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Reincarnation is a metaphor that attempts to have us believe that we
must reincarnate in order to achieve an eventual oneness with God.

Many believe in reincarnation as the constant re-entry of a soul into a
new body. Reincarnation is taught as a necessity for eventual oneness
with God. Reincarnation is a school to which one goes in order to
receive a certificate of perfection that allows one to be, at some point,
at one with God.

Our logical minds never stop striving to create some kind of fiction that
will give us the hope of heaven. It is man who has conceived of the
reincarnation metaphor as a way to heaven. Man has created
reincarnation in order to achieve that which he already possesses, a
oneness with God.

In truth, one enters this physical reality as many times as he or she
desires. That is all. One comes because one comes. One comes and
one experiences.

I am conscious of this time and place for reasons that I cannot begin to
understand. But I know that I have not become conscious of this reality
for the same reasons that I may take a math course in order to graduate
from high school. I do not need this lifetime to be at one with God.

We are all a part of the Infinite Potential. We are all a part of God. We
are all a part of each other. So it is, has always been and so it will
always be.

In all dimensions, on all levels and in all realities we are at one with
God. Everything is as it should be and we are in this reality because we
wish to be. Our reasons for being here are a part of our individual souls
and can be remembered and understood if we will simply look inside

We may in fact reincarnate, but not as a test or a condition of eventual
oneness with God.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we are already perfect and at one
with God and that reincarnation is a choice, not a requirement.