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Everything changes!

One of the fundamental laws of the earth, the universe and the Infinite
Potential is the law of Change.

Everything that manifests in this reality immediately begins to disappear.
Everything that is born immediately begins to die.

Not one single manifestation in this reality is permanent. No legacy is
anything more than an illusion of permanence. No empire can withstand
the children of the great king.

Each day has its own agenda. Each day comes in harmony. If one tries
to live yesterday again today, one is attempting to stop the world from

When one tries to raise children in the ways of the past, one attempts to
deny them their inheritance of the future. Our way of life dies as we live
it each day and trying to confine our children to the past creates an
unpeaceful disorientation for everyone.

Change is so much a part of the universe that any attempt to halt it on
any level creates conflict and disharmony.

Since all things change, peace comes when we embrace change. When
we embrace change, we embrace peace. When we reject change, we
immediately become a center of chaos.

Inner peace comes when we accept change and do not waste our
time or energy considering how we may be able to slow it down or stop