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God prepares to rebuke George Bush and America for breaching its sacred covenant to remain a light to the world

The greatest threat to WorldPeace, George Warmonger Bush, continues to move the world toward an unjust and evil war for oil.  As the population of America watches, the evil of the Bush administration becomes more confident that they are all powerful and that they can destroy Iraq and not tarnish everything that America represents.

There is a belief by the amoral simple minded Bush that his power is beyond being challenged and that may be true if measured strictly by earthly standards.  Yet there is a power, the power of truth and justice, a power upon which America was founded and that power will not permit the evil that is George Bush to pull off his sinister war.

The gathering clouds of the Bush war continue to darken the Middle East.  A dark energy that has not had as much power since the black days of the Nazi empire and its maniacal Furher Adolph Hitler.

The military power at the disposal of George Bush makes the power of Hitler seem laughable and yet the same evil that drove the one drives the other.

The dark face of power and greed and arrogance in high places has never been able to subdue the light that is the redeeming force on the planet.  And that light resides in silence as the power of the darker side of humanity gathers strength and focuses on the Middle East.

The curse of Tecumseh which is alleged by some to have caused the death of every American President elected in a year ending with zero since 1840 ( it skipped Ronald Reagan in 1980 even though he was shot and almost killed ) may well cast its shadow over Bush who was elected in 2000.

The insanity that has taken control of the Bush presidency and America may well only subside with his removal from office. 

The apathy of America coupled with its arrogant President is preparing to unleash a hell upon earth which no man could have imagined and no man will be able to escape.

The hand of God is about to reveal itself in an undeniable way and those who have conceived and executed this evil war will find themselves on trial within America; those who survive the coming purging will surely die in the same hell that awaited the leaders of Hitler's Reich.

According to the ancient Hopi legend, when the house is built in the sky (the international space station), the great Purification is about to begin.  And according to Edgar Cayce, the troubles will begin with the eruption of Mt. Etna in Italy, which has begun.

There is nothing to fear.  Those who have manipulated the coming hell, will become an example to all as the atomic fires burst in the Middle East.

 The sinister ways of the Black Bushman are about to consume those who did his will as well as those who sat by in apathy as he went unchallenged on his apocalyptic path. 

John WorldPeace
December 21,  2002

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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