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by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1997 by John WorldPeace
Houston, Texas USA

All rights reserved

Sayings of Mohammad I Verses of the Koran that manifest peace.
Sayings of Mohammad II Verses of the Koran that do not manifest peace.


And who join together what God has bidden to be joined, and who fear
their Lord, and dread all ill reckoning. 13:21

A picture of the Paradise which God hath promised to them that fear Him.
The rivers flow beneath its bowers: its food and its shades are perpetual.
this is the reward of those who fear God; but the reward of the unbelievers
is the Fire. 13:35

And fear God and put me not to shame. 15:69

Warn that there is no God but me; therefore fear me. 16:2

But to those who have feared God it shall be said, What is this that your
Lord has awarded?' They shall say, That which is best. To those who
do good, a good reward in this present world; but better the mansion of
next, and right pleasant the abode of the God-fearing! 16:32

Thus God rewards those who fear Him. 16:33

They fear their Lord who is above them, and do what they are bidden. 16:52

All in the Heavens and in the Earth is His! His due unceasing service! Will
you then fear any other than God? 16:54

And be not grieved about the infidels, and be not troubled at their devices;
for God is with those who fear him and do good deeds. 16:128

Then will we deliver those who had the fear of God, and the wicked will
we leave in it on their knees. 19:73

One day we will gather the God-fearing before the God of Mercy with
honors due. 19:88

Verily we have made this Koran easy and in thine own tongue, that you
may announce glad tidings by it to the God-fearing, and that you may warn
the contentious by it. 19:97

Not to sadden have we sent down this Koran to you. But as a warning for
him who fears. 20:1,2

Thus have We sent down to thee an Arabic Koran, and have set forth menaces
therein diversely, that haply they may fear God, or that it may give birth to
reflection in them. 20:112

We sent Noah heretofore unto his people, and he said, O my people! serve
God: you have no other God than He: will you not therefore fear Him? 23:23

And we sent among them an apostle from out themselves, with, Worship
you God! You have no other God than He: will you not therefore fear Him?

And truly this your religion is the one religion; and I am your Lord: therefore
fear me. 23:54

Say: Who is the Lord of the seven heavens, and the Lord of the glorious throne?
They will say, They are God's. Say: Will you not, then, fear Him? 23:88,89

And whoso shall obey God, and His Apostle, and shall dread God and fear
Him, these are they that shall be the blissful. 24:51

When their brother Noah said to them, Will you not fear God?
Of a truth am I your faithful Apostle;
Fear God then and obey me. 26:106-8

When their brother Houd said to them, Will you not fear God?
I am your Apostle, worthy of all credit;
Fear God and obey me. 26:124-126

Fear you God then and obey me.
And fear you Him who hath plenteously bestowed on you you know well
what. 26:131,2

the Themoudites also treated their Apostles as liars,
When their brother Saleh said to them, Will you not fear God?
I am your Apostle worthy of all credit:
Fear God, then, and obey me. 26:141-144

But fear God and obey me. 26: 150

When their brother Lot said to them, Will you not fear God?
I am your Apostle worthy of all credit:
Fear God, then, and obey me. 26:161-3

When Shoaib their brother said to them, Will you not fear God? I truly am your turstworthy Apostle.
Fear God, then, and obey me. 26:177-179

And fear Him who made you and the races of old. 26:184

As to this future mansion, we will bestow it on those who seek not to
exalt them in the earth or to do wrong: And there is a happy issue for
the God-fearing. 25:83