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Peace comes when we remember our Oneness with God, with the
universe, with the earth and with each other.

We can achieve peace but first, we must live. We must treat the earth as
the provider of life. As we destroy more and more of the earth, we may
soon reach a point where the earth cannot renew itself. As we have
created deserts where there were once forests, we could create a desert
planet where there was once life.

Second, we are all equal as human beings. We each have a different
level of power on earth, yet, in spirit, we are all children of the same
God. We have each chosen a path to follow in this reality. We each
have our chosen stations in society. Yet, in the eyes of God, we are
all immortal, infinite spiritual children of equal birth.

Therefore, let us each respect the spirit in each other. We may not be
able to love our brothers and sisters, but we must at least acknowledge
their immortality and our oneness with them.

There are many hard decisions which we must make each day regarding
our treatment of our fellow human beings. Many times circumstances
are such that we or they will have to suffer. Yet, we must consider
whether our actions can be delayed or performed differently out of
respect for the immortal, infinite spirit which resides in each of us.

It is true that everything is as it should be. But this should not prevent
us from trying to create a more perfect world. There is much to do and
it may take millennia but we have come to this time and place with a

We must realize that we are doing that which we have chosen to do and
our fellow beings are doing the same.

We are here to be, to remember, to experience, to consider all sides of
the events which present themselves to us each day and to find
solutions that will leave the earth a better place because we walked
upon it and society more peaceful because we participated in it.

Know that we are moving toward a perfect day, no matter how far away
in time, when we will have solved the problems of our relationship with
each other, our relationships with the earth, our relationship with our
universe and our relationship with God. We are moving toward a
perfect day when inner peace and peaceful co-existences a reality.

Inner peace comes with knowing that when peace becomes our priority,
WorldPeace will become our reality.