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Education increases the knowledge and understanding of individuals
in society regarding the many aspects of the world in which they live.

Education introduces a person to the many varied customs and beliefs
that exist in the world. It creates a foundation for mutual
understanding between different societies and, consequently, furthers the
unity of humanity and promotes peace.

Education enables a person to understand history so that the mistakes of
the past, hopefully, will not be repeated. It allows one to avoid war by
knowing the causes of war. It allows one to travel the road to peace by
using knowledge and understanding to distinguish the road to peace from
the road to war.

It also enables humanity to perceive the causes of social problems and
then to find solutions to those problems. And it allows us to refine our
social institutions and philosophies in order to create a more perfect

Education also prevents individuals from being manipulated due to their
lack of knowledge and understanding. It gives one the ability to
determine for himself or herself the truth and value of words and ideas
proposed by others.

Inner peace comes with an understanding of our relationship to our
society and the universe. It comes when one feels capable of evaluating
the many actions and events that daily affect one's life.