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Karma is a metaphor that tries to make us believe that we must
balance every negative act we commit.

Karma is an attempt to sort out the reasons why things happen to us.
"Why am I the one who experienced this?" is the riddle Karma attempts
to solve.

Karma generally defines a belief system whereby our sins of the flesh,
our mortal shortcomings in the material world, must be accounted for.
We must be killed if we kill, to be very simplistic.

Karma allows a killer to avoid being killed if, by grace, he or she comes
to truly understand what he or she has done, so that it is not necessary to
be killed in order to balance the scales of Karma.

Karma is just another one of our belief systems in which we try to
project into the mind of God a way in which we can enter into God's

The truth is that when one kills, he or she is sometimes punished by
society, and that is as it should be. It is the law of most societies that
to kill one of your own is punishable.

The laws of a society are the laws created by the members of that
society. If you break those laws, you must pay the defined punishment
for your transgressions. This is necessary for the preservation of society
but it is certainly not necessary for the continuation of the Infinite

The Infinite Potential does not adhere to society's rules. If a man is
killed, it does not mean that the killing is punishable in the eyes of God.
It is possible that both the killer and the killed have agreed to come into
this reality for the purpose of staging a death in order to help teach others
a lesson by their act; and not necessarily to balance the scales of Karma
because their roles were reversed in some prior lifetime.

Infinity is not interested in keeping an account of every transgression of
each individual soul. The soul is its own scorekeeper. Each soul is its
own infinite universe. Each is at one with God. Each is at one with each
other. And each soul is unfolding as it should.

Lastly, and most importantly, how can we possibly know if any act is one
of balancing Karma or one of creating Karma?

Inner peace comes when we realize that it is impossible to live in this
physical reality without creating negative acts at every moment. Not
sharing our food while someone goes without food anywhere on the
earth is a negative act.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we can never balance Karma and that
we do not need to concern ourselves with it because we are at one with
God no matter what we do. We cannot separate ourselves from God
even if we wanted to.