Subj: HPC and the TRUTH!!!!! 
Date: 8/13/2003 10:37:11 PM Central America Standard Ti
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Let's see where do I begin.........."MR.WORLD PEACE".........two words not

>  It is always sad for me when I find people who are so isolated that they refuse to consider the problems that exist on the planet.  This is typical of the Ellis herd who believe that the church belongs to them and not to Jesus.  Jesus had a global message, the Ellis herd has a message of exclusiveness.  I fully understand the inability of you people to refuse to consider the global misery and your lack of empathy for those who lose their lives daily to hunger, war and disease.  The only thing that matters to you is you.  Most if not all of you have never served in the military as has virtually everyone of the "old timers" as you disrespectfully refer to them.

In response to your reply to "the ghost writer".......I have a few things to
add and to respond to.  I don't know why I am bothering we all know you will
tell lies on top of lies to make yourself and your Mommy look like the good
guys but at least if a couple of us can write you we can manage to get some
of the truth out. 

> The truth is the truth.  So far you have not come forward with any lies that I have told.

My response is as follows:

A. You are always speaking about how are working to get to the
bottom of the situation to reveal the truth...........when exactly will that

> I expect things will get rolling after September 8, 2003, when the court must consider all the pleadings on file.  The whole matter has been on hold since February 10, 2003, due to the lies told by the Administrative Commission.  There is nothing I can do before September 8.  After that, if the judge does not move the case forward, I will apply for a writ of mandamus in the appeals court and force her to set a show cause hearing.

  It seems you have been working on this for quite sometime and have yet
to reveal any truths at all. 

> All of the Defendants have refused to respond to discovery that was sent to them.  The court put the matter on hold.  Nothing I can do about that until September 8, 2003.  You people, Delgatto and Presbytery have done everything possible to stop a congregational meeting where the truth can come out.  

 You always say I will prove it ......just not
yet.  The real truth is that you have NO PROOF of any bad acts...........if
you did you would be quick to bring all these 'horrible corruptors' down. If
you have the proof and the evidence and you truly "care" about the church
why let this drag on for so long? 

> I know most of you people are dense and do not have much of an education, but please try to get someone to explain it to you:  The court put everything on hold.  The Administrative Commission is hiding behind the court.  All that will end the week of September 8.

 My guess is that you have nothing and you
never will because there is no corruption at HPC except you and your

> Every bit of evidence is in the possession of the Defendants in the lawsuit.  They will be forced to answer sometime in mid-October and then the proof is going to be overwhelming and some of you folks may go to jail if not be publicly exposed for your theft.

B. Fakes say that"when your Mom found out about the
depth of the corruption, you all filed suite".........well if she has the
best interest of the church at heart and she saw that there was corruption
going on where the money is concerned ........why did she let it go so far? 

> Again, as soon as she figured out what was happening, I set up a meeting with Delgatto, Lord and Windham who all lied to me.  Three days later, I filed suit.  I tried to get to the bottom of this mess quietly and nicely.  But the truth is that the corruption is great.

The truth is that .........there is no missing money and this is just
another lie you have come up with to try and cause more problems and more
division in our church. 

>  Before the Fakes money, the church budget was about $75,000 a year.  This was covered by contributions.  There was less than $10,000 buffer in the bank.  After the $1 million of Fakes money, there was about $100,000 of capital expenditures which leaves about $900,000.  Now the church has still received contributions but there have been no new members, no new projects, nothing is going on now that has not been going on for the last six years.  So with no new projects, and no new members, and no significant additional expenses, where did $600,000 go because there is only about $300,000 left.  In addition, the current budget, that was put forth by you people, spends $150,000 more per year than the church takes in.  How is that.  Who of you spend more than you make?  Explain to me how a church continues to operate spending more money than it takes in.  Explain to me why you continue to pay Delgatto more than he takes in in pledges and contributions.  Tell me how any business can survive paying the chief executive more than the company takes in?  But this is obviously beyond the comprehension of all of you.  At the present rate the church will not be able to pay its bills in less than two years.  And what is more ridiculous is you think that someone like me who demands an accounting of this irresponsibility which is necessary for the survival of the church is the enemy.  The only way that makes sense is if you are the ones bleeding the church dry.

It's funny that you mention you know how to steal
$600, there something you want to confess to John-boy??????

> It is very difficult for me to have patience with the level of ignorance that you people speak from.  You do not have the education, you do not have the experience to understand much of anything.  The most dangerous thing in the world are ignorant people who do not even understand that they are ignorant.

C. As for the remodeling of the education do you know
there are no receipts for any of the work done?

> Because I asked for them, and they were not produced.  Even before the judge put the case on hold. Both Delgatto and Windham refused to produce them.  But that will all change next month.

 If there are no legitimate
receipts then how or why would Mary McLelland cut checks with no receipts
...... are you blowing the whistle on your Mommy's buddy Johnboy? 

> My understanding is that there are no receipts other than Patty's scribbling.  She made a big issue at one of the session meetings that she just can't be bothered with receipts.

 If there is any missing money Mary had to be in on it who else cut checks at that

> Not necessarily.  If a check was approved for payment by Delgatto, who was she to question it.  The reality seems to be that she was forced out of her job and replaced by Patty's lackey.  Why did you people force her out?  Same goes for Beverly Meaden.  Why was she forced out?  Well you are going to be surprised what comes out after the court puts the lawsuit back on track.

 You know as well as I do that Mary would not do such a
you know what that means .......once again you are making false accusations.

> No I am not.  When I get the books, which I will, and support that with the testimony that will come out, all you people are going to be exposed and some of you will owe the church some money, and some of you will go to jail.

What is your point about Stephanie Potts' donation for the murals?  Does it
matter when she donated the money to pay for the art work......the point is
that the money was given to cover the full amount of the

> I think the point is that Patty tried to scam off some more of the church's monies to her buddies.  She got caught and decided it was better to pay back the money. This is an example of Mary writing a seemingly legitimate check when in truth it was just a matter of Patty trying to play God with money that is not hers. Just like the rest of you. You have no significant monies and so you have used the Fakes money to make yourselves feel important and line your own pockets.

 Also for you and your groupies to sit and say that the
art work is cheesy is just ridiculous and almost of all
people calling this art work cheesy.......I suggest you take another look at
your own art work before you start to judge someone else's work.

>  Well again, your lack of education regarding art and you lack of taste and sense of color is obvious.  You do not have the brain pan to understand what I am doing with my art.  And the K mart art that I am certain that hangs in your hovels is on the level of the stupid art in the nursery.  I think it would have been better to let your children do the art for free.  They would have had a good time and at least the art would have been honest.

As for the statement you made about John Blanco taking the paint to the home
of Amy and Anita Grable(note: this is the correct spelling for Grable) is an
out right lie!!

> Really.  I want to see the invoice for the paint.  I want to see how much was used.  I want to see the colors purchased.

  Besides last time I heard.....John and Kris (note: this is how you spell Kris) and their children have a very nice home of their own. 

> Well if they do, they only got it in the last ten months.  When the session meeting was held at Amy's, John and Kris were living there.

You Johnboy know nothing about John Blanco and his family and for you to
continue to speak such mean and cruel things of him is absolutely uncalled
for. ......and you call yourself a Christian???

> John Blanco, the Grables, and Terry Myers are the ones who blocked me in the pews last year and wanted to fight right there in the sanctuary.  John Blanco is the one who threw papers in the face of Irma Jenke when she tried to give them to Kris.  And I believe it was Amelia, the little girl who just graduated from high school, that nearly knocked my wife down in the walkway in front of the education building.  The Grables are all a bunch of low rent uneducated brawlers.  The truth is the truth.

D. You are a truly sick make such comments about Patty and
Dr. are a sick twisted man!!!! 

>  Well when a man has seven to ten conversations per day with a woman on the phone over many years, what is that all about?  When a preacher defers all his decisions to a woman who is not his wife, what do you think is going on?  When that man can't keep his eyes off Ms. Gibb as she nursed her baby in his office.  And when he talks to congregational members about penis enlargements, and tells everyone how Jack Benson spends all his time looking at porno on the web, what do you think is going on?  Delgatto is a sick little man and Patty will do anything to be queen.

 Your mother had the nerve
to try and get vindication on the comment that was made about her and Vernon
and yet you continue to say these ridiculous lies about Dr. Joe and Patty. 
What kind of man are you?

>  Tell me why the preacher is controlled by Patty.  What has she got that gives her this power over him?  Tell me.  I want to know what is she using to control him?  My vote is for biology.

E. So you still have not answered the question......... why do you seek so
hard to become a member of such a "corrupt" church with a thief as a
minister and a red headed witch who runs the church?

>  I have more years of attendance at Heights that most of you.  My family supported the church.  I guess I am like John Fakes, this is the church where I grew up.

  These are all things that you have said is wrong with the why .....why do you
want to "re-activate" your membership? Is there an ulterior motive here?

> Actually there is.  It is a determination to expose the hypocrisy of the Presbyterian Bureaucracy.  It is presently an intent to disband the Presbyterian Church is they do not follow their own Book of Order. Again, your ignorance prevents you from understanding the full impact of the lawsuit.  It is about fraud in the Presbyterian Church and a violation of the civil and Presybterian law.  In the end, you will see all of this.  Right now you are just to limited in your brain pan.  I have said it often and I am saying it again, you people are playing checkers and I am playing chess. 

F. You continue to tell the story of how you and your Mommy came up to the
church to check on the progress of the remodeling but, you constantly fail
to tell the whole story the know the part where your Mommy
threatened to sue the innocent carpet men

>  Well they will probably be sued in the end for overcharging for the carpet and for John Blanco making a profit on hiring them.  I have never seen such a bunch of homeless drunks laying carpet.  This is all about scamming money from the church. she stood in that parlor
screaming, ranting and raving like a mad lady

> I do not know about that.  But I do know about Patty Ellis standing in the front of the church on Sunday screaming like a wild Banshee to get the "old timers" out of the church.  I have that on tape.

...........and how you came up
the church that evening and you tried to pick a fight with Benny
Grable(note: Benny is spelled with a "y" not "ie") telling him "to get out
of your face"  when all he was doing was videotaping you and your groupies
just as you were videotaping all those hard working soles up there devoting
there time, effort and talents to beautify the church.

> As I said, Beeny tried to pick a fight with me in the sanctuary last year.  One thing that I did notice is that Beeny handed the camera to his daughter and I never saw him again.  He is not a dumb as he looks.  Actually if there was any hard work, you would have wanted it on film.  All I saw was the leftovers of constant grazing.  The film was taken to document the assets of the church so everything could be accounted for.  The carpet laying drunks were the only ones who were working.  The rest of you were waiting around for the next pizza delivery.

 I believe you and your groupies are the only ones who have complained about all the
remodeling.......I know there have been several beautiful letters written by
longtime members stating how beautiful and gorgeous everything looks.

> So where are these letters?  I want to put them on the web page.

As a matter of fact some of your own groupies commented on how beautiful the
remodeling looked......Idabel Walden and her daughter paid compliments to
Patty Ellis and to Alice Grable and the Jenkes said how gorgeous the Parlor
looked after being remodeled.  I think your group is all alone when you say
it is cheaply done and looks horrible.

>  I am curious as to who is in my group.  If I remember correctly, my group filed 35 individual complaints against Delgatto.  If I remember, there was about 40 people who attended my congregational meetings.  That is more than half the congregation.

Again.......about John Blanco......who are you sit in judgment of
anyone!??!! You who only has taken this fight on so that you can stay in
your Mommy's good graces to hopefully get some type of inheritance

> Do you know any poor lawyers other than Roy Keezel?

...sits in
judgment of Mr.. Blanco. For you to say that he is worthless and lazy is
appalling....that is cruel and unnecessary.

> He is ignorant as well.  It surprises me that he does not have a criminal record.

Of all people you are judging
someone on their business tactics ....uuhhhmmmm....this from a man who is
fighting to keep his state bar license.

> Again your limited education shows through.  If you looked at the lawsuit, you would see that I am working to shut down the grievance process.  I had to have a live suit to do it.  And I have a lot of lawyers and judges congratulating me for the courage to take on the State Bar.  No attorney has ever had a disbarment reversed by the same judge that issued it as I did.  You people just do not have the grey matter to understand what I am doing, my web page, my art or anything else.  You do not understand what I am doing with the Bar anymore than you understand what I am doing in the suit against Delgatto.  I am going to change the law.

....I find that humorous. Perhaps you
should worry about your own business(or lack there of) instead of worrying
about Mr... Blanco's business.  To my knowledge Mr... Blanco has never done
any kind of work in the scout house.....that must have been someone your
mother hired.

> None that he admits to.  Hey he has been a charity case for a long time.  I would say the church is his biggest source of income.

 Answer this question if John Blanco did such bad work on the
Ellis home why would they have him do work at our church

> Funny that it was Patty Ellis who decided to hire him.  Is that what you are saying.  That she is running things and the Grables suck up to her for the money she can give them out of the church coffers. again are speaking about things you know nothing about. I think the work that Mr...
Blanco has done is beautiful and shows great craftsmanship. I guess you are
an expert on carpentry work also?

> I have obvious done more of it than Blanco.  My family has a lot of carpenters in it.  I have been around this kind of work all my life.  The only thing I cannot do is air conditioning work.  Plumbing, electrical and carpentry, yes I can do all of that.  That is how I know BlancO is a jokeO.  He's a poser.

 As I stated earlier the Blanco family
have a very nice home of their own ........ he is not a homeless charity
case.....matter of fact there was a lot of work he did free of charge.

>  The only work he did for free was to eat the pizza crumbs off the floor of the Fellowship Hall.

You speak of all these "real carpenters" in our church that would have done
the work free of charge......if they are members of our church then why have
they not volunteered their time and talents like so many others have.

> Actually they did.  But they have been locked out of the church by you people. 

  As a
matter of fact I don't remember seeing you, your mother, Vernon, the Jenkes,
the Waldens or Carol Parker at the church any time we have ever had a clean
up day or during any of the remodeling that has been done.

> No and I have not seen Patty Ellis, the Grables or anyone else taking care of the yard.

  The Building &
Grounds Committee has made many announcements asking everyone to volunteer
their time and talent or simply their support on these clean up days but yet
every time it is the same ole group of people.

>  Not a single announcement in any church bulletin that I have seen. 

 If you all care so much then
why is it that none of you help out?

>  I guess after decades of working for and supporting the church, being locked out was sort of the best indication of the lack of respect and desire to exclude these "old timers" as you call them.

G. You ask what furniture, pictures and plants the "Ghost writer" is
speaking of........well let me tell you...........I believe the ghost writer
is talking about the metal chair that once was used in the Narthex restroom
.....this would be the chair that was seen loaded in the backseat of
Vernon's car,

> And who saw that.  John Blanco?

 the picture that is mentioned would be the big picture that
was taken out of the Parlor

> Actually the truth is that the large picture in the parlor has been damaged by you people.  You think everything comes from K Mart and treat it accordingly. 

 and Mr.. Fakes' picture that came up missing
from the new Memorial Room

> You people have destroyed all the memorials.  If anything is missing it must be the fault of those who moved things in the first place.

& the flower arrangement that is in question is
the big flower arrangement that was in the Parlor(actually I believe it was
a Memorial.....who is destroying the Memorials now?).

> I have no idea what you are talking about.

 The reason I believe
Patty instructs what the yard men are to do is because last time I looked on
the back of the bulletin Patty Ellis and Benny Grable are the co-chairs of
the B & G Committee not your mother.

> Yes she has the position of power but she does not know a blade of grass from a crape myrtle.  She obviously has no idea what time of year these plants need trimming and when they need to be left alone to bloom.  I doubt she could even give you the names of all the plants on the premises.  My mother can.  Being queen does not make her knowledgeable. 

 It seems to me that she was removed
all together from that committee why would should have the
right to have any say so over the yard.

>  I guess because you were claiming that no one volunteers.  When is that last time any of you watered the lawn.  Mother and Irma do it frequently and always have.

 No one tries to tell her how to run her Quilting Group.

>  Actually Patty insisted that the session not give the quilters $125 for material.  It is a very worth while project that Patty has said is a waste of time.  Imagine sewing quilts for abused children who come through child protective services. So you can say that Patty has her hands in that as well.  In fact, the quilters were locked out of the Fellowship Hall last time.  Just like the choir has been locked out twice in the last few months.  You people are nuts.

H. Oh not flatter do not have as much power
as you would like to think!!  It is not that the church hasn't had a
Congregational meeting because you wont let it happen.........the church has
not had one for several reasons and a few of the reason do have to do with
you.  You see no one wants to really hear what you have to say........every
time your mouth opens open or your fingers get on that keyboard of yours it
is the same ole thing time and time again........every member of this church
can probably tell you what your next productions will say before you even
type it.  The truth is it is the same old thing each time because there is
nothing that has been done wrong and you really have no case at
all.......isn't that true?

> We'll see in September.  What were those reasons as to why there has been no congregational meetings?

Let me tell you Johnboy.......the more devious things that you and your
groupies do and the more negative things you say about people like the
Blancos, Ellis & the Grables the more you are causing the rest of our
congregation to unite against you and your henchmen.

> What I am doing, I can do alone.  In the end, the truth will come out.  Then everyone can see.  I have a job to do in stopping the theft of the church monies and I do not take a vote on how to do it.  And I do not take polls to see who likes what I am doing.  You can rest assured that in the end, there will be a final accounting and the Independence Heights Project will be terminated and probably people will go to the Federal prison.

You see these families
along with families such as the Myers, Cisnes, Gibbs & Rios have brought
life back in to this church that was slowly withering away to nothing.

>  You are an idiot.  The church has been declining every since Delgatto got here.  Not a single new member in a year.  Not a single outreach program.  No ritual of friendship.  No invitations to join the church. Locking out the people who built the church and have supported it for decades.  What life are you talking about?  You pay a preacher more money that comes in, you let him refuse to seek out new members, you alienate the "old timers", you have had six years of spending more money than comes in; what are you talking about? 

  All these families have joined together and have begun to get groups going again
and bringing a youthful vibrancy back into this church.

> You are delusional. 

 The majority of the
"old-timers" in this church love to see the children and the young adults
walk through those doors every Sunday

> And who are these new children.  I haven't seen them.  In fact, one Sunday when Candy asked for the children to come to the front, there weren't any.  Last Sunday there were four.  What are you people smoking?

.........I know I do. We will win this
fight against you and your henchmen

> There is no fight.  Just a demand for an accounting of the money and a demand that the Book of Order be followed.

....we will move forward and we will
heal and once again build a Christian family bond that you and no one else
will be able to ever break again.

> Actually what you are talking about is closing the membership and allowing you people to bleed off the rest of the church assets.

 This fight has only made us stronger and
untie the end we will be victorious.

>  Oh yes.  Like everyone sitting shoulder to shoulder.  Remember that.


> All ghosts.  Hiding in the darkness.  Afraid of the light.  Afraid of WorldPeace.

P.S.  Magical golden coins?????.........if you honestly believe that I have
some magical beans for you!!

>  You know magical is a word  I never use.  It is a code word for Wicca, Witchcraft and Satanism. It refers to the ability to trick the mind and manipulate people.  It is a word that would be familiar to those of you who painted the Satanic pentagram on the side of the church.  Out of your own mouths you have revealed yourselves.