Will the press report Tony's Sanchez's Enron sell off?

Tony Sanchez either through his personal investments, or through his
bank's investments or through the trusts set up by his father was an
insider to the Enron disaster! The question is whether he just sold his
huge investment in Enron stock or if someone related to him also bought
options betting the stock would go up when the financials were being
doctored and betting it would fall when the word got out.

Tony made money on the S & L failure through his bogus loans to his
friends; not to mention the Mafia money laundering. No reason to think
that he would miss out on making a couple hundred million on Enron at
the expense of the public; not to mention those Enron pensions he helped
vaporized. The S & L scandal is about transferring wealth from the hard
working folk in this nation to a few insatiably greedy illigitimate

While someone is looking into this mess, they might take a moment to see
how much stock was owned by Mayor Lee Brown, his wife (maybe in her
maiden name) and some of their children. Mayor Lee Brown and Ken Lay
are real good buddies.

And then someone could also see how many of the 115 Bush "Pioneers" were
also Enron investors; when it was going up and when it was going down.


Scripps Howard ran a poll in May, September and November this year. In
the first two polls they reported a WorldPeace Perry match up. They did
not report that match up in November. They did report that per the
November poll the undecided increased by 10% with Perry and Sanchez each
losing 5%. The November poll also showed that the Hispanic vote for
both Perry and Sanchez decreased and the undecided Hispanic vote had
increased by 22% (78% to 56%) . These numbers are nonsense and will
never make sense unless you add fraud and corruption into the reporting.

What makes sense is that WorldPeace dominated the November polls.
Those votes did not shift to the undecided column but to the WorldPeace

Now consider this, the May poll only took 8 days to process, the
September poll took only 7 days to process but the November poll took 12
days to process. I wonder why there was a need for an extra four days
to process the latest results when the poll apparently did not ask as
many questions as the previous two polls?

We experienced the tragedy of 911 and now we are going to experience
Enron which is going to be the next S & L type scandal. The people are
sick of corruption. Is the terrorist war just wagging the dog to cover
up financial corruption that is just now coming to light. A corruption
so sinister that the public is going to be more shaken by it than by the
911 attack?

Stay tuned. Or should I say hang on, we are all on this roll coaster
sitting atop a merry-go-round. Let those who have eyes see and those
who have ears hear and those who have the power report the truth.

John WorldPeace

December 12, 2001


1) Paper: Houston Chronicle
Date: WED 05/09/01

Poll finds Perry with commanding lead

By JOHN WILLIAMS, Houston Chronicle Political Writer

...The poll of 862 registered voters was conducted for Scripps Howard
from April 10 to May 1. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3
percentage points.

2) Sept. 4, 2001, 11:05PM

Democrat Sanchez starts bid for governor's office
Copyright 2001 Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau

AUSTIN --...

The Texas Poll was conducted Aug. 9-28 by the Scripps Howard Data
Center. Random interviews were done with 1,000 adult Texans. The general
election survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage
points, while the Democratic primary survey had a margin of error of 5.8

3) Dec. 8, 2001, 12:49AM

Poll: Victory in governor's race seems likely for Perry
Leads opponent now, but could be vulnerable later
Copyright 2001 Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau

AUSTIN -- ...
The poll was conducted Nov. 2-26 by the Scripps Howard Data Center. The
random survey of 1,000 adults had a margin of error of plus or minus 3
percentage points. The margin of error was higher in smaller samples,
such as Hispanic voters.