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March 28 2004

FEARS OF CONDOLEZZA RICE - Leaders of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks called for national security adviser Condoleezza Rice to testify before the panel. They stopped short of threatening to subpoena her. Rice has refused to testify publicly to respond to allegations by former White House aide Richard A. Clarke that the Bush administration failed to act on his warnings about the threat from al-Qaeda. Clarke has also asked for all six hours of his 2002 congressional testimony on the attacks and numerous White House memos to be declassified.  )( The Bush White House has been struggling to answer testimony by former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke. The way to answer is the same way Mr. Clarke gave his testimony last week: in public, before the 9/11 commission, and under oath.  Republicans are panicking because Mr. Clarke's testimony is that President Bush and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice did not take Al-Qaeda and terrorism as seriously before 9/11 as the White House has claimed. The extent of their concern is evident from the increasing desperation of their attacks on Mr. Clarke.  Dr. Rice said Mr. Clarke lied. President Bush said Mr. Clarke should focus on President Clinton's eight years instead of his administration's eight months before the 9/11 attacks. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., wants to declassify Mr. Clarke's 2002 testimony before Congress in hopes of catching him in a lie under oath.  It's beyond hypocritical to attack Mr. Clarke for what he said under oath if Dr. Rice -- the key anti-terror figure in the Bush White House -- won't testify under oath. Mr. Clarke took shots from commission members who doubted him. But he was there, in public, answering their questions under oath and apologizing for the failure to stop the attacks -- which earned respect from the 9/11 families. Dr. Rice yaps back with sound bites.  President Bush opposed the 9/11 commission until after midterm elections and has not cooperated fully. Now, he wants to rebut Mr. Clarke's charges in any forum but that one. If Dr. Rice has a rebuttal, let her raise her right hand, with the nation watching, and give it. * Ms. Rice knows that many have gone down in flames not over their bad acts but over their lies under oath.  If Ms. Rice does not testify, Mr. Bushit is finished no matter how much money he has.  And by the way, there is no reason to focus on Mr. Clinton, he had been long gone from the White House when 911 occurred.  The man on watch on 911 was none other than George Dubya Bushit.  

THE POLITICS OF RELIGION - Sen. John Kerry cited a Bible verse Sunday to criticize leaders who have "faith but has no deeds," prompting President George W. Bush's spokesman to accuse Kerry of exploiting scripture for political gain.  Kerry never mentioned Bush by name during his speech at New North Side Baptist Church, but aimed his criticism at "our present national leadership." Kerry cited scripture in his appeal to the worshipers, including James, 2:14: "What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?"  "The scriptures say, what does it profit, my brother, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?" Kerry said. "When we look at what is happening in America today, where are the works of compassion?"  The Bush-Cheney camp cited that quotation as an improper use of the Christian Scriptures to take a veiled slap at Bush, a conservative Christian, and his claim to being a compassionate conservative.  Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said Kerry's comment "was beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse and a sad exploitation of scripture for a political attack."  Kerry told the largely black congregation that the country has served privileged people while ignoring Americans who live in neighborhoods like theirs. * Amen, Amen and Amen.  Ole John Kerry has got his act together.  He is ready to out Christian the Bushit man.  Go brother go.  Cut into that old Republican Christian base.  And hey, do not forget to go after the corrupt Sharon and tie him and Mr. Bushit and Key Lay all up in one package.  And hey, don't forget to drop a line or two about Neal Bush now and then.  By Jove I think Kerry's got it. We can dare to hope for the end of Mr. Bushit.

HAITI - From its founding in 1804 as the world's first independent black republic, Haiti has been riven by resentments, suspicion and exploitation, pitting its overwhelming black majority against a tiny elite, probably less than 1 percent of the population, that owns most of the wealth.  When black slaves overthrew their French colonial masters, they went on a rampage that prompted whites to flee. But staying behind was a tiny class of mixed-race people, called mulattos, who moved quickly to take over the plantations.  The black generals who led the rebellion set up Haiti's government. The mulattos slipped into a role as the country's class of business and plantation owners. Over the next two centuries, the two coexisted uneasily, at times joining in quiet alliances, at other times resigned to stand-offs edged with resentment.  Haiti's governments were rarely successful. It became one of those countries that exemplified the term kleptocracy ? its governments were run primarily for the purpose of stealing from the public coffers. Haitian dictators were typically brutal, many ousted by violent coups d'?tat, which have struck the beleaguered country 33 times in 200 years, an average of once every six years.   Fifteen years ago, there were great hopes that Haiti might finally be shaking off its past. Aristide, a fiery-tongued slum priest, burst onto the scene, winning Haiti's first free and fair elections on a promise to serve and lift up the poor.  Removed once in a military coup, then restored in 1994 through U.S. intervention, Aristide betrayed his populist promises, his critics say, instead building a corrupt government of cronies who looted the national treasury in the worst Haitian tradition, even as they enforced their will through the use of armed gangs.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040328e.htm  *  In Haiti and Venezuela the very few rich have dominated the poor.  It is absolutely amazing to me how people can be so callous regarding the suffering that characterizes the vast majority of the people in the world.  The ignorance and hopelessness of those at the bottom of the social order all across the globe is overwhelming to anyone who takes even a moment to consider the reality of poverty.  Yet on a global scale money is more and more concentrating itself in the hands of a few whose objective is to enslave the rest of the world.  The unfortunate thing is that the potential to raise up the living standard of the entire world remains something to be feared by those who have for so long dominated the world society.  Through the internet, the injustice of the world is becoming more and more apparent.  It is just a  matter of time before a great change will occur in the social consciousness because as each day goes by the internet causes more and more people to see the global common denominators that are causing so much pain and suffering in the world.  

HAITI - The 15-nation Caribbean Community withheld recognition from Haiti's U.S.-backed interim government as leaders renewed calls for a U.N. investigation into the ouster of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.  Wrapping up a two-day summit early Saturday, the 11 attending leaders said they would take up the issue of whether to recognize the government when they meet again in July in Grenada.  "We can't determine this issue at this meeting," Trinidad's Prime Minister Patrick Manning said. He added that discussions were "quite tense."  Several officials said the regional bloc was under enormous U.S. pressure to recognize the new government, which was appointed after Aristide left on Feb. 29 amid a popular uprising.  The leaders said they would ask the U.N. General Assembly or Secretary-General Kofi Annan to oversee an investigation into Aristide's claims that he was abducted at gunpoint by U.S. agents when he left as rebels threatened to attack Haiti's capital.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040328d.htm  * Mr. Bush who said that he would not interfere in Haiti and who advocates democracy has in fact interfered in Haiti and has removed the elected president.  The question is why?  What is it about Haiti that keeps it in constant turmoil?  The answer is drugs.  Haiti is the key to the drug trade that moves from South America to North America.  The very small percentage of the Haitian population who are rich are determined to continue to control the majority of the population that lives in hopeless poverty.  You can rest assured that these few rich are well connected in Washington and it is Washington who must take the responsibility for the conditions that exists in Haiti.  The ideals of democracy that exist within the borders of the United States do not apply to the rest of the world where the United States policy is marked by imperialism.

IRAQ - TERRORISM - DEMOCRACY - It is Clarke's charge that Bush was obsessed with Iraq and with deposing Saddam Hussein to the detriment of the war on terrorism that is both correct beyond almost any doubt ? and that is serious.  This charge could cost Bush the election. Clarke's credibility is unassailable: He's a highly regarded professional and he's a Republican. Bush's principal political appeal resides in his record as an anti-terrorist, or, in his own boastful phrase, as a "wartime president."  Beyond any question, significant resources ? political, military, and financial ? have been diverted to Iraq from the war on terrorism. While Saddam has been captured, Osama bin Laden remains at large.  Clarke, though, and the immense numbers of anti-war critics, while right in their description of the problem, may well be totally wrong in their analysis of it.  To say the now almost unsayable, Bush may be right. Iraq, that is, matters fundamentally more than does Al Qaeda.  There are, of course, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There never were any links between Saddam and Al Qaeda. And Iraq today is a mess. It may descend into civil war and split apart into its religious-ethnic entities in the manner of Yugoslavia.  If this happens, Bush will wholly deserve the severest possible criticism for poor planning and for the inept execution of reconstruction.   There is one vital quality in Iraq, though. Potentially, just possibly, and despite immense and quite possibly insuperable difficulties, democracy may take root there.  After 9/11, many critics ? then prime minister Jean Chr?tien among them ? called for the causes of terrorism to be addressed rather than for only its manifestations to be attacked by military force.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040328f.htm * Yes the real question is whether or not democracy can flourish in Iraq and then spread beyond its borders.  I believe this is a real possibility and yet I believe it will take a long time to manifest.  A very long time.  But the real question is whether the invasion of Iraq was the best method to bring about democracy.  It is hard to justify the unilateral invasion of Iraq in the name of democracy.  The invasion was not a democratic act.  It was an act of imperialism.  So we have to admit that the democracy that eventually emerges from Iraq will always be tainted with the undemocratic act of imperialistic aggression.  The problem is that the New World Order of George Bush is not a democratic one.

ISRAEL - Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah told Hamas's new leader over the weekend to consider the Lebanese militant group under his command following Israel's assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin last week.  In a show of unity between the two Islamist groups, Hamas new chief Khaled Meshal also addressed thousands of Hezbollah supporters at a memorial service in Beirut for his predecessor Yassin.  
"Consider us in Hezbollah - from the secretary-general and leadership down to our fighters and women - members of Hamas, and soldiers under your command," Nasrallah told him on Saturday.  "I say to our brothers in Palestine: We in Lebanon are with you. Be sure that your blood is our blood and your sheikh is our sheikh. We share the same destiny and this means that our fight is one," Nasrallah said. * It seems that the assassination of Sheik Yassin has gone a long way to uniting those who are determined to continue to target Israel.  Is it all just talk?  We will have to wait and see.  The coming presidential elections may delay the response of the terrorist.  Madrid terrorism changed the outcome of the election.  The real question is what effect would a major terroristic strike on America just before the elections have on the elections. That is the real question.  And I think that these terroristic groups are giving this question an intense review.

ARAB LEAGUE - The government abruptly called off a summit of the Arab League late last night even as leaders poured into this seaside city, a last-minute cancellation that threw in stark relief the acrimony roiling the region.  The collapse of the summit, which had been scheduled to begin tomorrow, suggested that tenuous Arab unity has crumbled under the pressure of the Palestinian uprising, the U.S.-led war on Iraq and demands for sweeping reforms of repressive and corrupt Arab governments.   The tension among Arab leaders seemed to reach a high pitch with last's week assassination of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the founder and spiritual leader of the militant Palestinian group Hamas. The death of the charismatic cleric stoked Muslim anger against Israel, drew thousands of Arab demonstrators into the streets and emphasized the failure of Arab governments to intervene on behalf of the Palestinians.  Even before Yassin's death, Arab leaders had struggled to find common ground in a year of deeply divisive events. The war in Iraq left many leaders feeling vulnerable to U.S. interference and to the long-repressed fury of their own people. There has been a consensus on the need to modernize and liberalize Arab governments, but intense bickering over how to do so.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040328a.htm  * The reality is that the war in Iraq, the Palestinians, and AlQeada have shaken up the entire Middle East.  The question is what will be the outcome.  The question is what is going to happen when there are so many variables in the formula.  The entire Middle East may well explode in political and religious war and internal civil strife.  And then there is the oil factor.  What happens if the production of  oil is put into jeopardy?  Does the United States feel safe with its new found oil reserves in Iraq?  How long will it be before OPEC disintegrates?  The real concern is what has George Bush unleashed upon the world?  The Middle East has been shaken up.  The real question is how much conflict is on the horizon and where will things be when the Middle East stabilizes at sometime in the future?

ISRAEL - Israel's chief prosecutor will recommend Sunday that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon be indicted on charges of accepting bribes in connection with real estate deals, an Israeli television station reported Saturday night.  Justice Ministry spokesman Jacob Galanti said, "I can't affirm or deny" the Channel 2 report. An official in Sharon's office, who spoke on the condition that his name not be used, said, "My office has no comment."  Sharon has denied wrongdoing in connection with several cases of alleged financial corruption that have been under investigation for months. The widening scandal has severely eroded the prime minister's public support and prompted calls for his resignation, which were revived almost immediately after State Attorney Edna Arbel reportedly decided to draft an indictment against him.  "Sharon must salvage whatever is left to the dignity of Israel's democracy and resign," Ran Cohen, a member of parliament from the dovish Meretz party, told Israeli news media. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040328b.htm * I find it interesting that the Israelis seem to be OK with Sharon's murderous acts toward the Palestinians but they are upset at his financial corruption.  An evil man is evil in all aspects of his life.  But the Israelis are upset with his stealing and not his killing.  Money is obviously more important that murder in Israel.

SPACE - A revolutionary jet engine flew faster than seven times the speed of sound in a high altitude test over the Pacific on Saturday, marking what NASA scientists hailed as a milestone in developing the "Holy Grail" of space travel.  "It's been an outstanding, record-breaking day," lead propulsion engineer Lawrence Huebner told a post-flight briefing.  NASA's 12-foot-long (3.6 meter) X-43A research vehicle -- resembling a winged surfboard -- hit slightly over Mach 7, about 5,000 mph (8,000 km/h), during 11 seconds of powered flight before gliding at hypersonic speeds for several minutes and finally plunging into the ocean.  The test, conducted off the southern California coast, marked the first time that a "scramjet," or  supersonic-combustion ramjet, has powered a vehicle at such high speed.  "The ramjet-scramjet is the Holy Grail of aeronautics in my mind," project manager Joel Sitz told the briefing. "If you go from ground to space, you need to use a ramjet-scramjet if you're going to do it in the most efficient way you can."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040328c.htm  * I find it interesting that the human society can perform miraculous scientific feats but the human society is still stuck in the stone age with regards to social issues such as war, poverty, hunger and social injustice.

March 27, 2004   TO BE POSTED SHORTLY

March 26, 2004  TO BE POSTED SHORTLY

ISRAEL - ZIONIST PULLOUT TERMS - Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is trying to win US backing for his plan to disengage from the Palestinians by pledging to evacuate six West Bank settlements along with a comprehensive pullout from the Gaza Strip, reports said Thursday.  The premier's chief of staff, Dov Weisglass, presented the proposals to Condoleezza Rice, US President George W Bush's national security advisor, during two days of talks in Washington, military radio reported.  The six small settlements that would be evacuated under the plan - Ganim, Kadim, Homesh, Sanur, Mevo Dotan and Hermesh - are all situated in the north of the West Bank, the Haaretz daily reported.  According to the radio, Sharon wants the United States in exchange to formally approve Israel's maintenance of settlement blocs in the West Bank where most of the 230 000 settlers live as well as a declaration saying that Palestinian refugees can have no "right to return" to Israel after the creation of their own state.

IRAQ - AMERICAN DEAD -   BAGHDAD, March 25 (Xinhuanet) -- One US soldier was killed and another two were wounded on Thursday when a roadside bomb hit their convoy in eastern Iraq, said the US military.  A military spokesman said the soldiers came under attack in Baquba, some 60 km northeast of Baghdad, at 8:25 a.m. (0525 GMT).  Earlier on Thursday, US senior spokesman Brig. Mark Kimmitt said a soldier was killed in a gun battle near Taji in the northern outskirts of Baghdad late Wednesday.  The latest deaths brought to 398 the number of US soldiers killed in action in Iraq since the start of the US-led war just over one year ago, including 283 soldiers killed in action since US President George W. Bush declared major hostilities in Iraq over on May 1 last year. 

March 25, 2004

ASSASSINATIONS - Palestinian militants are duty-bound to kill Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders, the head of the militant Islamic Hamas group told The Associated Press on Wednesday.  Khaled Mashaal made his remarks in a telephone interview two days after Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin was assassinated by Israeli helicopter-gunships firing missiles.  "It is the right, or rather the duty, of resistance to target the heads of Zionist terrorism in the same way that they (Israelis) have been targeting the symbols of resistance during the past decades, including its late and greatest symbol Yassin," Mashaal said.  "This is a natural right and the principle of reciprocity," he added.  Earlier Wednesday, the Hamas Web site posted an interview with Mashaal, who is based in the Syrian capital, in which he said the group would have to assess its capabilities before trying to kill Sharon.  "I hope that the holy warriors can retaliate against this awful crime by targeting the most prominent Zionist leaders ... including Sharon," Mashaal said on the Web site. "I hope they can succeed." * If Hamas was successful in killing Sharon it would go a long way toward bringing some sanity to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  All of a sudden leaders would not be so eager to kill their peers.   But what would be more effective is a suit brought in the world court or a resolution by the U N condemning the murders and sanctioning the murderers.  Premeditated murders should be punished by death.

TERRORISM - WHO IS AND WHO AIN'T - Hamas says the U.S. is complicit in the assassination of Yassin. President Bush denies it, but I have a hunch this is one of those cases that depends on the meaning of the word "is." Sharon has made it a practice not to blindside the President. Bush may not have known the exact time and place of Yassin's demise but I doubt he was shocked or saddened by it. As national security adviser Condoleezza Rice pointed out, Yassin was a terrorist.  The Europeans take a dimmer view of the assassination, of course. But to be brutally honest, Europe doesn't matter in the Middle East, especially not to Sharon. The European Union has never been friendly to Israel. Post-Madrid, it is also not a role model.  Besides, Sharon is not killing Hamasniks for the fun of it. He has embarked on a course of unilateral disengagement that can work only if the Palestinians understand that they have no military option. That explains why he has opted for what Rantisi calls "open war." It is the only way he can make the Palestinians cry uncle.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040325c.htm * Mr. Bushit knew that Yassin was about to be killed.  The Zionists would not have a military option if the U S did not supply them with military hardware.  The Palestinians are not terrrorist. They are freedom fighters.  Their land was stolen by the Zionists and they refuse to waive their rights to it.  AlQaeda is a terrorist organization because they are simply against Christians and Western Imperialism.  They are not fighting to free anything.  They are fighting to create chaos.

TOBACCO - The central theme of President Bush's re-election campaign is leadership. Yet when it comes to a global treaty to curb tobacco use, Bush is nowhere to be seen.  The United States was one of 192 nations that voted in favor of the so- called Framework Convention on Tobacco Control last May after nearly four years of negotiations.  More people are expected to die from tobacco-related illnesses over the next 30 years than from AIDS, tuberculosis, car accidents, homicide and suicide combined, according to the American Cancer Society.    Tobacco accounts for 5 million deaths worldwide every year, according to health officials. The global death toll is expected to reach 10 million annually within the next three decades unless steps are taken to curb tobacco use.  John Seffrin, chief executive of the American Cancer Society, said these numbers were very much on his mind Tuesday as political leaders testified on Capitol Hill about terrorism.  "I was watching Defense Secretary (Donald) Rumsfeld talking about how we were surprised by what happened on Sept. 11," Seffrin said. "And I was thinking that here's something that's not a surprise. We're facing a pandemic with the greatest avoidable loss of life in recorded history."PoliticalCommentary2004/e040325b.htm * There is no way Mr. Bushit is going to sign a treaty that is going to cut into the money that the tobacco industry dumps into his campaign coffers.  This treaty is going to hurt American tobacco companies.  It is a classic example of corporate profits over morality and health issues.  Tobacco kills.  Those who grow it and sell it are unindicted socio paths who pay for their homes and cars and so on with blood money.

GUANTANAMO JUSTICE - A US military lawyer representing a detainee at Guant?namo Bay said yesterday that his client could not receive justice under the existing system of military commissions.  "The system is not set up to provide even the appearance of a fair trial," said Major Michael Mori, who was appointed by the Pentagon to defend the Australian detainee David Hicks.  "If there's credible evidence, take him to an established justice system," he said at a press conference in London given by lawyers acting for the prisoners. "If it's not credible, that doesn't justify changing the rules."  Earlier Maj Mori said that labelling the defendants as terrorists had allowed the US government to lower its standards of justice. He said the system lacked checks and balances, such as a truly independent appeal process.  "When you use an unfair system, all you do is risk convicting the innocent and providing somebody who is truly guilty with a valid complaint to attack his conviction. It doesn't help anyone."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040325f.htm * As an attorney, I know from first hand experience that justice is hard to come by in any court.  There is no doubt that military justice is a long way from civil justice or even criminal justice.  Military Justice is an oxymoron.  Hey, the military is not a democratic institution.  Democracy is an impediment to military success.  So when an undemocratic organization begins to hold trials, you know the outcome before the trial begins.

ASSASSINATIONS - U N RESOLUTION - Israel's killing of a Hamas leader has backed the United States into a corner at the United Nations as the Palestinians push for a Security Council resolution condemning the act.  With a vote expected Thursday afternoon, the United States is trying to show it stands by Israel and is tough on terrorism -- even though it disapproves of the Israeli policy of killing top Palestinian militants without arresting or trying them.  On Wednesday, the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva voted overwhelmingly to condemn Israel for killing Hamas spiritual leader Ahmed Yassin. The top UN human-rights body voted 31-2 in favour of the motion, with only the United States and Australia opposing it.  The United States is "tolerating this illegal practice," Palestinian delegate Nasser al-Kidwa, said Wednesday. "I think the Americans are going to veto. I don't see any way to bridge the gap."  A veto would be a moral victory for the Palestinians, who note that most members of the United Nations side with them in their dispute with Israel. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040325e.htm * The United States and Israel are the only two countries that refused to sign a human rights declaration about two years ago.  The U S is immoral in its backing of the Zionist.  The Zionist are thieves who through terrorism stole the land belonging to the Palestinians and the matter is still not resolved.  The leaders of Hamas are not terrorist but freedom fighters.  The U S has strengthened the Zionist militarily so the they can roam the sky over the refugee camps and kill at will.  Take away the U S support of the Jews and Israel would vanish into the sand and peace would prosper in the Middle East.

911- BUSH COVERUP - One of the first official acts of the current Bush administration was to downgrade the office of national coordinator for counterterrorism on the National Security Council - a position held by Richard Clarke. Clarke had served in the Pentagon and State Department under presidents Reagan and Bush the elder, and was the first person to hold the counterterrorism job created by President Clinton. Under Clinton, he was elevated to cabinet rank, which gave him a seat at the principals' meeting, the highest decision-making group for national security.  By removing Clarke from the table, Bush put him in a box where he could speak only when spoken to. No longer would his memos go to the president; instead, they had to pass though a chain of command of national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and her deputy, Stephen Hadley, who bounced each of them back.  The controversy raging around Clarke's book and his testimony before the 9/11 commission that Bush ignored warnings about terrorism that might have prevented the attacks revolves around his singularly unimpeachable credibility. In response, Bush has launched an offensive against him, impugning his personal motives, saying he is a disappointed job-hunter, publicity-mad, a political partisan, ignorant, irrelevant - and a liar.  The administration's furious response to Clarke only underscores his book. Rice is vague, forgetful and dissembling. Cheney is belligerent, certain and bluffing. In Clarke's account, as in the memoir of former secretary of the treasury Paul O'Neill, Bush is disengaged, incurious, manipulated by those in the circle around him; he adopts ill-conceived strategies that he has played little or no part in preparing. Bush is the Oz behind the curtain, but unlike the wizard, the special effects are performed by others. Especially on terrorism and September 11, his White House is at "battle stations" to prevent the curtain from being pulled open.   PoliticalCommentary2004/e040325d.htm  * Bush is of below average intellect.  He has little clue as to what is really happening in the world.  He has no global philosophy except to protect and defend corporate business at any price. The CEO's who give him money know he is a dupe.  No doubt they feel superior intellectually to him.  The vast majority are.  But the socio pathetic behavior that marks these CEO's is the problem.  Profits first, people second and there is not gray area here.  Bush is just a straw dog for a bunch of Zionist and their social equivalents, corporate CEO's.  All are an impediment to WorldPeace.

March 24, 2004

ISRAEL - Israel threatened to kill the entire leadership of the Islamic militant group Hamas after assassinating its founder and hinted Tuesday that Yasser Arafat could wind up on the hit list in the future.  The accelerated strikes at Hamas are part of an attempt to score a decisive victory ahead of an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Israel does not want to be seen as being driven out of the strip by militants, who already are claiming victory.  The tough talk came on the same day Hamas hard-liner Abdel Aziz Rantisi was elected as the new leader of the Islamic militant group in Gaza. The 54-year-old pediatrician replaces Sheik Ahmed Yassin, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike early Monday.  Rantisi, who has pushed for accelerating attacks on Israel and rules out all compromise, told tens of thousands of cheering Hamas supporters at a soccer stadium that he was chosen in secret elections. One by one, senior Hamas officials got up and swore loyalty to him.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323g.htm  * The Zionists in their assassination of Yassin did nothing more than install a more aggressive Rantisi in his place.  The Zionists tried unsuccessfully to kill Rantisi last year.  So I would expect a dramatic demonstration of mass murder in Israel by Hamas.  All Sharon did was to open a list of as yet unnamed innocent Israelis who will die in the hundreds in response to the killing of one man.

ISRAEL - EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS - With the November election approaching, he is also mindful of keeping the support of evangelical Christians, who have lined up on the Israeli side of the debate and criticised the White House for not doing enough to support the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon.  The result has left America out of step with the rest of the world. Washington alone has failed to condemn the assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. President Bush yesterday insisted that Israel had the right to defend itself.  Instead, the Bush administration has clung to the view that Mr Sharon is a valued ally in the war on terror. That has worked tremendously to Israel's advantage.  So too did Mr Bush's decision last July to put his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, in charge of Middle East policy. Ms Rice relies heavily on a group of advisers led by Elliot Abrams, an ideologue known for his opposition to the Oslo peace accords.  Within the Bush administration, Ms Rice's influence, and by extension the opinion of her advisers, outranks the diplomats from the state department. That has left Washington loth to criticise Mr Sharon.  In effect, Washington sabotaged its own peacemaking initiatives, analysts say. The reluctance to put pressure on Mr Sharon doomed Mr Bush's road map, reducing it to a gesture aimed at dampening criticism from Europe and the Arab world.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323f.htm * The Zionists have allied themselves with the billion dollar Jesus shows in the U S (where multi-millionaire preachers sell the poverty of Jesus) who hammer in the idea that Jesus will return to Jerusalem and therefore the Jews need to control it because God may not be able to impose his will on Allah, the God of the Muslims.  All this breaks down with the question of whether Jesus will return as a Jew or a Christian.  But Fundamentalist Christians like Fundamentalist religionists all over the world are not highly educated.  It is on this ignorance that the billion dollar Jesus shows make their big money.  The Zionists are laughing all the way.  Zionists think Christians are every bit as unclean as Muslims but they know better than to say this out loud.  Let any Christian attend a synagogue and see how he is treated.  He will be treated as a misguided outcast.  Try it and see.  In the meantime, there is no peace in the Middle East because the Fundamentalist Christians think that only Jesus can bring peace.  So they are feel it is wasted effort to try.  Fundamentalist Christians are fatalists about Armageddon.  I think they are making it a self fulfilling prophecy.  Ignorance is as ignorance does.

TERRORISM - PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS - Among members of Congress and Washington journalists, George Bush's administration was already a byword for discipline and secrecy even before 9/11. Whistleblowers in any field of policy were beneath its contempt. Once Mr Bush reinvented himself as a war president, however, the White House code of omert? became more unforgiving still. To ask questions about the war on terror was treated as an act of disloyalty. To refuse to answer them became proof of patriotism. So it is all the more striking that two senior Bush officials have now been prepared to brave the inevitable abuse to give the world a vivid picture of the response to 9/11 which startlingly differs from the authorised version.  Mr Clarke is the latest of several witnesses who have charged that the obsession with overthrowing Saddam warped the whole US response to 9/11, with catastrophic consequences for America's standing in the world, especially among Muslims. Some outlines of this picture first appeared in Bob Woodward's book Bush at War, published in 2002. Since then, the details have been increasingly coloured in by several hands, including Mr O'Neill's and now Mr Clarke's. It has long been claimed that the most hawkish members of the administration seized on 9/11 to argue the case for an attack on Iraq  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323e.htm * There is no question but that Bush was intent on playing the big Texas cowboy role from the movies he watched as a child in his administration and in his dealings with the rest of the world.  Bush is just a spoiled child of daddy Bush.  And let us not forget that other Bush, Neal, who stole money.  Daddy Bush obviously did not do a real good job of teaching little George respect for others.  In fact, he raised an arrogant little boozer with socio pathetic tendencies that have proven to be an unquestionable danger to the whole world.

IRAQ - U S LAND GRAB - It now looks almost certain that Iraq's first "sovereign" government will be created by a process even less democratic than the abandoned caucus system: the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council will simply be expanded in size. This body is so discredited here that it is called the "governed council". Bremer has also managed to use the terror attacks to make sure that Iraq's next government will be able to do nothing but implement his orders.  After the March 2 attacks on Shia, members of the governing council came under pressure to sign an interim constitution as a show of national unity and stability, despite previously strong reservations.  The document, signed two weeks ago, states: "The laws, regulations, orders, and directives issued by the Coalition Provisional Authority ... shall remain in force." These laws include Bremer's Order 39, which drastically changes Iraq's previous constitution to allow foreign companies to own 100% of Iraqi assets (except in natural resources), and to take 100% of their profits out of the country, paving the way for massive privatizations.  But defying Bremer's orders won't be an option after the "handover". The interim constitution clearly states that the only way these laws can be changed is by a three-quarters vote "by the Iraqi Transitional Government". According to the same constitution, that body won't exist until elections are held in early 2005.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323d.htm * There is no question but that the real U S agenda was to take over the resources of Iraq.  It all sounds like a Feringi plot from Star Trek.  Nothing matters in the Bush administrative but imperialism.  The true God of little George is profit.  Money, money, money from oil, oil, oil.

ISRAEL - ASSASSINATIONS - To the outside world, Israel's assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin looks either indefensible or inexplicable or both. Some have moral objections to the killing of a paraplegic cleric, wheeled out from morning prayers; others have legal worries about extra-judicial killings. Even those with no qualms of principle, and with sympathy for Israel, scratch their heads to work out the logic of such an act.  For surely it will be Israelis themselves who will pay the price, becoming the targets of a fierce and bloody revenge. Few doubt that Hamas will respond to the death of their venerated leader with a different order of violence - not "just" another bus bombing which kills 20 or 30, but an atrocity that will claim Israeli victims in the hundreds. What kind of instinct for self-harm could prompt an Israeli government to stage such a provocative act? European commissioner Chris Patten caught the mood when he suggested yesterday that Israel had dealt with a fire by pouring gasoline on the flames.  The movement's new leader calls for "the Muslim nation" to wake from its sleep and take up arms; another faction calls for "War, war, war on the sons of Zion." That is not the only disadvantage of the unilateral pullout that Sharon has in mind. There are others - the PM will draw the borders that suit him, even if they entail a grab on Palestinian land and make a future Palestinian state unviable, the new border will have no international legitimacy, and will therefore provide none of the stability, security and recognition that both sides crave. But the greatest danger is the one that is playing out right now - that, once again, Sharon has strengthened the extremists, empowering not the makers of peace, but the bringers of war.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323c.htm * The real truth here is that the Zionist are blood thirsty murderers and assassins no more or less than the Muslim suicide bombers.  The difference is that that the Zionists have more powerful killing tools thanks to the United States.  But the suicide bombers have the pleasure of looking into the faces of their victims, and with total power flip the switch that turns both into hamburger meat.  This is all naked killing. As far as the global issue of who is right: The Jews stole the land of the Palestinians with their own brand of terrorism in the 1940's.  The reason the Jews prevailed is because they catered to the fundamentalist Christians and their belief that Jerusalem had to be safe for the return of Jesus.  The Christian contempt for the Muslims goes all the way back to the crusades.  If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

ISRAEL - TEMPLE MOUNT AND SHARON - Israeli authorities had permitted Ariel Sharon, the head of the Likud bloc, the notorious "Butcher of Sabra and Shatilla" Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, and a leading player in the Temple Mount apparatus, to enter the site, accompanied by thousands of Israeli security personnel. Sharon's Sept. 28 appearance triggered the Arab protests, which were followed by deadly-force Israeli retaliation. In a matter of days, the entire Mideast peace process was in shambles, and war just a moment away. Such is the horrific power of religious warfare in the Middle East--in the hands of lunatic zealots.  On the day when Sharon staged his well-financed provocation at the Temple Mount, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in New York City had reported that they were hours away from concluding an agreement, that would have restored the momentum to the peace process. The peace process had come to a screeching halt the instant that President Bill Clinton, under the influence of Vice President Al Gore and some treacherous advisers on the President's Mideast team, had convinced the President to raise the issue of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem at the Camp David summit last July. Lyndon LaRouche described the insertion of the Temple Mount issue into the peace talks as "President Clinton's greatest blunder."  At the United Nations Millennium Summit in New York City at the beginning of September, President Clinton had met, separately, with Arafat and Barak, and extracted a commitment to attempt, once again, to reach a final agreement. Sources indicate that, this time around, the issues of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were to be deferred, in favor of a more limited, but acceptable agreement. It was at that moment that Sharon played the "Temple Mount card," and, literally, all holy hell broke loose. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323h.htm * There  is no question but that Ariel Sharon is an evil intentioned Zionist.  There is no question but the Fundamentalist Jews will not be satisfied with anything short of rebuilding their temple.  And there is no question but they are willing to start a holy war to accomplish their task.  And there is no question but that America is supporting this madness.

IRAQ - CHARGES AGAINST BUSH ARE MOUNTING - Criticism of US President George W. Bush's motives and decision-making in attacking Iraq last year may be acquiring critical mass with voters following criticism by former top counter-terrorism official Richard Clarke.  Political consultants and analysts said Mr Clarke's allegation that Mr Bush ignored the Al Qaeda threat before the 9/11 attacks and was obsessed by a desire to invade Iraq were especially damaging because they confirmed other previous revelations from policy insiders.  "Each of these revelations adds to the others so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the message gets reinforced with voters," said Richard Rosecrance, a political scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Before Mr Clarke, there was former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, who asserted in a book published in January that Mr Bush began laying the groundwork for an attack on Iraq from the moment he took office.  Then came the bombshell from former weapons inspector David Kaye that the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that Bush launched the war to find and destroy probably did not exist.  
Mr Kaye on Tuesday warned that US credibility at home and abroad was in grave danger and urged the Bush administration to own up to its intelligence failures.  "We are in grave danger of having destroyed our credibility internationally and domestically with regard to warning about future events," he said. "The answer is to admit you were wrong, and what I find most disturbing around Washington ... is the belief ... you can never admit you're wrong."  Earlier this month, former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix added to the fire by accusing Mr Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair of "exaggerating the risks they saw in order to get, the political support (for the war) they would not otherwise have had."  The response from the White House, especially to Mr Clarke, has been fierce and sometimes personal. It rejects any suggestion that Bush, running for re-election this year as a 'war president', failed to take the Al Qaeda threat seriously.  "The administration can huff and puff but if there are enough bricks in the structure, they can't blow the house down any more," said American University historian Allan Lichtman. "Right now, you have quite a number of bricks. It's not just scaffolding any more," he said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323b.htm * The question is how many more are going to come forward to sink the President's boat?  There is safety in numbers and so there is hope that the truth, all the truth, will come out.

SPACE - MARS - The landing site of the Mars rover Opportunity was once the shore of a shallow, salty sea, NASA scientists have declared. The weight of evidence now gathered makes the conclusion unequivocal, they say.  It is the first time direct evidence has been found that a body of standing, liquid water ever existed on the surface of Mars. Many planetary scientists have long believed that was the case, but having solid proof on the ground will change how future exploration of the red planet proceeds, as ideas about its potential for life.  NASA is jubilant about the success. The team has "accomplished something that we dared only dream of", said NASA chief Sean O'Keefe, while chief scientist Ed Weiler said the results are " beyond our wildest expectations".  Furthermore, although nobody is claiming to have found any signs of life, the scientists have now begun talking openly about the possibility of finding fossils in the kind of rocks Opportunity is studying.  "If you have an interest in finding fossils on Mars, this is the place you should go," said Weiler, at Tuesday's press conference at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323a.htm * All of a sudden things are about to shift in the universal perspective of life on earth.  The Fundamentalist Christians who reject evolution are certainly not going to accept life on Mars.  And if there is life on Mars, there is life everywhere in the universe and probably more life in our own solar system.  And there is nothing in the Holy Bible to cover that reality.  I believe that this new perspective will help ease some of the religious murdering that exists on the planet because none of the religions have Martian life in their myths.

March 23, 2004

WORLD POPULATION - The world's population growth is slowing because women are having fewer children and more people are dying of AIDS, especially in Africa, according to a Census Bureau report released Monday.  The report forecasts there will be nearly 9.1 billion people by 2050, a nearly 50 percent increase from the 6.2 billion in 2002. However, the growth rate is slowing significantly.  The global population grew 1.2 percent from 2001 to 2002, or about 74 million people, but growth will slow to 0.42 percent by 2050. That's far below the peak growth of 2.2 percent from 1963 to 1964.  The projections are generally in line with separate forecasts from the United Nations and private researchers. The 2050 world projection is slightly lower than the 9.3 billion forecast in a previous bureau report on the topic in 1998.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323d.htm  * The reality is that the world population is still too dense.  The environment is being polluted, species are going extinct, the oceans are over fished.  Some areas are suffering hunger and starvation due to over population.  I think Mr. Bushit's solution is to classify all non Christian non Americans as terrorist and go to work thinning out their ranks and the world population problem solves itself.

ISRAEL - SHARON'S GAMBLE - As high-stakes gambles go, Monday's assassination of Sheik Ahmed Yassin ranks as one of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's biggest rolls of the dice.  In eliminating Yassin, the aging, ailing founder and spiritual leader of Hamas, Sharon has wagered that the strike would leave the Islamic militant group's disciples reeling and disoriented, undercutting their organizational effectiveness and sapping their will to carry out more attacks.   "The killing of Sheik Yassin is liable to open a cycle of bloodshed and exact a heavy and needless cost from Israel," said Yossi Beilin, a veteran leftist politician who was one of the architects of a much-discussed but unofficial peace blueprint with the Palestinians.  Killing a figure as revered by Palestinians as Yassin is cited by some as the latest example of Sharon's tendency to take matters into his own hands regardless of the consequences.  But some senior Israeli field commanders believe the analogy is a flawed one. Hamas and other militant groups, they note, have repeatedly shown themselves able to regroup and recoup.  Israel has gotten rid of successive chiefs of Hamas' military wing, the Izzidin al-Qassam brigades, but a new one is usually in place within a matter of days or even hours. After the 1996 assassination of Hamas' then most sophisticated bomb-making expert, Yehiyeh Ayyash, known as "The Engineer," the group's ability to carry out attacks was temporarily hampered. But Hamas then took better care to make sure that technical know-how was better distributed down the ranks.PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323c.htm * The reality is that killing the leader of the opposition only works in small skirmishes.  If you really want to solve problems, you open discussions with the leaders of the opposition.  This is the only way to solve the problems of conflict.  When you kill the designated leaders, there is no on left to negotiate a peace.  Killing Yassin was simply a way for Sharon to prolong the Israeli / Palestinians conflict.  It is an act that will come back to haunt the Zionists.

SAME SEX UNIONS - A proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage was tweaked Monday to give states the right to recognize same-sex civil unions, but sponsors shied away from including language that could squelch legal challenges in Utah to the constitutionality of prohibiting polygamy.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323a.htm  *  I think this whole argument is nonsense. The reality is that it is based on a Christian concept that only heterosexual marriages are allowed by God.  The hypocrisy becomes apparent with regards to the marriage of atheists.  The whole thing is a joke and a violation of church and state prohibitions in the U S Constitution.  Politicians are very careful not to use the word God in their discussions of same sex marriages.  But the truth is that without God, same sex unions are just a secular contract no more or less than any other contract.  It is the God factor that is creating these problems.  God's will as defined by the religionists has been the source of infinite atrocities against humanity.  Democratic secularism is much more peaceful and just that religious dictates.

IRAQ - THE PRESIDENTIAL LIE - The White House reacted with fury yesterday after former counterterrorism co-ordinator Richard Clarke accused the administration of ignoring the Al Qaeda threat and then, after the Sept. 11 attacks, pressuring him to find an Iraq link for the worst terrorism on U.S. soil.  Bush administration officials hit back yesterday, calling his remarks in his new book, Against All Enemies: Inside America's War On Terror, "irresponsible ... offensive and flat-out false," while portraying Clarke ? appointed national counterterrorism co-ordinator by president Bill Clinton ? as a bitter Democrat who's trying to flog his book in this election year.  Clarke wrote President George W. Bush "launched an unnecessary and costly war in Iraq that strengthened the fundamentalist, radical Islamic terrorist movement worldwide."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040323b.htm  * The pressure is mounting as the truth begins to come out about terrorism and Mr. Bushit's war in Iraq.  All the ads against John Kerry are not going to be able to contain the information coming from the congressional investigations and the opinions of world leaders about being manipulated by George Bush with his weapons of mass destruction lies and his lies linking Saddam and AlQaeda.

ISRAEL - Israel said Tuesday all Palestinian militant leaders were in its sights a day after it assassinated Hamas head Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in a missile strike.  "Anyone who is involved in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank or anywhere else in leading a terror group knows from yesterday there is no immunity," Internal Security Minister Tsahi Hanegbi told reporters. "Everyone is in our sights." "There is no immunity to anyone. And that means anyone to the last person," he said.  Hanegbi did not give any names, but said the list of militant leaders marked for death included "those who appear on television," a veiled reference to senior Hamas officials Abdel- Aziz al-Rantissi and Mahmoud al-Zahar.  Rantissi and Zahar, both English speakers, frequently give interviews on Arab and foreign television networks.  Yassin, the 67-year-old wheelchair-bound spiritual leader of Hamas, was killed when helicopter gunships fired missiles at him and aides as they left a Gaza mosque after dawn prayers. Israeli officials said the assassination was the opening shot in a war against Islamic militants, who are sworn to its destruction and have carried out a suicide bombing campaign in which hundreds of Israelis have been killed.  Hamas members have vowed "to bring death to every Israeli house" to avenge Yassin's death. * The Israelis are assassinating Muslims who are demanding justice for the Palestinians regarding the land stolen from them by the U N and given to Israel.  The Israelis have labeled them terrorist.  In any court in the world, this behavior would be classified as war crimes or premeditated murder.  Killing a Muslim cleric who is half blind, confined to a wheel chair as he exits his place of worship is unadulterated evil the likes of which reminds us of Adolph Hitler.

ENVIRONMENT - The Dust Bowl droughts that ruined millions of Great Plains farm families in the 1930s were triggered and sustained by barely perceptible temperature changes in oceans thousands of miles away, according to a new NASA study. Computerized climate simulations suggest that abnormally warm water in the tropical Atlantic set up wind circulation changes that cut off the flow of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico during the summer and fall. At the same time, unusually cool sea-surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific set up global patterns that suppressed storm development on the Plains. The combination, scientists said, led to persistent drought and what many observers regard as the worst US natural disaster of the 20th century. The pattern has not recurred, and no Great Plains drought since has been as severe. But that might be only a matter of time, said Siegfried D. Schubert of NASA?s Goddard Space Flight Center. There?s no reason to believe we?re not going to have another drought like that, said Schubert, a co-author of the study published in the journal Science. There?s evidence going back at least 400 and even 1,000 years where they?ve been able to show these mega-droughts tend to occur once or twice a century.  * Global warming is a fact.  It is also a fact that we do not fully understand how the oceans effect the land on the planet.  There is an immediate need to generate major studies on both in order to prevent famine around the world.

March 22, 2004

ISRAEL - ASSASSINATIONS FEED TERRORISM - But an attack on Yassin raised the stakes to unprecedented levels.  Yassin's killing would almost certainly lead to increased Hamas recruitment and more suicide bombings and other revenge attacks. It could also tip the balance of power among Palestinians away from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and toward Hamas.  "The Pandora's box has been opened. We are counting down to the next terror attack and the question is how many Israelis will be killed," said Yossi Beilin, a dovish Israeli politician.  Hamas, which rejects the very existence of Israel, was extremely popular among Palestinians even before the killing of Yassin. Hamas is viewed as a less corrupt alternative to Arafat's Palestinian Authority.  The killing could be perceived in the Muslim world as an attack on Islam itself, opening up a new front in the conflict, said Ran Cohen, a lawmaker from the dovish opposition party Yahad.  
"All the Muslims of the world will be honored to join in on the retaliation for this crime," Hamas said in a statement.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040322c.htm  * I guess that Arafat is next.  The West has armed the Israelis and there is no USSR to arm the Palestinians.  Therefore, Sharon does as he pleases.  It is just a matter of time before someone rises up in the Middle East to lead the Muslims in a great war against Israel.  I do not think it will be a Muslim cleric.  It will be a man of the people.  But a ruthless man he will be.

ISRAEL - ARIEL SHARON - UNINDICTED MURDERER - The Vatican condemned Israel's killing today of Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin, saying lasting peace could never be reached by a show of force.  "The Holy See joins the international community in deploring this act of violence not justified in any state (run by) the rule of law," said Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls.  The statement said authentic and lasting peace "cannot be the fruit of a simple show of force" but is "above all the fruit of moral and legal action".  * No one can deny that Ariel Sharon with premeditation murdered Sheik Yassin.  In any court of law in any country, he would be tried for first degree murder and either hanged or given a life sentence.  Sharon is nothing more than the progeny of Adolph Hitler, Stalin, and Osama bin Laden.  Sharon needs to be tried in the world court for crimes against humanity.

TERRORISM - Zapatero wants to alter war on terror.  Spain's newly elected Socialist leader seeks not only to bring Spanish troops home from Iraq but to transform the war on terrorism from a battle fought with soldiers to one fought with spies. Accused by the Bush administration of caving in to terrorists, Prime Minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero told Spain's leading daily newspaper that the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was a "great error" that has aggravated the terrorist threat. Good intelligence, not military action, is the key to success, Zapatero told El Pais. "War is the last recourse, and in all cases, it is only an instrument of containment between countries, but never can it be an effective method for eliminating or fighting fanatic, radical or criminal groups," he said. "I trust that the U.S. administration will listen and understand that what has happened in Iraq is proof that this is not the way, that this path is mistaken." Spanish voters ousted the ruling conservative.

ISRAEL - POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS - Leaders condemn Yassin killing.  World reaction to Israel's killing of Hamas movement leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin has been swift and blunt, with many condemning the action as illegal and a blow to efforts to fight terrorism.  British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, arriving in Brussels for a European Union meeting on terrorism, said Israel had a right to defend itself against terrorism but had to act within international law.  "It is not entitled to go for this kind of unlawful killing, and we therefore condemn it," he told reporters.  "It's unacceptable, it's unjustified, and it's very unlikely to achieve its objective."  Reaction came as thousands of Palestinians jammed the streets of Gaza City for the funeral procession for Yassin, the Hamas founder and spiritual leader.  Yassin was killed early Monday in an Israeli missile strike. Seven other people were killed in the attack.  Palestinian officials condemned the killing, calling it an assassination. Israeli officials said Yassin was a "terrorist" who deserved death.  Meanwhile, other EU officials joined Straw in condemning the killing Monday.  "I really fear that we will see new violence," Luxembourg's Lydie Polfer told reporters in Brussels.  Walter Lindner, German foreign minister's spokesman, said in Berlin: "What is important is that everything is done to avoid further escalations, all sides are called upon to be sensible and to be most restrained.  "The priority is the end of terror and violence, what is not acceptable is a further spiral of violence."  Polish Foreign Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz said the killing "may have very, very negative consequences not only in terms of Israeli-Palestinian conflict but I'm afraid that the threat of terrorist attacks also on other countries, including European (ones), is growing," Reuters reported.  "I understand that Israel defends its own country. However the picture of a wheelchair-bound person who was killed with a rocket is probably not the best way of promoting Israeli security," Cimoszewicz said.  Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller was quoted by Reuters as saying: "Of course we are against assassinations like this. This is not the way ahead. There's only one way ahead, and that is political."  Javier Solana, EU foreign policy chief, said the group's position "has been consistently a condemnation of ... killings."  "In this particular case, I think a condemnation ought to be stronger. These types of actions do not contribute at all to create the conditions of peace, the conditions of dialogue, which are necessary at this moment," Solana told reporters.  

ISRAEL - UNREPENTANT ASSASSINS - SHARON IS UNDOUBTEDLY HITLER'S PROGENYIsrael: Yassin deserved to die.  The Israeli government says it acted to serve peace and security Israel appears to be shedding few tears over the killing of Hamas' spiritual leader, but is braced for reprisals.  Israeli political sources say the killing was directed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.  Israeli minister Yossi Paritzky said: "Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was a leader of one of the worst terrorist organisations that ever existed...  "We had to assassinate him - we had to kill him - because we simply cannot put up with more terrorist activities."  "I think we have to fight against the terrorists but especially against the suicide bombers not religious leaders"  Ran Cohen  Meretz Party  The statement from official Israeli Government spokesman Ari Pazner was unrepentant.  "We have today eliminated the worst threat to peace and security in the Middle East," he said.  "Israel knows that in the short run there may be some tension, but in the long run we have served the cause of peace and security in our region."  'Revenge'  There were some dissenting voices, arguing not that killing the Sheikh was wrong, but that it was likely to cause more problems than it solved. Yassin had been returning from morning prayers at the mosque.  Opposition politician Yossi Beilin warned the government that it was just a matter of time before more Jews died in retaliatory attacks.  Interior Minister Avraham Poraz, of the Shinui party, said: "It was a bad idea because I am afraid of a revenge coming from the Palestinian side, from the Hamas side. "And I am not so optimistic in thinking by this act we'll be able to eliminate the Hamas, or to diminish the dangers of Hamas."  Ran Cohen, of the Meretz Party, said he did not think it was "reasonable" for Israel to have killed Sheikh Yassin.  "I think we have to fight against the terrorists but especially against the suicide bombers not religious leaders," he said.  Bracing for revenge attacks, the Israeli Government sealed off the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and closed all crossings in and out of the occupied territories. * The Zionists have to be reigned in.  Ariel Sharon is nothing but a war criminal.  Because of Bush's support of Sharon, the threat of terrorism in the world just increased.  Have no doubt that the consequences of killing a religious leader, no matter how radical, is going to be great.  The Zionists are in control of Washington because there is no way Sharon would have executed Sheik Yassin without approval from Washington.  And six hours after the murder, Bush has remained silent.

ONE NATION UNDER GOD - It has taken 50 years since Congress added "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance for the validity of that cold war amendment to reach the Supreme Court, with arguments scheduled for Wednesday. But before the justices can decide whether those two words render the pledge unconstitutional, they have to answer a factual question that is inextricably entwined with the legal one: what exactly does it mean to pledge allegiance to "one nation under God"?  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040322b.htm * This issue is really very simple.  A religion is a bureaucratic organization.  Religions define God in their own particular way and then establish an organization to promote their view of God.  The U S Constitution says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment".  A belief in God unattached to any particular religious bureaucracy is not a unconstitutional.  An acknowledgement of God without anything more does not establish a religion.  Most human beings believe in God.  Many people who believe in God are not religionist.  To say that all people who believe in God are automatically religionist is confusing.  There is no religion of the United States.  No religion is established by espousing a belief in God.  All religions in the United States are licensed by the states in which they operate.  This is a violation of the U S Constitution.  This is the establishment of religion.  The problem is that if you stop the use of "one nation under God" in the pledge of allegiance, then you have to take "In God we trust" off our money.

ZIONIST TERRORIST- ARMAGEDDON - Hamas spiritual leader leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli air strike early Monday, Fox News has confirmed.  Witnesses said Israeli helicopters fired three missiles at Yassin and two bodyguards as they left a mosque at daybreak, killing them instantly. Mosque loudspeakers announced his death, and Palestinians quickly gathered at the scene. One man cried in anguish as he held up what looked to be a shredded, bloody robe.  The strike was personally authorized by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (search), Fox News has learned.  In announcing Yassin's death, Hamas said, "(Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon has opened the gates of hell and nothing will stop us from cutting off his head." The militant groups vowed to "kill every Israeli in their homes."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040322a.htm * There can be no question but that Israel will see a significant increase in suicide bombings and the indiscriminate killing of Jews. Ariel Sharon has signed the death warrant of hundreds if not thousands of innocent Jews and he has guaranteed that peace in the Middle East will be almost unobtainable.  There is no question but that George Bush could have stopped this with a stern warning to Sharon.  Sharon has just signed his own death warrant and probably that of his family.  The future of Israel is now questionable.  Only the most ignorant person would believe that by killing Sheik Yassin the suicide bombings would stop.  By invading Iraq, George Bush has given the green light to every leader of every nation that assasinating heads of state is endorsed.  The Muslim hatred for the United States cannot help but increase.  I look for another 911 incident in the very near future.  But I would expect American Jews to be a target.  The freedom in America makes the bombing of Jewish Synagogs very easy and America is a very big place. Not only that, escape is easy because of the east and west shores of America.  The Europeans are right, Israel is the greatest threat to peace in the Middle East and WorldPeace in general.  The Muslims cannot help but believe that every Muslim cleric is now a target.  They have no choice but to retaliate.  Armageddon approaches.  I am now convinced that Ariel Sharon is every bit as demented as Adolph Hitler and his time on this earth is cut short.  I would expect the death of him family within the month.

March 21, 2004

TERRORISM - Former cabinet minister and veteran peace campaigner Tony Benn, who quit as a Labour MP in 2001, was speaking to PA News before addressing an anti-war rally in New York, to mark the first anniversary of the attack on Iraq.  Some 250 protests were being held across the United States, mirroring those in Britain.  He said: ?The Iraq war was an example of armed globalisation. You go into a country...take their oil and send somebody in who allows all the Iraqi assets to be privatised.  ?I think that the credibility of those who argued for the war has been destroyed by what we actually now know.  ?And when people lose confidence in what they are told, that is a greater threat to democracy than the occasional terrorist attack.?  He said people throughout the world were rejecting the idea of an apparently never-ending war on terrorism.  ?The people who are presenting the harsh line ignore history and ignore the problems and speak as if the future was one long, unending war between guys with star wars and guys with bombs on their belts,? he added.  ?If that?s the future we haven?t got a lot to look forward to.  ?Fear is the weapon they are using all the time to get control and take away civil liberties. I think fear is being deliberately played up.?  Mr Benn said human rights laws introduced at the end of the Second World War were an ?aspiration for a world without violence.?  ?Now that?s all being torn up and we?re going back to the jungle,? he said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321j.htm  *  The world is starting to come alive.  Those who were against the war, can now say with authority that the war in Iraq was based on lies by George Bush: There are no weapons of mass destruction and there was no Saddam Osama link.  George Bush and his DICK are a threat to WorldPeace and freedom.

TERRORISM - As European leaders move to step up their fight against terror, some of them sought over the weekend to clearly separate those efforts from support for the Iraq war, and frictions with the United States remained in full view.  Spurred by the March 11 attacks in Madrid, intelligence chiefs from Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are to meet Monday in Madrid to seek ways to accelerate the sharing of crucial information that might help prevent future attacks on European soil.  In Brussels, European Union foreign ministers placed terrorism atop their agenda for a meeting Monday, aiming to sidestep differences on Iraq and to overcome legal and even constitutional hurdles to closer coordination. European Union leaders will consider the ministers' recommendations in a meeting on Thursday.  But even as Europeans moved in closer step to confront the terror threat, they faced criticism in Washington that they were excluding Americans from their deliberations.   "Europeans have to be willing to ask us to come to some of the meetings, too," Senator Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said on the CBS News program "Face the Nation." "We should have been together talking about how all of us deal with the Al Qaeda."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321i.htm *  This is really sadly funny.  Bush told the whole world to go to hell, told the U N to go to hell that he was going to invade Iraq even if the U S had to go it alone.  Now the U S is pouting that Europe is holding its own terrorism meetings without Washington.  This is just one example of how Bush has isolated America from her long term allies.  George Bush is bad for terrorism and bad for the world.  The reality is that Bad Boy Bush has increased the threat of terrorism with his cowboy imperialism.

ISRAEL - PALESTINIAN REFUGEES - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he wants the United States to announce that it rejects claims by Palestinian refugees that they be allowed to return to areas that are now part of Israel. Mr. Sharon told a meeting of his ruling Likud Party on Sunday that he will ask for this guarantee in exchange for agreeing to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.  Mr. Sharon addressed members of his Likud faction amid growing opposition to his plan to unilaterally withdraw troops and Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.  He says this will become the only option for Israel if peace talks with the Palestinians remain stalled.  Mr. Sharon told Likud members on Sunday that he supports the establishment of a Palestinian state following an Israeli withdrawal.  However, he stressed that a future Palestinian state would be the only place for millions of Palestinian refugees to make their home and that they would be barred from entering Israel.  Mr. Sharon said he also wants the U.S. administration to publicly support this stand before implementing his disengagement plan.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321h.htm * Now here is the whole Zionist problem in a nutshell.  They were given a homeland in Palestine in 1948 by the U N as a result of Zionist terrorism.  The refugees did not integrate into the neighboring countries.  Now the Zionists want America to legitimize the theft of the Palestinians land.  What is interesting is that they are only talking to the U S.  It means that the U S, in the Zionist mindset, have the power to grant their demand.  It says that the Zionist believe they have enough influence in Washington to get America to put the final nail in the refugee problem.  The real problem is that Israel cannot afford to to integrate three million Palestinians into Israel because it would go a long way to making Jews a minority in their own land.  The world would be better off with the Palestinians returning home to Israel.  The world will be a safer place when Israel is not dominated by the Zionists.

IRAQ - ALLIES IN RETREAT - It is late at night and there is gunfire out in the city, but Baghdad is eerily quiet for the first anniversary of the start of the war.  The loudest noise came from Washington: George Bush's troubled plea for unity in the face of world terrorism. Disagreements "among old and valued friends", he said disingenuously, "belong to the past".  Bush is working to corral his postwar coalition in Iraq. But, as it frays at the edges, British diplomats are working up a new attempt to legitimise the Iraq campaign with a proper United Nations mandate. Consider:  The Spanish are pulling out unless the UN takes over, and President Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland says he was "taken for a ride" by the US on Saddam Hussein's supposed weapons of mass destruction.  The Koreans have baulked at moving 3000 troops to Kirkuk in the north of Iraq, because they fear for their security; and when the Japanese arrived in the south - to protect the Iraqi people - they promptly wrote a cheque for $US95 million ($126 million) for the local tribes to protect them from the Iraqi people.  Honduras is sticking with its plan to withdraw 300 soldiers in July, and when Bush recently met the Dutch Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende pointedly refused to say how long he would leave his 1300 troops in Iraq.  Small beer, perhaps. But it is all symptomatic of rising anger and tension among the old and valued friends at the insistence of Bush - who may well be judged by history to have been the ventriloquist's doll for the ideologues around him - that his very necessary war on terrorism did not need to be swamped by war and its uncertain aftermath in Iraq.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321a.htm * It seems to be that there is more fire than smoke in the world community regarding Cowboy Bush.  It is very difficult for world leaders to accept the fact that another world leader undeniably lied to them.  When you are the President of the United States and you treat other world leaders like stupid morons, then your credibility erodes rather quickly.  And when you add to this the problem that many world leaders had supporting Bush when their citizens were against the war, then you have world leaders who have lost credibility with their own people.  Bush is so stupid that he cannot even comprehend the problem.  Bush has surrounded himself with three groups of arrogant exclusionists, Zionists and Fundamental Christians as well as ruthless corporate executives.  These three ultra conservative fascists groups are a danger to every citizen in the global community.

IRAQ - Anti-U.S. guerrillas fired rockets into the middle of Baghdad in a rare daylight salvo Sunday, killing two civilians and wounding six people, including an American soldier, a U.S. military spokesman said.  The latest violence followed worldwide anniversary protests against the war the United States launched to topple Saddam Hussein and disarm Iraq of unconventional weapons, which have yet to be found despite Washington's best efforts.  "Three rockets impacted in central Baghdad on Sunday morning," a U.S. army spokesman said.  He said one rocket landed in the Green Zone, one of Saddam's former palace complexes west of the Tigris river, where the U.S.-led administration is based, and two outside.  "We have reports of two Iraqi civilians killed and five injured. One U.S. soldier was slightly injured," the spokesman said. The rocket that hit the Green Zone landed in "Freedom Rest," a 1st Armored Division rest and recreation area. The missiles used were probably 127-mm rockets, he said.  A rocket attack on Saturday night killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded seven near the flashpoint town of Falluja.  Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, deputy director of U.S. army operations in Iraq, said three rockets hit a base near the town west of Baghdad and two landed outside. The wounded comprised six from the army and one from the navy.  The deaths brought to 395 the number of U.S. troops killed in action since the Iraq conflict began a year ago. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321c.htm  * Americans keep on dying with no end in site.  Kosovo is about to ignite again and gives a good preview of what there is to be expected in Iraq.  The U S cannot hand over Iraq to the U N or NATO.  Either will look like a defeat for the U S.  And not only that, the U S will not have control over all the contracts for the rebuilding of Iraq.  The bottom line is that the U S is caught in a classic tar baby thanks to the mindless imperialistic cowboy George Dubya Bush.

SPACE - ASTROIDS - NASA scientists appeared nonchalant about the tiny asteroid that passed within a mere 26,500 miles of the Earth on Thursday, the closest approach on record. No big deal, they said. Such things probably happen once every two years or so, only they haven't been observed before.  But the near miss no doubt triggered chills in more than a few Earthlings. They recall that another asteroid collided with our planet 65 million years ago and, many scientists believe, caused the sudden extinction of dinosaurs and every other living thing larger than today's Labrador retriever.  Thursday's visitor, named 2004 FH, was roughly 100 feet in diameter and most likely would have disintegrated in the atmosphere. A larger asteroid? Well, who knows?  NASA is conducting a survey of the heavens in search of objects with diameters of 0.62 miles or more that come close to Earth, objects large enough to do some serious damage. The search is also capable of detecting smaller objects such as 2004 FH.  Keeping an eye out for potentially catastrophic asteroids is money well-spent. The question that must be answered is: "What happens if they detect a really big asteroid coming straight at Earth?" So far there is no answer.

TERRORISM - That image of trans-Atlantic solidarity from the Azores meeting was mounted on a protest poster and placed among a sea of red votive candles in the makeshift shrine at the Madrid train station for victims of the bombing there 10 days ago.   A question was scrawled on the poster: ``Could this picture have cost 200 deaths? No more lies. No more war. No more dead.''  The day after the Spanish election, President Jacques Chirac of France and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of Germany met and reiterated the continental European point of view that the war on terrorism had to be fought not with just brute military strength but with more attention to the roots of the violence. Both leaders referred to the poverty, oppression, and despair brought on by Western-backed Middle East regimes.  Hans Blix, the former UN chief weapons inspector, who was in Madrid the morning of the bombings, said in a telephone interview last week, ``If we ask ourselves, `Is the world safer against terrorism?' [after the war in Iraq], I think the answer is `no.'''  The war in Iraq, he said, ``has not abated terrorism, but in some ways exacerbated the problem.''  Robin Cook, the British foreign secretary who resigned from Blair's government to protest his support for the war, told BBC's Radio 4 on Monday that the Iraq war had been a ``spectacular mistake'' in the struggle against terror.  ``What we did in invading Iraq was to help polarize opinion between the Islamic world and the West in a way that was unhelpful,'' he said.  Commentators in France, Germany, and Britain insisted that detaining people in a sort of ``legal limbo'' such as what the United States has done at Guantanamo Bay was not on the agenda.  Moritz Schuller wrote in the centrist German newspaper Tagesspiegel, ``A camp like Guantanamo ends the risk that the people being held there will carry out any attacks, but this also means the end of the rule of law.'' PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321b.htm * The war in Iraq had nothing to do with 911.  Saddam did not support bin Laden.  Bush deliberately muddied the water and lumped Iraq and Al Qaeda into the same sociopathic reasoning.  Mr. Bushit's WMD lie and the Saddam Osama lie were all about oil, oil, oil, oil. 

TERRORISM - Clarke, who is expected to testify tomorrow before a federal panel reviewing the attacks, writes in "Against All Enemies" that Bush and his Cabinet were preoccupied during the early months of his presidency with some of the same Cold War issues that had faced his father's administration.  "It was as though they were preserved in amber from when they left office eight years earlier," Clarke told CBS for an interview last night on its "60 Minutes" program.   "I'm sure I'll be criticized for lots of things, and I'm sure they'll launch their dogs on me," Clarke said in the interview. "But frankly I find it outrageous that the president is running for re-election on the grounds that he's done such great things about terrorism. He ignored it. He ignored terrorism for months, when maybe we could have done something."  Almost immediately after the 9-11 attacks, Clarke said the president asked him directly to determine whether Iraq was involved in the suicide hijackings.  "Now he never said, 'Make it up.' But the entire conversation left me in absolutely no doubt that George Bush wanted me to come back with a report that said, 'Iraq did this,' " said Clarke, who said he told the president that U.S. intelligence agencies had never found a connection between Iraq and al-Qaida.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321g.htm  *  More and more people who were in the know say that Bush was determined to link AlQaeda with Iraq.  The whole lying scenario was the work of George Bush.  The worrisome thing is that one man could be the source of so much chaos in the world.  The reality is that if Bush had been working for peace, there would be peace.  All he has to do is throttle back the Israelis and the Middle East becomes a lot less violent.  Solving the Palestinian problem will go a long way to solving the terrorist problem.  But it is going to be hard to ever justify the theft of the Palestinians land for the benefit of the Zionists.  In fact, it cannot be justified.

DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST - The United States assured Arab states yesterday that any democratic reform would not be imposed from outside.  ?This is not something for the United States to impose on anyone,? Secretary of State Colin Powell said of Washington?s ?Greater Middle East Initiative? for reform. ?It is something for the United States to help others achieve.  ?It must come from within the region. It must come from each country examining its own history, its own culture, its own state of social and political development and making a judgement,? on moving forward, he said at a Press conference here when asked about the initiative.  ?Syria has been in Lebanon for a number of years. We have always made it clear that we would like to see Syria withdraw from Lebanon, for Lebanon to enjoy full sovereignty over its land and over its people,? Powell said.  ?This is our policy and will continue to be so,? Powell said when asked about a call by a US State Department spokesman on Friday for Syria to pull out.  Lebanese President Emile Lahoud on Friday dismissed the US calls for Syria to withdraw its troops, insisting they helped provide stability for his country and the Middle East.  ?The Syrian presence in Lebanon is an internal and regional stabilising factor,? Lahoud told a German parliamentary delegation in Beirut, according to a statement issued by the presidential palace.  ?Syria helped Lebanon safeguard its unity, rebuild its national army and facilitated the liberation of most of the south of the country occupied by Israel,? Lahoud said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321f.htm  * Well guess who is next up on Bush's invasion list: Yes, Syria.  One thing for sure, the more trouble there is in the Middle East the more press attention is devoted to it and over time, and not a long time, a pattern and practice begins to emerge:  the pattern and practice of the U S supporting corrupt, non democratic regimes in the Middle East.  And what is the driving force?  Oil, Oil, Oil. It's the oil stupid.  If it were not for the oil, there would be no Israel; established so there could be a permanent western presence in the Middle East.  But now that we have Iraq, who cares about Israel?  150,000 American soldiers in Iraq is better than all the soldiers in Israel.  The Americans are at least trying to bring peace to Iraq whereas the Zionist never quit stirring up trouble with the Palestinians.

KOSOVO - IRAQ FIVE YEARS FROM NOW - German Defense Minister Peter Struck has said peacekeeper will have to remain in Kosovo much longer than previously expected after recent clashes between Serbs and Albanians in the region.  Commenting on the situation in Kosovo on German public radio Deutschlandfunk, The former head of KFOR said he believed increasing the military presence in Kosovo would not solve the problem. , The former head of KFOR said he believed increasing the military presence in Kosovo would not solve the problem. "You can't solve social conflict with the military, you have to do away with the causes," Klaus Reinhardt said.  "Something happens and what do they do? They send in more soldiers."  Reinhardt added that little had been done to improve the situation in Kosovo since the war in 1999. Without a political solution to the problem, the province's economy could not be privatized, keeping away outside investors that could create jobs. This lack of a political solution would lead to frustration, which would turn into violence, Reinhardt said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321e.htm * I have said it over and over and over again.  "You can't solve social conflict with the military.  You have to do away with the causes." Mr. Bushit wants oil out of the Middle East and so his one trick pony "the military" keeps killings terrorist while he refuses to look at root causes.  Why?  Because the U S in its supporting of corrupt regimes in the Middle East is the cause of the problem.

PEACE MOVEMENT - Hundreds of thousands of people rallied yesterday against the US presence in Iraq on the first anniversary of the war, in protests that retained the anger, if not the size, of demonstrations held before the invasion began. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040321d.htm  * There is never going to be peace in the world until all the peace organizations realize that to compete with the lies that are spewed by the world's most powerful politicians there must be one individual with one voice confronting the lies and deception; advocating peace and justice and human rights globally.  As long as the peace groups act independently, or in a loose coalition, they will remain impotent: banging the drum of peace within a global community of the hearing impaired.  The voice must be an independent voice for peace.  Kofi Annan is just global bureaucrat speaking softly and moving slowly in a world where pain and suffering from conflict, hunger and sickness is killing thousands every single minute world wide.  We need a Gandhi, King, Sadat or Rabin with a global agenda.  Someone who can and will shout instead of whisper.  Someone to stand up and speak up.  The global peace movement needs a global leader.  

March 20, 2004

TERRORISM -  A bulletproof LandCruiser at high speed bursting out of a tribal compound in Pakistan's South Waziristan region was just the latest infuriating setback in the US's quest to bring down the top of the al-Qa'ida tree.  The car, followed by two armoured vehicles and a phalanx of heavily armed militants able to wipe out dozens of crack troops sent to blast the terrorists from their nest, is believed to have contained Ayman al-Zawahiri, right-hand man to Osama bin Laden.  After mounting speculation that US and Pakistani forces ranged on either side of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border were about to pounce on al-Qa'ida's key planner, a senior Taliban spokesman yesterday made the claim Washington least wanted to hear - that both Zawahiri and bin Laden were safe in Afghanistan.  "He may have slipped the net," the official said.  Al-Zawahiri, a 52-year-old Egyptian doctor, is one of the FBI's most wanted terrorists and has a $US25million ($33.4million) price on his head. So desperate is Washington to nail the pair, the House of Representatives yesterday doubled the reward for bin Laden's capture to $US50million.  Stiff resistance from about 200 well-armed fighters holed up in fortified mud huts early in the week -- in the onslaught of Operation Mountain Storm, designed to rid the lawless border area of foreign fighters -- had led Pakistani officials to conclude they were close to a "high-value" target.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040320a.htm * I find it interesting that after all these months since 911, Osama is still a free man.  All the U S technology and military might has not led to his capture.  Even a gigantic bounty on his head has not worked.  It probably does not matter if they catch him or not.  Terrorism around the world has mutated into local organizations that just rally under the AlQueda banner without ever becoming card carrying AlQueda members.  Capturing Saddam did nothing to stop or slow down the violence in Iraq.  Osama amounts to is a constant reminder that George Bush can be beaten at his own game.  Daddy George left office with a free Saddam and it looks like little George will leave office with Osama a free man.  Thank God there are no more Bushes that have a shot at the Presidency.

KOSOVO - THE HATRED GOES ON - Kadic is one of more than 1,000 Kosovo Serbs driven from their homes during three days of assaults by Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority. Her flight illustrates the threat created by this week's violence to the future of a multi-ethnic Kosovo, to reconciliation between Serbs and Albanians and to the chances for regional peace.  U.N. officials say that unless the ethnic strife stops and Serbs such as Kadic stay, this week will have marked the beginning of the end of the Serbian presence in Kosovo, technically a province of the Serb republic. "Tremendous damage has been done by this," said Isabella Karlowicz, the chief U.N. spokeswoman.  On Friday, calm prevailed in most of Kosovo where, in the days and nights before, armed Albanian gangs had torched 110 Serbian houses and 16 Serbian Orthodox churches.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040320b.htm *  Isn't it amazing how a military presence as opposed to a mediated final settlement between peoples who have hated each other for centuries is worthless.  Nothing has changed in Kosovo. Nothing. And nothing will change until the world puts a focus on mediating the problem once and for all.  It seems that what is coming is a carving up of various countries into smaller countries so that all these significant groups of people can live with their own kind.  This is something which seems foreign in the U S were everyone tolerates everyone else.  The question is always who will stop killing first.  When people do not have a common objective or feel a common bond, nothing can make them tolerate each other.  The kind of leaders that are needed to solve these problems just do not exist because all leaders come up with a racial, national or religious bias.  What is needed is someone who does not distinguish people by race, religion, nationality or sex.  And that someone must not be a notorious liar like George Bush.

IRAQ - TERRORISM - BUSH - A former White House anti-terrorism advisor says the Bush administration considered bombing Iraq in retaliation after Sept 11 even though it was clear al Qaeda had carried out the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.  Richard Clarke, who headed a cybersecurity board that gleaned intelligence from the internet, told CBS "60 Minutes" in an interview to be aired on Sunday he was surprised administration officials turned immediately toward Iraq instead of al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.  "They were talking about Iraq on 9/11. They were talking about it on 9/12," Clarke says.  Clarke said he was briefing President Bush and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld among other top officials in the aftermath of the devastating attacks.  "Rumsfeld was saying we needed to bomb Iraq. ... We all said, 'but no, no. Al Qaeda is in Afghanistan," recounts Clarke, "and Rumsfeld said, 'There aren't any good targets in Afghanistan and there are lots of good targets in Iraq."'  Clarke, an advisor to four presidents, left his position in February 2003 after the White House transferred functions of the cybersecurity board to Homeland Security.  Clarke's comments are the latest to raise the question of the Bush administration's focus on overthrowing Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040320c.htm * The evidence is coming in from source after source that Bush was determined to invade Iraq.  He made up the weapons of mass destruction lie and create the imaginary Saddam Osama link.  Now he is trying to say the end justifies the means and that Iraq is a better place without Saddam.  Well that remains to be seen. Terrorism is worse since Bush invaded Iraq.  And there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites are on the verge of civil war.  Without 150,000 American troops, Iraq will degenerate into another Bosnia.  And as if that is not enough, it seems that if reelected Syria and Iran are on the American hit list.

AMERICAN DEGENERATIONA task force of 26 prominent Americans and Europeans has concluded that trans-Atlantic relations are at a dangerous low ebb and is faulting the Bush administration as well as the allies.  The war in Iraq brought the strains to a crisis point, with France and Germany organizing resistance to US war policy and the Bush administration trying to split the alliance, the task force said in a report released yesterday by the Council on Foreign Relations.  "They see us as bullies," Lawrence H. Summers, president of Harvard University and cochairman of the project, said at a news conference.  But, Summers said, "no matter how strong you are, you don't get very far without friends."   But Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin of France told the newspaper Le Monde that the US-led war has made the world a more dangerous place. "We have to look reality in the face," he said.  Many Europeans assumed malign intent on the part of the administration, and "the conviction that the United States is a hyperpower to be contained has become fashionable in Europe," while pacifism took hold in some parts of the continent, the report said.  The Bush administration, trying to avoid limitations on its actions, spurned offers of help in retaliating against Al Qaeda and its Taliban hosts in Afghanistan, the report said. Many NATO allies, meanwhile, protested about US unilateralism and questioned the Bush administration's insistence that the security of all nations was at risk.  These divisions carried over to the war in Iraq, worsening trans-Atlantic relations to the crisis point, the report said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040320d.htm  * George Bush and his White House gang seem to be totally out of touch with the reality that the whole world is lining up one by one against the U S.

IRAQ ANNIVERSARY - PEACE DEMOSTRATIONS - Anger over the war in Iraq remained sharp on the first anniversary of the U.S.-led conflict Saturday as protesters took to the streets in Europe and Asia, urging an end to the coalition occupation, which they linked to international terrorism. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040320e.htm * Peace demonstrations took place all over the world but not to the extent and with the enthusiasm they did before the invasion of Iraq.  Without a leader who can transcend all these demigods who run the various peace organizations, peace demonstrations will just be background static and noise to world leaders who simply smile and move on with their socio pathic agendas.

ENVIRONMENT - American environmental groups have formally urged the US government to investigate Malaysia over the alleged illegal export of Indonesian timber and consider imposing trade sanctions.  The independent Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and four other activist groups delivered a petition on the issue to the US Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, the EIA said in a statement received here yesterday.  The activists also wrote to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who last year launched President George W Bush's Initiative Against Illegal Logging, aimed at helping developing countries fight the smuggling of illegally cut timber and corruption in the forestry sector.  "The investigation could result in US trade sanctions against Malaysia's timber imports to the US, which is one of the largest consumers of Malaysian timber," said the EIA, a Washington-based non-profit group which monitors trade in illegal timber.  The EIA said timber illegally cut in Indonesian national parks was then exported under false documentation by Malaysia. The trade was devastating the habitat of orangutans, the region's endangered red-haired apes, the agency said.  "Malaysian companies are duping American consumers into buying illegal wood products that are driving orangutans to extinction," said EIA president Allan Thornton.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040320f.htm * This is sadly funny. The Bush administration would turn the National Forests into deserts if could.  The only relation between environmental issues and the Bush administration policy is the fact that U S money is green.  Bush would turn every green tree into green money.

ENVIRONMENT - Two new studies published this week in that show steep declines in bird, butterfly and plant populations across Great Britain provide the strongest proof yet that we are in the midst of the sixth great extinction of life.  The British analyzed six surveys covering virtually all of their native species populations over the last 40 years. They discovered birds and native plants had declined 54 percent and 28 percent respectively while butterflies experienced a shocking 71 percent decrease.  According to scientists, there have been five prior  in the past 450 million years. The last was 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs and tens of thousands of species disappeared, likely as a result of a comet or large asteroid hitting the Earth.  There's no great mystery about the cause of the sixth extinction. Humans have dramatically altered the ecosystems of the Earth, says, a leading conservation biologist at Duke University.  The Florida Everglades are in trouble because we prop up the sugar industry, which spews huge amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and other chemicals into it. We pay higher sugar prices, we pay to clean their mess and we lose the natural amenities of the Everglades. That's a stupid thing and we should change it.  Tax subsidies are also responsible for much of the clear-cutting that goes on in the Amazon rainforest. And we have to stop selling off natural resources like the Tongass National Forest for 5 cents on the dollar.  We have to be smart, be informed and understand where the connections are.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040320g.htm * A man was once asked what he thought about apathy.  His answer: "Who cares?"

March 19, 2004

IRAQ - THE DEATH AND DISABLED COUNT - Since the Bush White House has ordered the military to ban reporters from filming honor guard ceremonies showing flag-draped coffins departing from military transport planes (and referring to body bags as "transfer tubes"), this site is a public service to graphically show what the Bush White House will not -- we'll alternate between empty pairs of combat boots and flag-draped coffins.  As of 12 February 2004, 538 US military troops have been killed (399 of those since Bush told us "Mission Accomplished" on 1 May 03, 332 since Bush encouraged more attacks by saying "Bring Them On" on 2 July 03, 184 since Bush said US progress in Iraq was "making insurgents desperate" on 27 Oct 03), 80 since Saddam Hussein, "leader" of the insurgents, was captured by Kurdish troops on 13 Dec, and 29 since the US' chief arms hunter David Kay said, on 23 Jan 04, that Iraq had no WMD stockpiles after 1991.  3031 US military forces have been reported injured since 20 March 03 (official start of war). More than 11000 have been medically evacuated.  These numbers are only for US military, and exclude civilian/CIA contract workers and foreign and Iraqi troops killed, and do not include military and non-military (CIA/contractor) deaths in Afghanistan. For comparison sake, 53 British soldiers, 19 Italian soldiers, 2 Polish soldiers, 1 Danish soldier, 9 Spanish soldiers, 4 Bulgarian soldiers, 2 Thai soldiers, and 2 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed.  For point of reference, in Afghanistan, the US military has lost 100 soldiers. This number, as in Iraq, excludes non-military (ie, CIA and mercenary) casualties -- the US govt does not maintain records for those individuals. Source (

TAIWAN - POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS - The Taiwanese president, Chen Shui-bian, and the vice-president, Annette Lu, were today shot while campaigning the day before the country's presidential elections.  Mr Chen was shot in the stomach and Ms Annette was hit in the right knee as their motorcade drove through streets in the southern city of Tainan. Both are now in a stable condition in Chi Mei hospital.  "They are both conscious and their lives are not in danger," Mr Chen's chief of staff, Chiou I-jen, told a news conference. He also urged the public to "cool down" following the shootings. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319j.htm  * The core question in the Taiwan election is the future of Taiwan's relationship with China.  Mr. Chen is for continued independence.  The stakes are deathly high.  In the end, the Taiwan will merge into China because of its growing economic dependence on China and the common heritage of all the people.  All the Chinese have to do is to be patient.

ISRAEL - THE WALL - Israel's Supreme Court has imposed an open-ended freeze on construction of a 15-mile section of the country's contentious West Bank separation barrier, a lawyer in the case said today.  The court issued its order Wednesday in response to a complaint by Palestinian and Israeli opponents of the barrier, said their lawyer, Mohammed Dahla.  The opponents say the planned route of the barrier, which Israel says is needed to block suicide bombers, will severely disrupt the lives of 30,000 Palestinians living in the area.  Dahla said he had submitted a report by an outside group of former Israeli military officials questioning the planned route. The report claims the current route goes far beyond security considerations, and that a less-intrusive path would be equally effective at protecting Israelis, he said.  The court ordered the Israeli military to respond to the report, and extended a freeze first imposed on Feb. 29 until it hears back from the army, Dahla said. The court did not schedule another hearing on the matter, he added.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319i.htm  * There seems to be a ray of justice shining from the Israeli Supreme Court.  However, I question how the Israeli Supreme Court has jurisdiction in an area which is not a legitimate part of Israel.  The wall is in an area which has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 war.   So it is interesting that the court would even hear the dispute.  What this seems to mean is that Israel is reconsidering its hard line approach to the Palestinians.  Sharon and his Zionist fascist co-conspirators are not totally in control of Israel.

IRAQ - BOMB ATTACKS - Some of the deadly bombing attacks in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein in a U.S.-led invasion last year. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319h.htm

IRAQ - PRIVITIZING THE WAR - The US-led authority in Iraq plans to spend up to $US100 million ($135 million) over 14 months to hire private security to protect the green zone, the 10 square kilometre area in Baghdad that houses most US Government employees and some of the private contractors working there.  The US military guards the green zone now. But the Coalition Provisional Authority wants to give much of the work to contractors to free US forces to confront a violent insurgency.  The companies would employ former military personnel and guard the area for a year after political authority is transferred to an interim Iraqi government on June 30.  The green zone, surrounded by five-metre walls and barbed wire, is on the west bank of the Tigris River. It is a relatively secure home, office and relaxation area for more than 3000 people in what is an increasingly dangerous city.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319g.htm * This seems to me to be ridiculous.  If the U S military cannot protect this area, then no private security firm is going to be able to do it.  The question is where will the money come from and which U S Company is going to get the contract.  This is just more profiteering brought to you by the friends of Mr. Bushit.

TERRORISM - WHO IS WINNING - If we are in a war on terrorism, who is winning? The terrorists can claim some serious successes since September 11, 2001. Spain was the 10th country struck since the attack on the US, demonstrating the potency and reach of their hatred.  But the terrorists have been damaged, too. The authorities killed al-Qaeda's top man in Saudi Arabia this week, for instance. Measuring overall progress in the worldwide twilight struggle is difficult.  Three new, authoritative and important assessments of the state of the global counter-terrorism campaign have emerged from the US in the past few days.  First, an authority on the subject, Tony Cordesman, of the non-partisan Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC, made the case that "from al-Qaeda's perspective, they can make a claim that they are in fact winning, not losing the war on terrorism". How so?  Second is the testimony to Congress nine days ago by the CIA chief, George Tenet. His main finding was that the al-Qaeda leadership structure had been "seriously damaged" but that the group had adjusted and was operating through loosely affiliated cells which remained committed and capable: "Even catastrophic attacks on the scale of 11 September remain within al-Qaeda's reach.  Third, the most credible and consistent measure of global public opinion is the work of the Washington-based Pew Research Centre. It co-ordinated a 44-nation survey last May that found that the invasion of Iraq had "widened the rift between Americans and Western Europeans, further inflamed the Muslim world, softened support for the war on terrorism, and significantly weakened global public support for the pillars of the post-World War II era - the UN and the North Atlantic alliance."  This week Pew produced an update, albeit surveying only nine countries: four Muslim-majority states, three Western European powers, Russia and the US. Its summary: "A year after the war in Iraq, discontent with America and its policies has intensified rather than diminished." In every country but the US, most people had less confidence in the trustworthiness of the US. And in every country but the US most said the Iraq invasion had set the war on terrorism back.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319f.htm * The reality is that AlQuada is an organization with a lot of autonomy for those who pledge allegiance to terrorism.  The reality is that AlQuada is a virus that is mutating locally all over the world to the detriment of the whole world.  But the most important thing to understand is that terrorism feeds upon the injustice of the imperialistic attitude of those governments allied with the United States.  Has anyone noticed that China is not on the list of targets for terrorism.

IRAQ - NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION - The Iraq war has thrown up many surprises since its launch a year ago this Friday. But none is as shocking as the fact that after committing more than $100 billion and 100,000 troops and sacrificing more than 560 military lives, the U.S. has found no biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.  That reality stands at odds with the eve-of-Armageddon picture painted by U.S. and other intelligence agencies last year. They portrayed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as a menace holding weapons of mass destruction that posed what White House officials called an "imminent" and "urgent" threat to the U.S. and civilized world.  Compelling images supported the mirage. They included Saddam's continuing bluster and his documented record of hiding weapons banned after the 1991 Gulf War. The most persuasive evidence, though, was based on intelligence that since has proved faulty.  That leaves an empty-handed Bush administration scrambling for new justifications for the war - from ridding the world of a brutal tyrant to nurturing democracy in the region.  But cooking up a credible rationale after the fact is an exercise in futility as long as the Iraq mission is still a work in progress.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319e.htm  * Bush intended to invade Iraq long before 911.  It was his hidden agenda in the 2000 Presidential campaign.  To make the invasion happen he cooked up the weapons of mass destruction lie.  The important thing to remember is that he lied, he lied, he lied and over 550 Americans have died, not to mention those who have been maimed.  The dictionary may begin to list Bush as another word for lie.  So we would say that someone is telling a bush.  Or that is Bushit.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - FUNDING - Democratic Presidential candidate-in-waiting John F. Kerry likes to style himself as a foe of "powerful special interests in Washington." But with his campaign fighting off an intense media barrage from President Bush's megabuck reelection effort, Kerry has apparently decided that populism stops at the river's edge -- in this case, the Potomac.  On Mar. 16, some 300 Kerry fans from Washington's legal and lobbying powerhouses sipped coffee and nibbled Danish pastries at the tony St. Regis Hotel, on K Street -- Washington's Lobbyist Central. Guests, most of whom represent corporate interests in Washington, were treated to an impassioned pitch from New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to enlist in countering a "nasty and mean" GOP assault on Kerry's character. The price of admission: $1,000 a head -- which also will admit them to an April fund-raiser as part of a D.C. doubleheader -- to hear the New Yorker's tales of prosecuting Wall Street greed, mutual-fund corruption, and utility-company pollution.  It's going to take a lot of $1,000-a-plate meals to catch up with the President, however. The Bush campaign is determined to spend a record $200 million to portray Kerry as a vacillator between liberalism and extreme liberalism.  On Mar. 20, a campaign source says, Kerry is expected to reveal that he raised more than $40 million by the end of February. Not bad -- except that Bush is expected to report that his reelection haul totaled $160 million as of Feb. 29.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319d.htm * It should seem obvious that to raise $200 million you have to go to America's corporations who are in business to make money.  Bush is good for business.  War is good for many businesses.  But corporations even though they are run by people are not people.  They are not citizens.  The true reality is that corporations give the individuals that run those corporations more political power by way of their corporations.  These individuals have access to monies that can be used to impose their views on others by way of advertising.  Only a very small percentage of Americans have this power.  So a very small number of Americans are determining who is going to be President.  The unfortunate reality is that like everything else in America, political office has a price.  Sell out the public interest to the corporations.  And let no one deny that CEO's of corporations make a lot of money from bonuses based on profitability.  So the CEO's can spend corporate funds to finance political campaigns which will return big money through favorable legislation and the awarding of contracts.  And the CEO gets his or her big bonus at the expense of every American.  There are two interesting corollaries.  One this would not be possible if the voters actually educated themselves about the issues.  And it would not be possible if so many Americans did not derive their incomes from these corporations.

IRAQ - THE WMD LIE - President Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland said Thursday that he had been "deceived" by information on weapons of mass destruction before the Iraq war and that Poland might pull some troops out of Iraq earlier than planned.  The comments were the first signs of criticism of the war by the staunch U.S. ally. Poland has 2,460 troops in Iraq, the fourth-largest foreign contingent after the United States, Britain and Italy.   "Naturally, one may protest the reasons for the war action in Iraq," Kwasniewski said. "I personally think that Iraq today without Saddam Hussein is a truly better Iraq than with Saddam Hussein. "But of course I am uncomfortable with the fact that we were deceived by the information on weapons of mass destruction."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319c.htm * Spain has spoken up against the Bush WMD lie and now Poland has also voiced the same concerns and indicated a removal of Polish troops from Iraq.  Let us hope that more countries will call Mr. Bushit's hand on his lies.

TERRORISM - BUSH AND KERRY - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's campaign is rushing to produce television advertisements to counter Republican criticism of Kerry's qualification to be commander in chief of the U.S. military.  The new ads were ordered after President George W. Bush's re- election campaign began increasing attacks on Kerry's military record, said Kerry spokesman David Wade. Vice President Dick Cheney, 63, yesterday said Kerry has ``given us ample doubts about his judgment'' such as voting against additional funds for Iraq approved by the Senate last year.  ``John Kerry has served his country,'' Wade said in an interview in Sun Valley, Idaho, where Kerry is vacationing after securing the Democratic Party's presidential nomination by winning the Illinois primary on Tuesday. ``Everyday he talks about national security. If George Bush wants to talk about national security we are ready.''  Kerry, 60, who received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts in Vietnam, criticized Bush yesterday for spreading the U.S. military too thin by failing to build enough international support for the war in Iraq. Bush, wearing a flight jacket with the commander in chief insignia at a visit to the Fort Campbell, Kentucky today, said the invasion demonstrated resolve to quash terrorism and make the U.S. safer.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319b.htm  *  Yes, but the world is not safer.  Terrorism has increased and become more widespread and more efficient.  Bush was a Vietnam era "in the rear" kind of guy.  Kerry was in the thick of battle.  Kerry knows about combat.  Mr. Bushit knows about making money off a war.

ASTEROIDS - THE REAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION - A 100-foot-diameter asteroid passed close but harmlessly by Earth on Thursday, astronomers said.  The hurtling rock passed about 26,500 miles above the southern Atlantic Ocean at 2:08 p.m. PST.  It was the closest recorded encounter between Earth and an asteroid, said Steven Chesley, an astronomer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who works on a program looking for such objects.  Such encounters, however, are actually believed to occur at the rate of one every two years and have simply not been detected, he said.  Astronomers had to scramble to observe 2004 FH because it was only discovered late Monday during a survey by two telescopes in New Mexico that are part of the NASA-funded Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research project. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040319a.htm  * It seems to me that we need to spend more money on telescopes and other instruments to detect these objects.  The odds may be great that a large asteroid or comet would hit the earth but if it did, the result would be devastating to civilization. We need the Hubble Telescope and more like it.  We need to watch the skies.  

March 18, 2004 

TERRORISM - SPAIN - 'Terrorism is Overcome With the Law not With the Fist'   Future Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, whose party won against the pro-American Spanish government in last week's elections, has started to directly target the policies of Iraq and the Bush administration's fight against terrorism.  Despite objections by U.S. President George W. Bush, Zapatero confirmed that Spaniards would withdraw their troops if the command in Iraq is not handed over to the United Nations (UN).  Zapatero also requested an international debate on the fiasco of the U.S. invasion of Iraq as well as the fight against terrorism. He said that success against terrorism cannot be achieved through Tomahawk missiles and bombs. "The legal system and international laws, secret services and the dialogues among the government of the world, should lead the fight against terrorism" emphasized the Prime Minister Elect. He also encouraged support for Democratic Party candidate John F. Kerry, who will face Bush in the U.S. Presidential elections.  * Well I guess we found one of those foreign leaders who endorses Kerry.

SPACE - SEDNA - Icy 'planetoid' found in solar system.  A frozen world found more than 8 billion miles from Earth is believed to be the farthest known object in our solar system, scientists say. The discovery of Sedna, a "planetoid" of rock and ice between 800 miles and 1,100 miles in diameter - three-quarters the size of Pluto - was announced by Mike Brown, an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology who led the NASA-funded team that discovered it. Sedna is the largest object found orbiting the sun since the discovery of Pluto in 1930 and lies more than three times as far from the sun as Pluto.  Scientists estimate the temperature on the planetoid never rises above 400 degrees below zero F., making it the coldest known body in the solar system. Sedna follows an elliptical path around the sun, which takes 10,500 years to complete. Brown believes Sedna is the first known member of the long- hypothesized Oort Cloud, a repository of comets that swoop past Earth.  * It seems to me that since comets are made of water and the Oort Cloud is made up of comets that the whole solar system is surrounded by water.  It would also seem that maybe there was an exploding water planet that created the Oort Cloud the same way that part of the original earth created the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter after colliding with another planet.  

VENEZUELA - BUSH UNDEMOCRATIC MANIPULATION - Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel said Wednesday the government would not abide by what it considered an invalid ruling.  The Supreme Court of Justice had ruled on Monday to count 876,000 disputed signatures seeking a recall of president Chavez. The Electoral Council accepted the decision, but the government opened an investigation Wednesday that could lead to the removal of the judges.  Venezuela"' government opened an investigation that could lead to the removal of three Supreme Court of Justice's ministers who validated 876,000 signatures seeking to recall president Hugo Chavez. The ruling had paved the way for a vote to shorten the mandate of the head of State, expected to expire in 2006.  Another key issue is the oil. The South American country, which sits on the largest oil reserves in the Western Hemisphere, is one of the main suppliers of the United States and the fifth world"s exporter. Chavez have repeatedly threatened Washington to cut out oil supplies if it keeps on supporting the opposition.  This week, another diplomatic conflict broke out between both nations when Chavez offered political asylum to Haiti's ousted president Jean Bertrand Aristide. Aristide said US marines in Haiti forced him to resign and took him against his will to the Central African RepublicPoliticalCommentary2004/e040318i.htm  *  There can be no doubt that DICK and Bush are trying to remove Mr. Chavez as President of Venezuela.  And it is all about oil.  Chavez is a man of the people, not perfect, but not orientated to the rich that are trying to run the country and keep the poor in poverty.  And it is just a matter of time before the truth comes out about Mr. Aristide leaving Haiti.  The question is why is Bush concerned about Haiti since it has no oil.  Well the answer is drugs.  Haiti has no oil but it is part of the drug highway from South America to North America.  Bush's actions in Haiti and Venezuela are undemocratic.  And like generally everything in the world and specifically in the Bush's presidency, all one has to do is to follow the money to understand U S foreign policy.

RELIGION - FUNDAMENTALISM - Religious fundamentalism is on the rise, Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu warned the United Nations on Wednesday, and he pointed to Iraq as a place where religious divisions threaten to disrupt the rebuilding of a shattered nation.  But the retired archbishop, who addressed a standing room-only crowd as part of a lecture series at the United Nations, also urged diplomats to embrace moderate religious values - charity and understanding - as a basis for their work.  In some countries, religious extremism has stepped into the power vacuums left by fall of dictatorships and the end of the Cold War, Tutu said.  "That is when fundamentalisms arise, because people then are deeply distressed by complexity," he said. "They look for simplistic answers."  Tutu said he believes all faiths seek the same God - "Christians don't have a corner on the God market," he joked - and he urged UN workers to see their work as a spiritual calling.  He also urged world leaders to work on eliminating poverty and injustice in developing countries, saying they - not holy texts - are the real cause of hatred.  "We will not win the war on terrorism unless we eliminate those root causes," Tutu said. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040318h.htm * There is no force more detrimental to peace and WorldPeace than religious bureaucrats who promote religious intolerance and exclusivity.  And among these religionists, there are no people more vicious than the fundamentalist.  The key to peace is education.  The key is justice in the world society.  It is the illiterate who follow the radical teachings of religious fundamentalist of every stripe.  As Mr. Tutu says, we will not win the war on terrorism until we quit focusing on killing terrorist and start focusing on the root causes of terrorism.  And sadly to say the most internally democratic nation on the earth, the United States, is the most vicious imperialist in the world.  If the United States were to enforce its true constitution on the world and treat the rest of the world under the precepts of the U S Constitution that apply inside the U S borders, the cause of peace and WorldPeace would advance geometrically across the planet.

TERRORISM - SPAIN - Yesterday, hours before the bombing that destroyed a Baghdad hotel, Spain's prime minister-elect, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, reaffirmed his vow to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq by June 30, no matter what President Bush has to say about the need for countries to band together in the war against terror.  But most people here - Zapatero among them - have long rejected Bush's connection between fighting terrorism and going to war to remove Saddam Hussein. For them, last week's train blasts, which killed 201 people and injured 1,500, were confirmation that the world has become more dangerous, not less, just as they predicted. The new government merely reflects the view widely held here since long before the trains were bombed.  Whether the bombings influenced the election by persuading Spaniards that support for the war had made their country a target for terrorists will never be truly known, but to many, Aznar's party lost the election by insisting that the Basque separatist group ETA was behind the bombings rather than Islamic militants, which increasingly appears to be the case.  For Spaniards like Ismael Capel, a 21-year-old mathematics student at Madrid's Complutense University, the words of Aznar's interior minister - "There is no doubt ETA is responsible" - were too much to take, too much like Vice President Dick Cheney's remarks in 2002: "There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040318g.htm  * It would seem that time is flushing out the real liars in the world politic.  The fact that Mr. Aznar's attempt to blame the bombings on the ETA are just proof that he is like George and DICK.  You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time.  What is interesting to me is that Dubya's parrot Mr. Aznar has been replaced by someone who is not afraid to speak his mind.  It is interesting that the country that Bush used to promote his invasion of Iraq may well be the same country that becomes the catalyst for Mr. Bush's demise.   

PRESIDENTIAL CORRUPTION - THE DICK HALLIBURTON SCAM - The Pentagon is withholding about $300 million in payments to Halliburton Co. because of possible overcharging for meals served to troops in Iraq and Kuwait.  Defense officials said Wednesday that starting next month, the government will begin withholding 15 percent of the money being paid to Halliburton under a multibillion-dollar contract to provide services such as food, housing, laundry and mail to American forces in Iraq.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040318f.htm  *  Well as time goes by it seems more and more obvious that DICK Cheney used his influence to help his old company Halliburton profiteer off the Iraqi invasion that he promoted.  Months ago we found that Halliburton was overcharging the Pentagon for gas in Iraq.  Now they are found to have been overcharging for meals as well.  Anyone who still believes that there is any integrity in the Bush administration is just stupid.  Sorry.  Stupid is as stupid votes.  And what is more, it may well be that ole Saddam will have the last laugh as the Bush administration  brings down the image and credibility of America to the same point that ole Jimmy Carter did.  I did not like Reagan but at least he restored America's honor after the Carter Iran fiasco.  The difference between Carter and Bush is that I think Jimmy was well intentioned whereas Bush is the straw man for world money.

THE PASSION OF CHRIST - MO MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY - Gibson Could Earn $500 Million From His Leap of Faith.  You can argue all you want about "The Passion of the Christ," but one thing is not debatable: Mel Gibson has gone from People magazine's one-time "Sexiest Man Alive" to "Richest Star Alive." Asked whether Gibson will donate some of the money from the film to charity, his spokesman Alan Nierob said: "It would be out of character for Mel to publicize his private donations."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040318e.htm *  Well the question is what is Mel going to do with that money.  Will he start his own billion dollar Jesus show or will he give it to charity or will he just put it in the bank?.  If you are a true believer, then you believe that Jesus gave Mel that money.  Now the question comes as to what Mel will do with the mandate that Jesus gave him?  Maybe Mel should realize that he should publicize what he does with the money.  If he sets a charitable example, no doubt others of wealth may follow his example.  Anyone remember Ted Turner's donation to the U N?

KOSOVO - NATO announced this morning that it is sending reinforcements to Kosovo, following intensified ethnic fighting there that has killed at least 22 people over the past two days.  It was the worst violence in Kosovo since NATO and the United Nations took control over the mainly ethnic-Albanian Serbian province in 1999.  Troops of the alliance have been struggling for days to prevent further conflicts between the province's Albanian majority and Serbs, who depend on protection from NATO.  The Reuters news agency reported this morning that a Serbian Orthodox church and several Serb houses were seen in flames in the ethnically mixed town of Olibic.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040318d.htm * It seems obvious that Kosovo is about to reignite because people have no forgiveness in their hearts and the past continues to reassert itself and the religious bureaucrats continue to preach intolerance and hatred as opposed to peace and harmony.  Certainly the whole world seems to be igniting and reigniting since Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.  The whole world knows that the U S is preoccupied and now is a good time to push their old agendas.  There is no question but that terrorism has increased and the world is in more chaos since the socio path Bush took office and began to apply his cowboy imperialism to the rest of the world. 

TERRORISM - WORLD OPINION - A year after the US-led invasion of Iraq, resentment and opposition toward the United States have intensified in Europe and the Muslim world, a survey taken in nine countries showed.  There is a sharp and growing disconnect between the views of Americans and people who live in other countries, according to the poll, which was published on Wednesday.  The poll, sponsored by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, which studies public opinion worldwide, showed the United States was increasingly isolated in its battle against terrorism.  The poll also found the effectiveness of the Iraq war in combating terrorism is disputed, and only in the United States do most people think it has helped the war on terrorism. Solid majorities in every country but the United States hold an unfavorable opinion of President George W. Bush.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040318c.htm  *  The world is more and more concerned about the chaos that Bush has brought to the world.  It is sad that he has abused America's influence in his imperialistic ambitions.  It is also interesting that the American public are so out of sync with the rest of the world.  It seems that time has stood still in America.  Yet, I have to place much of the blame for this on the controlled media.  Americans do not hear the truth unless they use the internet to read the world press.  Most of the big cities in the U S are down to one newspaper and my experience when I ran for governor of Texas in 2002 was that all the major newspapers in all the major cities put the same slant on events.  That is what happens when a few large media corporations own all the newspapers.  Those who control those corporations control the news.  Pretty simple really but for the average American and his or her eighth grade mentality all this is meaningless.  And it is to George's advantage to talk about No Child Left Behind and refuse to fund education because he knows that smart voters are not going to believe his lying lips.

CHINA - TAIWAN - The two main contenders in the tight race to become Taiwan's next president have few differences over how to run one of Asia's most vibrant economies, except one. And it's a big one: China.  
President Chen Shui-bian espouses a policy that sees Taiwan as independent while his Nationalist rival, Lien Chan, favours a conciliatory approach to Taiwan's huge trading partner.  Both advocate direct transport links with arch-foe China as a priority for an economy that dipped into its worst recession in 2001 and now shows signs of a strong recovery. But each has a very different timetable.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040318b.htm  * It is just a matter of time before Taiwan rejoins China.  Economics are the foundation of WorldPeace.   The Chinese and the Taiwanese have millennias of history together plus all other commonalities that come with racial homogeneity.  The faster that China embraces capitalism, the sooner the two countries will reconcile.  And it is going to be interesting to watch things develop as Taiwan begins to integrate more with China than the United States.

MEDICARE - MORE BUSHIT - Much as an army travels on its stomach, lawmakers operate on facts to get their work done. When the oratory is done, the facts provide the substance of sound public policy. That's why it is dismaying to learn that Richard S. Foster, a veteran actuary trusted by both parties for his independence, may have been muzzled when he sought to provide information that the Bush administration was underestimating the cost of the massive prescription drug benefit added to Medicare. He says he was prevented from telling Congress what the Bush team already knew privately -- they were underestimating the cost of the new benefit by some $150 billion.  Actuaries calculate the costs of insurance and the reserves needed to meet insurance requirements, and Foster was the chief actuary for Medicare. Well before the new prescription drug benefit passed last fall, Foster had submitted reports to the Bush administration that showed the costs of the new program would be between $500 billion and $600 billion through 2013. This was contrary to the $400 billion trumpeted by the administration, evidently just to line up with the target set by Congress.  According to Foster, Medicare administrator Thomas Scully, who rode herd over the legislation for the White House, ordered Foster not to talk to members of Congress without his authorization. If he revealed the high figures, he risked losing his job, according to reports. Foster was barred from giving the real numbers not only to Democrats but also to Republicans such as Rep. Bill Thomas, a Californian who chairs the powerful tax writing Ways and Means Committee.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040318a.htm  * Everyday we hear more and more about the lies that the Bush Administration has foisted on the public.  The lies about weapons of mass destruction, about a Saddam Osama link, about DICK's company Halliburton overcharging the government for gas and meals for the troops, about the coming cuts to social security.  Now we find that the Medicare program was another lie.  The whole Bush administration is corrupt.  It may be that there will be more corruption in the Bush Administration than in the Administration of U S Grant.  And then there are Bush's friends like Ken Lay.  Hello.  Is anyone listening?

 March 17, 2004

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS - "Nothing is more important than telling the American people the truth about the economy, health care, and the issues of war and peace," Kerry said after ticking off a list of what he considers contradictions in major Bush administration policies. They included a Congressional Budget Office report released Monday saying that only 6 percent of the country's current budget deficit could be attributed to economic weakness, a much smaller share of the blame than the administration has placed on the economy. The CBO study cited the negative effects of ballooning government spending and progressively deeper tax cuts.  "Now the president is busy trying to blame everybody, except his own administration," Kerry told the crowd. "Ninety-four percent of the problem is George Bush and his administration."  As for the new ad, Kerry said the president -- not he -- was to blame for any lack of preparedness or protection for US soldiers.  "The president made the decision as to when to send our troops to war, no one else. He decided the date. He decided that diplomacy was over. He decided to go forward. And on the date that they went into Iraq, they didn't have the armament on the Humvees, the armored doors, they didn't have the equipment they needed in some regards, and they didn't have the state-of-the-art body armor," the senator said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040317h.htm  * The reality is that for the first time we are hearing from a man who is committed to confront the lies of the Bushit administration.  I only hope that Kerry can keep up the attack for another eight months.  And I hope than nothing happens in world events to bolster Bush.  If another attack was carried out like 911, would it support or undermine Bush?  Would people perceive there is an ongoing terroristic threat or will they believe that terrorism has been increased by the imperialistic objectives of Mr. Bushit.

KOSOVO - MITROVICA, Serbia and Montenegro, March 17 -- At least five people were reported killed and up to 200 injured on Wednesday in the worst street clashes between Kosovo Serbs and Albanians in four years under United Nations protection.  Violence erupted in mid-morning in the ethnically divided flashpoint city of Mitrovica and shots were still being fired four hours later as hundreds of Polish riot police, French gendarmes and NATO troops struggled to disperse protesters.  Two red-and-white U.N. police jeeps burned fiercely and wreaths of tear gas drifted over the area as troops moving block to block tried to clear a central security zone and ambulances wailed into the drab downtown area.  "It is a mad situation," a spokeswoman for U.N. police told Reuters by telephone. "It is going to be very bad."  Hundreds of Albanians had gathered in their southern half of the city to vent their rage at the drowning deaths on Tuesday of two children said by Albanian media to have been hounded into a river by Serbs.  U.N. officials said newspapers had rushed to judgment, despite knowing the risk of igniting an Albanian riot. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040317g.htm  * The reality is that the amount of hatred that exists in this region is going to have to be addressed by the U N.  Until there is a focus and a just resolution to the issues of these various factions, there will never be peace.  It is stupid that people have to be policed to keep them from killing each other out of generic hatred.  Someone has to quit fighting first.

TERRORISM WORKS - Last May, 61 percent of British adults said they agreed with Blair's decision to join the U.S.-led invasion. In this year's poll, conducted in late February, only 43 percent endorsed the use of force against Iraq.  Opposition to the war in France and Germany, where leaders refused to back Bush, also increased with time. About 88 percent of the French and 86 percent of the Germans said they agreed with the decision to stay out of the war.  The poll also found signs of eroding support for the larger war on terrorism. Nearly half of the Germans and 57 percent of the French said the United States is ''overreacting'' to terrorism, up dramatically from last year. A third of the British agreed with the ''overreacting'' judgment, up from about 20 percent a year ago.  ''The credibility of the United States is sinking,'' said Madeleine Albright, who was secretary of state under President Bill Clinton. ``Osama bin Laden has been able to do something that 40 years of communism was unable to do, which is to divide Europe from the United States.''  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040317f.htm  * I am saddened that I must hope that respect for America continues to decline so that Americans will purge the White House of the socio pathic Bushit.

DEMOCRACY - IRAN STYLE - President Mohammad Khatami conceded defeat Wednesday on two bills meant to check the power of Iran's hard-liners, essentially acknowledging the failure of key pillars of his reformist presidential agenda.  One of the bills aimed to increase presidential powers in order to stop constitutional violations. The other sought to bar the Guardian Council - a powerful conservative oversight body - from disqualifying parliamentary and presidential candidates.  The bills were passed by the then-reformist dominated parliament in early 2003. But the Guardian Council rejected the bills several months ago, saying they were unconstitutional and against Islam.  Khatami acknowledged Wednesday that there would be no breakthrough in working out a deal on acceptable legislation.  "I withdraw the bills and declare that I have met with defeat," Khatami told reporters. "I am withdrawing (the presidential powers bill) so that the few powers that the president has now are not  eliminated." PoliticalCommentary2004/e040317e.htm * Well it seems that the Muslim God has told the Guardian Council not to allow democracy in Iran.  A theocracy (dictatorship in God's name) is about inequality and injustice.  Democracy without God's interference is about equality and justice.  Consequently, there is more peace and harmony in a secular democracy (actually there is no such thing as a sectarian democracy).  The truth is often paradoxical.

NEW WORLD ORDER - Ann Clwyd and Clive Soley say the prime minister should have made more of what they see as the case for regime change.  Mr Soley called for a change in international law to permit ousting "psychopathic killers" who rule failed states.  The world was not a safe place if "people like that" were left in power.  Mr Soley told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that Mr Blair's case for war early on was wider than WMD - an issue that became increasingly central to his argument as time went on.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040317d.htm  * Well this makes lot of sense.  The U N takes a vote to decide which countries need to be invaded to protect its citizens from its leaders.  I am wondering who is going to pay for this.  Or is it necessary to make sure the country has natural resources that can be use to pay for these humanitarian wars before the country can qualify for intervention.  I really wonder where the man power is going to come from to occupy all of Africa?  And there is the question of whether Muslim countries will automatically be declared abusive to their people for supporting Islam?  I did not realize that the world was safe from one country invading another and we did not need to allocate troops for that task.  What is scary is that people in power are actually advocating these positions in the public media.

NAZI WAR CRIMINAL - An 86-year-old Nazi war crimes suspect has been charged with 164 counts of murder for his alleged role in killings of Slovak civilians in three villages in early 1945, prosecutors said Wednesday.  Ladislav Niznansky is accused of having headed the Slovak section of a Nazi unit code-named Edelweiss, which hunted resistance fighters and Jews after the Germans crushed an uprising against Slovakia's Nazi puppet government in 1944.  Niznansky, now a German citizen, was arrested at his Munich home in January and taken into custody at a prison hospital, paving the way for what could be one of Germany's last Nazi war crimes trials.  He is suspected of issuing orders and participating in the shootings of 146 people in the villages of Ostry Grun and Klak in central Slovakia in January 1945, Munich prosecutors said in a statement. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040317c.htm * The Zionists are still chasing these alleged Nazi war criminals.  What about Ariel Sharon?  He has been the cause of death for over 1,000 Palestinians since September 2000; and he is still openly assassinating their leaders.  Sounds like genocide to me.  Sounds like murder to me.  Since there is no official war between the Palestinians and the Jews, Sharon cannot be found guilty of war crimes.

TERRORISM - THE CHANGING FACE - Switch in tactics -  The Madrid attacks - if indeed the work of an Islamic group - illustrate some worrying new developments.  For one thing they appear not to have been suicide bombings - until now the preferred al-Qaeda method.  Explosives were simply left in bags on the trains.  The perpetrators are thus alive to carry out future attacks.  But of even greater concern is that the US intelligence agencies say they picked up none of the communications "chatter" prior to the bombings that would have given warning that a major attack was imminent.  This suggests a more locally-planned attack - one that was not guided or instigated from afar.  The timing, too, shows a new sophistication - not just an attempt to cause mass casualties, but an attempt to cause them at a moment of maximum political sensitivity, almost on the eve of the Spanish general election.  Of course, it may well have been the Spanish government's handling of the aftermath of the explosions that was as much responsible for its defeat as the bombings themselves.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040317b.htm * Well as with any successful organization, adapting to a changing environment and refining old techniques is critical.  The more you try to suppress the terrorist the more of a challenge they accept to circumvent the new situations.  What concerns me is that all these loosely associated groups, whose idol is Osama bin Laden, may begin to compete with each other for the most body counts.  The problem with splintering the terrorist is that you will never be able to get rid of them because they will mutate and change.  In the end, everyone who has a cause of any kind may become a terrorist.  Remember Timothy McVeigh, America's home grown terrorist?

HAITI - Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez offered refuge to Haiti's former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, saying his government won't recognize the new, U.S.-backed regime in Haiti.  ``The legitimate president of Haiti was kidnapped by U.S. troops,'' Chavez said in a televised speech. ``The doors of Venezuela are always open to President Aristide.''  * I thought George said in the campaign that he would not interfere with Haiti.

March 16, 2004

HAITI - ARISTIDE RETURNS - Ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, defying the United States and Haiti's new leaders, returned to the Caribbean yesterday, arriving in Jamaica where he had been given temporary asylum.  Aristide's return to the Western Hemisphere, two weeks after he was exiled to the Central African Republic to end a rebel uprising, prompted Haiti's interim prime minister to recall his ambassador to Jamaica and suspend relations.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316j.htm * It looks like Aristide has learned from Mr. Chavez in Venezuela, that you can defy the United States.  Mr. Aristide was the duly elected president of Haiti and was removed by little George from power.  I am sure Mr.Aristide is aware of the coming November elections and that he could return to Haiti and force the U S to keep the peace anyway.  Between Afghanistan and Iraq the U S is spread very thin.  The U S cannot put another large force in Haiti.  The question is what is so valuable about Haiti.  The answer is simple: It is on the Southern to Northern drug highway.  It is the drug money stupid.  That is what is driving all the concern in Haiti.

ISRAEL - GAZA - As the Bush administration warms to the idea of an Israeli pullback from Gaza, U.S. and Israeli officials are trying to persuade Egypt to take on a new and major role: keeping a lid on the volatile Palestinian area.  But Egypt is setting tough terms for taking on the assignment, limiting what it is willing to do, and insisting that the transition from Israeli to Palestinian rule lead to a broader Middle East peacemaking effort.  "They could be the fall guy if it is all laid on their hands," Edward Walker, a former U.S. ambassador to Cairo who now heads the private Middle East Institute, said Monday in a telephone interview from Luxor, Egypt.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316i.htm * Israel has found that after 37 years of occupying Gaza that it has become a tar baby from which withdrawal is going to be very hard.  The heavy handed methods of the Zionist in Gaza have poisoned the minds of two new generations of Palestinians refugees who live there.  Now after creating all that hatred, they want to leave and they want the Palestinians to play nice.  Those who know, realize that Israel is caught in a trap where it cannot afford to stay and it cannot afford to leave.  But again, there has to be a solution to the Palestinian refugees.  They have to be allowed to return to their homes in Israel.  Until this problem is solved, there is never going to be peace in the Middle East.  The United Nations established Israel at the expense of the Palestinians and the displaced Palestinians have not been integrated in the neighboring countries and never will.  After 56 years it is time for the United Nations to revisit the problem and allow the Palestinians to go home.  Of course increasing the population of Israel with over three million Palestinians is going to dilute the Zionist population and consequently their power within their own country.

TERRORISM - SPAIN - An international probe into the Madrid bombings sharpened its focus on al-Qaida terrorist cells Tuesday amid reports that police have identified five new Moroccan suspects and that two Indians detained in the attack were released.  A possible link between the Madrid and Casablanca attacks gained credibility Tuesday after French investigator Jean-Charles Brisard said he has found a direct link between Zougam and Mohamed Fizazi, a spiritual leader of Salafia Jihadia, which allegedly was behind the Casablanca attack and which has been linked to Osama bin Laden (news - web sites)'s al-Qaida terror network.  Moroccan officials also believe al-Zarqawi ordered the attacks in Casablanca, and U.S. officials blamed al-Zarqawi for March 2 bombings in Iraq that killed at least 181 Shiite Muslim pilgrims. The Jordanian militant also is believed to have been behind the 2002 killing of Laurence Foley, a U.S. aid worker in Jordan.  Authorities have been tracking Islamic extremist activity in Spain since the mid-1990s and say it was an important staging ground, along with Germany, for the Sept. 11 attacks.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316h.htm  * It appears that good old fashioned police work is a better solution than invading a country because of the acts of a few socio pathic terrorists.  Of course if there was more interaction between the world's police forces, these terrorists could be more easily found and their heinous acts of terrorism thwarted.  Invading every country from which terrorists spring is not a solution.  Way too many innocent civilians die.  There is probably a ten to one death rate of Iraqis and Afghanistan civilians to each American killed on 911.  All military action does is create more hate in the world.  That being said, terrorism will not end until the causes of terrorism are defined and solved as opposed to simply focusing on killing terrorists.

IRAQ - SLAIN MISSIONARIES - Hours after four U.S. missionaries were slain in a drive-by shooting in the northern city of Mosul, the top U.S. military commander said Tuesday that such attacks were meant to divide the 36-member coalition occupying Iraq.  U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez also cast doubt on whether Spain would withdraw its 1,300 troops from Iraq, but added that if they do, the loss would not be "a significant military problem" for the U.S.-led coalition.  "I think that it is still evolving," Sanchez said. "We will have to wait a few days."  The death toll in the attack on five Baptist missionaries rose to four on Tuesday after one of the injured died while being flown to a military hospital in Baghdad, the U.S. military said.  A fifth American was being treated at a U.S. military hospital in Mosul.  "Clearly there has been a shift in the insurgency and the way the extremists are conducting operations," Sanchez said during a military ceremony in the northern city of Tikrit. "It is very clear they are going after these targets that might create some splits within the coalition."  The five Baptist missionaries were on a humanitarian mission when two or three men attacked them from a neighboring car, witnesses said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316g.htm  * The Muslim terrorist have crossed the line and killed Christians.  The Muslim world has long stated that the invasion of Iraq is a new Crusade against the Muslims.  Now the violence has bled over to direct attacks on Christians.  I said George was going to start a holy war.  I thought for a while it was just going to be Sunnis verses Shiites but a new front has been opened against Christians.  And in America it will be said that the Muslims are evil and certainly are not as good as Christians.  Of course the Christian murder of innocent Muslim civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq is done under the facade of the military which just happens to be mostly Christian.

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS - As John Kerry moves forward as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, the broad outline of his general election strategy against President Bush is becoming apparent, and it is the most aggressive campaign a Democrat has run in decades.  The Kerry tactics surpass even the legendary "war room" approach of the Clinton campaign in 1992, serving up "pre-sponses" to Bush campaign events instead of responses to the president and his Republican allies.  And they seem to have caused a sputter in the much-vaunted Bush political machine at an important point in the campaign -- when the president is anxious to define the Massachusetts senator before the senator can define himself, much as the president's father defined his opponent, then Gov.-Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts, in the 1988 campaign.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316f.htm *  It seems like we have an evenly matched set of opponents in Kerry and Bush.  It seems that the anger of the Democrats has finally been ignited behind someone who can actually beat Bush.  Mr. Nice, Al Gore, just was not a warrior like Kerry.  Gore never had the drive that Kerry has.  It is going to take a street fighter to take on the lying socio path George Bush and it looks like Kerry can handle that role.  Kerry also has the credentials to challenge little George because of all his years in the U S Senate.  Unless Kerry does something stupid, I think there is a chance he will overcome all of Bush's money.  But even if Kerry does make a mistake or two, we can count on little George to do the same.  But what is more, the economy is unlikely to pick up in the coming months and the body bags are going to keep on coming in from Iraq all to Bush's detriment.

CHINA - The administration of US President George W Bush has just ratcheted up the pressure on what it calls discriminatory Chinese trade practices that favor China's burgeoning high-tech industry. Secretary of State Colin L Powell, Commerce Secretary Don Evans and US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick spelled out their concerns in a letter addressed to Chinese Vice Premiers Wu Yi and Zeng Peiyan, urging Beijing to repeal a proposed encryption standard for wireless-fidelity (wi-fi) communications products set to take effect on June 1.  The Bush administration, never slow to pick up on the concerns of corporate America, has also pressured Beijing to reconsider a law giving Chinese chip makers unfair tax advantages. China currently levies a 17 percent value-added tax on imported semiconductors, while domestic producers qualify for tax rebates of as much as 14 percent off of the value-added tax.  China's determination to establish its own standards for high-tech products is reminiscent of campaigns launched in ancient China by Qin Shihuang - the country's first emperor - to standardize systems of measurement. Beijing has been pouring massive amounts of capital and resources into developing new technology standards in recent years, and has even created a government organ to promote Chinese standards. The goal is to free the country from being beholden to foreign products and their accompanying royalty payments.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316e.htm * The new kid on the block is over a billion human beings strong.  That is a heck of market for products.  China is almost five times bigger that the U S in population and it is virgin territory for capitalism.  China is a long run threat to the U S economy and it is going to take a lot of work to keep China from directly challenging the U S in the world economy.  Little George does not understand that it is important to create justice in the world and to work diligently to integrate the U S into the world economy.  The new world is going to be based on dollars and not body counts.  In fact, as the U S well knows, economic sanctions can be real debilitating.  Look at what sanctions did to Iraq.  The U S being cut off from China economically is going to hurt a lot.  Especially if China and Japan join forces based on their natural racial heritage.  And if imperialistic wars create economic boycotts, the imperialistic wars are going to be a thing of the past.

SPAIN - ANTI BUSH - Spain's prime minister-elect has hit out at United States President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair on their decision to launch a war against Iraq.  "Mr Bush and Mr Blair need to engage in some self-criticism," Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said.  "You can't just go ahead and do things. You can't bombard a people just in case [they pose a perceived threat].  "You can't organise a war on the basis of lies."  Mr Zapatero earlier called the US-led war in Iraq "a disaster" and confirmed a pre-election pledge to withdraw the 1,300 Spanish troops serving there by the end of June unless a UN-led multinational force takes command.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316d.htm * It appears that the new prime minister of Spain is going to be a campaign liability to Mr. Bush.  The Spaniards were 90% against the Iraqi war and now they have a voice that is going to lash out at Bush instead of selling out to an unjust and unprovoked war.  Funny, I do not hear much about what Bush has done in the aftermath of the bombings.  He is not going to waste time mending fences because Spain was always expendable.  Spain's Judas already received his thirty pieces of silver.

IRAQ - INTELLIGENCE - THE CIA IS BUSH'S SCAPE GOAT - Shaky intelligence about the threat posed by Iraq was exaggerated by the CIA in the run up to war, according to a classified report published today.  Vague details about Iraq?s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were turned into firm warnings, while unreliable sources were taken at their word, according to a US Senate report.  The report criticises CIA director George Tenet and other top intelligence officials over their pre-war estimate of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein.  The intelligence estimate said Iraq possessed chemical and biological weapons.  
But nearly a year after the war began there is still no evidence that Iraq had stockpiled such weapons in recent years. The damning report by the Senate Intelligence Committee comes amid bickering between politicians and spy chiefs about who was to blame for the apparently wrong intelligence about Iraq?s weapons of mass destruction. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316c.htm * Well little George is obviously going to try to blame the CIA for his imperialistic unprovoked invasion of Iraq.  He is going to admit that he is so clueless about things that he believes everything that is told to him.  I wonder why he did not listen to Hans Blix who said:  "I can't find any weapons of mass destruction."  George wanted to take over Iraq's oil and that he did.

IRAQ - THE SPANIARDS ARE PULLING OUT - Spain's conservative party has been swept from power after eight years, on a wave of anger and resentment against its handling of Madrid's al-Qaeda linked train bombings and support for the US war in Iraq.  The country's 34.5 million voters turned against the conservatives in the aftermath of Thursday's terrorist assault, which authorities believe was carried out by an al-Qaeda cell, known as Abu Dahdah, which has links to the September 11 attacks in New York.  The incoming socialist prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, was narrowly trailing in opinion polls until the bombings, which left 200 commuters dead and more than 1400 injured.  But the conservatives' handling of the crisis and claims they were covering up al-Qaeda's involvement brought millions of young Spaniards out to vote, many for the first time. The turnout was put at 77.4 per cent, the highest in more than 20 years.  Mr Zapatero, whose party won almost 43 per cent of vote, has promised to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq in June, in effect ending the country's close collaboration with the US and Britain in the war and occupation.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316b.htm *  Little George does not have friend in Spain anymore.  The 90% of the population that was opposed to the Iraq invasion finally made their demands known.  That just leaves little George and his lap dog Tony Blair to clean up the mess in Iraq.  It looks like we may have to pull out and leave the same kind of chaos we left in Vietnam: another civil war.  Does anyone think that George cares?

ISRAEL - ASSINATION IS ON THE AGENDA - Israel plans to strike Palestinian leaders in response to a double bombing that killed 10 people at one of the country's most strategic installations, a security source has said.  "There will be targeted killings and other measures. The timing depends on intelligence," the source said, a day after the bombers from the resistance movements Hamas and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades struck at Ashdod port. "The targets will be from the top down."   
The source told Reuters he could not rule out an attack on Hamas's spiritual leader Shaikh Ahmad Yasin. The  wheelchair-bound cleric was slightly wounded in an Israeli air strike in Gaza in September as he met other senior Hamas figures.  Israel also tried to assassinate Mahmud al-Zahar, another Hamas leader, in September. His son and a bodyguard were killed in an air attack on his home.  An Israeli air attack killed Ismail Abu Shanab, a Hamas leader, in Gaza in August.  Last June Israel went after top Hamas official, Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi in a helicopter attack on his car in Gaza. Al-Rantisi was wounded in the strike.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040316a.htm  * Does anyone think that more assassinations by Israel is going to do anything more than bring on more suicide bombers?  What a sick joke.  America is allowing the Zionist to openly  assassinate those who are pro-Palestinian.  All the U S would have to do is tell Israel that if they  assassinate one single person, then all the loans to Israel will become due and there will be no more subsistence.  If George wants peace in the Middle East he would do well to consider giving Israel back to the Palestinians.  What do we need Israel for, we have Iraq now.

March 15, 2004

RELIGION - Episcopal congregations defy diocese, hold service -  FAIRLAWN, Ohio ? Launching a new front in the Episcopal Church conflict over the appointment of an openly gay bishop, six defiant congregations joined yesterday in a confirmation service led by bishops acting without permission from the Diocese of Ohio.  Under Episcopal law and liturgy, confirmations are performed only by local bishops or visiting bishops approved by the head of the host diocese, in this case, Bishop J. Clark Grew II of Cleveland.  The six congregations are part of a nationwide protest movement of conservative Episcopalians who oppose homosexual activity on biblical grounds.  The issue exploded last year when the church's national convention approved the elevation of the denomination's first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. Grew joined a majority of Episcopal bishops in voting for Robinson, and yesterday's service was a snub of Grew's authority.  A message left seeking comment from him was not returned. * Religion in America is in crises because bureaucratic religion is not democratic, but autocratic more closely associated with kingships.

SPACE - NEW PLANET -  It is a frozen world more than 8 billion miles from Earth and believed to be the farthest known object within our solar system.  NASA (search) planned a Monday press conference to offer more details about Sedna (search), a planetoid between 800 miles and 1,100 miles in diameter, or about three-quarters the size of Pluto.  Named for the Inuit goddess who created the sea creatures of the Arctic, Sedna lies more than three times farther from the sun than Pluto (search). It was discovered in November.  "The sun appears so small from that distance that you could completely block it out with the head of a pin," said Mike Brown, an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology who led the NASA-funded team that found Sedna.  That makes Sedna the largest object found orbiting the sun since the discovery of Pluto, the ninth planet, in 1930. It trumps in size another world, called Quaoar (search), discovered by the same team in 2002.  Brown and his colleagues estimate the temperature on Sedna never rises above 400 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, making it the coldest known body in the solar system.  Sedna follows a highly elliptical path around the sun, a circuit that it takes 10,500 years to complete. Its orbit loops out as far as 84 billion miles from the sun, or 900 times the distance between the Earth and our star.  Brown and Chad Trujillo, of the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii, and David Rabinowitz, of Yale University, discovered Sedna on Nov. 14, 2003, using a 48-inch telescope at Caltech's Palomar Observatory east of San Diego.  Within days, other astronomers around the world trained their telescopes, including the recently launched Spitzer Space Telescope, on the object.  The team also have indirect evidence a tiny moon may trail Sedna, which is redder than all other known solar system bodies except Mars.  

SPAIN - IRAQ FALLOUT - Spain's ruling conservatives crashed to surprise defeat in elections overshadowed by anger over terrorist bombings, becoming the first government that backed the U.S.-led war in Iraq to be voted out of office.  In one fell swoop, voters ousted Aznar, whose party was favored to win just days ago, even though he brought Spain eight straight years of economic growth, made it a founding member of the euro single currency, cut unemployment in half and brought a degree of prominence to a long-ignored country.  But on election day voters expressed anger with the government, accusing it of provoking the Madrid attacks by supporting the U.S.-led war in Iraq, which a vast majority of Spaniards opposed.  The government had insisted that its prime suspect in Thursday's rail bombings was the armed Basque separatist group ETA, even as evidence mounted of an Islamic link in the bombings.  The government was accused of withholding information on the investigation to save the election. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040315h.htm *  There are three banditos responsible for the Iraq invasion: Bush, Blair and Aznar.  The first national elections for the three sociopaths has ousted Aznar.  Let us hope that Blair and Bush are soon to follow.  More than any other crime, Bush invaded Iraq without provocation.  In fact, he invaded Iraq based on a lie about weapons of mass destruction that was cooked up by DICK Cheney and Perle and Wolfowitz, Bush's high placed Zionist.  The thing that worries me the most is that AlQuada distinctively influenced the Spanish elections.  Now we have to consider what more significant demonstration of terrorism may be foisted on America prior to the November elections.  Will another 911 cause people to abandon Bush or cause people to rally behind him to their detriment.  The ring leader of the Iraqi invasion was Bush.  The best thing for AlQuada to do is to refrain from any more attacks in the U S if they really want Bush gone.  On the other hand, the real question is: what is it going to take to get our leaders to speak to the issue of what causes terrorism.  That is going to be tough because the answer is undeniably the U S imperialism worldwide.

CHINA - DEMOCRACY COMING - RELIGION - Communist-led China took the historic step Sunday of amending its constitution to protect the property rights of capitalists who are driving its economic boom, while promising to focus on helping farmers and millions of others left behind.  The nation's parliament, making changes dictated by the Communist Party, also passed an amendment declaring respect for human rights but not promising free political expression -- a key issue for government critics.  The changes came as the figurehead National People's Congress closed a 10-day annual session dominated by promises to shift development to the poor countryside, where 800 million Chinese live.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040315f.htm  * It seems that China is moving very rapidly toward a democratic capitalistic society.  When they do, no doubt they will eventually make amends with Japan and the world will split into two economic spheres of influence, China/Japan and America/Europe.  When this happens the Jewish, Christian, Muslim religious wars that have plagued the west will be confronted by Buddhism and Confuscism which generally speaking do not have the on going violent history of their western counter parts.  The warring Gods, Jehovah, Yahweh, and Allah are going to look primitive and paganistic compared to Buddhism.  WorldPeace is based on law which is founded on economics and secularism.  WorldPeace has never been a goal of exclusionist religious bureaucracies of men with their alleged mandates from their God.

THE PASSION OF CHRIST - I learned a lifelong lesson during my recent interview with Mel Gibson?s father, Hutton Gibson. The interview took place on the eve of the release of Mel Gibson?s new movie, ?The Passion of the Christ.?  I learned that there actually were no concentration camps during the Holocaust, only work camps.  I learned that the Holocaust was a fiction, a fabricated business tool used strategically to siphon hard-earned money from the coffers of innocent governments worldwide.  I learned that there are too many survivors left in the world for there ever to have been a Holocaust.  I learned that the Jews just walked off the plazas of Europe right onto the streets of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Sydney and Los Angeles. In fact, I learned that the Germans were such an efficient people that if they had wanted to murder 6 million people, well then by golly they would have done it!  But this was only the beginning of my education. by Steve Feuerstein PoliticalCommentary2004/e040315e.htm * The vast majority of articles that I have seen about the Passion are written by Jews.  Most of them are negative of course.  The Zionist run the news media in America and consequently everyday we see one Jewish writer or another bashing the film because the "Blood of Christ is on the Jews" and because like everything that reflects negative on the Jews, true or not, is classified as anti-Semitic by the Zionists.  I am sick of it.  I am particularly sick of it because of the abuse that the Zionists are foisting on the Palestinians whose land they stole by terrorism that began in the late 1800's when the Zionists began to push for a return to the land that their God allegedly gave them.

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS - Neither Sandy Hunt nor Kathy Griffin likes nasty political ads. Indeed, both are already "horrified" by the hostile tone of this year's presidential campaign.  But no matter how unpleasant it gets, both small-business executives plan to vote Nov. 2. The threat of terrorism and troubled state of the economy have made politics central to them as never before.  But there's also another dynamic at play - the polarizing nature of the Bush presidency. Ms. Hunt is determined to vote for George Bush because she doesn't like the feeling that people have a "vendetta" against him. Ms. Griffin is just as adamant about supporting John Kerry because "Bush is a runaway train ... and I feel very strongly about stopping him."  Their comments reflect a truism about campaign 2004: Even though the election has turned nasty earlier than any in modern history, experts predict voters will remain engaged in the political process - and probably go to the polls in large numbers.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040315d.htm  * The election is going to come down to the war in Iraq and the economics that prevail in November.  One thing for sure, Bush is either admired or hated by the majority of the people.  There are not many who have ambivalent feelings about little George.  It is hard for me to imagine that the intensity of political rhetoric will continue for another nine months.  That will create a tremendous amount of tension in society and that much tension will find an outlet which may be violence in the streets.  The Democratic and Republican conventions are going to be fraught with demonstrations, maybe as dramatic as those associated with Vietnam.

ISRAEL - ASHDOD, Israel (Reuters) - Two Palestinian suicide bombers killed at least 10 other people Sunday in a double-attack at Israel's port of Ashdod, prompting Israel to cancel talks on arranging an Israeli-Palestinian peace summit.  Police said at least 20 people were hurt in the blasts at Israel's second-busiest port as day-shift workers were heading home. Bloody limbs protruded from a shed that had been crumpled to a heap of twisted metal.  "People inside the workshop told us a guy came to them to ask for some water. When they gave it to him, he blew up," said port worker Rafi Mashal.  The bombing took place just as aides of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie were wrapping up talks to arrange a long-awaited summit on reviving a plan for reciprocal steps meant to lead to a Palestinian state in return for peace.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040315c.htm * The suicide bombers just keep on coming. The Israelis fire back and the suicide bombers return.  The cycle is never ending.  The wall is not going to make any difference.  The Palestinians are fighting back the only way they know how.  The Israelis cannot exist behind a wall, especially when there are so many Muslims who legitimately live in Israel.  It is going to take economic sanctions by the U S against Israel for their bad boys acts.  Nothing short of cutting off their funding is going to stop the Zionist or Muslim terrorist.  This is a stupid war that was ignited by the corrupt Ariel Sharon when he visited the wailing wall on September 28, 2000.  

VENEZUELA - THE NEXT AMERICAN COUP - The president of Venezuela was addressing an International Women's Day gathering in Caracas last week, when he broke into song. The overflow crowd, familiar with their exuberant president's penchant for singing popular songs when the spirit moves him, went wild, chanting for more. He obliged.  Sitting in the audience, I was struck by the emotional connection between the crowd and Hugo Chavez ? democratically elected president, revolutionary style leader, champion of Venezuela's poor, scourge of Venezuela's rich, and, some say, next on Washington's hit list.  Last month, Haiti's democratically elected government was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by Haiti's wealthy elite, with apparent support from Washington. That has fueled speculation Washington will encourage a similar coup in Venezuela, where the well-to-do are itching for an opportunity to overthrow Chavez.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040315b.htm  * Look out Venezuela if little George gets reelected.  You folks have the oil that Bush and his imperialist want.  Bush wants an oil democracy in Venezuela not a popular democracy.  

CHENEY - THE DICK IN THE MIX - Abraham Lincoln did it -- and won a second term. So did Franklin D. Roosevelt -- twice. Aides to President George Bush secretly looked into the possibility in 1992 before abandoning the idea.  But don't look for George W. Bush to dump his vice president in November to reverse his slump in the polls or to energize the bid for a second term.  Such a move could signal desperation, rile the conservative Republican base and expose Vice President Dick Cheney's stand-in to campaign-year scrutiny that might unearth unwanted surprises.  The latest Gallup Poll shows that Bush's approval rating has slipped to the lowest level of his presidency -- with 49 percent of Americans approving of his job performance, compared with 90 percent immediately after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.  Cheney's approval rating also has slipped to the lowest level of his term, with only 45 percent of respondents in a Gallup Poll in mid-February approving of his job performance. Cheney's favorable ratings averaged 63 percent in his first two years in office and 56 percent last year.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040315a.htm *  There is no one more dangerous that DICK Cheney.  He is corrupt.  He is queer for money and oil and power.  He is an American imperialist of the first magnitude.  One thing for sure is that DICK will cost little George some votes and considering how close the election was four years ago, that is a good thing.  The death of little George would be a very bad thing.  Unfortunately, AlQuada may be targeting Bush even as we speak.  If little George captures or kills bin Laden, you can bet his fanatics will extract a revenge on American soil.  And that revenge may well include little George himself.  George set a bad precedent when he got rid of Saddam and Aristide.  George set a precedent of removing heads of state by force.

March 14, 2004

MASONIC LODGE - UNDER ATTACK - They still greet each other with secret handshakes and use rituals that date from the Middle Ages. But members of the Free and Accepted Masons insist that none of their sanctioned rites has any connection to the death of a man who was shot during an initiation.  ''It was an accident that happened,'' he said. ``You can't blame an entire fraternity that had nothing to do with it. If this were part of some common everyday occurrence that would be one thing. It isn't.''  The man accused of shooting James is Albert Eid, a 76-year-old retiree who police say mistakenly pulled a loaded .32-caliber handgun from his left pants pocket instead of a .22-caliber pistol with blanks that was in his right pocket.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040314g.htm * Three days ago a masonic building was bombed in Istanbul.  Now the Masons have a death during initiation just like some college fraternities.  This is not good for an organization that tries to stay under the radar.  An organization that does a lot of good through its Shriner Hospitals but is considered a negative manipulator in Western political events by many.

IRAQ - FOUR MORE DEAD SOLDIERS - Bomb attacks in Baghdad killed four U.S. soldiers, the Army said on Sunday, bringing to nine the number of troops killed in Iraq in the last four days by explosives planted by guerrillas to target American patrols.  A military spokesman said a roadside bomb blast in southern Baghdad around 10:45 p.m. (1945 GMT) on Saturday killed three U.S. soldiers and wounded one.  Another bomb attack at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday wounded an American soldier who later died in hospital, the spokesman said.  On Saturday, a bomb was detonated as a U.S. patrol passed in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit. Guerrillas then opened fire. Two soldiers were killed and several wounded.  Two bomb attacks on Wednesday and Thursday in the restive "Sunni triangle" around Baghdad killed three soldiers.  Since the start of the war to oust Saddam, 389 U.S. troops have been killed in action in Iraq -- 274 of them since Washington declared major combat over on May 1 last year.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040314f.htm  * Every American soldier dies is another nail in the Presidential coffin of reelection.  There is no doubt in my mind that the most dangerous place for an American soldiers to be this October and November will be Iraq.  What will be body count be on November 2, 2004?


Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

PoliticalCommentary2004/e040314e.htm * And so began the Middle East cancer who most recent legacy is 911.

IRAQ - CONSTITUTION PROTESTS - Thousands of Iraqis protested in the centre of Baghdad against a new interim constitution on Friday, while their religious leaders refrained from calling for a mass rebellion.  "No, no to the basic law," the crowd chanted, waving banners that read: "We do not want an American constitution".  "Yes for the unity of Iraq," they shouted at the peaceful rally in Ferus Square.  Shiite clerics at weekly prayers also denounced the constitution, which Iraq's US-picked Governing Council signed at the start of the week.  Young firebrand cleric Moqtada Sadr lived up to his reputation for being blunt when he likened the text to a British declaration inviting Jews to settle in Palestine in 1917.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040314d.htm * It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that a U S Constitution, which was founded by men who agreed to reject their homeland, cannot immediately work in a land where religion is deeply embedded in politics and two very different nations exists within the same border.  The Kurds would have to forego their dream of their own homeland and the Shiites would have to tolerate the minority Kurds in government.  All one has to do is consider the gerrymandering that takes places every ten years in America to understand that even the American constitution requires an equal distribution of Democrats and Republicans.

IRAQ - TWO MORE AMERICAN DEAD - Two US soldiers were killed and five badly wounded in a bomb blast in northern Iraq Saturday, as officials warned of more suicide attacks as the date for handing back sovereignty approaches.  Added to an official Pentagon tally, the deaths raise to 270 the number of US soldiers killed in action since US President George W. Bush declared major hostilities over on May 1.  Meanwhile, an investigation is continuing into the mob-style killing of two US government staffers and their Iraqi interpreter after a US official admitted that four men arrested were in fact police and not imposters.  Meanwhile, the Pentagon awarded contracts worth up to one billion dollars to two US companies Friday for building projects related to electric power services, in the latest installment in a series of long-awaited reconstruction deals to total up to five billion dollars.  They came a day after the Pentagon awarded two other Iraq reconstruction contracts worth up to 1.1 billion dollars to US and British firms.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040314c.htm  * There is a question as to whether the official death count is correct. Since George will not allow photos of returning coffins, there is a question as to whether soldiers are being reclassified as civilians and not reported as soldiers deaths.  There is another question about whether or not soldiers who died in hospitals after being wounded are listed as deaths or does the Pentagon only classify those who died instantly as officially killed in Iraq and not those who died outside Iraq due to their wounds.  Also, isn't it interesting how America indirectly passes money to its corporations.  Congress allocates money to rebuild Iraq and that money goes to American companies.  Without the war in Iraq, there would be no government funding directly to big corporations.

TERRORISM - SPAIN - ALQAEDA - Meanwhile, an investigation is continuing into the mob-style killing of two US government staffers and their Iraqi interpreter after a US official admitted that four men arrested were in fact police and not imposters.  Meanwhile, the Pentagon awarded contracts worth up to one billion dollars to two US companies Friday for building projects related to electric power services, in the latest installment in a series of long-awaited reconstruction deals to total up to five billion dollars.  They came a day after the Pentagon awarded two other Iraq reconstruction contracts worth up to 1.1 billion dollars to US and British firms. According to a government translation of the tape, recorded in Arabic, the speaker claimed to be the spokesman for Al Qaeda in Europe and said, "We declare our responsibility for what happened in Madrid exactly 2 years after the attacks on New York and Washington. It is a response to your collaboration with the criminals'' -- U.S. President George W. "Bush and his allies.''  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040314b.htm  * There is not much question but that AlQaeda is responsible for the attack even though those in power want to say it was the Basques.  The reality is that Spain's president who endorsed the invasion of Iraq when 90% of his country was against it, has caused these 2,000 casualties.  There would have been more casualties had another backpack full of explosives gone off.  I guess we can say that Bush's war on terrorism is increasing the level of terrorism in the world.  Terrorism will continue as long as the policy is to kill terrorist as opposed to determining what is causing the terrorism.  Like Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

IRAN - NUKES - The United Nations' nuclear watchdog voted Saturday to criticize Iran for concealing information and activities related to its nuclear program, prompting Tehran to bar U.N. inspectors from the country until further notice.  Iranian officials accused the United States of imposing the resolution on the International Atomic Energy Agency board in Vienna, Austria, and linked its decision to keep inspectors out to the board's resolution.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040314a.htm * I think it would be very foolish for George to invade Iran; or promote any similar acts. If the Shiites in Iran join with the Shiites in Iraq, there is going to be hell on earth as the Middle East erupts into a Sunni Shiite Israeli war.  All that is necessary for this scenario is for the Americans to re-elect Mr. George Dubya Bushit.

March 13, 2004

AMERICAN TORTURE - GUANTANAMO BAY - Truly we live in dark times. A sure sign that the nights are getting longer, even as springtime approaches, comes from the intensity of anxieties about torture. All the time there are reports of new atrocities - in Sudan, among British victims in Saudi Arabia, and of course in the war on terror. Later this month in Geneva, the World Organisation Against Torture will tell the UN Commission on Human Rights that "since the attacks of September 11, numerous states have adopted or announced measures that are incompatible with their obligations under international law". At the same time that we face new atrocities in Madrid, we hear the voices of the first Britons released from Guant?namo Bay where, according to former detainee Jamal al-Harith, they endured a regime of unremitting cruelty.  He describes systematic humiliation, clearly aimed at corroding the humanity of the victims, and which included exposing devout Muslims to insult by prostitutes.  Guant?namo Bay, outside normal legal constraints, holds over 600 detainees who are beyond the reach of judicial processes anywhere in the world.  A rgument continues about whether the US base in the British territory of Diego Garcia is also used for such interrogations. The British government denies this, but the allegations continue, echoed by numerous civil liberties groups.  In late 2002, the Washington Post revealed: "Deep in side the forbidden zone at the US-occupied Bagram airbase in Afghanistan ... sits a cluster of shipping containers protected by a triple-layer of concertina wire. The containers hold the most valuable prizes in the war on terrorism - captured al-Qaida operatives and Taliban commanders."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313i.htm * America is as America does.  Basic constitutional rights inside America do not apply outside of America.  So America operates several dens of torture outside of the U S borders and everything is just fine and legal.  Timothy McVeigh got a far trial and his Constitutional rights.  Only because he was an American who committed his terrorism inside the U S border.

IRAQ - KURDS - All this has left Mr. Shari bitter. He fought for 14 years with the Kurdish peshmerga militia, for which he was jailed and lashed by Mr. Hussein's authorities; he said he was even dragged by an ankle behind a tank when he refused to sign a card changing his nationality to Arab from Kurd. In 1993, his two wives and three of his eight sons were killed in Iraqi shelling of the collective town.  He pointed to the hill on the horizon where once Qalodeh stood. "It's levelled to the ground now, but it has good springs, good water." Come summer, he hopes that he and two of his sons will start the work of rebuilding.  "If there is justice, we will get our land back. And if there is no justice, then this is just the same as Saddam's era."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313h.htm  * The Kurds supported daddy George in 1991 and were betrayed by the old fox.  Then Saddam retaliated and Kurds were removed from their homes.  Now little George is in power and the displaced are probably not going to get their land back.  As the man said, what is the difference between little George and Saddam?

SPACE - HUBBLE TELESCOPE - Incredible Ultra Deep Field photos capturing a chaotic scramble of galaxies colliding and reforming have intensified a crusade to save the Hubble telescope.  In a few years, batteries and gyroscopes aboard the 14-year-old telescope are expected to fail. Before it tumbles out of orbit in about a decade, a robotic rocket is supposed to tug the Hubble to a blazing crash in the Pacific.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313g.htm * I think that we have found that the amount of space exploration that comes from unmanned missions is well worth the money.  There has been nothing that has advanced our understanding of the universe more than the Hubble Telescope.  We need to save it.  

IRAQ - BODY BAGS - PRESIDENTAL POLITICS - Four Iraqis suspected of killing a pair of American officials and their translator appear to be police officers, raising concerns of guerrilla infiltration in Iraqi security forces, a top U.S. military official said Friday. Meanwhile, two American soldiers were killed in Tikrit by a roadside bomb.  The soldiers were the first casualties suffered by the Army's 1st Infantry Division's 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, which is taking over security in the Tikrit area as part of the military's massive troops rotation in Iraq.  Roadside bombs have become the main threat to U.S. soldiers on patrol in the Sunni Triangle, a region has seen some of the fiercest guerrilla fighting. Three U.S. soldiers were killed and three wounded Thursday by bombs near the towns of Habbaniyah and Baqouba.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313f.htm * And the casualties continue to mount up.  The question is what will the body count be in November when the presidential elections take place?  John Kerry needs to violate Bush's ban on showing returning coffins in his television commercials.  Al Qaeda needs to stay away from acts of terrorism in the U S.  Another 911 could guarantee the sociopath another four years.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - ADS - Suddenly swamped by attacking Republicans, Democrat John F. Kerry [related, bio] launched a high-cost defense yesterday in ads that blame President Bush [related, bio] for a ``misleading, negative'' start to their campaign.  Kerry, who based his primary campaign around a feverish anti-Bush message, cried foul that the president's advertising brands the Bay State senator a tax-raiser who is weak on national defense.  ``Once again, George Bush is misleading America,'' say the Kerry ads, launched in 16 battleground states. ``Doesn't America deserve more from its president than misleading negative ads?''  Bush on Thursday unveiled his first formal ads since Kerry emerged from the primaries, spots that claim Kerry will raise taxes by more than $900 billion and would ``weaken'' laws needed to ``protect America.''  The Kerry ads say he has never called for $900 billion in tax hikes and that he wants to cut taxes for the middle class.  The Bush campaign admits the estimate, which in the ad suggests Kerry would boost spending by $900 billion in his first 100 days in office, is actually a 10-year estimate. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313e.htm * The vast majority of the American public is ignorant.  This is why Bush gets away with his lies and the negative spinning of the truth.  The problem is that Bush has a lot more money to spend on the ignorant than does Kerry.  The hope is that money will not matter.  Maybe George will suffer the same fate as his ex-corrupt contributor - Tony Sanchez who ran for governor of Texas a few years ago.  Tony spent $64 million and only got 40% of the vote.  Let's hope that the $200 million George is going to spend does not do the trick.  And let us hope that political spending caps will be further reduced after George tries again to buy off the American ignorant.

THE PASSION OF CHRIST - The Passion Of The Christ is a pointless and sick film. It has been mired in controversy ever since devout Catholic Mel Gibson first announced that he was making a movie about Jesus Christ?s Crucifixion. At first the project seemed praiseworthy: unknown actors were to be cast (instead of buff starlets with impossibly perfect teeth), the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were to be consulted and the dialogue was to be rendered in Aramaic and Latin.  So far, so good.  But something went wrong. And instead of making a film that explains why Jesus was persecuted, or reinvigorates Christian faith, or even clarifies some aspects of Christianity to non-Christians, Gibson has made a snuff movie ? with the Son of God as the victim.  Much has been made of the flogging. And it is the most memorable image from the film. It goes on and on and on and on...  In fact, by the time we get to the really important and symbolic wounds that Jesus suffered ? the embedding of a crown of thorns in his skull, the hammering of nails through his hands and feet and the plunging of a sword into his side ? you?ve already seen so much blood and guts that they have no impact whatsoever.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313d.htm  * I think that the Passion is going to make the average person wonder what it is that he or she does believe about Christ.  I think that people are going to see that much of the story of Jesus is myth.  I think people are going to become more aware that the gospels borrowed heavily from the myth of Sol Invictus and Mithras who also were born of a virgin, died on a cross, rose after three days.  Easter is the old pagan holiday of the Spring Equinox where the days continued to get longer until the Summer soltice in June.  The birth of these saviors takes place at the time of the pagan holiday associated with the Winter soltice when the days begin to get longer.  What do we really know about Jesus?  Not much outside the gospels.  We do know that his story is reflected all the way back to ancient Babylon and Egypt.  The Horus of Egypt story sure looks a lot like that of Jesus.  The Passion shows how myths are made.  No one who took that kind of beating was going to carry a cross anywhere.

IRAQ - THE WMD LIE REVISITED - With political and military setbacks steadily sinking public perception of the Bush administration's Iraq efforts, a marked increase in both slanted and outright erroneous official pronouncements has occurred. Taking advantage of media briefings, congressional testimony, and even the creation of both an Arabic television channel (al-Hurra) and a Pentagon news service (DVIDS), the administration of US President George W Bush has vastly escalated its long-employed efforts to "spin" its way to success. As Iraq civil administrator L Paul Bremer highlighted last week, the message is "triumph over the evildoers".  According to the US Senate's January 28 Congressional Record, Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida charged that prior to the vote authorizing the Iraq war, "I, along with nearly every senator in this chamber, in that secure room of this Capitol complex, was not only told there were weapons of mass destruction - specifically chemical and biological - but I was looked straight in the face and told that Saddam Hussein had the means of delivering those biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction by unmanned drones called UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles]. I was looked at straight in the face and told that UAVs could be launched from ships off the Atlantic coast to attack eastern seaboard cities of the United States." Nelson added, "I am upset that the degree of specificity I was given a year and a half ago, prior to my vote, was not only inaccurate, it was patently false. I want some further explanations."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313c.htm  * There is no question but that Bush is a liar.  He doesn't know what the truth is.  And his lying added to his war mongering makes him a very dangerous man.  As the most powerful man in the world, it makes him an enemy of peace and WorldPeace.

IRAQ - RELIGIOUS CIVIL WAR - Fears of a religious war between Iraq's Sunni and Shiite Muslim communities were palpable Friday as hundreds of worshippers, some of them armed, gathered at a Baghdad mosque to pay tribute to a slain cleric.  Dozens of guards, their faces wrapped in headscarves, and a US military team stood tense watch, as worshippers were searched at the entrance to the Findi al-Kubaiysi mosque, its wall scarred with bullet and shrapnel marks.  US officials say Imam Ali Hussein Hassan al-Obedi was gunned down on a nearby street Monday by four men in a brown BMW vehicle. No clear leads have emerged from the investigation so far.  But people who came Friday to the Sunni mosque to pay their respects in this predominantly Shiite quarter of Shorta al-Hamsi spoke of a campaign by foreigners to covertly ignite a civil war between the two communities.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313b.htm  * It would seem that civil war between the Sunni and the Shiites is just waiting for the vacuum that will be created when Dubya leaves Iraq in a bid to win re-election.  Once the civil war starts, it will move into Iran and beyond.  And that means to Israel.  When the whole region ignites, Israel will not be spared.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - RUSSERT PULLS HIS PUNCHES - A number of critiques have been written about US President George W Bush's responses to Tim Russert's questions in the February 8 edition of NBC's Meet the Press, primarily regarding his shifting rationale for the invasion of Iraq. More problematic, however, was the fact that Bush made a number of assertions that were patently false or - at the very least - misleading. Russert's failure to challenge these statements and the ongoing repetition of such rationales by the administration and its supporters make it all the more imperative that such assertions not be allowed to go unquestioned. The implications of Bush's statements are quite disturbing, since they involve such fundamental issues as international terrorism, the United Nations, weapons of mass destruction, and the policy of preemption.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040313a.htm  * Tim, Tim, Tim.  You little sell out you.  The world is in trouble and you are pulling the Bushit wagon.

March 12, 2004

TERRORISM - SPAIN - Spain said Friday the death toll rose to 198 from a series of bombings on packed commuter trains Thursday, And that 1,430 people were wounded.  The previous death toll was given as 192 people with 1,421 hurt in the country's worst such attack.  The Spanish government said it believed armed Basque separatist group ETA was most likely to blame for the simultaneous bombings of four trains at Madrid stations.  However officials are also looking into possible Muslim militant involvement, after a claim purporting to come from a group aligned with al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks. * The attack came on 311 just thirty months after 911.  There is no doubt that Spain's backing the Bush invasion of Iraq caused this.  But what is more, it would seem that there is a warning that something like this is coming to the United States.  The problem is that a 911 attack on America before the November presidential elections are going to boost Warmonger Bush's votes.  The worst case for the world would be an attack on America before the elections that allowed Dubya to be president for four more years.

HEALTH - WAR ON FAT - FOR THE PHOTO-OP on Tuesday, the United States became a fat farm. "We're just too darned fat, ladies and gentlemen, and we're going to do something about it," Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said.  As we know, photo-ops are shows laden with the political equivalent of hydrogenated fats, meant to disguise the fact that there is no meat on the bones. Even as Thompson spoke, the pharaohs were on Capitol Hill, sitting in glee as the House voted, 276-139, to ban lawsuits against trash-food companies. The bill's sponsor, Republican Ric Keller of Florida, said, "The food industry is under attack and in the cross hairs of the same trial lawyers who went after big tobacco."   Unsaid was that Keller and his fellow Republicans were in the cross hairs of the food industry. Among Keller's current top five political contributors are the corporation that runs the Olive Garden and Red Lobster chains, Outback Steakhouse , and Disney (and we all know how healthy the food is at Disney World).  From 1995 to 2002, according to Common Cause, food and grocery companies and restaurants gave more than $19.3 million in soft money to Republican causes compared with $5.5 million for Democrats.  Thompson is right. The nation is too darned fat. Thompson's political allies are also too fat in the wallet from the companies making us fat. Until that changes, his decrees is just a hydrogenated photo op. All fat. No meat. And definitely no fruit or vegetables.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040312a.htm * Americans are getting fatter and fatter and fatter.  The health problems associated with obesity are increasing even as 40 million Americans have no health insurance, thank you George Bush.  And just like tobacco, fast foods are killing us in the name of corporate profits for the fast food industry.  As they say, follow the money.

ISRAEL - ZIONISM - The Sharon government is widely regarded, even by Israel's friends, as a negative force in the current politics of the Middle East. Its brutal repression of the Palestinians, its intransigence over engaging in the peace process and its defiance of world opinion on such matters as settlement expansion and the separation wall has alarmed everyone concerned with this issue. Seldom before has Israel provoked such criticism from friend and foe alike, and there is a feeling that a different Israeli leadership, drawn perhaps from the Labour party and the Zionist left, would restore the previous status quo. Such a new leadership could be expected to re-start the peace process and offer the Palestinians something more satisfactory and all this would lead to peace and stability. This widely held view ignores the real problem.  As a Zionist, Ariel Sharon is as faithful and committed a servant as the Jewish state could ever have hoped for. He has merely followed the tenets of Zionism to their logical conclusion. It is not he who should be castigated but the ideology he and the state of Israel espouses. For those who have forgotten or never understood what Zionism was all about, a spate of recently published pieces will make salutary reading.  At this point, Benny Morris's revelations are like a slap in the face. He reminds us that Israel was set up by expulsion, rape and massacre. His recent researches, cited in the new edition of his book, The Birth of the Palestine refugee problem revisited, provide the authentic evidence. The Jewish state could not have come into being without ethnic cleansing and, he asserts, more may be necessary in the future to ensure its survival. Force was always essential to the imposition and maintenance of Israel, he explains; native hostility to the project was inevitable from the start and it had to be countered by overwhelming strength. The Palestinians will always pose a threat and they must therefore be controlled and "caged in."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040312b.htm  * The true terrorist in the Middle East are Zionists.  They committed every possible atrocity in the name of Zionism and continue to this day to discount the lives of Palestinians.  Now that the U S controls Iraq, they do not need to subordinate themselves to the Zionist.  Yet money talks and there is no group of lobbyist more powerful than the Zionists in Washington.  To say the Jews have power far greater than their numbers is an understatement.  But that power is based in the single minded purpose of preserving Israel and spinning their Palestinian holocaust as little more than exterminating cockroaches.  The Arabs are vilified as Arabs and as Muslims.  Israel is the greatest threat to peace in the Middle East and the number one cause of world wide terrorism.  Until there is justice in the Middle East for the Palestinians, there will be no peace or WorldPeace. 

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS - THE LIES OF GEORGE BUSH - Besides the question of taste, one particularly important issue regarding the Bush campaign's use of imagery from the 9-11 tragedy is the Bush administration's pattern of breaking promises.  For example, the Bush campaign promised they would not use the tragedy of 9-11 for political gain after catching sharp criticisms for raising funds by selling copies of a photograph of President Bush taken just hours after the infamous terrorists' attacks. They unrepentantly reneged, but that is only one small sample of Bush's pattern.  During his 2000 campaign, candidate Bush repeatedly expressed revulsion against racial profiling.  During his administration, Bush has practiced gross racial and religious profiling to the tune of thousands of individuals detained for the crime of being Muslim or Arab. Bush said, "I don't want to federalize the local police forces."  Now we have the department of Homeland Security.  Bush voiced strong opposition to U.S. involvement in nation-building.  Then there is Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti.  Bush promised reforms to the American healthcare system, but his rule in Washington has produced over 40 million uninsured Americans.  Bush's tax cuts are not helping the economy, and the breadcrumbs he threw to millions of taxpayers have created economic indigestion in the forms of higher energy bills, higher tuition and increasing healthcare costs.  Bush boasts about passing the No Child Left Behind Act and promised this legislation would bring forth fruits of educational progress. In reality, funding for this initiative has been left behind by his administration and the promised fruits have yet to show any signs of ripening.  Candidate Bush promised to reduce the national debt. As president, Bush has brought the national debt to its highest point in history.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040312c.htm  * Bush promises many things and fails to deliver in most cases. In fact, with the exception of big business, anyone to whom Bush promises anything will eventually receive the opposite and feel burned by this hideous process.  Soon, it will be time to thank Bush for his consistent pattern of performance.

March 11, 2004

ECONOMICS - WORLD - U S TRADE DEFICIT - PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS - The U.S. trade deficit widened to a record $43.1 billion in January, indicating that the trade gap will remain high during the presidential campaign.  The report provided political fodder for Democrats looking for opportunities to criticize the administration's trade policies and job record. Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), noting that the trade gap in 2003 was a record $489.4 billion, said in a written statement: "We're starting this year right where we ended last year, with a growing trade deficit that adds to American workers' anxiety."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040311d.htm * The economic policies of George Bush are the politics of incredible stupidity: cut taxes, spend money on war, reduce social security, increase the foreign exchange deficit.  Like Daddy, like sonny.  It is going to take a decade to pull out of the financial bind that little George has created.

ECONOMICS - SOCIAL SECURITY - PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS - If you look at a new document on the Treasury Department Web site called the "2003 Financial Report of the U.S. Government," you'll see that this country's indebtedness grew by $3.7 trillion over just the past year.  Nearly $2 trillion of that amount of new indebtedness is because of money we will owe in the future when today's taxpayers start collecting Social Security and Medicare. In all, the country is $34.8 trillion in debt.  But stay with me and you'll understand why Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan - seemingly out of the blue - suddenly started talking about cutting government Social Security benefits.  Washington has already admitted to a troubling deficit of $374.8 billion in its fiscal year that ended last September.  But the government says that if it kept its books like a company does - called the accrual method of accounting - the 2003 deficit would have been a staggering $665 billion (Page 6 of report) PoliticalCommentary2004/e040311c.htm * The economic policies of George Bush are significantly harming the average citizen.  But unfortunately, the average citizen can hardly spell economics and has no concept of the economic pain that is coming to each of those Americans who foolishly voted for the tax cuts offered by Bush.  And the problem continues with Bush's lack of emphasis on education. Why would he want to create discerning citizens?  

MUSIC - WORLDPEACE - George Michael has revealed plans for his future, saying he plans to leave the traditional confines of the music industry and release new material for free online instead.  The singer says his new album 'Patience' will be the last release to be made commercially available in record shops, because he simply does not feel the need to continue making a living from new recordings - and wants freedom from the pressure of promoting new releases:  "I've been very well remunerated for my talents over the years so I really don't need the public's money."  Speaking live on BBC Radio 1, the 40-year-old said: "I'm sure it's unprecedented, it's definitely unprecedented for someone who still sells records.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040311a.htm * Well this is going to be an interesting experiment.  Consider a master musician giving away his music.  This must strike fear in every knowledgeable capitalist.  If the real masters in music and entertainment and the other arts begin to distribute their work for free, the economy is going to suffer and what is more, people are going to see that there is life without materialism.  George Michael is a very dangerous man.  And if you consider that what money is made from his internet endeavors will go to charity, you have a recipe for peace and WorldPeace and spirituality eclipsing religion.

March 10, 2004

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS - BUSH MUST GO - Shortly before Germany's chancellor, Gerhard Schr?der, flew to Washington for talks with George Bush last month, a journalist asked if he was going to say goodbye to the president ahead of the US elections in November. Mr Schr?der's adviser grinned broadly before composing his face into a frown. "I won't speculate on that," he said.  Although Mr Schr?der deliberately avoided the Democratic candidate, John Kerry, during his two-day trip to the US, there is little doubt that a Kerry victory would provoke rejoicing inside Germany's government, as it would in many other parts of Europe, as well as Asia, Africa and Latin America.  This week Mr Kerry claimed that foreign leaders had told him they could not publicly offer him their support but added: "You've got to beat this guy, we need a new policy."  Hostility towards a second Bush term is generally assumed to be widespread throughout the world because of the Iraq war, the concept of pre-emptive strikes and bullying of small countries. On issues from the Kyoto agreement and the international criminal court to antipathy towards the UN, President Bush has alienated countries Washington would normally classify as allies.  Distress over Mr Bush's foreign policy is not confined to the world beyond the US. According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll yesterday, 57% of Americans want their next president to steer the country away from the course set by the current leader.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040310f.htm * You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.  The world is waking up to the fact that George Bush is a sociopath.  And more importantly they are speaking out.  He is a man who is selling out the world to his corporate friends.  He has no vision.  He does not understand economics.  And he has contempt for every non-white, non Christian in the world, bar none.  Not to mention the poor and those with AIDS.  And then there is his vice president: DICK Cheney.

HAITI - BUSH'S ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY - With violence still simmering and U.S. Marines reporting their second kill, the man picked on Tuesday to be Haiti's new prime minister urged a broader role for American forces in bringing peace to his nation.  Latortue, once a Haitian foreign minister and a former UN official was chosen prime minister by a U.S.-backed advisory council of seven "wise men."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040310e.htm * Well so much for establishing democracy in the world. I guess we know what will happen in Iraq if the government does not elect the president that Bush wants.  All I can say is that Bush now has his n----- running Haiti and we now have a real good view of what Bush democracy looks like.

FREEMASONS UNDER ATTACK - An attack on Istanbul freemasons has stirred memories of November bombings attributed to al-Qaeda, but analysts say it bares the hallmarks of a small "domestic" group rather than any foreign-backed network.  Suicide bombers struck at a Masonic building in the Asian part of Turkey's biggest city late on Tuesday. One killed himself and a restaurant waiter, the other failed to set off his explosives and was taken to hospital with five other wounded.  Freemasonry has long claimed followers in Muslim but secular Turkey among businessmen, academics and politicians, especially in Istanbul, a cosmopolitan city of more than 10 million people. In some other Islamic countries they have been targets of hostility because of Christian links.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040310d.htm * America was founded by Freemans.  Almost all the founding fathers were masons.  You have to wonder what is going on with masonry in the rest of the world that has made them a target.  In the United States the Shriner Hospitals reach out to sick children whose parents have no money and give them health care they could not otherwise afford.  Every Shriner is a mason.  So what are these men (no women allowed) doing to cause some group to bomb them?

ZIONISTS - WHAT ARE THEY GOOD FOR? - That the Israeli army has been indicted by every major human rights group as guilty of war crimes is apparently not relevant; as one US commander said, ?those who have to deal with like problems tend to share information as best they can.?  None of this is surprising considering the prevalence of pro-Israeli hawks in the highest echelons of the US foreign policy elite. The neoconservatives, some of whom were quoted earlier, are all in broad sympathy with Israel?s far-right and operate at the highest levels of American power. Once Bush came into office prominent neoconservatives were appointed to powerful positions: to name a few, Paul Wolfowitz as Defense Secretary, Douglas Feith as Department of Defense Undersecretary, and Richard Perle as chair of the Defense Policy Board. Feith and Perle both advised Israeli rightist PM Benjamin Netanyahu to destroy the Oslo accords, and serve on the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs, a pro-Israel think tank in Washington. All are strongly linked to the AEI and advocated the war against Iraq.  One thing can now be agreed upon: Israel does indeed represent Western civilization ? in its ugliest, most ruthless and brutal form, a fact which is now beginning to haunt Israel itself. It is faced with two problems built into its foundations: a serious demographic threat (Palestinian population growth is booming both inside and outside of Israel, threatening the ?purity? of the Jewish state), which is why some top officials are calling for unilateral withdrawal from the territories; and retaliation by weaponized desperation ? ?when [Palestinians] come washed in hatred and blow themselves up in the centers of Israeli escapism? because ?their own lives are torture,? to borrow Avraham Burg?s words again.  As Israel sways between moral and material disintegration, we must ask ourselves: will we let our own country continue to hang itself from this pendulum of colonial brutality? Has our capacity for hate, our thirst for revenge, grown so large that we, too, are willing to follow the same path on an even more destructive scale - ?for the prestige of the matter,? no less? How far will we go to preserve the ego and arrogance of Western self-adoration, to maintain and reassert the great lie of benevolence that has been building to the point of implosion for five hundred years? Will we continue waging an anti-civilizational war, debasing and endangering ourselves in a crusade to destroy the weak and impoverished so as to hide our own sins, of which their very condition is evidence?  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040310c.htm * Yes Israel is America's outpost in the Muslim Middle East.  And if you make even the most cursory comparison, Ariel Sharon sure looks like Adolph Hitler when you look at Hitler's abuse of the Jews and the Jews abuse of the Palestinians whose land they stole.  I don't want to hear another word about the Jewish holocaust.  The Jews learned nothing from Hitler's cruelty except how to apply it to the Palestinians.

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS -  CIA AND IRAQ - Tenet also rejected Cheney's statements that the administration had proof of an illicit Iraqi biological warfare program.  Tenet's comments to the Senate Armed Services Committee were expected to fuel friction between the White House and intelligence agencies over the failure to find any of the banned weapons stockpiles that President Bush, in justifying his case for war, charged Saddam Hussein with concealing.  Tenet at first appeared to defend the administration, saying that he did not think the White House misrepresented intelligence provided by the CIA. The administration's statements, he said, reflected a prewar intelligence consensus that Hussein had stockpiled chemical and biological weapons and was pursuing nuclear bombs.  But under sharp questioning by Sen. Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, Tenet reversed himself, saying there had been instances when he had warned administration officials that they were misstating the threat posed by Iraq.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040310b.htm * DICK Cheney is a dangerous man.  You can look at the man and know he is full of deceit.  Slowly but surely the lies of DICK and George are coming out into the open.  Let us just hope that Bush's $150 million campaign chest is not big enough to sell his Bushit to the average American citizen.  

ISRAEL - GAZA - Just a few months ago Zakia Abu Alouf's flat, built with her life's savings from teaching in Saudi Arabia, stood in the middle of her street. The end of the row was marked by the towering metal wall the Israeli army built where the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza runs up against the Egyptian border. Between the Israeli gunposts and Mrs Abu Alouf's finely decorated home stood about a dozen houses and low-rise apartment blocks with tobacco stores and workshops.  But that was until the Israeli army turned its attention to the area of Rafah known as Block J.  Nearly 2,000 people were driven from their homes, according to the UN. Many were forced into tents just as their parents and grandparents had been when they first fled to Rafah during the brutal upheaval of Israel's birth 56 years ago.  There was a murmur of criticism from the west at the scale of the destruction, but it evaporated amid Israeli insistence that it was part of the "war on terrorism" and because Rafah, isolated on the southern tip of the Gaza strip, was far beyond the world's gaze. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040310a.htm * The question is how many good Palestinians are becoming terrorists because of the acts of the Zionists?  The policies of Dubya Bush and Adolph Sharon are directed toward killing the alleged terrorist and not toward the root cause of terrorism.  To the Jews, the Palestinians are pigs; a role that Jews occupied in Hitler's Europe.     

March 9, 2004

WHALES - David Attenborough says there is no humane way to kill a whale at sea and questions whether whaling should "still be tolerated by a civilized society" in a report today by scientists and major conservation organizations.  The report shows that instantaneous death cannot be guaranteed and although the average time from being hit by an explosive harpoon to death is two minutes, many whales live much longer. Some are wounded and face an unknown fate.  In his foreword Sir David says: "Whales are highly evolved animals with all the sensitivities that that statement implies. They have a complex social life. They call to one another across the vast expanses of oceans.  "They are the largest animals that have ever existed, far larger than any dinosaur. There is nothing in the body of a whale, which is of use to us, for which we cannot find equivalents elsewhere." He says the report contains "hard scientific dispassionate evidence that there is no humane way to kill a whale at sea."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040309d.htm   *  It is really interesting that we continue to kill these animals.  The only value they have is food value.  It would be as hard for me to eat a whale as it would be for me to eat a monkey or an ape.  No one can justify killing these animals much less in an inhumane way.

WOMEN - Muslim countries are beginning to awaken the creative force of their woman power, said Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan.  Benazir said this at a ceremony yesterday at Dubai Women's College (DWC) in conjunction with the United Nations International Women's Day. She said: "This is becoming possible with the emphasis on education, health facilities for women and work opportunities."  
She stressed the important role education plays in a woman's life. "Education is the first step to success, independence and to a satisfying life where the full creative and intellectual powers of a person are used."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040309c.htm *  Until the world acknowledges that women are equally valuable to a world society as men, there will never be WorldPeace.  Women are second class citizens all over the world.  Hopefully through the exchange of ideas that the Internet provides, the movement of the world society to first class citizenship for women will accelerate.

IRAQ - WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION - If there was one man who could have stopped the war in Iraq last year, it probably was not Hans Blix.  He faced a mission almost impossible. He was looking for something which did not exist.  When he duly found nothing, the Americans and British would not accept that absence of evidence meant evidence of absence.  And he was dealing with an Iraqi leader who did not understand that the only thing which could save him was total co-operation.  He says of Mr Bush and Blair that it was "probable that the governments were conscious that they were exaggerating the risks they saw in order to get the political support they would not otherwise have had."  And he reckons that among the costs were "the damaged credibility of the governments pursuing it and... the diminished authority of the United Nations".  A meeting he and Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the UN's nuclear agency the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had with US Vice President Dick Cheney in October 2002 is particularly illuminating.  "He stated the position that inspections - if they do not give results - cannot go on forever and said that the US was 'ready to discredit inspections in favour of disarmament'".   PoliticalCommentary2004/e040309b.htm  *  There is no question but that Bush and Blair were determined to go to war and I will always believe it was for the oil.  But what is more interesting is how Saddam could fool the whole world into thinking he had all these weapons of mass destruction.  With all the technology for spying from space, how is it really possible that anyone had any real proof that Saddam had anything resembling weapons of mass destruction.  Hopefully, some good will come of Bush's insanity.  Maybe the drive to invade another sovereign nation without provocation will be significantly slowed in the future. 

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS - John Kerry dropped an early bombshell into the US election campaign yesterday by claiming some foreign leaders have already told him they want him to beat President George Bush in November.  True, a much-noted global survey by the Pew Research Center last summer found countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Islamic world dislike Mr Bush - and it was their main reason for unfavourable views of the US.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040309a.htm * George Bush, because he is the most powerful head of state in the world and because he has Tony Blair in his pocket, is the greatest threat not only to WorldPeace but also to the world economic security.  Another four years of Bush will see Israel continuing to carve away at the West Bank, destroy the Dome of the Rock to make room for Solomon's Temple, debt that the U S will not be able to pay off for two generations, depression, a weakened United Nations and further hatred toward America from the rest of the world not to mention a continuing degradation of the environment and deforestation of all the national forests.

March 8, 2004

IRAQ - DEMOCRACY - Iraq's leaders signed an interim constitution on Monday and agreed to embark on a common path toward democratic rule, but the celebratory mood was dampened by calls from the country's most powerful Shiite leaders to amend the new charter before it goes into force.  The signing ceremony for the interim constitution, delayed once because of terrorist attacks and again because of a political deadlock, unfolded without a hitch inside the fortified confines of the American compound. Each of the 25 members of the Iraqi Governing Council signed it or had a representative do so.  The document, with its bill of rights and guarantees for women, was hailed by Iraqi and American leaders as a milestone in the project to implant a democracy here less than a year after Saddam Hussein was swept away.  But immediately after the ceremony ended, Shiite leaders, representing the country's largest group, brought forth sharp reservations that called into question the viability of the accord.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040308f.htm  *  Maybe democracy will emerge in Iraq.  Maybe the Iraqis will feel that democracy is better than what they suffered under Saddam.  It all amounts to laying down the weapons of war.  It means subordinating selfish needs to democracy and justice.  It means WorldPeace through world law.  It means that the time has come for the killing and murdering and maiming in the name of God or for almost any cause be a last as opposed to a first resort.  

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - Presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry leads President Bush in the latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, although the race appears to be fluid and remains close.  The poll, released Monday, found that among likely voters, Kerry was the choice of 52 percent and Bush 44 percent in a two-way matchup, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.  In a three-way race with Independent candidate Ralph Nader, Kerry had 50 percent, Bush 44 percent and Nader 2 percent.  Among registered voters, Kerry's lead over Bush narrowed from 8 percentage points to 5 points in a two-way race and from 6 points to 2 points in a three-way race.  That is because Democratic voters are indicating they are more likely to vote than the overall electorate -- something that has rarely happened in past elections and may be fueled by the interest in the recent Democratic primaries.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040308e.htm  * We all know that Bush came in second in the popular vote in the last election.  We have to hope that with the largest deficit since Herbert Hoover and the first four year reduction in the job market since Hoover and the lies about weapons of mass destruction, the people are more than ready to throw the bum out.  

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - HAITI - BUSH'S ANTI-DEMOCRATIC COUP - As a candidate in 2000, George W. Bush flatly stated his top priority for Latin America: "The first goal in our hemisphere is democracy."  But the questions of what constitutes a democracy and how far the United States will go to defend it have become murkier since a U.S. plane flew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide out of Haiti and into exile.  Aristide's Haiti was no poster child for democracy. There was little respect for free speech or tolerance of political opponents. The country's 2000 legislative elections were flawed. Aristide's own victory in a presidential election that year was tainted by an opposition boycott, low turnout and charges of intimidation.  Yet, the world recognized Aristide as Haiti's legitimate leader. And the days were supposed to be long-gone when democratically elected Latin American leaders were forced from office under the threat of violence.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040308d.htm  *  Bush could care less about democracy or justice or the environment or anything that does not smell of corporate money and power.  Bush will say anything and do anything to feed his egomania and hide from the fact that he is a dangerous sociopath.  For Bush, a corrupt leader elected democratically is no different from a dictator like Saddam.  Bush has no understanding of precedents.  He has no understanding of the need to give more than lip service to democracy.  Bush is a rogue who is the greatest threat to WorldPeace the world has ever known.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - BLIX SPEAKS - George W Bush and Tony Blair probably knew they were exaggerating the threat from Iraq when they were making the case for war, according to former chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix.  The US president and the British prime minister ignored the few caveats in reports from intelligence services on Iraq's nuclear, chemical or biological weapons programmes, he writes in his account of the months leading up to the US-led invasion.  Blix says it was "probable that the governments were conscious that they were exaggerating the risks they saw in order to get the political support they would not otherwise have had".  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040308c.htm  * The truth is that Bush wanted to play cowboy and to show that he was the strongest bully in the world. He used 911 to invade Iraq; no weapons of mass destruction and no Osama Saddam connection.  It was all a lie foisted on the world society by a dangerous sociopath sitting in the most powerful position in the world.  There was no satellite evidence of weapons of mass destruction.  Blix found none on the ground.  But Bush invaded anyway.  And if you add this to the fact that Bush pushed Aristide out of Haiti you have a man who is undeniably anti democratic and a threat to WorldPeace.

GENETICS - STEM CELLS - RELIGION BENJAMIN FRANKLIN and Thomas Jefferson both dabbled in science as well as politics. Nowadays, American scientists and American politicians more often find themselves separated by a gulf of mutual ignorance and distrust. A rare institution that has tried to overcome that gulf is the President's Council on Bioethics. The council is unusual both because its membership includes "right-to-lifers" as well as some of the country's best-known scientists, and because its nuanced, painstaking public reports have tried to accommodate the views of all, albeit not always to everyone's satisfaction.  Last week, some of that collegiality seemed to break down. Elizabeth Blackburn, a council member who was abruptly dismissed, accused the Bush administration of trying to reshape the council to suit its views, and thus "hold science hostage to ideology."   As if to underline that point, one of those lines, drawn earlier in the course of this administration, began to look fainter last week. On Wednesday, some Harvard scientists announced that they had created 17 new colonies of human embryonic stem cells, more than doubling the world's supply. The colonies, they said, were created without federal research funding, which -- after President Bush declared a moratorium on federal support for stem cell creation in August 2001 -- was restricted to the 78 cell lines then in existence. The president's decision was taken on the grounds that the creation of stem cell lines requires the destruction of five-day-old human embryos. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040308b.htm  Whatever science can discover takes away from the realm of religious taboos.  Religious bureaucracies fear science which sweeps away much of the superstition that exists in the world and which is used by religious bureaucrats to control society in the name of God.  We have to remember that the Christian bureaucrats are responsible for the Dark Ages in Europe.  The human body is a genetic machine and anything tangible produced by it should be open to scientific investigation.  I do not advocate the reckless killing of viable embryos but abortion goes on all around the world and it is stupid to deny American scientist access to these aborted embryos.  Stem cell research promises to rapidly and vastly improve the overall physical health of the human society.  Have no doubt that each living thing is possessed of an infinite immortal soul which is connected with God.  Science is nowhere near the ability to manipulate this spiritual essence.  Therefore, without fear and with caution we should continue stem cell research and reject the brain dead policies of a sociopathic president and as well as the mind enslaving dictates of religious bureaucrats.  We need to go forward with stem cell research and deal with the abuses as they materialize if they ever do.

AIDS - Except for the days immediately after infection, people fighting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) don't suffer the roller coaster of fevers or aches typical of many infections. The debilitating symptoms of AIDS occur mostly at the end, years after the virus has taken up residence in billions of cells.  AIDS virologists know, however, that appearances deceive. The body's fight against HIV is steady and fierce. Rough estimates are that hundreds of millions of cells called lymphocytes -- the immune system's foot soldiers -- die in the struggle and are replaced each day.  The body mounts two broad forms of attack. Antibodies produced by the immune system kill individual virus particles, called virions, before they can infect cells. At the same time, killer lymphocytes hunt down and destroy their unfortunate brethren already infected with HIV in order to prevent the virus from making more virions inside them.   Both of those modes of attack take place outside cells in the vast battlefields of bloodstream and lymph nodes. But it turns out they're not the only places where the fight is underway.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040308a.htm  * Thanks to medical science, AIDS research is moving ahead.  The problem is the vast numbers of human beings being infected everyday because of patents on life saving medicines which make the costs prohibitive to most of the world poor.

March 7, 2004

WOMEN - POST-CONFLICT POLITICS - As the world prepares to mark International Women's Day, the United Nations is warning that women continue to play little or no role in post-conflict peace building - be that in Afghanistan , Iraq, Northern Ireland, Liberia or Sierra Leone.  Their absence - and the exclusion from discussions of their concerns and needs - can spell the long-term failure of peace agreements, according to the world body and other experts.  "A review of peace agreements indicates that issues related to gender equality and positions of women within the post-conflict society are typically excluded from peace agreements," says UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.  In a 20-page study to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, Annan says that while attention to gender equality is the responsibility of all sides involved, the absence of women from peace tables results in insufficient attention to and reflection of their concerns in eventual agreements. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040307f.htm  * Without women's equality, without an equal status for women in the world society, with a continued subordination of women in the world society and without first class citizenship for women there will be no WorldPeace.

HUMAN RIGHTS - Economic, social and cultural rights are the pariahs of international human rights legislation and will continue to be relegated to the second order, mostly due to US obstructionism, say activists.  The Washington delegation on Friday blocked a proposed agreement to grant economic, social and cultural rights the same status as civil and political rights.  A working group created by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights ended two weeks of sessions without achieving consensus on drafting an optional protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040307g.htm  * The reason that the United States objects to human rights is because its endorsement on a world wide scale would severely limit the legal ability of the United States to exploit the poor all over the world; exploit their natural resources for the most part.  Israel and the United States are both intransigent in their refusal to promote human rights worldwide.  This is somewhat of a paradox because nowhere in the world are large populations more aware internally of human rights than in the United States.  If the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution were required to be applied to American Foreign policy, then the United States would be severely limited in its stomping around the world like a six foot bully in a school yard.  If the Bill of Rights were applied worldwide, terrorism would be almost non existent.  If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

SPACE - WATER - But where did the water come from? And why does Mars have no liquid water now, while Earth apparently has been covered with the stuff for 4 billion years?  Initially, there were more planets in our solar system than the nine we recognize today, perhaps twice as many. Earth suffered an especially brutal encounter with one of them 4.52 billion years ago, when a wayward body the size of Mars smashed into it. Our planet was almost split in two. Molten rock was splashed out into space and later condensed in orbit to form the moon.  The impact blasted the Earth's atmosphere into space, boiled off any water and turned our planet's surface into a sea of molten rock. Venus, Mercury and Mars, the other approximately Earth-sized planets, likely suffered similar collisions around the same time, though no large moons remain orbiting those worlds. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040307e.htm * All this sounds very familiar.  Earth being struck by another body is discussed in detail in the books by Zechariah Sitchin; the Twelfth Planet and Genesis Revisited.  His books allegedly were a translation of ancient Sumerian texts.  These texts talk about the interplanetary collisions and say that there is a twelfth planet it the solar system whose orbit is more like a comet than a planet.  Those books also says that civilization started in Africa.  Science now says that humanity evolved out of Africa.  The books came out before science traced human origins to Eve in Africa.

March 6, 2004

SPACE - MARS ROVERS - RELIGION - While the RAT has proven invaluable to scientists, it may be part of a baffling turn of events on Mars.  Smack dab in one Microscopic Imager picture relayed from the now known to be water-soaked Opportunity site is an odd, Rotini pasta-shaped object. When first seen by rover scientists, it caused a bit of a stir given its mini-fossil-like looks.  It still remains unidentified. But there may be a non-extraterrestrial explanation as to the nature of this eye-catching feature.  "Our first assessment was that we did not recall any previous RAT test that revealed a similar structure," said Gorevan. "But we are far from concluding that the RAT could not have been responsible for this feature. As it is impossible to prove a negative we will always come up short on certainty."  In this case, further analysis of the RAT telemetry and the Microscopic Imager revealed that the RAT had indeed produced the horizontal structure in that spherule, Gorevan concluded.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040306c.htm *  Well I think that we can all take it for certain that if there was a fossil found, it would be discounted.  To find fossils on Mars would be to rewrite religious myths and the whole of society would shift toward a new religious paradigm of the universe and God.  You mean we are not the only planet in the universe where God seeded life?

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS 2004 - 911 ABUSE - President Bush, facing criticism for using stark footage from the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in his campaign commercials, will visit a memorial to the victims next week, the White House announced Friday.  Bush plans to travel Thursday to East Meadow, N.Y., for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Nassau County 9/11 Memorial. Afterward he is to speak at a campaign fundraiser in the same town.  Firefighters unions and some relatives of the attacks' victims have complained at news conferences and in television interviews that they felt it was exploitative for the Bush-Cheney campaign to air commercials that show fleeting shots of a destroyed World Trade Center tower and firefighters carrying a flag-draped coffin through the rubble.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040306d.htm  * Hey folks the Bushman has no shame.  We lost over three thousand Americans on 911 but the reality is that we have killed about 100,000 in revenge and the body count keeps on going up.  The real joke is that Bush has increased the incidents of terrorism.  Especially will all the new money that is going to the terrorist from the poppy crops in Afghanistan.  Thanks George.

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS 2004 - BUSH THE NEW HOOVER - Another month of unexpectedly dismal job creation across the United States has sent shockwaves rippling out from Main Street to Wall Street and the White House.  U.S. employers added just 21,000 jobs to a work force of nearly 140 million in February -- well below the most pessimistic forecasts. The jobless rate was unchanged at 5.6 per cent, as more Americans abandoned their quest for work.  The economy's persistent failure to generate jobs is also becoming a big headache for U.S. President George W. Bush, who is struggling to convince Americans they should re-elect him in November, even though 2.3 million jobs have vanished on his watch. Barring a stunning jobs comeback, he will become the first U.S. President since Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression to preside over a net loss of jobs during a four-year term.  "Beneath the headlines, the picture is even bleaker," economist Kathy Bostjancik of Merrill Lynch in New York told clients in a report.  Manufacturers shed 3,000 jobs, extending to 43 consecutive months that the sector has lost jobs. Construction employment fell by 24,000. Without modest gains in temporary and government jobs, the economy would have actually shed jobs in February.  "You go through all the major job categories and there just isn't any job growth anywhere," lamented Joseph LaVorgna, chief fixed-income economist at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040306e.htm  * And then there is the fact that we are going to have the biggest budget deficit since Hoover.  But not to worry the public has a low mentality and the Bushman has lots of cash to present himself as an intelligent caring Christian man.  Four more years of Bush and the world will be in a depression.  You can't cut taxes and increase spending, open the doors to illegal Mexican immigration and send manufacturing jobs overseas and then cut Social Security like Greenspan is advocating and keep the economy healthy.  Is anyone listening?

IRAQ - BUSH/BLAIR AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER - Tony Blair confronted his critics over the war on Iraq yesterday with a warning that he was prepared to launch similar pre-emptive strikes against rogue states and terrorists that threatened Britain and the world.  Revealing a new British doctrine that echoes the "total war" of President George Bush, the Prime Minister said he would never put the country at risk by not acting, even if that meant operating outside the UN.  Mr Blair called for reform of international law to allow states to intervene against brutal dictatorships and vowed to "wage war relentlessly" against those who sought to exploit religious hatreds to attack the West.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040306f.htm * Hey if anyone is listening, the team of Blair and Bush are imperialist fascists of the first order.  Furher Bush is on his way to conquering the world along with his little Mussolini played by Tony "Macaroni" Blair.  The world would be a safer and more peaceful place if Daddy Bush had signed up for a vasectomy.

ISRAEL - CORRUPTION: SHARON STYLE - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's popularity is fading fast, eroded by a series of scandals, a survey says.  For the first time since he took power in February 2001, a majority of Israelis believe the Prime Minister should resign, a survey by the newspaper Yediot Aharonot found.  To the question "considering the affairs in which the prime minister and his family are involved, should he resign?", 53 per cent replied "yes," 43 per cent "no" and the remainder did not express an opinion.  The daily Maariv claimed that Mr Sharon had a close business relationship with the father-in-law of a kidnapped reservist colonel, Elhanan Tannenbaum, who was freed in January as part of the Hezbollah swap deal.  The press reports raised a furore because Mr Sharon had not revealed his relations with the Tannenbaum family during a cabinet meeting last year in which the ministers agreed to the exchange by a single-vote majority. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040306h.htm * It is hard to look at Sharon and not see a glutton.  Money is his God.  Corruption is his character; Hitler, his big brother.  Hey, if Dubya Bush can lie about weapons of mass destruction, why not Sharon and Blair.  Can you believe that Bush is the premier world leader?  Can you really accept what Dubya stands for?  God help us.

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS - VERMONT - If Vermont is any indicator of national trends, however, (and the surprisingly influential campaign of Howard Dean would suggest that it is), then the recent voting may suggest a fatal flaw in this strategy, for while all eyes were focused on the Democratic result, a distinct pattern emerged on the Republican side that may loom large in the coming general election. Vermont Republicans, the numbers suggest, are not as solidly behind the president as some might have thought.  Out of a total 1,885 Republican votes cast in Brattleboro and outlying towns (representing less than a third of the total Democratic vote) a statistically significant 30 votes were write-ins for candidates other than Bush. The bulk of these were cast for John Kerry, with others for Howard Dean, John Edwards, and one each for Ralph Nader and Martha Stewart.  During the past four years the Bush tax cuts have been more than offset by a general shutdown of government funding for state and social programs, while at the same time the size of the government bureaucracy has been expanded at a record-setting rate.  Add to this the fact that a $500 billion surplus has been turned into an equally prodigious deficit, with financial and foreign-policy obligations surrounding the Iraq war stretching as far as the eye can see, and there is very little for traditional conservatives to warm up to here.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040306a.htm * Well lets hope that the Bushites keep up the bad work to such an extent that Americans will see that Dubya is really Alfred E. Newman in the White House.  Except that no one is laughing.  Hey, I am not as afraid Osama as I am afraid of Bush.

RELIGION - PEDIPHILE CATHOLIC BISHOPS - During the past four years the Bush tax cuts have been more than offset by a general shutdown of government funding for state and social programs, while at the same time the size of the government bureaucracy has been expanded at a record-setting rate.  Add to this the fact that a $500 billion surplus has been turned into an equally prodigious deficit, with financial and foreign-policy obligations surrounding the Iraq war stretching as far as the eye can see, and there is very little for traditional conservatives to warm up to here.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040306b.htm * Religious bureaucrats keep bringing down the faith of the people in these men of God?  Martha Stewart is about to be put in a little cage and she needs a Catholic Bishop to keep her company.  When you rise to thier level of authority and respect in society, you need to live a different life than crooks and criminals who come out every night and terrorize the good people of the world.  The truth is that you would have to build a whole new prison system if you locked up all the pedophile priests in the Catholic church.  Then we could add a special wing for all those rogues who sell religion on their billion dollar Jesus shows every day.  Let them live the poverty of Jesus, the man who is making them very very rich while the poor still starve all over the world.

March 5, 2004

IRAQ - LEGALITY OF THE INVASION - At first, we were told by ministers that US and British troops would soon find evidence of "weapons of mass destruction", a smoking gun. When the soldiers didn't, we were told to wait for David Kay's Iraq Survey Group of CIA-approved inspectors. We are still waiting. Meanwhile, a new smoking gun has come to haunt Tony Blair. It is the advice secretly offered to ministers by Lord Goldsmith, the attorney general, in the weeks leading up to war.  Goldsmith, it appears, sent at least three separate pieces of advice to Blair between January and March last year and is believed to have had serious doubts about the legality of war without a second UN resolution. Indeed, his advice was sufficiently ambiguous in the run-up to the war for Lord Boyce, the then chief of defense staff, to demand "unequivocal" legal support for an invasion of Iraq. Or is the prospect of questioning the legality of the invasion, and continuing occupation, of Iraq by British troops, too awful to contemplate? It could, after all, make British troops liable in both British law and before the international criminal court not only for the deaths of Iraqis in their occupying zone but for injuries and the destruction of property. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040305d.htm  *  The reality is that the invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law.  There can never be WorldPeace without world law.  The question is whether or not there are some astute agresssive Iraqi attorneys who are willing to take on an international case against the United States and Britain.  I think someone will rise to the occasion.  

SPACE/RELIGION - WATER ON MARS - Now that NASA's Opportunity rover has established a locale on Mars where rocks were once drenched in water, it is in a race against time and battery life to learn how widespread and deep the water was.  Was there a giant sea, or did less conspicuous groundwater percolate locally through the subsurface of Meridiani Planum?  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040305c.htm * Science has a habit of coming to conclusions very slowly.  But it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that where there is water there is life.  What is going to be real interesting is finding out how far life evolved on Mars before the planet turned cold.  There is no doubt a fossil record.  The global question for me is how is this going to effect religion.  The idea that we are the only intelligent life form in the universe is not really discussed anymore.  But the time is soon coming when we will rewrite our concept of God and spirituality and when we do the new version is going to be a lot more expansive than the finite earth that organized religion continues to use to murder the human race in the name of God.

TERRORISM - Relatives of victims killed in the 11 September 2001 attacks have criticised George W Bush for using images from the tragedy in his campaign advertisements.  Some of the families have complained that the images exploit those killed in the attacks and are in poor taste.  "It's totally disgusting," said Dawn Peterson, whose brother died in the attack on the World Trade Center.  A White House spokesman defended the election ads, saying they emphasized Mr. Bush's leadership at a time of terror.  "September 11th was a defining moment for our nation," spokesman Scott McClellan said.  "It was an experience that all Americans shared. It is the reason we are still at war on terrorism."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040305b.htm * The truth is that Bush will do anything to remain president.  The reality is that the world is a more unstable place since George took office and the reality is that the incidents of terrorism have increased since George invaded Iraq.

TERRORISM - A majority of people living in the two countries bordering the United States and in five major European countries say they think the war in Iraq increased the threat of terrorism in the world, Associated Press polls found.  In the United States, people were evenly divided on whether the war has increased or decreased the terror threat. The polls found that people living in all the countries except the United States have an unfavorable view of the role that President Bush plays in world affairs. Only in the United States did a majority, 57 percent, have a positive view of the role played by the U.S. president.  Just over half in Mexico and Italy had a negative view of Bush's role. In Britain, the closest U.S. ally in the war in Iraq, and in Canada, two-thirds have a negative view.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040305a.htm * When the world generally thinks that the war in Iraq has increased the incidents of terrorism and that the majority of the world thinks Bush is a negative influence on the world, then Americans have a problem.  For Americans to support an imperialist like Bush in spite of world opinion indicates that America is going to have some trouble increasing the peace in the world.  It is amazing to me that anyone could support a war monger like Bush whose only other claim to fame is that he has increased the budget deficit to a level greater than Herbert Hoover.  Bush is undermining the economy and creating negative feelings about America world wide.  It is time for a change.

HUMAN EVOLUTION - The discovery in Ethiopia's Middle Awash region of a handful of nearly six-million-year-old teeth is adding fuel to a longstanding debate among scholars of human evolution. At issue is whether the base of our family tree is as streamlined as a saguaro, or as shaggy as a shrub.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040305e.htm  *  With time we will find out the true lineage of human beings.  There seems to be little doubt that there were different species of human beings on the planet.  The Neanderthals only died out 40,000 years ago.  The reality of their extinction has not been openly stated; "they were wiped out by the current race of human beings."  Americans just over a hundred years ago quit trying to exterminate the native Americans.  Why would things have been any different when the world was a much more primal place?  That being said, the truth about human evolution is not going to come from paleoanthropologists but from genetics.   The genetic record comparing apes and humans as well as other species is going to tell the tale and the paleoanthropologists will bring in the tangible support.  All in all it is just another inroad to the murderous grip that religion has on human evolution and the truth about God and humanity.

March 4, 2004

THE PASSION OF CHRIST - Mel Gibson stands to personally make more than $300 million for pursuing his Passion. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040305a.htm  * The question is what is he going to do with the money.

STEM CELL RESEARCH/RELIGION - The White House's policy on research with human embryonic stem cells has been put under new pressure by the dismissal of a leading biologist from the President's Council on Bioethics last week and by the development, announced today, of new stem cell lines by a Harvard researcher.  At present, researchers who receive government financing can only work with human embryonic stem lines that were derived from embryos before 9 p.m. on Aug. 9, 2001. This was a political compromise that allowed stem cell research to begin but that also assured opponents of abortion that no more very early embryos would be destroyed.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040305b.htm *  The truth is that we are still in the Dark Ages due to religious bureaucrats who still pound the drum of  God's will.  God's will is in reality the will of entrenched religious bureaucrats whose contribution to society has been to create wars and promote ignorance in society.  We need stem cell research to improve the health of suffering human beings in specific and to increase the quality of life in general.  Bush has no religion other than power.  Bush could care less about God.  If the religious right offers up enough votes, George will walk around Washington with a cross strapped to his back.  The sooner we subordinate religious bureaucracies and move toward a more democratic secular society the sooner we will all gain the peace that comes from putting aside religion in favor of individual spirituality and one on one communication with God.

WORLD ECONOMICS - Japan and China, which between them have amassed foreign reserves of more than one trillion dollars as they seek to manage their currencies, on Wednesday dismissed warnings from US Fed chairman Alan Greenspan that they must change course or risk serious economic consequences.  Up to now, the basic US charge against Japan, China and the Asian region generally is that these countries have intervened continually in the forex markets to keep their currencies weak and so boost exports unfairly.  The result has been a series of massive and growing trade surpluses with the United States combined with a mountain of reserves ? 741 billion dollars for Japan, 416 billion dollars for China, according to the latest figures. Add to this some 200 billion dollars in Taiwan, another 112 billion dollars in Hong Kong and you get a figure near an astonishing 2.0 trillion dollars for the region as a whole at the end of January, up some 100 billion dollars in just a month, according to investment house UBS.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040305d.htm *  Economics is where Bush needs to put his efforts and not in warring in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Haiti.  The only economic development that Bush has accomplished is the increase in the heroin traffic due to the cultivation of poppies in Afghanistan.  America is getting beat up in the world economy and all Bush can do is cut taxes and increase spending and create the mother of all deficits in the U S budget.  WorldPeace is founded first on world law and then on world economics.  Daddy Bush did not understand economics and neither does little George.  The political platform of little George is corporate greed, war mongering and Jesusing in the name of re-election.  God help us.

March 3, 2004

ISRAEL - MORE SETTLEMENTS - Jewish settlement building on occupied Palestinian land has risen 35% last year despite a US-led peace plan that calls on Israel to freeze all construction.  Israeli government figures showed on Tuesday work began on about 1850 new settler homes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 2003.  Figures also revealed settler home-building in 2003 far outstripped Israel's overall rate, which fell 8%.   There are nearly half a million Jewish settlers living on illegally occupied land in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.  Israel captured the lands in the 1967 Middle East war.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040303b.htm  *  There is no way that 500,000 Jews are going to pack their belongings and move out of the occupied territories.  The problems between Israel and Palestine are growing.  The Jews are intent on annexing all of the west bank of the Jordan because per their religion God gave them that land 3,500 years ago when he sent Joshua into the land of Canaan with a mandate to kill everyone there.  But a more contemporary example would be Hitler taking the property of the Jews in Europe and sending them to death camps.  It seems like the real Jewish Messiah was Hitler because he was the reason they were returned to the promised land by the U N after World War II and he showed them the way to expand their territory through terrorism and war.

DRUGS AND WAR - The United Nations says the food shortage in many African countries has been made worse by a shift from growing food crops to cultivating cannabis, popularly known as marijuana.  In its annual report released Wednesday, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said profits from cannabis and other drugs are also fueling Africa's civil wars.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040303a.htm * There seems to be a link between bad economies, growing drugs producing crops and terrorism and civil war.  But what is more note worthy is that those who use drugs are the real source of terrorism and war.

March 2, 2004

RELIGION - INTOLERANCE - PAKISTAN - Pakistan - Attackers sprayed gunfire and lobbed grenades into a solemn religious procession of Shiite Muslims on Tuesday, then blew themselves up as survivors scattered. Authorities said at least 42 people died, and more than 160 were wounded.  Outraged Shiite Muslims rioted after the massacre, prompting authorities to call out troops and paramilitary police to quell gun battles and arson in this southwestern city of 1.2 million. Shiite mobs set fire to a Sunni Muslim mosque, shops and a TV station.  The attack in Quetta came hours after coordinated blasts at Shiite shrines killed over 140 people in Iraq.  Tuesday's attack was one of the deadliest in years of repeated acts of sectarian violence in Quetta. Baluchistan province, of which Quetta is the capital, holds a substantial Shiite minority that is often at odds with radical Sunni groups.  As worshippers marched through a congested neighborhood, three gunmen opened fire and hurled grenades at the crowd, said Mayor Abdul Rahim Kakar, who was nearby at the time.  Walking among the survivors with more explosives lashed to their bodies, the men blew themselves up as police moved in, Kakar said. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302i.htm * It is interesting that there seems to be a global uprising between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.  The Sunnis are not only killing Shiites in Iraq but also in Pakistan.  The question is whether this is just a phase or if it is the precursor of something bigger to come.  The common denominator is the U S involvement in Iraq and its support for Pakistan.

RELIGION - INTOLERANCE - IRAQ - A series of bombs and explosions ripped through Shiite Muslim religious ceremonies in Baghdad and the city of Karbala today, killing at least 100 people who were among hundreds of thousands on pilgrimages to ancient shrines.  In Khadamiya, among the body parts taken to the morgue were two severed heads, which in the past have been the emblem of a suicide bomber. After the attack at the Khadamiya shrine, an angry crowd estimated in the thousands marched to a nearby American base where they started pelting soldiers and tanks with stones. A witness, Ali Heider, said the soldiers opened fire and he saw at least two Iraqis in the crowd shot. PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302h.htm * It is probable that the Sunni Muslims did this.  It is just another example of how intolerant religious bureaucracies are of each other.  In the name of God, more blood has been spilled than for any other cause.  We have to admit that religion is not the vehicle that will bring peace to the earth.

RELIGION - THE PASSION OF CHRIST - The otherwise popular Gibson, the director and producer of a controversial new film, was indeed in the Academy Awards audience, but the controlled cameras panned away: The actor himself had chosen to avoid the limelight as a star awards presenter on stage, according to reports. As a healthy percentage of Hollywood big shots comprise U.S. Jews, Gibson assumed a safer boo-immune profile in the wake of charges by critics and Jewish leaders that his ?The Passion of the Christ? takes the low road of anti-Semitism.  In general, Hollywood is extremely tolerant of all points of view and usually intolerant of intolerance. But the anti-Semitic ?Passion? may prove a historic testing case for the entertainment industry, for it is also extremely tolerant of profits. Since it opened, ?Passion? has been rivaling ?Rings? in box-office clout. Will ?Passion? garner Oscars next year if its profits turn out to rival ?Rings??  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302g.htm  * The personal fallout for Gibson in the Jewish section of the movie industry is yet to be seen.  The Zionist are intolerant of any portrayal of themselves as anything but victims of Hitler's Europe even as they continue to settle and confiscate the land they occupied after the 1967 war with their Muslim neighbors and maliciously shoot those who touch their new wall.  It is questionable why the cameras did not show Mr. Gibson.

HAITI - THE BUSH COUP - Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said last night from exile in the Central African Republic that the United States forced him out of power against his will. The State Department, the White House and the Pentagon all dismissed Aristide's charge as baseless and "nonsense."  Earlier yesterday Reps. Maxine Waters of California and Charles Rangel of New York held press conferences to tell of the phone calls they had received from Aristide yesterday morning in which he told them that he had been forced out of office against his will in what amounted to a coup by the United States.  "He told me, 'The world must know it was a coup. I was kidnapped. I was forced out. That's what happened. I did not resign,' " Waters said yesterday in a statement.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302f.htm  Haiti's geographic position, weak institutions and subsistence economy have made it a key conduit for drug traffickers transporting cocaine from South America to the United States. "The Haitian National Police lack discipline and is riddled with corruption," it said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302b.htm  * The real problem here is that Bush cannot afford Haiti to become another embarrassment to his presidency.  So the best way to deal with things was to simply for Aristide to leave the country.  Clinton sent 20,000 Marines to keep Aristide in power and Bush has sent the Marines to usher him out of the country.  What is going on?  Well you can bet that some of it, if not all of it, is related to the fact that Haiti play as major role in the trafficing of drugs.  Funny how both Afghanistan and Haiti are heavily involved in the illegal drug business do to their almost non existent economies.  In Iraq it is oil.  

HAITI - BUSH'S NATION BUILDING - The very words "nation building" were akin to an expletive when George W. Bush ran for the White House four years ago. But now, as he seeks a second term, United States intervention in Haiti is but the latest example of how nation-building has become a defining feature of his administration's foreign policy.  In Afghanistan, in Iraq, and now in Haiti, the Bush administration has found itself enmeshed in the daily workings of failed states and has taken on responsibilities as far-ranging as protecting government leaders, repairing infrastructure, and serving as a sort of police force amid a hostile citizenry. The tasks have resulted in the loss of hundreds of American lives, cost billions of dollars, and directly contradicted how candidate Bush said he would govern as president.  During a debate with then-Vice President Al Gore on Oct. 11, 2000, in Winston-Salem, N.C., Bush said: "I don't think our troops ought to be used for what's called nation-building. . . . I think what we need to do is convince people who live in the lands they live in to build the nations. Maybe I'm missing something here. I mean, we're going to have a kind of nation-building corps from America? Absolutely not."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302e.htm * Just more lies from the Bush man.  

HAITI - BUSH'S THIRD INVASION - United States Marines flew into the chaotic Haitian capital yesterday after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide fled into exile, driven out by a bloody revolt and foreign pressure.  Minutes after the United Nations Security Council authorised the deployment of a multinational force, the first of several hundred Marines ordered in by US President George W. Bush arrived to prevent armed insurgents from seizing power.  "This is the beginning of a new chapter in the country's history," Bush said.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302d.htm  * And where is the money coming to pay for all these invasions?

ISRAEL - SHARON'S WALL - Israeli citizens have for the first time joined Palestinians in a court appeal against the route of the controversial security barrier Israel is building on the West Bank.  About 30 residents of the Israeli suburb of Mevasseret Zion outside Jerusalem added their names to a Palestinian petition to the High Court of Justice against the fence section being built between their community and neighbouring Arab villages. The Jewish residents maintained that fencing in the Palestinian villagers would lead to terror, not prevent it.  Lawyers for the Palestinian petitioners told the court that the fence would cut off eight villages in the Jerusalem area from 2000 acres of agricultural land.  "Our goal is to prevent the Palestinians from being swallowed up inside the fence," said lawyer Mohammed Dahla.  "You can't strangle 30,000 residents and turn their villages into a prison."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302c.htm * It is good to see that some of the Israelis do not support the wall which arbitrarily encloses even more of the Palestinians land than was stolen by the U N and given to Israel in 1948.  Hopefully the Zionist will suffer the same fate as the Nazis and any other nations that invades its neighbors and tries to annex the occupied land.

AFGHANISTAN - Opium poppy cultivation levels in Afghanistan approached the highest levels ever recorded last year despite the counterdrug efforts of the U.S.-backed government, the State Department said Monday.  The department's annual report on illicit drug activities worldwide said criminal financiers and narcotics traffickers in and out of Afghanistan have taken advantage of ongoing conflict and the fragile security situation.  They have "exploited poor farmers in a rural economy decimated by war and drought," the report said. It said drug-related corruption at the provincial and district levels is believed to be pervasive. It added that at the national level, corruption of officials is believed to be much less of a problem.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302b.htm  * The result of the invasion of Afghanistan by the U S has increased the drug trade and increased the funding to terrorist.  The truth is often paradoxical.  Bush can't afford to vigorously attack the farmers because Bush does not want to ask Congress for money to support the Afghanis when they have no drug money.  Estimates are that 50% of the income of Afghanistan is now from the drug trade.  Stupid is as stupid does.

AIDS - Managing Director of Abuja-based Medicrest Specialist hospital Dr. Jeremiah Abalaka, has said that the world has not been able to discover a cure for the HIV/AIDS scourge because all HIV preventive vaccines so far developed are designed to elicit anti-HIV antibody production.  Speaking to newsmen in Abuja at the weekend, Abalaka said the only way to outsmart the virus is to design and apply a vaccine that would not be anchored on stimulating anti-HIV antibody production.  "In my study into the research efforts of others, I observed by and large the one track-minded approach adopted by past and present research efforts. In other words, researches into HIV vaccine development have all been consistently anchored on a vaccine that will trigger the production of anti-HIV antibodies.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040302a.htm * It is typical of researchers to cling to the official mindset. To do otherwise means the lack of funding.  This is interesting because the solution to the vast majority of problems is found by encouraging creativity.  Yet when it comes to acquiring funding, researchers have to swear allegiance to the politically correct approach of the herd.  In the meantime AIDS continues to run rampant in Africa.

March 1, 2004

CIVIL UNIONS - Remember when conservatives used to be against tampering with the Constitution?  Remember when they used to go on and on about how we shouldn't resolve political battles by amending the Constitution, and how the Founding Fathers made it difficult to do on purpose.  That was when the issue was the Equal Rights Amendment. They defeated that.  Remember when conservatives used to be in favor of federalism?  Remember when they used to argue that states should be allowed to serve as the "laboratories" of experimentation and change that Justice Brandeis described?  Remember when they were so certain that insisting on a single federal standard was wrong, a violation of states rights?  Remember Ronald Reagan's "new federalism"? It was the theme of his first term.  That was then. This is now. Bush held out as long as he could, but ultimately, he caved, embracing an amendment he had tried to steer clear of, giving the conservatives what they wanted, and showing his stripes to everyone else in the process.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040301d.htm * Bush will do anything to stay in office.  Start a war based on lies, chop down all the national forests, bow to any corporation with enough money to contribute to his campaign, even amend the Constitution of the United States to prevent equality and justice for all.

THE BLOOD ON SHARON'S HANDS - Palestinians have carried out thousands of attacks against Israelis during 41 months of violence, killing 930 people, while 2,688 have been killed on the Palestinian side, almost all in Israeli military strikes.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040301c.htm  *  This all began when Sharon made his inciting visit to the wailing wall on September 28, 2000 for the specific purpose of ending the tense peace that his predecessor Mr. Barak had achieved.  All the deaths can be tracked back to Sharon malicious visit.

HAITI - The sudden departure of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the country's first freely elected president in its 200 years of independence, was almost predictable in a nation that has seen more than 30 coups.  Life for Haiti's very poor never got better under Aristide despite perhaps unreasonably high expectations. Instead, Aristide empowered lawless elements who owed their dubious status to his indulgences. Many defended him, insisting to the last, as did Aristide, that the diminutive leader would hang on for two more years and finish his five-year term.  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040301b.htm * So here we go again.  Bush is sending in the Marines.  All because we supported another corrupt little dictator who was an enemy of justice and democracy.  It would seem that while Bush is in the nation building mood, that he should go on down to Haiti and make things better for them.  Sort of like the way he has made Afghanistan's economy tied to poppies and opium.  A bigger drug problem which funds more terrorism.  And he did not even get bin Laden.  Stupid is as stupid does and Dubya is a dangerous man.

INTERNET - CENSORSHIP - A Paris-based media rights group has slammed new Chinese regulations aimed at policing the internet.  "Reporters Without Borders condemned the latest Chinese effort to gag the Internet by means of directives to portals that have discussion groups," the group said in a statement on Sunday.  "Discussion forums are used by millions of Chinese and, although closely monitored, they at least offered an outlet for popular discontent and criticism, but we fear these latest measures will just make Internet users censor themselves even more."  PoliticalCommentary2004/e040301a.htm * It will not matter how much the Chinese try to censor the internet, there are going to be ways around it.  The only way to stop the internet is to outlaw it and even that will not be possible.  China is going to move faster down the road to democracy than anyone will believe.  The Chinese seem to be an industrious people will a long history of high civilization.  Plus there are over a billion of them.


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