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Subj: don't trust the UN 
Date: 1/2/2003 12:08:08 PM Central America Standard Tim
From: johnd@

Speaking of Kofi and the boys, keep in mind they are pushing to tax the USA to the hilt, to try to get us to pay them for whatever they can.  In the past, they’ve had main guys wrecking other countries—who are often given high-paying salaries in the UN, and the UN is largely controlled by commie-lovin’ knuckleheads, who take our money then vote against us.

>> All that is true but presently the U N is the only world forum for global problems.  In time, like it or not, we are going to have a world federalist government.

   They also want a world court, to kangaroo whoever they like.

>> Again, it is a beginning.  The more things that are brought before the world court, the less things are solved with force.  The world court like all courts have the potential of corruption.  The courts anywhere seldom meet out real justice.

  The UN wants total power, as they see themselves the rightful heirs to Earth.

>> This could be said about local governments about state governments and state governments about the federal government.  The top of the federalist pyramid is forming; that being the world federalist United Nations.

The non-USA poor are used as a shield to protect them from complaints from the USA, rich OR poor.  The cloud of “political correctness” which has polluted the planet, provides ever-more rationalization why USA “haves” and the poor USA people they “represent” should be corralled into compliance, in order to transfer their wealth (for which they DID work) to the hands of the UN countries’ “leaders,” who insist they will transfer it to their own poor.   (Please note a lot of the aid the USA has provided over the years didn’t even get to the poor for whom it was intended.  The bureaucracies which spring up do so to feed off the wealth transfer. Agreed)

 >>  Power at the top of any political pyramid tends to suck the life out of the masses at the bottom. The primary objective of governments is to concentrate power at the top in the hands of the few in such a way that the rank and file do not feel too oppressed.  The best way to keep the masses happy is to keep the educational system in turmoil and ineffective so that the number of dropouts increase and ignorance rules.

>> What concerns me more than anything is the move to stop people from writing off the debts they are encouraged to incur by the giant corporations.  This will lead to the economic enslavement of the base of the political social pyramid.  Ignorance and lifetime economic enslavement equals democratic dictatorship.

There have been a lot of deals made, where the UN or assorted foreign countries have been given land and rights and rivers right here in the USA.  Because we are rich, we are an endless target for the welfare-loving socialists.

>> It always comes down to following the money.  The only thing that scares a thinking person is the magnitude of the economic manipulation at the top of the world political pyramid.

    They disregard our political economic system as evil (and it certainly has become corrupt—welcome to Earth), but they don’t recognize only freedom truly motivates and allows humans to create and prosper.

>> Every law that is passed reduces personal freedom.  Yet we need some government.  I guess the old statement "that a little revolution is good every once in a while" is the only thing that keeps the top of the pyramid from gaining total control.  There is a limit to what people will put up with.

  A lot of our problems are the unfortunate side-effects of capitalism, but capitalism IS GOOD, it just needs checks & balances.

>> And that is why a world court is necessary to arbitrate economic interests that cross national boundaries.

 That’s why we have our Constitutional Republic, with it’s separation of powers, etc.  But a lot of things in that have been toasted and cheated.  

>> Power always corrupts.

        Further, Jefferson and Franklin warned, that if the judiciary became corrupt, it would be difficult to hold the line—especially since some judges, etc. are appointed (e.g., the supremes); as the PEOPLE would have to control their “representatives” enough to hold the judiciary accountable.  Obviously, corruption has ensued, and the PEOPLE are too busy watching football or whatever to pay attention to their out-of-control representatives, which in turn have no interests or motivation to control the judiciary, etc.

>>  The courts are corrupt.  And they blow with the political winds.  If the Supremes had been Democrats, Al Gore would have been president right now.  Electing judges also has its drawbacks because lawyers who contribute to judges campaigns get more favorable interpretations of the law.  If the people knew how little justice exists in the courts, the American justice system would collapse.

 Kofi and the boys are laughing all the way to the World Bank. 

>> Well that is true to some degree.  But it goes with the system.  We can only work to make the system better.  But I still prefer having a world forum where things can be aired.  It is easier to see what is going on than if there were no world forum.  The world federalist system will continue to develop a body of laws just like the U S federal system did.  There are positive and negative aspects of the federalist system but for the most part there is harmony within the body politic.  Take note that I did not say justice.

In the end, WorldPeace.

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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