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Greetings John,

I was drawn to your website via a vision that manifested itself 
into reality. I have been presented three times so far with the vision of a 
white sphere in the sky; two were natural occurrences, the other was a 
projection. My search has led me directly to your "Long Ago, Far Away" 
painting. I feel I was guided to this painting, and to your website for a 
reason, and I have a desire to complete my vision to a positive end.

I would like to know more about WorldPeace, your mission, and what I can do to 
continue your teachings throughout the world.


Greg G


Dear Greg, 

1) I would like to know more about your visions, when they occurred, waking or sleeping and so on. All my art and virtually everything on my web page has come from a vision. I have not made the connection to the white disk. There is one also in "The Two that walk as One" and the "Eternal Fued".

A white disk is the sky could be a full moon, literally. I would be interested in the two natural occurrences and the projection. 

2) As far as my mission goes, all I am trying to do is to increase the awareness that we can increase the peace. I am trying to say that there is unity in diversity and that diversity is a good thing as long as we learn to tolerate each other. I am saying that things in this realm are in a constant state of change and because of that there will never be a perfect peace. Perfect peace is only going to manifest in a static situation where everything freezes in time. 

The message is how can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all religions, all nations, both sexes) in our vision of peace? An American peace will never manifest WorldPeace and a Christian peace will never manifest WorldPeace and a White peace will never manifest WorldPeace. 

In order to promote these ideas, I saw a vision of the WorldPeace Insignia and I had it made into a lapel pin and a coin/amulet. The explanation of the insignia pretty much states my position. 

I am monitoring my progress by how many people have begun to write WorldPeace as one word.

3) My message is simply WorldPeace. Regarding that message I have opinions about world affairs. I try to relate what is going on in the daily news to how it increases or decreases the level of WorldPeace. But this is just commentary and I encourage others to voice their opinions about these matters.

4) I have no intention of setting up an organization. As soon as an organization is set up, then you have this "us and them" mentality; those who belong and those who do not belong. As long as I stand alone with one message, then others can endorse the message "WorldPeace" and define it as they like. They do not have to adhere to some WorldPeace doctrine or dogma endorsed by me.

5) It is my hope to soon begin to place WorldPeace markers in the sidewalks, on buildings, in parks and so on. The markers will be simply the WorldPeace Banner or Insignia. That is what I hope to be able to do in the near future; just travel the world installing these markers that will hopefully raise the level of consciousness regarding WorldPeace.

So there you have it. If you read my WorldPeace Beacon you will see the original vision that I had fifteen years ago when I changed my name. I have a feeling that the time is soon coming when I will be able to begin that journey in earnest.

6) Your email has been very enlightening to me. A lot of things have come together in my mind about exactly where I am at this point in time in advocating peace and WorldPeace and several ideas have presented themselves regarding where I need to be directing my energies.



How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

The WorldPeace Banner


The WorldPeace Insignia : Explanation 

Show your desire for Peace and WorldPeace by wearing something endorsing WorldPeace.  Make your own pin or badge but remember, WorldPeace is one word.  Send me your WorldPeace pin designs and I will display them.

To order a WorldPeace Insignia lapel pin, go to: Order  

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