The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel One - Phoenix Rising


by Dr John WorldPeace JD


Novel One - Phoenix Rising

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved

Chapters 37-51



“Well Ms. Juneau, you are just full of surprises are you not?’ I said. “We have been together, significantly, and I realize I don’t even know you. Not in a bad way I am just having to change that initial little girl image of you in my mind into one of a very much engaged young woman. I am pleasantly surprised.”

Cathy just smiled.

“What do you think?” I asked Marshall.

“It seems that you have a publisher. They are going forward. And it looks like there is going to be a lot more meetings in the next few weeks than I anticipated. I like these people. They seem to be sincere and they are asking the right questions. But this is all new to me and so we really don’t understand the right questions to ask or recognize the red lights and deal breakers. It all seems simple enough but I feel we need some advice. An agent or someone who has been through it,” he replied.

“You know how I hate go-betweens,” I said. “It is like that public defender I had in Federal Court. He did a good job overall considering the circumstances but he changed between our first meeting and the last. He was too corporate; too much a part of the system. He never accepted that the cop lied what happened. The public defender said those bruises on the cop were nothing in the beginning. Then they were a big issue and later he flat out said he believed the cop. I will never get the bad taste out of my mouth regarding that experience,” I said.

“Also, it seems to me in this case, these people at Harper Collins can see that this is a potentially very long running partnership. If they lie to me, I will go to another publisher. I need a lawyer to help us with the final contract, but there are a lot of legal formbooks that should help us make sure all the bases are covered. I don’t really want some agent creating tension.”

“For me the web design business is the real cash cow. This book is worth a lot of money but even if it was a billion dollars including other books I write, it will still be peanuts compared to the web design business. I know you can’t see this but I can.”

“I do think that you are going to need to try to read my books, Marshall. I think that is really important but I know how limited your time is. And I want you to be peripherally involved in the web design business too,” I said.

“I don’t want to draw you off you career path. But you are the sole heir to everything I am doing right now. Even if I give away some of the stock of the companies I intend to form, you will still have controlling interest. Almost all the companies are going to be private closely held corporations.”

“Cathy, what do you thing?” I asked.

“To me it looks like everything is going just fine; typical big corporation doing its thing. They don’t run and jump. They have committees. They form a consensus. These are not independent sole proprietors. I think they are more excited than they are revealing to us. We can tell a lot by the questions they ask,” she said.

“I was surprised by the presence of the shrink. But it shows how deeply they are looking at this,” she added.

“The book sales in this case depend a lot on you, John. If you disappear, they will make some money but if you continue to do your thing and promote the books along with your WorldPeace Advocacy they can make a fortune,” Cathy said.

“I think the book will be a required text in political science classes. It is a political book. To a lesser degree it will be read in law schools and in religious colleges,” she continued.

“You have so many things tying into this book; your art, other books, even your business, your social programs. And the supplement to the auto biography will keep the discussions about you and peace renewed,” she said.”

“Dad, I have been busy with my Phd, the police department and Myle’s Chiropractor business. I feel sort of out of the loop. I have just not had the time to consider all of this. But what I am seeing is that this is not a frivolous endeavor. This is real and it is potentially real big. Right now, I am with you to get a feel for things and to get a better understanding but it is obvious that Cathy is much deeper into this after just two weeks that I am. And I have been around the whole time that you were developing all of this,” Marshall said.

“I feel I need to be involved. I want to be involved. I will just have to see how these meetings go. I am going to have to adjust my schedule so I can be sure to attend as often as possible.”

“Marshall when you read the first volume you will understand a lot more. There is a lot there. It is virtually everything there is that is important to know about me,” I said.

Cathy excused herself to the ladies room. In part, because I sensed that she felt Marshall and I needed to talk in private.

After she left the room, I said, “We can talk about this tomorrow. I just wanted you to have the input for our discussion. I think we have covered all we can in the environment right now.”

“When Cathy gets back I am going to ask her to call Francois who I just realized last night was here in New York. We can all go to eat somewhere. Francois knows New York as well as Paris and probably the rest of the world. I need to relax and a pleasant meal and some wine would be nice,” I said.

“Who is Francois,” Marshall asked.

“She is another woman who is a friend of Cathy’s and one of about twenty-five people I met in Paris. I thought they were going to be sort of an independent group of peaceniks with whom I would socialize. But I am finding out that all of them are very well off and very well connected.”

“I feel sort of lost,” Marshall said.

“How is that?” I asked.

“You have a whole lot more going on than I ever imagined. Especially since you got out of prison and more so since you went to Paris,” he replied.

“Marshall, a lot of what you think about me comes from your brothers and sister and mother who are all liars. I am not the person people project me to be. I have my act together. I have been seriously harmed by wives, parents and children,” I said.

“You have your own life and cares Marshall. You have to continue on that path. But I have no one else to confide in. So I need you to be briefed on what I am doing. If something happens to me, you will have to take control and direct traffic. In a year or so, I will have people who you can talk to for information. Right now I don’t have that network set up,” I said.

“I understand and I want to be involved,” he said.

Cathy walked into the conference room.

“I am sorry, Howard caught me in the hall and we chatted,” she said. This is a done deal John. You are going to be famous. We, you, have to do the details now; all the controls and stuff, legal things” she said.

“I also called Francois and she wants to take us to eat. I said I would call her back.”

“Go ahead and call her. I think we are ready to go,” I said.

“Cathy rang up Francois and spoke rapidly to her in French then turned and said, “Francois will pick us up in the front of the building in about twenty minutes if that’s OK,” Cathy said.

“Fine with me,” I said.

Cathy finished the call to Francois and Marshall and I excused us to the men’s room. Cathy said she would meet us in the lobby.

We took the elevator to the first floor and waited inside for Francois. In about ten minutes, Cathy said let’s go and led us to a black limo in front of the building. The driver opened the door and Cathy, Marshall and myself got in. Francois was dressed very well and was sitting in the rear seat. She kissed Cathy on the cheek, me on the lips and shook hands with Marshall. I could tell Marshall was again surprised. I was surprised at the limo.

I introduced Marshall and Francois as the limo pulled out into traffic.

“How much time do you have John,” Francois asked.

“Three or four hours I said before Marshall needs to be back to his hotel; the Hilton,” I said.

“No problem,” Francois said as she pushed the com button and gave instructions to the driver in French.

“It will be about a twenty minute ride to the restaurant,” she said.

“So everything went well I understand,” Francois said.

“Yes, it did,” I replied.

“That’s great, I must say you have a very handsome son John. I don’t think he knows what to think of me,” she laughed.

“He is a policeman, Francois,” I said.

“I see,” she said.

“Your father is about to become very famous Marshall,” Francois said.

“I think you are right,” Marshall said. “I am having a hard time keeping up. I am finding out more and more that I did not know about him and his work. I am a bit overwhelmed with all that is going on,” Marshall said.

“Well timing is everything and for all of us, I think we are in the right place at the right time. I feel very fortunate to have met your dad, Dr. WorldPeace, and to be associated with him. He continues to amaze me. When he meets up with some more of our friends in Paris in a few weeks, things are really going to begin to happen,” she said.

“Everyone is excited about seeing you again, John,” Francois said.

“I am looking forward to returning to Paris,” I said.

“I have some changes being made to the apartment to Americanize it,” Francois said.

“That’s not necessary,” I replied.

“It is a small thing,” she said.

“You have an apartment in Paris already?” Marshall asked me.

“Yes, Francois made it available to me when I was there. It is on the Seine River. She is very gracious,” I said.

“I believe in you, Dr. WorldPeace. You are very special. I want to help you in anyway I can. The apartment is a small thing,” she said.

“It is a big thing and thank you again,” I said as I leaned over and kissed her.

“You’re welcome,” she smiled.

The conversation moved to the mundane. We had a very wonderful meal that Francois insisted on paying for. Everyone got along well. I noticed that Cathy has a definite habit of letting other people talk. She listens. She does not miss anything.

I could tell Marshall was working hard to keep up with all that was being discussed. Francois spent a lot of time visiting with him and he with her. It was interesting to watch. They were both sizing each other up.

After we left the restaurant, Francois dropped Marshall at his hotel and Cathy and I at mine. She did not comment about the two different hotels but she noticed. Francois said she had some things to do but would come by the hotel later in the evening about 2000 if it was OK with Cathy and I. We agreed. There was no need for her to ask. But I was glad to have some time with Cathy alone. I would be in Washington most of the day tomorrow. Cathy would not go there or even know where I was going.

When we arrived at the room, I changed into something casual and got on the bed to rest. I needed to nap but I wanted to talk to Cathy so I asked her to make some coffee. She did and then took a quick shower and emerged from the bathroom in her robe and came and laid nest to me on the bed. I was deep in thought. Things were moving very fast.

Neither one of us said anything. We just relaxed deep into our own thoughts. We fell asleep. I woke first and saw Cathy still asleep on her back with her robe open. I thought about what a nice body she had and how she looked and acted at the conference. I wondered who she was. We had not had time to talk about her childhood, education and so on. I didn’t know her really but my feelings for her were very strong. I was glad that I was going to have some time alone with Marshall tomorrow.

I looked at the clock over the TV and realized I had been asleep about an hour. I hated to get up and wake Cathy but my body was cramped and I wanted another cup of coffee. To my surprise she did not wake. She was obviously exhausted. I quietly made myself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table to think. I expected the Feds would give me some information about my new friends at our meeting.

I really needed Marshall’s input but I knew he was not integrated enough in my life to give me the input I was really seeking. I missed Kay because of the our strong relationship but I always had to give myself a reality check that I never thought she would leave me. I was carrying a very big load, self imposed no doubt, but I really had no one to share my deepest thoughts with. I felt very close to Cathy but I just didn’t know her that well. I could not crash and burn another relationship. Time is what I would need to trust again; a lot of time.

There was the strangeness I felt by being reborn at sixty. I had a good life but I was more alone than at any time in my life. I would ask the Feds to give me a full report on Cathy even as I increased my questions about her past. My past was an open book and our intimacy had filled in all the blanks for her I think. She knew me. I did not know her. She understood America by exposure more than I understood France and Paris. When she woke, I would begin the conversation regarding her past.

I was not having any misgivings about her at all. But it was time to talk about her past because my feelings for her were increasing. I would never be a one-woman man again. Kay’s leaving still hurt. The void, a void was still there. Yet for all my time spent on defining a non marital life style, I still did not know what would work for me.

Francois was a very independent woman. I doubted she was any more capable of giving her whole heart to one man than I was giving mine to one woman. I feel like she loved our relationship but was glad that Cathy was the full time companion. Francois was older, more experienced and tougher at least so it seemed. Cathy was a lot more in tune and aware than her twenty-four years would indicate. She was not or did not appear to be afraid of love.

Cathy’s cell phone rang. She woke in a momentary daze and got up to retrieve the phone from her purse. As she left the bed her robe dropped to the floor. Cathy knew I loved to just look at her and she loved the way my eyes never got tired of caressing her.

The call was from her mother it seemed. Some mundane event had transpired. She came and sat in my lap as she talked for the next ten minutes. She hung up, put the phone down, kissed me and melted into my arms. She was a great pleasing experience. We were bonding without speaking. She knew how to touch me without words. She moved like we had been together a lot longer than a few weeks. I remember her crying a few days ago because I was not with her. And I thought about the confident women in the meeting earlier today taht also touched and impressed me.


I left Francois and Cathy about 0900 to take a cab to an address Marshall had given me. It was a busy corner on the edge of Central Park. As I exited the cab a man sitting on a bench pointed to a black SUV parked a half a block away. I moved in that direction and saw Marshall in the front seat of the SUV. He motioned me to get into the back seat behind him. I complied.

Like before, we took a circuitous route to the airport and boarded the same plane for DC. The routine was the same as before. The only difference was that there were seven men in the conference room. I recognized the CIA/FBI directors, the head of NSA Brian Johnson and the Secretary of State Cal Richards. Their demeanor seemed to be user friendly.

The CIA Director Tom Wentworth again ran the meeting.

“Dr. WorldPeace, we have collected a lot of information on you since our last meeting and our people have also read your books cover to cover. What we have found is that most of the rumors about you are unfounded. This is a confidential meeting and before I go further, I need you to promise that what we tell you is not going beyond this room and you will not try to initiate any legal actions.

“I have no intention of ever going to court again,” I said. “In fact, if I was robbed or stabbed or shot, I may not call the police. That is how strongly I feel.”

“After reading these reports, I can understand that. Let me tell you a few of the things we have come to know.

1) The judge who disbarred you, James Fry, is corrupt. And people at the Department of Justice have determined that you were railroaded. In fact, there was a blatant disregard for the law by Judge Fry. He had a political mandate to disbar you.

2) The contempt hearing subsequent to the disbarment was the worst miscarriage of justice that our people have ever seen. Again, Judge Fry completely and totally denied you your constitutional rights of due process. Judge Hedges of the Fourteenth Court of Appeals illegally appointed him to hear the contempt hearing.

The Supreme Court of Texas got in line with the 14th Court of Appeals and Judge Fry and backed their conspiracy against you.

The problem is the fact that you made a lot of people mad in the Democratic Party when you ran for governor in 2002 and you had the attention of the White House. So you had some pretty powerful enemies. But you also had a few friends.

We have talked to Judge Fry and Judge Hedges of the Fourteenth Court of Appeals and informed them that we are aware of their corrupt acts.

Dr. WorldPeace, you should have hired a good attorney. The jury came back with a 10/2 vote. One more juror and you would have won. But that is all history.

3) Regarding Judge Karen Brown and the Bankruptcy court we see in the pleadings that you were begging for justice. The trustee did try to screw your mother. The judge backed him. Her fear is based just on the fact that you changed your name and she believed you were justly disbarred.

4) We talked to Deputy Pyka and he admitted that he lied about you knocking him down and kicking him. Were he not retired we would have proceeded against him through the U S Marshal’s Office.

5) Judge Lynn Hughes hates your guts. He is a senile old man who does what he wants. For you to plead out to the resisting arrest charge, with no prior history, you should have not received more than sixty days. Deputy Pyka’s lies added ten months to your sentence.

“Dr. WorldPeace to our surprise you were not the bad guy in these matters. Except you should not have resisted arrest. What you did was in the gray area. But it is all history and we want you to leave it as history. I want you to know that we know the truth.

“The fact that you have acknowledged all these things goes a long way toward healing my wounds,” I said. “But it will never change the fact that my experience is just the way of the justice system. All cops are not bad. I acknowledge that. I hope someday I can regain my faith in American justice. And I appreciate you acknowledging this in front of my son,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, we have also looked into your personal problem with your first wife Sandra Jacobs and your children Brian, Stephanie and David. We have determined that they did try to hurt you, even destroy you. Again we take your side. But again that is all history.”

“I tell you these things Dr. WorldPeace because we want to work with you. And finding out the truth of these matters makes us believe you can be a valuable asset to us. We felt we needed to apologize before we asked you to work with us.”

“The apology is accepted,” I said. “You have hit a very emotional cord and if I could I would probably cry. But I wont. Those wounds have scarred over and the pain has been endured and dismissed. I just want you to know I am willing to do all I can to help you because you shared this information with me. I feel vindicated even if that vindication is limited to those in this room.

“OK,” said Tom. “I am going to turn this meeting over to Anne Silverman.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, my name is Anne Silverman and I work for the FBI. My job is to profile people. I was asked to profile you.”

“What I found Dr. WorldPeace is that you are a very intelligent, very spiritual, very open, very intuitive, very enigmatic but very practical man. I don’t know if there is a situation that you found yourself in that you would not quickly evaluate it and create a way to deal with it to your advantage. You are also as comfortable talking to criminals as with presidents.”

“What is most interesting is that you have written a book that clearly states everything that you believe. I don’t have to spend time evaluating you. You have put it all in your books. All I had to do was to read your books. You have told the whole world about your agenda. As you often say in the book, ‘the most obvious is the most hidden’. In the book you give hundreds of examples of how you view the problems facing the world human society and how you would solve those problems. You lay out a logical coherent plan for solving simple and complex social problems.”

“I can’t find a single subversive inclination or tendency in your books. In fact, you are a super patriot who believes in America but who is disappointed that America has not taken the lead in bringing about a more sane and just world society. You are a liberal. You are a patriot. I can’t imagine you working against America even though you can get quite vocal about what you perceive as injustice or outright lies.”

“You have chosen a worthy mission, WorldPeace, and have devoted your life to preparing for that mission and executing that mission.”

“You have no fear and truly unlimited faith. You have never abandoned these. The pattern is there. And your projection of the future is in perfect harmony with your past.”

“You are persuasive one on one. You can turn on the charm and charisma when you need to. You can be hard when necessary. You are an idealist but functionally a very practical person. You don’t waste time pushing against the whole world on specific issues for which the world is not ready. You do as much as you can. You have learned to choose your battles.”

“I was asked if you would work with the Feds and my answer is an absolute yes. You are a peacenik but you served your county in the Army and encouraged your sons to follow your example by going into the Marine Corps.”

“Dr. WorldPeace that is my summary of you. There is much more; all positive in the important areas. Do you disagree with anything I have said.”

“No. Thank you for all of that. You know me. You understand. And I thank you for that,” I said.

Secretary of State Cal Richards said, “Dr. WorldPeace just about all our preconceived notions about you were wrong. Why is that?”

“Actually it is pretty simple Mr. Secretary. I have knowledge in so many areas that most people cannot get a global view of me. Everyone is like a blind man giving an opinion about the elephant. Each, judges me by a part of me. They can’t see the whole. Ms. Silverman may be the first. But she probably had a lot of very gifted people pulling the profile together with her. I let people see the side of me I want them to see. Long ago I gave up trying to find someone on my level who could see and understand all of me; how all the apparently disjunctive acts and comments really fit together into a coherent personal philosophy.”

“I think a big truth is that I could not do so well as a salesman if I was the person I am accused of being.”

Tom Wentworth said, “Dr. WorldPeace we need to discuss those people you met in Paris.”

“OK,” I responded.

“Those people are all very rich; actually super rich. I am talking about what we would call the friends of Jeremy. Every one of them has upward of $500 million in personal assets from family fortunes. We have profiles on every one of them. The three you are closest to, Jeremy, Francois and Cathy I am giving you their profiles to read after our meeting. You cannot take these top-secret files out of this room. You can read them here and now and you will have access to them in the future if you so desire.”

“Tell me about Cathy if you don’t mind,” I asked.

“You will be glad to know she is exactly what she appears to be. She is a twenty-four year old who is highly respected as you saw with Howard Hendrix at Harper Collins yesterday. He was amazed that you were one of her friends; and more. And her love for you seems to be real. She is twenty-four and you are sixty but she is a very smart woman. Her parents did an excellent job of raising her. And like you, what you see is what you get.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Who works for you?” I asked.

“Jeremy and Francois. We did not put Francois on your case. It was a highly unlikely coincidence that she met you,” he said.

“Anyone else,” I asked.

“No. But Jeremy has a lot of friends and some of those friends work for us. Some work for other governments. But we will not give you their files until they meet you,” he said.

“We are astounded that you walked into the lives of these people by pure accident and then impressed them. These people are hard to impress. They are all schooled in the ways of the world and in how to preserve the family fortune as well as their own. They see something in you. They feel a kinship with you. They believe in your vision.”

“With regards to Harper Collins, Howard Hendrix used to work for the CIA after college. They are going to do a deal with you John and it is a multi million dollar deal. They expect you to win some literary prizes as well. Please let them give you this information. I never said it.”

“Yes, I understand,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, we have all kinds of operations all over the world. If you are willing, we will coordinate with Harper Collins to place you where we need you. On the surface it will look like you are promoting your books. And you will continue with your WorldPeace Advocacy. But we will manipulate your agenda to place you in a position to connect with people we need you to talk to.”

“We are working on giving you limited access to the White House and to the President. This will increase you credibility in the world with the people who need to be impressed.”

“We are also going to make you a part time employee of the State Department with diplomatic immunity worldwide but we don’t want you to use it unless you absolutely have to,” he said.

“We are going to send you to various classes over time. We have a lot to do. We are anticipating a very long term association with you; if you are willing.”

“I am assuming that I will not be required to take assignments that I do not feel in harmony with,” I said.

“You can reject any assignment. Since you are not a career employee there is no repercussions from refusing an assignment we want you to take. We may want to place an employee on your payroll; another personal assistant, a female. We will have to adjust based on how your agenda develops. Harper Collins is also trying to figure out a schedule for your book tour.”

“We are not going to take control of your life but the more you are willing to do for us the more we appreciate it.”

“We would like to get together with you next week to ten days and go over a preliminary schedule. We will try to work with Harper Collins to minimize your travel. Much of your training will be one on one where ever you happen to be.”

“We will also be working with your son. This is all new to us. We are custom designing a training and operations plan for you and Marshall,” he continued to rapidly layout his overall plan.

“I would like a full blown profile on Cathy,” I said. “We have become very close and before I let it go much further, I want to know who and what I am dealing with. I want to be able to tell her I work for the government if possible. Not now but in the future if necessary. This kind of work would seem to require that I be able to talk to someone, discuss some these assignments if possible,” I said.

“I will be honest with you,” I said. “I have been married thirty-eight out of forty-two years of my adult life. Right now I am connected to several women but that is not my preference or history. I feel that Cathy or some other woman and I will form a one on one monogamous relationship in time. Cathy has that potential and I want to know up front if there is something regarding our relationship that will make that impossible or short lived.”

“I expect one or two women will be with me always. I will work eighteen hours a day seven days a week and it will take several personal assistants to keep up with me especially when I am traveling which may be all the time. I will have other assistants with limited functions but I will need others to be with me all the time and I don’t want to have to watch what I say. So I would like to make sure those women closest to me are cleared by you.”

“We will be able to help you with that. We will have a complete workup on Cathy before our next meeting,” Tom said.

“Ladies and Gentlemen this meeting seems to be moving forward smoothly. What else do we need to discuss?” Tom said.

“Nothing. We have covered our agenda for today,” Oren Hensley the Director of the FBI said.

“I am eager to get moving,” I said. “I am looking forward to working with all of you. And I want to say again thank you for your acknowledgment regarding my legal problems. Maybe one day I can get my law license back. Even if do, I will be inactive. I have no desire to practice law.”

“It is on the agenda Dr. WorldPeace,” Said dir FBI.

“If there is nothing else, we will adjourn until next week. Dr. WorldPeace, Angie here will give you some documents and phone numbers that you need to keep with you. These documents are basic and will be upgraded and expanded at our next meeting. Your son will get similar documents and you both need to get Federal ID’s.”

“This meeting is adjourned,” Tom Wentworth said.

I shook hand with everyone in the room before they left. Everyone said congratulations and good luck.

Marshall and I talked with Angie for about an hour and then we returned to New York. Marshall caught an immediate flight back to Houston and I went to the hotel where Cathy was waiting. Francois had gone back to Paris. I decided to stay two more days in New York to be with Cathy.


When I exited prison on December 19, 2008, I had six major projects to complete. Fist and foremost, I had to type my manuscripts. There were about seventy-five legal tablets consisting of about three thousand pages of two hundred and fifty words per page; all written by hand in cursive. It took me several months to type the manuscripts and edit them for typos and such and then for grammar and content and flow; a lot of work.

My father’s youngest sister and her husband live on a farm in Ganado, Texas about seventy miles west of Houston. I had been close to them all my life so I asked them if I could stay with them now and then to type up my manuscripts. They owned a piece of land inherited from his parents and I was allowed to stay in the house where his grandfather had spent his last years. It was used as a vacation house by one of his sisters but was not going to be used in January or February 2009. So that is where I began to type. There were no distractions except for weekly visits from my two cousins Jennifer and Annette; Mason and Edith’s daughters. They were about ten years younger than me and I had baby sat for them while visiting my grandparents during the summers.

Also during that time, I typed all my poems and finished my interpretation of the sacred texts of the major religions that I had begun in 1993, and essentially finished in 1996. I also finished my Book of Peace by adding on several chapters. There were twenty-one chapters and I added four more making it twenty-five. I also rewrote my web site at

When I finished, I sent it all to Harper Collins and began to do the income tax returns for 2002-2008 and at the same time began to scan in all the pictures that were taken during the time Kay and I were together. She had taken them to Austin after I went to prison. She took all the others to my mother’s for storage. There were about five thousand pictures to be scanned in and I would work on that as a break from the taxes and other more significant matters. I finished those projects in March when I took the $5000 to Kay.

The last two projects I had was to go through all the things Kay had packed while I was in jail in order to sell the house on Heights and I had to unpack and sort through all the business files for WorldPeace Web Design to prepare to re launch that business. These two projects were the priority when I returned form the second trip to New York.

I decided to bring Cathy back to Houston with me when she made the request in New York. She said she would be even lonelier without me now that we had deepened our relationship. She was going to be my number one personal assistant and I wanted her to be familiar with my past. Going through all my things was a good way to bring her up to speed. Plus she could look at all my paintings that were in storage and I would take her around and show her all the places that had been a part of my life.

Just emptying the hundreds of boxes in storage was a chore. As Cathy would open the boxes I would sort what I intended to keep from what I intended to take to a flea market and sell. So after it was unpacked and sorted, everything needed to be repacked.

I had no money to speak of and so my mother loaned me $10,000 from the sale of the Heights house. I used some of it to rent a small apartment for three months. Cathy and I lived there while we went through everything. We were able to get through all the boxes of personal things in about two weeks and then went to the flea market two week ends in a row. Then I sold the rest of the stuff to a dealer at the flea market. All together I made about $3500.

Cathy offered to pay someone to just haul it all off instead of going to the flea market but it just did not feel right to me. I wanted to clean up my past. I wanted to know how much was left monetarily and I wanted that money from my old life kept separate from my new life. Besides, I still had the $45,000 from the Harper option. But I wanted to keep the monies from before and after prison separate. It was a silly superstitious thing but it felt right and made sense to me.

When I finished everything, I wanted to take the money I had from my old life and earmark it to pay off the taxes.

By the end of April, everything was completed and I then turned my attention to my web design business. Even though I was going to be very well off after the book deals were finalized with Harper Collins, I wanted to make the web design business work because it would provide jobs all over the world and promote peace and it was important for me to show David that he blew billions of dollars when he quit and tried to destroy the web design business in January 2007.

In reality no matter how much money I made from the books and WorldPeace related endeavors, I knew it would be nothing compared to the income from the internet related businesses.

I also needed a business to divert my attention and allow me to get away from the WorldPeace Advocacy; as well as a business to provide the money to expand the WorldPeace Advocacy. It seemed like a lot to most people but I knew what I needed to make me happy and what I needed to do in order to accomplish my destiny.

The plan was of course to primarily focus on the web design business and then the WorldPeace Advocacy. I would also paint and I wanted to write three or four novels a year. I realized in prison that I could easily write a four hundred page novel in a month with the use of a computer. I could write forty plus pages a day by hand in jail so I could easily do sixty a day with a computer. Six hundred and fifty hand written pages would translate into about 400 book pages. So two weeks to write and two more to edit a new novel.

Of course I would have the money to pay a professional to clean up the grammar and punctuation without destroying my writing style. I would often edit legal pleadings ten times. My goal was three or four novels a year and I would write the supplements to the WorldPeace Advocacy each year. The autobiography supplements would basically be in a journal format with daily entries. I also had my daily op ed column in the newspapers as well as my web site to write and edit.

Eventually I would have personal assistants around the clock. I sleep very little and so it would be necessary to have someone available at 0200 to take notes on various projects and to send queries to various executives and others who worked for me. I expected to push every minute of every twenty-four hours with work.

I would become a consummate workaholic.


A few days after Cathy and I returned from New York, I received a call from Jeremy. He had three of his friend who wanted a meeting with me as soon as possible. They wanted to discuss my views about human life and its spiritual connection. There were two men and a woman from the University of Paris and they were very old friends of Jeremy. The group would fly to Houston to meet with me in two days if I was available. I agreed and asked Jeremy to work through Cathy because she was now my personal assistant. I told him I would have Cathy call him for the details. Jeremy indicated that these friends would only be able to stay one day before they had to return to Paris.

Cathy moved into my apartment that was starting to get a bit crowded. She said that she would start looking for a bigger place for us as soon as we returned to Houston. She expected that I would be entertaining or visiting with more and more people and the apartment would just not be functional. She also agreed to pay the rent on the new apartment as long as needed. I told her that would not be necessary because I had the book money from Harper. Not only that, I was determined to increase the flow of monies from the web design business which had already begun to bring in some monies. I was going to have to find a programmer designer to come to work for me shortly. I was also going to have to introduce Cathy to Linda and Rose.

Jeremy friends would be arriving by plane early Friday morning. And were expected at the apartment about 0900. Cathy had arranged it so that I did not have to go to the airport to meet them. Cathy said I was just going to be too busy for those kinds of things. I knew she was right.

Cathy had arranged for transportation from the airport through a limo service but they would travel in a SUV and not a limo. Although Cathy said that shortly we should have a limo service pick up many of these people who would be coming to see me. Also she believed we should move closer to the airport. I said I thought we may keep something up there but I felt that my headquarters in Houston needed to be closer to downtown Houston. Things were moving very fast and a lot of things needed to be put in place quickly. When the books began to be published within six to nine months, things were going to get maddening; that was obvious.


At 0900 Cathy answered the door and Jeremy’s friends entered the apartment. Cathy apparently knew them and made the introductions; Sam Waters, William Carol and JoAnn Baker.

“Please excuse the small quarters,” I said. We will be moving shortly.

“No problem Dr. WorldPeace, we did not give you much notice of our desire to see you,” said JoAnn.

“I try to accommodate Jeremy’s requests. I know that he does not make frivolous requests of me,” I said.

“Please have a seat and help yourself to the coffee and pastries Cathy has set out for us.”

“I have read your CV’s,” I said. “I am impressed; an anthropologist, psychiatrist and a sociologist, each at the top of your respective professions. I have been wondering what it is that I can help you with.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, we have all read your books and we are amazed at the coherent presentation of so much information relating to the human social condition. Your experience and education and your intuitive take on what is happening in the world human society is very much of interest to us. We are all scholars and even though we all feel we are able to see outside the restrictions of our professions and areas of specialties, we feel you can help us to bring together a lot of concepts we have that we cannot seem to fit together in a coherent philosophy of human society,” William said.

“We feel that things in the world are moving so fast that the world human society is about to face a melt down as a result of the speed of light changes in the world. You seem to have a handle on the entire global population and a global model that will ease the coming global awakening.”

“I would like to say that we represent a global think tank of about one hundred and twenty five individuals from virtually all the areas of human knowledge. We do not advertise our existence. We are virtually unknown as a think tank. We are not a secret organization. We just prefer to work in seclusion. Jeremy has funded our modest needs which has mostly to do with the expenses of gathering together and sharing information.”

“We are three of the one hundred and twenty-five who were chosen to meet with you and then to report back to our group with the hope that we may engage in a much more expanded conversation with a larger number of us in the near future. We feel you may be the one person who can connect our thoughts together. We have all this information and knowledge and understanding but we cannot put it together in a manner that the world human population can digest it. Your books are coherent and we feel that some things that we have considered you have not yet integrated into your books.”

“We need to discuss these things with you so you can give us some insight as to how they will fit into your WorldPeace philosophy. We have a great appreciation for how you have integrated so many things into what to us appears to be a practical path to peace and the potential uplifting of society as well as coping with the global chaos that humanity will face in the next decade.”

“We are not Christian fundamentalists but we feel that a thinking, analytical person can read the signs of great troubles coming. Essentially the end time prophesies with a secular focus. In other words, we do not feel these changes are religious but secular. The greed of humanity is destroying the earth and we greatly fear a critical mass in one of many areas will have a domino effect on the other areas and lead to a point of no return; the end result could be as much as an eighty percent termination of the world human population.”

“Humanity will survive but we don’t want to see society set back into the pre technological times due to the chaos. We believe there is evidence that this has happened before; evidence from societies that were in many ways more advanced than we are. We are reaching for an understanding of what is going on. What are the universal/spiritual common denominators? We seek understanding to assist us in reducing the amount of the coming chaos..

“In a word, we have no generalist among us. We are a group of ultra specialist and are we feel blinded to the whole of how all things fit together. We believe in cause and effect. But the problem simply has too many facets and variables and unknowns and we have not been able to identify the global themes.”

“So here we are. All of us have greatly anticipated this time with you. It is interesting to us that you have lived sixty years under the radar refining your philosophy. We are all astounded with what you have written.”

“I could go on and on but from your eyes I feel that you have understood everything I have said and know what we need to hear.”

“For me the starting point was very simple,” I said. “Why was I born? What is the purpose of life? If I could find a logical answer to these two questions, then I could attach everything else in this reality to it.”

“Unfortunately, my parents were Christians and so I only had the Christian metaphor of life which for me explained little. I sought out a just cosmology. I sought out a rule that explained to me why some people died after weeks of life and others lasted into their eighties and nineties and sometimes past one hundred. How could there be justice with regards to heaven and hell when one human being was required to endure eighty years of temptation in this reality and others were only required to live here for days. And even as I asked these questions, I already knew no church elder or bureaucrat had the answer beyond ‘God only knows’. That was not only unacceptable to me but it made me angry. It was like a great cover up of ignorance. I was to believe a half truth. I was to put my faith in the ignorance of the truth that these religionist were foisting on the world human society.”

“I felt certain that there are higher truths of God that I cannot understand by the simplicity of death which is the final truth of every living thing in this universe. I was certain that there must be a logical explanation to birth and death.

“I also intuitively believed and sensed that if I had access to every human being on the earth, that I could ask questions and some of these people would have experienced things that would enlighten me on these foundational issues. In other words, in the recorded knowledge of the collective human consciousness, the answers were available. I also felt that somewhere on the earth the answers had been written down. There had to be religious and spiritual writings which accumulated millennia of focused searching into the questions of life and death,” I said.

“Growing up, the only books around my home were a set of Worldbook Encyclopedias. But the knowledge contained in them was not metaphysical. It was historical and factual and the basic truth I was seeking were within in a few sentences within the biographies in the encyclopedia.”

“I was starved for information. Even the library did not seem to me to hold these truths distilled into books as religion and spirituality and metaphysics. I was so ignorant I did not know where to begin to look and my parents were not intellectual or philosophical and so could not even understand my questions. In fact, my father and mother did not read books. My father only began to seriously read when he began to raise and fly pigeons and his thirst for knowledge in that area forced him to read.”

“But he could not even after having that epiphany regarding books, understand my need to know about many universal truths that were way beyond the secret to raising and training pigeons and racing them. He became an expert in that area and he was a good businessman. But his spirituality really came from living on a farm in his youth and dealing with religious/spiritual issues by the experience of being close to the earth. He is a very spiritual person and his brothers and sisters are all intuitive but they associate it with common sense. They do not give any consideration to the higher philosophical discussions.”

“My spiritual quest was severely hampered by admonishments from my Christian parents not to read the texts of the evil religions that non Christians placed their faith in.”

“While in college, I began to sense there were answers but my university education was about making money with a college degree. However, at the end of my third year of college I had to choose a subject that would let me graduate within a year and I chose political science. That department in the college of liberal arts would take all my biology, art, business and so on hours.”

“I also felt at the time I was making that decision that it was somehow important that I have an understanding of world governments because I saw myself potentially becoming a world ambassador at some point in my life.”

“Also during college, I had developed a desire to understand the Hitler phenomenon. I wanted to know how one man could gain so much power and manifest so much evil. I considered him the devil incarnate; the antichrist and still do. It amazed me that just three years before my birth this mad man ruled Europe. Hitler knew and understood the dark side of metaphysics. He was a magician; an evil sorcerer. And he was embraced by the German people to raise them up out of the mortal hell that the English and French imposed on them after World War II.”

“No symbol can be more representative of evil than the Nazi Swastika. It was the mark of evil in the twentieth century. My father feared and misunderstood my research into Hitler. I always thought Hitler was of the darkest evil and never embraced anything he stood for. I wanted to know how he marshaled the forces of hell and earth to create his evil empire. And I wanted to know because I wanted to recognize that evil if it ever tried to manifest itself again in the world human society.”

“As it turned out, I came to believe that in some ways, in many ways, the world human society is presently ready to produce another Hitler in the Middle East. I believe humanity is about to go through a global purging, a social epiphany but that birth will come out of great pain and suffering and devastation. I pray that contemporary civilization is not reduced back to the Stone Age and our great technology and especially our global communications are not again forfeited as they have been in the ancient past. I have no doubt that the world human population has a great historical spiritual memory of past times when civilizations that were as great as ours but not as advanced technologically existed and collapsed into oblivion.”

“On the earth, the history of those great civilizations lays buried. The most obvious technology is that of many huge stone structures. We do not have the technology to easily move those twenty ton stones now. Somehow those great stone temples were built using a technology that allowed those stones to float or seem to float with the aid of man. The discovery or rediscovery of that technology will open our eyes to the true greatness of those civilizations and explain how that technology existed world wide.”

Unfortunately, the texts of the new world where that technology was religion based were destroyed by the Christians who conquered, raped and pillaged and desecrated the records of the great civilizations of the North and South American continents.

But there is the curious text of the Book of the Mormon.”

“I apologize for going so far a field but I feel what I have said is a foundation you need to understand what I am about to say.”

“All three of my guests vigorously indicated that they were following my logic; my personal journey to knowledge and an understanding of life and death.”

“The manifestation of this understanding is for one and one purpose and that is to increase the peace in the world human society and the inner peace of all the human beings on the planet. This became clear to me between ages forty and sixty. It was then that I most clearly saw my destiny and my mission.”

Cathy had pulled a chair to my right and a bit behind my shoulder. As per usual she listened intently but said nothing.

“So how do you understand life to be Dr. WorldPeace,” asked Sam Waters.

“I believe that heaven is just like earth. I believe the social organization is the same with greater and lesser souls in heaven if you will,” I said.

“In the book of Genesis and every one of the world myths, man is made in the image of God. So if we want to know what God and his heavenly beings look like, then all we have to do is to look at ourselves. We are also told there was a war among the angels; between Satan and Michael considering the Christian metaphor, myth. In the book of Revelation we are told that God sits on a throne surrounded by twenty-four elders who we presume to be of the highest social order in heaven.”

“Now we cannot discount the fact that in order to explain these spiritual realities human writers are forced to relate them to the human experience on earth. So in reality heaven is only peripherally like the earth reality in terms of how it looks. I believe that the oneness of God is infinitely faceted and yet one. This is something that the human mind cannot understand or conceive. I think that it is more realistic to consider that everything in heaven is just an indiscriminate field of energy and we can project on that field any shape and vision that we like. So when we say we are made in the image of God, the image of God is the image of ourselves that we project on God. What we can believe is that there is conflict among these heavenly energies regardless of what they look like and regardless of the true social structure. You have to really look at life as a dream and nothing more. We are living on a dreamscape that we humans have created by common definition. And science and other studies are expanding that dream in an infinite number of ways every day. To be simplistic, we can’t fly in these human bodies because that is how we have agreed to define this reality.”

“I would also assume that you can distinguish one spiritual being from another; that they do not all look like clones.”

“Now what I am about to tell you may sound radical but there is some evidence in the works of Zechariah Sitchin that it may be true.”

“In those works, he indicates that there is a twelfth planet in the solar system. But that planet is on an elliptical orbit like asteroids from the Ort belt that surrounds our solar system. These objects come in from deep space, circle close to the sun and then return to deep space. In addition, they are on an orbit that is not on the same plane as the planets we know but at an angle that slices through that plane. This twelfth planet is on a thirty degree elliptical orbit with the plane on which our planets circle the sun in roughly circular orbits. There is more about the mechanics of this in Zitchin’s books which are alleged to be the translation of twenty five thousand ancient Assyrian clay tablets.”

“Of course virtually all of this is contrary to conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is almost always skewed for power and political and religious agendas. It is skewed to keep the keeper of the faith in power no matter how nonsensical that doctrine and dogma and law really is. An example was the insistence in the near past that the sun revolved around the earth, as did the whole universe.”

“In the story that Dr. Sitchin relates, the beings from this twelfth planet came to earth to mine gold needed for their atmosphere. They came here two hundred and fifty thousand years ago. The length of their orbit is thirty-six hundred years and so these beings who live a hundred orbits of thirty-six hundred years would appear to be as gods, with a small ‘g’ to us humans.”

“Next, these beings who came to mine gold landed in sub Saharan Africa. After a period of time they complained about the hard work. So the leader decided to take the best specimens of the several races of human beings that existed on this planet and created a homo sapien; and later a female, from the book of Genesis; Adam and Eve.”

“What is interesting to me is that scientific research has traced all of humanity back to a single female they call Eve who lived two hundred fifty thousand years ago. Also, I might add, these twenty-five thousand clay tablets describe celestial events in our solar system that seem to be valid. These tablets are six thousand years old. A time we believe that was before the world human society had the scientific ability to come to these conclusions.”

“The one point I am making here, is that the word God and god with a small ‘g’ have become confused. The concept of a personal god makes more sense to me if those gods were super beings and not God, the infinite, omnipotent, with a big ‘G’. In the Christian Bible, Abraham and others mention seeing beings they recognized as gods. So these gods did walk among men. And now in a diverse world society, they could well pass as just another human being.”

“My point is that these gods are not THE GOD. These gods are not all seeing omnipotent but mortal beings and less than the all inclusive infinite immortal God. These gods are subject to the same laws of the spiritual universe as are we human beings. The only real distinction is that their technology is greater than ours but in truth through space travel and genetics and nuclear power we seem to be catching up to them. The only real difference may well be our much shorter life spans.”

“In the book of Genesis, it states that God shortened the life of human beings to one hundred and twenty years after the fall of human beings in the Garden of Eden. So through stem cell research and genetics we may well be on the threshold of significantly extending the life of men to almost a thousand years or more; a life span as great as the patriarchs in the book of Genesis.”

“Before I go further, one of the reasons that my life is in danger always is because of my willingness to ask these questions; my willingness to suggest a different definition of God and to try to understand God. These questions and their answers significantly shake the reality of the extremely conservative human beings who fear a universe without boundaries. A super universe when we are only one universe among infinite universes. These thoughts under mind conventional wisdom regarding human significance and that scares conservative people who many times congregate as extreme fundamentalist in every religion and fascist in every political reality.”

“Let me say here that I am just a human being like all of you. I only have questions. I have been on a life long quest for understanding. I have written an epic novel with lots of questions. I am prying open the doors of research into the meaning of life and secondarily into ways to increase the peace in the world human society. The two questions are linked.”

“What I am doing is initiating a conversation; not a university lecture on conventional wisdom but an open discussion world wide. I have no fear of conversation and speculation. But many religious fundamentalists believe that questioning God is evil and sinful. How ridiculous. I am not a prophet. I am just a common man with some unconventional questions.”

“The world human society is about power. And some of my questions and speculation and conversations in fact have the potential to destroy those ideas and theories that are the foundation of various power bases in the human society. The reality is that these questions will eventually be accepted. So all that can be accomplished by attacking me is to slow down the conversation. But the universe, God, is tricky and many times a particular action gives an unexpected or the feared outcome. Killing me may increase the pace of intellectual speculation not slow it.”

“And let me say one other thing here. I believe in God and I have an unbounded faith. My questions do not affect my faith negatively but positively. My questions have verified and proven and expanded my faith, not diminished it. But that is another discussion. And we have a ways to go on the present conversation about what is life, first.”

“Before we go further, let us take a break,” I said.

Everyone agreed but all three were in deep thought. I took Cathy aside and asked her what she thought.

“John,” as per usual you blow people away. These are very smart people and you are putting things out to them that they have never considered. They begin to see that they have spent a lifetime working in their areas of interest but the global issues are overwhelming them. They have the ability to keep up with you but you are putting things out that they have never considered and you are presenting things from a different perspective than they are used to. And unlike them, you are not bound by any specific rules of research and you have never had a mentor to mold you into a particular way of thinking. By the time they leave here they will be exhausted,” she said.

“I want to tell you,” I said, “that having you here means a lot to me. Having you here gives me peace. You are filling a need I have had all my life. I cannot really imagine you not in my life,” I said as I kissed her.

“I love you, John,” she said as she looked deep into my eyes and squeezed my hand. “I am going no where.”

Before I could respond, JoAnn walked up followed by Sam and William.

“Dr. WorldPeace, there is an awful lot going on in my mind. I am interested in everything you have said. You have given me, I think, a glimpse of a hidden dynamic to your book. The context of the book is awesome and inspiring and thought provoking but now you are giving us the theory and ideas behind the words. The book is becoming a living thing to me now. You have shown me the spirit of the book,” she said.

“When I decided to go to Paris,” I said, “I had hoped that I would find people who could relate to some of what I had to say. Truth is that I have led a lonely life due to the lack of anyone to talk with about my thoughts. I begin to see that I was right to go to Paris. I feel that I have found what I was looking for. I have so much more to talk about. My question is just how much can be taken in by others.”

William said, “Dr. WorldPeace, we have other friends outside the peace group who are going to be eager to meet and talk with you. There are many questions.”

“I am sure I speak for JoAnn and Sam when I say we want you back in Paris as soon as possible. We want a lot more access to you. I feel that our goals are in harmony with yours. Your book has given us a framework to which we can connect our specialized knowledge. I think your book is going to be a text book in classes in many disciplines all over the world. It is a book with universal applications. I think you might just change the world. I know you will increase the peace,” he said as he reached out to shake my hand.

Sam and JoAnn nodded in agreement.

“For me, I feel a peace and serenity that has escaped me all my life. I feel safe. I feel rested. I feel pleasure and joy. Something very wonderful is happening to me and I can assure you I give thanks to God every night for this new life. I appreciate all of you,” I said.

“Shall we continue,” I said moving to my chair.

Cathy stroked my back with her hand and my desire for her flowed through me like a wave of warm healing energy.

“Thank you,” I whispered in her ear.

I felt the electricity flow through her body and reach out to bathe me in love.

“The human body is nothing more than a disposable vehicle for the soul. I believe the soul exists in the heavenly realm where it is pure energy with a miniscule amount of tangible form. All souls have always existed, like God. There is no beginning and no end. This is the great mystery for humans whose experience is that all things have a beginning and an end. It is easier for me to understand this if I consider that the All There Is contains the potential of every possibility: I like to use the words Infinite Potential. A soul in heaven can understand the potential of everything.”

“The collateral concept is that there is no such thing as time in the All There Is or what I refer to as the Infinite Potential. Everything exists at once in the now. So the past is just as accessible to the soul on a higher plane of existence as is the present.”

“Another collateral concept is that at any moment our conscious need is located at a unique intersection of all realities. So to look at the past or the future all we have to do is change locations of our mind to a place in the future, look around and then return to where we were.”

“So every possible future exists in the now. We are just conscious of the one unique intersection of all the variables with these limited human barins.”

“In the higher heavenly realms, the soul has the ability to experience one event in multiple places at once. In these bodies, we are only able to be conscious of one moment in time from one perspective. In heaven there is no time and we can experience multiple if not infinite locations at once. And there is no space either. So the soul has an expanded consciousness with infinite channels.”

“When we come into this reality, time becomes distinguished and we incarnate into a body that has limited sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch. The reason for a time distinction and limited senses is so we do not become overloaded with input that is not relevant to what we are trying to experience in this reality.”

“Think how hard it would be for us to function if we had the range of vision of an eagle or the range of hearing of a dog. If we had all our senses at max we would see multiple realities overlaid on each other and it would be harder to stay in the dimensional layer that we came into this reality to experience.”

“Another facet of this is that we come into this reality in order to experience time which we cannot experience in heaven where time is not distinguished. We want to experience light and darkness whereas in heaven it is not dark when there is no light. In heaven there are no beginnings and no ends. In heaven there is no sexual gender because souls cannot create other souls. And more to the point a soul cannot create what has already been created. Everything has always existed. See you can’t you human language to explain the lack of time without using a past, present or future tense in discussing such a concept.

In heaven everything has always existed. It is an infinite potential; not distinguished. We come to earth in these bodies that are equipped to parse out time when there is no time and endings when there are no endings. We come into these bodies to experience the intensity that cannot be experienced without a human body that exists in a seemingly tangible reality.”

“And as I have said, we don’t want too much intensity in this reality so these body have limited consciousness in order not to overwhelm and distract the soul from whatever business or destiny the soul came here to experience.”

“So life is about entering this reality, being born on earth, and attaching our spirit to a limited human vehicle at the time of conception. At that time the soul begins to manipulate the future to its personal needs. It builds in certain memories and skills and a personality to achieve its mission in this reality. It develops a human body to allow it to function in this reality.”

“Think about the human brain as a computer and the soul is uploading information into that human brain that it will need in this reality.”

“I do believe that some souls do not enter immediately at the time of conception and I think that creates a problem because the human body, the soul’s vehicle, is growing without directions so some things are not entered into the human brain because the deadlines have been missed if you will. This seems to me to handicap the soul. We can easily see people with handicaps all around us.”

“If the soul does not get it right, then the future may be aborted as the soul withdraws. And a ripple effect is created through out the entire earthly reality. To be simplistic, this defective human vehicle is the cause of many miscarriages.”

“The truth is that the soul can withdraw at anytime with the death of the body. I believe the soul chooses its time to die and almost never is it removed from this reality without its consent. Remember all realities exist in the now so if the soul wants to stay or leave it simply moves its conscious being to that reality that will allow it to exist through death or continue to live an different reality. All things are always going on at the same time. So we control our experience. This is an overwhelming concept. It means we are living the reality we have chosen to date. It means our future has infinite possibilities and the soul is driving the human conscious to experience exactly what the soul desires to experience. Thus I say, ‘all things are always the way they should be’.”

“The one absolute is that all we experience is by choice. We are in total and absolute control of our dream, our reality, our destiny, our mission and our experience on this earth in this time and place.”

“So the human body is nothing more than a vehicle for the soul. When the soul withdraws, the body dies and disintegrates over time back into atoms and molecules to become part of some other thing in this reality. These basic building blocks return to that primal state to wait potential reassembly.”

“Now let me add here that you can’t take anything I have said about these matters literally. The human mind, being human, is limited in how it understands. So what I have said is nothing but my chosen metaphors to explain an abstract reality that the human mind intuitively knows through the soul but cannot consciously conceive because that abstraction is limitless and the human mind deals only with finites. The human mind is logical and linear. Only the soul can be conscious of abstractions.”

“So on its most basic level, life is just a movie over which we have total control moment to moment. What we experience is what we have chosen moment to moment to experience. In heaven, there is no time and only now. Time is part of this reality so we can better focus on one moment as opposed to experiencing all moments simultaneously. Our brains are not designed to see multiple realities simultaneously; certainly not infinite realities. The ultimate God is able to experience all things at once making God omnipresent and omnipotent. This concept of God, the ultimate reality of One is not the god in Genesis. The god in Genesis is a limited manifestation of God. A god with limitations existing in that form in order to communicate with human beings.”

“To go further, our belief that we are unique from others, is an illusion. We are not unique. In these bodies, we have a unique perspective. But we can choose our body. So if you follow this reasoning, then you have a Oneness of God who experiences infinite manifestations of the God self. So I guess you could say we are, as human beings, just one eye of God’s infinite eyes. Eye being a simple metaphor for the whole human being with all senses not just the sense of sight.”

“Nothing tangible is real. It is just an elaborate dream that seems real.”

“What is the point of life? There is no point. We are just receiving the All There Is through the pinhole that is our human body. There are many life forms; infinite life forms. All are nothing more than an eye on All There Is; or the Infinite Potential.”

“And so at last, we are not God but a conscious aspect of God. We are God but our reality is a limited vision of God. You and I are not separate, were are one, always observing ourselves no matter what we are looking at and experiencing.”

“Actually it makes life exciting because we realize we are totally free to do as we please. And yes, good and evil are one and only distinguished in this time and place and only in regards to how we as human beings are affected. There is good and evil distinctions in an infinite number of realities but not all realities. In some realities good and evil are not distinguished. There is only life.”

“Now please don’t let your heads explode,” I smiled. “Only a very few if any can understand what I am talking about here because it is too great a leap from conventional wisdom and thousands of years of religious programming within the world human society to where my philosophy begins. But generations are being born who will understand what I am saying; generations who will wonder how anyone could have thought otherwise; with such a limited perspective. So although my book will be read, it will not be understood by most. It will be intuitively embraced because it is a familiar enigma with something within for everyone. It is also a guidepost for others who will come after me trying to find a like mind to connect with. I am that like mind but unfortunately from another point in linear time. So I have to write as much as I can in order to be the most helpful to those who are coming.”

JoAnn could stand it no longer and stood up.

“I believe the Infinite Potential is logical but not linear,” I said. “I believe it is cause and effect but much of that cause and effect is abstract intangible impacting on the tangible. So to see the logic, the beauty of God, you have to step far away to get the universal view. Then all things make sense. We are not able to experience that awareness and that level of consciousness from within these limited bodies but we can reach a place where we know for sure that the Infinite Immortal All Inclusive abstract of God does exist and nothing is by chance.”


And the other thing, like a movie, many people can view it at the same time. And many can view it from the John WorldPeace perspective at the same time. I am a potential that anyone can experience. There may be billions of beings watching from the John WorldPeace perspective even as we speak.”

Bill stood up. William was too dumbfounded to move. Cathy made me another cup of coffee.

“Dr. WorldPeace,” said JoAnn “I see now that you have a complete philosophy regarding WorldPeace. Not only do you go into areas in the social complex but you have gone into the inter dimensional aspects of the world human society as well. And you have come up with a unique new mix of heaven and hell and earth. You have expanded the edge of reality beyond our universe into the great void into which our universe is expanding; an area that includes, no doubt, other universes. No homogenous formula for you. You have engaged every human philosophy from simple to ultra dynamic. You have left no stones unturned and I assume that the annual supplement to you autobiography will address any new issues that come up in the world human society.”

“As will my novels,” I interjected.

“You have attacked what you feel is an impediment to peace and explained why and supported and bolstered the areas you feel promote peace.”

“You have discounted religion and advocated spirituality which among other areas has made every human being responsible for all that creates chaos in the world.”

“The great evil is human apathy. The light and darkness of the human soul is the responsibility of each human being and the cumulative effect is whether we have a more peaceful planet or chaos on every level. Self interest is treated by you in economics but also treated as the source of much evil because of the dominance of self interest of the human body over the soul. You point out that the temptation to do wrong is just too great in a materialistic reality.”

“You firmly believe this is just one social experiment among one kind of beings in one isolated point of the universe. The soul can visit whatever reality it desires and there are infinite physical social realities: there are also infinite spiritual realities. And both the tangible and intangible social orders interact in infinite dynamics so that the soul can never tire of exploring the Infinite Potential. The possibilities are unlimited and all exist now. And the Infinite Potential is all inclusive. What you can conceive, already exists.”

“Yes,” I said. “You understand that I have lived with these ideas for so long that they are real to me. By and through conversations, I have made sure that my philosophy holds water. This is the thing that excites me about the release of my book. Many questions will come and I will be able to make a significant adjustment or verification of what I believe if necessary. But remember this is a personal philosophy. I have no intention of setting up an organization, school, monastery or anything else. No followers or disciples, members. I encourage others to come up with their own philosophy or to comment on some aspect of mine.”

“I firmly believe that the world human society through the internet is about to experience an unbelievable metamorphosis; a world wide epiphany. And I pray it is a positive uplifting experience. It is possible that what is coming may push humans in the direction of cynicism and apathy. With or without my books, the international exchange of values is taking place now and a new world philosophy is emerging even as we speak. There has never been an all inclusive world philosophy. So something very new and exciting is coming. I want to be an active participant helping to usher it in not to mention defining it.”

“When people the world over, feel comfortable speaking about their personal views and experiences and revelations, that information will feed onto the internet. There are many people who have insights everyday. Valid revelations that without the internet would be lost. I believe my book will become a framework for the issues relating to WorldPeace to be discussed in depth.”

“Also we can see what is important to the world human society and what is not based on what is posted. It becomes a living breathing dynamic philosophy. I am sure there will be WorldPeace Advocacy scholars. It all makes me smile actually. The fact that humans of any age, background, race, religion, political persuasion or gender will be able to contribute and participate in this great conversation.”

“Consider the whole world engaged in a sincere WorldPeace objective. As we learn what people think will create peace, we also learn what they believe will be an impediment to peace. It is hard for me to imagine the logistics of processing input from all over the world. Some things will be able to be easily classified; other nuances with not be so easy to classify. Some input will be mechanically inserted as statistics, others will require scholars to consider the input that is too unique to classify.”

“And this is also important for you to understand. Your visit today has let me see even more of the aspects of my Advocacy. This is what excites me, the constant revelations. And I hope it will cause an epiphany in others. My only concern is that people may start believing the new metaphors are factual. In regards to the spiritual side of reality, it is abstract and will never be able to be adequately described with logical linear language.”

“Now consider this, as there is a personal ability to create one’s reality, or make choices to change the path of one’s life, what is real in the tangible reality is collective. In other words, we humans cannot walk through walls because the common wisdom, agreed paradigm is that will not be allowed. But together, the world human society can change that. This is the essence of miracles. A miracle is a sudden change in the reality due to a change in people’s belief and desires. This is most exciting. It means we as a group can change things. If all the people on the earth chose to turn the sky pink, it would happen. We can change the orbit of the earth; influence the weather. The more we research the nature of things, the more we define it. It becomes defined when a majority of society believes and embraces it.”

“Scholars define reality in their areas of specialization. Things become how they define and describe them. But you are always building on a base of knowledge that is already set in stone by the prior world population. Those who live on the earth define the reality of the earth. All things are possible all things already exist. So we really steer this global dream as opposed to actually creating it. Everything has already been created. If all possibilities already exist, then there is nothing to create. What we do is steer ourselves to the place we want to go down the path we chose.”

“So WorldPeace will become a reality when WorldPeace becomes our priority. This is it. This is the foundational message I have to disseminate. If the whole world prayed for the healing of one terminally ill patient don’t you realize that that person would be healed? How could in not be so.”

“I want to empower and consolidate people to increase the things that create and support peace to over power those things that tend toward chaos. That is what goes on now in politics in the tangible world. But there is a whole dynamic of spiritual power that can be channeled to overcome the negative desires of part of the world human society. We live in a world we have dreamed. Literally.”

I have written the books. It will become a self fulfilling prophesy. Or did I just see where things are going more clearly than others. In my writing I have worked hard to maintain a positive vision though there are some negative aspects. But the negative aspects may be positive in that they are in fact a headsup as to what can happen and therefore people can determine to avoid them. There are too many variables and too many souls by way of their human bodies to tell what the future will hold. What I wanted to accomplish is to show people that they control the dream they live personally as well as contribute to the global dream.”


“I guess the time has come for you all to just tell me what you most want to know? What are the real questions here?” I asked.

“JoAnn spoke up almost immediately. “I think what we are wondering is whether you see yourself as the messiah.” Bill and Sam nodded.

I looked at them for a moment to determine how to respond to them regarding such a volatile question.

Then I said, “If you are looking for the messiah promised in the Christian book of Revelation, I am not that. I was born of an earth mother. I did not descend from the clouds as Jesus is supposed to when he returns. I am not a miracle worker. I am just one simple man with one simple message, actually one conversation: WorldPeace.”

I believe as Jane Roberts said in her book ‘Seth Speaks’ of a different kind of messiah. In her book, she said that John the Baptist, Jesus and Paul formed a composite messiah. The job of bringing forth a new manifestation was too big for one man. It took a herald, John the Baptist to prepare the people for Jesus. Then Jesus spent three years of his life bringing his philosophy of the Kingdom of Heaven to the Jews. His life was cut short with the crucifixion. I believe he knew that he would challenge the Jewish bureaucracy and it would cost him his life. He knew he must become a martyr for his philosophy that I believe he spent his first thirty years of life working out or awakening to his destiny. After he died, it took the Apostle Paul, a man who was very intelligent, educated and a fanatic to consolidate the message of Jesus into a coherent philosophy. He had unlimited energy. Paul built the church among the gentiles. I believe he did much more than Peter. Peter was not smart. He was not an intellectual. And I feel that he had to be prodded to move along. Whereas Peter denied Jesus when he was arrested, Paul would have never done that. Paul was hard headed, obstinate and determined.”

“The problem is that no one at that time knew of any other way to establish a religion, to create a discipleship, except the example set by all existing religious bureaucracies. So Paul simply copied the Jewish bureaucracy. The difference of course was the Good News of Jesus’ Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Like all religious bureaucracies, the survival of the bureaucracy had a higher priority than spreading the message of Jesus. So when there was a conflict between the needs of the bureaucracy and the words of Jesus, the words of Jesus were skewed. Jesus talked about faith in God but bureaucracies have faith in men. Religious bureaucrats cannot understand the mind of a revolutionary like Jesus; a man who could see the whole as opposed to just focusing on a part of the whole. Jesus could clearly see God’s plan and he had faith in it. The bureaucrats could not see or believe in God.”

“The Jewish religion, like all religions over time, had degenerated into rites and rituals that people mindlessly performed without really tuning to the presence of God. So they do not feel the Holy Spirit when they go to church. Also, and more importantly, the bureaucrats are part of a money making enterprise and they do not want that economy destroyed.”

“When Jesus attacked the money changers in the temple, wanting the temple to be pure, the bureaucrats had no faith in God. They had faith in the economics coming from the business of religion that took place outside the temple proper. I’m sure the cost of selling in that area was expensive but still lucrative for the vendors who were lucky enough to get a permit to do business in that area.”

“And I need to add that the messiah that the people expected and the one advocated by the Jewish bureaucrats was an impossible one. So they had set the stage such that any messiah could be discounted and then killed.”

“Religions evolve. And when a religious bureaucracy is too entrenched, when the new manifestation appears, the only solution is a new religion. So Jesus’ message was too radical for the Jews and Christianity emerged. The rejection of Jesus came at a high price because about thirty-five years after Jesus’ crucifixion, the Jewish state was destroyed and disbursed by the Romans and the temple was leveled.”

When Jesus said the temple would be destroyed, he was drawing a parallel between the actual Temple of Solomon and his body. But he said the temple would be rebuilt in three days. He was speaking of the temple of his body. But he said nothing about the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. Jesus often spoke in riddles with multiple meanings and did not fully explain all these meanings to his own disciples. He gave one explanation and left them to see the greater dynamic on their own which according to the New Testament they never did.”

“An official Bible was created for Christians in four hundred AD by Jerome. All the sacred texts that were contrary to the official Bible or not included were destroyed. And Christianity became static and began to decay. It lost its flexibility to adapt. So as time goes forward a religion loses credibility over issues like the subordination of women which seems ridiculous in contemporary post modern society.”

“Am I the messiah as anticipated by traditional classical Christianity? No. Who knows who or what I am. The ideas and conversations that I have begun may flame out in a few years. Or they may become the foundation of a new conversation that hopefully will lead to a more sane society. Only time will tell.”

“What I am speaking of is a new approach. I am invoking spirituality over religion. Not really over it but as an adjustment to it. The contemporary religious thought is that you cant spread a spiritual message without a religious bureaucracy. I disagree.”

“Another aspect of this current drama is that anyone who claims to be a messiah, avatar, martyr, Iman will be discounted by all the other religions. Spirituality does not distinguish between religions but embraces all of them. So a messiah, if you will, must appear without a religious preference. Now such a person may not be embraced because he does not come within a particular religious dynamic but he or she will not be out of hand rejected because he has shown no preference; no advocacy of one religion over another.”

“What we know is that religion has not brought peace on earth and the reason is that all religions are elitist and exclusive. To see the big picture you have to reject the notion that your particular religion is THE RELIGION. You have to acknowledge that God has no preference. This is a huge step for proselytizing Christian missionaries. If you want to see what the religious aspect of WorldPeace are really all about, you have to get outside the box of your particular religious beliefs.”

“Now I want to say here that my concept of a WorldPeace Advocacy goes beyond religion and makes the same demands on the competing political and justice systems in the world. So religion is just a piece of the WorldPeace puzzle. You have to not only embrace all religions as having something to contribute to the discussion of God but you must embrace the secular reality of society. Religious peace is worthless without a secular peace.”

“Secular peace, secular justice is real and immediate. Religious justice is postponed until after death. That does not make people happy. So you must have a secular and religious justice as two sides of the human reality.”

“Without spirituality, secular peace is not possible. The foundation, the supporting energy of this reality, is the spiritual reality. So if peace is to manifest, it will have to come from spirituality working through the tangible secular human reality.”

“Any questions,” I smiled. I knew I had thrown out so many radical ideas that my listeners had no real idea what I was talking about.

“No one said anything for several minutes. I motioned for Cathy to make me a cup of coffee. She had a smile on her face. She had often told me that she enjoyed it when I confounded very smart people. I call it challenging their reality.”

Bill said, “John, I need some time for my brain pan to process all you have said. I have never really been presented with so much new material to think about at one time. In fact, it seems to me that you have transcended everything that has ever been written about peace.”

“Ah yes,” I said.

“You see few books of peace have been written without a personal agenda and a bias toward politics and or religion. I don’t advocate any political or religious system as being better or worse overall than any other. I am free of all of that. I like the place when my philosophy exists; one without bias or restrictions.”

“We must acknowledge that no political or religious system has manifested a giant leap forward with respect to increasing the peace in the world human society. None have any hope of manifesting peace on earth. And that is because they are all exclusive and elitist. And they are all predatory. Each fights for adherents and all powerful political systems try to dominate, subject all the less powerful systems and the result is the exploitation of their natural resources to their detriment.”

“The First World supports corrupt politicians in the Third World for the purpose of exploitation of assets and with the result of discounting human rights. The people of the Third World are kept in bondage and poverty by their leaders who sell out to the First World.”

“And here again the religious bureaucracies support the political power of its supporting countries and discounts the message of Jesus for the purpose of increasing the earthly power of the Christian bureaucracy. The Catholic Church did not challenge Hitler because it was determined to survive Hitler. It turned its back officially on the holocaust because of fear that after the Jews were exterminated the Catholics would be next. Germany was protestant if anything due to the influence of Martin Luther.”

“It is all very complex with regards to making changes but it is very simple with regards to understanding the global perspective of what the underlying motivators are that keep the world at war.”

JoAnn spoke up. “John, we came here to get a feel for who you are behind what you have written. Our mandate was to evaluate you to quite frankly see if you were on the fringe, a rabble rouser, without substance, coherence, sanity, if you will.”

“As you know many people write books and have missions, destinies and agendas and virtually all fall short of expectations. What I have come to realize with you is that you are sincere but not egocentric. I do not see you trying to foist your views on the world. You definitely have a position but you repeat that it is only your perspective. You are approaching the worthy and needed goal of increasing the peace in the world human society as you say but without trying to set up an organization. You are undeniably anti establishment but you acknowledge the need for an ordered civilization.”

“I find that you have researched your subject, WorldPeace, to a Phd level. You already have considerable education and you have taken that method of study into religion and politics and WorldPeace. I would say you have enough material for a Phd and you, whether you view it this way or not, daily defend your doctorial thesis.”

“In addition, you have a broad range of practical experience that tempers your idealism. Most people consider the pursuit of peace to be idealistic. You have obviously meditated significantly on WorldPeace and religion, politics and the justice system as well as gender bias. I think this is why you have a coherent philosophy. As you have mentioned, posting on the internet for over a decade has presented you with many questions and challenges over the years that have required you to test that input against your personal philosophy.”

“Many people contemplate and advocate WorldPeace but I don’t know any that come close to your choice to experience why there is no peace by challenging and participating in politics, religion and the law. You go beyond scholarship into activism. And amazingly your level of commitment is such that you changed your name to John WorldPeace.”

“Let me also say that I am amazed at how you have put a humanistic face on being in prison. I agree with you that being incarcerated has in fact given you credibility and your bona fides as a peace advocate. All the significant peace advocates have been imprisoned. I do not discount that your being in prison had to do with your mother’s legal problem but that legal system is part of your WorldPeace agenda. So even though you were not jailed for participating in a peace demonstration, you in my mind were in fact, as you say, a political prisoner.”

“Changing your name and going to prison places you in a category of activism that few people admire or even aspire to. But again without your studies and mediation and efforts and changing your name, going to prison would not mean much. It is the effort behind these acts that make them worthy.”

“When you come back to Paris, we will went to set up a meeting with our entire group if not a significant part of it. The more of our group that comes to hear you personally, the more committed I believe they will be.”

“All of us are looking for personal answers on these matters in addition to supporting those people and events that promote peace. We want to live a higher level of inner peace even as we promote peace in more traditional ways.”

“You have written the book, John. Now you must spend as much time as possible communicating it around the world.”

“I personally believe John that you have laid the foundation for an ongoing and significant conversation on peace and WorldPeace. And I am eager to see how others around the world react and I look forward to reading your annual supplements to your autobiography.”

“Thank you for the kind words,” I said.

“My hope is that others will follow me and lead others into asking themselves what they can do to increase the peace.”

“Moses, Jesus and Paul, Gandhi, Mohammed, Buddha, Baha’U’lah, all spent forty years teaching their message. It seems that is how long it takes to set a solid foundation for a new idea in the world human society. It is my hope that I will live to be one hundred and have time to sow and cultivate my ideas and support others on the same general path to peace. Peace will manifest if it becomes a top priority within the world human society. There is much work to do. The most important of which is to stop the fear that people have of peace. Somehow everyone feels threatened by the thought of peace.”

“I think what is going on is that people do not want to let go of their elitist exclusive philosophies that would discount their politics and religion as well most certainly as their racial and gender prejudices. When I watch TV in other languages, I see the same values all over the world; the desire for a better lifestyle, jobs and the ability to support a family. People are the same the world over. They just have to quit seeing race, religion and politics as relevant to the human desires of all people. We have to quit demonizing those who are not in our sub category of humans. Of course this is a simple concept but a huge agenda and undertaking. But this is what I have chosen to do with my life,” I said.”

“So what is the plan John.” Sam asked. “The plan for implementation.”

“Since going to Paris, things have sort of begun to move on their own. I am playing it by ear. When I was released from prison, I sort of thought I would have to do something. What I am finding so for is that the books are doing a lot on their own. They are preparing the way for me.”

“All I can tell you is that I am excited about the future. I have very much enjoyed this conversation and I am glad we had it. I am looking forward to working with you and those you represent long into the future,” I said.”

“John, I have been looking for something for a long time regarding peace. But the books I have read and peace advocates I have met just have not measured up to my expectations. You on the other hand look like the real deal. The questions I have learned to ask and the signs I have learned to look for, I see in you without having to ask. You answered my questions before I had to ask them. I find that amazing.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“In 1988 after I changed my name, I looked diligently for a book of peace or some religious text about peace; something that would speak to me. I searched libraries and bookstores and found nothing. So I decided to write down what I thought I was looking for. In other words, if it was not in print, I needed to write it. That is how the first Book of Peace came about. It took five years to jell in my mind even though it was and is quite a simple book. I have looked for others like myself and to date have not found anyone. For most, peace is a part time endeavor. For me it is my life. Even the things I do that don’t seem related to peace are; my writings, art, businesses etc.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, it has been a great pleasure. We hate to go but we have a few other matters to attend to before we go back to Paris,” said JoAnn. Bill and Sam nodded in agreement.”

“I can tell you that we will want several days with you when you come back to Paris. When I came here, I was thinking we would not need that much time with you. But now I see the range of the WorldPeace Advocacy and your obvious ability to adjust to any forum, personal or group or organizational. I will want to schedule a lot more time with you. In addition to the full group meeting, there will be several smaller gatherings. I have already talked to Cathy about coordinating all these meetings.”

“I don’t know what I would do without her,” I said. “She has been a God send.”

“Thank you again for everything, Dr. WorldPeace,” Sam said.

After handshakes and hugs they left with deep thoughts. I was a bit tired but I felt uplifted. I sensed that these people were people of substance whose commitment to peace was sincere and solid.

“I am always amazed at you John,” Cathy said.

“How is that?” I asked.

“John you never asked me who those people were. You don’t care if they are rich or poor. You don’t seem to judge them except with regards to their sincerity and level of commitment to peace and WorldPeace. I have never seen you talk down to anyone but you always adjust to the level of those who you are talking to. I have never seen anyone as at ease with people from all walks of life and from the bottom to the top of the social pyramid.”

“People are just people,” I said. “But I have no tolerance for those who create pain and suffering for others. I can assure you I am capable of confronting anti social behavior. Obviously my time in prison shows me to be an advocate for peace but not a pacifist.”

“At any rate, I am having fun. Each day is an adventure. And each day is more and more of a joy because you are in my life.”

“I am addicted to you John,” Cathy said as she moved into my arms.


“Cathy,” I said, “the problem I have is that what I am trying to do has so many facets and avenues that it is really hard to focus. I did not expect things to move this fast. But after I went to Paris and met you and your friends, everything has moved into high gear. So some things that I expected to have time to work out in my mind, need to be solved now.”

“I know,” she said.

“I really did not expect things to get moving until the books were actually published and I thought that would take a year. Now I believe that it will take less time than that. I think once Harper figures out how they are going to approach this project, they will put the books on the fast track.”

“Yes they will,” She said. They already told me that. The problem with Harper is also one of overload. Your concept is unique and your autobiography is interesting of itself but it is actually just the foundation of a multi book epic novel on WorldPeace. Then add in the essays and the annual journal. Then add in the fact that the rest of your life is just going to be one never ending promotional tour. You end up with a set of books that could become the best seller of all times.”

“I think something else that is on Harper’s mind is just how much is there in your head,” she lovingly said.

“I have been messaging these subject all my life. Over time, different events seemed to play into the same general scenarios and categories.”

“I can pick up a newspaper and respond to five or six articles with ease. I have a huge reservoir of thoughts about almost everything in the social fabric that relates to peace. Think about it. I guess I should have taken some courses in sociology. I guess I need to go to the University of Houston and buy some text books.”

“The main thing is that I have a coherent philosophy which has been personally tested against reality for decades. Now, I have to get it all down on paper.”

“But at the same time, I have to engage people and right now I feel that I need to visit these local peace groups and start seeing how they react to a federation of sorts to make them effective as a group. I have to sell myself as the figurehead or focal point of the peace movement worldwide. That will be easier after the books comes out. But I need input now. When the book comes out, there are going to be all kinds of high priorities that will push it to the back. So I need to start working on an approach to those peace groups.”

“Most of these people are radical and even though they hold down bureaucratic jobs, they rebel at being made a member of anything. They are free thinkers. But they have to admit that there were millions of them who tried to stop the war in Iraq to no avail. George W. Bush just laughed at the chaos. It was like the Romans and Barbarians. The barbarians were facing a very efficient war machine.”

“Peace groups cannot stand up to governments without cohesion and organization. The question is how to accomplish that cohesion.”

“John, I have no idea,” Cathy said. “I, like most people, could not even see the problem. So even the problem is new to me. But I can see you are right. These people are not going to want to subordinate themselves to an over lord. They don’t even want to acknowledge equality with other peace groups.”

“I think you need to get a list of local peace groups, make some inquiries and set us up to start calling on the leaders,” I said.

“I can do that,” she said.

“I know. In the meantime, I have to spend some time on the web design business. The only thing that most people really respect is money. The web design business will bring in billions and with billions not only can we employee unlimited numbers of people, we can buy influence all over the world. I have a lot to do,” I said. “Again it is all in my head. I just have to get it down on paper so I can fine tune it.”

“What do you want me to do right now,” she asked.

“Truthfully, I would like for you to drive us to Galveston so I can walk along the beach with my favorite peacenik,” I said with love.

“Just your favorite?” she asked.

“You know my two ex wives and three of my kids have taken a huge chunk of my heart. So much of me has died over the years. But I find that you are giving me new hope. That’s another train that has left the station without me being prepared.”

“I don’t even know what to think about us Cathy. I just know you are part of me and I refuse to look at how much because it scares me to death.”

“You are not afraid of anything John. But just know that you are my life,” she said.

“See I can’t even respond to that except to say that you make me very happy and I don’t like it when you are not around,” I said.

She came over, sat on my lap and we began to kiss passionately.


The first meeting with Bill Ned and Janice Jensen with ‘Houston Peace Now’ took place at Starbucks. Cathy and I were the first to arrive and decided to sit outside because it was such a beautiful day and it was a bit more private. Bill and Janice arrived about ten minutes after we did. Cathy took their orders and went inside to fill them.

Bill was forty, tall, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and sandals. He was a runner and disciplined. Janice was about 5’ 5”, dressed up a bit and driving a BMW. She worked for an attorney as a paralegal. Bill was an architect.

Houston Peace Now was established about fifteen years prior and leadership had changed over the years. There was no automatic rotation of office. Whoever wanted to be in charge and who performed the job, kept the job as long as he or she wanted it. They had a membership of about five hundred and another thousand who subscribed to their web site newsletter. As would be expected, they had about twenty regulars and the monthly meeting averaged about fifty.

Bill was the first to speak after the normal introductions and such.

“John, we were intrigued by Cathy’s call. We have met a lot of ‘peace’ people over the years that came and went. People who appeared sincere but after six months or a year or two, they just disappeared. But you changed your name a couple of decades ago to WorldPeace and from looking at your web site you have been pretty active in expressing yourself over the last twenty years. Now it looks like you have a book deal which should significantly increase your presence in the world,” he said.

“I was wondering why so many years in the background and why as a loner?”

“I had a lot going on in my life. Education, children, two nineteen year marriages, court fights against religion, politics and the legal system, parents, as well as studying peace and experimenting with increasing the peace. I tried to publish in 1993, and looking back I was just not ready. I had nothing to say at that time compared to what I have to say now,” I said.

“Now I am sixty with no obligations and completely free to advocate peace in a more expanded way. My books really showed me that I have a lot to say. I thought my WorldPeace epic was going to be about ten volumes but I see now it will not be finished until I die and the number of volumes is impossible to predict.”

“Any chance we can see the books,” Janice said.

“I am about a week from closing a publishing deal with Harper Collins and I believe that they are OK with a short written ‘trailer’ of a hundred pages or so. But this is a very big and unique project and they want to maximize the marketing. Yet they know that they need something significant out there to prepare the way. I have so much material they feel a hundred pages would be good.”

“The trailer will probably be put on a web site but there will be a limited run of about one thousand books. I know whom the books will go to. Also there may well be a seventy-five page pamphlet to send to a secondary market like peace groups. That may be a run of about five thousand. So shortly, there will be something for you to look at,” I said.

“At the same time, I can talk about the content. They just don’t want anything in printed form out there yet,” I said.

“I think if you have looked at my web site, you have seen what the book is about. The book is just a lot more organized and a lot more dynamic. And when the books are published, the web site will also become a lot more dynamic and interactive. There is a huge advertising budget. Once the books come out, I expect to be traveling for years promoting it all over the world.”

“We are impressed with what we saw on your web site,” Janice said. “We just did not know why we never saw it before.”

“It’s been out there since 1996, and it has gone through a lot of changes. But it was never promoted to any great extent,” I said.

“So what is it you have in mind, John?” asked Bill.

“Back when George Bushwha was preparing to go into Iraq, there were massive peace and anti war rallies. They were highly organized and manifested in some cases on an hour’s notice. Yet they were ineffective. The reason is quite simple. Bush as the head of a very focused constituency was very organized and connected to all the necessary politicians, supporters, bureaucrats, armed forces. The peace groups were organized internally but not between organizations. There was no designated representative that could speak even the most simple message of “No War” to Bush. And that is why Bush was totally non responsive to the protests. The peace groups mobilized a phenomenal number of activist and anti war people but they were without leadership. Who was Bush to speak to? Who was designated to speak to Bush on behalf of all the peaceniks?” I asked.

“You are right,” said Janice.

“And nothing has changed,” I said.

“You are right again,” Bill said.

“There is an elitist belief among all organizations that they are THE PEACE ORGANIZATION and everyone should join them. Thousands of peace organizations, millions of members and subscribers, all elitist who support their group first and for the most part exclusively. And there is nothing wrong with that. But none of the organizations are big enough to put their leader head to head with Bush or the UN or any other world leader. Bottom line, the peace groups on the most basic issue, ‘No War’ must come together as one and to do that there must be a spokesman with their support or endorsement. Without a spokesman, all the peace groups’ energy is just straw in the wind. This reality is undeniable,” I said.

“So you want to be the spokesman,” Janice said.

“If not me, who?” I asked.

Neither said anything and the silence lingered for several minutes as they mentally accessed their position.

Then I said, “Virtually every potential spokesperson is aligned by race, nation, religion or even gender and they can’t qualify as spokesman because of that bias. The world is run by White men. The Chinese will change that in a few decades. A Muslim with not let a Christian speak for him. And members of the Third World have no credibility. So you have to have a White, male, American, spiritual individual with no religious affiliations. That is the current reality of world politics.”

“You must have someone with the education, experience, dedication and commitment,” I said “to be a focal point and speak for everyone.”

“I don’t know anyone who can match my credentials. And I don’t know anyone who has changed his or her name as an indication of commitment to the cause of peace except me. I have been John WorldPeace for twenty-two years. It is not something I decided to do a few weeks or years ago. In my own way, I have been a peace activist for a very long time. And my enthusiasm and commitment has increased, not waned,” I said.

Again silence but this time I was determined to wait for a response no matter how long it was in coming. So I asked Cathy for a cup of coffee after asking Bill and Janice if they needed a refill.

After Cathy returned Bill said, “John, I feel like you have discounted everything I have done because I was unable to successfully challenge Bush over the war in Iraq.”

“Don’t feel that way,” I said.

“In order to accomplish my objective in this matter of peace, and in order to bring the greatest number of peace organizations online, I have to start with the most basic common denominator. Then build from there. There is much more to any peace advocacy than just a “No War” campaign.”

Janice said, “I understand and I don’t feel you were talking down to us.”

“Hey, I don’t even have an organization. I have spent my life on the battlefield of politics, religion and the justice system engaged in the day-to-day operations. I have been a participating observer. I have been seeking the causes of chaos to formulate a plan to increase the peace. You have been working for peace and I have been studying chaos. You have done and accomplished infinitely more than me. Now is the time for me to act. But I have no intention of beginning a peace organization or a religion. I will have to have an administrator for coordinating my activities but that will be employees not members, followers or disciples. So I am not in competition with any peace organization,” I said.

“I just want your support so I can confront those who would create chaos in the world human society. I want to be in a position when these ‘powers that be’ must listen to me; give me an audience. To get the greatest number of supporting endorsements I must remain neutral in social and gender orientation and nationality and religion.”

“So what I said is not relevant to what you have done. I am talking to you because you have done something and I want to have your input on how I can pull all the peace organizations together. Not as a federation but on an issue-by-issue basis. I want a plan for significant backing and I want to put it to the relevant leaders of the world,” I said.

Silence again.

“So how does it work, John?” Janice asked.

“The issue is “No More War”. I intend to carry that message to the UN. Each peace organization takes a vote. Do we support that issue or not. If so, then I put on the internet a link that states that I have the support of ‘x’ number of peace organizations and consequently ‘y’ individuals in the world. And that is the corollary message. “No More War” and I have the support of ‘x’ peace organizations who represent ‘y’ individuals who are in line with this message. That is it in the beginning. But to me that is a huge first step. Pretty simple.”

Silence again.

Janice said, “If I might ask, how do you fit into the WorldPeace Advocacy?” Janice asked Cathy.

“Let’s just say I am a ‘true believer’ and John and I are very close,” Cathy said looking straight into Janice’s eyes to see if she understood.

“I see,” said Janice. “Are you friends?”

“I guess you could say we are friends with benefits. I spend most of my time in Paris where I live. I have a lot of peacenik friends there. John and I met in Paris,” she said.

“John, you are really not asking for anything complicated. I thought maybe you wanted to start an umbrella peace group,” Bill said.

“Bill, I am anti bureaucratic and some may accuse me of being the anarchist. I would never organize anything that required a membership. But I am practical enough to understand a need for an administrative group to keep people informed; but no membership. I am one man with one message, WorldPeace. All the rest is just commentary,” I said.

“After I finalize my book contract, I would like the opportunity to speak to your group. I want to wait until after the contract is done because I want to bring at least the pamphlet with me to pass out. I expect that once the books come out, I will be on the road virtually every day promoting. But everywhere I go to promote my books, I intend to make contact with the local peace groups.”

“It is going to be a monumental scheduling job to make sure that I don’t have any idle time. This may go on for years because there is the initial book which is an autobiography; sort of an introduction, then every four to six months there will be another WorldPeace Advocacy novel released. So for as many as three years I will be traveling and speaking about WorldPeace. Plus there are many peace projects that I want to initiate and support as well as grow my web design business.”

“My web design business is really the practical end of my WorldPeace Advocacy. I believe that creating jobs worldwide is the most effective way to increase the peace. And my web design business has an unlimited potential in that regard. I have a huge agenda and I wish I could share it with you but truthfully it would take days. That is the purpose of the books; to lay out the entire WorldPeace endeavor for the world to see.”

“Amazing,” said Janice. “I had no idea how big your agenda seems to be.”

“I have been working on this all my life in one way or another but most especially since I changed my name in 1988. So I have had a lot of time to work out the entire mission,” I said.

“I will say that even though I have never sought a traditional public platform, I have been commenting on global issues via the internet for fifteen years. I have put my ideas out and responded to the emails that I received. So I have tested my philosophy and I have refined it. I am now ready to launch the WorldPeace Advocacy in the world forum. Who knows where all this will lead.”

“I am excited to think about what you may achieve,” Janice said.

“The internet is going to be a big factor in dissemination of my peace messages. But I am working on a daily newspaper syndication and a thirty-minute weekly radio show as well. I have a lot of energy even though I am in my sixties now; a lot of energy. So I will be very busy.”

“You have our attention, John,” said Bill. “I have seen a lot of peace projects and peace advocates come and go over the years but nothing like this. I have never met anyone who has your commitment. I am really curious to see what happens when you go public. I have no doubt you are going to make a difference.”

“Let us hope,” I said.

“John we need to go,” said Cathy. “You have to be downtown in forty-five minutes.”

“I am sorry. I have to go. I wanted to talk to you about your organization. I read your web site. You have been busy,” I said. “I am impressed and that is why we called you.”

“Thank you, John,” said Bill.

“Janice it was a pleasure.” I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks for taking the time to meet with us,” I said.

We all shook hands and said goodbye. Then Cathy and I left. As per usual, Cathy drove.

“So what did you think?” I asked.

“John, every time we meet with someone, I see this WorldPeace Advocacy as a bigger vision. I see different facets that I had not considered before.”

“Dear, you have no idea how big my vision really is. I have been working on this for twenty years. Now we have launched. When the books come out this Advocacy will take off in multiple directions all at once. I believe now that I will need a staff of two or three traveling with us all the time.”

“Us?” she asked.

“Well you seem to be my number one fan so it seems that you should be my number one everything,” I smiled.

“Interesting,” she said.

“You know for nineteen years I saw Kay in your role. And I am sure she will eventually come on board and work out of Austin. I will make her an offer that she can’t refuse. But there will be no intimacy.”

“I was married for essentially all my adult life and I just cant relate to a single lifestyle. On the inside, my heart has been severely damaged emotionally. The Snake and Kay and three of my children have caused me serious emotional damage. It is the one area that is gray. It is so complex an issue, and in truth its goes back to my parents and my first girlfriend. We have had some discussions along these lines but there is so much going on. I have not fully opened up about just how damaged I feel. At first, I thought your age would make any serious deep discussion non productive. But I don’t know now. I feel like I do need to see a marriage counselor. Not about marriage, but about male-female relationships. I just can’t clearly see that part of my life and yet you know how needy I am emotionally; intimately.

And I know that there will be lots of women wanting a part of me that just will not be available. I have no need to sleep with a lot of women. I never was one to run around on my wives. I have too much to do now. In fact, since you have given me so much peace, I have been able to focus on the WorldPeace Advocacy because you have been my emotional foundation.”

“I have had two nineteen year marriages that just seemed to go “poof” one day without warning because I had two women who would not talk to me. I did not see it coming. What I perceived as a bit of rough water was in fact the end. So there is a lack of belief that I can get my companions to open up to me.”

“You and I need to have this communication, me more than you. But it is opening up such a huge closet of chaos and devastation in my mind that I don’t even know where to begin. But I know that I have to have some resolution before these books are published. So there is a short fuse here; a small window.”

“Why cant you just let it work out John?” she asked.

“Well you see how I have worked out this WorldPeace Advocacy. I have constantly massaged it in my mind. That is the way I am. Yet in the area of companionship, love, intimacy, I am not prepared and that is just not the way I work through things. Kay leaving really shook my confidence in my ability to deal with women. The Snake said I just did not understand women and twenty years later I have to say she was right. Nothing has changed.”

“You don’t know what its like to live with someone peacefully for nineteen years and one day find out you don’t even know them. Especially when you have had what you considered a deep intimacy with that person. Obviously, I caused the both of them pain in different ways. I think about Kay or what happened with her all the time. Not because I want her back, that is history, but just trying to work through what happened. And the one thing I can’t understand is why neither Kay nor the Snake were willing to just be up front with their desires. At least the Snake went to the marriage counselor even though she did not participate. Kay did not give me that choice. She just left. And she wanted to leave the day she told me. That is mind boggling after all those years of little ‘I love you” notes. See there are doors even with my relationship with Kay that I have not even opened yet.

“The bottom line is that I am severely damaged on the inside. In my emotional heart, I am functioning. I appear to be OK. You know my feelings for you are true. But I am damaged. I have no other words. I would have never left Kay or the Snake. In fact, I don’t know if I am capable of leaving someone I have been deeply intimate with. It will be you who leaves me if we ever part,” I said.

“Wow, John. You really are carrying a heavy emotional burden aren’t you,” she said.

“Yes, I am,” I said.

After a long silence, she said. “John, I am not going anywhere. And I can promise you if things are not working for me, I will tell you long before it is past of the point of no return. OK?”

“I hear you but I have heard that before. But you see it does not matter because I am hooked on you and I cant leave. I am single and know I must stay single but I only know how to deal with women as wives. That is it in a nutshell. I only know how to deal with women as wives. I don’t know how to deal with them as girlfriends or companions.”

“With Kay and the Snake, I always thought about going the distance. Now I have no faith in that. Deep inside is a little voice that says ‘she is going to leave, just give it time. She will go.’ So for me it seems that all relationships are day to day emotionally. I act as if that is not true but deep in my head I keep hearing ‘It is just a matter of time’. And that translates into safety in number and not completely letting go and loving. I am no longer a true believer in happily ever after. Kay and the Snake took that fantasy from me and so did three of my children. It is really very sad,” I said.

“Things are moving too fast for me to not tell you this. I am too open a person not to make sure you know exactly where I am coming from.”

“No matter how perfect our relationship becomes, it will never be what it could have been if I had never met Kay or the Snake. That is what is sad to me. That is what I am trying to tell you.”

“John, I am not going anywhere. And if I object to something, or if you are not fulfilling my needs, I will tell you long before there is no more Cathy and John. Just know that,” she said.

“I believe it. I want to believe it. In the meantime, I just go forward. I just told you what is going on in the deepest parts of my heart. That’s all.”

“I do love you in ways you don’t really understand yet,” I said.

“I know John,” she replied.

“We arrived home, I felt drained. I had not expected that conversation. I was home and I wanted to hide in my mind in my safe harbor. But my apartment was not a home like the one in the Heights. I did not feel safe there. It was because it had no memories. The Heights house had almost thirty years of memories for me.”


Cathy ordered out pizza. We talked about the WorldPeace Advocacy and had a great evening. We both felt that the books were going to explode. The books and me could go ballistic very soon. We were going to ride the rocket.

About 1300 the doorbell rang. Cathy got out of bed to see who it was. It was Rose. She came into the bedroom, took off her clothes and got into bed and Cathy right behind her on my other side.

Rose whispered, “I love you” in my ear.


On Saturday morning, Cathy and I went to Starbucks for breakfast. As per usual she drove and I just enjoyed the city scenery in the short drive. It was a pleasant morning and so we sat outside. Cathy was dressed in her tight blue jeans, simple cotton t-shirt and white tennis shoes.

“I love the way you look when you dress like that,” I said. “Reminds me of the fifties. Cotton was always my favorite fabric.”

“Thank you,” she smiled.

“You know things have been going really well. Everything is moving forward and you really give me a lot of pleasure in all the things you do,” I said.

“I feel a deep conversation coming on, Dr. WorldPeace,” she said.

“I have been accused of having nothing else but deep conversations. I just keep thinking about being married; all those years. It is so hard to relate to being single,” I said.

“I realize more and more each day that I really am married to the WorldPeace Advocacy. Virtually everything I do, web design business, painting, writing, reading are all connected in some way to the WorldPeace Advocacy. I am always trying to expand my understanding of how to increase the peace in the world and define my role: and to choose the most positive projects. Sometimes a project will bring tears to my eyes, like visiting sick children in the hospital and some projects make me angry like prison reform.”

“I do not spend much time thinking about fun things outside of making love and incredible things like this outing this morning and the time we go to the show or take short road trips. But most of that is spur of the moment. No real advance planning. I feel I need a break or you feel I need a break and so we go do something for a few hours and sometimes all day. But no matter what we are doing, I am still usually engaged in thinking about WorldPeace directly or indirectly about the projects and business that support the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“The point is that I am married to the WorldPeace Advocacy. The point is that I have never placed anything above that priority. All my life this has been true. Marriage was good but I was never fully engaged. And I was not therefore as good a husband or father as I could have been. But more important, even now with that knowledge, I am still not all I could be to you. I love you because unlike other women you push into my consciousness but you have a real good sense of timing. You don’t seem to push when you know I am too engaged in something else. I feel I neglect you,” I said.

“I love to touch you always. I love to feel and experience your presence but I have a hard time disengaging from my thoughts and my projects to fully connect with you.”

“John, I understand all of that and I would love more of your time and longer periods of connecting but I understood how something is always going on with you. You never fully relax. It is always business and the WorldPeace Advocacy. But that is OK. You make me happy just allowing me to be near you and to do for you. When you make love to me, I feel things I never imagined I could feel,” she said.

“I also know that if you were not the way you are, I may not be as attracted to you. I don’t want to be with a man for leisure. It is boring. I love the fact that moment to moment I don’t know what you are going say or do. I know you are always cooking up something interesting. You do not bore me,” she said.

“No, I am sure I don’t. And I didn’t bore Kay. But I did not love her enough either and for that reason among others, she left.”

“The point, or part of the point, is that I have to acknowledge that I am selfish and nothing gets between me and my destiny. And what is more important is I doubt if anything ever will. I feel at the moment of my last breath, I will be chewing on some idea or reality of the WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“So knowing this allows me to be honest in a relationship. I can say I am married to the WorldPeace Advocacy and this sounds hard. No one can ever replace that as the primary focal point of my life.”

“There is so much I feel compelled to accomplish and yet I know that I have so much I want to do that I will never accomplish it. So I can never relax. I have to keep moving for as long as I live.”

“So my dear Cathy, you will always be my mistress but never my wife. My wife is the WorldPeace Advocacy. You can have all of me that there is available. But what is available is only what is left when my wife exhausts me. That is when I step out of the great destiny and come to you, reach out to you to love and be loved by you.”

“John, I understood this weeks ago,” she said. “I have been around a lot of men who are committed to lesser noble tasks but when they withdraw they don’t have the capacity to love like you do. They cannot emotionally connect. In a word, they are spiritually empty. They are creative machines at work caught up in a materialistic jungle and give God credit for almost nothing. Self made men they consider themselves to be. So making love to them is like being used. You have said it. Sex without emotion is unfulfilling. I can feel your emotions. I know I mean something to you. I know you care about me and love me, even though most of the time you cant disengage to act on those feelings.”

“You know after two marriages, I am paranoid about loss,” I said. “It is difficult on top of all else I have said to make you my one and only because I fear being alone again. I am engaged in what I do but for the most part those activities are strictly business. So those activities give a mental satisfaction but they do not give emotional satisfaction. And for the most part even when dealing with humans on that level it is sterile. In some cases female employees are willing to engage in sex under any circumstances. But in a sense they are like candy and you know you cannot live on candy or live for candy.”

“I cannot become someone constantly chasing sex. That would bore me. Yet in certain cases, I want that connection but I always, always, always logically evaluate the investment of time that such pleasures will require. And all my life that has kept me from indulging in what most would call casual sex. I could not sacrifice my time with my children to be with a woman outside marriage; or sacrifice time at school, painting or writing. I have always been conscious of my time and that any activity would require less time in some other endeavor. And for me, except in the marriage, sex outside marriage was as frivolous as eating a candy bar.”

“John here again, I see that your attitude about this matter has been thoroughly considered. You have spent a lot of time seeking answers, seeking a workable path,” she said.

“I have. But up until last year it was for the most part limited to a marriage environment. Now I am in new territory where there is no marriage. That limitation is gone. In fact, there are no limitations. So I have to define John and Cathy to begin with and John and Rose and Linda and Francois as well.”

“I can see that you have to define all your female relationships,” she said. “And I see that it is your concern and caring about me that requires you not only to define it but then to relate it to me. You care enough about me to be totally open, honest and truthful even at the risk of losing me. Which by the way I do not see happening.”

“Another aspect of all this is how important intimacy is to me, I said. “It is spiritual. A sexual emotional intimate connection always takes me to a higher spiritual plane of euphoria and creativity. It some how opens the doors to revelations and insights. It somehow puts me at ease and dissolves the real world,” I said.

“There are two times when I can connect with information, insights, guidance from the spirit world. One is upon waking up in the morning and the other is after an intense sexual release. At those time, I can sort of float in this very beautiful space that is totally natural. And it is not painful like asceticism. It is an intensely blissful state. This feeling sometimes comes right after a power nap. But not as frequently as the morning and post sexual times. And sometimes there is only the bliss without the revelation. I can take that bliss and ask a question and get some level of revelation.”

“So I prefer to be with a woman who can take me to that place. All intimacy does not do it. Most women leave me flat and uninspired after sex.”

“You Cathy always take me there. Only one other person consistently was able to do it and a second person could make it happen more often than not.”

“This again is why I say that I worshipped Kay. It was because she could connect me with that spirituality but with Kay sex was not always necessary to make it happen.”

“My connection with you is a spiritual one Cathy. But here again that does not mean marriage. Sure, if I were a young man I would marry you. I would want you to have my children and live a monogamous relationship happily ever after. But I have lived that reality with an evil person and I can’t go back in time. I am now sixty and I cant have the relationship with you that I would have craved at twenty.”

“John, I never thought you felt that deeply about me,” she said.

“Yes I do. But it is a situation that it cannot be more than a May/December relationship. There are options that do not exist because of my age. Age in the sense I have lived these realities of youth and middle age. I feel very deeply for you but cannot marry you and cannot have a monogamous relationship with you. I cannot live anyway but free. But living free may well mean you almost, and I repeat almost, exclusively. All of me is just not available Cathy,” I said.

I could see that she was in deep thought.

“You are in new territory aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said “but I accept it totally. I am just making room in my philosophy for what you have said. I accept it because I can’t be away from you. And I accept it because for some reason I have no problem sharing you or sharing others with you.”

“Now that is amazing,” I said. “It really means on one level or more you are as crazy as me in relation to the standard model of male/female relationships”

“The truth is John that I have a need to be with other women,” she said. “That need is not intense or all consuming. But it is a desire I have always had. And for me, not only do I love you and want you in many ways, I am very relaxed and happy that you understand my bisexual needs. Most men could not; would not accept it as an ongoing reality. They accept it only in the beginning as a thrill but then they reject it as a life style.”

“With you, it does not get in the way of our relationship that makes me feel a sense of peace that I have never had in a male/female relationship.”

“Sex and emotions and intimacy is spiritual and unlocks creative energy for me but it is not sacred and so there are no taboos for me,” I said. “But I will say I do not desire a male relationship,” I said.

“I did not think you did,” she said. “It never occurred to me that you might be gay or bisexual.”

“Sex is like drugs and alcohol in that it can become addicting. The energy is so strong. So again I know the edge of my envelope and crazy intimacy like whips and chains are not something that I desire to pursue,” I said.

“All that being said, and this is obvious but something I never really gave much thought to, being single with this mindset means that the only way the majority of women are going to be able to be intimate with me is to work with me. The women who I daily work with and am around are the ones who I will be intimate with. And the more a woman works with me, probably the more frequently we will be intimate,” I said.

“And again this comes probably from habit in that both wives worked with me and they worked very long hours with me. So I came to respect and desire that kind of relationship. Working together is a low level of sexual intimacy for me.”

“I can see that,” she said. “I have never worked with a lover but in the time I have been with you, doing just that, has shown me a whole different and exciting facet of a relationship. To have a mental goal oriented intimacy I guess you could say.”

“I feel I have told you everything. I have been totally upfront with you. I am telling you I feel love for you; that I enjoy your company; that I would be sad if you left me. But at the same time I am married to the WorldPeace Advocacy. We have talked this almost to death over the time we have known each other. We have talked about it all day today. You are still here and I want you to stay. So all we can do now is move along and see what happens,” I said.

“I agree,” she said.


I was about to ask Cathy if she wanted another coffee when a man in his forties walked up to the table, “Dr. WorldPeace?’ he asked.

“Yes,” I said cautiously.

He handed me his business card. Harold Nusbaum, literary agent, New York, it said. I handed it to Cathy.

“Little far from home aren’t you Mr. Nusbaum?” I said.

“I am always on the road,” he said. But yes it is a long way from New York to Houston. Do you have a minute?” he asked.

“Sure, have a seat,” I said. “This is my personal assistant Cathy.”

He reached out and Cathy shook his hand.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I want to talk to you about representing you in marketing your books,” he said.

“How do you know I am marketing my books? How do you know I have even written any books,” I asked.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I have been doing this a long time, twenty-five years and I therefore have a lot of sources. I would rather not say who but I will say that a lot of people have seen your books if you think about it. In Falfurias, in the Federal facility where you took a sabbatical, they read some of it and the same was true in the Harris County facility during the shakedowns and there are all the people at Harper Collins and there are your friends and companions as well. And there were the inmates you talked to. Lots of people including the government,” he said.

I smiled and said, “Amazing sir. You seem to be pretty well informed about a nobody like me.”

“Not a nobody,” he said. “Just, someone who has spent his life under the radar in a sense; even through your web site is right in front of everyone. The most obvious is the often the most hidden,” he said with a smile.

I smiled and shook his hands because he said the magic words ‘the most obvious is often the most hidden’.

“I have not seen your books; not a single page. But I have been told about them and I am fascinated. I am also interested in a man named WorldPeace,” he said. “That would be you.”

“Interested about what in particular?” I asked.

“In an enigmatic way. The world is thinking about peace now. In a lot of ways wars are hot and cold all over the globe. Christians are still thinking about the messiah. The world society is tense about oil and the economy. People in the know are looking around and listening.”

“I agree,” I said.

“So specifically, what can I do for you?” I asked.

“I want to represent you. I want to be your agent.”

“But you said you don’t really know much about my books except through second hand information. I am sure a guy like you does not go randomly looking for an author in a Starbucks coffee shop. And I assume you had to have me followed or there is no way you would know I was here.”

“Yes, I had someone follow you today in hopes I could meet with you. I wanted to see you. I have been watching you and Cathy for about thirty minutes. And I believe what I observed. You have good people skills but my file on you shows a lot of sales experience and a lot of history with areas that few people go into; soldier, scholar, politician, legal warrior, spiritual, artist, poet, father, man who mows his own grass, fearless, full of faith.”

“Well someone did a lot of research on me or somehow read my books,” I said.”

“I have some very good people working for me, very good. And with someone with your potential, I invest in the services of the best of the best private investigators,” he said.

“I understand that the first book is an autobiography of your first sixty years. I understand that the next books are all novels that begin when you got out of prison and go forward for the next forty years or more. You have written an epic set of books about WorldPeace; the truth and the fiction all mixed up together. And I understand there will also be supplements to the biography that will mean people will be confused about what is real and what is fiction unless they read carefully and remember. And it is all focused on peace,” he said.

“That is it in a nutshell,” I responded.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I have had your handwriting analyzed from a page or two of the original manuscript. I have talked to a few psychics about you. I have looked into your disbarment and alleged resisting arrest. You were screwed. Every source indicates that you are poised to make a significant impact on the world. You are a very sane person. A practical, experienced intellectual with people skills and unlimited energy,” he said.

“Mr. Nusbaum, you are just full of flattery aren’t you.”

“It is true. You know what I say is true, he said. “You are unique and one of a kind, humble, aggressive kind of guy. You will keep the people’s attention. You have all the skills for your unique mission. A mission that looks like that of a secular messiah, avatar.”

“Please use the word advocate,” I requested.

“Cathy, what do you think about Mr. Nusbaum here?” I asked.

“I am still working on it,” she said with a smile. “Let’s put this conversation on hold and let me get everyone some coffee. What would you like Mr. Nusbaum?” she asked.

“Double Expresso, but only if I can buy,” he said as he handed her a fifty dollar bill which she accepted.

“Thank you,” I said.

“My pleasure, Dr. WorldPeace.”

“You can call me John in these personal one-on-one environments,” I said.

“OK, John. I am going to run to the men’s room. I will be right back.”

“OK, I will be here.”


I looked up and saw Marshall and his wife Myle driving up and when they got out of their SUV, I saw Kay. I was quite surprised but little coincidences and miracles have always been a part of my life.

“I got a call,” Marshall said as he gave me a hug. Myle also hugged me as did Kay.

“We were at Myle’s office and Kay was having Myle adjust her back and give her an acupuncture treatment,” Marshall said. “After she finished, we closed the office and were going to lunch when one of my friends from Washington called. He said that you were talking to Mr. Nusbaum and I should go see you,” Marshall related.

“I see,” I said not fully understanding but knowing that Marshall would tell me what I needed to know when he could. So I did not ask any questions.

“Where is everyone?” he asked.

“Cathy is getting coffee and Harold is in the men’s room,” I said.

Cathy and Harold exited the door at the same time and Cathy gave him his coffee and change. Then she looked up and saw Marshall and was surprised.

When Cathy and Harold came to the table, everyone was introduced to each other.

“Harold this is my son Marshall, a sergeant with HPD and his wife Myle who is a chiropractor and my good second ex wife Kay. This is Harold Nusbaum who wants to be my literary agent,” I said. “We met about thirty minutes ago.”

I stood up and saw Francois approaching on foot.

I smiled and said, “What a pleasant surprise.”

She greeted me in French, hugged me and gave me her normal kiss on my lips. Then she hugged Cathy as I pulled up a chair next to Marshall. Cathy was seated to my right and Kay next to Cathy.

“Francois, I am sure you remember Marshall and this is his wife Myle. And this is my second ex wife, the angelic Kay,” I smiled.

Everyone shook hands and Francois continued to speak French to which Marshall responded in French to my surprise. Harold stood and introduced himself in French and the three of them shook hands. Then Francois and Myle and Kay went to get coffee.

“Well this is very interesting,” I said to Harold. “We will have to see what this gathering is about when they all return.”

“Francois is a friend of Cathy’s from Paris and she always seems to be around when something is happening with me,” I said as I looked at Cathy who just smiled.

“All these people are on my ‘A’ list Harold. Anything and I mean anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of them.”

“I see,” he said. “I sort of feel out numbered.”

“You are but you are a man who knows how to dance,” I said.

“My life is moving so fast now that nothing surprises me,” I said.

We then chatted about mundane things until everyone returned to the table.

“Harold just appeared this morning,” I said to everyone. “He has admitted to stalking me to try to get me to hire him to represent me with my book deals with Harper Collins. His background check on me was quite thorough and I was impressed with the detail he related to me and interested that I was worthy of such consideration.”

“And I made a call and found that Mr. Nusbaum is a super star literary agent. And his father from whom he learned his trade has been in the business for fifty years,” said Cathy.

“And when Cathy called me, I was on my way to see John and Cathy and I also made some calls and found Mr. Nusbaum to be quite legitimate and worthy of you John even considering his theatrics with the private eyes,” said Francois.

“Marshall, I see you have an impressive network.” Said Harold.

“Yes,” said Marshall, “and my friends in Washington tell me you are an honorable man who drives a hard but fair bargain,” Marshall responded.

“I didn’t know so many people cared and I didn’t know I knew people who could get this kind of information in minutes,” I said. “You must be very well known Harold. Very well indeed.”

“I get around,” he said.

Obviously, to find me at a coffee shop which I did not even know I was going to visit today,” I said.

Harold back in 1993, Kay and I were meditating on the Book of Peace I had written and she saw quite a bit of the negotiations with Harper Collins which at that time had an office in San Francisco.”

“Kay, Harold even had my handwriting analyzed and hired some psychic to give him their opinions of me,” I said, “So he is spook friendly.”

Spook is my and Kay’s word for psychics.

“Well did you see me in the negotiations, Kay?” he asked.

“No,” I said. “Kay channeled to me in a guided meditation I conducted. She seldom remembers anything in those sessions. There were other people at Harper Collins but we were focused on the CEO’s. So you were probably one of the unnamed attendees,” I smiled.

Francois who likes to keep thing moving quickly said, “So what is the deal you are offering, Harold.”

“Right to the point, Madame, I like that,” Harold responded.

“We think John’s books will put over the short term of five years about one billion dollars in his pocket,” Harold said.

Everyone gasped.

“And how many millions will you pocket,” Francois asked.

“A minimum of one hundred and fifty million,” he said.

“Which even for the best, being you and your dad, would be a first,” said Cathy.

“Quite right,” Harold said. “But as important as money is, we believe in the WorldPeace Advocacy as well as the books and so we want to be part of it. Were that not the case my answer would have been three hundred million dollars. We are willing to take half of our standard fee because we are looking at global exposure with this project and maybe make another five hundred million over time from other books John writes world wide. This may be the epic of the century or centuries; too early to tell if it will be the book of the Third Millennium.”

“And how can this be?” I asked.

“Because you are the Kwisats Haderach,” said Cathy.

And both Francois and Harold looked like they had seen a ghost.

“Cathy, you are going to get me shot,” I grinned.

“Wait, I am lost,” said Marshall.

“You see Marshall, the Kwisats Haderach is the messiah character in the Frank Herbert’s books about his ‘Dune Universe’,” I said.

“Cathy does not yet realize how dangerous those kinds of comments are in America. She has not come to know how much people hate WorldPeace and that there are Christian fanatics rivaling the Muslim terrorists obsessed about the Second Coming of Jesus,” I said.

When I said that, I saw a muzzle flash from the roof of the building across the street and felt the bullet slam into my upper right chest knocking me backwards in my chair and onto the ground. The rifle had a silencer and so no one but me knew what happened but Marshall picked up on it almost immediately.

“I am OK.” I whispered tying to catch my breath.

“I have on the vest the Feds gave me,” I said to Marshall.

I did not wear the vest often because it was hot. But I wore it that day under my Hawaiian shirt.

Marshall was leaning over me covering me and checking where I was hit. I again told him I was OK and then I saw the FBI agent, who I assumed called Marshall, run up. I pointed to the top of the building where the shot came from and the agent ran in that direction.”

“Look for a late model dark green Volvo,” I said to Marshall.

“I want to go to St. Joseph’s, Marshall,” I said.

“Cathy had her pistol out and said, “Give me your keys Marshall and go get that lunatic.”

Then she said, “Let’s go ladies.”

Marshall helped me up and I told Kay to relax because I knew her heart was jumping. Marshall helped me up and onto the back seat of his SUV. Cathy got in the driver’s seat. Myle and Francois got in the back with me. Kay got in the front.

“Do you know where St. Joseph’s hospital is,” Kay asked Cathy.

“Yes,” she said as she sped out of the parking lot.

“Francois will you and Myle help me get this vest off,” I asked. I was laying on the back seat still having trouble breathing. The bullet almost completely knocked the wind out of me.

“Kay, I am fine. Just take some deep breaths and relax,” I said.

She began her breathing exercises to settle down her heart.

“I think I will call you girls the WorldPeace Angels. You know like Charlie’s Angels,” I smiled.

Thanks to Cathy, we were at the hospital in less than ten minutes.

“Tell them to bring a stretcher. I don’t want to walk in,” I said.

When Cathy stopped at the entrance to the ER, Myle jumped out of the SUV and ran to get the attendees in the ER.

Francois held my hand and rubbed my head.

“You sure are a beautiful angel,” I said.

She smiled past the look of shock on her face. “Just be still, John,” she said.

“I am OK,” I said. “Per my dream last night, I am fine.”

“You dreamed this, John?” asked Kay.

“Yes,” I said.

“Then why did you go to Starbucks?” she asked.

“I can’t believe everything I dream. I would not get out of bed,” I said. “You know how these visions work.”

Francois’ face showed even more disbelief.

“Did Harold follow us?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Cathy.

“I want to talk more about that billion dollars. I did not dream that,” I said smiling.

“John, now I know you are crazy and why virtually everyone thinks so,” said Francois.

“You haven’t seen anything yet Francois,” said Kay. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

I got out of the car with help from the orderlies and onto the gurney. The orderlies took me into the ER and straight to X-ray just like in my dream. The vest was off with my shirt on the back seat. No blood was leaking out of me and no holes in me. I was concerned about internal bleeding due to the impact but felt I would be OK with nothing more than a huge bruise.

Francois gave me a deep kiss on the lips as they rolled me into X-ray. Kay looked like she was holding on fine and Cathy had the demeanor of a soldier; all business watching everyone around. Myle was holding my hand taking my pulse I think. She had felt all over my chest in her chiropractic way.

And so it begins, I thought. ‘La Baton Roule. Let the good times roll.’

“Harold I would like to continue our meeting tomorrow about 1400. Get with the girls and find a nice quiet place. I will be fine but right now the trauma to my body and the tranquilizer they just gave me is calling me to sleep,” I said.

“We will do as you wish John,” Harold said. “You are an amazing man.”

“How is that?” I asked.

“Just the way you handled things,” he replied.

“Harold I almost died in December 1997, of a heart attack and one thing I realized is that I have no fear of death. And Harold when you have no fear of death, you can do anything. Thanks for coming to the hospital,” I said.

We shook hands and he said his good byes, set the meeting up with Cathy and left.

As I was about to fade into sleep, Francois leaned over and whispered in my ear, “John, I am so turned on sexually right now I am going crazy. I have never been this turned on in my life. I want you right now,” she said.

“You will have to wait beautiful until tomorrow. But don’t expect me to repeat this again just to set you on fire,” I smiled.

I squeezed Kay and Myle’s hand and told Cathy I loved her in her ear and went to sleep.

About 1900 I woke to find Marshall and Cathy talking.

“Hey what is going on,” I said.

Marshall got up and came over to the bed.

“They say everything looks OK with you. Your heart is strong so it looks like no trauma there. The vest I guess stopped the bullet. It was not a high caliber,” he said.

“It was light enough to have killed me and high enough to knock me over in that chair. And I feel a good bruise. But that vest the Feds gave me saved my life no doubt.”

“We caught the guy,” Marshall said.

“Who caught him?” I asked.

“Actually, I did,” said Marshall.

“You yourself got him?” I smiled.

“Yes. You were right about the green Volvo. While the FBI was on the roof, I looked for the car. I spotted it before the guy got out of the building. And I staked it out. I only had to wait about five minutes and he came out of the back of the building dressed in a suit. He looked like any other businessman. They had not closed off all the exits yet; Not enough manpower. I don’t know why the guy took so long to get out of the building except that he took time to try to hid the rifle.”

“When he went to the car, I approached him with my gun out. He was shocked. He did not fight me. He did what I told him. I cuffed him and walked him back to the building where the FBI guys were. They could not believe I had him. I told them they needed to listen to you in the future. If you said he was in a green Volvo then they should look for one. Of course they don’t know how you are. And by the way, why did you go out if you had a dream of getting shot?” he asked.

“Marshall, you never know about these visions and dreams. Visions are not like reality. And things change. I have had visions and dreams that never happened. All I do is pay attention as I move through the day after a vision like the one I had last night. So I was keeping my eyes open. That is why I saw the muzzle flash. But it could have been a nothing dream. Also, I did not see myself killed. So I took confidence in that. If I were going to be hurt real bad, I would have seen that in my vision. The same is true if someone else was going to be hurt. So this time the vision played out in reality,” I said.

“My feeling was that he is a radical Christian all caught up in End Times prophecy but acting alone,” I said.

“That seems to me to be the case,” Marshall said. After I handed him over to the FBI, I went with them to his apartment and found a bunch of Second Coming antichrist literature. We are not sure how it is he focused on you yet. He would not say. But he did say that he knew you had on a vest because he could see it in his scope. He also said that he had a low impact bullet and had no intention of killing you. He just wanted to get your attention but he was not real clear why.”

“It will eventually come out. But I don’t feel he was paid. This was all him. He must have met me from some time in the past. But you know how much garbage is on the internet about me. Lots of hateful stuff. That stuff could have set him off”

“So you are the hero of the day my son,” I smiled.

“Dad this is serious stuff. He could have been a bad shot and killed you.”

“I know,” I said. I just can’t worry about it. Really I just can’t relate to it. I have had so many threats over the last twenty years. And if someone shoots me in the head, I wont even know it. So what is there to worry about?” I have faith in God to protect me but I am not stupid. I wore the vest didn’t I?” I asked.

“Yes you did and that is why you aren’t on the autopsy table right now,” Marshall said.

I smiled.

Then all of a sudden Francois came into the room. She ignored Marshall and Cathy and came straight to me and gave me a long deep kiss. She was shaking all over. Then she asked if she could talk to me alone. So Marshall and Cathy went out into the hallway.

Francois reached between my legs and massaged me for a minute without saying a word, then began to unbutton the one-piece black dress she had on. As she unbuttoned the dress down the front, I could see she had nothing on under it. She then pulled down the sheets and got on top of me and began to make passionate love to me.

I thought that she already cleared this with Cathy and no one was going to get in the room even though my heart beat was increasing and surely coming to the attention of the nurses station. After about ten minutes, Francois dismounted me, picked up her dress and went into the bathroom. She was covered with sweat from head to toe. After about five minutes she emerged from the bathroom looking calm and relaxed, dress buttoned and her hair combed.

“John, I could not wait any longer. Cathy said the nurse said you were fine so I came back an hour ago and waited for you to wake up. I just had to have you. I can’t explain it. I have never had this experience before. I just realized how deeply I am attracted to you. I had to have you inside me. I had to have relief,” she said.

“It is OK, Francois. I have no complaints. I love making love to you. I find I like being raped as well,” I grinned.

Francois laughed a bit embarrassed which I knew was not a familiar feeling for her.

“John, my mind has been racing over a thousand things. I am devoted to you and I am going to do everything I can to help you. Everything, and I can help in a lot of ways,” she said.

“I need to go now but I may be back. If not, I will see you at the meeting tomorrow with Nusbaum after which you and I and Cathy are going to enjoy ourselves to the max.”

“I love you John. I really do,” she said.

“I love you too Francois. And thank you. That was a wonderful experience.”

We kissed and she left.

Marshall and Cathy returned and Cathy said she was going to get us some coffee while Marshall was here and kissed me lightly on the lips and left.

“Well son, what can I say?” I asked.

“Dad, six hours ago you were shot and ten minutes ago you were raped according to Cathy. What a world you continue to live in,” he said.

“I think we have not seen anything yet. Hey, Nusbaum is talking about a billion dollars. Now getting shot at is not much compared to that potential reality,” I said.

Marshall just looked out the window and we were silent for about five minutes.

“My life is hard for you to relate to isn’t it son?,” I said.

“Dad I just cant get a handle on all that happens to you. And no matter what happens, you stay calm and lucid. You are like the captain of an old sailing ship who stands on the quarter deck no matter if it is smooth sailing or sailing through a typhoon.”

“You spent a long time in prison, a year, like it was nothing. Few people could do that. And when you were shot you did not freak out. You were calm with a clear head. You were the one shot and immediately you took charge of everything. I just don’t know how you do it,” he said.

“Well, I feel like I died in battle in so many past lives. I just don’t think about the dying but instead I think about living moment to moment until my lights go out for good. I want to take that last look around. It is like having your head cut off. For a few moments you are still conscious and aware of what is going on. You cant speak but you can move your eyes; open your mouth. I always thought that when the French were cutting off heads, someone should have held the head by the hair when the blade did its job. The head should be held up so it could see the crowd instead of the inside of a basket. That would be the perfect death of my preference,” I said.

“Most people freak out at such thoughts. But I would just want to have those last seconds looking at the world and saying goodbye for now. And what is more, just before death, I would be wondering how it was going to be. I want to die awake. I want to know I am dying and then enjoy the experience. I would want to remember it the same as being born.”

“Wow dad, you really are out of it,” Marshall said.

“No Marshall, I just don’t hang on. I want to live as long as I possibly can. I will take every minute that God gives me but if I know for sure I am going to die, I want to fully experience the transition.”

“You see Marshall, I know my soul will not die. Just my body will die. I know I will be free of all earthly limitations until I am born again. So I have no fear but instead I have happy expectations.”

“There are some Tibetan Buddhist who say they remember the whole death to life experience. That is what the Tibetan Book of the Dead is about; the time between lives.”

“Life goes on Marshall and every moment is wonderful; the pain and the pleasure. Because you see Marshall, in the spirit you can’t feel anything except through memory. This is what I have learned about sex. To truly experience the euphoria of it, to pull in that little bit of heaven, you have to be incarnate in human body.”

“It is the same I am sure with ascetics. These people are masochistic and they reach that euphoric bliss through pain. They starve themselves and whip themselves to be able to experience a bit of heaven. They push as close to death as they can. I don’t chose pain to go to heaven. I chose pleasure and there is only one natural pleasure that will take you there and that is sex.”

“The more perfect the partner the more enhanced the experience. And yet I do not believe the experience of heaven in sex is as great as the experience of heaven in starvation because starvation takes you closer to death and the closer to death one gets the weaker the body/spirit connection and the more intense and clear your glimpse of heaven.”

“So in being shot, something I did not desire or bring on, I could take control of the moment and live a brighter experience of life. I could sharpen my focus and assure those around me in order to take away some of their anxiety. I was most concerned about Kay because of her heart. I have caused her enough pain for one life.”

“Kay is fine,” Marshall said. “She said her heart did not jump very much but I think she did have a vision or epiphany of some kind. She seems changed.”

“Marshall I think she saw things with me as they really are. She may have let go of some of her fear and increased her faith. I will talk to her. I will see her tomorrow. Please tell her I want her in on that meeting. It is important to me that she be there.”

“I will tell her,” he said.

“What do you think about Francois?” I asked.

“She is a very beautiful woman,” he said.

“She is a beautiful wild child; a free spirit. She has no fear and she is smart and driven and I think she loves me more than I ever thought possible. But she is a totally free spirit. She appears and vanishes like a ghost. She is nothing like Cathy. Cathy is like you. She is my rock, my anchor and my foundation. In that sense she is a lot like Kay.”

“You see Marshall, these women are like my children. Not like Brian, Stephanie and Dave full of darkness; but like spiritual children. They are each unique but alike in their love for me. And age wise they are the age of my biological children and with Cathy close to my grand children’s age.”

“They are not my children except in the sense that I have a special loving relationship with them. Francois was so traumatized by the shooting that the only way she could calm down was to feel me during intense intimacy. She had to convince herself that I was really alive and the intense sex did that for her. That was probably the best sex of her life. And as she reaches those deep levels of metaphysics, I am carried along as well. I know she loves me.”

“I am happy with my life, a dynamic business, the WorldPeace Advocacy and my creativity of art and writing and a very dynamic love life. I see now I could never be happy with one woman. I have too many facets of me that need attention.”

“That being said, before the incident Cathy and I were discussing the fact that I am married to the WorldPeace Advocacy and really always have been. That is why I was never able to be the father, husband, son I wanted to be. I had to serve my true love, my destiny, my God.”

“All women can only be my mistresses never my wife. I cannot give them that. And the women, who are with me the most, have the most significant relationship with me. That is why it was important that the Snake and Kay work with me. It is something I saw with my father’s parents and demanded in my marriage; a working together in harness like you and Myle. But you two have the best relationship because I feel it is an equal partnership.”

“Kay and the Snake by choice were always second class partners because neither wanted to make decisions because they could not deal with making the wrong decision; especially the Snake. She will never make a decision without taking a vote because she can’t take ridicule. The Snake was beat down by her father as Kay was beat down by her father and Randy, her first husband. Their self esteem was permanently stunted.”

“But you see Cathy is not like that. I could not believe she had her gun out. And then she took charge of your car. She went to that higher level of focus and took charge. You see in that situation, Francois could not do what Cathy did naturally and I think by some training somewhere.”

“It is complicated but I think you understand.”

“I do now that you have explained it,” he said. “You are not just attracted to those women for sex, you really love them. And you love them because they are in sync with you on a very deep level.”

“Yes, I do love them as much as I am capable of. They will always come second to the WorldPeace Advocacy and God and my destiny; which I view as God’s work since the time I was eight years old and I had some kind of epiphany.”


Cathy returned with coffee for all three of us. I asked her to come sit by me on the bed and she did. I pulled her head toward me and kissed her. I could feel the sadness and confusion in her and I could tell she needed my attention. I stroked her shoulder and neck and kissed her lightly.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“It has been a very traumatic day, John,” she said. “I thought I had lost you and now every time you are away from me I will worry about you,” she said as a tear started to form in her eye.

Marshall said,” I am going to step out and make some calls.”

“OK,” I said. “Will you please call Kay and tell her that I am alright. And tell her I really want her to be at the meeting tomorrow.

“I will,” he said as he walked out and quietly closed the door.

Cathy then broke down and cried.

“It is OK,” I said. “Everything is going to be just fine.”

“John, so many people hate you just because you are John WorldPeace. How do you deal with that?” she asked.

“Baby the world is an evil place. There is a lot of light but the nature of the earth and human beings is darkness. The predatory confusion in this tangible reality is just too great. I have fought that reality all my life. I refused to believe it. But God has shown me why he destroyed the world once.”

“I have come to realize that the majority of people if given the choice to do the right or wrong thing with absolutely no consequence to themselves, will choose to do the wrong thing.”

Her body began to shake even more and she silently cried.

“I see so much now John. You are fighting the whole world. People like Jeremy are committed to peace and they will all support you but John they have no idea what you are up against.”

“They just don’t know. And John I would have never known if I had not seen that bullet slam into you; a foot to the left and it would have blown your head off.”

“Are you wanting to bail out?” I asked her.

She looked at me hurt and astounded.

“John I could never do that. I love you deeply totally and even more now because I can see what you are trying to do. But with that deep love and commitment, I have great fear for you,” she said.

“Cathy, this is my destiny. And God did not teach me so much over the last sixty years to allow me to die right when I am about to speak out. You just have to have faith in that.”

“John I feel so sorry for Kay,” she said. “She is such a beautiful person and I know you loved her and she you. But she had to deny that love because she could not take the constant barrage of hits that slam into you. And now they will increase. The negativity will increase,” she said in contemplation.

“Yes, but it will never triumph over me any more than the Snake or those who took my law license or those who illegally sent me to prison. Again this is my true love Cathy. And I cannot abandon WorldPeace anymore than you can leave me. It is my path. WorldPeace is my life, my faith, my destiny; my first consideration, my first priority. Now you understand more of what we were talking about before the shooting.”

“Yes, John, I have had my eyes opened. My love for you was not just a physical attraction. It goes to the core of my soul. I know that now. That is the depth of my comments to you John. I just never imagined there would be such a connection of love from the core of your being to mine. I am overwhelmed with the epiphany I had today. I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that is more connected and in sync with you than me,” Cathy said.

“You feel that strong?” I asked.

“Absolutely. And I feel alive for the first time in my life. There is so much more to me than I have allowed you to see John. But I know you sense it even though you don’t have all the details. You just take me on faith without the details and give me your love. You said I am your mistress and I understand that but I now understand you love me totally. And I understand how you love Francois. She touches part of you but she does not touch as much of you as I do. And it doesn’t matter. I can feel your total love for me but I know that your love of WorldPeace, that is really God inspired, is even more dynamic even though there is no male female human aspect to it. So much is clear now. But nothing has changed. I love you.”

“And I understand also that Francois had to make love to you. She is deeply connected to you but she is your mistress too. I saw her love when she insisted on feeling you inside her. I could see her soul would not relax until she made love to you and felt that deep connection.”

“I feel the same way but you make love to me so often I don’t have to get on top of you right now even though I would like to.”

“John, I know people are being drawn to your light now. They are going to come to you like me and Francois and Jeremy’s friends. There are going to be women who are past life connections for you and some you will make love to and some just spend time with. You will teach many and they will go and teach others. You are a teacher of teachers.”

“But I feel too John that I am Kay’s replacement. I am the person you need at this time in your life and I think for the rest of your life. I feel I am your third wife even though you may never marry me. Kay could not do what I can do. I saw so much on her face today; so many memories. After all she has been through, she could not believe someone shot you right in front of her. She loves you so much but she just can’t cope with attempted assassinations. Jesus how am I coping? I don’t know. I just feel it will all work out.”

“I saw you pull your gun,” I said, “and take over the scene telling Myle, Kay and Francois what to do. Acting without being told. Wow. I know there is more to you than I imagined. You are my guardian angel. But you didn’t get all your skills out of a book or by intuition. Someone trained you and that makes me wonder if our connection was planned.”

“I swear it wasn’t John. We connected because of God and not because of any assignment I had been given by and earthly power.”

“That is something else I realized, that other than Kay, who can you trust?” she asked. “You have opened up to me based on your faith and intuition. But you don’t know me. Yet here we are. I am in your arms because I love you totally not because I have been assigned to you. But I just happen to have the skills and personality that you need at this time in your life. I am the love you need and the bodyguard and assistant you need. Marshall and I are two peas in a pod. We both love you deeply. We need you to be OK.”

We sat there for about ten minutes saying nothing until Marshall returned.


“Everything OK?” I asked.

“Yes, Kay is at Granny’s having some wine but she said to tell you she is OK and will be there at the meeting tomorrow. She wants to know how to spell ‘billion dollars’.”

I laughed. “That means she is OK.”

“Dad everyone was traumatized but you. I can’t believe it. How do you do it dad? I was impressed with the way you handled jail and prison but being shot is a whole different level of coping. I can tell you want to get up and go home now,” he said.

“Yes, but I will stay put to be safe. Marshall this is my destiny. Life is but a dream. What will be will be. I have always had this higher calling; this complete faith in God even if God frustrates me at times. My faith in what I am doing is total. Death is just a doorway to another room.”

I smiled. ‘Life is a daring adventure or nothing’. I think that is what Helen Keller said.”

“What do you think about Nusbaum,” I asked.

“Just another weird scenario. Someone shows up out of the blue who you need. And he is legit. The FBI checked him out,” Marshall said.

“And my sources too, who are reliable,” said Cathy.

“Cathy please tell me something about you related to how you learned to handle a pistol and take charge in a crisis like today,” I asked.

“John, John. I want to be the little groupie but I had to show myself today because of that fanatic taking target practice with you as the target.”

“Yelp. So enlighten us a bit,” I said.

“My parents are very smart, very rich by inheritance and work; and very European. I am an only child and was born athletic and brilliant. I obtained a Phd at sixteen. Fortunately my parents did all kinds of things to help me appear normal. I never thought I would find anyone to love,” she said.

“I went to work for the Navy at fourteen mostly in the area of computers and encryption; top, top secret stuff. I asked to go through some secret agent training which I was allowed to do. I was on operations in Europe on a contract basis on and off as I worked with the Navy. I speak seven languages fluently; the four main European languages, Chinese, Swahili, and Hebrew. I can get along in other languages after I listen to them a bit,” she said.

“When I was nineteen, I went to work for a top secret company that contracted work for the CIA and NSA and some other government organizations that are officially non existent. And that is what I still do. I was on leave for two months when I met you. Now I don’t know what I am going to do. You are a life time project.”

“The CIA and FBI talked to me after you and Marshall were there last. They are less concerned about you because we are together,” she said.

“All of Jeremy’s group are very rich; mostly inherited money and work and they invest their income on top of that. I would say that someone in that group knows directly or indirectly every important, as in VIP, on the planet. They are all politically active. The gatherings we have are a ‘let you hair down’ group. Everyone lives an intense and unique life with no one really to talk to. We refer to ourselves as ‘the peace group’; no caps.”

“That is it in a nutshell,” she said.

“Questions Marshall?” I asked.

“None so far,” he responded.

“You two are just alike; listeners.” I said.

Cathy continued. “About ten years ago we, the peace group, believed that an individual was going to show up that would influence the whole world human society as you call it. We were not looking for a messiah or messenger or Antichrist. We did not seek profile in that respect. We just looked at history and thought about the timing of when these great souls appear.”

Dudley Cooper spotted you on the net a while back and has been following you but you have no organization, disciples, followers and your life has been chaotic. So all we thought you had going was the name. We should have known better. The most obvious is the most hidden,” she laughed.

“Then by pure fate, I saw you and was physically attracted immediately. And every since then all the pieces have been falling into place. You keep matching the profile we put together for this mystery person. You just popped up out of nowhere and put us all into shock so to speak.”

“Then today when you said, “How can this be” and Nusbaum said, ‘Because he is the Kwisats Haderach’, I though Francois was going to faint. I saw you notice her reaction John. The Kwisats Haderach has been our code name for who we are looking for; and you and Harold said the magic words. Now everyone is wondering where Harold came from and how he fits in. So two surprises now, John,” she said.

“Let me say that we are planning to help you John but we are not going to suggest any course of action. We don’t want to interfere. We are backup. We want to see what you are going to do. We want to enjoy the show; not to make fun, not observe you as a lab rat. We have high expectations for the Kwisats Haderach and if you are the one we have been looking for then we want to enjoy the fact that we were allowed to watch and help when asked.”

“Everyone is in gear now. We could not plan for this phase until we found you. So we have no agenda except to observe and see how all this is going to play out. Everyone likes the name WorldPeace Advocacy. See this is what is fun. We have had many discussions about the mission of the Kwisats Haderach and what would he his real name. Now we know and we just enjoy discussing how we wracked our brains and were not even close.”

“And we laugh that your name is so obvious. Like you keep saying, ‘the most obvious is the most hidden’.”

“But most of all John, if you are the one we profiled, we are excited because we know the world will become a more sane place because of you.”

“Pretty tall order and pretty high expectations, my love,” I said.

“We think not for John WorldPeace.”

“Marshall?” I asked.

“This is so overwhelming, dad.” He said. “I have a twenty-four year old prodigy who says that she and others think my dad is going to change the world for the better; the whole world human society. It is just a little much. But I have seen the manuscripts and the events over the last year and a half. I have watched you change. But I did not see how much because I have been so busy,” he said.

“So much begins to make sense now with my mother and my brothers and sister and with Kay and all the people you have interacted with: judges, politicians and so on.”

“Dad there is an HPD sergeant outside the door. He is a friend of mine and he will be there all night. I need to get some sleep because it is going to be a long day tomorrow and I need some time to think. So unless you need me, I will see you tomorrow,” he said.

“Come and give me a hug,” I said and he complied.

Cathy got off the bed and they hugged as well.

“Thanks for everything Marshall,” she said and Marshall left.

“Would you ask that officer to come in so I can thank him?” I said.

Cathy went to the door and asked the officer to come in.

“John this is Frank Ennis,” said Cathy.

Frank was dressed in plain clothes.

“Thank you Frank for standing guard,” Cathy said.

“Yes, thank you,” I said.

“It is a crazy world. Can Cathy get you anything?” I asked.

“No, Dr. WorldPeace, I am fine and I am always ready to help Marshall,” he said.

“Thank you again. If you need anything, Cathy will get it for you. Very nice to meet you,” I said.

“Nice to meet you sir,” he said as he walked out.

“Cathy, I don’t have time to consider all you told Marshall and me. I am too tired. Come sit with me,” I said.

“You make me happy, Cathy.”

“And I love you too, John,” she said as she sat on the edge of the bed and held my hand.