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We the People of the World, hold these truths to be self evident; that all people are created equal, that all individuals are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We further declare that all other living systems sharing this Planet require our utmost respect and thoughtful consideration to guarantee future generations the inheritance of a world that is capable of supporting life.

Be it Known that in the course of human events it has now become necessary for We, the People of the World, to realize the fundamental bonds that connect us; to assume the inescapable responsibilities for our actions in relation to the Laws of Nature; to render full and decent respect to every person, with equal opportunity for all; and WE DO HERE DECLARE THOSE CAUSES THAT IMPEL US TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND HONOR OUR INTERDEPENDENCE.  These are:

1) THAT ALL LIFE IS INTERRELATED in ways we are only now beginning to understand. We denounce the plunder, waste and destruction of the fragile systems essential to the survival of the Earth and its tenants. We hereby assert and accept our responsibilities as thoughtful Custodians and Managers of our Planet.

2) THAT GLOBAL SOCIETY IS A HIGHLY COMPLEX AND INTEGRATED ARRAY OF ELEMENTS, EACH EQUAL IN GRACE AND VITALLY IMPORTANT TO THE SUCCESS OF THE WHOLE. The nations of the world have the misperception of being separate and competing entities whose survival is based upon the defeat or social subjugation of their neighbors. This has now become an obsolete and fruitless mode of thought. Acceptance of our interdependence does not suggest the imposition of inordinate restrictions of individual or sovereign freedoms or excessive reliance on others, rather, it will refine and reinforce existing forms of interaction and initiate the necessary physical, political, psychological and cultural mechanisms that will insure social diversity, improve mutual respect among nations, and preserve the global environment.

3) THAT IT IS THE RIGHT, PRIVILEGE AND DUTY OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD TO INSTITUTE UNPRECEDENTED SYSTEMS OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION. Ignorance, greed, expediency, oppression and bigotry have perpetuated many of the destructive practices that trouble our world, and they must be altered or abolished in the common interest of creating a peaceful and sustainable world society. We hereby call for the reorganization of powers so as to achieve the abolishment of oppression, the reinstatement of environmental order, the development of renewable resources, the establishment of worldwide economic stability and the assurance of each individual's Health, Safety and Well-being.

We No Longer Accept the Previous and Existing Abuses of Our Planet, it Resources, or its People. We choose to reconstruct equitably the entrenched interests and worldwide systems that have created and supported those abuses. It is our right - it is our duty - to throw off such practices, and provide new measures for the security of ourselves and future generations. We acknowledge the existing conditions of global interdependency and choose to uphold them in order to bring about a Peaceful and Sustainable World Society.

Here Declaring and Accepting Our Interdependence, We pledge and commit to each other Our Hands, Our Minds and Our Sacred Honor - to work for the right of each Person and Nation to be free from oppression and poverty, for a safe global environment and balanced ecology, and for the establishment and maintenance of PEACE AND PROSPERITY AMONG ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.