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Individual souls are either incarnate within a body or they are free of
a body.

Incarnate, as we presently define it, is "the embodiment of a spirit in
some earthly form." The biodegradable human body hosts the immortal

Each person who reads this is incarnate in this reality. And each is
incarnate because he or she chooses to be.

The time will soon come when we will each return to the spirit reality.
When we do, we will experience the things of the spirit.

It seems important to consider the spiritual side of the Infinite Potential.
But when we are incarnate, it is because we desire to experience the physical
world. Consequently, we should be comfortable within the confines of
the physical world. When the time comes to pass on or die, then we can
totally experience the reality of the spiritual dimension.

We are always where we want to be. We are never where we do not
want to be.

Inner peace comes in knowing that whether we are in body or in spirit,
it is because of a choice that we have made.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we are exactly where we want to be.
When the soul decides it has had enough, it will surely depart this reality
and the body will die.