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We really belong to only one race and that is the human race.

No generalizations can be made about race except that different races
have different skin colors and physical attributes. Intelligence, goodness
and badness know no racial boundaries. There is absolutely no
combination of human traits that does not exist in every single race.
Every person of every race has a counterpart in every other race.

Negative generalized attitudes about race are always false and without
basis. Racial prejudice is nothing more than an attempt by certain races
to remain in power and to forever racially subordinate other human
beings simply based on their physical attributes.

Any law or any prejudice directed against any race has its basis in
ignorance, fear and the complete disregard of the knowledge that we are
all at one with God and at one with each other.

We are different because of the societal impact on our lives and because
of our overall genetic make-up, but we are not different simply due to
our skin color or our physical attributes.

Consider the great burden of social disharmony that will be lifted from
the planet when we truly fail to notice a person's race. Consider the
tremendous wave of peace that will engulf the world when racial
prejudice vanishes.

There can never be peace of any kind as long as we continue to
distinguish people by race, even if only in our minds.

Inner peace comes in knowing that our skin color and our physical
attributes have nothing to do with who we are and that the baseless
racial prejudice that presently exists in the world is disappearing as we
move closer to a world society.