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Our souls release our mortal bodies in death.

All of humanity is mortal. For each life there is a death. Each of us is
conceived by mortal parents, birthed from the womb of our mother, and
we each cease to exist in this reality on the average of 75 years later.

Death terminates human existence in this reality without bias or prejudice
to the rich or poor, to the literate or illiterate, to the famous or
infamous, to the honorable or deceitful, to the young or old, to the great
achievers or non-achievers.

Death is the great equalizer that separates our souls from our mortal
bodies and returns our spiritual essence to the great peace of Infinity.

We each enter into this reality in the body of a helpless baby and we
leave behind a rigid corpse. We come into this reality naked and alone
and we travel through death's door one at a time.

The overwhelming majority of humanity believes that every body has a
soul and that each soul survives the death of the body. The soul is
considered immortal and infinite; a part of God before birth and a part
of God after death.

The body is thought to be no more than a temporary residence for the
soul. However, believing this, we still tend to live as if the body is
immortal and, consequently, as if its status and power on earth are

When we consider the Infinite Potential and the immortality of the soul
and the brief life of the body in relation to Infinity, we quickly realize
that it is the harmony of the Infinite Potential with which we must
synchronize ourselves if we are to achieve true inner peace and Peace
on Earth.

When we associate ourselves too closely with the primal nature of the
earth, where the strong generally victimize the weak, we become out of
sync with our immortal essence and live a life of material gratification
which leaves us unsatisfied, except in the very short term, and in
constant search of the inner peace that lies eternally within our souls.

When we harmonize our bodies with the earth which nurtures them and
then synchronize our bodies with our souls which are in constant
harmony with the Infinite Potential, we begin to create an earthly reality
that mirrors the Infinite Potential and consequently we begin to live in

It is impossible for a human being to live in harmony with the earth and
be in sync with the Infinite Potential and at the same time consider
victimizing another human being; much less turn a deaf ear on the great
suffering of humanity as it calls out in its great pain.

Inner peace comes in the acceptance of the fact that our bodies will
wear out but our souls will not cease to exist when our bodies die.

Inner peace comes when we synchronize our bodies with the harmony
of our immortal souls.