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Poems 1999

by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1970-2014 by John WorldPeace
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

All rights reserved

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I walk the jungle path
    in peace
        meditating on the
            dynamic beauty.

I think of peace
    but never forget
        where I am.

In this place
    many creatures
        would like to
            eat my body
                and lick up my 

There is no security
    in such a place as this
        and there is no place
            but this place: the jungle.

So on my walk,
    I carry my
        spear and knife
            to give the sting of death
                to those that
                    would kill me
                        or harm me in the attempt.

John Worldpeace
6:31 am

My bags are packed
       but with me they'll never go.

I am ready,
       working, living;
             detached even as I
                   hold those I love

I move about my daily
       tasks of tolerable routines;
             avoiding boredom
                   at every moment.

Yet all the while I am aware
       that I am pacing
             up and down on
                   the platform of life,

       waiting for the train
             that always comes
                   at the end
                         of each journey.

John WorldPeace
7:58 am

The peaceful valley of
       milk and honey
             glows from just

Their arrows and stones
       and lightening bolts
             strike my body
                   but I move on.

       Everyone knows
             that victory soon

       Everyone knows
             the golden baton
                   is about to spark
                         then shine.

At this point
       I am alone.
             I storm the many;
                   I, the one.

Just a bit farther now
       a few more ticks on the clock
             and I will be within reach
                   and then I will strike
                         the ancient seal.

John WorldPeace
4:00 pm

The battle intensifies
       as the armies of darkness
             and confusion
                   attempt to organize
                         in response to the
                               random trumpet

The dense fog
       of confused energy
             attempts to choke me off
                   but I refuse to die
                         and shirk quitting.

The final barrier
       is beneath my feet
             and the enemies
                   frantically gather
                         on the raised horizon.

I have stepped out
       from the ranks-
             away from
                   friends and family.

I move toward the top of the rise
       horror is in all their faces and in all their eyes.

John WorldPeace

I wear the weather
       about me.

In times of potential victories
       over mortal foes
             the sky clouds up
                   and thunder booms
                         as lightning strikes.

The tiny sparks
       of my electrical brain
             manifest the thunder
                   lightning and rain

Parallel universes
             and my ears hear
                   and my eyes see

the battle electric
       which I always win.

John WorldPeace
8:05 am

The morning breaks
       and the radio comes on
             as I return from that
                   distant shore
                         where all things
                               are possible
                                     and more vivid.

I return to the door
       from which I departed,
            entering the heavy skin
                   of this reality,
                         feeling the pulsing blood
                               coursing through
                                     torso and limbs.

The time approaches when
       I will not return to
             this body;
                   but shall none-the-less
                         return through an adjacent door
                               where another body
                                     is being prepared.

Yet I wonder-
       through how many doors do I pass
             in a night?
                   How many doors are there?

John WorldPeace
8:00 am

Through Portals

In the middle of the night
I awake, heart racing,
wondering if it is time
to leave.

No pain, no panic
just experiencing and
wondering if it is time.

The wife retrieves my pills
which I take and
silently return to my

The heart slows down.
The crisis passes
and I return to sleep.

All is well in the morning
and we leave for Austin
and children and grandchildren

All is well;
no further scares
and we return home
on Halloween evening.

Monday morning comes;
back to work,
back to reality,
back to business.

It is All Saints Day
and I feel as if the 
new millennium
began last night.

John WorldPeace

The Candlestick

Four wax skulls on a
candlestick sit 
on top of the bookshelf
in a small glass holder.

I pass by
considering that today 
is All Saints Day

Then I hear a sliding movement
and the tinkle of glass breaking.

I look but see nothing.
A minute passes and I see
the candlestick and holder
broken and smashed
on weights of iron
on the floor next 
to the bookcase.

I know it was the ghosts or angels.
I know how they work
They want their presence
acknowledged -
and this message

John WorldPeace

Little Bright Eyes (Emily)

Little bright eyes
and smiling face 
traveling the room
on shaky new legs.

The world is a curious place
and joy is all around
the awakening of 
a child.

You are the archetype memory
of all things new,
of all beginnings in
all places and things

My heart is happy
in your joy.
My thoughts are young
in your exploration.

For the rest of my life
you will day to day
because 51 year old memories
of my life
at your age.

John WorldPeace

I awaken with my heart racing;
no pain but only anticipation

Is this the beginning of a close at hand end?
Am I about to die?
Is the returning home about to begin?

I feel no pain
but it is strange for my heart to race.
I am not breathless.

I lay very still.
My love brings the medicine which I take. 
My body begins to shake as the
cold hand of death
touches my soul.

There is a calling here,
a chance to leave this hard and loving reality.
But for now I only have to
quietly say I am not yet
ready to leave.

Moments pass and my heart settles down;
still no pain,
possibly because my soul has
ever so slightly disengaged.

For now my plea to stay
has been granted:
the end has been postponed

All those who would joy in my death
turn away in disappointment.
Those who will miss me
are glad.

I know the peace of the light
is only a heart beat away
yet I have just begun
to step deeply on 
the effacing sands.

My labor is my joy.
My labor,  the answer to my curiosity;
my labor; my worth.

The crisis passes.
My soul returns.
I think of how peaceful death will be
if I can leave after my 
wait is done.

John WorldPeace

The daily hours 
pass as tasks
manifest demanding attention.

And in between 
conversation of friend 
and family 
and thoughts of 
pleasure and 
possible pain,

each moment 
demands attention
and if not challenged
flows pleasantly by.

The days pass in
relative peace
if good and bad
are not distinguished.

John WorldPeace
1:36 PM

Old Age

The years have gone
when I was son and brother
husband and father.

The days of youth
and middle age
and old age too.

Now I sit here in
this old red rocker
that has been my 
friend most of 
that youthful road.

Rocking back and forth now,
family gone or grown;
apathetic -
I remember

I remember what I can
-what my feeble mind allows.

I have outlived all I know
and made the mistakes
of not looking ahead.

John WorldPeace
6:12 Am
Thanksgiving Day

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