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We really have no idea how or why we exist in this reality much less
any truly valid concept of its creation.

Scientists are searching for the primary building blocks of all that we
perceive in this physical universe. They are searching for the common
particle or energy that combines to create the infinitely complex
structures of the physical universe.

Scientists believe that all physical things are made up of smaller atomic
particles which are themselves made up of even smaller sub-atomic
particles. They have yet to acknowledge that there exists a physical
frontier. They have yet to acknowledge that there is a finite physical
particle which is not made up of smaller physical particles.

Eventually scientists will discover that on some level there exists a
physical particle or energy which is formed from something non-physical.
This non-physical something is which I define as the Infinite Potential.

Within the Infinite Potential, exists the possibility of all things.

There is no light, yet there is no darkness; no sound, yet no silence:
no past, no future; no beginning, no end; nothing and everything.

Try to imagine a windowless room that contains no light, yet it is not
dark. Try to imagine the same room with no sound of any kind and yet
there is no silence. If we cannot conceive of either of these possibilities,
then we have to admit that we have no chance of even beginning to
understand Creation.

Within the Infinite Potential, all is in perfect harmony; light and dark
sound and silence, beginning and end.

Creation is the result of a thought projected within the perfect harmony:
"Let there be light!" And from that thought, this reality has manifested.

Inner peace comes when we humble ourselves to the magnificent
enigma of Creation and joy in the knowledge that we have been allowed
to consciously experience it and to realize that our souls are an immortal,
infinite part of it.