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We are each an integral part of a living earth which sustains our bodies.

Our bodies are an extension of the earth. We are a complex system of
biological functions which depend upon the earth for life.

Our bodies are a part of a perfect biological system which when viewed
by those outside the earth classifies us as no more than the trees or other
life forms that co-exist with us.

We take in the physical energy of the earth through eating, drinking and
breathing, and we return to the earth our waste, which is then processed
into more energy. In this respect, we are no different than any other life
form on the earth.

Undeniably we are killing the earth. We are polluting the land, the water
and the air. We are creating waste which the planet cannot easily break
down. We have already begun to poison ourselves with our own waste.

No matter how intelligent and supreme we consider ourselves, without
oxygen to breathe, we die; without pure water to drink, we die; and
without the fruit of the earth to eat both animal and vegetable we die.
We cannot live outside the laws of nature.

We must create a Life System that works within the laws of nature or we
will surely exterminate ourselves by killing the earth which sustains us.

We are each entrusted with the preservation of the earth. No one has
the right to pollute the planet. To do so is an arrogant disregard for
every living thing upon the earth.

The truth regarding the ecological maintenance of the earth is that it is
individuals who pollute the earth. It is not companies or governments
but the people who work within these companies and governments who
poison the earth. No individual can deny his or her responsibility by
hiding behind a company or government facade as he or she deliberately,
intentionally and maliciously sanctions the pollution of the earth, which
belongs to all of humanity.

Inner peace comes in acknowledging that our bodies are inseparable
from the earth and when we quit polluting the earth we will live in good
health and be able to again enjoy the perfect harmony of a beautiful world.