up and walked her to the door.

We kissed and hugged and then she left.

I returned to the table and sat down and said to Francois, “So it’s just you and me.”

“Yes,” she said.

“You love me more than Cathy don’t you?” she asked with a serious look on her face.

I didn’t respond immediately.

“I love you both deeply in different ways,” I said.

“She scares me less than you do. But you,” I got up and whispered in her ear, “I love you very deeply. I light up when I see you and I catch fire when you touch me and if I could make love to you and never stop, I would’.”

I sat down and noticed the tears forming in her eyes. She let them roll down her cheek silently.

“John, every time I am with you, you overwhelm me. Every time I think I am at the top of the mountain, you take me higher. I am totally consumed by you. And I seem to be going to a place where I could not live without you. You have torn down every barrier I have created in my life with regards to relationships. And I don’t care. I just don’t care. I already love you that much.”

I walked over to her, stood her up, hugged and kissed her until she responded with a depth of emotion and love that she had been holding back.

We both wanted to make love but we both resisted because we had made love so much already. But we could not disengage and after five minutes we quit fighting it and returned to the bedroom. Her tears were all over my face.


After an hour of the most intense love making of my life, we got out of bed and casually showered together. We got dressed and returned to the kitchen where we both poured a glass of wine and sat down.

“Are you leaving me Francois,” I asked.

“No John,” she said. “I understand why you might think that but no. John I had to resolve how deeply my feelings for you are and how deep yours are for me. I had to know,” she said.

“And your conclusion,” I asked.

“My conclusion is that our love is immortal but we are not eighteen. I have a complex life and you are about to engage a phenomenal life of global proportions. There is no time for the kind of life we would have created if we had met at eighteen. Our lives are cast. Mine is still open to change to some degree but your path is set. This is not the lifetime where you and I happily ever after in a conventional way. I am so much more like you than you consciously know,” she said.

“No John. Things will continue on the way they have. I will be near you as much as I can which will be a lot actually. But Cathy will be more of a wife to you than I will. And there will be other women John and I will watch you make love to them. Only you and I will know how things are between us. I am sure Cathy will figure it out as will others if they watch closely; how intense we make love and how we react to each other outside the bedroom. But all they will ever have is speculation.”

“Even if you had told me earlier that I was just a friend with benefits, nothing would be different as far as the observation of others. But you and I will know. And now I know for sure where I stand with you whereas before I could only speculate. You can love me totally as I do you. I had to know that John. I could not wonder any longer. I could not go on with my life without finding out.”

“I feel your love. I understand it. Now I can resume my life with some modification. I can quit spending every waking minute wondering just how deeply you love me,” she said.

“John you belong to the world and the world is calling you. You long ago made a commitment to respond and play your part in the coming transformation.”

“Everything is as it should be. Everything is in its right place and in its proper perspective.”

“And damn you are a phenomenal lover,” she chuckled.

“John there are a significant number of phenomenal women in your future. That little girl Debra is one of them and you know it. They will all come and go over time. A few will stay. But I don’t think any will match our connection. Close maybe, but not all the way. All these women have very important work to do with you and they need the connection to you. Some need a stronger deeper connection than others. But they are all teachers of one sort or another. They will do well without you. But they will do better, achieve so much more, with some personal guidance from you. And you will also gain from a deep connection with them. It is a two way connection. Have no doubt about that,” she said.

“But until one of us dies, we will always be close, interact, grow, love, be.”

“John I have had an epiphany because I connected with you. I am relaxed. I feel complete. I feel loved. I feel OK.”

“Yes and people will see it and wonder what caused it,” I said.

“They will know what caused it because they are going to see it in everyone who is close to you. They will each have their own epiphany; men and women. No you want have sex with the men. But no one can be in your energy and not be uplifted. I believe that shortly your energy is going to increase as if you had been struck by lightning. The people in the second, third and fourth layers around you will change too.”

“It is all really amazing. But I am your first true believer. I am your first convert; your first healing if you will. I cannot tell you how peaceful and powerful and complete I feel. But you know what I am talking about because you have been living it a long time. You keep having epiphanies that keep boosting your energy John,” she said.

“Thank you John. From all that I am, thank you,” she said with a tear in her eye.

“I love you, Francois,” I said. “You have healed and made me whole with your love as well. I had to be healed as well in order to go forward. Because of you, I know I can complete my destiny.”

“Kay did the same for me on a different level twenty years ago. But my energy was not as dynamic as it is now. Kay is a true angel and she promised before we were born to come to me in my time of need. And she honored that obligation. But she was also to leave and I was to help her spiritually and in other ways after she left. I have and will continue to do just that. Now you have come and touched me.”

“But unlike Kay, you are as psychic as me.”

“Not quite but closing the gap,” she said.

“Thank you for everything,” I said.

We looked each other in the eyes, held hands and smiled an unspoken knowing.


OK, now I need to take care of some business,” I said.

“What is that?” Francois asked.

“Are you aware that I have been to Washington DC twice to talk to the CIA, FBI and NSA?” I asked.

“No,” she said with a minor look of amazement.

“Who did you talk to?” she asked.

“Before I say anymore, Francois, I want you to know they told me that you are one of their agents. I say this now because I don’t know if anything I say to you may put your job in jeopardy.”

“How is that?” she asked.

“I have no idea. I don’t know how all this bureaucratic intelligence stuff works,” I said.

“I don’t even know if I should have told you that I know you are an American agent.”

“Maybe the people you talked to were speculating,” she said.

“Francois, I was told this by each of the directors of the FBI, CIA and NSA.”

With that she could not hold back her shocked expression.

“What else did they tell you about me?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said. “And I did not ask anything more about you.”

“How did the subject come up?” she asked.

“I was taken to DC for a meeting after I returned from Paris. At the meeting, I asked how many and who of the people I had met in Paris were agents and they told me. They gave me the names and nothing more. And I asked no further questions,” I said.

“Who else did they point out?” she asked.

“Francois, I don’t want to answer that because I don’t know if I should have even told you I know about you. One of the reasons I did not ask any more questions was because I did not want to say I leaked any information. I know I could not leak what I did not know. So I don’t want to give you any more names. I will be going back to DC this week or at least before I go back to Paris and I will probably ask more questions then.”

“The only reason I brought this up is because of what just happened between us. Surely they can’t expect me to be this intensely involved with you and not have the fact that I know you are an agent as a secret between us. I won’t use you in anyway Francois. I am not a spy and I told them I would only do things for them that were not contrary to my WorldPeace Advocacy or my morals or ethics.”

“In other words, I am a contract agent and not their employee. We are partners in whatever I do for them except they were told they had to pay me. I don’t want to work for them but I will if I am paid. And that does not count the protection they give me already; like the FBI agent at the shooting. I don’t know who else they have assigned to me.”

“Wow, John. I guess you will never cease to amaze and astound me. The fact that you are talking to the directors of those agencies just blows me away. And that they told you I was an agent also astounds me. It means they trust you and for someone sixty with no history with them, that is amazing. Actually almost unheard of,” she said.

“I am sure. But they know I am going to enter the world stage and they had to talk to me before Harper Collins did a deal and launched my WorldPeace Advocacy. So they knew they had to deal with me and they know they have to give me certain info to get my confidence. They also know I have a lot of paranoia and animosity toward police and government. But they also know I am no traitor or terrorist and they know I am not setting up an organization with members and an agenda. They know that I will work through existing structures. So they outted you to me. And I felt I had to tell you after our conversation this morning.”

“What about this morning,” she asked.

“Well this morning you got closer to me than any agent’s job would require or allow you to get. So I guess I figured you would not turn over on me. But I needed to get this out in the open so you and I would not have this secret between us.”

“John, I just don’t know what to say,” she said.

“Well the first thing you need to tell me is if what you told me this morning was part of your job,” I said.

“No John it was not. In fact, I don’t know how it will affect my job. Before I went to that level with you I had to make a decision that if I did lose my job for being truly in love with you, I was willing to give it up. And I love my work for the CIA,” she said.

“So the answer John is that I am really completely in love with you. And what about you? Were you playing me?” she asked.

“If I was, I would not have brought this up. I knew I was in love with you when you made love to me in the hospital,” I said. “Actually the first time I saw you my desire for you was intense.”

“Really,” she said. “I thought that I alienated you after the hospital sex. I thought it was going to turn you away from me.”

“No. It bonded me to you. I have never been as totally in love with anyone as I am with you.”

“Oh, John,” she said as the tears started to flow.

I got up and got on my knees, held her hands, looked into her eyes and said, “I love you.”

She leaned over me and hugged and kissed me. Her tears touched me deeply.

I stood up saying I did not want Cathy to see this if she walked in.

“I know,” she said.

“So what are you required to tell them about me?”
I asked.

“Everything,” she said.

“That’s fine. I have nothing to hide and I am sure this place is bugged to the max. I have accepted that. I have to allow their shadows from now on. And I am OK with it because I want to go forward with the WorldPeace Advocacy. So I will work with them and be their bug in a jar for now.”

“Marshall knows what I know in regards to what these people tell me. In fact, I am sure he knows more because he is a cop,” I said.

“It makes sense now that you mention it,” she said.

“And he can see that we have something between us. But like I said, I don’t know how all this spy stuff works. All that matters is that it is all out in the open between us, Francois. I can’t love you if there are secrets. The level of love I have for you demands absolute truth. And once that truth is broken, you can’t put the relations back together. Truth is one issue that is absolute, no exceptions. One lie and I will assume everything you ever said to me was a lie. It is just the way I am. It has to do with the experience of two nineteen year marriages. So today is amnesty day. You have to straighten out any untruths or forever hold your peace.”

“There is nothing John. I work for them. I tell them everything. You have known I work for them so you could not have said anything to me that you did not want them to know. I am just surprised you connected with me knowing I worked for them,” she said.

“I deal with everyone on a soul level Francois. I was not going to allow your work to get in the way of the intense deep love I have for you and the heavenly euphoria I experience when I am around you and I especially feel when we are intimate; and more so now than ever before after this morning. I want what we have to grow so I had to remove the landmines from our playing field or should I say our field of love.”

“I agree,” she said.

“So is there anything else you want to tell me?”

“No,” she said.

“OK, when I see them this week I will ask them if I can discuss with you the other agent or discuss what they tell me. I am going to tell them they need to treat us as husband and wife.”

“Do you have a problem with that?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

“I will tell them the same thing. I hope they let us work together. That would be my hope.”

“Mine too,” I said.

“So I guess we just have to put this on the table until we both see them. I will tell Marshall what we have talked about and have him ask if you can be a part of our future meetings. Are you sure you want to work with me in this area?”

“Yes, I do. It is more than I could have ever dreamed that we could be lovers and work together as well. The possibilities for them are greatly expanded under that scenario. We will see,” she said.

“John, I can see why Kay had to leave you. I am a very smart person but you make my head spin. I was a bit jealous and intimidated by Kay because I know how intensely you loved her. I knew this even before today when I realized just how intense you could be. But now I see that even though you may have sex with her in the future and you will always love her, she is no threat to our relationship.”

“You are right. But I can assure you there will be no future intimacy between us,” I said.


Cathy arrived and I walked to the front door expecting her to have things that needed to be carried in. Her hands in fact had several net bags of groceries from the Whole Earth food store. I took several and kissed on the lips. We walked into the kitchen and put them on the counter.”

“How much is in the car,” I asked.

“Just my personal things; I can manage. I’ll be right back,” she said.

“OK,” I said as I went back and sat down with Francois.

“I want to have Cathy contact Harold and ask for a short email highlighting his thoughts about the Harper contract,” I said. “I want to look at that before going to DC. And by the way, I have never mentioned DC to Cathy. She was not identified to me as an agent.”

“Also, I want to contact Rose and Linda and see about terminating my relationship with them.”

“Oh,” she said as Cathy returned and brought a large duffle bag, a suitcase, and a smaller cloth bag stuffed with casual clothes I would assume with her.

“Did you complete all your errands,” I asked as Cathy began to make some coffee.

“Yes. No problems. You are officially moved out of the apartment now. I told the manager that Rose and Linda had keys but instead of worrying about it, I just paid $35 to have the locks changed immediately. So I did not have to call them.”

“I was just talking about them. I need to contact them and discuss breaking off my relationship with them. I can’t be sleeping with four women,” I said. “But more importantly neither have really been a part of my WorldPeace endeavors or my business. I kept my relationship with them strictly one of recreation. We never discussed anything of importance.”

“I care about both of them but no way does my relationship with them come close to what we have. I feel like if I am going to have a relationship from now on, it needs to be with someone who is involved in my work in some way. I really don’t want to go on a date and explain what I do and I don’t really want to listen to anyone tell me about her job either.”

“I like to talk about the internet and WorldPeace and all the related issues and things I am involved in. Pretty egocentric but it is not noticeable if I am with someone who is a true believer. My vocation and avocation are really merged,” I said.

“By the way, have you seen any plans around here showing how they are going to lay out the rest of the apartment or the office across the street?” I asked.

Both responded that they had not.

“I want to make sure there is a small guest bedroom in here and I want an easel both here and across the street. I want to find a young female art student to work on my art.”

“How is that?” Francois asked.

“I just realized that neither of you have seen my art.”

“No we haven’t. Just on the internet,” Cathy said.

“Well it is in the living room with the other stuff they brought over. We can look at it in a bit if you want.”

“I want to see it now,” said Francois as she got up.

“OK,” I said.

I walked with her to the storage room, which was actually a thousand square feet. Cathy followed with her coffee and a cup for me.

All the paintings were facing the wall and so I began to turn them around. Francois did not say much but she was intensely looking at each of them as I turned them around and placed them along the outside wall of the room. Twelve of them were 4 x 8 feet to 5 x 6 feet in height and width. I found the last one I was working on, a much smaller piece, and put it on the easel.”

“I saw them on the internet John, but I never expected them to look like this in reality,” Francois said. “These are all hard edge with a lot of detail.”

“Yes,” I said. “The larger ones took about one hundred and thirty hours to fill in the color after I drew them.”

“What do you mean?” asked Francois.

“Well I draw them out like paint by number and then I start mixing colors, mark the areas to receive that color, apply the color and then mix the next color. As you can see they are all oil paintings so I am not rushed to apply the paint. The paint can set out for a week if necessary before it begins to dry.”

“So you want a hot little art chick to come in and fill in the color?” ask Francois.

“Yes. Exactly. Maybe two,” I said. “Kay did that job on a lot of these. It took me a while to convince her to do it. But you see I can work at my desk and watch my apprentice color the work. I can stay ahead of her mixing the next color without disengaging from my business. In time, she will be able to mix the colors herself.”

“When I paint by myself, I usually paint an hour and then look at the work for an hour. That is how I proceed. It is sort of the same when I write. I write five to eight pages until I finish a section. Then I take a break and think out the direction of the next section. I can do about twenty-five to thirty pages a day with ease,” I said.

“So yes, I would like to have two or more paintings going at the same time. My apprentice or apprentices would always be working on my art. And they are going to have to be special girls because they will be listening to my conversations at work. And they will see the two of you prance around naked now and then. I am not changing our lifestyle just so I can get this art moving. I just have to find the right kind of young women to do this work. I may get some woman with children and she can come paint while they are at school. When she leaves, one of the art students can come in. I need colorist technicians who can mix and apply paint and who enjoy the work. Kay liked to paint but she did not mix colors. It was like the ceramics she used to work on. I loved to watch her create those ceramic objects. It was so peaceful to me. It relaxed me. I miss that. Hopefully these apprentices will be able to recreate that same atmosphere. I think they will.”

Francois just laughed. “John here again, I think I know you and you walk me into this giant area of your life that I had not even considered being that significant. John how long did it take you to develop this style of painting and execution?”

“About twenty three years but I am still expanding on it. The paintings are on the net in chronological order bottom right to top left.”

“God John, you make me so hot,” Francois said as she came over and pushed me onto my back and got on top of me.

She kept her clothes on but kissed me deeply and played like a young girl for a few minutes before getting up and taking another look at each painting.

“You know Francois, you have never shown me your art,” I said.

“No, I have not,” John. “We will do that in Paris when we return.”

“Don’t you have something on the net?” I asked.

“Yes but I want to take you to my gallery. I don’t want you to see them on the net first.”

“OK,” I said. “Whatever makes you happy.”

“John I really like these,” said Cathy. “They are different. A lot of styles combined; and heavy into symbols and abstractions. They all tell a story don’t they?”

“Yes. I just need to expand the narratives that are already on the net,” I said.

“I want the art to relate global truths and archetypal images. I want them uplifting so I use primary and secondary colors and I want them as interesting close up as they are far away.”

“Well you have accomplished all that,” said Francois. “Just amazing John WorldPeace, just amazing. They will sell.”

“My idea is to keep the originals and just sell full size or cropped prints,” I said. “Eventually I want them all in a sort of museum and if I get real famous, I will lease them out and keep moving them around the world.”

“So again, John, I see you have thought all this out in detail from creation to marketing,” said Francois.

“Francois, I have had twenty-two years on this project plus the twenty years before that to look for a style and concept I was comfortable with. I started painting at thirteen. So forty-eight years.”

“And while you were doing that John, you were acquiring three university degrees, serving in the Army, married with children and starting businesses,” said Cathy. “This art alone is more than some people accomplish in a lifetime totally devoted to the art alone.”

“John you are the Renaissance man of the Third Millennium,” Francois said and laughed. “You are definitely one of a kind. What else is there?”

“Well some lesser art objects. Some beaded wands. Then there are about 3000 poems and about 300 haiku poems I began to write in jail. I guess that will about cover it. I have a WorldPeace pin, coin and banner and rosary I designed. It should all be here,” I said. “I’ll separate it all out for you.”

“You never cease to amaze me John,” Francois said. “I am sounding like a broken record.”

“There are about thirty thousand pictures I have taken of family and events over the last forty-five years. That covers almost all of my life. The ones before I was eighteen of course I did not take. Most since 2002 are digital. So I have a pretty complete photographic history of my life. I could employee someone for a year just to scan and organize all of that and eventually I will.”

“What I have is nothing compared to what I have in my mind to create. I want to set up a WorldPeace pottery factory. I want to finance the creation of lots of WorldPeace related art. But I am not going to design it all. I am going to run contests and the best art will go into production; all kinds of mediums and outside murals as well. This will be a lot of fun; creating WorldPeace beacons all over the world. Art is the universal language like music. But art is non verbal. No translation is necessary; unlike the words to music. And there is the WorldPeace jewelry.”

“What I am thinking is that we will have a contest and then the best pieces will go into production. The artist will not get a lot of money but he or she will get recognition. Only the very best will win. It will mean a lot of money for him or her. So we get the art, reproduce it and use the money to promote WorldPeace. In time of course, there will be some significant monetary prizes as well.”

“You see I feel there are a lot of ways to make WorldPeace pay its own way. And that pay is always going to translate into jobs that create income for more jobs. There will be some charity projects but I just believe that charities are very inefficient and finite. Job creation is ongoing and self-perpetuating. It all comes down to the initial seed money. Maybe some of your friends will have an interest in contributing.”

“A lot of this is in my head, and like the art, has to be written up and put on the internet; one of the many WorldPeace projects. Right now restarting the web design business is at the top of my priority list. The books are a done deal. So that is launched. That was project one when I got out of prison.”

“I love you, John,” said Francois.

“Ditto,” said Cathy.

“And I love my WorldPeace angels as well,” I said.


“Now, next subject,” I said.

“I have to deal with Rose and Linda. I am not just going to dump them. They healed me after I exited prison. I want to invite them over and I just want to lay out the fact that things have changed dramatically as they will be able to see when they come to this condo. But more importantly, I am going to be traveling a lot and most of my time will be spent with WorldPeace and the women that are involved with me will probably be involved in the WorldPeace Advocacy, my business or art. The reality is that I will not have typical relationships where I date someone who is totally outside my endeavors. It has to do with my limited time.”

“Also, I have come to realize my real love is the WorldPeace Advocacy and no relationship is going to replace that priority. I have totally failed at two long-term marriages because of my non-relationship interests. After logging thirty-eight years of marriage, I have to move on. My relationship with Rose and Linda was more sexual anyway. But there were emotional connections or I would not have been intimate with them. They are the only two women I was involved with before I went to Paris and met the two of you.”

“So I want to have them over, tonight if possible, and get that out of the way. And I want the two of you here. I am not going to have jealously or anyone wondering about what I am doing with anyone else. It is all going to be a communal relationship but I will be the only male in the hen house.”

“I feel that I have defined a life style that I think will work for me and now I have to find the women who will be in harmony with that life style.”

“Also, with the Snake, every woman who came into the office was a threat to her. And we lost business because of her attitude. I am not going to put up with that. You two certainly realize I am not going to try to bed every attractive woman I meet. I don’t have time for it. But I am single and sometimes there will be a special connection I am sure. Nothing I sought out. Just something that happens. But again I just don’t see any involvement with women who are not involved in my work.”

“I really don’t like going out to eat. I prefer movies at home. Also, you have to consider my whole day is going to be interacting with people about WorldPeace and business. So I have no interest in going out on a date and not have some free time. If we go out to eat, it can be pleasant. If I go out with someone not in the business it becomes work. Not only that, if I go out with two women, they can talk to each other if I don’t want to talk or in our case after a hard day we may go out and speak very little. It’s complicated but will work out I think.”

“Any input?” I asked.

“No John except that I do think that Rose and Linda are one of the last loose ends of your old life and it needs to be resolved tonight,” said Francois.

“I agree,” said Cathy.

“For me, John your new life really started when you moved in here last night,” said Francois.

“I agree with that,” I said.

I called Rose and Linda and told them I had moved and I wanted them to come over and talk. I told them that Francois and Cathy would be present and we could have something to eat brought in. They agreed to come over about 1900.

Cathy and Francois and I went into the storage room and began to sort things out.


At 1845, Rose and Linda arrived together. Cathy met them at the door when they arrived and brought them into the kitchen. I stood up and hugged and kissed them when they entered the kitchen. Cathy gave each a glass of wine after they sat down at the table.

Francois said, “Welcome to the WorldPeace harem,” with a smile.

“Francois,” I said. “You are too mischievous.”

“Seems that she is right,” said Rose. “I am just trying to figure out who is the number one concubine.”

“All of you,” I said. “I am a democratic peace lover.”

“I will say this is a bit different than the old apartment John,” said Rose.

“I am here because I have a very generous benefactor who is a true believer in WorldPeace,” I said.

“But I did receive a very nice advance from Harper for my books and maybe one day I will be able to afford this place,” I said.

“Is the benefactor here at this table, John,” asked Linda as she looked at Francois.

“No my benefactor is a he,” I said.

“John this is all a bit shocking,” said Linda, “but I really don’t know why. I never thought Rose and I would be your only lovers because we could not wear you down.”

“So he is not just superman with Cathy and I,” said Francois.

“No, I think not,” said Linda. “I doubt four women could wear him down.”

“We will see,” said Francois.

“Yes I think we will,” said Rose.

“Hold on ladies, I want to live to see the sunrise tomorrow. I see now that I am at a table of lionesses.”

“I am a tigress,” said Francois.

“Rose, Linda, I met Cathy in Paris the first day and through Cathy, I met Francois. Cathy and Francois belong to a group of over a hundred individuals who loosely gather once a month and who have been looking for a peace advocate who they could support.”

“After I came back to America, Cathy, asked if she could be my personal assistant, working for free for now. And I agreed. She has become indispensable to me in a very short time.”

“So you never go without stroking,” said Rose.

“That too,” I said.

“I take what I can get,” said Cathy.

“I look forward to getting to know you better,” said Rose.

“And I you,” said Cathy.

“I want to watch that,” said Francois.

“Not from the sidelines I hope,” said Rose.

Francois smiled and sipped her wine looking at Rose and then Linda.

“Moving right along ladies. I had a revelation about a week ago. That has really given me some peace in regards to personal female relationships.”

“I am all ears,” said Rose.

“In a nutshell, I failed at two separate nineteen year marriages. I was married to Satan’s daughter with the Snake and to an angel with Kay. At the nineteen year mark, both left. A week ago I realized they left because I was and continue to be married to the WorldPeace Advocacy and my businesses and all a woman could ever be to me is a mistress to my WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“There will be no more marriages for me,” I stated emphatically.

“Also, I realized that I would interact more personally with women who worked with me and really would have little time for a normal relationship outside the business. If you want to be with me often, you have to be with me when I am ready for down time. Whether it is 1400 or midnight or 0500.”

“Also, obviously, I prefer bisexual women or those who do not object to another woman in bed along with women who have a total lack of inhibition. Everyone here fits that definition.”

“I asked you Rose and Linda to come here tonight to be honest with you and tell you things have changed in my life.”

“For the better as I look around the table,” said Rose.

“I think we all speak the same language,” said Francois.

“And we are all thinking the same thing right now,” said Cathy.
‘Would you like to see the apartment Rose, starting with the bedroom?”

“I was about to ask you where it was,” said Rose as she got up and waited for Cathy to lead the way.

Cathy smiled at me and said, “This way Rosy.”

“Francois, I think I would like to join the tour,” said Linda. “What about you?”

“As soon as I get more comfortable,” she said as she stood up and removed her clothes.

“This way pussy cat,” she said to Linda.

I sat at the table sipping my wine thinking I would let them burn off some energy before I followed them. This was going to be a night to remember and the meeting just started thirty minutes ago.

My mind could not really absorb all that was happening when I heard Francois call my name followed by three others doing the same. They sounded like kittens crying for their mother. But they were tigresses and lionesses fully grown and hungry for something other than milk.

I stood up and took a deep breath, looked at the now lighted city to the west and walked thoughtfully to the bedroom.

“There is a first time for everything,” I thought.


Harold sent me a two page email through Cathy regarding the contracts. I scanned it and satisfied myself that he was doing his job. He still did not give me a fee for himself. I believed that he was getting a feel for the scope of the representation before he committed. I understood this was potentially a gigantic unique super complex representation.

“Marshall came by on Tuesday to talk to me about going to Washington. He said that he and Cathy would fly there together. That Francois and Jeremy would be there and that is why Francois was leaving that night. I was to come up on Thursday evening and one of these women Jeremy sent to me was an FBI agent who would fly with me on a commercial airline. Marshall and Cathy would fly out early, predawn on Thursday morning.

Marshall said they had their game plan together and it would be an all day meeting Friday with the directors coming in and out.

Other than that, it would be business as usual. I had worked very hard since Sunday after the big night on Saturday. Linda left early Sunday morning but Rose stayed until Monday. The girls came and went. I prepared to work on the files. I wanted the three women to stay busy on Monday. They were going to work eight to five but one would take a second shift if I wanted. They were going to bring in one or two more low level clerks for more of the more mundane tasks of filing, sorting and so on.

The FBI woman was a very attractive well built redhead. She was very formal and sharp. He name was Alicia Shipley; a southern girl from South Carolina.

The maid came on Monday. There was not enough for the butler to do. The work continued on the condo, but only on minor things. They would do more major work while I was away

On Monday morning, after everyone arrived, I told everyone that there was to be no illegal drugs in the apartment. I told Cathy I had decided I wanted a border collie and I wanted it trained to do some tricks and such but I also wanted it trained to smell dope and bark if it discovered any. I believe dope should be legalized, especially marijuana, but that does not mean I want to be around it. Absolutely no coke or heroin was to be in the apartment. I know Francois and Cathy smoke marijuana and I may have made allowances. But my intimacies with women were my vice and I did not want to push out into other sins. Being with four women who are each completely uninhibited and bisexual was at the outer limits of my desires. I am too old and disciplined to become a sex addict. When involved, I am deeply intense but at some point it is time to get out of bed and go to work.

I have never used illegal drugs, which amazed Cathy and Francois, but they did not doubt it. They thought at least some of my creativity came from the use of drugs. I told them what I tell everyone. I don’t need drugs to reach a high that most people cannot get to without drugs. Also, I like my mind clear and although I drink a shot of whisky or liquor once in a while and a glass of wine sometimes with meals, I avoid drunkenness. I only remember a few stupid occasions when I was in my late teens when I became totally drunk. I hated the experience and even the drinking that lead to it.


Alicia spent the night on Wednesday sleeping in what would be the butler’s quarters. She drove us all to the airport Thursday afternoon in her car. She was very attractive and sexual but both of us had kept our relationship strictly business.

We were picked up in a limo from the DC airport and taken to the same meeting room where Marshall and I had been before. Francois, Jeremy, Marshall and Cathy were there. We all greeted each other. Apparently Alicia was a part of my growing entourage because she stayed in the conference room. About thirty minutes later, the directors entered with their people. I hated going to school and I had hoped this was not going to turn into that kind of meeting.

Tom Wentworth, the CIA director opened the meeting.

“Welcome everyone,” he began.

“Dr. WorldPeace, and I call you Dr. WorldPeace because I want everyone to get used to it. John is too frivolous except in private in non business gatherings. So please everyone use Dr. WorldPeace.”

“Now, Dr. WorldPeace, Harper has given you a million dollars as an advance on your books. It is obvious that they believe in your WorldPeace Advocacy. Money talks Dr. WorldPeace and we are hearing Harper Collins very clear.”

“We have done our homework. You are not a terrorist but a liberal. However even a likeable intellectual strikes fear into the hearts of conservatives. I personally think you push things but you don’t expect rapid movement. I believe you have patience and ‘peace now’ does not really mean ‘peace now or else’ to you. So we are more comfortable with you. We just can’t find any anarchist terrorist related leanings in you. You believe in the USA, you are just pissed off at it right now; more specifically and rightfully at the individuals who screwed you.”

“What I want you to do for us Dr. WorldPeace is to tell us your dream slash vision; best case scenario on all fronts. Let us compare that to our objectives. But I want to start with your giving us a global view,” he said.

“I can do that,” I said.

“First, my fundamental practical belief is that creating jobs is the best way to increase the peace and I believe I can do that by building a multibillion dollar web design/internet related business. I will use Third World labor, but not exclusively, to build product to sell in the First and Second Worlds.”

“Now with regards to the WorldPeace Advocacy, I want to be the first world citizen literally. It may begin with dual citizenship in every country in the world. Or I may work on the UN to create such a status. I want to win the Nobel Peace Prize because it, like becoming the first world citizen, will give me credibility. I want for now to be the President’s personal advisor on peace with hopes of eventually the creation of a cabinet level Department of Peace that I want to head to get it started. These three things will give me credibility and added to the hopeful success of my books will give me a worldwide audience. I want to unite the world’s peace groups behind me.”

“Now I will advocate peace vigorously on these fronts all of which can stay out of your way or the way of the US government.”

“I will attack the law, criminal, civil and family. I will attack the way judges are elected and appointed to try to achieve a less biased judiciary. I will push for prison reforms for inmates and push for mandatory sentencing guidelines and deferred adjudication for all first offenders. I will push to legalize marijuana now; and later cocaine and other drugs. And let me say I have never used illegal drugs. You can’t stop the use of illegal drugs anymore than you can stop alcohol consumption. The two are the same to me. We create death and destruction, pain and suffering by keeping it illegal. Much later, I will advocate legalizing prostitution.”

“I will attack the corruption of religious bureaucracies mainly by requiring openness. I will advocate a spiritual umbrella over religious beliefs. I will encourage people to be spiritual first and religious second. I have no intention of starting a new religion.”

“Politics is corrupt in that special interests dominate over global interest. Big business contributes money to create a constituency and then elects politicians and expects them to vote in line with the conditions attached to the money contributed: this issue is about election reform.”

“So far nothing gets in your way,” I said. “All these areas can be attacked in traditional American ways.”

“Now moving away from the theory of politics and to the specific political issues. I want to go to Cuba. But more so I want to go to Palestine. That is the mother core of Muslim Jew Christian hatred and war. I want to immediately pour money into Palestine by way of creating jobs. That is all. It is not political; creating jobs building web pages. It will pump money into the Palestinian economy and it will irritate the Jews who want to wipe them off the face of the earth; which is sad. So I don’t want to be hindered in the creation of those jobs. If I create enough jobs, I will have more influence over the leadership of the Palestinians to work on peace. Hopefully, I won’t be killed by some radical terrorist Jew like the one that killed Yitzak Rabin.”

All of my objectives except Cuba and Palestine are user friendly to the CIA, FBI and NSA. I expect that it will take me a decade of work to begin to make headway on those goals. So we have time to learn to get along. We being, me and you, you being the CIA, FBI and NSA, etc.

“The big prize comes to the WorldPeace Advocacy by creating peace in the Middle East. But my efforts there will always be dangerous to my personal safety. So I will have to go slow.”

“Now generally speaking about day to day issues, I don’t want to be the official representative in these operations you have going. If someone wants to give information to the United States, I would like to have a front man or woman but in certain cases I will speak directly to whoever wants to work for you. I want diplomatic immunity of course immediately as the President’s advisor not as a state department employee. I want to always appear to be what I am, an advocate for peace and WorldPeace.”

“That is it in a nutshell,” I said.

“Oh, I have contempt for George W. Bush because there were other ways to deal with Iraq and Afghanistan which now depends on the poppy to survive economically. But it may be if we hold fast, that Iraq may become another Japan or Germany and George will go down as one of the greatest Presidents. We are in the mix in Iraq. Let’s finish the job. The price to date has been too great to quit now.”

“Let me say this, that generally speaking that I will push to end the problem of going to war and not paying to heal our returning soldiers, to deny abortion but refuse to increase welfare and to cram pack prisons and refuse to guarantee basic human rights to prisoners.”

“Enough said.”

“Interesting Dr. WorldPeace. You have given me clarity for the first time with regards to your objectives. I clearly understand what you are trying to accomplish. I think we are going to be able to work together just fine. I don’t find you belligerent about any of our policies. Even in Cuba and Palestine our long-term goals are integration and peace. But as you know there are obstacles.”

“Yes,” I said.

“The problem with my reputation is people are not smart enough to look at my overall philosophy and my enemies skew my message and make it look incoherent and terroristic or at the least contra USA. It is not.”

“It is a liberal agenda in many ways but it is not anti American, terroristic or traitorous and anyone who says it is, is just wrong,” said the director.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Thank you very much.”

“Let us take a short break so we can all gather our thoughts and adjust our comments and questions based on what we just heard from Dr. WorldPeace. Let us take a thirty minute break.”


“OK. Lets get back to work. Dr. WorldPeace we are going to be able to cut our meeting time in half because we see that we are in harmony on many issues we thought we were going to have to sell you on.”

“Dr. WorldPeace what we want you to do at this point is really pretty simple. Jeremy has a huge number of direct and indirect contacts. I’m sure you don’t know that Jeremy has over twenty-five hundred clients and friends that invest their money with him or are partners with him on one deal or another. He is very well connected financially all over Europe. Through his contacts there are another twenty thousand indirect contacts.”

“Dr. WorldPeace we want to bring as many of these people to us as we can; mostly as informants. All these people are in the top one percent of European society.”

“Some of these people we have been trying to recruit for decades. We feel that you can help them decide to come on over and work with us. We believe that your advocacy takes the higher ground. In some ways it seems above politics even though it really isn’t or it seems to try to take politics to a higher level. Because of that image, especially since Iraq where the USA has appeared to be a war monger, we need to appear obliquely as promoting peace. It if appears we are backing you, we will accomplish that goal”

“So what we want is to have Jeremy introduce you to his friends in small and large groups and one at a time. We are hoping that these people will give an indication to you that they want to help increase the peace. Then you can give us their names and we will take it from there.”

“I was getting ready to say, I don’t want to be one on one selling them on becoming an agent,” I said. I am fine with being a part of contacting them but that is all. In fact, all I want to do is to take their cards and tell them I will see what I can do or tell them someone will be contracting them.”

“We can live with that,” the director said. “A lot of people Dr. WorldPeace are going to want you to help them get something from the United States; a visa or loan, information, any number of things. What we hope is that we can give them what they want in exchange for something we want. Again you will for the most part be the point of contact passing on names.”

“Sometimes we are going to give you some information that we want passed on. Many times this will be a phrase or statement that you interlineate into your lectures or speeches or comments at a party or at a bookstore. There will be people coming to see you listening for those words.”

“That is what we want from you in the beginning.”

“I am OK with all of that,” I said. I just can’t appear to be working for you as an employee. I take a name and you send someone to contact them; no problem. I don’t want to be seen as a CIA lackey. I have my WorldPeace Advocacy and I want people to believe that it is free standing and what I do outside my web design business.”

“We agree. You have to remain Dr. WorldPeace of the WorldPeace Advocacy; an author and businessman; someone who will criticize his own country.”

“Now next week I understand you are going to Paris and Jeremy is going to introduce you to members of his peace group through a week of parties and gatherings and such.”

“That is my understanding,” I said.

“After you are introduced to that group of people and you get to know them over the next three to four months to a year. Jeremy is also going to start connecting you with a second tier of contacts. By then, you will have the reputation as the peace man which is what we want.”

“Any problem with anything so far, Dr. WorldPeace?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“Good. Now Francois is going to be with you a lot at these gatherings. She also has contacts and is known all over Europe. So she will be someone who can vouch for you and bolster the WorldPeace Advocacy and verify it. We expect the newspapers to prove that you are a legitimate writer, WorldPeace advocate and that will cut down the suspicion that you work for the United States government as an agent.”

“Now there will be times when we will want you to work with other beautiful women like Francois with people that Francois does not know. In fact, there are several of these women simply waiting for you to get your feet on the ground so they can go to work. In all cases, we are trying to recruit agents on all levels who will give us information.”

“That all makes sense,” I said.

“Cathy will be your body guard as well as your personal assistant. In fact, over the next four days she and your son Marshall will get some intense training in how to protect you. We don’t want you to get shot again. That guy who shot you was way off the radar. He was just a nut case son of one of your old girlfriends. We would never have anticipated his actions. That was a very unusual situation. But it still made us look inept and bad.”

“We also have a couple of women who will replace Cathy especially when you are going into a country where Cathy does not speak the language. So at all times in these gatherings, you are going to have two women with you; one socially and one as a bodyguard. In a lot of cases, we will have a second bodyguard disguised as a maid or other servant or even just a guest. Most of the time you will not even know who the second guard is.”

“Now on the domestic front, you will always have an FBI agent with you. Alicia will be that agent for now. We are not sure if this is going to be a twelve or twenty-four hours a day presence for her right now. These women will be bodyguards as well but sometimes may appear as your date. In the United States, we expect you will be going most of the time to book promotions. So you won’t need Francois. But at parties like the ones that Jeremy is setting up, you will need Francois or someone trained by us to be your date. There are so many variables in each situation it is hard to say if you will have one, two or three agents protecting you. Right now Alicia is assigned to you for ninety days but we will review that in thirty days. How often we rotate these agents will depend on your relationship with them. They will all be attractive and single due to the nature of the job and the excessive hours to be worked.”

“With the presence of your servants and the agents and your companions, you will seldom be alone. Of course we have people monitoring the condo mostly by cameras and microphones. Every room in the condo is wired. You understand what I mean. If you want to extend your life you have to give up some privacy. We do believe your life will be in ongoing and constant danger. We will monitor closely what you say with the intention of keeping you alive.”

“I will see to it that your bedroom and personal living space cameras are monitored by women only.”

“Yes do that,” I said.

“For the rest of the day, Alicia will be with you as you are instructed by each of the people in this room. They will be your constant support system. They are all top level people and few outside this room will know about the operation which by the way is code named ‘Pax Americana’.”

“Do you have any questions,” Dr. WorldPeace.

“No,” I said.

Oren Hanson and Eric Warden, the directors of the FBI and NSA said they were glad to have me on board and would talk to me personally later on in the day.

“That is all we have now Dr. WorldPeace. Alicia has your itinerary and schedule for the rest of the day. Your day here will end at seven this evening. Then Alicia has the tickets for the two of you to fly commercial back to Houston tonight.”

“So Alicia, I release Dr. WorldPeace to go with you.”

“Thank you,” she said.

Alicia handed me the itinerary and schedule and said we were about thirty minutes ahead of schedule and we could get a Starbucks in the building if I wanted. I did and we did.

The day was filled with Federal agents explaining what they did and how they would interface with me. They all said it would be years before I really settled in but not to worry. When necessary, I would be given cram sessions on important assignments.”

I was also given a half dozen gadgets; 007 spy stuff. And I was shown the basics of operating them. Again Alicia was assigned to make sure I became proficient in their use.

Jeremy, Marshall, Francois and Cathy all disappeared before I could speak to them. I did not see them before Alicia and I left for Houston.

We had a nice trip back to Houston. We visited and got personal to the point that I felt I pretty much knew her by the time we arrived at the condo about midnight.

We sat up and had some light snacks and rice milk and then I went on to my bedroom and Alicia went to her room. I got into a hot shower and within a few minutes Alicia tapped on the glass door. She was naked and asked if she could come in. I said yes to the most awesome body. She was about fifteen pounds overweight but it looked great on her and felt fantastic. She had a million beautiful freckles.

So much had happened in the last six weeks, I was seldom surprised at anything anymore. I had never been with a red headed woman in my life; all that red hair and all those freckles and those brilliant green eyes, what a vision. What a life I was living.

We got out of the shower and exercised in bed for a couple of hours then fell asleep spooning. We did not wake up until 1000.


When we woke, I asked my little FBI agent, Alicia, why she had slept with me.

“John sex is not a big religious kind of issue with me. I have been with a number of men and women. I am thirty. I am single. I like sex. I did not want to sleep alone and you turn me on which I attribute to my respect for you. I don’t see or meet a lot of really powerful men and I saw how you handled that meeting yesterday. It turned me on. I wanted you to make love to me and I want you again right now. Maybe it’s your psychic energy. Maybe it’s the way I see Francois and Cathy relate to you. Maybe it’s how casual your are about sex. I don’t know. I decided I wanted to sleep with you the first day I was here. There is no agenda. I wanted you and I wanted to give you my body. I wanted to experience you taking pleasure in me. And I was right about how good it would make me feel. And I really must have some more of you right now.”

I allowed Alicia to take charge and we made love for two hours. This is another one of those things I do not fully understand and I want to; the psychic sexual energy. Is it just the kind of women I am around? Is this just how women are these days? I love the experience and Alicia is a fantastic lover and beautiful woman. I want this sexual thing to continue. But I want to understand what is happening regarding all these women as well.

Regardless, I had several more days alone with this red headed beauty and I was going to take all the pleasure I could get by being with her.

We got to know each other over the next few days. On Monday evening, Cathy returned. She said Francois went to Paris and would see us on Friday. Cathy said she went through an intensive training course with Marshall. About ten percent of it was physical and the rest was going through CIA and FBI manuals. She brought home several government manuals that she said had to be kept locked in the safe in the condo that I did not even know existed.

During the week, I got an extraordinary amount of work done so that Alicia along with Beth and Jessie, the assistants hired by Jeremy, could work for a week after I went back to Paris. Alicia and Cathy and I got along fine. Alicia essentially stepped into Francois’ shoes and it was Cathy, Alicia and I as opposed to Cathy, Francois and I in bed. I am amazed at how all these women get along with each other; at least in my presence.


On Friday, Alicia drove Cathy and I to the airport and we took a commercial flight to Paris that had a stopover in New York. I had purchased some new clothes but I expected to buy more in Paris and leave them there. I wanted to wear clothes that did not make me look American when I was in Paris.

Harold called and said that he would meet me in Paris the following week and we could go over the book contracts. Harper was sending my manuscripts with editor notes and corrections on it per my instructions.

It is too hard to find the edits if they are not marked. Also, I felt I would learn a lot by looking at the edits instead of just reading a cleansed script. Also, I did not want additions and deletions without my knowing it. Unless I saw the marked corrections, I would probably miss some. Typically I would edit something three times; about half the time for content and the rest of the time for grammar, punctuation and so on.

We arrived in Paris at 0200 and Francois picked us up in her limo and took us to her condo on the Seine. I was glad to see her.

When we entered the condo, I saw Francois had made some changes; new furniture and paintings. It was more open. It was set up to entertain now. We relaxed with some coffee and wine as per usual.

“So John, how have you been without me?” Francois asked.

“Lonely my love,” I replied.

“I thought with Alicia to keep you warm at night you would have forgotten about me.”

“I think not my love. But you know what they say, ‘If you can’t love the one you want, you have to love the one you’re with’,” I said.

“I see how it is with you,” she said as she came over and gave me a very passionate kiss and whispered ‘I love you’ in my ear and I said the same to her.

“So tell me how these parties are going to proceed,” I asked.

“The first one is tonight,” Francois said. “Jeremy knows you will only be here for ten days for sure so he wanted to have something every night. He also has morning and afternoon meetings set up for each day. These will be smaller groups of five or six. Some have to do with business. The Feds gave us a prioritized list of who they want you to meet. They know you are a work-a-holic so they felt it would be OK to give you this exhausting agenda. A lot of daytime meetings are around Paris in various restaurants and cafes. That will allow you see some of the sites. Jeremy felt some of the meetings will cancel for one reason or another and on those days we can go site seeing.”

“I see,” I said. “Well I am up for this. I am looking forward to it.”

“When will I see your art?” I asked Francois.

“On one of the free days we will go to my gallery,” she said. “But today I think you need to take it easy, deal with the time lag and rest. You have a sort of marathon to run over the next ten days no matter what happens.”

“Whatever you say my dear,” I replied.

“For now I can see that you are really tired and need to go to bed,” she said.

“Bed around you is not the place for me to get rested,” I said.

“That is true,” she said as she took my hand and pulled me to the bedroom with Cathy close behind.

“Oh, Francois, Francois,” I said. “What did you ever do before I came along?”

“I was looking for you,” she said. “But I did not know it until I found you.”

When we got to the bed, they both pushed me down and began to play. I loved them both. They made me feel whole.


About 1300 we went to a local outdoor café and had coffee and wine. It was a perfect day.

“So tell me Francois, what do your friends think about me now?” I asked.

“John, they feel good. All the rumors about you being a loose cannon, they realize now were nonsense. They understand how people could come to that conclusion because you are too deep and complex for the majority of people to understand. But they have done their homework and they have all kinds of reports on you. They probably now know you better than you know yourself. Some of them have even begun to admire you and you might have a true believer or two in the making.”

“That would be interesting,” I replied.

“Are you two carrying guns?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Cathy, “along with some other very nasty defense toys. You are well protected John.”

“I was just curious,” I said. “I had not really thought about it until now.”

“John,” said Francois, “with all the reports and research and so on, these people still do not feel they know you.”

“I am sure that’s true. But it is all really very simple. I am a very spiritual person and I live half the time in that world. So I can see how everything is interfacing on earth. And I know how to tap into the creativity of the spiritual dimension if you will. These friends of ours are unable to go where I can go. They don’t fully believe it. They are very guarded. They can’t see what I see. They don’t know how psychic I really am.”

“It is something that I developed; a way of looking at things; the only way to look at things actually.”

“There is a God Francois. Most people just give God lip service because they really don’t believe. I will tell you this. A country like China will never defeat one like the United States that is highly spiritual and religious. American can tap into that God source and that God source is all knowing and will always make a difference, especially in war.”

“So you are saying you can’t win battles without God?” she asked.

“No, I am saying you can’t win wars or successfully defend yourself without a belief in God, regardless of how you envision God.”

“Religion can get out of control. And it kept Europe in the Dark Ages for a thousand years and for that reason God had to be removed in China. Now that they have caught up to a large degree, we will see if they return God to society. I doubt it though. Look at the way they are trying to destroy Tibet. They are trying to root out any loyalty to anyone but the Communist secular state.”

“Interesting,” said Francois.

“I am used to it now, the fact that no one understands me. I am used to the loneliness of no one to really talk to. I am just the fool on the hill; the old gorilla in the zoo, an anomaly and enigma. I make people’s heads hurt and disturb their consciousness with thoughts of disease and a reminder of their evil nature. I keep thinking about the Biblical story of Elijah. When King Ahab saw Elijah coming, he basically said, ‘Here comes the troubler of mankind’. That is what I am; a troubler of the world human society; but not a trouble maker exactly.”

“Sometimes my love I think you just indulge me and I wonder why you hang around,” I said.

“I don’t think I have ever been really in love John. What I feel with and for you is so different than what I have ever felt for another man; for lack of a better word I called it love. That’s why I am here because of the emotion of being in your love,” she said.

“Regardless of what others feel about me, I find that I don’t trust any of them,” I said. “It is a learned experience. I had faith in everyone until about five years ago and then I realized that people generally were more evil than good. It is the nature of this reality. Then I quit trusting them and I have been in this mild state of depression every since. If I were not addicted to female intimacy I am sure I would be a hermit living in a library reading condensed sterilized narratives from and about the once great dead. It seems odd that a great man’s life would be summed up in four hundred pages; about five pages per year.”

“How dull an existence even the best and the brightest of our species actually live. And as far as the rest of humanity, maybe after the pages on lineage and progeny and where they lived and who they married, there may not be but one half a page of dull high lights. It’s really sad to me. People live such shallow insignificant lives by choice.”

“So tell me the agenda for tonight. Is it a party, a dinner, what?” I asked.

“Jeremy wants a little social time, then dinner and after dinner he wants you to speak on whatever you want and then a couple hours of mingling. I would say a thirty minute talk,” she said.

“Are we supposed to make contact with anyone in particular? Do I have to a mission tonight?” I asked.

“No these are some of the top drawer people that Jeremy knows. Actually friends that he wants to introduce you to.”

Cathy saw someone she knew and went over to speak with her.

“Francois,” I said.

“Yes, John,” she said with those lightning eyes.

“Hold a minute,” I said as I took out my pocket notebook and made an entry.

“My love, my spiritual friends just revealed your little secret,” I said.

“Which one is that?” she asked.

“The big one,” I said.

“Which big one,” her eyes flashed.

I watched Cathy to make sure she would be engaged in her conversation for a few minutes.

“The one about your financing the condo in Houston and the people in the office. That it was your idea and your money and you just got Jeremy to front it for you.”

“The look of shock was something she could not hide.”

“So are you mad?” she asked after a few moments.

“No. But I don’t like being deceived under any circumstances. In this case I don’t like thinking more of Jeremy’s friends than I should have.”

“So how does that affect you or us?” she asked with a bit of apprehension in her voice.

“I think no one in my life has loved me as much as you. And no one has ever had as much faith in me as you. And I am more deeply touched than you can ever know. And it increases the incredible love I already have for you.”

The tears came to her eyes and I held her hand and pulled her to me and kissed the tears from each cheek and that made the tears flow more.

“I love you Francois Dubois. I truly do love you,” I said.

“John you continue to amaze me. You just overwhelm me over and over and over again. My fairy tale is coming true and you are my Prince.”

“I am old enough to be a king you know?” I said.

“Yes but you are young at heart my Prince.”

Cathy was still engaged. Francois cleared the tears and put on her sunglasses for a moment and then took them off.

“So what do you really want from me Francois?” I asked.

“Your love John,” she said holding my hand.

“Do I need to fear you Francois? Will you leave me?”

“Never, never ever, NEVER,” she said about to cry.

“So tell me what you really want?”

She paused and looked up with her little mischievous smile and said, “I want your baby John.”

“That would be really complicated and would really change a lot of dynamics in both our lives,” I said thinking.

“No it wouldn’t.” she said. “Nothing would change. I don’t want anything to change. The women are OK; your WorldPeace Advocacy, all of it. I just want to feel your baby inside me and raise him or her near you.”

“How long have you had these thoughts?” I asked.

“Since the first time I met you and we shook hands and I hugged you and looked into your eyes.”

“You fall in love a lot,” I said.

“Not like this,” she said.

“It is all I can do to keep from dissolving into you John.”

I reached into my pocket and tore out the notepaper and gave it to her. On it I had written. “You want my baby.”

She read it and looked at me. “The CIA would like to have your sources, John.”

“They can’t have mine but they should listen to their own,” I said.

“Turn over the paper Francois,” I said.

She did and saw that I had written ‘YES’

She let out a loud gasp that I was surprised Cathy did not hear. She began to cry uncontrollably. She put on her sunglasses with nervous hands and the tears began to stream down her face. I could see her looking at me through the lenses as she held fast to my hand in hers.

We kept looking at each other with a lifetime of thought flowing silently back and forth. I had to put on my sunglasses which were darker than hers and then I leaned over and kissed her and said, “And they lived happily ever after.”

The whole world was reborn for both of us at that moment of intense immortal infinite silence pregnant with an indescribable bliss. A moment one never wants to end.

Cathy had taken a seat to talk to her friend and I was thankful.

“John how can this be?”

“Because there is a God and God loves us,” I said.

“John your guides told you about the condo. They told you what I wanted. I never thought it was really possible that you could love me enough to let me have your baby. And even if you did, I thought it would be years before I could work up to asking you. But you, God, moved the timetable up to now. Was it the condo, John?” she asked.

“Not the condo in the sense that you are apparently very rich.”

“Billions,” she said, “Billions, John.”

“Not the fact that you are rich but the fact that in your way you loved me enough to make that condo, people, office available to me. And even still you would not have done it if you did not have faith in me that is an intuitive faith because we have not known each other that long. But a true belief in what I am trying to do. And the fact that you realize I have nothing in the way of assets. All I have is a dream and that dream was enough for you. I don’t care how much money you have. A multimillion dollar gift which for me is an undeniable vote of confidence in me is what is important. That was an I love you that says everything to me.”

“I know you love me John,” she said. “My feelings for you are just too powerful. The most intense feeling I have ever had. Just your touch almost brings me to an orgasm.”

“I know, I felt all that in the hospital room and you do the same for me and more,” I said.

“John when we are intimate, I don’t ever want you to disengage and I know you feel the same way.”

“I do,” I said.

“I will tell you Francois, I have some fears about things changing between us and what is going on.”

“Nothing will change John except I will have your baby. Nothing else will change.”

“You know the other women are going to get babies in their mind too.”

“I can’t do that,” I said. “I don’t think I can do that. Like I said it gets real complicated now. But also, I don’t want you to have one child. I want two; a boy and a girl. We will let nature make the first choice and the doctors insure the second. And the children will be raised like royalty but without the arrogance.”

“John my head is really spinning. I was overwhelmed with the thought of one child but now you are talking about a family. You have to love me as much as you loved Kay to have a family with me,” she said.

“I do and more I think,” I said.

“Oh John my heart is about to burst. We have to go back to the condo.”

“OK,” I said.

“Let me go tell Cathy,” I said.

I went over to Cathy and told her we were going back to the condo.

“Fine John,” said Cathy. “Anne will bring me home in a few hours. By the way, Anne this is Dr. John WorldPeace.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said. “Any friend of Cathy’s is definitely a friend of mine.”

“Thank you,” Anne said. “It is good to meet you. Cathy has been telling me about you.”

“I am sure we will meet again,” I smiled.

I kissed Cathy lightly on the lips and said “I will see you later.”

“OK,” she said.

Francois had paid the bill and was standing waiting on me. I took her hand and said, “Cathy will be a few hours with her friend which is perfect.”

“Yes it is,” Francois said as we walked to the car in mutual bliss.”