The WorldPeace Advocacy
Novel Two - Paris 2009


by John WorldPeace


by Dr John WorldPeace JD

The WorldPeace Advocacy - Prologue
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel One - Phoenix Rising
The WorldPeace Advocacy Novel Two - Paris 2009
are actually one novel that introduces the primary characters and lays the
foundation for a evolving series of political suspense novels.

The main character in the novels, John WorldPeace, has a factual history in
the Autobiography 1948-2007 of the author, whose legal name since 1988 has been
John WorldPeace, and a Prison Journal 2008 when the author was a political prisioner
of the United States of America and earned his bona fides as a real life Peace Activist.

Copyright 2010 John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved



When I was released from prison on December 19, 2008, my son, Marshall, picked me up and drove me the three hundred miles back to Houston. The house I was living in when I was arrested on December 22, 2007, belonged to my mother and it had been sold two months before I was released. My mother gave away and threw away many of my possessions as if I were dead. It made no sense to me because I was going to be released in a few months. Consequently, I harbored some animosity against her for a time. What was left of my possessions was stored in several warehouses, her garage and here and there in her house. There was little organization to any of it.

When I arrived in Houston, my life was a blank slate. I had no wife or girlfriend waiting for me. Even simple things like where to buy gas and shop for groceries were undetermined. My new life began with my moving in with my mother. It seemed like the most logical place to readjust to living again in total freedom.

I was starting my life over. I still had my health, my education and my business files as well as my family photographs, paintings and my writings. They were the parts and pieces of my life prior to jail. But the integration was not there. My post prison life was like a pile of fragments of a broken vase randomly piled here and there -- with ninety-nine percent of the pieces forever gone.

Adjusting to being out of prison was interesting. It was like getting out of the Army but different. It was the same because I was told what to do twenty-four hours a day in the Army and also in prison. I wore a uniform in both. The Army had been an engagement of nineteen months whereas prison had been a year; a significant amount of time in both cases. Prison was different from the military in that I had no freedom of movement and no job to perform. But in truth, prison to me seemed more like a monastery with its austere environment and large blocks of time during which I could study, pray and meditate. I say that without having ever been a monk.

None-the-less, when you are discharged from the military or released from prison, you are confronted with unlimited freedom to do as you please and it is sort of intimidating. You have to adjust to deciding what to wear, when to eat, where to live, which laundry to use, where to bank, paying bills and so forth.

One big difference between exiting the military and exiting prison was that it took me a while to again feel secure after being in prison. I will never lose my paranoia regarding cops, judges and other government bureaucrats. I doubt I will ever trust a cop again even though my son, MarshallL, is one. I went to prison for allegedly knocking down and kicking a U.S. Deputy Marshall when he tried to arrest me on a civil matter having to do with my mother’s lawsuit. It was a lie. I have never been in a physical fight in my life. I had never been arrested, never taken to jail, never even accused of a crime. But I had no chance of winning against a lying cop in court. I had spent twenty years practicing law and I knew no one could do that. I had no intention of going to prison again. I felt an unspecified need to protect myself from cops, judges and government officials as a result of being wrongly imprisoned.

At times my hatred for those who had wronged me enraged me. These feelings would motivate me to tell my story; to use this injustice and other events in my life as an example of why there is so little peace in the world.

All I could think of the first night out of prison was that I now had a new life and a new beginning. I had processed and reflected and meditated on my life to date while incarcerated. I had no real baggage to carry forward into my new life because I had processed it all in prison. In that sense, it felt good to have a fresh start at age sixty.


The hardest thing about jail for me was not being able to have an intimate relationship. The ultimate metaphysical experience on earth is intimacy with the opposite sex. After being married for the majority of my adult life, intimacy had become a necessary aspect of my reality. In prison, you seldom interact with women and if you do it is for the most part strictly business because the only female contact you have is with those who are guards.

I was in a cell-block of about twenty men on the average in the Harris County jail in Houston, Texas from December 22, 2007, until July 3, 2008. All those inmates were cops or parents, siblings or children of cops. I was there because my son Marshall was a cop. I had my own cell and was only locked down from 2200 to 0600 each night.

On July 3, 2008, two months after sentencing, I was moved to the Karnes City Federal Detention Center for two weeks of processing and then further south to the Brooks Federal Detention Center in Falfurrias, Texas. I was in a general population cell of eight for about two weeks when I arrived at Brooks. Then I was placed in solitary confinement because I was one of a handful of Whites in a prison filled with 500 Hispanics, mostly illegal immigrants and drug related offenders. There were a few blacks who were isolated in one cell in order to protect them from the Hispanics. Of the handful of Whites, two of us were in solitary. I think the other Whites who were in general population were raised as Hispanics.

It was obvious that someone at the State Bar or the Federal courts manipulated my assignment to one of the worst contract prisons in the Federal system. In the regular Federal prisons, the inmates are generally treated like hotel guests. The contract prisons were ‘for profit’ housing facilities in which medical care was limited, starvation rations were the norm, and phone privileges and recreation was virtually non-existent due to the lack of staff. The library was a two hundred and fifty volume joke consisting of books printed in the 1920s and bought from some library discard sale. The damned politicians crafted legislation to undeniably discriminate between Federal prisoners in order to put some money into their districts. For the sake of local profits, inmates assigned to contract prisons are intentionally and maliciously abused.

If I wanted sex in Brooks, some of the female guards would provide it for $25 - $100. I never even considered that. Those women were too disgusting: because of their prostitution and because they were unindicted criminals not to mention they were unattractive.

I spent my time in prison reading and writing, praying and meditating. The lack of exposure to women kept any thoughts of intimacy in the back of my mind.

Kay had left me on March 30, 2007, and I was arrested on December 22, 2007. During those months I did some online dating but only connected with a few women. Those connections were short lived. When I was released from prison, I went back to online dating. I had tried to traditionally date after my first marriage ended in 1987, and found that I hated it. It was just too chaotic. Online dating appealed to me because it allowed me to know something about a woman before I met her in person and the chemistry would take over.

In traditional dating, you begin with chemistry and then if there is intimacy, you often find out that you made a big mistake not taking more time to interview your friend. It is best if you have the discipline to not allow the chemistry to dominate a connection initially in traditional dating. But that is very hard to do in the real world. That getting to know you post intimacy period is when you find out just how foolish you were to jump into bed with someone you really did not know.

Dating is tricky; especially at sixty. With online dating there are a lot of lies in the profiles. I realized that I had to develop some kind of system to process potential relationships. I was handicapped in the dating environment due to the fact that I had been married virtually all my adult life. It takes a while to understand the single lifestyle; more to the point, it’s not easy to discard a marital mindset where there is commitment and some degree of a working relationship even in the worst marriages.

I had no plans to immediately date when I was released. I knew it would take time to sort through the online profiles. I had too many things that needed to be done to devote much time to looking for a relationship. As it turned out, I met Rose at the first garage sale I had to get rid of some of the things I still had and no longer wanted. She had a look of interest in getting to know me and I struck up a conversation with her. She was thirty and going to college and working full time. That impressed me. She was in shape but not athletic or thin. We talked and made plans to go to Starbucks at 1600 after I closed the sale. Rose had to run some errands and said she would be back. I was not sure if she would come back or not even though we had exchanged cell phone numbers.

At 1600, she returned as promised just as I finished locking up. She insisted we go in her car, so I got in and off we went.

We went to a nice Starbucks about three miles from my mother’s house and had a pleasant chat for about two hours. Then we decided to go ahead and eat a light supper. We agreed on a local Mexican restaurant and I was immediately reminded of Kay, my second ex-wife, who loved Mexican food and would have gladly lived on it exclusively.

All the time Rose and I were together that day, I remember repeatedly looking at my ring finger. The small wedding band I never took off for nineteen years had permanently marked my finger with a grove. You could clearly see the line around my finger even twenty-one months after I took it off. Kay had left a huge scar on my heart and this little reminder on my body. I wondered if it would ever go away.

As a parting gift, Kay and I had bought jewelry for each other at James Avery, a Christian jeweler. I had chosen an initial ring but had waited a couple of months before I had it engraved. About two weeks after I had it engraved, I was taking down a fence and disturbed a yellow jacket nest. One stung me on the ring finger.

Within minutes, my finger had swollen such that I could not remove the ring. I had to use a vise to hold it firmly and carefully use a hacksaw to cut it off. The ring was destroyed but I kept it for the memories. It was sterling silver and of no great value except that it represented the end my relationship with Kay; as my wedding band represented the beginning. Both rings were now in a small box along with a silver WorldPeace ID bracelet that Kay and LeAnne had given me on one of my birthdays.

Rose seemed very pleasant and I really enjoyed her company. I determined that I was not going to sleep with her that first night but told her I had the desire. We made a date to go to the beach the next day. I like to go to the beach on Sunday. It reminds me of the weekly trips I used to make with the family when I was married to the Snake. Snake was a name I used to refer to Sandra, the first ex-wife, so I would never forget who and what I was dealing with. I had not spoken to the Snake in twenty years.

We tossed a coin that dictated that Rose would drive. I would meet her at her apartment and we would go to the beach from there. I loved to be a passenger in a nice car as much as I enjoyed driving. My skin was milk white because I had not been in the sun for more than a few hours while I was in jail. In Harris County, there were no windows in the cell-block and I only saw the outside when I was taken to court about once every two weeks during the first four months. In the last five and a half months in Falfurrias I was only out of my solitary cell for thirteen hours.

Rose said she had no problem going to the beach with an old ghost and I laughed. Unlike my parents who always wanted to be away from the crowds, I liked to be in the middle of the crowds at the beach.

The beach was wonderful. Sunday was a perfectly clear but not too cold day. Rose had worn loose clothing every time I had seen her. When she disrobed down to her bikini, I could not believe what a magnificent body she had. All I could think about was the wonders of youth. My old body, which was in shape, accepted the tanning lotion that Rose applied to keep me from burning even in the winter sun.

I always draw energy from the beach; the sun, wind and water. I began to feel like I was being reborn. I was happy to be alive. Rose and I talked about a lot of things from politics to religion, two of my favorite subjects, to WorldPeace and mundane things like family and friends. I really liked being with her.

About 1500 we decided to go back to Houston. I did not want to get too much sun and it was just cool enough to be a little uncomfortable. Before we left, we decided to have a light meal of shrimp and crabs and some oysters. Before the day was over, we were finishing each other’s sentences. She was younger than my children but I did not think about that too much. I loved the energy of her youth; her playfulness. Almost all the women who I had met after Kay left me and who were my age were worn out and ready for a traditional retirement or waiting to die.

We had a wonderful drive home. We stopped at an antique store or two on the way back. When we arrived at Rose’s apartment, she insisted that I come in. I had no reservations or bad vibes and no real expectations. I had interviewed her pretty thoroughly in the last twenty-four hours; and she me.

Rose’s apartment was very neat and dark and warm, a nice relief from the cool outside. We had driven home with the top down on her BMW.

Once in the house, Rose disappeared into her bedroom. When she came out a few minutes later she had nothing on. Oh Lord was all I could think.


Shortly after meeting Rose, I met Linda, who was in her mid thirties, at the grocery store. I never realized how easy it was to pick up women in the grocery store. I had never picked up a woman in my life. Linda was the first. We left the grocery store and stopped at her apartment to drop off her groceries and put my perishables in her refrigerator before going to have some dinner.

I don’t know exactly how it happened but after the groceries were put away, Linda and I came together like magnets. She was attractive and in excellent shape with not an ounce of fat on her. She was very disciplined in her eating habits and her exercises and yoga. And more so than Rose, she was an uninhibited insatiable sexual athlete. Both Rose and Linda were bi-sexual which I thought was an interesting coincidence.


In addition, during the first month out of jail, I met Catherine through the online dating service I had joined. As it turned out, Catherine and I had gone to high school together but she was two years behind me. I remembered her high school picture but we never had any interaction back then.

We immediately realized that we were not sexually compatible and so we did not go there. She lived on fifty acres west of Houston with her parents and had a dozen horses that were the foundation of our interest in each other. Two pleasurable things other than women occupied my mind in jail. One was my intention to go to Paris when I was released and the other was buying an Arabian horse and riding it fast. Catherine was the connection to the horse. It took about five months to find the right horse but when I did I boarded it at Catherine’s place.

Catherine and I kept our conversations to country living and horses. We did not discuss politics, religion or sex. She became my first female friend.


I did not get a response to my November 1, 2008, query letter to Harper Collins that I had sent from prison until January 10, 2009. Harper was the biggest player with the deepest pockets in the book publishing business. They had the ability to publish and distribute all my books worldwide.

They were interested in the fact that my books were unique and there were fifteen of them; political suspense novels, biographies, religious books and poetry all with WorldPeace themes. There was nothing to compare my books with and so there had to be meetings and discussions with Harper regarding the marketing. I had serious concerns about any of the books being allowed to go out of print and me not having the right to print them. These books were the foundation of my life’s work; my WorldPeace Advocacy. Therefore, I needed the option to take over publishing if Harper did not keep them in print.

Another problem was how to interface the marketing of my books with the promoting of my WorldPeace Advocacy. There was also the question of how big was the potential foreign market for my books. There would have to be a lot of discussions regarding these issues.

Once I was released from prison, I began to put my life back together and at the same time I began to type up the manuscripts I wrote in prison. I had close to three thousand, hand-written in cursive, pages to type before I could send them to the Harper. I estimated that it would take about two months to type and edit everything. I wanted these manuscripts typed before I engaged full time in restarting my web design business.

I knew I had to write several books before I was released from jail. The amount of writing I set for myself while incarcerated was a lot. The time would go faster if I stayed busy writing. Between writing and reading and the limited research that I could accomplish, I did stay busy. I often lost track of time because jail was so monotonous. And there was no way to see if it was day or night in the Harris County jail. There are no clocks in jail. I marked time by when we were fed. My most important marker was Monday morning when I always had a pint of ice cream I bought from the commissary.

I realized in prison that to make a significant difference in increasing the peace in the world human society, like almost everything else in life, money was the key ingredient. It would allow all kinds of possibilities. My website design business would provide an unlimited potential for making money. My plan was to plow all the profits from my web design business back into the business to make it grow rapidly and increase the number of people I employed in the Third World. By so doing, I would indirectly increase the level of peace in the world human society. Nothing gives someone as much peace as having a job with which he or she can support his or her family.

While in jail, my intuition was clear that Harper Collins or one of its subsidiaries would publish my books. This was founded on my fire and water dreams and visions back in 1987. I had dreamed a painting that I refused to draw and paint until I had the vision/dream seven times. When I realized I was going to have to create the painting, I went to work on it and the dreams stopped.

Years later in 1993, I made the connection between the painting and the Harper Collins fire and water logo. I saw the logo on a box of books that came with a letter of interest from Harper San Francisco regarding my first book; The Book of Peace. I thought my Book of Peace was going to begin my career as an author and peace advocate. But I came to realize that it was not yet time. I needed another fifteen years being John WorldPeace before I would be ready.

In addition to the 1987 painting, in 1992, Kay (my second ex wife) and I had experienced a lot of visions during meditation about meeting with the executives at Harper Collins in New York. We were certain that it was all going to come together in 1993, when we received the first positive responses from Harper Collins in both New York and in San Francisco. 

However, as per most psychic visions and meditations, the timing is always hard to pin down. In this reality, we can easily distinguish time but in the spiritual/metaphysical reality we cannot because past, present and future are always merged into the now. So events seen in meditation are hard to pin down with regards to time.

Typing went along just fine. I am a fast typist but it was still boring to type from my handwritten prison manuscripts. I decided to type the manuscripts myself because 1) I could read my handwriting and 2) I could save a couple of edits if I typed from the original manuscript as opposed to hiring someone else to do it. I made three complete edits and then sent my manuscripts to a professional editor before I sent them to Harper Collins.


One thing that I had learned in my sixty years on planet earth is that the overwhelming majority of human beings are self-serving. Very few have much real concern for their fellow humans and virtually none have any global vision or desire to even attempt to make the world a better place or the world human society more peaceful and less chaotic. 

Despite the call of religious texts to in essence treat others as you would treat yourself, few human beings have the desire or motivation to do that. In fact, the typical desire of human beings is to manipulate and maneuver human interaction for the sole purpose of increasing one’s personal power or to support an effort by one’s organizations to increase its power. There is no real desire to increase the peace regarding the basic human divisions of race, religion, nationality and gender by reducing the emphasis on those distinctions.

When I decided to become an advocate for peace and WorldPeace, I knew that I would meet resistance. Yet I had no real understanding of how much the majority of human beings hate peace and more so those who advocate it. One thing I have found over the years is that the more I succeeded in my endeavors regarding my advocacy of peace the greater the array of evil against me.

As much as I wanted to fight, I didn’t. Evil cannot be engaged without leaving its mark. Evil is a tar baby and it grows when fed. The more it is confronted and engaged the more it grows. Evil can never be defeated. It permeates human society completely. No matter how much it is challenged, placated or left alone, it never goes away. It is always laying there like a poisonous snake ready to strike.

So I avoid evil as much as I can and generally accept evil and wrongs foisted on me. But sometimes I find it necessary to confront evil by standing up to it. As I reviewed my life while in prison, I realized that I had wasted too much energy on insignificant crusades against injustice. I understood that my energy and time on earth was limited and I needed to choose my battles.

I also learned that after engaging evil it is necessary to pray and meditate in order to purge the evil that attaches when engaging it. You can’t engage the tar baby without getting its blackness on you and without taking its evil within you.

I keep my focus on God. When I die, I will leave this reality and return to the infinite and immortal reality. The finite mortal forces of earth cannot follow me in death.

In the Tao te Ching, it says that if you are not afraid of dying, you can do anything. I find that the fear of death overwhelms almost every human being. They put their faith in jobs and material things and in tangible things like earthly power that in fact do not protect them from evil on earth. On December 27, 1997, I came within thirty minutes of dying of a heart attack. I found I had no fear of death.

When someone tells me about all their earthly accomplishments, I always acknowledge them. Yet I always ask the same question in my mind. “Do you know you are going to die?” No matter how great one’s accomplishments, there comes a time when death calls. Even if genetics are advanced to where we as human beings live 10,000 years, in time, death will come to everyone. Nothing is born in this reality that does not die. It is the nature of this universe. In time, all things that manifest from the Infinite Oneness, will disintegrate back into it.

I collect images of skeletons and skulls. The reason is so I never forget that I am living on borrowed time. Death is always stalking me. These skulls remind me of my mortality. They keep me honest. They keep me humble. They keep me focused on God and my eventual return to my heavenly home. They keep me from becoming confused in the manifestation of this reality.

I have always considered my advocacy for peace as an impossible task. Yet I have always believed that I could do some good in the world human society. I believed I could increase the peace if only incrementally by simply changing my name such that people had to think about peace when they heard, read or addressed me. In time, I began to feel that I was, through my books and my art, sowing seeds, thoughts, ideas that over time would grow and mature and reduce the chaos and disharmony in the world human society. In a sense, these seeds to me were like good viruses that over time could not be completely disintegrated or put back into the void from which they came. In time, they would germinate. So in the world human society of infinite chaos and disharmony, I was determined to plant ‘good’ seeds that were as eternal as the evil where I inserted them.

I understand that the chances are that I would not live long enough to see the effects of the majority of my efforts. Yet I never had a doubt that in time my efforts would be successful. I would be satisfied with the fact that I had tried. I was happy simply knowing that what I was doing would bear fruit even if I did not witness it. Truth and light cannot be denied. As I planted these seeds, others would come after me and help them germinate. And as with the seeds of plants, the ones that do germinate produce many seeds and some of those in their time germinate. One seed of one plant can in fact over time cover the earth with its progeny.

In the end, it does not really matter what I did or did not achieve in my advocacy. All that really matters to me is that when I take my last breath, I can say, “I tried.”


When you have made every effort to align yourself with God in the pursuit of your life’s purpose, there are seldom any overt and obvious indications that you are on the right path.

Sometimes things that seem to end up as disasters were in the global movie of one’s life something needed for one’s mission or purpose to succeed. I knew that action was critical in pursuing any goal. Through prayer and meditation, I was always able to feel my way toward what I felt I was supposed to do in the pursuit of my destiny. There was always an intuitive feeling that I was on the right path. But once that feeling became established there was the need to perform some act or nothing was going to happen.

In the performance of action, somehow the universe, angels, guardians, helpers, both spiritual and human, get on board and then little miracles begin to happen. One sure way to know if you are on the right path in life is by paying attention to these miracles. Sometimes, most of the time actually, it seems like luck; doors and pathways you thought would not open actually do open, verifying that you are in fact on the right path. On the contrary, one way to know that you are not on the right path in large or small matters is the reality that you seem to be up against an obstacle over which you cannot proceed.

However, identifying an obstacle does not mean that only one or two attempts should be tried to overcome it. I would say that for me, four or five attempts would be enough for me to move in another direction. Important things are not easy to accomplish. So one must become tough and not get discouraged by the barriers, both people and circumstances, which are always present in one’s journey in life.

Another important thing with regard to achieving small and large goals and objectives is to realize that the path from beginning to end is seldom a straight line. The path is generally more serpentine. As you look back later in life, you can see how you weaved in and out but generally continued in the same general direction toward your destiny.

I have never found God to be present moment to moment with kudos and encouragement.  Sometimes there are obvious blessings when achieving some part of the path. But mostly I have had to just review whether or not over time I had in fact been moving toward my overall objective and then keep on keeping on.

The really big achievers in the Bible like the Apostle Paul suffered immensely. But these men and women seemed to not overstate their troubles. These problems are just part of everyone’s life path. The truth is that most human beings can adjust to the worst conditions and environments and adversity. Losing my business, wife, home and freedom in 2007, was frustrating to say the least. Yet I always had faith that it was for a purpose even if I could not immediately determine the reason. The coincidences that had to all come together to completely shut down my life were really highly unlikely to come together. But they did. So I accepted that things were as they were supposed to be and meditated on what it all meant.

For me, to lose virtually everything was a sign that my life was going to be on a significantly different path when I exited jail. I also knew that I was sixty years old and God had a lot of cleansing and reprogramming to accomplish. My time in jail was a time of transformation; a metamorphosis. It was a time when I would reconcile with my past. I did this in part by writing my autobiography. 

So I did not fight going to prison. There was a short period of adjustment after I realized I would have to serve a year as opposed to six months but other than that, I knew I needed the time to cleanse and prepare for my future.

On a smaller scale, I began to see the action I needed to take to clean up my past. I needed to sort through my files and few possessions and I needed to look at my business; or I should say the remnants of my business. I needed to get a cell phone, pay for car insurance, get some health insurance; minor things. In every life there are always the large and small issues that need constant attention. I knew I could not go to Paris until all these things were in order in America.

I also knew that I had to resolve my past and present relationship with Kay. I had to find out why she left. I had to determine the nature of our future relationship if any. I wanted to remain friends. I knew we would not reconnect as companions. Through or because of her lack of faith, she could not continue with me into this phase of my life. At the same time, I felt she had a need to be her own person and that would never happen as long as we were married. She did not know how to carve out her own reality inside our marriage. Or, my personality was just overwhelming to her. Working and living with me in her role as a wife was all about supporting me emotionally and as my business partner. I think she got lost in my goals and life and subordinated her own goals and needs.

Like many if not all interactions between human beings, both benefit from the connection. God’s plan is efficient and multi purposed.

I also needed to reconcile myself with Christianity in general and Jesus in particular. I needed to carefully read the New Testament and understand its many messages. And I needed to meditate to visualize and understand the path I was to take on exiting prison.

I did not miss the TV or radio while incarcerated because I never watched TV much anyway and seldom played the radio. My mind was always processing something and noise of any kind was a distraction. I had access to a daily newspaper while in the Harris County jail but not in the Federal prison in Falfurrias. The cell-block in Harris County was large enough to permit walking and there were metal stairs where I could do pull-ups and chin ups to stay in shape. Not so in solitary confinement in a ten by twelve foot cell in Falfurrias.

I also learned how to get novels to read from trustees for a candy bar or other commissary item. So I had my Bible and related Christian material and I had novels. Novels made time go very fast for me. On the average, I would take a day to read one. I would think about the fact that after I read ‘x’ number of books, I would be free. 

I found that I could write about twenty pages a day or more in my journal and my manuscripts while in jail. It is best for me not to write when I am not in the mood. However, the days were long enough for me to have four to six writing sessions a day; writing five or more pages at a sitting. Since I only sleep about five hours in twenty-four, I felt like I actually had to serve more time than those inmates who could sleep eight to ten hours a day.

Looking back, prison allowed me to prepare for the next forty years of my life. My life before and after jail was like day and night. My faith in God that had always been strong became stronger and my faith and trust in God became more intimate and real. I understood better how I should relate to God to maximize my endeavors and to increase my personal peace.

My time in prison cleared my spiritual channels to better receive visions of the future and dreams about the potential and possibility of things to come. I wrote what came to me as I always have. But the visions and dreams became more frequent and more coherent and less abstract in my prison environment. God has always used dreams and visions to communicate with me as well as what I refer to as signs in many forms as I move along my life’s path.


Based on the nature of my prison writing and the hatred that I had drawn to me from what most conservatives would consider radical thoughts over the prior twenty years, I knew I had to be very careful about how I presented myself to the world.

In order to protect myself, it was imperative that I not begin an organization. That was no problem because I am for the most part anti bureaucratic. I understand the need for order in society. I am not the antichrist as some people have ignorantly stated because the antichrist will be a consummate super bureaucrat. 

From the first website I published after changing my name in 1988, I had made it clear that I had no organization, no followers, no disciples and did not seek any. I stated repeatedly that I was just one man with one message: WorldPeace. I was concerned that the FBI or CIA would interfere in my life. There is no doubt they had been monitoring me since I changed my name in 1988. My son Marshall verified this for me after he became a cop in 2001.

I see myself simply as someone who is opening new conversations about peace and WorldPeace. Those conversations are centered around the law, politics, religion and gender bias. These first three areas that permeate and dominate the world human society should be fostering peace but in undeniable ways, they are fostering chaos, anarchy and war both directly and indirectly. It is undeniable that gender bias and the world-wide subordination of women is an impediment to increasing the peace that permeates every aspect of the world human society. The truth is often paradoxical.

The objective of my mission in life is to increase the peace in the world human society. Perfect peace is not possible to achieve because we live in an ever-changing environment on every level. Perfect peace would be a world of human beings made of stone and therefore at peace due to an inability to interact.

In many ways, I am a threat to the social order but not directly because I have no organized following. As long as I do not take money out of the pockets of the rich and powerful, I will be left alone as just another left wing radical, most of whose impact on society is negligible.

The other important thing in my future is to stay under the radar with regards to finances. Most of the businesses I intend to create have very high profit margins and will not require borrowing or funding. That means that I would not have to present financial statements to banks or governmental agencies other than the IRS for the world to see. Also, through a maze of trusts and close corporations, no one but me and a few trusted others would know the entire structure of my financial empire, much less suspect that I even controlled an empire. 

Also, setting up these entities all over the world would create an impenetrable maze. Nothing would be illegal. There was no need for that. The Internet has an amazing and infinite potential for accumulating legitimate fortunes.

When I exited jail, I had no one to help me rebuild my life. I had to begin alone and then carefully build a staff of true believers in my businesses. The web design business should grow exponentially as it was when my son shut it down with his evil treachery in January 2007. I was hoping that my prison manuscripts would bring to me a large enough advance to increase the pace of growth of all my business endeavors. 

The books I wrote in jail were about a legitimate conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society. My peace method of choice was to create as many jobs world-wide as possible. The larger my businesses, the more employees I would have employed. And the more jobs I created in the Third World and in depressed local economies, the more I would increase the level of peace in the world human society. Jobs are the most practical way to manifest peace in the world. So my business economic interests were closely integrated with my WorldPeace Advocacy.

The key to increasing the peace is for people to relate to each other as human beings first and then secondly by race, nationality, religion and gender. In the matter of God, people needed to become more spiritual first and religious second. A spiritual mindset is a direct link to God. A religious mindset is one that is filtered through man-made bureaucracies first. The core problem with these bureaucracies is that their actions are focused first on the preservation of their religious bureaucracy and only second on spreading the message of their founders. So when the words of Jesus conflict with the survival of a Christian religious bureaucracy, the needs of the bureaucracy prevail. This is why so much religious doctrine and dogma makes no sense. My belief is that to cut out religious prejudice these artificial elitist exclusive religious mindsets need to be discarded or at least their bias recognized and understood. The direct way to bring this discussion online was to create a conversation about the most glaring paradoxes regarding increasing the peace in the world human society.

In the area of religion, I felt I had to find a way that would allow elitist exclusionary religious bureaucrats to tolerate their peers and quit fueling religious wars.  The only way that was possible was to show people how they could directly communicate with God; spiritually without the necessity of human religious intermediaries, priests, preachers and so on. I had spent a lifetime in contemplation, study and involvement in religious issues and I felt I had a legitimate perspective, no matter how seemingly radical. However, it was not my intent to portray myself as some kind of messiah, prophet or avatar. I wanted to ask questions. I wanted to start conversations about peace. There had not been a serious major religious movement since the 600’s when Mohammed founded Islam.

I had no intention of trying to start a new religion. But I did intend to bring attention to the paradoxes of religion. The most obvious paradox is those obscenely wealthy televangelists who make millions talking about Jesus, who had nothing. I refer to these endeavors contemptuously as billion dollar Jesus shows.

The difference in the social fabric in 30 CE and 2000 CE is light years apart. The world at the time of Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed was almost infinite. The Internet has made it a small world indeed.

Science has proven much that necessitates a critical look at religious doctrine and dogma. Genetics for one is an obvious factor; humans are close to playing God in this science. The meaning of life is about to be discussed in a whole new dynamic.

The subordination of women is an undeniable impediment to increasing the peace, considering that women are barred from the top positions in all the major religions as well as the rest of the world human society.
Someone like myself cannot facilitate major discussions about religion and spirituality unless society is already prepared for and looking for the discussion to begin. I felt in 2008, that the time was right for a lot of religious related discussions. The Internet was rapidly weaving all the various parts of the world human society together. People were able to easily acquire a worldview. Gone were the days when leaders both political and religious could keep their constituencies and congregations from obtaining the truth directly from competing philosophies. The Internet is the most democratic invention in the world human society.

The majority of intelligent people are experts in their fields and yet they have generally not done their research into religion and spirituality that they have accomplished in their careers and professions. I felt sure that once that obvious fact came to consciousness, then the conversation would begin as the studies proceeded.

Therefore, I see myself as a ‘one man’ catalyst for discussions about peace and WorldPeace broken down into sub discussions of the law, politics, religion and gender bias. In all these areas, I had real life experiences plus scholarly research and formal education; plus feedback as a result of being John WorldPeace for twenty-two years.

Yes, 2009 was the right time to open a discussion about these issues and their relationship to peace and WorldPeace. I knew that I would be attacked for my peace advocacy. I knew I would have to keep a low profile and communicate more through my books and the Internet and less in person. I felt certain that the majority of the world’s entrenched bureaucracies would consider me a heretic and an antichrist. Yet it was the fundamentalist Christians in America who I feared the most.

Therefore, leaving for Paris, the home of many true radicals and misfits, became a priority for me. I even considered that in time I would have to move to Japan in order to feel truly safe. I preferred China because it is emerging from its Dark Ages. However, religious and spiritual discussions were too unpredictable for the government to allow me to live there and speak freely in public. Or so I thought in 2008.



After being released from prison, I immediately pursued my fourth objective. Finding a female relationship, connecting with Harper Collins and acquiring an Arabian horse were the first three. The fourth was making plans to go to Paris as soon as possible. I had applied for my passport almost immediately upon arriving home in December 2008. I received the passport within a few weeks because I paid to have it expedited. In prison, it was clear to me that I had to go to Paris where I would meet other radicals and misfits and peaceniks like myself. I felt certain that in Paris I would find support for my WorldPeace Advocacy.

I had purchased a round trip ticket to Paris with a hotel package for ten days attached to it. I was to leave in April. My plan was to spend the ten days looking for an apartment to rent and to find the center of the art community and the center of the writer and poet communities. I wanted to get an apartment before the tourist season began in earnest. I knew I could rent a place in the country cheaper than the city and I really loved that idea but I wanted to be around people and I did not want to have to rent a car.

As per usual, everyone I knew thought I was crazy. But I had to get out of America. The conservative atmosphere was killing me. In prison, I realized it had been killing me all my life. And as they say ‘a prophet is not known in his own town’. I never thought of myself as a prophet but I had a belief that America would never embrace me or my WorldPeace Advocacy; that I would have to advocate peace from Paris first.

It was in prison when it first became clear to me that I had to escape to Paris. I had to go where the radicals were. I desperately needed to be near my own kind. America was just too conservative for me.

When I was arrested, I began to let go of my past. I felt like a man with a huge rope tied around him on one end and sixty years of being an outcast in America on the other end. In January 2009, I began to use a metaphorical knife to cut the rope. As each day went by, I cut a few more strands. I began to fully release the baggage of my past in a way I could not in prison. I needed to feel, touch, see my past before I could really release it. Prison was too sterile for that.

A lot more of that baggage was released as I sorted through all the things that had been packed away when my mother sold the Heights house. I refused to keep a hundred boxes of history in storage. I would not come back to America except to visit.

I had to go to a place where nothing was familiar to me. By the time I was released from prison, almost everything I had loved was gone. The house where I was living when I was arrested had been sold. It was the last home that I had with Kay. The pain of losing that house was great. So many memories were associated with it. My parents had lived there for decades and after their divorce my mother lived there; then Kay and I lived there.

I had to go somewhere I could get a fresh start. Then I would not have to drive by that old house and feel the loss and be thrown mentally back into my past; not to mention thousands of other familiar places in Houston where I had grown up and lived all but seven years of my life. I felt I could fall in love with Paris and then I would forget all about the Heights house. Yet Kay was so tied up in the Heights memories that I could not think about one without conjuring memories of the other.

Originally, I had thought that I would rent an apartment in Houston and one in Paris. Very soon I realized that my life was going to be based in France. Therefore, I only needed a place to stay when I came back to America.  And the reality was that I would only come to America to see my parents about one week out of four months I thought. So I could stay with them.

I hated losing the Heights house but the thought of being in Paris was the stronger emotion for me. And there was no reason for me to have a home in Houston if I spent the majority of my time in Europe.

I could run my web design business from Paris so there was no need for me to live in America. If there was an emergency with one of my parents, I could catch a plane and be home within twelve hours.

The first week in May 2008, when I was in the Harris County jail, a full-page picture of the Eiffel Tower came out in the travel section of the newspaper. I cut it out and each night taped it on the wall at the foot of my bed. I had to take it down every morning or the guards would have torn it down and thrown it away. Once I decided what I was going to do, time began to pass very fast. The nuisance of being in jail was ignored. All the petty harassment from the guards was tolerable. I was going to move to Paris and they were going to have to continue to report to the jail each day to work their boring jobs. They had the life sentence, not me.

A lot of Paris is about simply observing it; how people live their lives there is exciting. So to go to Paris and stay in the home of a Parisian and relax would be a whole different kind of experience. I was excited. I was confident that I would find peace and happiness in Paris and in time the rest of the world.

I thought it would be great to go to a peace gathering in Europe. I would be the novelty: a guy from Texas named WorldPeace on a mission of peace. In time, I felt sure that I would be able to find a significant number good people who would allow me to stay with them on longer trips. Once the word got around that I was a user-friendly guest, I believed I would have it easy.

These thoughts possessed me and were a very large factor in making time go by quickly in jail. I spent a lot of hours thinking about Paris. But these thoughts also motivated me to write twenty plus pages a day. Because in my vision of a perfect world I would be able to make a living lecturing and writing as I traveled the world promoting my books and my WorldPeace Advocacy. The objective was to travel the world talking about peace, painting and writing.

I had found that in starting businesses that it usually took me about three to four months to get things going. After that the possibilities were unlimited. One of the things that fascinated me was visiting all these peace groups and meeting people who were committed to peace. I knew that in Europe I would find fertile ground for this endeavor. In America, there was an undeniable readiness for change. The election of Barack Obama to the presidency proved that. So the timing of my books was perfect. As with my businesses and most of my life, my timing seemed to be perfect.

Jail was a wake-up call. I realized more and more how important that experience was. It gave me understanding and it gave me my peace credentials. It gave me my bona fides because I received a one-year prison sentence because I was John WorldPeace. Joe Citizen would never have received such a sentence. So I felt comfortable saying that I was a political prisoner -- imprisoned for peace.

I was fighting an unjust legal system that is an impediment to peace. I did not deliberately create a situation that put me in jail. It just happened. The long sentence became inevitable when the peace matter came into play. I got a year because the fascist corrupt Federal District Judge Lynn Hughes hated what I stood for: WorldPeace. Not to mention that his great legal mind simply could not wrap around someone truly committed to peace much less follow my logic in how specifically I was pursuing answers in hopes of increasing the peace in the world human society.

I knew that going to Paris was going to cause some serious mental exercises by the Snake and Kay both. Neither one is capable of making such a bold move alone. The Snake would increase her hatred for me. She would hate the fact that after all she did to me and tried to do to me, culminating with my son David’s treachery that she supported, I still came out of jail, resumed my life and moved to Paris. I think in the mind of most people, most Americans, that alone would have been an impossible challenge.

My going to Paris would make the Snake mad but it would make Kay sad. She would be sad that her fear had kept her from going with me by staying in the marriage, something that she would want but could not make herself attempt. The Snake would like to live in Paris but Kay is country and needs to be around her children and grandchildren. So being in Paris, while enviable, was not a goal for her and never would be. The divorce left a permanent wound in my heart. I think it is an eternal scar.

My parents thought Paris was just another wild and crazy move on my part second only to changing my name. And of course they wanted to discourage it and have me close to them. But they had no real valid needs that would keep me in America. Family and friends are always an obstacle to a person making radical or unconventional changes in his or her life. They make it hard for the average person to make such a dramatic change.

My mother was upset that I was even considering going to Paris. But I told her I would be back one week out of every four monts and she could come to Europe and visit.



Actually going to Paris was not easy. It was not really hard either. To pick up my bags and go to a faraway place, alone, with no friends waiting for me was not easy. Yet I believed above all else that this is what I had to do. My life after sixty would be centered in Paris, France; not anywhere in the USA. 

When I thought about moving to Paris, memories of moving to Colorado in 1993 came back to me. Kay and I had left Houston for Colorado in January 1993, with $2000 in our pocket, no jobs, no friends or family and no place to live in Colorado. God provided everything. I knew my new life was waiting in Paris so my spirits were bolstered significantly. I knew my move to Paris was my destiny and would happen.

The thought of not just taking some excess money and going on a trip but to actually move to Paris and be able to financially support myself was just more than most people could dream. There are other collateral issues like being able to speak French fluently and the reality that I believed that I would probably learn Spanish and German too as time went on. It would leave no doubt that I was evolving into a man of the world. In time, the first official citizen of the world.

I also felt confident in human nature. Being from Texas and having a name like WorldPeace alone was enough I thought to motivate strangers I would meet who lived in Paris to reach out and help me. People love to help others. And there are some factors involved in regards to people admiring someone who was willing to leave everything behind and move to a foreign county. Paris was familiar to my soul. America had made me feel unwelcomed.

Going to Paris was like changing my name. It was a radical move but I was at the fork in the road in my life after exiting jail, if not when I entered it. I had no choice but to move to Paris because it was my destiny. Knowing this made it easy for me to seek out and draw to me what I needed to do to get there. I knew I had to write my books in jail and have them published when I got out. 

I had a plan I formulated in May 2008, to move to Paris. And I executed the plan. Like most serious plans, the more I moved toward my objective, the clearer my vision of what I had to do became. And I also found what I always find, that once you put physical energy into your dreams, things happen. Miracles happen that you never even considered. Things come to you and, more importantly, people come into your life to help you like they have been waiting all their lives for you and the moment of engagement.

I never really worried about money to make the move to Paris and then to support myself when I arrived there. I knew that even if I did not work, there were plenty of people who had a lot of money and who were waiting to support my WorldPeace Advocacy because I was doing something they wanted to support. WorldPeace. I was pursuing something much bigger than myself and I had absolute faith that my commitment and dedication would sustain me in every way. I knew that Paris would become my heaven on earth. I knew that when I landed in Paris that my world/the world would begin to change.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.

I read those words from Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Less Traveled’ a long time ago in my high school counselor’s office. Those words immediately clarified my life as soon as I read them. They represented an epiphany. One little piece of paper under glass on the edge of an old oak desk in a crowded office became my call to peace.