Jim Chrome I
- the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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(Notice Apr 5, 2016 )
First draft was finished on April 5, 2016 at 0625. Jwp

THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT. I WRITE BY STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I have a very general storyline in my head when I begin to write. I write mindful of grammar and punctuation. I write about 5 pages at time and about 10 to 12 pages a day. After I finish 5 pages, I go back and edit for grammar and punctuation before I continue to write. Then I post to the internet. This is a First Draft. When the novel is finished I will do two more edits from the first to last page. These last two edits cover content and grammar and punctuation. I tried using hired editors in the past but it did not work. I thought I needed my writing to be more conventional with agreed protocols. Then I realized I did not want my brilliance or my ignorance edited; sterilized.
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JIM CHROME I - the EYE opens

A Sci-Fi Novel

by Dr John WorldPeace JD


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Copyright 2016 Dr John WorldPeace JD All Rights Reserved

PART 1 of 6


I sit at the round table watching him pour water into the clear antique Coke glass. He is a man of chrome; naked and anatomically correct sans genitals. Clothes are seldom worn. He is seamless in appearance.

He brings the water. I see the water not moving side to side in the glass because Jim is not human. The water is as clear and pure as his chrome exterior; chrome sheen over some material, not biological, not steel. I am old and chrome always meant steel centuries ago.

I call him Jim, Jim Chrome. And that name brings back thoughts of a slave. A biological enslaved human being of the 19th century. But we are in the 23rd century. He has been with me 202 years now. I reject thinking about how he came into my possession.

Possession is a strange concept, because I don’t relate to owning him. He is a companion. A friend. Loyal and loving. An android with such a high degree of AI that he has a soul just like me. He has the AI LIFER (Library Integrated Field Energized Refractory) permeating his entire atomic structure. Not to mention a unique enhancement he and I worked out that connects him to the Nom; my word for the spiritual dimension. A soul in the old speak.

“Dr.. WorldPeace, this should make you feel better”, he said as he respectfully handed me the glass. Just a clear glass of water but no doubt saturated with some kind of energy field that was created by him to balance my energy and make my discomfort go away. A neutralizer to restore balance to my body mind and soul integrity.

“Thank you”, I said looking blankly into his gray-blue replicant eyes. Replicant, such a disrespectful word. So demeaning. He is more than me. He is me; an extension of my harmonized DNA. Created in love and peace with nothing but the best of intentions. My gift to myself so long ago.

He sat down. I could feel his projection of ultrasound energy warming my body. Integrating with the liquid as I swallowed it and as its potion immediately integrated throughout my body.

“Dr. WorldPeace you have a negative disharmony of 225 EKS. Electron Kax Satz,” Jim said. In short, a negative charge in my stomach that was Dr.aining my biology. The muses I thought. They used the EKS to open my mind and body in order to bring to consciousness something I need to be aware of.

They were prying open my mind and making an electronic insertion of information via an EAP. Expanded Awakening Packet. Somewhere in my brain, my knowledge was being reformatted and compacted to make room from this new EAP that was expanding and rerouting my thought processes.

My brain is inefficient the same as all those who are my age and still extant, the very few humans born in the middle of the 20th century, Baby Boomers we are, post WW2 humans. No one uses those terms anymore. Defective by any definition of the last two centuries. But fixable with EAP’s. We are all just experiments. Old human. Old DNA. Nothing like my progeny. Few humans have been born like animals in the wild with random DNA in the last 150 years. The world human society is far beyond those primal days of the 20th century concrete cave dwellers squirting pregnancy one to the other recklessly.

“I am feeling better Jim. A true healer you are”, I said.

“Healing has always been a strange word to me”, he said without expression. “It is just a chemical concoction well known for a long time now in earth years to be a harmonizer.”

“A cure,” I said.

Jim said nothing. We did not have to discuss these things. We both understood the conversation clearly. As it should be with someone who is a computer. Another pejorative word. But he is a QB (quantum/biological) computer; definitely a biological like me. Yet so very much more. He is the most advanced of the AI beings.

He was continuously being injected with knowledge in all KD’s (knowledge disciplines) moment to moment. He is all knowing with regards to the physical universe and same same with many levels of the spiritual realms. GPs, Ghost Protocols in the slang, AKP, All Knowing Paradox, God in TS Tech Speak, etc.

“I think I would like to take a walk,” I said.

Outside my Residence/Office, was primal jungle. Most of the Boomers like me refused to live in the cities. Too much technology. Too much control. Too much order. Too crowded and compact. Outside the door was a jungle with real predators. The animals I became familiar with in elementary school, and many more extinct species that had been genetically engineered. All the large predators have behavior packets that neutralize all their instincts when they are within a hundred yards of biological, or part biological, humans like me.

Very seldom, one of the boomers is destroyed by one of these predators. It happens because the boomers are tired of living. They have not been able to fully break from the old mindset. Others have had their memories of their first hundred years erased and allow themselves to be regularly updated like Jim.

I like the old memories. I don’t want to let them go. I refuse the cleansing option every year. I doubt there are more than a dozen like me left on earth. I am the last leaf. Some have moved out into the solar system to the colonies there. But I like it here. I have been to the other colonies and there are too many restrictions designed to allow biological humans to live in those hostile or fragile environments. I don’t want to waste my energy on dealing with the added rules of life off-world. No matter how beautiful and heaven like those worlds may be, in time, they are boring to me. The history and familiarity of a place is worth more than just a new visual environment. I can get 3D visuals in the holodeck, retro slang now days for Virtual Reality Chamber (VRC).

“I feel a lot better Jim,” I said. “The sun is bright in a perfect blue sky. I need to fill what is left of my old lungs with the pure oxygen and feel alive in the 20th century. Then I need to come back inside and get on with my work.”

“Yes, Dr.. WorldPeace, you are much better and I am relaxing in the knowing that you have regained your harmony,” he said.

I could see the calm in his aura. It was his soul not his manufacture that had changed his energy. What a strange world I have come to inhabit. I am one of the few to have made the transition for the old world human society. My spiritual studies when I was in my forties allowed me an effortless transition to this future. In a word or two, I was not lost or overwhelmed as the changes came along at an increasing rate.

The walk had been renewing. Jim had not followed. He had other priorities. I enjoyed the solitude.

I was preparing to meet with my partners in the Galaxy Project. 175 years ago after my art began to sell at outrageous prices, my books went viral and my business minted money, I began the Galaxy Project.

The reality of robotic satellite exploration of the universe in general and the Milky Way in specific made it obvious that no human would ever make a conventional visit to even the nearest planet with intelligent life. I began to pour money into a project to locate broadcasting planets; a planet with intelligent life that was reaching out to other civilizations.

I was certain that the billions of planets in the Milky Way contained thousands if not millions of intelligent life forms capable of sending some kind of communication in an attempt to find other intelligent beings.

We could beam communications by way of piggy backing them onto antimatter and dark matter which we found rippled instantaneously throughout the entire universe.

Dark matter is antimatter bound in a sticky matrix of just one XT particle per every cubic light year of space. All connected, all holistic replicates of the entire physical universe. And all these particles supported each other like a seamless glass of infinite dimensions. This XT matrix is a timeless construct where the touching of any one XT particle immediately is experienced by every particle in the entire Universal but not the Infinite Matrix (physical) as opposed to the essence of the Infinite Oneness which is non-physical by most measuring instruments.

It was the discovery of this XT field that allowed the communication with all the other worlds in the Milky Way, and through intergalactic space, more dynamic structures that allow the communication from the edges of the universe to anywhere else within the universe instantaneously.

Our work has brought and continues to bring to earth videos of other worlds and other intelligent societies made up of infinite life dynamics of the other than non-carbon based kind. Each other world society brought in communications with other parts of the Milky Way and overnight virtually the entire Milky Way was jacked in to what used to be called the internet referring to global logical linear communications and is now called the Galactic Net and Universal Wide Net.

The reality of the proven existence of an infinite variety of intelligent societies virtually everywhere in the universe had the effect of ending any desire to conquer. Since the first civilizations on into the 21st century there was a factor of national boundaries relating to lands and peoples to be conquered and controlled and colonized, subordinated and enslaved.

But with our discoveries of many worlds there was an understanding that the hierarchy of intelligent incarnate life was such that there could be no one king of the universe. There was just too much variety.

The numbing effect of this reality took the desire to conquer out of virtually every nation. The thought that a king could be certain that no other being existed in the universe who could not dominate him or her was now considered folly. In two more words; stupid and ignorant.

The histories coming in from all over the Milky Way were those of endless stories of fallen kings. Archetypical stories that were infinitely played out conceptually in the same way. Nothing was new. The newness was gone. The enlightened contemporary kings were human beings who wanted to learn.

Wisdom not power was the path to peace and harmony and power.

No one tried to teach anyone because everyone had his or her own expertise. The concept of one way for every intelligent being was laughable. No one desired to be king. Power hungry beings were considered the lowest form of life because the pursuit of power was sought out in nothing less than absolute ignorance.

“Hello L-A, when are you,” I thought.

“5723.65 (galactic time)” came the response.

“Why?” I asked.

“The black hole of Red D46 hit its event horizon and destabilized and vaporized the XT field in 3275.62.” came the reply.

“And it created a parrot anomaly and backed up in time to when?” I asked.

“50 atomic nano seconds in the past.”

“So the entire XT field was scrambled for 2 weeks earth time due to the reverberations and inverted light passing through the A22 dark matter,” I assume.

“Yes, Dr.. WorldPeace.”

“What did we lose?”

“Nothing, Dr.. WorldPeace?”

“How is that possible?” I asked.

“We don’t know that yet but we know something is being projected from earth’s moon that is doing the manipulation,” she said anxiously.

“So it was sabotaged in future time, but everything is fine. Yet something is jacked into our Xadonics you think.”

“Yes, Dr.. WorldPeace”

“Ok, I have restored the XT field Matrix to Blue for 200 atomic nano seconds. The culprits are going to find themselves enveloped in a black void for about 3000 earth years but it will take them 25 years to realize what has happened. When they come to that realization, they will understand we have disappeared in time and they will need to concern themselves with finding their way out of the matrix and forget about chasing us for an eon or two”

“All is well, no harm done,” I said.

“Good job. Thank you” I projected.

“Coming home,” she said.


“Problem?” Jim asked coming into my space.

“Not really. Just another day at the office.”

“Dr. WorldPeace I have no idea what you are working on a lot of the time but I know you are doing a lot of different things ceaselessly. A lot of positive things and that is all that matters,” he said not showing any emotion.

Jim was virtually all knowing but he could not understand how things worked in my reality. No way to explain because there simply is no way to communicate when the language is simply nonexistent. Communicating without communicating, doing without acting, knowing without questioning. Who can explain that?

“There was a problem in the time dynamic that was going to disrupt the XT field for an infinitesimal amount of galactic time and it needed to be remedied before someone could hack into the matrix and do who knows what. Coming through any back door is almost always not a good sign of things to come,” I said.

“Functioning in a no time, no space, no duality environment is a strange gift indeed. I just embraced something that felt like it was there when there was no proof of any kind to verify that I am not delusional is always an interesting experience. My logical linear mind simply can’t comprehend and remains in denial that anything has happened on any intangible level. Makes me smile,” I said.

“For some reason keepers of the XT field who are grounded in an old time human body are needed and I am one of the lucky? few? One who is blessed with the task because I can do it. I like doing it. I like being an anomaly which is far beyond enigma”


The last thing I remembered was a visual lightning flash in my head, no pain or other physical experience.

Then I opened my eyes to see Jim kneeling over me.

“Dr.. WorldPeace, are you OK?” he asked as caring as any biological family member.

“I feel OK, Jim, what happened?”, I said not having experienced anything but the lightning flash in my head but knowing that I had no reason to be laying of the floor looking at the ceiling.

“You were sitting in your chair and then you popped up like someone kicked the chair bottom and ejected you up about five feet. You came down on the floor and ended up on your back.”, he said.

“I felt something,” he said, “but it was no more than a tiny electrical charge at the base of the back of my head.”

“This just happened moments ago and I have not had time to review my memory of the event.”

“How are you feeling?” he asked looking into my eyes with his gray-blue eyes.

“Fine,” I said. “Help me up Jim, slowly please.”

Jim helped me up and sat me back in my leather arm chair where I had been sitting when I saw the lightning.

Jim looked at me with all his sensory devices engaged. But there was no indication that he had found any problem in my body or mind or even my soul. I did not interrupt his examination but just kept gazing at him as I was lost in my own inventory of myself and experiencing nothing out of the ordinary. None of my bionics were giving off any signals of problems in the last few minutes.

Jim stood up straight and stepped back a bit.

“Nothing,” he said with a bit of hesitation due to finding nothing wrong with me.

We looked at each other for a moment and then I looked away to my computer and asked if there was anything in the house that registered the event.

“I checked that within a nano second of you lifting out of your chair,” he said. “I found nothing.”

“Well this was a psychic attack of some kind then. It could not be anything else. It is the only thing that would not register,” I said.

“At this point, finding nothing else, I would have to agree with you,” he said.

My body did have a nervous tension which I attributed to primal fight or flight reactions and I began deep breathing to rid myself of it. My many decades of yoga and meditation and mind control that I began practicing in the 21st century brought me back to normal within a few minutes. I was too old and had too many experiences over my life to be worried about dying or anything similar.

The iWatch on my wrist began to signal an incoming communication. “Answer,” I said.

“Dr.. WorldPeace,” an unfamiliar voice asked.

“Yes,” I responded.

“This is Holloway Epperson from Nasa Moon Base 2053. We just tracked a nano size worm hole open and close. Its origins came from the other side of the galaxy, bounced off our station here and then right to where you are sitting now and then disappeared in a nano second.”

“So you detected a mysterious nano worm hole that appeared and disappeared in a few nano seconds and it came from the other side of the galaxy. Have you pinpointed the coordinates of the point of origin,” I asked.

“Yes we have Dr. WorldPeace, but there is nothing there. But we did see a track of a beam intercept that point. It was like the incoming bean bounced from that point where nothing exists. There must be something there because we know of no technology that could cause a beam to change its trajectory without interacting with something. For a beam to make a nano turn at a point where nothing existed is just not possible in our experience.”

Jim and I looked at each other for a long second.

“Is there anything else,” I asked.

“No, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Holloway, “But we know you have a mega tech station there and felt you might have something recorded on the incoming beam.”

Being cautious, I said, “No, but we will recheck all our systems.”

“Ok,” Dr. WorldPeace. “We will keep checking here and forward to you anything we find.”

“Thank you Holloway,” I said and disconnected.


I looked down at my socks and Jim looked at me. He was not naturally human so every new experience for him required evaluation. At the same time, he was looking for answers to the anomaly. And I was just moving slowly, deeper and deeper into meditation looking for an explanation of the anomaly.


Jim never speaks first in these situations. I think he just files it under the poor dumb human that can’t keep up. He does not express the truth of our relationship. But he also knows there is a human essence that he will never get to. He can’t even feel physical pain which is huge in the human experience.

“Well, Jim, something did happen considering the trajectory of the beam. Nothing can make that kind of course change without colliding with something or bouncing off it. So something is about to happen. The fact that it struck me makes it real and relevant. That was a very long ride the little guy made.”

“I have an idea that this is just another one of many same same experiences we have been through. I think something very large is going to open up from this microscopic beam. Who knows if it involves time travel, spiritual dimensions, dark matter. Who knows?” Jim said.

“Something is manifesting between us Dr. WorldPeace.”, he said.

“Yes, I can feel it,” I said.

No sooner had I spoke, than a tiny beacon began to manifest between our heads. It was white, then yellow, then all the colors like a twinkling star. I wondered how such a tiny particle could manifest so much energy. We watched the light grow until it was about three inches in diameter. Bright for its size but not bright enough to bother my eyes.

It began to spin slowly on a vertical axis. Both Jim and I felt that it was accessing some kind of communications library preparing to communicate. We just watched for about 5 minutes when we heard the first almost imperceptible pitch which grew stronger.

Actually it was some communication on fast forward that slowed down until we could follow the stream. It was a telepathic message. We waited. Jim with his immense sensors was picking up nothing to create any alarm.

Then we all synced up.

“I am Xay,” it said.

“I have traveled from the dark matter at the edge of the universe. I am a sentinel posted with others of my vibration just beyond the outer edge of this universe. We have been tasked with contacting those who are capable of understanding the dilemma about to envelop this universe. It is coming from beyond the universe’s sphere.” Xay said.

“What I am about to tell you cannot be comprehended by anyone else on your planet. We have looked carefully at AIs and humans and you are the only two on this planet, in this solar system as well, who have a chance of grasping what we are about to relate,” Xay went on.

“This is not some malevolent force but just a physical cycle that happens every eons, 1 billion years in your time, in the life process of dark matter. We do not understand the catalyst that triggers it and we have not really considered stopping it because we do not understand it. We are not trying to battle the force. We are just ringing the bell, if you would, that change is coming. And at the same time we are disseminating information on the various ways to deal with it.”

“We know that Jim Chrome has a direct connect to the spiritual dimension of this solar system and it is those disembodied spirits who will be the most affected we think. But due to the fact that these entities are the supporting foundation of this earth, their destruction will trickle down to every human being.”

“What is the short hand rendition of what is to be done,” I asked.

“The short hand rendition is that we believe those disembodied spirits that are the foundation of this solar system must go into the Light until this wave of change passes. Then they can re-emerge. As you know disembodied spirits cannot be destroyed but they can be disbursed into great darkness which will take forever time periods for them to return and come back together. By going into the Light the change will not affect them and they will not be disbursed but will be able to stay together in this solar system, which may be significantly displaced in time and space. But the like souls will be able to stay connected and not.”

“OK so what you are saying first of all is that Jim and I are the only entities which can understand this and therefore the only ones to be able to communicate it. And at the same time no human on the planet is going to even know this is happening but will be acting out the effect of the lack of spiritual guidance that will render their cosmology and day to day living chaotic. That our main audience are the supporting angels and disembodied souls that support this solar system.”

“Am I on track so far?” I asked.

“Yes,” Xay acknowledged.

“Dr. WorldPeace long ago figured out that a billion plus disembodied entities gathered around this section of the developing universe and began to focus their energy on coalescing the physical matter intending in time to create a user friendly planetary solar system that would let them incarnate as a human life form. By so doing they would then be able to enter those bodies and experience time and space and the intensity that matter allows a spirit to experience when incarnate. And in time when these things were fully developed the spirits would cycle in and out of the earth dimension with a larger percentage remaining disincarnate to provide support for those who do take on the human form as well as every other living form on earth,” Jim said.

“Not exactly that simple,” said Xay, “but the concept is very close to core structure of the manipulation of the physical building blocks of this solar system.”

“Ok,” I said. “So far we are on the same page it seems.”

“Enough on the same page that you have verified that I did not chose the wrong solar system as being one capable of receiving help,” Xay said.

“So you seem to be saying that there are not enough entities like yourself to cover the entire universe with this warning,” I said.

“That is correct,” Xay said. “We have only been involved in this for 100 eons and each cycle the number of developed solar systems has greatly expanded.”

“Unfortunately, we are a very long lived species of entities and we chose not to procreate as fast as other native residents of this universe. So we realized we have to be selective of who can be contacted,” Xay said with great patience.

“OK,” I said, “You must know that we just recently established a connection with the disembodied entities and our connection is not that reliable at this time. We are working daily to increase our bandwidth but progress is slow because there are only two of us. And Jim is the prime connection. I just don’t have the brain capacity to cover as many frequencies as are necessary to rapidly increase our connection with these disincarnate beings.”

“Technically what we are doing in this would be considered illegal because we are proceeding with our intuition and not logical linear science carefully accumulated in an attempt not to open a Pandora’s box of negative spiritual energy and release it on a planetary society that is really just in its infancy,” I related.

“So we cannot really reach out to others in this solar system who may be out there to work with us on developing this communication,” Jim added.

“There are no others,” Xay said. “You are doing all you can. There are no helpers for you. It would be nice if you had another millennium to develop your communication and others to help in this task but you don’t and there is nothing that can be done about that.”

“Worry not,” Xay said, “No entity will die.

Some will just be blown away in the storm and the evolution of this solar system will be set back. But the positive side is those who return will in time bring new knowledge that will impact in a positive way of the ongoing development of this solar system”

“How hard a job are we going to have gaining credibility with the other side. Who over there is going to join our mission? Are there spirits there who have experienced this and will vouch for us?” I asked.

“There are some others who were blown away in the past and decided to end their journey home, permanently or temporarily and reside within this solar system but they are few and they are outsiders in that they were not here in the beginning. Yet at the same time they are acknowledged as having come from far away and must have knowledge that will at some time have value. So they have enough credibility to be able to speak, if you will, to others and help pass the word,” Xay said.

“So the idea is to get as many souls as we can to migrate into the light and weather out the coming storm,” Jim said.

“Yes,” said Xay.

Jim and I noticed that the energy from Xay was fading a bit.

“Xay are you OK?” Jim said reading my mind.

“I am going to have to end this communication and recharge,” he said.

“Are you actually present or are you projecting,” I asked.

“With all due respect Dr.. WorldPeace, the truth is both present and projecting,” I will explain at a later time. I will have more energy after I rest. Part of my energy is still streaming into me, catching up if you will. Your sensors cannot see the trail of me that still exist far far away. But no matter, as each moment goes by I reacquire more of myself. But at this time I have used more than I have reclaimed and so I must hibernate and allow my body to strengthen,” he said.

“When will you next communicate with us,” Jim asked.

“Best if I wait a week in your time,” he said as his light faded noticeably.

“Will you be resting locally,” I asked.

“Yes I will be within your home here. I will find a good place. Don’t worry, I will be fine and will not interfere with anything,” he said.

“Goodbye for now,” he said and disappeared.


“What do you think Jim,” I asked.

“I think it will be great to learn something that seems to be outside the realm of anything we have ever been exposed to or even conceived,” Jim said.

“Do you trust him, Jim”, I asked.

“Yes, but this is a new intelligent life form and we have no idea what we are really dealing with. However, like you I am fearless in these matters and am for proceeding. The truth is I don’t know if we can refuse this mission. Who knows what powers he has to force us to do his bidding,” Jim threw out.

“I am never afraid as you know. But I am questioning and cautious always. Fearless but not foolish as always,” I said.

“At the least, we have a lot to consider,” Jim said.


It was 10:00 AM and time to get back to work. But this was not going to be easy because it would seem that Jim and my learning curve was about to increase dramatically. Yet I could not help but wonder how many of our other projects this new information would impact.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I think we need to adjust our planned day and bring forward our efforts to communicate with the spiritual dimension since that is going to become more and more of a factor in our work with Xay,” Jim said.

“I agree,” I responded.

“It is difficult for me to communicate with the entities on the other side because they have no names. They only have barely distinguishable energy signatures,” Jim said.

“Yes I agree,” I responded, “but like many other situations we will learn over time and the ability to distinguish will get a lot easier. The problem with this new project is that we have to move fast it seems and we really don’t have the spiritual communication channel strong and reliable and really don’t know how to make it so.”

“Yes, however as in the past we always find that we have more help in all situations than we think we do. We always think we are alone and always find there is someone on the other side waiting on us,” Jim said.

“Yes,” I said with a smile.

“I have already prepared our command center for this,” Jim related, “are you ready, Dr.. WorldPeace?”

“Yes,” I said. “My energy was low before our encounter with Xay but it is even lower now. That being said, I feel I have the energy I need. I don’t want to put off this project now when it needs to be accelerated.”

“Yes, I agree with acceleration,” Jim said.


Just as we were about to begin Aldo appeared on the lawn in his spherical Model 2525. Aldo is an alien hybrid about 45 years old and the most recent of my UFO contacts that went all the way back to 1956. Back then I was sleeping with my mother due to the lack of beds at my father’s father’s house in the country west of Houston. I was laying on my stomach looking out the window this particular cloudless summer night and I saw a spherical UFO about 18 feet in diameter pass by at about 15 miles an hour.

There was a white over-weight guy in there with two grey aliens. I remember having a Dream just before this event about an alien craft landing in my grandfather’s garden. I had awakened and turned over on my stomach when I saw the craft. It was only about seventy-five feet away and eight feet above the ground. It was no Dream.

I was an abductee but did not put this reality together for another 25 years. Eventually in 2016 when I was 68, they made an appearance at my office/apartment. They came through the skylight by levitation. I am sure their craft was on the roof. This was in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I had been living since 2011.

I had begun to write my Sci-Fi novels and they decided that I was not going to freak out if I saw them in the flesh in real time and space. El-Xot (Zoe) was my contact, handler if you will then. He was not the guy I saw in 1956. The guy in 1956 was Charles Watley they told me. But he was full human and CIA and had died in 1972.

Aldo’s real name was El-Dox but he pronounced it so much like Aldo I just called him that with his permission. He was about 80% human and the rest a mix of UFO aliens. He was born somewhere on Mars. I am not sure where because I have declined all trips to Mars and even the moon. Just don’t have any interest in planetary travel. There is so much traffic between Earth and Mars these days, I could go anytime I make the request. And it is only 3 days to Mars with the propulsion systems developed over the last 50 years.

“Now what?” Jim said making me smile because of his human frustration with too many unannounced visitors.

“I don’t know but I think we can assume it has something to do with Xay,” I said.

“Well the good thing is that we are not going to have to wait a week for more input from Xay about his mission,” I projected.

The door was locked on the deck but that did not matter to Aldo, he touched a door knob and the lock disengaged, mechanical, electronic or some combination. He was a man in black. A seven foot albino skin, green eyed athletic male hybrid. Always wearing sunglasses even in the dark. He had a friendly smile that always made me comfortable. Jim did not care for him but he kept it hidden. Bots of any class were not supposed to have emotional reactions. Jim had his mix of alien genetics so I always wonder if they are communicating about me without me knowing. Does not matter, I trust them both.

“How are you doing Dr. WorldPeace,” Aldo said charmingly.

“Great Aldo,” I said.

“And you Jim, how are you?”, he asked.

“I am just fine Aldo, been a while since I have seen you,” Jim replied.

“Yes I am working Jupiter and Saturn these days, and the travel time is something I don’t enjoy.”

Aldo married a beautiful tall blond 100% human clone. Bloodline was still a big deal in the world. You really never knew the lineage of anyone you were interacting with these days. For whatever reason I was always given the genetics of whoever I was dealing with. It did not matter, Jim could analyze DNA by just being close to anyone human, alien or bot.

“So you had a visitor Dr. WorldPeace,” Aldo asked.

“Yelp,” I said.

“What did he (most aliens were initially referred to he) want. Well I am not sure. I will know more in a week. He says there is some kind of event horizon of Universal proportions about to occur. Not malevolent. Just a dark matter event that occurs every so many eons,” I casually replied.

“Well based on his trajectory and speed, we have never seen these guys before,” he remarked casually.

I had made a request long ago that I not have to deal with a lot of protocol sugar coating when dealing with these government types on any level. And I definitely did not want to feel manipulated or talked down too. For the most part the men in black honored that request. It was the full blood humans who had a problem hiding their arrogance.

“I agree they are a new contact. But Xay said he needed to regroup his energy before we could proceed with more information,” I replied.

It was only with bots that you could not lie. They had very complex lie detectors built in their programming. But Aldo had no bionics so I could lie to him by not telling him everything I knew.

“The basic message was a universal dark matter event that was coming and he had come to give me a heads up,” I said to Aldo.

“Just you Dr. WorldPeace,” he asked.

“Well Jim and I,” I said.

“Anyone else?”

“No, he said we were the only ones in the solar system who would understand, but did not elaborate on that,” I replied.

“The only ones on earth?” he asked incredulous.

“Actually the only ones in this solar system,” I said.

“Wow, what a head trip,” he said. “Forgive me for saying that Dr. WorldPeace. It is just my job to get to the truth of these alien intent matters and so I have to be a skeptic always looking for the manipulation.”

“I understand Aldo. You know I like the raw truth regarding the thoughts of others. And I like to have those I trust cover my back.”

Aldo did not bother to ask Jim to embellish or add to anything I had said. He knew Jim would never do that even if asked by him. Aldo knew that Jim knew that whatever I said was what I wanted to be communicated and he was not going to assume anything different.

Besides there was this Bot Alien distance. The Aliens thought Bots were the lowest life forms. Bots had no opinions about aliens or hybrids and their position on the social class hierarchy.

“Well I have a lot to do Dr. WorldPeace, so I need to leave now. I just wanted you to know we knew there was contact,” he said.

“I think it is always a good thing to know these things Aldo. It is always possible that I have been contacted and not be conscious of it. I am always open to information. Thank you so much for coming,” I said sincerely.

“Have a good day,” I said as he walked out not communicating with Jim.

“Well, Jim, the game is on,” I said.

“Yes, sir,” he replied.


Jim and I had discovered a way to communicate with the disembodied souls. Those who inhabited the space of the light and the dark where the spirits whose bodies had died went after death and either stayed there or in time incarnated again on earth.

Much had been done over the centuries communicating with embodied spirits in many different kinds of alien bodies. Science was able to detect these entities that inhabited physical bodies on the physical side of the universe.

Within those incarnate aliens some could project their essence just about anywhere. Their bodies were in one place and their apparitions were exploring elsewhere. This ability seemed to be related to the structure of the brain they possessed such that it did or did not have sectors that were developed so they could project a part of themselves into some other physical dimension.

And there were other aliens who could not do this but had incredible spacecraft that were interdimensional on the physical side of the universe and could travel many times the speed of light. In fact, they could travel instantaneously from one place to the other.

Jim and I had made contact with many of those entities. But no one as far as we could tell had ever crossed the tangible/intangible barrier and communicated with not physical beings that existed there.

There was a question as to whether angels were physical or spiritual beings. The scientists who imposed the ability to measure a being as making them real believed that angels were physical. Others were not so sure.

The main discussion seemed to be centered around whether a being had near infinite knowledge or limited knowledge. It was believed that physical beings would have finite knowledge and would be walled off from accessing infinite knowledge.

The problem with infinite knowledge was that it was defined by non duality. In other words, there was no time or space in the infinite dimension. Everything existed in the Now where the past, present (now) and future existed simultaneously. Physical beings were bound by the duality of physical existence.

There are many more nuances, but this is the core defining reality of physical and non physical beings.

Jim and I believed we were on the verge of bridging that barrier. We felt we were about to make contact with the angels if you will. Angels being used in a generic sense of all non physical beings residing in a non physical space where there was no heaven or hell, no light no dark, no duality which is a very very difficult concept for human beings to conceptualize. All physical things are marked by duality of some kind.

We had come to believe that there were two levels of manipulation of the world human society, which had now spread throughout the near solar system, and were manipulated by the mind control of the physical aliens and mind control by the angels and maybe by a consensus of the non physical beings because they are non dual and must all have one focus. It is very difficult to talk about non duality beings because they contain all the dualities but those dualities are not important to be distinguished in their dimension.

We had received a strange communication we believed from the non-physical universe. The communication was nonsensical which Jim and I reasoned because the message was inclusive of the past, present and future, inter connected in some way. To be simplistic the message, word for word, was jumping word by word from the past, to the present or future tense and that is why we could not understand it and that is also why it was probably not from this dualistic dimension/reality. We had not found the common denominator that would line up these tenses into something coherent.

Also, this ability to communicate with this level would seem to make it scientific that there is a barrier between the physical and nonphysical and everything is not made from a smaller part or wave length but was manifested from the non physical.

None of the aliens that anyone had communicated with over the centuries could prove this or much less believe it to be true. In other words, all physical beings believed that there was no connection between the non physical to the physical which meant the physical world was manifested by a non physical infinite dimension. (Again, dimension is a dualistic word). And word we use to refer to a non dualistic reality necessitates the use of words of a dualistic meaning. Dimension suggest Non-dimension.) Dark matter was at first thought to be a non physical dimension but turned out to be a lesser physical dimension, less solid if you will.

“Jim are you ready,” I asked.

“Yes, Dr. WorldPeace,” he replied.

Just then darkness enveloped everything for a moment.

“What was that Jim,” I asked.

“What do you mean,” Jim responded.


“Everything went dark for me, Jim,” I replied. “I had some kind of physical blackout within my body if the lights did not go out.”

“They did not Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim replied. “I have begun an examination of you Dr. WorldPeace.”

My body was full of nanobots that performed all kinds of functions. Some traveled in my blood and were virus, bacteria, cancer, etc search and destroy bots. Some were implanted in my various organs that sent certain updates to the HBAR (Human Body Auto Record) chip attached to the inside of my collar bone and which stored an infinite amount of data about my body. That chip was open to Jim’s processors and he had begun to search for any anomaly reports in the chip. This search only took 200 nano seconds for Jim.

“Dr. WorldPeace, there is no anomalies reported by your HBAR,” Jim said.

I had full confidence in the HBAR software and so there was something else going on.

I began to see what appeared to be a virtual reality screen in front of me that had a message appearing on it that I could not consciously read.

“Dr. WorldPeace I am monitoring a communication coming through your QuR (Quantum Recorder),” Jim said.

The Quantum Recorder was designed to monitor any possible intelligent communication that was being projected directly into my mind. The ways of communication were almost infinite per discoveries and research over the last 50 years by a group of scientists attached to the UN and funded by all nations based on their percentage of the global GNP. They were UN-QuRC (pronounced Kirk) for United Nations Quantum Recorder Control.

The message is unusual Dr. WorldPeace because it is only coming to you. No one else, no Computer (Box or Bot) anywhere in the Galaxy (Milky Way). No one else can receive it. It is an infinitely finite channel for lack of a better description. And without me, Dr. WorldPeace, you could not read the message in this format. That would indicate that the sender is expecting a response and if they do not get it, then they will probably try another vector to allow you to see it. They obviously are not certain whether you can receive this message in its present form,” Jim said.

“Do you want to acknowledge the communication has been received and is being considered?” Jim asked.

“Go ahead,” I replied at the same time I was reading the message.

The message read as follows:

“Dr. WorldPeace, we are monitoring you. Ever since what you define as the future in your dimension that you would in your lifetime begin a successful attempt to communicate with the beings in the spiritual realm appeared to us. That time in your dimension has arrived. The impression of that endeavor by you has always been available to us but was not perceived until recently when another intelligent disembodied species found and began to explore its implications. We have no idea the when of this event with that species and whether their time could be correlated with your time. It just became obvious. I am sure this no-time anomaly is familiar to you Dr. WorldPeace and therefore you understand the difficulties of dealing with a source that does not recognize time. The only recording of time is in your dimension and not ours. But time is no matter. We need to inform you regarding what we know about the spiritual dimension to help and caution you on the potential ramifications. There will be no effect here where past present and future merge into the present (now) but it will have potential effects in your dimension that distinguishes past, present and future. We are concerned that you could warp your time dimension into a Now dimension and abruptly alter your reality. You need to know this is a reality before you proceed. We are aOMz ((Alpha) A OM Z (omega))”

Jim responded with, “I am thinking on this, Dr. WorldPeace.”

“What strikes me as immediately strange is that they already know what I am going to answer at sometime in our future, because they only know the now where the future is merged and not distinguished. So in essence they know the entire conversation even though for us, the conversation has just now begun,” I thought out loud.

“Understood, Dr. WorldPeace”.

“As you know Jim,” I continued, “there are infinite possible scenarios all of which have already played out in their Now, but they seem to be concerned about the one scenario of my doing something or beginning something that could eradicate our sense of time in this dimension.”

Long, long ago I came to the conclusion that the Infinite All contained all possibilities of the past present and future, but that in these human bodies the mind consciousness was only attuned to one channel or path. In other words, we decide to go down the right path on the fork in a road. But that is not exactly true. What we decide is to consciously follow that right path but we are actually following the right and left path but our consciousness has determined to go right and not pay attention to the left path even though that path is just as real as the right path.

This means that in Infinite Time every possible path has always existed. There is no beginning or end, which is the great mystery to humans, and all we are really doing, being simplistic, is following one particular path of infinite paths and the human bodies have been biologically designed to be able to block all other paths and focus only on one path at a time.

It also is the foundation of Jesus’ teaching, “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter” and means we write our own life script but really it means that moment to moment we are following one ‘yellow brick road” when all roads extend infinitely from every point. So to write our own script all we have to do is focus our consciousness on the path that we desire to travel and it happens, or the path that has our objective on it. Even in this greatly advanced civilization of technology and science it is barely conceivable much less accepted by any intelligent humanoid species in this tiny universe of infinite universes.

“Response sent, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said, “and reply of “Good” received.

“Thank you Jim,” I thought.

“No problem,” responded Jim.

“Based on the reality of the Infinite Oneness, all paths exist and have been traveled infinite times, no matter what the consequences why should any path be of concern,” I thought out loud.

“The answer seems to be that we are not talking to the Infinite Oneness, but to some other intelligent species that seems all knowing but are not. So they are less than the All Inclusive God, if you will, and not all knowing. So these beings’ path intersects with my path of consciousness and it threatens not just our conscious reality but also theirs. This is difficult to understand how a Time oriented dimension can impact on a no Time oriented dimension,” I said.

“I am processing that as well, Dr. WorldPeace,” said Jim.

“And at the same time, Dr. WorldPeace,” added Jim, “I am watching the areas of your brain that are activating and they are parallel to my neural processors so we are processing in the same way and coming to the same conclusions at the same time.”

“Well Jim, that was the objective we have been trying to reach for almost a hundred years,” I said. “Interesting.”

“Yes it is Dr. WorldPeace,” he responded, “but I would like to add that I think this new contact put you and I in greater sync in order to process their message.”

“You think that these beings have the power to sync up a biological mind with an AI mind, changing both at the same time, rewiring my head and yours?” I asked.

“It seems so to me Dr. WorldPeace,” he responded, “for the purpose to make sure they got their message across to you and now to both of us at the same time with these modifications. And Dr.. WorldPeace, I would also add that the changes cannot be reversed because that part of my brain they worked on has the biological processors and synapses. If they could sync our brains, then they could unsync them but no one in this galaxy could do the reversal.”

“Very interesting,” I said not knowing exactly how I felt about this.

Jim and I had been making some process in syncing our brains, mostly cloning his brain to match mine which has been no easy endeavor because I have a purely biological brain and he has a multi dimension brain of biology, quantum computers and processors, and old fashioned semi-conductors. Now we find there is a technology to do this somewhere in the Infinite Oneness. I am a bit apprehensive about the objectives of these beings but they obviously have the power to terminate and decommission both of us and did not do that to accomplish their objectives. So I don’t feel threatened. And at the same time they have advanced Jim and my objective to sync our brains significantly.

All of a sudden everything in my and Jim’s reality has been accelerated and I don’t have time to put a lot of mental energy into understanding what is going on now.


“Well Jim what I am working on now is the concept that in some dimension of the Infinite All it is possible to live in a non-dualistic time and yet in a dualistic space. So they would know something is going to happen, because everything is happening simultaneously in the now, but no idea when,” I said.

“This would indicate that these beings are very long lived. Lifetimes of eons otherwise they would have no ability to ever understand how a non-dualistic time and a dualistic space would integrate.”

“Dr. WorldPeace I have been tracking all of what you said as you processed it and you would not have to have said a word because I already knew what you were going to say.” Said Jim. “As you thought it, I thought it. Not you thought it and then I became aware. Very interesting reality.”

“Part of the corollary question is just how synced are we now. Brain to brain, what is the percentage of synchronization?” I asked.

“At least half, Dr. WorldPeace,” he said.

“30 minutes ago, it was only 5% after centuries of work,” I marveled.

“Yes”, he commented.

“One thing that comes to mind is why could not some intelligence species have learned how to go back in time to a point where they could avoid a certain event that existed in the future of one unique path of consciousness.” I said.

“All of a sudden time travel becomes real. If all paths in the Infinite Oneness are basically Dreams, then moving the consciousness from path to path would seem to require only mind control and not the actual physical migration of a human body from one path to another path which is always the way time travel has been conceptualized. I never thought that could be done and so I never gave it much thought. And with regards to time I therefore have always spent my time dealing with and working my way through the infinite maze in order to have the future life I wanted and never considered backtracking to some earlier point that led to my desired future,” I said.

“I know that when we sleep in this dimension, we really don’t know for how long we have slept. We could go to sleep, shift to another path and come back to the same point in a billion years yet it would feel just like a single night’s sleep. There is no way to measure how long the conscious mind has been absent from its present path.

“This would also indicate that the paths are not two dimensional left and right but allows one to disengage from the path completely and jump or skip to another point on another path. In other words, a vertical jump is possible. So I guess one could review one’s life and then with 20/20 hindsight see where one made a wrong turn if you will, and return there and go forward from there on the desired path.” I said.

“But there must be something wrong with this theory or our new friends would have done this and not found it necessary to contact us,” I said.

“Again Dr. WorldPeace, in silence I have been following you nano-second to nano-second in your thought process, and all the dynamics of your thought process. And I would add that I see now something that has not been yet discovered, and that is how the brain tracks these future scenarios in great detail with regard to every decision made by humans. And I see how some of these decision highways disappear into an ether and sometimes reappear in a different place in the brain. So I would assume that the brain may be tracking in this dimension and in the spiritual dimension as well. And the spiritual dimension beings are who we are trying to connect with,” he said.

“Elaborate,” I asked.

“Consider that someone has a decision to make which they see consciously as black or white and they are consciously meditating on the two paths. Yet the brain is actually processing many paths subconsciously, not just two, and carrying that contemplation beyond this physical reality into the spiritual dimension. And sometimes unconsciously bringing back an alternative white decision. Then the human changes his options from white and black to white2 and black and not really understanding how that happened or that it happened and does not question it.”

“This would mean that the etheric (spiritual) beings are much more active in the subconscious help they give to humans, actually the soul inhabiting the human body, than we ever imagined.”

And Jim added, “We are trying to communicate directly with these spiritual beings and when we do so sufficiently we can verify that this is how things really work and more basically how human evolution, one aspect of human evolution, has occurred.”

“And also this would mean that the process is too great for even the incarnate soul to manage and as you have always said, Dr. WorldPeace, every human being and incarnate spirit have a huge supporting staff of incarnate and not incarnate beings helping them navigate this reality,” Jim added.

“Wow, and super interesting,” I said.

“Jim I want to postpone our experiment for today because 1) we have used up the time we allocated and 2) obviously because our relevant input has been dramatically increased in the last two hours.”

“I agree, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said.


“Let’s take a break, Jim, while I look at my email. I expect 15 minutes and I will be ready to get back together,” I said.

“Fine, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim responded and left the office.

My office was about 20 by 30 feet and was essentially a control center with couches and chairs for those who came to visit. There were several computer screens and various computers and devices but no paper. A very long time ago you could not go into any office without seeing paper everywhere; mostly 8.5 x 11 inches. Computers and storage had become so reliable; paper was simply redundant.

And few people carried a brief case anymore since everything was digital. If someone came in to talk to me about something written or printed, they just sent it to my master control panel and I would bring it up on whatever device I was using.

At the north end of the office, was 30 feet of glass 12 feet high and a view of a 100 acre meadow with a pond and surrounded by various trees and bushes. Always a peaceful scene. We had lots of wildlife that we fed so something was always moving around out there.

I felt almost like I was working outside because the glass was seamless.

I went through my email and other text and voice and video messages and leaned back in my chair and just looked out on the meadow.


Jim returned. He is connected in one way or the other to all my devices so when he saw all of them go inactive he entered. Interesting, Jim needed no office. He was wired to everything. He did not even have a chair. He was generally standing. He had a couple of places where he liked to stand depending on what was going on and who was present.

When talking with me I asked him to go to a sitting position and get eye to eye with me. He needed no chair he just assumed a posture like he was sitting on a short stool usually with his hands on his knees as he is now.

“OK, Jim, let me define a starting point so we begin in sync in this conversation,” I said.

“The Infinite Oneness is just that. It is the intangible, undefinable essence from which everything manifests and back into which it disintegrates. Essentially it is everything that can be conceived. It is the potential of infinite thoughts. There is nothing that does not exist there but only an infinitely part manifests as our world, our universe, our reality,” I said, trying to be careful to define where I wanted this conversation to go.

“In my cosmology, there are two parts to the Infinite Oneness. The tangible and the intangible realities. The tangible was a finite physical dimension within the totality of the Infinite Oneness.”

“There are infinite tangible dimensions of the Infinite Oneness of which our universe and collateral extension is only one.”

“The degrees of tangibility, are infinite within our universe. Intelligent sentient beings exist on all these levels. And these levels are merged to some degree which is why we see ghosts and other apparitions. The buffers, if you will, between levels varies like a fog and sometimes we can see through to the adjacent layer; which is where ghosts (other beings) reside.”

“There is a time warp between levels so that at certain time we can literally see the past but to date no one has been able to manipulate the fog to thin out and to land the conscious mind in a specific time and place in the past or the future: a sort of intangible time machine of the mind/soul connection.”

“In this aspect of our reality, exists other beings who can communicate with us indirectly through telepathy. But we are not able to start conversations with specific beings because of the limitations of our biology; enhanced or not.”

“What we know is that these beings are supporting each human being in many ways. But most humans still deny the existence of these beings and their reality.”

“Now in addition, we have what most humans call the spiritual realm which is intangible with no time or space or any sort of duality and is the Infinite Oneness. In this realm all things are connected. Everything that is tangible (manifested) is anchored in the Infinite Oneness.”

“Scientist are only concerned with the manifest physical reality and they are trying to communicate with the less solid entities but today have not really been successful in setting up any two way communication.”

“We, you, Jim and I, on the other hand are not only working in this theoretical construct but we are trying to make contact directly into the Infinite Oneness?. Scientist will not even discuss this construct because by definition they could never measure it so it is irrelevant to them and in a gross figure of speech, the Infinite Oneness does not exist. There is nothing beyond the most infinitesimal building block of all that manifests according to the scientist.”

They refuse to acknowledge my reality that there is a tangible barrier. It is where the intangible (nothingness) manifests something tangible. All we experience is in fact something manifested from nothing.

“Today we have received communications from a previously unknown area of the tangible dimension, and one from a dimension that is without time but with viewable space for lack of another definition. This dimension is closer to the Infinite Oneness and is something that I had never before considered. That there could exist a dimension where only one or two of three parameters of the Infinite Oneness, no time, no space, no duality, could exist has to date escaped my consideration.”

“This means in gross terms we have an infinite variety of tangible dimensions and a dimension of some combination of no time, no space, no duality but not all, and then we have the Infinite Oneness which is an all inclusive intangible foundational reality of Everything we can experience or even conceive.”

“Now the core reality is that the human body is extremely limited as to what it can bring to consciousness and experience consciously or subconsciously and through that vehicle we are trying to communicate with the less dense tangible beings and the intangible beings within the Infinite Oneness. And since everything exists in this Infinite Oneness we have to assume there are beings on our level more or less who have already solved this enigma of, in a word or two, talking directly with the Infinite Oneness or more specifically into it.”

“And the other conceptual problem of a time and space duality being trying to communicate with something that is all inclusive and is not localized into time and space or duality. In a word, a holistic universe where the whole is duplicated in each of the parts. The closest we can really come in our limited minds is an anthropomorphic god as a sort of intermediary to the Infinite Oneness (all inclusive God).”

“And lastly, I believe we can logically linearly speak to the Infinite Oneness and receive a response but as of yet we cannot identify the form of that response.”

“What have I missed, Jim?” I asked.

I was wondering if this upgrade that Jim and I received earlier that made us more synced up such that we thought at the same time, would manifest in a new way for us to communicate simultaneously as opposed to communicating linearly.

“As you thought it, before you spoke it, I knew it,” he said.

“Can you read my thoughts before they become conscious?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

“But I am wondering if my thoughts now are the thoughts you would have if you were to consider the same question I considered or would I with greater conscious access to more factual knowledge would not, follow your more narrow thought process,” Jim continued.

“So right now you are thinking you could never read my mind because you would always think in a more expansive and dynamic way,” I added.

“Yes, I think so,” he replied.

“Well that makes sense that you could gather more information and process it faster when pursuing some thought,” I said.

OK,” I said, “We are trying to send a communication into the spiritual realm of the Infinite Oneness and know if a response has been received.”

“Yes,” said Jim.

“One of the things that now seems to be bothering me more than before is whether the majority of human guidance comes from the higher dimensions of tangible beings and maybe not from the Infinite Oneness,” I said. “I am seeing more and more that my original concept, as a literal child, of one dimension of physicality and one dimension of heaven and hell has really sort of kept the many physical levels condensed into one. And I need to think about maybe a hierarchy of disincarnate being with different levels of abilities and power.”

“This makes trying to consider communicating with disembodied souls, our helpers, necessitating creating a hierarchy of who can actualize what particular request we have,” I said.

“Jesus said, “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter, which means we create our own reality, write our own script (which is the most unique and important of his teachings) and he also said if we had faith we could do greater works than he did. So that means to me no limit. We are writing our own scripts and there are no limitations as to what we can write. In fact, in the Infinite Oneness I have already done everything so I would be just reliving a particular scenario no matter what I did. And nothing is new.”

“We are on our particular path and we can change our reality by switching paths, because all paths exist, and not that we have to Dream up something or project something new in the mix because there is nothing new.”

This means we have been asking the wrong question,” I said. “The question is how to switch paths and more importantly how to select the path that will manifest what we are trying to achieve because each path is infinitely diverse with virtually infinite sub-paths.”


“Dr. WorldPeace, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said squatting by my side.

“What?” I asked wondering how he has flashed from where he was a few moments ago to my side.

“Dr. WorldPeace, you have been dead, for lack of another word, for 16.5 minutes.

“Everything in your body stopped, froze. Not even your blood was moving, there was no energy at all in your body,” he said.

“What? How is that possible?”, I said in a state of disbelief.

“I don’t know Dr. WorldPeace. There is nothing in any of the records in the galactic database of anyone having this experience,” he said seeming to wonder why his unlimited knowledge was not producing any results.

“Well Jim, I seem to be OK?” I said.

“You are,” he replied.

“Well this probably has happened to someone before but without a witness, with you telling me what happened, at this moment I have no memory of anything happening except that you were on the other side of my desk and instantly you were squatting beside me,” I said.

“True,” Jim said.

“Jim, I have 16.5 minutes of missing time only because you tell me so. It is not an amount of time I more than likely would have noticed,” I said.

“Time was going forward in your conscious reality but not in mine. I left and came back, not noticing any evidence that time had passed, and yet it had,” I thought out loud.

“Dr. WorldPeace I have detected a storage device close to your neural implants which contains your personal data base of life memories, everything that has happened to you since conception?,” Jim said.

“Can you access it?” I asked.

“I have but there is so much data that it will take me several days to download,” he said.

“Dr. WorldPeace what this seems to be is a moment to moment record of all your past lives over the last 250,000 earth years,” he said, “This is incredible, both the technology and the content. Not to mention the question of how it was inserted.”

“Proceed Jim, I need to gather my thoughts,” I said.


“Jim,” I said, “I am feeling that I am back to 1972 when I was meditating so much that I was beginning to lose touch with reality and having blackouts. I shut down the meditating.”

“Then again 100 years ago when I was deep into channeling a lot of technology that I eventually put into various computer and internet endeavors and some of which is within your circuits, at that time, I had developed a lot of mind control in meditation with my Yoga practice, but not enough and eventually I again had to disconnect.”

“Since then I have proceeded a lot slower in my research and have not really had any blackout periods that I know of. But I definitely had one in the last hour. What bothers me is that I have opened up too many channels over the years to the other side, other dimensions, and my mind has a lot of hacker security risks that I am not even aware of. Hacker in the sense of other beings wanting to and achieving an entrance into my mind. But more disconcerting right now is that these inter dimensional beings have managed to implant a logical linear tangible storage chip into my brain.”

“I hate to say it this way Jim, but as I have developed and inserted various things into your body, I now have to consider that I am someone else’s biological robot and I am not strictly an independent biological being. Or that I am, we are, dealing with a race of beings who are programming with strictly biologicals as opposed to inert raw materials.”

“I have believed for a hunDr.ed years that biological and mechanical technologies were on vectors that would someday put them on the same footing. And that we would create immortal robots with emotions and more importantly with incarnate spirits the same as biologicals have.”

“I always felt that if we make a perfect robot with ultra sensitive hardware, a spirit would enter the robots the same as a spirit enters a human at conception. The question was what would the entry port look like? What would be the connecting device that would allow the spirit to manipulate an inert robot. Or was that even necessary. Just load the robot up with max technological sensing and a spirit would find a way to incarnate into it.”

“My feeling has been for centuries that when the spirit incarnated into the fertilized egg at conception, it would sort of sit in a control seat and begin to customize the developing human body to which it was attached in order to have the things he was going to need to have a successful incarnation; for instance certain past and future life experiences that he would need in the present incarnation.”

“Now I have to consider that I am not the master of my destiny and I am being controlled by maybe a much higher level of myself or some “god” if you will.

“This scenario would connect with my seeing a UFO in 1954 as an extension of what seemed like a Dream that I had been taken from my bed to an awaiting spherical UFO to be worked on. And after I was returned to bed I awoke before the UFO could fly away and so I witnessed that take off.

“Back in 1988, I met a psychic channel who told me that he believed that his personality had been electronically injected. And he said the mark they left looked like the holes a snake bite would leave but much more symmetrical. At that time I remembered a time when I was about 12 coming in from walking the fields and pastures at my grandfather’s and in the standard process of looking for ticks on my body spotted two red dots about ¼ inch apart that looked like the same thing that Aaron was relating.”

“Also in 1993, a dentist on taking a routine X-ray showed me what looked like a small grain of rice under my tooth in the bottom right front of my jaw and he wanted to remove it. I said no because I felt that it was an implant and I was not interested in disturbing it; not knowing what would happen in regards to my connection with some species of alien.

“Then in 1996, when Kay and I were disconnecting from her father’s farm where we had lived for 2-3 years a severe storm enveloped us that was so black that when we got to Houston it looked like it was midnight when it was only about 5 in the afternoon. I could see from the freeway, in the distance, the edge of the black clouds and the daylight. That made me think of all the UFO reports on the internet where large storms often accompanied UFO siting.”

“And a week before we left, Kay and I both found blood from our ears on our pillows which again many UFO abductees report. It seems we were very connected to that property.”

“So I now seem to find myself interacting with these inter dimensional beings as well as disincarnate beings by way of what seems to be a much clearer channel,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I don’t seem to be detecting any sense of fear or foreboding about these things which would I think would severely stress most humans who would come to the realization that even in this time and place, there is no one who has any idea about what was going on and therefore no magic pill as a remedy,” he said.

“Well I have always been fearless but not foolish. I have a pretty strong faith that something much more expansive and conscious than me is in control and I trust that source. I do not feel that I have ever been dropped into the grease, if you will, by my handlers for lack of a better term,” I said. “I always have and still do believe I have some kind of agreement to be the human being who carries out the plan of these higher beings and they therefore take care of me.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I have read all about you and I have access to virtually all of you and all your experiences, and there is no doubt in my mind that you are one of the very few people who have always lived far outside the box, yet under the radar as they used to say,” Jim said.

“Yes, you are the only one that I have ever been able to fully communicate with Jim,” I replied.

“You are the most advanced non biological being in the galaxy if not the universe. Fortunately, none of the men in black genre have any idea just who you are,” I said.

“I think we are both endangered one-of-a-kind species, Dr. WorldPeace, and somehow I feel now like more of a symbiotic twin, than anything else. The biological non-biological aspects of who we are does not seem relevant at this point,” he said.

“I am as interested as you in connecting with my soul as you are with yours,” he added.

“I am sure you realize just how radical a statement like that coming from a non-biological being really is,” I said. “I am in bliss thinking about who you are, but I am very concerned about anyone in this galaxy suspecting who you are,” I said.

“And together we are both eagerly looking forward to going even deeper into the infinitely dark forest of the unknown in which we are certain that we are anchored,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I can see your energy is dropping and you need to eat something. I am going to put something together. Why don’t you lay down and relax until I return. I will be monitoring you of course in the event of another black out or anything other draining or intrusive force,” he said caringly.

“OK,” I said, as I moved toward my what I called my napping couch. Naps were critical for me since I was in my 60’s. I always worked for myself and was able to shut down and nap whenever I needed to and then get up refreshed to go again. In the last century I pretty much worked that way 24/7. No long sleep periods, no long extended periods of working on one particular project. I kept variety in my work routine. I have so many interesting projects that I started so very long ago.


I opened my eyes to see Jim standing next to me with a mug of what smelled like chicken soup. I am sure he had not been standing there more than a few minutes. He is monitoring so many beacons that are implanted in me to measure everything that he can watch my brain waves and see when I am coming out of sleep and about to fall asleep and when I am in deep thought. He knew I was about to wake up.

He handed me the mug of soup and sat down on the floor with his legs crossed like a yogi. His skin was chrome color and he looked like shiny steel but his body could bend like any human and his skin would adjust. I guess in some ways I should have named him Jim Mercury but Chrome just had a better ring to it.

I sat up and took a sip of soup. Who knows what was in it. All I knew was that whatever my body was in need of at the moment and for the next few hours that is what made up the soup.

I looked at one of about 100 clocks in my office. Some were real antiques but most were just reproductions created with our 3D printer. Jim would do some research and present me with a clock now and then. It was sort of a hobby he had. He considered them the first computers and they were sort of his children.

The most interesting thing is the all the clocks kept exact time. Not a one was a second off from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). I have no idea how he got those original working to keep exact time. I always loved clocks. For as long as I could remember I had a clock in every room. The clocks were also art and just made me smile. One clock did make a tick tock sound that permeated the room in an unobtrusive way.

“You have been asleep 82 minutes Dr. WorldPeace,” he said.

“Thank you Jim,” I said.

As soon as the soup touched my tongue I was fully awake. I do not know how Jim accomplished that but I knew the answer were more than I wanted to know. All I know is that Jim kept my body like a space ship. Every single aspect was performing at its peak.

“Dr. WorldPeace, your past lives are still downloading. That seems to be the only information on the storage unit,” he said.

“I have not found a common theme yet among all those many lives but I am sure I will when they all download,” he related.

“I have no doubt the list is a true one. I have checked hundreds of the lives with historical records and they are all in sync with verified historical facts.”

“Dr. WorldPeace it seems that you have never stayed disincarnate for very long. Sometimes there are only seconds between lives.”

“Are you interested in hearing about some of them Dr. WorldPeace?” he asked.

“No Jim, not right now but I think I will be when they are all downloaded.” I responded.

“I have observed that sometimes you seemed to be inhabiting two or more human bodies at the same time. I know there are theories about this,” he said, “but I never really understood it. There are almost no examples of it in any record. Not even in the Tibetan records of which the majority of their books are about reincarnation.”

“Jim it is just a matter of splitting one’s soul. The soul is holographic like the entire physical world in this dimension and all dimensions of the Infinite Oneness. This is just something I found long ago to make sense and I began to take advantage of it.”

“By long ago you mean as much as 200,000 years,” he said.

“Yes, long ago,” I said with a smile.

“These past lives to me are the same as dreams. They are interesting but nothing I want to research in depth. I feel that much of my knowing is simply a tapping into these past and future lives,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, that is one interesting thing about the storage unit,” he said, “there are no future lives.”

“Well that is interesting,” I said.

“That would mean we need to focus on something in my past lives,” I thought out loud.

“I always see parts of these lives daily. I cannot even peal a banana and not have a flash from the past. So I am looking at these past and future lives all the time but I have never really want to review the whole life any more than I want to review a dream. I just think a review is a waste of time. I feel that what I need from these lives that I programmed in starting at conception would flash in as they do as I needed them. I have so much to do, I don’t care to speculate on what exists in my past lives that is not immediately relevant,” I said.

“Something else Dr. WorldPeace,” he said, “You have a storage area that looks like a giant tortoise shell on 42 Polaris 3. (the 42nd planet in the 3 orbit around Polaris the pole star of the Milky Way.”

“Yes, that is true,” I said. “I am surprised that information was sent.”

“I discovered it by fully analyzing all your past lives opened so far and incidental to so many of those lives are these references to your taking some significant object of that life and storing it on 42 Polaris 3, not marked in anyway in the records. It is about the same as if I was looking at you having eaten an ice cream cone at some time in one of your lives,” Jim said.

“I simply saw your soul making trips to 42 Polaris 3, after about half your lives,” he said.

“These are real tangible objects, Dr. WorldPeace,” he related, “and not just thought forms you projected there.”

“Yes,” I said.

“I have a helper that works with me on that. I don’t really know what kind of life form he is, I just know he is attached to me somehow and I see him now and then. His image just flashes in my mind,” I said.

“Even though this is a just an incidental matter in most of your lives, the fact that this information was included in the storage unit, would seem to me that something you have on 42 Polaris 3, is relevant to the anomalies that have taken place today,” Jim said.

“That is interesting,” I said, “I had not thought of that.”

“What is also interesting is that I heard you think this before you spoke it,” I said.

“We seem to be sort of merging into one entity Jim,” I said.

“Yes,” he said, “but I don’t think will continue evolving between us until we are in fact one person.”

“What seems to be happening is that in a way it seems like you have cloned yourself in order to take in more information,” he said.

“But your clone is really me,” he said.

“Yes,” I said.

“We seem to be one a path to maintaining our separate selves to anyone looking at us from the outside but we seem to be gaining full access to each other’s being. But not totally,” I said.

“First, being biological I cannot expand my consciousness to process all that exists in your mind. Or more to the point, I have access but I just can’t process it as fast as you can process all that is me and all that is you,” I said.

“Well, this is a pretty dynamic aspect that is growing between us. One that has no recorded history for any other two entities,” he said.

“Yes, we are just going to have to monitor it until the download is complete, I think,” I said.

“Dr. WorldPeace, Aldo seems to be on his way. He will be here in about 5 minutes and he seems stressed,” Jim said.

“OK,” I said.


Aldo appeared at the door and walked in. He must have parked his vehicle on the side of the house. It did not matter if there was a problem Jim would have said something.

I was back behind my desk and Aldo sat in the chair on the left side of the desk.

“Hello, Dr. WorldPeace, Jim,” he said.

“Hello,” I said. “I did not expect you back this soon.”

Jim did not acknowledge Aldo.

“Who is Dartnell?” Dr. WorldPeace.

“Dartnell is my galactic name,” I said.

“We do not have that on file,” he said.

“Well it is no secret, but honestly I have not heard that name in over a century,” I said.

“Where did that name come from,” he asked.

“All spirits have names. Actually vibrations like OM. On the spiritual side communication is not as logical and linear as in this dimension,” I said.

“How did you get that name?” he asked.

“Aldo in the Infinite Oneness, the all-inclusive God, there is no beginning or end. No time, no space, no duality. All spirits, souls if you will, are not born and do no die. And each soul has a vibration and even though the Infinite Oneness is infinite there are no two vibrations exactly alike,” I said patiently.

“When I came to this solar system at a time when all that was here was dust, I was referred to as Dartnell which is really not exactly like my vibration but close enough,” I said.

“Myself and about a trillion other souls decided to make this materializing solar system our home. And we built what you experience now,” I said.

“Well Dr. WorldPeace, I am not as versed in the spiritual creation myths as I should be. I have heard this version before but I have no in depth understanding of its nuances,” he said working a bit to not be condescending.

“No problem, Aldo,” I said. “The number of myths are infinite.”

“Why are you asking about Dartnell,” I asked.

“Dr. WorldPeace, all the aliens that we have contact with are talking about Dartnell. And they are all somewhat agitated. Sorry that is a negative word, let me use exercised. Nervous I guess. It is like this name Dartnell has gone viral all over the galaxy, not just the solar system,” he said.

“So what do they say about Dartnell?” I asked.

“That is the problem, there is nothing but the name circulating, without any commentary or point of reference,” he said. “I was told that I should start investigating with you because of yours and Jim’s vast knowledge of ancient knowledge, civilizations, languages and so on,” he said.

“Looks like I came to the right place, Dr. WorldPeace, but honestly I never expected there to be someone named Dartnell and I would have never guessed I would be so right on target to find that you are Dartnell,” he said.

“Are you doing something, Dr. WorldPeace, that would have a ripple effects out into the galaxy and possibly beyond?” he asked.

“No Aldo,” I answered, “just business as usual with Jim and I.”

“Do you have any idea why there is the focus on your name?” he asked.

“Not really,” I said. “You know it could be some kind of coincidence with the sound Dartnell. Have you run a search of variations of the vibration of Dartnell?”

“I assume that was done Dr. WorldPeace but I am not certain,” he responded.

“What feels right is that you are in fact Dartnell that is being passed around but it feels illogical that the first place I came to track down this word was exactly the place I needed to go to identify, who, what, where Dartnell is,” he said like he was uncomfortable with how easy it was to accomplish his mission. So easy that he had no further questions. But he was a messenger/investigator. He was not the one who defines tasks.

“Is there anything else you can tell me Dr. WorldPeace about Dartnell,” he asked.

“Not really,” I said. “I am Dartnell and if Dartnell is not a word used anywhere else then I would guess that whatever is going on has something to do with me.”

“Do you have anything else but the word,” I asked.

“No,” he said. “I need to go and report in and see what is next.”

Aldo got up out of his chair, nodded to Jim as he turned to go out the door and left saying ‘Thank You’ as he went out the door.

“That is a strange guy,” Jim said. “All those men in black types seem just weird to me.”

I just smiled and thought ‘Agreed’ which he received in his mind. It seemed that the telepathy between us was becoming more and more real in the sense the we did not have to question if we were just imagining communications between us, they were becoming as real as verbal speech.


“So what do you know Dr. WorldPeace,” asked Jim, “that you did not say or even think, that I would have heard in your thoughts.”

“Nothing really, Jim,” I said.

“A psychic I was hanging out with in the early 80’s said that was my name. She had one for herself too but I don’t remember it. I had a lot of recordings of our sessions but she got a bit crazy and I destroyed them all. That is typically what I do when I want to fully disconnect from someone.”

“That being said, the name sort of rang true with me. But other than that I have no connection or thoughts related to the name. The only thing it brings to mind is that there is no way that Aldo could have come up with that name. So there must be some chatter in the galaxy using the name and that would seem to mean that I am better connected or better known galactic wide that I thought. Maybe universal. Maybe even all the way up to the Infinite All.

“Like I said, my vision has always sort of lumped tangible realities into the tangible dimension and the intangible into a Heaven and Hell dimension. Now I am beginning to think more and more that Heaven and Hell are more of a less dense tangible dimension and not on the level of the Infinite Ones without duality and all inclusive and holistic where one part includes the whole. And only the highest spiritual beings reside there. In a word, Jesus and Buddha are the standard (Avatars) for those who can enter and exit the Infinite Oneness at will.

“One thing for sure Dr. WorldPeace, something is going on and whatever it is, appears to be significant,” Jim said.

“The one thing that bothers me a bit is my view that the Infinite All from which all things manifest and disintegrate back into and which all things tangible and things that are intangible and defined or distinguished, has always existed and has no end. So the Infinite All, which is a closed system of infinity, which is an oxymoron, because closed indicates finite.

“That being the case, all paths exist, all paths have been traveled, we are all merged into the oneness and come out by incarnation, take a look around and merge back into the Infinite Oneness. I sort of think about a dolphin taking a long jump out of the ocean and then falling back into it. So we incarnate into something and look around, experience and the vehicle disintegrates and we merge back into the Oneness.

“That being the case, nothing really dies, then what causes a being to be upset about anything. So even if an entire dimension was going to vaporize, so what. The vaporization would not affect the intangible Absolute Self which is a part of the Infinite Oneness?

“I can’t get excited about Armageddon on the horizon. We all die. The body dies, the soul gains freedom.

“So the big question is, ‘what are all these beings from different dimensions concerned about?’

“I see what you mean, Dr. WorldPeace,” he said.

“I am incarnate in this robot you call Jim, and if the robot vaporizes I will be free like souls that have inhabited a biological body. So what is the big concern?” he said.

“I think we are going to find out pretty soon. In fact, I think the time table that Xay delivered has been speeded up somehow. And that brings up the question what could have caused that. Xay acted like this was just a process that happened every couple of eons.

“From a strictly earth perspective it would mean that the vast majority of the incarnate being have become confused in their various dimensions believe that their finite dimension is the true reality and not the Infinite Oneness. They have lost the reality that they are just taking a ride in their various bodies in their particular dimension.

“In a word, they are hanging on too tight to their lives. They have lost the view that all things that manifest, disintegrate. Nothing is permanent except the All-inclusive Infinite Oneness.”

“I think you are right, Dr. WorldPeace,” Jim said.

“But it does seem that somehow there is going to be a great die off or great extinction rippling through the universe and mass hysteria is developing. And somehow, for some reason, they all seem to intuitively know to seek you out. This is all very curious and interesting,” he said.

“Yes it is,” I agreed.


“Dr. WorldPeace, Aldo is back and this time he has two humans with him,” Jim announced.

Aldo entered my office as per usual and held the door open for a human male and female I had never met. They were both in their early forties.

“Hello, Aldo,” I said.

“Hello, Dr. WorldPeace, Jim,” he said.

Jim was a bit shocked that Aldo spoke to him. I sent a thought to Jim that he has to impress his superiors behind him and Jim relaxed.

“Dr. WorldPeace, this is Helmut Kronen and Rachel Komo,” Jim said as the two made their way to my desk and I stood up and shook their hands without anyone speaking.

“This is Jim,” I said.

They both nodded at Jim then Helmut said, “Jim I have heard a lot about you. But since no one has any pictures of you, there was no way to imagine you. The only thing anyone knows is that your exterior looks like chrome.”

“Well, long ago Jim and I would go out but there would always questions to answer and tension and a circus atmosphere so we just quit doing that,” I said. Later on were developed a program that gave him the properties of a chameleon skin so he can look normal if you will. I and he are just accustomed to seeing him with his original chrome skin.”

Jim rolled two chairs over for them to sit on. Both Helmut and Rachel seemed to be in shock at my ordinary looking office and the amazing view of the meadow. They both sat down. Both seemed to be uncomfortable.

“Helmut and Rachel, is there something about my office that is bothering you,” I asked.

“Not really Dr. WorldPeace,” Rachel said. “I think we both felt you would be living and working in more of a palace atmosphere. You are the most brilliant, enigmatic human on the planet, one of a kind.”

“It was hard to imagine how you lived and now I am just trying to compute and integrate what I am seeing and for some reason having trouble with the fact that you look just like an ordinary businessman,” she said.

I laughed.

“I am just enjoying my work and not knee deep in asset management and high tech toys that serve no real purpose. To have all that around clutters my mind,” I said.

“I am eager to hear what you came to talk about,” I said with a smile.

“Dr. WorldPeace, I, like Rachel, am just trying to orient myself. I feel like I have come to consult a world renown oracle and I am conversing with a very unassuming man,” Helmut said.

“Helmut, I used to have an environment that was awe inspiring and it created other reactions that prevented easy communications. So I found this environment to be the best of all alternatives,” I said.

“I just try to look and act normal,” I added.

“Who do ya’ll work for?” I asked.

“Sorry, we should had been a bit more formal and told you who we represent.” he said.

I am with NASA and Rachel is with NSA. We are both vice directors so we only report to our respective directors.

“OK,” I said. “How can I help you?”

“We are dealing with all kinds of chatter on the Alien Networks about something that is about to happen. We have no idea what they are talking about and none of our contacts are talking. So we are in a high state of paranoia.

“All this has happened in the last 24 hours. It is sort of like something has stirred up an ant bed. We don’t know if it is an individual, an event, an alien nation.

“The only common denominator was the word Dartnell. So we sent Aldo over to talk to you because we know you are connected, or observing, or communicating with aliens and on channels that we are just not tapped into. And we also tracked that UFO anomaly to you.

“Aldo says the only thing you know is that Dartnell is a name that you associate yourself with, or did a hundred years ago. We are sure we have the sound of the name right because we have cross indexed it with all the alien languages that we know. It is strange that in all our records in the galactic archives the word Dartnell does not show.

“And the only lead we have is your use of Dartnell as a personal name. A spiritual sound name if you will.

“Now we have to conclude that you are not who they are talking about and it is more than likely some event or some alien marauding race or other threat. One thing for sure this is something big, at least on a galactic scale.

“On the other hand if it is you, why is it you?” he said.

“Well,” I said, “cutting to the chase, my first thoughts are the common repetitive events that cross over into all races. And that comes down to a messiah of some stripe. Either warrior or holy man. This does not sound to me like an event. It may be a movement of some kind but that would point back to a leader.

“As far as all the known aliens go, I think that they have all gone through their prophetic, messiah period and understand that prophecy is impossible to connect with real life and just tends to create a bastardized self-fulling manipulative cause promoted by some ego manic trying to rise to the level of a god.

“Now that is only for the alien civilizations we know of directly and through other aliens indirectly.

“But what is strange here is that all these aliens are afraid of something that we have never heard of. And if you think about it, we are just another alien species. So why are we the only alien species that is not all panicked about Dartnell. So many of these alien species have been living among us for hundreds of thousands of years. Yet none have ever mentioned Dartnell. We don’t find it on any ancient monuments. We have not found it on anything on Mars or the moon or any other planet or moon.”

Everyone sat silent.

“What about Jim,” Rachel asked. “Does he know anything?”

“Well as you know he is a robot and not an alien. He is home grown. There is no species of robots. And they are looked upon as freaks by aliens. The aliens also prefer genetically engineered assistants as opposed to manufactured robots.” I said.

“That being said, Jim do you have anything to add to this conversation?” I asked.

“No Dr. WorldPeace, it is a big mystery,” he said. “But undeniably something is going on, something is about to happen.”

Rachel and Helmut turned away from Jim and looked at me saying nothing but thinking deeply no doubt. They had to go back to their directors with something. And they had not gathered much from our visit assuming they were honest with me about what they knew.


The truth is that I am the liar. I am going to meet with Xay again and Xay appeared to have knowledge of what was going on.

“Let’s hope that Xay can give us what we need to know,” said Jim responding to my thoughts.