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The pin is metal with a baked glossy finish, 1" inch in diameter with a 1/4" post on the back and rubber keeper.

The pins sell for $5.00 each shipping included.

To order, simply click the "Buy Now" button or  fill out the attached form and mail it to the address below.  Usually the pins will be mailed the day after receipt of the order.

If you would like additional information, email me at:

Credit Cards   [WorldPeace World Peace]


   <-- Click here to order by credit card

The old fashioned way:  

    Print out this form, fill it out and mail it to the address below:

Amount enclosed: $  ______________

If you would like a pin and cannot afford one, put your initials here  ______ 

Your name

Your mailing address                                        City                 State             Zip

John WorldPeace, Attorney at Law
2620 Fountainview,  Suite 106
Houston, Texas   77057