WorldPeace adds KWEX-TV to his lawsuit to stop Hispanic debates

After reading the following AP article in the Dallas Morning News, I added KWEX-TV to my lawsuit to reemphasize my determination to stop the illegal Hispanic only debates and emailed or faxed a copy of the following letter and lawsuit to all the defendants or their representatives as well as to all the television stations in Texas.

After I filed suit, polls were run by all the major stations that wanted the Hispanic debates to see who was actually leading in the governor's race. Those polls showed WorldPeace with a significant lead over Sanchez and Morales. The December Scripps Howard poll showed that Sanchez only had 31% of the Hispanic vote. But those polls were not officially released or reported by the press.

The truth is that there is no interest in a Hispanic debate. The 35 people who turned out at the Latina PAC forum in Houston last week and the 50 who showed up at the Mexican American Democrats in San Antonio last Saturday are proof positive that the much touted Hispanic takeover of Texas politics is just a fantasy of the Democratic Party bosses and the press. No doubt the Hispanic are a force to be reckoned with but the Hispanic citizens of Texas are not going to back any Hispanic no matter how corrupt.

On the other hand, the Democratic turnout in the County events is significant and is 90% White, 7% Black and 3% Hispanic. The bottom line is that the Blacks and the White voters are going to show everyone that they are still controlling Texas. They are sick of the corruption of Sanchez (who is just a Bush "pioneer" like Ken Lay, and a crook like Ken Lay) and Dan Morales (and Morales' ex-stripper wife which the press is refusing to report). Neither of these men can hold a candle to Victor Morales. The Democratic Party should have recruited Victor but they tried to screw him in 1996 when he beat their chosen candidate and so they preferred to recruit a corrupt Republican turncoat; Tony Sanchez

The debates are a farce. The newspaper in San Antonio this morning indicates that the problem is how many debates there will be. The truth is that WorldPeace's lawsuit has shut down the dog and pony show.

In addition, "Jim Moore (a Morales man and ex-Sanchez man) accused Sanchez of running like an incumbent in "a November end game" designed not to anger conservative voters, who might be offended by a Spanish-language debate." 

Almost everyone realizes that there is a growing backlash to 14 months of Hispanic hype by the press and the Democratic Party and a Spanish language debate would be the straw that broke the camel's back. It would mean that Morales and Sanchez would get about 5% of the Primary vote instead of the 15% they have now.

Everytime Sanchez and Morales run commercials, they lose votes. They both know it. The press knows it. The Democratic Party knows it. 
But they all keep repeating the lie.

The only debate that is scheduled is the one in Beaumont (KBMT, Channel 12, ABC) set for February 22, 2002. All the candidates are invited but Sanchez and Morales are refusing to come. 

Tony Sanchez stinks like Ken Lay. Dan Morales is hated by many Hispanics for killing affirmative action in Texas colleges and rejected by the vast majority of Whites because of his ex-stripper wife. No one wants to hear these guys debate in any format. By the time the Primary comes around, both of their candidacies will have come to a dead halt and everyone who supported them will deny it.

In the meantime, the Democratic Party has wasted over a year touting Tony Sanchez who refused to appear at any rank and file events, refused to give out any real money to the other Democratic candidates and in fact sucked up some of the money that was there when he promised to self-finance his campaign. He has refused to go anywhere that he could be asked a question. He has refused to go anywhere Morales, WorldPeace or Akins appeared. He thought he could run a bunch of commercials and hide his lying eyes. Tony Sanchez is a total embarrassment to everyone who supported him.

At a time when the Democratic Party is in peril, the Party bosses lined up behind this dead horse and tried to push, drag, pull him around the state. All to no avail. And now WorldPeace says "I told you so."

Forget the debates. Forget Tony. Forget Dan. WorldPeace is the next governor of Texas because he is the only fearless campaigner, the only candidate with a real agenda, the only candidate that is not loaded down with corruption and negative baggage, the only candidate who is a real Democrat, and the only candidate who can beat the corrupt and White Rick Perry.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas
God Bless Texas

February 5, 2002


Spanish debate in air, not on it 
TV stations vie to host it; candidates remain at odds on conditions 


Associated Press 

AUSTIN A debate in Spanish between the leading Democratic contenders for governor would make history in Texas as candidates try to court Hispanic voters. 

For now, history has to wait. 

What's missing from the proposed televised debate are agreements from Dan Morales and Tony Sanchez about when and where to hold the event. 

KVDA-TV, a Spanish-language television station in San Antonio operated by the network Telemundo, issued a statement over the weekend detailing its Spanish debate preparations. 

It is proposing Feb. 24 or March 3 for the debate. A panel of questioning reporters would be bilingual journalists from major Texas newspapers, said Emilio Nicolas Jr., vice president and general manager of KVDA. 

"Only the highest journalistic standards are acceptable. It is just as important that the production quality be better than any previous English-language debate in Texas. The critical eyes of Texas are upon us," he said. 

Meanwhile, rival KWEX-TV, a Univision network station in San Antonio, also is vying to host the debate. 

"We are negotiating with both candidates. They haven't decided at this time. So we're just waiting," said Martha Solis, KWEX's news director. 

Morales spokesman Jim Moore accused Mr. Sanchez's campaign officials of "dragging their feet" on debate plans. Calls from Mr. Morales' campaign director haven't been returned, he said. 

"We're ready to talk, and we're hearing nothing from them," he said. 

Sanchez officials have called the Morales camp and not gotten any answer or have found the voice message system full, said Sanchez spokeswoman Michelle Kucera. 

Mr. Sanchez, a Laredo businessman, has indicated he is willing to participate in one debate in Spanish and one in English. 

"We're going to do our best," Ms. Kucera said. "We're going to do whatever we can to make them happen." 

Mr. Morales, a former attorney general, has said he wants several debates and that holding only the two Mr. Sanchez proposes would be "a joke." 

The Democratic primary is March 12. The winner faces Gov. Rick Perry, who is unopposed on the Republican side. 

Both Spanish-language stations in San Antonio have said they would make broadcasts of the debate available to other television stations in Texas. 

John WorldPeace
Attorney at Law
2620 Fountain View, Suite 106
Houston, Texas 77057
Tel. 713-784-7618 Fax. 713-784-9063

February 5, 2002

To: All television stations in Texas

Re: No. 2002-03750; John WorldPeace v. Telemundo; 333rd Dist. Ct.; Harris County, Texas

Attached find a copy of Plaintiff's First Amended Original Petition adding KWEX-TV, a Univision network station in San Antonio, that was reported by the AP in the Dallas Morning News as promoting the Hispanic only debates in the Texas governor's race.

Any television or radio station in Texas that intends to promote a Hispanic only candidate debate regarding the Texas governor's race will be added to the above lawsuit. Said debates are unconstitutional in that the only criteria for participation is a Hispanic heritage.


John WorldPeace

cc: All the defendants in the above lawsuit and all the television stations in Texas via fax or email.


NO. 2002-03570



Telemundo Communications Group Inc.
et al



COMES NOW, John WorldPeace, Attorney at Law, and files this Original Petition and would show the court the following.


Suit will be conducted under Rule 190.3 TRCP (Level 2)


John WorldPeace is and individual who resides in Harris County, Texas
Telemundo Communications Group Inc. is a corporation doing business in Texas.
Telemundo San Antonio KVDA-TV is a corporation doing business in Texas.
Dallas Morning News is a corporation doing business in Texas.
Texas Cable News is a corporation doing business in Texas.
Texas Monthly is a corporation doing business in Texas.
WFAA TV Dallas is a corporation doing business in Texas.
KERA TV Dallas is a corporation doing business in Texas.
KERA FM Radio 90.1 is a corporation doing business in Texas.
KWEX-TV, a Univision network station in San Antonio, is a corporation doing business in Texas. 
A H Below Corporation is a corporation doing business in Texas.
Tony Sanchez is an individual residing in Webb County, Texas.
Dan Morales is an individual residing in Bexar County, Texas.


John WorldPeace is a White candidate for governor of the state of Texas. Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales are Hispanic candidates for governor of Texas. John WorldPeace declared his candidacy on January 1, 2001. Tony Sanchez declared his candidacy on Setpember 4, 2001. Dan Morales declared his candidacy on January 2, 2002.

Scripps Howard took polls in May 2001, September 2001 and December 2001. In the September poll WorldPeace polled 17% against Governor Perry's 53% and Sanchez polled 23% against Governor Perry's 53%. In December, Scripps Howard did not publish the numbers on WorldPeace but showed that Sanchez and Perry had both dropped 10% to 18% and 48%. That combined 10% drop went to WorldPeace but Scripps Howard said that the 10% had became undecided. There was no accounting for the White Akins votes. Akins quit the governor's race after the September poll. In addition, the total Hispanic vote went from 78% for Sanchez and Perry in September to 56% in December according to the two polls. No poll has ever been run on Morales. 

WorldPeace is not a token or minor candidate according to these polls.

Defendants have preparing to conduct debates which will include only the Hispanic candidates for governor. Some of the Defendants have emphasized their racial bias by conducting one of the debates in Spanish. 

The state of Texas through various governmental agencies regulates television broadcasting companies. 


Conspiracy and Discrimination

Defendants have conspired to place the Hispanic gubernatorial candidates at the forefront of the Texas governor's race by promoting debates between the Hispanic gubernatorial candidates and barring the participation of the White gubernatorial candidates. Defendants are illegally discriminating between the gubernatorial candidates based on race. Said discrimination is a violation of the Texas Constitution.


WorldPeace has been damaged in excess of the minimum jurisdiction of this court. As the acts of Defendants were committed with malice, WorldPeace sues for exemplary damages. 


WorldPeace prays that Defendants be served and answer and that WorldPeace have his day in court.
Respectfully submitted,

John WorldPeace
2620 Fountainview, Suite 106
Houston, Texas 77057
Tel. 713-784-7618
Fax. 713-784-9063
TBA # 21872800
Attorney at Law, pro se


I swear that a true and correct copy of the above has been sent to all the defendants or their attorneys of record by fax or email on February 5, 2002.

John WorldPeace