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Poems 2012

by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1970-2014 by John WorldPeace
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

All rights reserved

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From the eternal portal
appears the spirit
clothed in the female human flesh.

Into this earthly reality
another spirit is born
from the dimension of
no time no space
manifests the being
from the infinite oneness

The water gives birth
this earth welcomes
this new life
out of the primal water.

The land of death
silently waves
in message that
in this place of time
all beginnings are
tied to endings
what is born, dies.

Uncountable worlds
dimensions without number
manifest from the eternal portal
life and bless the
entering soul
with wonders of a
infinite kind.


Painting and Writing

For forty two years
I let the ink flow
on paper of all kinds
and colors.

From the infinite oneness
comes words that
make some logical sense
in the area of this dimension.

I am always in awe
of the words that
appear of the hard
drawing words
one by one
next to each other.

And with art it is the same
from the other side comes
vision and abstract image
that bridge this world
and that dimensions.

The door, the portal
between here and there
bridge the intangible
to the tangible

I am always in awe
and worshipful of the
sacred creation of
cosmic communications



In this new place
I have released the past
I have let go of the tension
and the chaos of
that old life in Houston.

I have been born again
in a place to which
I was guided
a place where God
seems more real
more near more

The miracle of it all
becomes more awesome
every day.

The miracle of age
and familiarity in this
strange world.

The indigeneous people
have blessed this place
with primal sacred
vibrations that are
drowned out with the
noise of high civilization.

There is a peace here
a great harmony of an Infinite God
a spiritual blessing of, the spiritual have
memories of



My body begins to wrinkle
its skin and reminds
me I am no longer
young and to be quick
with the work.

My young wife
gives me love
in her wonder
at this old soul
abiding in this old man

How strange my age
must seem
how unreal to someone
half my age

A marriage of young
and old is a curious

Even knowing that we
are both infinite immortal
spirit who were not born
and will not die.

Yet in this place where time
is a foundational rule
we are aware of age

She sees an old man
and I see a young woman
she sees the nearing end
and I remember the beginning.


The cycles of life
never end

I have been
other persons while
still being me.

But all those people
those actors
have left the stage
and at 64
I again begin.

The audiences I have
always played to are gone
I don’t really know
anyone now who cares
other than my
new partner in life

It seems so strange to
carry with me a past
that has me living roots
experienced education
are by my side
but all the
co-stars in my yester years
have gone away.

I begin a new
a perfect companion at last
and I have the energy
and the drive and desire
to go forward
to an unfounded future.

My art, my writing
my trinkets
give me comfort
they are my eternal
inanimate friends

But I hear silence
the voices are gone
both real and psychic
they are gone
I am living
and breathing in an
empty room.

It is time to move on
and avoid this place
this empty cube.

I go to join Rachel
we have much to do
the past is gone because
it cannot go with me
into the future.

The look at the empty room
a bit of dust- faded blue walls
dirty floor
I bow my head
as goodbye.


Tomorrow began tonight
I have stepped onto the
train to the rest of my life.

I have a sense and idea
of where I am going
and each mile will
make that intuition
more dear.

From now on
I live only for me
I live my own

Rachel is with me now
her path and mine
we have a common
separate future

I am in a place now
where no one has
talked about

This is a separate inner place
not one that is ever
observed by others.

This is the time, the sixth decade
when long time companions die
and futures disintegrate
in a heartbeat.

I eat black olives
while I write
and I am awakened
by them-

An odd taste
almost a taste of death
but not death
a taste of new life
past the embalming fluid.

Rachel arose from her nap
and returned to the easel
to finish my art

We are both great now
we are in a window
of meta psychic space
April 1- April 24, 2012
this years window.

I grab a black olive
with a shaking left hand
age makes its presence known.

This day is done
a new day begins
the sun in the morning.


My father
sleeps long hours

I think he is about to leave
I think his loved ones
from the other side
are preparing him for the
journey home.

I think his passing will be
quiet and peaceful.

I think he will wake up
refreshed on the old farm
a bit disorientated
but feeling great to be alive.

Then his parents
appear and he understands
he has left
his earthly home.

The earth dream is over
time to rest
and spend a moment
reflecting in the long dream
and prepare to greet
the others returning
from that same place

While I left behind
adjust to the loss.


I pass the 64 years
as I pass a road sign
on the highway

I look around
and I see far
in all directions.

The road
stretches far ahead.

Science is racing
along with me
it intersects
with me even now.

Science has given me
life beyond my heart attack
beyond my cancer

I will craft my life here
past 100 years and even more

Realty is just a mirage
a dream if that.

Where others expect a traumatic death
I know that I will
simply fade away.


I await the sun of a new day
that marks the coming end of
my old life.

The family, the life I had in Texas
has been replaced by the one I
now have in New Mexico.

All was left behind
all being the tangible family
and almost all my possessions
sold or given away

I have died without dying
the same old body
moves through this
new place on the planet earth.

It all seems so strange
to be born a new
with an old body.

I am no longer a baby
or an adult, but now
a senior citizen of the world.

I have a whole plethora
of memories from 64 years
of yesterdays
but they are nothing but
straw in the wind.

During the transition of this last year
I thought a lot about death
but not now- I hardly
think about my physical death
at all.

There is a sense of immortality
in living even 64 years
I have survived many things
and I have experienced
near death several times
mental, psychological, biological
yet I did not die.

Some thoughts of yesterdays still linger
but in this new life they have no
place – no emotional place
yet a logical linear experience
just words on an as of yet
unwritten page

The morning always comes early
in this place and month it comes in
clear blue sky days.

I live in the high desert
in a land of enchantment
they say.

New friends approach and wait
I must order my life into
segments of work and play and rest
I am forever curios.

I have a great great advantage of
being reborn (not in a Christian sense)
but reborn by moving away
from the past.

I lived the history more and more
of the population can only read about
I was alive when history was happening

A new day now begins
I am truly blessed.

Not to mention the new young companion
who is the perfect wife I sought out
so long ago for so long

Together tomorrow in a new adventure
for an old man.


The miracles of God
have no bounds
the workings of His high heaven
no true understanding
by mere human beings

The Lord God
is ever present
is infinitely loving

And for those who know
the vastness that is beyond
is glimpsed
as a drop of infinite light.

I cannot gain a perch
from which to even begin
to view the most awesome
of all realities.

In the vastness of space
God fills the apparent vacuum
there is no place that God is not
no prayer goes unanswered
no request for help is denied
a good God gives only good things.


The morning is dark
this New Mexican city is
still asleep.

The planets rise
over the blacked out mountain
the only sound
a car now and then
on the street in the front

I walk the gunnels of my fort
the perimeter of my ark
my Jerusalem adobe home

I have emerged
into this new life
an old man
with bodily pains
and photographs and memories
of a earlier life faded and fading.

I have died for sure
that is what happens
when past memories
seem like a dream
foggy vague
and without
tangible proof of the past
daily present

My skin is now wrinkled
like my grandfathers
I am no doubt an old
man with arthritic pains
head to toe

Yet the future of coming days
and events wait at the door, my door
I am a stranger in a
strange and enchanted land.

My peers succumb to their pains
and non present children and
ever present tv.

But I, in my body that wants to rest
intend to move forward
to live the life I intended
so long ago.

It is quiet in my upper room
the computers and art and work
lay downstairs waiting for

It is so quiet now
in my room
and also and yet
I feel the quiet of my soul
I feel the peace.

The past has died
and is quiet
it no longer screams out
moment to moment
all the time.

I am safe here
in my ark
I can hear myself think
people and places I knew
are gone away.

A new day has begun
a new life in a
strange enchanted place

Peace at last I welcome you
peace at last
God is now clearly present
just a few veils between


I rise up to meet the night
the spirits speak clearly here
in this land of enchantment

I can feel the energy building
I feel lifted up in this high desert.

I move forward
I walk around and see my
evolving environment
the old crust has fallen away
and a new energy
that has always been with
me begins to fully
introduce itself to me.

A stranger in a mystical land
a place where the sky is clear
the night is deep blue crystal clear
the primal earth asserts itself here.

I have stepped above my history in this life
I feel the power and energy of prior lives
not political power but the mystical
power of the earth and all that
is in and within the universe.

I have held tightly onto those
who held me down and back
now I see a companion of true value
true color- an equivalent soul

The old crust breaks away
I am free now for sure, for certain
and in that freedom in this peace
of time and place, in awe I expand
and awake and truly come alive.

The God of my life
begins to bless me
with a peace of harmony
that has no way to be defined.

Simpler times maybe
maybe that is all there
is to this peace.

I have been a child
for 64 years and now but now
I am something else.

I miss those who loved me
without conditions
I still feel that love
it becomes more real now
reappearing in a
intangible power
and energy.

In the power and energy
of the magnificent universe.

The dark blue warm breeze
the bright white moon
the hovering white clouds.


A simple WorldPeace tag (banner)
embedded in the stucco wall of
my ark

And the rains came and
the winds blew
and the lightening
dance heavy in
the mother sky.

Something was released
something new began
with just a marker
of sorts.

Maybe more so a first beacon
a first WorldPeace beacon.

To align with the universal will
the light side of this dual reality
a connection to God
my mentor and friend

I bought a bird feeder
a cone of seeds and nuts
and a hummingbird
feeder as well.

St Francis came to mind
and a bird both is
in its way.

I seem to be gifted
with all I held dear
and prized
but without a
well fit companion

Now the miracles come each day.

The rain cloud to hide me from the sun
a red rose on my entrance drive
finding a plastic flower – the next
day finding the hummingbird feeder
from which it came.

My skin wrinkles
like an old prune
time has been logged
in this mortal human body

But my mind is still awake
the passions of life have dimmed
as the eternal light has
become more clear.

What meta physical knowledge
will I find
what eternal truth
and undeniable testimony
to it will be my legacy.


Morning comes in the beauty of the high desert
and on top of my 12 foot yucca
a lone hummingbird sits.
saying hello with a most tiny
beep beep beep.

The exquisite beauty of these
tiny birds cannot be described
or painted or even
captured on film

In this world of the rapid
extinction of natures immense variety
and the turning of lush green
to desert brown

These tiny birds will survive
because they live in the high desert
which is not valued by
human beings.

They will always
be a living witness
to the beauty that was earth.

The nature of man is to extinguish
all living things that have monetary value

In time man will die off
the victim of his own greed
or die back
and the earth will restart, reset, regenerate


The days in the hour glass
seem to be few
for my father

I have seen him not
for 14 months
when I left Texas
for New Mexico.

In this Land of Enchantment
all doors have opened
my path for these
traditional retirement years
seems clear and
undeniably God blessed.

The father of my human form
awaits at the door
to the light
the ultimate door
of peace
the peace of the spiritual body.

I have released him
concerned that I may be
holding him here

I do not abandon him
but remove whatever
bonds I have attached
to him.

God sent me a new companion
for this new life
and moved me away
from both my parents

I honored my father and my mother
my mother in her vicious independence
pushed me away
in a manner
that was unmistakable.

My father just
reached the limits
of old age.

My time runs fast now
in the blink of an eye
I will follow my parents
into peace and light

We will briefly unite
and I will then
return to this
hard reality
to begin a new
journey in this
familiar earthly home.

Nothing in this universe is immortal
what is born in tangible form here must disintegrate
thank God for a mortal human body.


The red glass
of sugar water
attracts the
exquisite hummingbirds

They begin to gather
under the love of
my New Mexican home

Few things in this life
compare to the tiny fairies
they are awesome
to experience

Another alien wonder
released in this world
to remind us
that we are innately spiritual
and only
for a moment
bound to this earth

The blessing of this home
is overwhelming
these tiny beings
give me great
peace and joy

I feel the love of God
in this precious
blessing of such
exquisite beauty


Another new day has downed
another new beginning

The light
shines through the
intermittent dark clouds
that are a part of this
world, this reality.

But each time
that I reflect
and pray
and meditate
on my condition
and God’s ever presence.

I am renewed

I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me


The eternal God is my resting place
and underneath are the everlasting arms

The wisdom of my mother’s mother
who learned it from her mother
Esther Brian MacPherson
my grandmother


Every morning
in this new home
I do minor repairs
and chores

I have been lost
for many years
looking for something
I could not define
and so could not grasp.

Today as I loaded
a little junk in my dad’s old truck
I remembered his father’s truck
and all the hot summer
mornings on the farm.

I realize for the last 5 weeks
I have been looking to return
to that peace
that blissful peace.

I am now free
I understand
50 years of hell
direct and indirect
I kept going back
to the source of my peace
my home, my roots.

So few summers
3 or 4 then off to a real job at 15
with my uncle

Now I know
I know what I need
and I know how to
create a new peace
in this New Mexico

God has opened the path
with a perfect companion
a beacon of true bliss
Rachel my love.

A new day now begins
another epiphany
another life now begins

So long enemy
was the revelation


The universal dragon
holds me fast this life
nut actually more
he is the replica of
the eternal me.

All expansive, a magician
here now gone
so much bright color
so much movement
shaking waves
forever flowing out
and back.

Creating breath of life for the universe
my fascination is endless
the bursting colors euphoric


3 AM

The coffee leftover from last night
or actually bedtime
because it is still
very much night time.

Tastes good and warm it does
but more a psychological
emotional warmth
a feel good.

My arthritis grips my hand
my eyes cannot see that well
I am in a state of
physical tiredness.

Not because I am old
but because my passion
for life wears me down

My eyes cannot see well
wrinkled retinas they say
yet my brain and soul
take what is received
and makes what it
remembers as true.

This I think is how the spirit
it takes that which is happening
and puts it into perspective
from how things
really are.

The coffee is good
lots of creamer – powdered
a bag of sweet chemicals
not the rich natural kind
God how long since I
consumed that as
a matter of course

3 big spoons in a glass of tea
iced that is.

Mother always drank hot tea
I always drank cold
the memories of her now
through her mean spirited

A moment new
half awake
a peaceful moment
bless me. 


This enchanted place
open with the bright rising sun
over the mountains
each morning

And the moon
comes through the
bedroom window

Mostly I remember the light orb
in the clear night sky
shining down on my head
caressing my body

Like many pleasant memories
I return to my grandparents farm
the hot silent nights
the clean slice
the stars
the beauty and
the peace


We came to this place
billions of years ago
and made it our home

Together we gathered here
and together as one
we rolled the
dust into this
solar system

What is and was
was always we
the rock and life
the earth and seas.

We live out this solar story
we make the rules
we join together as one
friends we all are
of one mind are we.

It is a beautiful galaxy
to which we have come
to create in peace


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