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WorldPeace commentary on the news : 2003

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Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.  For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.  Jesus - Matthew 10:34

The truth is often paradoxical.  Lao Tzu - Tao te Ching

  • December 12, 2003  Less than two pages in length, the Ayalon-Nusseibeh plan calls for an Israeli withdrawal from essentially all of the West Bank and Gaza and for an "open city" of Jerusalem to be the capital of both states. Palestinian refugees would be compensated from an international fund, but have a right to return only to the new Palestinian state.  Mr. Nusseibeh said the plan complements the "road map" and unlike the international peace effort prescribes solutions to the most-intractable "final status" issues of the Middle East conflict.  He said while neither he nor Mr. Ayalon are major political figures, their grass-roots petition campaign has attracted 200,000 signatures, two-thirds of them from Israelis, and could grow to the point where it cannot be ignored by the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships.
  • December 12, 2003 But here's what's surprising: So far, the biggest political fallout from the Iraq war has not been in the Arab world. It has been in Israel. Say what?  Yes, by destroying Saddam's regime and the real strategic threat posed to Israel by Iraq, the Bush team has taken away one of the strongest security arguments from Israeli hawks: that Israel needs to keep the West Bank, or at least troops on the Jordan River, as a buffer in case Iraq again tries to come through Jordan to strike Israel, as it has done before. As long as Iraq loomed as a major threat, one could hear three arguments in Israel. One said no withdrawal from the West Bank and Jordan River was possible because Israel needed a security buffer. Another said withdrawal was essential to maintain Israel as a Jewish democracy. Because if Israel kept control of the occupied territories, there would soon be more Arabs than Jews living in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. A third said that no withdrawal was tolerable because the Jewish state needed to control all the Jewish land, including the Biblical West Bank. The Israeli right has tended to blend the security and the Jewish land arguments, while the Israeli left has focused on the need to maintain a Jewish majority so Israel doesn't become an apartheid state. But with the Iraq threat now gone, the argument is increasingly between those on the left and center who want to get rid of the territories to preserve Israel as a whole Jewish state and those on the Israeli right who want to preserve Israel on the whole Jewish land.
  • December 12, 2003  In the most detailed outline yet of a go-it-alone plan, Olmert said "it will be a lot different from the reality that exists today" and most Palestinians would no longer live under Israeli rule.  Israel, he said, will "definitely" not withdraw to the 1967 lines, and will keep "the united city of Jerusalem."  "A considerable amount of settlements and a considerable number of people will have to move into different areas," Olmert said.
  • December 11, 2003  Some 65 million girls worldwide are kept out of school, increasing the risks that they will suffer from extreme poverty, die in childbirth or from AIDS and pass those dangers on to future generations, the U.N. children's fund said Thursday.  UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said investment in education was the best way to close the gender gap.  "We believe that the failure to invest in girls' education puts in jeopardy more development goals than any other single action that could take place," she told The Associated Press.
  • December 10, 2003 Iraq Iraqi Health Ministry officials ordered a halt to a count of civilian casualties from the war and told workers not to release figures already compiled, the head of the ministry's statistics department told The Associated Press on Wednesday.  The health minister, Dr. Khodeir Abbas, denied that he or the U.S.-led occupation authority had anything to do with the order, and said he didn't even know about the survey of deaths, which number in the thousands.
  • December 10, 2003  Canada and Germany said the U.S. decision to limit bidding for Iraqi reconstruction contracts to companies from countries that backed the U.S.-led war will hamper efforts to round up international support to rebuild the country.  With the European Union, they said they will look into whether the U.S. is breaking trade rules by barring critics.  Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, China and Russia are among countries excluded from bidding on $18.6 billion worth of Iraqi reconstruction contracts funded by the U.S. government. U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz released the list of 63 approved countries yesterday.
  • December 10, 2003 The Pentagon drew criticism from one U.S. ally after formally barring companies from countries opposed to the Iraq war from bidding on 26 reconstruction contracts.  The ruling bars companies from U.S. allies such as France, Germany and Canada from bidding on those contracts - worth $18.6 billion - because their governments opposed the American-led war that ousted Saddam Hussein's regime.  "If these comments are accurate ... it would be difficult for us to give further money for the reconstruction of Iraq," said Canada's deputy prime minister, John Manley. "To exclude Canadians just because they are Canadians would be unacceptable if they accept funds from Canadian taxpayers for the reconstruction of Iraq."  
  • November 17, 2003  Raped by her brothers and impregnated, Rofayda Qaoud refused to commit suicide, her mother recalls, even after she bought the 17-year-old a razor with which to slit her wrists.  So Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud says she did what she believes any good Palestinian parent would: restored her family's "honor" through murder.  Armed with a plastic bag, razor and wooden stick, Qaoud entered her sleeping daughter's room last Jan. 27. "Tonight you die, Rofayda," she told the girl, before wrapping the bag tightly around her head.  And so it is all around the world.  Women are second class citizens.  A reality that crosses all racial lines and all forms of government.  Until there is equality for women, true peace and WorldPeace will remain elusive.
  • November 17, 2003  Where does legitimate criticism of Israeli government policy end and anti-Semitism begin? There's always been sharp disagreement in Israel over where to draw the line, but the debate assumed greater urgency in recent weeks.  First, the Malaysian prime minister claimed that Jews dominate Analysis the world, to the applause of Muslim heads of state. Next, a poll found 59 percent of Europeans consider Israel a threat to peace, ahead of rogue nations such as North Korea. And last week, Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, in condemning Israeli actions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, called Israel "the root of evil."
  • November 16, 2003  Two Black Hawk helicopters collided and crashed Saturday night, killing 17 American soldiers in the U.S. military's worst single loss of life since the Iraq war began.  Five soldiers were injured and one was missing, the military said. One helicopter smashed into the roof of a house, witnesses said, and there were reports one of the aircraft was shot down.  As the U.S. death toll in Iraq passed the 400 mark, the Iraqi Governing Council endorsed a U.S. plan Saturday that would create a provisional government by June. The transfer of power would provide Washington an "exit strategy" in the face of escalating guerrilla warfare.  I guess our soldiers were killed by some of those "weapons of mass destruction that Bush never found."

    "We did the same thing in Beirut. We made a commitment and the first time we took casualties we ran," Brady said. "We did it in Somalia. The first time we started taking casualties we ran.  We're getting a reputation, and the terrorists know that we run when we take casualties."

    "What we're feeling is that same schism of wanting to support our troops and wondering why the hell are we there."

  • November 16, 2003  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld insisted: "We will stay there as long as necessary."  Yet history indicates a different outcome. Ever since the Vietnam War the spectre of body bags arriving back in the US has haunted successive presidents. When a Hezbullah suicide truck crashed into a marine base in Lebanon in 1983, killing 241 marines, the US lost the will to win, and a year later pulled out its troops. It did so again after the infamous ?Black Hawk Down? incident in Somalia in 1993 when the US lost two helicopters and 18 soldiers while hunting for a warlord.  But this time the Americans cannot simply cut and run. They cannot extract themselves until they have at least established a viable security apparatus. In addition to their pledges to the Iraqi people there are imperative geopolitical reasons. Iraq is too strategically important to be left to its own devices. What happens in Iraq is vital for Israel and Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Iran.   And Iraq has the world?s second largest reserves of oil.  What is poor George to do?
  • November 15, 2003  As attacks against American occupation forces grow more sophisticated and deadly, Washington has become more concerned with handing power over to a new Iraqi government. The Bush administration has dropped its insistence that a constitution be drawn up and elections held before the transfer of power takes place.  Yes, the tar baby of Iraq is becoming more and more obvious?  So went Daddy Bush, so goes Little George.  
  • November 14, 2003  Four former Israeli security chiefs sharply criticized prime minister Ariel Sharon?s policies toward the Palestinians yesterday, warning that Israel is headed for catastrophe if it does not reach a peace deal soon.  
  • November 13, 2003  Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who became a hero to religious conservatives for refusing to remove his granite Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse, was thrown off the bench Thursday by a judicial ethics panel for having "placed himself above the law.  I have absolutely no regrets. I have done what I was sworn to do," Moore declared afterward, drawing applause from dozens of supporters at the courthouse. "It's about whether or not you can acknowledge God as a source of our law and our liberty. That's all I've done."  If the trend continues then it will be just a matter of time before God is erased from every book, building and monument.  Then America will try to function without a soul.
  • November 13, 2003  The report, an "appraisal of situation" commissioned by the CIA director, George Tenet, and written by the CIA station chief in Baghdad, said that the insurgency was gaining ground among the population, and already numbers in the tens of thousands.  One military intelligence assessment now estimates the insurgents' strength at 50,000.   Analysts cautioned that such a figure was speculative, but it does indicate a deep-rooted revolt on a far greater scale than the Pentagon had led the administration to believe.  An intelligence source in Washington familiar with the CIA report described it as a "bleak assessment that the resistance is broad, strong and getting stronger".  "It says we are going to lose the situation unless there is a rapid and dramatic change of course," the source said.  "There are thousands in the resistance - not just a core of Ba'athists. They are in the thousands, and growing every day. Not all those people are actually firing, but providing support, shelter and all that."  But George told us that the Iraqis would love us.  
  • November 13, 2003  On Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush presents a distorted picture. "The failure of democracy in those two countries would convince terrorists that America breaks down under attack, and more attacks on America would surely follow."  Yet, the use of American force in Iraq has attracted terrorism where it did not exist.  War on terrorism, yes. But not the Bush way.  A drive for democracy, yes.  But not couched in dishonesty.
  • November 11, 2003  The authorized biography of Pfc. Jessica Lynch debunks early myths that U.S. troops waged a daring rescue to save her, and describes a team of Iraqi doctors as gentle caretakers who worked at their own risk to keep her alive.  The biography, by former New York Times writer Rick Bragg, discredits stories from the war's first days that Lynch shot at her Iraqi captors, and that the Iraqi hospital was hostile territory that posed grave danger to Lynch's rescuers.  Once, according to the book, Iraqi medical workers even loaded Lynch into an ambulance and drove it to an American checkpoint in hopes of returning her ? but came under fire from U.S. troops and had to turn around.  Warmongering fever is contagious.  George Bush gave it to the press.  Or did he dictate it to the press?
  • November 9, 2003  The United States' uneven record in Iraq has kindled a small but persistent push to reinstitute the military draft, a politically charged idea that hasn't been seriously considered since the end of the Vietnam War.  Yet despite denials from the White House that a draft is under consideration, and despite the obvious political fallout of such a move during an election campaign, talk of a draft has heated up in recent days.
  • November 8, 2003  Insurgents killed two U.S. paratroopers and wounded another west of Baghdad on Saturday as the U.S. military unleashed a show of force in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, rocketing buildings to rubble and dropping 500-pound bombs near the site where a Black Hawk helicopter crashed.  Now what what would impress me about Bush's commitment to Iraq would be if one of his daughters was to go over there and pass out food or put herself in harms way.  Then I would feel like he understood what every parent of every American soldier feels.
  • November 8, 2003  The International Red Cross, already planning to reduce staff in Iraq following an attack on its Baghdad headquarters, said Saturday it is temporarily closing its offices in the capital and the southern city of Basra because of security concerns.  The agency will maintain a presence in northern Iraq, said Florian Westphal, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross.  "We decided that in view of an extremely dangerous and volatile situation that we would have to temporarily close our offices in Baghdad and Basra," he said.  Basra is Iraq's second largest city.  Isn't it interesting that George can't allocate enough men to keep the Red Cross workers safe.  How many men could that take? I thought we were there to help those people?  I thought they were going to love us like family?  That's what George told everyone.
  • November 7, 2003  Ever since its foundation, Israel has been troubled by the thought that it might have as much to fear from supposed friends as from avowed enemies. That is one reason why Israelis are often anxious monitors of public opinion in North America and Europe. Their anxiety, and perhaps their anger, showed a peak last week when the European Union's polling organization released figures showing that Europeans reckoned Israel was a greater threat to world peace than any other country. The results reinforced the Israeli sense that the distance between them and the Europeans continues to grow and that the United States is their only reliable partner.  It is interesting that people are now starting to say what they have been thinking for a very long time.
  • November 6, 2003  Two American soldiers were killed in separate incidents near Baghdad and along the Syrian border, the U.S. military said Thursday, and a Polish major was seriously wounded in an ambush south of the capital.  How many deaths will it take before America relearns how to spell Vietnam?
  • November 6, 2003  Just days before U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq, officials claiming to speak for a frantic Iraqi regime made a last-ditch effort to avert the war, but U.S. officials rebuffed the overture, Pentagon officials said Thursday.  Does it surprise anyone that the evidence grows stronger each day the George Bush lied.  Hey, no one even talks about those pesky weapons of mass destruction.  What were those weapons anyway, camel droppings?
  • November 4, 2003  In an opinion poll conducted in October, when shown a list of countries and asked "if in your opinion it presents or not a threat to peace in the world," some 59 per cent of European Union citizens polled said that Israel was a danger. The other leading threats to the peace were (in descending order) Iran, North Korea, and Afghanistan.  Yes, Ariel Sharon and the Palestinians and Adolph Hitler and the Jews.  Sad that the Jews cannot relate the hell that was forced on them by Adolph as a more violent hell than they are forcing on the Palestinians whose land they were given after WWII because the Europeans did not want them back.
  • November 2, 2003  A hard dose of reality has rained down like rockets in recent days on the Bush administration, but at least in public, the president and his men and women still don?t seem to get it.  The rocket attack on the al-Rashid Hotel, where the Americans who run Baghdad live, and the rash of suicide car bombings of the Red Cross and Iraqi police stations are not the desperate acts of desperate men, as President Bush declared.  They?re a sign that the enemy, whom the Bush administration has underestimated from the start, is getting better at what it does. The renegade Saddam Hussein loyalists and the foreign Jihadists are becoming more efficient, more creative and more effective at killing Americans and anyone who dares enlist on the side of the Americans.  Yes, each day brings more Muslim killers into Iraq looking to gut shoot, maim and kill our sons and daughters.  But hey, look at all those jobs that will be created with those juicy contracts to rebuild Iraq.  
  • November 2, 2003  A U.S. Chinook helicopter carrying troops en route home for leave was struck by a missile Sunday and crashed west of Baghdad, killing 13 soldiers and wounding more than 20, the U.S. command and witnesses reported.  Right now a mass murderer is being treated like a prince for killing so many with so little.  Right now some wife is missing her husband forever and some child is trying to understand that daddy is NEVER coming home.  Not a problem, George's daughters are safe.  All they have to worry about is getting drunk and getting run over crossing the street.
  • November 1, 2003  A new survey reportedly shows that six out of 10 Europeans view Israel as a greater threat to world peace than North Korea, Iran or Afghanistan.  A report published in the Paris-based International Herald Tribune says Europeans participating in the October poll were given a list of 15 countries and asked if any of them present a threat to world peace. Fifty nine percent said Israel was a threat.  Yes and if you listen to the Jews, you will hear how wrong everyone is about them.  Hitler did not get rid of the Jews without a lot of support from the German people.  He came to power by tapping in on the German's hatred for the Jews.  I wonder what caused all that hatred? 
  • October 18, 2003  With American troops under near daily attack in Iraq, workers at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center are still putting in 60-hour weeks caring for wounded and ill soldiers ? as well as troops stationed in Afghanistan, the Balkans and Germany.  Since President Bush declared the major fighting in Iraq over on May 1, two-thirds of the additional staff brought in for the war remain in place, and the average of 44 new patients a day is nearly three times the peacetime level.  The hospital has treated 1,800 patients so far from the U.S. mission in Afghanistan and more than 7,100 from the Iraq mission.
  • October 18, 2003 [WorldPeace World Peace]
    Thousands of university students and other activists marched Saturday to protest President Bush's visit to this city already tense over security concerns.  Up to 4,000 protesters burned U.S. flags and an effigy of a pirate-dressed Bush as his motorcade sped by on the opposite side of the highway en route to the House of Representatives, where he addressed a joint session of Congress.  Waving anti-U.S. placards and streamers saying
    "Ban Bush" and "Bush No. 1 terrorist," the protesters were cordoned off by anti-riot police and Philippine marines.  I just have to wonder what a little effort at humility in the world would do for the United States.
  • October 18, 2003  In a new audiotape aired Saturday, a voice purported to be Osama bin Laden vowed suicide attacks "inside and outside" the United States and threatened nations that are helping the American occupation of Iraq.  The speaker in the tape, broadcast throughout the Arab world by the Al-Jazeera television station, also warned Iraqis against cooperating with U.S. forces and urged youth in neighboring nations to join a jihad, or holy war, against the Americans.  Addressing U.S. troops in Iraq, the speaker said: "Your blood will be spilled so the White House gang gets richer and the arms dealers with them, as well as the large companies involved."  And why haven't we caught that pesky Osama?
  • October 18, 2003  Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., was booed and heckled Friday by an audience of Arab-Americans as a parade of presidential hopefuls made their appeals to a constituency that is gaining recognition as an increasingly important swing vote in the 2004 campaign.   Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, drew shouts of disagreement from many of the 300 or so people attending the Arab-American Institute leadership conference in this Detroit suburb when he attempted to defend the security fence under construction by the Israeli government in the West Bank as a temporary nuisance that would be removed once the Palestinian leadership makes "a 100 percent effort" to end terrorism.  Surely Joe Lieberman is not that oblivious to the fact that the fence represents nothing more than a land grab by the Israelis who who hate the Palestinians almost as much as Hitler hated the Jews.
  • October 18, 2003  A Soyuz spacecraft carrying a Russian, an American and a Spaniard blasted off Saturday for the International Space Station  from the Russian space program's cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.  The launch came three days after China became the world's third space faring nation, joining the ranks of the former Soviet Union and the United States. It was the second manned space launch from Baikonur since the U.S. space shuttle Columbia disintegrated in February, putting the U.S. space program on hold.  I say again, China is about to give NASA its wish list for the next twenty years.
  • October 17, 2003   I can?t imagine a CNN or a Fox news channel without a Saddam or a Osama; I mean who?s going to watch decaf TV? God forbid if anything happens to brother Osama or Saddam, people are going to suffer from headline-news-withdrawals; but I guess one shouldn?t loose hope; the world can always pine their hopes on the US to create another monster to replace Saddam Hussein, to assuage our news addiction and to refuel its war geared economy.
  • October 17, 2003 Despite the UN victory Thursday, the Bush administration faces growing problems in Iraq if it persists in demanding exclusive control. Continuing security problems there are putting a long-term strain on America's military forces. At home, political resistance is growing to the huge rebuilding costs ahead. Eventually, the White House must resign itself to sharing real authority with Iraqis and the international community.
  • October 17, 2003   U.S. combat deaths since the end of major fighting passed the 100 mark Friday after a joint U.S.-Iraqi patrol confronted gunmen outside the headquarters of a Shiite Muslim cleric, triggering clashes in which three Americans and 10 Iraqis were killed, including two Iraqi policemen. Another American soldier was killed and two were wounded by a roadside bomb near Baghdad, and nine U.S. troops were wounded in a roadside bombing in the northern city of Mosul.
  • October 17, 2003  Malaysia, faced with angry criticism from the United States and Europe over comments made at an Islamic summit, apologized Friday for "any misunderstanding" over Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's assertion that Jews rule the world.  The speech drew immediate criticism from Israel and other countries and raised fears that it could fan violence against Jews. But it got a standing ovation from the kings, presidents, sheiks and emirs ? including key U.S. allies ? gathered in Malaysia's capital, Putrajaya.  There is nothing more volatile than the truth.
  • October 16, 2003 The Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution Thursday aimed at attracting more troops and money to help stabilize Iraq and speed its independence ? a diplomatic victory for Washington after the bitter dispute over the war. The resolution's success hinges on whether it generates additional funds for Iraq's reconstruction at next week's donors conference in Madrid, Spain, and whether countries decide to send new forces to Iraq.  I wonder just how much Colin Powell had to pay all these countries to vote fo the resolution.  No doubt he gave them a few construction contracts and some oil wells to fill their gas tanks with.
  • October 15, 2003  War in Iraq has swollen the ranks of al Qaeda and galvanized the Islamic militant group's will, the International Institute for Strategic Studies said in its annual report.  The 2003-2004 edition of the British-based think-tank's annual bible for defence analysts, The Military Balance, said Washington's assertions after the Iraq conflict that it had turned the corner in the war on terror were "over-confident."  The truth is often paradoxical.  George's war to make Iraq free? has swelled the ranks of those thirsty for American blood.
  • October 15, 2003  The United States vetoed yesterday a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israel for building a barrier that cuts into the West Bank.   The United States was the only country to vote against, using its veto as one of five permanent members of the council. Four of the 15 members of the Security Council abstained: Bulgaria, Cameroon, Germany and Britain.  Whatever Sharon wants, George gives him.
  • October 15, 2003  A massive explosion ripped apart a U.S. diplomatic vehicle Wednesday, killing three Americans and wounding one in the first attack on a U.S. target in three years of Israel-Palestinian fighting.  There was no immediate claim of responsibility. The attack was condemned by Palestinian officials who said those killed were members of a U.S. monitoring team sent to the region to supervise implementation of a U.S.-backed peace plan.  Well it was only a matter of time before someone crossed the barrier which prevented the killing of American civilians.  You can look to a lot more American civilian deaths now as the terrorist and Iraqis and Muslims quit distinguishing uniformed and civilian Americans.  In the near future Americans will be targets all over the world.  Thanks in a large part to George Bush and his unilateral war against Iraq in specific and Muslims in general.
  • October 14, 2003  China launched its first manned space mission on Wednesday, becoming the third country in history to send a person into orbit ? four decades after the former Soviet Union and the United States.  With a column of smoke, the Shenzhou 5 craft cut across a bright, azure northwest China sky at exactly 9 a.m. Wednesday (9 p.m. Tuesday EDT) and went into orbit 10 minutes later. The official Xinhua News Agency immediately confirmed the launch and said the astronaut was air force Lt. Col. Yang Liwei, 38.  You can look for NASA to get some fresh funding in the very near future.  No one feels comfortable with the Chinese orbiting over the United States.
  • October 14, 2003  Human rights group Amnesty International on Monday condemned Israeli raids at the weekend on the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah that killed eight Palestinians, describing the operation as a "war crime".  "The repeated practice by the Israeli army of deliberate and wanton destruction of homes and civilian property is a grave violation of international human rights and humanitarian law... and constitutes a war crime," Amnesty said in a written statement issued in London.  Short of the death camps, Sharon is just a Nazi.  Other than the death camps of World War II, there is nothing that the Israelis are imposing on the Palestinians that Hitler did not impose on the Jews.  That's a fact.  Israel was carved out of Palestine due in part to Zionist terrorist after World War II.  And the whole world, sick of war, let it happen.
  • October 14, 2003  The Palestine National Authority (PNA) accused the United States of encouraging Israel to slaughter Palestinian civilians as Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Sunday redeployed around the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah and the adjacent refugee camp of Yubna, following a two day invasion during which seven Palestinians were killed, and at least 70 wounded, mostly civilians, 120 houses demolished and more than 1,000 refugees made homeless according to UNRWA.  Israel wouldn?t have embarked on the latest spare of killing and destruction in the Gaza Strip had it not been for ?American acquiescence and connivance,? said President Yasser Arafat?s media adviser Nabil Abu Rudainah.  There is no question that Sharon does nothing without a nod from George.  All these Israeli acts of violence will never stop the terrorism nor will Sharon ever kill all the Palestinians.  
  • October 13, 2003  Saddam Hussein is believed to have been hiding out recently in Tikrit, influencing the anti-American insurgency, the U.S. military said Monday. Fresh attacks by resistance forces across central Iraq were reported to have killed three American soldiers and wounded five others.  It is really amazing that George cannot find Osama or Saddam.   It really makes no sense when you think about it.  Maybe he is waiting until its gets closer to the elections next year.
  • October 12, 2003   Suicide attackers struck again Sunday in Iraq, this time with twin car bombs in the heart of Baghdad that fell short of a hotel full of Americans but exploded on a busy commercial street, killing six bystanders and wounding dozens, U.S. military and Iraqi officials said. It was the seventh fatal vehicle bombing in Iraq since early August, attacks that have taken more than 140 lives. All have targeted institutions perceived as cooperating with the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and none has been reported solved.  And George says things are getting better in Iraq.  But hey, where are all the parades and cheering Iraqis.
  • October 12, 2003  A new report suggests Israel has the capability to launch nuclear weapons from its submarines - a development that could threaten U.S. and UN efforts to thwart Iran's nuclear programs.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Israeli scientists have modified cruise missiles supplied by the U.S. to carry nuclear warheads.  The Times reported that the information was confirmed by two Bush administration officials and one Israeli official.  While Israel has never acknowledged having a nuclear arsenal, it is considered an open secret that the country has somewhere between 100 and 200 nuclear weapons, which can be launched from the ground or air.
  • October 11, 2003 While reformers have hailed the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to an Iranian human rights lawyer as a boost for democratic reforms, powerful hardliners denounced it as an act of interference in Iran's internal affairs that supports secularism over the religious ideals of the 1979 Islamic revolution.  Well you can't please all the people all the time.  
  • October 11, 2003  The world's Islamic nations opened their biggest meeting in three years Saturday with a call for the eviction of U.S. troops from Iraq and the rapid restoration of its sovereignty.  George said that we were doing good things in Iraq but 56 Islamic nations think the US's presence in Iraq is a bad thing.  Someone needs to wake up George.  Tell him those people don't like us nor our blind support of Israel.
  • October 11, 2003 After publicly criticizing the fence and wall that Israel is building in the West Bank, the Bush administration is quietly negotiating with the Israeli government on changes in the route of the barrier.  In a series of high-level contacts, Israel has addressed complaints raised by the United States about particular sections of what it calls a security fence, without drastically altering plans that Palestinians say would prevent creation of a viable Palestinian state.  Israel's effort to avoid a public clash with the United States comes as the barrier draws growing international opposition and the Bush administration has suspended its active involvement in prodding Israel and the Palestinians toward renewed peace talks.  Well the Israeli's treat the Palestinians like Hitler treated the Jews (short of open death camps) and now they are erecting Communist like walls.
  • October 11, 2003 The Welsh secretary, Peter Hain, has been forced by Jack Straw to scrap a prepared speech in which he urged Britain to embrace a "progressive, united Europe" rather than the socially divisive free market philosophy of the United States under President George Bush.   There may have been a hint in the draft speech that ministers want Tony Blair's ally on Iraq, President Bush, defeated next November to achieve "our ideal partnership of principle between a progressive united Europe and a progressive internationalist US. We have to work for both. At present we have neither. We have to work with America whoever is in charge."  As long as George is in office, then the US will continue to pursue it unilateral emperialism.
  • October 11, 2003   Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi became the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for a fearless defense of human rights in an award designed to spur wider democracy in the Islamic world.  The Norwegian Nobel Committee praised Ebadi -- Iran's first female judge before the 1979 Islamic revolution forced her to step down in favor of men -- for battling to defend the rights of women and children.  Women's rights just got a boost.  Good.
  • October 10, 2003   Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger argued that "The essence of empire is that every problem becomes our problem ...And sooner or later, every empire eats itself up in domestic disputes." The domestic problems are piling up for the Bush Administration ahead of the elections next year. The unilateral and preemptive invasion of Iraq is coming under increased criticism. The failure to find the weapons of mass destruction, the prime reason for the invasion, the increasing American casualties, rising cost of reconstruction and the false pretext for the invasion are raising tension at home even as the security situation in Iraq deteriorates and Bush's popularity at home nose-dives. His ally, Tony Blair, is also in trouble at home.  
  • October 10, 2003  Two U.S. soldiers were killed and four wounded in an ambush just hours after a fatal car bombing that killed 10 people ? including the driver ? in the same Baghdad neighborhood, the U.S. military said Friday.  The troops from the 1st Armored Division were on a routine patrol when the ambush occurred about 8 p.m. Thursday, the military said. No further details were released.  And the demand for body bags keeps on growing.  These are real Americans whose lives have been cut short and whose parents will never be able to truly justify these deaths of their children and whose children have in the process experienced the removal of part of their little hearts and souls.
  • October 9, 2003 Sharon's critics are divided on whether Sunday's missile strike against a largely disused Palestinian base north of Damascus was an act of desperation by a government unable to deliver a much-promised victory over the Palestinians, or a cynical calculation to redefine and widen the conflict knowing that it will do little to curb attacks by Islamic Jihad or Hamas.  Bush I invades Iraq and Bush II (Sharon) expands the conflict to Syria.
  • October 9, 2003  The US is considering abandoning its pursuit of a UN resolution calling for assistance for the occupation of Iraq, after concerted opposition from UN officials and security council members.  Two weeks after President George Bush appealed for support from the UN general assembly, several security council member states, including France, Germany and Russia, remain firmly opposed to the proposed timetable for Iraq gaining sovereignty.  Their opposition has been bolstered by the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, who believes that unless the resolution is amended it will not provide sufficient security for UN personnel.
  • October 8, 2003 Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has convened his cabinet to discuss Israel's next steps following a Palestinian suicide bombing that killed 19 people and an Israeli air strike in Syria the following day. The Jewish terrorist were in part responsible for the creation of Israel after World War II. They were not going to be deterred or stopped. Why do they think that the Palestinians are going to stop. The creation of Israel disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who still live in refugee camps. Will Sharon live long enough to invade all of Palestine and set up death camps to deal with them like the Germans dealt with the Jews? What is the end game Mr. Sharon? It was your deliberate visit to the Wailing Wall in September 2000 that sparked the latest round of violence.
  • October 8, 2003   After a decade of preparation, China will launch its first human being into space on Oct. 15 in a 90-minute flight that will orbit the Earth once, a major Chinese Web site reported in one of the most concrete signs yet that the landmark trip is imminent. implied that the flight, the Shenzhou (Divine Vessel)  5, would carry only one human being in its bid to make China the world's third space faring nation.  Well it looks like the Americans are going to reengage the space race just like they did after Russia launched Sputnik over four decades ago.  
  • October 7, 2003  Roadside bombings in central Iraq killed three U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter and wounded six other service members, the U.S. military said Tuesday. They were the first reported deaths of American soldiers by hostile fire in Iraq since Friday.  How many of our young men and women are going to die in the Neo Vietnam (Iraq) for that black gold that flows under its sands.  No matter what the political rhetoric, Iraq is about oil and little else.
  • October 7, 2003  President George Bush today declined to criticise Israel for its air strike inside Syria, saying Israel "has got a right to defend herself."  But the President said he had cautioned Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to try to avoid escalating tensions in the region as he gave Sharon a wink of the eye.  Let Sharon start Armageddon, right George?
  • October 6, 2003  The former ambassador at the core of the White House leak controversy accused the Bush administration yesterday of blowing his wife's CIA cover to muzzle criticism over the Iraq war and said they both now feared for her safety.  Joseph Wilson, a seasoned diplomat in both Republican and Democratic governments, said U.S. President George W. Bush's top political aide Karl Rove, while likely not the source of the leak, later "gave legs" to a newspaper column that revealed his wife's identity as a CIA operative.  "I do have a number of people, or a person in whom I have a high degree of confidence, who has told me that Karl Rove told him that my wife is `fair game', and that was one week after the leak," Wilson told CBS's Face The Nation The U.S. government had not offered any security measures, said Wilson, adding that a former leading CIA official had said his wife "was probably the single highest target of any possible terrorist organization or hostile intelligence service that might want to do damage."  All this comes down to is whistle blower retaliation of the Presidential kind.  Sure looks like somebody didn't read about Watergate or thought he was smarter and bigger than Nixon.
  • October 6, 2003  After a rare heat wave struck many parts of China in the summer of this year and caused severe energy shortages in Shanghai, Zhejiang Province and other places, the Chinese government began to reevaluate the power supply and demand situation and altered its previous rather optimistic attitude. The continued growth of the national economy has led to rocketing of electricity demand. Since 1991, the industrial output in Zhejiang Province has been growing at an annual rate of over 10 percent, causing its power demand to grow at a yearly rate of 12.5 percent, according to the commission. The real question is whether the world population is going to use up all the planet's natural resources such that we have a real futuristic problem of being forced to rape other planets after we have raped our own.  The day will come when there is no more oil, coal or natural gas.  The day has begun when large areas have been marked as infinite nuclear waste sites.  
  • October 5, 2003  Israel bombed a target inside Syria that it claimed was an Islamic Jihad training base, striking deep inside its neighbor's territory Sunday for the first time in three decades and widening its pursuit of Palestinian militants.  The air strike ? a retaliation for a suicide bombing Saturday that killed 19 Israelis ? alarmed the Arab world and deepened concerns that three years of Israeli-Palestinian violence could spread through the region.  Washington urged both sides to show restraint ? but added a pointed criticism of Syria, saying Damascus "must cease harboring terrorists and make a clean break from those responsible for planning and directing terrorist action from Syrian soil."  Sounds like Clark was right and Bush is planning to fan a war all over the Middle East.
  • October 5, 2003  Culminating bus journeys throughout the United States modeled on the Freedom Rides that fought segregation in the South, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in New York on Saturday to urge more rights for undocumented immigrants.  there is nothing more ridiculous that giving equal rights to illegal immigrants.  To do that would signal the entire world population that all they have to do is to find a way to physically get their feet on American soil to become American citizens.
  • October 5, 2003  British Prime Minister Tony Blair  privately conceded before the war with Iraq that it had no quickly  deployable chemical weapons, despite publicly claiming that Saddam  Hussein's arsenal posed a serious threat, former Foreign Secretary  Robin Cook said today.  Slowly but surely the truth is coming out about Iraq, Blair and Bush.  And the truth is that it was all a lie and that American and British citizens apparently lack the ability to see through slick hype from our elected leaders.
  • October 5, 2003  Our basic problem in California is our inability to address effectively the serious issues confronting us -- the budget crisis, transportation, immigration, housing, environmental protection, job creation, the energy crisis, health care and the deterioration of our educational system and our parks -- because our decision-making is hamstrung by a statewide system. Changing the way any elected governor or other state officials operate is highly unlikely until we address the flaws in our system. Most seriously, campaign financing is out of control in California. The last governor's race cost $130 million.  So goes California so goes the entire nation and every state therein.
  • October 5, 2003  A female suicide bomber has blown herself up at a popular restaurant in northern Israel, killing at least 17 others and prompting new calls for the removal of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.  Officials say the blast at the Maxim beach restaurant in Haifa wounded at least 50 others, many seriously.  People never get tired of killing each other.  The logical end is that the final solution is one where no one is left.  The problem is that the United States will not withdraw its blind support for Israel.  
  • October 5, 2003  The two-day-old US draft resolution on Iraq is considered unworkable by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, especially as it calls for more UN personnel in a country with deteriorating security, a senior UN official said on Friday.  Annan said on Thursday after the draft was submitted that it was "not in the direction I had recommended." It was the first time that Annan spoke publicly against a draft resolution.
    "Either the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) or the UN can be in charge of the process," he said. "Attempting to blur the roles of the two is a recipe for confusion, and that could expose the UN to risk that is not justified by the substances of the draft." 
    Kofi Annan has stood up to the US from a position of power due to the way the US and Britain started the war without a UN consensus.
  • October 5, 2003  Gen Wesley Clark accused the Bush administration of having a five year plan to attack seven nations across the Muslim world. According to a British daily, General Clark, the front-runner in the Democratic race for the White House, disclosed this in a book due for publication later this month, British Newspaper reported on Saturday. General Wesley Clark launched a high-risk attack on American foreign policy yesterday when he said the Bush administration should face an investigation into possible criminal conduct in its drive to war.
  • October 5, 2003  One in every three people in the world will live in slums within 30 years unless governments control unprecedented urban growth, according to a UN report.  The largest study ever made of global urban conditions has found that 940 million people -- almost one-sixth of the world's population -- already live in squalid, unhealthy areas, mostly without water, sanitation, public services or legal security.  The report, from the UN human settlements programme, UN-habitat, based in Nairobi, found that urban slums were growing faster than expected, and that the balance of global poverty was shifting rapidly from the countryside to cities.  And from those slum will come disease and terrorism.
  • October 4, 2003 Women's groups and religious leaders worked feverishly Friday to galvanize opposition to Arnold Schwarzenegger after he acknowledged treating women badly and responded to reports that he told an interviewer he admired Adolf Hitler. And what kind of governor would a steroid using meathead make? Who knows? I think Arnold's honest but he needs to continue to live in the fantasy land of pumping iron and making movies. I wonder why there is not anything being said about his violent movies. Adolf Schwarzenegger???
  • October 4, 2003 John Ashcroft calls himself a "common-sense conservative". But for liberals, gays, minority groups, and civil libertarians of every hue, he is a stubborn, strait-laced fanatic, the very antithesis of common sense, who is waging a one-man war against secular America. In their eyes, he is emblem of how zealots of the religious right are tightening their grip on a Republican Party in which moderates are an endangered species.
  • October 3, 2003 Doubts are growing about U.S. President George W. Bush's ability to deal with international crises and the economy, says a poll released Thursday night.  The CBS-New York Times poll found that 45 per cent say they have confidence in Mr. Bush's ability on international crises and 50 per cent said they do not.
  • October 3, 2003 Between three and six American soldiers are killed and another 40 wounded every week in Iraq by an enemy that has become more lethal and sophisticated since the fall of Baghdad in April, the commander of coalition forces said Thursday.  Hello Vietnam of the desert.
  • October 3, 2003 In a stark rejection of American proposals, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan made clear on Thursday the United Nations could not play a proper political role in Iraq  under terms Washington wanted, U.N. officials and diplomats reported.  After the Aug. 19 bombing of U.N. headquarters in Baghdad that killed 22 people, Annan said he wanted a radical approach that would make it safe for U.N. staff to return. Only about 30 foreign U.N. staff out of more than 600 are in Iraq.
  • October 2, 2003 Chief U.S. weapons searcher David Kay reported Thursday he had found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq a finding that brought fresh congressional complaints about the Bush administration's prewar assertions of an imminent threat from Saddam Hussein.  It was a stupid lie, stupid.
  • October 2, 2003 Anti-war rebels in Britain's ruling Labour Party said yesterday Prime Minister Tony Blair had lied to justify invading Iraq and accused him of creating a "wasteland" in the name of peace.  Angered at being deprived of a chance to vote on the Iraq war at their annual conference, activists queued up to criticise the military action which Blair has defiantly defended.  "We were told there were weapons of mass destruction that could be deployed at 45 minutes' notice," parliamentarian Alice Mahon said. "We were lied to. There is no delicate way of putting it. We can't have a vote on it today and that is a disgrace."
  • October 2, 2003 A US military spokesman said a soldier died in a rocket-propelled grenade attack on a convoy near the town of Samarra, north of the capital Baghdad, late on Wednesday. Earlier in the day a female soldier was killed and at least two others seriously hurt by a roadside bomb near the entrance to a US base in Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit.  And in every body bag is someone's son or daughter who has been rubbed out and will never comfort his or her parents in their old age.
  • October 2, 2003  Brand-name pharmaceutical companies in Canada removed a significant barrier to a plan to provide life-saving drugs to poor countries, saying they will work with Ottawa to allow generic drug makers to produce patented medicines for AIDS-stricken areas.  Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies, a lobby group for the brand-name firms, said in a press release that it recognizes that Canada "has an opportunity to show international leadership" by changing patent laws to improve access to drugs for the diseases.
  • October 1, 2003   Israeli MPs called yesterday for 28 air force pilots to be sacked and tried for mutiny for refusing to attack Palestinian towns.  The defence minister, Shaul Mofaz, told the knesset that the pilots were aiding "terrorists" when they signed a letter last week saying they would not carry out "illegal and immoral orders to attack, of the type Israel carries out in the [occupied] territories".  Imagine what would happen if all the soldiers in all the armies of the world just refused to fight.
  • September 30, 2003   Arab nations accused some countries of ignoring Israel's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction while pressuring others to give up nuclear programs.  Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It has never confirmed being a nuclear power, but it is widely believed to have nuclear weapons.  At the U.N. General Assembly on Monday, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt charged that the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency was holding back from criticizing Israel. It is "unacceptable that Israel's possession of such weapons should remain a reality that some prefer to ignore or prevent" the international community from dealing with, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said.  Nuclear weapons are insane no matter which sons of Abraham have them.
  • September 30, 2003 The White House, rocked by an explosive scandal over charges it exposed the name of a CIA agent to muzzle criticism on Iraq, yesterday denied President Bush's top political guru Karl Rove hatched the plot. ``(Rove) wasn't involved,'' said Bush spokesman Scott McClellan. ``The president knows he wasn't involved. It's simply not true.''  Sure sounds like a Watergate in the making as all the President's men return us to the days of Tricky Dick Nixon.
  • September 29, 2003  In dangerous Euphrates River towns west of Baghdad, one soldier was killed Monday and three were wounded in separate roadside bombings. One of the blasts prompted a firefight backed by attack aircraft, tanks and helicopters as U.S. soldiers battled Iraqi resistance fighters for more than eight hours, U.S. officials said.  Wow.   An eight hour fire fight.  Has anyone considered what it takes to sustain an eight hour fire fight against the most powerful army in the world?
  • September 28, 2003 A massive blackout hit Italy on Sunday, cutting power to millions of people who woke up to find their phone lines silent and their televisions black, while drivers struggled through streets without traffic lights and trains remained stuck on the tracks. Most of Italy's 57 million people were left without power, compared to the 50 million affected during the Aug. 14 blackout in the United States and Canada. By mid-morning, power was returning to the north but still remained out in most of Rome and the south. On Aug. 28, power briefly went out in parts of London and southeast England, shutting off traffic lights in the British capital and stranding hundreds of thousands of people on subways and trains.  Have the terrorist found that the industrialized nations can have their power shut off just before another 911 attack?
  • September 28, 2003 The Pentagon has ordered thousands of fresh U S troops to pack their bags for Iraq this weekend, after President George Bush's bid to recruit more international troops fell on deaf ears.  Well George Bush determined that the United States was big enough to make war with Brittan against the U N and now he has to crawl on his belly begging for help in a war that he was told not to start.
  • September 28, 2003 When the World Trade Organisation (WTO) met in Mexico recently, a group of developing countries refused to be taken for granted by the rich industrialised nations that control the body , sending a message to the elite that they must change their way of doing business.  The same message was heard this week in the United Nations General Assembly, where speaker after speaker from the developing world pressed for speedy reforms of the world body, especially its most powerful organ - the Security Council. Terrorism is largely a response to the arrogance of the industrialized imperialistic nations of the world.
  • September 28, 2003 U.S. troops and their Iraqi partners have been trying to curb the flow of weapons and stop attacks against American forces. Those attacks have killed more than 80 U.S. soldiers since President Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq on May 1. Over the past 90 days, the number of daily attacks against U.S. troops has ranged from the "low teens to the mid-20s" each day, according to Charles Heatley, spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority. Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa told the Al-Hayat newspaper that Arab states will not send forces to Iraq to "defend occupation troops." So our troops are being attacked dozens of times a day and the Arab League does not see the US/Brittan invasion of Iraq as stabilizing the region. More lies and dangerous miscalculations from George Bush and his war mongering advisors.
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President of the United States George W. Bush as King of Diamonds is part of a card deck depicting 'the 52 most dangerous American officials', sold by the French group Reseau Voltaire (Voltaire Network) is seen in this hand out photo. Caption under photograph reads : 'Head of a baseball club and director of Salem bin Laden's oil company (brother of Osama). Designated President of the United States by friends of his father at the Supreme Court before the vote count showed that he lost the elections'. A little over 2, 500 decks have been sold on the internet in recent weeks. (AP Photo/Reseau Voltaire)

  • September 27, 2003 Thousands of protesters demanding an end to the occupation of Iraq took to the streets Saturday in London, Athens, Paris and other cities, calling for the withdrawal of troops and chanting slogans attacking the U.S. and British governments. Not more than about 30,000 marched all over the world. The problem is that until there is one person who can speak for all these peace organizations, these protests will continue to have little or no impact on the war mongers of the world.
  • September 27, 2003 The father of a soldier killed in Iraq accused President George Bush yesterday of being responsible for his son's death. Now as those who supported the war see the face of death on their children things have become clear. Why anyone supported Bush's war is beyond me. This is just another Vietnam. And if anyone remembers we spent billions trying to train a Vietnamese Army that would rather run than fight. One of these days we will have a President that read his history book.  Fernando Suarez, whose 20-year-old son, Jesus, was one of the first fatalities, said: "My son died because Bush lied."
  • September 26, 2003 Amid all the official inquiries, political recriminations and postwar claims and counter-claims, one basic fact about Iraq now appears incontrovertible. The fact is, at the time the war was launched, Iraq did not possess the non-conventional weapons capability that the US and Britain alleged. It did not, therefore, pose the "serious and current threat" to the UK national interest, to the Middle East region and to the US that was officially claimed. The US-British decision to prevent further UN weapons inspections, override a UN security council majority, and plunge into a lethal, open-ended and expensive conflict was thus rash, unnecessary and mistaken.
  • September 26, 2003 The United Nations (UN) said yesterday it was pulling out 19 of its 105 international staffers from Iraq as a member of the country's US-appointed Governing Council died of wounds suffered in an ambush last week. UN spokesman Fred Eckhard said the withdrawal had begun and 86 staff members now remained in Iraq. This is not an evacuation, just a further downsizing, and the security situation in the country remains under constant review,' he said.  The truth is that the U S can't even protect the small U N compound.  
  • September 24, 2003   Bush and company seem to be building another false case regarding nuclear weapons in order to invade Iran.  Iran has been given a deadline of October to meet more stringent and intrusive examination into its nuclear program. This comes as the US has and continues to see any hint of development in the nuclear area by third world countries as a threat to its strategic interest, especially in the middle east as it relates to its ability to control the oil rich region. The US had falsely accused Iraq before of being a nuclear threat with vague and unsubstantiated claims which are typically used by the US against such countries that it has political opposition with. Phrases such as "nuclear development" "Nuclear technology" "potential nuclear weapons" "intention to develop nuclear programs" etc. are brandished frequently and without any supporting evidence.  When the US made these claims against Iraq, the International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA) investigated and found nothing.  It is easy to make accusations that someone is developing or has "intention" or "potential" to develop nuclear weapons, but it is impossible to prove a negative, and defend against such accusations.
  • September 24, 2003 The Israelis are determined to build a wall between themselves and the Palestinians. It seems to me that history has taught us that this is what Communists and Fascists do. In the end, the wall will come down. Sharon is a war mongering menace who started the current war with the Palestinians when he visited the Wailing Wall on September 28, 2000. Until he made his visit, the bloodshed had for the most part stopped. The truth is the truth.
  • September 23, 2003  About half of the Iraqi population is in need of food assistance, two U.N. food agencies said Tuesday, blaming the war and years of economic sanctions and drought.  And how are you going to feed these people Mr. Bush?
  • September 23, 2003  The US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, has defended the Bush Administration's efforts to combat AIDS, one day after a top United Nations official denounced as a "grotesque obscenity" the money spent on the "war on terrorism" compared with that devoted to halting the disease in Africa.  Hey there is no defense Mr. Powell.  The truth is the truth.
  • September 22, 2003  Ten years after Yasser Arafat and Itzhak Rabin signed the Washington Declaration, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is experiencing what may be its worst situation since 1967. Violence is a daily matter. The Second Intifada is entering its fourth year, with nearly 3,500 deaths. (All started by Mr. Sharon's visit to the Temple mount in September 2000) The "road map" has broken down. Palestinians and Israelis, who had drawn closer thanks to the Oslo Process, are today divided by deep hostility.  And there is no end in sight and Mr. Bush is clueless as to what to do.  
  • September 22, 2003 A suicide car bomber blew himself up near the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad on Monday, also killing a security guard and wounding 17 people, a month after a huge truck bomb devastated the building.  It is interesting that even the U N is not safe in Iraq.  Maybe they should have stopped Mr. Bush's war.
  • September 21, 2003  Like Wolfowitz, the lies that Donald Rumsfeld has told about Iraq are catching up with him.  We are making progress in Iraq despite the fact that the body count is on the rise.  It always interest me how people in power with the aid of the media can sell the most ridiculous lies to the public.  Iraq IS the new Vietnam.  Just because the body count is not a three hundred a week does not mean that it will not go there.  Every Muslim in the world who hates America is heading to Iraq to kill some Americans.  Iraq is a tar baby that has killed our sons and daughters, ruined the economy and made the arrogance of George Bush the talk of the U N where he now grovels for aid in the war that no one wanted.
  • September 21, 2003   Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz sullied the memory of those who died on 9/11 by exploiting their deaths for propaganda purposes in invading Iraq.  The pattern is clear: Say what you want people to believe for the front page and on TV, then whisper a half-hearted correction or apology that slips under the radar.
  • September 20, 2003 There is a global racial prejudice which places the 17% of the White race at the top of the global society pyramid.
  • September 19, 2003 Blix attacks the Bush/Blair Weapons of Mass Destruction spin.
  • September 19, 2003 The Iraq War looks more and more like a little Vietnam each day. Everyday we hear things are getting better while at the same time the body bags are coming home with no end in sight. And now Bush has gone crawling to the U N for help after he told them to go to hell before the war.  
  • September 19, 2003 The case for going to war against Iraq was a fraud "made up in Texas" to give Republicans a political boost, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said yesterday.  In an interview with the Associated Press, Kennedy also said the Bush administration has failed to account for nearly half of the $4 billion spent each month for the war. He said he believes much of the unaccounted-for money is being used to bribe foreign leaders to send in troops.
  • September 14, 2003 Desperate Iraqis Clamor for Help as Powell Visits. The situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate not only for American soldiers but also for the average Iraqi. We should learn a lesson from Bush's arrogance and apathy. There was human suffering in Iraq, and Saddam is a murderer, but if George wanted to save the world, he should have invaded Liberia or the Congo.  George took on Iraq to raise and has created a little Vietnam with a twist.  Now if we try to leave Iraq, our stature in the world will decrease further. It may be that Bush will leave office with America's pride and prestige lower than when Reagan replaced Jimmy Carter after the Iran fiasco.  And don't forget George's Afghanistan mess.
  • September 14, 2003  Israeli Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Says Killing Yasser Arafat Is an Option. This is insane. But again, Bush said that Saddam was wanted dead or alive. It did not matter to him. So now we have the Prime Minister of Israel saying the same thing about Arafat. All George has to do to stop this insanity is to tell Sharon that to kill Arafat would cause severe repercussions from the U S. But how can Bush say this to Sharon who is just following Bush's lead in making unilateral war on whoever he pleases.
  • September 13, 2003 George Bush went into Iraq with his lies about weapons of mass destruction and tried to kill Saddam. Now that he has set the new standard for international politics, why shouldn't Israel decide that it is going to get rid of Arafat and like Bush say to hell with the UN and the rest of the world? If they can do this, they will blow up the Dome of the Rock and rebuild Solomon's Temple.
  • September 11, 2003 George Bush turned his back on the UN and along with his buddy Tony Blair invaded Iraq. Now Bush has taken to begging the UN to help him out of the chaos that he created, not to mention Bush's settling an example with Saddam that Israel is about to follow in doing away with Arafat. It is time for George to step aside for the good of the world.
  • September 6, 2003    The Israelis just could not resist open war on Hamas.  They did not care about the fact that it was undermining the authority of Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas.  In fact it may have been their goal.  Now Abbas has resigned and the road map to peace is just another piece of paper.  It is beginning to look like the only solution is for the UN to bring in all the armies of the world to form a ring around Israel and Palestine and then arm every Israeli and Palestinian with swords and shields and let them fight hand to hand to the death.  The winners after a victory celebration could be eliminated by the UN armies so the insanity of the sons of Abraham would no longer trouble the region or the world.  The land could then become the first world community of world citizens living in peace.  Hitler's unquenchable thirst for Jewish blood is undoubtedly matched in the contemporary Jews and Palestinians.  3,500 years of this blood feud is enough.  These two societies have nothing to offer the world but murder and chaos ad infinitum.

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