One Down (Marty) One To Go (Tony) - WorldPeace 

I attended two events on Saturday, September 22, 2001. The Caldwell County Democratic 2001 Jamboree Fundraiser and the Texas Democratic Party Event at the Texas Museum in Austin which was not attended by Tony Sanchez, John Sharp, Marty Akins, Ed Cunningham, Dan Morales, Ron Kirk, Henry Cisneros, Sylvester Turner among others.

One thing that impressed me more than anything else is the virtual lack of leadership in the Democratic Party. Molly Beth is a nice enough Chairperson and she does OK giving generic feel good speeches but it is obvious that she is just a puppet on a string.  Among all of this Democratic confusion lurks the anomalous, infamous, always invisible Tony Sanchez; the $600 million corrupt Republican-turncoat touted as the savior of the Democratic Party.

While attending the two events I asked several non-Hispanics if Sanchez won the Democratic nomination would they vote for Perry or Sanchez. The answers were unanimous; Perry or they would not vote in the governor's race. They were in total agreement that a Hispanic could never win the governor's office next year or in the next decade. It has to do with the racism that still exists in Texas. It has to do with the Battle of San Jacinto.  It has to do with the high percentages of Whites that vote compared to the Hispanic and Black voting percentages.


Here is the truth about Tony Sanchez: 

1) He said Secretary of State Henry Cuellar sent him a "death threat" letter back in March, but he has refused to show the letter to anyone. me
2) His drug lord defending buddy, Tony Canales, Laredo attorney, sent two goons to intimidate Mr. Cuellar and label him a homosexual. ne
3) He worked for Ben (the Pariah) Barnes in the early sixties. After Ben (The Pariah) Barnes' career ended with the  Sharpstown scandal, Old Ben introduced Tony to Morris Jaffe, who died a few months ago, for whom Tony went to work as a landman for years (Morris Jaffe is the guy who hung Jim Wright out to dry before a U S Congressional investigation and the guy who had connections with the New Orleans Mafia - oh yes, Morris is dead but he has two sons who are very much alive). te
4) He bankrupted his Tesoro S & L but not until after he laundered $25 million in drug money (and did anyone think about what it takes to accumulate $600 million in a couple of decades). kel
5) He is trying to sell the Camino Columbia Toll Road fiasco (in which his bank - The International Bank of Commerce - has a $13 million investment) to the state of Texas. pe
6) He successfully drilled under the Texas/Mexico border straddling Falcon Reservoir south of Laredo without the Mexicans drilling from their side of the Reservoir. re
7) He was one of Bush's Pioneers (someone who contributed more than $100,000 to Bush, actually Tony contributed $300,000). So that makes Tony a really big Republican running in the Democratic Party. s

Tony Sanchez is not worthy to serve in any capacity in this state. However, as a conciliation to the Democratic Party, I have agreed to allow Tony to run for Phil Gramm's seat in the U S Senate if he gets out of the governor's race within one week of David Dewhurst declaring that he is running for Senate or October 3, 2001, whichever comes first. After that date, I intend to cement Tony's sins into the mind of the voters of Texas by making 250,000 telephone calls per day statewide until Tony withdraws from the governor's race.

In addition, I would like to submit that I called everyone in Marble Falls, Marty Akins' home town, every day for eight days. When I did this, I received many calls from people who did not like Marty. They gave me the information that I needed to run Marty out of the governor's race. Many thought that Marty would never quit, yet last week, Marty did quit the governor's race for the quote "good of the party."  Now the other Republican, Tony Sanchez, needs to get out of the governor's race for the "good of the party".

In addition to the seven deadly sins of Tony Sanchez, I have accumulated an even greater body of information on Tony Sanchez from his enemies and that information will probably result in his being asked to resign from the various corporate boards on which he sits as well as resign from his University of Texas regent position once it is made public. Mr. Sanchez knows what I am talking about. I have information from people who seem to be sitting on Tony's board of directors of Tony's corporations, people who are high level employees in his corporations, people who were friends of his fathers but not friends of his, and various other community members who like Henry Cuellar are fully aware of the corruption that is Tony Sanchez. When you make a million calls into Laredo and Austin with a negative Tony Sanchez message as I have over the last five months, people call you and tell you things.

In order for me to lead the Democratic Party, unite the Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Indians, women and Christians and achieve the ultimate goal of retiring the Republican strawdog Rick Perry, I must first cleanse the Democratic Party of its Republican taint that has taken root within; and that means sending Tony Sanchez packing.

Few people realize that Tony is worth $600 million and fewer still realize that his aged mother is worth $2 billion more. And the Democrats have been led to believe that $30 million of that money will be used to help the Democratic Party in Texas.  In fact, some of that committed money has been used to corrupt a very large number of the Party officials. Does anyone wonder why none of the Black leaders in the Democratic Party have objected to the fact that all the Party is presently emphasizing is the Hispanic vote? Does anyone wonder why so many county chairs and members of the executive committee endorse Tony even knowing about his deadly sins and his Republican background? 

And all this despite the fact that Tony did not even declare his candidacy until a few weeks ago. During the last year his surrogates have traveled state wide trying to buy off everyone they could as well as intimidating others. Some had to be flown to Tony's ranch to get their 30 pieces of silver from Tony himself. And since declaring his candidacy, Tony still refuses to attend rank and file Party functions. I have been to five in the last five weeks and Tony has always sent some lackey to give his message.

This letter goes out to 90% of all the county chairs and executive committee members. The only ones that do not receive it are those who have demanded that I quit sending them any information. (A strange request for a county chair or executive committee member who according to Molly Beth is supposed to be neutral toward the candidates until after the primary.) I will publish an addendum to this epistle any communication I receive from any county chair or executive member who states that he or she has not received money directly or indirectly from Tony Sanchez since June 2000 when John Sharp told the Hispanic Caucus that the Democratic Party needed a Hispanic at the top of the ticket.

As George Bush said the other day; The world community is either with us, or with the terrorists." I would say that the Party leadership is either with the only Democrat WorldPeace or with the corrupt Republican turncoat Tony Sanchez. To be with Tony Sanchez means that they endorse his corruption, his indirect Mafia connections, his attempt to buy off the entire Democratic Party, all the while refusing to attend virtually any of the Party's rank and file functions.

I am prepared to debate Mr. Sanchez at any time but I doubt that he will accept because he knows that he cannot afford to allow the public to see that he has no depth of understanding on the issues, no intention to help anyone but his old Republican buddies and new found Democratic partners in crime as he and they use his banking and oil connections to divide and plunder the entire state of Texas.

An endorsement of Tony Sanchez is an endorsement of corruption, Republicanism, the lie that the majority of the Hispanics who, because Tony is running, will vote Democratic (the numerical history shows that Hispanics vote about 50/50 Democratic and Republican), the most gross flaunting of buying votes, everything that is corrupt and rotten about Texas politics.

The Democratic Party has closed ranks and done everything it could to deny the credence and viability of my campaign. It has not worked. Marty is now gone and all I have to do now is to focus my telephone dialers on Tony Sanchez.  Some members of the Party have asked me not to communicate the truth about Tony Sanchez to the public for the sake of the Party. My response is that if I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth and the truth is: that Tony Sanchez cannot beat Rick Perry, that Tony has avoided virtually all rank and file Party functions, that Tony has bought off much of the Party leadership, that Tony is still a Bush Republican, that Tony Sanchez represents everything that is harmful to democratic process, and that Tony Sanchez could care less about the people of Texas in general and the Hispanic population in specific (as evidenced by the colonias in Tony's home town of Laredo), that Tony Sanchez and his partners in crime are intending to plunder Texas. 

The Party and the Texas press have tried to ignore my campaign and so I am forced to respond in kind. Through my telephone dialers and the ultimate grassroots campaign of going directly to the people, bypassing both the Party leadership and the newspapers, I will take control of the Democratic Party and lead the real Democrats in Texas to victory over Rick Perry next November. Once Tony Sanchez is purged from the Party, I intend to concentrate on rebuilding the Party into the power house that it was in the Johnson/Connally years by providing the leadership necessary to bring the party out of its indecisive chaos; which is going to be its death knell next November if it continues down this path.

I intend to rally the Party around WorldPeace, equality and justice for all and against corruption and the buying of political office by morally bankrupt individuals who I consider to be little more than political sociopaths.

On Nine One One 2001, the United States of America had an epiphany which will in the end bring the reality of equality and justice to all the people. As John WorldPeace, I intend to defend our nation as I did between 1970 to 1972 in the U S Army, while at the same time working diligently and urgently for an end to terrorism of the World Trade Center kind and for an end to political corruption in Texas.

Tell Tony to get out of the governor's race. NOW!!!. Regardless of how much media Tony buys, within five minutes of its airing, my telephone dialers will have the last word by telling the public the truth.  Regardless of how much slick media Tony runs, when he goes head to head with me in a debate, what Tony is will speak much louder than anything he says.  No matter how many people Tony buys, it will not be enough to overcome the truth.  October 3,  2001 approaches. 

John WorldPeace
September 23, 2001