The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel Two - Paris 2009


by John WorldPeace


Novel Two - Paris 2009

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved

Cast of Characters

     The following are photos of actors and others faces I found on the internet who I feel look like the characters in my novel. I will add more as I find the photos that remind me of the other characters.

Dr John WorldPeace JD

Dr Mir WorldPeace

Francois Dubois

Dr Cathy Lyne

India Celeste TinTy

Dr Debra PaixLaFleur Fontaine

Dr Rebecca Shalom Solomon

Dr Choden Norbu Pema

Dr Kathleen Ellis

Janice Quinton
CIA Liaison USA

Alicia Downey
FBI Liaison USA

Countess Karen Chirac
Benefactor France

Dr Marshall MacPherson

Jeremy Renoir
Fund Manager France

Tom Wentworth
Director CIA USA



PARIS 2009

Chapters 1-17



“Francois and I returned to the apartment from the café and embraced deeply as soon as we entered the apartment. We then walked to the bedroom holding hands. We made love until Cathy returned about an hour later and joined us in bed.”

When everyone relaxed, I said, “Cathy, I have something I want to tell you.”

“What is that John?” she asked.

“Francois wants to have my baby and I agreed. I want to know what you think about it.”

“John I am not surprised. Francois has mentioned to me several times that she had been thinking about it. It is a big decision but you are now sixty-one John. And I have not seen you make a mistake or even stumble since I have known you. I am happy for the both of you,” she said.

“Well there is a lot to be done before it happens. Decisions have to be made. I have to get my vasectomy reversed. Right now I am thinking about reversal, getting Francois pregnant the old fashioned way and them putting some of my sperm into a sperm bank in case I decide to have more children in the future. I do intend to have a second child with Francois. Then I will have the vasectomy put back in place. I want us to have a girl and a boy. My sperm will be of a sixty-one year old man and not someone who is seventy or more. But I don’t want to be worried about getting anyone pregnant. That would not be a good thing if I unintentionally impregnated someone.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Cathy said.

“Cutting to the chase Cathy, do you want to have my baby too?”

“John, I love you. Maybe one day I will want to have your child. But I am just too young. I told Francois that when this subject came up with her. If I get pregnant John, I will have to sacrifice time with you and I will be distanced from the WorldPeace Advocacy. I don’t want that. With children, I assume Francois will want to play the role of mother and that means staying at home. Without a child I am free to be with you all the time. I love the way things are in my life and between us now. So, no John, I don’t want to have a baby at this time,” she said.

“OK. That was easy enough. So Francois you knew Cathy’s position all along and yet you said nothing to me.”

“I wanted you to hear it from her and not from me. I don’t want anything to come between the three of us. I love her as much as I love you John. That is why I told her weeks ago what I was thinking before I ever thought about mentioning it to you.”

“You two are something else,” I said. “I feel I am losing control of part of my life to the two of you but I don’t seem to care. There was a time when I would have never let that happen. Now I realize I am about to live very large and I just can’t micro manage my whole life.”

“Now, the question is when are we expected at Jeremy’s?” I asked.

“We need to be there about 1800 John even though things will not begin until about 1900. You need to be there even before the early birds,” Francois said.

“OK. That gives us about four hours which is plenty of time. What is the agenda, how many people?” I asked.

“About twenty-five people,” said Cathy, “and after dinner Jeremy wants you to give a thirty minute talk on any subject you desire. Then let things carry on into an evening party.”

“Who are these people?”

“Very well off and very well connected people; Jeremy’s closest and oldest friends,” said Francois.

“Does Jeremy have any poor friends,” I asked.

“Not really,” said Francois. “I am sure that is hard for you to understand. But Jeremy was raised like royalty. He did not really go anywhere or do anything that involved the common folks; so all his friends, especially from his childhood, are very well off.”

“OK. What about tomorrow.”

“It will be a busy Sunday for you. You will meet with a handful of Jews in the morning, another handful of Jeremy’s friends in the afternoon and another dinner party of about fifteen tomorrow night.”

“Monday, we start out at the University of Paris.”

“OK. I have enough information knowing I have to speak four times in the next thirty hours. So I need to think about what I am going to say. I am eager to speak at the University for some reason on Monday. Interesting,” I said.

“John, tonight is formal attire and Jeremy, not Francois, had several tuxes made and delivered,” said Cathy. “You need to make sure one fits without alterations or we need to call the tailor. Jeremy had these made based on the measurements of the suits you have here.”

“I am starting to feel like the president of the United States with all of you taking care of me.”

“You are the Kwisatz Haderach John. That is better than the president of the United States or the Pope and you should be waited on like a king,” said Francois. “You were probably a king in several of your past lives John. You know how to act.”

“Funny girl,” I said as I kissed her. “Now time to get up.”

I got up and went into the shower and dressed casually and then went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee. Francois was on the balcony on her cell phone.

“You are closer to me than my shadow,” I said to Cathy who as per usual was right behind me. I had not seen her when I entered the kitchen.

“Yes and don’t forget it. I love you John. I can’t do enough for you. You’re the light of my life. Don’t you ever die. At least not before me,” she said.

TWO Saturday night 090613

Cathy and Francois look stunning for the gathering. We took a limo that Francois had rented to Jeremy’s. My tux fit fine; even the shoes. The girls helped me dress. I really felt special. I felt like I was back in high school.

We were the first ones to arrive. Jeremy greeted us at the door and gave me a big hug. He was in a very up mood.

“Welcome again John,” Jeremy said. “We have come so far is such a very short time. And I think after tonight things are going to dramatically accelerate. I feel so up. And John you are a very lucky man to have these two wonderful and beautiful women in your life. And what is more, they are both glow since they met you.”

We all said thank you to Jeremy at the same time.

“I am very much looking forward to meeting your friends, Jeremy. It is extremely generous of you to have set up all these meetings and gatherings,” I said.

“John you are a very special person. And the fact that these two women believe in you speaks volumes for you. You have no idea how well respected they both are all over Europe. All this is meant to be. Nothing but good will come from all of this. And I want to be a part of it, truly,” Jeremy said sincerely.

“You are too kind Jeremy. Really,” I responded.

“Let us get you something to drink,” he said.

I looked at Cathy and she knew I wanted coffee. I could not afford more than one glass of wine at dinner. I was just beginning a marathon of meetings and I had to pace myself.

I turned to Francois and said, “You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You are going to make some very beautiful babies.”

I kissed her.

She looked at me and her eyes glassed over but she said nothing. Her eyes said it all. I felt like my life had flipped over and from now on I would experience continuous rewards of nothing but good and positive things to balance out the life of hell that ended when I exited prison.

Cathy returned with the coffee and said, “John, Jeremy, wants you to stay in that area over there so he can introduce you as people arrive. Most of these people are punctual and will arrive within thirty minutes of each other.”

“Just let me know what to do,” I said.

I learned later from Francois that the CIA was determined to keep a very detailed record of everyone I met. They had set up a long term project for me and my WorldPeace Advocacy. They were going to create a huge database keeping track of everything for future reference. There were going to be a lot of spies and counter spies and international players at these events.

There was a camera somewhere behind me controlled by someone in Washington DC; incredible technology. I didn’t know how many people they had assigned to the WorldPeace Advocacy but it was a lot. Every book signing, every party, every event was being filmed and recorded and then pictures from the event were being compared to their files of people they were interested in keeping track of.

I began to realize that I was a much bigger fish for the Feds than I had realized. Everyone was wondering about me. How far would I go? How much of a following would I acquire? Would I actually make a difference in the world or just play out after a few years when the public became bored?

I expected that there would be peaks and valleys over the next forty years but I do not think the fires of my WorldPeace Advocacy would ever go out. I began to see as well that if I did what I planned to do, it would give the United States a huge advantage in their intelligence gathering activities. I smiled. I should have charged more for my cooperation.

The reality is that I was not going to have to spend as much money to buy votes from politicians because the government was moment to moment writing huge IOUs to the WorldPeace Advocacy. And also, in the back, way in the back of my mind, was the possibility that my son Marshall might just be president one day. He was named by me after the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. John Marshall. Who knows about these things? It is just an interesting thought for now. I know Marshall and his wife My-Le are political activists. So the desire is there I think. Time will tell.

Jeremy’s friends began to arrive. They were a mixed group in age, single and married. There were dukes and lords and earls and counts and countesses. I would never figure out the hierarchy of all those titles but it did not matter for now because I had Francois and Cathy to guide me.

There was some light conversation but everyone seemed to be a bit reserved which I expected from such a conservative group. These people always have to deal with someone wanting them to invest in some business deal or another. So I understood that they were a bit skeptical and were wondering about what I was really selling.

Everyone spoke English but when I was not a part of the conversation most spoke French. Since Francois and Cathy were circulating with me and on their own, I felt there were few derogatory remarks being made about me. Not that it mattered.

We were called to dinner in a room that I had not seen the last time I was at Jeremy’s. There were about seven servants attending the guests. The food was gourmet.

I sat next to Jeremy and Cathy sat on his other side. Francois sat next to me. Conversation was between people sitting next to each other and across the table; again mostly in French. It seemed like everyone was catching up on everyone else.

After desert and after the table was cleared, Jeremy got up to introduced me again and then turned the conversation over to me asking me to speak for about thirty minutes.

I thanked Jeremy for having this gathering and complimented him on the food and wine.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is a true honor to visit with you this evening.”

“My name is John WorldPeace. You can call me John or WorldPeace which many do or Dr. WorldPeace. I will answer to any of these. My publisher Harper Collins wants to promote me as Dr. WorldPeace. That is their preference so when we made the book deal that was agreed upon.”

“This little address is being recorded and will be part of my web site and other places for public dissemination. I will be attending about thirty meetings and gatherings that Jeremy has set up over the next week or so. I don’t want to be repetitive so I will have something different to say at every event. I also want to air as much of my philosophy as possible for the purpose of acquiring feedback.”

“Feedback allows me to continuously evaluate my beliefs to see if they are still coherent in light of the new questions and comments I receive.”

“Of course to business owners and investors I will discuss the WorldPeace aspects of my business philosophy, to the clergy , the WorldPeace aspects of religion and spirituality, and to politicians, the WorldPeace aspects of government and the law.”

“WorldPeace and peace affect every social endeavor in the world human society. I have examined over the last twenty-one years almost all those aspects simply by reading the newspapers and responding to the articles and by posting to my web site. Most human issues are recurring. Welfare, abortion, war are all recurring issues throughout the entire world human society.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I do not believe in a perfect peace. The kind Jesus is going to manifest. I am not Jesus. I am John WorldPeace. My mother was not a virgin when I was born. I did not get here by descending from the sky. I have no organization, disciples or followers. I do have associates and employees if you will. I am one man with one simple message WorldPeace. Everything else is just commentary.”

“I am an advocate for peace but I am not a pacifist.”

“Perfect peace is a stone garden where you see all the human figures frozen in marble and bronze; perfect peace. No change or interaction.”

“Why is there chaos in the world human society? There is chaos because the nature of this reality is constant change. Everything that manifests begins to disintegrate. So there is a constant shuffling in this reality. Freeze everything and there will be perfect peace.”

“What I am advocating is increasing the peace. That is all that we can do. We can all decide to be a bit more peaceful. It is as simple as holding your tongue when mad. You see every negative word or act ripples throughout the entire world human society. Our negative words are like stones thrown into the human pond. They makes ripples.”

“Negative acts decrease the overall level of peace in the world human society and positive uplifting acts increase the peace.”

“That pretty much is my whole message. Let’s increase the peace by being more peaceful and loving; not becoming saints, just be a little more considerate of each other.

“We need to develop an automatic mindset of peace and try to promote it and live it at every turn. We need to teach peace to our children.”

“There are three authoritative areas of society which cause chaos; politics, religion and the law. Politics is chaotic because politicians must vote the special interest of their constituents above the greater good of society as a whole. Religious bureaucrats must maintain an elitist exclusionary version of their particular religion. Judges must rule in line with their constituents and benefactors; monetary or political. Judges are elected by liberal and conservative constituencies and the justice you get depends on your judge’s constituency. Not to mention monetary bribes at the worse.”

“I chose to be active in each of these areas. I sued the church. I ran for governor of Texas in 2002. I practiced law and I went to jail as a political prisoner.”

“I did not choose to promote peace by being a monk or a priest or minister. Those jobs do not involve one in conflict. They keep you on the sidelines advising.”

“If you want to know why there is no peace, you have to go to where the conflict exists; politics, religion and the courts of law. I went there ladies and gentlemen and I have returned with something to say about those and other areas of the world human society and how they affect the level of peace.”

“I have written three books to date in my WorldPeace Advocacy series. The first is my autobiography that tells you where I have actually been in this life’s journey and it includes my prison journal.”

“I have written two novels about the future. All the books are in truth an epic regarding the promotion of WorldPeace by the protagonist John WorldPeace. The epic is a template as to how to increase the peace presented in story form as opposed to text book form. Jesus taught with stories called parables. I have tried to teach with stories as well. In addition, annually, I will update my autobiography with a supplement. I will also write academic essays for the intellectuals and commentary on the daily news that relates to peace issues.”

“Some people have asked why I don’t teach in a university. The answer again is that it is a passive format. It is a sideline endeavor. It is not a profession of direct engagement in reducing the chaos and increasing the peace in the world human society.”

“My mission is one of advocating WorldPeace. I do this in many ways. The main way is writing my books. Now I am speaking and lecturing about the contents of those books. As people read these books, they will have questions and comments and I will use those responses to further refine my philosophy regarding peace and WorldPeace. Peace is a journey, not a destination. To have peace we must be mindful of peace and vigilant about maintaining it. My job will never be completed. Increasing the peace is a journey not a destination. I will spend the rest of my life advocating peace.”

“Now what are some of my projects outside my book? The number one project is to create jobs. When a man or woman has a job he can contribute to the world economy, feed himself and his family and provide for his children and parents. In a word, he has hope. He has self-esteem. He has a future and he has peace.”

“I don’t personally feel that my money is best used by a charity when I have a business that can increase jobs significantly. The average business has enough profit margin to create a few extra jobs for people at the bottom of the social economic ladder. Charities are inefficient and are full of the same human corruption as every organization, governmental and religious bureaucracy on the planet. Most charities spend too much of their budget on administration; some as much as eighty percent. Sure twenty percent is better than nothing to the poor but is that your best investment in increasing the peace in the world? You would not invest in a stock or bond or corporation with the least amount of dividends (assuming the same amount of risk.) So why give to the most inefficient charities.”

“Continue contributing to charities but do a bit of investigating before you decide which charity to support. Also if you can create new jobs, do that instead of contributing to a charity.”

“Now for my only real commercial, I am setting up a nonprofit organization that will promote the proliferation of WorldPeace and Peace sculptures, murals and shrines all over the world.”

“When I changed my name in 1988, I knew that if nothing else, when people said, heard, wrote or read my name, WorldPeace, they would at the least for a few seconds have to think about WorldPeace. This would raise the consciousness of peace in the world human society.”

“When I ran for governor of Texas in the Democratic Primary in 2002, I paid a $3000 filing fee so that twelve million Texans would see WorldPeace at the top of the ballot. Two years later I wanted to run in the Repubican Primary against George W. Bush. Think about a ballot with a choice between George Bush and John WorldPeace. It was a very effective way to bring the issue of WorldPeace to the attention of the public. I just got too busy and did not get the money together for the filing fees.”

“Incidentally when I ran for governor, I told people that I had to win because who would vote against WorldPeace. Well lots of people did but 20,000 plus voted for WorldPeace. 20,000 is a lot of votes especially since I did no real advertising. From that result, I believed in a national election I could get a million votes.”

“At any rate, back to the sculptures, murals and shrines. My intention is to set up a nonprofit organization and each year have a contest open to everyone in the world. The contest would be to acquire ideas for sculptures, murals and shrines to be placed all over the world. We would select the best and publish a list of winners and then finance the building of as many as we can. We would have a nominal prize but mainly the artist, designer, architect could put it on their resume. We would have all kinds of categories for age, country and so on.”

“Sculptures would be placed in parks and other public places all over the world; the same with murals. We would find building owners who would allow us to paint a mural on an outside wall.”

“All of those sculptures and murals would also be places for offering prayers for peace and WorldPeace. But shrines would be a more formal place of prayer. What I have in mind is a shrine like a Shinto shrine in Japan. It is a little open area structure where people come to pray and they leave coins for its maintenance.”

“Now if we could have a space of fifteen by fifteen feet, and put a nine by nine foot tall shrine on it, with a WorldPeace bell or gong under it, people could go there and pray. It would be a spiritual site not a religious one. There will be no WorldPeace religion. Spirituality does away with religion and is one person speaking directly to his or her God. No middle men. No bureaucratic agents male or female.”

“And by the way, we would hold contests for bell designs as well. Think of every year receiving submissions from artists for a peace bell design for these shrines.”

“Of course we will have to hire experienced people to cast these bells and sculptures. We would need professional artists to help with the murals and construction people to build the shrines and maintain them as well; create a job for someone to keep the shine area clean. The coins would pay for the labor. Jobs creation, do you see what I am proposing?”

“I call this part my commercial because it is the only thing I solicit money to fund. It is my only nonprofit endeavor. It is a new concept and will require some evaluation. But my intent is that all but the top two or three positions in the organization will be filled by volunteers. I want the administration costs to be less than ten percent, five percent if possible. I set this up because many people I talk to want to contribute and promote peace and don’t know how.”

“Now that being said, I will open this discussion to a few questions.”

Jeremy stood up and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am impressed by what Dr. WorldPeace has said so far and I applaud you John.” Then everyone stood and clapped.

I looked at Francois for her support and found it there as always and then I looked to Cathy for the same. We knew we were on the right track.

“Thank you very much,” I said.

An elegant lady of about fifty-five stood up and said, “Dr. WorldPeace, we are all focused on the discussion about Jesus and the Second Coming. That is the elephant in the room and I am putting it out for you to discuss. That is what most of us are most interested in.”

“Thank you,” I said. “I have a short answer that will take about thirty minutes if you like. If we do that, I suggest we take a short break first for fifteen minutes.”

Everyone agreed to continue after a break.

Cathy and Francois came and hugged me and kissed me as I had several short conversations with the guests. Jeremy also came over and thanked me for coming. He was very impressed he said.


When everyone returned to their seats, I began.

“It is hard for me to give a short discussion on this matter of Jesus’ return but I will try to do it. I have a book coming out called the Enigmatic Jesus and much of what I am going to say is discussed there. I started out to write one hundred pages but it ballooned out to four hundred pages. It should be published early next year.”

“Religion, ladies and gentlemen, is not unchangeable. In fact, it never stops evolving. Abraham and Mohammed lived in countries that worshipped many idols or gods. Both changed their societies to the worship of one God. It was not until the first century that the Jews canonized their sacred text. The Dead Sea Scrolls proved there was more than one version of different books that were included in their final version. Out of Judaism evolved Christianity. Out of Christianity almost three hundred sects emerged. In 1849 out of Christianity Mormonism emerged. That same year the Bahai’s emerged from Islam which was established in 622.”

“From Hinduism came Buddhism. Taoism combined with Buddhism to produce Zen Buddhism. Within Buddhism you have the large and small vehicle, one for the people and one for the monks. And the Tibetans produced their own version of Buddhism focusing on the life of the soul between incarnations.”

“Now I believe that Christianity and Buddhism are about to come together into another hybrid religion.”

In the time before Christ, Judaism had several sects. Sadducees adhered to the law of Moses; Pharisees who updated the law of Moses. The Zealots, the Sicarii who were in active rebellion against the Romans and who committed suicide at Masada. And there were the Essenes who denied themselves sex, women, money and refused to work at jobs that were not peaceful in their objectives.”

“Jesus seemed like he may have been an Essene. He was most antagonistic with the Pharisees who ran the Temple. But he was also against the Sadducees, Sicarii and the Essenes to some degree.”

“Jesus said he came only to the Jews but after his crucifixion he appeared to the Apostle Paul and through dreams to Peter he embraced the gentiles.”

“In 400 CE the Catholics canonized the Christian Bible; which included the Jewish canon as the Old Testament and sixty-six books in a New Testament made up mostly of the gospels of Jesus history, the Acts of the Apostles and the letters of Paul; and some of the letters written in the names of the other apostles.”

“Then the Christians went on a book burning spree to destroy all the unofficial writings about Jesus which were considered heresy. They allegedly torched the library of Alexandria which included over a million ancient texts. And by the way the Jesuits who accompanied the Spaniards to the new world destroyed all the sacred text of the Inca, Mayan and Aztecs. This book burning has left a lot of questions in the modern world about the evolution of religious thought.”

“The Catholics took the western world into the dark ages of ignorance.”

“Also, from the time of Jesus up until Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire in 412 there was a religion of Mythras whose patriarch was born of a virgin, healed people, worked miracles was crucified on a tree, died and rose three days later. The center of that religion was in Tarsus which is where the Apostle Paul was born and raised. Mythras temples were destroyed along with their texts as well in 400 CE when Jerome completed the Christian canon.”

“So ladies and gentlemen a new update of the religions of humanity is upon us. And that coming adjustment is nothing new in the world human society. The first thing that will happen is the foundation of the old Christianity will be shaken.”

“St Malachy, an Irish Scot allegedly wrote a list of all the Popes in the year 1139. By each Pope he put a phrase summing up that Pope’s rule. Every one of the phrases have been found to be true up to the year 1590 and with a bit of stretching the rest of the Pope’s on the list seem to be identified. This seems to indicate that the list was really made in 1590. The list has two names left after the current Pope. The present Pope was described on the list as a man of peace; which he has shown himself to be through his outreach to other religions. The next Pope is about the olive which means Jerusalem and the last is about Rome and his name will probably be Peter. The list is interesting.”

“With two more Popes to the end of the list, it seems that the Catholic Church may leave center stage of the world religions. The Catholic Church still prohibits women priests, is against abortion and condoms and thus adds to the world’s misery due to over population and AIDS. According to the Tao te Ching, what is rigid breaks. What is flexible endures.”

“The apocalyptic vision of the Jews in my opinion happened when Jesus was crucified and thirty years later in 67 CE the Romans took the second temple down to its foundation due to the Jewish rebellion. The Jews were scattered. WWII was an Apocalypse. In Africa right now AIDS, starvation, and genocide has gripped it in an apocalyptic reality. So we have really lived in one apocalypse after the other since the first century CE. Will there be a worldwide every country affected apocalypse? Maybe, but I doubt it.”

“If Jesus returns will he be oriented toward Jews or Christians? He was a Jew. The Jews rejected his message and the Christians took up his message and spread it all over the world. The Jews and Christians never talk about this. The Jews will never accept a Christian messiah and vice versa and both expect a messiah.”

“Jesus’ message was largely Buddhist which existed five hundred years prior to Jesus. The main difference has to do with reincarnation which the Christians don’t accept. When asked about John the Baptist, Jesus said he was the reincarnation of Elijah if they would believe it; the greatest Jewish prophet who was raised up into heaven and did not suffer death. So Jesus endorsed reincarnation but the Catholic Church does not.”

“The problem was that Jesus saw himself as the Jewish messiah and so he had to work within the Jewish doctrine and dogma. He advocated many changes. He challenged the Pharisees and Sadducees and their nuances of the law. But he could not go the distance and advocate reincarnation because he would have been rejected out of hand. It was too big a leap for the times.”

“So Jesus talked about death and resurrection and raising Lazarus and others from the dead which was in fact a lesson about life after death. Rejection of materialism was about letting go of attachments to things material; this is a big issue in Buddhism and Hinduism.”

“The difference in Jesus’ message is that to get to heaven a person needs to be focused on helping others and not just trying to perfect one’s self. The other difference in Jesus’ teaching is stating that humans should ‘ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter’ and ‘if one has faith one can move mountains’. This means that Jesus was saying that we control our own destiny. We can manifest anything we focus on.”

“The next messiah will not be known for who he is. He will come to straighten out Christianity. Paul had to create a religion based bureaucracy to spread the message of Jesus. The Christian religious bureaucrats are is as corrupt as the Jewish bureaucrats (the Pharisees) that Jesus constantly condemned. Jesus was to an extent anti religious and placed the burden of salvation on the individual. So he was more spiritual than religious. The messiah will come and take the parables of the Kingdom of God and more fully reveal them to a more receptive world human population. There will be a metamorphosis in spiritual and religious cosmologies.”

“Christianity was birthed in violence; the crucifixion of Jesus and the murdering of the early Christians. And Christianity has a long history of murderous actions; in America, slavery with blacks and genocide against the Native Americans for which it refuses to apologize. Christians also committed genocide in Central and South America and Australia. They created the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials. Christianity is violent because it was birthed in violence.”

“Any apocalypse will be of our own making. Anyone who claims to be the messiah will be murdered. Whoever the masses of Christians identify as the messiah will in fact not be the messiah.”

“I am a secular advocate for peace and WorldPeace. I was not born of a virgin, did not enter the earth by descending from the sky. I have no religious preference, disciples, followers or members. But there are true believers in WorldPeace. I am not the antichrist because I am not advocating a new world religion or trying to become the head of an existing religious or political bureaucracy. I am anti bureaucratic which is contrary to how the antichrist is defined and described.”

“I am one simple man advocating one simple message, WorldPeace. Regardless of what I do or do not accomplish, by the time of my death, I will be able to face God and say, “I spent a life time trying to increase the peace. That is sufficient for me. “

“Enough.” I said. “Are there any questions?”

Everyone was silent. Not a sound.

Francois had tears in her eyes. Cathy was staring at me.

I waited in silence for a response.

Finally Jeremy said, “John for me personally, I am stunned because what you have said makes sense to me and because of the conviction with which you delivered it, it is hard for me to reject. All that I believed and the thoughts I have had on this subject are now in the process of being reevaluated.”

“John if this is the message that you are about to personally deliver to the world, then change is coming. And it will come like lightning because of the Internet.”

“John I was expecting you to ask us to sign up or join something or take an oath or pledge and you are not asking for any of those things. It is like you slapped me in the face, looked me in the eyes and moved on expecting that I would wake up. John you are promoting a vision but you are selling nothing,” said Jeremy.”

“And Jeremy,” I said, “I have only been talking about the role of the religious and spirituality aspects of my WorldPeace Advocacy. I did not talk about the legal systems or the politics of the world human society. Over the next week I will open all those windows and their collateral issues.”

“Peace now,” I said with authority and conviction.

The tears were now streaming down Francois face as she sat like a statue; frozen.

“OK,” I said. “I need a coffee refill so let’s adjourn.”

Everyone took a breath and began to move.

Cathy made my coffee and I kissed Francois and then kissed Cathy when she handed me my coffee.

I looked around the room at everyone and smiled.

A man, who appeared to be about ninety approached me and said, “Dr. WorldPeace you speak with conviction, energy and authority. People will listen to your message. You will make a positive difference in the world. I am glad to have met you. Thank you,” he said.

I looked him in the eyes and thanked him.

I looked at Francois who still had not moved and smiled and winked.

People moved as if they were drugged. I spoke briefly to everyone as they left. No one really wanted to go into any depth regarding what I had said. I had given them a lot to process. There would be another meeting with all of them in the near future; together and individually.

When the last person left, Jeremy and I, Cathy and Francois went into a little parlor in another part of the condo. It was exquisitely furnished and there was a Rembrandt painting over a small table. It was a magnificent painting. I thanked Jeremy for sharing it with me.

A servant brought four liqueurs and served us. She also brought the small bottle. Another servant rolled in a coffee cart with some chocolates and other very rich and expensive delicacies to eat.

“John I don’t really know what to say,” said Jeremy. “You have far exceeded any expectation I had about you. And I know that I have not even heard but a small part of what you have to say. I really thank God for allowing me to be a part or your WorldPeace Advocacy. Whatever you need or want, just ask. Your wish is my command.”

“Jeremy, I am really a very simple person. Truly. I just want you to treat me like everyone else. I have a perceived destiny and I am walking its path. This is a very intense and exciting time for the human race; a once in a millennium experience. And I have wanted to be a part of it for a very long time.”

“This generation will go through a global epiphany. But I want to assure you it won’t be the last. There are many more coming; some in a millennium and some a million years into the future.”

“But now is an exciting time when humanity is about to become fully human; to separate itself from it primal predatory natural state. We will always be animals of the human species but our predatory animal instincts will begin to fade and the wall between our human nature and our God spirit will become thinner and more transparent.”

“All of us here were destined to be together in this time. We all have work to do. But it is critical that we stay grounded. We have to remain human and engaged in human tasks or we will not be able to accomplish our objectives in this lifetime.”

“John, Jeremy and I are very close,” said Francois. “And so I can speak freely with him. John you reached down to the depths of my soul tonight. It is not what you said. You merged into me as you spoke and you took me to this indescribable place that must be right on the edge of heaven.”

“I saw rainbows turning and sparkling around you; an amazing vision with my physical eyes. You and I were in another dimension even while you spoke. I was in two places at once. John, I saw so much,” said Francois.

I walked over and kissed her. “Your psychic is activating. I am sure Jeremy and Cathy’s will activate shortly if it hasn’t already begun,” I said as I looked at them.

“The thing about spiritual matters is that when you become grounded after one of these experiences you begin to doubt the reality of it. But it is all real and true,” I said.

“I really don’t see everything; just what I need to see and usually close to the time of its fulfillment. I don’t have time to just sit around and contemplate and meditate on the future. If I did, I would not have time to live my life. That is why I don’t remember my dreams unless they are special. I don’t have time to pleasure in them during the day.”

“John you seem to be taking us all to a whole different dimension,” Cathy said.

“I don’t think I am doing that. My energy is a catalyst and if anything it is just initializing yours and vice versa. You are awakening like the Buddha under the Bo tree; some degree of that. If you were not all of the light, you would not be experiencing this.”

“We just all need to relax and joy in the wonders and experiences of each day. In time, the whole human race will evolve to where we are now,” I said.

“I want to keep reminding you that we must continue to play our part in this drama. We can’t go off the path into eternal bliss. We have a lot of work to do.”

“And never forget evil is always present. The higher your consciousness, the greater your light. The greater your light, the more aggressive will be the darkness arrayed against you. Evil is real in this world. I have truly not figured it all out but evil is real. As we chose to be light workers for the uplifting of humanity, others are intent upon the enslavement of each human soul. It is the way of this reality. Evil is stalking right outside this home even as we speak. The light of all the people gathered here tonight was too great not to be noticed. However, some of these people here tonight were dark souls cleverly disguised as light. So always be vigilant.”

“John you never wear down do you?” asked Jeremy.

“Not really,” I said.

“Well I am exhausted from this experience,” he said.

“And we must go,” I said. “There are miles to go before we sleep so we need to be on our way. It was a most excellent night Jeremy. I look forward to our meetings tomorrow.”

“John I am really going to have to work to keep up with you these next seven plus days,” Jeremy said looking very tired.

“One day at a time Jeremy. That is how you do it,” I said.

I stood up and hugged Jeremy, as did Cathy and Francois. We moved toward the front door.

Cathy and Francois flanked me as we descended the steps to the limo. Jeremy remained at the top of the stairs outside his condo to see us off.


As we stepped up to the limo on the sidewalk, a man was coming down the sidewalk. When he was about ten feet away and my back was to him as I was stepping into the limo, he ran at me. I felt something poke into my back and as I reached around I felt a burning in my forearm. He had tried to stab me but I was wearing a light protective vest that the dagger could not penetrate.

He began to run away and as I fell to the ground, I saw Francois shoot him in the left hip with a pistol she had. When I fell to the pavement, I saw Cathy shoot him with her taser in the legs.

Francois bent over me and I said, “Francois get his dagger off the sidewalk and the scabbard from behind his belt buckle and bring them to me. Do it now,” I said with urgency in a commanding voice.

She did not question me but did what I asked.

The man was in pain on the sidewalk.

When Francois returned I was sitting in the back seat of the limo looking at my arm. Jeremy had run up to the limo to help me up. I saw Francois and said, “Just put that in your coat and call the CIA. There is an acomplis across the street.”

“Jeremy would you call the police and make a copy of your surveillance tape and then put it in a safe place? Don’t give it to the police until we talk. I am OK. He just cut my forearm. I don’t want any publicity.”

“OK,” he responded.

I motioned for Francois to come near me.

“Put the scabbard and dagger on the floorboard,” I said.

She did as I asked.

“Now go down to the corner where I am pointing and when the other one comes running out from behind the fence, shoot him in the leg, and them put your gun to his head and take his dagger and scabbard and put it into your coat pocket. When the CIA comes, come back here. There is a third man. Tell Cathy to watch the guy she has until the CIA takes charge of him. Go quickly,” I said.

I was thankful Francois did not question me.

I watched her go to the corner and about a minute later I saw her fire her pistol. And then I saw the CIA run in her direction. They reached her in less than a minute. And a few minutes later she was coming back to the limo.

Cathy had come to look at my arm when Francois came running up.

I said, “Put the dagger in here with the other one,” which Francois did without comment.

“Now listen to me closely ladies. Go behind the building across the street. At the back you will see apartment thirteen. Stand on either side of the door against the wall. When the man comes out point your guns at him, spread him out on the ground face down and take his dagger Francois. Then call the CIA. When they come to take charge of him, both of you come back here. Don’t shoot him. Just get his dagger and hold him. Go right now,” I said urgently.

They did not ask any questions. They did as I asked. I thought to myself that someone had really trained them well.

Carl, the limo driver, was at the front of the limo with his gun drawn watching the perimeter. Then he ran off in the same direction I had sent Cathy and Francois.

Two CIA men took charge of the first assassin and other CIA men were taking charge of the man Francois had caught. When the limo driver took off running, one of the men with the second assassin got up and ran behind the building across the street as well.

In about five minutes, Cathy and Francois came around the corner running toward the limo. I moved over and Francois got in. I asked Cathy to watch the perimeter but I thought we had all the assassins. I had a very strong feeling there were only three of them. I asked Francois to take all three daggers and put them in my brief case. She did as I asked.

Then I asked her to tear open my cut jacket sleeve and shirt sleeve so I could better see the wound on my arm.

The local police drove up from both ends of the street and began to interact with the CIA. Jeremy then emerged from the house and came to the limo.

“I did what you asked, John,” he said.

“Thank you,” I responded.

My left forearm had a cut about an inch deep and all the way to the bone. It was about seven inches long but did not seem to have cut any of my arteries. I opened the wound and let the blood flow out then closed it back. I asked Francois for her scarf. She took it off her head. I then asked her to fold it length ways so it was about four inches wide and thirty inches long.

I took the end and held it next to my elbow and asked her to carefully and tightly wrap it around my arm across the wound. She complied without comment. I tucked the ends under the part wrapped around my arm. Then I took a towel from the limo bar and wrapped it around the scarf.

“Jeremy, are you OK?” I asked.

“Yes, John,” he said.

“Good, will you call a doctor who will meet us at his office and sew up my arm?” I asked. “I don’t want to go to the hospital. We can’t have this publicized. We will get Carl to take me there.”

Francois said, “John, I have someone only a mile from here that can do the job.”

“OK,” I said, “call him.”

Francois said we could go there after speaking to someone in French on her cell phone.

About that time Carl came around the corner. I asked Cathy to motion him to come on and drive us to the doctor and asked her to get in the limo on my other side. She did as I asked.

Francois gave Carl the address of the doctor.

“Jeremy we will call you. Sorry about all of this,” I said.

“You said evil was outside didn’t you John?” said Jeremy.

I smiled. “Sometimes in my rambling I am closer to the truth than I realize.”

Jeremy shut the limo door and Carl drove away. He stopped and told the local cops we were going to the hospital and said we didn’t need an escort. They were looking for more assassins in the area. By this time there were eight cop cars and lots of local cops on the scene.

We drove to the doctor’s office.

I turned and kissed Francois and then Cathy and said, “Wow you girls are really impressive.”

“John, how did you know all that?” Francois asked.

“There is always a psychic war going on my love. A psychic war and this is just the beginning of a more intense aspect of that war.”

Cathy and Francois looked at each other and each moved closer to me.

“Don’t worry girls. I have more lives than a cat,” I said as I laughed a little laugh.

“It’s going to be a long night for you John,” said Cathy.

“Yes,” said Francois.

“Francois,” I said, “I see you are a butt shooter.” And then I laughed loudly.

“John, I know for an absolute fact now that you are crazy.”

“Yes, and don’t you forget it. Poor Jeremy,” I said.

“Francois you need to call the CIA and make sure they keep this matter in the Feds’ hands and out of the local hands as much as possible.”

“It will be difficult because this is France. But I will see what they can do,” Francois said.

“I’m sorry. This is out of my jurisdiction really,” I said. “I just wanted to avoid any publicity. I don’t want the news to create a ‘Let’s see who can kill John WorldPeace scenario’”.

“I agree,” said Francois. “The doctor is CIA, too.”

“OK, I have expressed my concern now they can do their jobs. They know best.”

Carl found the doctor’s office. The doctor’s assistant was waiting at the door to let us in. After we entered, she locked the door and took us back to where the doctor was waiting.

“Dr. Weinberg,” he said, “Dr. WorldPeace?”

“Yes, I am,” I said.

I took off my coat and shirt so he could get to my arm. He carefully unrolled the now bloody scarf from my arm exposing the wound.

“It is a pretty deep cut,” I said.

Dr. Weinberg said nothing. I believe that was part of his CIA training; not to ask questions or make any comments.

After he removed the scarf, he pulled apart the wound but the cut was only about a quarter to three eights inch deep. It would not open up to the bone as it did at Jeremy’s. Francois looked at me and I looked at her. It appeared that the wound had already begun to heal.

The nurse cleaned the wound which was easy because it was so fresh. Then she took me to an X-ray machine. Dr. Weinberg said there seemed to be nothing embedded in my arm; no metal or cloth. He asked the nurse for a soucher tray. I laid down with my arm on a rest that came out from the examining table.

Dr. Weinberg was a plastic surgeon so I asked him to make the scar line as small as possible. He said that was his intention. No one spoke while he worked. He put about twenty stitches in the wound to close it up. He was finished in about forty minutes.

“There you go, Dr. WorldPeace. I gave you a tetanus shot and a shot of antibiotics.”

“That was fast,” I said. “Nice work.”

“You will be fine. Change the dressing three times a day for a week. Wash it with hydrogen peroxide at every change. Here is some ointment to apply after the hydrogen peroxide wash.”

“If it develops puss pockets or won’t stop draining, come back to see me,” he said.

“That is it?” I asked.

“Yes, sir,” he replied.

“Thank you very much,” I said.

“You are welcome,” he said.

Francois tried to pay the bill and was told it was already paid by the Feds.

We thanked the doctor again and got in the limo. Carl started the limo and headed toward Francois’ condo.

Francois called Jeremy and told him everything was fine and we would talk in the morning at the 1000 meeting with the Rabbis.

Francois then called the CIA in charge to report on my condition. The CIA said all three assassins were being held and interrogated.

There was nothing for us to do but to go home and rest.

None of us spoke on the way home. Cathy and Francois were deep in thought and I closed my eyes. I was very tired.

When we arrived home, we wrapped my arm in plastic and I took a bath: or I should say I sat in the tub and Cathy bathed me, dried me and put me to bed. Then she and Francois showered quickly and joined me after Cathy opened a bottle of wine and gave me a glass.

“John there is no one to compare you to. All I can say is I know why Kay left you. She is way too old for this. And I am sure it will never end until you leave this earth. I don’t know how Kay took nineteen years of the things that are always going on around you. Not even considering the shooting and stabbing.”

“Are you leaving?” I asked.

“No. I am a lover, a fighter and a wild bull rider,” she said.

“As am I,” said Cathy.

“And I guess I would be that wild bull,” I said laughing.

“Well girls, I am just too tired to exercise right now. We will have to wait until I wake up. Maybe I will get lucky and sleep until morning as opposed to the normal couple of hours. Hard first day of the marathon,” I said and fell asleep.

FIVE Sunday 090614

I slept all night and did not wake up until 0700. Cathy and Francois were not in bed. I heard them talking in the kitchen. So I got out of bed and put on my robe and went in there to be with them.

My place was set at the table and Cathy brought me my coffee. She must have heard me get up. I love a good cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast on the weekend. During the week, I like oatmeal and egg whites; a more substantial breakfast. I prefer a light weekend breakfast because I almost always eat out on Saturday and Sunday and usually overeat a bit.

I kissed Francois and Cathy as she handed me my coffee. I could tell that they both wanted to talk about something.

“How is your arm, John,” asked Francois.

“It feels fine. No pain really,” I said.

“John we both saw the cut. It was very deep and I saw the bone. But when we got to the doctor it was a really minor cut compared to what we saw in the limo,” said Francois.

“So what happened?” she asked.

“I projected it to heal fast and asked God’s help and he healed it to the extent you saw at the doctor’s office.”

“John that is a miracle,” Francois said.

“Yes one of many in my life. Take the two of you, it is a miracle that I found you. That is the much greater miracle when compared to a little healing.”

“John, that was a lot of healing,” said Francois. “I have seen enough wounds to know.”

“Yes it was. And I thanked God for it,” I said. “Francois human beings have so much more control of their lives than they realize. But you can’t do evil and expect miracles. I try to stay in line with God’s expectations of me. I fail often. I can’t live up to my own values. But I try. And I think that is all God expects of any of us.”

“I have faith in God and I believe in miracles. I have a lifetime of experimenting with these things. My books are a miracle. It is all psychic channeling. God gave me the words or in Christian terminology the Holy Ghost gave them to me. Before I came into this life, I promised God I would do this work. And that is what I have done. I have made myself available if you will. I have hated evil. But I left that behind in jail. I no longer try to get even with evil. It is bigger than me. I focus on doing as much good as I can. Again, I am never satisfied. I could always have done better but I don’t beat myself up over it. Life is hard in this reality.”

“John you continue to impress me with your words and the things you do. I was overwhelmed with what you said last night and how the people reacted as you touched them. You really touched those people deeply.”

“All but a few dark souls,” I said.

“Then we go outside and I see you in action. Not passively speaking but actively engaged in a life threatening situation and it was not much different from you than speaking. John I can’t even process what I experienced last night from arriving at Jeremy’s to arriving here.”

“No fear, total faith. That is all it is Francois. That is all you saw; me living in close harmony with God. Doing the best I can.”

“John no one lives like that. No one has that much faith but you. I don’t know anyone as fearless as you. Twice now I have seen your life in jeopardy and you don’t respond to the danger.”

“What is there to respond to. I am always prepared for death; ready to deal with it. If God wants me to live I will. If not I will leave this reality and go somewhere else. If I die, I go to heaven for a bit. There is no downside for me.”

“And something else John. You were playing with us before we left. You said evil was outside. You knew something was going to happen didn’t you?”

“Actually Francois, I thought there was a good possibility that something was going to happen but I am never certain about these visions and intuitions. I get vibes all the time but it is not like reality. Vibes are about signals. Not predestined facts. Anything could have happened and those guys would have not attacked. If a cop car had pulled up just before we walked out, nothing would have happened,” I said.

“One time when the U S Marshals were about to come onto my property, a Houston police car drove up and parked within ten feet of my office building in a church lot. The U S Marshals changed their mind. I watched the whole scenario. God stopped them.”

“So when something like that happens and I get an alert, I pay attention but when it is unfolding it is happening in slow motion. I have no fear so I can react with a clear head. I am paying attention to my psychic as I am shown how to deal with things.”

“I didn’t know there was a second man until you shot the first one in the butt, Francois,” I said with a smile on my face.

“John this is not funny,” Francois said.

“Francois your shooting that guy in the butt was and is funny to me. It always will be. Thank you for that memory.”

Francois could not help but smile a bit.

“Then after I saw the scenario with you and the second guy about to happen, I saw the third guy and was shown how to deal with him. So I was just a bit ahead of the action as it unfolded,” I said.

“You and Cathy did exactly as I said and it all worked out. I knew my vision was absolutely clear at that moment. Otherwise, I would have never put your lives in danger and that was a dangerous situation. But I was shown how calm and fearless you two are and I felt confident that you could handle the situation.”

“It seemed important that we have those daggers. I have not allowed the info about the daggers to come through yet; except that those guys’ souls are connected to their knives. And later, in years, I will extract something I need from them in return for giving them their daggers back. That is all I know.”

“What do you think about all this,” Francois said to Cathy.

“Francois, it is just John. How can this be? Because he is the Kwisatz Haderach,” said Cathy.

“This is the true reality Francois. You are starting to see behind this earth façade to what is real. And you are having a bit of trouble adjusting that is all,” I said. “I have lived both realities all my life. It is the way things really are for me.”

“Francois you have been giving lip service to things that are real but you never experienced them fully so you didn’t really believe. Now your eyes are opening. I have been the catalyst. What you suspected about the spiritual dimension, the inner planes, is real. Through your association with me and your love for me, you now begin to see without the confusion of the earth energy. That is all that is going on. I want to make it OK for you but there is nothing I can do. You accepted this life and now it has manifested for you.”

“Through our intense deep spiritual sex, many doors have been opened for you. But you gave me permission to open them or I would not have done it. You are just not conscious of what is going on when we make love. I go very deep and become very intense because you allow it.”

“Now these changes are rippling into your awakened consciousness and it is disturbing your logical linear reality.”

“It is like the movie ‘The Matrix’. You took the red pill when you made deep intense love to me.”

“You see Francois if you look around, you can see examples of heaven everywhere. Earth is a reflection of heaven; a duller image but a reflection none-the-less. The movie Matrix is a close metaphor to what is really going on. Most people are asleep to the reality of God. Christ tried to wake people up, the same as the Buddha but with different spiritual metaphors.”

“So he is the Kwisatz Haderach, and he is Nero and he is Obe Wan Kanobe. He is the hero with a thousand faces,” said Cathy. “He is the Highlander. All those movies are about the same thing; peace transforming a society being led to an epiphany by an Avatar (the Hindu word for a messiah) a John WorldPeace.”

“Listen, both of you. I don’t see myself exactly as those Archetypes. I am just following my destiny as it reveals itself to me. What I do here is not to be in any way associated with the word messiah or antichrist. That would be courting death.”

“My God Cathy you are way down the road from me on this,” said Francois.

“Don’t worry, catching up is only a few big steps,” I said. “You are riding the speeding bullet toward us right now,” I said.

“John my logic is having a hard time accepting all this as real,” Francois said.

“Francois it does not matter if you accept it or not. It is the way things are. Heaven is the true reality. Earth is just a tangible finite manifestation of God. You took the red pill when you first flashed the lightning in your eyes at me and tried to use your body to control me; not maliciously. But when you did that, unlike the other men and women you have been with, you found you were way out of your league and once you saw through the looking glass you were forever changed in this life,” I said.

“The next time your body and mind has an intense desire for me and we make love, it will be like the first time for you. And the children we produce will be very special.”

“Yes, John and I have been thinking about that as well,” said Cathy.

I looked momentarily into Cathy’s eyes.

“So Francois, welcome to the Matrix,” I said.

“John what are you doing to me?” Francois asked as she dropped her robe. “I am on fire for you John.”

“It is not just me. It is Cathy. This communication increased the energy between us and so boosted each of our individual energies and something happened. I think your energy is being brought into sync with ours,” I said.

I walked over to Francois, kissed her and said, “Just ride with it.”

“OK,” she said.

I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom with Cathy right behind.

“From now on we are all connected more intensely than ever before,” I said.

For the first time I experienced Francois with all her barriers down. The connection was just too intense for her to stay in control.

“Oh, John, I never knew it could be like this,” said Francois.

“Neither did I,” said Cathy. “I only suspected.”

“This is just the first level girls. Just the first kiss,” I said.

“John every atom in my body is exploding,” said Francois.

“As is mine,” said Cathy.

“Just relax and float on the euphoria. It lasts about fifteen minutes. Just ride it,” I said.

I closed my eyes and meditated on binding us all together; stroking them in the spiritual dimension.

I drifted into a power nap until the phone rang.

Cathy answered. It was Jeremy wanting to verify that we were still going make the meeting. Cathy said yes. We had about an hour before we had to leave.

“All good things must end my loves,” I said. “But stay tuned. Tonight promises a return engagement.”

Neither spoke. They just laid next to each other as I got up to shower. I had to open up and prepare for these gatherings. “I love both of these women’ I thought as I entered the shower. I truly love them both.


On the way to the meeting with the Rabbis, Francois said the meeting had been moved to Jeremy’s home which had some extra security now. Originally, we were to meet at a local restaurant. There were five men I was to meet.

I asked Cathy to call Marshall and tell him I was fine. She said it had been done last night and he was in flight to Paris. She also said he was going to meet with the CIA who would take him to see the three men who tried to kill me. He would connect with us when he finished.

I was surprised that he was coming to Paris. I thought that I was drawing him too deeply into my life. He seems to be more and more active in my WorldPeace Advocacy.

“You know the problem is that those assassination attempts are going to increase. All the rumors that are floating out there about me, no one has the truth, just rumors. The books becoming available will end the rumors but some of these people are going to read it to verify that they have a mission from God to kill me,” I said.

“Yes, we have been talking about that since last night. We don’t really know what to do either. It is a big world. Some places are going to be very difficult to secure,” Francois said.

“Your energy feels good Francois,” I said. “I can feel the peace but I can also sense you are not comfortable without your edge.”

“You are right John. I slept deeper last night than I have in twenty years; since I was fifteen. We have so much to do. I just don’t know when I am going to have the downtime to process all the changes in me and my changing philosophy.”

“It will all work out lover,” I said.

“Cathy, I think I need to have some kind of one page profile on who I am going to be speaking to. Not so much the individuals as their group orientation. Like what is the agenda of these Rabbis. I just need a little heads up. Also, maybe the questions they want to ask me or topics they want to discuss. If I can plug that information into my brain twenty-four hours before the meeting then when I am ready to talk my psychic will have had some time to process.”

“OK, I will talk to Jeremy,” Cathy said. “You know he was very shaken last night. He like all of us did not listen when you told us how much people fear peace and hate people who promote and advocate it,” Cathy said.

“Cathy I have been dealing with it for over twenty years since I changed my name. It surprised me too. Every time I stick my head up, people appear to confront me. We will find a method to cope with it. We just have to be extra cautious here in the beginning. You know Jeremy’s house is subject to becoming bombed just to kill me. So we really should find a more secure place; one that the CIA can protect. Maybe a bomb shelter or the basement in a large building could be found. I don’t know. Talk to Jeremy and the Feds,” I said.

“John are you seeing a bomb?” Francois asked.

I smiled.

“Not in the immediate next few days but we need to be in another place before the weekend. And we have to keep my schedule more secure. All these meetings in the next week are critical and I want to keep the rhythm. I don’t want to take a few days off. I will lose my edge. I also need to keep track in summary form; what I talked about in each group. I have a lot to throw out and I don’t want to be too repetitive,” I said.

“John, are you sure we have time on the bomb?” Cathy asked.

“Yes, I don’t want all of Jeremy’s things blown up. He needs to move his prize possessions now,” I said.

“The three of us must stay vigilant.”

“John I keep thinking about Kay. Poor Kay,” Francois said. “She was over her head when she was with you. And the way things were is like a birthday party compared to how they are now,” said Francois.

“I went over all this in prison as I wrote my books. I reviewed it all, considered it all, the constant danger. But all through my meditation and contemplations, I didn’t see me dying as a result of the WorldPeace Advocacy. I never saw that,” I said.

“Kay channeled some visions in 1992 about the apocalypse. She and I were in an area that was being bombed; collapsed buildings, children trapped. She does not have the memories because she was in a trance and I was recording and asking question.”

“But when I was in prison, she wrote me a letter and told me about a nightmare she had. She woke up in a sweat and panic. The dream was a similar incident to the one she channeled. I have always tried to ignore the doom and gloom New Agers. But at the same time it always felt real. I have kept a close watch on world politics anticipating a catalyst,” I said.

“Another part of me thinks Kay’s visions were local and we just happened to be there. I don’t know. I think that time in her visions is at least a year off. It could also mean Kay would be traveling with me, us. This is where these visions get full of shadows. I am with you two and yet Kay is in the middle of the actions per her visions.”

“It would make sense that she would dream about she and I and not see the two of you even if you were very close by. Again, I have been dealing with visions and dreams all my life and I know how foggy they can be. Just like last night. I was not sure we would be attacked. I am pretty concerned about the bomb if we keep meeting at Jeremy’s.”

“I need to meditate more to keep the channel clear,” I said.

“And speaking of channeling, I am willing to do it publically with the two of you present. But you have to find an excellent psychic guide. The questions have to come fast to me to keep me at the level I need to be at to gather information. And you need to be there to make sure I am not manipulated.”

“John, here we go again with another here-to-fore unknown fact about John WorldPeace,” Francois said.

“Honey, I have been around for sixty years. I am dumping out the past as fast as I can,” I said as I kissed her.

“I was told in 1984, that I would be channeling to small groups. I would do it. See here again, I had a vision that seemed real over twenty years ago. Maybe now is the time. Just keep this between us for now.”

“And let me say you cannot use psychic info to live by. You have to use it to supplement your logical linear good sense.”

“You have been down this road and are thoroughly familiar with it, haven’t you John?” Francois asked.

“Yes my love, I have,” I replied.

“John, that love making session this morning was out of this world. Now I see that we probably do not fully realize the depth of some of the things you mention casually. You are way beyond all of us.”

“One step at a time,” I said. “I have spent my life exploring. I have been so many places that angels, not to mention humans, fear to tread.”

We arrived at Jeremy’s and got out of the limo where we saw two Federal agents approaching to walk us into Jeremy’s house.

“John you have Cathy and I on a rocket ride just like you said you would. It is not going to slow down is it?”

“Prepare for WARP speed and hyperspace and worm holes,” I said. “But seriously, because of the Snake and Kay, this is the part where I wonder if you are going to bail out on me.”

“Never,” they both said in unison.

“Well just give me a little warning please,” I said.

“John you are stuck with me for life,” said Francois.

“Ditto times two,” said Cathy.

SEVEN Sunday 090614

We entered Jeremy’s house, me first and then Cathy and Francois looking at the streets and roofs. Jeremy shook my hand and asked me how I was. I told him that I was just fine that things are moving ahead.

Jeremy greeted Francois and Cathy and then we moved to his parlor where there were five men; one in his thirties, two in their fifties and two close to seventy. I shook hands with each one of them. They all seemed eager to talk with me; to hear what I had to say. I got the impression that they were liberal and moderate and not radical Jews. The guy in his thirties and one in his seventies were Israeli’s; the other three were American Jews.

Cathy as always made my coffee. Francois sat next to me and Cathy stood behind me. All the chairs were placed around a very nice coffee table with things to eat and drink on top.

Jeremy welcomed us and then turned the meeting over to me.

“Gentlemen,” I said, “My name is WorldPeace. You can call me that or John or Dr. WorldPeace. I don’t care. I guess I prefer WorldPeace. My publisher and others who are influential in my life prefer Dr. WorldPeace. The only name I don’t like is ‘Old School’.

They all chuckled.

“I am not a messiah, messenger or prophet. I am a secular advocate for peace. I am not a pacifist.”

“I believe we can increase the peace in the world human society. In 1988, I changed my name as a token of my commitment to WorldPeace. I don’t know what I will be able to accomplish with the rest of the time I have to live in this reality. The only thing that matters to me is that just before I die, I can say I tried to make a difference and increase the level of peace in the world human society. I am facing a seemingly impossible task. I would not have it any other way.”

“I am not materialistic but I understand the place of money in society. The best way to promote peace is by the creation of jobs. I have a web design business that keeps the profits at zero because all excess monies are reinvested into the business to create more jobs. My business makes me money. We pay no taxes but the equity in my companies are growing exponentially.”

“Creating jobs for peace is more efficient than contributing to and supporting charities. Charities due to administration costs are inefficient. I give money to charities but it is limited. I invest in job creation and hope in time to employ millions around the world.”

“I do have one nonprofit organization that will accept contributions; The function of this entity is to place sculptures, murals, and shrines with WorldPeace themes all over the earth. They would be metaphorical beacons of light; WorldPeace Beacons. They would be constant reminders to all who see them of a need to pray for and work for peace.”

“I am one single man with one single message; WorldPeace. Everything else is commentary. I have no organizations, no religion, no disciples, or followers or members. But I am loosely associated with other true believers in WorldPeace.”

“In order to create peace, we must focus on our spirituality which is our one and only connection with God first and on our religion second. I have met many holy men from all over the world who represent every religion. They are God fearing and peace loving. All religions are equally legitimate to me.”

“When Job asked God why the wicked prospered and the good suffered misfortune, God answered by asking Job who Job was to ask God what he was doing. I do not ask God why he supports so many religious bureaucracies in the world.”

“That is my story and I sticking to it,” I said with a smile.

“Now I came here feeling you had questions and our purposes would be better served by a question and answer session as opposed to a lecture.”

“So gentlemen, ask your questions. Ask anything you want.”

“No one spoke at first. So I said, “Come now gentlemen, speak the questions you are most eager to have me answer.”

The oldest Rabbi asked, “What do you think about Jews?”

“OK, that is fair,” I said, “My birth surname was Wolter. My father’s father’s family came to America in the 1880’s to get away from the war mongering Kaiser. Their names were John August Wolter and Wilhemenia Christina Kersey Wolter. They were from what is now Stavno, Poland and they were Jews as far as I can tell. When they left Stavno, which has been both Polish and German over time, they left their Jewish religion behind. My grandmother who was very close to my father taught him some Jewish philosophy like a man’s mortality is his ongoing memory in society and she obviously spoke Yiddish because one of my aunts taught me some words when I was a kid which I have forgotten.”

“My mother’s father’s father was named David Solomon Ellis. Sounds like a Jewish name to me. But I have not looked into it.”

“So in my veins no doubt runs some Jewish blood. Fifty percent of my father’s twenty-five percent is in me. I have acknowledged this, which in some societies is a handicap. I am not oriented in terms of any religion. I was raised a Christian but I am not a religious Christian. I am a spiritual one. I accept much of what Jesus allegedly said but not all. All religions are exclusive and elitist. And I am all inclusive and democratic. But genetically I think twenty-five percent of my blood is Jewish. So am I a Jew? With a German/Polish Jewish heritage?”

“I am also twenty-five percent Swede from my father’s mother whose maiden name was Poulson, twenty-five percent Scottish from my mother’s mother MacPherson/McQuaeg, twelve and a half percent Irish, Ellis, and twelve and a half percent French, Cavender through my mother’s father. Is someone a Jew by blood or by faith?”

“America is a great melting pot. The majority of people have mixed lineage. America is the great democracy because there is no dominant old world nationality. The Native Americans are the first citizens of America but they do not comprise a nationality but a race.”

“America is proof that all religions, all races, all nations both genders can live in peace. But Americans do not give equality to all nations and races still living in the old country. This is a great paradox to me. An Iraqi living in America is given respect. One living in Iraq is subject to colonization and considered inferior to Americans and so demonized.”

“America has greatness because it is a democracy of many nations and a democracy is a homogenous society where one’s religion and one’s race and heritage are given equal value under the law.”

“At the time George W. Bush became president, the United States was the world’s only super power. He had a choice to promote peace or war. He became known exclusively as a war monger and oil baron. Sad. The nature of politicians is to create a constituency based on special interest and then promote that special interest at the expense of the nation as a whole. Chances are slim that I would ever be elected president on a WorldPeace first platform; be elected on an all inclusive democratic agenda.”

“Sorry for getting off track. What do I think about Jews? I am one is the short answer. And you know that my agenda therefore takes notice of the Jewish agenda which really in today’s world is distinguishable from Israel.”

“What do you feel about Israel?” asked the same old man.

“Eric Hoffer said that Jews never forget what you say for them or what you say against them,” I said.

“Globally, philosophically, I believe at the time of Israel’s birth as a nation in 1948, the year of my birth, it had a great opportunity to lead the world to peace. To truly live up their claim to be God’s chosen people.”

“The Jews were murdered, abused, and spat upon by Nazi Germany which was on this issue supported by the rest of Europe. When WWII was over, the non Jews did not want them back in their countries. So a place had to be found for them. After WWII Jewish terrorism manifested itself in what is now Israel.”

“The British abandoned the Palestinians who had to run for their lives from the Jewish terrorists and with America’s help Israel was born.”

“At that point, the Jews had the moral high ground. They could wear their Holocaust badge and become the world’s ultimate proponents for peace and the end of racial and religious genocide and prejudice.”

“But instead, with the exception of the death camps, the Jews foisted on the Palestinians almost every atrocity Hitler foisted on the Jews.”

“Again quoting Eric Hoffer, “It is doubtful whether the oppressed ever fight for freedom. They fight for pride and for power; power to oppress others. The oppressed want above all to irritate their oppressors, they want retaliation.”

“The Jews who could have led the world to a new level of democracy and tolerance instead became what they hated to a great degree with regards to the Palestinians.”

“After my divorce in 2007, I met an Israeli woman; one with dual American/Israeli citizenship. She was beautiful. I cared a lot about her. She had been a soldier in Israel. She taught Hebrew. But she had an absolute intolerance for Palestinians. I wanted her to meet some of my Palestinian friends and she refused. I wanted to go with her to meet her family in Israel and then I wanted to meet some Palestinians. She was horrified that I would even consider talking to a Palestinian.”

“She reminded me of my red neck friends of my youth who had the same blind prejudice again Blacks. And still do. It is not politically correct to use the ‘N’ word anymore but my peers my age and older who grew up in a segregated society in America still maintain their prejudices toward Blacks. If I approach a group of all white males my age or older, I hear even today ‘N’ jokes and derogatory remarks.”

“The big problem, the most notable problem in the world today is the Israelis and the Palestinians. If a person can solve that problem, he or she would be worthy of the name WorldPeace.”

“Gentlemen, I do not share the Christian Jewish apocalyptic vision. I hold a vision of peace on earth and good will to all human beings.”

“Somehow, someway, some time, I intend to solve the Israeli/Palestinian problem to the satisfaction of both. Neither will be one hundred percent happy but both will be fifty percent happy. It is the ultimate challenge to a WorldPeace advocate.”

“And I believe I am up to that challenge. But the time is not now. I have other things to do. But gentlemen know that WorldPeace is going to Jerusalem in time. I thought when I met Hana, the Israeli woman, I was going. But I was wrong.”

“The focus of evil and hatred are already arrayed against me. Last night in front of this house an attempt was made on my life,” I said as I rolled up my sleeve.

“Gentlemen this is an eight inch long dagger cut. My assailants were radical Muslims. But their bosses found me by focusing on me with their intuitively psychic abilities because I have not risen above the social radar yet.”

“If asked about what I just told you, I will change the subject. The time for me to tackle the problems of increasing the peace in the Middle East with a high profile is not now. But gentlemen rest assured that WorldPeace is coming to Jerusalem – to the Middle East, WorldPeace is coming.”

“Dr. WorldPeace,” the old man said, “Cathy and Francois are Jews.”

“With all due respect sir, I have never had that conversation with them. I deal with who people are. I deal with their souls and their humanity. I am not concerned first about their race, religion, nationality or gender.”

“I am a true democrat sir not an exclusive elitist with regards to human beings.”

“How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all religions, all nations, both genders) in our vision of peace? It cannot be done. An American peace will not manifest WorldPeace. A Jewish peace will not manifest WorldPeace; a White peace will not manifest WorldPeace. That is the reality of my vision sir. That is the core of my advocacy.”

“Shave your head and take off your clothes and walk into a room with ten thousand other men and their will be peace until someone says ‘I am a Jew, Muslim, American, etc. Then that homogenous peaceful group of human beings splinters into us and them groups. And it will splinter along a lot of lines until there is some level of workable tension.”

“When I was in prison, I was amazed at the gang hatred. One day there was an issue with eight gang members in a cell; four each from two gangs. They demanded to be separated. They did not want to fight because they knew their fight would spread throughout the entire federal prison system.”

“So what do you think they did sir?”

“They set their cell on fire. I saw it. I saw the flames. My cell filled with smoke. I got my towel, wet it, got close to the floor so I could breathe. I was trapped in their war.”

“Is that the future of Jerusalem? That the Jews and Muslims argue until Jerusalem burns down?”

“Sir, John WorldPeace is not a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian religionist and that is why WorldPeace has a chance to increase the peace in the world and particularly in the Middle East.”

“WorldPeace is coming sir. WorldPeace is coming to Jerusalem.”

Francois reached for my hand and Cathy put her hands on my shoulder. I looked at Francois and the tears welling up in her eyes.

Jeremy did not know what to say. Cathy reached down to make me another cup of coffee.

The old man finally spoke, “John we did not expect to have this conversation. You are a fearless man. Very candid and you went right to the core issue. You are not one to pay a lot of attention to protocols it seems; but a diplomat of a different stripe none-the-less.”

“If not now, when? If not me, who?” I asked.

“If you want to know me, look at my heart and soul. What a person is always speaks louder than what he or she says.”

“We all know what hasn’t worked in the Middle East. I know all parties want peace. All want that for their children. I refuse to disparage anyone. I have some ideas. We will see what I can do.”

“The truth is often paradoxical and the most obvious is often the most hidden,” I said.

Jeremy then spoke up and said, “Friends, John has two more meetings today and three a day for the next week. So we need to adjourn for now.”

Then the old man asked, “John will the temple be rebuilt?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Where,” he said.

I smiled and said, “In Jerusalem of course.”

He smiled back.

“But if you try to revive blood sacrifice the world will turn on you.”

I stood up and said, “We will meet again. I am going to live past one hundred. It has been a pleasure.”

Everyone stood, shook hands and I excused myself. Francois and Cathy followed me out of the room. When we were out of the room, I asked Francois to take me somewhere in the house where I could be alone until they left, which she did.

“John, I don’t know if there is an end to the depth of your knowledge. I do not know if you will ever quit surprising me. I don’t know how every time I hear you speak, I fall deeper in love with you. My head has been spinning since you got shot. The way you mesmerize people John astounds me. I am totally yours,” Francois said.

“John all I can say is that there cannot be anyone else like you on the planet,” said Cathy. “You are definitely the person our group has been expecting all these years.”

“It is so nice to have a fan club like the two of you,” I smiled.

“John I watch the people. You leave them speechless. Your knowledge and understanding and ability to communicate things both simple and complex is just too great; too overwhelming. There is no way anyone can anticipate what you are going to say,” Francois said.


Jeremy came into the room and said, “John, from dinner last night, to the events after, to the meeting we just had, you have blown me away. And John everyone I have talked to from last night to these Rabbis just now all say they have never met anyone like you. You speak to the heart. You answer their questions before they ask them. You put things out that they have never considered even when they have studied something all their life. I don’t know what to think John. You are so far out of my league in all these issues except investments and business where I feel I can hold my own with you. But I don’t know about that for sure. We have never really discussed business.”

“Well through these meetings, I am going to show you as much of me and the WorldPeace Advocacy as I can. All this is in my books but I know I must put life into the words from the books.”

“I think what is going on to some degree is that I have looked at everything in life from a peace and WorldPeace and a spiritual perspective. That is why I think I affect people as I do. They have taken things in life and dealt with them from a perspective of how do these things affect me personally. I am showing them how everything is tied together, how all human beings are connected and how if we all take a global path more often that the peace will increase in the world human society and everyone will benefit not to mention live a more peaceful, sane and fulfilling life.”

“John when the people see how powerful a speaker you are, your life is going to be in great danger.” Jeremy said. “I can see that now.”

“Yes, you are right. But I know I will be shown how to deal with it like the events last night.”

“Yes, I still don’t know how you did that. And the CIA is really feeling that they have no way to control you. You are way ahead of them. But they can’t find anything against their interest in anything you say or do. I understand your son is on his way here and the CIA tells me they will meet with him and you. The director of the CIA is flying over. I think you are going to have a meeting with him early in the morning. They are trying to get their ducks in a row. They are running as fast as they can and can’t keep up with you or I should say the events that are happening around you.”

“Listen, I have spent a life time developing my spiritual psychic side. In every situation, I have the advantage of bringing in my education, experience, spiritual psychic, mental, physical energies. Most people just have not developed all these areas of their personalities. They don’t understand how they all work together. I am nothing special really. I have just worked hard to become more awake, more aware of my environment, than most.”

“How can people like the CIA who don’t use their psychic energy to understand, or trust it, compare with someone like me who has finely tuned and honed that ability? God is real.”

“I say again John, When people see how advanced you are, your life is going to be in constant danger,” said Jeremy.

“That is why I can’t show too much of myself. These small groups are good. I am to teach teachers. But there will be a few mega peace events where I speak to hundreds of thousands of people I think.”

“John, I am overwhelmed by the reality that God has selected me to work with you. I don’t feel worthy or adequate,” Jeremy said.

“Everything is as it should be Jeremy,” I said.

“I just wonder why me,” he said.

“In time it will be revealed to you. We are off to a good start. That is all I know. I have been preparing for this all my life. Now is the time.”

“What did the Rabbis say?” I asked.

“John these are some very smart and savvy people and you ran rings around them. Sol, the old man said he has never met or even heard of anyone with your knowledge and abilities. They feel they don’t even know the questions to ask. It will take them weeks to figure out and process all you said. I think that will be the way it is for everyone who listens to you. When you come back again in six weeks or so, You will be busy all the time if you want.”

“I do want that,” I said.

“My cell phone rang and Cathy answered. It was Marshall. She gave me the phone.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“I heard three people tried to kill you yesterday,” he said.

“Seems like it,” I said.

“I wanted to come over here and find out what that was all about. The CIA director said he would meet me over here. I am in transit to a meeting with him right now,” he said.

“I just finished a meeting with some Rabbis and I am supposed to meet with some women here at Jeremy’s at 1400. Then we will have another gathering but a little smaller than the one last night. That will start about 1900. So I should have some time around 1600 for an hour or two to get with you,” I said.

“That may work. If not we can do it in the morning,” Marshall said.

“I am sure you can come to Jeremy’s if you get done before 2000 and to Francois’s if after that. No need in you staying in a hotel. Francois will send a limo for you,” I said.

“I will see how things develop,” he said.

“How long can you stay here,” I said.

“A week if I have to,” he said.

“Then we can have some time to see Paris,” I will get Cathy and Francois to suggest an itinerary to fit in between my meetings. We have projected three meetings a day for the next week at least. Then I have a few days before I return to Houston,” I said.

“They tell me you have some evidence from last night,” he said.

“I will discuss that with you in person. Not on the phone,” I said.

“I understand. My cell phone works here so just call if you need anything,” he said.

“I will. You can call and keep us posted. You have all the numbers,” I said.

“Will do. I will talk to you later. I love you,” he said.

“Be cautious. I love you to. Later,” I said.

“I was feeling a bit tired so I asked Jeremy if there was a place I could lay down for a short nap.”

He said sure and took me to a guest bedroom. Cathy and Francois said they were not tired and wanted to visit with Jeremy.

“Fine,” I said. “I don’t want to sleep more than an hour. So if I am not up, wake me please,” I requested.

“OK” said Cathy as she closed the door.


Francois came to wake me in an hour as I had requested. I had just opened my eyes and was laying there thinking. She got on the bed with me and kissed me.

“John, you are a very special person and we have to make sure nothing happens to you,” she said.

“Well I feel we need to find another meeting place after tonight. If we could move the event tonight I would feel better quite frankly. If not we need some more security.”

“I am sure we can move it without any problems. It is still early in the day,” she said.

“Go ahead and talk to Jeremy about that and let me lay here another fifteen minutes to process and I then I will come downstairs.”

She kissed me again and walked out closing the door softly.

A lot of information was coming through to me and I needed to let it flow. This is always how it is after a power nap for me. When I get very tired all of a sudden, I know I need to lay down so my guides can program my head with information. I have done this for decades. But it has just been in the last twenty years that I realized what had been going on all my life. After I came to that realization, I refined the technique and now have it down to a personal science.

“When I went downstairs, Francois said, “We moved the meeting, John. The CIA will have to rush to cover the new place but they can do it,” she said.

“Jeremy, I don’t mean to alarm you and that is why I hate to mention my dreams and visions. However, you need to protect your most valuable possessions in this house. And quite frankly I would not stay here for a week. I think your servants will be OK as long as you are not here. But I don’t know for sure. The police need to keep a watch here.”

“It will be less intimate but I think we would be better having these gatherings at different restaurants so as not to have a routine. You could tell your guests that you want to have me experience the dining around Paris as we are having these gatherings.”

“Good idea, John. I will take care of it right away,” he said.

“I am sure the Feds will come up with a plan in the next few days and when I return they should have some place very secure for our meetings. I just hate that anyone around me is at risk. Looks like I am going to be more restricted in my movement from now on than I thought. I just don’t want to be like John Lennon and be killed on the sidewalk by some insane person.”

“I agree John,” said Jeremy, “but it is going to be a real challenge when you try to go all over the world.”

“My biggest concern has always been a plane crash,” I said.

“I will be talking to these women in our next meeting about glass ceilings worldwide unless you know what they want to talk about. I would really like to get some feel for what they are interested in prior to the meeting. I feel certain the security issues will resolve themselves in the next week. I may consider doubling my itinerary if security were not such a problem. I just have to have these face to face meetings if I am going to achieve my goals,” I said.

“I agree,” said Jeremy


At 1400, all the women had arrived; again, all very affluent. They ranged in age from thirty to eighty. There were about ten women. Cathy and Francois seemed to know most of them. After greetings and small talk, everyone sat down and I began. I gave them what had become the standard intro, the one I gave to the Rabbi’s, and then I moved to the women’s issues.

“Ladies the reality of the entire world is that women are second class citizens. Whether you realize it or not, the programming and brain washing that is foisted on women in the Western world begins in the book of Genesis with Eve.”

“Eve took the fruit from Satan, in the allegorical story, ate it, and gave it to Adam who was incapable of saying no or thinking about the fact that God had said not to do it. He was so dominated and hen pecked by Eve that he took a bite.”

Everyone laughed.

“According to the story, they both had an epiphany. They realized they were naked and made some clothes as fast as they could.

“Now when God was walking in the garden, he called out to Adam and Eve and said where are you? Well they appeared and God noticed they had on clothes and he said, ‘Why do you have on these clothes?’ And Adam said because we are naked and embarrassed so we made some clothes. And by the way, we ate some of that fruit you told us not to eat.”

“Is that a fact?” says God. Then it comes out that Satan, that silver tongued devil, manipulated Eve to take the first bite.

“God becomes irritated and he throws them out of the Garden of Eden but before he does, he tells Eve that from now on, she will serve her husband. So here is God pronouncing sentence for their evil acts of wanting to awaken to knowledge and understanding. The sentence is that Eve is forever declared a second class citizen by the maker of the world, God. Wow.”

“That is where it begins ladies. The book of Genesis begins the brainwashing that you are second class citizens. And how many of you when you first heard the news objected? How many of you held up your hand and said, hold on a minute? The answer is none of you I am sure. You sat there and let it pass into your brain and become etched on the inside of your skull for the rest of your life.”

“Then being in the world, you had unlimited reinforcement. Yes Eve ate that fruit and therefore you are in fact a second class citizen forever.”

“In America and other advanced societies there are laws that attempt to prevent discrimination by gender. Secular society is moving slowly toward an egalitarian democracy in regards to the subordination of women. Now this to me seems fair and just. But it is contrary to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious beliefs. So secular society is more just and peace oriented than sectarian religious doctrine and dogma.”

“You know in the extreme, women are murdered for being raped. Some have their genitals removed to take away their potential desire for sexual pleasure; kept out of top jobs, paid less and denied equality with men and a full partnership in the world human society.”

“Conceptually, this means that we live in a crippled and handicapped society. The masculine domination in world politics promotes war. If the body politic of the world had an equal number of women as men, there would be fewer wars because the nature of women is to nurture and not to kill. In all this I am speaking generally of course.”

“When women having an equal say in society, we will have a more balanced society; a more sane and democratic society.”

“Ladies as an advocate for peace and WorldPeace, one of the four core fundamentals of my advocacy is women’s equality.”

“How can we manifest peace on earth, if we do not include everyone (all races, all religions, all nations, both genders) in our vision of peace? The answer is we cannot.”

“A masculine peace will never manifest WorldPeace.”

“So ladies, I am indirectly your advocate because I advocate WorldPeace which demands women’s equality.”

“One of the things that I have encountered is the rejection by some feminist of my help. They want women only in their fight for equality. They don’t want to give any man credit for helping to break the glass ceiling that exits in every society in the world human society.”

“For men this is fuzzy thinking. I am a white, male, protestant with a legal education and American citizenship. Generally speaking I am at the top of the world social pyramid. I am a member of that metaphorical but very real club.”

“Ladies if you want to join a lot of exclusive clubs, you need someone to vouch for you. If you get that, you get in the club without conflict or violence. You walk in. You don’t have to kick in the door. There is no question but the way past that glass ceiling is much easier if you get a hand from above as opposed to a shove from below. So ladies, please allow me to help.”

“My companies are made up of ninety percent female employees. And I am working toward an even higher percentage. Some people accuse me of creating and working in a large harem. A harem is a group of women sexually enslaved. The nature of their role on earth is to provide sex. This is not the case within my WorldPeace Advocacy.”

“I believe that increasing the peace in society is absolutely tied to women’s equality so I promote women in everything I do. I can’t keep out all the men. I would be denying myself of some of the best and brightest. I would never tell a man he could not work for me due to his gender. But when I have a female and a male applicant and even if the woman is ten percent less qualified, I will hire the female. Men to work for me must be outstanding and undeniably the better candidate by significant margins.”

“Women in combat? Yes. If a woman can handle the training, yes. If she is a better fighter pilot, yes; a better general, yes. I want the best in the field. I want to win in battle. I want to have the best defense; in combat, in foxholes, in harm’s way. Yes.”

“Equality means equality. In a personal relationship, the man and woman can define the relationship however they want. There does not have to be equality in that scenario but there must be an agreement as to how the relationship is defined.”

About half the women clapped.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Ladies, I am a revolutionary. The world human society is in a state of peaceful chaos. Thousands of years of human civilization and unbelievable technology has not produced a real peace. It is time to think outside the box and try something new. One of those new things is an immediate effort to bring women into a full partnership with men in the social order.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, tell us about these two women with you, Cathy and Francois,” said an elderly lady.

“Last night, these two women apprehended three of my would-be assassins. Shots were fired and wounds inflicted,” I said.

As I rolled up my sleeve and held up my arm, I said, “The situation was very dangerous and very tense. These women are intelligent, fearless, loyal, loving and beautiful. They are true believers in WorldPeace.”

My mother worked outside the home, both my grandmothers worked, both my wives, each of nineteen years, worked in our businesses. I require a work horse not a show horse in my personal life. I require a woman who is on my level intellectually, spiritually, physically and energetically. The women in my life will always be women who have these qualities; women of substance.”

“I have no time to waste on frivolous relationships with women whose only worth is in her beauty and sexuality. Those women bore me in a personal relationship and I have never dated them. Those women have their place in society but not an intimate place with me.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, tell us about your two wives,” said another lady.

“The first, who I refer to as the Snake so I never forget what I am dealing with, had my children but she eventually showed her true colors as one of Satan’s daughters. She is my mortal enemy and nemesis. I have not spoken to her in over twenty years. We were together for nineteen years. She left me.”

My second wife, Kay, is an angel. I did not just love her, I worshipped her. I still love her. She too left me after nineteen years. She left me because I still have the drive of a man in his twenties in all respects. I am fearless where she is fearful. I have an absolute faith in God and the future and she had less than that. She left me because she could not stay on the path that I am on. It was not her destiny to be with me at this time in my life. We are still friends who now travel in different orbits. She has a life of peace with her children by her first marriage and her grandchildren.”

“Both women left me because they could not stay on the merry go round, roller coaster life that I lead.”

“I did not try to stop the second wife from leaving because I knew it was not meant to be. I still carry a great sadness with regards to her leaving.”

“But two weeks ago I was shot. Last night I was stabbed. You will not read about it because I forbid it being publicized. It takes a special kind of woman to witness something like that must less participate in it. Both Cathy and Francois were with me during those incidents. They have the right stuff to travel with me at this time in my life.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, how do you respond to the fact that these women are less than half your age?” asked a woman in her forties.”

“When I separated from my second wife in 2007, and I knew our relationship was over, I began to do some online dating. I communicated with over eight hundred women and connected with four. Online dating is interesting because it lets you speak freely and openly before there is real investment in the relationship. More importantly it allows a conversation before the chemistry kicks in.”

“What I found was that women in their fifties like my second wife, whose name is Kay by the way, are looking for retirement or at the least a quieter life. That is a perfectly valid choice as a person nears sixty. But I am a man who lives the life of a driven man in his thirties. I work all the time. It takes a younger woman to keep up with me and even as young and smart and talented and driven as are Cathy and Francois, they still have to run to keep up with me.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, what about sex,” a young woman asked.

“Excuse me but I am a very open person. You ask a frank question. You get a frank answer.”

“My sex drive is the same as it was in my twenties. I am sixty-one. I expect that I will have a high sex drive at eighty. I require women who are open and uninhibited in making love in a deeply sexual, emotional, spiritual intimate way.”

“I will never marry again. My wife is The WorldPeace Advocacy. I have failed at marriage twice. I went nineteen years two times but I could not go the distance to happily ever after. I have been married thirty-eight years of my adult life. That is enough. Female relationships now are the relationship as defined by two consenting adults. I do not seek out or very often engage in casual one night stands. I find them empty and hollow. I cannot make love without some emotional connection with a woman.”

“Summing up, I think the world is too obsessed with sex. Sex is a bodily function. To balance all I am and all I have done against my sexual reality and preferences is nonsense; especially at age sixty-one.”

“My sexual reality is really no one’s business but it is everyone’s question so it has to be responded to by me. I have answered your questions in that area in truth and candor.”

“You can ask the same question of Cathy and Francois if you are so inclined. I have no idea how they will respond or if they will respond. That is up to them.”

“Ladies I have shown you a part of me. I have related to you how women’s issues relate to my WorldPeace Advocacy. There is more in my book. There will be an ongoing discussion for the rest of my life on this issue; or until women in fact achieve an equal status in the world human society.”

“Thank you for your kind attention.”

I received a warm applause. I got the feeling that these women stay very much in control of their emotions in part because they are subject to harassment by endless ranks of men who want their money.

Everyone stood. I again said thank you and excused myself. I asked Cathy and Francois to stay and chat until everyone left. It was 1530 and I was eager to talk to Marshall. I went to the same room as earlier in the day and waited. I took off my cowboy boots and got on the bed, laid flat on my back with my arms folded over my chest and closed my eyes in meditation.

In about fifteen minutes, Cathy and Francois came into the room.

“Well John, another home run,” Jeremy said.

“Good. It was a tough crowd but they asked significant and relevant questions. Hold that thought,” I said.

“Francois, I need you to call the director and personally talk to him. Tell him that each of those three guys has cyanide pellets in one of their teeth; under a crown I think. Tell him to put something into the IV of the one you butt shot,” I laughed, “and have a dentist remove the pellet. Check all their teeth. Do the guy you shot in the leg next. Then tell him that he will have to shoot the leader with something that will knock him out immediately so he can get to his pellet. And remove his as well. Tell the dentist not to pull the tooth just take off the crown, remove the pellet and replace the crown.”

“Tell the director that questioning them will do no good right now. Don’t torture them. Give them some coffee the way the Muslims like it. And whatever they want to eat. Give them a Koran and a prayer rug, nice ones, and show them the direction to Mecca. Put them in isolation where they cannot communicate with each other. And tell the director it is my intention to come by tonight to talk.”

“Got all that?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Francois.

“Just treat them with courtesy and respect; absolutely no harassment; Muslim guards if possible.”

“OK,” said Francois as she left the room to call.”

“Cathy will you call Marshall and give him the short version of what I just told Francois. Tell him I would like for him to come to Jeremy’s tonight. Arrange for someone to pick him up unless he is going to ride over with the CIA, then let me talk to him for a minute.”

Without a word, she made the call.

“Jeremy give me a minute and then we can talk. I assume it is OK if Marshall attends tonight. I am sorry to be so presumptuous.”

“It is your party, John. Whatever you want,” he said.

“Jeremy things are going to start to move very fast now. I am talking about the next ten days. I am planting a lot of seeds. It is complicated but things are beginning to move.”

Cathy handed me the phone.

“Hello, Marshall,” I said.

“Yes,” was the response.

“You, OK?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Have a good flight?”

“Yes, What about you,” he asked.

“I am fine. I just finished the second meeting for the day. Preparing for the third. Can you come here?”

“Yes,” he said.

“We should be able to meet after 1500.”

“Dad what is going on?” he asked.

“Well my destiny is unfolding. That is all. Everything is OK. We just have to make some adjustments. I would say in about a week and we will have it all fine tuned enough to get through the meeting marathon. We just have not been cautious enough.”

“Dad, the Feds are finding out that you are almost always ahead of them.”

“Tell them to chill out. I am more on their team than ever before. Tell them I will tell all I can. I am with them and I need them as much as they want my help. Tell them not to try to figure me out. They can’t do it,” I said.

“I don’t like talking on the phone. I am giving you back to Cathy to make arrangements to come here. Hold on.”

“OK, just be careful,” he said.

“I will. You too. Love you. Later,” I said and gave the phone back to Cathy.

I asked Cathy to have Marshall meet us at Francois’ condo. We have to go there and change clothes anyway.

“If he is not in a meeting, tell him to meet us there. If not, we will see him at the meeting. It is up to the Director. He may want to talk to Marshall. We can visit with him subject to their plans.”

Francois came in the room and said they would deal with the pellets immediately.

“Good,” I said, “good.”

“Now John what is going on?” asked Francois.

“Let Cathy get off the phone with Marshall and we will talk,” I said.

I got off the bed and put on my boots.

“Let’s go back into the parlor. I would like some coffee,” I said.

Cathy finished talking with Marshall and we all returned to the parlor. Jean had not begun to clean yet. Jeremy told Jean to make a fresh pot of coffee.

We all sat down.

“Are we going to meet here tonight?” I asked Jeremy.

“Yes,” said Jeremy. “The CIA feels secure for one more night.”

“OK. So what did the ladies say?” I asked.

“Like everyone else John,” said Francois, “they are amazed at your clarity, your openness and your directness. No protocols for you John.”

“They don’t teach protocol in Texas,” I said, “or I cut the classes.”

“Like always they leave with their brains on fire trying to process what you said. Trying to integrate it,” said Francois.

“Jeremy is there something I need to know. I don’t want to offend any of your friends.”

“You are doing fine John. I am just finding it hard to keep up with you. I think I have your method of communication figured out and then you shift gears on me. That presentation to the ladies was like some of your other ones.”

“It was a different kind of group. They needed what I said presented the way I presented it. I always follow my intuition and guidance in these situations,” I said.

“Some people have called me about attending these meetings. The word is getting around. We are going to have twenty-five again tonight, twenty-six with your son.”

“Fine,” I said.

“There is also a fifteen year old coming with his parents tonight. He is big time into peace and he insisted on coming. He has been in a wheelchair for about five years since he fell off a horse. They say there is nothing wrong with him but he can’t seem to walk,” Jeremy said.

“We can always use another true believer no matter how young,” I said. “What is his name?”


“Great. Well I am happy about the ways things are moving along. But it is going to be increasingly tiring as each day goes by. That’s OK. By the time we finish this marathon, we will have laid a very solid foundation for our endeavors,” I said.

Cathy’s phone rang. She answered and listened for a minute and then said ‘OK’.

“Marshall will meet us here. The Director has a lot he wants to talk to him about.”

Then Jeremy’s phone rang. He answered and listened for a few minutes and said OK and hung up.

“Looks like twenty-seven John. The director wants one of his people to attend tonight to give them more information and opinions I guess about you.”

“Nice to be so popular,” I said. “I just need them to get my girls off the firing line and out of harm’s way,” I said.

“Francois you are unusually quiet,” I said.

“What are you going to do tonight John?” she asked. “Give us a heads up. Really, tell us.”

“I love you Francois. When we have these meetings there are so many variables you can’t tell what is going to happen. You just have to know how to dance as things develop and unfold,” I said.

“Funny old man,” she said.

“Butt shooter,” I responded with a big grin.

“John, I will never live that down, will I?” she asked.

“No but it’s OK. No pun intended. If I am feeling low or tired, I just think about it and it makes me smile and uplifts me. So let me have my little pleasure at your expense,” I said lovingly.

“Jeremy, I would like to go home and take a nap. I have to perform tonight. Is there anything else you want or need from me now?” I asked.

“No John. I just want to again say thank you.”

“No thank you Jeremy. Thank you for everything. From the bottom of my heart,” I said as I gave him a fatherly hug which surprised him.

“Cathy, can you put that coffee Jean is making into something to travel with?” I asked.

As was her habit generally, she said nothing and just moved to perform the task.

“I am tired I said but it’s the psychic energy working. I need to take another short nap. Looks like I will do it during the ride home,” I said.

Cathy returned and we left. The limo was waiting in front. Two men at the gate and Francois and Cathy looked around before they let me out the door.

We got into the limo. I took a long sip of coffee, leaned back and went right into my nap.

In what seemed like a moment but was in fact forty minutes due to traffic, we were parked in front of the condo. Cathy and Francois and Carl checked out everything before they signaled me it was OK to get out and go into the condo. I walked in, went to the bedroom, took off my boots and got into bed and went right back to sleep.


At 1745 I woke up to Cathy and Francois in the shower getting ready. When Cathy came out of the shower, I asked her to have Carl go get twenty-five containers of iodized salt right away. She asked no questions and did as I asked.

Francois came to the bed drying her hair.

“Boy you were out,” she said.

“Yes,” must be something really heavy going on,” I responded.

“Part of it is your Muslim friends. The dentist found the pellets in all of them. So no suicide for them,” she said.

“Two questions,” I said, “One, can you two take another shower and two can we be a little late to Jeremy’s?”

They both looked at each other, smiled, and said yes in sync.


I heard Carl come in, so I got up to get the salt. I thanked him and said we would be ready in about thirty minutes. He responded that would be fine.

I went back to the bedroom still feeling drugged and got into the shower with Cathy and Francois. We managed to get dressed by 1900.

I asked Francois where the daggers were and she got them from the closet. I went to the kitchen, found a large container and put the daggers into it. I then filled the container with salt. I put the lid on the container and put it in the back of one of the cabinets.

“What are you doing, John,” asked Francois.

“Hiding the daggers,” I said. “Just in case someone comes looking for them.”

“Why the salt?” she asked.

“They say it psychically blinds evil spirits,” I said with a smile and a wink.

“Are you two ready to go?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

Cathy walked in with my coat and I said, “Let’s go”.


About half the people had arrived at Jeremy’s when we got there. Marshall had waited for us out front with the other CIA guys and a very attractive female who I gathered was the one the Director wanted at the party. Marshall introduced her as Janice.

Inside, we stood in the same place as the night before receiving the rest of the guests and greeting others who had arrived before us and who came over to say hello. The last to arrive was Eric and his parents. He was very well dressed and in a state of the art electric wheel chair.

“Hello, Eric,” I said.

“Hello, Dr. WorldPeace,” he smiled.

“Eric my closest friends call me WorldPeace,” I said. “What do you think.”

He looked at his parents as if for approval and turned and said with a big smile, “OK WorldPeace.”

“Us peace guys can’t get too formal can we,” I said.

“No, sir,” he replied.

We chatted a bit then Jeremy called everyone to dinner which put us back on schedule.

After dinner I stood up to speak after Jeremy formally introduced me. I gave my standard opening and began.

“When I was in college, the Vietnam war was going on and there was a lot of combative controversy. Society was divided over the war. And there were a lot of peace rallies. But they were all ineffective. The war went on until it was obvious that it was unwinnable. We could not win in that environment against a determined Ho Chi Minh who had been fighting the French before us for decades.”

“What I want to talk about is that all those marchers and peaceniks and demonstrators did not really stop the war in the early days. It took fifty-five thousand deaths and an ongoing sacrifice of our young men with no end in sight to stop it. The military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned about did not want it to stop. There was too much money being made.”

“In 2003, there were huge protests against the war in Iraq. But George W. Bush went to war anyway; over a lie. Weapons of mass destruction and an Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein link did not exist.”

“Why were these peace demonstrators ineffective?” The answer is because they were a conglomerate of many peace organizations without one leader to speak for everyone.”

“In other words, there was no one person to go head to head with George W. Bush. Who was George going to talk to; five hundred heads of five hundred peace groups? That is not how things work. George was head of a focused and organized and supportive Republican Party and a majority of the American people who bought into George’s lies.”

“George was laughing at all those peace demonstrators. He saw them as a chaotic mass with a dream to do something but no way to be effective because of their disorganization. They had no combined focus in a logical linear practical real time factual scenario; and more importantly, no designated and supported spokesperson.”

“My goal is to be the leader of all those peace groups. Not an elected representative. No federation of peace groups; just a focal point. One person who can say that a confederation has coalesced in support of one or two issues and John WorldPeace is to take those issues to whoever is the war monger at that moment and say stop.”

“There is power in a million voices if they have a focal point. If I had been at the head of all those marchers and protesters in 2003, I would have said boycott Exxon in the United States. And we would have gotten George’s attention. We could have targeted his constituents economically and we would have slowed him down.”

“If America were going to call French fries, Freedom fries, I would have pushed for a boycott of all the MacDonald’s restaurants for a month and the Burger King restaurants for a month after that if necessary. I would have gotten George’s attention.”

“I have no interest in creating a formal umbrella structure for the peace organizations. I am against unnecessary bureaucracies and bureaucracies in general. In regards to God, I am a spiritualist not a religionist. A spiritualist talks directly to God. A religionist talks to God by way of priests, ministers, rabbis, imams and so on; in a word, men for the most part.”

“I am one man with one message; WorldPeace. I want to be the focal point as these global issues that I advocate come to maturity and when these issues are resolved, I want the temporary structure that has been created to respond to that issue to be dissolved as no longer necessary.”

“In doing that, I am not a threat to any local peace group leader. Just like advocating spirituality does not put me into conflict with any religion. Go, participate in your religion but remember your oneness with God. If you enjoy and benefit from participating in a religious group, then by all means participate. But if your religion tells you to hate or kill or attack human beings who don’t belong to your religion, your participation in that kind of elitist exclusionary doctrine and dogma is an impediment to increasing the peace in the world human society.”

“Seek peace first and if you want to join a group of people with the same goals as you go, then go ahead. But don’t waste your time trying to get all the other peace groups to disband and those members to join your group.”

“So that is where I want to go. I want to be the worldwide spokesman for contemporary peace issues. I don’t want to be the CEO of The WorldPeace Advocacy with ten million card carrying members. I want to be focused on the issues and not the organization. I don’t want the background noise of an organization I lead to cloud, skew or distort my message that I am trying to deliver on the issue.”

“You see this is what is wrong with religion. When the message of Jesus interferes with collecting money for the bureaucracy, the message of Jesus gets skewed and distorted because the prime directive of the religious bureaucracy is to first preserve the bureaucracy. It is more important to squeeze money out of the poor impoverished people of the Third World than to give them money from the church coffers. You can see how things get twisted.”

“So I do not want a bureaucracy that gets in the way of my advocating peace. I definitely don’t want to be an administrator.”

“Another thing, in the sixties a book was written called ‘The Hundredth Monkey’. The idea is that when a certain number of people in society adopt an idea, then it transfers to the whole of society.”

“In the storyline, monkeys on an island in Japan were given sweet potatoes . The potatoes were thrown into the sand. The monkeys ate their potatoes with the sand. But one young monkey took his potato and washed the sand off in the sea before eating it. And then his mother did the same. Then a few more in time also began to wash their potatoes.”

“Then one day a very interesting thing happened. All the monkeys began to wash their sweet potatoes. And then an even bigger miracle happened. The monkeys on other islands who had no contact with the original group began to wash their potatoes too. So the subconscious connection between all monkeys communicated like a silent radio broadcast to all the monkeys.”

“And why should this seem strange. All the monkeys’ bodies were made out of the same atoms and molecules from the same earth. Like grass they are manifested from the same primordial soup.”

“The point is that if we can achieve a critical mass of people who desire to increase the peace in the world human society, true believers, then we will have a much increased level of peace on earth.”

“After Vietnam, virtually all those young hippies went on with their business. And what they did was to become a part of the system, the military industrial government complex, industry and so on. And in 2003 those old hippies allowed Iraq to happen and even supported it. What a sad state of affairs. They forgot Vietnam; unless of course they served time there.”

“Those hippies who hated Lyndon Johnson for the war in Vietnam endorsed George W. Bush and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I was not a hippie. I was not a dope head then or now. I was not a peace activist then. I was an observer with leanings toward peace. I was drafted into the United States Army in October 1970, without protest; but with all kinds of reservations. I felt on a deeper level I needed the experience of being a soldier so I could talk about peace with that experience.”

“There are many peace issues ladies and gentlemen. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are still going on. Women are still second class citizens. AIDS is decimating the African population. Americans go without healthcare and people are starving in every country. The courts do not dispense justice; racism is deeply embedded in all societies. I could go on.”

“My WorldPeace Advocacy is about all these issues and many more. All I am saying is give peace a chance.”

“Eric people tell me that WorldPeace is an impossible dream. They say there will never be peace on earth. People say you can’t bring about the impossible. I challenge people all the time who call me foolish and I am sorry to say they encourage me to stop advocating my vision of increasing the peace.”

“Do you think WorldPeace is an impossible dream Eric?” I asked.

“No,” he responded.

“Then show us Eric about impossible dreams, Eric. Show us,” I said.

Eric began to lift the foot pads on his wheel chair and then he began to try to push himself up. And slowly while looking at me, he stood up. And then while the whole room watched in silence he took a step toward me. I was just ten feet away. And he took another one. And then he fell forward. People jumped up and I told them to leave him alone because he was OK. And to back up and give him room.”

He looked at me and grabbed a chair in front of him and began to pull himself up to a standing position. And then he began again to walk toward me. And slowly, step by shaky step he traveled the remaining six feet to me. I reached out to him and hugged him.”

“If Eric can walk ladies and gentlemen, then we can increase the peace in the world human society,” I said.

One person began to clap and then everyone joined and the tears flowed but no one cried more than Francois. Even Cathy showed her emotions. They both came up and stood by me. I motioned everyone to come together and congratulate Eric.

Then I asked for a short prayer and said, “Dear Lord, thank you for this blessing. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me, Amen”.

Marshall just looked at me. He had glassy eyes.

Slowly people disengaged. Jeremy thanked everyone for coming.

I sat down to be face to face with Eric and told him that if he wanted, Cathy would call him and tell him how he could help us. And that anytime, day or night, he wanted to talk to me, he could call me. And then I told him that God loved him and he would do great things with his life. It was just necessary for him to take a little rest before he began. I shook his hand and turned him back to his parents.

“It’s time to give that chair to someone who needs it,” I said to his parents.

They both nodded their heads yes.

I turned and Cathy handed me a cup of coffee. I kissed her on the lips and then held and kissed Francois whose eyes were still wet and glassy.

I turned to Marshall and said, “Do we have a meeting to go to?”

He said, “Yes; you, me, François, Cathy, Janice and Jeremy.”

“OK,” I said. “How are we going to get there?”

“There is a limo waiting,” he said.

“OK, round everyone up,” I said.

Janice said, “Dr. WorldPeace you are an amazing man. You have my attention.”

“Thank you,” I said smiling.


We arrived at the meeting place. It was a secret jail. The three Muslims were locked up in there. We were taken to a large conference room where the director was waiting with about eight people. I shook his hand and took a seat where he pointed. Cathy pulled up a chair behind me and Francois sat to my left and Jeremy next to her. The director sat to my right at the head of the table. Everyone sat down. Marshall sat across the table from me on the director’s immediate right.

“Dr. WorldPeace, Janice said you had an amazing night,” the director said.

“Yes, it was inspiring,” I replied.

“John, Janice says a boy that had not walked in five years did just that. He walked to you. Got up out of his wheel chair on his own, walked to you, fell, got up on his own and walked the rest of the way.”

“Yes, he did,” I said.

“How do you explain that, John?” he asked.

“I don’t,” I said. “He apparently couldn’t walk. Now he does. That is it.”

“John, I am told that when you were shot you told everyone exactly what to do and where your son would find the shooter.”


“And it happened just as you said.”

“I have not heard the details,” I replied.

“John, if I had not talked to the shooter myself and seen how crazy he is and how much he hates you, I would say you staged it. Forgive me. I am a skeptic,” he said.

“No offense taken.”

“Then last night another incident and you tell Cathy and Francois exactly how to handle it after you had been severely cut by one of the assassins.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Then you tell us they have cyanide pellets in their teeth and that was true as well.”


“How do you know these things?” he asked.

“You want the short answer,” I asked.

“Yes, we can start there.”

“Let’s say we are sitting in a goose blind early on a very foggy morning. We hear geese but we can’t see them. Then the fog thins and clears and we catch a glimpse of some geese coming toward us with blue sky behind them . The fog stays open and the geese fly over. We shoot a few, the fog returns. That is how it is. Sometimes the fog clears between this reality and the spiritual dimension and I get a glimpse of some things on the other side.”

“In the shooting incident and the stabbing, the fog cleared. I saw clearly and instructed John, Cathy and Francois as to what to do.”

“I really have nothing further to contribute. I have had this ability all my life. I have used it to write, paint, get through school and chart a path in life. Because I have honed the skill, I can tell when my vision is perfectly clear. I felt enough clarity last night to place two women I am in love with in harm’s way knowing if they did what I asked, everything would be OK. They did and it worked out.”

“Now we are at a place of finding out who these assassins are and why they tried to harm me. I was working on that when I saw the cyanide in their teeth. And that brings that incident into the present,” I said.

“John you are sixty-one years old. How have you stayed under the radar all these years with these talents?” he asked.

“Tom if you look at the last twenty years you will see I have not been under the radar. I have been under constant attack from my enemies. I have been disbarred illegally and given an excessive jail sentence. Three of my children have tried to destroy me as well as my first ex wife. People have written all kinds of lies about me on the Internet. What has changed is that the evil arrayed against me has come out into the open and literally tried to kill me. And that is because I have created The WorldPeace Advocacy and I am about to step up onto the world stage.”

“You have read my autobiography. These are the spirits who I encountered before I was born. These are spirits who I have overcome over and over again in many prior lives. But this time in history is a time of great transition in the human society. It is one of those unique times that happens once every millennium or two.”

“There is a war for the earth among the forces of good and evil. That war always goes on but this is a critical time in human history so all the heavies are on the playing field. You have three of them locked up right now,” I said.

“John this is hard for me to accept,” the director said.

“I know it is your nature to be cynical and skeptical. And the CIA is filled with guys like you and only a few like me. I am able to sometimes see some of the spiritual dimension and prepare for events that you can’t see because you deny that spiritual matters are part of the dynamic of life on earth. And you are just wrong. I say that with all sincerity and due respect.”

“OK, let’s go to something else. What about these three fellows we have locked up?” he asked.

“Here is what I know. They are dark souls. I don’t know who is guiding them. They will die before they talk. I have their daggers which are like their souls. I have them hidden in a way they cannot connect with them. They must be treated with respect. They must not talk to each other or even know if the others are alive. One day we may be able to exchange a very important act or information for a dagger. I feel within the next week, I will see what the connection is and how to deal with them. In the meantime they need to be kept in isolation and treated with respect.”

“That is it?” the director asked.

“Yes, you don’t have anything on them do you?”

“No absolutely nothing,” he said.

“They are trying to hold in their energy to keep me from finding out who they are but each day their powers weaken and will continue to do so if you don’t let them connect with each other. At some point, I will be given what I need to know about them.”

“And you only know what you have told us now?” he asked.

“Yes, generally they are very dark spirits. You don’t want to jack with them,” I said.

“John absolutely everything we see and hear about you is positive but you scare the hell out of us,” he said.

“And that is because you don’t know what makes me tick and you don’t know what I am going to do,” I said.

“Right,” he replied.

“Well I have a son sitting by you who is like me and like you. He is my good son. I have three children who I avoid. I am one of the good guys. I am not an anarchist much less a terrorist. I am not ever going behind your back. I will keep you informed. When I know something, you will know it regarding issues that concern us both.”

“You need to tell all the people you have assigned to me to do what I tell them if it ever comes to that kind of situation; because like last night, there is no time for a committee meeting or a vote. We have these three guys because we acted immediately on what I saw.”

“The game of their handlers is going to get more dangerous and more complex. Right now I have, we have the advantage. This battle could go on for a couple of decades.”

“And I guess now I have another room mate named Janice?” I asked.

“Yes, now that you bring it up,” Tom said.

“So I have my FBI beauty Alicia and now my CIA beauty Janice along with Francois and Cathy?”

“Janice, are you married?” I asked.




“Francois, did you know about this?” I asked.




“Any objections,” I asked.

They both said ‘no’ in unison.

“As it is written, so let it be done,” I said.

“OK Tom. What else?” I asked

“That is it John,” he said.

“Well I have consented to living in a fish bowl. Now I am consenting to the addition of one of your fish inside my bowl; fine, no objections,” I said. “How can I object to another angel fish in the tank?”

“Tom, just trust me. Everything is going to be fine. Obviously, I need you and you need me. We have a symbiotic relationship. Can my son go home with me?” I asked.


“Are you going back to DC tonight?” I asked the director.


“Anything else?” I asked

“No,” the director replied.

“OK, WorldPeace is on his way out of the building. Marshall ‘head ‘em up, move ‘em out.”

“John while your son is here, we want him to divide his time between going to your meetings and getting with our people,” the director said.

“Tom it is up to him. It is not my intent to take away his life and insert him into mine; whatever he wants. I will back him,” I said.

“Until next time my friend,” I said as I shook the Director’s hand as well as the others present and we exited the building with Janice in tow and road home where we found Alicia. Who had flown in with John but he had forgot to mention it.

So Marshall, Francois, Cathy, Alicia, Janice and I sat around the kitchen table talking about events and people as per usual.

Jeremy went home to prepare for tomorrow looking like his whole conservative reality was in a complete state of confusion.

It was 0300. I had my next meeting at the university at 1000. I told everyone goodnight and thank you. Francois followed me. Cathy stayed to chat.

When we got into bed, Francois said, “It looks like your harem is growing John.”

I did not respond.

“But don’t worry you are up to the challenge,” she said as she snuggled into my arms.


I woke at 0730 in bed alone. I went into the shower and took a hot one to wake up. I felt drugged. The psychic energy was flowing. In addition to the shower, I was going to need coffee to wake up; and probably an espresso or two during the day to stay alert. I was feeling a strong energy connection from somewhere. I went down the list of those closest to me and everyone seemed OK. The energy drain was from something else. It was not negative just very strong.

I finished my shower and walked into the kitchen dressed in my robe and found Marshall dressed and Cathy, Francois, Alicia, and Janice in their robes at the table. Francois’ kitchen was large due to some obvious remodeling since I was last here. Her table was oak and round and would seat six easily, eight with a little crowding.

“Dad the Feds called and will pick me up in about fifteen minutes. They want me to go through some training today. It will last until you finish your meeting tonight and they will bring me back here,” Marshall said.

“I think they are going to wear you out,” I said.

“Yes, I expect some intensive training but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have some exposure to some very unique training here in Europe,” he said.

“It won’t be the only opportunity,” I said. “I am concerned that you are getting pulled into my world to the detriment of yours. Every time family gets too close to me, wives and David, they seem to burn out. I want you to do whatever you choose. You are making so many valuable contacts as well as learning some state of the art technology. But when you are in my world, you are not in yours.”

“I understand, Dad,” he said.

“Marshall my life looks very promising right now but it could collapse tomorrow. You need to keep that in mind,” I said.

“My-Le and I have talked about this a lot. Life is about choices. We believe that you are going to do very well. And I know there is room for me with you if things continue to expand for you as I am sure they will,” he said.

“Of course I am not going to deny wanting you involved,” I said, “But my life is tricky.” And if it all implodes, then I will be just as happy to pick up cans for coffee money,” I said. “You have a life. And there is no doubt danger all around me and you don’t have control where I am going like you do in America. I don’t want anything to happen to you. You and My-Le are planning a family in the very near future. All that needs to be considered.”

“I understand,” he said. “For today and the next week, I am riding in your parade. I may even stay until you return to America. Right now this arena is the one that gives the greatest boost to my future and I want to take advantage of it,” he said.

“OK, thank you. Just watch out for all those kitty cats that seem to be gathering around me.”

Marshall received a phone call and said, “My ride is here.”

He gave me a quick hug and left.

“You have a super son,” said Janice. Cathy, Alicia and Francois agreed.

“That he is and more but I don’t want to be a problem to him now or ever. I am on shaky, albeit very interesting ground and I don’t want him to get swallowed up,” I said.

“He will be fine John,” said Francois. “This is his dream come true as a cop. Believe me.”

“And by the way,” said Cathy, “Debra sent her database of peace groups. She must be a computer wizard. She obviously hacked into a few servers to get the list. What she sent is most impressive.”

“Good, I want to take a look at it and maybe drop in on a group or two here or set up a meeting with as many we as can attend. Does Debra speak French?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact she does along with Spanish, Chinese and Japanese,” said Cathy.

“Another prodigy no doubt,” I said. “Then ask her if she has time to see if there is any interest in the local groups within a hundred miles of Paris to meet with me. Let us see what she can do with people. She obviously is good with computers. Give her some tentative dates.”

“Consider it done,” said Cathy as she immediately called Debra.

“How was your night,” I asked Janice.

“It was great,” said Cathy.”

“Yes it was,” said Francois. “You were asleep very soundly and very deep, John.”

“Sounds like I missed a good time.”

Janice stood up and let her robe fall to the floor exposing a number ten body.

“There will be plenty more John,” she said as she walked toward me and gave me a hug and a kiss. “I need a shower. You look like you could use another one to finish waking up,”

Janice took my hand and led me away with Cathy, Alicia and Francois laughing out loud.

FIFTEEN Monday 090615

The meeting with the professors was to take place at the university. When we arrived, the location had been moved because the group of seven had expanded to twenty along with about ten teaching assistants and a dozen students. One of the professors was a Tibetan monk.

I wondered if some of the men came simply because they wanted to see the beautiful women who were with me.

After I gave my standard opening, I said, “Now for my ideas for a fully accredited course in peace.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, incredibly there is no peace course in any university in the world. That is really incredible. Since the universities are not teaching peace, we need to change that by providing at least a course in peace and later a full curriculum.”

“I have begun to write a textbook which is really just a reformatting of the WorldPeace Advocacy. The text will probably first be printed in an 8.5” x 11” page, spiral bound format. This would continue for a semester or two until we could develop the best way to present the material; in what order as well as what areas are to be emphasized the most.”

“Generally speaking, for me the three main areas of discussion need to centered around religion, politics, and the law. The secondary issues are racism and the subordination of women worldwide.”

“With regards to religion the emphasis needs to be on the conflict between spreading the message of the religious patriarch and preserving the religious bureaucracy. Emphasizing this, the student would see the negative side of all bureaucracies including the government and its agencies like the FBI, CIA, IRS and so on.”

“There should be a section on the fact that people, bureaucrats, determine how the bureaucracy applies or administers the law. In prison, I was supposed to get medical attention. The employees of the contract prison were told to keep expenses down in order to increase profits. So my medical care, regardless of the law of prison rights and civil rights of the Constitution, came down to some employee nurse who probably got a bonus based on how much was saved in medical expenses each year; saving as in denying care.”

“So the bureaucratic mandate to give me medical care was in conflict with the contract prisons internal mandate to make a profit. A governmental unit should not be attempting to make a profit by denying Constitutional guarantees. As soon as that happens the government’s legal mandate gets skewed. I don’t get my medical care. I am upset and rightly so because I am sick and not being treated. The peace in society is consequently decreased.”

“A bureaucracy is a legal fiction and the real decisions are made by real people. Those people are directly responsible for increasing or decreasing the peace in the world human society. The contract prison employee is tempted by the evil intent of the contract prison to make a profit for the shareholders/owners who in turn have to contribute to the politicians who got the contractor the deal and the county the jobs. So the evil manifests when these employees decide to increase his or her payroll bonus at the expense of the inmate who is in their care, custody and control is suffering.”

“Now a contract prison is a hybrid of the government. I say that because I do not want anyone to think I am a communist and against profit. I am neither. In an economic enterprise, a business unrelated to a government entity, everyone knows profit is the motive of all employees. So I am a capitalist true and blue.”

“My point is that these are the kinds of decisions that we will put before the student. And these dilemmas will be presented in open ended essay questions. Along the way we find a solution, like maybe no contract prisons. But even if we didn’t find a solution we have at least defined the problem. And one of those students who ends up in that medical services job may just give medical attention to a few more inmates than someone else who was not aware of the ethical problems.”

“So yes peace discussions certainly drift into ethics and morals and questions which bring in religion to a government job. But religion comes into play with its own bias. So we end up in a situation where a simple test question has the potential for a doctorial thesis.”

“The kind of course I am interested in establishing is going to be more effective with open ended ethical, moral questions than with multiple choice questions. The impact on the student is greater and more long lasting. In fact, some students may in fact be working as they attend college and a particular question may be part of their employment reality.”

“So in many respects, a course in peace belongs in the philosophy department but it also belongs in religious studies and in a political science department and in law schools and in sociology courses discussing things like racial issues and gender bias. It would be great to have a common text with questions that reflected on a particular discipline’s approach to a common fact pattern.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, how are we going to increase the peace in the world human society if we don’t teach peace? We can’t expect humans to solve problems they don’t perceive as existing.”

“In the area of the law, we have the civil law and the criminal law, and the mother of all grass roots conflict and children’s hell on earth, the family law. This course belongs in law school but actually everywhere because students get married and divorced.”

“Discussion of lawyer fees and biases need to be discussed.”

“And what about judges? If they are elected they are taking contributions from lawyers who practice before them. Let us assume I am a judge and I received a $25,000 contribution from lawyer A’s firm and nothing from lawyer B or his firm. All things being equal, who am I as judge going to lean toward? Which client? This is what the typical litigant does not consider. They are blindsided by this reality. They may never understand why they lost their case.”

“Judges have enormous power to skew a case. They are gatekeepers on discovery and evidence presented to the jury not to mention who sits on the jury. It is extremely easy for a judge to move any case to one side or the other.”

“We have corrupt and unjust legal systems globally. So what do we do about it? There are answers to all human social questions. There is always a better way. There is always something to be changed in order to increase the peace in the global human society.”

“The legal profession is a conflict oriented and greed driven career path. That is the bottom line. Justice is really a farce when you look closely at any case.”

“And politics is about elections. A politician creates his platform to create the largest possible constituency. He or she gets elected. He is obligated monetarily to vote the desires of his constituency.”

“Consider a nuclear waste disposal company. That company put a lot of money into your campaign. Got you elected. Then they want a deal to store nuclear waste over a water aquifer. If the waste site leaks into the aquifer, which it eventually will, then the water is polluted for a thousand square miles; for a million years.”

“The politician is just doing his job. But his job, when the constituent’s limited demands are balanced again society’s global demands for water that does not glow in the dark, is to vote for limited issues. I heard George W. Bush say he just did what his constituents demanded of him. He kept his promise to them. So what is the problem he asked; a simpleton or criminal answer free of morals and ethical and philosophical and peace nuances.”

“In most areas ladies and gentlemen truth creates peace; the more truth the more peace.”

“Back to the nuclear question, do we really have the right to screw 50,000 generations into the future? To put a few dollars in some shareholders pockets and millions into the largest shareholder’s portfolio or an individual’s bank account if there is only one company owner. Ignorance is the enemy of increasing the peace.”

“Ladies and gentlemen our universities need to be teaching peace. There really needs to be a Peace Department and a Bachelor of Arts degree in peace. Think about it.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, you can see the scope of what is to be taught when you consider the global issue of religious wars and with only a few questions you are down on the level of a priest walking the battlefield looking for official members of his religion and passing over others who are suffering and dying; or manipulating the poor to give their last few coins to the church instead of the church giving to those poor members. And there is the issue of the billion dollar Jesus shows with their demigods making mega millions of personal wealth talking about a man who advocated a non materialistic life. Were it not so tragic, it would be laughable. It defies all logic. Think about it. Does that evangelist increase the peace? Does he really? Another open ended test question.”

“Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am hated by some, maybe by many. If there is one thing I have found in twenty-two years as John WorldPeace, it is that people hate peace and they especially hate those who advocate it; a true paradox.”

“People hate peace because they don’t want to give up their elitist exclusionary mindsets and acknowledge first that we are all human beings. Human beings are primal and they want power over other human beings. To do that they have to distinguish themselves from others.”

“As King Ahab, said to Elijah the prophet when he saw him coming, ‘Is it you, you troubler of mankind?’”

“As an aside, people outlaw abortion and at the same time refuse to provide welfare for unwanted children, send our youth to war and refuse their medical needs when they return, put people in prison and refuse to provide for their basic human needs and civil rights.”

“In closing ladies and gentlemen, I would ask you what you consider the biggest peace issue in the global human society to be?”

Many said war.

I pointed to a young lady in a blue dress.

“Do you agree that it is war?” I asked.

“If it is not war, I don’t know what it is,” she said.

I pointed to the lady sitting next to her.

“Do you agree that war is the biggest peace issue?” I asked.

“Yes, I think so,” she said.

“Young lady are you a student?” I said to another particularly young looking female.

“Yes,” she said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest peace issue makes WWII look like a husband and wife spat. The main peace issue in the global human society is the second class citizenship of women. It is an issue that impacts on every other peace issue. And the second one is probably racism.”

“Until there is woman’s equality in fact, until the glass ceiling in the world society is removed, until political bodies are made up of fifty percent women, until we acknowledge that God is not male or female, and that God does not have a gender bias as alleged in the book of Genesis, until the practice of executing raped female Muslims or removing their genitals is ended, we will not be able to increase the peace in the world human society.”

“How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all religions, all nations, both genders) in our vision of peace? The answer is we cannot. A male peace will never manifest WorldPeace. An American peace will never manifest WorldPeace. A Christian peace will never manifest WorldPeace. WorldPeace is an all inclusive democratic mandate. Peace will not increase within the world human society with an elitist exclusionary philosophy.”

“The fact, with all due respect ladies, is that you do not recognize women rights as the foundation of peace which over shadows and impacts all other peace issues. This proves undeniably that the time has come to teach peace and eventually have a department of peace in every university in the world; a course in peace on every level from preschool to a PhD, in every school and university in the world. We must teach peace.”

“God bless you and thank you for your kind attention.”

Everyone stood and clapped. I bowed a little bow to the audience and said thank you.

Cathy came over to me and kissed me and said, “Way to go John.”

Francois came up and said, “Another surprise John, another surprise; and what a wonderful one.”

Janice whispered, “I hope that I will be treated as an equal to Francois and Cathy,” she said as she backed away and gave me a penetrating stare and a mischievous smile.

Several people came up to shake my hand before leaving; in particular the three women who I had put on the spot.


I noticed a Buddhist monk waited until everyone had left or was leaving before approaching me.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I am Tenzin Gephel. Do you have a minute to speak with me?” he asked politely.

“Of course, have a seat,” I said as we both sat down.

“Dr. WorldPeace, The Dalai Lama has heard about your books through his many contacts and through his spiritual wisdom and knowing. He believes that your books will be well received in the global human society. He also has noticed on your web site that you have interpreted our sacred text, ‘The Book of the Dead’ (The Bardo Thodol). The Dalai Lama would like to offer you my services to answer any further questions you have about Tibetan Buddhism and would like to further enlighten you about our religion, if it pleases you.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“However, Dr. WorldPeace, the nature of my contacting you today on behalf of the Dalai Lama, whose busy schedule does not allow him to come immediately to France to meet you, is about the activities of the Chinese in Tibet.”

“I am familiar with that subject,” I said. “Please continue.”

“The Dalai Lama would be interested in your opinion and comments and so on about our plight,” he said.

“Tenzin Gephel, I have many thoughts about that subject. Always I try to begin with what I perceive as the global problem.”

“First, when George W. Bush, essentially unilaterally went into Iraq and Afghanistan, he set a precedent for Russia to go into Georgia and for China to expand its presence into Tibet.”

“Second, China was in 1948 a backward country, over populated, impoverished and out of sync with the modern world. Through a communist facade, Mao, began a rapid transition of society that caused a lot of pain and suffering to the people but did bring China into the twentieth century. The recent Olympics have shown the world a new China. The Chinese have a very old civilization that was severely handicapped by the English and opium in the nineteenth century. Whereas Japan modernized in the nineteenth century to the point of creating an empire in Asia to rival the Germans in Europe, China remained underdeveloped.”

“China is now solidifying its position in Tibet and soon in Nepal and Mongolia. Eventually it will incorporate Taiwan.”

“In the Middle East, you have a much smaller but similar program taking place as Israel dominates as much of Palestine as possible. China will not challenge Israel because Israel’s actions in essence legitimatize the actions of the Chinese in Tibet.”

“China has already begun to shift the Chinese population in Tibet to create a population with the Chinese in the majority. They are diluting the Tibetan population. In Israel they can’t afford to incorporate the Palestinians without diluting the Israeli Jewish population. So it is the reverse situation. China is moving Chinese into Tibet. Israel is keeping Palestinians out of Israel.”

“The bottom line is that the United States can only give minor lip service complaining of Chinese policies in Tibet.”

“Tenzin Gephel, I am not one to mince words. I believe Tibet is doomed and in the next fifty years maybe Tibet will exist in name only.”

“Another problem is that as the Chinese bring affluence into Tibet, the Tibetans will want to participate in that wealth. In the beginning, I believe that the Chinese will encourage the Tibetans to integrate themselves into the Chinese economy in Tibet. But in the long run, the Tibetans will be reduced to a minority status and relegated to the lower paying jobs because that is how things work in the world human society. Power rules in all societies.”

“Sometime after fifty years, the Chinese will rename Tibet and in one hundred years the Tibetan culture will have been significantly marginalized.”

“The Dalai Lama has already been shown the new path of Tibetan Buddhism. It is one of disbursement into the global society. The Dalai Lama must establish a government in exile and from there he must continue more vigorously to disseminate the Tibetan religion and philosophy to the rest of the world.”

“I believe in the long run, the Chinese will be set back because of their secular non religious non spiritual orientation. Mao was right to throw out the religious bureaucracies which would have been an impediment to modernization but he was wrong to take away the people’s spirituality. When a secular society without a religious or spiritual component confronts a secular society that embraces a belief in God, the God oriented society will always win; all other factors being relatively equal such as economic base and military power.”

“The reason is as you know is because the spiritual realm is the true reality. If a country denies this, it cannot win in a war with an enemy that acknowledges spirituality.”

“The Jews have used their claim to be God’s chosen people to resurrect a nation that had been dead for 1900 years. That is impressive. But without an absolute belief in God, which has kept the Jews united and an identifiable culture for three thousand years, there would be no Israel today.”

“By the same token, even though there is a determined effort to erase Tibet, through spirituality and religion the Dalai Lama can maintain a presence in Tibet that will in time allow Tibet to reclaim it national lands.”

“The Dalai Lama’s authority comes from his belief in reincarnation. With that belief he needs to take a much expanded review of Tibet’s current situation. He must look to preserving Tibet over a millennium not just one hundred years. He needs to use his spiritual skills and those skills of his followers to make sure that Tibet continues a presence in the world.”

“I believe the Tibetans were at one time fierce warriors and with the influence of Buddhism gave up their warrior ways to seek knowledge of the life between reincarnations. I believe this long history of research is absolutely critical to the global understanding of spirituality and God. Therefore it is critical that Tibet as a culture remain in the world society even though Tibet as a place may temporarily be erased from the map.”

“I believe if the spirituality is not maintained and preserved in the way the Jews have accomplished that task, not only will Tibet the nation cease to exists but the Tibetan spiritual understanding will be lost as well. What the Chinese fear is the Tibetan knowledge and though that knowledge its power to influence the people. That is not so easy to erase as the Tibetan nation.”

“The Christians have been notorious for destroying cultural histories and religions over the last two thousand years. The amount of knowledge lost in Central and South America regarding the Incas, Mayans and Aztec is tragic; so too the Native Americans of North America, Africa, Hawaii and Australia. After the Christian Bible was canonized in four hundred CE the Christians went on a book burning crusade that still exists today to a limited degree.”

“I am convinced that with the knowledge that has been destroyed, the global world society would be centuries ahead of where it is now and our social spiritual understanding would not be so far behind our technological understanding.”

“The Jews were radical about preserving their culture even though disbursed all over the world.”

“So in my opinion, the Tibetans have an extremely valuable spiritual understanding and knowledge; one that is critical for increasing the peace in the world human society. What I believe needs to happen is that every sacred script needs to be removed from Tibet and placed out of the reach of the Chinese and put into a safe and guarded place or places around the world. This knowledge can easily be copied digitally and disseminated such that it can never be destroyed.”

“With this knowledge, the world will benefit greatly and the Tibetan culture will be preserved in that in the future the Tibetans, like the Jews can reassert themselves in their native homeland.”

“So my immediate advice to the Dalai Lama is to deny the Chinese the ability to destroy a thousand years of knowledge and culture. Unless that knowledge is destroyed, the Chinese will never completely control Tibet.”

“The truth Tenzin Gephel is that with all the respect the Dalai Lama has world wide, it has done nothing to stop the Chinese from continuing to try to erase Tibet from the map and disintegrate its knowledge and culture.”

“Tibet has no resources that the United States values. So all you will get is lip service and that significantly adjusted so as not to offend the Chinese. Remember the United States is greatly indebted to the Chinese economically.”

“The United States has its hands full maintaining its leadership position in the world as China continues to expand and grow. In a hundred years or less, China will be on equal footing with the United States. The Chinese are an industrious people. Americans have lost their edge. First generation Americans have always had what the general Chinese population has. The first generation Americans were the best and the brightest from the rest of the world. America has undeniably bled off the talent of the world.”

“The Chinese are taking pride in their country and so I believe fewer and fewer Chinese will want to come to a foreign culture to achieve what is available in China.”

“My take on the Tibetan situation is a global long run perspective. Let there be no doubt however that I am willing to help the Dalai Lama in any way possible to slow down the Chinese efforts in integrating Tibet in all ways. But it will be through peaceful discussion. However, if I pursue my WorldPeace Advocacy effectively, that peaceful discussion should be significant.”

“Dr. WorldPeace, your thoughts are very much appreciated. And personally I believe them to have great merit. I am happy and so will the Dalai Lama be to find out your appreciation for our religion and your determination to preserve and propagate and sow that knowledge and understanding over the global human society.”

“I would like to say one other thing. The Chinese have designated their corporate heir to the Dalai Lama. That shows they at this time are not willing to just physically wipe out Tibet and its culture and integrate the Tibetans. They have their puppet now. They are determined to be patient and in the end have Tibet. In time, subsequent generations of Chinese may look back on these times with disgust. But they will not reinstate the Tibetan culture anymore than Americans are going to return America to the Native Americans.”

“Your future is in the preservation and dissemination of your religion worldwide. Locating in all the countries in the world will preserve your religion which I think you will come to understand is more important than land.”

“Thank you for your uplifting presence,” Tenzin Gephel said.

We shook hand. I introduced him to everyone. Information was exchanged with Cathy. I had no doubt that we would do significant things with the Tibetans in the future; both near and far.


“John, what am I going to do with you?” said Francois. “I am coming to believe that you are prepared for any discussion of religion and with any politicians in the world; with anyone on any level. We must empty your head John. You must write more, lecture more. Your books I see now are just the tip of the iceberg as to what you have to offer the world.”

“Francois, it is such a pleasure to have you near,” I said.

Cathy said, “John we all feel the same way.”

Marshall said, “Dad I had no idea what you have been working on all your life. I want to be a part of it. My eyes are open and I am well on my way to becoming a true believer.”

“Marshall it has cost me everything almost. I exited prison in 2009 with you, My-Le, Kay, mother and daddy. Three children and the Snake and several businesses and much more were the price I paid to get here. You have a wife and a family is coming. My-Le supports you son. But the trouble is my world is addictive and all consuming. Keep that in mind.”

“That being said, even before you were born, I believed you would carry on and expand this work. Even though at that time I had no clear vision of what the work was exactly. I did not feel this about your brothers and sister at all.”

“I am riding a rocket Marshall and writing the script as I go with no guarantees and people trying to kill me for different reasons. That is my reality.”

“Marshall, Dr. WorldPeace, do you realize that you were just talking to a personal representative of the Dalai Lama,” Janice said. “a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a man known all over the world?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Have you ever had contact with the Dalai Lama before?” she asked.

“No,” I responded.

“Doesn’t that affect you, inspire you that the Dalai Lama contacted you not to mention the Dalai Lama is asking your help and advice and opinion?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t know what you mean. I am nothing special because of that conversation and the Dalai Lama is just a man like me playing out his destiny,” I said.

“Janice none of those things you mentions affect John,” said Francois. “He focuses on the problem and not the person’s status. Status means little to John. From presidents to beggars he is always looking at the soul. And he does not talk to one person any differently than any other person.”

“I don’t understand it because I don’t know and have never met anyone like John. There is no one to compare him to. So all I can say is just get used to it.”

“Janice, I don’t know what to tell you,” I said. “For me, life is just a string of conversations. Everyone has something to contribute. You never know if profound wisdom might come out of the most worthless person. Sort of like in a fairy tale when the prince passes by a crow and the crow says, ‘All that glitters is not gold.’ And that statement means something to the prince and it enlightens him and helps him make a decision of some kind.”

“I guess then I am an elitist,” said Janice. “I am just not going to let everyone or anyone into my personal space. I am not going to communicate with just anyone.”

“Interesting,” I said. “I feel very special that you rate me high enough to have the most intimate conversations with me.”

Janice had a blank look on her face. Francois had a big smile on hers.

“Welcome to my world, Janice,” I said with a grin.