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 by John McConnell

June 21, 1970

Whereas: A new world view is emerging; through the eyes of our Astronauts and Cosmonauts we now see our beautiful blue planet as a home for all people, and

Whereas: Planet Earth is facing a grave crisis which only the people of Earth Can resolve, and the delicate balances of nature, essential for our survival, can only be saved through a global effort, involving all of us, and

Whereas: In our shortsightedness we have failed to make provisions for the poor, as well as the rich, to inherit the Earth, and our new enlightenment requires that the disinherited be given a just stake in the Earth and its future ~~ their enthusiastic cooperation is essential if we are to succeed in the great task of Earth renewal, and

Whereas: World equality in economics as well as politics would remove a basic cause of war, and neither Socialism, Communism nor Capitalism in their present forms have realized the potentials of Man for a just society, nor educated Man in the ways of peace and creative love, and

Whereas: Through voluntary action individuals can join with one another in building the Earth in harmony with nature, and promote support thereof by private and government agencies, and

Whereas: Individuals and groups may follow different methods and programmes in Earthkeeping and Earthbuilding, nevertheless by constant friendly communication with other groups and daily meditation on the meaning of peace and goodwill they will tend more and more to be creative, sensitive, experimental, and flexible in resolving differences with others, and

Whereas: An international EARTH DAY each year can provide a special time to draw people together in appreciation of their mutual home, Planet Earth, and bring a global feeling of community through realization of our deepening desire for life, freedom and love, and our mutual dependence on each other,

Be it Therefore Resolved: That each signer of this People Proclamation will seek to help change Man's terrible course toward catastrophe by searching for activities and projects which in the best judgment of the individual signer will:

~peacefully end the scourge of war…

~provide an opportunity for the children of the disinherited poor to obtain their rightful inheritance in the Earth…

~redirect the energies of industry and society from progress through progress through harmony with Earth's natural systems for improving the quality of life…

That each signer will (his own conscience being his judge) measure his commitment by how much time and money he gives to these purposes, and realizing the great urgency of the task, he will give freely of his time and money to activities and programmes he believes will best further these Earth renewal purposes. (At least 9 percent of the world's present income is going to activities that support war and spread pollution. Ten percent can tip the balance for healthy peaceful progress.)

Furthermore, each signer will support and observe EARTH DAY on March 21st....(Vernal Equinox ~~ when night and day are equal throughout the Earth) with reflection and actions that encourage a new respect for Earth with its great potentials for fulfilling Man's highest dreams; and on this day will join at 19:00 Universal Time in a global EARTH HOUR ~~ a silent hour for peace....."

(To endorse the Earth Day Proclamation, e-mail your  first and last name, city and state (or country) to .


1. Alexander B. Grannis -- New York Assembly;
2. Judith Hollister -- The Temple of Understanding;
3. Luther Evans -- Former Director General of UNESCO;
4. Estelle Feldman (Ireland) -- 1970 World Youth Assembly;
5. David R. Brower -- Friends of the Earth;
6. Arvid Pardo -- Ambassador, UN Mission to Malta;
7. Margaret Mead – Anthropologist;
8. Eugene McCarthy -- U.S. Senator from Minnesota;
9. John Gardner -- Common Cause;
10. Mike Gravel -- U.S. Senator from Alaska;
11. Hugh Scott -- U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania;
12. Buzz Aldrin -- American Astronaut;
13. S. O. Adebo (Nigeria) -- President of UN Assembly;
14. U Thant (Ceylon) -- United Nations Secretary General;
15. Maurice Strong (Canada) -- UN Environmental Program;
16. Y. Fukushima (Japan) – Environmental Scientist;
17. Rene J. Dubos -- Environmental Scientist;
18. Lubos Kohoutek (Czechoslovakia) – Astronomer;
19. Buckminster Fuller -- Inventor, Scientist, Scholar;
20. Mark Hatfield -- U.S. Senator from Oregon

In the years between 1990-1996 more people had become aware of the observance of EARTH DAY; they wanted to be involved. They familiarized themselves with the EARTH DAY PROCLAMATON. To demonstrate their agreement with all the concerns and issues set forth they placed their signatures on the Proclamation joining that of the Secretary-General and those that had signed in the previous years; they are:

21. John Denver – Singer;
22. Robert Muller (France) -- Assistant Secretary General, United Nations
23. Edward Abramson – Majority Whip, New York State Assembly;
24. Isaac Asimov – Author;
25. Aly Teymour (Egypt) -- Chief of Protocol, United Nations;
26. Anatoly N. Berezovoi (Russia) – Cosmonaut;
27. Cynthia Lennon (United Kingdom) – Artist;
28. Stan Lundine -- Lieutenant Governor, New York;
29. David Dinkins -- Mayor of New York City;
30. Oscar Arias -- President of Costa Rico;
31. Audrey McLaughlin -- Leader, NDP, Canada;
32. George Fernandes -- Minister of Transportation, India;
33. Carlos Salinas -- President of Mexico;
34. Yasir Arafat -- President of Palestine;
35. Yehudi Menuhin -- Musician, Violinist;
36. Mikhail Gorbachev 09/07/00

The names in black endorse the Earth Day Proclamation
but their names are not on the actual document

37. John WorldPeace, Houston, Texas, USA, 10/24/00
38. Kay WorldPeace, Houston, Texas, USA, 10/24/00